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You are the head of House Melrose and a Commander under Tywin Lannister himself. Having a seat upon his war council. Robert's Rebellion has just ended and you have returned home after providing full support during the Sacking of King's Landing. You were one of the first Commanders inside and became notorious throughout the realm through the event. The loyalists loathe you through your actions under Tywin and what you did during the Sack of King's Landing. The Rebels however celebrated your actions and just as Tywin proved his loyalty to Robert you proved your loyalty to Tywin.

With the wealth you looted from King's Landing and after the last official War Council Meeting for Robert's Rebellion. You have returned home at long last to your wife and children. Tywin's suggestion still rings in your head as you ponder how to about the logistical improvement of Westerlands. At the same time you been making moves to retake land that rightfully belongs to your House with Lannister's blessing and willingness to look the other way. You have since traveled among the smallfolk and gained support. Much to the ire of your neighbors but its not like your relationship with them was ever good. They know they squat on lands that belong to your House originally and that makes them very nervous.

And they should be.

At the same time as you work to handle managing affairs at home. There are still concerns for you abroad that need handling. The funerals you should attend and weddings that will begin sometime afterwards. You need to make the necessary travel arrangements and prepare gifts. Those concerns put much pressure on you to handle home affairs sooner rather then later.
old thread

House name : House Melrose
Castle name : Lakestead
Lake name : Sparkling Lake
Lord's name : Norbert
Lady name : Meleara
Daughter : Eleana, 12
Son : Kevyn, 9

House stats
>Defense: total 33/2 unspent.
>Influence:total 35/5 unspent.
>Lands:total 35/1 unspent.
>Law:total 26/26 unspent.
>Population:total 17/17 unspent.
>Power:total 50/50= unspent.
>Wealth:total 56/12 unspent.

Last month you made some profit. Mostly from business and you stamped out some bandits with your son along before visiting the smallfolk. Increasing the Law a bit and you gained some wealth from the bandit loot.
>Logistics Buildup
>Enterprise Expansion
>Reclaiming old lands
>Dealing with your kids
>Dealing with your wife
>Traveling to funerals and weddings
>Save the old Godswood
>Pursue Enlightenment

Feel free to add more and what will you like to work on next?

The librarian has currently copied enough old records and land claims for you to press for one domain. He is working hard to copy the rest down.
>>Reclaiming old lands
So the 17 lands from last month. Are those just the stats or lands we now control?

Because I would push for clearing bandits off of them to help the people.
>Dealing with your kids
>Dealing with your wife
i think we should try to save the godswood- it would make sense character wise- and we could brag about it later on
Last month and i forgot to include it my apologies. So hey if wanna push a land claim you can now afford to do so.

I can't remember off the top off my head. Didn't we have 2 sons or did we settle on the 1 each?

I'll back the tree. Since we'll need to be here to deal with back lash from land claims. Since there's the funerals and weddings we should really go to. Make our lady happy and pay our respects.

Then men can help keep the peace viva bandit hunts while we're gone.
Has your immediate family.

Also you have no spare power so my bad.

Your an Ancient House so suffice it to say your family tree is exceedingly well developed.
Dealing with the tree seems to be the winner.

You decide its time for you to personally unwind a bit before dealing with the hurdles of the new month. As you have already visited the Sept in the morning with your wife and children as per usual. Very important given how old your daughter is. Once she attempts to start distancing herself the Septon and your Mother will be crucial to deal with your pubescent daughter.

You head to the old godswood hidden deep within the castle within an particularly forgotten space. Headed there you recall the pride in which your House was able to keep the Andal Invaders from destroying their Godswood, but as time went on. Eventually your House converted to the Seven. Thankfully one of your less zealous ancestors in order to protect the history of the House and the Tree collapsed the passage to the gardens that held it to protect them against your...more zealous ancestors.

And it worked.

Till the day you had the passageway repaired as a young curious lad seeking secrets and hidden knowledge. Ah if perhaps your brother had lived you would of become a Maester instead of a Lord.

You soon sit on an old stone bench as Sir Briarheart does his usual silent ritual of spilling his blood before the old tree. No matter how much the Maester tries to convince him not to he does it every time. Once Ser Briarheart is finished you asked him a question that has been bothering you for some time.

"Have you thought of a way to save the old Godswood," you ask.

"The Green Men on the isle of Faces gave me a hint...I think it is blood." replies Ser Briarheart. Only time you can ever get him to talk much is before a Godswood. Makes him talkative.

"Most improbable," interrupts the Maester Harland appearing as per usual. "The belief of Sacrifice is an outdated ancient superstition of the Old Gods."

"Normally I would agree...but this is not a normal situation. The Godwood is dying and nothing else has worked. The Old Gods respect Blood sacrifice. I would suggest executing some criminals here. Let their blood rejuvenate the tree."

"You mean...fertilizer? Hm suppose that could work. Using the aftermath of decay does result in an increase in plant growth," mutters the Maester now deep in thought as he ponders upon it.

"Human Sacrifice is barbaric and a backwards practice. Even animal sacrifice is no longer done throughout Westeros, not even among the old gods," says the Septon walking in.

"Something drastic is required as have we not tried everything else," simply states Ser Briarheart. "Doesn't matter where we execute them we do it. Two birds one stone. Not a true 'sacrifice' then just an execution for your soft sensibilities," he says now facing the Septon.

those two never did get along and even the Septon's predecessor barely got along with Ser Briarheart. How you miss the old man.

"Wait...decay would this be possible to use on the flowerfields and orchards," you bring up.
One of the things that secretly bothers you is the soil exhaustion. This was brought up by the elders during your trip. With the limited lands the smallfolk could work soil exhaustion was a serious problem. Even among land owning nobles its something that can be a big problem. As is your rather lenient upon your smallfolk in terms of tax yields. Mostly thanks to the insistence of your wife and recent trip you have a deeper understanding of the problem itself.

Its been a problem for you too ever since the last mines dried up and you switched over your house finances. Now its something your entire house is quite vulnerable to.

"Actually," says the Maester now facing you. "It is indeed a worthy consideration. Back at Old Town we ran some experiments in Botany class in terms of soil usage and expected yields. Theories starting with river flood plains and how to...artificially induce a similar effect in order to rejuvenate exhausted lands. The the means of how to create and use fertilizer was of fierce debate."

"So its possible then?"

"...Currently I would say our best bet is simply to dredge up silt from the lake and use it. We do not have a sewers or large production of waste product to use to create fertilizer in the large enough quantities we would require."

"Dredging up Silt would be problem to the fishing smallfolk," interrupts the Septon. "They rely upon the fish and such a change would cause them problems."

"Ahem we are getting off topic," grunts Ser Briarheart. "I said drastic action would be required as the usual stuff we have tried before clearly isn't working."

"You can't say that is completely true. After all the tree isn't dying any faster no," says the Septon.

"We could try to invite a Maester my lord who is more knowledgeable in Botany," suggests your Maester. "I know of a Archmaester who specializes in Botany he of all people would hopefully have a solution. He is a very good teacher of mine and is fascinated with the recent actions of this House with its farming imperative despite being in the Westerlands. I might be able to convince him to make a trip but we would need to be especially convincing if we try the Archmaester."

"How about if we just set a large reward for whoever can come up with a solution? If it works they win and get the reward," suggests the Septon.

"I didn't think you would be so helpful Septon with your belief of New Gods," dulls out Ser Briarheart.

"The lost of such a ancient piece of history for this House would be a great shame," says the Maester nodding to you. "So I am understanding in the desire to save it. Such things are very important to such a House with so old of History."

You ponder upon what to do. Ser Briarheart's suggestion is the most straightforward albeit...crude. The Maester suggestion of inviting another Maester to consult might work but you'll need something worth tempting them a trip over away from their studies. The Septon's suggestion would certainly get the word out.
On the other hand Ser Briarheart's suggestion IS barbaric. It would be a tricky affair to tempt a Maester to visit especially an Archmaester. While word would get out with the Septon's suggestion...who says that might be a purely a good thing? Who knows what sort of drivel would be tempted by such a rich reward.

Choices choices choices...

"Ahem," you cough. "For a change of topic what do lands do you think I should seek to reclaim first? And what of my family since I been away?"

"Your daughter might not act like it but she does miss you and she IS getting older. It's time you start seriously searching for her future husband," says the Septon. "Your wife is...depressed given her family's current straights but offering them assistance isn't...simple given your Allegiances. On the other hand your wife would deeply appreciate it."

"Then do so sneakily," speaks up Ser Briarheart. "You can offer them aid in their time of need just as they did for this House when it's finances were in dire straights."

That is true...they really did help your House out a great deal in its time of need. That trade deal for Arbor Reds kept your House afloat as you desperately sought a longer term solution.

"But how its not like we have a Spymaster," says the Maester snorting.

"Hmph we have something better," says Ser Briarheart as he asks the Maester to patch up his new wound. "A certain Wallace Slade would be able to help...or you can set aside some traceless coin and have your wife 'discreetly' deliver to her family in your stead. After all everyone knows she is the dutiful wife who leads the House while the her Husband is away."

"Some laden gifts would also work or a discrete donation to a certain Septon in their home to help pay for things," suggests the Septon.

"Ha trust a greedy Septon? You sure he wouldn't take a large cut if any of it got to them in the first place," mutters Ser Briarheart. "Wallace Slade is a snake but he's a trustworthy one. More importantly his dearest wife wont allow him to refuse and ensure its stealthy assistance."

"You have an awful lot of confidence in this Lord Slade and his wife," states the Maester in a strange tone. "How do you know they can be trusted?"

