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Bread is done
Time to take it out of the oven
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Links of Importance:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr

[=== Canaria News ===]
>Mageknight Academy of Madrid Winner in International Contest
Mageknight Academy Marching band has won the finals early and will be joining us in the rest of our stay in Canaria. Expect the students soon!
[=== Teacher Catalyna News===]

Dear Mageknight Academy Students,

Our expedition to the island is near due. We will be taking a guided visit to the Rivercastle Keep next, hope that you have had an exceptional learning experience here in my native Canaria.

With Love,
Antona Catalyna de Robledo
Canaria Native and Teacher.

[Davis Malachai]
>Head to Glassbell Shores with Tana and maybe pick up something to commemorate our time in Canaria. [Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth, T2 Willpower]

You take Tana out to Glassbell shores. It’s a wonderful outing between you two ignoring sand that was a bit too hot or people that were a bit too rude, but even with all the flaws you make it wonderful for each other. Deciding that you want to commemorate all these special moments you manage to sneak off from her for a second to hunt for a stall or vendor that might have a good gift for her. Hidden back at the farther edges of the beach you see a old man with leathery tanned skin and a patch covering one eye manning a stall filled with trinkets. Approaching and looking them over, after a few long minutes you pick out a bracelet of pure white bone with intricate carvings of fauna. As you purchase the accessory the old man breaks into a small smile and wishes you luck before shooing you off. Letting you return to show Tana her new gift, a small intake of breath and a soft smile letting you know she loves it.
>+1 Relationship with Tana

>Head to Rivercastle Keep with Tana and check the place out. [Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth, T2 Willpower]

You head out to Rivercastle Keep with Tana to check it out. You come upon a stone structure that’s actually smaller than what you thought it’d be like in the courtyard mageknights practice mock battle, One of the resting warriors takes notice of you standing at the entrance watching the fights and approaches you asking your business here. You’re just about to speak when Tana pipes up about wanting to meet the head of this keep and the knight guides you into the keep, looking clean but worn as he gives you a history of their order the brief summary culminating in him leaving you at the doorstep of the leader’s office. Someone who upon meeting your gaze seems more fitting for dashing on the dotted line then dashing heroics. Nevertheless Tania still asks him probing questions about the deeper history of this keep and the people in it. Tania gives a upbeat thank you before the very ordinary looking man gives you a farewell. Seems like tana enjoyed the history lesson though.

>+1 Relationship with Tana
[Aine Boros]
>Do:Head into town to shop for a saddle for choco. Preferably one suited for both land and sea

You browse the shops; apparently, there is a pet shop here. Not seeing where else to get a saddle for Choco, you head inside. There is a suspiciously *strong* looking man behind the counter. You approach the man, asking him if he has any saddles that fit Choco. He looks over at Choco, and responds, “Yes, I do. What kind of saddle do you want?” You tell him that you’re seeking one that can be used underwater as well as on land.

The man rubs his chin at this. “Well, I’m sure I can cook something up. Come back tomorrow and I should have one ready for you.

>[Free Action] Return to the store at some point tomorrow.

>Do:Go out with Doroty gambling and exploring. Mostly around the silvershade town and fisherman citadel. A bit of shopping to get her something would be nice too
With Helia all tuckered out from your adventures, you and Doroty decide to go on a bit of a date. You spend time walking with her and even hit the slots at some point. After walking away with meager winnings, you both spend some time shopping in the local markets. Maybe they’ll have something of interest.
>+1 Doroty
>You may check the Market for anything of interest.
> If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.

[Abby Dragfirm]
>Find something special for Vussora, a magical totem or magical necklace that helps in his growth or skills
With Vussora beside you, you roam the markets looking for something himself, a gem of some type or anything that might aid the baby dragon in the future. Looking around, you have a difficult time moving while Vussora reacts to every food stall he sees but somehow you manage to find your way to the right place. A place where stalls fill with gems and newly forged magical items. At first, you look for enchanted amulets but nothing really fits an acid spitting baby dragon’s needs.

While window shopping, a tall lean man spots your dragon and calls you out. You follow his call and find that he is owner of an rusty old-looking antique shop. He offers armor or special food for the dragon but you tell him what Vussora already has and ask something for his health and growth or even possibly something to specifically hone his dragon skills. He takes a minute of pondering and looking around the back, he finally comes out with a few things in his hands

In one hand is a totem, carved from what seems to be dragonbone. There is a single gem inset into the center. Rhazias looks surprised. “A Totem of Awakening?” He says. When you ask him, he explains. “Ah, it unlocks the potential of many magical creatures when they’re still in a young age. Using it on Vussora would likely give him intelligence early, as well as the ability to tap into his shapechanger capabilities.” He continues. “The only problem is that it ages the affected user, essentially lessening their lifespan as they experience the age, wisdom, and knowledge of several years in a few moments.” Rhazias tells you, then the merchant picks up where he left off. “He is a dragon, so he already has a long lifespan, so you shouldn’t have too much problems with this.”

In the merchant’s other hand is a pendant crafted from a strange black metal. In the center of it is a black jewel that feels like staring into a black void. The merchant begins. “This is an Amulet of Empty Mind.” He says to you. “It clears the brain and spirit of distracting thoughts, allowing the user to focus on whatever they wish to learn more effectively.” The shopkeep says, which quickly causes Rhazias to chime in. “It’s effective when you need something to learn, but they might not feel any… joy? No. They won’t feel anything at all.” The dragon scowls somewhat. “Concentration can be trained, but this is a questionable method to do so. If you have to use it, do so sparingly.”

“Lastly, I’ve got these.” The shopkeep says, presenting strange-looking tomes on Draconic Magic. “These are what we call “Edible Tomes” he smiles. “They can be read to learn, but they can also be eaten, causing you to learn as if you had read them!” Once he finishes chuckling, he continues. “Oh, but don’t eat it yourself though; it’ll give you indigestion. Your dragon should be fine though, their stomach acids can burn through pretty much anything.”

With all these choices, you decide to take…
>[Totem of Awakening] A totem that will “evolve” Vussora, but will also age him forward by several years.
>[Amulet of Empty Mind] An amulet that grants you +15 to all rolls involving Vussora’s training or skill progression, but also grants -10 to all social rolls involving him.
>[Edible Books] Can be given to Vussora to teach him Draconic Magic(or in his case, how to use his dragon abilities better)

>Buy [T5 Heart Amulet] and [Dragonscale Amulet]. don't know about dragonscale amulet it but might provide useful anyway
Upon entering Canaria, you were given a list of rare artifacts that may be available in the market. Already in the gem area of the market and already having ideas of what to buy, the first thing you look for yourself is an item called the Heart Amulet. It was known to improve physical health and stamina overall. Luckily, after an hour of looking, You find the amulet, last in stock. You buy it instantly making sure that no one else would take it. With pleasure, you take the heart shaped gem and keep in the bag for safe keeping. The next thing in your list, you look for a dragonscale amulet that was being sold in the area so you take that buy too. Apparently, the amulet holds no magic but has only a historical value having the beautiful palette of true red dragon scales as design.

