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Franz pulls his E-brake with a ratcheting sound and looks over to Alice.

"Okay, we're here. Roselake Cemetery." He looks skeptical.

"Great," you say, gathering your bags quickly "Okay, I'll be right back. I have to check something. Don't go anywhere because I need you to drive me home."

"So Mark doesn't freak?"

You nod.

Franz sighs, "Maybe I should come with you. I mean it's getting late-"

"No." You open the passenger side door, "I'll be fine."



>QM Twitter

I allow between ten and twenty minutes for voting depending on the importance of the issue and how divided the vote is. If the vote is tied up, I usually allow an extra five minutes for a tie breaker, and if no one votes, I roll for the tie breaker.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.


>All for Blood

>Ellie's Road

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As you walk across the dewy grass of the cemetery, headed for Ellie's grave, you try to clear your head. You'd met with Cliff sure, but he hadn't taken any of your bait and, in fact, had become pretty belligerent right at the end when you told him you'd had a diary. He'd acted like you were trying to sell it to him or threaten him or something.

{What exactly do you plan to ask Ellie, Alice?}

"I'm not sure." You furrow your brow, "That meeting certainly didn't go well, and I guess I want to hear what Ellie has to say."

{You want Ellie's opinion, but not mine?}

"I already know yours," you reply, "You think I should have blurted Ellie's message and left."

{We would be done by now, wouldn't we, Alice?}

"That's not the point," you say, "I'm not doing this to 'be done'. I'm trying to help Ellie, and Cliff too."

{You're a kind woman, Alice. Kinder certainly than I.}

You stop, facing Ellie's grave. "Sure. Let's just do this. Can you call up Ellie for me?"

{Of course.}

A thin fog forms on the ground over the grave, rising higher, swirling into a pillar of vapor that coalesces into a young woman in a torn, baby blue dress.

Ellie looks up from where she sits on the ground, sadness in her eyes vanishing, replaced with joy. "Alice! You're back! Did you talk to Cliff?"

"I . . . did," you say, trying to choose your words carefully.

Ellie blinks, "Did you give him my message? Tell him goodbye for me?"

You trace the toe of your boot back and forth across the grass, "Well. No."

Ellie sags slightly, "No?" she asks.

You take a breath, "I wanted to bring him here so you two could see one another again, but he didn't go for it."

Ellie looks stunned. "You were going to bring him here? To see me? Like this?" She shakes her head, "Oh no, please don't do that Alice! I don't want him to see me like this! He'd be . . . Well I mean look at me!"

Ellie looks the way she did the night she died, her dress streaked with dirt and caked with blood, her face trailing dried purplish streams of old blood, a bruise on her forehead. She's certainly not in the greatest shape, but you know her appearance fluctuates between the real, and the ideal. You think it has something to do with her mental state, but you're not positive.

>You have nothing to be afraid of, I know he'll want to see you!
>I can help you look the way you want, somehow. Trust me.
>Do you really want me to just say goodbye for you? That's so sad.
>Write in
>Do you really want me to just say goodbye for you? That's so sad.
>I admit, I tried to push him a bit to help chaperone the Halloween dance. I thought it would have been nice to let you two dance together, at long last...
>I can try to help you look the way you want, somehow.
>Have you noticed that when you're happy or in a good state of mind, you start to look like you were before the accident? I think you might be able to hang onto that if you train hard enough.
Ellie, did you ever tell anybody what you told me?


What do you mean specifically?
"About you being pregnant?"
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You tilt your head slightly, "Do you really want me to say goodbye for you?"

"Well . . ." Ellie shuffles her feet, not looking up, "I'm afraid of Cliff seeing me all beat up like this. Plus the ghost thing might really give him a scare."

You don't think Ellie is exactly scary, but you don't argue with her. "You know, I can try to help you look the way you want somehow."

Her eyes flick up, "Really?"

You nod, "I think so. Have you noticed that when you're happy or in a good state of mind, you start to look like you were before the accident?"

Ellie thinks about this a moment and then examines her hands which aren't as scrapped up as they were a moment ago, then she looks at the hem of her dress which is quite a bit cleaner."

