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You are Alagos, a powerful being from an unknown realm, and you just finished getting your cherry popped by a succubus.
She had expressed concerns over your safety during the act. Apparently, an orgasm inside a succubus can result in extreme side effects or death.
You're fine, though. Maybe because of your control over Sasha, maybe something else. Either way, it was amazing.

You're currently both spooning in bed, enjoying each others' warmth as you squeeze one of Sasha's breasts.

What do you do next?
Ask her about why you seem fine, then celebrate Christmas
Almost forgot, previous threads:

"You sure I'm not going to get demonic infections?"
Sasha giggles.
"Yes, I'm sure. If you didn't feel any nausea, you'll be fine. Don't know why... maybe I can subconsciously control my soul-sucking."
All's well that ends well. Let's celebrate Christmas!
"That sounds great, master. What should we do?"

>[]Let's try these video games. I'd love to learn about human culture some more.
>[]We've got some cake. Let's go eat it. It's 10 o' clock, we can have sugar.
>[]Lets just stay here. Maybe have some more sex later.
Watch cheesy Christmas movies
You both drag yourselves out of bed and put on some underwear, then flick through the channels until you get a suitable movie. Christmas with the Kranks, Tim Allen.
Afterwards, you go through several classics. Home Alone, Gremlins, etc. you watch Die Hard, too. Not technically Christmas, but it's close enough.
There was a bit of fondling during your binge, but nothing much else. After all, there was some comedic holiday gold to enjoy.
You had cinnamon rolls for lunch, but since then you haven't done anything but sit and process flickering images.
You hear a knock on the door.
"Hm? Who could that be..." Sasha mumbles.

>[]Check it out.
>[]Nah, it can't be important.
>[X]check it out
Inb4 one or both of us gets kidnapped

Please don't be a kidnapping event.
You stand up, giving Sasha a pat on the head and walking toward the door.
You open it. Krystal's standing outside.
"Hey." she says, holding up two bottles of alcohol.
"Can't drink all this by myself, so I thought I'd stop by."
She didn't seem to be bothered by you being in your undies.

>[]Yeah, come in! Don't know why you can't drink that, isn't it just funny colored drink?
>[]No. I don't like making friends and having a good time on Christmas.
>Yeah, come in! Don't know why can't drink that, isn't it just funny colored drink?
>>[]Yeah, come in! Don't know why you can't drink that, isn't it just funny colored drink?

Get a full glass of it before she can say anything and down it. She obviously wants it gone quickly.
>>[X]Yeah, come in! Don't know why you can't drink that, isn't it just funny colored drink?
"Sure, come in."
You let her in and get some glasses.
"Nice underwear, Sasha."
You hold up a bottle of vodka.
"Dunno why you need us to help. It's just funny-colored."
You pour a glass and take a big gulp.
Yikes. That burns. You put the glass down and cough for almost a full minute. That was like getting kicked in the head... oooh.
You look at the glass. About half drained.
You feel kinda... woozy. What is this stuff again?

>[]Happy drunk.
>[]Sad drunk.
>[]Flirty drunk.
>Fun Drunk (Party!)
Play some drinking games
Flirty drunk
Use the pick up lines from the porn we watched
Play some drinking games that lets us get flirty
This stuff is amazing! You feel like you just won the lottery or somethin'!
Let's see.
"How bout we play some games? Like, uh..."
Your knowledge of drinking games is rather limited. You know about shot contests, and that's basically it.
"Like shots."
Krystal takes a drink of her own.
"Shots? Come on, that's boring. 'Never have I ever', at least that'll give us some dirt on each other."
Sasha caves into the peer pressure and drinks as well.
"We could play Truth or Dare."
What? That's not a drinking game.
"It's more fun when you're drunk, though."
She giggles.

>[]Let's tell each other our darkest secrets.
>[]Truth or Dare.
>[]Something else.

[]Truth or Dare
"Truth or Dare sounds fun. Let's do that."
You sit on the floor, bringing your alcohol with you. Sasha sets a tv remote on the floor and spins it. It points to you.
"Truth or Dare, master?"


Dare. We don't even know any truths
I think the whole point of is for us to make up those truths...
Sasha thinks for a few seconds.
"Give me your underwear."
Well, at least we've established the tone of the game pretty quickly.
You slip your boxers off and hand them to Sasha, who--puts them on her head.
Krystal spins the remote. It lands on Sasha.
"Truth." Sasha says.
Krystal's question was immediate.
"Do succubi ever take the souls of lesbians?"
Sasha blushed and took a sip of her vodka.
"Yes. I've done it maybe a time or two, or four... or twelve. My current track record is eighty-five. For soul-taking, that is, not anything else."
It's your turn to spin the remote. It lands on Krystal.
She takes a bracing shot of whiskey and grins.
"I'm all in. Dare."

What do you tell Krystal to do?
I dare you to show us your porn search history
Krystal looks flustered, then hands over her phone.
"I delete my history, you won't find anything."
Ah, but how she was wrong. You found her porn folder.
Let's see... some regular old vanilla, that's cool. Hentai... what was it with these females and hentai? Rule 34? Okay, we're getting to the good stuff.
Ah. There it is. Several links at the bottom of the folder, leading to lesbian sites.
So this is why she asked Sasha...
"I thought she was coming on to me a few times... well, not much point getting all embarrassed. Not like you're going to go tell everyone I'm bi. If you did, I'd kill you."
Nice girl, really.
Sasha's turn again. She spins the remote, which lands on you again.


I dare you to show us your porn search history

Sasha smiles.
"Give me a massage."
Oh. Okay.
You awkwardly probe around Sasha's back.
"Little higher. Use your thumb more. Left--right there! Oh, that feels amazing."
Sasha keeps making oversexualized noises while Krystal tries not to make eye contact with anyone.
You return to your spot, and Krystal spins the remote. It lands on Sasha.
Krystal thinks.
"So this is what it's like, having a succubus under your control... give me a kiss."
Sasha blushes.
"Wha--but... o-okay."
"Call me mistress, too."
"Th-that's two dares... mistress."
Sasha leans in and kisses Krystal. They lose control for a few seconds, giving each other some tongue before moving away.
"T-too erotic." Sasha mumbles, taking another sip of booze.
You spin the remote. It lands on Krystal again.
"I'm seeing a pattern here..." Krystal mutters.
"Is this rigged? Whatever. Dare."

