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New players are always welcome!
Last Thread: >>1907500

Links of Importance:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
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[=== Canaria News ===]

With the closing of the trip in Canaria, Many have done their shopping and sightseeing. Please remember that we leave back to Madrid in a day(After Canaria turn 7.)

Looks like one of our first year students it’s organizing a Bonfire on the Beach, you are all invited!

Attention to all students, there have been reports of a werewolf attack in nearby villages. Please remain cautious for the remainder of the trip and report any sightings of the beast. A hunt has been organized by the island and will now begin roaming the grounds at night, for the beast.

[=== Teacher Catalyna News===]
[David Zatta]
[T3 Ester][T10 Sated]
>Give the Bucket of Raw Extra Thick Holstaur Milk to Ester to drink because I got to run to the shops before we leave and that thing is heavy. Tell her that raw milk expires fast without Pasteurization (and it's just in a bucket too...), so it's going to be needed to be consumed fast or be lead to waste. Also admit that I don't know what it does.
Having not much time, you decide to leave the bucket with Ester. You tell her that it would be a waste if it wasn’t drank and tell her about the unknown effects. In a haste. She looked confused at first, but you explain a second time without slowing down and she seems to nod in understanding after that. You do add that transferring it wouldn't be a bad idea but she just nods as you leave for the shops

After coming back from the speed shopping spree, you don’t see Ester at the decided meeting area. You start to look around and find her where you left her, the bucket empty on the floor with Ester. You ask her wrong and all she can do is call your name. Her face red and her breast starting to swell as if she was ready to lactate. You try to carry her but she hugs you tight instead, With her head on your chest, you see the horns on her head as she murmurs something. At first, you don't understand but hugging you tighter, her mouth to your ears, “Milk me please” as if she was begging for help. A tail starts to swing behind her and you feel her legs turn furry and tough as her feet are replaced with hoofs. You take her to the hotel and luckily, the staff don’t notice girl in your arms is half-holstaur now. Once in your room, with whatever container you have, you help milk her until both of you are exhausted, Completely tired from the process, you just lay there in the bed together.

Ester gains:
>[Holstaur] - Ester has has the characteristics of a cow with a peculiar black and white fur. Minotaur horns, tail and hooves are also noticeable
>[Lactation] Ester can lactate milk. Milking a Holstaur is best done by the person she loves and is known to improve milk quality
>[Natural Growth] Ester has grown sensitive in certain areas in her body. Her thighs, hips and her breasts are noticeably larger than before.
>[Red-sensitive] Seeing the color red makes them incredible aroused and heads head first into their partner
File: Saddle.jpg (89 KB, 480x360)
89 KB
>+2 [Ester]
>+2 [Bottles of raw holstaur milk]
>+1 [Animal Husbandry]

[T10 Speed][T10 Sated]
>Go to the shops! Running! Time to buy last minute!
You head to the shops in top speed and upon arrival, it looks that it's quite crowded with everyone having the same idea of last minute shopping. Luckily, speed is in your side as you roam the shops in check of every item you need.

>Take a free action to buy an item from the shop
> If you choose up to two S+ Items, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 4 A-tier or 8 B-tier items or 2 A tier and 4 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 8 B-tier Items.

[Aine Boros]
>Free action
>Return to that store tomorrow. Need the saddle.
The strong looking man from behind the counter greets you as you enter the shop once more. He puts it on the counter and tells you in his gruff voice, “I didn’t have much time to make it. Iit doesn’t have anything too special but what it does have is a comfort setting. It can adjust size to fit the rider and pet. As your mount grows it will also start ‘growing’ with it” You give a try, and perfectly, the knots and threads shorten go to the proper areas of the bird and voila, Choco has a saddle now. Choco happily signals for you to ride and you the seat adjust with a knob to grip and sizeable area for your butt cheeks.

>[Choco] gains [Adaptive Saddle], A water resistant saddle that adapts to the animal’s size. Rider can breath under water temporarily for an hour when in use. +2 water resistance to rider and wearer when in use.
>Gain [New Saddle Smell], +5 to next action that has you mounted to Choco

>Free action
As you roam the market places, many ornaments and dull objects are being sold but what you’re looking for is weapons and armor. You come across some shops and find different swords but there is only a few that catch your eye. After some thinking, you decide to buy a sword called the ‘Bastard Sword of Light’ and the ‘Frost Forged Steel Chainmail’. Both aren’t as strong but you hearing about their magical effects make it worth.
>Gain [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - If the sword is on your person, you can call on its lucky light(no action required) to reroll one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw you dislike. You must use the second roll.
>[T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail - A chainmail covered with crystallized frost made from pure water. Has +2 damage reduction against electric, water and ice attacks.
File: Tricorn.jpg (20 KB, 340x270)
20 KB
>Do:Examine the statue of my ancestor and hear more about is legacy. Maybe he left behind something as well?
As you ask around the town, you learn that Miquel is a figure in the city, he was said to be a pioneer too to find this place and to create it into something special. After more asking around, you learn that he indeed had given around things to the townspeople. He gave at least one thing to each of the families living in the island. You ask around and learn that they mayor-so-to-speak of the town had one item that might fit you. After learning about your relation to Miquel, he comes out and brings out a hat. He tells you that Miquel gave his family long time ago and has been passed down. Without any current Heir to his things, he decides to give it to you

Gain [T3 Captain’s Tricorn Hat] - An item from Miquel, it gave him charisma and respect from his fellow compatriots. The hat when in use, provides [Tier] Charisma.

>Do:Spend a bit more time with choco. I always wandered about what he was like before I met him...[Start T5 quest]
With you last time with Choco swimming and him testing his own limits, you try to bring him out but he’s exhausted as he stays in the comfort of the hotel bed, refusing to get out and gawking at you for disrupting his sleep.

