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>Your name is Ori Tillersik
>Part time drug dealer, part time college student, perpetual disappointment
>Burnt out hoodlum just living day today
>And after twenty three years you finally fucked up bad to end it
>The sound of your feet pound against the aging, broken concrete cuts the night
>Slamming behind you is the sound of five more pounding sets
>Dim streetlights guide your hurried escape into the mild suburban night
>Thankfully the cool air cuts the heat and strain of your self-sourced tactical gear
>But not enough to keep this chase up going forever
>The 4th Street Vatos did not appreciate your intrusive attempts
>Though a five man hit squad doesn’t seem proportionate for a fifty count of oxy
>Fucking Cholos man

>Your hand drifts down under your surplus jacket and pulls out Suzette
>The weight she’s carrying affirms she’s full of 9 rounds of 9mm hollow point
>two mags clink away on your belt
>There’s only one way out of this and that is through
>Your vest is good enough for three hits, but after that who knows
>All you wanted to do was sling a little on the side for your savings
>The first couple sales went fine
>Friends and friends of friends only
>Low volume, low risk
>You kept this up for a few months
>You’ve done pretty well for yourself so far, but all luck turns

>Someone sold you out, but that’s a matter for later
>The buyer didn’t show, either he never existed or they got him first
>You look up ahead, trying to choose where to make your stand
>The combat training from your time in JROTC finally paying off
>Your old man would be proud, if he was even speaking to you
>Or alive for that matter
>Your aging Civic you left in a parking lot a quarter mile from the deal his only legacy
>Cutting behind some houses gives you a moment to breathe
>Any longer and the noise will bring the cops
>You weigh your options

>To the north is the Old Church
>Lots of heavy wooden pews for cover and the altar
>Easy entrance through the windows
>Stone walls makes stray fire negligible

>To the east is the cemetery
>Thick rotting headstones are temporary cover at best
>Drifting fog could give you the ambush advantage
>A lot of open ground to get caught in, or catch someone in

>To the south is the old burnt out mansion
>Abandoned long ago and neglected
>Teens go there to make out and smoke pot
>Caught fire twice but still standing, very dangerous interior
>Could hide out and avoid a fight or try to take them one by one

This could be the start of your journey, or the very end
Where will you make your stand?


Twitter - https://twitter.com/NightmareQuest
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oOXNxquJAJs0nBJNQlZnDn7342_0ZdDXugLtjlkNzxk -- Inventory
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dzYd5AAh2xIr8DAD37pVMbDU9tv2_kbvtfBC0c6Mn7c -- Char sheet
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YLC5maWPGwUJP3o0hqf6jYwKn9arCe-0Rh_D7xnLFXo -- Rules

>You don’t want to be caught in an open field gunfight nor trapped in an enclosed space
>Too many things could go wrong
>Better to try and force them to split up
>Maybe you can hide out and avoid a bigger mess
>Maybe you could take them all
>One by one
>You shake your head and focus on running
>The sounds of the gang are getting closer now
>Clips of unintelligible spanglish drift over the fences
>The mansion doesn’t take long to reach

>You hop over the short wrought iron fence
>Flagstones crack as you stomp up to the front door
>The worn hardwood barrier doesn’t even withstand your firm kick
>A thick smell of rot and ash fills your nose through gasping breaths
>The round foyer is filled with leaves and trash
>Footsteps and handprints cover every dusty surface
>A single potted plant continues the struggle, despite being the only living housemate left
>Graffiti covers every inch of the singed walls
>Your eyes linger on one phrase in bright green
>”Haunted Basement- Deadass”
>Haunted by heroin junkies more like

>The hunting cholos are growing closer
>It’s been a few years since you’ve been here
>You and Cassidy used to break in all the time
>In pitch darkness you know this place in and out
>Learned a lot about ins and outs then
>There is no basement but there are a number of rooms you could hide out in
>Or paint the walls with their twitching innards
>Fucking hell you are jacked up
>You make a note to lay off the Sips if you survive
>Need to warn Cass too
>Among other things