What's your command?
I dare you to sing your favorite song. Very loudly.
"I, uh... well, I guess there is one song."
Krystal took a deep breath and launched into her rendition of 'Uptown Funk'. Midway through, you could hear someone in the above apartment shouting at you to 'quit that caterwaulin!', but the song continueed until its end.
"You've got a nice voice, Krystal." Sasha remarks.
"Mistress. I'm gonna need some more of this." Krystal replies, taking a long swig of vodka. You're all starting to feel its effects more.
Sasha spins the remote. It lands on you.
"No, no, no, we're not repeating the whole thing over! It's time for some variety."
Krystal spins the remote again. It points to her.
"Truth. I'm not singing any more songs or showing you my stash."
"Mm... how many of my brothers and sisters have you killed?"
Krystal paused mid-drink.
"...twelve. You want revenge?"
Sasha giggles.
"No, silly. A lot of us hate each other, and I'm only loyal to master, anyway. I was just curious."
Krystal shrugged and spun the remote again.
"Hey, you already--"
"That counted as your turn."
It lands on you.

(I guess we'll end after some serious feels or something super lewd)
Dare. Dares are fun!
Krystal thinks.
"Ahh, this is hard. I can't think of anything that'll get under your skin."
Her eyes light up.
"I've got it. Give me Sasha for a day."
Sasha blushes and looks at you for reassurance.

>[]Sure. As long as I can stop by.
>[]Absolutely not.
>[]I'm only doing this because if the rules...
>[]Sure. As long as I can stop by.

It'd be awfully boring without being able to visit the only two people we know.
>>[]Absolutely not.
Its supposed to be a dare for us not Sasha
You frown.
"Isn't this supposed to be a Dare for me?"
"Well, yeah. But then again, I'm basically kidnapping your girlfriend and keeping her for an entire day. That's gotta piss you off at least a little."
Krystal grinned evilly.
"If you want, you can take her place."

>[]I volunteer as tribute.
>[]Sasha can go.
>[]Something else.
>[]I volunteer as tribute

Being Sasha-less shouldn't really make us that upset. We just don't wanna be alone with internet porn is all.
You sigh.
"I'll take her place."
Sasha looks at you.
"Master, it's not a problem if you--"
You cut her off. It's perfectly fine. She can stop by if she wants.
"If you say so, master."
Krystal laughs.
"Well, this was great. I'll be going home now. It's my day off tomorrow, I'll be looking forward to seeing you, Alagos! Or would you like to come over now?"

>[]Lets go now. Might as well.
>[]Tomorrow morning. I need to write my will.
>[]Lets go now. Might as well.

Sleepovers are fun!
>[X]Lets go now. Might as well.
You sigh and follow Krystal back to her apartment.
"G-goodnight, master." Sasha calls out as you leave.
Krystal chuckles, taking a swig straight from the bottle of scotch you gave her. She wraps her arm around your shoulders.
"Oh, buddy. I've been meaning to blow off some steam. And now I can blame it on being drunk!"
She opens the door and drags you to the bedroom.
"Come on, let's let loose and enjoy ourselves. It's Christmas! I won't tell your girlfriend if you don't."

>[]Yeah. I'm not all that stressed, but screw it!
>[]Uh... okay.
>[]No, Krystal. You're drunk.
>Sure! And why would we keep this secret from Sasha..?
"Well, so she won't get jealous, of course."
Krystal takes off her shirt and bra.
"Ahh. Gets all stuffy in there."
She presses your face into her breasts and pours Scotch down her cleavage.
"That should set the mood." she mutters, placing the bottle on the nightstand and undoing your pants.
"Just sit back and relax."
She gives you a sloppy kiss and kneels, giving you an enthusiastic (if messy) blowjob.

While Sasha guided you rather than made any real decisions, Krystal took the lead entirely. You're just sort of taking the role of a sexual punching bag.
You climax first, but Krystal doesn't stop until she's done as well. She gives you another kiss and flops off of you.
"Hah... hah... thanks for that, Alagos. It's been a while."

>[]Glad I could help.
>[]Subbing sucks.
>[]*go to sleep*
>Glad I could help.
>...what do we do now?
>[]Glad I could help.

Next time we should invite Sasha
Glad you could help.
"Mm. It's pretty late. Let's go to sleep."
Krystal snuggles up to you.
"You can keep me company, in case that dream comes back..."
Hm? What dream?
Your response is soft breathing. Krystal's already gone to sleep.
Ah, well. You can ask her in the morning.
You gradually slip into unconsciousness as well...

You slowly open your eyes, and are greeted by Krystal's naked form, fast asleep next to you.

>[]Get up. Let's get some breakfast going.
>[]Stay here. Let's give her a nice surprise.
>[]Pretend to sleep.
>Stay here. Let's give her a nice surprise.
Maybe sextime
And maybe maybe we can have her and Sasha at same time
You reach down and begin rubbing your hands across Krystal's butt, occasionally slipping your fingers into her pussy. She stirs, the opens her eyes.
"Well, someone's excited."
She strokes your dick slowly, grining at you. Just before you're about to cum, she releases you and walks out of the bedroom.
"We have plenty of time for that later. Right now, it's breakfast. I'm starving."
She takes her time making breakfast, letting you stew for about 45 minutes. It didn't help that she was doing the naked apron thing and taking every opportunity to blue-ball you.
Finally, Krystal puts away the apron. She sits in your lap and begins feeding you hash browns and sausages.

>[]Endure it.
>[]*sausage joke then sex*
>[x]Endure it.
You patiently wait until your hunger has been satiated. Krystal stops feeding you and walks behind you.
You feel a coarse sensation around your wrists--hey, wait a minute!
Krystal finishes tying your wrists to the chair.
"Don't worry. I'm not gonna do anything painful. Unless you want me to."
You hear a knock on the door, followed by Sasha's muffled voice.
"M-master? Are you okay in there?"
"Heh. Perfect timing."
Krystal pulls Sasha in from the hall and shuts the door.
"Master! What's--"
Krystal starts groping Sasha.
"He'll be fine. I just want him someplace comfortable while I have my turn with you."
Sasha looks at you.

>[]It's okay, Sasha.
>[]Krystal, I'm seriously getting uncomfortable with this. Could you tone it down a bit?
>[]Say nothing.
>it's okay, Sasha
>"Just don't eat her soul or something"
You reassure Sasha.
"It's fine, just don't suck out her soul."
"O-okay, masTER!"
Krystal slipped her hands beneath Sasha's shirt.
"Well, that settles it. Let's get these clothes off you, cutie. Oh, you're still wearing that underwear from last night!"
"I didn't have time to change... ngh!"
Krystal grabbed Sasha and brought her in for a kiss.
"Mm. Tastes good. Let's go to the couch."
Sasha halfheartedly resists.

