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>Halloween Edition

The coastal town of Diamond Shoals, a popular tourist destination in the summer but otherwise relatively sleepy in the off-season. Occasionally though, there is some supernatural activity abound which is usually seen to by a few strange denizens of the town. For as unnatural as this activity might be though, it usually goes unnoticed by most everyone else. Usually.

You've seen your fair share though and are starting to think you picked the wrong town to move to.
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Special circumstances (the holiday) allow for a temporary selection of bonus characters for play, if such a thing is desired. The choices are; Owen the human ex-track star supermart worker, Lee the human Jill-of-all-trades waitress, or Sarah the young half-gem.

>Please select your character!
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>The continuation of an ongoing quest, with previous iterations available here;

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Sarah it is then, the 10 year old half-gem and lifelong resident of Diamond Shoals. It's the spooky season this time around though, so the most important question and decision to make of the thread;

>What is your Halloween costume? What are you going trick or treating as?

A ghost, right! Simple, but there's nothing wrong with the classics. You also didn't want to pick something complicated in case Sol went overboard. Because of the relatively recent involvement of some humans with your life, Owen and Lee, this is the first Halloween in some years that you won't just be sneaking around and taking the candy people leave outside when it gets late enough and trick or treaters stop coming. This time around Lee convinced Sol to allow her to take you into town, which means having to dress up. You'd rather just the usual, of your normal clothes and sneak-stealing candy, but everyone is making a big production of it this time.

Why, even Owen got dragged along, though you can tell he's just here to be nice and would rather be home resting and getting better.

"Ah'right zen', everyone togezer'!" Sol speaks up to the three of you waiting on the front porch, a regular camera in hand.

"No! No pictures!"

You try to protest but Lee drags you between her and Owen, making a nice embarrassing memory for you for years to come. Not just one photo either, as Sol wants everyone's faces seen in at least one. The trio of you dressed as a basic ghost, Lee dressed surprisingly well as a pirate, and Owen just wearing a store-bought skull mask under his college hoodie; you're certainly going to scare folks half to death. Probably.

While Sol talks Lee's ear off about all sorts of concerns and rules regarding you, Owen sits in wait in one of the rocking chairs on the porch, against the chill sea breeze and the fading light of sunset. Cautiously you approach, concerned about his condition in all of this and whether or not he should be going out with you all. He did suffer a nasty fall about a week ago while trying to help you escape from the lighthouse, with a sprain, dislocation, and concussion to show for his trouble.

"It's still growing, isn't it?" he says through the skull mask, looking out across the grounds at the lighthouse covered in an overgrowth of plants now up to the very top almost, "Is anyone going to take it down?"

"Sol like it for now, say's it look nice. When Emma find out a way to get's it all off, then maybe it come's down."

You can kind of understand his concern about it after what he went through, and it creeps you out just as well. But for now it's not something you're too focused on, just on how to get the most candy and have some fun together.

>Take the lighthouse road and head on in to town, it could be neat to see what sorts of decorations are up at least.
>No way, candy is the most important thing! Aim for the residential areas, the neighborhoods.
>Something to eat before you get underway would be nice, try for some restaurant. Sol gave you some spending money anyway.
>>Take the lighthouse road and head on in to town, it could be neat to see what sorts of decorations are up at least.

Could be something neat in town, worth a quick check at least. So after goodbyes are said and Sol sees you off, the three of you cross the lighthouse grounds together in the direction of the road to and from town. At some point you realize you don't need to be looking like a ghost for the duration of the walk when no one will be seeing you, but not before Owen raises a question before you all reach the exit of the parking lot at the edge of the grounds.

"Oh hey, what about Bentley?"

"No... he's staying home."

Owen's concern is more for your sake, as if you were forgetting something important to you. You're looking to spend time with some real friends though, not imaginary ones.


You don't have a watch or anything but it's nightfall by the time you reach the outer reaches of "downtown" and a few minutes more till main street. Along the way Lee talked about her costume and the help she had making it with the use of some online discussion board or whatever, but as you all draw nearer to the relative center of town the sights and sounds are much more interesting. Lots of lights, streamers, and cut-outs of appropriate figures and icons for the holiday hang across main street overhead, drawn between the buildings either side. The periodically placed trees as well, at intervals of the sidewalk on either side of the road are all lit up and decorated in various ways such as being covered in fake cobwebs. Running all the full length of the road or at least as far as you can see, it's a neat sight and really complements the decorations of individual buildings and store fronts that comprise main street.


Wowee, Sonny must be right about the Mayor spending a lot of money for this.

"You guys hear that? It's all set up in front of town hall!"

Your recalling the Mayor's favor of making a good show out of holidays is cut short by Lee, and her valid observation; you're too short to see town hall over any buildings, but you can definitely hear music. Picking a sidewalk and continuing along together, you pass various folks along the way both dressed up or not, till you can see for yourself the plaza in front of town hall and the source of the music. A little festival setup, nothing to write home about since the plaza itself isn't so big, but it looks great at least and it's probably where most people in downtown are this evening. Well, most people who aren't drinking, or are with their family.

"Ta-daaa! What do you think? Me and... several clubs helped set it all up and have booths even. The city council gave us a little budget but I think we went above and beyond... I wouldn't take the games too seriously, but I know there's some goodies around!"

Like unveiling a new car or something, Lee somewhat surprises you and Owen with the mini-festival plaza, clearly quite proud in her efforts. Knowing her, she may have even organized the whole thing to begin with, there's certainly more than a few people noticing and happy to see her. Maybe it's why she was so eager to drag you and Owen out tonight in the first place. A nice thought though, if she'd rather go trick or treating with you than devote all her time and attention to continue with running the event.

>Delve in and start exploring the plaza for yourself. Not like you could get lost in what is little bigger than the area of a basketball court, and you can probably see everything and be back in no time.
>Stick together. It'll be slower especially if Lee has to follow up with more than a few people, but you feel better with your two grown-up friends.
>See if you can't find anyone here you know. Or rather, you know everyone here anyway since Diamond Shoals is a small town, but anyone you're friends with.
>>Delve in and start exploring the plaza for yourself. Not like you could get lost in what is little bigger than the area of a basketball court, and you can probably see everything and be back in no time.
>>Delve in and start exploring the plaza for yourself. Not like you could get lost in what is little bigger than the area of a basketball court, and you can probably see everything and be back in no time.
File: bottle toss.png (1.84 MB, 2048x1536)
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1.84 MB PNG

The little festival looks pretty fun and it's not often that you get to tag along to something like this. Besides, Lee seems proud of her efforts so no reason to disappoint her. Figuring out a place to meet up again after, you head your own way into the busy plaza while Lee immediately occupies herself with seeing how everything is running at different booths and Owen looks for something to drink.