>Receive [T5 Heart Amulet] - Boosts Stamina levels by 2 permanently when in use
>Receive [Dragonscale Amulet] - A small patch of dragonscale that couldn't be used for armor and equipment. It was instead used as an ornament for this amulet.
>[Low Budget], You’ve spent money on a few items and now have a lower budget till you have access to your allowance.-5 to actions that involve money for the next 2 turns
[Ean Hawthorne]
>[Guilt] - You can’t help feeling guilt at the thought of you buying bones from endangered species. -5 to actions next turn
>Go back to Saint Cross. Meet up with Tenia and Isabel. See how they're doing. Maybe go on a date.

You decide to take Tenia and Isabel on a date. Things have been on the upswing lately so what could go wrong right?

That’s what you thought until you woke up the next day in a hotel room with a murderous migraine. Bottles of alcohol litter the room along with the two bodies of your girlfriends both moaning in pain from their apparent hangovers as well. You hope bouts of alcoholism don’t become a common thing for you as you get up and stretch. Yawning you go about cleaning the room making sure to leave the two undisturbed when you notice….all your stuff is gone. Money? Gone. Books or Papers? Gone. Oh and your Heartwood from the Ironwood tree? Goodbye is all you can say. At least you still have your phone and for some reason you also have a piece of paper. Folding it open reveals that it has a violet lipstick kiss mark on the front and a phone number and a what seems to be the name of a place on the back the “Golden Canary”. You quickly hide the paper just in case Tenia and Isabel wake up. Guess you’re going to have to backtrack to figure out exactly what you did while drunk.

>You have lost all your personal possessions and cannot make any major purchases until your belongings have been reclaimed.
>You have lost [Ironwood Heartwood]
>You have gained [Admirer’s Note]

>Head to the markets. There might be things worth purchasing.

You want to head out to the markets to see if there’s anything noteworthy worth purchasing but with the pangs of a headache from the hangover, the mysterious note in your pocket, and your lack of any wallet or money to purchase anything with you decide to check it out later.

>Due to your inability to purchase anything this action will be refunded to you. You may take an additional action on your turn.
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[Matthieu Faust]
>Visit the vineyards of Starleaf Valley, I'm pretty curious about them. Bring Celeste along to make a "I never drink... Wine" joke. (+10 Family)
You and Celeste walk over to Starleaf Valley; the kids are tired and have opted to rest in your room for a bit. The locals around the vineyards work hard, tending to their crops. You help yourself to the taste sampler for Starfruit wine with Celeste. You open your mouth to speak, “I never drink…” Celeste smirks, finishing the quote for you. “Wine.” You both chuckle as she sips the sweet, yet tangy alcohol.

“You know, I love the film, if at least ironically.” The Vampiress says to you. You raise an eyebrow, and she smiles. “Ah, I haven’t told you yet, have I?” Celeste says. “Ah, well, grandfather Vlad is actually a great connoisseur of wine.” You question her about her Vlad, if it’s who you think it is. “Hm? No, not the Vlad you know. Vladimir Dracula.” She finishes. “Yes, the infamous Count Dracula is my great grandfather.”

You take a moment for this to settle in. Celeste then laughs. “He’s much more exciting in the books and films really. He’s much older and wiser than the rest of us, so he handles court intrigue.” She says to you. When you motion to her to continue, she does so. “He’s actually a kind man with a will of iron; he’d do anything for his family and clan.” A tinge of pink then appears on her cheeks. “Truth be told, I originally wanted to bring you to him… I think he would’ve liked you.” Celeste smiles. You both finish your wine, and you even opt to buy a bottle for next time.

>+1 Celeste
>Receive Bottle of Starleaf Valley Platinum Wine
>T4 Wine, Serves up to 5 people

>33+10 =43
>Then swing by the beach and have fun with everyone. Try to ignore Lily's swimsuit. (+10 Family)
After your trip to Starleaf Valley, you both double back to the Mageknight Keep, and then head to the beach with everyone. Celeste is wearing a conservative one-piece underneath her sundress, while Lily is wearing her microbikini. Joy isn’t really wearing anything, but you apply a bit of dye, as to make her a little more visible in case she wants to go swimming. The now-golden slime sloshes happily. With that color, she shouldn’t be impossible to see in the ocean or mistaken as jellyfish.

Lily is playing in the water as many people attempt to redirect their awkward stares away from her, and instead direct contemptuous ones towards you. Still, they can judge if they want to; it’s not your fault the only thing available for her size were microbikinis anyway. You apply the Protection Against Sunlight spell to Celeste, as well as some hands-on sunscreen. The curvaceous blonde giggles at your touch.

You spend time with your new family, relaxing in the sand with Celeste, and playing in the water with Lily and Joy. It’s a… nice experience. By the end of it, Lily is hugging you tightly, thanking you for bringing her to the beach. She had never had such a fun experience before.

>+1 Lily
File: This_One_Doesnt_Bite.jpg (228 KB, 1000x1000)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
[Lawrence Birch]
>[Scared of History] - DC30 for trying to come to the Scorched Earth area.
>[Unbroken Grasp] You are permanently bound to this item unless you find a way to remove the curse. You cannot wield another weapon while this item is bound to you. Whenever you try to discard the blade, you find it on your person in the next few minutes. Ironically enough, this item cannot be destroyed.
>[Know Thy Enemy] Your next roll involving Oblivion, Sword of Desolation has a +10 bonus.

>Buy [T3 Luck Blade] from the market. Make sure not to touch the blade directly since I can't really wield other weapons. If I have extra time and money to spare, buy 1 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] book and/or [Tome of Leadership and Influence].

You spot something of interest: a blade with a green hilt. Three gems are inlaid onto the sword’s hilt, but their shine seems dull. When you ask the shopkeeper about what the sword does, he tells you that he doesn’t know either. Whenever he tries to get the blade identified, the appraisers can’t seem to do find out anything about it. You figure that a local appraiser might not be able to identify it, but at one of the greatest magical institutes of the world? It’s inevitable.

After purchasing the blade, putting it in the scabbard, and wrapping it in cloth, you do some more browsing. You notice a couple books on sale that might help you. Once you realize that you’re out of cash, you squeeze some funds from your bank account. You walk home with a hefty pack, but with much lighter pockets.