[Arthur Belrose]
>25 + 15
>Try to find Michael, and apologize to him for asking and pushing him on a traumatic topic. Tell him that he can talk to me about it whenever he feels ready to, and that he doesn't have to talk about it at all, if he doesn't want to. (+15) (Well-Rested, Determination, Family Memento)
You spend a lot of time trying to look for him afterwards. You look for him at every possible location: the place where you fought him, his house, even places like the graveyard or something. In the end, you throw in the towel and return to your room, only to find him sitting there on the bed. Michael only turns to you slightly as you enter, still sobbing.

You tell him that you’re sorry about talking to him about such a traumatic topic to him so soon. After that, you tell him that he can talk about it anytime that he feels ready. The boy nods. “I… I want to be a Mageknight, but I don’t want to be a burden…” He tells you. You move over and hold him in an embrace, silencing his sobs.

Everything would be alright.

>+1 [Michael]
>[Guilt] removed
>[Michael is Missing] removed
File: Stick.png (22 KB, 310x310)
22 KB
You sit down and play a few games with Michael once he calms down. Teaching him the intricacies of “Go Fish” and “Crazy Eight” is not too difficult. You two had some fun, but you feel like it’d be more fun if you had more friends to play with you. By the end of it, both you and Michael decide to hit the swimming pool. Good amounts of fun to end the day. You feel like this has calmed him down somewhat.

Michael gains:
>+1 [Playing Cards Proficiency]

[Davis Malachai]
Walking to the plains, you get quite unlucky as the scheduled cleaning is being done. Tana doesn’t seemed too bummed out because the plains was just mostly used for festivals. Instead, you decide to go with the next plan.

The town you entered, was a place you never really looked closely, this is the last place you decide to check out before doing other things. In the middle of the town, you find, a statue of Miquel, the founder of the city and the man who started everything here in the island. After learning about him from the description, you take a picture with tana making poses and all around the statue. Once you get tired, you decide to check out the gift shops. You laugh at the silly objects and being in the moment, you end up both buying mana matching keychains.

>+1 Tana
>Gain [Pictures of you and tana posing in front of statue]
>Gain [Mana Keychain], +1 mana reserves when equipped
>You may check the Market for anything of interest.
> If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.

[Ean Hawthorne]
You try to find anyone you know to loan a sword from hopefully Bob specifically, since he might not mind but after an hour or so of searching, you find no one. You try contacting any other students going to their rooms or even looking for anyone still hanging in the sword. You do meet Julie eating while reading a book but talking to her, she tells you she doesn’t know anyone who can provide a sword at the moment. She does tell you if you still need help later, she’s willing to do so.

Luckily though, outside of the Keep you find a stick.

>T1 Stick - Small melee weapon that could break easily.
You start backtracking through the town running through any shop or store owner asking if they’ve seen you, what you’ve said. It takes no small feat but you learn that you had a very exciting night on the town to put it lightly. You visited most if not all of the stores in the area, bought things of varying uselessness and then proceeded to lose them. You’re mad wandering finally culminating in visiting the golden canary and earning the attention of the woman that was it’s namesake. The owner and dancer in that bar. Tenia and Isabel then got into and lost a fight with her before she sent you off with the drunken and sleeping girls. You feel a slight ease in your chest after finding out what happened you also managed to find your scarily empty wallet but unluckily.

>[Wallet] - You may now take purchasing actions but due to the nature of your little adventure you will take a -15 to your next purchasing action.

You take a shallow breath as you stand outside it. “The Golden Canary”. An odd mixture of a bar and theater focusing around dance, the name of which was based around it’s owner you hear. Entering the establishment you’re a bit surprised to see that the building is bigger on the inside then you thought it was. Alot bigger actually, place to drink, food, and even a show going on. The welcome you receive is surprising actually. Everyone seems to be semi-familiar with you and asking if you’ll be going back to the arena. In fact it seems your reputation precedes you so much you get guided to the owner of this establishment itself. You’re somewhat surprised when you see a flighty looking woman with blond hair. Who then introduces herself as...the eponymous golden canary. She gives you a hug as if she’s known you for life and welcomes you back. A quick explanation about why you’re here earns you back your things plus a peck on the cheek and an offer to return...Well that went well enough.

>Golden Canary - [Acquaintance]
>[Invitation to return]
>Regain all your possessions

[Jozin Redregard]
>2(Sanity Check)
You suit up with your nice tuxedo and gulp down that special milk you got from the cow girls. The milk hypes you up for the upcoming battle and you can feel your muscles tighten. Yeah, you feel great, the best you've ever felt! But… why are you tired all of a sudden, wasn’t the milk supposed to- Then everything goes black.
File: sand castle.jpg (6.42 MB, 3239x2537)
6.42 MB
6.42 MB JPG
> DO: Wait until night time and search for the minotaur with one horn. Look for him at the same spot we encountered first, if he is not there try to guess his resting place.

Your eyes snap open, your consciousness slowly returning to you. The first thing you see is the sun slowly rising over the horizon, its intense rays causing you to squint from discomfort. Had a day passed? What happened and… why were you covered in blood? In fact, why was your suit in tatters? You slowly sit up, your head throbbed and all your muscles ached. You then notice, that in your hand is the horn of a minotaur, with some chunk of skull still attached to it. Something must have went wrong… what did you do last night?

>Gained one minotaur horn
>Gained Curse of the Beast: -5 to all actions next turn

[Gram Roderick]
>56 + 15
Timing is right that as you enter the beach, you find some surfing across the wave’s horizon and competitions being held in the land. There are a few competitions like the pie eating contest, beach volleyball and some other sports but instead you know what you want, you have your goals on the sand building contest.

