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713 KB PNG
Two months have passed by since the Capital Ball fiasco. The Vitas Fair was adjourned earlier than normal due to unmentionable events. Business was still to be had so the crew took a brief respite while their employers went about their agendas. Many events would happen between those two months. It would all be interrupted when Jing-hai sent a correspondence:

We find our brother. Not by our hand. We get ransom. Our brother was working for some charity. Gang abduct him. We send people. Only one come back. From report gang have shield and weapons like yours. Eldson must want revenge. Send help to Praia de Oro.

Deacon: Better dress lightly lads. We’re going to Foz de Plato. https://youtu.be/ZYfaepQ75r0

>Assignments complete

-Escaped with the remaining Gyrebomb.
-Escaped to company car.
-Did not avoid suspicion
>may pay 6k for hush money or "talk" to witness during story phase.
-Saved Lirenis.
>2k to pay for Union members' funeral? [Keep standing within Union]


+1 Attribute Point (current map)
+1 Attribute Point (Arc end bonus)

Marianne: We have some cleaners coming by to take care of the mess you made. There were a couple items of interest you might like to see in the evidence bay. We can bribe the clerk for "uninterrupted access"

>Pay Ꞥ500 for any of the following. (Items not looted may be gained this way.)

x6 "Pagant"
3d3 cm Hit:4 3AP 1HT Heat: 0/9 Slsh
[*Gyrocite core] Produces its own energy. Using the equipment produces heat.

x1 Eldson GFE Mk.3
EN: 24/24; RE 4 LI6 EQ2

Resolution to the map will happen later this week. In the meantime lets see the other goodies that have been unlocked this round.
===Aquilla Arms Acquired===

With Valentino not under Eldson’s thumb he agrees to sell part of his company to Rose and Tower. Eldson had already laid the groundwork so it takes no time to make his new gunline compatible:

>Each participant of either the Capital Ball or Vitas Fair may obtain a single firearm at a one time 50% discount.

Aquilla Arms
Run afoul of loan sharks and the Casino. Valentino Aquilla’s storied gunworks is a trove a specialty guns and arms not easily seen anywhere else. After many mishaps AA found itself bought out by an eager competitor and joins the Rose and Tower line as a subsidiary.

SM72 Swallow (Pistol) (Ꞥ2000)
7d2 4AP 6EN 4-8R AM 3/3 2EQ

SM88 Pecker (Pistol Shotgun) (Ꞥ2500)
10d2 4AP 6EN 4-6R AM 2/2 3EQ
[*Close Quarter]
[*Danger Zone] damage is cumulative if below minimum range
[*-Heavy Kick] -1 RES every time it’s fired over JUP/2 consecutive times. This includes two different guns

HPP8 Eagle (Pistol) (Ꞥ3000)
5d3 cm 4AP 6EN 4-8R 3/3AM 3EQ; Rifled
[*-Heavy Kick] -1 RES every time it’s fired over JUP/2 consecutive times. This includes two different guns

LR-80 Raven (Rifle) (Ꞥ4250)
3d6 cm 6AP 10EN R8-(4+MAR+VEN) 2/2 4EQ; Rifled
[*Subsonic] Makes very little noise when firing
[*-!Deploy] 3AP go prone and deploy a bipod. -2ap to fire. You stay prone when done.

LOD10 Condor (Machine Gun) (Ꞥ5000)
12d2 10AP 10EN 4-10R AM 4/4 6EQ (10AP reload)
[*Heavy] -2 Mov if user has less than 6 Jup; Immune to force damage
[*Finger on the trigger] +3d2 for 1EN 1AP
[*!Whirl up] 3ap to toggle; Whirl up the gun to immediately fire; -2 Mov -4AP to fire
[@Credit to team] Fire bullets in a narrow arc. Enemies caught in the arc are {Dazed} and may take damage

LOD6 Turkey (Grenade Launcher) (Ꞥ3500)
6AP 8EN AM 3/3 5-12R 4EQ; Rifled
Generic PRQs/PRTs:
[*@Charge] 1 AP 2EN +3R
[*Launcher] uses grenades as ammunition; AOEs and general effectiveness is diminished
[@Cluster bombs] 1AM 4EN; fire another grenade in succession increasing AOE
[*-No Sights] Cannot aim with weapon

LOD8 Penguin (Mortar) (Ꞥ3500)
12AP 6EN AM 2/2 5-16R 6EQ
[*Sighted] Spotted enemies can be targeted from anywhere.
[*Launcher] uses grenades as ammunition; AOEs and general effectiveness is diminished.
[*Arcing] Ignores lateral cover; can target non-visible tiles.
[*-No Sights] Cannot aim with weapon
===Aquilla Academy===

Valentino: While unorthodox I must say you all are oddly capable. My company has been in our family for generations. Not bad for originally being a range academy.

William: Oi a wat. Te fook’e talkin bout Deacon?

Deacon: Guns were limited to the noble classes and eventually given to peasants as they were “unseamly”. To control access and knowledge guns could only be handled by getting permission from an Academy. Essentially you had to learn how to use a gun before firing one. Academies were competitive and many different skills were developed from them.

William: Ye had te be schooled te shoot a damn burna! Seven hells.

Deacon: As ridiculous as it sounds it worked for way longer than it should. As you can imagine most of that went out the window when the Capitus Conglomerate seceded.

Valentino: Well now that we’ll be affiliates I’d like to run that part of the business more. I never really liked running the whole thing anyways.

>{Gunfighter} unlocked. Spend 2 Attribute points OR 1 attribute point and Ꞥ8000 to unlock.

Access to tier 2 Gunslinger PRTs; +1 free gun related PRT; Multishot attacks can instead be split between multiple targets

-Ricochet: bullets can bounce off enemies
-Trick Shot: +50% range +20% competence
-Unload: -10% damage
-Tit for Tat: gain +10% competence per value of damage intercepted
-Two in a bush: Energy reduced by 35%

[Flick of the wrist] *AP *EN 1 amo 2d12+((VEN+MAR)/2) Hit 18<; Disarm target.
[Cluster shots] 3*AP 2*EN; Attack twice. Count it as a single attack.
[#Roulette shot] Determine which ammo type is shot before being fired.
[@Called Shot] -30% damage; Overflow directly wounds attribute of your choice.
[#2-bit Slinger] Get twice as many reloads from mags
[#Ace in the Hole] Guns “holstered” gain 20% damage a turn up to MER. Guns keep the bonus until fired.
[%Lone Star] Activates when “alone”; +20% competence; consumables are twice as effective
[Bamboozled] If taking RES damage, jump to cover hidden. Foes believe you are dead.
[A bag of nails] Enemies shot have a chance to be {Disoriented}
Can i swap my Raven for a Turkey?
Minor changes to Gunslingers too.
-[%Tit for tat] *AP *EN Stand guard shooting enemy projectiles mid-flight, stopping them.
>AP cost is associated with the gun in question. [Tit for Tat] reduces overall damage of ranged abilities by directly subtracting from the initial attack. An example would be if an enemy sniper were to fire their gun and it’s rolled to hit 12 damage and a friendly gunslinger prepared a [Tit for Tat] action they and they rolled an 8, it would reduce the enemies attack to 4 damage.

-[#Trickster] Firing past a target makes foes believe that’s where the attack came from.
>Trickster’s “Area of influence” is greatly increased. You only need to have the attack come from a “believable angle” for the effect to happen.

-[@Ricochet] 1AP; ricochet bullets off of objects and hit targets around and through cover. -1 damage per ricochet.
>Bullets can bounce freely within a gun’s overall range. They now instead lose 1 damage of effectiveness per change in direction/interaction. Does not affect Trick shot.

-[Trick Shot] *AP *EN; 2d12+VEN Hit: X. bullet may do no damage. Interact with items out of reach; make /k/ cry
>You may declare if a bullet does damage within a string. Rolls are done by players now to determine if their feat happens. This was originally done backend. Interacting with items like setting off grenades is a hit of 4 making it nearly impossible not to achieve.

===Upon Closer Inspection===

>{Closer} and {Inspector} unlocked!

Opal: While I’m sad to see Amethyst and the rest of the crew in jail I find it better than them being dead. There’s no sign of Ruby but at least and with Benson’s help we’ll be able to build a case to get them out. Luckily Roller is with me. It will take some time if we don’t get extra hands to help though.

Marianne: We may be needing your help some time soon again to deal with Eldson’s plots. Your crew definitely has the talent to join us as well. Nothing stopping you from doing both assignments.

yes but also wait till I'm done posting

-New PRTs:

[Tracking] Targets that dodge ranged attacks can be retargeted if they are in LoS and out of cover. Distance penalty from PVP is negated if target is within vision cone.
[Footwork] -1 penalty to foes trying to dodge your attack.. Follow a target’s movement if they dodge melee attacks. Must be within MOV range.
[Hobbyist] +1 PIQ slot.

-Grenade prices reduced to Ꞥ800

-{Temp} PRTs slightly altered
New one: {Remote Service} Make notes by forgoing your turn. Number of notes is determined by the market rate.
Changed: [Part-time job] Do not participate during a story or mission phase. Earn money instead.
>Earn notes from foregoing missions as well
===Potential Disaster===

Potentials (abbr. POTs) are specific character quirks of an agent. These are obtained when completing certain “challenges” during Mission or Story phase. They may also be obtained by spending an attribute point. Think of them as achievements. New players may also use an attribute point to roll for “unlisted” potentials. Here are some general ones below. Current players can earn these retroactively (Keep in mind you’re responsible for keeping track of it all):

「Intimidating」(Kill over 15 NPCs in a single mission.) People are scared of you; You’re more likely to be targeted.
「Ambidextrous」(Spend an entire mission using dual wielding attacks) No dual wielding penalty
「Dowsing rod」(Uncover over 100 tiles of Fog) Always know where to go; secrets show themselves when near you
「Check ‘em」(Get quads or above; obtain an epic GET) Crit if post number is doubles or above; defy the laws of everything
「Fighting Spirit」(Fight with only 1 RES for more than 4 turns) Take a wound to immediately recharge 12 or 3*MER Energy; whichever is higher.
「Guardian」(Save three people with overwatched attacks) 12AP Can overwatch attacks up to MAR times a turn.
「#Observant」(Use Observe to discover critical information) Notice information passively; roll a free observe action every turn
「Skittish」(Dodge over 15 attacks or avoid 3 fatal attacks) +2 hit to dodges; always have a dodge action prepared
「Inconspicuous」(Avoid being noticed by an enemy the entire mission. Must also include a single battle..) It’s hard to notice you in a crowd; foes won’t target you as often
「Hoarder」(Spend 2 missions holding 3EQ or more of consumables and not using them. Does not include ammo) +3 Consumable slots
「The Hero we deserve」 (Solo a boss) ????
「Wild Card」 (nearly lose a mission/die due to poor choices) ????
「Your insurance will cover it」 (Cause Ꞥ250,000 in damage) +50% comp to structure damage.
「Stone Cold Killer」(Kill a guy in a really messed up way) +2 to resist status effects such as {Disoriented} and {Charmed}
「Marathon」(Spend over 100AP moving in a single mission) +1 Mov
「Trigger Finger」(Use all your ammo within 3 turns) +1 amo slot
「Misery loves company」 (????) ????
「Juggler」(Keep an enemy in the air for 3 turns) ????
「Punching Bag」(Take over 70% of the damage in a mission) ????
「Doors, how do they work」 (????). Reduce ap cost of opening things
「NANI!?」 (????) ????

Anything listed as ???? is a sekrit Or I haven't figured it out yet
I'll be leaving this thread for you guys to figure out builds and other tid bits. Story phase will happen as well as well as some changes to it.

Hints on next mission:

You'll be trying to extract a VIP from the equivalent of a steampunk favela. Foz de Plato is a sub-tropical archipelago and stands as Vitas' supplier of medical equipment and drugs both pharmaceutical and recreational. Many of Vitas' rich travel here for the world class health care. It is also a trade hub and home to some of the rarest mega-fauna around including Venketodae whose antlers that contain Jupimer. As suspected there's also a nasty underbelly to this tropical paradise and it seems the Jing's youngest brother has had a run-in after running away two months ago.

>Please post any changes to builds and equipment. These will not take effect until AFTER story phase. Most of you earned 3 attribute points and in the ballpark of 14k

Keep in mind {Foreman} gets extra pay. +100 per turn
File: Blargh.jpg (64 KB, 930x523)
64 KB
The first in a series of updates for now i suppose.
>Swap Raven for turkey.
>-put the villete in storage.
>Give the [turkey] a new name. The [gobbler]
>Upgrade said turkey for 4k. [2x Venetine grip, [1x extended mag, 1x solide connecter]
-New stats
The "Gobbler" (Grenade Launcher)
4AP 7EN AM 4/4 5-12R 4EQ; Rifled
>-Completed POTs. Requesting confirmations
>「Dowsing rod」
Much Fog uncovered during Vitas Faire & Capital Ball.
>-May wish to rework the requirements of this one. 100 tiles can be cleared fairly quickly.

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1609123/#p1617577 saved alex
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1655250/#p1657969 saved will
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1751639/#p1776582 saved serval

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1970106/#p1983970 located POI Valentino

I believe Vitas Fair qualifies.

>「Stone Cold Killer」

108 Ap on movememt during Capital Ball. 116 if Springheel jumps apply.

>-POTs in Progress
>「Doors, how do they work」
Fellman Hollow. 1/??
>Dowsing rod: Vitas fair shenanigans with the road and hover turtle. And slum antics with gairan.
>Misery loves company: ----The flare incident.
Can we get access to theses mundane products located during the last mission?

>Cymbolian percussor; 2EQ
A novelty toy that looks like a Cymbolian beating on drums.
[*Wind] 1AP; wind up the clockwork to give it mechanical life.
[*Percussive parade]

>x2 Cherry Bombs 3/3; 1EQ (3*JUP)Rng
Small fireworks that can create smoke and a deafening boom

>x2 Starlight Mortar; 1EQ
Mortar that when fired explodes in the sky lighting up the night briefly. Can cause fires if used unsafely. [Uncovers FoW in 5AoE]
File: best idea ever.png (353 KB, 1210x856)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
How does「Trigger Finger」work for people with really low ammo counts or without ammo?

Cashing in, maybe:
>「Dowsing rod」(Uncover over 100 tiles of Fog) Always know where to go; secrets show themselves when near you
Pretty sure I met this on Turn 11a of last mission alone. Erevu's underground lab was about 70 tiles in itself too. You might want to raise the requirement a bit, or change how it's counted so solo missions don't basically guarantee a huge chunk towards completion (unless that's the intention).

>「#Observant」(Use Observe to discover critical information) Notice information passively; roll a free observe action every turn
Did I achieve this at any point during the last mission? I did Observe quite a bit, but I'm not sure any of it was mission-critical.

>「Marathon」(Spend over 100AP moving in a single mission) +1 Mov
120 AP spent last mission.

>「Wild Card」 (nearly lose a mission/die due to poor choices) ????
does pic related count

I still can't believe I didn't punch anyone at all last mission.