>Receive [T3 Luck Blade]
>Receive [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals]
>Receive [Tome of Leadership and Influence]
>[Empty Pockets] -25 to the next 2 actions that involve purchasing items.
>Talk to Oblivion the blade and make a proper pact with it. Being unable to wield other items might get difficult [Relevant Modifiers: Know Thy Ire, T1 Charisma].
It only takes a thought to awaken the blade. It chuckles as you call out to it. “Few would seek to harness my power, but I will oblige you.” The laughter increases in magnitude within the confines of your mind. “I AM OBLIVION, THE LAST BLADE OF THE SEVEN SWORDS.” A feeling of dread swells up in your heart, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve made a mistake. “MY POWER IS YOURS, BUT YOUR SOUL IS MINE.” Oblivion laughs maniacally as you fade into unconsciousness.

You awaken some time later, and the blade is gone. When you search for it, you feel a searing pain on your back. “Serve me, and I will serve you well in return.” The voice in your head echoes, louder than ever before. With a mere thought, the blade appears in your hands. When you look in the mirror, you find that a black tattoo is carved into your back. You feel...


The following perks have been changed or added:

>[Unbroken Grasp] is changed to [Soulbound] You are permanently bound to this item unless you find a way to break the pact. Oblivion is indestructible, but should it ever be destroyed or unbound, you will die. You may dismiss and summon Oblivion to your hands at any time.

>[Whispers of Ruin] is changed to [Echoes of Ruin] The spirit within the blade drives you to perform acts of destruction. +15 to actions that involve destroying objects(but not combat), but -30 to actions that involve creation or preservation.

>[Path of Destruction] is changed to [Path of Annihilation] The blade compels you to show no mercy, even in otherwise friendly battles. When you reduce an opponent to 0 Vitality, you must pass a DC 75 roll, otherwise you must kill or destroy the target.

>[Ill-Fated Demise] is changed to [Avatar of Ruin] Once per battle, you may ask Oblivion to lend your body strength. If you do so, your Strength, Stamina, and Speed tiers increase by 2 tiers. However, you must beat a DC 90 roll, or else you surrender control of your body to Oblivion for the remainder of the battle. If you die while wielding this blade, the Spirit of Destruction will take control of your body and wreak havoc on the world.

>[Direct Control] If you critfail while bound to this weapon, you may lose control of your body.
[Jozin Redregard]
> DO: Take down the pendant and lick my wounds and just stay in the bed for a while.

Defeated, you take down the pendant that seals your inner beast. You feel a tingle as the transformation takes place unlocking your beastly potential. You stay home listening to music and licking your own wounds. You feel some of them regenerate and you lock the door on your room. You take a huge relaxing nap and set your alarm for midnight.

>[Resting] - Recover 3 HP
>[Gnarly Hits] - Medical attention is recommended
>[Unleashed Beast] - Taking down the pendant brings back the Sanity check for actions.

>[Totally Normal Academy Student]

> DO: Go for a midnight run and try to reach my inner beast . I will need him if I am about to defeat that minotaur.

The effects of the pendant still linger and you have enough control for now.

You start to wonder if Kari has been trying to search for you but you got your plan. You sneak out of the hostel in Glassbell Shores and go for a midnight run to reach your inner beast. As your heart beats faster and the levels of energy unleashed start to get higher you can feel the beast awakening from its slumber. As you run and the sweat starts dripping, you tap your control over the beast. You try to sooth it, and to ask for its powers. The beast responds giving you a small speed boost and you see yourself keeping pace with a car in the road. You smile and you feel feel stronger.

> [Inner Beast Control] - Condition - Since you are voluntarily reaching contact with your Inner Beast, the DC for Sanity when casting an action that involves your inner beast voluntarily, is reduced to DC35.
[Gram Roderick]
>Leave the jungle and get medical assistance for my crew and I.

The terrain of the jungle is difficult to navigate. Without a map or anything to guide you end up wandering for an exit in the jungle. The heat, humidity and the fatigue finally take the toll on your body and you feel how the strength in your legs starts to vanish with every step you take. Aria seem exhausted as well. And as you think you see an exit you feel your body giving up. You start to fade and you land on the soft jungle ground with a thump, you pass out.

Some time later, you wake up in a hospital bed. Your wounds are in bandages and you’re connected to an IV drip. Shortly after, a man walks inside, flanked by two other people. “Oh, you're finally awake. Lemme get the doc.” True to his word, the man returns with the doctor. The woman smiles at you. “Your wounds looked serious. After the rangers pulled you out of there, these men brought you over to my clinic.” You look over to the man, who flashes a disarming smile. “I was nearby, see? When the rangers were mobilizing, I offered to bring ya over to the clinic. Most of their jeeps were busy with the search and rescue mission, I think.” The man says, scratching the back of his neck. “So yeah. I brought you over here to the Starleaf Valley Clinic. Doc’s pretty friendly, if I do say so myself.” He states, extending a hand towards you. “The name’s Chris. Pleased to meet ya.”

You look around for your companions, but Chris stops you. “Don’t worry about your girlfriend. She’s over there.” He says, pulling a curtain aside to reveal a sleeping Aria. Seems like her wounds were deeper than it looked. “Your dog and uh… rat thing’s outside. Couldn’t bring em in; sanitation and all.” He continues, before taking out his phone and answering it. “Look kid, I gotta run, but gimme a call if ya need me.” Chris says, handing you a business card. Turns out he helps manage Starleaf Valley’s vineyards.

>+1 [Chris]
>[Chris Business Card]
>[Medical Attention] - You are back to full HP and full Mana Points
>[Spiritual Healing] - Aria is back to full HP and Mana Points
>[Physically Exhausted] -15 to all strenuous actions for the next 3 turns.
>Afterwards go to the beach. Bring and apply sunblock to Aria and I.

After your short hospital visit, you decide to enjoy the beach. This brings painful memories to you, back to your first year as a Mageknight Academy student. The memories of the Pit Fiend incident came back creeping to you. You remember the flash of light, the wave of heat, and the deafening sound. You rmemeber the screams of the students and the sirens blasting away. The chaos and the sea boiling. The words "INTERDIMENSIONAL INCURSION [... INTERDIMENSIONAL INCURSION [...] INTERDIMENSIONAL INCURSION [...]]" echo in your head. And then the thing emerging from the sea… With that grin… And the fire… and the… You are brought back to reality as you feel some weight on your shoulder. It is the Skeleton Golem Rat. You start to feel more calm at the sight of the sea and the sand of the beach. You pet the skeletal cranium of your rat and pick a nice spot in the shade of an umbrella. You feel warm inside.