Not as many people as you thought joined but hey, less competition. As you sign up for the sand castle competition, you notice some are Mageknight students while some are regular families. That isn’t fair but you push the thought away. You, yourself will be dealing with them too. As the bell rings, you are given a few minutes to create your castle. You and Aria start the process of grabbing sand and putting it into the buckets. Pupper starts to copy in as he claws sand doing his best to push it over a knocked over bucket. After putting sand in buckets, you find the best place for foundation and begin there, You and aria having the opposable thumbs in the party, mold the sand to make a hill of sand. The time bell rings the 30 minutes mark and you decide to start the finer details with the right figure, towers and entrance. Pupper knocks some down but after learning his lesson after being scolded by Aria, it gets smoother. Shockingly, The rat apparently digs inside the castle to creating windows and actual pathways which is impressive for a bony rat. .

With pupper standing on top and rat peeking through the windows, the judges come through and look impressed. You try to look around but you see someone who put so much effort that they have a moat and everything. After a better look, you recognize that he too is a Mageknight academy student. The judges start the announcements and the winner goes to some other girl with a large ass castle. The other Mageknight(you learn his name is Matthieu Faust), who built a moat got 3rd. You get a badge for 2nd place but it's good enough. You spent quality time with the crew, so it doesn’t matter.

>You are free to RP with [Matthieu Faust]
>+1 Reputation
Gain relation
>+1 Pupper
>+1 Rat
>+1 Aria
File: cutlass.jpg (34 KB, 1200x519)
34 KB

After the contest, you decide to go for a swim, You make sure the rat watches pupper as you and Aria head for the water. Luckily, the rat distracts pupper enough for him to not see you dive in. You and aria start swimming further for the shore, across the waves until you see hit the clear and calm waters of the reef. You tell Aria to go treasure hunting to find anything in the water and she complies excited of the prospect of underwater treasure hunting. You dive and Aria follows as you look around the doral reefs below, A few fish, some you think is quite large, cross your paths where some even attempt to ram at you. Quite aggressive fish here but you ignore them focused in the goal of finding something.

Finally after going up for a breath of air, Aria tells you she thinks she saw something. A sparkle that she thinks might be a blade or weapon. You dive back in as Aria leads you really deep and you see the sparkle stuck between the growing plants and reef. A pull and the weapon is out, you go up to evaluate what you picked out.

>+1 Swimming [Aria]
>+1 Swimming
>Gain [T4 Duelist’s Cutlass] - When held as an with another weapon, you can fake an attack and give yourself +10 to the attack using the other weapon. 3 turn cooldown

[Matthieu Faust]
Alone, you decide to join the sand castle building contest, Others have groups but that’s fine, you think of the fact you have some knowledge about some stuff, that you might to better. You start using your magic to create a base for the castle making it tall as possible while keeping the figure stable enough to carve without making the mound fall. With magic by your side, you create a moat early that you plan to fill out with water last. You start using your earth magic and some knowledge of engineering, the castle stands tall. The problem now is the detail. You try to fill the detail of the castle. You can’t imagine it much but some window, openings are in the wrong place. You try to re do the areas but with less that 10 minutes to go, you start with the other areas like the towers and, soon fill the moat.

After an hour of building, you look at thee finished product. Not much good in details but comparing to the people around you, It's taller and even has a moat! Your proud until they announce the results. The top one went to a group you can tell are Mageknight Students. They cheer as they win and you see that the 2nd price is another student named Gram Roderick. You’ve heard of him but you can’t really tell.

>You are free to RP with [Gram Roderick]
>+1 Earth Theory
>+1 Reputation
>[3rd Place Canaria Sandcastle competition badge]
After the work in the sand, you decide to take a rest. A sheet on the sand as you lay down and sunbathe. You easily fall asleep and when you wake up, you’re head popping out as the rest of your body is covered in sand. With your body covered, the sunbathe lotion having no effect with no sun actually hitting you. A harmless prank turns the rest of your afternoon into work; to remove the sand in your shorts, body, hair and nails.

[Dania Nanato]
>18 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 1
You start your plan. A bonfire where you your friends and their friends for a cool meet-up. The first thing in your to do list is the materials.You head to the market and take last minute purchases attain logs and sheets for the beach. There are a few tables around the but you're sure it isn’t enough. Stephanie who is your partner in this social endeavor assigned to find people interested. She is to tell everyone and invite anyone who is up for it to a bonfire beach party. She is really ecstatic about it and even says she’ll make some to-go power drinks of hers for everyone. She does seem like the popular type so you leave all that to her.

The next thing on your list is food, You did tell Stephanie to tell others to bring their food for a potluck style supper but you still head to some local shops for food You tell some of the local barbeque shops about it. They seem reluctant but they grab the opportunity to make money. As you finish this, you do the last thing to start the bonfire. The fire itself. You bring out the logs put it in the middle of everything and start the bonfire. With your magic and items, you create the fire and with the burst of the fire starter, the bright light shines in the beach. The sun starts setting and the heat calms you down as you set up the Pristine Spatial Tent.

>+2 Reputation
>Gain [Bonfire Set-up] +10 to actions related to the bonfire next turn.
>[Event: Bonfire] -The word has spread. Bonfire will happen whole turn next turn with your friends and some other strangers.

>No roll required
Last time, things didn’t go well with listening to this but after finding your interest in it, you listen to it again and your body calms down and scooches over to the floor with the headphones on.
>Gain [Relaxation] - Will yield a +5 Bonus for 1 turn in the regular storyline. You can stack multiple instances of [Relaxation]

Again you attempt to find Vivielle but to no luck, she is missing. You later learn that she’s busy taking an exam in one of her classes. It seems she’ll be busy for a while.
File: lucky.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
With how chill you are right now, you decide to find cannabis and any related paraphernalia. After looking around the market, you ask around specifically for things and you are led to a shady shop. The shop reeks of cannabis and is led by a chill long haired hippie-looking dude.

