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Different time same old problems. Robert's Rebellion may have ended a short time ago but you find yourself busy. Reclaiming old lands and trying to deal with the trickery of old enemies. From enemy soldiers hidden within your own lands to the bandit hordes greedy for the gold of the Westerlands. To the scheming of Houses and the treacherous hearts of the people.

You are Norbert Melrose stuck dealing with land troubles, politics, and family issues. From trying to figure out a way to beat some sense into your fool of a son and unfortunately heir. To deal with finding a good marriage for your delightful and budding beauty of your daughter. Gonna need a much bigger stick for that and more. Trying to find the time to visit your wife's Reach family who suffered due to their loyalty to the Targs.

If this shit keeps up you're gonna die from a stress-induced heart attack like your father.

At this moment you have Wallace Slade and is children visiting before they set sail down the river. Intending to travel to Essos. Later you successfully enticed an Archmaester to visit your lands and hopefully provide a solution to saving your dying Godswood. There is also the problematic and ongoing bandit infestation. Which you have recently found out through a Robber Knight Ser Falkner whom you secretly met with. That some bandits are being secretly supported by your neighbors in the shadows. Turns out you two have some mutual enemies.

You have much to think on, plans to make, and things to do.
House name : House Melrose
Castle name : Lakestead
Lake name : Sparkling Lake
Lord's name : Norbert
Lady name : Meleara
Daughter : Eleana, 12
Son : Kevyn, 9

House stats
>Defense: total 33/2 unspent.
>Influence:total 35/5 unspent.
>Lands:total 42/9 unspent.
>Law:total 11/11 unspent.
>Population:total 17/17 unspent.
>Power:total 50/50= unspent.
>Wealth:total 62/19 unspent.

Small Castle, Plain, Hill, and Mountain Domain.

2 Gold mines are House Fortune Rolls: +3. Resource Gain Bonus: Wealth +2.
Maester= House Fortunes +3, Apiary = House Fortune +1, Winery = Wealth +1, & Chapel = House Fortune +1.

Master At Arms
Veteran Horseman
Veteran Infantry
Veteran Support
Veteran Scouts
Elite Garrison

To do list
>Logistics Buildup
>Enterprise Expansion
>Reclaiming old lands
>Dealing with your family
>Traveling to funerals and weddings
>Save the old Godswood
>Pursue Enlightenment
>Dealing with enemy espionage
>Crushing bandits

Feel free to add onto the to-do list.
>>Traveling to funerals and weddings
If it's time:
>>Traveling to funerals and weddings
>>Dealing with your family

Didn't we have 10 unspent Lands? WHat did we spend 1 on?
Also, spend 5 Lands for roads in the mountains.
You spent 9 on mountains and there is 1 land from before you earned all those lands. Leaving you half left.
>>Traveling to funerals and weddings
>>Die of stress
Add to To-Do list
>Plotting with Slade, Ser Falkner and anyone else relevant as to how best to incriminate the lords supporting bandit activity in our land in such a way that we can Lord Tywin sanction our destruction of said lords.
have more kids/sons just in case.
build roads for faster and safer movement of goods and people.
make some trade or commerce with Slade to get cash moving in between our houses.
>Bang the wifey and create more children
Yep, more kids = more FUN and PROFIT
Hey Genie, did you forget the 17 land gained from the talks with the people?

For sure I want to push for us asking Slade for help while he is still here. So I'll back >>2025772.

>Spend for 2 roads.
With the lands we have getting a road for the new land and our old will help move our people around.

After Slade I guess we should talk with our guest the Archmaester. Unless they'll be not here for awhile. Then we can do the Traveling to funerals and weddings.
What do people think about giving Falkner some land back? While we lose a gold mine. It would let our ally have more funding to act on the lord.

Thinking it could also clear up some bandits on our land since they could be hired to fight in the quest for vengeance.
Divide and Rule
>>Dealing with your family
>>Traveling to funerals and weddings
While on our way to things we should be able to talk things out with them see what is wrong.
Also this shouldn't be an issue since it would be extent poor planing but the arch maester visitors wouldn't be affected by this, right?
You'll depart after the archmaester visit.

If you give Falkner his lands back and support him. It is possible to turn him into a Bannerman which will raise the Status of your House into Status 5.

17+1=18-9 Mountains=9
Ah, okay. I miss read >>1998872 thinking we gained more lands (10 lands). I still have more reading of the core book to do. Didn't know it cost land to claim areas.

>Your Ancient Land Mountain Claims have been acknowledged here and thus you gain 2 Lands.
So did this part get added in to make that 11 or something else?
I am just gonna say this in terms of roads.

It makes 0 sense that roads count has lands given how you need to build them. In that case, I'm gonna rule that things that reduce the cost of building defenses will also reduce the cost of roads and settlements. For settlements depending on your Pop, you can use it to reduce the costs to upgrade settlements also.

Some of those things just really don't make any sense. So I am gonna include some House Rules that do.

all together it totaled 17
Private meeting with Slade and Ser Falkner is a go.

You were surprised at how easy it was to convince Lord Slade to attend a very shady meeting in an abandoned mine. It honestly felt like he did this before....a lot.

You thus rode out with some bodyguards between the two of you to the next meeting location. An empty mine in the hills here you encountered Ser Falkner and his bodyguards. After the meet and greet business was brought up. The kind that made Slade's eyes twinkle in the dark and gave him a wide smile.

"Its an embarrassing thing getting caught supporting bandits to screw over your neighbors but it is practically a tradition. While it would hurt them it wont be enough to see through their destruction," explains Slade. "It's a rather common thing and the houses who are pros at it have fall guys in place. Keeping their asses covered but that requires a lot of investing, time, and resources to set up. So they'll be the nightmarish exception."

"However if we can further incriminate them like the usurping of lands and titles or in Tywin's case the ruination of relations between noble Houses. He'll be willing to look the other way so that such Houses that endanger the power and good name of the Westerlands is destroyed. He's a real sucker for that as we both well know. The man can't stand anything that potentially endangers the power of the Westerlands. If we can prove that their houses are such an insidious element he will allow for their destruction," further elobarates Slade much to the shaking excitement of Ser Falkner.

"I...is this true? If it is I have the House Walker by the balls," he carefully asks.

"Oh how so?" Asks Slade as you ponder on how you can suck to Tywin enough for him to ignore the destruction of your neighbors.

"Let's just say I have collected a LOT of dirt on the House Walker over the years. From the proof of supporting bandits to even the assassination and destruction of fellow Noble Houses. Their usage of their own forces for acts of banditry and crimes against both noble and smallfolk. I have testimonies and most of all written proof."

"What kind of testimonies and written proof?" You ask realizing this was big.

"If we perform a few ambushes and capture some alive. I can guarantee they actually House Walker men at arms disguised as bandits. I also have a proven money trail relating to merchants for cleaning of filthy money, a paper trail, and forged documents relating to House Walker."

"My only request is that you DESTROY House Walker and in exchange, I may have dug up some info from other Houses too possibly your own neighbors in the process of digging up dirt of House Walker. You help me destroy them and I'll give you the rest of what I found on those other Houses.

This stunned even Lord Slade into silence before he turns towards you and says, "I fucking love this guy already. He's my kind of guy say can I keep him?"

"No." You instantly shoot him down.
"Aw he's wasted on you I tell you," complains Wallace Slade before turning back to Ser Falkner. "How long will it take you to compile all the proof and records together?"

"The documents I can send over. I even have written orders by the House Members with proof of their handwriting style and some of them are even signed. To perform dastardly acts. Written to the Officers who commanded the men who saw it through and written sworn testimonies. Some of which are still alive and in my possession. If I can use your House Dungeons I can perform some ambushes and capture sworn men of House Walker disguised as bandits. Most key, however, I will admit will be somehow taking their Officers alive. That will be tricky but it's not something I haven't done before."

"I long know their routes and how they do things. It won't be hard for me to perform some ambushes and capture a bunch of them, but I'll need the time to do it and the dungeons to fill with witnesses."

"I can give you the time and permission," you tell Ser Falkner. "I have business to attend to far anyway. Meanwhile, you can send over your...captives to my men who will transport them to my castle dungeons."

"We'll need more than that. We'll need hard proof paperwork, witnesses, and confessions. After we all get together we'll need to put our own special spin on the story we'll make too damn them and naturally, we'll have all the proof to go along with our story," connives Wallace Slade scratching his chin. "They'll be forced to admit either disprove hard fact backed our modified story or they will admit to the crimes but try to spin their own 'true' story. But by the very act of admittance people, wont be inclined to believe them given their proven dishonesty and crimes. Either way, they'll be damned to hell and Tywin will want their heads on a pike."