After a few seconds, you remember that you have to apply sunscreen. You don’t want to get a sun… burn…

The pain comes back with a vengeance. This is what started everything last time, the small confusion on applying Tanning Lotion instead of Sunscreen. This is what started the train of pain and suffering… More than one year ago… A moment after that you feel a slight tug on your flip-flop: it is Ana, the small shadow puppy. The one that you rescued from the kitchen of Amsterdam. The one that takes every opportunity to lick your face and make silly things like play with you clean socks. You check the bottle and you can confirm that it is indeed sunscreen and you apply it to yourself and you help Aria with it. She thanks you and you feel even warmer inside. Last year you didn’t have this wonderful family.

>[Sun Protection] - +10 to all rolls that involve resisting the Sun for the next turn.
>[PTSD Protection] - Next visit to a painful place or memory will block the pain from the memory and likely bring back a reward.
>[Family Matters] - +5 to all rolls involving your familiars next turn.
>+1 Progression Point with [Aria, the Light Elemental Angel], [Ana, the Shadow Puppy] and the [Skeleton Golem Rat]
[Dania Nanato]
>Relax and take a swim in the Glassbell Lake
After donning your swimsuit, you walk over to the Glassbell Lake. A tentative dip in the water reveals the cool waters. On a hot day like this, it’s perfect; though some may find it too cold for comfort. With a dive, you enter the lake. You do a couple laps around the lake before opting to dive underneath the water. Unfortunately, you don’t find anything interesting, but it was a good warmup. You spend a lot more time than expected, and you find your extremities pruned up from the overexposure to water.

>+1 Swimming
>[Pruny] Swimming makes you want to avoid water for a while. -5 to actions that involve water next turn.

>Have a nice stroll through town with Stephanie and Jeneven?
Calling up your friends, you head back to Saint Cross and meet up. “Hiya, Dania!” Stephanie says. “Hello there, Dania. Stephanie.” Jeneven says in salutations. You make small talk on the way before hitting the streets. The cobblestone streets of the city are occasionally interspersed by a solid concrete one. The ambience of this tropical town gives the town both a rustic and vibrant feel.

You stroll down the streets with your friends. You manage to do a lot of things! You did some shopping, photo-taking, and general enjoyment with your friends. You even manage to get a hold of some of the local cuisine: a fried cornflour wrap with spiced meat and diced Starleaf inside. The result is a spicy, tangy, and sweet flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It’s great, and your friends seem to agree.

By the end of the evening, you all return to the keep with beaming smiles and full bellies. You made some memories here in Canaria with your friends.
>+1 Stephanie
>+1 Jeneven
File: Holstaur_Ranch.jpg (127 KB, 640x426)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
[David Zatta]
>After some sleep and rest, go to the Mountain Ridge Pastures and flirt with the hottest cowgirls with the aid of Precise Detect Body. Boobs, huzzah!

The walk towards the Mountain Ridge Pastures is long and boring. The hike through the natural landscape of the Island is refreshing compared to the guts and gore you have seen the days before. You need something to clear your mind from the horrors you saw during the encounter with the Werewolf. Something big, soft and pillowy. Maybe a nice comfy bed or a nice pair of udders.

When you get to the Ranch Entrance, you rapidly cast [Precise Detect Body: Boobs]. An oddly specific spell that works as a charm when you need it. The magical pathfinding leads you to a Holstaur chopping wood near a barn. She looks at you, she’s somewhat sweaty and wearing a pair of dirty coveralls and wielding a steel axe. You manage to make some sparkles with the tip of your fingers and give her a cheesy line. She laughs at this. “Name is Tinanu SIlenthoof. Nice meeting you, visitor.” You try your best impression of James Bond but with your delinquent looks you manage to make her chuckle again.

She invites to the Ranch Home and offers you a nice cold glass of milk. She mentions that is a house speciality. You talk for a while until a big muscular Minotaur comes through the door. He presents himself as Hilapen Thoughhorn and welcomes you to the ranch. He doesn’t seems bothered at you flirting with one of the Holstaurs. You discover that she and Hilapen manage the Mountainridge Pastures.

>Met [Tinanu Silenthoof]
>Met [Hilapen Toughhorn]
>[Glass of Milk] - +1 Tier of Strength for the next turn
File: Tinanu.jpg (692 KB, 987x2263)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
>Go hunting/flirting for more hot cowgirls with the huegest tiddies with the excuse that it's for a school project for extra grade.

Tinanu wasn’t particularly your cup of tea. She’s homely and can manage a ranch, but she doesn’t have the biggest tiddies in the ranch. You ask her more and more about the ranch and the inner workings of it. She mentions the special stable. Hilapen overhears the coversation from the living room. “Secret techniques, Tinanu!” His roar makes the kitchen rumble. She turns him down. “Worry not. Cranky Minotaur.”

On the short walk to the Stable, Tinanu mentions that you might have a special talent. She lets you in and you are in at a stable full of different cowgirls and different milking and suction apparatuses. Tinanu quickly goes over the milking process for the Holstaur Milk. She says that the process is straightforward and you could pick it up easy. Tinanu winks and closes the door behind her, leaving you in with the Holstaurs and without a clue of what to do.

A lightbulb lights up in your head, probably finding a singular Holstaur would make this easier. You go on for a while, searching for the perfect cowgirl to scope in on. There’s a single requirement for this: huge breasts. Then you see her. Amidst a crowd of cowgirls, one girl stands out from the rest: red hair, cut short, wearing overalls, with nothing seeming to be beneath them. She is resting over a bale of hay and looks somewhat aloof. Then you notice how large she is. You’re awestruck. Her breasts are multiple sizes larger than those surrounding her, at least, and easily being the largest you’ve ever seen.

At first you don’t say anything, then you remember: you are here for academic purposes. You want some extra grades. You realize you’ve been staring for a bit too long and you wipe the drool from your mouth. SHe is the one you have been looking for. You introduce yourself to her. She gives you a hoofshake: “Loolen Boldbody”. She stands up and she is at least half a foot taller than you.

She offers herself to teach you everything you would like to know about. You look up and her green eyes seal the deal. She’s the one.

>+1 Animal Husbandry
>+1 Romantic Charisma
>Met [Loolen Boldbody]
>Location: [Holstaur’s Stable]
>More cowgirls for EXTRA GRAnDE

Your first thought after this is a simple one: more heads think better than one. You ask if the other cowgirls could help with the demonstrations too. Loolen looks pleased with your answer and rounds up the other girls around. “Little guy wants to learn more about milk.” The other girls laugh a little but you are suddenly surrounded by the whole stable of cowgirls.