Are we planning for a covert mission or a smash-and-grab?

>Current account: Ꞥ26000
Will update build when I can find time. How long can we expect the story phase to go on for?
>[Wild Card] (Everything is painful.)
>[Fighting Spirit] (Everything was painful for a long time)
>[Observant] (But hey, we did spot Ruby and Opal!)

>. . . [Intimidating] ? (That was a lot of corpses)
>. . . [Punching Bag] ? (Julien didn't get hit much at all)
>. . . [Stone Cold Killer] ? (That one unfortunate Chrysian who got disintegrated)

3 attribute points! The "Union Rep Dynamo Medic Servant Street Rat Closer Inspector Temp" build liveeesssss
>"Union Rep Dynamo Medic Servant Street Rat Closer Inspector Temp" build

Does this build involve some combination of:
>Moving about the map freely, at any time, with [Disguise], [%I'm the Temp], [Undercover] and [Bluff];
>Uncovering every last scrap of info - from where all the secret passages are to which hostile is having an affair with his best friend's wife - with [#People Person], [#Eye on the Pulse], [@Sense], [*Sleuth], [The Back Way], [#Gut Feeling], and 「Dowsing rod」and「#Observant」above;
>Covertly converting every enemy to your side with [Organized Strike], [A Sight for Sore Eyes] and [Positional Negotiations];
>Finding and stealing everything important that isn't nailed down and/or on fire with [#Pick Pocket] while you're at it; and,
>All the while raking in tons of cash because you don't actually have to buy any equipment to use if you never intend to enter combat, and having that empty inventory means you have tons of stolen loot to sell off at the end of every mission
>Also, if you actually do die, you just leave all your stuff to your beneficiary?

Because if it does, I cannot wait to see the results.
>Have 15.5k
>Have 4 mer, 5 Mar, 4 ven, and 5 jup
「Stone Cold Killer」(I cut people in /HALF/)

「The Hero we deserve」 (Ser white met the furious lion)

「#Observant」(Julien rolled one/several crits on observing this last mission arc)

「NANI!?」 (H-h-he just parried my attacks??! B-but how??!(Julien parrying spiders and gorilla-bots) ????
>「Stone Cold Killer」? I did reduce a guy to bloody paste
>「Punching Bag」? If the slums count as a separate mission.

Thinking about it, not the most flattering achievement package...
Does [Viper Cutter] leave user prone?
>Give the medkit back to Bayode
>Gain 14000 money
>Gain 3 statpoints
>+2 Ven, +1Mer
>Purchase ⟨Sheared Digits⟩ and ⟨Jupuartz Elbow Pads⟩. 10000 left

El Mamut
DR:1 (+1Gn) LI:6 RE:8 RES:12/12(0/0) EN:26/26 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
Mer 3 RES 12 GRD 6+3
Mar 3 AP 16
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 3 MOD 9+4
Equipment (7/8):
-Basil Pike Gauntlets 1d3 1AP 1EN (EN 6/6)[AM: 2/2 (3AP reload)] 2EQ (paired); Strk/Cmbo ⟨Enlarged Arm Guards⟩⟨Sheared Digits⟩⟨Jupuartz Elbow Pads⟩
-1x JellyBean

{§Brawler}, {Pugilist}
[*Pike Buster] 3AP 4EN 3d3 cm; uses 1 ammo; launches target dmg/2 tiles
[*^Basil’s Self Winding Capacitor] Weapon contains a capacitor with 6EN that can be used for attacking. Recharges when GFE repels damage.
[*@Wind up] +2AP +2EN: add 1d3 to Pike Buster
[Well Bathed] +2AP
[^Self winding Capaci-Joggers] 2EQ gain 1 EN per unit moved
[^Solide Wiring] 1EQ: +35%RE
[^Extended battery] 1EQ +6EN
[#Ground Game]
[%Parry] 1 AP
[Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target
[Elbow Drop]2*b cm 1.5*AP 2*EN +1*b damage per vertical level
[Viper Cutter] 3CB 4*b cm 2*AP 2*EN airborne target, +1*b damage per vertical level. ½ Dmg AP damage.
[Rising Dragon] 2CB *AP *EN Uppercut, launching yourself and your foe in the air JUP tiles. Foe is {Vulnerable}
[@Mountain Stance] 6CB double GFE limit and Regeneration from all sources for current turn
[%Monkey’s Dance] 4AP 2d12+VEN+2 Hit: 20 move ½ Ven out of the way of an incoming attack; add ap to make it more effective. Successful dodges build CB and Multiplier.
[Boar Rush] 1CB 1.5*AP 1.5*EN (per attack) Run taking foes with you. Do a basic attack per tile moved. May only push JUP foes.
Should we upgrade the manor further?
I propose the kitchen.
We have 12k put towards the manor, we need 8k more.
Frankly I'm going to be greedy this time around and avoid spending money if I can help it
I will put money towards the upgrade, but I'm intending to upgrade my equipment extensively, so it won't be much.

Addendum and corrections:
EQ 12/14
>Buy ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ + 1 LI, ⟨Extra Plating⟩ +1DR
GFE Mk2 Athena EN: 20; RE 8 LI7 EQ3 ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩
Basil Audoplate 2DR (+1DR vs Guns) 2EQ ⟨Extra Plating⟩

4500 money left
Potentials still need work but I'll be confirming what was obtained. I'll likely reward these as their own scheme. Some are definitely too easy. Thanks for the shenanigans.

Maybe if you ask around
Gained: Stone Cold Killer, Observant (for something else) and Marathon
Gained: marathon
Gained: everything but wildcard and observant, Dowsing rod.

Everything but observant

I'll be spending my time updating the guide and fixing some stuff. If you find any errors or rules need clearing please drop a comment here:


Additionally go here for general bants and talking:
Grigory wants KITCHEN to cook AUTHENTIC CUISINE of HOMELAND. Delicious, yes!

I will pay $2,000 to install Kitchen and pay for further $6,000 out of future pay!


NAME: Grigory

DR:4 LI:8 RE:9 RES:17/17 EN:48/48

Mer 1 CC 21
Mar 3 AP 12
Ven 3 MOV 3
Jup 6 MOD 6+1


EQ Item

8 CHAIN-armour
1 GFE Mk.2 “Prometheus”
2 AG-22 “Autogun”
2 SC-21 "Shredder"

3 Jellybean | Jellybean | Jellybean
3 Spearmint | Spearmint
2 Cinnamon Chews

GUNSLINGER : [Dead Eye][Dead Draw][@Unload]
GUN : [Aim]
RIFLE : [Ammo Check]
SHOTGUN : [Close Quarter]
EQUIPMENT : [Extra Padding II]
welcome aboard!

Slight update: added some blunt PRTs and updated the guide.

I'll have more time after this week because of the holidays so expect a map by the week. Story phase will commence once the after action report is completed.

This had been in discussion so I figured I would add this in seeing feedback.

Players can spend an attribute point to work {Overtime}. This gives you 8k notes instead of an increased stat or PRQ giving your three options.

Update to upgrades.
>-exchange a solide connecter for a extended mag.
>Buy another extended mag.- New total [7k]
New stats:
The "Gobbler" (Grenade Launcher)
4AP 8EN AM 6/6 5-12R 4EQ; Rifled
It's probably fine. Though I noticed equipment is limited not so much by money as by PIQ limits and EQ.

By the way, does [Custom Fit] change the PIQ limit?
I'll add 2000 of mine to this.
>4k to improve Bellway Manor. >>2161270 and >>2162029 put us to the 20k required.
>-Install Kitchen.
>-In my final moments as {Foreman}, I will ask that Grigory be allowed to receive the benefit of +1 starting Jup.
>4k to help pay off witnesses, >>2159373
>8k to purchase a Sophia GFE.
>1k to pay for Drone Use
>2600Ñ remaining
>3 Build points: +1Jup, +1Mer, +{Gunslinger}
>-Sheet updates soon
Nope piq doesn't chance
Noted and Granted
Go ahead and add Jup and adjust accordingly.

Foreman, see how you're all paying for this because I see several of you offered and you might have a surplus.
12000 in house-fund
2000 from El Mamut
2000 from Grigory
4000 from Prefect
20k, no surplus. Sadly.
Adjusted! No need for extra padding when wholesome food from homeland puts meat on bones instead, haha!

NAME: Grigory

DR:4 LI:8 RE:9 RES:19/19 EN:48/48

Mer 1 CC 21
Mar 3 AP 13
Ven 4 MOV 4
Jup 6 MOD 6+1

EQ Item
5 CHAIN-armour
6 LA-GFE “Aegis”
2 AG-22 “Autogun”
9d2 6AP 6EN 6-10R AM: 3/3 2EQ; Two handed; Rifled
2 SC-21 "Shredder"
12d2 6AP 4EN 3-5R(cone) AM: 2/2 2EQ; Two handed

7 Gumdrop | Gumdrop | Gumdrop | Spearmint | Spearmint

1 Mar-aid
1 Mar-aid

{Gunslinger}:[Dead Eye][Dead Draw][@Unload]
[Aim][Ammo Check][Close Quarter]
[Extra Padding I][Well-fed]
Updating char sheet.
>3 stat points
>Shove 1 into temp..moe money moe problem
>Shove 1 into Jup.....still be gairan
>Shove 1 into Mar BECOME SMART
>-change outfit into something more appropriate....

Mer 3 RES 17
Mar 4 AP 14
Ven 4 MOV 4
Jup 4 MOD 10

CC 12/18
GFE Mk.2 “Athena”
EN: 24; RE (11) LI6 EQ3

2DR (+1DR) 3EQ
Pike Hammer "The pulverizer"
2d4 cm 1EN 3AP Amo 3/3 [J-V8,Marmerite, Sprinkler]

----- The "Gobbler" (Grenade Launcher)
4AP 8EN AM 6/6 5-12R 4EQ; Rifled

{§ꞤGrenadier} Less scatter throwing grenades; 50% discount; discover information related to explosives when [observing] +1 PRT
{Temp} Work as a temp agent for LL. Gain access to their jobs, assets, training. +1 “Temp” PRT
[Finder’s Fee] Recover lost equipment/items at your next job site for immediate pay.
[Personal Recipe] +1 aoe
[Temp-to-hire-[Bloom] Work repeatedly for a “client”. Receive associated faction PRQ after completing a number of jobs for them.
[Bandoleer] Lvl: 1, 1EQ +3 slots
[Metered powder] Can decrease the AOE and can shape of the explosion
[%Consummate Professional] +10% competence when doing a task related to completing a side job; Permanent +5% competence when job is completed
[[^Solide Wiring] lvl 1: 1EQ: +35%RE
[Footwork] -1 penalty to foes trying to dodge your attack.. Follow a target’s movement if they dodge melee attacks. Must be within MOV range.
[@Defense break] 2*AP; targets cannot parry your strike
[Well Fed] +2RES +2EQ +1DR
[@Cluster bombs] 1AM 4EN; fire another grenade in succession increasing AOE
[Greedy] Using items costs 4AP. (Includes grenades)
[*@Combustion Pike] 6EN 3AP; Strike with the Pike carrying the grenade's load. Confers grenades' effect with the strike.
I recall from last mission that non-attacking Brawler PRTs will still work even if I'm not wielding the appropriate Combo weapon class. If I were to diversify into Fencer/Fencing Expert or Gunslinger/Gunfighter, would the same principle apply?

So, for instance, [#En Garde], [#Absence of Blade], [#Pris de Fer], [%Lone Star] and [Bamboozled] would all work even if not using a fencing weapon or gun?
More corrections:
>2000 towards kitchen
>Don't buy ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ (+3500)
5000 money left
Yeah they'd work like that. It's almost as if I had specific utility Prts set within certain prqs as an incentive to diversify.
Was archive diving to fill up some plotholes I had. Forgot about this for Hades:

[*Reel] 2d12+JUP vs; grab targets and pull them towards you
[*Swing] 2d12+VEN; Anchor the Hades on something to use it as a rope.

Last one lets you do silly stuff like swing indiana jones style.
Partway done with figuring out my upgrades. I was tempted to be lazy and just shove all 3 points into VEN, but I figure you'd probably hate me if I did that.


"Wonder if Aleid or Julien would be willing to give me some fencing lessons...?"

>+1 Mer.
>Gained Fencer from... somewhere. (I figured it'd be unreasonable to purchase both Fencer AND Fencing Expert at once.)
>1 point still unspent. (Still considering whether to invest it into a stat or a PRQ. Will there be any more options revealed during story phase, or is what we see now what we get?)

Current sheet looks something like this:

>inb4 destroyed by the new anti-dodge, anti-parry PRTs
It's assumed you learned how to fence over the months.

I think the hard cap for stats is 24 total. I know AP caps at 24.

There will not be any more surprises so spend points how you see fit.
>Hours after the Capital Ball

The autocar stopped at an old warehouse in the shipping district of Capital. The sun barely peeking through the smoke stacks and warehouses. Four tired figures emerged from the vehicle. One turns to the trunk and reveals another tied up. Odele makes her way to the group clearly irritated accompanied by a short well-dressed man.

Vickens: Seven’ells what a trip. I have te thank ye crew fer keepin the riff raff out.

Odele: And who would you be?

Vickens grabs the Chrysian constitutionalist and shoves him towards an unnamed goon who walks the would be bomber to the warehouse.

Vickens: Aye I’m jussa Steward of ye old district. Guessin yer the boss? Yer crew caused a wee bit of mayhem. Quite fun I has te say.

Presley: Speaking of which…

Odele: Yes Presley I’ll require you to do something about that. As for you sir what can I do to have you forgot what you’ve seen tonight.

Vickens: Not much seein as lady Veronica wouldn’t be too keen on te development. Gota keep te gal informed’n all.

Odele (stunned): VER-... you don’t mean...

Vickens: Aye. The fair lady will want a word some time, but she be grateful ye found te troublemakers. Makes dealin with Eldson much easier.

Odele simple stands there incredulous. Vickens gives a wink.

Vickens: I’ll be in touch. Ye crew could use some shorin up in due time. Feel free to have one of em find me on their off time.

Vickens taps the car door: Fer now I’ll go ahead and get rid of this thing.

Vickens drives away from a still shocked Odele. Presley takes out a notepad and writes down the new developments.

Presley: It goes without saying we won’t share this but as a professional I do have to exercise caution.

Odele: Seven. Fucking. HELLS

As the sun breaks through numerous old buildings of Capital, Gyre and associates alike slowly trickle into the Warehouse. Without any word, everyone went for a late start as last night’s events had been exhausting. It wasn’t until the late afternoon when Lily convened everyone

Lily: Good morn-- eh -- afternoon everyone. I’m happy to say that Samuel will recover fully. He’ll just be bed ridden for a couple of weeks.

Samantha: Thank the Seven. Any idea on what happened exactly?

Lily: Looks like he was poisoned. When I have no idea but my guess is sometime before we left to Capital and after arriving. It could be possible when we were on the airship. In any case we’ll need to be more careful. Its obvious whoever got Samuel poisoned could have used something much worse.