"Inventing our own story with the facts...why not go with the truth," asks Ser Falkner.

"Simple. The truth will give them a way out albeit at a heavy cost and much shame. If we want their destruction we'll need to inflate and spin the true story to our own advantage. So that even if they admit to the true story themselves everyone will still think they are liars who trying to twist the story and facts to their own gains in order to save themselves. We fight fair and they'll get the last laugh no matter how much proof or honor we have. I am sure you saw just how well seeking proper justice went no?"

"..." Ser Falkner stayed silent in silent admittance before speaking. "In that case, I want the heads of the Head of House and the Second Brother in charge of their military."

"Heh we have Tywin backing us. No matter what he'll demand that some noble heads roll as to make an example. Don't forget Ser Falkner this time you have two Commanders of Tywin's War Council offering their support. They won't be able to sweep things under the rug or pull enough strings to save themselves," snickers sinisterly Lord Slade.
Perfect. Absolutely perfect. The remainder of the Walker lands will make a nice addition to our domain.
"Just in case I can have some of my men back home smuggle themselves over and write a letter to my wife. Under your Command, of course, Lord Norbert. I can't request all my men but they can at least provided the both of you some reinforcements. Sadly most of my Knights won't be included. I need some command the men back home."

"I doubt they'll fit in with my men," mutters Ser Falkner. "and I am surprised your such...good friends."

"Heh, you'll be surprised on both counts," laughs Lord Slade. "We are both some of the boots of the War Council too small and weak to do otherwise. We both were kept rather busy and worked together a lot. Our men have long become well acquainted with each other. and some of my men are quite familiar with bandit tactics."

"My men are no ordinary bandits."

"And who said mine is? My men are slippery bastards how do you think I am so familiar with this sort of affairs?"

"...You've done this a lot haven't you," asked Se Falkner.

"He has," you confirmed. "Why do you think I brought him here for?"

"Apologies then, just strange to think a lord is so familiar with such matters."

"Think of me as an Investigator who digs up dirt or a rogueish Lord as it were," explains Slade. "Lord Tywin is well known to be quite unforgiving against problematic or traitorous Houses and we both are in charge of handling such problems. Besides dealing with the usual gold obsessed bandits. In my case, I specialize towards finding them out and Lord Norbet over there at coming up with plans to their elimination. From making sure House skirmishes don't go overboard to dealing with House Civil War. Digging up traitorous houses and finding out problematic Houses for the greater glory and peace of the Westerlands as a whole. We deal with failed house politics...way-way too much. When fighting proves excessive then we show up to end it. We are to remove the elements that threaten Tywin's Westerlands."

"I imagine you are kept busy then," mutters Falkner.

"We are, all the Minor House Commanders of the Council get stuck with most of the work. The other commanders only bother to get involved when we need backup or big war brews," you complain. "Sadly our Houses lack the status of being able to turn down the grunt work of the War Council meaning we become glorified peacekeepers of the Westerlands and now the Warden of the West."

"Aye only some of the glory and most of the work," agrees Lord Slade. "Those other Commanders on the War council get most of the Glory and barely any of the work. Thus we minor House Commanders have long become well acquainted with each other. Depending on how things play out later either more Small time commanders like us will show up to reinforce or if it proves too much we get one of the large House commanders off their ass to help. Of course, we get stuck with all the grunt work and most of the infamy either way."

Soon after the meeting ends and you get a rough timeline from the Ser Falkner.
It will take time for the evidence to be sent over and more time spent devising the story itself. Meanwhile, ambushes have to be seen through and prisoners interrogated. It's going to take awhile particularly according to Ser Falkner grabbing the important people. The commanding officers and trusted middlemen in charge between the House and their...unsavory elements. They will be utterly critical to the case and Falkner says it will take special attention to arrange their kidnappings.

Apparently, he's done it before which you get the proof to a week or two later. When the some of the evidence was sent over...including quite unexpectedly one of the Officers, a middleman, corrupt merchant, and bandit chiefs who supposedly all vanished years ago. Some of them were still kept alive by Se Falkner and company. Even the ones who 'expired' have their written testimonies with their signatures are included within the piles of evidence sent over. Most of which dated long ago and not too long after what happened with Ser Falkner's family.

The rest Ser Falkner that doesn't include House Walker is being held back until you keep your end of the bargain. You also received a raven from his Wife and some of his officers. Who will both help with the story modifying and provide reinforcements each respectively.

Meanwhile, as the evidence was sent over and the first of the prisoners included. You prepared for the Achmaesters visit. Who was intrigued by the Westerlands peculiar lord and your castle's long lost ancient garden. Who hopefully has the solution to saving your half-dead Godswood. Sometime after that you yourself gotta head to the Reach to visit your in-laws.
Alright first up a confession. I am no botanist and since this entire next segment is botanical focused. It won't be THAT well done. On the plus side, I DO know my tropicals having built an indoor tropical garden.
Going over the evidence piles that have been sent to you. Find yourself very thankful you spent time before preparing for visitors. Which came in handy when the Maester's ship docked at the castle. They came out a wizened and highly respected archmaester. With a small group of his own students that he brought with him. After offering a rich welcome banquet you escorted your guests deep into the castle to where the garden forgotten by the ages was held. Seeing it with his own eyes the Archmaester visibly gasped and moving with gleeful speed that belonged to someone far younger. He practically ran around the garden examining the time capsule. Stating that the Garden was peak post-Andal Invasion time capsule before going wild on its own once it was sealed. Its overgrown nature holding plants of visibly of ancient aura. Some of which the Archmaester claimed dated back to the Age of Heroes in utter amazement. Most of all he was utterly shocked about how 'intact' it all was thanks to having been sealed and forgotten about. Despite the lack of care...which he actually had the audacity to claim was the most important part. There were no 'redesigns' or upkeep which destroyed/replaced plant growths. You find yourself very happy you only allowed the Maester to attend to the garden. Which apparently saved it from your own gardeners.

When you carefully asked about how to save the Godswood the Archmaester finally took a closer look and even examined the nearby soil. Tasting it even before moving around the tree thinking hard before he told you his findings.

"The tree has been partially salted which has poisoned the tree. It was not however done to completion which is why the tree is even still alive. Salt though...it's a tricky thing to fix. The tree has since sickened and is poisoned. Well on its way to dying completely. You wish to save it...a rarity outside the North I can tell you. Godswoods don't sicken easily just look at how ancient those trees are in the North. Which is why you encountered such difficulty in finding a cure. Even I can say the vast majority of Maesters would be helpless in coming up with a solution due to the fact it's not entirely due to the salting. Which your maester realized but had no solution to. Even for one such as myself an Archmaester in botany it is a tricky thing."

"So there a solution," you carefully asked.

"Firstly the soil here needs to be flushed with mountain spring water and clean silt unpolluted by human waste must be piled around the tree. The next part is going to be the tricky one. Very rarely do Godswoods take ill. They are enormously ancient and healthy plants. Crushed charcoal, volcanic ash, and blood in large amounts. Preferably the blood is mixed with powdered bone.
"Dig around the tree's roots and bury it. After that grow some rare medicinal and a few select poisonous plants. The poisonous plants I will name are special in that they will draw the poisons into themselves as nourishment. The medicinal plants are rare because their medicinal qualities are for other animals and more importantly plant life. While some of them can help humans they aren't considered a common remedy. Both of the plants types will also help suppress pests which is key to the Godswood recovery. Another important fact you must avoid killing or taking away some of the creatures that will be attracted by the plants. They too will help in the recovery and future health of the garden itself. Not to mention be important in the recovery of the Godswood itself."

"I will write down the list of plants, how to plant them, and their care. In addition to the instructions to the rest. Very important the silt you use is clean and that its mountain spring water. They I have found have the best effects for recovery which is important with the ground is flush to remove the excess of salts. Now excuse me I must give some instructions to my students for taking notes and study of this garden. Not to mention a lecture. Once I am down here I will be interested in seeing your other arrangements."

After finding yourself dismissed from your own garden and favorite spot you noticed your own maester chose to stay. You don't really blame him though and take note to bring your wife with these next trips because she absolutely knows more than you about it.

About a week later you, your wife, the maesters, and your escort head to your plains and hills. Which bear the investments in the lands directly. Along the way you find yourself hoping the mountains won't be brought up beside a couple mines they got nothing. An embarrassment has given your unusual management of lands.