"Because we were comrades in battle. Brothers in combat and relied upon each other. Saved each other's lives and could of easily let an 'accident' slip through. A reason that someone like you two frankly would never understand. Wallace Slade had plenty of perfect opportunities to screw us over, but he hasn't once done so even once. If we wish to discretely help the in laws he's the best option."
"I think it may be more prudent to worry about the children then the wife," says the Maester. "The girl is starting to wish to leave the nest and make a home for herself. The son however clings to her rather heavily due to how busy their parents were. His studies are also...not the greatest. He is more interested in playing and fighting. Doesn't help the men do everything they can to encourage such behavior rather then squash it."

"Because he is being a boy," snorts Ser Briarheart. "Its perfectly natural and good for him."

"He struggles to read read and his ability to calculate is barely satisfactory. His manners i must admit are impeccable and worthy of a squire but not a lord," counters the Maester.

"He needs work fine but he's a good kid," defends the Septon. "While he is lacking in the lordship department...this is only natural. He is young still and he does his best to live up to the ideals of Knighthood. His mother did well to to provide material for chivalry and temper him for politics. Your mother on the other hand my lord...I am afraid does her best to spoil those two rotten."

You can't help but sigh aloud before replying. "She is their grandmother what do you expect? At least its not my wife doing the spoiling."

"Your wife needs to act more a lady then a man," states the Septon. "She busies herself with business far too much for a woman."

"Need I remind you that she is the one who knowledgeable in matters of the new business ventures that saved my House from going broke? If she wasn't from a Reach House how could I have possibly come up with such solutions?"

"Exactly the problem my Lord. She forgets that she needs to be a truly ladylike. She entrenches herself too much in the affairs of men."

"...Even the Maester Harland is not agreeing with you," chuckles Ser Briarheart forcing the Maester to speak up.

"Just because she is a woman doesn't mean she is dumb and at the same time some of her actions can indeed be considered...unladylike. Apparently I need to remind you Septon who kept the smallfolk who were loyalists from rebelling while her husband and army was away?"

"It is improper and what if her daughter starts to copy her?" Mentions the Septon in a huff.

"Then her husband is going to be a lucky man whose wife is more useful then just for popping out kids," laughs Ser Briarheart.

"Septon my wife is not the problem, she is a very dutiful woman who keeps my House running while I am away performing my duties." you finally speak up. If it wasn't for your wife you would be stuck with the steward for such things. Some men would prefer that but frankly your wife really does know more then you about the current business ventures your House is relying upon currently. While you admit it isn't the perfect situation you really don't have room to complain. Even someone has haughty as you know better. "How about we focus on what lands I should reclaim next instead of my lovely wife."
"In terms of lands I would say Mountains," suggests Sir Briarheart.

"The only reason you say that is for the excuse of killing more bandits," accuses the Septon.

"Of all the lands Mountains is the richest in terms resources and once we kick out the bandits...the most easy to defend as well," defends Sir Briarheart.

"Ha you think we have problems with bandits now? Imagine when they have entire mountains to hide in!"

"Ahem," coughs the Maester interrupting. "I would suggest Plains. With our current ventures it would be easiest to expand into."

"Bah and rely MORE upon that woman?" Complains the Septon.

"They would be the easiest option," agrees Sir Briarheart. "Fewest bandits but also the fewest potential profits."

"Then what would YOU suggest," says the Maester now clearly annoyed.

"Hills. Of course. Easy to grow in and mine out. With only a moderate bandit presence and their smallfolk would be the easiest to help."

"You mean require the most work," says Ser Briarheart. "Of all the lands the Lord seeks to reclaim those ones will be the hardest because Septon your forgetting their current owners. Their current owners will be lease wanting to give up the Hills. They can defend them the best and they offer them the most benefits."

"He is right you know," agrees the Maester taking Ser Briarheart's side. "Their current owners will give us the fiercest resistance should we try to reclaim those hills. They value the ability to rapidly deploy their forces the highest especially given their current neighbor and our liege. They will be least willing to give that up and along with the profits they gain from those hills."

"You make it sound like our beloved neighbors are our biggest problem!"

"...They are though," says Ser Briarheart shaking his head in puzzlement.

"Have you not studied the History of this House even briefly? This House has ancient claims to many of their lands and we have a strong military. Why would they EVER like us?" Simply states the Maester Harland. "Even that...that Lord Wallace Slade is more trustworthy then even their most honorable Lords for us," says the Maester in a huff.

"Clearly we need to work together at getting along better with our neighbors," suggests the Septon kindly.

In response everyone started to laugh even you and Ser Briarheart at the 'joke'. Resulting in a very confused Septon asking what was so funny.

"I...hate to agree with those two, but I am afraid they are correct," you explain to the Septon. "We...can't ever claim to be very good friends with our close neighbors. Truth is what the Maester said is merely the oldest reasons and there are many newer ones. As can you really think we haven't squabbled with with each other over the years fiercely? The ONLY reason things have calmed down lately is due to my direct allegiance to Tywin Lannister. He likes to keep an eye on the Houses with strong militaries in the Westerlands and our two Houses have a very old history together."
"For that reason alone they have been willing to play nice...on that surface that is. The truth is our closest 'friends' are across the river and the neighbors of our neighbors. Those lands across the river used to be ours but we passed them onto branch families, former bannermen, and claimed by the Andal Invaders oh so long ago. To my House this Lake was our bastion and the heart of our realm. Even now we have not once given up its ownership over all these many millennia even as we lost everything else and are now a mere shadow of our former selves."

"To this House...they are nothing more then mere upstarts and nobleborn land thieves squatting on our lands. I may not live long enough to see my House return to its proper glory but I'll be damned if I don't help set up the groundwork for such a thing. We now pay our dues to the House of Lannister directly instead of through a Greater House. That is something I fought hard to achieve...and if our neighbors had anything to say about it."

"They would pull us down and destroy us. Even now we are badly outnumbered by the sons of bitches but its always been that way. Ever since the Andal Invasion we have become surrounded by our enemies. Our closest 'friends' are distant Septa I am afraid...you will need to read some history books about my House. Talk to the Librarian for some examples. He'll know which ones."

How do you plan to heal the Godswood?
>Execute some criminals before the tree
>Set up a reward for whoever cures it(will cost wealth 5 wealth)
>Convince some Maesters to come take a look(will require something tempting)
>Some idea you had(explain)

What else would you like to take care of? see >>1983306 to do list for ideas because I was nice enough to make one for you instead of asking for What do...

Plus have anons created the character sheets for the children? I left that up to you to figure out.
Do we have a butcher in the area? gather the blood from the butchery and try that. Maybe kill a pig or something and bleed it out on the tree.
You have 1 hamlet and a bunch of small homesteads. You do have a single butcher but you don't have enough waste production to do anything with. That would require having a much larger industry or populace with sewers to collect it all.

On the plus side your lake is teaming with fish and your riverway is also pretty good thanks to the lack of pollution and heavy fishing. Still if only the people on the other side of the river could be so accommodating...on the plus side you don't have to share your lake.

The Lake is one of the great prides of your House thanks to sparkling clean crisp waters. So rich in fact you can find nuggets of gold and gemstones hidden within. Not to mention all the fish.
Try it with fish before we do men, just be sure to have them buried after we bleed them out. If that doesn't work try the same thing with a pig. If that doesn;t work try convincing the maesters and offer a reward to them if they can do it (smaller than the 5 wealth one)
I vote we try the arch-maester first, as much because I think our lord would like a chat with an arch-maester as because of anything else.
Not sure what to tempt him with though. Set our archivists looking through the library for ANYTHING that might appeal to a man with a penchant for botany. Old manuscripts on the subject? Maps showing changes in forests and landscape through the ages?
Or maybe a test? Explain that we want to compare a blood sacrifice of criminals to a few sacrificed pigs to normal treatment. Ask him to run it and challenge him to explain why the human bodies provide the most fertilisation (if they do)

If we none of that tempts him, just go with Ser Briarheart's execution.
As for land claims ... I vote we press the Mountains first. I'd rather fend off bandits than our "noble" neighbours ... and then once it does come time to claim the hills, our troops will be even more blooded and experienced.
According to your Maester he was intrigued by the agriculture your house was doing in the Westerlands as agriculturally speaking the Westerlands is highly undeveloped. With no large scale farming being done really. Most of the farming done is done by the smallfolk. It isn't developed like in the Riverlands, Reach, or Stormlands. Your Maester has been cataloging the results and sending them to Old Town for study purposes.

As for something that would tempt him...the ancient overgrown garden in which the Godswood was found. Had some very ancient and rare plant life that would otherwise be exceedingly difficult to find in the outside world to the point that your Maester lets nobody but himself or someone he personally taught care for them.

You also have a stunning variety of wildflowers found only in the Westerlands produced on a mass scale. Trouble is neither one of those things may be tempting enough for him to visit. Mostly due to the resources in the Old Town are no joke.

Now inviting another Maester who is specialized in Botany is a much easier matter. One of them could probably be tempted to pay a visit.

Mountains will be a utter bitch to clear of bandits but on the plus side they are very defensible and more importantly very rich in natural resources.

I will rule that having more then 1 mine in Mountains terrain is easily done without any special requirements because honestly it doesn't make any sense on why not. In this case they can support more mines then a Hill terrain can.

In hills building mining complexes, larger foundries, improving transport, and settlements will allow for additional mining operations to function.

Here is some quick explanations.

Larger Foundries enable more ores to be processed at a time. In this case they are houseruled like the prexisting smelter but much bigger.

Better transport enables more ores to be transported at a time and faster.

Building larger mining complexes means more mining operations can coexist at once and they can be more well developed.