Even through the shoddy eye holes of the ghost sheet you can see town hall looming over the plaza and lit up as always, but not nearly as brightly as all the decorations around. Despite the inability to see all that well though, you don't have much trouble navigating the walk between the various booths and stalls situated throughout the plaza. There's a fair few people walking about same as you, but you don't feel boxed in and most make room for any kids like you, or at least ones as visible in a costume like yours. Only once do you actually run into someone, some weird guy in a grimy old trench coat, but otherwise you can move at your own pace. You do come across a few people you know like Emily and a friend, Colin from the sports store, and a teacher from school Mr. Mallow. Few ask who you are though and fewer still recognize you through the costume anyway, but it's nice to see those who do and their surprise at seeing you out and about in town.

To her credit Lee did a great job with things as usual, you think. A lot of different stalls, booths, and set up tents you visit to see what's going on. A number of them are run by different groups or organizations in town while others are business owners and the like, but a good amount of effort has been put in by everyone. Some booths are holiday-themed carnival games, like a baseball and metal bottle toss you play and manage to win a small plushy spider and discount coupon to the Risky Hardware Store (the business manning the game). Other stalls, definitely the more popular ones, are just serving up seasonal food and you manage to snag a caramel apple from a sweets stand run by Fat Boy's Treats and Tours. Your uncle handles the tours side of their business so they recognize you and let you have the apple for free. All in all the festival seems a bit too kids-y even at your age, or at least overly "family friendly" but you still have fun nevertheless, and makes you consider maybe even checking out more events in town. At least if Lee is involved, and you can imagine the fun of trying to run one of these booths with Sol or Emma. Because hey, if the Rangers over from the national park, and members from the island's Native American Center have their own booths, why not you and the gems to represent the Lighthouse Service?

Maybe next year...

File: fall time style.jpg (65 KB, 300x445)
65 KB

Having done a decent run through of what to see and do in the plaza festival, you found your way to the little stage in front of the town hall. Normally for speeches and stuff, for now it's been redecorated with a hearty helping of hay bales, corn stalks and pumpkins, and turned over for anyone with an act to use. Currently Mr. Starnes and some of the older local sailors have a little band going, doing some spookier sea shanties for the holiday, while you've snagged a hay bale seat in the little audience area to eat your caramel apple and watch.

"Hey hey, look what the waves washed into town! Shouldn't you be lost in the woods chasing monsters or something?"

A vaguely familiar voice and a nudge at the back of your head as you turn to see Audrey along with Mia and Tyler. Classmates of yours though you've never gotten along with them in particular, for even as little as you actually attend school. Cursing your luck at being caught with your costume partially off in order to eat, you consider what to do but become quickly aware of Karen, Audrey's older sister. She's not as much a bully and seems more interested in a row going down with Captain Caryle raising a scene at the non-alcoholic cider booth, but you can't imagine acting up with her present.

"That's a nice spider she has, didn't you want one Mia?" Tyler joins in when he notices your prize won, "You don't really want it, right Sarah? Just go win another one!"

Out of instinct you grab the plushy prize, but can tell where this is going.

>Stand up for yourself... well, less than you normally might since Karen is there. But you're not just going to roll over!
>Just give it to them, maybe they'll go away. Not like it's all that special to you, anyway.
>Try and find someone to back you up. They've got Karen but you can get someone too!
>>Stand up for yourself... well, less than you normally might since Karen is there. But you're not just going to roll over!
>>Stand up for yourself... well, less than you normally might since Karen is there. But you're not just going to roll over!
File: on the ground.jpg (74 KB, 500x300)
74 KB

"Leave me alone! Is' mine, an' I's ain't givin' you's it."

You wouldn't let them push you around normally, and this is no exception! This isn't normally of course so you're not going to get rough if you can help it, but there's still a lot of things that are fair game.

"Still can't talk like a normal person? That's what happens when you don't go to school..." Audrey makes fun of your speech, "...and your moms are weird rock ladies."

"They ain't my moms- hey!"

You start after Audrey for what she said, but as you bring your arm back to throw the caramel apple at her Tyler snatches the spider from your hand. Angrily you pull off the ghost sheet and throw it at his head, causing him to stumble back and fall over a hay bale. On the ground now you have the chance to jump on him and try to get the spider back as he tries to get the ghost sheet off and Mia attempts to pull you off of him. A couple people around turn to watch but all things considered, the struggle isn't that serious as you basically just sit on Tyler to keep him down while gripping at his hand and the spider, and Mia in turn has her arms around you trying to drag you back. The three of you are making more noise than any harm, yelling at each other about what you do.

"Get oooff him Sarah!" Mia tries not to yell too loud as not to create a bigger scene.

File: gem struck.png (2.08 MB, 2048x1536)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG

"Gimme' back it now or- augh!"

The little scuffle is cut short when you feel dull pain in your lower back, causing your whole body to tense up in extreme discomfort. Audrey it seems took the chance to grab a stick and hit you right in your gem beneath your shirt while you struggled against her friends. Not as much with malice, but rather that she knows it about you and knows it would have a result, and could hit you hard there without causing too much harm. Like she could hit you as hard anywhere else and it would be bad, but hitting your gem... well, it doesn't leave a mark at any rate. It's still a terrible pang though, not exactly pain but you seize up anyway and let go of Tyler as Mia is able to pull you off of him.

"Hey, I saw that!" Karen interrupts, unable to pretend ignoring the struggle any longer after that. In a panic Audrey throws the stick aside, but her sister instead goes to help Tyler up. "You're lucky I don't... give it here!"

Taking the spider from him once he's on his feet, she waits till he gets the ghost sheet off before taking that as well. She doesn't show you nearly as much care when she turns on you and grips your arm then. You squeak in fear, instinctive panic from Karen as she forcefully drags you away from your classmates, though she doesn't punish you or anything. Just rips you to your feet pretty much, and shoves you away, tossing you the spider bundled up in your costume.