While you did your best to answer the questions when it got to the plants themselves you find yourself very thankful you brought along your wife. As she was able to answer most of their questions. A few though even she didn't know the answer to. Which after awhile impressed even the Maesters with her botanical knowledge.

"Wildflowers native to the Westerlands grown in such mass quantities that honey with a unique taste. I can assure you such honey is among the rarest in all of Westeros," brags your wife.

"That I am not surprised given Westerland obsession with mining. Wait a second does that includes the Sparkling Melrose," suddenly asks the Archmaester.

Your wife smiled and responded. "That it does. A rare flower found only this area we have mass produced to create truly one of the rarest and most exquisite honey in Westeros."

"Ah no surprise I suppose given your House's name but I still had to ask. Such a rare flower even in Old Town we do not have many and the few we do is dried in order to preserve them. A very rare flower. Most impressed you found a way to mass produce them."
"Oh not even in the Maester Greenhouses you haven't figured out how to grow it," asked your wife in a teasing fashion.

The archmaester whose bearded face was now flushed in embarrassment sighed and nodded. "As much as I am loathed to admit it...we do not know how. Over the many years we have tried everything but no matter what we did we couldn't keep them alive or even make the seeds sprout. Please tell me what was the solution?"

"It took me years to figure it out. Over the ages the flower became rarer and rarer even here. Records indicated such but then I noticed something."

"Oh and what was that?"

"No matter what the flowers while they became rarer in the hills and mountains. They were always most common to the mountain streams and flood plains. At first, I thought it was the water."

"Understandable," nods the Archmaester.

"but when I used the mountain spring water here while it helped the plants still ended up dying it just took longer. Then I tried the soil. Which worked at first but after awhile they started dying and there was nothing that could be done."

"Aye we had that problem too...even shipped in soil and water. Very expensive but doomed for failure."

"Then I noticed something, the flowers were common before the mines seemingly drove them out...but no matter what along those streams they stuck around. At first I thought it was the pollution that killed them...but then I noticed the name behind the Sparkling Lake. Besides its clear waters the reason its also called that is due to the nuggets of gold and gemstones found within. Hence 'sparkling'. The streams were how they were transported there..."

"It...It can't be," suddenly gasps the Archmaester with an open mouth and bulging eyes.

"It is," nods your wife with that unique smile of hers. "The Sparkling Melrose is not only resistant to metal poisoning...its actually dependent on it in terms of precious metals. I tested it with after 'poisoning' the soil with gold flakes. After a while, other plants sickened and died...but the Sparkling Melrose not only survived but flourished. When I tested it with other metals while the Melrose is resistant without the precious metals being present they will die. The best water to water them with..."

"Those exact mountain streams which carry down the gold," finishes the Archmaester in shock. At this moment the carriage arrived and the Archmaester hurried out to examine the flowers and headed towards the stream in stunned silence.

You looked towards your wife in surprise as she sat there and smiled at you before winking. Then she too exited with grace and followed the still stunned Archmaester.

Following after her, you found the Archmaester who had a plucked a Sparkling Melrose and was staring at a bubbling mountain stream. All around it was which those exact flowers. He would occasionally look back at the flower in hand, at the stream, and down at the dirt before sighing loudly. As he walked back.
Back to where the more common wildflowers were growing. He was clearly somewhat dispirited but he warmed back up at noticing the flourishing wildflowers and busy active bees before speaking to you.

"Such an enlightened man. At first, I thought you were a fellow Maester instead of a Lord. You would then not be alone, as is your the only one of your kind in all of the Westerlands."

"We haven't talked THAT much and this was obviously my wife's idea," you admit.

"Your wife wasn't the one who saved that garden or the Godswood. She wasn't the one who thought to the invite me down here and you were the one who supported her. Your a Westerlands man truth is you don't know much at all about botany do you?"


"Your Reach wife does, however. Instead of doing what you know how to do you were instead enlightened enough to supported your wife's ideas. We may not have spoken much but I can already tell that you are such an Enlightened individual. No doubt your just as enlightened in your means of leadership and stewardship no?"

"I will confess I am on Tywin's War Council and my lands are rich."

"Despite being a no offense intended a Minor House you caught even his attention and your people...they are happy. Most lords cannot say the same for their smallfolk. When they say rich they usually mean only themselves and not just their smallfolk. You are an exemplary Lord. I will no doubt be using you and your lands as an example in my future classes."

"That...truly means a lot. I cannot help but worry for the future I am afraid."

"Aye, I can tell you your maester has promise. Normally most maesters get slack when they find themselves in the employ of a Lord. It's why so few become Archmaesters but you...certainly have kept your own Maester sharp and improving massively."

"You mean..."

"I believe he will become an Archmaester as well. His studies are a bit...fractured at the moment but it's as if he is still a student at Old Town even!" Laughs the Archmaester in delight. "I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how rare that is for a Maester serving a lord to be! He makes all of us look bad in comparison. At least I have my teaching as an excuse but him? He really does make us all look bad, an exemplary Maester indeed. Too bad the vast majority of my students once they leave Old Town will not be like him. Such a shame."

"I really hope you're not asking me to give up my Maester," you chuckle.

"Ah of course not...at least not until he passes the Archmaester tests anyway. So am I going to have to ask your wife to teach me a lesson about your orchards or can you spare me the shame?" The Maester asks jokingly.

"Well we grow blood oranges here. Bounties are large so large in fact some of it is converted into orange wines and fruit brandy. She has asked about a type of grape grown in the high mountains around Dorne even the Maester wasn't sure what to suggest."
"Hm...I see. Well, the reason why your Maester is confused is due to the grapes being grown there particularly between the Reach and Dorne is both grapes common to both areas. Even hybrids of the two which are quite lacking in fame compared to the originals. Some of those grapes are potentially hardy enough to survive in the Westerlands."

"Really now?"

"High mountains between the Stormlands and Dorne have what your wife is looking for. I am sure some former students of mine now serving in Houses around there know the specifics in detail. I can give some suggests. Particularly a rare hybrid unique to the colder and stormy peaks of those Red Mountains nearer to the Stormlands. There is a grape that has been slowly bred to being more cold tolerant and hardier. It does like its water though. There are also a few others around there as well. Sadly they are not famed."

After enjoying the wildflowers you headed to the hills to show off the blood orange trees. Here the Archmaester examined the grounds and the trees. Before recommending some proper irrigation given their tropical nature and using some fertilizers. He also claimed the reason why your harvests are so good is due to lack of exhaustion within the soil. You then gave you a list of plants to 'also' grow around the orange trees which he claimed would be helpful in keeping certain pests down. Which you couldn't help but ask him about once your wife was finished with the guide.

"Certain plants are more beneficial when grown together. For instance part of how you can help the Goldswood recover is partly through such a method. I will admit its currently not that well understood but its been something I have been studying."

"I see and for a lord such as myself what would you recommend?"

"Irrigate your lands. Create a wetlands and use it."

"...A wetlands here of all place?"

"Artificially made but yes. Take advantage of the silt build up, acquire organic waste and let it age. Find plants to grow in fallow fields. Here you actually have the water to pull it off. You have the streams feeding the lake which feeds the river. All the things those streams carry settle down in the lake before moving to the river feeding it. If you can take advantage of that you can make this entire valley bloom with life and natural riches. With a lot of work you can turn the lands aound the lake into artificially made wetlands. Rich in both excellent soil and water for crops."

"What would you suggest for mountains and hills considering the side effects of mining of course. There are places that are well...you know."

"Hm," this question made the archmaester think before answering. "Grazeland. Flowerfields. Grow a forest on top all depending on how polluted it all is. Come to think of mushrooms would work for caves."


"Aye mushrooms they don't need light. That or convert those old mines into something else so they'll be useful again."

"Like....oh nevermind."
"Sounds like you have some ideas."

"Bandits tend to make use of them. Mushroom farms...I'll admit I would never have thought of that."

"Best of all mushrooms in caves don't care for the cold. They'll produce even in winter so long as you feed them properly."

"Sounds like you know something about them."

"A bit its...complicated with Maesters and our thoughts relating to mushrooms. A lot of arguing I'll tell you that much."

"Arguing about mushrooms?"

"Trust me you don't wanna go there," mutters the Archmaester before changing the subject. "What did you think about those caves?"

"Bandits like to live in them and they are a pain to dig them out. Make pretty good places to store things too."

"Plan to convert them into residences and fortifications?"