>But you think about what comes next and either option still leaves a mess
>The upstairs isn’t safe, too many rotted-out floors.
>The Kitchen has a stone topped island, good barricade for a shoot out
>The Study has many large cabinets, could hide in one or ambush
>The Living room has some couches and a piano, you have enough time to barricade in
>Could try to shoot them from the foyer, get them in the yard
>Knowing the 4th Street they’ll have some knives and clubs and handguns
>Enough to put you in the ground, or wish they did

Make your choice Ori, before its made for you

>Foyer Shootout
>Kitchen Battle
>Study and Hide
>Living Room Siege
>Another plan?
>Study and Hide
Check if we are wearing any purple so we can be the sneakiest
>greentext writing
This is awful to read OP.
You are disadvantaged in numbers, so the ideal choice would be a narrow corrider or room where you can deal with them 1-on-1, preferrably by shooting them to not risk getting your shit beaten by a storm of baseball bats.
Go upstairs anyway. Be careful and stick to the edges of the rooms. They'll be a lot more likely to fall through, especially as a group.
>>Foyer Shootout
>>Kitchen Battle
Start with Foyer, fallback to kitchen. We know the house, they don't.
File: 1437869804313.jpg (11 KB, 200x200)
11 KB
Rolled 9, 11, 14, 20, 9 + 2 = 65 (5d20 + 2)


>>Foyer Shootout
>>Hall Gunning
>>Kitchen Battle

Roll 3d20+4 for Running, Gunning, Dodging
Rolled 2, 17, 19 + 4 = 42 (3d20 + 4)

Rolled 5, 12, 11 + 4 = 32 (3d20 + 4)

Rolled 1, 18, 9 + 4 = 32 (3d20 + 4)

Time for some quality run n gun
Rolled 1, 1, 6 + 4 = 12 (3d20 + 4)

Rolled 13, 10, 2 + 4 = 29 (3d20 + 4)

File: kitchen.jpg (128 KB, 1024x679)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Running Critical Failure
>Gunning Critical Failure
>23 Dodging

This is going to hurt, tiger

>You draw your pistol and post up against the doorframe
>The cholos spread out and approach the house
>An angle presents itself on two of them
>you quickly draw a bead and wait
>Overhead clouds part for a moment and moonlight washes over the yard
>Their flannel contrasts with the bright yellow gang flags hanging out their pocket
>You think for a moment about the path you are heading down
>It was never supposed to go this far
>You pull the trigger
>Its not going anywhere with the safety on
>The sound of your gun alerts the horde
>A flash of silver and an angry shout from the lead cholo is your only warning

>LC: "Light that fucker up!"

>Before you can pop off a single shot the yard erupts
>Turns out they were carrying more than pistols
>The sound of something automatic rips the night apart
>Shards of wood and glass explode from the wall next to you as bullets fly
>You jump back and across the foyer into the hall leading to the kitchen
>The loose leaf litter makes the wood flooring slippery and you flub the landing
>Something snaps in your ankle and you fall on your face

Ori takes 5 damage and is hobbled and can no longer walk (-5 to dex)

>Pain sears your leg and your muffled screams are answered by another hail of bullets.
>You fire a few shots back as you crawl to the kitchen and behind the counter
>It isn’t clear if you hit anything, the pain making focusing difficult
>At least your gun can shoot now
>Footsteps carefully enter the house and split up
>Two are slowly heading down the hall towards you

The seconds left on your life dwindle, choose...

>Hide in the pantry and hope they leave
>Shoot them from behind the counter
>Start a fire to cover your escape
>>Hide in the pantry and hope they leave
Well this is going great
>>Shoot them from behind the counter
>Shoot them from behind the counter
Rolled 12, 12 = 24 (2d20)


>Shoot them from behind the counter

Roll me 1d20-1 for gunning
Rolled 2 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Rolled 16 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Your system sucks. Our death will prove this.
Rolled 6, 16, 17 + 1 = 40 (3d20 + 1)

Rolled 5 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>Shoot them from behind the counter
>17 vs 12,12