"Take your stuff freak- ugh, I'm sorry... just go." her anger at you, or probably at the situation instead, quickly fades to apology after insulting you in the moment. It was still said though, and you can't help feel bad as you quickly gather up your things and leave. Not to exit the plaza entirely but put some distance between you and Audrey. You at least got to keep your spider, but you wonder if it was worth it as you rub at the pearl embedded in your lower back, still a very uncomfortable feeling from it after being hit. You even lost your caramel apple in the struggle, unfortunately.

>Try and find Lee, she can make this better. Maybe even throw Audrey and her friends out.
>You don't want anyone to know about this, what if Sol finds out? Just go to the meeting spot and wait to leave.
>Naturally you're very upset right now, and don't want to be around anyone. Leave on your own, and find a spot if you can to be alone for awhile.
>You don't want anyone to know about this, what if Sol finds out? Just go to the meeting spot and wait to leave.
File: spilled cider.png (2.45 MB, 2048x1536)
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2.45 MB PNG

Your mind races with thoughts, and on the verge of tears both angry and sad. The idea of getting some payback against Audrey and the feelings of upset at facing anyone else for a time. So conflicted, and a lack of focus than in your hurry to leave you collide with that same odd fellow in the trench coat, a grimy hat to match. You hastily apologize but keep going, glad now to see the sidewalk at the street-side of the plaza, and one way out. You consider taking it even, were it not for seeing the place you'd agreed to meet up and Owen sitting on a bench there. Taking a deep breath and wiping your eyes, a relieved smile plays across your face.

"H-Hey Owen, you's get a drink? Thas' good if... Owen? You's ok?"

You approach and take a seat on the bench beside him, noticing a plastic cup of cider spilled on the ground. As you got closer you thought he was just lounging here lazily, resting with his head leaned back and kind of spread out while he waited. His lack of any response though worries you, as your relief fades and you cautiously nudge him. At that he startles awake or at least notices you, sitting back up to normal and lifting the skull mask up in order to rest his face in his hands.

"Oh... yeah, hey Sarah I'm good. It's just... lights are too bright, music is too loud... how are you doing? You enjoy yourself?"

You're not sure of course, but from the sound of things he might be doing poorly as a result of his injuries still... his concussion? If all he did when you split up was get a drink, only to knock it over when he came right back and zonked out on the bench here...

"Yeah, I... get's you this spider. If you's sick we dont's have to go. Trick or treat I means, we can take's you home."

"No no... no, I'm fine! I just need to get up, get going again and walk it off. Thanks for the spider."

Taking the plush creepy-crawlie from you, he puts it right on his shoulder where it clings and holds still. Bundling your costume under your arm then, you get to your feet and take his hands to help him do the same. After a few deep breaths and big stretch then, he follows after you as the pair of you look for and soon find Lee. She's busy changing the layout of the Ski Boxing club's hot tea stand, one of which she's in charge of, to be able to see customers on two sides instead of just one. When you and Owen get her attention though, she's happy to leave what she's doing up to someone else and more than ready to head on out if you are.

The important question though, of where to go trick or treating then?
>Keep it close around downtown here. There's a fair few people whose houses or apartments are here, or along the backstreets. Owen being an example.
>The most people of course live in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, like where Lee lives. However, that's also where most kids will be trick or treating as well.
>It might be a long shot, but the bigger houses on the outskirts of town, by the beaches along this side of the island could be good. It's mostly rich folks or big vacation rental homes, but it's not like they don't celebrate holidays.
File: guard.jpg (309 KB, 1960x1437)
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309 KB JPG

Just a heads up, this will probably be my last response of the night. Will try to resume tomorrow but it is actual Halloween so naturally will be busy for a time.

>Thanks all for playing!
>>The most people of course live in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, like where Lee lives. However, that's also where most kids will be trick or treating as well.
>The most people of course live in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, like where Lee lives. However, that's also where most kids will be trick or treating as well.
Alright, back now from things. A bit late, but maybe we can get things going for a little bit.

The suburbs it is then, or as close to "suburbs" as you can get around here, basically any neighborhoods not part of the downtown area or connected to the highway crossing the island. It's not too long of a walk from town hall then, just a few streets and turns off of main street, and Lee makes it every day near enough so leads the way. Help for sure, since neither you nor Owen ever go around the residential areas; you're always off in the wilds of the island and he sticks to places he can go running.

So about a ten or fifteen minute walk later, passing people similarly going to and from downtown like you all, streets with actual houses start to come into view. For simplicity's sake Lee offers to start in her neighborhood and since she knows everyone there and expects to get the most goodies.

"We can probably hit up all the streets around here pretty quick so, commence Operation... er..." Lee trails off, trying to think of a cool name.

"As Much Candy as How's Much I Weigh's."

Yeah, that seems like a good goal. You're not the only ones with a similar plan as hers either, it seems, as you see a fair few kids with or without parents doing the rounds. So then, within this neighborhood are about fifteen houses, what is your plan of attack so to speak?

>A normal progression as you start on one side, and loop around to the end and back on the other side.
>Run around and see which houses look to be giving out the most, probably the ones most decorated.
>Rough up some straggling kids and steal their candy.
>>A normal progression as you start on one side, and loop around to the end and back on the other side.
File: waiting.png (2.19 MB, 2048x1536)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG

You've got candy on the mind for sure, but it occurs to you that this is the first time you've gone out like this for Halloween in several years, not just scavenging for what you can after everyone else's finished and gone home. Feeling you'd enjoy it more doing things properly rather than just getting the most of what you can, you decide to make an honest effort of it.

To this, Lee is more than happy to tag along with you going door to door, and even Owen for the more decorated houses.


"Trick'r treat!"

"Would you look at that, it's a ghost. It's nice to see a classic, seems everyone dresses up as characters from TV and movies nowadays."

After clearing the rest of the neighborhood and getting a decent haul in the process, Lee saved her house for last. As a bit of a prank, she wanted to see if her dad would notice your passing by without her going up to the door with you, something about seeing if he paid attention to what she'd told him earlier today. It's probably unfair though given your costume, but you see an opportunity in front of you for something extra, and take it.

"I supposed to ask extra, to take for Lee."

"For Lee? Ah, that must be... Sarah under there, right? Yeah, she told me about taking you out. Well you can tell Lee if she wants something she can come and ask her dad herself."