"Yeah, maybe once I fix the airflow problem some of those mines have. I don't want my men to be smoked out. Either that or collapse the entrances but knowing some of those bandits they probably have other ways in or will just dig the entrance out. Some of the bandits in the Westerlands are annoyingly smart."

"Well killing or imprisoning all the dumb ones will do that."

"Aye that it will," you agree. "Any ideas for mountain development in the Westerlands?"

"I am going to assume you don't mean mines. In which case that is one of two things animals probably goats depending on steep it is or farmlands. If you stick with herds the smallfolk will be less screwed over when they are forced to move due to mining. If you have forest lumber is an obvious one."

"Any idea on how to...enhance a light forest into a thick one and keep it around?"

"That...hm interesting question. If we stick with the traditional answer ancient trees and lots of lands being covered by said trees usually qualifies but to make it thick. That requires aging and even more trees. For keeping it around control the amount of lumber that is harvested and plant new trees in their place. Making a thick forest...that wouldn't be easy."

"Do you think its possible?"


"Really?" you asked in surprise and shock. You didn't think you would get a serious answer.

"Trees are plants. Plants grow better under certain conditions. If you mimic those conditions it's entirely possible to speed up the growth of those trees or even enhance a light forest into becoming a thick one."

"So water and...good quality dirt?"

"Yup. Irrigating a forest would do wonders and enhancing the soil would handle the other half."

"Sounds like too much work. Impossible in mountains any idea for largescale...well usage besides mining? I would like some ideas."

"Herding would be best if you're interested in heavy mining. If not crops that like well draining and can survive with less water is best. Preferably not too picky about soil and mining residue either."

"Sounds like herding might be my best option."

"Foresting and consider the use of streams for a water source with crops. With work it's doable to dig out along them."
"Of course this depends on how much or how little you care for your smallfolk. How many trees there are if any and how the water is. Lots of variables to consider with mountains."

"Do you think our work with hills and plains can use some improvement?"

"Hmph of course. Your flower growing is excellent to the point even I...learned something. With the honey harvests considering developing the lands to crops that require also active bees. With careful management of orchards, you can also grow stuff along with the trees."

"Really? I can do both?"

"With careful management and work it's entirely possible. The trees with the right placing you can attempt to maximize production but should your trees get sick its much easier for it to spread between trees. Not to mention harder to grow things along with those trees. If your willing to adapt to a bit of spacing in order to reduce the odds of sickness spreading from tree to tree it also makes it easier to plant things along with those trees. Stuff that doesn't root deeply so it won't compete much with the tree roots. So stay away from shrubs and the like."

"For more traditional farms...there is a lot of experimenting at the Citadel relating to crop rotation, fallow process, usage of certain elements or 'fertilizer' that enhances plant growth, planting process and even tools. A lot of arguing and experimenting. I specialize in Botany suffice it to say there is...well a lot of debating going on relating to farms and how to improve upon them. It doesn't help the Reech tries very hard to feed those debates for the sake of their vineyards and crops."

"So I will say this we have found proof that growing certain plants together actually benefits the plants and rotation crop system with fields has merit, but there has been a lot of arguing about the specifics. Which plants are best during whatever part of the rotation. How or why growing certain plants together are mutually beneficial or much more well known restraining each other due to competition."

"See this is why I wanted to talk with you my wife has a decent idea of how to do things but myself on the other hand...well you know," you speak up.

"Unfortunately I can't really give you the exact details of what is best grown in Westerlands because of all the mining. The nobles don't much care for anything else. It's not like the Reech where even the nobles have taken an interest in crops and yields. One of the reasons why I was so interested in coming was that precise reason. The idea of expanding the use of agriculture and particular botany intrigues me deeply. The thought of ensuring plentiful food sources outside the Reech for crops would do wonders to prevent famine in case the crops fail or drought strikes the Reech and Riverlands in all of Westeros is a much-beloved ideal personal to myself."

"Anyway, I got a bit off topic there. For the sake of ease, I suggest focusing your crop developments in the plains and hills."
"Mountains while possible it's best to go with animal husbandry unless is particularly rich in water and or soil. Considering the usage of mines it might be a good idea to focus on grazing in hills if you plan to do a lot of mining in them. Herding is best in that case for the previously mentioned case in which how easily the smallfolk can just move compared to farming if that is something you care for."

"For the reuse of mines if they are completely mined out the possibility of converting them into a mushroom farm is worth considering besides whatever other uses you come up with. As for ideas relating to crop rotation, methods of fertilizing, and my personal interest in companion planting. I will give your Maester of a list of what to look into if you're interested. I must warn you though they are matters of fierce debate. Plus they wont have any details hardly on Westerlands agriculture."

After putting up with the Maesters for a few weeks. In which they mostly focused on your Godswood Garden with the occasional forays into the surrounding lands. They left and you finally prepared for your own trip. In which you take the family to visit your in laws, attend funerals, and weddings. It will also be when you officially introduce your daughter(the Seven save you) and your foolish son(thank god he hasn't hit puberty) to the Courts of the realm. With admittedly the need to find your daughter a husband since you never did get her engaged as a kid. Which given how she's maturing was a great idea on your part. She's smart and be a beauty like her mother...oh good thing you're bringing along Ser Briarheat. Your gonna need someone big scary bastard whose frighteningly good at fighting to beat back her potential suitors.

As much as you cherish the thought of leaving him here to single-handedly murder entire bandit bases. Neither you or your son are that great in a fight nor nearly as intimidating. Thus Ser Briarheart is stuck coming along on to no doubt scare the living daylights out of many a young noble suitor and the older loyalists to the Targs.


...Oh, this is going to be a lot of trouble. Especially with the...rumors of what happened at the Red Keep and the Sacking of King's Landing. Which you unfortunately know more then you care to admit and it all happened not too long ago. Memories are still going to be very much fresh in peoples minds. Too bad if you try to come up with excuses on why not to go your pretty sure your wife will never forgive you and might try to kill you.

>Roll House Fortune before you depart

After that House Fortune will be done once every 3 months while you're gone.
Rolled 6, 6, 1, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5 = 28 (8d6)

Oh boy did we just learn a lot. I think at this rate Falkner will do more than earn their land back.

Alright rolling time. So 8d6 drop the two lowest. Then add +2 and +4 maybe.


How much wealth is it to invest in the plants?
Ser Falkner's services aren't free and long time he devoted his life to their downfall. Sadly House Walker is easy to do...but only if you make a deal with Ser Falkner and work together.

Thanks for reminding me it is merely 2 wealth to bring back the Godswood and regain its benefits now. Which at the moment is very weak but the closer to the books it becomes the stronger its influence will become.

As for Ser Falkner...he devoted many years of his life to revenge and I rolled well for his stat development. The MC actually has it quite wrong relating to his strengths and weaknesses which I've hinted at. Keep in mind it's been more than a few years since he last seen him and a lot of shit have happened to Ser Falkner since then.

After all, he went from being a righteous Knight to a Bandit Boss.

Most of all even Lord Slade himself the snake that he is loved the guy and wanted to keep him.
Rolled 4, 3, 2, 6, 4, 4, 3, 6 = 32 (8d6)

Well I think I'm happy to give Falkner all his lands back as a bannerman under us ... assuming we get more from the Walkers than we'd be losing to Falkner.

BUT I'm very tempted to only offer the position as Bannerman to his family and require Ser Falkner to stay under us as our secret hatchet man.
He gets what he wants - a secure life for his family and the lands returned to the family name
We get what we want - a loyal bannerhouse sworn to us AND a deniable asset we can use leading guerillas, saboteurs and secret police we don't want to be officially connected to.
I'll for sure back Falkner as a bannerman. Their skill with bandits and the like will help us with what we lack.

I'm down to pay the 2 wealth for reviving the Godswood.
Revive the Godswood
While we are gone how would you guys feel about having it set up that we hire some measters to work on organizing and copying our old library so we don't lose information.
Hm... We would need to have someone vent them. Don't want our neighbor sneaking in people to look at our records. Otherwise I'm down.

I was thinking we pay some people to grab the plants and seeds the arcmeaster talk about for the Orchard.
Yeah I agree, we need to get them vetted.
But we now have some spare money coming in. And we should work on things before we end up like our ancestors letting the next generation deal with it.
We could also learn a bunch of useful information and learn of claims we could use for trade. Like putting a friend in power. By having the documents to rightful heirs and right owners of land.
Possibly even certain secrets.
Valarian steel while I don't think we have it. There is a real pissibilty of us having recorded it. Even other ways to repair the godswood. And other stuff.
I know our MC had plans to have the measter make new copies of the claims we have. The whole of our libaray would be good. I wonder how much it cost.