>[]Break your restraints and join in.
>[]Ask Krystal to put on some tv. This is getting boring.
>Break your restraints and join in.

Break your restraints and join in
Well this happened
You sigh and snap the ropes tying you to the chair.
About fifteen minutes later, you all realize why nobody has sex multiple times in short succession. While you were feeling fine, Krystal felt her sores whenever doing anything more stressful than sitting. Even Sasha was in pain, and she did this for survival.
"Yeah... let's not count on doing that anytime soon. I'd ice it if I could... ow."
You sit on the couch, gormlessly staring at the wall.

>[]You mentioned something about a bad dream?
>You mentioned something about a bad dream?
"Oh, yeah. That. It was really... weird. Some guy stepped out of the shadows and kept talking to me about quantum timelines and how I helped kill him. I think I've been watching too much tv."
Sasha tilted her head.
"Hm. Could be a demon feeding off of you."
Umm... you had the same dream.
"Wait, really? That's strange. Was that... real?"

>[]Screw Demon. I'm bored, let's do something.
>[]Well, all we know is he's pissed at us for killing him but not really(????)
>Well, all we know is he's pissed at us for killing him but not really
>[]Well, all we know is he's pissed at us for killing him but not really(????)

Let's use teamwork to kill this guy we already(?) killed.
"Not much to go on... well, you can go ask your weird friends about him. I'll ask mine. I don't really know what else we could do."
"You can go now, I guess. Dare called off."

>[]Nah. Let's stay here. Have you played that game I got you yet?
>[]Kay. See you around.
>[]Nah. Let's stay here. Have you played that game I got you yet?
"Uh... not yet, actually. Let's see..."
She fiddles with the disk.
"Okay, good. No download bars... here we go."
The menu screen of System Shock 4 booted up.
"I think it's got co-op. You wanna play?"

>[]Of course.
>[]Noooooo. That controller looks too complicated.
>[]Of course.

Watch and learn...
"Of course."
"Alright. Sasha, you wanna--?"
"No thanks. Playing those things makes my head spin."
You play for three hours straight, gunning down cyborgs and hoping you spent your skill points sensibly. Krystal was admittedly better than you, but you only died like, twice.
You have a quick break for lunch, during which Krystal made a quick call.

Krystal placed her controller next to her.
"Well. That was fun. Thanks for the gift."
"You're welcome."
You eventually leave and go back to Sasha's apartment. Nothing of note happens besides a bedtime kiss.

What do you do when you wake up?
Primary goal: discover your purpose, and why you ended up on Earth.
Current goal: gather information on Demon and any of his connections to you.
>[]See if Caine knows anything, arrange a meeting at Swordpoint.
>[]Track down the Colonel, see if he can pass on a message to some angel.
>[]Attempt to contact Demon himself while sleeping.
>[]Track down the Colonel, see if he can pass on a message to some angel.
>[x] Attempt to contact the demon
>>[]Attempt to contact Demon himself while sleeping.
File: IMG_0658.jpg (26 KB, 210x240)
26 KB
You drift off to sleep, trying to instruct your subconscious to find Demon while sleeping.
You find yourself standing in a penthouse, with no sense of any transition or context. Probably because it's a dream.
Demon sits in a chair, staring at the city below, which warps and flickers uncertainly.
"Well, well. I never expected you to try and follow me. Another lapse in judgement on my part, I suppose."
He swirls a glass of red wine absentmindedly.

>[]Where was I supposed to go?
>[]You told me I'm divine. What does that mean? Am I a god? A demigod? Something in between?
>[]You said that I've killed you in a different timeline. Can I talk to him--well, me--instead? I'd be a lot happier.
>You told me I'm divine. What does that mean? Am I a god? A demigod? Something in between?
>>[]Where was I supposed to go?
>>[]You told me I'm divine. What does that mean? Am I a god? A demigod? Something in between?
Demon sighs.
"Where were you supposed to go... I can't pinpoint the location exactly, but it was almost certainly a planet by the name of Syreth. It's... well, it's on a different timeline than this planet. Everything's evolved differently."
He takes a sip of wine and spits it out.
"Disgusting. Can't even let me dream up some decent wine... ugh. Anyway. The reason you ended up here was because you were created in the Void. A lot of energy was involved. It was much safer to create you there than anywhere else. Aeneth, your... mother, I suppose, opened a rift to bring you to Syreth. Unfortunately for you, those cultists just so happened to create a summoning circle just perfect for snatching you from transit."
Demon laughs.
"I bet your siblings are in a panic right now."
He stands up and walks over to the windows, looking down at the dreamscape.
"And yes. You are in fact a god. Specifically, you control storms and electricity, that sort of thing. You are a lot more powerful than you realize. Of course, you were supposed to receive instruction on how to use your powers upon arrival to Syreth. Compiled with the... magical deficiency of this timeline, and you're somewhat weakened."

>[]How am I supposed to get back to Syreth?
>[]Why should I believe you?
>[]Why can't Aeneth just bring me back?

How do i use my powes?
So we thor now?
"Ha! Even if I wanted to, I couldn't tell you. If you can't figure it out, that's your own problem."
Demon fumbled through his pockets, biting down on a cigarette and lighting it.
"I'm even restraining myself from bashing your skull with a pipe. That'd be useless here, and it'd probably just flip your berserk switch."

Any more questions for Demon?
You got a name other than Demon I can call you?
Demon turns around.
"...Rìnir. My name was Rìnir."
You nod and turn to leave.
"One more thing, Alagos."
What would that be?
"You do know you won't be able to take Sasha with you. Should you choose to go to Syreth."
You'll cross that bridge when you come to it.