The man quickly smiles and gives your goopy hand a shake, but clearly doesn’t mind the fact that his hand is now covered in slime. “Yeah bro, I’ve got what you need. Gonna need some green to get my green though, if ya catch my drift.” He smiles. You understand what he’s saying, and you pay him some cash. He slips you a bag of the green plant before winking. “Pleasure doing business.”
>Receive [Bag of Weed]

[Lawrence Birch]
With your new pact with Oblivion formed, you should now be able to attune to this blade and identify it yourself. True to his word, grabbing the blade doesn’t result in painful death. A good start. You take the magical blade and begin to focus. Perhaps you could identify it after all of this was done. An hour later, your eyes open. This blade was enchanted with powerful Fate Magic. This will certainly help you.

>Luck Blade has the following perk
[Fateshifter] Twice per combat, you may reroll any roll, forcing them to use the new result. This cannot be used out of combat. You cannot reroll the same roll more than once.

You dig deep into yourself, searching for the second(or third?) being inside of you. When you call, the metallic ooze snaps to attention. You feel a tingly sensation in your heart. Not one made from chemicals, but as if your heart was being physically shaken. It’s then that you realize that the symbiote lives in your heart. It would be cute, if you didn’t know that it could probably destroy your heart and every other vital organ inside of you easily. Regardless, you press on, trying to contact it.

You receive a response in the form of a thought in your head. “Yyyyyes?” A guttural voice asks. It’s almost as if it strains itself to say anything. You figure that it must use a form of pseudo-telepathy to contact its user. Interesting; does that mean it uses telepathy to control itself? Putting those thoughts aside, you ask to learn more about it. “Perrrrrhaps…” The Symbiote tells you. “We are collectively referred to asssss… the Quicksilver Oath…” It finishes. You ask what you could do to please it, and it chuckles. “Become ssssstronger… We feed off your strength.” The symbiote asks. You try to ask more questions, but it no longer answers. Well, that was an interesting conversation.

>+1 Relationship with Quicksilver Oath
File: ankle_sprain.jpg (50 KB, 400x320)
50 KB
[Angelica Shanrryia]
Searching for the fonts of magic is not that difficult. After all, your expertise in Nature magic, and your dabbling in Mana makes it trivial. The fact that all you had to do was follow the sounds of roaring beasts made it even more so. You make your way there and see a jungle panther attacking a leopard. You skirt around the battling creatures and try to find the source of the violent aura.

Spotting something on the ground, you move closer. It’s a strange-looking green figurine. Upon closer inspection, you realize that it’s a figurine of a lion, carved from a single green gemstone; jade, if you had to guess. You focus your mana on shaping the earth, and crush the statuette with it. The animals locked in combat continue fighting, but it seems that the ones that would’ve fought are now returning to their homes. That’s one zone down.

>+2 Favor with Verde
>Favors can be redeemed for rewards from Verde as an action

As you walk around and try to find the cow girl ranch, you end up at one of the milking houses. There, you accidentally trip into one of their storage rooms - hit one of the shelves - slip over on a little splash of spilt milk - twist your ankle - to then be doused in gallons of cowgirl milk.

The manager soon rushed up to you and tries to see if you’re alright and helps you to get up and have the ankle treated. However, she does want to have the milk you’ve spilled paid back.

>Sprained Ankle [-10 to all physical actions for 2 turns]
>In Debt [-50 to all economic actions until you spend 2 action, no roll, in arranging a solution with the manager]

>Continue combating whatever is frenzying the animals. I can only hope this is solved before I depart.
Now that you know what to look for, you try to sense the next location of the magic zones. Sensing one to the north, you begin your search there. On your way there, you search the area for whatever artifact that may remain. You hear something in the bushes, and you erect a wall between you and whatever lurks within. Just in time too, as you hear the dull thud of some animal scratching against the stone wall.

You eventually find a small white pearl on the jungle floor. The outer edges shine with bright light, but the center is lined with black and orange mana. This must be it. You crush the thing underneath your heel. Sure enough, you find see the beasts around you leaving the area.

>+1 Favor with Verde
File: Wakanna.jpg (19 KB, 400x294)
19 KB

>DO: Inquire with the cow girls on if it is possible to have one move in with me. She'd be accommodated of course...
You wander into the ranch and ask if any of them are interested in leaving the ranch with you. Understandably, many of them politely refuse, as they know little about you other than the fact that you’re apparently nobility and accidentally spilled some milk a while back. The few that are somewhat intrigued by the offer, is who you capitalize on.

You use your silver tongue to shower them with promises of a good life, and that they’d be treated well. This is all the truth, of course, and while it entices a few, others remember that they have obligations and opt out of your request. This process repeats several times until there’s only one left: a Hosltaur named Wakanna Earthtusk. Despite her surname, this twenty-seven year old has no tusks.

“I’ve never seen anything past this island, and I’ve always wanted to see the world for myself. You’ll help me with that, yes?” She asks. You nod, explaining that there’s much to see even in Madrid. After hashing out the agreement some more, Wakanna tells you that she’ll ready her things. It doesn’t take much convincing to get her to share her milk with you, to which she responds with a giggle. The womanly Holstaur teaches you how to milk and knead the breasts to get the most out of pleasure and lactation. You spend the next few hours in her room.


After milking her several times(and a few times on yourself), and generally enjoying each other’s company, you part ways with her. She’ll come to join you once you leave, and she did say that she’d sort things out so that there will be no issues related to her leaving. Perhaps you’d need a bigger bed at this rate.

>+1 Relationship with Wakanna Earthtusk
>[Holstaur Follower] Wakanna will go with you back to Madrid.