The girls start going about different milking techniques used in Holstaur community. Turns out there are at least 30 different ways to milk a Holstaur, and that is just using your hands!

>+2 [Loolen Boldbody]
>+1 [Animal Husbandry]
>+1 [Bucket of Raw Extra Thick Holstaur Milk] - Powerful, but with unknown consequences.
>Met [Holstaur 1]
>Met [Holstaur 2]
>Met [Holstaur 3]
>More hunting/flirting again

Now that you had all this attention you just had to seal the deal, enjoy all the attention from all the gifted women and make a clean break away. You tell the girls that it’s time for you to go meanwhile lauding them with compliments and thanks. You can see the disapointment on their faces even Loolen looking upset at your departure. You manage to get a hug goodbye from each of them letting you enjoy all the wonders therein. Just when you thought it couldn’t be any better Loolen stops you and asks if you’d be interested in a business proposition, asking her for greater detail she has one of the holstaurs retrieve a few crates of milk before handing you off contact information to call on them again. Seems like she wants you to be a milkman when you get back to madrid. You aren’t sure if you actually want to become a salesman but at least you got their contact info out of this. With a final goodbye and a pleasantly long hug you bid farewell to the holstaur camp.

>+2 [Loolen Boldbody]
>+3 [Crate of Holstaur milk] - Package of 6 boost Strength by 1 tier for one Combat.
>[Holstaur contact information]
>[Sated] - The company of all those holstaurs has left you pleased and sated, filling you with vibrant energy and determination giving you a +10 to all actions next turn
[Arthur Belrose]
>Pastebin of the Whole Fight: https://pastebin.com/Vmc5BHLi

>FREE: Take him with me. If I tell the authorities about him, they may try to execute or imprison him, and orphanages may look down on him poorly because of his past. It's likely that only David, Ester, and I could take care of him adequately. Either way, it would be best to take him under my wing.
“Do you want to come with me?” You ask the sobbing boy. Michael looks up at you, eyes still watery. “Y-you want to take care of me? After all I’ve done?” He asks, and you nod. He wasn’t in control of his body, and if you would let anyone else know, they’d undoubtedly treat him wrongly. The tears flow from his eyes once more, and he rushes towards you, clasping you in an embrace. “T-thank you… Thank you so much…” Michael says as you return the embrace.

“I… I don’t have much left but maybe…” He says, breaking the embrace. Michael moves past the blood and gore, heading into the master bedroom. “It’s still here!” The boy leans forward, and pulls a chest out from beneath the bed. It looked aged and well-worn. With a click, the clasp gives way, revealing the spoils: a longsword, a dagger, and a lockbox. The sword seems to be crafted from what seems to be silver, but it pulses with a strange power. The dagger seems lightweight, but you can feel the magical power inside. When the lockbox is opened, you find that there’s gold coins and shining stones within; ancient, but undoubtedly powerful. “I was going to sell them for money, b-but I won’t need it if I’m going with you!” Michael says to you. “These belonged to my grandpa, but my parents didn’t want to use them on me, a-and…” The boy begins to weep again. “I-I don’t want them anymore! Please take them!” Michael weeps, pushing the chest before you, David, and Ester.

>+1 Michael
>Choose among the following to distribute amongst you and David.
>[Eclipse Blade] T4 Longsword. Crafted from silver and a strange metal that seems to resonate with the power of the moon.
[Bane of Lycans] Deals double damage to lycanthropes.
[Tidecaller] You may use this effect to summon forth a surge of water to strike at foes and refresh allies. It damages or heals a single target (you may target yourself) for up to the weapon’s tier. This effect is twice as effective at night. This effect can only be activated once per 3 turns.

>[Heartseeker] T3 Dagger. Crafted from mithril. Its edge seems eternally keen, and feels steady in your hands.
[Keen Edge] Damage dealt using this weapon ignores the target’s armor.
[Homebound] This dagger returns to your hand when you will it to. Additionally, you cannot be disarmed of this weapon.

>[Treasure Trove] A lockbox filled with gold coins and precious stones. Can be used on a roll involving money to grant +50 to the roll. Disappears after use.
>Island Turn 3

>Take time to rest and relax, after almost dying, I need it. According to the pamphlet, Canaria had a world-class resort, so I might as well take advantage of it.
After Michael packs his things, you take him to the resort. You’d like to go straight to your room and take a nap, but the boy looks like he hasn’t eaten anything in… years. Strange. Wasn’t his lycanthrope form bloated? Regardless, when you say that you’ll take him somewhere to eat, his eyes light up. You laugh a little, and take him inside the resort.

One buffet lunch later, and the boy looks absolutely satisfied. He ate even more than you did. If the waiters hadn’t cleared your table multiple times over the course of the meal, you’re certain that there’d be stacks of plates on both sides of the table. “Phew… That was great.” Michael says as he pats his stomach contentedly. “I was so hungry, I felt like I hadn’t eaten in… forever!” You both share a laugh before heading to your room.

You let him use the shower while you take a nap. Once he’s done, you take a shower. You both spend the next few hours in a comfortable, dreamless sleep. You let him take the bed, as you felt that he probably needed it more than you did, so you had opted to nap on the couch. Come evening, you both feel relaxed and refreshed.

>+1 Michael
>[Well-Rested] +5 to the next roll

>Ask Michael if he remembers how he became the Cardboard Monster, and if, perhaps, he'd like to become a Mageknight and go to the academy to learn.

After a pretty refreshing nap, you decide to sit and talk seriously with Michael. You feel the need to know about his past and about his future. If you are going to take him under your wing, you need to know how he became a Werewolf wielding Cardboard Armor and if he wants to participate in the righteous path of becoming a Mageknight. Or at least this is what goes through your head.

Michael seems aloof when you sit in front of him in your room. He stares vacantly at the city. You drop him the first question: How did you became the Cardboard Monster? Michael’s eyes rapidly fill with tears and the young boy starts to run away from you. When you reach the Hallway, the boy is nowhere to be seen. You decide to go and check every place in the Keep to see where he could be hidden. You spend most of your day looking for him, but the search yields no results.

>[Guilt] - You have a feeling that you have to make up with Michael
>[Michael is missing] - He ran away from the room and he’s nowhere to be found in the Keep.
>Check out the Japanese ruins on the northern side of the island that the weeby person told me about. Still gotta find that powerful katana for that one enthusiastic guy on the boat, after all. Michael can come along, or just hang out in my quarters, if he'd like.

Following the advice of the Otaku master, you venture out toward the cold, northern side of the island. It gets a bit more chilly, but nowhere near enough to hold any snow. As you rise in elevation, the terrain slowly changes from a grassy field to a more rocky path.