Samantha: Was it likely Eldson?

Lily: I wouldn’t put it past him but he seems to need you two. It’s very strange. Anyways I didn’t call this meeting just for Samuel. Odele can you please?
Odele: Thank you Lily. Although we did accomplish all we came out to do it wasn’t without a price. Between the Slum lords destroying half a building while taking out power in a whole sector to the Ballerinas killing a high ranking Chrysian official nearly causing another war we’ll have to pay out the nose in notes to keep all of this hush if that’s even possible.

Benson: Oh but that will be.

Nearly causing everyone a heart attack, Benson declares his presence yet again by adeptly hiding in plain sight until the time is right.

Benson: It seems our Knights had some ulterior motives for their visit. While sanctioned for meeting Capitian officials for routine correspondence, they weren’t meant to originally meet with Eldson.

Odele: Yeah, but meetings and who presides over them change all the time. What makes this any different?

Benson: I recall you saying that you had some young Chrysians who said that they believe they saw some prototypes move towards Aeneas? My associates found that Sir White was stationed there as one of the lead developers.

Samantha: Sir White was a scientist?

Odele: Hmm. So they wanted to talk to Eldson about getting more Gyre tech most likely, and if the Jings owned Aquilla Arms then he could sell the Chrysians the goods without looking like he was supplying the enemy if a war broke out.

Samantha: I can’t believe this. So the Chrysians are gearing up for another war behind our backs?!

Benson: They always are but this doesn’t seem to be the work of the state. I started looking into who exactly were Sir Donnel and White are. It seems both are part of the Lierre family.

Deacon: Lierre? Why does that name sound familiar?

Gerald enters the warehouse clearly smelling of alcohol.

Gerald: That was one of the major families that lost many of their holdings when Capitus seceded from the Chyrsian Kingdoms. Specifically they were lords over what became of Laissez. I assume Benson has reported his findings.

Samantha (still clearly upset at Gerald): Yes. He did, and where were you?

The air becomes tense for a brief moment.

Gerald: Gathering information Samantha.

Odele: Could it be they’re wanting to ignite another war to gain back their territory?

Lily: It would make sense. Eldson’s a keen businessman. He’d find a way to make himself more rich and powerful with another war happening. I just hate the idea of the casualties that would bring.

The air becomes tense for a brief moment.

Gerald: Gathering information Samantha.

Odele: Could it be they’re wanting to ignite another war to gain back their territory?

Lily: It would make sense. Eldson’s a keen businessman. He’d find a way to make himself more rich and powerful with another war happening. I just hate the idea of the casualties that would bring.
Benson: Well I do have some muddied news on that front. With the constitutionalists continuing to make the Kingdoms more unstable many of the high families are too busy dealing with unrest. Sir White was a part of a high family but the Lierre’s have been trying to reignite a war for some time. With White gone they have lost some influence but this will galvanize Lierre’s supporters. For the time being war has been evaded but now that Gyre tech has been revealed to the public it won’t be long before we have to ready ourselves.

Samantha: So what do we do now?

Deacon: Continue as it was. You’ll be running the business for now Samantha. Don’t you have your Fuchian partners to deal with?

Samantha: Oh yeah about that. While escaping the ball I was able to negotiate more of the details of how things would go. Eldson and White weren’t completely telling the truth. Their brother is somewhere in Praia de Oro but where exactly they don’t know. That city is massive so it’s impossible to know exactly where he can be.

Deacon: What makes them think he’s still alive?

Samantha: It’s their brother. They just know.

Gerald: I’ll get Ayana to arrange transport back to Laissez.

Gerald looks at the crew: You’ll have some time here to do anything if you so desire. Otherwise we’ll be heading back to Laissez. Thank you all. We’ll call you when you’re needed again for such endeavors.

Everyone left the meeting on a heavy note. Not even days ago they had made history and prevented disaster. The trip back to Laissez would leave everyone with mixed feelings. Two months would pass before.

[Plot Phase End]

We will now enter story phase. In this phase players are able to flesh out characters, give back stories, world build, and so on. Participation isn't mandatory, so you can instead work {Overtime} and gain some more notes.

A two month break happens before you are all called again to act. This is your time to state what you have been doing during that time besides improving yourself and gaining more experience.

Pick one of the following and if so desired write a small excerpt as to how you do this. You don’t need a wall of text but the more thought put into the interaction the more I as a QM can pull from it.

>Gather intel on the next mission
>Help/work for an NPC
>Work on the house

If you have other ideas on what you will be doing during this time such as personal quests or other means of resolving the plot (and this is highly encouraged)

>Write in

Whatever is decided you must roll 3d24. This and whatever you write in the interim determines how things play out. As long as there are no explicit details or anything that may run counter to established canon, what you write will influence how things play out. If you do I just chalk it up to unreliable narration. There will be minor interactions between NPCS and characters requiring responses but for ease of processing you normally get two actions AFTER picking what you are doing to resolve the plot. Plots may not be resolved immediately and can be continued after the mission.

There are some other things to consider. More than one person can do the same activity which may increase the success or expand other options following that route. Also if you decide to do something that can incur risk even minor risk there’s a chance albeit small that it ends disastrously. In simpler terms don’t expect to live if you crit fail all three rolls and you wrote in that you wanted to learn how to juggle vibroblades.

An example of this is played out below:

Bob decides to >Help Samantha investigate the automatons
Bob writes that the automatons held within them instructions for someone that explained Eldson’s plans and rolled well enough. He went into detail saying that phantasmites are actually sentient aliens bent on destroying humanity and are using Eldson as a puppet. I as QM decide that Bob hallucinated the phantasmite plot when he inhaled catalyst fumes in Samantha’s lab. I may like the idea that there were plans and give details as to what exactly those plans contained and continue from there. Bob then decides to help formulate a plan to prevent the scheme that involves explosives. I may consider that outcome and now Bob has helped provide the rest of the team equipment to stop the scheme.
Rolled 19, 9, 8 = 36 (3d24)

El Mamut was almost killed by bullets twice.
El Mamut must fight until he becomes faster than bullet.
>Help/work for an NPC
Go help Vickens clean the slums from human trash under the guise of El Hombre Murcielago, the Dark Luchador.
Rolled 17, 2, 13 = 32 (3d24)

>Help Odele and Benson
Prefect is gone moments after the meeting ends. A servant's work is never done, after all. Bodies and evidence to plant, uncover, or remove, all to pin blame on assets owned by Eldson, and shift unwanted attention away from the Gyres' enterprise.
Certainly, following a merchant for three days isn't glamorous, but if it is what is needed to intercept key messages, then it will be done. Intimidating a witness? Fine, if Notes don't work, fear will. Jailbreak? Well, it wouldn't be his first time springing former enemies from prison.
>-Also, keep an eye out for a fireworks retailer. Wanting cherry bombs.
This is the best.
>Before anything else - please confirm this one - "Gained everything but Wildcard, Observant, Dowsing Rod". Did not ask for Dowsing Rod. Did you potentially misclick with Alexander, who did ?

>Wildcard - I did actually die. Very much because of exceptionally poor choices.

>Query: Is there a PIQ for consistently getting people killed by accident? Accidently caused someone to fall of a ledge, accidentally got someone Mongo tele-nuked. . . "Safety Hazards".

>... horrible fiction in 3, 2, 1....
>Claim 8000 pay - 10% Union Dues - 7200.
>Pay For Union Funeral - 2k
>5600 + 7200 - 2000 = 10800 notes.

>+2 ATB, have 1 ATB - 3 ATB.


>1 ATB - Become an [Inspector] (Mostly because I've consistently caused people to die by awful safety hazards I really should have noticed)

>1 ATB - Become a [Closer]. ( Because I beat Opal. And I beat Ruby. I can deal)

>1 ATB - wait a little bit... But consider asking Serval for some gun lessons, or Julien for some fencing lessons, or Prefect for some marksmanship lessons or Gairan for some chemistry lessons, or signing up for some extra work hours as a Temp.

=Lirenis Theraski==

DR0 || Li - 7 || Re 6 || RES 12/12 || EN - 22 / 22

=Attributes, 10800notes, 1 ST==

Mer 4 Mar 3
Ven 3 Jup 2
Res 12 Ap 12+2
Mov 3 Mo 11+3+5
CC 9 Comp 120%
""There's nothing I can do for her but carry her to the car, really"

. . . The world had dismantled itself into a series of bad decisions, the solid structure fracturing erratically somewhere along the fifth corpse or the seventh laceration. Bloodsmeared automatons of organic and metallic variety bearing down, Union Negotiations, proud Chrysian heraldry bissected by a jupasatine charged whipcrack, material buckling spasmodically into side-real dimensions and right now, right here, the cold-warm feeling of hemorharrging profusely in the arms of a blurry outline. Eyes couldn't focus. Retinal detachment or concussion. Great. That went well with the twin clavicle and schapoid fractures, which all faded well below the screaming agony of the pulmonary laceration complication from some overly enthusiastic Chrysian with surprisingly good hair deciding to adroitly shatter her third costae vera. Feudalists. Of course, the people who ended up jamming metal through her soft-tissue had to go and be the antithesis of the Union Founding Charter.

"Shtpu-- Chrysian--Sharks"

Ah, excellent. Facial swelling and bruises and the raw fire of a cricoid cartilage damage. And she'd bit her own tongue. The fuzzy humanoid constellation of floating ice blue light murmured a soothing burst of kaleidoscope shortform musical notation, undercurrent of gruff concern wrapped in velvety black (felt a little soft grass susurrations), and the chords waltzed across her face (like being tickled by a rainbow with severe intimacy issues).


She was probably hallucinating now. That would also explain the dancing spiders picket lining for better web production conditions.

"H-hey Mister Delacroix. "

The spiders spun out a blood-soaked fortress of safety regulations and employee injury forms leaking gunsmoke, beset by grey-gold pens with rapier tips.

"I'm... going to be unconscious now. Thanks for being a hero. S-sorry about bleeding all over your"

A tidal wave of police sirens rolled across the world. Stevens, whispering through pulverized teeth, told her it was better to sleep now.
Rolled 7, 4, 21 = 32 (3d24)

. . . And woke up screaming.
"Easy, easy"
"You're going to tear the bandage--"
"I'm going to give you a sedative"

They did.


"Representative Theraski?"
"Union Representative Theraski, stop sulking"
"This is unbecoming. And you haven't left your bed in four weeks"
"ShutupStevens. You're dead. Like everyone."
"Y-you can't 'and' me, Stevens. You're a corpse. Go away"
"No, Representative."
"Not listening to you. Na na na na na"
"Sticking your fingers in your ear is not going to help your rehabilitation. Lily told you this. Four times."
"Incorporal physic manifestations of lingering trauma do not communicate through atmospheric vibrations. Physics 102. Remember that lecturer with the rowing eyes?"
"Stevens, why are you even here?"
"Why are you?"

Lirenis threw a pillow, targetting nothing at all.

"You don't get to psycho-analyse me. Mandatory counselling for members is still held up in sub-commitee seven."

"Do you think if you stay here, jupasatine kidnapping porridge from the kitchen, you'll somehow make up for it?"

". . ."

"That's not how the world works, Theraski. Ask Prefect if he stops working at the first corpse. Or Julien."

"They're not--- you can't--- One's slick, the other's a hero, you--"

"Or Eldson"


The whip ripped through a table, one inkwell discorporating unto the lawn in a detonation of droplets. She was shaking. The Hades hummed, content. Didn't even know when she powered it on. Her thumb had dislocated again, world spinning.

"Oh, very mature Representative. Why don't you find something useful to do with your time?"

Lirenis went back to bed, instead, hugging a tear soaked pillow, waiting for the painkillers to kick in. The spreading inkstain was too much like-- no. Don't think about it. Never think about it.


. . . Ink.


It took another six weeks for fingers to work again.

"d̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶m̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶l̶o̶
Mister Everu,

I have a question regarding the nature of one of your devices - The Merlin Dynamo Gun. Based on some pre-liminary work, I've sketched out an assumption of the working principles. I would be delighted if you would care to comment, and help me with some of the particular riddles of vibrational stress damage upon catalyst activation.

In return, perhaps I could offer my assistence with any of your projects?

>Help/Work for an NPC - Everu - ask him about the Merlin Dynamo Gun.
>Inspector [Service Weapon] + [Dynamo Engineer] + Aquila Arms + 10800 notes --> and how do I design one for /me/?
===Erevu's Workshop===

Lirenis works for months with Erevu slowly learning the intricacies of clockworks and other mechanisms. She takes what she's learned and creates her own

βGFE-D8-mk1 "Medea"
6AP 4/4amo R4-10 CH:0/12 1 Catalyst Slot 4EQ; Two handed
[*Combust] Instead of Catalyzing the
[*Erevu’s Catalitch Lensreel] Loading different Catalyst cause different effects, energy costs, and ranges when firing the device.
[*Synced] Device can be configured like a dynamo. Cannot imbue.
[*-Experimental] Has a chance to fail...spectacularly. Trials have show it has a 7% chance to detonate.
[*-Specialist mechanism] Can only use Jellybean ammo

Below are how the catalyst will affect the shot

Venmarite: (CH/2)d3 cm damage

Solevenide: CHd2 directly damage shields. Limit is ignored

Lunjupuar: fire "Time bombs". Tiles affected will create a stasis field. Targets must resist affect by 2d12+MER hit CHd4

Jupasatine: CHd2 portal gun ("damage" determines the size of the hole 1 is a keyhole 18 can fit a person. Portal lasts MER turns)
>[*Combust] Instead of Catalyzing the device loads ammo with energy giving it new effects
>Initiate story phase: Gairan and the mortons.
Time: 2nd week, 3 am currently in the mansion, Time in the Morton household: 5pm.

Gairan sighed as he leaned in on the side of a vocovan booth as his grandfather Clove Morton gave him the dressing down of a lifetime. After the events in the slum Gairan finally managed to get paid along with a break in his work giving him enough time to sit down and talk to his family. After getting enough tokens to call his way through enough channels and vocovan company's to give anyone a headache he managed to reach the line of the Morton Family. Where after a while of waiting with only what he can assume to be a race for the vocovan and most likely his sister 'Jenn' spilling one of her 'experiments' on the floor. When his grandfather Clove picked up the vocovan as he waited for gairan to tell the details of his recent 'mission' with the gyre crew while leaving out anything that can be seen as controversial or seen as 'controversial'. Shortly after relaying said details he waited for his Grandfather to finish dressing him down so he can speak again
"Why when I was your age I at least had some common sense in my brain unlike whatever was going in your mind back there. *sigh* Your okay right? No broken bones no nothing right?" Clove half yelled half talked into the vocovan in a concerned voice.
"Pa, i'm fine trust me i'm fine luckily the building only closed on the crossroad; we managed to take out the thugs after though" He muttered into the vocovan as he lazily sketched the crossroad of the flare incident.
"You'd be surprised really, with the building positioned the way it was you'd think it'd be strong enough to withstand a explosive to the side much less a J-V8. What do they make the buildings here out of anyway? Now Granddad what did you want again?"
"What I want is for you to get your ass back to the lab you know how Keith has been ever since you left. Poor bastard is still in the 'bed' ever since you left and he got his arse 'stung' by a beast. By the way how many years do you have left on your bet?" Clove relayed as he idly watched Jenn as she enthusiastically mixed a series of questionable chemicals together in a step to recreate her experiment.
"Eh...8 years give or take a few months, but i should be able to visit home in around 4 months when I manage to get the bloody tickets together. Currently me and the others are going to some place in uhhh...Yeah i can't pronounce that well either way its something about some poncy blighter and we gotta rescue him. Nothing to much about that. How are things back home?"

