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You are the Lord of House Melrose. You are also a Commander under Tywin Lannister and have a seat at his War Council. Currently Robert's Rebellion has ended not too long ago. After attending the last meeting of the War Council for Robert's Rebellion you had some words with Tywin afterwards. In which he pointed out some flaws of your House. Most notably in the complete lack of warships and your troubling logistics.

Tywin as it turned out had extremely demanding standards for that sort of thing. Good news is the only thing he had to complain about in terms of your troop effectiveness was simply your lack of a navy.

Now you were finally home. Still debating over whether or not to talk to your wife about logistics. A military matter that well to be honest you never once have ever talked about military matters with your wife. Finances sure plenty of times in fact she was great at it. Dealing with the smallfolk? Even better at it then you. Politics was something she would help you with every time. She left you alone with military matters as it was the business of men and not women. She understood that.

This issue of logistics however...it was starting to blur that line.

There was also the difficult problem of talking with your wife about the loyalists. She is from the Reach and her father died fighting for the loyalists. In fact you know there is a funeral you have to attend in the Reach for that precise reason. A trip your honestly not looking forward to. As her Father was also the man who squired you. Then there was the concerning matter that one of her brothers was on his sickbed from wounds that have soured. He may not make it.

He is a good friend of yours, but sided with the Loyalists.
Her family is one of the Loyalists and while pardoned...people did not forget. Robert's Rebellion has just ended and such matters are very fresh in peoples minds.

Yet you know you need to go.

You were still thinking when your trusted confidante and bodyguard spoke up. A hulking Knight from the North.

"Your overthinking. Logistics is business. Your wife is good at business. Loyalist is an issue with the new regime. She will understand."

Most people think Sir Briarheart is a mute or a dullard. They are wrong and you know him to be a wise man who prefers quiet and well thought but few words when he does talk. He is simply a man who hates talking more then what is necessary. The only time you have ever gotten him talking much was when you visit the dying Godswood. There you have had a number of deep conversations with him. Honestly after that first time you wondered if maybe he was Maester who decided he wanted to be knight instead. Which wasn't true but you are pretty sure he's the closest thing to a priest of the Old Gods that you know.

"And so the mute finally speaks," you joke. "Are you sure my wife will be so understanding?"

Sir Briarheart merely stares down at you in your study before saying two very simple and short words in response. "She's smart."

"That she is...that she is."

She has a better business sense then you. Amazing she wasn't the daughter of a merchant but actually one of the most brilliant strategists you have ever known. Even now you still haven't reached his level yet...and with his death you may never have the chance. Nor the opportunity to seek his council ever again. Thinking of that you couldn't help but remember the letters full of questions you would send and he would take the time to carefully answer each and every one. Even after you long left his side as a squire and before you married his daughter. Even now you deeply regret not going more to visit him or at the very least letting your wife and children do so more.

He didn't even get to see his grandkids very much before he died...you wronged them all. Hopefully you can at least repay some kindness and release some of those regrets.

"Do you think I should speak them while we are still here or on the road?"

Sir Briarheart merely shrugs in reply.

Somehow that still annoys you to this day. You think you would of gotten over it over the many years that you have known him. In the end you pulled out some maps and your House accounts.

Both your grasslands have enterprises on them. There isn't enough room to put something else there too. Meaning if you want some large farms or space for a large herd you need more land. You call over a servant and request for the librarian to see you. While you ponder on what you can afford to do with what you have.

"Yes my lord," speaks the Librarian in his loose robes and spectacles hanging on his nose. "What is it that you require of me?"

"Claims to nearby lands."

You could see him recoil at the very thought.
You don't blame him. Most of those records are ancient. Dating back to the Andal Invasion or even the Age of Heroes. Your family's records and library do date that far back. Much to the agony of your neighbors who squat on your House's old lands.

"I see...those records are very fragile my Lord. Very precious as well as you obviously know."

"Which is why I need them. Not right now...but I will require you to collect and organize them for those of the nearby territories. I will need copies of them as well."

"I see...it is doable my liege but it will take a lot of time. Safely copying such ancient records is no small feat it will be very time consuming."

"Don't worry you have time. After all I will be gone visiting the Reach soon enough and I wont need them until my return."

"Understood my lord. Is there anything else you require?"

"Do we have any scribes who can assist with such work?"

"...As much as it pains me my liege a common scribe isn't qualified to. The Maester is able but I doubt he will be much interested in such grueling, time consuming and careful work. Is there anything else?"

"No you are dismissed," you finish relieving your now very busy librarian. One of these days you'll get around to having all those ancient records copied properly and stashed away. Sadly your House has no doubt been thinking the exact same thing for many millennia and probably will for many millennia after your long dead as well.

Original house stats.
>Defense: total 33- 31 spent = 2 remaining.
Influence:total 35-30 spent =5 remaining.
>Lands:total 35-34 spent= 1 remaining.
>Law:total 25=25 non spent.
Population:total 17=17 non spent.
Power:total 50-50=all spent on soldiers.
>Wealth:total 50-44 spent= 6 remaining.

Castle has yet to be named.

House Banner has yet to be made.

Now for the most important business at hand...you order your servant to bring the Master at Arms to your office. You have some very important things to discuss with him. Soon enough he comes in and bows to you.

"At your service my lord what is it you require of me?"

"Logistics. At the War Council one of the Commanders said an interesting thing he claimed that having a Master at Arms and Money means Logistics are of no concern. Now tell me do you think this is true?"

"Of course not. Even if you had the money to spend it still takes time to spend it. Time for the goods to be delivered my Lord. Secondly a Master of Arms...is no master of Logistics. Logistics is a very complex subject my Lord. I do say that at least I know more then most."

"Very Good, then tell me how can I improve on logistics for my forces?"

The Master at arms a fat but fit man looked at you strangely for a moment before speaking very carefully. "The problem my lord is...uh...um."

"Go on I know you fear that I will take insult but I will not."

"There...frankly sir...there is a lot."

"A lot?"

"Yes," nods the fat but well muscled man with his bald head. "a lot."

"How can it be a lot?"
>Castle has yet to be named
>House Banner has yet to be made.
Uhh are you just ignoring the support various options got in the last thread because you don't like them? This is some next level QM fiat

>throwing shade because someone knows the mechanics better than you and called you on it
Fucking dropped.
Heh, I like this Briarheart.
You seem very emotionally invested in this?
"My liege...just getting into the problem of movement alone is a lot."

"That bad?"

"The greatest problem of logistics after affording it all...is moving it all my Lord. For instance we have no docks at the village. The only docks we have is at the castle and they are small. We have no roads. Our lands are surrounded by mountains and hills with no roads. With only single great river nearby and we upriver to just about everyone on said river. Our beasts of burden are in limited supply."

"Frankly it makes moving it all an absolute nightmare. That is just the beginning my liege."

...wow its looking like Tywin really did have the right to chew your ass out like he did. Guess since you were elsewhere for much of the time when you were using your forces. You had not realize how bad it was at home for your forces.

"Continue," you request feeling rather glum.

Now the fat man was in the swing of things especially since now he knew he was safe to speak.

"Next sir is the time it takes to move stuff my lord. While we can afford to buy it...it takes time for delivery and time to make the purchases we need. If we had local sources my lord that time and cost would vastly decrease."

That is something you were familiar with on your travels. Whenever possible you bought stuff locally and its why you learned to always keep a fat purse with you.

"What are the solutions to this problem," you ask to the Master of Arms except now he looks like a startled baby doe who was just spotted by a starving wolf all of a sudden.

"...Sir since your allowing me to be frank. I too seek council with people. I speak with the different people like smiths, leatherworkers, cooks, and the like."

The only banner was the Orange castle one however anons questioned about keeping the orange color because the details of reasons for that color were changed. The only castle name that had the most support wasn't able to be used because it long predated Dragons on Westeros by thousands of years.

As for the mechanics of logistics...I double checked what the Master at Arms. Most importantly...I am familiar with how real world logistics works. Woe to the bastard who isn't a quartermaster or worked in the Logistics department. To try to bring up my errors in my logistics. Generally they are the ones I shoot the shit with when it comes to Logistics and I know they know more then me within their specialized fields of expertise. Its why I like talking with them about that kinda stuff.