Well it was worth a try, and as he recognizes you now he lets you take some extra candy anyway but tells you to keep it a secret. After that you rush back to the sidewalk running in front of all the houses to rejoin Owen and Lee, the latter taking off her hat and waving to her dad for him to recognize her. Otherwise, the two were just talking but ask if you're ready to go, or if you do want to keep going. You're definitely down for it, but want to take one more walk up and down the street to see all the houses and decorations again. You're having a great time with everything, and getting to spend the night out with your human friends, like one of them.

A great enough time at least, that upon walking once more around the street, you almost miss a familiar sight. Almost. That same grimy trench coat and hat to match, that same guy from back at the plaza mini-festival. Part of you imagines him following you, but he's just standing there at the end/entrance to the neighborhood. Not bothering anyone, just waiting.

>You're worrying too much, it's probably not even the same person.
>Even if it is nothing, you still feel uncomfortable. Leave the neighborhood by another way, crossing someone's lawn to backyard maybe; a lot of the houses are back to back around here despite being on different streets.
>Bring it to Lee and Owen's attention, they're the grown-ups.
>>Bring it to Lee and Owen's attention, they're the grown-ups.
>>Even if it is nothing, you still feel uncomfortable. Leave the neighborhood by another way, crossing someone's lawn to backyard maybe; a lot of the houses are back to back around here despite being on different streets.

Maybe it is just nothing, but is there any harm in letting the others know? You try to whisper to Lee, as she leans down when you get her attention, about the weird fellow.

"Huh... him?" she looks around since you don't want to just blatantly point him out, "Are you sure it's the same guy? Well he's only standing there... look, other people are even bumping past him. Maybe just keep an eye out if he follows again?"

Lee doesn't dismiss the matter entirely but she doesn't seem that worried, trying to make you feel better about the situation perhaps. Owen though wasn't privy to your whispering and asks what's going on, Lee giving him just a short summary. Like Lee, he looks around for and notices the guy, but his response is much more serious.

"No... we're going a different way now. These neighborhoods are all right next to each other, yeah? Let's cut through a backyard then over to the next one."

That's more like the response you wanted to hear, and though Lee is a bit confused over your's and Owen's concern, she goes along with the plan without protest.


"Ok, maybe you guys were right..." she says now, as serious as Owen was before and seeing about taking off her pirate coat.

As it so happened, crossing through some yards to the next street over went fine, and your worries were put to rest temporarily as once again you got to do the rounds of trick or treating in that little neighborhood. Your candy bag is doing a good job of filling up, but better yet you're having a great time as before. On making the rounds of this next street over though, once again the entrance/exit of the road has a familiar presence waiting for you. And this time it's Owen to first notice the guy again; you'd almost forgotten while going door to door and looking at the decorations, but he must have been keeping that eye out the whole time. With him bringing it up again though, Lee is the one looking to do something now.

"If he's still standing there when I get close... yeah, I'm gonna' kick him."

Having taking off the coat and now the hat, she looks ready to make good on her word too. Owen though isn't too keen on the idea, and you don't want any trouble to happen yourself.

>If she's going to... engage him, at least do it someplace else? Not just right at the intersection with everyone else, kids and families around.
>Actually, that's enough trick or treating for you tonight! Yeah, maybe just get out of here. It's getting late anyway, you want to get home so just leave from here together.
>Whatever you do, you'll do together. It doesn't have to be a hostile attack either, not the first thing to begin with at least. Maybe it's just a prank by someone who knows any of you?
>>If she's going to... engage him, at least do it someplace else? Not just right at the intersection with everyone else, kids and families around.
File: self-storage exterior.jpg (98 KB, 1024x768)
98 KB
A bit late, but found time to post even on Friday night!


Lee knows what she's doing, you and Owen would probably just get in the way. As eager as she is to get involved though, you have the better sense to maybe not let it all go down right here in the street.

"Wait Lee don't do nothin' here!" you tug at her pants before she has a chance to leave, "All the people gonna' see."

Hearing your plea, she's a little less eager though not for anyone else's sake, probably that she doesn't care if anyone else sees. But you asked her, and Owen's in agreement so she puts it off for the moment.

"Ok, fine. But these neighborhoods are all right on top of each other, finding a spot out of the way... at least we'll know for sure he's after us."

That's it for trick or treating you suppose...

File: under the hat.png (3.32 MB, 2048x1536)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG

Lee wasn't kidding when she meant it might take a bit to find someplace relatively secluded, but you're more familiar with patches of wild around town. You and Sonny play around them often enough, and have some ramshackle junk "forts" in a few. Out at night though it's still not an easy task but together you manage to locate a swathe of undeveloped land between a subdivision road and the back of the local self-storage facility. Not a bad spot either, since although Owen has a flashlight, the lights around the outside of the self-storage place do a much better job.

"Yep, take my phone Owen- actually Sarah take my phone, be ready to call the cops if he tries anything."

It's pretty obvious by now that the strange fellow is definitely follow you all, having tailed the three of you here despite Lee having a bit of fun and calling him out constantly along the way, to no response. Quickly diverting from handing the phone to Owen to give it to you instead, she makes her approach with little care for grace or subtlety. As of late you've noticed her confidence pretty much overall, being fed more and more by the frequent gifts of gem fragments and such from Emma, affording Lee some strange benefits.

"Ok buddy I gotta' know, why're you so quiet? You seem awful friendly after all, stalking us tonight."

Still no response, which clearly annoys Lee now as she approaches the odd fellow. You of course have been watching him by the better light from the self-storage place and feel a strong sensation from your gem. Maybe just residual effects after being hit there, but it gives you a bad feeling as Lee gets closer, and you feel the need to speak up on something you notice; head to toe, he's completely soaked.

"Wait, whycome he's drippin' wet?"

Maybe Lee notices now, but it's Owen to react first, fast as ever as he seems to make sense of things when you bring it up. Rushing forward, he attempts a shoulder slam into the trench coat guy, nothing significant but enough to put a little distance between. The sudden force of the shove however jolts the figure enough for his hat to fall off and reveal...

"Is that a skull?!"

A human skull, covered in writhing, overgrown plants and held up by them. A ghastly sight for a head, the reaction to which among you, a mix of screaming and panic. Worse still, as the creature starts to shamble towards your friends.