[Zav Erdna Georgius B]
>Free Action:
After freeing the group of prisoners of the prisoners from the cave, Zav(and the group) guides back to the forest ranger, outside of the jungle, completing the task that was given to then.

You head back to the outpost with the captives in tow. The rangers are elated to see you all return relatively safely. They do urge you to be more careful next time, but overall, they do not regret sending you folks out to find the rangers. They begin to prepare some rewards for you all, but decide to instead lead you all to the outpost’s armory. Perhaps you could find something you like here.

(For all players who participated in the Jungle Cave Exploration:)

>As a free action, you may choose Weapon, Armor, or Artifact to receive the selected item. Quality of items may range from T3 to T5, but the higher the tier, the lower the effect. The same is true inversely. You may also ask for something specific, but the more specific you are, the weaker the item will be.
File: Audrey.jpg (424 KB, 900x1200)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
The fortune coin is a powerful artifact, and one you’ve had trouble with for quite a while now. So with that in mind, you head to the cathedral to see if anyone knows about it. You introduce yourself to the various priests and nuns around, showing them the coin to examine. Unfortunately, most of them have very little information to give you. You’re about to call it quits and return to the keep when someone stops you.

“A coin, you say?” A young woman asks. She looks a little younger than you are, with long, flowing orange hair and full glasses. This woman isn’t dressed in the robes of the clergy, but rather, in the robes of the magi. She clutches a book in her arm, pushing her glasses up to face you. “I may be able to help you appraise it. Can I see it?” You oblige her, holding the coin up for her to see. “No way… it really is…” The girl says, looking at it in awe.

“My name is Audrey.” The woman introduces herself with a slight curtsey. After you introduce yourself and your companions, she continues. “What you hold in your hands is the Fortune Coin. The favor of God.” Audrey states, explaining it to you. “When you use it, you call upon a boon from the Lord himself.” She tells you. You look around and see that all eyes are on you. Some people are eyeing the coin with a glint of greed in their eyes. Not just human greed, though; you spot a glint of red in their irises and suddenly understand. Audrey seems to understand this as well, summoning a magical staff to her hands and slamming it onto the ground. In a flash, you find yourself hurtling through space and time.

After what feels like an eternity, you fall onto the soft grass below next to your companions. Audrey is there too, collapsed in a heap. She’s heaving heavily from that. “S-sorry…” She coughs. “I’m still trying to get the intricacies of that spell down…” Once you all finally get your bearings, you ask Audrey what that glint in their eyes was. “Your coin is rare and coveted… a demon of greed looks to add it to his collection.” She tells you. You ask her how she knew this, and she shrinks down, blushing somewhat. “Well… I’ve also been seeking the Fortune Coin for myself, you see.” Audrey explains. “When I learned you had it, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one looking for it.” She tells you. “If you don’t want the greed demon on your tail, you can always give the coin to me. I’ll even give you one of my artifacts!” The orange-haired girl bargains. You tell her that you’ll think about it, and she frowns. “Stay away from cathedrals and churches unless you trust whoever’s inside. You never know who’s listening.”
In the end, Audrey gives you her number in case you need more information about the coin. She also urges you to reconsider; she’ll make good use of the coin, and you’ll get something good out of it. Supposedly, at least.

>Met Audrey
>[Treasure Hunter] A demon of greed seeks to add your Fortune Coin to his collection. Critfails may result in attacks or theft until he is dealt with.

You’re about to head to the cathedral, but remembering Audrey’s words, and yesterday’s events, you decide against it. You instead try your search online, and in the city libraries, but find nothing of interest that you didn’t already know. Perhaps you’d have to talk to Audrey if you needed to know more.

Verde said something about zones of erratic mana that frenzy nearby beasts, so you go and seek them out. However, you can chalk it up to either your injury or your general lack of focus right now, because something sneaks up on you. Jack is quick to deflect the attack, and you find yourself staring down an enraged tiger. A decisive strike to the heart is all it takes to kill it. Once you deal with it, you search the area for the source of the enraging effect, but you can’t find it. You decide to return home before anything else happens, but mark the area down for later.

[Devin Hines]
After nearly falling to a hailstorm of razorpetals, you decide to try and recover. Thankfully, the ranger outpost is nearby, so you head there. You get some rudimentary treatment, but they regret to inform you that they’re actually running low on most of the supplies they have, especially medical stuff. Regardless, they patch you up so that you wouldn’t bleed out on them. You might want to get some more medical attention, though.

>[Patched Up] Gain +10 vitality or set your current vitality to half of your maximum; whichever is higher.

>Go back to the city and spend time with the girls. (Ada T4, Cassandra T4, Lucia T4)
You meet up with the girls and decide to spend some time together. During the evening, you get dressed and move to get a night on the town. You stroll down the streets of Saint Cross together, getting jealous stares as you do so. Eventually, you come to stop at a restaurant that sells native Canarian cuisine. Not one to pass up such an opportunity, you go there.

Through the course of the night, you taste the local cuisine with your girlfriends. The Starleaf Wine is exquisite. It tastes sweet, yet tangy. They also serve you and your company a large fish with iridescent scales, served with Starleaf sauce. The result is a delectable blend of fish and fruit; almost akin to a sweet and sour combination. You spend a lot of time here, and you elect to learn something like it someday.
>+1 Ada
>+1 Cassandra
>+1 Lucia
It takes some time to learn where Nina is, as the beach is one of the last places you’d expect an elemental of ice to be waiting. Once you get there though, you easily find where she is. After all, an igloo made of actual ice stands out quite a bit on the hot beach. You shrug and enter the cool ice hut.

When you clamber inside, you find Nina making a sandcastle. The girl smiles as you enter, giving you a hug, and pointing out lots of things on her sandcastle. The castle itself is intricately crafted, complete with walls, gates, and towers that reach high into the ceiling. You also notice that it seems to be reinforced by magical ice. Nina beams at you as she works on the crenellations.