In order to be fair I am only going to use rely heavily upon in game resources for the topics I will breech. To a lesser degree I will use historic precedents and I wont cheat by bringing in modern principles/solutions of Logistics.

Anyway good riddance my quests aren't popular among those who like an easy QM who wont slap their shit for being stupid and loath a hard challenge. Just ask my veteran players. Every victory they ever had they fought hard for tooth and nail.
Could we possibly have our scribes copy's of our land claims be.. fudged in our favor? Language changes and the written word may not reflect the actual holdings we rightfully deserve after all.. who would contest us? We have the records and have been around longer.
Possibly, although if a serious claim is made I'm sure a look at the originals will be requested, and if not possible the new document will have less influence/be suspect.
>Every victory they ever had they fought hard for tooth and nail.
Yeah... I feel like that is a understatement in some cases. Others pure luck and combos of things.

Still can't wait to try proper politics in this. Gonna be fun and way different than combat. Tho still very fun.

I'll back the simple name. Sometimes those are the best.

I know little about banners. So I'll back that blue bordered and Orange castle just to get stuff moving.
The only weakness of your records is they are very very old. Is their new claims are much more recent and up to date are hence 'acknowledged by the gods and crown as their right'. Meaning they can also argue that since they have been in charge the lands have been well taken care of and old claims are hence null. Most importantly anything that has changed like say new buildings and enterprises. They can argue you don't have the rights to because back then they never even existed in the first place.

Still though the very fact you have those records in a first place is a huge deal in your favor. You don't have to make up bullshit claims because fuck you we were there first. Even better is if you prove that preexisting infrastructure was made by your House.

...Which you also have the proof for. So if they reclaimed old ruins or structures and rebuilt them. Currently using such old infrastructure you can screw them over with that, because technically that was your property.

If you REALLY wanna be a dick you can demand that they repay you for backed up rent.

The most precious belongings of your House is actually those ancient records which can even fuck those very old houses that date back to the Andal Invasion in the ass and other ancient artifacts. Think about it your house hadn't lost their home even ONCE.

They have collected a lot of shit safely over the many millennia.

Your 'wealth' in this case is more liquid assets.

Those old records are straight up nightmare fuel to your neighbors because it provides hard proof of ownership which is a huge deal.
Not my first choice but its grown on me, I'll support this.
Yeah it's a simple compromise. Support. >>1953905
I need more information on our location in the Westerlands and our neighbouring houses.
File: The_Westerlands.png (61 KB, 757x841)
61 KB
You could feel a very large headache incoming.

"Then what can you at the very least tell me?"

"Without going into specifics. Well let me put it this way the craftsman we have are not particularly skilled nor are they numerous. Another big problem is there are no large nearby sources of materials for them to use either."

Thinking about the long list of materials and many goods your craftsman make that your forces use. With the weapons, armor, and food being most obvious.

Oh yeah that headache is definitely gonna turn into a migraine.

"I see," you clench out rubbing your temples. "So a Master of Arms...a quartermaster are all stop gap measures. The transportation we use also are stop gap measures. Ooh...what a problem...so many big problems," you sigh out leaning back on your admittedly comfortable chair.

"Apologies my liege but it is indeed not simple."

Fucking Tywin tearing you a new one. If it was literally anybody else who said anything you could say 'fuck it' and not do anything about it. Damn it.

At this moment you were feeling very bitter ignoring the increasingly panicked Master of Arms when a servant interrupts the awkward silence and said your wife wishes to see you.

Ah finally. Guess she is done visiting the Orchards and you tell the servant to let in her.

Your wife hard to belief she was once an awkward looking little girl when you were a Squire. She matured into a beautiful woman with long auburn hair and hazel eyes. With a large bosom and somehow magically still tight ass. She was wearing a short silken dress as she prefers to be easily out with her plants and wearing her usual jewels.

She looks around noticing the panicked Master of Arms offering his greetings, the still silent Sir Briarheart who only offered her a nod, and you who appeared to be glum with a side of migraine.

"...Seems like there is a not so small problem. Tell me husband what is it," she smiles sweetly and probes.

"Oh just discussing very complicated matters of logistics. Made of a many tough and expensive problems to solve."

"Ah...yes," agrees the Master of Arms nodding.

"I see. I think you are overthinking things like you do as usual," states looking over in surprise when the giant Knight quickly nods in agreement.

"How is that then dear," you ask giving into to request the presence of a Maester from the servant who then once again hurries away.

"Simple. Look at is a business opportunity," she begins.

Unfortunately they are gonna have to be all homebrewed because there are 0 in canon houses nearby. Your house is located in a low valley cut out by the flow of water at the fork that creates a river. Closest to The Crag and Ashemark. Specifically the top part of the fork at the very beginning.

In fact your lake is what feeds the river. All the water in the nearby mountains flows towards your lake or the river if they aren't on the opposite side of the mountains in which case they flow to the sea.
Is there an in story reason for us not having more than 2 children? From our description our wife's still hot and fertile.
"So there is an item. An item that is now suddenly in great demand. How will you fulfill said demand," she asks with that smile of hers with her now commonly sad eyes.

"Hm...acquire the means of gaining the materials in mass to make the item in large amounts and the craftsmen to make it all," you respond. She obviously knows she is the one with a better business sense of the two of you but come on.

"See? is that so difficult," she giggles. "Now the problem of getting it from here to there is also a problem. One that you of all people should be familiar with."

Oh she makes it sound easy and completely ignores all the problems of setting it all up. Of keeping it all working properly. As if setting up the apiary and orchard was so easy or that simple. Much less moving it all with the army and keeping them supplied. Not to mention the costs of affording it all in the first place, but you do admit she made a very good point.

"How about you give me an example," she asks the Master of Arms.

"hm...I wont do something obvious so how about worked leather? We go through a lot of it regularly constantly."

"Herds of beasts preferably that are delicious and produce milk or are strong enough to also serve as beasts of burden. In other words have multiple uses. Set up a tannery to tan their hides in a nearby stream that we can afford to make foul but wont effect important nearby bodies of water. After that recruit the necessary amount of leatherworkers to produce the goods," she easily explains.

"Now what about until we can set it all up," she continues. "In which case find a large scale supplier who makes it cheaply buy in bulk and arrange a long term trade deal that will cover the necessary time frame. Preferably arrange transport by boat for speed and cost. Otherwise rely upon trade caravans."

"What if there are no roads or water ways," you question.

"Pack mules."

"How about the management and arranging everything? Getting the required land, getting all the beasts, finding all those workers."

"I didn't say it was easy just simple my Husband."

Ah maybe simple to you wife not others...then again it took even you months to arrange everything and that was my help in addition to House resources. You have the feeling your going to curse Tywin an awful lot these next few years as you work to overhaul your logistics.

That was when the Maester arrived and brought you precious pain relief from your migraine when you bring it up with him what was discussed. He thought about it a moment before speaking.

"The field of logistics is a very complicated field. There is getting the materials, having the materials made into goods, and transporting it all where it needs to go. How long will the goods last in circulation? The cost for upkeep and skills required to maintain it all. Fortunately my lord that is what hiring people is for."

"That doesn't fix the problem of management, accounts, and other issues."
"I didn't say there wouldn't still be problems and neither did I say you would be able to push everything onto others my Lord."

You didn't mention how you had bit a murky deadline to fixing it all. Before you had to get back to taking care of problems in rest of the Westerlands. Well at least you had a few years to put a dent into it at least. Question is what would make the biggest difference in the least amount of time. You realize that will be the key.

What do?
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
>Spend quality time with the kids again you been a busy guy and you also don't see them enough.
>Take the Maester with you to the Godswood to unwind a bit and maybe find out a solution to keep it alive. Hopefully with an invigorating conversation that will provide enlightenment.
>You know what now is the time to take your army out on others. That always makes you feel better and clear you head. Its not a bad thing if its criminal scum who suffer right?

Not enough influence to buy more kids and you both been busy. Not as much time for lovemaking.