>Panic is the right word, run away! You're sure they'll do the same.
>Try and help, at least enough to give Owen and Lee a chance to get back! Run closer and hurl your bag of candy at the creature.
>Scream your head off at your friends to gather their senses, and avoid getting got.
>>Try and help, at least enough to give Owen and Lee a chance to get back! Run closer and hurl your bag of candy at the creature.
A sacrifice for your friends.
File: candy burst throw.png (2.4 MB, 2048x1536)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG

You're just as frightened as your friends are and why wouldn't you be? Unless it's very elaborate, this isn't some prank but an actual walking dead man. Your friends are in immediate danger as far as you can tell though, so you're prompted to act rather than panic or flee. Throwing your costume aside to move easier, you heft your bag of candy and dash towards the others. You don't expect a whole lot to come from it but within about ten feet you give a running hurl of the bag right at the creature. Zipping through the air then, it hits right in the chest and bursts in a shower of candy, as decent a distraction as you can hope for.

"Go 'way!"

You also notice you couldn't have thrown it that hard but it did knock the creature over, so it's probably not too stable. The important thing though is to pull at your friends and get them to come away with you. Owen doesn't seem as unnerved as you might have expected, maybe since he's becoming familiar with plant monsters by now, but Lee is totally off her game.

"What the fu- shi- hel- heck is that thing?! I thought he was just some guy, what happened to him?!"

"I 'fink is' somebody drowned? Is' all wet... and look, all that seaweed on 'em."

As Lee tries to scramble for some semblance of understanding, you try to watch and learn what you can for as long as the two grown-ups care to linger. At least Owen you notice, is already looking for the best means of escape and seems keen on heading for the road and is just waiting for you to drag Lee along. Hopefully he'll help with that if the need arises though...

Either way, the drowned man struggles to right himself and eventually does so with the help of both the vines of his own person and some of the other plants and grasses around him. A horrid sight, as he begins shambling closer again but now with leafy green tendrils writhing out of any openings of the grimy old trench coat and pants, dripping wet and draped by seaweed. The sight of that at least, is enough to further scare Lee to action as she stumbles back in panic and accepts your help to her feet, ready to flee.

>You're together, so *now* run away! Home, probably is the best place to go.
>It's a terrifying thing for sure, but you can't just leave him to cause trouble or panic. Carefully engage, with Owen and Lee.
>The thing seems fond of you all, following at least. Maybe you can use that to your advantage, and lure him somewhere? {Player Suggestion.}
>>The thing seems fond of you all, following at least. Maybe you can use that to your advantage, and lure him somewhere? {Player Suggestion.}
Lure it to the other gems, they can maybe get valuable information about all the plant based shenanigans going on.
File: the way back.jpg (59 KB, 1217x913)
59 KB

Any of you fighting the creature seems like a bad idea, but you can't just abandon him to trouble someone else... if he even will? He seems awfully fond of you all, maybe you could use that against him.

"We gotta' get him followin' home. Sol'll know what to do."

Lee of course raises immediate protest but you're just as reluctant as she is over this, and she comes to understand that you're right. If nothing else, on the matter of getting rid of the drowned man.

"Look at him... well don't really look at him, but if that's as fast as he can move then we don't even need to jog to keep a good distance apart."

At least Owen is a little optimistic.


"...and if I knew this was going to be my Halloween, I'd have just stayed and managed the plaza fest!"

With Lee complaining much of the way and Owen just trying to keep an eye on the drowned man, the three... four of you managed to reach the long road from town back home to the lighthouse. It's a slow going for sure since you're having to keep pace for the creature, but at least you crossed over wild land to avoid town proper, and anyone who might notice. Trudging along the sandy tarmac then, it's still awhile till you reach home but the farther you go the more the signs of leaving town behind; the rising reedy dunes either side of the road, the sound of the ocean getting closer and the wind to feel it, and streetlights being substituted for moonlight in the starry night sky above.

"Agh! Whas' that- oh, phone."

Obviously jumpy with the drowned man following behind, you're startled by a sudden song and accompanied vibration from Lee's phone which you still have, never getting a good chance to return it with everyone's minds on the elephant in the room. Or skeleton in the closet. Checking the screen, you see Sol's name and an accompanying fancy sun for her caller pic. Not a bad surprise by any stretch.

"Hi Sol! Ya' don't hafta' worry, we's all done and comin' home now."

"Sarah? Since when 'ave you 'ad a phone? Ah nevermind 'zat, you may stay our later, per'aps spend 'ze night wiz' Lee. 'Zere is a problem 'ere wiz' 'ze plants and 'ze light'ouse. 'Zey started acting up all of a sudden, it's getting dangerous 'ere."

More dangerous than being stalked by a dead man? It seems the hostile plants are acting up all over the place tonight, and if some leafy vines around a skeleton are enough to threaten you all, you can't imagine what enough to cover the lighthouse can do.
>If there's a situation back home, then you don't want to possibly unite both dangers. Ask for Sol to come and help, then you can return home together.
>It sounds like she's having her own problems, so maybe you actually will have to deal with your problem on your own. Well, the three of you.
>This is perfect; a chance to gather all the threats to one place. It could exacerbate the problem but at least it'll be only one thing to deal with.
>About the plants, we have a skeleton animated by plants, and it's following us. So we were heading your way to get assistance. Ehh, maybe this plant can answer some questions or something, since it isn't very violent.

Sol sounds like she's got her own troubles back home, but in no way are any of you prepared to deal with the drowned man so it's just going to have to work out somehow. You let her know as much over the phone, to which she's quite alarmed, worried about you being stalked by a skeleton and so makes the decision for you by demanding you get home.

No change in plans then for the most part, as you return Lee's phone and continue on together with the drowned man in tow. Not much farther anyway, if it weren't night out you'd have been able to see the lighthouse by now.


"Whoah, look out, he's catching up. Move, Sarah!"

Some twenty-odd minutes or later and the lighthouse grounds come into view past the dunes, the lone streetlight in the little parking lot, and the house visible beyond it. Thankfully Owen was watching back more than forwards, and rushes to grab and carry you out of the way just as the drowned man unexpectedly picks up the pace and near enough runs at you. Owen was ready to keep on running, keep you away but the creature just went right on past till reaching ahead a point where it slowed to a stop, between the three of you and the lighthouse grounds.

Not as though it would be hard to just go past, or around him, but you get the feeling that the creature will just move to keep blocking your way to the lighthouse. At least, from getting any closer.

"Is 'zat it?! Va-t'en de là! Move!"

You don't suppose the creature will have the chance to block your way for much longer, as you see Sol approach, hurrying her way across the lawn from the house. She must have been waiting for you all, and at the first sight of trouble she's already reaching for the back of her neck, her gem to draw forth a weapon. Ready to toss a sharp lens right at the drowned man, she means business.