“Oh, and this is the palace where we stay in, and that’s where to guards live!” She says, pointing out various places on the castle. Nina sighs longingly as she finishes her “tour”. Perhaps she’s homesick? But you recall her saying that she was an artificial spirit, so would that be possible? You push those thoughts to the back of your head as you spend more time with her.

By the end of it, Nina’s all tuckered out, taking a nap inside the igloo. You drop by the souvenir shop and purchase a snow globe. However, instead of the traditional snow, this one seems to depict the beaches of Canaria. You carry Nina out of the igloo and back to the room; leaving the snow globe on the dresser. You figure she’ll get a kick out of it.
>+2 Nina

You search for the zones of power that Verde was referring to. It doesn’t take you long to locate one site; as you just need to follow the sounds of fighting animals. You’re tempted to head towards one of the zones closest to you now, but you hear a lot more in the distance, and decide to follow that instead. At first you’re worried that you went the wrong way, but your patience rewards you.

In the center of a large glade is a large totem crafted from obsidian. You’d wager that this is the main zone that the poachers are using. The faces carved into the totem resemble animals, but they look deformed and deranged. Even you get feelings of primal rage when you look at it. Shaking it off, you look around the glade. All manners of beasts are fighting each other. Panthers are tearing each other to shreds while tigers go for the throat. It’s a wonder that they haven’t spotted you yet.

All you needed to do was destroy this thing and everything would return to normal, right? Even though you lack the hard-hitting spells that your allies have, such force can be substituted with wit. With that in mind, you fire off a blast of glacial energy. The cold surrounds the totem, encapsulating the pole in ice. You manipulate the ice so that it seeps into the pores. Once you’re satisfied that it is frozen solid, you fling a massive shard of ice at the totem. There is a crack, and then the entire totem pole breaks off into pieces, shattered by the ice.

In an instant, the animals begin to calm down somewhat. Those locked in combat continue to clash, but that’s unavoidable. You decide to beat a hasty retreat before something notices you, but not before picking up a chunk of the totem. Perhaps it’ll come in handy someday.
>+3 Favor with Verde
>Favors can be redeemed for rewards from Verde as an action.
>Receive [Obsidian Frenzy Totem Piece]

[Abby Dragfirm]
>Free: Take the [Totem of Awakening], which will help him grow. A few several years isn't too bad for a dragon's life
After giving the merchant the money, you purchase the Totem of Awakening. You figure that several years isn’t too bad, considering most dragons can live up to a thousand years or more. You give the necklace to Vussora, who quickly begins to eat it, but thankfully, you manage to stop him from doing so. Taking the lace of the pendant, you put it around his neck. You stand back and… nothing happens. That’s strange, you look to Rhazias in confusion, and he points back to the young wyrm, who appears to be glowing brightly.

The white light of shining from the totem reflects off of the black dragon’s umbral scales. The light melds with the darkness, intensifying for a moment before returning to normal brightness. In the place of the small wyrmling is a… slightly larger wyrmling. His body is longer and larger than it was previously, now as big as a large dog. He looks up at you curiously, causing Rhazias to smile somewhat. The older dragon leans down, says something in draconic. Thanks to your knowledge, you know that he’s actually giving Vussora on some information regarding shapechanging.

In a few moments, the wyrm changes to a more… human form. His skin is smooth like a child, his short black hair is pristine, and his body shape is lean; not too much fat or muscle, but just right. It’s a testament to how much care you’ve put into him. He’s dressed in an simple black outfit with a gold trim. The now human Vussora looks up to you. “Mama?” He says in Draconic. Well, he didn’t say ‘mama’, it’s actually closer to ‘mother’, but you’ll take it. Looks like he can’t speak English or Spanish well enough yet, so he’s resorted to Draconic. Maybe you should work on that.
File: Vussora.png (173 KB, 500x408)
173 KB
173 KB PNG

>Vussora the Baby Male Black Dragon is now a Young Black Dragon
He has the following stats:
[Draconic Lineage] Even when in human form, his Draconic heritage shines through. Effects that target humans specifically have little effect on him, but effects that target dragons specifically will work on him.
>T3 Stamina
>T2 Mana Reserves
>T4 Acid Spit
>T3 Modern Draconic
>T2 Ancient Draconic
>T3 Fly
>T2 Flight Proficiency
>T2 Claws
>T2 Speed
>T2 Strength
>T4 Cuteness - Will diminish as he gets older.
>T1 Intimidation - Will increase as he gets older.

>Go to the Fisher citadel with Val, Vussora and Rhazias. loan some diving equipment and try to get to the wrecked ship from the 1700s
You head out to the Fisherman’s Citadel, prepared to dive into the ocean and investigate the wrecked ship. When you get there though, Valerie freezes up. You ask her what's wrong, and she scratches the back of her head sheepishly. “Yeah… I was never really good with the ocean. You have fun though, I’ll be here.” Valerie says to you. She seems adamant on not going, so you’re not going to force her. Looks like that’s one less person to accompany you on this journey.

You then head over to the Scuba rental building, intent on acquiring three sets of Scuba gear. Vussora follows you around in human form, as not to draw too much attention to yourselves. When they see Vussora though, the man at the counter frowns. “Sorry miss, but the minimum age for Scuba diving is ten years old.” The man tells you. “The pressure might be too great on a young child’s body, and may cause injury.” He finishes explaining. Makes sense to you. You’re tempted to tell him that he’s more than ten years old, since he’s a dragon whose age has been accelerated, but then again, he’s only about six or seven years old in human age, so you opt to keep your mouth shut.