It helps that you got married early due to House financial problems. Also your wife is a late bloomer who takes care of herself. The MC still hasn't figured out how to explain that magically still tight ass of hers though.
>You know what now is the time to take your army out on others. That always makes you feel better and clear you head. Its not a bad thing if its criminal scum who suffer right?

Give our wife a tumble before setting out though.
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
>You know what now is the time to take your army out on others. That always makes you feel better and clear you head. Its not a bad thing if its criminal scum who suffer right?

Have a tumble with wifey before leaving and find out why she's depressed.
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
happy Wife, happy life...so i hear
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.

She seems cool, and we appear to have need of her insight to face our current situation.
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
Okay, so I've been thinking about the whole Logistics problem. The Mountains mean river transport is difficult going upriver. Therefore, I'd like to throw this into the ring. Each noble house has to maintain a grain and dried meat store separated from their own stocks. This is to be maintained so that when Westerlands armies are operating in the Westerlands, there will always be a supply of food nearby for the soldiers. This grain stores can be buried or held in mountain forts. This alleviates the pressure upon the supply train. Also, it moves where the supply train has to start when campaigning outside of the Westerlands. The best way to show this would be to set up a smaller system in our own lands, and try to spread it to others, then present it to Tywin. Still working on the whole, lets make the supply train better.
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
>Spend quality time with the kids again you been a busy guy and you also don't see them enough.

Family meal/picnic
Also,working on better food preservation, so each soldier can carry emergency rations.
File: 1507614677744.png (90 KB, 626x730)
90 KB
Blood Remains.
Blood Oranges.

Orange Keep.
Orange castle banner.
File: 1507614677744.png (73 KB, 626x730)
73 KB

Bloody Castle banner.
Bloodsworth Castle.
Bloodstone Keep.
Bloodstone is a castle in the Stepstones. Not the best name. Bloodsworth sounds a bit dumb.
I'm just throwing shit out there. People can vote for what they like.

The Bloody Isle and The Bloody Hold.

Bloodsborne Castle.
Richblood Castle.
What about the banners?
I like either one of the ones posted. The castle above the stripes
>>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
Maybe we can make some more children this time

Lakestead with this banner
>>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
>>Spend quality time with the kids again you been a busy guy and you also don't see them enough
Kids after some alone time, with our wife.
and this banner
That is usually how you get kids, yes.
No you spend influence to get children anon. You obviously know nothing about biology
>Spend quality time to with your lonely and probably depressed wife but still hot who you don't see enough.
All this talk of our wife and we seem to be busy a lot of the time. Probably best to not make her feel unloved. After all she'll likely be helping us a lot more soon. Assuming we have time before we head off to the funeral. Time with the kids will be good as well. Gotta shape their future to an enlightened path. Then we can set some stuff in motion while we are away.
Not true. You can have more kids than influence allows, they just have no real ability or influence, ala the Frey swarm. 50 kids and only a few worth a shit, which are the ones Walder spent influence on.
On another note Genie. You may want to add this to the quest title. A Song of Blood and Oranges.
It would appear this banner and Lakestead is the winner for the castle.

You decide it would be best to spend time with the wife. Thinking quickly you recall her love of plants. Flowers yes flowers would work. Your Apiary has plenty of wild flowers mostly of the local Honey Rose from which your House is even named after. Some flowers might work...but then again she loves her walks among the flower field in the Apiary and the blood orange trees. A mere flower banquet wont go as long a way as you would like.

Maybe...a picnic then? You haven't had one of those in...damn it really has been a long time. Picnic it is then on a nice hill top overlooking the flowers, mountains, and lake. Yes, that will work nicely. He tell your servant to order the cooks to prepare a picnic basket and you tell your master at arms to arrange the guard detail. Mostly so that they can also enjoy the flowers while on the job and look impressive.

The Maester meanwhile excuses himself as you and your wife head to the dock. With the hulking Knight Sir Briarheart following behind in a surprisingly quiet fashion. You wouldn't think such a giant of a man could move so silently and fade away from sight so easily, but he manages to accomplish it everyday.

Walking through the hallway you see the ancient stones that have stood for thousands of years. With similarly ancient pieces of memorabilia displayed along the hall. Even of bronze armors standing guard that date back to the Era of Heroes. You never grow tired of seeing them standing vigil even if they have long been outdated so very long ago. Its good to see reminders that even though times change and your outdated. You can still stand proud.

Your wife meanwhile is long used to the long silence and your deep thinking. Someone who didn't know better may think you two were on bad terms, but its this quiet that help ensured arguments were very very rare. It was on the book looking into those clear waters with sparkling bottoms. From the riches that were taken by the waters that flowed down and deposited into this lake. Gave it a very unique glimmering appearance. With the nearby lands covered in flowers it made for a very beautiful scene. It was something that was hard to get used to and the buzzing of very busy bees.

The thing you miss while your away besides your family is without doubt the view of home. For thousands of years your ancestors have made their home here and not even incompetent heirs were able to end it.

"You know there is a topic you keep avoiding of late," intrudes your wife.

Oh dear here we go again.

"Do you plan to wait till they are too old and the good matches will all be taken?"

"They are young still it is of no immediate concern."

"That is how you end up with spinsters for daughters. Especially with your loathing of a fitting dowry for our daughter."

Doh right in your weak spot...your pocketbook.

"Must we discuss this now dear?"
"Now is the best time. With the end of the rebellion and the crowning of the new king. Once the deceased are buried properly there will be much to discuss for the forging of new bonds."

Ah yes with the end of the old war making alliances before the next one starts is already well underway.

"Unfortunately my dear I am afraid our daughter has taken after you. She will be a late bloomer. To arrange a betrothal now would be to harmful to her future," you respond. Hahah you been saving that one nice save you!

"Hmph what about our son then?"

"With boys we can wait awhile its no rush," you casually shrug it off.

"Then all the good ones will be taken," she retorts.

"That is what younger ones are for," you point out with a smile. For once it looks like you have the upper hand.

"That is how we end up with bastards instead of grandchildren," she points out.

You recoil from that answer. Bastards.

Oh the HORROR. You can see her smile her victorious smile as she sees you visibly recoil and shudder from the very thought.

Fortunately you were saved by the ship docking and got up to leave. Sadly you didn't miss the silent snickering of Sir Briarheart who witnessed the whole thing.

"See even Briarheart agrees about teenage boys."

"Oh that isn't even fair dear. He hasn't spoken a single word the entire time," this time it was you retorting. You could see Briarheart's snickering that caused the slight shaking suddenly went still once he realized he got dragged into it. Unexpectedly he actually spoke.

"Youth is fleeting. Who chase youth are fools forgetting old wisdom. Young boys have strong passions. Young girls wishes are the same as a crone's," he seriously spoke before once more going silent.

That shut you both up as you both considered his words. Now that your thinking of it him speaking isn't that surprising. He no doubt grew tired of the discussion and spoke in such a way as to end it. You were all silent as you headed to the picnic spot. Which already had some pavilions set up to provide shade and soldiers were scattered around nearby to provide security. In the distance you could even see your scouts keeping an eye on things that might come this way.

As you began the picnic with your wife there was some small talk when she brought up an important matter.

"When shall we depart to those funerals and weddings husband?"

"As soon as I finish up some affairs here and get some balls rolling while we are gone," you reply. "Wait a second...what weddings already?"

"Well I will admit its sooner then expected but an old friend of mine is getting married. Since we are going to the reach anyway I thought it wouldn't hurt. Besides i think her husband is someone you will like."

Hm someone you would probably like is a short list. "Who is he?"

"A mercenary commander."

"...Now I am curious. I don't recall any such commander who might interest me what's so special about him?"
"Apparently he has gone out of his way to learn much while traveling through foreign lands. While also being a skilled commander."

"A mercenary who sold his skills to the highest bidder and studied among the foreigners. Why would he come back?"

"Because she asked him to."

"...For love?"

"I...maybe," she admits casting her eyes downward.

"I don't know seems like a bad idea."

"He has knights shooting bows from horse back and traveled to Qarth to learn about their sorcery."

"Oh...he managed to get knights to shoot bows from horseback and traveled all the way to Qarth? Are you sure these are real Westerosi knights?"