"But he did'n hurt us..."

Owen set you down as soon as the creature got to reach the edge of the grounds, but you're having thoughts about rushing in to try and stop Sol. You can't believe you're considering it, but maybe the drowned man isn't all bad? It did seem like an idea to maybe try and communicate with the thing after all.

>If Sol is going to destroy it, then so bit it. Whatever it is, the thing is bad news.
>No, it's not just some monster like the other gem creatures in the past. It's worth it to try to figure out what it wants.
>Maybe Sol can subdue it without "killing" it? The bigger problem right now is the lighthouse anyway.
>>Maybe Sol can subdue it without "killing" it? The bigger problem right now is the lighthouse anyway.
It looks like it tried to keep us from the dangerous lighthouse. It might be able to give us information, somehow.
File: Bentley, the seed.png (3.14 MB, 2048x1536)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG

You're not about to hold hands and have a heart to heart with the creature, but it clearly has some agenda. It's not clear how you could learn what that is, but destroying it removes any chance of that.

"Sol wait, don't!" you shout out, dashing for the drowned man before Owen or Lee have a chance to intercept you. Not wanting to actually get so close though, you stop short a few feet, hoping Sol will get the message, "He ain't tryin' to hurt us! He just want somethin'!"

"Sarah, I'm only going to say 'zis once. If you don't move- oh... très bien, Lee!"

You can't recall having seen her so angry (and scary) at you, for seemingly putting yourself in harm's way but it's not for long when to both your surprise Lee jumps in with a flying dragon kick right to the head, knocking the drowned man over and sending the skull tumbling along the roadside. Gasping, you have some initial worry but when the headless figure continues to stir, you figure that's as good a way as any to subdue it.

"Issat... Bentley!"

Headless for not much longer, as the creature struggles to right itself and finally just extends a green-entangled skeletal arm from the left sleeve of the trench coat, to reveal the previously concealed coconut held in the bony hands. In a jittery manner it ends up just replacing the skull with the coconut as plants withdraw from the hand and instead grow up from the neck to re-entangle the coconut. It even manages to reach inside the coat and draw out the familiar straw hat to place atop the "head" to go along with the usual sunglasses.

"You've got to be kidding me... the coconut was the one controlling the plants, that's why they're attracted to it?"

A range of emotions among the lot of you from happiness on your behalf to utter confusion from Lee, but it's Owen who's actually hit pretty hard and sounds... upset almost. It was you and him of anyone after all, whom had the most exposure to the persistent plant menace ever since that trip to the giant forest, and more than once he stuck his neck out for Bentley. The difference though, the coconut was always an imaginary friend to you, but Owen put himself at risk to humor you in that regard. Even his injuries from the fall, were in part because of the coconut so you can see why he'd be agitated by this new truth.

The more you think about it though, the more you sympathize with Owen. The problems with these repeatedly hostile plants have plagued all of you for some time now, and gone as far as hurting to even potentially killing some of you. That's right... you recall, even Lee got smashed out a window back in the giant forest by the plants, and would have died if not for one of the gem fragments Emma had given her. As happy as you are to see your friend Bentley again, and apparently as a real entity now... he's been no friend to anyone else but you.
>You're not sure why Bentley would have tried to cause all that harm in the past, but he isn't now and there must be a reason. Try to communicate with him... but how? {Player Suggestion.}
>There's no forgiving him for what was done, to your real friends. Let them smash the coconut.
>If he's controlling the plants, or at least contributing somewhat, then maybe reuniting him with the rest can put an end to all this?
>>If he's controlling the plants, or at least contributing somewhat, then maybe reuniting him with the rest can put an end to all this?
>>You're not sure why Bentley would have tried to cause all that harm in the past, but he isn't now and there must be a reason. Try to communicate with him... but how? {Player Suggestion.}
Point at the violent plants and shrug?
File: giant leaf.jpg (339 KB, 1650x1100)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Busy day today, so apologies for such a late post.


For your friends' sake you wouldn't stop them from destroying the coconut if they really wanted to, but your plea at least caught their attention and they're willing to try your idea. If it really is Bentley, then he should recognize you enough to figure something out, and why wouldn't he recognize you after all this trouble to get at you?

"Them! Ova' there! Bad?"

"How are we... supposed to tell?"

Without a mouth or even eyes to blink, you try and figure out how to maintain a back and forth with the coconut, coming to settle on charades and gestures. Although it's not a total failure, it's not as beneficial as you'd hoped since Bentley (creepily) seems to understand you, but the skeleton body of his even with the plants animating it just isn't agile or dexterous enough to express gestures in return of any clarity. You might have expected that, from just a bunch of bones barely held up by some intertwined leaves and vines.

Still, it was a good effort but failing that, all you can think of now is trying to get him back together with the other mass of plants overgrowing the lighthouse. Even with his goal of blocking your approach, luring him over like before shouldn't be too hard.

File: darkening tower.png (1.54 MB, 2048x1536)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG

"Jus a lil' closer an'..."

It took a fair amount of convincing and pleading with the others to try your last idea, but eventually only Owen refused to be involved. He didn't leave though, just kept his distance in case. The rest of you with some quick and careful maneuvering managed to get the coconut skeleton to follow over closer to the lighthouse. With increasing urgency from Bentley you notice as well, the closer you all got to the tower, the faster and seemingly more desperate his movements got till finally he seemed to just give up and move straight for the base of the lighthouse. After that, like a tree taking root in real time, both the writhing plants of his own "body" and those closest of the tower came to intermingle.

"There goes. Now just wait an'... oof!"

It takes long enough for anything to happen that you let your guard down, though the action itself is very sudden anyway; without warning, from the overgrown green mass quickly expand three giant leaves as to shove the three of you closest away. Naturally you take offense and Sol even is ready to fight again now, but it does occur to you that had Bentley wanted to cause serious harm to any of you he could, instead just pushing you away relatively gently (albeit still forcefully) with some giant leaves.

"Ok I gives up! He ain't hurtin' us but don't want us close, I dunno' what he want."

"Something to do with that... probably."

Owen whom had kept his distance (and who you're all closer to after being shoved back) and kept an eye on the tower all the while, points up to where the top of the tower should be. It's too dark to see anything but a black silhouette against the starry sky, but you can hear some definite banging now, after Bentley shoved you all back. It sounds like a banging against glass, the windows around the beacon at the top? A faint groaning of... bending, twisting metal too? But definitely the loudest being the banging against the glass, and eventually a shattering sound. Probably more to come if it's left alone.