Settlements provide necessary manpower. If you want lots/big mines your gonna need a nearby settlement to provide the necessary manpower.
Let's try to get that archmaester to visit.
We might not have one single thing that can tempt him but the combination of
>Unusual house introducing large-scale agriculture to Westerlands
>Rare, ancient and unusual plants of the Godswood
>A lord with a reputation for new ideas
>A feast - we'll promise him a feast
>An ancient library (especially if there are any ancient books of botany or records of agriculture)
Together that might be enough. If not, have him send a maester he trusts. In either case, once we've got them here we can pick their mind on how to improve our agriculture generally, help our smallfolk avoid exhausting the land and even give their thoughts on this logistics issue.

Mountains sound like the way to go imo.
I really like the idea of buying a unit of engineers, having them set up what fortifications they can in the mountains and then scatter siege engines throughout. iirc you can't technically have siege engines in a mountain terrain but I see that as you can't move siege engines into/through the mountain terrain. Surely if you built them in place it would work? And in that case, good bloody luck to anyone trying to charge up a cliffside to attack our mines.
is it too meta if i say we should have the criminals executed there, and we should do it ourselves?
(the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword)

if it is, then most likely the character would try to get the archmaesters(especially the archmaester of magic or whatever it is)
I agree that trying for the archmaester would be top pick. They will likely have a lot of things we'll like to talk about.

Then we got the funeral to go to. So better ask Slade for ideas. Tho I still feel that to be risky. Eh if we're both loyal to the lord. We should be good. Just family and nothing more.
Since, so far, no one has offered to take the children. I'll be willing to take a crack at them. All the rules are in the core book, right? (I still got a bit of reading to do.)
It would appear that you wish to try and invite the archmaester of botany to help deal with the godswood. You make such intent clear to the Maester and a carefully written letter is made before being sent off to Old Town. Hopefully it works and you'll have yourself a solution once he arrives. Otherwise you'll have to settle for another ordinary Maester.

Anything else you wish to take care of?

Setting up artillery in the mountains...I would rule while possible it would require setting up the special kind of grounds to house them and once you build them you can't move them.

Mountains has about 2 votes. Any others?

They are.

That is an old gods belief that is only really respected in the North still.
Look into a knight we think could squire our son.
I would back mountains, but I don't want to get caught up into something before the funeral. I image the lords would take action hard while we are away.
Worst comes to worst you can ask a fellow Commander to keep an eye on your lands a bit while your away. Its not like you haven't done something similar for another Commander when certain family commitments come up and having many nearby enemies. Your fellow Minor House Commanders on Lannister War Council have a lot of enemies due to your lack of station to refuse certain tasks. Resulting in you really not being very popular.

It looks like backing the Mountain claim wins.

In that case mountains cost 9 lands. Leaving you 9 lands to by features with. So what do you wish to purchase?

House Actions for this month is pushing a land claim. Meaning one of your neighbors just got really screwed over and are angry about it. Alas your Claim is solid and there is little they can do about it...officially that is.

Some of your troops along with your scouts move into the new domain as the other House is forced to relinquish their claims. However they are putting up resistance in releasing their mines. The House is demanding 20 wealth per a gold mine of which there are two operating and another 10 wealth for a small hamlet.

There used to be a tower but they have since collapsed it before withdrawing. Turning it into a ruin.

Should you refuse to pay they threaten to collapse the mines and torch the hamlet.

What do you do?
>Focus on securing the mines
>Focus on rescuing the village
>Setup a payment plan
>Attempt to negotiate
>Counterattack their own holdings

In terms of connections. You're most familiar with lords on the Lannister War Council and you keep in touch with other Ancient Houses even if they are rather distant. Otherwise you know some Westerland Houses mostly those questionable allies of neighbor of your neighbor type alliance deals.
For the first kid's personally. Should I roll or does someone have a set pick for the girl in mind? If we roll it will be 2d6 for Goal, Virtue, Motivation & Vice

Also Genie what's the heirs' Status or will it be base 2 then adjust by exp from age like the other Abilities?
>>Attempt to negotiate
You are in direct violation of your rights. Either you back down now and get 15 wealth over the course of this year, or I present my case before Lord Tywin and let you dig your won grave.
>Attempt to negotiate
Best to not start the fight. We for sure want to try talking it out. We can cover the cost of the settlement. With people we can rebuild.

So worst comes to worst. How much or how hard will it be to fix the mines? Could end up being worth the payment plan.
This sounds good to me.

But while negotiating, also position our troops to defend the mines
File: Heir Female.pdf (3.61 MB, PDF)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PDF
I think I did well in making the girl a balance of business and manipulator. Any thoughts and wants let me know. I open to ideas to improve this child. Sine it is my first time making a character proper

I'll move on to the son later. I think I can make him more focused. Likely heavy fighter with a dash into leading. Since that was the feel of the boy in game..
Drop Blood of Valyria, we have no such roots and no such marriages.

Attractive Maybe.
Dam so that was a thing I had to worry about.

One thought for me was Charismatic if the blood line didn't work. That 2 to the test result for Bargain or Incite could be good. Tho looking at attractive. "Whenever you roll a Persuasion test, you may reroll a number of 1s equal to half your Persuasion rank (minimum one reroll)." That's really good for rolls.

One worry for me is the "You possess incredible beauty. Those who are susceptible to such looks find it hard to concentrate when in your presence." Not sure if that will limit anything to hard for us.
Won't affect the Mc, might affect young men and lechers around her though. Make it easier to get her married.
Rolled 3, 3, 2, 6 = 14 (4d6)

Gonna roll goal and motivation for the boy. Thinking Merciful and foolish for the others.
Such a Lust for love?
wander or bloodlust are things.
It's a well-made sheet but I think we should chat about what we want from the daughter as far as her character goes. We don't have all that much info about her other than she's a bit too good at business for the septon to be happy.

Do we picture her as
>Some devious schemer, good at playing the game and getting what she wants?
>A bit of a tomboy or nerd, happier reading through old manuscripts in the library or balancing numbers than practicing her needlepoint?
>A bit of a sweetheart and innocent, able to convince anyone to her side just by her genuine charm and compassion?
>Something else?
And do we want to roll for her personality or decide on it here?

Personally I'd be pretty keen on the latter. /qst/ threads always seem to go for manipulative schemers and plotters, I'd like to see us try someone who's able to hold their own just as well in the court ... but does so because they're genuinely a nice person. And I also love the idea of throwing someone like that into the GoT world.

With that in mind I'd probably
>Deception down to 3
>Cunning up to 4
>Stealth down to 2 for some extra specialty dice
>Blood of Valyria replaced with Courteous (essentially stacks our cunning onto deception results, we're deceptive without being 'deceptive')
>Replace Treacherous with either Attractive or maybe Charismatic
>Move the specialties around a bit depending on what you guys think
>>Stealth down to 2 for some extra specialty dice
not a thing in char gen.

I mean if you want our daughter to be a margerie Tyrell good luck.
What do we think about making the lad someone really in love with the idea of knighthood and the "glory" of battle? Lots of time spent listening to his grandmother tell him stories of the legendary knights of old?
Fits with the heavy fighter with leading on the side, as well as merciful and foolish.
>not a thing in char gen.
Huh, didn't realise that.

Still, about the rest of it?
Cunning 4+Courteous+/-Treachorous seems like a pretty solid combo if we did go down the more manipulative route.
I was basing the build around the, joking, thought of our wife being a master mind. Since our daughter possibly spent most of her time with our lady.

I did like the passing idea she is doing this to protect her father from the bad people. Many bandits and criminals in our low law lands. So why not guide them around to help her family.

>A bit of a sweetheart and innocent, able to convince anyone to her side just by her genuine charm and compassion?
I'm a sucker for that.

Oh Courteous is nice.

Yeah. I'm liking the song of that knighthood.
File: Son.pdf (3.25 MB, PDF)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PDF
My current thoughts on the boy.
Status is free because otherwise its stupid if your playing a noble born.

For the MC his status 4 but that is due to being head of House.

That's your wife and she's rubbing off on her daughter. Hence the Septon being concerned.

It doesn't help that his mother is from the Reach and their deep love of Chivalry.

Let me put it this way if the MC was a different person. They would have a very different idea of what his wife was actually like.

The MC has a very different idea of what his wife's character is like. Honestly though he is much more worried about her friends then her.
need language 3 to read
Well it turns our status will be freed up. So we got the points for that no problem.
>I was basing the build around the, joking, thought of our wife being a master mind. Since our daughter possibly spent most of her time with our lady.

That's one of the reasons I want cunning up to 4. I figure with the business sense of the her mother and the enlightenment of her father ... at least once of our kids ought to be a smart

How bout spears instead if short blades?
Pretty sure that includes lances.
She is smart. She has a high social IQ. Tho now status freed up. We drop Thievery and Fighting to up cunning to 4.

Was gonna add spears and other weapons later. The kid is 9 and I want to believe he'll grow up to gain exp. Then aim for Weapon Savant to cover moments of missing the main weapon. Granted I would be fine with just spears and swords.
>We drop Thievery and Fighting to up cunning to 4

Dropping a stat to 1 nets you 50 exp to work with, and frankly she needs at least fighting 2 just in case a man tries to rape her.
>Dropping a stat to 1 nets you 50 exp
Oh shit. I thought it was 10.

If someone got close to a girl like her to do that. I would be a amazed if her hitch wo/men didn't quickly being that to a stop. High Cunning, high speech, and then some. That girl is prime for the making of underboss. We could even par her with a high grade body guard to just in case moments. She'll gain the respect of some powerful people.
Anyways. I'm in need of some sleep. The PDFs should be editable. (Unless 4chan's sharing changes that.) So if y'all reach a point of consensus. The PDF can be edited with out me.