"Many a broke knight goes across the narrow sea to offer their services. Apparently he spent a few years collecting them and got them to use a bow on a horse. He also did quite a lot of traveling from a young age."

"...and when a woman asked him to come back he did so?"

"They were old childhood friends and Her House has no surviving sons. Her father, uncles, and brothers all died during the War."

"Ah...sounds like she's in quite a difficult spot. I will think about it. He sounds like someone I would like to talk with."

You spent the rest of the time trying to smooth things out with your wife. Whose depression largely stems from losing her father and brothers to the war. Which is rather understandable. The sooner you head to the reach hopefully the sooner her depression can end. Time thus passes before you head back to the castle. At least now you've shown your wife that you do care for her a bit and found out about her depression.

Alright anons time for you all to decide on whether or not you wanna roll house fortunes or take the 1 to any stat.

What do?
Roll house fortune
Alright, to be sure, house fortunes are random events?

I believe this is what our Mc's stats are. >>1951027 We look to be good for our set up for commander. Do to age our stat max is 5(?). Not sure if there is something we need to improve or weakness to patch.

I'll back house fortunes. Put faith in the dice goddess.
Middle age has cap of 6

Roll fortune
Let me guess, you don't know how to do House Fortunes?

ded quest.
Rolled 5, 1, 2 + 3 = 11 (3d6 + 3)

I do, but fine I'll roll for it.

My internet has been fucking up on me all day.
Growth is the result. You gain +1 to a resource of your choice.

Seen you been around this month the results are starting to bear fruit.
Wealth obviously, since we'll get 1+1d3 and it can be converted to anything else.
I'd also suggest a Military Academy as soon as we can afford it. Incredibly useful for an army with as many units as us.
>Convert wealth to power at 1:1 instead of 2:1
>Troops become more resilient to damage
>Can be upgraded to give ALL units of our house a boost to a particular ability, or allow units to learn a new ability.
Absolutely suits our character and may be a way of responding to our logistical worries.
With a Status 4 w should have been rolling a base 4d6. +4 from Head for Numbers. +2 from Head of House. And our cumulative bonus from our holdings is Maester +3, Apiary +1, Winery +1, & Chapel +1 for a total of 6 which per OOSP gives us a +1d6 bonus.

So we should have been rolling a 5d6+6 for House Fortunes.
Rolled 4, 2, 3, 5, 1 + 6 = 21 (5d6 + 6)

...apologies I am used to using the main book which is where I checked at first and went off of. Then I looked at the other one and they changed things.
Well it was still growth so we are fine.
File: 1507617953536.png (265 KB, 1170x727)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
To be fair looking at the character sheet I completely forgot they we had a 2B in Stewardship. So it should be a 5D+2B+6, or 7d6+6 drop the two lowest. Shit this is a good House Fortunes character.
Cool. So I'll back wealth. Since will likely need that extra money to get things for the supply situation.

Good to know.
>Motivation: Greed
Is it at all possible to decimate the houses squatting in our ancestral lands and then set up mines with their children as slave workers?

Can we be the Ancap Meme House?
Sorry anon but your Head is a humble Renaissance man. His greed drives him to seek Enlightenment and he is a miser of what he finds. Plus a real penny pincher. Your House Accounts go down to the half pennies. In your defense your House nearly went broke if it wasn't for your wife and her family.

The last of family mines ran dry and soon after your Father died of a heart attack from the stress of everything. Your Mother is still alive and doesn't get along with your wife. Considering her too 'improper' because of her serious management of the business and House while your gone. Hell even the business when your present. She was the one who introduced Reach ways of making money which your house seriously adopted in order to not end completely broke.

You are however trusted by Tywin enough to earn a seat on his War Council and considered one of his Commanders but due to your low status. Your pretty much an errand boy taking care of problems throughout the Westerlands. Troublesome bandits, sea raiders, Dealing with incompetent and or traitor houses. Basically whenever there is the need to throw some serious weight around, your one of the people who will likely show up to handle it.

Naturally your very well known as being one of Tywin's hounds whom he lets loose on the entire Westerlands.
by the way do you intend to follow the book or series lore when they diverge?
Yeah but could we FRAME one of those squatter motherfuckers as a traitor house though? Like if we're talking enlightenment there's very few things as enlightened as a Machiavellian plot to wrench valuable land away from your adversaries... being humble is good but that doesn't mean we can't have ambitions either...
It will be a while till we reach that point. We still have around 15-16 years before the books begin.
I am sticking with the books. There is not a chance in hell I am gonna stick with the fan fic. Goddamn it why couldn't they stick with the fucking books past season 2. I remember when we used to talk shit about all the god awful fan fictions and look at it now. They became prime time television.

Hollywood is no bankrupt of ideas they literally started to rely upon Fan Fictions.

Now I feel old...I mean at this point I fully expect Hollywood to start buying the rights to fucking web novels just you wait. Think Fan Fics are bad just wait until the goddamn web novels come around. They don't even have the decency to be ripping off something to be considered a fan fic.

Oh I am so not looking forward to that starting...
Can someone archive the house creation post?
Once I get off of work, I can if no one else does.


Super easy with this site.
You would need to consult to Slade who is much more knowledgeable about that then you. Possibly your wife but she never really hinted at anything like that before. Slade is a snake though but you certainly wouldn't put it past him about knowing how to pull it off. Like at all honestly you would be much more surprised if he didn't.

Especially given how good he is at finding actual traitors and sniffing out internal House problems for excuses to intervene. Wallace Slade has a real taste for that sorta thing as much as it disgusts you to admit.

You give Slade some time and its practically a guarantee he can dig up some problems. The man has a real talent for that sorta thing. It's partly why he is a such a fearsome Commander.

He is an ally of yours and a trusted one at that. While you two are not by any means friends you both are even more loathed to become enemies. Admittedly it helps an awful lot that there is a good amount of distance between your Houses.

Of course be careful of Wallace Slade he's a cruel ambitious man with skill. He's smart though never once have you ever seen him over extend his hand. He just rips chunks out of his victims and cause trouble for his neighbors. He is also very careful to not earn the ire of greater Houses then his. Mostly meaning his neighbors suffer the most and other lesser Houses second.

The man is hated by his neighbors on the level that you are by yours and he doesn't even have the ancient land claims to do it with. Which is honestly downright impressive. Your House has had entire millennia to do it and he accomplished it in a single lifetime.

Which is all naturally very good reason why you don't ever wanna get on his bad side. Luckily he feels the same way about you so your relations are good. Hence why you have such a good working relationship and are questionable if trustworthy allies.

Knowing him he would probably have a field day doing it because you actually have the proof for it actually being your lands. Admittedly ancient proof but it exists.


Any tiebreakers?

Overall if you really wanted to it wouldn't be difficult to send a raven to Slade and ask. Anyone who reads it wouldn't catch the real meaning but given how your on break Slade would catch onto the real meaning.

Knowing Slade the man gets giddy at the prospect of those sorta things.

Only problem is providing such valued 'entertainment' alone wouldn't be considered sufficient to him as payment. Asking for his help would mostly mean taking your old claims and beating your neighbors to death with it. With Slade's favorite dish of wicked plotting on the side.

Knowing him he'll probably want something in return and given how your claims are actually legit. Its not like helping you would provide blackmail material which would count for his tastes.

Knowing him he'll probably request some kind of trade deal in exchange for his assistance and of course he'll throw in some extra soldiers to provide backup in case of 'problems'. Which will likely occur especially once it involves certain investments like say some mines on some lands.
Alright anons roll 1d6.

1, 2 = 1 bonus and so on. As you anons have holdings that boost wealth generation.
Don't forget about me even though I'm late on it.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolled 1 (1d6)

Rolled 1 (1d6)

Not sure how many roles, but I'll roll as well.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

4 wealth it is then. Damn you did good. Bringing the total up to 10 enough to buy some good things with.

Alright so what House Action would you like to perform?
Aright last thread saved.


These tags should pull up newer threads later on.
did you include Head for Numbers bonus in that as well?
Well I'd like to start construction on a military academy if we have the power, save our wealth if not.
...correction make that 5 wealth. So now its 11 total.