"No," she says, "I hadn't. "Jeepers. You mean if I just stay positive, I can still look nice?'

You nod, "And I think you might be able to hang onto that if you train hard enough."

She cracks a smile, looking better all the time. "I think I can do that. For Cliff I can."

"That's good." your own smile falters, "Although, I will admit I tried to push him a bit to help chaperone the Halloween dance."

"Chaperone?" Ellie is puzzled, but only for a moment. "Oh. Right, he's grown. What's he look like now?" he asks apprehensively, almost afraid."

"He's older," you say, "But you'd still recognize him. He's aged well."

"That's good." Ellie sits back against her tombstone, knees pulled to her chest, chin resting on them, "I wish I could have gotten old with him."

You aren't sure what to say. You crouched down beside Ellie and put a hand on her shoulder, fighting your urge to pull away from her frigid body. "I'm sorry if the chaperone thing was too much. I thought it would have been nice to let you two dance together, after all this time."

Ellie perks up. "A dance? Me and Cliff? Oh, I don't know Alice."

"No, it would be nice," you say, rubbing her back, "You two deserve that much I think."

Tears are forming in Ellie's eyes, but she wipes them away quickly, "Thank you, Alice. I never could have asked so much of you. I don't know how I can repay you."

"Don't worry about repaying me," you say, "And thank me when I'm done. I did want to ask though, "Did you ever tell anybody else what you told me?"

"What?" Ellie asks.

"I mean, about you being pregnant."

Ellie deflates a bit, like she'd forgotten about that. "Oh. No, I never told anyone. I was afraid of what they would think. I only told Cliff once I found out. I wanted to give him time so we could get married, and make it all look . . . You know. Look normal."

You nod. Rubbing Ellie's freezing back again.
>He reacted kind of poorly when I told him I had your diary, any idea why?
>Do you have any idea how can I get him to come here?
>Would you mind if I tried to bring you to him?
>Write in
>Would you mind if I tried to bring you to him?
There is something i want to ask of him in your presence. Please?

Let the bodies hit the floor
>Would you mind if I tried to bring you to him?

Welcome back, boss! How was your Christmas?
>There is something i want to ask of him in your presence. Please?
Asking Ellie this?
>Welcome back, boss! How was your Christmas?
I'm usually miserable around Christmas, but it was actually pretty good! How about yourself?
Did you had any sort of diary and any idea where did your family put it after you...um.."accident"?

I mean, it would be a pretty good bait to get him to come here.

Hello, it is me. The anon who made up the diary.
The diary was made up. By me.

But Cliff doesn't know that
Pretty good. I spent my time watching terrible movies with my family, both Christmas related (Santa Claus conquers The Martians) and otherwise (Batman and Robin), failing to learn Pinochle, and stuffing my face with pasta.
Sick! Bad movies are my jam, and those are both feces covered gems.

If you're not already on the discord, you should hop on and chat about em.


Same goes for anyone else who wants to dick around. I forgot to add this invite earlier, though chances are everyone is already there.
By the way, for my sake, what do you intend to ask?
If you liked The Last Jedi too I'm going to drop everything you write harder than people who defend Rebels' parents dropped them as babies.
"Would you mind," you say "if I tried to bring you to him?"

Ellie looks horrified. "Bring me to him? Oh gosh. No, I- . . . I don't think I should."

"Why?" you ask, "Can you not go that far?"

{She can.}

"No, it's not that," Ellie says. "It's just that I'm afraid. Afraid of showing up like this. Cliff has his own life now, I don't want to intrude."

"Ellie, I think he'd be overjoyed to see you!"

"Well . . . If you think I should. I guess as long as I stay positive. I think I can do that." she looks startled again, "Oh, but you'll be there, won't you Alice?"

"I'll be there, I would never miss it. Promise."

Ellie grins again, her wounds gone, only a thin trickled of blood from her hairline shows you that anything's wrong with her.

"Would you mind if I asked him some questions though? When you two are together I mean."