I am not about to be big enough dick and force you to add the plus 2/4 in order to ruin it.

You may boost 1 house resouce by 1d6 or 2 resouces by 1d3.

Guess those reinforcements and maesters advise really helped this past month.
Well the +2 makes it a 28 since we drop the two lowest. Those bonus dice have been a big help for the House Fortune roll.

My vote is we do 2d3. I would like to improve of law and gain wealth (+6).
-4 wealth to heal the tree and pay debts.

As Slade's reinforcements arrived some of them handed you a secret report hidden with the official one. Talking about the half of the reinforcements who melted into your lands and the rest who joined your own men at the barracks. These were seasoned men albeit you noticed some troops lacking experience. Apparently Slade was planning to have you raise up some of his own forces. Not that you had any room to complain those reinforcements really helped and Slade's men who melted in the shadows. Were a group of guerrillas and Raiders who were on the hunt with Ser Falkner's guidance. While the rest of them joined your men in patrols, guarding, and attacking bandits.

It made a big difference in the form that of a Boon for this month. That combined with the deal you struck with Ser Falkner was really beginning to pan out. Enough that you finally felt safe enough to temporarily leave your lands. With a bandit boss working in the shadows and your reinforced troops to keep order. Things should be in line until your return. Even if your enemies did think to take advantage of your absence they were going to be in for a very rude surprise. Alone your troops may have been in trouble.

When however reinforced by Slade's Soldiers...well let's just say they have more than a little experience with these situations. While you were both Commanders you were also the Heads of you House meaning you had other responsibilities to attend too often enough. When your troops are combined even when your both absent they have proven to be able to hold the line long enough until one of your return. Those poor bastards are gonna be in for a rude surprise. Especially now with Ser Falkner keeping an eye on things.

Plus you saw one of those Knights Slade left behind to command. A Ser Wilhelm Hill a vicious bastard who is practically the archetype in dastardly act performed by Bastards. Who has taken shelter under Slade's House. He's fierce fighter and Commander. A real troublemaker like any bastard is and he's very good at it. The man should of become a bandit or a real pain in the ass for the House that spawned him. Instead, he somehow ended up as one of Slade's top men. Whenever he shows up it means a tragedy is about to befall the enemy as only a real bastard could unleash.

Come to think of that is probably why Lord Slade is so fond of the man.

Combine that with your own seasoned men and a few of your older Knights to keep order. Things should be fine until your return. Even if an army shows up they'll be fine.

You, the Maesters, Lord Slade with his kids, and your family board some ships and set sail down river together. There while you and the Maesters will head to the Reach while Slade will head across the Narrow Sea. You all board the ships along with your escorts. Once you made it to the fork of the Tumblestone river you split from Slade's forces.

Ah well you still get to keep the Boon regardless.
Voting 1d3 for wealth absolutely but I'd suggest 1d3 for population if we have anything that gives a boost to population (winery? mead distillery?). Pop only needs 4 to increase to the next level (giving us +1 to house fortunes) while law needs 10 to reach the next level (although that does effectively give us +2 or 3)

I assume that would require the purchase of the Scriptorum upgrade and time.
Pretty good upgrade desu, 5 wealth for +1 to future wealth and influence increases.
Slade went down river past Riverrun all the way to the sea. You and the Maesters meanwhile turned back up the Tumblestone around the fork and the went upriver till getting off. Neatly evading all your hateful neighbors and heading past Ashmark to yet another rive which you boarded a boat and sailed down to Lannisport. From Lannisport you hopped on an ocean-going ship separating from the Maesters who headed to Oldtown while your own ship was headed Highgarden where you'll board yet another ship that will take you directly to your wife's family which is thankfully right on the River.

Your escort this time is mostly made up of younger Knights as your pretty sure they'll hold a grudge against you if they weren't allowed to visit the Reach with their Knights and Tourneys to attend. Unlike proper tourney Knights, they at least have seen real combat quite regularly. Which ought to serve them well in a proper melee...well so long as Ser Briarheart doesn't attend anyway.

On the boat ride beside playing board games with your family usually your son trying to teach him strategy or reading. Your Maester informed you that he intends to visit Old Town with the Maester in order to take part in tests to acquire more chains links, but after he's done with the tests he'll catch back up with you.

At first you intended to keep him with but...well the Archmaester himself brought up how serious he was with his studies and its something you always encouraged. After giving him a solid sack of gold to hire mercs, buy tools/books, and pay for passage back. You split from the maesters.

Most of the trip was on a ship and was speedy until you sailed upriver to Highgarden. Where you boarded onto yet another ship that will take you to your wife's family. Fortunately for you her family is right on the river. Easy to spot because of her father's mad attempts to create a manmade lake for ship battles. In other words it is the one with a pond that is slowly being expanded. Many think he's crazy but you knew him to be a battle junky. Once he grew older in years he focused less in fighting himself and more in directing them from afar.

...alright so maybe he was slightly crazy but you personally believed it to more brilliance then proper insanity. He was the one who Knighted you and taught you things that nobody else would even think of. Of enlightening tactics and strategy. Even politicking and shady matters. Most of all the priceless skill of how to fight and think at the same time. Splitting your mind as he explained it.

A priceless skill that enabled you to flourish. People have no idea the secret to your success lay not in enlightenment but actually the mind splitting technique he taught you.

Not to mention the War Games! A tourney field so huge it allowed for proper warfare!

Oh the memories you have...the fun you had. Sadly your no longer as good a fighter as you used to be, but you kept up the warfare and your politicking improved.
Going with pop. We have the 2 gold mines with smelters. They add "Resource Gain Bonus: Population +1. Other Holding Discount: Reduce cost of an appropriate Artisan Personage Holding by 2."

Then we have a winery. That adds Population +1, Wealth +1. Just not sure what it was an improvement of or if we some how got just that. If it was FOOD AGRICULTURE we got House Fortune Rolls: +1 Resource Gain Bonus: Population +1, Power +1 Use Limit: These benefits only apply during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. That's all I remember.

I'm down to get that set up while we are gone. Start adding more goods to what we sell.
You ended up reminiscing quite a lot. Not as much as your wife probably but it was here you properly learned warfare and dangers of the Game of Houses. He taught you how to handle yourself no matter the situation and the war games you played here. Were actual soldiers and fortifications made of earthworks and lumber. That could even be disassembled and reassembled turning into small pseudo castles, keeps, and towers for maximum 'realism'. The man even had siege weapons that shot flour.

Sooner then you expected probably due to how much time passed between the games and memories. After about a month you see it. The ancient bricks and mortar. Along with a Keep and moat fed by the river itself. With siege weapons perched on top of towers overlooking the river. Here a large flourishing tower and irrigated fields. You could also see the now...much-expanded pond which has turned into source feeding ditches bringing water much deeper inland to water the farms and people.

The irrigation system was so extensive you realized it was turning the nearby area into wetlands. With large earthen berths near the town to protect against flooding. As the irrigation system itself was now being fed by the large artificial pond and river itself. Despite being further inland.

Probably invented by the crazy coot before he died in Robert's Rebellion...come to think of it guess that means that pond won't be turned into a manmade lake after all. Damn shame you were really looking forward to those artificial ship battles and you knew he had been to.

Guess your gonna need to get ships of your own back at home for your own artificial ship battle. As your ship docked in town you were welcomed by the Knights of your wife's family House Ambrosia. One of the Oldest Houses in all the Reach. They managed to survive for so long due to heavy entrenching and skilled politicking along with keeping a low profile.

Owner of the Twin Keeps. If you head across the River you find another Keep and moat and township. Their House Banner shows Two Castles split by a blue line representing the river and with a rim of green representing the growth.

Their House was an...eccentric one and one that always kept a low profile. They were founded during an era of expansion during the Age of Heroes. Thanks to their entrenching they won great victories during the Andal Invasion and were able to keep their position but had to bend the knee. Sadly afterward they suffered a very long period of decline ever since.

Their heyday as long since past and now they are a mere shadow of their former selves. With the only vestiges of their former Status being their extensive management, infrastructure, and entrenchments.

As you were escorted by their Knights and your brother in law back to the keep you quickly noticed that things had gone very poorly for them since the rebellion. They were punished harshly on top of losing many of their soldiers and male members of the House.
Speaking with him on the way through the town streets you realized that things were even worse then you had thought. Thanks to being part of the Reach and deemed 'wealthy' they were punished with heavy fines for their loyalty to the Targs and the disfavor of their allegiance has caused much trading the previously relied upon to dry right up. They have already lost lands on top of that were taken from them and are now in danger of losing one of their ancient Keeps as well. After hearing how much thousands of Golden Dragons they were fined with even you twitched at the amount. While the lands they lost were rich ones.