It doesn’t take you long to find what you’re looking for. In a secluded side of the mountain, covered by overhanging stone, was a small encampment of japanese samurai and ronin. You see tattered banners representing a daiymo of centuries passed, skeletons wearing the remains of their armor. Most of these things looked far too ruined to salvage however… this camp was fairly large, surely you could find some things if you looked around the camp better.

>Found: [Japanese Encampment]
>+1 Japanese History

>Take a walk through the plains just outside of town, maybe lay down and watch the clouds roll by in the sky. Should be nice and relaxing.
With Michael on his own, you decide to just… wander. Your trip takes you through the plains and fields. The hills seem to roll on and on into the distance. The grass seems so soft. After finding a nice, dry spot near the shade, you lie down. You find the cold night air refreshing as you look up into the sky. Clouds swirl and dance slowly under the light of the full moon. You take some to consider your past deeds, and feel…

Like there is more to be done.
>[Determination] There’s much to be done. +5 to all actions for the next 2 turns.
File: Marching_Band.png (746 KB, 2555x1694)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
Next turn consider the first action in the plane from Toronto to Canaria, and the second action as in Canaria!
Luckily, Toronto to Saint Cross, is a direct route for us Mageknights.

[Joshua Gram]
>I visit the Marching Band teacher, informing him of where I've been, and what I've done.

You visit the Marching Band Coach, he is dressed sharp with a red marching band uniform with the emblem of the Mageknight Academy of Madrid on the back. You approach him and start telling him about your recent adventures of tracking wolves, getting lost in the wilderness and ending up at the Niagara Falls. You seem pretty excited recalling the events and the teacher notices. He sighs.

“The purpose of this school trip wasn’t for students to explore the area, but at least you are okay and you are here with us. Please, next time, don’t go around exploring and leaving without anyone knowing where you are or where to find you, that could mean trouble.I’ll keep your secret safe from Hernandez. Also, don’t forget to pack, we are going to Canaria to celebrate!”

You feel like you are in trouble, but at the same time you feel in peace with yourself.

>[Confessed Sinner] - +5 to all actions next turn.
>[In-debt?] - The Marching Guard Coach will keep your secret from Principal Hernandez.

>After this has been completed, I shuffle back to my hotel room, dressing for church.

Feeling confident about your apologies to the Marching Band Coach you decide that the best course of action now is to dress for church and attend mass.

The preacher of the Toronto Academy is energetic and dynamic with his Homily. The other Mageknight students seems pretty excited when he starts talking. He starts talking about the spirit of competition between schools and how everything is a small part of the Lord.

>[Faith Up!] - +5 to actions involving spiritual or holy actions next turn.
>See about getting some more music by DCoN.

You open up your favorite magical music sctreaming platform and you realize that somehow, you got awarded with a free album download! Well, this can be useful! You download a copy of DCoN latest album and you spend the rest of the day chilling and listening to music.

>2 Points towards [Relaxation]
>[Relaxation] - You need 3 points before get the [Relaxation] status effect. WIll yield a +5 Bonus for 1 turn in the regular storyline. You can stack multiple instances of [Relaxation]
>[Digital Copy of DCoN] - Gives 1 point towards Relaxation upon use.
>Note: Favors don't need a roll. And are considered automatic success.
>Call in the favor, ask about something that'll keep me stable.

You come back later to the Principal Office and tell him about your… problems. It is something embarrassing to talk about with a human, but it is something that needs to be done, at least if you want to fit in in the natural world. But the Principal is understanding about your needs and looks genuinely worried about your needs and concerns. He goes through a small book as you explain to him how you would like to be able to keep you stable and material. He points out a name in the book and asks you to come with him, you are going to see a specialist teacher.

You walk through the school and arrive to a huge room filled to brim with books, cabinets and tons of magical bottled potions. The rooms smells funny, probably due to all the different ingredients also stored in here. Some of the potions glow in different colors and ans you can feel the magical aura emanating from them. You are greeted by a short teacher drinking tea out of a cup. She looks young as some of the students in the Academy, but you don’t feel the need to ask her about it. Peletier starts the conversation by introducing you to her. “Glubl, she’s Ophelia Lafond, our Alchemical Teacher and quite a prodigy.” The teacher replies with a thick French accent “Nice to meet you, Glubl!”

Peletier starts talking to her in French, you suppose it is about what you talked to him about earlier in his office. Ophelia’s expression changes from a cheery one to a somewhat confused one. She puts her hand on her chin and ponders for a few seconds. She springs out of her seat as soon as she has an idea grabbing different stuff from drawers, jars and bottles. She mixes everything in the cauldron on a corner of the room. She takes a small bucket and a weird process of the liquid going through different glass bottles in an array. You have seen those kinds of arrays in human movies and cartoons, so seeing it work in real life is quite fascinating.

She takes a small vial of the finished brew, a glowing peach liquid, and pours it over you. The effect of this is felt immediately. You feel how your external membrane starts to harden. You feel yourself getting taller and you see how your colors starts to change from its normal blue tone to a more peachy one. Peletier smiles and Ophelia looks content with her work. She handles you another 2 Vials of the brew.
>+1 [Peletier]
>Met [Ophelia Lafond, Alchemical Teacher of Toronto Academy]
>[Ophelia Contact Information]
>[Recipe: Stable Form Potion] - Alchemical Brew - Changes your external membrane constitution to a more Physical one. Makes your form more humanoid, but still malleable. Each Brew makes 3 Vials.
>2 [Vials of Stable Form]

>[Stable Form] - Locks you into a physical form of yourself, giving you a more humanoid form. Fades in 3 turns. You gain the following stats and conditions:

>[Color] - You color changes to a pale peach color.
>[Membrane] - Taking critical hits or losing half your HP in combat with this form turns you back to your original state.
>[Magical Proficiency] - You gain one tier of Water Proficiency and +5 to all water magic rolls.
Gem Vendor:
>1 [T5 Wand of Ice Storm] - S+ - d25 damage in an area.
>[SOLD OUT] [T5 Heart Amulet] - S+ - Boosts Stamina levels by 2
>1 [T4 Ring of Counterspells] - S+ - This Bronze Ring shivers when vampires are nearby.
>1 [T4 Bracelet of Companionship] - S+ -
>2 [Concealing Pocket] - Your own Pocket pocket-dimension.
>1 [T3 Jade Tiara] - A - Boosts Earth Spells and Conjurations.
>1 [Black Pearl] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Dark and Water abilities and spells when on a weapon or instrument.
>2 [Blue Quartz] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Water and Mana abilities and spells.
>1 [Hematite] - B - Crafting Item - Boost Blood or as a connection to the Earth Plane.
>[SOLD OUT] [Malachite] - B - Crafting Item - Boosts Protection and Earth Spells.