You call Valerie to watch over Vussora for a while. Once she arrives, you and Rhazias prepare to dive. The white-haired dragon is actually a good swimmer, so he tells you to follow his lead. After putting on a wetsuit, flippers, and scuba gear, you board the motorboat and wait. After some time, you arrive at the wrecked ship. It looks to be an old galleon from the 1700s. You do a sweep of the ship, disappointed that many of the artifacts are gone. You do find something of interest though: a ship in a bottle. It has a magical aura surrounding it. Rhazias taps you on the shoulder to signal that the tanks are at half capacity. You decide to cut it short now, leaving with your new loot in hand.

>Receive [Ship in a Bottle]. It has a magical aura surrounding it, but you’ll need to identify it first.
File: Love Fertilizer.jpg (53 KB, 716x839)
53 KB
>Look for anything in the shops that I can give to the Plant women back in the academy.

You look around for something that the Plant Girls would like. At first you search for something wholesome, but then you realize who you’re gifting these things to. You look around, even opting to enter a sex shop. You look through the plethora of dildos and sex toys before asking the shopkeep. When you say that you want something more natural, the girl at the counter grins wickedly.

She then returns with a small, yet somewhat bulky stainless steel canister. A heart with vine and nature motifs is carved into the metal. The symbol glows a bright pink and green when shaken. When you ask what it is, the shopkeep smiles. “That right there is Love Fertilizer.” She grins. “If you ever feel like cultivating something that’ll uh… keep you happy, you just need to apply that the the soil or plant.” The woman smiles at you lewdly. You scrounge up what you can from your allowance and pay for it. Your funds are pretty low, but these should help.

>Received [Love Fertilizer]
>[Low Budget] -15 to the next roll that involves monetary payment.
File: The Market.png (18 KB, 338x188)
18 KB
Gem Vendor:
>1 [T5 Wand of Ice Storm] - S+ - d25 damage in an area.
>[SOLD OUT] [T5 Heart Amulet] - S+ - Boosts Stamina levels by 2
>1 [T4 Ring of Counterspells] - S+ - This Bronze Ring shivers when vampires are nearby.
>1 [T4 Bracelet of Companionship] - S+ -
>2 [Concealing Pocket] - Your own Pocket pocket-dimension.
>1 [T3 Jade Tiara] - A - Boosts Earth Spells and Conjurations.
>1 [Black Pearl] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Dark and Water abilities and spells when on a weapon or instrument.
>2 [Blue Quartz] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Water and Mana abilities and spells.
>1 [Hematite] - B - Crafting Item - Boost Blood or as a connection to the Earth Plane.
>[SOLD OUT] [Malachite] - B - Crafting Item - Boosts Protection and Earth Spells.

Brewer and Enchanter:
>2 [Potions of Rage] - S+ - Doubles Strength and Stamina for 1 Combat
>1 [Bottled Misfortune] - S - Guarantees a Misfortune - Flavor: Grape
>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
>1 [Scroll of Fire Aspect] - S - Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire.
>1 [Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - A - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier.
>1 [T2 Bottle of Common Wine] - A -
>1 [T2 Bottle of Starleaf Wine ] - A -

Weapon and Armor Maker:
>[SOLD OUT] [T3 Luck Blade] - S+- The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties
>1 [T4 Holy War Axe] - S+ - Foes slain by this weapon fade and vanish.
>1 [T4 Compound LongBow] - S+ - Grants an extra 2 strength
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T2 Heated Armor] - S - Provides T3 Cold Resistance.
>1 [T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail] - S -

Book Seller:
>[SOLD OUT] [Curing Critical Wounds] - S+ - A War’s Surgeon experience
>[SOLD OUT] [Tome of Leadership and Influence] - S+
>1 [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
>2 [Scroll of Silence] - S -
>2 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] - B
>1 [Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B
>5 [Nurse’s Handbook] - B
>2 [Scroll of Cold Resistance] - B
Glass Artisan Shops - [Only Available in Glassbell Shores]
>1 [T2 Water Hair-clip] - +2 to water related actions
>1 [T2 Fire Ring] - A shining red-colored glass ring, +2 to Fire related actions
>2 [T2 Blueglass Mana Ring] - Holds 2 mana reserves that can only expended all at a time. Recharges once a day
>1 [T3 Ice Earrings] A blue icy-looking pair of earrings, +3 to Ice related actions
>1 [T3 Earth Earrings] A smooth brown glass-marble stone pair of earrings, +3 to earth actions
>3 [Glass Telepathy Earrings] - Each paired piece will give them the ability to talk to each other.
>[SOLD OUT] [Bottomless Glass Bottle] looks like a 500 ml bottle but can really hold up to 10 liters of liquid. Any non-liquid placed inside will cause it to break.
>1 [T2 Sunglasses] - Protects from strong lights, charms, taunts, and illusion magic.
>1 [T3 Eyeglasses] - Improves sight related actions by 3, Can see invisible Objects

Salvage and Miscellaneous Seller (B-Tier):
>1 [Large Glass Chandelier]
>9 [Sacks of Wheat]
>1 [Small Sack of Corn]
>5 [Pack of Fishnets Stockings]
>1 [10’ Pole]
>1 [Gas Lamp]
>4 [Bag of Incense]
>2 [Unframed paintings]
>1 [Ivory Drinking Horn]
>2 [Vial of Perfume]
>1 [T1 Silver Shortsword]
>1 [Rabbit Fur Shortsword Scabbard]
>2 [Porcelain Vase]
>1 [Leather Hunter Cap]
>1 [Dragonscale Amulet]
>2 [Carved Wooden Staff with Silver Details]
>10 [Bags of Rare Spices]
>2 [Tents]
>3 [Sleeping Bags]]
>1 [Sarcophagus]
>2 [Drinking Glass sets]
>1 [Glass Plate Sets]
>1 [Empty Fish Bowl] - Is really bigger in the inside!

