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You are Ryouma, an Azure Grimoire designed to serve as a host vessel for resident sadist Yuuki Terumi.

And currently gawking at Ragna in a jailhouse—along with a mage, Rachel Alucard, Noel Vermillion, and Professor Kokonoe Mercury.

You continue hacking and sneezing, feeling almost too sick for words.

"Ryouma, do yourself a favor and go back to your room," Kokonoe insists.

"To the contrary," Rachel dissents. "He ought to be here to listen to what I have to say."

"Who's the mage?" you ask.

"Her name's Celica," Kokonoe answers. "And she's kind of got a tendency to negate seithr. Her ability makes her prone to shutting down all sorts of seithr-based technology—including you."

"Is that why my right arm's stopped working?" Ragna asks.

"Anyways, you'd best keep your distance from her," Kokonoe resumes, ignoring him.

Celica backs up and leans against the wall in the room opposite to you.

"You kind of look like Terumi," she remarks.

Rachel faces Ragna and starts monologuing.

"I need to tell you about the book called 'The World.'
It has to do with the successor to the Azure, and with us, the 'Chrono Phantasma.'"

"Huh. Like Celica," Kokonoe interrupts.

"It is a story about a single 'book,' and a young girl," Rachel resumes. "That young girl was imprisoned. Yes, it was very much like this jail: dark, cold, and lonely. One day, she was given a book. In that book was written a tale. The story tells of a young girl in a country who is captured by a monster. A hero appears and defeats the monster. The end. All that was written was the 'Beginning' and the 'End.' All of the pages in between were blank. This didn't make for a story, so the young girl went on to write her own story in the book, relying on her own memory. The beginning had already been decided, so she wrote its continuation. The hero journeyed the country, ridding it of all its troubles... The story had spanned a hundred pages when the brave hero stood before the young maiden. Then... he defeated the monster."

"But this young girl... She didn't like this story," Rachel explains. "She started to patch it up and change it... but the ending was already pre-determined. It would always end the same way. The hero would stand before the young maiden... defeat the monster... then it would end. Silly, isn't it?"

Ragna faces her with dead silence.

"Huh?" Noel asks. "When the monster's defeated, wouldn't they live happily ever after?"

>"Not quite. The hero didn't rescue the girl, remember?"
>"I take it the girl with the book's whoever's in the Amaterasu Unit."
>"Not quite. The hero didn't rescue the girl, remember?"
"Not quite," you explain. "The hero didn't rescue the girl, remember?"

"The monster... was actually the maiden herself," Rachel continues. "The young maiden was imprisoned by the monster. The monster that consumed the world... The girl rewrote the story's plot to its ending over and over again... So many times that the book became tattered and worn. But no matter how many times she wrote and rewrote, the hero would simply defeat the monster. He would not save the young maiden."

"Because... Well, because it's a monster," she explains. "Of course the monster is defeated. The ending cannot be changed, for that is the pre-established plot to be repeated. The young girl continued to rewrite and rewrite, pleaded to the hero to save the maiden... 'Please, rescue me,' she would say. But the hero wouldn't listen. Of course he wouldn't—he's a character in a book."

"Actors only carry out the roles they are given," she goes on. "The hero was simply to defeat the monster, and claim the fame that comes with being the hero... which is why the hero never saved the maiden. Before long, the young girl fell into despair. And of course she would—her wish for her own story, which she was writing herself, would not come true. And, yet, the girl continued to believe... She continued to believe that the hero would save her."

"She probably still believes it now," she finishes.

>"I take it the girl with the book's whoever's using the Amaterasu Unit."
>"Nice anecdote."
>"Guess someone else'll have to do the saving."
>"I take it the girl with the book's whoever's using the Amaterasu Unit."
"I take it the girl with the book's whoever's in the Amaterasu Unit," you comment.

"How perceptive of you," Rachel answers. "Yes; the girl refers to the Origin, who generates all of the world's possibilities through the Master Unit. That was meant to be analogous to the girl writing the book called 'The World.'"