>Something is really wrong with your foot
>Searing pain cuts everything you’re experiencing with sharp sting
>You prop yourself up on the counter with your hip and back against the wall and counter
>Its not the most defensive position but half cover is still cover
>The dust swirls in the moonlight cutting through the window
>Time slows to a crawl in time with your heart
>Each thud makes the sights jump
>They don’t know where you are, but you are ready
>The Kitchen door opens slowly as two cholos cautiously enter
>They never knew what iced them
>Suzette barks twice, splattering their brains against the wall
>Bodies slump in the doorway and blood pools on the ground
>Mmmm, that’s more like it. Three left
>The blood flows slowly in between the floorboards as the corpses quickly grey
>The adrenaline must really be fucking with your head
>The gunfire is going to draw the rest
>They’re already shouting for their companions
>Holy shit you’ve just killed two people
>You’ve never taking life
Thrilling isn’t it. Take the rest, for me?
>The moon disappears again, plunging the house into darkness
>Something isn’t right
>The air hums and the wall you’re propped up against feels...loose
>The blood on the floor moves towards your leg and slips under your pant leg
>You flail to avoid it but you fall on the floor

Ori is healed for 5HP and is no longer hobbled

>What in the absolute shit fuck
Tit for tat, now don’t waste this chance

This is getting out of hand, no?

>Stay in the kitchen and keep ambush shooting
>Flee this shit show
>Double back around and take the survivors from behind
>Double back around and take the survivors from behind
Double Back.

Moving is important.
-----session pause---------

(getting a little slow tonight)
(Next session tomorrow at 3pm PST)
(thank you for playing tonight)
>Flee this shit show

2 weird
don't want to get possessed by demons
>Double back around and take the survivors from behind
File: hallway.jpg (130 KB, 1024x768)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
----------session resume----------

>Double back around and take the survivors from behind

>You’ve already taken things this far, what’s three more bodies
>Something feels really off
>Aside from your magically healed ankle and some strange voice and the blood
>Did you get slipped something at the bar before the deal
>No time to think about things now
>Or how you are going to avoid the 4th street when the come for revenge
>No witnesses here though so you may get away
>You run out through dining room back through the living room and into the Foyer
>Taking your time to move silently the three remaining cholos find the kitchen
>You’re hiding out in the Foyer and looking down the black hallway
>Someone has their flashlight out and looking at their dead friends
>One of them is vomiting from the sounds
> Cholo1: “Fuking shit, asshole popped eddie and carlos”
> Cholo2: “We’ll get him for this, nice and slow”
> Cholo3: *coughing and spitting*
> You hear that voice again, static flickering in the dark
> “It’s close now, break them for me, its been ages
> Something wraps around your hand and steadies your gun
> Hearing is next, dissolving into a low thudding rythmn
> You take a kneeling stance, leveling the gun at the outline washed in the phone’s glow
> They won’t even know what hit them
> 7 shots left, three bodies at 15 yards
> So easy it’s almost criminal, if it wasn’t self defense
> The clouds shift again, filtering in through the kitchen window
> Time slows to a crawl, the light trickling over their faces
> Two in the hallway, one bent over and vomiting in the hall
> Training from years ago push to the front of your mind
> Breathe in, breathe out
> Lowest target first, let the gun recoil walk up to the other targets
> People, not targets
> It’s you or them, Tiger
> You gently squeeze the trigger
> It feels so light

Firing on unaware targets, attacking with advantage
Roll 2d20+4, highest of three
Rolled 8, 7 + 4 = 19 (2d20 + 4)

Suck my presidential cock, bitch.
Rolled 4, 12 + 4 = 20 (2d20 + 4)


16 vs 15 DC

>Suzette barks out a slug straight into the vomiting man’s neck
>His head sags forward as his spine parts ways with his skull
>The sick man is dead before he hits the floor
>Something pulses deep in the heartbeat in between shots
>The second man has barely turned around before you put one into his chest
>Blood explodes from the hollow point tearing its way through flesh
>The moon light tints red
>Blood on the window glass maybe
>Your last target gets out a shout and you repay him by opening his mind
>Quite literally in fact
>Time speeds up again as the gore explodes all over the hall
>Something is wrong
>The house has started shaking and the man you just shot is still standing
>Headless and bleeding
>And screaming
>The body is shaking and bleeding as if its being shredded
>Oh fuck it is being shredded and melted like some fucked up movie prop
>The other bodies are liquefying and a torrent of blood and meat is seeping into the floor
>Deep in your mind something is screaming and scratching at your mind
>You have to get out, bad thing coming, wrong thing
That’s a rude thing to say about a lady
Come into the study Tiger, let a gal thank her hero

Dust is flying and the house sounds like its about to collapse
The dead cholos are skeletons right now, still in the position they died
What are you going to choose Ori?