"Eh? Things are fine here, your uncle Keith is still in the 'bed' ever since the incident. Jenn Is still working on her little project that we have made for the new hunters ever since Keith came into town making a hell of a scene with his face shredded and missing an arm."
Rolled 14, 23, 10 = 47 (3d24)

Julien looks down lirenis, the lunacy of her babble strikes him enough to cut through the worry marring his face.
He grins like a madman, the whites of his teeth standing out from his tanned face in the dark.
"Shhh, that's fine liri, there's some of my blood here, too....Just stay awake for me, okay? Hey?! Oh, nononono"
Panic reasserts itself as the the woman loses consciousness.
Feeling ice in his veins, Julien takes care to cradle the woman as best he can before dashing to the car, heedless of who may be watching, or the questions the appearance of a gore-covered chrysian carrying a bloodied maid in his arms may raise.
Story phase
>Pay 3k towards shutting the witnesses up
>Have my armor repaired to the next level(how much will this cost?)
>I believe I have letter waiting for me?
>Seek to find the purpose behind the handkerchief that was dropped

As the days pass Julien continues to hone himself in mind and body, his encounter with the fellow Chrysians fueling his desire to re-claim his home.
>!!!!! OH GOSH
>. . . wait no
>Quietly modify with a saw

>Is that really meant to say 2 handed? Service Weapon is a pistol! A pistol!

>Please no, Mr. Everu. Please no. Surely with all of our expertise, and Nik, Leo and Valentino we can work this thing into a smaller package. Even if it flash-cooks at twice the failure rate! I only have so many hands, and they're mostly taken by field kits and Hades and knives and--- aaah. I'll pay you 10k for it! And my signed first edition of the union founding charter!
>Have this sword
4d3 (1h-no Hvy) / 4d4 (2h-no Fnc)cm Hit: 8; 3AP 3HT Ht: 0/9; Slsh/Hvy/Fnc; 4EQ
[*!Handed stance] 2ap to switch between 1 handed or 2 handed.
[*Gyrocite core] Produces its own energy. Using the equipment produces heat.

>Go to nic and leo
>Have them put the following things on it
>Chrysian grip
>Heavy pommel
>Satinite foible
>Venatine grip
>Assume taking the solide connectors on a heat weapon makes it produce one less heat
>Have 15.5k
>Subtract 3k for hush money
>Have 12.5k
>Have 6.5k

=Story phase Pt: 2 Keith,home and the outfit=
"Keith is fine all regard, it's just that he's been in the 'bed' ever since the incident he can still walk and shoot all fine and is more than willing to blow off your hat and your heart in the span of 3 seconds. It's just now he terrifies the ladies in town due to the whole..you know missing arm and well everything. So the heart thing is literal in this case, but nonetheless he's still able to hold his title as best gunslinger in town. Jenn is still working on a mix for the young hunters willing to go toe to toe with the nasties." Clove said into the Vocovan as he took out a fire extinguisher while Jenn completed the final steps of her experiment.
"And how is the uhh business coming along? Do I need to hurry up my visit?"
"The 'stand' is still fine and dandy were selling like normal so that's all nice and good. Your brothers and sisters are still fine and are waiting for blah blah you get it by now......By the way, make sure you wear the outfit your sister sent you 2 months ago, should have arrived in the mail or whatever now....Just wear it for her okay? You know how she's sensitive when it comes to her stitching. " Clove whispered as if on cue a explosion was heard in the lab followed by screaming from Jenn as she dropped and rolled on the floor.
".....She's fine by the way, only minor burns by the look of it. just make sure you come back home safe okay? Don't want you coming home in a box, would break my poor heart. Stay safe you hear!" As the vocovan cut out due to a fire extinguisher being used and clove chastising Jenn.

After turning off the vocovan Gairan sighed as he can only imagine the antics taking place at home, digging through his chest of belongings only to pull out a Hunters outfit. Fitted and armored to withstand the bite of a beast and the poke of a bullet all while still looking outlandish outside Liberatus. He recieved it a few week's ago but hadn't worn it yet on the cause of embarrassment.
"Lirenis and the othersare going to make fun of me for days aren't they.." As he resolved to start wearing it from this day on in his missions.

>Gain details of home and a [hunters outfit] A set of clothing made to resemble the cowboy look while still being tough enough to withstand bite and bullet.

Gairan climbed out the car lugging the assortment of loot that he 'found' during the mission to the warehouse. As he waved to Vicken's thanking him for the ride.
"Appreciate the ride."
Gairan turned towards odele as he waited for the conversation to end as Presley advised on exercising caution.
"My guess she some poncy noble? Never know to much on nobles these days, nor do i want to i'm sure you can find a way to deal with it somehow. And sorry for the mess, you'd think they make these walls sturdier than it looks."
Gairan knocks on the side of the warehouse before giving a weird look.
"Really wood/sheet metal? You'd think it be made of something sturdier , well alright lesson learned be more careful with explosives. Hope you two had a good night, and sorry for the scare there during the mission. Didn't know a radio station was set near the area."
File: Stewards.png (153 KB, 1277x700)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
==Lucha para Justicia===

While the others went back to Laissez El Mamut helped Vickens clean the streets of Capital. In his time danger lurked but each encounter strengthened him. He learned when dealing with guns it was best to run headlong into danger. Range was their advantage and his weakness. El Mamut also learned how a Steward did their job.

「Bullet Phantasma」+2 bonus to dodge projectiles; when moving after a dodge move up to 2*mov towards attackers shooting at you.
(When parsing a dodge action simply state you will move towards your attacker.)

Vickens: Aye lad you’ve done us quite a service. Sad te see ye off. Have some of ye come by again sometime and I’ll make it worth ye while. I might know fella or two who might be interested in helpin ye out. I’ll send em if I see em.

>QUEST UNLOCKED: Grounds keepers Oath. [Assist Vickens one more time to learn the ways of a {Steward}]

Gairan opens the box and finds a think longcoat. It’s heavier than it looks and wide enough in the right areas for Gairan’s husky frame. He can smell a weird chemical after tinge reminiscent of his sister’s lab.

The Scowling Long Coat
1DR (+2DR vs Guns) 3EQ
[*Jenn’s special stitching] +2 amo slot; +3 defense against chemicals

>Lore on Liberatus

Centuries ago many of the Seakings that ruled the oceans suddenly disappeared. Explorers of all kinds waded into the Seakings' territory to see how far the ocean went. They found a new land nearly uninhabited. This new world would be colonized by the then world powers. During the Capitus war of succession The Chrysian Colonies were left to fend for themselves. Seeing as they were able to hold out on their own, they formed a republic a demanded independence. This sparked a revolution and colonies of other world powers joined in their struggle forming the Republic of Liberatus. The vast distance and slew of mega fauna prevented the colonial powers who tried to take back their holdings. As many considered the colonists to be insane for wanting to live there in the first place, most of the world powers let them be after the cost became too great. Liberatans knew the land too well and were all too good with a gun. Liberatus is still a wild land wrought with danger, but it is a beautiful place with massive glacial mountains to the north, endless skied plains in the center, and a vast desert to the south.
Erevu: We simply don't have the time child. And unless you want to rebreak your ribs I would advise not bisecting an already highly unstable device.

===The Lion and the Thorn===

Julien takes the handkerchief from his pocket once more. The blood soaked cloth only has a coat of arms on it. One he hasn't seen before. While going about his day's Gerald approaches him one afternoon.

Gerald: How have you been young fencer? It seems we have a guest you may know of. He has demanded to speak to you.

Julien and Gerald make their way to Bloom Lodge where an old man in Old Chrysian garb is waiting.

Louie: Ju..it's true...Julie..

>What do you say? (Roll 1d24)
I realize I've never made any mention of it before, but I've always thought of Alexander's biggest dream as being man-portable sustained flight. Not 'being flown' like in an airship, but actually 'flying'.

I decided to make some vague motion towards in the monologue, but kept it ambiguous in case such a thing is already possible and I need to think of a new aspiration for him.


Alexander sighed in frustration as he flipped through his latest mail. He had hoped - but hardly a single one of those startups had managed to produced any half-working models before running dry on funds. They had looked promising at the time too, but it seemed his dream would still remain just a dream.

Perhaps - perhaps - Gyre tech would be the way to go. He was not unfamiliar with mechanics, but this was an entirely new branch of engineering entirely. He should have a chat with someone. Erevu, perhaps.

But in the meantime, he felt like going and hitting something.

That afternoon found him training in the gym, as he had many days before. On one hand he wore one of a pair of gauntlets, and in the other he held one of the sabres with which he had worked to become proficient over the past few weeks - ever since facing off against Aleid during the fair.

Individually, he found he could use them decently. Well, even. But neither's techniques worked well when trying to use them in combination: fencing stances placed too much emphasis on keeping the blade between him and the enemy and kept him too far away to strike or grapple with his empty hand; while boxing forms all involved closing the distance too much to make an effective simultaneous attack with the blade.

Invariably, he would only be limited to only attacking with one weapon at any instant. Perhaps this was how it had to be? Should he train around this limitation? His frustration from earlier mounting, he dropped both of his weapons.

This shouldn't be so complicated. There had to be some principles from both schools that could be combined, some basics that would be relevant at all times, some synergy that could be achieved. The weapon was irrelevant. Start again from the basics. Unarmed, Alexander moved forward to engage.
Revamping a post.>>2166028

"Smells like home, now if i remember let's see if we can improve upon this just a bit. A little extra plating never hurt anyone plus they said it should hold no 'aesthetic' difference. They could have just said it would look the same, you know that reminds me i'm gonna have to return that chain armor I got when i joined."
>-Return the [chain] armor.
>-Receive the long coat sniff it a lot and add [Juperic plating] to it new total, 4000
>-Sell a Eldson GFE that i looted from last mission. +800 notes (asked in discord.)
New total of notes: 4800

Update for gairans char sheet will come later.
Rolled 22 (1d24)

Julien smiles, laughing softly, he spreads his arms for a hug.
"It's me uncle louie, but damn if you look old! What if father saw how unkept your beard was??!"
Please specify exactly what you want via green text

Also you need to roll.
Rolled 1, 22, 19 = 42 (3d24)

My bad. It would be
>Train: Develop melee techniques.
Hoping for a result of either being able to use fencing and brawler weapons and techniques simultaneously, or developing more non-weapon-specific abilities.
Very well, Master Everu. You are a one-of-a-kind genius. And working with you is the single most exciting thing that has happened to me in.... well since I was surrounded by six armed Chrysian guards on a rooftop above ballroom full of smoke while Julien had a mano-y-mano showdown with a ambassador wearing white steel.

So, in a while, really.

But I still think we can make it more... pocket-fittable. I cannot lug a rifle to Foz de Plato.

I believe we have a brother to rescue.

>Buy Sophia - 10800-2000 = 8800
>Custom Fit, Custom Fit Sophia (-2000) (6800)
>Add Venisol Coils (-2000)
>Hades Extended Forging, +1 R (3000) (3800)
>Venatine Grip (1000) (2800)
>Point Mer
>Adjust hair
>Adjust glasses
>Put on Capaci-coat

=Lirenis Theraski==

DR 1 || Li - 8 || Re 9 || RES 15/15 || EN - 34 / 34

=Attributes, 800notes==

Mer 5 Mar 3
Ven 3 Jup 2
Res 15 Ap 12+2
Mov 3 Mo 13+3+7
GRD 14 SOC +6
CC 11 Comp 130%

AF 0
EV 0
SP 3
(Still balancing things here, may change marginally)

Alex spars with Basil and Gerald nearly daily except for when his body needs to recover. Slowly he learns certain tricks and techniques between the two disciplines.

「La Vengeance du Serpent」Instead of Riposting use an armed combat skill such as [Disarm], [Trip], or [Shoulder Throw]; failed parries make you {Vulnerable}

Certain interactions are possible between classes. Some PRTs work directly with weapons while other are more of a “general” variety here’s a comparison between the {Brawler} and {Fencer} line

Skills that work regardless of weapon:
[#En Garde]
[#Absence of Blade]
[#Pris de Fer]

[#Ground Game]

[Boar Rush]
[Combat roll]
[Royal Guard]
[@Lion’s pride]
[%#Monkey’s Dance]
[@Mountain Stance]
[@C-C-Combo Breaker]
[Dragon Strike]

Key considerations:
-Parries make targets {Vulnerable} which means they take 20% damage from all sources and any to hit weapons such as fencer blades will auto succeed.
-Actions can be prepared after a parry happens to really take advantage of this state.
Making map and figuring out some last minute items. Has anyone had any drastic appearance changes?
I'll be be back to my pre-Ball appearance.

Does that POT mean all Parries I fail now render me Vulnerable, or only those where I try to Riposte?

Also, is it possible to use only one gauntlet in a pair, to leave the other one free for another weapon or item, or is the 'Paired' property basically a design restriction to prevent this?
rolling ones hurt. All failed parries make you vulnerable so make sure they count. Keep in mind successful parries mean you make the target vulnerable so you're also getting a 20% bonus towards those rolls.

Paired weapons take both hand slots
Julien's armor may have gotten shinier.
Maybe his hair got a bit longer but that's probably irrelevant to the sprite
Rolled 9, 9, 19 = 37 (3d24)

> Work on the house
> Food from homeland

"Okay, I take five pats of butter, flask milk and those four cheeses, I will taste each one." Grigory goes to the market to meet the vendors, he will need to go often for new ingredients and it is good to earn a reputation to cut better deals.

"These three are good, An amount of each, this large," Grigory indicates with his fingers. "But this one is overripe and won't be good tomorrow, I pay only... 23N for the block, to use in cooking tonight." With a nod of acceptance from the vendor, he passes the goods to a sullen Gyre intern, shows the vendor his company card and is on his way out of the market and back to the manor.

Bustling markets every day of the week, produce from all over the world sold at reasonable prices! Substantial guard presence as well, not once knife fight over bread or meat he had seen the entire morning! He liked this place, even if it lacked some of the character of markets in homecountry. He would come every day, he decided, until the time that he would leave for his next mission with his new comrades, and cook a fantastic menu every evening in celebration of new kitchen and limitless company cash cards covering all expenses! Tonight and tomorrow, five courses in the modern style. To wrap up the week, a seven course dinner with only the highest quality ingredients!
El Mamut thinks he will be good friends with this man.
Can you bake cakes?
... i might join. been on porridge and repression for weeks.
Of course! For the meal tonight though, chocolate torte with a touch of brandy and traditional pastila to accompany the coffee that will follow the dessert.