>The plants must be trying to get inside, buy why? You've gone this far, maybe trusting Bentley is the right thing to keep doing?
>The coconut can do its thing, but you want to be there to see what it's trying to do in the lighthouse, whether or not it tries to stop you.
>Have someone, probably Sol, wait here ready to destroy Bentley. Some of the rest of you go to check what's going on, and if it's bad call for the signal to break the coconut.
>>The plants must be trying to get inside, buy why? You've gone this far, maybe trusting Bentley is the right thing to keep doing?
File: out of order.png (2.09 MB, 2048x1536)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG

Rather than try to get into the lighthouse and have to fight the plants in order to do so, you decide to trust Bentley and try to hope for the best. Lee at least supports you, though mostly because she doesn't want to get involved with the plants at all you think. Sol meanwhile only doesn't launch into an attack against the coconut because you genuinely asked her to go along with this, and Owen... he's pretty removed, maybe still angry over the truth.

If he is though, he doesn't show it and remains focused on what's going on. More than the others, Sol and Lee while waiting, ending up chatting about your Halloween and a shared glee over you getting to trick or treat and dress up.

"Hey, uh... I've been wondering for awhile now, almost since I moved here, but is there a reason the lighthouse is never on?"

In his observation, Owen comes to ask an admittedly valid question, but one you've known the answer to for a long time now in part due to other people asking the same thing.

"Just stop workin' back when, afore I's born. Ships don't need it no more so Emma never get it fixed."

Although tourists and whatnot still come to visit the lighthouse, being a historic landmark, it's not been in service for many years now. You never got the full story because it didn't interest you that much, but several decades before you were born the Coast Guard took all the country's lighthouses under its wing, and with more modern naval technology only few lighthouses are still in operation. Probably fewer still if any, actually needed. Well at some point the Hattrask light here stopped working, and since it wasn't needed anyway, neither the gems nor the Coast Guard needed it fixed.

It'll probably need to be fixed after this though, the light not working is one thing but all the windows smashed and overgrown...

"Ok, but... Sarah, listen. The lighthouse is built pretty well, pretty sturdy right?" Owen continues, still not satisfied and a bit of an annoyance to you, "It can withstand storms, hurricanes even. So why did it just stop working? What could make it break down when hurricanes couldn't?"

It takes awhile for his words to sink in, as to what he might mean by them, but it's when the groaning sound from above comes to obscure the infrequent breaking glass sounds that Owen's concern starts to seem valid. You start watching for the top of the tower as well, wishing there was light enough to see, and before long the next shattering of glass is more than audible when some shards rain down on the grass nearby. Accompanied no less by a chunk of twisted metal... part of the railing up there?

"Sol... Sol!"
>Somehow you need to get the lighthouse up and running, however much (or little) of it is still in working order. If for no other reason than that it would make easier to see what the plants are doing.
>Whatever Bentley is doing up there... it doesn't just involve the plants. Prepare for things to get risky.
>You're getting the creeping suspicion that Emma has something to do with this... where has she even been the last couple of weeks? Either Sol knows where she is, or she has to be found.
It's gem powered isn't it
Call local police, alert them to a possible gem shenanigans and have the police ready to get an evacuation order going, or to at least keep people away from the light tower.

You all are the only ones out here, and on a Halloween night you'd not expect a bunch of people to just show up. If you're sure of it though, then yes you can call the police.
Just an fyi to let them know we trust them.
To help the normal people escape the horrible magical tragedies.
File: looking up at the tower.png (1.16 MB, 2048x1536)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG

At the situation becomes increasingly more precarious, your mind races with possibilities. The most prominent concern of yours though you come to realize, is the wellbeing of others. If something dangerous is going on (and by the look of things it could be something big) then you don't want anyone, even all the way over in town to be at risk.

"Lee, take Sarah insid- oh, yes stay inside!"

Sol picks up on your worry pretty quickly and would have you escorted inside, but at the sign of more broken glass and scraps of metal falling, you're already running for the house by the time she notices so she just calls after for you to keep safe. First on your mind though is getting to the kitchen as you dash up the steps of the front porch, throw open the door and make for the phone on the wall next to the fridge.

"Police number... police number..."

It's not as though the gems ever sit you down to teach you what might be common knowledge to other kids, so you have to search across all the notes of numbers posted to the side of the fridge. And you're not having to call for the police... well, possibly ever. Eventually you do find the big note for the number though, mentally kicking yourself over not remembering something so simple.

"...yeah, the lighthouse! Don't need help, just be ready for somethin' happnin'. And keep people away!"

It takes a bit of back and forth before the dispatcher recognizes who you are, and you get the sense that they may have taken it as a prank call, but at least you did your bit. It's in their hands now, whether they take it seriously but of course, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

"Aaagh! Commence Operation... uh, Run Away!"

Of course hope is meant to be dashed, as you can hear muffled panic outside. Hurrying to the window, you can see Lee and Owen making a break for the porch to try and take cover, while Sol does her best to avoid falling debris from above. Looking up, you're annoyed at still being unable to see anything clearly, but there's definitely something going on. Something hostile, and big, and not just plants either as you see near half of the window array from around the beacon come crashing down. The source of the groaning, it must be, not just the sound of bending and twisting metal. You've only the backdrop of the starry sky to see anything against, but an expanding dark silhouette, seeming to stretch out equally in opposite directions... wings? What little you can make out, they seem to move as such and whatever it is, is big.

Sol though, you can see already with weapons drawn and focusing her gem power to an increasing glow. You know what that means; an incoming blast of light, which should help for seeing what's going on, but will it be enough?
>You can't leave her alone out there! Well, not just you alone, Owen and Lee too, but there must be something you can do to help?
>Sol knows what she's doing, best to heed her advice and stay inside, stay safe. While you're at it, get your friends inside too.
>The best way you can help right now, is by getting help. Sol isn't the only gem around here.
>>The best way you can help right now, is by getting help. Sol isn't the only gem around here.

Just one... vague look at that thing outside, and you know you can't leave Sol to deal with it on her own, whether or not the plants are there to help. There's Owen and Lee of course but you wouldn't blame them for being scared, you feel the same way. There is a third option though, the oversized pearl embedded in your back a reminder of it.