Brewer and Enchanter:
>2 [Potions of Rage] - S+ - Doubles Strength and Stamina for 1 Combat
>1 [Bottled Misfortune] - S - Guarantees a Misfortune - Flavor: Grape
>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
>1 [Scroll of Fire Aspect] - S - Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire.
>1 [Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - A - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier.
>1 [T2 Bottle of Common Wine] - A -
>1 [T2 Bottle of Starleaf Wine ] - A -

Weapon and Armor Maker:
>[SOLD OUT] [T3 Luck Blade] - S+- The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties
>1 [T4 Holy War Axe] - S+ - Foes slain by this weapon fade and vanish.
>1 [T4 Compound LongBow] - S+ - Grants an extra 2 strength
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T2 Heated Armor] - S - Provides T3 Cold Resistance.
>1 [T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail] - S -

Book Seller:
>[SOLD OUT] [Curing Critical Wounds] - S+ - A War’s Surgeon experience
>[SOLD OUT] [Tome of Leadership and Influence] - S+
>1 [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
>2 [Scroll of Silence] - S -
>2 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] - B
>1 [Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B
>5 [Nurse’s Handbook] - B
>2 [Scroll of Cold Resistance] - B
Glass Artisan Shops - [Only Available in Glassbell Shores]
>1 [T2 Water Hair-clip] - +2 to water related actions
>1 [T2 Fire Ring] - A shining red-colored glass ring, +2 to Fire related actions
>2 [T2 Blueglass Mana Ring] - Holds 2 mana reserves that can only expended all at a time. Recharges once a day
>1 [T3 Ice Earrings] A blue icy-looking pair of earrings, +3 to Ice related actions
>1 [T3 Earth Earrings] A smooth brown glass-marble stone pair of earrings, +3 to earth actions
>3 [Glass Telepathy Earrings] - Each paired piece will give them the ability to talk to each other.
>[SOLD OUT] [Bottomless Glass Bottle] looks like a 500 ml bottle but can really hold up to 10 liters of liquid. Any non-liquid placed inside will cause it to break.
>1 [T2 Sunglasses] - Protects from strong lights, charms, taunts, and illusion magic.
>1 [T3 Eyeglasses] - Improves sight related actions by 3, Can see invisible Objects

Salvage and Miscellaneous Seller (B-Tier):
>1 [Large Glass Chandelier]
>9 [Sacks of Wheat]
>1 [Small Sack of Corn]
>5 [Pack of Fishnets Stockings]
>1 [10’ Pole]
>1 [Gas Lamp]
>4 [Bag of Incense]
>2 [Unframed paintings]
>1 [Ivory Drinking Horn]
>2 [Vial of Perfume]
>1 [T1 Silver Shortsword]
>1 [Rabbit Fur Shortsword Scabbard]
>2 [Porcelain Vase]
>1 [Leather Hunter Cap]
>1 [Dragonscale Amulet]
>2 [Carved Wooden Staff with Silver Details]
>10 [Bags of Rare Spices]
>2 [Tents]
>3 [Sleeping Bags]]
>1 [Sarcophagus]
>2 [Drinking Glass sets]
>1 [Glass Plate Sets]
>1 [Empty Fish Bowl] - Is really bigger in the inside!

Tattoo Shop:
>[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
>[T2 Tribal Tattoo of Energy Ray] - A - Lets the user shoot an Energy ray from its hands.
>[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.

>[LOCKED] - Seen by Matt
Rolled 66, 81 = 147 (2d100)


[Sated] - The company of all those holstaurs has left you pleased and sated, filling you with vibrant energy and determination giving you a +10 to all actions next turn

[T3 Ester][T10 Sated]
>Give the Bucket of Raw Extra Thick Holstaur Milk to Ester to drink because I got to run to the shops before we leave and that thing is heavy. Tell her that raw milk expires fast without Pasteurization (and it's just in a bucket too...), so it's going to be needed to be consumed fast or be lead to waste. Also admit that I don't know what it does.

[T10 Speed][T10 Sated]
>Go to the shops! Running! Time to buy last minute!
Rolled 50, 15 = 65 (2d100)

>Free action
Return to that store tomorrow
Need the saddle.

>Free action
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail] - S

>Do:Examine the statue of my ancestor and hear more about is legacy. Maybe he left behind something as well?

>Do:Spend a bit more time with choco. I always wandered about what he was like before I met him...[Start T5 quest]
Rolled 25, 15 = 40 (2d100)

[Arthur Belrose]

"Well, if you're sure about this, Michael... I vow to use your grandfather's possessions as nobly as I can." Arthur picked up the sword, and held it in his hand, feeling its weight. It was a good sword.

"David, Ester, I think I'll take this sword. you two can use the dagger and the gold and jewelry. Have fun on the rest of your trip!" Arthur smiled at them, and turned back to Michael. "Alright, let's go and head back to the resort for some relaxing."


Arthur's hand fell back to his side, as Michael ran out of sight. He had messed up, yet again. Arthur sighed. He really was a horrible person.

After searching through the keep, Arthur went back to his room, fell back on the couch, and stared up at the ceiling blankly. Why did he always have to fuck things up?

[Well-Rested]- +5 to next roll.
[Determination]- +5 to all actions for the next two turns.

>Try to find Michael, and apologize to him for asking and pushing him on a traumatic topic. Tell him that he can talk to me about it whenever he feels ready to, and that he doesn't have to talk about it at all, if he doesn't want to. (+15) (Well-Rested, Determination, Family Memento)
>Continue to try and find Michael, or, if he has already been found, relax with him again at the resort, maybe play a few card games together. The Japanese encampment could wait. (+5) (Determination)
Rolled 15, 62 = 77 (2d100)


Davis Malachai, the kind

>Time to head to the Plains and finish up out little tour.
[Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth]
>Then lets finally explore Saint Cross of Canaria, check out the markets and such.
[Boosts: T4 Tana Ashworth]
Rolled 12, 3, 30 = 45 (3d100)


>Try and find someone whom I could loan a sword from. I've talked to Bob once or twice, and he seems pretty cool about it. See if I can find him and borrow a sword.
Relevant Mods: +1 Tracking, +1 Diplomacy

>Backtrack and try to see what I did when I was drunk.
Relevant Mods: +1 Tracking

>Head to the Golden Canary. Maybe if I could clear this up with whoever took my stuff, I could get it back.
Relevant Mods: +1 Tracking, +1 Diplomacy
Rolled 38, 68 = 106 (2d100)



> DO: Put on my tuxedo suit, gulp down the [Mountainridge Pastures’ Milk] for the extra strenght in battle and psych up before battle.