Ellie nods, "Oh sure! That's fine." she giggles, "I mean, gosh, I don't really care what you do if Cliff and I are really together."

"That reminds me," you say, "I also might have told Cliff that I have a diary of yours to try to get him to come. I think I said we were relatives. Anyway, do you happen to have anything like that, to try to sweeten the pot?"

"A diary? No. I never really had anything like that. Sorry."

"It's okay, if you come with me, I'm sure everything will be fine."

"When do you want to take me up there? Tonight?"

You consider it, but it would be terribly risky. You'd have to get Franz to drive you probably, though you could always fly. But still, showing up at Cliffs in the middle of the night with no car could look strange. Although you also had favors to call on from Zack. That wasn't even mentioning how much Mark and Grace would flip out if they found out you took off.

>We'll do it tonight!
>Tomorrow night
>I'm sorry, it'll have to wait till next weekend. I'm in enough hot water as it is.
>Write in
I'll be sure to give it a shot. I've been on a kick with bad movies since the new MST3K came out. Got some real shitburgers to talk about.
>I'm sorry, it'll have to wait till next weekend. I'm in enough hot water as it is.
>Tomorrow night
Time to take more risks

Also, considering Cliff's standing in out community. I wouldn't be surprised if he is already making hiw own move. He knows who we are
>>Tomorrow night
Sis and her husband are pretty angry already when I met Zack and didn't tell them we were hanging out. I guess that's one thing that won't change no matter the years: Family worrying too much.
>>Tomorrow night
Cliff´s subconscious secretly planned the death of Ellie to give himself the motivation he needed to succeed as an attorney
Oooor, he didn't care to be a parent right after highschool
>Tomorrow night

"I'm sorry Ellie, I can't do it tonight. My Sis and her husband are pretty angry already when I met Zack and didn't tell them we were hanging out. I guess that's one thing that won't change no matter the years: Family worrying too much. We'll do it tomorrow night, okay?"

"I bet that's true! About family not changing. That's fine Alice. I can wait another night. But . . . " She looks momentarily ashamed. "Now that I remember again, waiting is getting harder. I mean . . . " she clearly has more to say, but doesn't continue. "I appreciate all you've done, but please hurry."

"I will," you promise. "Tomorrow night, okay?"

"Okay," Ellie agrees.

It meant you'd have to figure out your transportation situation. You glance up at the amber sky which is rapidly darkening. You didn't have much time left. You'll need to be heading back soon.

>Write in
>Say goodbye to Ellie
>>Write in
>If you'd like to practice your visibility stuff, I could try introducing you to one of my friends, if you'd like...
>Say goodbye to Ellie
We'll fly there, no problem
>Back to Franz
>>Say goodbye to Ellie
And give her a hug

"If you'd like to practice your visibility stuff," you say "I could try introducing you to one of my friends, if you'd like."

"One of your friends? I don't know," Ellie says, "Wouldn't they be scared?"

"Maybe. I don't think so. Not if we introduce you right."

"If you think it's a good idea, okay. But, I don't think I really need the practice. I know plenty of people have seen me on prom night. I think if I just concentrate, everything is okay."

You nod, "Alright, but if you change your mind, just let me know."

"I will."

You kneel down by Ellie and wrap your arms around her, surprising a shiver, "Goodbye Ellie. I'll be back tomorrow."

She presses her face into your shoulder, arms right around you, but starting to slacken. "Please don't take long Alice. Waiting like this. It hurts."

Then she's gone, you're left staring at an empty patch of grass in front of her head stone. "Hurts?" you repeat.

{Unending misery is easier to bear when you're not aware it's unending, Alice.}

"I didn't mean to hurt her like that. I'm making her remember that?"

{She's reclaimed some of her Humanity, Alice. More than I would have thought possible. But yes, I'm sorry to say it's your fault she feels the pain she does.}

"Can we stop it? Is there anything we can do?" You exclaim, feeling a wave of guilt.

{She's endured for fifty years, she can handle another day. Beside which, Alice, I suspect rather strongly that once she has her closure with Cliff, then she'll pass on and all this will be over for her.}

You bow your head, thinking briefly of your parents.