Your eyes open. Back in Sasha's apartment once again.
You look at the cord of darkness attached to your arm and rip it out.
You and Sasha get up and have leftover cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
"Sorry, master. Caine says I'm behind on my soul-eating quota... I need to go to the slums today."
Ah. Well, that's disappointing.
"I'm used to it."
>[]Stay at home.
>[]Try to find the Colonel.
>[]Talk to Caine.
How much dosh do we have? Lets get a gun with that illegal as shit license of ours.
We've never gone and explored the town yet, lets do that
You, uh... borrow $2000 from Sasha. She has to do everything you say, anyway. Might as well take it.
You go to your car (a very wonderful car, indeed) and set out. You take a meandering route through the city.
It's just straight up L.A. Maybe a little better/worse considering it's in the future. Some guys who look like they're in gangs give you the evil eye.
You pull into a parking lot outside some shops. Hey, a gun store! What convenience!
You walk inside and take a look around. Let's see...
"Excuse me sir, would you like some hellllllll..."
Krystal stops and stares blankly at you.
"Uh... hi."
"Would you like some help?"
Yeah, you were looking for a handgun. Shotguns and automatics are pretty good, but you can't really conceal them very well.
Krystal sighs.
"Well, the exact specs and features differ, so it'd take a while to find one that's perfect for you specifically... but a 1911 is a sure thing. It's a good gun, all-around."
Sounds good.
"Go to the counter, then."
You do so. It's a solid counter, with bulletproof glass and an exchange system. A bored, middle-aged man sits in his chair and reads a book.
"Travis, we've got a customer."
Travis looks up.
You pass it through. Travis takes a look at it, raising his eyebrow a few times.
"Everything's in order. What're you looking for?"
A 1911, ammo, and holster, please.
"'Kay, that'll be... six hundred and sixteen dollars."
You hand the money over. Travis raises his eyebrow again upon seeing the cash, then shrugs.
You strap on the holster. The weight of your new boomstick feels reassuring. Screw the firing range, you're a literal god.
"Come again, sir."
You probably will.

Where do you go next?
>[]Insert name of Los Angeles landmark.
>[]Somewhere else.
Go talk to whathisface the big boss demon. Caine was it?
Also please tell me the gun is at least of the coonan .357 mag flavour and not a bog standard .45 i mean we ARE a literal god so we can handle the recoil easily.
(Uhh, sure)
You drive over to Swordpoint, getting lost about three times on the way. Seriously, this city...
Well, you made it. You get out of the car before wondering if you should've called first. Would the bouncer let you in? Maybe.
"Excuse me."
What was it now?
You turn around to see some blond dude in a crisp white suit. He looked like a paladin. Do you get paladins..?

>[]Who are you?
>[]Greetings, humble servant. Where's my temple?
>>[]Who are you?
Also say hello
"Hi. Who are you?"
The man straightens his tie.
"My name is Uriel. I am an angel from heaven."
Oh. Cool. What does he want?
"Well... we've contacted Aeneth, and we're ready to send you back to where you belong."
Oh... that was easy.

>[]I need to go say goodbye to some people.
>[]Lets go.
>[]How do I know you're really an angel?
>>[]How do I know you're really an angel?
Uriel scoffs.
"How dare you--well, I suppose..."
He looks around, making sure nobody else is looking before a halo appears around his head. Gah, that's bright. Yep, anything that can cast light that bright can't be demonic. It also burnt some of Swordpoint's wall, so that more proof.
The halo disappears.
"Due to the nature of the situation, my orders are to transport you to Syreth as soon as possible."
Wait, you can't even say bye to Sasha? Or anyone else?
"No. You've been away from your home too long."
Could he at least deliver a message?
"I cannot fraternize with demons. I will try to convey your goodbyes to the demon hunter, though."
He turns around and begins making strange motions with his hands. A crack in reality appears, glowing pure white. You feel yourself getting physically pulled in.
Whoa whoa whoa, what's Sasha going to do without you? Her mind is under your control!
"Not my problem. Now, please--"
A chasm opens up in the ground. A blackened hand seizes you and begins to pull you down.
"What!? No, this can't--"
The crack closes above you, and the hand disappears. You fall for what seems like miles, a mix of emotions and confusion running through your head.
Your thoughts are interrupted by the painful smack of your body striking liquid at terminal velocity. You instinctively gasp, feeling warm, choking blood fill your lungs. You scramble out of the lake of blood, slipping over piles of refuse and gore.
The universe won't let you have a break. Something leaps at you from the side, screeching and waving something. You blow it's head off, and the rock it was holding falls to the ground.
Now, you can rest.

>[]Try to find a way back up.
>[]Take a look at your surroundings.
>[]Take a look at your surroundings.
Take stock then
>[]Try to find a way back up.
You look around. Your surroundings are some kind of gigantic wasteland. All sorts of garbage, debris, and bodily excrement are everywhere. And the smell...
More garbage falls from shafts in the ceiling, which is pretty high. You can't see any walls, but there are some support beams made from reddish stone. In the distance, you can see some thin, skeletal creatures picking through the refuse. Beyond those was a long shaft that looked like what the Nazis would build if they were contracted to make a space elevator. That's definitely your way out.
You look down at yourself. Ugh... covered in blood. You're probably carrying all kinds of diseases, like a walking CDC nightmare. You kind of want to hug someone.
You pick your way across the landscape, stomping the brittle skeletons of anyone trying to attack you to dust.
You're almost to the tower when an alarm sounds and high-caliber rounds fly toward you. You dodge behind a ruined wall.
This probably WAS built by Nazis, now that you think about it. How do you approach the elevator?

>[]Try to sneak to the doors without triggering the turrets.
>[]Use some kind of shield.
>[]Run for it.
>>[]Try to sneak to the doors without triggering the turrets.
>[]Try to sneak to the doors without triggering the turrets.

Solid Snake time.
You run behind bits of cover on your way to the doors. The turrets beeped a few times, but luckily your movements didn't register long enough to cause firing.
The elevator doors were guarded by hulking demons with skin like lava rock. They held what looked like railguns and kept watch over the general area. When a concrete facade fell from a shaft, it was blasted away before it could land.
No cover. The demons kept it that way.
You drop to the ground and begin crawling, playing dead whenever the demons looked your way. There were plenty of bodies to hide among.
Eventually, you make it to the elevator. The control panel featured seven buttons, labeled
No doubt about it. This was Hell.
You press the button for PRIDE. Closer to the top, should get you out of here faster.
Four chainguns lower themselves from the corners of the elevator and lock onto you.
You yelp and leap around the elevator like an insane gibbon. The guns eventually stop shooting, but not after your arm was nearly torn off. It regenerated, but that HURT.
Some of the elevator wiring had been hit during the assault. The ENVY button was lit up now. You press that and continue up, mentally crying as you look at all the other buttons you'll have to get through.
The doors open, and you step out into a dusty waste. This was less like the trash heap of Sloth, and more like a desert. A small town was nearby, and it looked like some weedy plants were being grown in the arid soil.
This place felt... used up. Even the air felt like it had been breathed then pumped down here.
There were guns and demons guarding the elevator here too, but they ignored you.

