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Rolled 9 (1d100)

Welcome back to Haunted Pirates Quest. Where your a three eyed punk who joined a pirate crew full of monsters who are part of a cursed fleet. You yourself are also arguably belong among them as a cursed monster yourself. Since you ate the unique Wood Wood Type Logia. Giving you the unique Logia power over a living element. Not to mention your part of the three eyed tribe.

Being a Living typed Logia has its upsides and downsides. Your very nontraditional logia and many would argue you are in fact a paramecia, but as far as your concerned. A paramecia wouldn't be as strangely limited to your own body. If you were the Plant Plant Paramecia Fruit Eater according to Doctor Sicko your power over plants would extend to ALL plants. Not being limited to only the plants you can sprout.

Finding that out made you feel rather ripped off.

Currently your visiting an island where for the first time your luck in finding rare plants to add to your private garden has finally ran out. Forcing you to grab some crew and 'persuade' the local herbalists to help you out. After that, you ran into a strange weaponsmith who won a contest and practiced very unusual martial art. That was actually invented for use by Devil Fruit Eaters...which is very strange since the man in question never ate a devil fruit.

He gave the great sword he made to talented boy. Forcing you to make a choice. You don't always wish to be a mere cabin boy and desire to start your own crew. To do that you obviously need to recruit a crew and get your own ship. Currently the Fleet your part of is allowing you to grow rapidly. One day you'll be ready and when that day arrives you need to be prepared.

So you're torn between chasing down the talented kid or following the Stormer whose martial arts is very well suited for your Devil Fruit power. You're not sure if you can get away with both...but luckily your a smart kid so you did the smart thing.

You called for backup.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Telling the crew about the talented weaponsmith over your Den Den Mushi you set off after the boy who will be getting that sword. Luckily there were some crew nearby buying up weapons and attempting to persuade weaponsmiths to join them. With them following the Stormer Swordsmith you went after the sword being delivered to the boy.

Which was pretty simple. All you had to do was follow the guy who was on his way to deliver the sword. After the sword was carefully photographed and noted within papers. Afterwards you simply followed the messenger.

You noticed right away you weren't the only one following. Obviously, some of these people intended to steal the sword while others were obviously curious about the boy yourself. You, however, desired most to recruit him.

The sword honestly wasn't something you were after. Ever since you been practicing to turn your grown plants into weapons. You're particularly proud of the leaf blade, vine whips, and thorned punches/kicks. So you tagged along after pulling out some of your poisons.

Even now you still keep some poisons handy. Never know when they can be handy and Doctor Sicko has been teaching you about the surprisingly thin line between medicine and poison. You still however kept your arm other arm close to your pistol and sword. Ever since Snaky Kid pointed out your name was extremely similar to the nickname the crew calls you by. You realized it would only be a matter of time before the Marines found out your true identity and put a bounty on your head.

Even if you keep wearing that bandana to cover up your third eye or grow your bangs out to cover it. Thus you kept a nervous eye on the people who were also following along. Through the town and finally outside. Headed to a cliff overlooking the sea. Where you notice upon approach is a large tree whose lower trunk is covered in scars. Along with a bunch of nearby broken sticks and crudely made dummies and punching bags hanging from its branches.

Here you see the kid sitting at a fire taking a breather and roasting a fish. His clothes are rather threadbare and he's dirty. At his side, you see a worn out wooden sword seemingly used for play or practice. It looked old worn out and but strangely well taken care of with much love. Around you realized all those sticks were actually carved into looking like crude swords, but they have scattered around in haphazard fashion and were all broken. In fact, his fire used them as fuel.

You and many others paused as the man approached the boy with the carefully wrapped up and sheathed sword. Some of the men near you who looked shady were also looking around with uneasy gazes checking out the competition for robbing the sword away from the boy.

Meanwhile the other group was a bunch of clearly well-experienced sword users who were just as curious about the 'talented boy'. No doubt they were considering how to best recruit him if not more then their greed for his sword.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

Which made them competition...

The last group you noticed was just some curious people who wanted to take a look. Unlike the other two groups, they weren't serious and rather casual about the whole thing.

All three groups found it difficult to approach the boy given the circumstances. Instead, you all held back as the boy at first confused stood up while eating his freshly roasted fish and examined the sheathed sword. Drawing it and threw out a few practice swings before his face lit up with delight. After realizing its quality he asked the messenger who delivered it something. Then he started practicing with it some more with much happiness and you didn't really notice what was so special about him.

Then again your not a swordsman so its not like your amateur eyes could through much. Realizing that it might take awhile to meet the kid you pulled out your Den Den Mushi and asked about the Stormer Swordsmith who told the crew about.

"Hm yeah, we looked into him. Certainly a viable candidate from the looks of it, but getting him to sign up with us is very difficult. You any idea about how to get to him?"

"He seeks to master a sword style thought to be impossible for non devil fruit eaters. He somehow made some good progress. So simply offer him a way to not only practice is swordmaking given our number but with all the action we get into. He'll have plenty of time to practice is sword skills too!" You simply point out to the crew on the other side.

"Hm...guess we'll try that. Need any more assistance?"

"You wouldn't happen to know of a way to chase off a bunch of swordmasters and thieves at the same person/sword now would you?"

"Uh...sounds like a rather big fight is required and you'll need to fight dirty. Fighting swordmasters and thieves in a straight fight is a terrible idea."

"Yeah but how am I going to recruit the boy? He's not like the swordsmith whose a reject. He has no good reason to join a cursed fleet full of monstrous crew."

"Uh...by being charming obviously."