>Run, run for your life
>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study
>Eat a bullet and exit for good
>Something Else?
>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study
>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study
eat bullet, I refuse to believe that's a bad idea
Go to study, but keep gun out ready to shoot spooky chick if needed
>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study
>>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study

>>>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study

File: Mar.jpg (93 KB, 1200x1200)
93 KB
>>Don’t keep a lady waiting, head to the study

>This isn’t right, nothing is right
>The rickety house should be collapsing around you but its not
>Blood is leaking from the walls now and not just the dead bodies
>The moonlight has gone completely red and bright now
>Each pulse of the house is accompanied with a deep groan
>You ready Suzette, the stopping power giving you a sense of comfort
>Comfort while the world around is literally falling apart
>The floorboards are separating and the doors popping open as their frames distort
>It doesn’t take long to reach the study, a quick run down the hall
>Even a few moments are too long as the house does its best impression of being possessed
>The door is cracked open slightly, the same phantasmagoria seeming to avoid that room
>You lean around the edge of the frame and peer inside
>Its clean, immaculate even, inside but doused in shadow
>The red glow of the moon tints everything as if its painted in blood
>Based on the previous rooms it may as well have been
>The octagonal room seethes with malice and wrongness
>It feels like something is trying to break free
That’s because I am, Tiger. All thanks to you. But where are my manners


>The air tingles for a moment before snapping away
>The red glow dies away, tinting the room back into shades of gray
>There is a flare of orange, dimming to back to a cherry red
>A pair of eyes glow in from the shadows as a figure appears sitting in the desk chair
>A very female figure with some conspicuous ears
>You’re still hiding outside the door but you can smell the acrid smell of narcotics from here
>She calls to you in a smokey voice, her foot dangling as smoke trails from her joint
>A: “My name is Amarantha, but you Tiger can call me Mar”
>A: “I should really thank you for breaking the seal on this place”
>A: “Making a whole mess of blood at my feet”
>You don’t make a move
>The figure doesn’t twitch at all, sitting on its throne of shadows, save for offering out a single pale, clawed hand
>Mar speaks again, her tone sharper this time
>A: “C’mon in. I’m not asking. ”

What do?

>Ask some questions
>Walk inside and
>Hide out by the door
>Run away
>Pop a cap in a spook
>walk in, ask questions
>ask questions
But from a safe distance, fuck going inside til we know what's going on
Introduce ourselves too. Be polite. She did heal us after all.
>Walk inside and ask questions
File: mar ears.jpg (82 KB, 900x602)
82 KB
>Walk inside and ask questions

>You’ve come this far
>Five people are dead by your hand
>Who says any of this is even real
>Cautiously, slowly, you tap the door open gently with your foot
>Gun drawn but kept neutral, you slide into the room
>Mar still hasn’t moved, ears imperceptibly turning to follow you
>She speaks, this time using her voice instead of the one in your head

>O: “My names Ori. Thanks for the assist.”
>A: “Oh, your ankle? Quite the nasty fall you took. Bit shameful if you ask me”
>O: “So, is this real? You some sort of demon?”
>A: “ My so forward. Let a girl have some mystery”

>She shifts her legs to stand up, you draw your gun and step back

>O: “Stay back! What do you want?”
>A: “If you think that will help you, Tiger.”

>Mar is not even standing behind the desk
>She’s right behind you, arms intertwining with yours
>Her breath feels hot on your neck
>A sharp set of teeth gently, carefully lock around your throat

>A: “I’ll give you the short tale, I’m old, I’m hungry and you’re my meal ticket. I’m also the only
chance you have to make it through what’s coming.

>You try to break free but her delicate hold is strong
>She doesn’t even move as you try to force your way free

>A: “I’m the last of three. And my sisters will not be happy that I’m out. I don’t think the owners of those humans will be happy either.”