For you though, a rich chocolate cake with water of potato tomorrow! Grigory has found a fine vendor of potato water today and they have promised to bring their finest bottles next time we meet!
El Mamut thinks he will be best friends with this man. Forever.


Grigory’s affinity for cooking came from hours of preparing food. Good food meant a good appetite which meant good results when training. This place has more food than Kvint, his homeland, and here he could become the strongest. Kvint was a harsh land and an even harsher populace. Many say a Kvintan’s heart is as cold as their everlong winters. His home made him strong and he wanted to test that strenght.

「Big Arms」Can hold “smaller” two-handed guns with one hand. When fired this way suffer a -15% damage penalty

===The Pride===

Louie is shocked to see the young man in front of him. He looks exactly like Gaston. For days they catch up and reminisce about times long gone. His heart warms for the first time in years. All this time, he thought he had lost all of his god children, an unusual honor to be bestowed for a lowborn, but one had survived. Louie listened as Julien talked of his adventures working for the Gyre's. He gasped as Julien showed him his father's armor he had been able to recover and was now refitting. Observing intently the old fencer could tell how much the young noble had grown.

One cool night Louie asked to speak to Julien away from prying ears. They met in the abandoned observatory of the manor.

Louie: I must ask you. How much do you know about what happened that night? And do you know why it had happened? Who the Lierre's are? Why they they betrayed us?

>- pay 5k for armor refitting

The Fighting Lion
-Extra plating
[*Family Crest] People may recognize who your house is
[Duelist blood II] +3 bonus on parries
[Lion's Pride II] Challenge a target to a duel. Winning confers a reward. Participants do +35% damage.
[Well Crafted] +1 PIQ
>Have 2/3k(depending on if I can have that -1 en cost to the heat weapon)

"I know nothing of the cause, I always assumed it was just some petty jealousy, what I remember of the night was coming home after the festival in town and being accosted by thugs upon entering our reception hall. Luco was dead there on the floor uncle.....and I would have been dead too if not for dear nanny Marcia, she shouted to warn me, those damn thugs slit her throat. I killed them all and ran uncle, I didn't know what else to do...."
Julien falls silent, the pain of the past coming back to him.
Union funerals were a slow paced affair. They couldn't mandate the weather, but they could provide regulated beaucracy for the procession. A single grave digger with specified hours and specified shovels pried the earth open and Stevens - most of him - was buried on a sunny day, in an unremarkable grave, with an attending crowd of sombre men and women. No one shed any tears. A diet of factory accidents bred a tough crowd.

". . . And now his Contract is Complete."
"Due hours, due pay and..."

The collection plate for the new sub-subcommitee on environmental inspection was passed around, and duly recieved the usual helping of solidarity. The crowd broke apart into cliques.

Lirenis lingered for a while, and tried to work up the courage to tell the off-white gravestone she was sorry. The man had been a solid soldier, good friend and better shot.


. . . /Gun/.
Lirenis picked herself off of the lawn amidst the gentle rain of pig offal.

"Vocaven Log, 23-3. Dislocated shoulder again"

Shaking her head to clear out the lingering flarebright path of superheated air, pawing futilely at the ringing in her ears, Lirenis stumbled over to a burning grease patch. Where had the gun gone off to? Ah! Over there, in the rapidly cooling concentric crater of liquified pig, burning purple.

"Combustion containment still . . . an issue. Mechanism fault sets in past stabilization threshold and then everything catches fire. Yes, Everu, you were right. Again. And I'll go read that Voldemeyer paper on heat fluctation. Need to ask Prefect how he aims. Or Serval."

But then of course all she had to do was adjust for--- which was obvious! --- Because you simply --- and then wired in an auxillary gyrocite-core, which you could pry out of the pagants and then kludge in some of Eldson's crummy copper wiring --- which--- She had to write this down. Okay. Focus. First, get the dislocated shoulder back into proper socket position, then re-apply wrist bandage, then write it down. Then find Prefect. And Serval. And Julien.

And then maybe grab lunch? Grigori was cooking agin. The bubbling havoc that had been a target dummy two minutes ago let out a crimson tinged burp.

No, maybe skip lunch. Have a cup of venticine, wipe the pig blood off of her capacicoat. You could get so much done if you let yourself get fueled by stimulants and nightmares, barely slept and had access to a genius with an orthogonal approach to common sense. And with enough immaculate clockwork, wires and stripped parts from stolen evidence, maybe even tinker with a tools for the team--- and wait. Iron out the explosive flash-vaporization, cascade failure and jupasatine sidejaunt issues first. Safety regulations still came first.

She pried the haphazard looking rifle out of the congealed pink mass and checked the catalyst chamber with sticky fingers. Charge enough for another shot.

"Everu, you are a genius. Stevens, if you're listening? This ones for you. Log end"
Rolled 11, 11, 17 = 39 (3d24)

. . . and the world became a series of clock diagrams, capacitator maintenance routines, combustion checks and well cooked meals by Kvint men with curious accents.

( "And /then/ Ser White screamed: En-garde, You Foul Villaine, and Julien reparte-- Gairan! That coat looks good on you, really brings out your grenades. Great stitching!" )

>Don't point Mer.
>Acquire {Gunslinger}. Pick up Trick shot.
>Bring the Lunjupuar catalyst for the Medea.
>Bring the Medea to Foz de Plato anyway.

>Apply for an Inspector Service Weapon, model it on the Aquilla Eagle. Modify it to work with the Hades, if relevant.

>How does [Heavily Customized] work? +PRT? +PIQ? Roll?

HPP8-Mod “Solidarity” (Pistol) (Ꞥ3000)
5d3 cm 4AP 6EN 4-8R 3/3AM 4EQ; Rifled
[*-Heavy Kick] -1 RES every time it’s fired over JUP/2 consecutive times. This includes two different guns

==Lirenis Theraski==
DR 1 | Li - 7 || Re 9 || RES 14/14 || EN - 32 / 32
=Attributes, 800notes==
Mer 4 Mar 3
Ven 3 Jup 2
Res 15 Ap 12+2
Mov 3 Mo 11+3+8
GRD 12 SOC +6
CC 11+3 [14] Comp 120%

Sorry for the spam, will stop now. Finally have actual time to catch up on backlog
>Oh wait, I was actually just writing for fun and to characterize the char updates since we're in story mode.

>But I guess story-phase follow ups too? One avenue was a dead-end, so 2nd follow up should conclude that:

>[After constructing it, practice with the Medea and guns(learn Gunslinging!). See above.

>2nd Follow up: Study the clockwork mechanisms even more and then tinker with an Eagle. I can fix people and paperwork, and if I can learn to jury-rig equipment better, everyone'll gain something (See above)
>Gained Dynamo Engineer. Looks like Alex has been busy these few months.
Purely to set a precedent for when I eventually try to build something. I strongly considered taking Fencing Expert so I'd die less when parrying, but grabbing both a PRQ and its tier 2 over the same story phase just doesn't sit well with me.

Sheet now looks like:

Also, looking at the list in >>2167808 again, does Gentle Fist not work with other weapons? Or at least bare fists?
bare fists
I should also mention @sense only works with a dynamo. Without one it's completely useless. If that turns you off to {DEngi} you can reconsider.

===A Servant’s Work===

Prefect’s sortie with Benson is ultimately fruitful if not laborious. During their mission he intercepts the following missive from a closer. He also takes her necklace as a keepsake.

“To the Investment Board,

All projects are on schedule. The AHU Units have proven to be a viable long term solution and are continuing to show marked improvement in their capabilities. Switching to the Homer protocol has had a 40% increase in mission effectiveness. While useful in indiscriminate combat situations they are still not ready for more complex objectives.

Operation Smith Falls was for most accounts a failure. Three of our smuggled worms were killed before implementing the “incident”. Another was apprehended and turned over to authorities. We were able to silence him before he could be thoroughly interrogated. The closing team that had failed us were able to escape. Most of the Constabulary will not go further but there are some that will hold their suspicions. We’ll continue to weaken their influence and make sure candidates more favorable to us continue to surpass them in rank. Our main contact in the Council Guard was murdered that night by an unknown assailant. All three of the devices had been apprehended by an unknown force. While it’s possible that the Gyres’ partners could have hired handymen it’s also plausible our other rivals may have tried as well as what we saw in the incident at Peltast.

While we were hoping to continue to flare tensions by using the constitutionalists, as luck would have it the Chrysian was attacked and Sir White, a high ranking knight, was among the casualties. This has been enough to get many of the Reclaimists to shout for war we’ll have to labor more before we see our final goal. The death of Sir White while a minor setback has actually afforded us two opportunities. First, Sir White was one of the lead science developers. Without him our development will slow down but we will have more leverage. Second, Sir Donnel is guaranteed to replace him. Donnel is young and brash making it much easier to handle the whole affair.

We’ll need to continue acquiring production assets. Losing the Jings has been a blow but there are other Fuschian merchants. We’ll take a tour of Fu-yuo in the coming months to scout other interested parties. Until then continue your work.


Benson: Keep up the good work. More showings like this and we may be able to expand our holdings. As for the other treasure I may be able to help you with that.

>Missive shared with Samantha. Share with anyone else?
>GET (Can fence for Ꞥ4000)
“Crimson Jade Necklace” A beautiful necklace that would have any girl fall for you.
Female only; +1 to social situations

Benson also points you out that Elm may know a way to get fireworks.
===The Pride===
Louie waits and ponders his response.

Louie: Your parents always did want to shelter you. After the Capitus war of succession your parents were a part of the reformists. The reformists saw the abuses subjects were taking and appealed to the kings. To avoid losing further territory and to appease the still raving populace these reforms were immediately adopted. Unfortunately this caused many noble families to lose some of their fortunes. Mind most went from having extremely lavish lifestyles to just lavish. Some tried to keep up their previous lifestyles and ended destitute. Nonetheless stability was restored but not without a cost. Many families that had lost their land wanted to start another war to reclaim it. The Kings had seriously considered but the reformists had put a stop to the instigators’ plotting. Our Hamlet is close to the border so our forces were responsible for stopping a lot of them. When one of the kings died his brother took the throne as the previous one had no heirs. King Brucio was a hardliner and turned a blind eye when the instigators retaliated. Since we were a minor family we had no recourse. I buried your parents and your two siblings Lucretia and Luco. I had hoped Jacinthe would be with you.

Before leaving, Louie notices the handkerchief Julien has. He takes the it and informs Julien that it may be helpful.

Louie: If what you say is true then you’ve just gotten the support of two minor families. I’ll busy myself finding your younger sister. After that I’ll see what we can do with these supporters. Continue to get stronger nephew. In the meantime this will help you. It was your father’s.

Gaston’s Pauldron
4/4 ARM 1EQ
[*Shoulder Check] 4AP shove a target ½ Jup tiles.

ARM is ablative armor. It will take damage before RES. It must be repaired after the mission is over or by an {Automagineer}
Damn, and here I hoped that was another one of those PRTs that would be useful regardless of class.

I'll take DEngi anyway, and chalk it up as an even more suboptimal choice than I expected. Suddenly becoming an expert in fencing over a single thread feels insulting to the other Fencers we have.

>Swapped [@Sense] for [Dynamo Charge].
I doubt I'll just find a Dynamo anywhere, but if I do, I may as well pick the PRT that's most crucial to letting me actually use it. I'll probably swap one of my Capacitors for a catalyst of some kind before the mission starts, but I'll leave that decision to later.
Just to make sure I understand your three stats you are

>Receive the things
>Spend 2k on another DR for the fighting lion
>Have 0k/1.5k depending on if I get the upgrade for my heat weapon
Good man! We need another science boffin around these parts. Especially one who actually has good ideas. I shouldn't be trusted with easy access to volatile materials.

Now. . . have a few ideas for how we incorporate a catalyst slot into those gauntlets of yours. And some venmertine weave. Basil's done half the work for us already, and all we need to do is to splice in a small lead chamber and--- well lets not get ahead of ourselves. You mind terribly if your hands potentially catch fire?
"Well, Benson, I shall not say this has been fun, but it certainly has been enlightening. A pleasure working with you."
>Share wth Benson (because really, he's already read it)
>Share with Bellway Crew
"Knowledge is key. I would hate for any of you to make the wrong call simply because of a lack of information."
>-Confirm the rest with Samantha
>Share with Odele
>Share AHU details of missive with Erevu
>Share Council Guard details with Mariane

>Remind Samantha of the asistance Crusher and the Ashen workers gave us.
"I would be obliged if you offered them a beneficial deal on Gyre Applications products in the near future. Whether as individuals or as a company I shall leave to your discretion."

"Trick Shots require practice. Here, I have arranged a challenge for you. A chain and hook depending from the cieling, upon the hook a necklace of not inconsiderable value, and beneath it a washbasin full of water. Position yourself here, thirty meters distant. When you can remove the necklace from the hook without damaging any element nor getting it wet, it is yours to keep. I might suggest using a rifle, rather than that timebomb of yours."
>Give Lirenis the necklace.

>-Unspend 1k hush money
>Add Venisol Coils to Sophia, -2000
===Olhos de oro===
The snow covered streets of Laissez we’re beautiful this time of year. At least for a couple of weeks at best until you got sick of the cold and constant howling wind. Winter was a picturesque but utterly miserable time in the crags of Capitus. The Jings’ invitation to go to the sunny Praia de Oro were met with little protest. The crew was collected in a small caravan of airships and shipped off nearly halfway around the world. The trip would take a week and a half and everyone involved would have plenty of time to be briefed.

On the airship, Lily Bloom stood with her brother. He was a taller man than Basil and older.

Antonio: Ah, welcome. My father has spoken a lot about you lot. My name is Antonio. I run Bloom Expeditions, a component subsidiary. My work has me living on this side of Vitas so it’s rare I get to see you all. I thank you for being a help to my family.

After exchanging pleasantries everyone went about spots on the ship to relax before work would officially start.

The siblings find a small corner to speak privately.

Lily: It’s good to see you again Antonio, although the invitation is a little long as always. Did father tell you what we’re doing over here?

Antonio (chuckling): More than likely, but-

Lily: You forgot already...You never change Ant. That explains why he gave me this binder.

Antonio: Well I was a little too busy catching up. It’s been years since I’ve been in Laissez.

Lily sighs and continues unabated: At the Capitus Ball we made contact with Jing Mercantile and struck a deal for them to help us produce some of our Gyre technology. They had a condition that we help them find their sibling. Originally we thought they had information of where he was by Eldson but that was a flat out lie and their brother was presumed lost or at worst dead somewhere in Foz de Plato. While Eldson’s contacts did pin him down to the city of Praia de Oro that was as best as they could do. He must have been well hidden because not that long ago they were contacted for the kid’s ransom. In any case we’ve been asked to help recover him as the Jing’s can’t operate anywhere near Praia de Oro. We’re a newcomer and there’s no known relation between us and Jing so doing this on their behalf is an easier sell. I’m also taking this time to personally catch up with-

Antonio: Wait a minute, don’t you want to at least know how Lavender is doing?