"Anyways, I'm afraid I've wasted enough time telling stories," she adds. "Recent information I've come across suggests that the Imperator plans on erasing all life on Earth with the Cauldron in Ishana, using Gigant: Takemikazuchi as a catalyst. The destruction of Ikaruga is intended to be the sacrifice that kickstarts the sublimation of all the souls on the planet."

"Then we'd best get started," Kokonoe responds.

"You know, Noel, you shouldn't just follow Ragna around whenever you feel like it," she gripes.

"Oh. I'm sorry, Professor Kokonoe," Noel reacts.

"It's fine; what's done is done," Kokonoe replies.

"Also, Ragna, I'm busting you out," Kokonoe adds. "You're coming with me."

"Huh? Is it okay for you to be letting me out?" he wonders aloud. "I can't make any guarantees here..."

Kokonoe lets out a sigh.

"Do you know what this is?" Kokonoe asks, showing Ragna a switch.

"Will you be satisfied if I just say 'a rectangle?'" Ragna retorts.

"As you can see, it's a remote switch," she replies. "I believe I mentioned it before. Did you think I'd just fix your left arm and leave it at that? I've fitted your left arm with an MD Bomb."

"A bomb?! Crazy bitch!" Ragna reacts.

"The MDB is fitted to you at the cellular level, so there's no way you can remove it," Kokonoe explains. "As for what it'll do to you? Best not to even think about it, it won't be pretty."

"This is a poor excuse for a threat," he replies.

"Say what you want," Kokonoe responds. "Oh, and one more thing. The MDB will only destroy YOUR body. You don't need to worry about any harm coming to those around you. Enjoy dying all by yourself. Any questions, kids?"

>"What does MD stand for?"
>[stay silent]
>>"What does MD stand for?"
"What does MD stand for?" you ask.

"Molecular disintegration," Kokonoe answers.


"Bye, then."

"Wh-! Hey! Wait! ...Wait, what? What the hell, Kokonoe?!" Ragna screams. "That was a bluff, wasn't it?!"

"I'll give this to you, Celica," Kokonoe says, pacing to the opposite end of the room. "Don't lose it."

"Huh?" Celica asks.

"Oh," she comments, as if what Kokonoe explained was just dawning upon her. "Yeah."

"Ragna," Kokonoe adds, pacing out. "I've armed the bomb. If you go more than a certain distance from Celica,
the bomb will explode. That distance is... Hmm, well, it should be a comfortable
distance, but... You might not want to test it."

"Are you serious?" Ragna asks.

"You don't understand a word I'm saying, huh?" Kokonoe mocks. "This is a waste of time. We should just get rid of you after all. Let's go, Celica."

"Wait a minute, Kokonoe, what about Ragna?!" Celica begs.

"Hm? What is it, Celica?" Kokonoe asks. "Did you want to watch this man get reduced to his base elements? I'm not really into grotesque shit, but if you really want to watch, I can go and you can just stay here. See you at Kagura's."

"Whoa, whoa, hey! What the hell does that mean?!" Ragna demands. "Just leave the switch near me, okay?!"

"Tch, like I would only have a single switch for the bomb," Kokonoe goes on. "You need to understand me better, kiddo. If you violate any of my instructions I will not hesitate to detonate it."

"Okay, okay! I'm coming out! That's what you wanted, right?" Ragna protests. "Just tell me where you want me to go."

He goes on, muttering, "Oh god, you're somehow worse than the rabbit."

"Did you say something?" Kokonoe asks, halfway out the door.

"Nothing," Ragna replies, making his way past her. "Nothing at all. Uhh, let's go, Celica."

"Hey, wait up, Ragna!" Celica comments, prompting a fit to rid your throat of mucus as she approaches. "Kokonoe... It's a joke, right?"

"How often do I joke?" Kokonoe asks. "Hurry up and follow or he'll explode. Or implode. Whatever."

"WHAT?!" Celica exclaims.

"Wait for me, Ragna!" she adds, making her way out of the jailhouse.

"What noisy people..." Kokonoe laments.

>"Tell me about it."
>"See you at Kagura's place. Unless we're going together."

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