Finding out the details you discovered they lost a uncles, cousins, and nephews during the Robert's Rebellion. Both the Heir and Head of the House fell during the fighting. The Second Son, while he survived, was crippled if he ever awoke from his coma. The third son had become a Septon and wasn't eligible to inherit. The fourth son has been recalled from Oldtown as he was planning to become a Maester. He is the one running things and was the one who welcomed you personally.

You remember him barely back then he was a snotty little boy who loved his books. His older brother loved spending time at the Sept. Since neither of them was in line to inherit they went and did their own thing.

He was clearly under a ton of stress and if his older brother never awoke or slipped away in his coma he will be the one to inherit. Reminding you somewhat of how you yourself became the Head of House.

The Keep at least was much like you remembered it to be. Ancient as ever dating back to the Age of Heroes even. Much like your own Lakestead. The soldiers you quickly noticed were awful...green. Not like the well-trained killing machines they were before.

After being taken to your guest quarters your brother in Law soon disappeared. Probably trying to keep his House from collapsing entirely. The only things of value here as you recall are that which comes out of the ground or river. The family used to have lands needed to graze animals and even a prized breed of horse. Sadly they just lost the last of their grazeland and their best herd of horses with the finest ancient bloodlines to the Crown.

Even you can't help but feel pained over that loss...those horses lineage dated back to the Age of Heroes. Your own Horse was one of them. Just as you were about to speak with your wife you noticed she had somehow slipped away. Probably to see the family graves or help her brother. Either way, should you follow you would be out of place. What with having sided with Tywin and Robert.

You're not about to have friends at all around here. So instead you decided to get some rest. The next day when you awoke you noticed your wife was beside you and at breakfast, the food was notably...cheaper then when you were here last. Your kids, fortunately, didn't know what their old spread had been like but its still less their used to back at home.
Both you and your wife, however, noticed the decline. While she went to the gardens afterwards with your daughter. You took your son to visit the barracks and see if any of the old Knights you knew are still alive. There you found out that their old forces had been solidly gutted the casualties were so bad. Even among the Knights there were many new and young faces. You knew one of them however who didn't avoid you or brush you off carefully. As you approached the old knight you soon saw why.

He was maimed. One of his legs was clearly damaged very badly and he was missing an arm.

Turning towards you nearly shrank back at realizing who it was. Ser Smolder the meanest son of a bitch drillmaster you ever knew. One of the best fighters too. Oh how he used to beat the shit out of you back when you were a squire. His drills were brutal and even the noble sons of the House weren't spared his terrible wrath.

"Ah if it isn't little er Lord Norbert," corrects the old and crippled Knight "And your son I take it?" He asks peering down at your son.

Who despite being foolish shrank back before his menacing gaze and face despite his crippling injuries. "P-Please to meet you ser," he finally squeezed out.

If this was anyone else you would reprimand him but you know better then anyone else just how menacing Ser Smolder was even now. Honestly, you were not surprised he managed to survive despite his crippling injuries.

"I take it your here for the funerals? Hate to tell you but its delayed until we see what happens with the Commander. The House can only afford a single funeral at the moment," huffs Ser Smolder.

"Here to visit family wife was worried after all."

"Ah sweet Meleara always a smart one and later became a real beauty. Do ignore these worthless sons of bitches," spits Ser Smolder at the soldiers. "We lost most of the good ones. At best I was able to scrape together one worthwhile troop from the survivors and if we hadn't lost the damned horses I would have been able to include riders. Sadly said troop is on the other side of the river because we don't have a living noble to spare over there to keep watch."

"Well, at least they would be elites all no?" You point out.

"Aye that they are but we lost too many men. One troop can't be everywhere at once. As is I spend my time trying to drill these green sons of bitches into being trained men at least. No retirement for me now apparently. Not that I would be have been able to afford it now anyway."

"Things are really that bad with the troops?" you ask carefully surveying the drill grounds and barracks.

"Afraid it is. We lost all our ranged. Most of our infantry and horseman. Thanks to our support I was able to save enough men to reform a single infantry troop and I would have been able to reform a horseman troop but we lost all our good horses. The archers up there," Ser Smolder points to the battlements. "Are actually are combat engineers who are manning the siege equipment."
"They are the only long ranged we got. Only good news is our garrisons are still in good shape because we needed someone to guard the towns. If we lose the Commander we are going to lose the other keep to those bastards of House Amberhearts. Traitors the lot of them."

"I take it that means they sided with the Robert then?"

"Aye," spits Ser Smolder. "Ah no offense, of course, Lord Melrose, but we just lost most our lands and our best horses to them. If things keep up we'll lose the other half of the river. Only thing keeping them at bay is the Smallfolk are loyal to us. They were only able to steal away our herds and grazeland, but if they get their way we'll lose the other town and Keep to them."

"In other words, things have really gone to shit then," you state.

"Very," admits Ser Smolder "Unfortunately the current steward of these lands while the proper son of the House is no Commander. If his brother doesn't wake up...we are going to lose that other Keep and town."

"Great take my kids out to visit family and daughter officially to the noble Courts. Instead find out my in laws are at the ends of their ropes. Is there ANY kind of good news?"

"Well," mutters Ser Smolder. "Could also lose this side of the river too!"

"What would my brother in law say?"

"He's about to give up ever being a Maester by taking a wife in order to seal an alliance to attain desperately needed reinforcements."

"To who?"

"Ahem, a 'Lady' of House Umbraheart," admits Ser Smolder.

"Oh...please tell me it isn't THEE monstrous Lady 'Pain' right?"

"...Yeah," coughs Ser Smolder who even looks crestfallen.

You can't help but...shudder visibly at the horror.

"Whose Lady 'Pain'?" Your son suddenly speaks up. "She doesn't sound like a good person..."

"She...I don't know the details," you admit before looking at Ser Smolder.

"Lady...Umberheart is a very nontraditional woman renowned for her cruelty and...size."

"She's that fat?" Your son asks shuddering at the thought.

"No...worse she's tall and freakishly strong."

With horrified expression, he points at Ser Briarheart before speaking "A female Ser Briarheart?"

At this point, you notice Ser Briarheart suddenly perks his head up.

"She isn't a Knight...at all. She's just...takes after her mother a bit too much," looking over at Ser Briarheart Ser Smolder suddenly stumbles back at having just noticed him and curses, " Holy shit she really is that tall."

Ser Briarheart suddenly looks all around himself before turning around completely...and turning back around again with now narrowed eyes after realizing he's the only candidate. Behind his helm before speaking with his gravely threatening voice "No...way." Before looking down at himself.

"...Well at least please tell me the other rumors aren't true," you suddenly ask.

"Well besides the usual rumors about her being a just very feminine looking tall strongman. The truth was she inherited her father's temperment and her dornish mother's ideas."
"Combine that with her unusual size and strength. Well everyone avoids her like plague. It is said her father's greatest regret in life was that she wasn't born a man instead. As she would have been the perfect heir to someone like him. She disappeared awhile back to travel and people mostly forgot about her. Until she returned not long ago as female heir to her father...and she brought with her own supporters. She is currently engaged in a House civil war because her of her father's injuries and there were no male heirs. It's ugly but most shocking of all she's winning against her distant relatives, uncles, in laws, and cousins."

"Holy shit, I heard the rumors even in the Westerlands but I never thought them to be true," you muttered. "In the Dornish Marches right?"

"Yup which is even more impressive. That entire area can't stand to not kill each other."

"To marry someone like that," even you shudder at the horror.

"Poor uncle...that sounds just awful."

Even Ser briarheart mutters under his breath about "giant women."

>After that you head back and attempt to absorb the thoughts. What do you wish to do while you're here?
I didn't know Abigail was here. Still kicking ass I see.

Well since it's a bit late to ask Slade how to help our wife's family discreetly. I vote we at least take a look at things and see if there is suggestions we can make. Take our boy to the tournaments and the like.
As Slade notes you don't have an unofficial troops to set loose or paticularly good shady connections. On the other hand you have lots of money and losing some gold bars isn't too much a problem and good luck trying to trace it if they're stampless.
It was mentioned that they have a Military Academy? That was these relatives, right?
Perhaps we could organise some sort of deal, swapping the benefits of one of our new gold mines+smelter with their military academy for a month or two?