>Mar presses into your back and then keeps going
>She’s stepping into your body and a burning pain fills you
>The teeth on your neck slowly sink in
>You try to scream but you can’t. Blood fills your throat

>A: “Those five gave me just enough of a kick to break the lock on this shitty cage and to make this bond. Spill some more blood for me and you can find out just how much fun we can have together.”

File: 5170335717_843328b75a_b.jpg (220 KB, 1024x685)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>You are dying. This is the end.
>She’s almost gone now
>All that is left is a her left hand
>Mar grips your arm and digs her thumb into your flesh
>A sigil burns deep lines into the skin
>The symbol is simple, a single tangle of lines around a feral eye

>A: “Something to remember me by, in case you don’t think this is real. I’m going to take a nap for a little bit. We can talk more then, if you live. See you soon, boy”

>The world snaps back into focus
>You drop to the ground and hack out a bloody lump of sick
>Nothing feels missing
>In fact, you feel amazing. Stronger, healthier
>Something in your head tells you what you need to know

Pact of Amarantha Sealed - Bond Level: 1
Blood has been spilled in her name by you, the Champion upon her cage. She is freed and accepts you offering. She grants you strength and vitality (+2 STR, +2 CON). Further sacrifice will grow and strengthen the bond between Her and Champion

> A: “Testing, 1, 2, 3. You hear me little Ori? Good. You might want to get going. My cage was the only thing holding this house together. Also the town guard are coming. I don’t think you want to be caught.

>You stand up and realise the shaking and groaning of the house has gotten worse
>The blood and viscera leaking from the walls is gone
>Dust and smoke cloud the hallway
>Deciding it’s better to make a fast getaway you throw open the window and run
>Just in time too as the top floor of the already rickety house collapses inward
>Sirens approach from the distance as you holster Suzette and make a run for your car
>After making a wide arc and making your way back to the car you hop in
>You finally are safe and a moment passes before you start shaking
>Adrenaline wearing off your body starts to pay back the debt it owes
>Quickly glancing at your arm confirms the sigil is still there
>A sleepy voice inside your head giggles
>A: “Still here Tiger….”
>You’re numb, shaking and exhausted and its only 10:30
>Suddenly your phone goes off, forgetting you left it in the car

One text message from : Cassidy - 38 min ago
>“Hey Ori, you there? We still on for drinks tonight?

One text message from : Sergov- 44 min ago
>“Ori, bad deal. Setup. Abort. Bring back merch tonight. Snitch handled.”

You made it Ori.

>Go out for drinks with Cassidy
>Return the Oxy to Sergov and find out who set you up
>Blow them both off and go home
>Summon your google fu and find someone to help you with that mark
>Return the Oxy to Sergov and find out who set you up
Business before pleasure.
>Return the Oxy to Sergov and find out who set you up
This, but shoot a text to Cassidy. Tell her either we'll be super late or have to pull a rain check.
File: Sergov Flat.jpg (3.1 MB, 2448x3264)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
>Return the Oxy to Sergov and find out who set you up

>You roll your sleeve back up
>That’s a problem that you can handle later
>Your thumbs fly as you fire off two texts

>O: “Cass, work went south. Drinks tomorrow?”
>C: “KK Ori, p tired 2day. B safe “

>She brightens your day.
>Maybe you’ll tell her how you feel someday
>But not today
>Business before pleasure

>O: “Late as usual Serg. 5 Vatos almost got me. Handled.”
>S: “You are still breathe no? Come to boat house. Bring Suzette. Monkeys loose again”

>His text is clear, the hidden code of your business relationship laying out the situation.
>Sergov is a low level goon for the Russian mafia
>Mainly handles import and exports by rail line
>Takes some payment in product that he then has you and others you haven’t met sell
>The boat house is his personal downtown flat
>He asks you to bring your gun because he wants to put leverage on someone
>The Monkeys refer to the cops that are out and about after your little dance with a demon
>It doesn’t take long to get to “downtown”
>Downtown meaning the part of the city where they let the houses go past 3 floors