...You are not a charming kid. You're a smart one.

"Any idea how to reason with him?"

"Why did YOU join up?"

"I got three Eyes a fellow freak who wouldn't be too out of place in a monstrous crew. Most importantly it was for...ADVENTURE!"

"So there you go. Wouldn't a kid freakishly obsessed with swords also be a freak? Wouldn't he wanna go on an adventure? Sounds like you can get through to him."

"Yeah but that doesn't fix the monstrous crew and cursed fleet..."

"...You know the Commodore and Doctor Sicko, right? They both have very different means of recruiting. In terms of specialty, you are much closer to Doctor Sicko and his methods will work better for you then the charming Commodore. So how do you think he recruits people?"

Damn if you had realized this before you would have tagged along with him a lot more. He does have a way of recruiting people to join much like the Commodore who somehow manages to talk people into it despite the obvious.
Rolled 16 (1d100)

You did see him in act...once before you ran off to do your own thing. He went around helping people despite having lost his medical license. He ran his experiments and did research. He...still managed to recruit people. Despite being trapped in that suit of his. Despite being an infamous villain. He has recruited some amazing people and turned nobodies into powerful monsters.

...but how did he do it? How did he recruit people?

Thinking about Doctor Sicko...he had a code and did his best to help people. He's made some terrible decisions for the sake of helping people and fights against some kind of inner darkness. Despite everything, Commodore treats him very well. Doctor Sicko has treated you very well.

He...helps people. He does his best to. He refuses to fight because he doesn't want to hurt people. He runs experiments on people in order to save even more. Sometimes those people seek to repay him. Even if he doesn't charge them. Sometimes they join up...sometimes they volunteer for those experiments.

If only you knew more...

What do?
>Approach the kid to play
>Challenge the kid to a fight
>Start a dirty battle royale
>Look into the Stormer
>Wait and see what happens
>>Approach the kid to play
Look who's back! Merry christmas Ghost.
>Approach the kid to play
>>Approach the kid to play
>>Approach the kid to play
Rolled 25 (1d100)

...wait a second maybe you're overthinking this. Your both kids so why do you need to think of something so convoluted? So you climbed up the hill as the messenger climbed down now that his job was done. Once you reached the top you asked the question.

"Do you wanna play?" To the kid practicing with his new sword. Which caused him to lower it and look towards you. "Why didn't you notice I'm practicing?"

You merely shrug and reply "Can't you do both at the same time?"

This caused him to look at his sword before at you and answered: "That isn't a very good idea with a real sword."

This made shut you up before you thought of a reply. "Real sword is supposed to be used for real action. A proper practice sword isn't made of either dulled metal or weighted wood."

This caused him to have an awkward expression on his face before looking down at his feet and saying "I can't afford a proper practice or real sword..."

...Damn, he's even more broke then you are. Ever since you joined up with the pirates' money concerns became an issue of the past. At least when it came to some purchases. Bigger purchases you still can't afford...like a boat or really nice weapon.

"Uh...you know just because we are kids doesn't mean we can't earn enough money to buy that stuff. See this," you pull out your own sword with a puffed out chest. "I bought this with money I earned MYSELF!"

"...No way we are kids. My sister always said 'Kids should be kids and working is for grown ups. So enjoy being a kid while it lasts'."

"Bah who said I worked hard for it!"

"you...You don't have to work hard for money," he says with big bulging eyes and open mouth from shock.

...oh lord you finally found someone dumber than a brute. How the hell is this kid so talented with a sword when he's like this?

"Well yeah. You know about chores right get you an allowance and how helping people can sometimes get you payed right?"

"Uh...yeah I guess. My allowance sucks though," nods the other kid.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean you can't help other people or do their chores for money!"

"Your so smart," states the kid.

"...While that is true. This is actually something just smart kids alone would know," you admit but at this point your beginning to realize this is a failed cause.

"So how should I make money then," asks the kid with big pleading eyes. "Having a good sword is nice...but your right. Its not safe to practice with!"

"Well uh...just ask around. Always people who need help," He'll probably get ripped off in terms of wage but damn. "Anyway, I got an idea for a game!" You'll be damned if you don't come up with some way to make him reveal if he isn't just a moron.

"Oh what game?" He asks.

"Its...its a game called uh...Technique Show." you make up. "The way you play is you show off your techniques! Whoever has the best technique wins!"

"...What's a technique?" He asks puzzled. This makes you stumble despite having not moved.
Rolled 59 (1d100)

"Uh...you know your special moves right? Like you have had to come up with your own cool moves when you practice your sword right?"

"...Not really," deflates the kid. "Don't have enough money to attend a dojo and learn some proper moves. Instead, all my stuff is made up or stolen from what glimpses I can get from duels."

"Uh...that still counts," you quickly reply despite losing all hope.

"Really? Okay let's do thi-" Then he looks at his real sword with a sheepish expression. "You wouldn't happen to have a practice sword on you?"

"As a matter of fact I do," you claim as you tug out strange looking weighted short sword from your back. You have been using this whenever you practiced your sword strikes in order to help build up strength in the process. You then handed it to him.

"Woah this is heavy...and you practice with this every time?"

"Yup," you nod in agreement.

"Wow you must be so strong doing this all day!"

"...All day?"

Sadly he apparently missed your question as he eagerly tried out the short sword and threw out a move while shouting.

"GRASS WAVE," he threw out his strike and you saw...something unbelievable. It was nothing but hitting midair but somehow a breeze appeared and blew through the grass from his strike in front of him.