I'm still not used to that Head for Numbers yet. Forgot about the 1 bonus wealth it gives.
we can't get a mine in our hills can we? Otherwise i'd say prospect for an iron mine.
Not fully sure on what we can do.

We do need sources of materials for supplying our troops.

Hm tho the military academy seems like it would help our boys a lot.
All valuable deposits have all been exhausted. If you want more valuable deposits you'll have to reclaim land. Other kinds of deposits do exist but all the good stuff is gone. Keep in mind however establishing a new mine takes a couple years. Given how you still have mineral surveys however the time would be reduced a bit but it still wouldn't do anything about the establishing of the mine itself.

If you invest it in something else you could get some profits quicker and or take care of some of your own supply issues. Possibly both.

Keep in mind your Wife is most familiar with Reach methods of wealth. Mostly in the form of growing stuff and distilling it. Even your Maester admits she knows a lot about plants.
Do we have anything we can invest/upgrade in our lands then?
Both grasslands are developed and hence taken. You still hold open slots in everything else. The communities and defenses once enlarged or built offer more slots. However certain enterprises explicitly require the land to be empty of communities in order to be built. While others require the community to have reached a certain size threshold first.
I meant were they any expansions for the stuff we have?
You already bought expansions for them except for the Chapel I think.
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Hm... so is there others like me unsure what to do/can do?

Should we y'all ask Genie for some Mc recommended picks and move with that info? Or does someone have an idea to rally behind?
some basic House actions include

Manage Resources
Begin Project
Wage War
Host Tournament

Are the basic ones. Others are available in the other book but that requires buying special developments to unlock their actions.

Otherwise you can also choose to do something personal with the MC. Traveling or visiting someone is an example.
I'm not really unsure of what to do, I just don't know that any of the formal house actions are useful at this point.

I'm a fan of the Military Academy idea so we should just save up for that.
What are our stats now? Do we have the spare 5 power to start construction, cause if not I vote we wait until our next house fortune roll when we can improve power.

As for personal across with our MC ... any bandits around we can blood our troops on? Maybe bring our boy along so we can give him some training in warfare.
You have 0 spare power.

There are indeed some bandits on your land unfortunately. Problem is less fighting them(which is piss easy) and more finding them.
>Otherwise you can also choose to do something personal with the MC

>Maybe bring our boy along so we can give him some training in warfare.

Father son or sons bonding time? I think we should.
>Problem is less fighting them(which is piss easy) and more finding them.
Oh scouts
find em
I wonder if bards or bums likely know. We could talk to some people and grease some wheels to save time.
Scouts are dispatched. According to them there isn't many places you can around here without going to the mountains...which aren't your lands. Those nearest to the castle is the nearby wetlands surrounding the lake. Beyond that the biggest problem and most likely hiding spot is the old mines.

There have been many many mines over the thousands of years. As they get mined out they become abandoned. Those dead mines would be the perfect hiding spot and fort for the bandits. Easy to defend. Easy to disappear in. They are all over the place so there is always a close by hiding spot and easy to defend fallback point.

Your Scout Captain admits that finding some bandits is doable but difficult. Trying to find them all...is a nigh impossible task. Worse comes to worse they can just flee your lands and base themselves in a neighbors.

After that about a week into the month the scouts come back with info of several bandit bases in some old mines. After that you go to get your son. It is time for him to see what battle is like. You'll keep him close and if he wants to get closer your sure Sir Briarheart would give him safe company.

Bandits...are a relatively safe option to introduce him to battle. While the those mines that will provide a strong point of defense would be perfect to teach him that even weak enemies can provide strong resistance given the right circumstance. This will hopefully keep him from underestimating future 'weak' foes. You can never truly know all the circumstances and what desperate actions they may perform.

Once you retrieved your son noticing his fear and excitement you could already see your troops were organized. Waiting for your arrival. You'll be taking with the scouts, infantry, riders, and support. Archers wont be much use in those tight confines. Riders you never know what you'll find on the way there and they can just unhorse themselves upon arrival anyway to join the infantry.

Soon you set off to one of the bandit bases. Sure enough the choke point is going to be trouble. No matter how you look at its going to get bloody in the inside. There is no trees nearby to just smoke them out.

What are your orders and ideas?

Keep in mind default option will get very bloody inside the mines due to the tight confines and little room. Good news is your forces have both the experience and superior equipment. Sadly it also limits troop deployments simply because you just don't have the space to do much.

Your Commander is experienced enough however. He knows certain shock infantry like a Sir Briarheart would be devastating that close because they wont need to fear archers. Sir Briarheart himself could probably put quite the dent in their forces alone however Sir Briarheart is busy protecting you and your son. If things get ugly he'll keep you two alive with his skill and using his huge body as a shield. There have been a number of times you nearly took an arrow if it weren't for Sir Briarheart standing in the way.
After eating a few too many arrows Sir Briarheart got around to using customized tower shield. Which is more alike a wall of metal due to its size. After that your Maester didn't have to treat him for arrow wounds anymore. Its a rare man who wont budge or take cover before a storm of arrows. You know it would have killed a lesser man doing what he did.

He does love that shield though. Hasn't had a arrow slip past his guard ever since. How he picks it up and treats like an ordinary shield is a simple testament to his ridiculous strength. An ordinary shield isn't enough to please him. Too small or so he claims.

Problem if you use shock tactics they'll soon tire out and those tight confines will make it difficult to withdraw them neatly. If only horses would fit you would use your riders. Instead you turn to your Sir Briarheart revealing your thinking so your son would hopefully understand.

"Any soldiers you think can handle a shock charge and swift to proper shields in time," you ask him.

Sir Briarheart stays silent. Which means the answer isn't No. Otherwise he would of said so. After awhile Sir Briarheart pulls out the soldier rosters from some nearby markers before pointing out names.

Which means these fellows have the balls to be a shock infantry and the smarts to form a proper defense afterwards once it wears off. Looking at the names you were surprised there were even archers included.

Another consideration is to it the slowly and steadily. Behind a wall of shields and blades then crush them to death until they have no more room to run. Using this strategy would be slower and less impressive, but its the safer option.

Of course you could just send your men in to handle it but you explain to your son that would likely lead in having the most losses for your side. Its best to consider a proper strategy even when things seem so simple, easy, and straightforward. Sure its simplest route but it would also result in the greatest losses. Even more then relying upon shock infantry charging through them.

Now the optimum route would be a combination of the two. Problem is you simply don't have the space for those maneuvers inside those cramped mines. The second best would to be have the men who can easily switch between the two, but that is a difficult request to the troops. Who in the heat of battle are likely to forget the importance of switching in time or do so at the wrong time. This doesn't mean its not impossible but it is the most difficult option.

What do?
>Shock focused
>Defense focused
>Combine(will require a command roll)
>Send Briarheart to create a hole in their defenses and then withdraw while other soldiers move in
I assume we have the maps of the place. If there is another way in that's near. We can said some people to flank. They can be the shock guys.

>Defense focused
Shields up, spears, and short swords out.

Now if we had an alchimest. We could try making grenades to flash them or something .
Have the main force lock them in place with a defensive advance so the more offensive-minded troops can outflank through side tunnels and come crashing down upon their rear.
If we don't have sufficient knowledge of the side-shafts then send a couple of riders to the nearest village and see if they know of any.

If this is not viable then
>Combined approach trusting excellent Command
>With the initial charge lead by Ser Briarheart
>Shields around the mine entrance and any other points of contact.
>Rolling burning barrels of pitch into the mine.
>Smoke them out.
Is there anything worth keeping that old mine for? Since I can see two ways to do this with few or any losses. The first being if there's a decent amount of dead fall nearby, we smoke them out of the mines andet them come to us. Another if there is only one entrance is to collapse it.
Some of the old mines possess veins of less valuable materials. Others not so much. Problem is over the thousands of years there have been a lot of mines and a lot of records of said mines. It is extremely difficult task to find the right map.

Especially because the records of those old mines aren't considered as nearly valuable as those ancient records of land claims. So they weren't specially taken care of like them.