Tattoo Shop:
>[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
>[T2 Tribal Tattoo of Energy Ray] - A - Lets the user shoot an Energy ray from its hands.
>[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.

>[LOCKED] - Seen by Matt
>Do: Practically being carried during the trip, Zav goes back with Red and Jack to Saint Cross of Canaria, there he will try to find a doctor to treat him of his injuries he suffered during the previous battle,

You don’t dilly dally when you leave the cave, so it’s in no time at all that you find yourself in the hospital. In almost no time at all, you and your family are treated. In a few hours, you and your little ones are walking back out, feeling as good as new. You even got a small first aid kit, in hopes that you could treat yourself if you fall into trouble again.

>Health and Mana are fully restored
>3 [First aid kit] - Restores up to half your health once used.
Rolled 9, 44 = 53 (2d100)

>Do:After choco finally finishes resting put on the saddle and try going for a test run with choco.

+5 from New saddle smell

>Do:Afterwards put on this tricorn hat and show it off to doroty. After that take a long walk on the beach at night with her.

+3 from Tricorn hat
Also forgot to say I wanted to start the T5 quest
Rolled 15, 58 = 73 (2d100)


>Play with Pupper (get Pupper stats).
T2 Pupper
T1 Pupper Training

>Go find Lei, I have personal business with her.
T1 Geography
T1 Navigation
T1 Survival
T1 Tracking
T3 Speed
T2 Strength
T3 Stamina
[Physically Exhausted] -15 to all strenuous actions for the next 3 turns.
Rolled 46, 90 = 136 (2d100)



>Do: Spread the word about the bonfire to everyone from Madrid!

>[Bonfire Set-up] +10 to actions related to the bonfire next turn.
>T2 Madrid Reputation
>T1 Dojo Reputation
>T1 Persuasion

>Do: Just have fun! Surely Firefly, Stephanie, Jeneven, would appreciate it. Maybe even Ponytail might be around.

>T3 Stephanie
>T2 Jeneven
>T1 Firefly
>T1 Ponytail
Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Spend some time with my finances, it's a shame all that milk went to waste and it'd be terrible of me not to pay for the damages.

>DO: Visit Verde and ask her if she could teach me improvements on my tree stride spell. Being the guardian of the jungle, surly she's skilled with it.
(Spend two favor points)
Rolled 32, 87 = 119 (2d100)

[Arthur Belrose]

>Fuck, another werewolf? Why did this island have to have another one? Try and find the werewolf, before anyone else gets infected. Already used up the blessing too, dammit. Tell Michael to stay in the resort- it would most definitely be a bad idea for him to come with me. (Investigation +1)
>Investigate the old Japanese encampment more, and try to find something interesting. (Investigation +1, Japanese History +1)
File: Rachel.jpg (61 KB, 500x700)
61 KB

>Free Action:
Time to get my reward for the mission, after some time thinking, Zav decides to pick a magical item, perhaps some amulet to help him with spirit energy and mana energy,

Has been quite some time since the young knight heard of Elbert, the last time he spoke with the old man he was told that the old knight was on vacation, even having a steriopical look to go alongside that. Thinking about that, the young man tries to find the old white mage in the city, knowing that the old fellow would follow him everywhere is probably the he would be here too.

In the same situation as Elbert, Zav has one more person in mind that he does not talked for quite some time, searching for where the teachers frequently goes, the young man tries to find Rachel, the linguistics teacher, one which he has not seem since Amsterdam.
Rolled 18, 6 = 24 (2d100)

Forgot to roll
Rolled 75, 59 = 134 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch
Character Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

>Find Julie and hang around with her. Find out what book she's into recently and all
>Identify the T4 Cursed Sword.
Rolled 72, 3 = 75 (2d100)

>Free Action: Shopping
I get:

[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.
[Concealing Pocket] - Your own Pocket pocket-dimension.

T3 Ester
>Ask Ester if she enjoys her new self. If yes, help her get stuff to make her grow even larger. If no, go get stuff to help revert it. If she likes some stuff but wants to remove/add others, then help her out with that too. If she's actually just alright with everything, then I just go chill at the cow stables anyways lol.

T2 Looleen
>While I'm at the cow stables with Loolen Boldbody to help with whatever Ester wants to do with her new self, invite her to come over to the Bonfire.
Rolled 48, 40, 59 = 147 (3d100)



Rolling for sanity first. (DC 35, -5 to my roll)

>DO: Try to put back on my pendant to surpass the curse. Go and take Kari to bed. I need some happy times after the horrors. I dont tell her about the horn, but do tell her I transformed recently.

>DO: Visit the bonfire with Kari.
Rolled 23, 13 = 36 (2d100)

>A werewolf ? That's pretty bad. And it'll ruin the monsters' reputation even further. Time to track down that werewolf. (T1 Tracking, T1 Investigation)
>Visit that bonfire thing with Celeste, Lily and Joy. Might as well celebrate a little, I need to be a little more social anyway.
Rolled 53, 56 = 109 (2d100)


Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be.


>Identify the [Ship in a Bottle] I found while scuba diving
>Invite Valerie to come with me to the Bonfire. While there, Attempt to meet new people.
Modifiers: T1 Reputation, T1 Reputation[1/2] [Gardening Club], T2 Reputation [1/3][Martial Arts Club], Valerie [T4] [7/8]
Rolled 19, 78 = 97 (2d100)


>Go to the markets of Saint Cross. Maybe I'll find something of interest that won't cost too much.

Relevant Modifiers:
[Wallet] - You may now take purchasing actions but due to the nature of your little adventure you will take a -15 to your next purchasing action.

>Go attend that bonfire! I know Dania's going to be there, so I might as well make it up to her. Bring the girls with me; we'll have a good time.

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