> DO: Wait until night time and search for the minotaur with one horn. Look for him at the same spot we encountered first, if he is not there try to guess his resting place.
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Forgot sanity check. DC 35
Rolled 56, 77 = 133 (2d100)


>Build sand castle with crew. Enter competition if there is one.
[Family Matters] - +5 to all rolls involving your familiars next turn.
[Sun Protection] - +10 to all rolls that involve resisting the Sun for the next turn

>Go swimming with Aria while Rat watches pupper. Even though I was told not to do any physically demanding activities, fuck that. See if we can find anything interesting in the water.
[Physically Exhausted] -15 to all strenuous actions for the next 3 turns.
[Sun Protection] - +10 to all rolls that involve resisting the Sun for the next turn.
[Family Matters] - +5 to all rolls involving your familiars next turn.
T2 Investigation
T2 Strength
T3 Speed
T3 Stamina
Rolled 57, 18 = 75 (2d100)

>Enter the sandcastle competition. Use my Earth magic, Water magic, and Structural Engineering to make something dope. With a moat. (T1 Earth Theory, T2 Water Theory, T1 Structural Engineering)
>Then take a rest, sunbathe and check out the Big Book of Blood Magic at bought at the market. If Vlad wrote it, it'll be interesting.
Rolled 88, 18 = 106 (2d100)



>DO: Let's get some supplies for a bonfire. Some logs, maybe even something to eat. And start to spread the word about it.

>[Can’t afford it] - Island turn 4, -10 for actions that involve roaming the island/sightseeing
>[Budget squeezing] - For Island turn 4 & 5, any shop/money related action has DC of 45
>Dojo Reputation [T1 0/2]
>T1 Persuasion
>Lets start the bonfire at the beach! I hope a ton of people come.

>T2 Dancing, T1 Persuasion, T1 Dojo Reputation,
>T3 Stephanie, T2 Jeneven,
>[T3 Fire (Glass-tipped) Hair Clip] - Glass enchanted fire hair clip, +3 to fire-related rolls when in use.
>[T2 Fire Ring] - A shining red-colored glass ring that amplifies fire magic, +2 to Fire related actions
>[T1 Heat-Resistant Earrings] - Helps keep fire out of you.
>- [Pristine Spatial Tent] - Fits up to 8 people. Magically treated to prevent discomfort
>- [Firestarter] - Never Fails to Produce Fire
Rolled 72, 11 = 83 (2d100)

Name: Glubl
Background: Glubl grew up idolizing humans, especially the mageknights who occasionally fought monsters out in the jungle. When they got the chance, they joined in for the academy. Things didn't work out so well at the Brasilia academy, so he was transferred to the Madrid academy to get him away from some not so nice folks.
Spells: waterblade T1
Acidic reaction T1 (talk about heart burn)
Abilities: Dash T1
Duel Monsters Proficiency T1
Traits: amorphous T2
smooth speaker T1
Reputation T2
Status: Relaxation (⅔)
Stable form
Recipe: Stable Form Potion
Equipment: Giant bag of moose jerky T2
Canada magnet
Lie’s Spare Duel Monsters Deck
Digital Copy of Noise CD
A digital copy of Digital Copy of Noise’s latest album, “Digital Copy of Digital Copy of Noise”
2 vials of stable form
Contacts:[Magic Creatures Interest Group]
T1 Friendship with Alexandra (1/2 till T2)
Vivianne Delafontaine
Peletier T1+1
Ophelia Lafond

>Listen to some if that Digital Copy of Digital Copy of Noise (DCoN) for that last bit of chill.
>Then find Vivi, I want to talk some more
Rolled 49 (1d100)

>And should it turn out that [use item] doesn't require a roll, I would like to acquire cannabis and related paraphernalia.
Rolled 82, 73 = 155 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch

Char Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

>Attempt to attune with the Luck blade. Maybe I can finally know what it can do.
>Attempt to contact the symbiote in my body. try to befriend the little thing and learn about it more.
Rolled 73, 1 = 74 (2d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Assist the Verde in what she asked. There are still points of magic that are making the animals aggressive. Hopefully I can stop it.

(Blessing of Fey +5, Nature Theory +2, Abjuration Theory +2)

>DO: I keep hearing something about a cow girl ranch that's here. Let's go look into that.

(Investigation +4, Blessing of the Fey +5, Ring or Allure +5, Robes +3)

Would you look at that. I only have to get one more 1 and I get the next one free!
Rolled 23, 60 = 83 (2d100)

double turn

>Continue combating whatever is frenzying the animals. I can only hope this is solved before I depart.

(Blessing of Fey +5, Nature Theory +2, Abjuration Theory +2)

>DO: Inquire with the cow girls on if it is possible to have one move in with me. She'd be accommodated of course...

(Investigation +4, Blessing of the Fey +5, Ring or Allure +5, Robes +3)
Rolled 94, 4, 13, 15 = 126 (4d100)


>Free Action:
After freeing the group of prisoners of the prisoners from the cave, Zav(and the group) guides back to the forest ranger, outside of the jungle, completing the task that was given to then.

Practically being carried during the trip, Zav goes back with Red and Jack to Saint Cross of Canaria, there he will try to find a doctor to treat him of his injuries he suffered during the previous battle,

After being treated by the doctor, the young man decided to visit the cathedral with his family, there he could progress his quest about the fortune coin, and meet someone that holds some knowledge about the object, aside from Elbert.

Investigation (T2)

The young knight continues to inquiry about the coin in the city's cathedral.

Investigation (T2)

After finishing with his investigation about the coin, Zav goes back to the jungle to assist the guardian in her request.
Rolled 11, 37, 87, 98 = 233 (4d100)


>Find somewhere where I can take it easy and recover my strength from that fight with Verde.

>Go back to the city and spend time with the girls. (Ada T4, Cassandra T4, Lucia T4)

>Spend time with Nina and find a souvenir with her for her to take home. (Nina T4)

>Go back and try to find those mana zones that are affecting the wildlife and disrupt it if possible. (Tracking T1, Investigation T1, Stamina T3)
Rolled 71, 64 = 135 (2d100)

Name: Abby Dragfirm


>Free: Take the [Totem of Awakening], which will help him grow. A few several years isn't too bad for a dragon's life
>Go to the Fisher citadel with Val, Vussora and Rhazias. loan some diving equipment and try to get to the wrecked ship from the 1700s
>Look for anything in the shops that I can give to the Plant women back in the academy.

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