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Previous Thread: >>963446
Thread archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=A+Safe+Haven
Pastebin of Character combat information: http://pastebin.com/v6wsp2mx
Summary of the story (outdated) http://pastebin.com/5vNphiNS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stark1st

Last time you were ambushed by goblins at the harpy village, but thankfully you fended them off without too much damage, just some stolen children is all. Wary of a trap you hunkered own at the village aided in the repairs and asked the Queen if forming an alliance of sorts against the The Master would be a good idea. She agreed and together with her messengers you contacted the people groups of whom you helped and set up a meeting at Mother's castle. The castle was still occupied by rather upset vampires, however, so you kicked them all out using advanced intimidation tactics. Once vacant and the new guests arrived you began talks which resulted in an official alliance being formed. In the after meeting mingling Nessera informed you of a suspicious door in the castle that turned out to likely have the gate that Mother originally used to travel between the planes. You, unfortunately, had no way to open it and decided to put it off for now. Back at the event, you spotted a lovely non-Girtabilul girl who you coerced to join you in your quarters for the evening. In the morning, however, your best friend, and girlfriend, Yuki came to retrieve you for another meeting and is currently barging her way into your room. Still with a naked woman attached to your waist.

Shit. You whisper as fast as humanly possible to the girl underneath you,” fortheloveofgoddontmove.”

“Wha-?” You cover her mouth with your hand and shake your head.

Yuki opening the door and barging in yells, “Wake up!” she then began to run in and launch herself toward your bed. On any other occasion, this would be a wonderful sign, this time, however, not so much.

Reacting as fast as you could you jump up and grab her out of the air and grit your teeth to stop both of you from flopping onto the bed and potentially hitting the third guest. You did not know how you did it, but with sure panic, willpower, and a rush of adrenaline you managed the feat.

Yuki looked surprised and rather impressed, “Well you are clearly awake now.”

You attempt to stonewall your nervousness, “Y-Yeah… thanks…”

“Well then you really should hurry, they said it was important business..”

“And I believe them…” Your knees started to wobble, but you held your ground admirably. You slowly let Yuki down, paying close attention to making sure she lands off the bed. “Tell them I will be there in a moment, I just need to dress okay>”

Yuki nods and begins to leave. As she does a voice from under you says, “Nice one.”

Yuki abruptly turns around, “Did you say something?”

Panicking you answer trying not to stutter over your words, “N-No not at all! J-Just a lingering yawn I suppose,” You then laugh nervously, “hahaha”

Yuki eyes you as being a little suspicious, but after a moment she simply says, “Alright then,” and heads out.

Phew. you wipe the sweat from your brow as you feel the arm of the woman under you, “Now that she’s gone, let's do it again…”

I took all of your willpower to decline her offer, hesitantly shoving her off your person and standing out of bed, “I have to do something but come find me when I am alone some other time and we’ll talk then.” It hurt you more than you could have imagined, leaving a willing participant in your game of lust behind, but if you didn’t Yuki would find out for sure. Getting dressed you leave the room as the scorpion woman takes a moment to blow you a kiss.

As you walk down the stairs to the meeting room, you quickly readjust your hastily thrown on clothes to look somewhat presentable, though the bed head you currently had may be a problem. Upon entering the room you see the 3 leaders and Melo sitting at the table.

Azura notices first and asks, “Ahh we have been expecting you, how was the morning?”

“Eventful” which was probably the most accurate way to describe it.

Sitting down you start the conversation, “So I hear we have something to discuss.”

“Yes,” Fey starts, “We need to decide what our first acts of the alliance should be, currently we are focusing on gathering our forces to our new base here. But we did not know where best to put or use for the ones we currently have.”

Pick one:
> Send troops to secure Queen Kanon and the harpies
>Send troops to Wa as emissaries
>Send troops to Yaga’s hut
>Send troops to the northern Eversong where the flames were spotted
>Send troops to Mermaidia
>Send troops into the Accursed lands
forgot to put this at the end of the post. bt I will only be here today for a few hours as I have New Years obligations
> Send troops to secure Queen Kanon and the harpies

“First thing we must do is secure Kanon and the harpies in the north, she is a member of this alliance, although she chose to remain in her village for its protection rather than risk attack.”

Melo adds with a, “Yeah!” but doesn’t say anything more and quickly nervously sits down, apparently unable to add anything more.

“...As such, we should make sure she is secure before anything else.”

Fey nodded, “I agree, it would be rather unbecoming of an alliance not first taking care of its members”

To Fey’s words the other leaders nod in agreement.

“Very well then, we should send out people north and begin drawing more troops where we can.”

“Other than that,...”

>Personally head out somewhere (where)
>Write in
Heading out for the night

>Personally head out somewhere
>Go with the centaurs to see how certain former jerk guy turned centaur maid is doing... I mean, centaurs are mighty warriors so better make sure they are okay, right?
> Sugest the use of harpies as scouts.
> Have Melo on look out duty so she doesn't feel that useless.
This is Keeper. I have been bist today and will be most of tomorrow . I will try and post late tomorrow night like ~9pm pst or so.
I lied, I forgot it was Monday and won't be on at all tonight. I also have things planned Tuesday evening so i don't know when i will be back
I will write for a short time tonight starting around 10pm PST. I am back up at college unfortunately and will soon be going back to the once a week schedule.

“Other than that… I want to head out and check on something, Azura, is Varaemon still with you.

“Huh,” she seemed startled that you drained it important enough to bring up his name. “Yeah, he- she is currently tending to the household back home. Most have taken to calling her Vara now and she is going more accustomed to her position.”

“Really?” Interesting. With a slightly devious smile, you ponder Vara’s feelings on their new servile predicament.

“Why do you ask?”