I had a lot of fun learning this game and working on the builds with everyone. See y'all later.
I support this anon. A genuinely sweet and nice person is nice to have for once. Give her attractive to boot.
Did some adjustments and wrote down the different Qualities so far for the girl.
Did the same for the boy.

Question is there a innocent quality? Basically antonym quality to Sinister. I guess we could pick sinister and say it's because she's to nice to hit.
File: Son.pdf (3.25 MB, PDF)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PDF
I am gonna need some rolls persuasion rolls particularly bargain.
File: 1507820249611.png (265 KB, 1170x727)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Likes like we just have 4 persuasion and no bonus dice. Also seems the builder of our mc put persuasion as one of the Specialty dice. I'm assuming that was mean to be Convince.
Rolled 1, 2, 4, 5 = 12 (4d6)


Also archived the old thread.
Rolled 4, 2, 3, 5 = 14 (4d6)

Hey Genie, I went over our Mc's Sheet. Just in case I'm wrong. Do we have a floating 10 exp for abilities?

What I came up with.

Age Exp 240+100 1 ranks/ 330 spent

Cost 6 * 3 ranks = 60 5 * 4 ranks = 200 1 * 5 rank 70

Because I would love to have dropped marksmanship to 1 rank and gain 2 5 ranks. Maybe even bump up warfare to 6 and one 5 rank in something fitting. Like say cunning or knowledge for entitlement gain.
Seems a bit min-maxy to me. Like, the rulebooks say rank 1 is for characters that have a major flaw in an area. Rank 1 is what Hodor has in cunning, that's how extreme it is.
Dont see any justification for our mc to have that.

If you're going to go Magnetic then I'd set the spec dice as 3b Charm and 1b in ?Empathy. That means anyone you successfully Charm goes from complete Indifference to adoring, self-sacrificing love and Affection of the type parents have for their children. Combine that with Attractive and pretty much everyone starts at at least Indifferent to her if not Amiable.
I dunno, that might be too powerful though.

I'd also suggest moving Rank 1 Marksmanship to Rank 1 Fighting, makes more sense for a gentle-girl who'd freeze up in the chaos of combat and seems like it might be more of an actual penalty.

Finally, I'd be tempted to drop 1 rank from Deception and Increase Awareness. Seems more fitting for a nice sort of girl (and improves both Combat and Intrigue defense)
Yeah probably me being to min-max. It's a habit of mine to think abilities 0 or in this case 1. ( Which steams from stat point systems with skills for training.) As something the character wouldn't use. So what would they use and gear the points to that.

I saw on guy as a leader more than a fighter. So I was not sure why they would use range weapons if someone low skilled is unlikely to hit any ways. Based on than thought we were melee trained to hold our own. Assuming the chance of our lines breaking. Otherwise we would focus on leading and not shooting.


I went the same thought line with Deception, Thievery, and Stealth for our story knight boy. Why would they lie, cheat, steal, or hide? The story knights do no such things. Gotta be prod and honest. Made his build around seeing wrong doing, enduring, fighting, and I would of put will rank 4. Gotta have that Courage to face what may come. So bought Courage 1B in it's place.

Same with the girl. Thought her not a fighter. So starting gearing around that. Kept the body seeming stats at 2. She would focus to social for getting people to do what she wants. Dropped Thievery and marksmanship down. From the thought line of why steal when that wrong (or have others do it) or what would this sweet girl train to attack (you got thugs for that).
Rolled 1, 4, 6, 2 = 13 (4d6)

Son looks pretty good.
Still not convinced by the Short Blades though. I assume it's because he's a young boy but I figure they'd just train him with a small longsword or small lance rather than a dirk/dagger.
And I'd go armour mastery over shield mastery, I figure we'll always be wearing armour, but sometimes might want to wield a 2h weapon.
I put magnetic in the list because it seemed fitting. Mainly waiting on everyone's input before locking it down. God that would be amazing. This girl would be winning the hearts of overlords.

Hm you do have a point of fighting. I took marksmanship as a training thing.

I kept deception high for stage performance. For some reason I thought she would like to do shows for other kids or something. Tho 4 could be a bit high.

- girl Decep down to up awareness.

Ah. I thought long swords was 2 handed weapons. So was going for sword and shield. So ignorance on my part there. Tho daggers would be get for slamming people with the shield into a wall pin. Then go for a shank.

Hm we are wealthy enough to get good armor. Shield came from the idea that you can get a shield easy. So Armour mastery could be worth the change.

- Boy change to long sword and armor mastery.
File: Son - Final.pdf (3.25 MB, PDF)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PDF
I want to drop the charm to 2B (from 3B) for Streetwise 1B. Since streetwise is skill in talking with people and the community.


Should be done on the son. Unless other thoughts come up. Easy to change if we need to.
Current offer is they wont collapse the mines if they are payed 30 wealth and 5 wealth for the hamlet. They will accept a payment plant over the next year or two.

do you wish to accept?


I would replace the long blade specialty dice with Spears because he's too young and weak to have had much experience with long blades yet.

He is only 9.

Currently the lord has gained 10 exp from the recent bandit base raid, managing house affairs, and will gain 10 more exp from the next mountain land claim debacle.
That seems to be a nice cost for two mines and some land. I would be willing to pay it over the year or two. inb4 they are crap mines.

Fine. No story book sword user. We can have him use spears.

Oh cool we get get 2 specialty dice after this event. Tho I meant exp from character gen. From my count it seemed like we had 10 exp unused.
Rolled 6, 2, 5, 3 = 16 (4d6)

Tell them we'll pay, but attempt to bargain.

Bargaining dice.
This Y/N is after bargaining.

Was 20 each mine and 10 for the small hamlet.
Let's just take it and be down with.
Any fuckery, and we di.ish the payment plan by a lot.
Pay slowly as little over as long a time period we can. I'm sure the mining alone should cover the payments.
We also have to make sure our son spends more time with his mother. Get his finances and business sense in order.
Once he is older we have our best warriors train him.
I don't mean it like that anon. Its just spears are lighter and training when of been more focused towards them when he's young. Until he builds up the strength necessary for heavier weapons.

I am going to take that as a yes...

Your best fighter is without a doubt Ser Briarheart whose a combat monster. Only problem is Ser Briarheart isn't by any means a tourney Knight and his marksmanship sucks.

Your son is much more interested in being a romantic Tourney Knight from the stories and legends. Which Ser Briarheart is very much not at all.

However Ser Briarheart is much more down to earth devoted realist who pursues excellence even through dishonorable means.

Ser Briarheart
Goal: Security
Motivations: Excellence
Virtues: Devoted
Vice: Licentious

However your wife's family maintains a much more traditional knights in their House thanks to being in the Reach. Their household Knights are far more traditional and chivalrous compared to your own.
Alright looks like accepting the offer it is then. Good on you because if you refused they would of used the excuse of lands stilling being their own until 'set date' when the transfer would be official in order to sabotage things for you.

You gain an additional 10 exp.

After examining the gold mines you confirmed they were still productive and were happy to discover both of them had smelters present. Turning them into gold bars stamped with the Westerlands mark. Meeting with the hamlet you were sad to discover there were no additional investments present in the domain. They apparently left it all to rot except for the mines.

Your Law has decreased by 15 points due to the heavy bandit infestation present in the mountains and bleeding over to your other lands. If Wallace Slade was here he would inform you that there is some shady sabotage work being done here. Sadly you are lacking in proof...

As thanks for saving the hamlet you have been rewarded with 5 Power and 5 Population as thanks by the Smallfolk in addition to them officially swearing their allegiances to your House.

Thanks to the successful negotiations and land claim your Influence has increased by 2.

You have gained 2 Gold Mines with Smelters.

Your Ancient Land Mountain Claims have been acknowledged here and thus you gain 2 Lands.

You have 10 lands to buy features with on the Mountains. So get to spending.

In other words Ser Briarheart is very good at what he does in the more traditional Knightly vain of being a thuggish brute very skilled in combat. His actual Honor and Chivalry are rather lacking. Mostly if they get in the way of him being the best fighter can be or threaten his security goal.
You are currently find yourself spending a lot of time this month in your new domain. You may have underestimate the level of bandit infestation and your foolish son was caught off guard over the cruel negotiations involving the smallfolk. Claiming it was dishonorable and they were sorry losers. Which while true the world is not a nice one. Ser Briarheart took the time to 'educate' your son while you were busy handling this new affairs.

Truthfully you been very busy month. Your scouts have been running all over the mountains mapping the place out. Your soldiers been fighting to keep the mines and hamlet safe from the bandits. Who have been trying all month long to take advantage of the exchange. Worst still you confirmed the presence of Rogue Knights present among the bandits and former soldiers. Not like your usual bandit rabble which are giving you quite the headache. So far you have lost 1 caravan to the bastards.

All in all its been a miserable month for you and your men albeit a very profitable one. Its been a long time since your House had proper gold mines. Currently your in a command tent meeting with the Smallfolk elder and representative sent by the traders. Discussing the details on what needs to be done.

Fortunately everyone agrees the bandits need to be dealt with. Sadly that is where things end. The Village Elder is insistent on focusing towards more security lower profits and the merchant wants more wealth but greater risks. Here in this mountains your soldiers are being ran ragged and you seriously consider some proper roads or river. Something anything really to help with troop deployments. You've had to withdraw your horseman back to your other domains. According to them something has gotten the bandits riled up. They are busy even over there.

Officially its due to the new found gold flowing through there...unofficially you can practically smell the House intrigue hidden in the shadows. Personally you think Wallace Slade is finally rubbing off on you. but the new found gold flowing through is THEE perfect excuse...as Slade would say its TOO perfect.

Sadly its also so perfect finding proof to prove it will be...most difficult. Even Slade would have difficulties given the circumstances.

Then hit you.