What do you do?
Check out that town

>Check out the town.
You begin walking to the town. It was pretty crappy. All the houses were made out of pallets and tin roofing.
You look at a humanoid... thing tilling the earth outside of town. You walk up to it.
"Excuse me? Can I have some water? Or a way out?"
It turns around and stares at you. It resembled a frog, kinda. Humanoid, but it's digits were webbed and it had those creepy slit pupils. The frogman looks you up and down, then begins screeching.
You cover your ears and step back. What the--
The sounds of frogmen REEEEEing echoed back from the town. The frogman you tried to speak to picked up his hoe and began stalking toward you. You could see the rest of the town doing the same.
No, no, no, no, nooooooooooo!

>[]Try to talk them down.
>[]OutREEEEE the townsfolk.

Let's slaughter the keks.
>[]OutREEEEE the townsfolk.
When that fails as we are too much a normalfag
You take a deep breath, then let out a REEEEEEEE that rings through the air. The head of the farmer frog explodes.
You unsheathed your sword, check your gun, then leap into the mob.
Slash, roll, stab, BANG BANG, reload. You laugh maniacally as you carve through the entire population of this crappy town in the pits of Hell.
You calm down eventually, panting and grinning while dropping with fresh blood.
You search the town, and eventually find a water tower. You break the pipe off the side and clean yourself off with the deluge, taking a drink while you're at it. This is Hell, someone would have cut off the water supply anyway.

What do you do?
>[]Go back to the elevator. Maybe there's a way up now.
>[]Explore Envy. There's gotta be something here that can help.
>>[]Explore Envy. There's gotta be something here that can help.
>[]Go back to the elevator. Maybe there's a way up now.
>>[x]Explore Envy. There's gotta be something here that can help.
You take a look around the town and find a shotgun with extra shells. Guess they didn't get to it before you killed them all. Well, you're taking that.
The only other thing of note was the church. It had some weird Egyptian symbols and repeating numbers carved into the masonry. It was giving you bad vibes.
You walk back to the elevator, but one of the railgun demons points his weapon at you.
"Halt! You are not yet worthy of passing to the next circle!"
What!? What WILL make you worthy?
"Souls like you must perform a task worthy of the circle they occupy! If you perform an act of Envy sufficient enough, you may pass!"
What's at the end?
"An opportunity to escape! If you defeat Lucifer's right hand, you may pass! Nobody has done so!"
Well, then.

How would you perform an act of Envy..?
Steal the railgun
And the demon holding it
This. We intend on running this shit now.
You scramble up the guardpost wall.
"What do you think you're doing?"
You grab onto the railgun and begin pulling. The demon stumbles, growls, and begins kicking at you.
"I said Envy, you worm! Not Greed!"

>[]Oh. Can I just use this to pass the Greed test early?
>>[]Oh. Can I just use this to pass the Greed test early?
>[x]Oh. Can I just use this to pass the Greed test early?
Also shouldn't stealing count for envy since its a desire for what belongs to someone else
(I'm trying to separate Envy and Greed, so they're not similar challenges. Like maybe you stalk off and start building pic related in full view of the demons)

Can't you just use this to pass the Greed challenge early?
"No! Now taff off!"
The demon surprises you with a kick, then he and his buddy start taking potshots at you. You scramble behind a building as they laugh.
Hell sucks.

What do you do now?
File: IMG_0659.jpg (231 KB, 1024x681)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
You need a pic to be pic related, past me.
Gonna be blunt I don't really know what you want for envy
So I guess
>stalk off and start building pic related
(It's like a passive aggressive king of thing. Like, 'I'm not jealous of that railgun. I'm just building this bigger, better one for MYSELF! He's the one who's jealous!'
The town is implied to be a bunch of autistic sperglords who formed their own society due to being unaccepted in life. If the object of your desire is out of reach, you do your best to emulate it. That's my interpretation of Envy)

You walk off into the desert, grumbling and kicking at tin cans. Those degenerates don't deserve those railguns. They don't even use them properly. You're not at all jealous of their superior power and size compared to your armaments... how Freudian. Anyway, you need to figure out what exactly you're going to do. And HOLY CRAP, this place was huge.
You find yourself in a junkyard. Hm. Everything here looks rusted and broken, but you might be able to rig something up with this.
You decide to sleep on it. Might as well, you've got eternity.

"Heh. Just as you were about to go home, you got snatched up by Satan himself. Isn't this a pretty sight?"
You look around. Rìnir was sitting on a decrepit car, warming his hands over a campfire.
"It's almost too convenient. Like someone planned it, maybe?"
He grins and lights up a cigarette.

>[]When did you get here?
>[]Would shotguns work on you?
>[]Oh boy, I sure can't wait for more cryptic/expositional nonsense. Taff off, I'm trying to sleep.
>[]Oh boy, I sure can't wait for more cryptic/expositional nonsense. Taff off, I'm trying to sleep.
Rìnir flicks his cigarette aside.
"I see. I'll have you know it was me who got you down here. Whispered in Lucifer's dreams, convinced him you were a threat."
You contemplate this, then reach for your shotgun.
"Well, bye."
Rìnir disappears in a puff of shadow.
That wasn't a dream?
And the fire's real.
And the cigarette is still here.

Whatever. You go to sleep.
The next morning, you press your back against a shelf, cracking your vertebrae back into place.

What do you do?
>[]Get to work on the big gun.
>[]Attack the demons. Screw them, those railguns are yours.

>Figure out how to shoot lightning out of your guns. That's WAY better than stupid demons with stupid railguns.
Lightning gun... easy enough. Just ionize the air from our hand to the muzzle, then from the muzzle to the target.
Or you could just use your hand. Ah, well. It looks cooler this way.
You also manage to electrify your ammunition without setting it off. Magic is great.

What do you do next?
>Try to get to upper level maybe if get to lust we can get contact to Sasha
Hey Op, i don't want to sound like a big meanie but uh, what exactly in this quest IS cyberpunk?
Yea I've been sort of wondering this as well.
When you get to the higher circles, things will get more modernized. I just kind of thought up the name and... forgot about it.
I imagined Swordpoint as something from a Deus Ex level, but I didn't quite get that across.
I'll try harder. Next post should be up soon.
The only way up is through the elevator.
You could try going back down to Sloth and trying to crawl up the trash chutes, but they spew out concrete blocks and sewage. And you were... how many miles down?
They probably put traps in the chutes anyway.
Well, it seems your only options are to do something really envious, or to try and hardware the elevator.
You hear something clang behind the nearest junk heap. You run around to find about a dozen frogmen cowering behind it.