{Alice, take some dirt from her grave. It will make it easier for me to call her when we go to Cliff.}

You scoop a clump of damp earth into your pocket, trying not to think about how this will affect your laundry. "Thanks."


You stand and cast another glance toward the sky before walking back to Franz's car.


You close the door behind yourself as Franz starts the car. Before you even finish buckling in, he speaks up.

"Why the fuck are you hanging out in a graveyard so late at night anyway?" he laughs before you can answer, "Though I guess that's a stupid question to ask you. You've always been a little . . . Spooky, but this is a new level. You come here to unwind or what?"

>It helps me relax.
>I was hoping to run into someone
>It's none of your business
>I had to meet with a ghost
>write in
>>It helps me relax.
We all have to slip into backstage sometimes, you know?
>I was hoping to run into someone

>You might meet her sometime. She's very... shy.
>I was hoping to run into someone
>I was hoping to run into someone

"Um. I was hoping I'd run into someone. You might meet her sometime. She's very... shy."

Franz looks unconvinced, "A girl? In a graveyard?"

You don't answer.

"Hey, alright. She go to our school? I'm guessing not."

"No, she doesn't."

"I figured I know probably the only girl who hangs out in graveyards. If you get around to it, you'll have to introduce us."

{I think Franz would be disappointed to find he can't stick his fingers in her.}

You want to laugh, but don't, the joke soured by your memory of that day.

"What's up, you okay?" Franz must have noted the expression on your face.
>Tell me about what happened with you and Sam
>Do you regret that we broke up?
>Say nothing
>Write in
>I've been thinking... About stuff... About, you know, what happened.
Pretty much this.
In case he wants to talk about it

>I used to hate you, a lot. Or i hated myself. Couldn't tell you. I guess i need to hear what you have to say so i can move on...

"I've been thinking . . . about stuff . . . about, you know, what happened."

Franz starts to question you, stops, catches your meaning, and closes his mouth.

"And I said I'm sorry, Alice. I definitely didn't want what happened." He looks conflicted.

You swallow and continue on. "I used to hate you. A lot. Or i hated myself. I don't know." You cast a glance at Franz, who's staring dead a head, his face set and stony. You look down at your hands which are clasped in your lap.

"I guess i need to hear what you have to say so i can move on."

"Something besides 'I'm sorry'?"

His tone isn't sarcastic or spiteful, it's soft.

You nod.
Franz sighs, flicking on his turn signal and pulling over to a stop before parking the car. He shuts off the engine and the two of you are left in silence. "We had something special, Alice. I mean, being with you felt right."

"So why did you- . . . do what you did?"

He sighs again, "I mean. I don't know, do you really want to hear this stuff?"

You nod, clenching your hands and feeling a warm reassurance in the back of your mind. Your Friend.

"I'm sure you know a lot of it. I was just- . . . We were in the back of the stage you know? I was doing lights and she was doing sound and we had to do so many retakes. People kept flubbing their lines and shit." he shakes his head. "We were just hanging on the couch and . . . Well you know."

"What happened?" you press.

"Sam was leaning on me, pretending like she was trying to push me off the couch. We were just pushing each other and goofing off. I guess, well I pushed her down onto her back and . . ."

You say nothing.

"And she kissed me. We kissed each other."

"Just kissed?"

Franz looks at you, "Alice, come on. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to hear this?"

"I want to know what was so worth it that you threw away everything we had."

You see in Franz's eyes, pain.

"I just- . . . Sam was so . . . She wasn't quiet like you. She liked to do stuff, she liked to goof around and talk. You were always so quiet, even with what you went through. God, I know what you went through Alice, I was there with you."

"You don't know what I went through," you spit, "You don't know fucking half of what I went through, so don't pretend that just because you talked to me you know what it was like."

Franz rubs his head, "That's not what I mean, Alice. God." he slumps back in defeat, looking up at the ceiling of his car. "I never wanted any of this. I wanted you. It was a mistake. It was a big mistake." He looks at you again, "Maybe one of the biggest of my life."