"Holy," you begin before being interrupted once more.

"BEE STAB," he shouts yet again and with your very dull heavy short sword that is more club then sword he...stabbed a hole through a crude dummy made of stacked rock and pieced together ruined cloth. Right through the rock too at that...

"WHIRLWIND," he shouts yet again this time spinning around in a circle so fast you see nothing but a blur and causing a bunch of wind slash out. Forcing you to dodge out of the way and block with your Logia defenses.

As it ends he suddenly stops and sheepishly returns to you your blade with a smile. "Sorry about that I got carried away and forgot it was your turn! So show me what you got!"

"Uh...um." You begin looking around trying to figure out how you would keep this game going without resorting to devil fruit powers so as to get a better idea of his capabilities. Goddamn what a freak. You STILL haven't really developed your own special custom made skills...and yet this moron beat you to the punch.

Looking around you noticed the adult crowd of sword users are all suddenly giving you a thumbs up and smiles. As you tried to figure out your next move. Eventually, you came up with your idea as you grabbed some grass and leaves.
this looks interesting, can someone link the other threads to read?
Here it is. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Starter%20Quest
Rolled 90 (1d100)

Now that you grabbed some fallen leaves and pulled out some grass even some roots. You were able to covertly sprout your own versions that you were going to use. Collecting the long grasses you started to weave it into a blade, whip from roots, and the leaves you massage into possessing sharp edges. With the tools in hand, you went to work. First by throwing the group of leaves in your hand at a nearby dummy slicing it with its sharpness while you spoke "Razor Leaf". After that with the whip you spun around quickly grabbed a sandbag with the whip and whirled around. Pulling the sandbag along and smashing it into some unfortunately placed dummies while speaking "Vine Whip Smash". With your now empty hands you grabbed the grass blade as you pondered upon one of the few moves you were taught. Making up your mind you let go of the root whip resulting in it crashing into yet another unlucky dummy. While with both hands you grasped the grass blade and made a leaping strike against one of the still standing crudely made dummies.

"Meteor shortfall," you finish as the blade comes crashing down at the dummy exploding from the impact leaving you with nothing in hand. The dummy meanwhile was thrust into a tiny crater the move made and cracked with slices scattered all around it from the now broken grass sword.

"Wow," says the sword kid in awe. "I have never seen anyone turning anything they can get their hands on into a weapon but I certainly heard the stories about it! That like makes it twice as cool..."

You meanwhile couldn't help comparing the two of you. His moves were powerful an self made. Your moves were showy and...sort of adaptable? Damn you need some strong moves...

"Well, its your turn," you replied to the sword kid.

"Yeah alright but like...how did you do it? I heard there are sword masters who can even use sword techniques with nothing but sticks or even a blade of grass! You seem kinda...similar." He asks as he raises the practice sword.

"Well um you saw it right? I weaved the grass and roots together into a weapon. I am not like those swordmasters."

"Damn," he deflates. "I always wondered how they did that. Well anyway, my next move is "HUMMING SWORD," he shouts as the sword suddenly starts to blur and he slices through a dummy with ease.

No matter how you look...the sword he has in hand turned into a blur. Like a hummingbirds wings but strange. Even has the sword returns to normal you find it hard to figure out what he did exactly. It seemed ordinary enough but you sense there was some kind of trick with it.

What do?
>Keep trying to keep up with him with moves
>Give up and admit your defeat
>offer him a way to make money
>Deal with the people watching
>>Keep trying to keep up with him with moves
>Keep trying to keep up with him with moves
explosivly grow a root inside a dummy and have it spread inside it violently so it explodes or you can perice it with the roots and grow inside it to use as a puppet to attack another puppet
you could make grass diffrent throwing stars and shuriken and throwing knives and kunai
you could make a vine lined with thorns and have it wrap around a constrick a dummy
you could grow roots from the ground wrap around it and drag it undergraound and let the ground and vines crush it
wood tonfa
you could make a Sioux-Santee Ball Head War Club
you could make diffrent whips and sharp wood things
And so the game continues!

"Butchers chop!" yells the boy slicing through a dummy with a single blow.

"Grass Throwing Stars and Kunai!" You yell throwing out some more grass weapons.

"Leaping Strike!" He yells making a jump attack.

"Rootsplosion!" You counter making a dummy explode from the inside out.

"Cleaving Blow!" Shouts the boy cleaving through multiple sand bags with a single attack.

"Deadly Constrict," you counter wrapping a vine covered in thorns around a dummy.

"Sword Throw Return," bellows the kid as he tosses his sword that returns to him following an arc.

"Crushing Grasp," you retort causing a bunch of grass and roots to grasp a dummy crushing it into pieces.

You ended up having to resort to using your devil fruit powers in order to keep up. In that regard you pretty much cheated but you were amazed at the arsenal of moves this kid had. Largely untaught mind you. Finally the game ended when you both ran out of targets to use.

What do?
>Invite him to your crew
>Tell him you can make rich
>Ask him about his moves
>Head back alone
Hey Geine, I wanna get in on this game. It looks like fun.

Is there a pastebin with our stats?

>Ask him about his moves
>Ask him about his moves
>>Ask him about his moves
>>Ask him about his moves
We be plant kid and intelligent. We also have three eyes and our talking bush/foot. That is really the sum of our character. Least from what I can tell.
>>Invite him to your crew
Your an intelligence specialized character. Meaning your smarts is currently 'level' 10 soon to be 11. Also your a kid with 3 eyes who ate a very unusual Logia devil fruit and aren't a baseline human but belong to the Three Eye Tribe.