>You park around the block and walk up to the Sergov’s building
>He owns the whole 6 floor building and rents out some of the rooms
>Most are empty because of nights like tonight
>The doorman nods as you recognize each other
>You skip the rickety elevator and make your way up the stairs
>The sounds of shitty porno and cam girls working give a bit of ambiance
>You stop for a moment to watch some imported blonde play some shooter in nothing but a smile
File: questioning room.jpg (342 KB, 1680x1010)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

>A big hand claps on your shoulder
>Sergov, 5’5 in both directions beams up at you in his blood stained wife-beater
>He always reminded you of a hulk doll someone stepped on
>Squinting in the low light that someone still glints off his bald head you clap back

>S: “Five vatos, my my Ori. How did you clean up the mess?
>O: “They chased me into that old burnt out mansion on 6th”
>S: “So that is why the little monkeys are running around. Good plan. Fire cleans well.”
>O: “Almost didn’t make it..”
>S: “Did you leave saftey on Suzette again? Ori, Ori we have discussing about this.”
>O: “I’m still here aren’t I? Here’s your product back”

>Sergov looks at the pill bottle, pops the lid and downs three before handing it back

>S: “Keep the change. Come. Let us have a chat with the little suka.”

>Sergov leads you away from the woman you know not to ask questions about
>You head down the hall and two tall goons let you both through a door locked from the outside
>The walls are covered in soundproof tile with a plastic sheet in between
>Various tools of the trade sit to the side, bloody and vicious
>Looks like today's favorite was the bat
>A bright light illuminates a young man, roughed up and nodding in and out of consciousness
>Sergov walks up and dabs some nasty smelling liquid on a yellow bandana

>S: “Ori, meet Rauel. Little boy who think it good idea to hurt Sergov’s friend. Say hi Rauel to man you tried to kill"

>Rauel jumps awake at the smell of the cloth and coughs up some blood
>He's not doing too well. They did a number on him
>They'll do some more before they're done
>The blood pooling from his split lip causes something deep inside you to stir but only for a moment
>You shake your head as Sergov continues

>S: “Rauel here seems to think 4th Street Putas own this town. We are reeducating him. He was your buyer. Pulled this trick with three of my other boys. Caught him this time. He won’t be playing games no more. Ori, you want to thank him before he takes a trip?”

What do you do?

>Confront Sergov ”Wait, Sergov did you use me as bait?
>Thank Rauel for trying to get you killed with some payback
>Ask Rauel some questions (which?)
> Take his life, feed our bond Ori. He is nothing
>Pat Sergov on the back and walk away
>>Confront Sergov ”Wait, Sergov did you use me as bait?
>>Thank Rauel for trying to get you killed with some payback
Confront is a strong word. Maybe, as we smack this loser around, we ask Sergov it. Let's try and settle in to our new reality.
>Thank Rauel for trying to get you killed with some payback
+ask how permanent our payback can be, if greenlit then
>Take his life, feed our bond Ori. He is nothing
>ask questions
Like, who else is probably coming after me if you die? Good stuff to know
Then I guess kill him and feed the bond
Then lets see if we can milk any more info out of him. Something about his gang, maybe. Then kill him and feed the bond.
Was there a different demon at each location
>> Take his life, feed our bond Ori. He is nothing
File: knuckle.jpg (328 KB, 1098x455)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
No comment, you could certainly go check them out if you want to

>a little of everything

>The man in the chair is dead
>His body hasn’t even caught up yet
>You look over to Sergov and nod towards the tools of the trade
>He shrugs at you
>S: “Finally getting your hands dirty Ori? We’ve already had our fun. His boat ticket leaves tonight. Always easier to use the sleeper cabin.
>He turns to leave as you put on one of the aprons and some weighted gloves
>You stop for a moment and call back to your short, scary friend

>O: “Hey Sergov, what was with the late text? I could licking my neck through my windpipie by now if I didn’t get lucky? Did you know?”