They'd get some extra wealth that might help them get back on their feet, while we would get the military academy discount on wealth:power transfers if we feel the need to raise more soldiers for the upcoming attacks on bandits or badit-supporting lords.
I think we could use some trained engineers or Guerillas for the mountains. We should have 5 power to use from the new land reward. So we can pay for use unit and say we paid for the other. Gifting 5 wealth or something. Not sure if the 5 pop reward can be used for anything.

I want to avoid offering the mine. Since I still think we should give 1 to Falkner.

I just realized we still need to agree on the 2d3 rolls. Then we can speak more about what help we can give.

Well in terms of problems they have is a crushing debt to the Crown. Lost lands and they just lost most of their good military. Combine that with losing so many men and they really aren't doing so well.

It doesn't help that they have been suffering from a very long period of decline.

On the plus side, they do still possess their farms and vineyards but they lost all of their grazing land along with their horses. No doubt intended to cripple their military power.

Which is worth noting has been crippled. From what you remember the only one that was formidable was your Mentor. A so-called 'Madman' who in truth was insanely brilliant. He turned his tourney grounds into something capable of holding full-blown clashes between armies and even designed the means of quick building fortifications to allow for siege games.

Being host to such a unique form of such 'tournaments' helped revitalize the House and even enhanced its prestige. War fanatics, in particular, loved it. Who are long bored with ordinary combat tournaments.

His sons you remember that there really wasn't anyone of particular note. His eldest was more comfortable with wearing silks then armor. His second son whom he forced into taking an active part while a good fighter and good commander sheerly due to getting his ass kicked by both his father and Ser Smolder who forced him to 'git gud'. He never had a particular talent for it so it was literally beaten into him.

His third son was quite effective at sucking up to the Clergy and his fourth son was a bookworm whom the Maesters favored.

His daughters, on the other hand, were a real force to be reckoned with. Thanks to all the boys attracted by the war games they had a lot to work with and get courted well from an early age. Gaining excellent and surprisingly happy marriages in the process.

You were admittedly one of them not that you realized it at the time...

No doubt you aren't the only in law being 'requested' to help by their wives.

Pop can easily be converted into a number of useful things+ its literally the resource representing available manpower and it boosts House Fortune rolls.
Why should we have 5 power? I don't remember anything like that included with our land claims and I don't see why it would be.

As for the mine, I completely agree with including one in the land given to Falkner but we haven't landed him yet. That's why I suggested the swap now.

On the other hand, now may not be te best time time to take advantage of the Millitary Academy benefits. Sure it'd make our troops a little more resilient but the big advantage is the cheaper trading of wealth to power ... and that won't do us any good if we'd rather our wealth went into further wealth investments, such as...
>Tolls for the road we wanted in our new mountain domain (5 wealth cost, +1 wealth and law)
>Scriptorum expansion for our library (5 wealth cost, +1 wealth and influence)
>Criminal Syndicate (10 wealth and requires another criminal holding but increases our law by 10! for the purposes of house fortune penalties/bonuses
>As thanks for saving the hamlet you have been rewarded with 5 Power and 5 Population as thanks by the Smallfolk in addition to them officially swearing their allegiances to your House.
We got it when we push the claim we have.

While true there is no formal agreement and we didn't talk to Falkner about being a bannermen to land him. I still would like to push that we give it to our ally in the fight to take his lands back. It's a show of faith and would help earn their trust.

As for getting wealth to our wife's family. It would likely be safest to do it as a large payment and not shipping gold from the mine lent to them. So there would be less chances people picking up on us helping the people in Reach. Which I believe would tick off our lord if found out.


I didn't tolls were a thing we could get, neat. I was looking into BAILIFFS or SECRET POLICE.
For making Falkner your bannerman it would require offering him enough land to grant him a proper 'domain' and spending the required power.

Which means you wanna start saving up on power because buying banner houses is fucking expensive. However, if you do so the gains are big, they offer a means of buffer for House Fortune rolls, their own forces and lands...which aren't technically yours BUT they belong to someone under your own control.

Meaning you can use your bannermen to hide additional House resources and troops without causing any suspicion with ease. After all that isn't 'technically' yours but rather your Bannerman who is 'technically' under your control.

In other words, Bannermen are the mother of all Loopholes in the Game of Thrones. Albeit very expensive ones but they are very powerful and most of all useful resource. In addition to serving their function as allies and direct source of reinforcements.

For the house fortune it would appear anons want the 2d3 with the first being wealth obviously. So how about the second?

Suggested course of actions so far is to borrow the use of the war academy to pay for troops with wealth instead of power. Smart given how many anons want to get a bannerman which costs a lot of power.

Besides that, you are in the Reach a place where vast quantities of wine are made and crops are grown. Besides also being a the heart of the Chilvrous Knights in all of Westeros and a hotbed of politics thanks in part to its importance as one of the breadbasket regions.

Here is your best bet for finding lots of chivalrous Knights and trade agreements involving crops/wine to point out the obvious.
If we get the other half of his land back. Will that be enough land for making the banner house? Then from there it's 20 power for the first banner house, correct? Which Population can become power 1:1 unrushed.

I'm now in more favor of backing 1d3 pop and the 1d3 wealth. Since we got things to add to both. Then we can ask to use the Academy for getting the last bit of power, if we want.

Hm while we are here we can look into new ideas and items for supply lines. Since we still need to improve that.
No. He was landed Knight the amount of land he owned was tiny. He'll need a lot more land before he can be determined to own a Domain when he does he'll be able to become a bannerman. You can probably rip the required lands from House Walker as compensation for him, but raising up other Bannermen won't be so cheap.

Raising Landed Knights aren't cheap they require a slot of land, gear, and training. Westeros is unusual in that they figured out a way to mass produce Knights by converting higher noble offspring and even bastards into Knights. Their families cough up the dough for their gear and training than their set loose. Which is very common if the House in question had a lot of sons.

If you have the choice Landed Knights are better because in addition to securing the peace in their own lands they can also raise additional forces during wartime. Something those landless Knights just can't compare with. Not to mention usually being richer than their unlanded comrades.

Many of the Knights for your House actually landed or descended from them due to your House's age and recent prestige. They just don't own very much because their Knights and you made sure to keep them flush in enough funds that they can afford proper gear. Most of your Knight families are actually quite old and due to the possible poor quality of their heirs. You took special care to drag them along on your missions as Commander to either get them killed or make them good. Either way, you win.

They either died or got skilled enough to survive.

That isn't even including the Brothers, Cousins, Nephews, and Uncles spawned by those same Knight Houses who also became landless Knights. Whom you recruited heavily from for your horseman troops and Sworn Swords.

The only 'recent' change in your Knight forces was when you married your wife. The 'escort' that came with her as an unofficial bodyguards and wedding gift was some Knights she brought along from home who became sworn swords for your House afterward. Who were much more 'proper' than your own bloodsoaked Knights who saw a lot of fighting and much better at the tourney. Frankly you weren't much a fan but you soon found out unlike your own homegrown bloodthirsty Knights they didn't stick out in the Court blending right in.

Which as much as you hated to admit was far superior in their courtly manners than your own...who were much more comfortable in the battlefield then the courts. Personally, you blame the fact that they came from the Reach and they weren't Knights you raised in the battlefield doing your duty.

The entourage you brought with is a mixture of the two and instead of lower born soldiers as security escort. You took advantage of the age of your House and your responsibility as a Commander of the War Council to bring along Knights. If anyone attempts bribery or attack you they'll be in a very rude surprise given the quality of your security forces.

That isn't even including Ser Briarheart.
Meanwhile, Eleana was with her mother visiting family and preparing for her official introductions to the Court. This was the most important moment in her young life yet. She was about to become an official member of the game of Houses. The only problem was avoiding her father's 'escorts'. Who were already hard at work at scaring away boys much to her annoyance, but damn none of these pansies were able to stare down one of her Knights none of them were even Ser Briaheart! Meanwhile, many of the Knights here while chivalrous in a way that brings a sparkle to her little brother's eyes. They didn't have that air of danger that radiated from her own House's homegrown Knights, but at the same time, they lacked the local knights charm and courtly manner. Clearly being a bunch of bloodthirsty warriors who stuck out. The only ones who were decent in her eyes were the Knights who came with her mother who became a lovely mix of the two since their experiences with her father's forces.

Those knights she could stand but sadly they were few in number. So now she has to figure out a way to keep them from cramping her style. This was a Court, not a battlefield.