No idea where Emma is, and Sol's already engaged, but there is one other gem. Struggling with the idea in your head for a few moments, the sound of more breaking from the tower prompts you to act. Dashing for the stairs, you jump up two at a time to the dark corridor at the top, leading all the way to the room at the back. You almost just burst in, but stop yourself short in recalling that you're never to enter that room, one of the very few house rules. Letting go of the handle, instead you try not to pound at the door too hard and call inside.

"Chalcy! There trouble, we need you help!"

Some moments of silence, before movement inside. Your heart skips a beat at seeing the handle turn, and there hunched over in the partially opened doorway is the big blue gem.

"Something wrong, with the tower? What do you want me to do about it? I'm not allowed outside, remember." her words drip with insincerity, feeling like she's talking down to you both literally and figuratively, "No, Sunstone is capable enough... it's night out, this should be a good test of her abilities."

"But it some super scary monster! Please, Chalcy!"

"Don't call me that-" your pleading is met with an expression of anger, as she starts after you through the doorway. Naturally you panic with a squeak, and fall over away from her but as she sees this some realization crosses her face as regret takes the place of anger. "I'm... Sarah I'm sorry. Here, show me where it is. I'll take a look at least."

A twinge from your gem, a bad feeling but you take her hand after she grabs you and puts you back on your feet, to lead her the way downstairs. By her size you have to give her room on the way down, but eventually you're at the front door, opening it for her to see. Lee and Owen take that as you letting them in, but jump back in panic when they see the big blue gem approach and (with some hesitation) have to scrunch down to fit outside.

Moving to the edge of the porch, like the rest of you she takes a look skyward to glimpse the winged creature struggling with the plants. At some point or other Sol becomes aware of Chalcedony's presence and with a mixture of shock and worry, she quickly shoots you a furious look, but does her best not to let on any of this to the veritable elephant in the room. Only when Chalcedony speaks, do you notice Sol lower her guard (and weapons) towards her, as if she was expecting a fight for whatever reason.

"So what's the plan, Sunstone?"
>This ought to even the odds. Not that you doubt Sol, but now you feel more able to help. Alongside Owen and Lee of course.
>You don't want to get in any more trouble, just keep inside with your friends.
>The gems should be able to draw the creature's attention down to them... giving you the perfect chance to get into the lighthouse and figure out what's gone wrong with the beacon.
File: late sun.jpg (1.52 MB, 2304x1728)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
Also, we're on the last page now. I'll try to continue (and wrap things up) when next I can later, but if the thread closes before then, thanks all for playing!
>>The gems should be able to draw the creature's attention down to them... giving you the perfect chance to get into the lighthouse and figure out what's gone wrong with the beacon.
File: lighthouse power array.png (1.64 MB, 972x968)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG

Waiting for the chance to make a dash for the lighthouse the opportunity arises when finally, perhaps to target the source of its annoyance, the monster descends from the tower and would target Bentley if not for the intervention of the gems. A dark, and ghastly winged creature like something out of a nightmare, you're glad you won't have to deal with it and don't envy Sol or Chalcy.

"No, Sarah wait!"

Bursting out the front door, it's now or never you think, while the gems are occupied as to not stop you from getting involved. Lee does try and grabs after you but you manage to shake her and keep running. Probably for the better, as her pursuit in trying to bring you back means you won't be alone.

Taking a long way around as to avoid the combat going on then, you manage to reach the entrance at the base of the tower, and after some struggle against the overgrown plants blocking the way you make it inside the lighthouse.

File: beacon lens.jpg (145 KB, 800x640)
145 KB
145 KB JPG

"Wait no, that's just the inside lights... hey, watch yourselves up there!"

Eventually even Owen followed after you, probably also feeling responsible, as you rushed up the continuing spiral stairs of the tower while hearing the fight between the gems and the monster raging outside. You did your best to explain your idea on the way up, leading Owen to try and figure out and busy himself with the old electrical controls in the service room below the beacon, while you accompanied Lee up top. Outside, to try and see what went on. Much colder and windier up here, the first thing you notice as Lee holds you close and the two of you try to step over plants grown everywhere up here, and avoid any broken or smashed parts of the lighthouse up here. Particularly the edge, obviously.

"Hey, issat'..."

"Part of the monster? Ugh, gross."

Thanks to Owen's efforts, you now have at least have a few exterior lights up here (not yet smashed) lit now, giving enough light to see your way around. Hanging onto Lee's side, at first you were quite taken by the view of town at night, but you try and focus on the matter at hand and quickly notice and point out the old beacon. A lot of the top of the tower up here is smashed up pretty badly, likely from the monster struggling against all the plants overgrowing everything and now even reaching inside for the beacon. The old light itself, a really complex array of lens around a light source you can see, but it looks all grimy, filthy and coated with some dark sludge. If that is from the creature, then for whatever reason in the past, it must have found the beacon and come to inhabit it. Maybe attracted to the light, or heat? In any case that would explain why the beacon stopped working, if some dark and grimy gem monster had wrapped itself around it all these years.

You even try to recall the times you came all the way up here before, and remember the beacon being pretty grimy, but you figured that was just from being left alone for decades and it didn't look nearly as filthy as it does now. The monster must have wrapped and concealed itself among the beacon quite well, but Bentley's action with the plants have now drawn it out for whatever reason. At least, that's your best guess.

"What're we supposed to... should we just clean it, toss some water on the thing?"

Lee seems to have her own ideas of how to deal with the problem, and it makes sense to you. Maybe getting rid of the monster's remains on where it had been dwelling, hiding, will have some effect on the creature itself?

>See if you can find a bucket or something, get some water. You're not going to scrub it clean or anything, but a quick wash of the beacon is in order.
>Don't bother. Just tell Owen to find which controls power the beacon, and fire it up.
>Smash it, as best you can. It's a shame to further damage the lighthouse, but dealing with the monster is the priority.
>>See if you can find a bucket or something, get some water. You're not going to scrub it clean or anything, but a quick wash of the beacon is in order.
Focus on one spot that would directly shine the light on the creature, then work from there.
>>See if you can find a bucket or something, get some water. You're not going to scrub it clean or anything, but a quick wash of the beacon is in order.
File: beacon eve.jpg (959 KB, 2000x1335)
959 KB
959 KB JPG

The thread is about to drop off the board, but will pick up things in the next thread right from here with these.

So same as before, thanks all for playing, hope you enjoyed it!

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