To further complicate matters are the existence of geological surveys dating over thousands of years are also mixed in there.
You forgot to put the negative House Fortunes modifier from Law, that's a -2.
Well dam. With poor area info and lack of trees to smoke people out. I think we should stick to slow and steady. Have people check for side paths and make sure we don't get hit from them.

Tho with the stealthy body guard and any troops that can make it deeper before having to fight could save lives. Tell the scouts to keep serving in the area. So we don't get any surprises while he's gone.
Defense focused it is then. I must applaud the anon who thought off burning pitch. I hadn't thought of that and that kinda thinking is the best.

Realizing you don't have any trees...that doesn't mean you can smoke. As you recall instead of wood you can use pitch. Burning tallow would also work. You order your horsemen to stop by the nearby village and castle to load up on pitch and return. While the rest of your forces get into position and take a defense focused stance as they close in.

The bandits once realizing what was coming for them promptly retreated into the mine. Setting up their defenses at the chokepoint. Your own infantry soon hold not far away as they surround the mine and the support collect the wounded.

Soon after the horseman return loaded with pitch, blocks of fat, and coal. Soon a fire was started and smoke started billowing out as they were thrown rolled into the cave. Soon the coughing and curses of the bandits came pouring out. After that all you had to wait for was the panic to set in as the trapped air inside became fouled.

Your horsemen meanwhile unmounted and joined ranks with the infantry as you played the waiting game. Your son you noticed was watching fascinated.

It didn't take long for the bandits to come pouring out into the waiting blades of your infantry. Half blind and gasping for breath they didn't put up much of a fight. More akin to a bloody slaughter and you find yourself regretting you don't have more pitch and tallow saved up. It would make clearing out bandit bases so much easier.

Your son soon became pale once he realized it was no longer a proper fight. His fascination with the previous fight as the bandits retreated into their mine having worn off quickly. Soon no more bandits started coming out and some of the infantry who were in the rear moved forward to replace their tired soldiers in the front as they went into the mines.

At this point you and your son followed. At least until you got close enough to the fight then the stench of burning fat and pitch. Along with the smoke hanging around. The bodies of the fallen with the piss, shit, blood, and gore. Created a truly hellish scene.

You and Sir Briarheart along with your men were all veterans. They were able to keep it down. Though even you had to admit the additional smell of burning fat and pitch with the smoke everywhere made it more difficult then usual.

Your son however...well he wasn't able to keep it down and started to puke to the side. With Sir Briarheart quickly moving out of the way and the men snickering. They knew better to laugh out loud at the Commander's son but you couldn't do anything about the snickering. After he recovered a bit you followed the fresh soldiers into the mines while the rest recovered, watched, and went over the fallen. Some of the support naturally remained outside. Setting up a proper medical tent and going over the soldier kit. The rest of them meanwhile came in.
Deeper in the caves and past the smoke the air cleared a bit. There your men were battling the remaining bandits. They were currently stuck as the bandits were fighting like only trapped rats could. This was when you nodded towards Ser Briarheart and he strode forward with his huge steps.

"Why is Ser Briarheart advancing? What can one man do when all those veterans cannot," asks your son.

"Most of the time you would be correct. However a few men...the way they fight is so great they can even turn around an entire battle full of men clashing. Men like that are the except and not even I was one. Ser Briarheart however he is one of them," you state.

"Especially in tight confines like these. He doesn't have to worry about getting swarmed meaning he can go all out. Such men as he are especially dangerous and environments like these. Where battle is narrow and one man can easily hold off the many. Such men with great prowess are especially frightening," you further explain to your son. "So watch carefully now Ser Briarheart is about to make an example."

"...Like an assassin in a castle?"

"Assassins use stealth and hide in the Shadows. Ser Briarheart is a Knight albeit one who understands the importance of maintaining a low profile. He is not however a proper man of the shadows."

"Do you know any father," asks your son now curious.

"I know someone who does," you admit thinking of a certain Wallace Slade. That snake absolutely does some. "But keep in mind son the use of assassins is not honorable. It is a favorite tool of a cowards and women. For that precise reason you should beware the blades and poisons of the assassin. They prefer to 'fight' in such a way that their target is unaware and thus cannot defend themselves properly."

At that point you stopped speaking noticing Ser Briarheart has arrived. With the men moving out of the way as you hear some foolish bandits scream "Its the MOUNTAIN." This obviously pissed off Ser Briarheart who hates being compared to such a villain and who is obviously a Northman. With his animal skins and thick beard. Not to mention Ser Briarheart is older then the Mountain.

As a result Ser Briarheart responds by grabbing a nearby fallen axe and throwing it. Cleaving the man's skull in half as he roars and charges into their ranks. His shield crushing down smashing through their line of defense and his battleaxe that would require a normal man to use two handed came sweeping down. Cleaving men's limbs off, gutting them like a fish, and shattering shields with a single blow. His frightening image was such even your own men stepped back fearfully.

Seeing such a massive armored hulk in thick plate, a huge shield is practically an iron wall, and whose axe couldn't be stopped. Who was right among them sowed panic among the remaining bandits. Your son you noticed was instantly awed at the sheer act of prowess his eyes were alight with the image of one man turning the tide of battle.
Which he did. Ser Briarheart you know is a deeply bloodthirsty and rage prone man which he struggles with. Its a big reason why you think he became your most trusted bodyguard. In an attempt to help hold back his rage and love of bloodletting. He forces himself to hang back out of the thick battle and watch. His way of tempering himself.

Many people tend to make the mistake of assuming he is a gentle giant.

Of that he most assuredly is not. As even a blind man could see that now given the pitiful screams and begging of the bandits.

Right behind him came your soldiers to clean up after him. As he charges forward and shatters their formation. Before once more slaughtering as many of the enemy that is within his large reach.

After awhile the bandits were finally shattered and those who surrendered either to be sent to the Wall or hangman. Ser Briarheart meanwhile you could hear his howls of rage deeper in the mines as he finds some captive women who served as the 'entertainment' to the bandits. Followed by much screams of agony from a few bandits whom he caught. When one of them got thrown out abruptly. Every bone of his body now shattered and his face mess of shattered bone and broken flesh. As his last few dying gasps sprayed forth blood and teeth everywhere as they expired.

Well good news is he dropped his axe apparently. Bad news is your pretty sure he is going to beat more then a few bandits to death with his bare hands. Snapping every bone in their body and more. Well on the plus side seeing what happened to their comrades is certainly going to make them reconsider accepting execution over going to the wall instead.

Ser Briarheart always had a knack for intimidation and from his howling he is quickly calming down. Sure enough a now gore splattered but very calm Ser Briarheart comes out and approaches the surrendered bandits with his bloody axe. Standing before them he spoke only three words.

"Death or Wall."

The men who chose death promptly lost their heads to Ser Briarheart while the rest were put in chains. After that was handled the spoils of the battle were gone over. While Ser Briarheart poured water on top of himself to cool his head and help wash away the blood.

Gained 1 wealth.
Gained 1 law.

After that the captive women were returned home. The wounded collected, loot gathered up, and your forces headed back home.

Any other personal actions you would like to take for this month?
Set our scouts on the trail of the rest of the bandit hold outs. If they are in our lands find em. If not? Let us know where they are holed up for notification of the proper lords.

Also check that old mine for anything of use.
When's the funeral and wedding? It would likely upset our wife if we miss those. Gotta pay respect to the man that trained us.

Otherwise thinking we spend time with son number 2 could be good. I wonder if they took up our thirst for knowledge. Leaving the visit with our daughter last to at least talk with all our family.

Having some people get up to date info on the cleared mine could be good. Let us know what the "less valuable materials" are and if they could be of use.
There is some copper in the mine.

A few months away. Mostly to see if the brother will recover or not. If not then they can do both at the same time.

Weddings are even further away meant to be after the funeral period. Since people are obviously gonna be tad busy going to a bunch of funerals.

The letter your wife got about the wedding has some travel time. Mostly because its gonna take time for the fiance to travel all the way to Essos and across the Narrow Sea.

Less valuable in case is between the wealth 10-15 mines. All the mines that had 20 wealth worth of goodies like gold, silver, and gems have all been exhausted in your lands.