Of course, she tried to bring this up with Mother but she said it wasn't proper for a young lady to not have an escort, but could they at least be...a bit less obvious? Most of them were far too frightening. Which at this moment she's certain was the exactly the point. No doubt her Father's idea.

At least she didn't have Ser Briarheart following her around. Ser Briarheart can strike terror into even the most stalwart of veterans. If you listened to the rumors they claimed Ser Briarheart was no man but a monster instead. Concealed in heavy armor and furs on purpose to precisely hide that fact.

It doesn't help he hardly talks and his grumbles might as well be growls.

At least they keep the annoying boys away...but why must it include the cute ones and other girls? Even approaching them yourself is difficult with them hovering nearby. At this point your dying for a proper event so they will no longer have the excuse to stay so near but you fear your father will compensate by having Ser Briarheart stick with you in their stead.

Which would be even worse.

then again at least Ser Briaheart knows how to stay quiet and fade into the background. Which was quite impressive given his bulk.

Well, at least you were able to find the excuse to visit the tourney grounds on your own. With many eager Knights in company. That way they'll be distracted properly and you can make some proper introductions.

The tourney grounds were very impressive large, expansive, and clearly well-taken care of. Even now you could see Knights practicing jousts and melees between local fighters. With betting and people watching despite it not being an official event.

Best of all it distracted your escorts so you finally got some breathing room. So long as you don't sneak off they probably won't pay too much attention.
You learned this trick ages ago. Just wander near the training grounds and your bodyguards will get distracted. Tourney grounds as it turns out are even better! So long as you don't vanish on them they won't care. Admittedly though back then you didn't have nearly such a heavy escort...but with Robert's Rebellion you can't blame your father for being careful.

Still grates on you, however.

Looking around you soon find yourself tourn to either watch the practicing knights or visit with the others who are watching. Ah well, who says you can't do both? Just gotta make sure the guards stay distracted enough they don't come and scare them all away. Somehow Daddy's men are really good at that. You've encountered other veterans recently but most of them can't really compare.

Must have something to do with his duties as a Commander something.
>Any input?

I am used to slow but this is bit too much.

Right now is the time you should be considering trade deals and politicking to point out the obvious.
busy, will have time on weekend or afternoon tomorrow. gib options.
I was waiting for you f a m. That last update ended kinda abruptly, felt like something else was coming.

>Things to do
Well, I'd like to spend a bit more time playing with Eleara. It was a nice change of PoV and I want to see just how charming she can be. Make some friends and allies among the girls of the Rose Court.
Meanwhile Norbert can hunt down some knights to bolster our household troops. Are there any actions we can take as an individual to say get extra power or work towards a discount on a unit of cavalry?
Perhaps also look around for a quality knightly tutor for our son. I'm reluctant to send him off too far to squire when he's our only heir but I want someone to teach him everything that Briarheart can't.
Try and tee up some trade deals, get together with our dear wife and see if there's any likely trade partners for our gold and unique wines.
Ooh, check out any local sources of knowledge. Might not be the most useful but does Old Mate have any libraries, sages or particularly interesting maesters we could have a chat with? I doubt Norb could resist that.

Also, rolling for Wealth and Population since there don't seem to be any objection to those choices.
Just waking up, and yeah seemed like more was to come.
While here what we can do may be find the best knight in all aspects we can find.
Given our wealth and our recent flush of cash that should be coming in. We should see about buying goods from our wife's family. Albeit add a bit on top, so we could support them a bit see if it helps a bit.
We could also check for potential trades and allies/ or friends of our family that could connect us to enemies of our neighbors. That would benefit and be willing to see it through.
I understand allowing the players free roam but we've very very little direction to go with here. Outside of your pointing out the obvious.

I don't want to be rail roaded. But the way things are presented right now is way too vague and... Unfinished? I don't know the right word for it.
Check the To Do list I made it in order to provide direction. Otherwise the last time I provided 'what dos' anons were angry about it limiting options compared to other GoT Quests.

Decided to respond in more detail and made up the To Do list. If you ever need some direction scroll up to the To Do list and compare it to the current situation to get some guidance. Rest is up to you.

Well, the problem is the firstly the Reach was loyal to the Targs and secondly...it will be extremely difficult to find a great Knight whose perfect.

Ser Briarheart, for instance, is a combat monster but his courtly manner is lacking, he'll do anything to be the best, and his tourney skills are poor. He fights to kill not to show off.

If you want someone to be turned into a combat monster Ser Briarheart is fantastic, but he is a brute.

The Knights in the Reach are more chivalrous and actually, have good courtly manners. However, in terms of combat potential, they'll get wrecked by your own Knights in true battle.

Trying to find someone who is both honorable and cunning will be insanely difficult. Much less finding someone who is both a political animal and a combat monster.

Trying to find both in the same person?

That is straight up heroic level difficulty.

Its not like your from a Great House who has their choice of top quality Knights to choose from.
Alright so what I'm hearing is Big B and the rest of the men can teach our boy to fight just fine.
What I think we should search for is someone who above all is someone who can teach him to handle himself in a tournament both in the saddle but perhaps more importantly on the social landscape/battlefield of a noble's tournament.
How much wealth is it to cover a knight's cost? It probably isn't worth it. Yet I like the idea of taking in some down on their luck knights in the Reach and testing them in our neck of the woods.
Barely 1 wealth but that is for ransom. In truth, it's less than that.

Pretty much but the best Knights you have for that were the ones your wife brought with her when she married you.
Well then, I guess we don't need that. Let's just focus on finding profitable trade partners.
Alright. So when can we roll for pop (+3?) and wealth (+6) or has that not hit the needed votes?

I want to push for visiting the tournaments with our boy. Let our knights have some fun and maybe even show off. From there I vote we look for some knights and build up some squads to take on the bandits in our area. Sell it to them as a chance to gain some money and experience. "Just look at how kick ass my knights became under me." Assuming our boys do well.

Guesstimate 4 wealth. Probably under thinking the cost.

Then we look into investing in some Reach enterprise. Maybe we'll make bank of our wines. If not at least we can get some new items to sell and use. Which I think will help logistics.

Guesstimate 5-10 wealth.

Then we can still gift some gold to help our wife's family.

Guesstimate 5 wealth.

Leaving use more wealth after the roll to mess will or bank. I believe we still currently have 19 saved. I hate when I feel I'm leaving something out.
>Guesstimate 4 wealth. Probably under thinking the cost
You are.
We know how much a squad of knights costs, its 6-16 power and 0-2 wealth depending whether they're green to elite, anointed or not and how heavily upgraded their arms are.
We might be able to swing a discount on a unit if our boys do well and we spruik the opportunities to distinguish yourself in real combat under our command. Though judging from Genies comments any such Reach squad would be trained at best.

Also, 5 wealth seems like a very big gift to our family, at least while we've got all this politicking vs our neighbors that could spiral out of control. How about 1 Wealth now with promise of more once our domain is s little more stable.
I fine with trained or lower. Since we'll be drilling them in combat. They'll become walking mountains when they're done.

I picked 5 because it felt right for helping the family that help us. Our wife's father trained us and she help us make money. When the mines dried up on the good stuff. Yet I'll agree to lowering if that is way to much. I still lack a since of worth for the wealth in this system. I'm just not sure how easy it will be to do smaller amount over time. I believe it would be safer for all if it's a big amount once. Since our Lord wouldn't like us helping Reach foke (if I'm not mistaken).

count off how many anons are on?

From what I can tell the agreement is hunt for court Knights. Look into some trade deals/logistics upgrades. Leave some unmarked gold bars to the in laws.

Also roll 2d3 for wealth and pop.

Probably gonna need to start a new thread because the trade deals are gonna take a lot of space and we are already halfway off the board.
woops trip fell.
Rolled 3, 3 = 6 (2d3)

Nice rolling anon
gained 5 pop.
gained 9 wealth.
Okay so I'm thinking we want to get 5 of that invested in setting up tolls across the river and then see what it would take to "borrow" our dear senpaitachi military academy for a couple of months (I was thinking give them the benefits of our gold mine for an equal time but maybe they'd let us invest in the military academy instead - i.e. we buy the core training perk for it and in return they let us experience the benefits of the holding for a while).
Obviously this only works if Genie allows and if we think we're going to be engaging in with combat soon for it to be worthwhile. Between the bandits and the approaching attack on Walker I think so but if theyre going to be more than say 3 months away maybe not.
I'm down to get a toll.
new thread will be made tomorrow along with a large post.

What the hell is with GoT quests and stupidly long posts being a requirement...
Think of it as the next step on the way to writing books.

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