Lily pauses for a moment: She’s doing well.

Antonio: So well that she’s interning for Valkyrie Inc.?

Lily is surprised and a blip of disappointment shows on her face. She feigns disinterest: She’s a smart girl I’m sure my daughter will do well wherever she resides. As I was saying I’ll be catching up with some associates at Rocha Medical. These three will be accompanying me.

Lily points to the three Chrysian students sitting on one side of the airship. Catrina, Quen, and Jenmah are exchanging jokes and playing cards with the crew.
Antonio: Why are you dragging along a bunch of kids? I know we picked up William young and I’m still not all in with what’s going on with Emily but I thought you’d all stop when the Sam’s were closer to their age than the rest of you.

Lily: That not what we’ve done. They came to us. We provided for them.

Antonio: Yes but you hired them.

Lily (frustrated): Yes but... Anyways, one of them suffered a serious blow to the head nearly half a year ago. While they’ve recovered mostly they still have some minor complications. There’s also a...discovery we’re looking through.

Antonio: Discovery?

Lily motions towards a case. Inside is the head of an automaton submerged in a liquid

Lily: Our medical and clockwork lab use some of the same machines.

Antonio: Clockwork Lab?

Lily (even more frustrated): Yes we built one recently, now shut up because you obviously ignored all of our letters. While working on Jenmah over there one of the workers accidentally left one of the automaton heads on the MC-8. As you’re aware of how a person’s brain activity affects the efficacy of a GFE the automaton interfere with the resulting test and it woke up.

Antonio: Woke up? That metal head? As in that thing is alive and it has a brain?

Lily: Had a brain, or something close to one. It’s an organ that’s similar but it doesn’t resemble one at all. When this crew faced them in Beta cave they collected the remains and most of them had rotted away. We thought they were lost. What we found out was that part of the brain fossilizes and stays in a dormant state. It had previously been exposed to Vitamer a week before and had grown back.

Antonio: The brain grew back!? How is that… I see so you’re hoping someone at Rocha may be able to give you answers, and you’re using the poor boy’s care as a cover.

Lily: Precisely… And his care is not a cover he’s still my patient.

Antonio (chuckling): Yes I know sis. You can be the nurturing type some…

Lily slams her fist on the table just enough to only be audible by Antonio. Feeling satisfied, Antonio’s demeanor shifts for a moment.

Antonio: She misses you. I wish you’d both just talk to each other. It’s bad enough Elm and Father are still like that after our mother’s death, Seven bless her.

Lily gets up from her seat. Antonio holds out his hand with a solvengraph of Lavender. Lily reluctantly graphs the image and sits down focused on it.

Antonio: Alright continue, but this isn’t over. Also, I don’t ignore the letters; just the company briefings. Philippe tells me the important bits like Deacon somehow getting Aquilla. I’m wondering how he even convinced Odele to buy that lemon.

Lily: She cut her hair. It’s pretty. Who’s that boy with her?
Antonio: It’s hot over there, what did you expect? And that boy’s just another heart she broke. She’s a lot more outgoing than you were.

Lily: Fine. We’ll have some time after all of this. Can I finish this up?

Antonio takes the image and sits back

Lily: We have no idea how these automatons are working. Erevu created the body and Samantha can figure out the energy system well enough but we have no idea how this brain works. We’re not sure what Eldson is scheming but we need to know how these things work in case we need to counter them.

Antonio: So you need all this security why?

Lily: They aren’t going with us to talk to Rocha but they will be helping.

Weeks later the crew lands in Foz de Plato. There, Jing associates meet them to escort the party to a nearby hotel. While not completely ignorant of rich clients the amount of people working for them and the level of service they provide is astounding. For work goons its an odd occurrence for porters to be carrying their luggage. That and actually getting to sleep in quaint but nice rooms is a nice change of pace. Especially after having to hot bunk in the airship. It’s evident the Jings are trying to impress. They set up an HQ at the hotel Jinghai and Jing-ho along with an entourage of people meet the party later to share what they’ve found.

Jing-ho: Welcome. Thank you for coming. We get more messages.

Lily: Have you now? May I see?

Jing-ho passes the message. It reads much like the first demanding money be left in a remote location along with where to find their brother once they comply, but now threatening to kill. Not only that it mentions hostages from Rocha Medical as well.

Lily: Rocha medical? What in the Seven?

Jinghai: Our brother work for charity sponsored by Rocha. They field test their new drugs and medical devices to local populace. In exchange free healthcare. Has been happening for decades. Our brother interested in helping less fortunate.

Jing-ho: Not good for business but he brings honor. We have associate of Rocha local from here. They have more information.

A tanned women steps away from their entourage to join them.

Carolina: We call ourselves Oroinhos. Carolina. Pleasure. I come on behalf of the Pharmaceutical department. Over the months our people have been harassed. We work in the slums here to provide care.

Antonio: I’m sorry to interrupt but this is too good to be true. We work in all kinds of businesses we know the ulterior motive. How did you screw up and how are we fixing it?

Lily is enraged but Antonio pays her no mind.
Carolina: A fair request chato. We can test our drugs and equipment much faster this way and the residents don’t mind too much as we can provide some care rather than none. We’ve also been able to profit other ways distributing our less medicinal wares this way. A gang that goes by the name O Dadinhos were not happy with us moving in on their territory but could never fight back. They have been extorting our contacts for some time but have never resorted to kidnapping. We suspect they’ve found a sponsor which has made them more bold. They seem to have new weapons and combat drugs.

Lily: Well we already knew they had our shields and weapo- wait did you say combat drugs?

Carolina: What was that about the shields?

Antonio: Here I’ll show you.

Antonio grabs a lament and fires it point blank at his head. The resounding bang deafens the room and Antonio sits upright unharmed. His GFE distorting light making the force shield briefly visible. Lily who was right next to him looks ready to throttle him once the ringing in her ears stops.

Carolina: Me Sete. I never saw one in person. So the stories are true.

Antonio: Completely. Now what was that about drugs?

Jing-ho: I can answer that. I go with our men to look for my brother. We had cornered them and were ready to apprehend. They then all eat some pills and we’re faster. A lot faster. They able to escape.

Jighai: And now they get more violent.

Carolina: Yes but we have an idea. The Jings say your crew is capable. Our men have tailed one of their members has found their brother and our employees. They recognize us already so will likely kill their hostages immediately. Instead we ask that you try for us instead.

Lily: How exactly?

Carolina: We want them to create a diversion. A big one. They will wear the colors of Os Meninos, another gang in this city, and start a gang war. We believe some of your men are capable of sneaking by while this happens to extract them.

Antonio: That’s rather brash but workable. So do you have the exact place? And what about any curious authorities?

Carolina: We own the police O’senores Bloom. All the companies do. That will not be an issue. What will be is that we know where they will be but not exactly which house. They seem to move them randomly. All we know is they will be hiding them somewhere so keeping the favela in tact is needed.

Lily: Workable?! What you’re asking is suicide.

Antonio: I think that’s for them to decide sis. You’ve told me what they’ve already done. I think they know what they can handle.

Catrina: Excuse me, Lily. One of us can go with them.

Lily: Have you lost your mind? You’re kids!

Catrina: Look we’ve already lived through one of Eldson’s death traps. We can handle another one. Why not trust us?

Lily (fed up): Fine! One of you is coming with me to treat Jenmah.

Carolina: Ah yes about that. We also wanted to offer our services to Bloom Appliances. We already know of your medical offerings and believe a partnership with us would help both of us immensely. I’m sure you’re also aware that we can offer the finest medical training and career guidance for anyone. Including your daughter.

Lily darts her eyes at Antonio whose stoic but just as surprised.

Carolina: Do not take that as a threat gente. If anything it’s a warning. As the Jings have informed us you have made an enemy of Eldson and he does have a minor hold on Valkyrie Inc. His hand does reach all the way over here but what we can promise is we would protect her. This is assuming your crew shows us they’d be willing to do the same for ours.

Jinghai: And as we speak months ago our terms stay same.

Lily: We were only saving your brother not a whole group of drug dealing pharm techs.

Carolina (terse): They are doctors much like you and they were caring for their patients. We may do things differently then what is done in Chryse but we are not savages.

Antonio: Apologies. Please give us a moment

Antonio grabs Lily and moves towards the crew to huddle around them.

Antonio: Calm down sis. The deal seems fair. We’re fulfilling our end with the Jings and saving a bunch of doctors which will help us expand our medical division and I can convince Lavender to leave Valkyrie.

Lily: That’s the last thing I want to hear from you. Besides it’s not even my decision. It’s [looking at the crew] theirs.[\i] We’re not the ones risking our lives. I already know Samuel and Samantha would go with whatever they say anyways.

Antonio: Sounds good to me. Alright then look alive kids. Spotlight’s on you now.

{Foreman} please make a decision
>Make any modifications to the suggested plan
>Take Quen {Automagineer} | OR | Take Catrina {Dynamo Engineer}/{Medic}

We now enter [Planning Phase]
>Employees {Clock-in} with final adjustments
>Use any pre-deploy skills that may aid you
>Ask any questions you can
Fed El Mamut is strong El Mamut.
But when fed with cake, El Mamut also has to beat up many people to not become fat.

El Mamut
DR:3 (+1Gn) LI:6 RE:8 RES:14/14(0/0) EN:26/26 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
Mer 3 RES 12 GRD 6+3
Mar 3 AP 16
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 3 MOD 9+4
Equipment (12/16):
-Basil Pike Gauntlets 1d3 1AP 1EN (EN 6/6)[AM: 2/2 (3AP reload)] 2EQ (paired); Strk/Cmbo ⟨Enlarged Arm Guards⟩⟨Sheared Digits⟩⟨Jupuartz Elbow Pads⟩
-1x JellyBean (1EQ)
-2x Mar-aid (Heals 2d3 RES 1EQ)
-GFE Mk2 Athena EN: 26; RE 8 LI6 EQ3
-Basil Audoplate 3DR (+1DR vs Guns) 2EQ ⟨Extra Plating⟩

{§Brawler}, {Pugilist}
[*Pike Buster] 3AP 4EN 3d3 cm; uses 1 ammo; launches target dmg/2 tiles
[*^Basil’s Self Winding Capacitor] Weapon contains a capacitor with 6EN that can be used for attacking. Recharges when GFE repels damage.
[*@Wind up] +2AP +2EN: add 1d3 to Pike Buster
[Well Bathed] +2AP
[Well Fed] +2RES +2EQ +1DR
[^Self winding Capaci-Joggers] 2EQ gain 1 EN per unit moved
[^Solide Wiring] 1EQ: +35%RE
[^Extended battery] 1EQ +6EN
[#Ground Game]
[%Parry] 1 AP
[Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target
[Viper Cutter] 3CB 4*b cm 2*AP 2*EN airborne target, +1*b damage per vertical level. ½ Dmg AP damage.
[Rising Dragon] 2CB *AP *EN Uppercut, launching yourself and your foe in the air JUP tiles. Foe is {Vulnerable}
[@Mountain Stance] 6CB double GFE limit and Regeneration from all sources for current turn
[Boar Rush] 1CB 1.5*AP 1.5*EN (per attack) Run taking foes with you. Do a basic attack per tile moved. May only push JUP foes.
[%Monkey’s Dance] 4AP 2d12+VEN+2 Hit: 20 move ½ Ven out of the way of an incoming attack; add ap to make it more effective. Successful dodges build CB and Multiplier.
「Bullet Phantasma」+2 bonus to dodge projectiles; when moving after a dodge move up to 2*mov towards attackers shooting at you.

Money: 5000
Posting stat sheet
>{Clock in}

For the matter of foreman? I propose someone who hasn't been foreman yet gets the job, preferably Alex.
Julien Delacroix de la Fleur
DR:6LI:6 RES:21 ARM: 4/4 EN 28/28 RE:10

Att CC 18/21
Mer 4 RES 21
Mar 5 AP 17
Ven 4 MOV 4
Jup 5 MOD 13

Sabre "The tacit rebuke"
-Chrysian grip
-Heavy pommel
2d6 (Hit: 8<)
4AP (6EN if attack lands) Fnc/Slsh

4d3 (1h-no Hvy) / 4d4 (2h-no Fnc)cm Hit: 8; 2AP 3HT Ht: 0/12; Slsh/Hvy/Fnc; 4EQ
[*!Handed stance] 1ap to switch between 1 handed or 2 handed.
[*Gyrocite core] Produces its own energy. Using the equipment produces heat.
[Chrysian grip][heavy pommel][satinite foible][venatine grip][Radiator]

[E]LA-86 “Lament”4d3 (cm) 4AP 4EN 4-8R AM 3/3 (Gumdrops only) 2EQ
Alt Fire(Shotgun): 8d2 4AP 4EN 3-4R AM 2/2 (Jellybeans only)1xreload, gumdrops

1x maraid
1X Capacitor
1x Lilly's quick-patch

-[Heirloom]The Fighting Lion
-Extra plating
-Extra plating
[*Family Crest] People may recognize who your house is
[Duelist blood II] +3 bonus on parries
[Lion's Pride II] Challenge a target to a duel. Winning confers a reward. Participants do +35% damage.
[Well Crafted] +1 PIQ
[E]Gaston’s Pauldron
4/4 ARM 1EQ
[*Shoulder Check] 4AP shove a target ½ Jup tiles.
Gyre:GFE Mk.2 “Athena”

{Expert Fencer}*[Pimento Corgi](Secret techniques)
[Well Fed]
[Absence of blade]
[Well bathed]
「Stone Cold Killer」(I cut people in /HALF/)
「The Hero we deserve」
「NANI!?」 ????
". . . The rogue."
"How do I even--"
"I guess if you"
"Okay how about"
Blam--kronk. Crash. Rattle, rattle.
"... sorry."
"I s-said sorry!"
"GHHR-- Ah gears--"
"Nevermind, I just shot myself. It's f-fine. Gel rounds"

Lirenis huffed for breath, working sore muscles through new bruises. Of course Prefect would find the perfect way to appeal to her inner magpie, and the glittering chain swinging back and forth from that last almost-surely-had-it-shot exerted an inexplorable gravity. Shots kept dragging to the right. Lirenis put the rifle down, ran a hand through sweat-slick hair and worked the angles.

Then she unslung the gently humming Medea, flicked two switches, prayed through the four second interval of rapid vibration and heat build up then shot a hole in reality.


>[Clock In]

". . . I ordered a new washbasin"

I suggest Prefect. We're going to dark places with shady people, and . . . He knows the type?

We go in, we look around, we locate the house, we strike and we get our target out of there. So far so fair, but...

We need to know. . .

Who is supplying the O Dadinhos. And how good their GFEs are. Wonky models may explode.

Who can find out?

And if they're building up material, they're planing something. So /why/ are they being supplied? How long? What's their play?