Keep in mind 10 is considered the normal/basic human maximum. Once you reach the level 11+ you're considered superhuman and will be widely acknowledged as no longer 'normal' in that state. Vegapunk is an excellent example of a very high level intelligence specialized character. Franky is an excellent example in terms of the Strawhat pirates. He turned himself into a Cyborg which allowed him to 'circumvent' the necessary training in order to boost his other stats. Franky though really doesn't act like an intelligence focused character but he really is one.

In terms of inventory, you have an excellent quality pistol and a good quality sword. Along with a sack of your pay which is far above the usual cabin boy pay thanks to certain antics relating to acquisition of certain valuable documents hidden on a smuggler ship that you found.

But that has largely panned itself out by now so you're stuck with shit pay and whatever you can loot.

In terms of clothing your wearing cabin boy rags and a pirate bandana which covers your third eye. You have another much less obvious bandana that has a biohazard sign stitched into it courtesy of Doctor Sicko for shits and giggles on his part.

In terms of story you made the decision to run away from home and join a pirate's crew. Serving under the then Captain Machine Man who ate a devil fruit and owned a haunted ship called the Elusive. His crew was made up of a bunch of zombies and other freaks courtesy of the work of Doctor Sicko. A devil fruit eater who ate one of THEE most infamous devil fruits of all time and heralded as an apocalyptic class fruit the Sick Sick Fruit. Which holds the power of disease. Despite his appearances, he's actually a pretty good guy who's a pacifist. Just don't ever get him drunk...he suffers from the Scientist version of Drunken Martial Arts.

Captain Machine Man meanwhile is a very charismatic fellow who grew his forces from a single ship into a proper fleet of vessels. His control over his devil fruit power, unlike Doctor Sicko, is weak.

Besides them, other noteworthy characters among the crew is First Mate Jenkins a hard ass drillmaster zombie. Snaky Kid the sole other cabin boy and also a devil fruit eater(Guess why he's called Snaky?).

Later on other important characters were recruited or created by Doctor Sicko. Like a giant, a frost giant, a fishman, gunner duo, and more.

So far you been bouncing between islands preparing to tackle the Grand Line. Which the Commodore for some reason keeps on delaying. Claiming they aren't ready for it yet despite the crew insisting they are.

You also maintain your own private garden full of rare plants and have a talking bush that was formerly your foot before cutting it off.
Rolled 90 (1d100)

"I don't get it," you begin.

"Get what," he asks?

"How is despite being untrained and untaught you know so many great moves?"

"Practice," he answers simply.


"Yeah practice makes perfect like my sister always says, so I just kept on practicing," he explained.

"...That doesn't tell me HOW you got those moves though. So how did you learn them?"

"Oh...that...well like there is such thing has pray mantis and crane martial arts right? Supposedly they got started when people studied them. So I was like...thinking why couldn't I do the same thing? What was so fancy smancy about all those martial arts used in the dojos when you get down to its. It ain't nothing but slashing, stabbing, dodging, parrying, and counterattacking. So I practiced those things the most and named them after things I watched when too exhausted to continue until I could practice again!"

"You...wait a second how can you practice parrying and counterattacking by yourself?"

"Well besides weird looking dummies I got into a LOT of fights," explains the kid swinging his sword around angrily. "Guys like to think they can harass my sister and get away with it. Trouble was some of those guys went to the Dojos and some of those guys were really good at fighting."

"Then how did you win?"

"I didn't...at least not a first. Got my ass kicked a lot. So I just kept on fighting them until I started winning. Course getting their butts kicked by a kid is so humiliating they never shared it with anyone. After a while, people stopped bothering my sister...at least the guys anyway."

"Women also started to bother your sister too?"

"Yeah and they either knew how to fight or had someone to fight for them. Goddamn women are tougher to deal with than fighting men. Men favor their strength so once you get used to its easy to avoid but the women rely on something else."

"...So wait a second you also went around beating up women?"

"Hell yeah. Nobody gets to mess with my sister," pouts the kid.

"Sounds like you got in a lot of fights."

"Oh yeah, I do Marines said if I weren't a kid I would have been locked up ages ago!"

"...When did you pick a fight with marines?"

"After I beat up all the cops and then they called for backup. So once I got done beating up the soldiers who responded the Marines showed up," he states simply.

"...You sound very notorious why aren't you better known?"

"Because when I fought like that I largely did so with my fists once my stick would break. No swords because swords are for killing."

"So your a ruffian and your sister lets you train way out here? Figured you would be grounded for life."

"Yup," nods the kid. "Well actually I was at first, but she finally relented when I broke the apartment few too many times during excerise or practice. I also caused too much damage to the surroundings and harm to people in town. So she was forced to relent and let me practice way out here!"
"You are still grounded though?"

"yeah but that won't stop me from getting into fights. There are still some girls I needed to beat up for making fun of my sister. Beat up sailors who think they can hit on my sister and so on so forth. Its endless I tell you" complains the sword kid. "But I can't stop because once I do it would get as bad as used to be."

"Ah sounds rough-wait used to be? Sounds like you do a lot of fighting already. You fought even more in the past?"

"A lot more. Back when I was too weak to do anything about it," sighs the sword kid. "People think just because we're broke and sis is pretty they can take advantage. Now we are still broke but anyone who tries to take advantage gets to say hello to my newest stick and fists!"

"...You ever thought about leaving?"

"I wish we could too broke to manage it and from what I hear there even if we leave. I have to start from scratch with the kicking people's butts who don't know my sis is off limits. It gets real old real quick. I think my sister doesn't yell at me anymore about it is because it's now a chore. So its own punishment," mutters the sword kid. "Of course I still got to do it either way."