>[]Come with me. We're getting out of here.
>[]More filth! Crush!
>[]Leave then alone.
Use your electricity powers to fashion two 7s into the air like lightnings you knlw and twll the frogmen to check 'em
File: IMG_0641.jpg (26 KB, 248x249)
26 KB
You remember that these creatures seem to like repeating numbers. You could just make some, but let's make it interesting. You pull out your phone--hey, it still works--and open a random number generator.
You hold the phone in front of you and press the 'generate' button...
The frogmen whoop and holler, dancing around you.

You've acquired 24 frogmen. What do you do?
Tell the frogmen ablut your desire to build a huge fucking cannon to kill normies with
You tell the frogmen about those roaster demons with railguns and how you're going to blow them off the map. Fortunately, it seems they understand English.
You order twelve to begin construction on The Cannon, and the other twelve to scavenge for protective gear or munitions. Also food.
You help the construction crew. Digging for sheets of metal, bending, welding, heavy lifting, etc.
After a day, you've got the base done (a large block with wheels) and the scavengers have found a few helpful things. Bulletproof vests, boots, some camo equipment and spray paint. They even found you an MP5 and an officer's helmet.
After a modest meal of dried fruits and beans (you hadn't eaten in almost two days, so it tasted amazing), you find your respective resting places and go to sleep.
A week has passed. The Cannon is ready, the frogmen have been sort of trained, and you've gotten a few of the cars to work.

>[]To war!
>[]Give an inspiring speech.
>>[]To war!
I would vote for the speech but I can't think of anything for us to say
>[X]Give an inspiring speech.
File: IMG_0662.jpg (287 KB, 1000x968)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
You pump your M50 into the air.
"It's time! Get ready!"
The frogmen climb into the cars and onto the Cannon and begin screeching. You get behind the Cannon, crack your knuckles, and begin pushing. Even with the frogmen crew, you still run faster than the guys in cars. You park the Cannon on a hill near the elevator and climb to the top.
"What do you think you're doing?" the guard demon growls.
You sneer at him and turn to the Cannon's crew.
They snap into action, clumsily loading the artillery shell into the chamber.
The guard growls.
"You think that rusty wreck is going to do anything?"
The Cannon fires. A deafening shriek is heard before the artillery shell slams into the catwalk near the demon guards.
The infantry starts up their cars and zooms into the fray, firing at the automatic turrets and REEEEEing.
The guards recover, and begin firing at the ground forces with their railguns.

>[]Join in.
>[]Keep shouting at your soldiers in German.
>Join in.
Try to take captives so we can convert them
>[X]Join in.
>[X]Keep shouting at your soldiers in German.
why not both? vorwärts!
You look down at your crew.
"Schnell! Schnell!"
You run across the battlefield and take a leap up onto the guards' catwalk. The demon who kept yelling at you aimed his railgun directly into your face, before you get him into a headlock.
"Aaaaaargh! Get off of me! Get these things out of here!"
You take your sword and stab the demon in the throat about five times before he drops. Then you pick up his railgun, blasting his buddy's head into dust.
The frogmen cheer.

Battle losses:
Fourteen dead
Two wounded
Two kills
The surviving frogmen and yourself pile into the elevator. You listen to their excited chatter as you press the button for GLUTTONY. Who knows how long these guys have been here...
The lights in the elevator flicker. When they come back on, your soldiers are gone. The doors open, and you see a single room with a very, VERY large table, laden with rotten food.
A railgun demon stands beside the door. He's wearing some nasty-looking armor with rubes etched into it.
"Eat." he grunts, gesturing toward the table.
Simple enough. But it is a large table... and that food looks VERY rotten. Are those maggots..?

>[]Hold it down and begin eating.
>[]Can't we just kill the guard again?
>[X]Can't we just kill the guard again?
actually scratch this, let's eat the guard instead! t's not like it's cannibalism or anything...
Sure, he's probably fresher anyway
You turn around and grin at the guard evilly, aiming your railgun toward his face.
"...I see. I suppose this will be an acceptable substitute."
He's not worried about dying?
"Demons don't die. We merely reform in the deepest fires. It won't be the first time, and it won't be the last."
Fair enough. You pull the trigger and blast the guard's head into dust. A bit of electric frying later, and you dig into the demon's corpse.
Well, it wasn't very good. The meat was rather spicy, but it had the consistency of old chewing gum, and tasted like tar. Still a better choice than the rotten feast.
You move on to LUST. When the elevator doors open, you step out into Swordpoint on steroids. Trippy lights and laser shows, smoke, alcoholic drinks, and naked demon babes and hunks dancing in cages.
It was an endless strip club, built entirely with strange, polygonal architecture. The patrons had strange fashion sense, too. Those that weren't wearing S&M outfits or their birthday suits, anyway.
Two people make their way towards you. It was Caine and Sasha. Caine was dressed in a suit with gold trim, and Sasha had transformed into her demonic form, wearing some kind of leather outfit that barely covered anything.
"Hey, what a coincidence!" Caine exclaims, shaking your hand.
"It's been too long. I actually gotta go, but..." he looks around.
"Someone's supposed to give you a hint. Might as well be me. So yeah. Act of Lust. Usually people go around organizing orgies, marathons, that sort of thing. But if you want my advice, try... I dunno, seducing one of the staff here. They're hard to get."
Caine smacks Sasha on the bottom.
"I gotta go."
As he passes you, he grabs you on the shoulder and leans in, his voice becoming grave serious.
"Good luck, Alagos."
Caine walks off toward a powerful-looking succubus with what looks like a harem assembled around her.
Sasha waves at you.
"Hi, mas--sir."

What do you do? And this techno music is starting to give you a headache!
ask sasha if she knows what the fuck is going on and how & why she ended up here and then proceed to "seduce one of the staff members" if you know what i mean. oh who am i kidding just bang sasha.
This works
Sasha leads you across the club.
"Well, succubi can work on the surface or spend some time down here. I came down here to help you out, master. The other girls would give you a hard time."
She leads you straight through a wall and into a private section of the club. There weren't any lost souls begging for booty here, just some demons appreciating strippers and booze.
"Hey, Sasha! Bringing studs back here again, I see!"
You ignore the outburst and continue into a private room.
What even... the bed was covered in rose petals, there were candles, mirrors, drawers full of sex toys and miscellaneous fetish articles, and even a hot tub.
"I missed you, master." Sasha sighs, wrapping her arms around you. "Cute helmet."
You let all your munitions and the Gluttony guard's armor plates fall to the floor, then begin removing Sasha's clothing...

(Fade to black. Just let your kinky imaginations run wild)

You lie in bed with Sasha, savoring her warmth before you have to leave again.
She keeps sniffling... what's wrong?
"It's just that I missed you so much, master. And you were almost taken away, just like that... I didn't know what to do. And now you have to leave again. And you might d-die, and..."
Sasha begins crying into your shoulder.