Slade's reach wouldn't be limited to just his own lands and there the coverup is indeed perfect...but what if it wasn't on his own lands? If it was on THEIR lands how could the coverup be the same quality?

For the first time you find yourself deeply regretting your House's complete lack of investment in the information gathering and shady matters. As much as you hate to admit it you really might have to ask that snake for help.

By the Seven you can practically hear his smug voice and see that sinister grin of his already.

Fortunately before your thoughts could get any darker someone interrupted you from your horror inducing thoughts. A messenger has arrived bearing letters from the Maester himself.
File: terrain.png (117 KB, 802x962)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
The Archmaester has graciously accepted your offer to visit and discuss botany. He intends to bring some students of his to make a field trip of the matter. This practically makes you tremble with excitement...but well crap that is going to be a lot of guests to handle. He is much intrigued by advanced agriculture in the Westerlands and its native flora. Where normally the mining industry dominates and looks forward to discussing with an enlightened lord as such as yourself.

The second letter caught you off guard its from Wallace Slade. Apparently he is taking his kids on a trip for his vacation and he'll be stopping by your residence before continuing on. You have the feeling there is something more going on but the letter doesn't mention it. Slade wouldn't leave his domain unless he had good reason to due to his many enemies and ambitions. Something is up with him and if it got a Snake like him to run its probably isn't good...

A letter from your Lady wife stating a 'friend' of hers has sent her a worrying letter containing some proof. According to her 'friend' while your neighbors have to be careful before 'officially' resisting your House. That doesn't mean they can't make your life as difficult as possible from the shadows. This is something you already knew but you take pause when the letter brings up meeting up with a potential 'ally' nearby who can give you some details.

Only problem is said 'ally' is a bandit...and while he doesn't demand for you to arrive alone. There are limits to how many men you can bring with you. So your allowed to have bodyguards present.

As for the proof are suspicious meetings between the House members and strange movements of theirs. Indicating something is indeed up sadly the details are annoyingly lacking but at least its something.

While you thought about how your wife these things or had such friends...well she was the one who managed your House while you were busy elsewhere.Not like she did a terrible job. Hell even when your here she's the one who has a better business sense then you in terms of the plant enterprises, but now you have MINES! So hopefully you can now stop having your wife beat you in terms of business sense every time.

Its just not fair competing with a Reach woman about plants.
Your scouts meanwhile have come back with a report. According to them not all the bandits are based out of old mines. Some of them stick to the forests or more hidden grottoes in the mountains. According to them not all the bandits are typical worthless rabble. There are a number of deserted soldiers and even a few fallen Knights among them. Some of the scouts suspect some of the 'bandits' and knights are lesser nobles and actual House soldiers interested in earning some profitable side income. Not unheard of sadly.

Still you can now at least crush some bandit bases. Boosting Law, the experience of your men, and earning some side profits all at the same time. You consider making sure your son is also present. He needs to see how real Combat and get the stories out of his head. It is also time you consider sending him somewhere as a squire or ward. He is at that age.

Ah to think on your 'vacation' your doing exactly what you did before except now on your own lands. Bah.

Well you still got to handle things as is and you regret not having some more skilled officers present. If you did squashing multiple bandit bases at a time wouldn't be a problem.

What will you work on next?
>Squash some bandits
>Meet with the 'ally'
>Prepare for visitors
>Investigate shadowy matters
>Deal with your family

It is worth noting that your House Action this month is already taken. Meaning any actions for this month must be personal actions.
>Meet with the 'ally'
While not the best. It's better to pay off people. Then get into costly fights in all sides.

If our wife has free time. We can ask her to help with the guests. Hopefully work will keep her in better spirits. If not maybe our daughter might help.
>Prepare for visitors
>Deal with your family
>Meet with the 'ally'
>Prepare for visitors
>Investigate shadowy matters
>Deal with your family
2 for meet with the 'ally'
2 prepare for visitors
2 deal with your family
Start with meeting the questionable ally first.

You find out the meeting place and after hearing from your scouts about what the place is like. Its hidden in a neat little grotto making it impossible for a lot of people to enter. There are woods and few abandoned mines nearby. Making it possible to easily disappear and retreat.

After finding out the facts you grab some bodyguards and head over at the meeting time. Unexpectedly as you enter the grotto you see a fire has been started and a few particularly well armed bandits hanging around it. As you approach the fire one of the bandits welcomes you holding a loaf of bread with a small bowl of salt.

"Excuse us for the...lacking accommodations," begins the bandit who welcomed you. After you took a bit of bread and a dab of salt it was passed around. After everyone had some and you stepped closer to the fire. The bandits around it moved further way opening up half of it. Providing some warmth and light during the cool mountain nights. That was when someone stepped out hidden in a previous alcove.

The figure was heavily armored knight but his plate looked worn out. With his mail underneath looking like it was clearly newer and less worn out. His shield was battered and held the insignia of a House. His sheathed sword however looked like it was in much better condition and given its jewels. Clearly something he looted from an unfortunate noble.

roll status and memory to see if you recall it.

"Ah Lord Norbert Melrose a pleasure to meet you once more. I doubt you would recognize me we never truly met but at a couple tournaments," speaks the robber Knight in a surprisingly well cultured but harsh voice.

"So I take it you are the possible 'ally'," you question trying hard to conceal your strong...distaste for the man.

"Why I suppose so, lets just say we share a common enemy. I know it doesn't mean anything but my boys haven't attacked your lands or peoples. My grudge isn't with you."

"A grudge? Not due to greed?"

"Ah yes greed...everyone assumes us bandits are all greedy. They tend not to look too deeply at those who aren't or what other reasons one may have to resort to banditry. I know you yourself are one of them we all know about how haughty you are around here. So I wont bother. Instead I am sure you wish to know about those shady actions performed by your neighbors that is making your life so difficult yes? I happen to know quite a bit."

"Is that so and what would you like in turn?" You ask trying to recall where you might have seen this man before. Tough given he's still wearing his helm.

"Well I would just love it if i got my lands back. Preferably with being forgiven for our crimes. If that is impossible I'll settle for lots of coin."

"You really think your crimes will be so easily forgiven? At best you can hope take the black," you retort with a snort.

"And I'll be happy to settle for that...but only if my lands are returned to my family. I'll be happy to take the black."
"..." you can't help but frown. You didn't expect that. A Robber Knight will to take the black if his family can get its lands back and his crimes can't be forgiven? "Words mean little how about some proof," you ask.

"A gesture of goodwill...fine, but without getting a written promise I'll require coin."

Soon enough a pouch full of gold was thrown before him. He picked it up and counted the coins while he spoke.

"The former owner of these Mountain's has left behind a parting gift some guerrilla fighters disguised as bandits. They are MOST familiar with these lands and experienced from hunting the bandits. Now they are putting that knowledge and skill into becoming the bandits."

"I need some proof," you demand. Which resulted in one of the bandits throwing a ball of cloth towards one of your bodyguards. Unfurling it to be a banner and the name of a troop under the previous owner's control. Except you recall that all the troops were withdrawn and this particular unit was 'disbanded' because they were made up of native mountain men who didn't wish to serve you or leave their home to stick with their current employers. Supposedly they all retired and went back to their families.

Some things start to click together for you. There were reports of a group of bandits who hit hard and disappear like ghosts. Your scouts failed utterly to track them back to their base despite trying all month long.

...the reason why they couldn't find them is because they are disguised themselves and settled down as the smallfolk. A near perfect disguise. Plus they know the terrain and they naturally were able to run circles around your scouts all month long.

"Of course they are still loyal to the old owners," sighs aloud the Knight at the lacking gold in the pouch. "If you want more I need a lot more gold or some written promises."

"If all your going to offer is knowledge I don't see why you'll get anything but gold," you state.

"Fair enough," shrugs the robber knight. "I can help clear out some bandits for you, tell you all about the shady forces under the direct employment of your neighbors, the criminals scum they have 'hired' and otherwise befriended. I can even tell you who leads them, how they operate, and even the meetings they have with certain representatives you work for those Houses. Hell I can even return the favor and make their own lands that much more troubled. If I try hard enough they wont have the spare effort to mess with yours."

"Sounds like i should just hunt you down and interrogate you. Less expensive that way," you threaten.

"Sure you can try...but do recall your new to these mountains and we ain't. Plus wealth isn't what we want most."


"Heh Justice failed every single bandit here. It was just that ensured they lost everything. Now we'll just settle for revenge," laughs the Robber Knight in a very sad manner.

"So your all a bunch of wronged men who seek payback through yet more wrongdoing?"
"We never claimed to be good men and being bad men is the only thing we can do to get revenge. Sadly that isn't the easiest thing to accomplish at times and many of us would just settle for gold now. A few though don't mind dying for the sake of revenge. So long as they can the enemy suffer," admits the robber Knight.

...This situation just keeps on becoming more and more complicated. You have handled such 'vengeful' bandits before and you gotta admit. They were by far the most dangerous sort of bandits you ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The kind who wouldn't mind performing a suicide mission if it meant killing that little lordling who raped one their sister or getting revenge for losing their lands to a family member.

The greedy bastards were much easier to deal with but bandits like those...they got guts and balls. Wont mine spilling their guts if it meant striking back. What a headache...thank the Seven these sons of bitches didn't have it out for your House. You find yourself changing your mind about hunting these guys down.

So long as they are alive they make your enemy's lives that much more difficult. Even if they attack your own forces it would be worth it. After all you wouldn't be the focus of their onslaught. You admit your wife was indeed correct about them being 'questionable ally' material. Unfortunately its these loathsome sorts you need the most right now as much as you hate to admit.