{Easy, Alice.}

You feel some of your anger ebb away, you'd thought it was all gone. You'd thought you'd worked it all out, but you're surprised to find that small reservoir, a wellspring of hate. You let out a slow breath.

An uneasy silence develops.

"I mean, if I could do it over . . . " Franz says.

"You'd do what?" you ask.

"I'd stop myself. I'd tell her 'no'. It was a stupid mistake. I know I can’t take it back, and I know it hurt you-"

"You betrayed my trust. And you were maybe the only person I did trust."

"And now?" Franz asks. "Do you trust me now?"

"A little," you say.

"Do you think things can . . . Go back? Someday?" his expression is open, earnest. You haven't seen this side of Franz in a long time. Years. Since before his infidelity with Sam.
>Things will never go back. I'm sorry.
>Maybe. Someday. If you give me time.
>There's hope for you.
>write in
>>write in
I don't know. All I know is that I don't want Sam to get hurt like that. It sucked for me, and I wouldn't want that to happen to someone else. Even Holly.
>Maybe. Someday. If you give me time.
>I don't know. Don't get your hopes up. Right now, I am just starting to become comfortable with myself.
>I guess that is why I wanted to talk to you. I'll need to talk this too with Sam.
Nah, Holly can go to preppy hell

File: Alice'sRoom 2.jpg (91 KB, 640x458)
91 KB
When you walk into your house, Mark is playing Xbox in the living room and yelling at some kid online to shut up. He gives you a look as the door closes behind you, but looks back to his game. Looks like you fell under his radar this time.

With impending homework on your mind, you just grab an apple and a couple of dinner rolls and head upstairs.

"So, I was wondering."

{Yes, Alice?}

"You made me look better right?"

{Of course.}

"So, could you do the opposite to someone? Like . . . Could you make Holly ugly? Or fat or retarded or something?" You feel a tickle in the back of your mind as your Friend laughs.

{And after I said you were so kind, Alice. No. I can't control other people. Not easily. I only have power over you because you gave it willingly. The same as you and Zack have a pact, so do you and I. Holly and I have no pact. Not to mention such a thing would have a cost. All actions have a price.}



With homework completed and your makeshift dinner eaten, you get ready for bed, banishing your Friend while you change out of your clothes and into your sleepwear, discarding shirt, jeans and bra for an over-sized T-shirt.

{We have a big day tomorrow, Alice. I'm rather excited.}

"You say that everyday."

{Every day with you is exciting. Closure with Franz-}

"Sort of."

{And soon, closure for Ellie. How wonderful. You should get a good nights sleep, Alice.}

You lay in bed, running a hand through your hair and marveling at how not-at-all oily it is. With a yawn, you click off your lamp and pull up your covers. "Good night."

{Good night, Alice.}


Darkness, a gentle scratching on paper.


{Yes. I will.}

{Of course.}

{I've been helping her. She seems happy to me, yes.}

{She'll know soon, I think. She's so very strong. It's almost Halloween.}

Then nothing.


{Good morning, Alice!}

You blearily open your eyes and squint at the sunlight streaming in. It's the 10th of October, a Tuesday, and you have school.

"Morning," you mutter, rubbing at your eyes and pulling back your tangled hair. The night went by in a flash it seemed.

{Did you sleep well, Alice? Today is still a big day.}

You nod groggily in agreement, the scattered details of your dream returning to you. Your Friend talking to . . . Themselves? Someone?
>Hey, were you talking last night?
>I've been thinking it's time I got some more answers from you. Or maybe you could spend some extra time in Skellypus if you’re not feeling cooperative
>Why do I have weird dreams every night?
>Write in
>Hey, were you talking last night?


>I've been thinking it's time I got some more answers from you. Or maybe you could spend some extra time in Skellypus if you’re not feeling cooperative

>Were you practicing your writing inside Skellypus last night?
File: 1513044601920.png (122 KB, 1111x1111)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
"Hey, were you talking last night?"