You also have old quarries but they haven't been in use since the Andal Invasion. When your family was busy building fortifications and fighting off an invasion. After all mines are much more valuable then bulky quarries. The only time your family has ever been in need of them is during large scale construction efforts.
>There is some copper in the mine.
Enough to be worthwhile to mine? if so see about renewing operations, if no? Collapse it. Don't want bandits using it again.
Hm. I wonder if it would be worth while to start scouting our claims. Our 2nd son can go with us on a diplomacy run. We can try talking with the people on the lands we have claims to see who will just join for protection and the like. After all I image our persuasion 4 and specialty 1 should work well.

Then with new income those quarries will be needed for upgrades.
If you want its possible, but just know that the most valuable mineral deposits have been exhausted, but that doesn't mean minerals of lesser value have been too.

As for how many mines you can maintain at once...well logically it doesn't make much sense being able to maintain only 1 mine when most of the mine's space will be underground. Its not like with farms or grazing covering a lot of the usable space.

Overall i would say it would depend upon the settlement of the domain and how advanced the mining installations that have been are.

I don't know how I am gonna houserule that exactly yet.

Succeeding would give you a boost to Land because the natives would be supporting you, but be aware the lord of those lands likely wont be happy about you trying to turn his people against him.

You'll need to reinvest in those quarries as its been a very long time since they were last operational.
Dam I was hoping to see others having posted by now.

Bandit killing, mine reviving, and land claiming. The current ideas so far. I'll back bandit hunting and having people go over the mine. Since it would be good to collapse if it there is no use for the mine.

I image we would piss the lord no matter what. Especial those who revive ruins on our old lands. I'm hoping getting the civilians on our side will help make thing smoother. I would hate to force our claim and end up with upset people under us. I don't want to drop our law rating more.
so unless you're done ill second(or third?) the persuasion of the lands (or conversion?) to us

time to lay some claims
I don't really get this, it feels like you're using the system in a way it isn't meant to be used. Or rather far too ridgedly using the core rulebook as a guide to run this in some weird civ quest esque manner. Between that and the posts taking 3 hours I don't think this is going to gain any traction.

Go read the older GoT quests for ideas on how to drive the story without resorting to what do? and the 3-4 options the book gives for monthly actions. Malroy, Harrock, Grallner at least had good hooks at these beginning. I'm not even sure what the hook is here.
I am enjoying it so far.
It's not for everyone but I think it'll gain traction if he has regular updates/posts.
Fair enough anon.

To simplify things a bit instead of having to roll for every single village elder you talk to. I am gonna break into realms that you visit. In this case there will be 3 tests. One for plains, one for hills, and one for mountains.

Written speeches are encouraged and though you lay ancient claims to those lands. The people have mostly long forgotten you and you'll need to convince them that you are superior to their current lord.

I ran into a problem relating to personal MC motivation. Making the House Great was an easy one. However the MC's motivation is Enlightenment, his vice is greed, and his virtue is humbleness.

Really made it really hard for me to wrap my head around him. Which is why I fell back to mainly House actions as I seriously pondered how to do the MC's own personal goals.

In this case he values special insights into things that will Enlighten his mind no matter their origin. A big reason in why he's such a good commander is his enlightened ideas of strategy and tactics. In terms of story besides maintaining his House he is also deeply attracted to things that can offer him enlightenment.

This bleeds over into other things as he gained enlightenment in that the wealth of his House's lands existed both below and above ground. A unity of the two would ensure great things. His role in command valued a similar scheme he strategies are much deeper and his usage of troops quite clever. He identifies things that others would normally miss and comes up with different uses entirely.

In other words his actions are deep and complex. his goals are not immediately apparent or simple. To put simply his goal...is experience.

He desires most is to experience Enlightenment no matter its form or reason. As far as he is concerned enlightenment about farming and enlightenment relating to war strategy is of similar value.

Which is honestly bothersome because its not going to be very apparent to the players of what the hell their MC personal goals are. Hell even I had to think seriously on it for quite a while.

Now that I have finally figured out what the son of a bitch wants that should no longer be such a problem. Though if we go entirely by what the MC wants things are going to get very...off track. After all ultimately he cares not for where the Enlightenment comes only that it does so.

So the make the house great is sort of there to help ensure there is some rough guideline.

In all seriousness if he a very misplaced man in a different time period from which he should of come. If life had played out differently for him. Instead of studying Intrigues and Warfare. He would of become a Maester studying knowledge and seeking Enlightenment.

The MC is a Renaissance Man in Westeros and hence truly a lost soul. Especially given how he was not even able to become a Maester but a Head of a minor House instead.
This doesn't mean that he isn't without his own strengths. After all even the snake that is Wallace Slade knows better then to make him an enemy and even Tywin values his council/services. Else why would he be on his war council?

Its for a very simple reason.

He is an incredibly difficult man to deal with and a nightmarish foe to face, because he is 'enlightened'. He can see ways that are inconceivable to even a genius and you never know what he is going to come up with.

Tywin values him precisely due to his Enlightened way of thinking in terms of Warfare.

Wallace Slade meanwhile acknowledges his talents and deeply wishes to not get on his bad side due to the many inconceivable ways he would strike back with.

Because ultimately the way he is looking at things compared to others...is on entirely different level.

Because it is Not Knowledge he desires.

It is Enlightenment.

His way of looking at things is at an entirely different level because of it compared to most others. However due to his humbleness very few are actually aware of his potential and great capabilities.

To him nothing is inconceivable and the impossible is only the impossible because its solution requires enlightenment to attain.
Alright so I am gonna need some Intrigue rolls which is 9d6 three times. The goal is rather simple. You are attempting to increase their disposition and gain their support for staking your claims.

You may bargain with them but you'll need to offer them something in exchange for their support. Doing so however can offer you bonuses but not without cost.

The people your mostly dealing with are smallfolk, merchants, and elders. The better you do the better an increase in Lands you gain. So the difficulty isn't going to be too high due to a lack of status and influence on their part which will reduce the DC. Unfortunately they are however connected to a rival house so there is that to consider.

Feel free to type out a speech for roleplay bonuses.
Rolled 6, 2, 1, 4, 4, 2, 5, 3, 2 = 29 (9d6)

Can't think of anything.
Just we were here before these that call them selves your lords And I've come to help my long lost people under me into new glory under my rule.
Rolled 3, 1, 4, 6, 5, 6, 2, 5, 5 = 37 (9d6)


I don't know how well it would go over with the rival Lord or if it's standard practice to at least give him some of the income lost. I was thinking that in the speech I would thank them for taking care of the people and lands we once were over.

Probably not the best wording.

Good day people of [insert land name]. I understand most of you will not know who I am or that my family once took care of these lands. There was some trouble times long ago but now we are back to make amends from the past. We left you all alone. And are thankful to the Lord taking care of you in our Stead.

I come here today asking if the people will except the old Lord back. Offering knowledge for the people to grow, and potential trade deals for the merchants.

... I feel like something's missing but I never know what to add. I blame movies for making speeches feel grander than they are.

Are public schools a thing or will that be going too far? We got the library after all. That's what you'll be in character. Because it would be interesting to see what arises from others view points with knowledge in the library.
Rolled 5, 2, 3, 3, 6, 4, 2, 1, 4 = 30 (9d6)

well damn the rolls they got was so very mediocre at best. Which was like once. One of them didn't even break past 20.

You arrange for a small trip through neighboring lands to meet with the smallfolk and press your claim to those lands. You start with the lowlands in the river valley. Meeting with elders, merchants, and other smallfolk. They were shocked when a lord showed up to meet with them much less the Head of a House and his son. They showed you proper respect and decorum. Much to the surprise of your son you showed the same before telling him propriety is what matters most. Since they were proper to you two then it was only natural you too showed them the proper respect of a lord to a smallfolk as required by your differing positions. You soon found out in the lowlands the smallfolk were largely ignored by their lords. Apparently due to the lack of mining deposits. The only ones who see them much are directly on the river and allow or easy shipping. In which case they are treated as a mere transport hub. With the smallfolk further away from the river were much more miserable. The ground was rich and the rivers had fish. This mattered little to their lords however...who only cared for the valuable mines.