"Wait second something doesn't make any sense here. With your moves you should of been able to beat up those people and take their money as punishment right? So how are you still so broke and unable to go to a dojo?"

"This place is obsessed with swords," begins the kid cracking his knuckles. "They consider the use of anything but swords to be a sacrilege also I'm considered a 'brawler', not a 'proper' sword martial artist. So i'm not allowed. Admittedly it didn't help I refused to use my sword moves on people."

"Really," you ask cocking your head. "Why not?"

"Even if you don't use a proper sword to go with it using sword moves can still kill. I didn't intend to kill them. As for the money thing...I tried once but sis slapped me and started crying. Said it was 'dirty money' and she wouldn't allow it. Forced me to give it to charity even when I tried to buy stuff instead to bring home. Somehow she would always know it was bought with dirty blood stained money..."

"...Well damn, guess your not willing to leave then huh? Not even for the sake of adventure or even your dreams?"

"My dream is to keep my sister safe." Sighs the kid." As for adventure," his eyes filled with a bit of longing. "It won't keep my sister safe which is more important to me."

"...hm," the key is clearly his sister. You could always try to grab him...but that probably won't work well without backup. Otherwise, the Commodore still owes you a favor. If you called it in you could get help from him personally. Otherwise, you may need to give up if you don't figure out a way to persuade his sister. Which will probably be a problem

What do?
>Follow him home to his sister
>Give up and return to the ship
>Call in that favor
>Attempt to snatch him with backup
Man Genie I am so glad I just graduated this looks like a FUN quest, I hope if it ends you'll consider playing in the setting again. I'm so glad you are familiar with it too

I like Captain Machine Man, he sounds like a man after my taste. Machines are cool.
>Follow him home to his sister
I'm confident we can find a way.
This is a good question.

Logically, would his sister be safer here or with us?

Question. What do we think with our high intelligence Genie?

>Follow him home to his sister
I think we might as well go and talk to her. This kid really interested us, so maybe just staying over for dinner would be good.
>Follow him home to his sister
>>Follow him home to his sister
let's do this
You decide to follow him home and try to convince his sister...damn if only you were as charismatic as the Commodore. You really need to spend more time with him since you would like to Captain your own ship. If you're going to do that you need to know how to lead people and convince them. After all if brains were all it took then Doctor Sicko would be the Commodore instead...you ponder this as you tag along with the sword king all the way home.

Logically the Fleet is crewed by a bunch of monsters and the ships themselves are haunted. Once you get past the horror factor there is still the fact it's a pirate fleet.

However the Commodore arranged for two additional forces to form that are legitimized. A Trading Company and a Security Company. Which are much 'safer' especially since the Security Company in question is also made of a bunch of monstrous crew and ghost ships. They just wear a nice uniform which helps conceal the truth and the 'fashion' of their ships is meant for 'intimidation' purposes.

Your not entirely sure 'why' the Commodore went out of his way to establish said companies but Doctor Sicko stated he had his reasons.

Therefore logically speaking she wouldn't be safe with the 'pirate' fleet but WOULD be a lot safer under the Trading Company or Security Company. Since they have both the protection of the Marines/Security Company AND the unofficial protection of the Commodore's Pirate Fleet.

Your High Intelligence stat basically means you can see through enemies and events much more quickly/better at it. Meaning your a hell of a lot better at seeing through weaknesses and strengths. Most importantly it greatly boosts your skill growth and ability to come up with new moves for your Devil Fruit power.

Basically for every 'one' point of effort you put into intelligence because your an intelligence specialized character you actually gain 'two' points instead thanks to your specialty.

This does NOT mean when you train another stat you get LESS than 1 point in growth in it. You just don't gain the bonus point because you obviously aren't specialized towards it.

Its also why when you choose certain actions for what to do you your MC goes through it a lot smarter and you get smarter options to choose from. Your fighting style is actually going to evolve more towards outsmarting and overwhelming skills assuming you stick with the Intelligence path.

Basically your going to be a tricky opponent not due to your strength, speed, or toughness, but because you have a LOT of tricks/skills stored away. So your a pain to fight.

Its thanks to your increased skill growth from your high intelligence is why your able to come up with so many devil fruit power moves and quickly increase your skills in medicine/poison usage. You can of course choose to take up a new skill but you'll need either a teacher or the materials to self study.
However keep in mind the existence of the three forces under the Commodore is very secretive. The only reason you figured it out is due to the ships and the smuggling info+your high intelligence. Anyone else wouldn't have realized what the Commodore was really up to.

So if you leak this information in the attempt to recruit the sword kid through his sister the Commodore is going to be PISSED. Since the fact those three forces are all so closely connected is one of his top secrets.

Just like how Doctor Sicko's expertise in 'improving' the crew is one of his greatest and most powerful secrets. The 'upgrading' done by Doctor Sicko is capable of turning a weak mook into a far stronger one and even allows the possibility of an important character from evolving out of it(see the named minions and Captain Deadman).

The average 'mook' level is shockingly high within the Fleet especially when you consider your not even in the Grand Line yet. Unfortunately the level of the 'elites' (see named/important characters) is unusually low in terms of size and power of the mooks. After all, your considered one and you struggled against a 'brute' whose nothing but a freakishly strong and very dimwitted mook. Not to mention snaky did also and even the Commodore suffers from this problem.