After looking around once more at the bandits...you could indeed confirm they weren't paying much attention to the gold. Instead they were very much focused on the conversation and your men. Looks like these aren't the greedy sort of bandit. Troublesome...very troublesome indeed.

Damn good thing indeed you weren't the focus of their wrath.

"I do believe we can discuss terms," you finally respond. "You want your lands back, forgiveness, and...revenge yes? If that isn't applicable you'll settle for only just wealth?"

"Indeed," confirms the Robber Knight and the other bandits nod their agreement. "Since we are finally discussing terms. Please don't ignore these...'bodyguards' of mine. That is a lie a coverup as it were. They are actually the representatives sent forth by certain very troublesome rabble who I have an accord with."

"Lovely. Let's get to negotiating then and we'll see if we can reach an agreement or not."

>Rolls are needed for Status, Memory, and finally a persuasion roll.

>Anons come up with a list of what you seek from them.

>You can ask questions freely, but might require a roll of it deals in secrets or things they don't wanna talk about. So as to persuade them to open up anyway.
Rolled 4, 3, 2, 4 = 13 (4d6)

Alright! Looks like is will be 4d6 for each set. Unless status rep specialty bonus die will help here.

I assume we'll each get the rolls in order.

Hm... as for wants I still need to read up land management for buying things. Yet for these boys. Hopefully this isn't out of character. But I want to back them to mess with our competition. Plus it's a nice story to tell our son. We help some people down on their luck to reclaim lost lands.
Looks like you recognize the emblem on the shield. It is a field of red and silver bearing a Falcon. It is rather plain and heavily worn...but you know this emblem. It is of Landed Knight House Falkner.

Thanks to recalling the emblem you now gain a bonus to memory roll to see if you remember him or not.
Rolled 2, 4, 3, 4 = 13 (4d6)

Ask them what they can reliably offer to us
"I can help clear out some bandits for you, tell you all about the shady forces under the direct employment of your neighbors, the criminals scum they have 'hired' and otherwise befriended. I can even tell you who leads them, how they operate, and even the meetings they have with certain representatives you work for those Houses. Hell I can even return the favor and make their own lands that much more troubled. If I try hard enough they wont have the spare effort to mess with yours."
All of this. I want it all. And more.
I want these men as our unifficial sworn swords, our daggers in the night and in backs of our foes. I want them sitting down at a table with Old Mate Slade working out how best to fuck those that dare oppose us.
They'll be swearing themselves to hard bloody lives under our command - and I can't officially grant them reward or a seat in my barracks - but I swear I reward their families and those they live. And most of all I swear to destroy their enemies as Tywin destroyed the Reynes.
They asked us for the opportunity to wreak revenge on those who wronged them, well if they get the right evidence into our hands then their enemies will face the full might of a noble house, granted sanction by the Lannusters themselves.

With this opportunity I don't want to just squash a couple of "bandits". I want to let those bandits incriminate our mutual enemies so we can burn this rot out at the source. It might be a little more complex than just having him lead our troops to the "bandit" camps but it's a fair sight more ambitious and a damn sight more enlightened.
Rolled 1, 5, 6, 1 = 13 (4d6)

Ah yes now you remember.

Alden Falkner.

He was from a branch family of a branch family and so on so forth. Very few know that Falkner actually have a old history...but only on one side of the family. In other words they are of very distant relations...sadly the original house that which they hail did not survive the Andal Invasion. Branch families to that House did however and the Falkner are descended from one of them. Of course this Falkner is a branch family of the one of the branch families. Probably established by a sixth son of some such who was Knighted. Probably a rather skilled one given how he got himself landed.

You recall hearing about a certain incident there was some very rich gem and mineral deposits discovered on Falkner Lands. House Walker their current liege and distant relatives stripped them of their lands because they 'discovered' that House Falkner's Treachery in that they usurped lands of a branch family of House Walker who 'originally' owned those lands. Thus they retook those lands to be bestowed upon their 'rightful' owners. Of course they had all the proof and the Court took their side. After all they were wealthy and powerful. Especially in comparison to a mere Landed Knight...

Alden Falkner as you recall participated in quite a few tournaments. You remember him because of the your many sisters and the resulting weddings you had to attend. He was of above average skill of a Knight but not enough to compete in the larger tournaments. However he was a very dashing man who was quite popular among the noble ladies. He broke many hearts when he finally got a wife a sweet little thing from some poor noble stuck with a lot of daughters.

You remember this distinctly because he was a friend of your father's and they both bitched about being cursed with so very many daughters. Sadly when his lands were stripped from him his wife suddenly started regretting marrying a 'handsome knight' and ran back home. Sadly she and their children ran into trouble on the road when some unusually well armed bandits just 'happened' across them. His wife and daughters were both raped and murdered before the eyes of his sons while he was attempting an appeal. Of his sons only one escaped alive and with a babe in his arms. He has since been rendered mute but kept his baby sibling alive who is now growing up among his mother's family as a ward.

Poor guy lost his lands, wife, and kids.

After that he just...vanished. The popular story being he chased down the well armed bandits who killed his family and died trying to avenge them.

Yet...here he is. Very much alive and became a bandit of all things.
We're asking for a lot of aid from these bandits, now and into the future, but I figure they should go for it since
>We're providing them more vengeance than they could have dreamed
>We're promising to reward their senpai, and everyone likes that
>And we might not be giving them their old lives back as knights and lawful men but as our unofficial sworn swords then they'll be free of the constant stress of living as fugitives on the run
"We can offer many things. With enough coin we can ensure we know what the greedy sorts of bandit are up to. Not difficult to bribe them for info. Unfortunately things are a bit more difficult regarding House soldiers."

"We can naturally offer other services too. After all we aren't officially part of anyone's team. Meaning when things need to be done that can't be tied back to you. Bandits can be very helpful like that."

"Of course the previous offer still stands."

"Your asking for an awful lot and what would we get hm? Becoming a part of the Great Game of Houses on your side. Will not be cheap. We don't mind working with you to fucker over mutual enemies so long as we get paid well."

"But if you want something more...that will require something more from your end as well."

"Revenge is all well and good but it wont help our families. It wont fill our bellies or coin purse. Not all of us live solely for revenge. Some of us still got loved ones to worry about and others hope for something more."

"Me personally...I just want my lands back in the hands of my family and revenge even if I have to take the Black afterwards."

"Reevus over there wants revenge on the noble who raped and murdered his baby sister who hadn't even had her first moonblood yet."

"Henry wants coin for his family who got kicked off the farm to make way for a mine. He would also like revenge but he has living loved ones to worry about still."

"Watkins over there doesn't. The only reason he bothers to wake up every day is the hope of revenge. He lost his entire village and family to a noble squabble. They torched his home and raped the women before killing them too because Slavery is Outlawed in Westeros. He was one of the 'lucky' survivors. He used to be a goat herder so he was away at the time."

"An alliance is one thing. Being allies is one thing. Getting paid to do it is one thing, but frankly we don't have any reason to be loyal to your House. At least not yet anyway. The only reason I considered this meeting is because we got mutual enemies."
Just had an idea for our son since he's at the age to be sent off as someone's ward and be educated.

Make a deal with Slade. He takes our son as ward, and we take his. Each of us has a different skill set and way of thinking that if combined could create something truly fearsome.

In addition if his son has passed that age, we can offer a marriage between our daughter and his son. Officially the dowry would be exactly as it appears, but unofficially it's payment for some service he has provided. It links our houses to a point we can't really betray one another and it gives us an alliance that can make frightening things happen.

Just a thought.
I am forced to admit Slade would be downright amazing at destroying your son's foolishness and would probably be successful in beating some sense into him. Like even better at it then Sir Briarheart since he's more chatty and can into intrigue as well as dastardly deeds.

Then again there is also the possibility of your Son pulling a Gohan and Picolo with Slade.

Which would be hilarious and less kidnapping involved.

As for Slade's children you know he has 4 children currently. 3 Daughters and a son. He's worried for his son because he relies way too much on his sisters and mother to a disturbing degree. He has gotten in many arguments with his wife over their son's possible fiances.

You've met his son and your less sure its 'reliance' and more being absolutely brilliant with women. Its sickening how good he is at it and he hasn't even hit puberty yet. Fortunately he hasn't reached that level when dealing with other men...yet.
>I don't mean it like that
I getcha. Spears make the most since. I was to focused on the build and not the character.


I think our daughter's build is done. She is gonna win the hearts of, Everyone!

Our MC has 20exp gained. Acquire or Improve Specialty 10 Exp / Improve Ability 30 Exp / Gain Destiny Point 50 Exp ( Destiny Point, you may immediately invest it into a Benefit or erase a drawback as normal.)

I can post a PDF like the kids later on for Norbert.

For sure saying we buy roads. With the 5 left over I think we should save for town upgrading or later things.

Since Slade is paying us a visit. We can see how our kids get along. I'm thinking we can leave the kids over for some time and then we can host the sleep over for a bit.
To make things simple anon at a minimum they want coin and payback. Which will ensure they become helpful allies.

However, if you want more then that then they want assurances. Some of them have families and others want a promise for something more. Like forgetting that they were ever brigands, forgiving their crimes, and give them their land back. Stuff like that.

Currently, it would appear anons do indeed wish to use them, but if you want something more then you'll need to make certain written promises. Which doesn't have that much consensus among anons?

After meeting with the bandits and coming to some initial terms. You come to an agreement on that they won't target your lands and peoples. With coin to oil the wheels they will also help with your bandit and shady noble problem.

Sadly you encountered problems ensuring something more they wanted a lot and you wanted a lot, but you could not yet come to an accord. Maybe in the future, you can give it another try.