And Carolina said "Hostages". We're looking for one, but how many others are there in total, and are they kept in th same location? Are the Dadinhos expecting ransom? We could play that angle. Two people to drop off a fake bag full of money, the rest of us to spring the ambush when the carry-over commences. Tidier than shooting our way through a slum. I got out of one once, don't much want to go back.

Are we sure we want to start a gang war as a distraction? There must be a smoother way. A fire, a power outage, a demonstation. If we start a gang war there'll be more corpses in the streets the moment we leave and it won't just be the gangs. People are going to die in the crossfire. That's not right.

We can ready some drones for support, then move in as a unit too. All of us working together are essentially unstoppable, and if we make it speedy enough... Well. I can move us through /walls/? Find the target house, jaunt in there, disable the occupants, leave.

How big is the Dadinhos gang? How many reinforcements will they get?

Quen, you can get some clockwork eye spys to scout the area, yeah?
>Two people to drop off a fake bag full of money, the rest of us to spring the ambush
Hey smart lady! What if we drop off a bag full of El Mamut? Wouldn't that be a great surprise to those lowlifes!
You're a genius, masked one. Can you contort yourself so readily?
Flexibility is paramount in wrestling! You contort or you get broken joints.
Preferably not for the upcoming mission, my schedule will be a bit too full to properly keep track of everyone.

Could we get a rough map in advance from the people who already know the area?

Also, some of our crew are trained in disguise. If we can make it such that they won't recognize Carolina's people on sight, could we get some medical support with us?

Also, as a general planning question, given that this will partially be a sneaking mission, what time of day do we want to stage the diversion at? I'm not currently set up for nighttime infiltration, but can swap some stuff around if needed and if there's still time.


Current stats:

DR: 4 LI: 6 RES: 14/14 EN: 30/30 CC 16/17
Mer 3 | RES 14
Mar 6 | AP 18
Ven 6 | MOV 7
Jup 3 | PRT 18

[e] GFE Type 1 “Helios”
EN: 30/30; RE0 LI6 EQ3
[*Boost+][!*Jupimer grav system][-Prebued]

[e] Basil Pike Gauntlets
1d3 1AP 1EN (en6/6) [AM: 2/2 (1AP reload)] 2EQ (paired); Strk/Cmbo
[*Pike Buster][*^Basil’s Self Winding Capacitor][*@Wind up]

[e] DUSTER-armor
[*Vest Straps][^Shock Pads][^Extra Padding Lvl 2]

Capacitor 2EQ
Solevenide Catalyst 1EQ

Other equipment owned:
“The Black Cap”
AB Binoculars

{-Beta Wave Beacon}{Imbuement Tolerant}「La Vengeance du Serpent」「Marathon」

[Well Fed][^Always prepared]
[^Shock Pads][^Extra Padding Lvl 2]
{Brawler}{Pugilist}[#Ground Game][Combat roll][Royal Guard][Rising Dragon][!Gentle Fist][%#Monkey’s Dance][Dragon Strike]
{Fencer}[#En Garde][#Riposte][#Absence of Blade][#Pris de Fer]
{Dynamo Engineer}[Dynamo charge]

Full sheet: https://pastebin.com/Ujfyau4j
Actually. . . The O Dadinhos are expanding and getting new territory, aren't they?

What if Prefect and I sourced a new job, as a bit of disguised undercover servant work? That gives us eyes on the inside. We'll fit right in with a minimum of moustaches.
Rolled 13, 2, 23, 2 = 40 (4d24)

>Ask Lily for a flattering [Field Smock]
>Get a hat. You can't be a loose cannon PI on the job without a proper hat.

>Planning Phase:

>Inspector [▲Beat Cop] - check postings for RECENT CRIMES of INTEREST in the area, especially ones perpetrated by the O Dadinhos. This will tell us about their modus operandi, and how involved they are with the locals, so we know what to expect.
>Especially this: Have they kidnapped other people? Or is this a new development? When did they go from drug running and extortion to kidnapping?

>Secondly: Check the social grapevine and let it be known a [Servant] / [Closer] will be going to Praia De Oro. Maybe the O Dadinhos have a small matter they want a professional to handle? We'll help, for an appropriate fee, to [Close] the deal(s).
>(This should also tell us what kind of oppertunities others are expecting from this chaos, and who is interested in exploiting it)
>( Maybe this can lead to [Undercover] work? )

=Lirenis Theraski==
DR 2 | Li - 7 || Re 6 || RES 14/14 || EN - 28/ 28
Solevenide Imbuement +8 Shield (36 / 36)
33% dmg as +EN
=Attributes, 300notes==
Mer 4 Mar 3
Ven 3 Jup 2
Res 14 Ap 12+2
Mov 3 Mo 11+3+8+3
GRD 12 SOC +7
CC 11+3 [14] Comp 120%
SP 7 [ 7 ]
AF 0
EV 0 [ 20 ]
Poor Gairan had to be dragged out from the kitchen by two interns when it was time to get to the job.
"I SAID GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! I can do my job just fine, sure I ate like a quarter of the entire cake but..*eats another slice*...I can do my job fine, now excuse me for a minute I have to go call some of my 'friends'."

"That my friends...Is some freaky night of the living dead right there reminds me of when Jenn decided to see if she could ressurect her hamster...Ah, good times good times..."

Gairan eyed Carolina as he mentioned combat drugs.
"Ah combat drugs, the difference between a dead hunter and one that's a live and has to see Doc afterwards because he can now taste colors. Deadly stuff let me tell you, if you don't know about it let me quote a hunter that summarized it pretty much spot on."
Gairan recalled the quote perfectly according to what Keith once said to wannabee hunters as they went to the local infirmary to gear up on meds before a trip.
"Combat drugs are like this you give someone enough injections and you now have the fastest, meanest, angriest bastard you’ve ever seen. Now give him an immunity to pain, rabies, and slight brain damage."
Gairan sighed as he remembered criminals with death executions on their head and junkie hunters beyond help of even the Chrysian mental hospitals. Loaded up with enough drugs that their blood could count as a potent painkiller and with a guarantee that their heart would stop in minutes sent to ambush a Mega-fauna that was causing trouble around a town or anything the sort that a suicide soldier would be useful for.
Gairan was caught up in his train of thoughts before he snapping out of it he reached for his hat whispering a prayer to it before securing it on his head as he looked towards Lily and cracked a smile.
"It's fine ma'am, I think we can handle it after all I suppose that were professionals after all..."
He grabbed a nearby slice that he managed to smuggle into the meeting and began eating it with a also similarly smuggled fork.
"This is pretty good cake, HEY HANDS OFF!!!! THIS IS MINE!!!!! HISSSSSSSSS!!!"
>Unlock the map with [On site supervision]
>Anything [Nik and Leo] want me to do?...Assign [Temp-To-Hire] for them.
>Check for generic jobs or anything that can help me now that I have access to temp.
Mer 3 RES 17+8 (Ablative)
Mar 4 AP 14
Ven 4 MOV 4
Jup 4 MOD 10

CC 18/18
GFE Mk.2 “Athena”
EN: 24; RE (11) LI6 EQ3

The Scowling Long Coat
1DR (+1 Dr,+2DR vs Guns) 3EQ
[*Jenn’s special stitching] +2 ammo slot; +3 defense against chemicals
Ammo slots: [Vitamer, Sprinkler]
[Juperic Plating] (8/8 Ablative armor)
Pike Hammer "The pulverizer"
2d4 cm 1EN 3AP Amo 3/3 [Sprinkler]
1x Capacitor.
2x mar aid, 1x Quick patches.
Money: 1400
----- The "Gobbler" (Grenade Launcher)
4AP 8EN AM 6/6 5-12R 4EQ; Rifled [Jupcentyine/Glue]

{§ꞤGrenadier} Less scatter throwing grenades; 50% discount; discover information related to explosives when [observing] +1 PRT
{Temp} Work as a temp agent for LL. Gain access to their jobs, assets, training. +1 “Temp” PRT
[Finder’s Fee] Recover lost equipment/items at your next job site for immediate pay.
[On site supervision] Reveal the map.
[Temp-to-hire-[Nik and leo] Work repeatedly for a “client”. Receive associated faction PRQ after completing a number of jobs for them.
[Bandoleer] Lvl: 1, 1EQ +3 slots [Marmerite, Flare, Marisma, Sparklers ]
[Metered powder] Can decrease the AOE and can shape of the explosion
[%Consummate Professional] +10% competence when doing a task related to completing a side job; Permanent +5% competence when job is completed
[[^Solide Wiring] lvl 1: 1EQ: +35%RE
[Footwork] -1 penalty to foes trying to dodge your attack.. Follow a target’s movement if they dodge melee attacks. Must be within MOV range.
[@Defense break] 2*AP; targets cannot parry your strike
[Well Fed] +2RES +2EQ +1DR
[@Cluster bombs] 1AM 4EN; fire another grenade in succession increasing AOE
[Greedy] Using items costs 4AP. (Includes grenades)
[*@Combustion Pike] 6EN 3AP; Strike with the Pike carrying the grenade's load. Confers grenades' effect with the strike.
Rolled 23, 23, 23 = 69 (3d24)

File: Jove_rendition.png (3.7 MB, 1528x1346)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG

Before leaving on the airship Gairan, Nik calls him down

Nik: Hey we heard about the assignment you guys are doing. Hope you all like the Aquilla line it took us weeks to get it running with our GFEs.

If you see any new tech try to get some of it for us. As many as you can. We'll make sure it's worth your while

>Side Quest: [Another man's trash] Unlocked

===Flying High===
Gairan meets a fellow temp while lazily sitting on the beach hours before the operation.
Temp: I heard you were heading over to Jove for a job. One of my customer's gave me this as a thank you when I didn't kick them off for smuggling in a whole easel during that stint as an Airship tour pilot. Think it might give you good luck.
without the requisite PRTs none of that is doable. Nice little side bit about PRQs is they give you clout.
Given the environment, I suggest we bring Quen. I rather like clockwork, but that's incidental to their utility. Having some extra eyes around would be useful, see.
Rolled 19 (1d24)

If no one objects to it, I shall attempt to be {foreman} for this mission. Now lets see what we have here....
>Claim {foreman} role for this mission, rolling in case anything is needed.

Gairan looks at both Quen and Catrina for a minute or two before giving a neat smile before frowning at whatever response a female would have around Gairan.
*sigh* "Apologies if I may, while I love a few drones that can provide reconnaissance I am personally quite afraid of what will happen if we are not provided a medic in which to revive us...The incident with lirenis is evident enough that a medic may be needed in the case of a engagement with an enemy and julian was only luck enough to revive her. I would prefer for that not to happen again....Quen I deeply apoligize with all of my regard, Catrina your coming with us...by the way how do you feel about J-V8s?"

>Catarina the medic/dynamo engineer is coming with us....
fucking social bonuses

>{Inspector} [▲Beat Cop]
Os Dadinhos have been mainly doing drug peddling and extortion. They have grown somewhat over the years and started expanding their influence. The kidnappings started happening months ago but mainly local businessmen and other easy targets. Usually it's a simple snatch and couple hundred note ransom and it happens so often they’ve got a new name: “paradinhos”. We get 6 a week and those are just the ones reported. From our initial canvasing the longest kidnapping only lasted several hours so these are minor affairs. Luckily the favela you'll be entering, Jove, is one of their newer acquisitions so the locals aren't too happy to have them mostly because most of the members aren't even from there. We might be able to use this to our advantage. See if you can find any evidence that might help us with these paradinhos. A list of who they target, evidence, or anything else

It takes a while to find anything. Most jobs are your typical corp affairs. A street gang wouldn't normally have the connections to use a Closer. You notice Valkyrie Inc. pops up several times about a job involving “surveillance and keeping a certain gangster in check”. You can look more into it but the thought gives you pause. Depending on what you look into you could be found out making your mission difficult.
>Apply to take up Valkyrie’s offer? Y/N (Bad roll = bad news)

I will say that I don't plan to process everyone's planning actions. Just the required ones such as the abilities of Servant, Temp, or Inspectors. I need to know if you guys plan on drastically changing the plan so I need a {Foreman} to be elected and make decisions so I can keep things moving
> Clock In
Stealth is not Grigory's talent, but thank you for finding place for him even on this mission! He feels naked without the Aegis already, but just means he will be more cautious, eh?

Will follow talky comrades like guardian angel and shoot anything that threatens their lives, haha!

NAME: Grigory

DR:1 LI:3 RE:6 RES:20 EN:24/24

Mer 2 CC 23
Mar 3 AP 12
Ven 3 MV 3
Jup 6 MD 7+1

EQUIPMENT (16/23):
EQ Item
1 GFE Mk.1 “Nyx”
2 Capacitor
2 Capacitor
1 Mar-Aid
2 SC-21 "Shredder"
2 AG-22 "Autogun"
6 Gumdrop | Gumdrop | Gumdrop

{Gunslinger}[Dead Eye][Dead Draw][Unload]
[Emergency Stash][Well-fed]

[Soljupiryz Stealth System][Close Quarters]

「Big Arms」
> FB Jacket
Grigory looks forward to working under you! Now, who should he be protecting?
Map Nearly complete. Any last details please post.
>Buy [Catarina] a [solvenide flare]
"Alright I think i can trust you enough...Here have a militarized flashbang that can take out a entire district...Use it responsibly."
Boss (wow, that feels weird), are we planning on running a day op or a night op for this one?
Gairan sprouts a evil smile and a gleam appears in his eye as he invokes a ancient Liberatus technique ever so slightly cocking his head highlighting the smile and the gleam in his eyes while he picks up a grenades casing and fiddles with it.
"I've learned two things I think so far...One you can sneak, talk, and cheat your way through to the objective...It's effective, but if it goes wrong it can lead to major complications.."
Gairan fiddles the casing a bit before loading a test gel in it. "Or...You can overwhelm the enemy at every corridor, turn and corner...As Foreman I formally suggest that going in broad daylight where we at least have the advantage of the sun on our hands." He completes loading the casing before bouncing it in his hand.
"Now, I will say this; If the slum has taught my anything, it's that the enemy most likely knows the terrain much better than you. Even if we did this operation in daylight we will be at a disadvantage i suppose, but at least in the daylight we can know where exactly they will come from if they were to pop up from god knows where...So yes it will be a Day Op"
>Suggest that the mission participates in daylight.
Rolled 4, 24 = 28 (2d24)


“Okay - got a lead here. “
Fair points, General Gairan.

Bright day-time works better if you're all going in.

But can I ask - again - that we try to find *any* other way that walking in with the colors of Os Meninos? I know its a distraction, but c'mon.

People will die. We'll leave at the end of the job but it's going to escalate.

Prefect (and I?)'ll scout the inside, you go into the slums. We're unknown, so they won't get worried, and my contacts tell me the Dadinhos aren't local anyway, so you won't stick out. Get in position, we find out where the hostages are. You get them out.