He's a Charisma specialized character...but his devil fruit power leans MASSIVELY towards an intelligence specialized build, because of that his overall power suffers immensely due to the incompatibility. If the Commodore was an intelligence focused character he would be a HELL of a lot stronger given his Machine Machine Devil Fruit power. However, at the same time, he wouldn't be able to maintain such a large fleet or keep such strong minions under control.

He's not like Doctor Sicko whose specialized in Intelligence AND who enjoys having a devil fruit power that is specialized towards intelligence too! Because of that, the resulting combo effect is terrifyingly strong...its just a damn shame Doctor Sicko is a pacifist. So instead the Commodore had to convince to 'help' in other ways. Like the development of those monstrous minions and those performance enhancing 'boosters' which you yourself enjoy.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

His home as it turned out was a worn out hovel in the depths of the poor side of town. The roof had holes and the walls were crumbling. The floor was made of dirt. His sister, on the other hand, was a gorgeous specimen of the opposite sex. Seeing her you instantly understood his problem of having to fight off so many men. Despite her worn out clothing, hardened hands, and tired face. Her beauty still glowed.

She was surprised to see her little brother bring home a 'friend' and gave you a sharp look. As if she knew the true reason for why you tagged along and made you almost shrink back. Those eyes of hers...were piercing to the bone. Like they could see the hidden truth...you only ever seen eyes like that among your Tribe. When the third eye 'awakens' properly.

You couldn't help but glimpse towards her forehead to make sure a third eye wasn't there, but nope it wasn't.

"Hey sis I brought over a frie-" begins the sword kid before she interrupts.

"Whose this ruffian? Where did you encounter this troublemaker from a pirate ship?" She asks.

"Huh what ruffian pirate ship? No, I met at him at my practice spot he knew such cool moves I never even heard of!"

"Uhuh exactly. He dresses like a ruffian and has no proper trained sword stance. Meaning he is neither part of the Marines or the Dojos. He's troublesome ruffian I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually a pirate and not just some street ruffian like you."

"Uh..." mutters sword kid scratching his head. "So you don't like him then?"

"Ahem," you interrupt after a big gulp and cold sweat pouring down your back. She isn't to be taken lightly alright. "Your talking like I am not even here."

"Where did you get that sword little brother? You better not have stolen it or bought it with blood money so your going to return it this instant!" She orders.

"What no!" roars the sword kid clutching his new sword like a baby. "I got this from some strange swordsmith who was passing through and liked my style! You can even check with the swordsmithing competition because he won it and gave me the resulting sword! There is no way I am giving this baby up..."

"...Oh, little brother what kind of trouble have you gotten us into this time," sighs the sister. "There is no way it doesn't have a catch and clearly it brought too much attention. That sword is more trouble then your new 'friend'."

"I...yeah I can't disagree with that," you mutter under your breath as you recall the kind of attention it brought. You only wanna recruit the kid but his sister...oh she is going to be a tough nut to crack alright.

"Now as for you," continues his sister turning her head towards you. "Your a pirate right? I would have heard about a skilled ruffian like you by now if you were native to this island. since your not native here your probably a pirate."

"Who says I didn't just move here," you counter. "Just because someone is a 'ruffian' doesn't mean they are a pirate.
Rolled 25 (1d100)

"Most unlikely people would have been talking about the new family and their troublemaker child. So nice try," retorts the sister with a soft snort.

By now you're pretty sure there is a cold waterfall pouring off your back as the confused sword kid looks back and forth between you.

"You want to recruit my little brother for your little criminal outfit right?" This time she folds her arms. "Not going to happen."

"Fortunately for me, that isn't up to you. Here I thought you might be the sort of reasonable one, but you don't seem to understand your situation." You replied giving up your charade. "Here is how it is. Your brother is a skilled fighter trapped on a tiny island and dreams of what's out there. He cannot grow properly because he's too tied down thanks to you and feels too guilty about leaving. Not to mention needing to keep his sister safe. The sword he received drew a lot of attention even if it does not perfectly ordinary thanks to the eccentricity of its maker. People will want the sword they won't mind taking it by force. Can't you rely on the local forces here now can you? Otherwise, your brother would never have felt the need to stand up in their stead."

"Neither can you rely upon the Marines," you continue rubbing your neck. "Since they too would be interested in the sword and your strong little brother. That isn't even going into the fact of your willingness to 'overlook' the actions your brother does in order to maintain your safety yet you are unwilling to take money for it because of its 'blood money' despite the fact it immensely helps your situation. Including the need to have your brother protect you in the first place. Your unwillingness and possible hypocrisy see to it that you are trapped in this shit situation for the both of you for reasons that your brother is clearly unaware of. So clearly there is something else going on that only you know and that you are clearly hiding from your brother."

"So here is how its going to play out either you sell your brother out to the Marines or filthy 'pirates' like me. If you don't people will come whom your brother can't protect you from. Sure they might be first drawn here by the rumors of the sword but once they get one glance at you..."

"Now that I look back at it I finally understand why the swordsmith gave your little brother that sword. It wasn't because he was talented it was because he was trapped in a cage here and one way or another. That sword," you pointed at it. "Was going to free him at long last so he could spread his wings finally. The real question is will the process be a pleasant one...or a very unpleasant one. Either way, your brother is going to leave this island. The question is will it be for freedom or will his shackles be transferred to something else like revenge."

"The saddest part is he isn't even the one who gets to make that choice because he cares too much about his sister."
Rolled 59 (1d100)

"But make no mistake he WILL leave this island. It's up to you whether or not he does so out freedom or because his chains were transferred to something like revenge or justice. So sure he's young and maybe he needs more training. He'll get taken in by a Dojo free of charge now. maybe that will be enough to keep him safe or more likely an agreement will be made with the Marines as well."