>[]Please don't cry.
>[]You can come with me.
do the whole give sasha something you hold dear i.e. your sword and tell her that you WILL be back for it cliche
I think we might still need the sword
But I like the sentiment
You hold Sasha until she's calmed down a bit, then get dressed. You should do the thing where you give her something you're coming back for... your sword? No, that's stupid. You need that. And all your other weapons.
You plop your officer's helmet onto Sasha's head.
You're going to come back for that helmet. That's a certainty. And she had better hold onto it. That's an order.
Sasha wipes her eyes and smiles.
"That's pretty cheesy... but I don't mind."
You gather your things and get ready to leave, but you hesitate. After a moment of indecision, you give Sasha a hug and tell her you love her.
"I love you too, master."
You walk back to the elevator and board, waving one last goodbye to Sasha as the doors close.
Three more circles...
You press the button for GREED and begin your ascent. The doors open, revealing a sprawling city. Every other building is some kind of casino or betting place. You can see a crowd of people betting on which drop of water would run down the glass first.
Someone tries to take your weapons, but you stomp on his arms.

An act of Greed... you take a look at a far-off building that looks to be made out of gold. Whoever lives in there is probably fine with staying here.

What do you do?
run into the gold building guns blazing of course!
It shall all be ours
You snatch a bandana off of some thug on the street. He leaves upon seeing your MP5.
You tie the bandana around your mouth and burst through the gold building's door.
"Everyone get down!"
The building was filled with dead civilians and security guards. Demons wrapped in shadow held silenced pistols, and begin firing at you.
What the--you run to the front desk and grab a Magnum from the dead secretary.
One of the ninja demons rounds the desk, and you blow his brains out.
Whoa, this thing is amazing! Too bad it's only got six chambers.
A grenade smacks you on the head and clatters to the floor. You throw it back, detonating it with a bolt of lightning, then running up the emergency stairway.
It's gilded in here, too! Gah!
You smash a ninja demon's face into the stairs after he attempts to ambush you, then take a breather at the top of the stairs.

This doesn't seem like a regular robbery. These guys were probably sent after you.
What do you do?
Show them the might of a god
You charge back into the lobby, hurling lightning and bullets at the ninja demons. A fierce wind kicks up around you, snatching the enemy's bullets and hurling them back.
The moment is ruined when you take aim at the last demon and pull the trigger.
The demon begins firing at you, and you run to cover, shouting at nobody in particular.
"Who was in charge of reloading!? You're fired! What do you mean we don't have any more ammo?? You're fired, too!"
Your 1911 still has ammo, though. The demon was quickly dispatched.
You go to the basement, which houses a gigantic vault. Let's see... open!
You stare at a frankly ridiculous pile of gold and cash and suppress an irrational urge to get Sasha and start having sex all over the contents.

What now?
>[]Everyone's going to want this. Defend the fort!
>[]Grab as much as possible and book it.
>[]Grab as much as possible and book it.
>[X]Grab as much as possible and book it.
You rush across town and grab a garbage truck, then crash it through the gold building's front windows. With the help of a makeshift sack, you fill the back up quite nicely, before taking off. There are a few people trying to chase you down, but most are going into the building to check out the vault.
You pull the truck in front of the elevator and grab a decently-sized sack of gold and cash--maybe that fantasy could become reality.
You kick several freeloaders out of the elevator and smash the button leading up to WRATH.
This is gonna be great...
The doors open onto a warzone. Scorched earth, bullets and energy and magic flying back and forth. It was loud and chaotic.
A man in some sort of armor shouts at you.
"Run straight forward! We've got a base camp set up a ways back there, we can get you properly equipped!"
He takes cover behind the elevator and takes potshots and an unseen enemy.
You run to the base camp, dodging bullets and making sure you don't spill you gold everywhere.
It was a little more quiet here.

What do you do?
>[]See about getting some more weapons.
>[]You took the armor plating from the Gluttony guard. Maybe you can get it fitted for yourself?
>>[]You took the armor plating from the Gluttony guard. Maybe you can get it fitted for yourself?
>[X]You took the armor plating from the Gluttony guard. Maybe you can get it fitted for yourself?
blinged out armor reflects energy weapons more effectively
You walk up to a really buff old guy hammering something out at an anvil.
"Hey, I got this armor off a guard... can you get this fitted to me?"
He looks you up and down.
"Hmm. Yeh, I c'n do that. 'Tll take 'bout three days."

What now?
>See about getting some more weapons
Or at least more ammo
You walk over to an old guy in an eyepatch. Behind him is practically an entire warehouse full of weapons.
He looks at your arsenal.
"Well, looks like someone's seen some action. Good choices there, I'll get you some ammo.
He hands you a belt and bandolier.
"You'll need these. Need anything else? We've got all kinds of munitions here. I think some of these might be alien."

Do you need any more guns?
>[]You can never have too many guns. (Name whatever you want. Doomguy can carry eight guns, and he's just a normal dude)
>my /k/ is showing
Ill take an anzio 20mm
A holland & holland elephant gun in .700 nitro express
A mosin-nagant 91/30
A stormbolter
An fn FAL
A pancor jackhammer
Turn the previously acquired double barrel shotty into a sawed off
Two mac-10s
A second coonan .357 mag 1911
Two obligatory desert eagles in .50AE of course
One of them Fat man mininuke launchers
Something that shoots homing bullets (every good cyberpunk setup has this)
And an LSAT (the caseless ammo variant of course, there's pretty much nothing more cyberpunk than a caseless light machine gun) for good measure
The quartermaster's eye widened.
"Well, that'll do it. Hope you can carry it all."
You've actually figured out how to store your guns in the same pocket dinension as your sword. The bag of swag, too.
"You're gonna be out of here pretty quick with all that." the quartermaster remarks.
"Well, relatively speaking. Last guy who got out took nineteen years. By the way... I ask this about everyone new. What're you down here for?"

>[]Nothing. Satan just hates me.
>[]I started WWIII. There's no earth to go back to.
Honestlu i have no idea but i try to make the best out of it and sofar ut has worked out pretty well. Wanna tag along?
The quartermaster shakes his head.
"Nah. I'm good here. Last thing. You've probably figured this out, but you need to kill demons until those elevator doors open for you. The amount varies from person to person, so I can't tell you what to expect. Good luck out there."
You thank him and leave.