For distraction, Gairan knows how to demolish buildings. Start a fire in a local powerconduit, or wreck a steam-vent. Or, even better, hit one of their drug labs. Gotta be one around. Do it without wearing Meninhos colors and you'll just be Strange Outsiders, which'll be even weirder.

Hell, get Catarina to [Sense]or locate a local power conduit, Gairan disables it, we knock power out to the neighbourhood. It'll make them uneasy, and it avoids the collateral.
"Hey, Catarina? If you're going with us into the slum, then... Welll. It's dangerous to go alone, okay? Take this!"

>Hand Catarina a [Mervenyst] Catalyst.

"B-but keep it safe. I still haven't quite worked out how it works, allright?"

Gairan nods his head and raises a eyebrow as he notices Liren's concern over possibally starting a gang war with them invading a part of the slums and starting a gang war..
"Well Liren whether we do this or not people will die but yeah you have a point I suppose...We can probably go plain clothes or something and I can purchase a few flares and throw them to attract attention....Make it look like a rave or something..."
Before Gairan can finish his thoughts he notices the vocovan going off holding a finger to liren he walks over and picks it up...

"Hello?...Yes this is Gairan....What do what do you mean she doesent have any special 'samples' of her own?....WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE CAN'T!!!....INSUFFICIENT EQUIPMENT MY ASS!!! Can't she borrow her own? Alright alright, yeesh i'm sorry...Yeah I will see if i can scrape up the money to buy her one...Yes I will pay extra to have it put in a neat bow and you know how it goes with presents..."

Gairan finishes his tirade as he scratches the back of his neck before taking off his fat and fanning himself with it.
"So...We have a bit of a problem I suppose, Catarina doesn't have any of those fancy samples that you have Liren. Would you be willing to help me pay for it? If not I can ask julien or well anyone else...But I really don't want to pay for this myself...My wallet can't handle it.."
Gairan happily accepts the sample with its case gingerly holding it.
"Oh!...Thank you liren, appreciate the help, I will call staff and we can give it to her..." *muttering about the cost of putting it in a present*
"You need money?"
>Insert laughter here
"Oh, no worries. You know? It's just---"

Ludicrously precious science in a small glass container that is worth more than my weight in gold.

"A catalyst sample. We have plenty of those. I'll improvise. And if you alll got shot, I'd be--"

Lirenis tilted her head slowly while idle fingers played with golden chain necklace. Then she stared at Gairan. Blinked. Kept staring.

"Don't get shot"
the following results happen:
>You're hired to do the following: Keep track of a gang leader by the name of "Foca". He is supposed to be "hosting guests". Make sure the his guests are comfortable and that he is actually in the area.
>Your actions clumsily tip off the gang members and they are aware *something* will happen. They are more vigilant and have brought more members.

How that happen I'll let you write it.
>Assume Gairan is constantly wearing his Trenchcoat during this scene I suppose
Gairan shrugs as he handles the sample.
"I've handled pricier stuff than this I think...Growing up in a lab for most of my life has taught me how to handle precious samples of science and use dynamos..Although i'm not a wiz like you or well Jenn I suppose...Wacky girl is still trying to see if she can perform that experiment of hers...."
Gairan smiles at Liren while he listens to the warning.
"Being shot is the least of my worries, being born and raised in liberatus teaches you never to be tough oh and how to constantly wear armor like it was a V neck Jersey helps a lot. Thanks for the warning though!"
Gairan eyes julian for a moment with a skeptical face.
"Yeah ain't you one of those uhh...nobles?" He says as he drums his fingers on the glass case for a minute and wiping his face back to a neutral one.
"Bah, nevermind this should be good enough thanks for offering though."
>Checks assignment
>Eyes the Fancy Ballgown
>Adjust Jade Crimson Necklace

. . . Sonofacog, you're all going to make me wear a dress again aren't you.

Fine, but give me some needle and thread first.
>Take out the b̶a̶l̶l̶g̶o̶w̶n̶ "Perseus Capaci-Dress"
>Camoflage with gang colors

“Perseus Capaci-Dress”
-1 Mov 3EQ, 6 PIQ
[*Frills] May hide equipment in dress
[*Ravishing] +2 to social rolls; people admire you
[Custom Fit, Pouch]
[Battery Pack] [ +10 EN ]

Solmeryzt Imbuement, -3 Sight Profile
Servant Stealth Bonus (-3 Sound Profile)

Oh, Woe is Me.
A Poor Clos-- Gang Member, out for a stroll
I sure hope no very capable handymen for a nebolously defined coglomerate come to rescue these hostages
Map is about 99% done with only needed npc population.

Please have any final preparations and builds ready. If you're not changing anything just link to the post. I believe only Prefect was left to do a prep action.

When posting actions you only need the main line and stats ready. Keep your main sheet in a pastebin and link it.

DR:2 LI:6 RE:8 RES:12 EN:24/24

Mer 3 CC 12
Mar 3 AP 12
Ven 3 MV 3
Jup 3 MD 12

>Ways to help me process faster and more accurately
-mention total resource expenditures such as EN, SP, etc...
-mention what dice your equipment uses
-note which passives are active with ">-[PASSIVE]"
-keep descriptions of PRTs intact on your pastebin main sheet
-keep actions "concise" and "manageable". Vague descriptions or joke actions will slow me down and if I can't process your turn in a timely manner I am forced to skip it.

{Foreman} please have a list ready of participants with their main line like so:

[1] Syrup | DR:0 LI:0 RE:0 RES:0/0(0/0) EN:0/0
[2] Molasses | DR:0 LI:0 RE:0 RES:0/0(0/0) EN:0/0
Rolled 16, 20, 17 = 53 (3d24)

>{Servant}+[I Know a Guy]
>-[Smooth Talker], [People Person]
"Well, this is a supperlative recipe for disaster. Shall I go see if I can get the pot stirred up properly? Not much point in triggering a gang war if one of the gangs is a no-show."
>Contact (via letter) Tartaruga, a retired gangster from the area, and cousin of my former leader (Boss Lizard).
-Tartaruga, I know you are out of the game, but I felt it would be impolite for me to fail to pay my respects. You may wish to pass on some information to your colleagues regarding the movements and plans of their competetors, which you will find documented herein. You will note the increased activity seems to be leading to a certain event. An event that my activities have provided a time and place for the instigation of. My advice would be to act first, to prevent your opponents from taking a sudden victory, but only by minutes, as this will ensure the maximum loss of resources on their part.
>The goal: to get Os Meninos to attack during our mission, to further occupy O Dadinhos' forces, without cluing either side into our plans.

>Join Lirenis in tailing Foca, and
>{Clock In}

DR:2 LI:9 RE:10 RES:17/17 EN:26/26 SP:2/2

Mer 5 || Res 15+2
Mar 5 || AP 16
Ven 5 || Mov 5
Jup 3 || Mod 15+3
"Grigory, would you mind doing me a favor? From the rumors of you bench pressing people. Would you be willing to carry a medkit around with you? I know how heavy it can be but having a person who can at least revive people will be very helpful"

Stats for medkit
Lily Venesol Field Kit: SP 8/8 4EQ 1handed [*Aid] [*Stabilize]

[Aid] 1SP 2AP: heal MARd4 RES.
[Stabilize] 1SP 4AP: prevent a [Downed] ally from dying. Heal MAR.
While Grigory is not liking of the practice, he is very familiar with use of meat glue! Surely first aid cannot be so different.

Added to the backpack! Grigory has space for maybe.... one more thing but truth be told, he was saving weight in case he needed to pick up and drag someone away...
Before this mission begins I'd like to propose some changes:

-Supplies -1EQ instead of 2 for 3eq

But to keep heals as a valued resource the following will happen

-[Aid] Heals MARd2 from MARd4
-You can only heal 3*JUP in a single turn.
-Wounds may have a rework as the calculations for it are hell
To offset this gear changes are as followed

Field Kit SP 8--> 10
Medkit SP 3-->4
No change in Smock

With SP being 1 to 1 this makes it usable more often and medics can afford to administer drugs. With that said healing can take the reduction in efficacy now that there's no penalty for healing without the PRQ. Jup being the limit for heals has to be reworked however. originally JUP worked as a limit of how much each dice could heal individually. Now it will work as a cumulative limit.

What does this mean overall? With other occupations such as {Servant} and {Automagineer} using SP for certain skills, the cost of SP needs to work for all scenarios.

As always feedback is appreciated.
I forgot my potentials. A shameful display.

El Mamut
DR:3 (+1Gn) LI:6 RE:8 RES:14/14(0/0) EN:26/26 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
Mer 3 RES 12 GRD 6+3
Mar 3 AP 16
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 3 MOD 9+4
Equipment (12/16):
-Basil Pike Gauntlets 1d3 1AP 1EN (EN 6/6)[AM: 2/2 (3AP reload)] 2EQ (paired); Strk/Cmbo ⟨Enlarged Arm Guards⟩⟨Sheared Digits⟩⟨Jupuartz Elbow Pads⟩
-1x JellyBean (1EQ)
-2x Mar-aid (Heals 2d3 RES 1EQ)
-GFE Mk2 Athena EN: 26; RE 8 LI6 EQ3
-Basil Audoplate 3DR (+1DR vs Guns) 2EQ ⟨Extra Plating⟩

{§Brawler}, {Pugilist}
[*Pike Buster] 3AP 4EN 3d3 cm; uses 1 ammo; launches target dmg/2 tiles
[*^Basil’s Self Winding Capacitor] Weapon contains a capacitor with 6EN that can be used for attacking. Recharges when GFE repels damage.
[*@Wind up] +2AP +2EN: add 1d3 to Pike Buster
[Well Bathed] +2AP
[Well Fed] +2RES +2EQ +1DR
[^Self winding Capaci-Joggers] 2EQ gain 1 EN per unit moved
[^Solide Wiring] 1EQ: +35%RE
[^Extended battery] 1EQ +6EN
[#Ground Game]
[%Parry] 1 AP
[Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target
[Viper Cutter] 3CB 4*b cm 2*AP 2*EN airborne target, +1*b damage per vertical level. ½ Dmg AP damage.
[Rising Dragon] 2CB *AP *EN Uppercut, launching yourself and your foe in the air JUP tiles. Foe is {Vulnerable}
[@Mountain Stance] 6CB double GFE limit and Regeneration from all sources for current turn
[Boar Rush] 1CB 1.5*AP 1.5*EN (per attack) Run taking foes with you. Do a basic attack per tile moved. May only push JUP foes.
[%Monkey’s Dance] 4AP 2d12+VEN+2 Hit: 20 move ½ Ven out of the way of an incoming attack; add ap to make it more effective. Successful dodges build CB and Multiplier.
「Bullet Phantasma」+2 bonus to dodge projectiles; when moving after a dodge move up to 2*mov towards attackers shooting at you.
「Stone Cold Killer」+2 to resist status effects such as {Disoriented} and {Charmed}
「Punching Bag」???

Money: 5000
"Guv'na, mite pleased to 'ave ya with us, yea. What what, less go do crimes, yes

How's my accent?"

>You're hired to do the following: Keep track of a gang leader by the name of "Foca". He is supposed to be "hosting guests". Make sure the his guests are comfortable and that he is actually in the area.
>Your actions clumsily tip off the gang members and they are aware *something* will happen. They are more vigilant and have brought more members.

[A surprisingly clean corner, a fruit cart bathed by the lingering afternoon sun]

[L]: ". . . And a banana."
[M]: "'Ere. That'll be all?"
[L]: "Should.Thanks for arranging this."
[M]: "Is hardly a problem for so adroit an accomplice"
[L]: "Smooth - C'mon, let's not pretend it's all charity, Mer"
[M]: "That cuts me deep! I get you this fine uniform from only a lightly stabbed corpse, along wih a mostly fresh banana, and you insult my gregarious conviviality? Tsk tsk, Therask!
[L]: "Well, and the Bellway Union Chapter'll vote for your proposal, hmmm?"
[M]: "For that vaunted single person vote, I'll take your litte jab, Therask. Wha'cha want with the Dadinhos colors anyway? I thought you got out, got an office, did paperwork - got a fancy academic scholarship---"
[L]: "Let's not talk about that one. I still smell smoke when I close my eyes. And I did got out, got an office, did paperwork. The office is a leaky broom closet, the paperwork is insurance claims and death-on-the-job forms, and it turns out once you get outta the crab bucket, it's just a bigger bucket, Mer. But my collegues are nice."
[M]: "Dissembling don't work so well on me, spill. I got melons in this here cart too, kid"
[L]: "'Ey 'ey 'ey, don't melon me, man. Truth is, got a non-reg job to look into some rumors. Local gangleader, hostages, drugs. Figures I'll sleuth the grounds first. Easier if you're a local looker. So I think to myself, do I know a guy that can help me?"

[M]: "'Course you do. So gang boss, eh?"
[L]: "Yeh. Hell of a thing. Working conditions here are awful. Valkyrie wants an eye on this "Foca" character. Lots of movement happening. Meninos'll be crashing the party too, I reckon."

[M]: "Same old soup"
[L]: "Same old soup. Thanks for getting me this stuff, Mer. Owe you a vote and a drink."
[M]: "Have I ever let you down?"
[L]: "Repeatedly"
[M]: "Recently?"
[L]: "Don't return my letters, don't pick up your vocaven, asked for 2000 notes for a new scheme, still owe me for the monkey import busi--"
[M]: "Yeah yeah yeah, Therask, tattle talk. Trust me. "
[L]: "I do. But c'mon, just . . . Don't mention this to anyone, allright?"
[M]: "Old Mer's got your back, kid. Now shoo, I've got this fruit cart for six more hours and I smell arbitrage potential"

[Six minutes later]

[M]: " . . . Psst, Avispa? Got a hot a tip here for you: Meninos' on the move, and Valkyrie's interested in your boys. Fresh from the Union grapevine. Oh, pay me for more detailst? Weelll, it's old Mer's lucky day, and that's no lie. . .
Map populated. These are the stat lines I will use to process. Please look for any errors esp with DR, RE, LI etc...

[1] El Mamut | DR:3 (+1Gn) | LI:6 | RE:8 | RES:14/14(0/0) | EN:26/26 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
[2] Julien Delacroix de la Fleur | DR:6 | LI:6 | RE:10| RES:21 | ARM: 4/4 | EN 28/28 |
[3] Alexander | DR: 4| LI: 6 | Re: 0 | RES: 14/14 | EN: 30/30 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
[4] Lirenis Theraski | DR 1 | Li - 10 || Re 6 || RES 14/14 || EN - 42/ 42 ||AF:0 ||SP:4 || EV:0/25 || CH:0/8
[5] Gairan || Dr 2 (+2 vs Gun) || LI 6 | Re 11 | Res 17/17 | ARM 8/8 | EN: 24 / 24
[6] Grigori || DR:2(+3 vs Mel) || LI:3 || RE:6 || RES:20 || EN:24/24
[7] Prefect || DR:2 || LI:9 || RE:10 || RES:17/17 || EN:26/26 || SP:2/2
New thread a go please wait until I ask you to

nevermind that act phase is up

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