"However there is clearly something between you and the Marines. Otherwise, you wouldn't have waited for so long. Something that you kept hidden from your brother. Personally, I only came here because I thought I might be able to reason with you but now I clearly see you aren't the reasonable sort. This little side trip of mine was clearly a waste of my time. So goodbye." With this you performed your bow out as the sword kid was clearly very confused still and trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.

"...WAIT," speaks up his sister chewing her bottom lip. "You...just who are you with?"

"Does it really matter? Clearly, I am not with the Marines and must be part of some 'criminal outfit' probably a pirate at that." You retort. "So why should I answer you?"

"Because you came for my brother right and not the sword?"

"Yeah what of it?"

"...You can take him," She softly whispers.

"HUH?" You both respond in shock.

"NO," answers sword kid. "I am not leaving you behind sis I can handle whatever comes our way like always!"

"Not this time," she answers with a sad smile. "This time I will act like a proper big sister and protect her little brother. Not the other way around. You need to go I would much rather you leave now with him and become a criminal. Then let you get consumed by vengeance or Justice should you stay instead."


"No buts, I never told you the truth about what made us become poor orphans for a reason. I didn't want you to get consumed by revenge..."

"The Marines do not fight for Justice. They merely use it as an excuse. I don't want you to get brainwashed by them either."

"You are much better off leaving now and become a criminal. Fight to stay free. Take the bloody money to earn a living. Just don't stay here otherwise Vengeance or Justice will consume you and I can't allow that to happen."

"But...who will protect you then?" He sniffles out.

"When you were younger and weaker I knew how to protect us both." She replies. "So don't worry about me and leave. You might be young still but we both know your plenty strong."

What do?
>Convince her to come with
>Make a call to the Commodore
>Just leave with the kid
>Try to figure out if you missed something
Can we convince her sister to work for either of the Commodores legitimate companies? Even in a civilian role, they would be much safer there.

Can we get her a spot without spending a favor?
>>Try to figure out if you missed something
>Try to figure out if you missed something

I vote this
>Try to figure out if you missed something
-how old is his sister? Could his sister be his mom? Obviously the Marines did something! But what? Rape her and kill her parents for trying to protect her? And left her pregnant and alone?

That all seems like a stretch but possible. Maybe even probable.
The problem is she is very capable of seeing through things. She'll probably figure out the connection between the Company and the pirates which is a huge no no for the Commodore Machine Man.

However, if you use the favor from the Commodore Machine Man you can probably make him turn a blind eye and settle the affairs with the sister for you. Keep in mind he's a charming son of a bitch and there's a reason why he created those official companies. If he gets involved he can probably handle things.

You know he's been recruiting heavily but you'll likely need to burn use that favor in order to make him deal with the sister. Or you can try and guilt trip him given what happened at the island with drunken Doctor Sicko.

She's not old enough to be his mother.
Maybe your missing something...

roll 1d100 anons.
Rolled 24 (1d100)

Smart powers activate!
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Rolled 60 (1d100)

Rolled 47 (1d100)

You feel like your missing something here. Why doesn't she just...come with? Keep an eye on her brother and maybe leave sometime when you find a good island? Yet she is unwilling...

His sister a woman with some keen eyes and wit. Looks the other way when it comes to her brother protecting her but getting on his case about taking their money. Distrusts Marines. Worked hard to support the both of them and still single despite her beauty. Something happened to their parents which is why she isn't willing to tell her little brother in order to keep him from seeking revenge.

Things...just don't quite add up here. Once you pointed some facts she changed her mind and is willing to let her little brother go but is unwilling to leave herself.

...but why?

Something is keeping her from leaving and it isn't her brother...

Powerful enemy clearly...and she knows something. Something about the Marines who always claim to be the good guys. Something that proves they aren't to be trusted.

A powerful enemy that she doesn't want her brother knowing about.

A dark past she doesn't want him to know because he will want revenge...

It can it be? The Marines? No, it has to be. Otherwise, she would never have told her brother to go with you a pirate. The Marines is the enemy. Probably have to do with their parents death.

...but that doesn't explain 'why' she is unwilling to leave. What is tying her down...or chaining her down? She seemed oddly specific about the 'shackles and chains'. Maybe it isn't that she simply isn't willing to but rather...she is unable?

Why would she be unable...marines. marines...CP. World Government.

Hm. What if...what if she was willing but not capable?

Question is what is it that's chaining her down...that is keeping her from leaving. Why here of all places.

If only you had more to go on damn it. Her brother has clearly been kept in the dark. Somehow the Marines are involved. Wait a second maybe it's more' than just the Marines. If she were being watched...by them. Yet not her brother.

...She 'knows' something. Something they want to know. She is someone the WG themselves want to keep an eye on. So long as she keeps a low profile. So long as she doesn't draw their attention by trying to leave...

Her eyes. Her wits. You only seen eyes like those about your Tribe whose third eye gives them the power to-

then it suddenly hits you. Could...could it be? Something they suspect but cannot confirm. Something that makes her worth watching. Something that isn't yet enough to take her in...something connected to their dead parents perhaps.

She..has to have an special ability or access to something the GW are interested in. Or at least they THINK she does.


She knows this. She is playing her part in the game but then the sword came to her brother. Suddenly things are thrown into chaos. Suddenly she cannot be certain so she wishes to send her brother away to keep him safe.