What now?
>[]See if anyone's got an assignment for you. You've got three days to kill.
>[]Take a look around, talk to some of the people here.
>>[]Take a look around, talk to some of the people here.
Lets see if we can learn how to kill shit better
You look around at the camp. It's a cluster of concrete buildings with a scattering of tents and ammo crates around. There's a few artillery guns in the midst of a barrage a ways outside the main camp.
Inside one of the buildings is a group of serious-looking buff people in space marine armor standing around a table.
Seriously, those pauldrons...
The rest of the camp consists of guards, wounded personnel, and medical aides.

>[]Lets go talk to the table brigade.
>[]We need to find somewhere to sleep. All this fighting's been tiring.
>We need to find somewhere to sleep. All this fighting's been tiring.
You look around and find a low, round building with cots lined up inside, then take an empty one and go to sleep.

"Well, you've just been breezing through all this, haven't you?"
You're back in Rìnir's dreamscape, his penthouse looking over a city. Except this time the city was on fire.
"I would've thought Hell would be a bit more of a challenge. Just wait until the demons with actual names come for you."

>[]I think this place has an infestation. He's about your height...
>[]You never seem to talk about yourself. What exactly made you like this?
>[]You never seem to talk about yourself. What exactly made you like this?
Rìnir remains silent for a few minutes.
"...you ever hear of a Babylon Library?"
What does this have to do with--
"It stores every combination of letters and punctuation that can be made. Our conversation would be written out word for word in there."
He pauses, sighing and lighting up a cigarette.
"Our universe is a sort of Babylon Library, you know that? Every time two particles of matter interact, they diverge on the quantum level, creating new universes. So we know that after our own universe's heat death, there will still be others out there, right?"
Rìnir shakes his head.
"Well, for now. But there IS a heat death. Where there's an end, nothing can be infinite. Eventually, after an unimaginable amount of time, every universe will die."
The dreamsnatcher stands up and faces you.
"So tell me. What's the point of all this? It's the nihilist's argument, on a grander scale. Even with gods, everything will still end. So what was the purpose of Creation?"
You don't have an answer for him.
"I came to the conclusion a long time ago that this universe is just a colossal accident. None of us were meant to exist. So why let things continue like this? Might as well end it all now, rather than let more people suffer needlessly. That's what led to me being here. That's why you killed me."

What do you say to him? Do you have a counter argument?
File: 1408143647940.jpg (404 KB, 1235x766)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Basically this
"There may not be any reason to all this. But that doesn't mean we can just give up. We should do our best to make our time here full of good."
Rìnir grits his teeth.
"That's nice to say, but we're all nothing. Sasha, Krystal, you, me, NOTHING. We have no impact."
You shake your head.
"Not necessarily. If we're kind to everyone we meet, they will in turn show kindness to others, and the world will be at least a little better. It's a group effort. It's what Christianity--the opposition to Hell--is all about. For every bad thing, there's an equally good thing."
Demon growled.
"Every timeline, every possible incarnation of you thinks that way. More proof that not all possible timelines are allowed to exist--after all, there should be one where I succeeded. I don't even know why I'm talking to you."
You can feel Demon attempting to sever the connection to your dream.

>[]Stop him. He needs to hear more.
>[]Let him go. He's beyond hope.
>>[]Let him go.
Give him space we can talk more next time
You let him go. Might as well let him stew in the Void.
The dream doesn't end, though. The penthouse eventually slips into blackness, leaving you standing in pitch dark. A light appears above you, forcing you to crane your neck.
«That man has been wrapped up in his own thoughts for a long time now. It was good for him to hear your opinion.»
You begin slipping into consciousness.
«Go live your life as you see fit, Alagos. I've already interfered too much in your other selves' lives. This Hell is nothing. You're capable of so much more than you realize.»
You wake up.
Nobody's done anything to you while you were sleeping. That's good. That light... maybe it was best you didn't pry further.

>[]Go talk to the camp leaders.
>[]Socialize with the soldiers.
Go talk to the camp leaders.
You get up and walk over to the command building. The leaders are talking inside.
"--and then the mecha ambush them from here."
"Where are they supposed to hide, Creed? There's nothing there."
"That's not your concern, Lieutenant. Oh, it seems we have a visitor."
The commanders turn toward you, a difficult task, considering their pauldrons.

>[]H-hi... *mental breakdown*
>[]Hi. I'm new. Can I have an assignment?
>[]*eyes widen, point* CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!
>Hi. I'm new. Can I have not assignment?
"Uh, I don't really know what to do. Do you have an assignment for me?"
The commanders looked around at each other.
"Let's see... the western barricade. Yeah, that should work."
You walk out of the command center. Which way was west again..? Was there a sun down here? No...
Oh, yeah. The map was oriented to the compass points. West should be that way.
You walk over to an almost wall of sandbags, pointy metal objects, and machine gun nests. A man in bright orange armor sits at one of the nests and mutters angrily to himself. There doesn't seem to be anyone else here.

>[]Listen to the man's rantings.
>[]Where is everyone?
>Listen to the man's rantings.
You lean against the barricade and listen to the man.
"--would demons count as aliens? Like how every square is a rectangle but not vice versa. What was that Arthur C. Clarke quote? 'Every sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'? Well that doesn't /rule out/ magic. That'd certainly explain a lot around here. And I thought my old job was bad. I wasn't wanted by Satan, I didn't have to bring a gun to work, my coworkers weren't fat space marines, I had a salary..."
The man leaned forward and adjusted his glasses.
He began firing his machine gun at a bit of wall, stopping only after having destroyed the entire thing. To his credit, there was a demon arm sticking out of the rubble.
"I think AGH would sum up this day perfectly. Or maybe DOOM. The gun's vote is BANG. You'd probably vote for DEAD, but I don't like dead."
He seems to be talking to the crushed demon... what kind of assignment did you pull?

>[]I think (word) would sum up my day, personally.
>[]Yay, I pulled guard duty with a psycho.
>I think sigh would sum my day, personally
"I think a long, sad sigh would sum up my day." you tell the man.
He looks up at you.
"Well, at least I have someone to talk to now. Besides myself. Well, I guess I'll give you a rundown of the job. You sit here and shoot demons until someone moves you somewhere else. We used to get a lot of resistance over here, but now... not so much. So they send newbies here. I'm not a newbie, those idiots over at command just don't like me. Name's Jordan, by the way."
Jordan fired his machine gun at some skittering thing in the distance.
"I'll let you take the minigun. It's not well suited to what we've got going on, but it's cool."
Jordan gestures at a section of helicopter that had been integrated into the wall. It still had a 50 cal gunner's seat attached.

>[]You got any food? I haven't eaten since Gluttony. And that was... ugh.
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