From the looks of it you would only encounter serious resistance when it comes to claiming the lands directly on the river which possess a proper docks for trading and transport purposes. The lords will likely not wanna give up such valuable properties easily.

Moreover from the traders and smallfolk they tell of bandits who pillage their lands easily for supplies and the lords care little. Only when the bandits dare to hit their caravans do they take much notice. At the prospect of loss gold and trade goods. They also speak of the smugglers along the river and the bandits. Largely base themselves in the hills and mountains. Much more hiding spots that way and they come down to raid them for supplies.

Those lands you find hold much potential just not in the ways that the Westerlands most value and the small folk are impressed with you showing up among them. Dining with them and speaking with them about their troubles. Overall a fine start.

gained the support of the smallfolk, traders, and elders in the valley plains. Acquired 3 lands. Gained an addition 1 land for right of ancient claims and 2 lands for the persuasiveness of your lord.

However the noble owners of those lands are not at all happy...

Next up the Hills.

Now having gotten in the proper swing of things you feel like your doing much better then you did previously. Except now you encountered very real presence of the lords. Mostly for the sake of the mines in said hills. Here you met once more with the smallfolk, merchants, and elders. You dined with them and spoke with them about their worries and concerns. Brought up your ancient claims to these lands and protocol was respected on both sides.
Here you were surprised to find that despite the clearly greater amount of wealth the average smallfolk ate even more poorly then their neighbors in the plains. You found out why after asking. These hills it is tougher to grow crops here. The lands are rife with bandits and lords men who fight over the wealth coming out of the mines. What wealth is generated is largely sucked up by the lord or stolen away by the bandits. The only smallfolk who eat well here are the merchants who can afford it.

More importantly why should the lord concern himself with lowly farmers when he has mines full of gold? Miners are the concern not farmers. As for the miners themselves they complain of poor pay and terrible working conditions. Not to mention not knowing when you'll get unlucky enough to get caught up in a bandit raid. Who thirst for the gold as much as the nobles do and are willing to fight for it with them over it too.

The merchants themselves meanwhile take their share and struggle with safe transport. According to them the roads are dangerous and though the lords men keep a presence.The greed men have for the wealth ensures there are always plenty more bandits where that came from. Even the lords men get consumed by the greed often taking bribes and some of the gold that gets retaken well..if some of it gets 'lost' having been supposedly spent away by the bandits before who was going to take notice?

At times the only difference between the lords men and the bandits. Is that one of the two have the backing of nobles.

Prices are thus higher here and so despite the greater wealth the smallfolk still struggle much like those in much poorer lands. These matters even you couldn't help but feel a headache over. The elders were wise here and quite slippery. Having talked some time with them over the concerns you heard from smallfolk and merchants. They have much to tell you.

According to them a big problem with the bandits is their ability to ignore borders and the wealth always attracting more of them over. The lords men are often corrupt and their unwillingness to chase bandits over borders due to politics. Ensure the bandits always have a place to fallback to. Ensuring whenever the lord finally gets off his ass and performs a major purge. The only result is the bandits temporarily vacant the lands and base themselves elsewhere until things calm down again and then they return. Often times they still even have the guts to raid because they have a safe base to fallback to.

This is something unfortunately you have seen plenty of times during your work as a Commander under the Lannisters. Half the job is dealing with shitty nobles and the other half is dealing with bandit infestations. Problem, is whenever a lord wants to properly stamp them out if his neighbors don't join in then the bandits merely move over. Which often means someone like you has to get involved if they can't work out their differences.
Unfortunately for you. The fact is fact your neighbors largely loath you and getting them to play that nice...most unlikely to say the least.

After awhile whenever you found a lord or man at arms who ignores those pain in the ass politics and cross the borders anyway to stomp out bandits. You can't help but give them a slap on the back. If only everyone did that in the Westerlands bandits wouldn't be a concern anymore. Alas 'politics' and borders is what gets in the way. You can't help but strongly sympathize with the elders and speak of your own problems when dealing with such things.

Which strongly impresses the smallfolk and merchants. Finding out that your a lord who doesn't let such 'trifling' reasons prevent him from bring down the hammer on bandit scum.

All in all its quite similar to scenes you have seen in other parts of the Westerlands. An all too common tale unfortunately. After about another week you left and this time went into the mountains.

Gained the support of some of the smallfolk, traders, and elders in the nearby hills. gained 2 land. Gained 1 land for right of ancient claims and 3 lands for the persuasiveness of your Lord.

However the owners of these lands are most unhappy...

The mountains.

Here the problem was even worse. Such rough terrain made it practically a bandit paradise and made deploying proper horsemen who can arrive quickly exceedingly difficult. In exchange however the mineral wealth here was even greater and some of the mountains were covered in forest. Here farmers were rather rare and instead herdsman seemed more common. eking out a living between the bandits and lords men fighting over the gold.

Bandits were much more brave here in striking for the speedy wrath of the horseman was much more difficult to achieve. Some lords did better then others in keeping their lands clear of bandits but it was a constant struggle. Here the smallfolk were even poorer then the ones in the hills. Who at least could rely upon somewhat speedy arrival of lords men. The bandits here had a much easier time striking and slipping away thanks to the terrain. The smallfolk were thus quite miserable. The land being difficult to live on and brave bandits.

From the merchants you find out that relying upon timely aid of lords men is unlikely as the terrain slows their arrival giving extra time for the bandits to slip away. Terrain makes it even more difficult to transport. Here water sources are even more precious for their ability to transport things far more easily then the winding unsafe roads.

The elders here have an even bigger to deal with headache then the ones in the hills. For the difficult terrain works against them and the lords men while making it much easier on the bandits. The ground is also harder to make crops grow in.

Over all the smallfolk here have it the hardest of all the lands you have so far traveled through on this trip.
Gained some of the support of the smallfolk, traders, and elders. Gained 1 land. Gained 1 land for the ancient claims of your House. Gained 3 lands for the persuasiveness of your case.

After such a lengthy trip you returned home and at the turn of a new month.

>Roll for House Fortunes.

After coming home your librarian informs you he has copied enough of the ancient claims that you can make a press for one realm. You have currently gained the support of some of the smallfolks in nearby lands that were formerly under your House.

Your to do list so far

>Logistics Buildup
>Enterprise Expansion
>Reclaiming old lands
>Dealing with your kids
>Dealing with your wife
>Traveling to funerals and weddings
>Save the old Godswood
>Pursue Enlightenment

Feel free to add more and what will you like to work on next?

Sorry about it taking so long but fuck me I had to do an awful lot with figuring out those lands and neighboring Houses. It took awhile.
Rolled 2, 4, 3, 6, 5, 1, 5 + 4 = 30 (7d6 + 4)

>Roll for House Fortunes.
I believe that the roll for that was 7d6+6 - 2 from law?

Also making sure this is added up correctly.

Acquired 3 lands. Gained an addition 1 land for right of ancient claims and 2 lands for the persuasiveness of your lord.

Gained 2 land. Gained 1 land for right of ancient claims and 3 lands for the persuasiveness

Gained 1 land. Gained 1 land for the ancient claims of your House. Gained 3 lands for the persuasiveness

6 new lands or does the 3 from claims and 8 from persuasiveness add on top of that 6?

As for what to do. I think we should fix up those lands. I would hate to lose their support so soon after gaining it. Meaning we got bandits to hunt and, likely, farms to build up for food.

As for away to make the last owners happy. Perhaps we can strike a deal with the mine. They get a cut and we will gain new income from the lack of bandits taking it away. After all we are not greedy for money, but that Enlightenment. Tho the trade post and other areas are not as cut and dry, I think.

What does everyone else think?
the totals in land will be
Plains 6 lands acquired.
Hills 6 lands acquired.
Mountains 5 lands acquired.

Total will be 17 lands.

Be aware this is one time deal only unless you bargain with them in order to acquire more support. This is the total amount of support you have gotten from the local smallfolk for your claim.
17 is a good start in my book and we can build up. Then next round of claims we'll have proof for benefits.
new thread is up.

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