Until then you headed back home to your castle. As you have visitors to prepare for and need to deal with your family. Your son has reached that age for becoming a ward or squire. While your daughter has reached the age for marriage. You need to find her a fiance. While your lady wife longs to visit family and your mother's disagreements with your wife.

Honestly, you don't think you can fix the last one.

Thus for the coming weeks, you make the necessary purchases and arrangements. Tapping into your rich honey stores and meads. Even the blood orange liquors and food stores are carefully restocked. Spices are also acquired. All the while keeping an eye on when the visitors will make it here.

In the meantime, you spent time with your family. Realizing your son badly needs his foolishness beaten out of him. Realizing your daughter is going to be very popular. That all the women in your family are probably to blame for your son's foolishness. Suddenly understanding deeply where Slade was coming from when he made such complaints before. Now you understand deeply.

On the plus side, you spent some...personal time with your lovely wife. Made you feel young again. Sadly your mother ruined it when she made it clear she wanted to visit your sisters.

Your sisters...certainly one of the biggest reasons why your father died of a massive heart attack from the stress. You had many sisters and their marriages were far and wide. Nor were their dowries cheap as you grew painfully familiar with after your Father died. It had been up to you to arrange the weddings of the remaining unwed sisters. You haven't really bothered much to keep in touch but your Mother certainly has.

Not very many of them were wed in the Westerlands. The rest were split between the Reach, Riverlands, and one to the Iron Islands.

Sooner then you would like Slade arrived. As he was closer than those Maester from Old Town. He brought him his three daughters and son. Along with heavy escort.
Rolled 6, 2, 5, 5 = 18 (4d6)

>Some of them have families...
Well this mining hamlet is already bandit central. If they want a place to let their family to be safe and grow. That leaves our main base. Unless we get rid of the hidden troops living in this area. If they'll be willing to let their family live in the mining hamlet. I'm down. Gives them more reason to fight and less to worry about when fighting.

If we gain something for that. I bet our guy would like to hear about how they do things. Learn new ways of life and fighting. Plus any info they wish to give us on the enemy.

>persuasion roll
Assuming it's needed.

Then I image with more people fighting for the town and their families. The safety of the area will go up. Which should make everyone happy.


What do we know about the lord they want the land from? Are they someone we can take down as the guard dog we are? Assuming we gain more proof of wrong doings. I bet Tywin would be fine with it. Now letting them have their land back will be the harder part, I think.
Which you didn't take offense to. As he intended to travel across the Narrow Sea. Not to mention both your soldiers have long since been acquainted with each other. They mixed together easily and got along great. You even arranged a welcoming feast. It went along great until you noticed his son and your daughter charming each other. That made you worry.

What made you worry even more was your foolish son and his daughters. Now if your son was as skilled with women as his son. You wouldn't worry, but alas your son is a romantic fool. Thus you had, even more, a reason to be concerned then your daughter.

Most men would think this is backward but alas your son is the fool and not your daughter. Fortunately, he's too young to care that deeply yet but by the Seven your heart is going to be in trouble when he hits puberty.

Now you're starting to suddenly understand why your Father dropped dead when he did...oh you're going to be trouble in a few years. Hopefully, you can avoid the death by stress-induced heart attack.

Slade was for his part far less concerned about his daughters than his. Which you honestly think is rather backward, but according to him, they take after their mother too much to be a concern. After he says that you suddenly start to feel even more worried about your son.

You know his wife. if Slade is a snake then she's a spider. Honestly, she scares you more than him because at least with him you have a nice mutual understanding. Even if the man is a snake.

Oh by the seven you need to keep your son as far away from his daughters as possible when he hits puberty...

"Woah there breath, you look like your about to have a heart attack. They're young still you need to let it go," speaks up Slade knocking you out of thoughts.

"Letting it go is how I end up with bastards in a few years," you retort with a snort.

Slade looks towards your daughter with a furrowed brow. "I think she's too smart for that."

"That's not the one I am worried about," you hiss rubbing your forehead trying to prevent an incoming migraine.

"...Yeah okay, you do have me there. No offense but your son is a romantic fool whose head is crammed too deep in fairy tales and knight stories. I mean he hasn't even hit puberty and he's already one. I don't think you can escape the bastards coming from him."

"..." you merely stare back with a hard frozen gaze before unleashing a deep sigh. "According to my wife, our best bet is marrying him off to a lady early who will be able to...handle him."

"I think she's right about that, but this kid is your firstborn son. Him having to rely so heavily on his wife to keep him out of trouble is...well a terrible sign to say the least."

"Yeah, exactly my problem. My father got off light with me when my brother died I just wanted to be a Maester. There are many worse heirs out there. My House may very well fall into the hands of a woman thanks to this."

"Sounds like you should marry him to a Dornish woman," Slade jokes.
"I do not wish for my son to end up a puppet to a woman."

"Well here's the thing Norbert your son is THEE dream fool heir for an ambitious cunt who wants to rule a house from the shadows. I can practically hear them gushing already over the very existence of your son."

"Sounds like you speak from experience," you mutter.

"Heh, I wasn't a fool and I have encountered more than my fair share of the type. Look at the bright side your son will be popular among a certain niche of ladies at least."

You shoot him a withering glare before speaking. "I would be better off with a female heir. At least that way she's family."

"Ah, female heirs are such trouble as we all know. If your son doesn't change the goal is going to be to find a female ruler whom you can adopt into the family and get along with."

"Somehow change my son completely or find a daughter in law I don't mind handling my son...and here I thought my House was in deep shit when I became the Heir."

"Yeah, you have it rough alright. I have a similar problem..."

"At least your son knows how to handle women."

"He's too dependent on them its nothing but trouble. He thinks they'll be like his sisters and mother. Loving and helpful but we both know how well that will work out."

"He'll wise up at least He's much more down to earth then my son who has his head in the clouds."

"No matter how you look at it we are both in deep shit in terms of our heirs."

You both sighed as one.

"So what reason for your sudden travel," you ask changing the topic.

"Wife's pregnant and this time I don't have a good excuse to stay far away from home. So I had to make something up," answers Slade.

"I can understand why you ran but traveling across the Narrow Sea seems a bit much."

"Well, what can I say I always wanted to travel a bit and dragging the kids along seemed like a good excuse."

"You're the Head of your House how can you leave so wantonly?"

"We both know what my wife is like," answers Slade. "So long as one of us is home it's not a problem."

"Aye I do but it makes you looked whipped."

"Then let them underestimate me as such. Its better for me that way," snickers Slade.

That is an unfortunate truth. Most people think Slade is a whipped man controlled by his wife who plays commander so he can feel like a man. Precious few realize that is what he wants them to think and thus they forget to pay attention to the snake that is underfoot...too distracted by the Spider's web before them to realize the danger beneath them.

Those two are a terrifying team and frankly, you would have also missed it if it weren't for you two so often working together. After a while, you figured it out. Everyone gets distracted by Slade's 'controlling' wife and his antics at being a commander simply being the attempts of a whipped man to maintain some of his manhood at least.

Which pretty much gives Slade the freedom the do whatever the hell he wants and constantly being underestimated at the same time.
The few who realize the truth like you know better than to underestimate that terrifying team of Snake and Spider.

Fortunately for you, his wife seems to like you well enough. It helps a lot that the snake probably vouches for you to the spider and your own lands are distant from theirs.

Of the two you only really trust Slade. His wife on the other hand...you never really reached much of an accord with her. Your own wife, on the other hand, seems to get along well enough with his wife at least.

After the welcoming feast, you soon retired to your quarters. Considering the possibility of whether or not you should ask Slade for some advice regarding recent troubles. He has quite the talent for that sorta thing after all.

One of your gold mines is actually on his former property. You have about half of it. His 'land' was made up of two mountains and a small valley between them. Tiny but expected of a landed knight. and the second half is across the border which possesses a gemstone mine.

You can indeed take down House Walker. Problem is there is no way House Walker intends to fight you on they're own. Fighting an Alliance of Houses is something you can't currently afford unless you bring in some allies of your own.

You know how about the details of what Alden Falkner has been up to ever since everyone thought he died avenging his family. Especially how he ended up among bandit scum of all things.

The others meanwhile are made up of assorted smallfolk who got ripped off by nobles and a few lesser nobles like him who got ripped off by other more powerful nobles.
Rolled 57 (1d100)

Right forgot to ask what else do you plan to work on?

What will you work on next?
>Squash some bandits
>Investigate shadowy matters
>spend time with your family
>Meet with someone
>House action

Also need a roll for house fortunes.

Sometime this month the Archmaester will arrive.
>house fortunes
I know the two mines will be a +10 bonus to that roll. What else do we have that adds? Then I believe pop, law, and some other stats change some things.

Head for Numbers: May add Cunning rank (4) to result and +1 wealth if we gain wealth.

Head of House +2 to results of all status test.

The our guy is status 4 with 2B re-rolls.


For the action, I think we need to talk with Slade while he is still here. If we can get info on some houses to ally with to take on House Walker. That would help a lot for take them down. Maybe ask for some tips to help Alden get out of being a criminal. If we get his land back. We can make him a good ally. If he shows to be worth our trust.
I am all for this.
Could we also do a side bar with our wife to ask what she thinks of our swap idea. Then bring it up to Spade. So he can think about it.
Heck, even just sending him to squire under slade would be good no swap. Gets his shit together. And he focuses on his weaknesses. Making him much more well rounded.
Also potentially if he falls hard, a connection via marriage. If not we go for a bigger noble house. So we marry our kids up. Seems like our daughter may be the one who has a puppet fiance.
Rolled 5, 3, 1, 6, 3, 1, 4, 2 = 25 (8d6)

Dam I just found out I need to read another book for fortunes.

Gold mines are House Fortune Rolls: +3. Resource Gain Bonus: Wealth +2.