Its an act. Its ALL an act.
Rolled 32 (1d100)

That is why she is unwilling to leave. Once she leaves the 'act' is over. Wait if its all an act...you can't help but take a look at her 'brother'.

Could it be...perhaps he's not even her brother? They might not even be related at all.

But why why keep up the act over all this time? What is so valuable that she is somehow connected to that even the GW is keeping an eye on her for? What is it that's 'really' at stake here?

You can feel your third eye start to twitch and throb. Which causes you to frown as you ponder about it but then you heard a strange whisper.

"Power. position," it whispers. "Maintain the status quo. The only thing that is truly valuable on this island is its swordsmiths. She knows the song boy. Her brother knows it too but unlike hers, it has yet to fully awaken. Hm hm hm no ordinary song either. He must go before they grow to suspect him. She must stay to keep their attention. Pity. What a pity. Such a talented singer is not allowed to Sing."

"What song," you mutter.

"Oh...someone can hear me? Ain't that interesting, but you don't know the 'song'. Don't know what you are. The simple song it is but one very few can hear it much less sing it. Its the Song of Swords. A Smith who can hear thee Song can make the greatest of swords. A swordsman who knows the Song will become the greatest of sword masters."

"It is powerful. It is prestigious. You might be able to talk and to listen...but you lack the ability to Sing."

"Anyone can be taught to sing...but their talent for it cannot. Some are born singers who need not be taught. They think she knows it. Which she does." The voice whispers growing increasingly faint.

"Listener there is much more to your 'gift' then you realize."

"Like what," you whisper...but was answered with only silence.

What do?
>What the fuck is a sword song?
>Take the brother with you
>Invite the sister along
>Hint you know she can 'sing'
Doctor Sicko would probably love this puzzle.
I mean, can we call doctor sicko? He is experienced with being in a situation somewhat like this one. If we call him we need to talk in a coded non direct way to stop any marines listening in to mosi mosi phone conversations from learning about the sword singer.
>>Hint you know she can 'sing'
Hmm, riddles. Not my favorite activity in civs but always important.

>Hint you know she can 'sing'
>Hint you know she can 'sing'
ask her if she want to come with us also she dont seem like she have anything else in her life
Rolled 70 (1d100)

You can. Every ship is given a long range snail phone and 'special persons' are given another. You get one due to your devil fruit powers. You also have a short ranged snail phone for talking on an island/ship itself.

However, orders are to avoid using the Long Range snail Phones in order to avoid Marines from listening in. If it is to be used when you speak in code on a certain channel and there will be no reply but if you switch over to a certain frequency a code is repeatedly stated seemingly at random and should it change it tells you if the message was received.

Instead, messages are transmitted usually through letter using bird mail deliveries who been specially trained. Which is much safer albeit slower.

So you can use the snail phone and speak in code, but as for Doctor Sicko. You know he and the Commodore Machine Man are looking into something special. So he might be busy.
Rolled 54 (1d100)

"You know I wonder if your sister can sing as well as she is pretty," you ask your newest recruit.

"Uh...my sister can't sing," he answers. "You have no idea how many times I hear that question though goddamn." He complains.

"Really I heard something different like there are different kinds of singing. Even from things that cannot speak are able to sing in their own way." You add.

"Look my sister can't sing. I can't either as for different kinds of singing all that requires a good singing voice. We don't have them," points out her brother.

"What I'm trying to say what if plants can talk? Can they not sing then? And if plants can talk why not other things too?" You ask.

The sword kid scratches his head before replying "What is with you and weird ideas. Fine i'll humor you just because all plants can talk doesn't mean all of them can sing well. It's like expecting every person in the world to be a good singer just because of we all talk."

"Yeah but do you think its possible for a non plant to be able to sing the plant song?"

"Uhh...well if they know the language I suppose so but probably won't be good at it."

"What if they don't know the language but know the song?"

"Like people knowing a foreign song but not understanding what it means?"

"Exactly! What do you think about that?"

"...How would you even learn it if you like can't even know its there," he asks you.

"Yeah that's a good question maybe exposure to it without realizing and eventually it just rubs off on you? Like a smith working with metals so much after awhile he might catch hints of their song which will influence his future work."

"Hm that's an interesting idea. What if like...a the masters knew a bit of the song? Maybe that is why their so good compared to those who don't know?"

"No idea," you admit. "How would you even teach someone else the song in that case? Like could it be passed down?"

"...I don't know kinda hard to pass something down to someone if you don't even know it exists," he states scratching his chin.

"Yeah but if what if you knew it exists then can you teach someone else?" You point out.

"That's enough you two. Time for to go," interrupts his sister. "Before the trouble arrives or do you wish to lead them right to my doorstep," she points out.

"Oh right yeah time for us to go...wait I need to pack my stuff. I'll be right back," with that the sword kid disappears into the hovel and leaves you there with his sister.

What do?
>"Would you believe me if I told you I understand what plants say? Do you think I could learn their song?"
>Call someone on your moshi moshi snail
>Try to persuade her
>Hint even more heavily
>"Would you believe me if I told you I understand what plants say? Do you think I could learn their song?"
Let's see if we can get her to feel like there's something in common with us
If she reacts in a good way we should tell her that we should be able to help her get away without being noticed*

*I'm thinking in calling the captain and ask him to make a diversion
>>"Would you believe me if I told you I understand what plants say? Do you think I could learn their song?"
>>"Would you believe me if I told you I understand what plants say? Do you think I could learn their song?"

I'm really loving this series btw, One Piece has really neat lore and I'm glad to see someone exploring the potential of it.

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