“Ohh, I was just thinking about heading over to check on the forces given the constant fighting that had taken place, and my mind drifted to that jerk.”

She gives you an inquisitive eye but quickly nods and lets it be, “Hmm, very well… but as a show of forces, I insist on coming with you. Also, it would be a good chance to inform the rest of the clan with the authority of the chieftess.”

“Sounds perfect, then we shall leave soon, I don’t want to waste too much time.”

Your mind was drifting to the trip already, but there was something else you remembered you had to say, “Oh, also I think we should set the harpies up as scouts given their ability to fly. And speaking of which, Melo.”

The harpy stands to attention with a royal salute, “Y-Yes!”

You wink to her as you speak, “You may go on castle lookout duty, given your natural talents.”

She gets your message and immediately jumps up to fly off yelling, “Freeeeedoooooooooomm” as she soars out a nearby window.

With that settled, you look to the council once again, “Until we meet again continue as we have discussed, Azura and I will return by tomorrow for sure.”

The council agreed and the meeting soon adjourned with Azura waiting by the door of the room for you to join her. You quickly run back to your room to grab your gear, noticing that the non-girtablilu from last night was gone. “Thank god.” Equipping yourself you head down and with Azura’s lead, you head out.

Since you were heading out on a personal mission it was only you and Azura and a certain temptation kept coming to mind as you gazed upon the beautiful and veiled centaur chieftain. Remembering the night you spent with her you had to stop your eyes more than once from lingering.

It took almost half a day but you found yourself at the large campsite the centaurs have been calling home and you were greeted with a royal proceeding meant to receive the chieftain. Warriors of all stocks and sizes lined up and bowed their head to their superior. Looking at the incredible military discipline your worries of military adequacy was quickly evaporating.

Azura waved off her people as if this display was expected of them, but still took a moment to nod to the group before leading you into the royal tent.

“Still concerned?” she asked as she lays down on some pillows and began being attended by handmaidens.

“Not nearly as much, but I still believe a basic overlook may prove useful, and that a speech from their leader would be helpful.”


Taking a moment to drink some of the fine drinks being brought to you, you accidently nudge the arm of one of the attendants, “Ohh, excuse me” came a small and timid voice of the servant, “this one is not worthy to have accidently touched the honored guest.”

You turned to the servant to reassure her when you noticed something was off“Ohh nonsense, it was merely a-” The servant was a pink centauress that you remember bringing from Yaga after their transformation. You were shocked ah her attitude and the timid look she was displaying, “Varaemon!”

“V-Vara, honorable guest…”

Wow. it was like their personality did a complete 180. The centaur in front of you as nervous, fidgeting and had a look on her face that expressed, “I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You look over to Azura, “have they been like this since…”

“Yes,” she confirms. “She did not talk for a week but after that, she slowly began the talk in the manner she is now. We do not know why, but such a dramatic transformation of the body and the spirit must be the work of the gods.”

Some work they could do. Vara timidly back peddles away from you and Azura bowing in respect deeply to you both. Honestly, it was pretty cute given her smaller nature.

>Hey Azura mind if I talk with Vara along for a while (with lewd intentions)
>Hey Azura would you mind if you talked to me alone later tonight (lewd intentions)
>Well now that this is all sorted out and your curiosity satisfied we should head back
>Write in
heading out, I will begin posting weekly again, currently scheduled for Sundays 2:30pm PST
>You decide the threesome option is the best, you Vara and Azura, trying to maka Vara and Azura into lovers. And having Kagehana nudge the two of them into that. Varaemon might have been a jerk but you didn't get "his" memory erased or make "Vara" stupid and the guy was a good strategist. Azura could use that, have her as a personal maid and advisor.


You gently caress Azura back and give a look at Vara, then wink at both of them. You whisper to the centaur princess ear and move the two of them into a more private tent.

"You know, when I changed that jerk into Vara it wasn't only to save his life but also as a personal gift to you. Now that she is a proper servant you can use her for entertainment and advisor. She is still smart and has her memories, we could use that in this war, but first..."

You move to Vara, gently rubbing her breasts in a circular pattern in a slow and teasing way, making her blush.

"She needs training, both of you do, just because one is the master and the other is the servant is not excuse for both or one of you two to be lousy in bed."

Then you teach them, and then teach you since as centaurs they know better what the right spots for their species are, you even get Vara to confess "experimenting" with her new body when she was alone. You three have a very busy night and in the morning you are all tired but happy.

You kind of regret not having a bushy fox tail or two or nine to have the other pet, and the lack of cute fox ears that would give better hearing to listen bether to their cries of pleasure. You wonder if the astral plane encourages humans to become monsters or something.

Then the tireness finally gets you and you fall asleep. You are back into your head space, did Kagehana grow again? She looks... more adult and developed than you do or is just your imagination?

This time you see a room that wasn't there, you head there almost without thinking, but the moans coming from the other side stop you, you open the door slightly and take a peck, then close it fast with your face being deep red.

Those... those were Anna and Victoria and... Anna was the dominant one and they...

You then decide to go somewhere more relaxing, maybe a garden? You head to a beautiful garden with a full moon. Kagehana follows you.

You wonder how much the shadow demon has changed, how she has changed you and you have changed her.

You... you want your friends and lovers to be happy. Maybe get the Imp and the bicorn together? Get Anna and Victoria drunk with Oni's sake so they finally end having sex? Marry Aki and Yuki? Encourage your kitsune sis and your demon sis to end together?

Damn... you sure are meddlesome, but you are not mother. You prefer a gentler touch while posible not violence. You feel regret and pain because Mother... no... because Elena was too far gone, because you couldn't save her.

You wonder for a moment if Elena's plushie has her soul on it but that's a silly idea isn't it?

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