>Sergov stops and looks back laughing
>His large hand on the door knob

S: “Der’mo Ori, no. We knew someone was targeting our high-end runners but not small fish like you. Got lucky. Idiot used same phone twice. Traced it back. Worried they got you already. Is good you live. I would have sadness. You maybe could help us out later. I see good things for you, if you want make money more than small fish. I leave you to it”

>He closes the door behind him
>You turn to the half conscious man, weighted gloves in hand
>His swollen eye and broken law mar his latino features
>He tries to speak, but you cut him off with a quick hook to the gut

>O:”I ask the questions. I killed the five little shits you call friends tonight. I made it clean. You’re going to talk and maybe I’ll make it clean for you too”

File: Mar hair.jpg (41 KB, 500x623)
41 KB

>Fuck you’ve never done this before
>The worst you’ve done is some sparring in school and some street fights with bad customers
>You’ve taken life tonight, gotten possessed by a demon and now you’re playing CIA blacksite
>Well, its not like your life was going anywhere before. You should be dead now
“But you’re not Tiger. Don’t mind me. Midnight snack never hurt a girl”

>You take your time with the gloves and at one point a small pocket knife
>Rauel doesn't really tell you much you don’t already know or suspect
>Some new player is paying 4th street to put pressure on the organizations
>Focused on the Triads at first about a year ago
>The Triads got the message and left after a few months
>4th Street consolidated their holdings and started making moves on the Russians two weeks back
>You were a quick target of opportunity, hit the small guys and crumble the base
>Rauel got sloppy and got caught
>Says that anything you do is nothing compared to the new boss

>Mar appeared sometime in between questions
>Rauel doesn’t seem to notice but a quick jab to the chin puts him out cold
>She’s licking the blood off his face
>Mar frowns at the taste and slithers back behind you, resting her arms around your shoulders
>Clawed hands trace circles under your shirt collar, smearing warm blood

>A: “Not quite warrior blood. A peasant, but I’m still starving.”
>O: “Him or me Amarantha. You enjoying this?”

>Mar flashes a mouth full of teeth. You’ve never really studied her face
>Her straight black hair hangs messily around her face
>Black eyes that glow yellow in the dark peek from strong features
>Her skin is pale, perfect and slick with blood that courts old world features
>The ears are a nice touch, Tall and pointed like wolves with matching black hair
>You look to the knife in your hands, slick with blood
>Mar wears nothing but a red toga dress, slick with the same blood coating her skin
>A tail of medium length tick side to side in anticipation

File: clawform hands.jpg (36 KB, 800x601)
36 KB

>A: “More if this were a worthy offering, but you’re learning boy. Let me make it easier for you.”

>Your hands burn for a moment and you drop the knife
>Boiling blood crawls under your fingernails
>Your fingertips and darken and strengthen, black veins spider-webbing up your hands
>The Nails push out slightly and sharpen into vicious points
>Information trickles into your mind

Hands of the Demon- Claw form- Unlocked
-Melee attacks count as slashing damage
-Nails can cut through any mundane material
-Can summon them at will
-Repeated use may cause ?????

>A: “If you’re going to do a job, do it properly. Consider it a loan. Do well enough you get to keep them.”

>Something snaps and you are suddenly tackled by a free Rauel
>His eyes are rolled back into his head and he’s silently screaming in your face
>There is no way he can be this strong after hours of torture

>A: “Of course he isn’t, but every new weapon needs a little training. If you can get his heart out maybe I’ll throw in a little extra, Tiger.”

>Mar has summoned a chair, and another joint and seated herself at the back of the room, smoking, watching and seething with power you don’t understand
>Rauel snaps at your throat with his broken jaw and fights to get your neck

>Your talons grip his wrists and cut into the flesh, drawing dark arterial blood
>You should be afraid
>You should be losing your mind, screaming all the way to the padded cell
>You’re possessed and fighting for your life for the second time tonight
>More has happened in four hours than your entire life
>But you aren’t any of those things
>You throw Rauel across the room with a shout
>Strength you never felt before welling up inside
>The world drops away, save for the smell of blood and the glowing eyes of Mar
>A rhythm thunders in your ears
>Pulses in your hands
>You circle the room, facing off against your prey
>You feel



End Episode One

Thank you for playing!
Next Session Sunday at 3pm
Follow the twitter for updates!
Kudos man. looking forward to more.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Thanks boss.

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