Then I believe we have Maester = House Fortunes +3, Apiary = House Fortune +1, Winery = Wealth +1, & Chapel = House Fortune +1.

Then once I know our updated house stats. I can then see what the Stacking Bonuses is. Tho a quick guess makes it look like our pop changes nothing and law is gonna be a -5. If so that's 11, meaning we gain 2d6 to the roll.

So 8d6 drop the two lowest. +2 and +4 maybe, if may means we choose. Then +6 wealth gained.

Genie can you please add the buildings and what not to the stat list. I'm still a bit new to the system for making good since of all this. I think we have a Small Castle, Large Library, Apiary with mead distillery, and blood orange orchards with a winery in the hills.

I hope this is correct.

After seeing Slade's kids. I'm worried the 3 daughters are gonna mess with our boy to much.
I will say this outright your Daughter in all likelihood is going to be able to marry up into a Greater House because she is just that great.

Your son, on the other hand, is in trouble if he can't get his shit together.

I'll include it to the list.

If you hand him off to Slade to be his squire/ward keep in mind that Slade is often busy and away from home like yourself. Normally this would be of concern because you're both Heads of your Minor Houses, but you both married competent women. In his case scarily so.

Unfortunately for the two of you are low ranking Commanders on the War Council hence why are you stuck being busy so much because they just push all the tasks onto you to handle. Your basically the boots of Tywin Lannister stomping around and kicking peoples shit in.

So your son won't be implicated with them as much as you would think. As Slade being away is rather common.

His daughters are a bunch of 'proper' ladies who behave like it but there is little doubt for their plotting capabilities. They are the daughters of that spider and snake after all.
Alright guys, I love the idea of using them, but as much more than just people who identify bandit bases for us.
I want them as
1. Sources for evidence about the lords behind the bandits. Something we can get Slade's advice regarding going to Tywin with.
2. Our deniable assets.

As part of that we can't give them any official written pardon but we can swear they will be protected within our realm AND we will grant their families the land or apprenticeships or work within our castle household as preferred.


... Heh i doubt this will go well. Yet I still want to put the thought of our son and one of Slades daughters hooking up. It could be good to bond our two houses in someway.

If things work out I would love to have them as a Banner House or something akin to that.
>Investigate some shadowy matters.
Like I said, while Slade's here get him to help us plan how Falkener will let us get evidence incriminating those encouraging the bandit problem ... and how best to use said evidence to get our house more land.
>>spend time with your family
Well if our son is really that dumb maybe we can threaten to make his sister heir although she probably deserves it being smarter and firstborn.
unfortunately anon dropping thee two lowest rolls which are 1s. Meaning the total is 23 which is Curse.

you may choose 2 resources to subtract 1 from or choose 1 resource to subtract 1d3 from.

Your choice.

The curse, in this case, is BANDITRY.

If you offer them protection on your lands for themselves and their families most will go for it. Except for the few like Ser Falkner who lost lands on top of that. Ser Falkner for his part wants his lands back or something so his family isn't doomed to be landless nobles. In which case the reason why he wants the gold is to ensure worse case scenario they can afford to become noble merchants who don't own any land. Not that hard to figure out.

An official pardon is indeed asking for a bit much which is why Ser Falkner stated that if their family gets compensated enough they won't mind Taking the Black after their revenge.

Slade could indeed help with that and its right up his alley. Sadly you won't have his assistance for long since he intends to travel down the river and over the sea.
Not sure how that works still reading the rule book, but don't we also have +x from
Chapel = House Fortune +1
Apiary = House Fortune +1
Maester = House Fortunes +3
Again no idea how that works exactly
Got changed around in a different book. Now if you have enough points you can 'buy' extra house fortune dice and drop the poorest rolls. Unfortunately, if your bonus is 4+ you lose out on an outright addition.

I made that mistake at first too anon.
No, because after the 23. We have the +2 and may +4.
And I'm so saying we just do the +2 for 24–25 Growth and not use the may +4. Which would make it 29 Curse.
I reread over the House Fortunes I don't see where you're getting that leftover +2 or +4 unless its a character trait.
Head for Numbers is a nice pick for this. To bad our Cunning isn't one higher. That would make it a blessing. While Head of House just adds +2 always. We may add Cunning rank to our Status test result.

So Yay!

Character trait.

Posted it here >>2003628 before the final math >>2003843. MC Sheet here >>1995170.
My mistake again then.

It's growth so you may choose 1 point to put into a resource of your choice.
I would say we back wealth since we gain +6 to that from our buildings. We gain a +1 to pop from the wine place, if we pick that.

With more wealth we can pay people and make sure our daughter's wedding is the best it can be.

Then we can exchange Wealth into any resource for 2:1. Until we put up the build that I changes that into 1:1. At less I remember someone saying there was one.
With our holdings always wealth.
Military Academy, 1:1 Wealth to Power
I agree. We also have to build a lot of roads in the near future. Both in the mountains and our own closer lands at home.
For better logistics. Which we can't lose sight of since that was an order.
Not saying roads will solve It all. But it will help. We will have plenty of things to buy on top of that. Since we need to get our shit together.
We have 10 land resources gained from all this. We can start the roads for two areas. Maybe even spend some power to protect them.
I don't want our naive son to be raised by Slade or marry one of his daughters. They'd twist him into a puppet. Maybe get him squired by a Lannister? Sending him to our wive's relatives in the Reach may just make his airhead trait grow worse, but we'll need to see if we can find someone suitable when we get there. If we find no one else, we can just have him squire with Ser Briarheart.

Regarding Falkner, I would say get his family half of their lands back, the part that we aren't currently holding, if they agree to become our bannermen. Maybe a bit more of the adjoining land on the other side?

Definitely Wealth. We need it to pay off the 35 Wealth for our new lands.

How are we deducting that, btw? 4 Wealth every 3 months would be 32 Wealth over 2 years.

And we need 10 Wealth, 5 Power (or 20 unspent Wealth, since we should to keep buying that) for a Military Academy.
>Squash some bandits
>Investigate shadowy matters
>Spend time with your family
Can we do all dis?
Send Ser Briarheart riding out to crush some of the bandit camps Ser Falkener has previously located for us.
Meanwhile we have a meeting with Slade, Falkener and Wife as to how we can best get dirt on the nieghbouring lords opposing us.
I'm wondering, if we can get dirt on 1 or 2 of them for encouraging banditry would that be something we could take to the Lannisters. I'm sure the Warden of the West wouldn't approve of that sort of action within his domain. We might be able to get a couple of units seconded to us but at the very least we should be able to get sanction to destroy our opponents and a proclamation preventing anyone allying with them against us.

As for Falkener, if that's the price for his service then I'm perfectly happy giving his family status as landed knights under us. Assuming we'd be able to get more land from the nobles he's helping us incriminate and destroy than we'd be enfiefing to his heirs.
wealth wins.

Thanks to the two gold mines+Liquor+personal trait you gain a total of 8 wealth. Half of which came from your gold mines. It's worth noting then that means you gained 4 wealth's worth of gold bars as you do not possess a minter.

Your father in law possesses a military academy which he used to train your Officers as a gift one year.

Giving Falkner half his lands back would mean losing a gold mine. On the other hand, he would no doubt use it to finance his revenge.

Given how he's been a bandit chief for who knows how long he would be horrifyingly good at it.

The payment plan is a minimum of 1 wealth per a month.

As for letting Slade squire your kid. Unfortunately, he is the best one equipped to beat some sense into him. Ser Briarheart, unfortunately, is a man of few words and well he isn't gifted in matters of diplomacy. He is just very good at fighting.

If you're worried about it you might be able to convince him to Ward one of his children to your House as insurance.

From the little you know of Ser Falkner while he stooped to becoming a Robber Knight he still very much thirsts for vengeance.

As for Ser Briarheart, he could destroy entire bandit camps solo. He's a scary combat monster.
>Giving Falkner half his lands back would mean losing a gold mine. On the other hand, he would no doubt use it to finance his revenge.
Nah. I meant the other half, the one with the gemstones, when we defeat the lords there. But like >>2004606 said, if we get more land from these lords than we give away, then sure, give his family their full lands back as our bannermen.

>If you're worried about it you might be able to convince him to Ward one of his children to your House as insurance.
That would be no help. I'm not worried he'd do something overt, just conditioning him to be pliant to House Slade.

Guess we need to find a hardass in the Reach when we go there for the funerals, though I would prefer the Lannisters if possible. Asking for Tywin's probably aiming too high, I'd be okay with Kevan or a suitably hardass cousin.

Oh, and spend 5 Lands for a road in the Mountains. Bank the remaining 5 to upgrade our hamlet into a Small Town later.
Something the MC would know is this. You would have more to gain to give him a gold mine then a gemstone mine. The reason is this.

You already possess a gold mine and the additional benefits of having more than one is negligible because all it can offer you is more money. IF however, you have a silver mine or a gem mine. You can unlock the other benefits. Those additional benefits only kick in once. Having repeats is worthless except for the direct profit.
So Genie, are you on break? Got talk to us for us to know if we need to do something.
Not even votes and seemed pretty dead. Figured it was time to start a new thread but I got stuff to do tomorrow. Probably be on Saturday.

Noticed some disagreements and not enough anons throwing in their votes to see which is overall the preferred option.
I'm pretty sure it is dead because everyone thought "I will just wait for you (Genie)". Since most people posted their thoughts.

Although different many seem to, at least, want roads for this new place. After that I can understand your point. But next time can you say that and not say nothing for like 2 days. We players kind of need you to direct us at times. One of the crap parts of being a DM. Especially when there's not an active player directing the party.
Yeah. I posted what I wanted here. >>2004608
New thread for those who didn't see it.


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