"I heard a voice," you say, climbing out of bed. "Your voice. Maybe you were taking a little jaunt in Skellypus and doing some writing?"

{Alice, do you remember the things I can't discuss with you? Sadly, this is one of those things. I'm sorry your sleep was disturbed, though.}

"Hmm." You fold your arms and lock eyes with yourself in the mirror. "Because I was thinking."


"Thinking that it's time I got more answers from you. I'm sort of tired of being in the dark here."

{I'm sorry, Alice. I tell you what I can. I wish you would trust me.}

"It's funny you talk about trust, but then keep secrets from me. I hear you talking and writing in my sleep, I have these weird dreams about things that I don't understand. People follow me in Cars. Knives show up in my room!" you roll your eyes in exasperation. "No, I'm putting my foot down."


"No. I want you to start answering my questions or . . . Or maybe you'd like to spend some extra time in Skellypus."

{No! You wouldn't do that, would you Alice?}

Your Friend's words are painted thick with panic.

"I might."

{Alice, that would be a terrible mistake. It- . . . It would be dangerous. Please, you promised me we would stay together forever.}

"You know, that creep in the car said he was protecting me too. What's going on?"

There is a silence.

"Well? Answers? Or timeout?"

{Alice, please. I can't answer all your questions. I just can't. It's for your safety, Alice. There are things happening that you wouldn't understand. Please.}

You've never heard your friend this panicked. Or really panicked at all for that matter. "I'm sick of not knowing what's going on. that's what's dangerous. If you're protecting me, or helping me, or whatever, I need to know more."

{I can answer some of your questions. But not all of them. But answers are coming, Alice. What do you need to know?}
>Who were you talking to?
>Who was that creep in the car and why is he following me?
>What's the "Web of occurrences" around me?
>Write in
>>Who were you talking to?
Okay, last one. Good night everybody.

>Why are you so panicked? What would happen if we are apart for too long? You won't dissolve, do you?
>And you better answer truthfully because one day, as you say, i'll be able to check on what you tell me
"you keep acting like I can't know about what's going on because I'm not ready. Is something crazy going to happen soon? What does it have to do with me?"

You think about your options for a moment. "Okay, well who were you talking to?"

{I really can't tell you that, Alice.}

"Okay, then maybe you can cool off in Skelley-"

{No, Alice, no! Don't do that, don't leave me!}

You stop, mid turn. "Why are you so panicked? What would happen if we are apart for too long? You won't dissolve, do you?"

{No, nothing like that, Alice, though being apart from you when we're connected is . . . uncomfortable for me. No, I need to be with you.}


{Because it's dangerous for you to be away from me. I'm here to protect you, Alice.}

"You'd better be telling the truth," you say, "because one day, as you say, I'll be able to check on what you tell me."

{Yes, I wouldn't lie to you, Alice. I'm honest about what I can tell you.}

"Okay ten, how about the fact that you keep acting like I can't know about what's going on because I'm not ready. Is something crazy going to happen soon? What does it have to do with me?"

You sense your Friend hesitate.

{Something important will happen, yes. But I don't want you to worry about it, Alice, there's no reason-}


More hesitation.

{On the 31st. On Halloween.}

"What's going to happen?"

{I . . . Can't. I'm sorry, telling you could affect things. The choice.}

"What choice?" you ask, staring yourself down in the mirror again.

{The choice you'll have to make on Halloween.}

You roll your eyes, "That's not telling me anything."

{I can't tell you what that choice is, or what circumstances surround it. But I am here to ensure you're able to make that choice of your own volition, Alice. I'm your Friend.}

"You keep saying that.,"

{It's the truth.}

"So you were talking to . . . someone about me. And it's related to a choice I have to make on the 31st?"

{Yes, Alice.}

"Is it dangerous?"


"Well, is it?"

{It might be.}

You feel a cold shiver run down your spine.

{No, Alice, please. This is the last thing we want. You shouldn't be afraid, or worried. I am here so you don't worry. I don’t want to have you alter your plans for the dance, or for Ellie and Cliff, or for anything. Please Alice. Please don't worry.}

"That's easier said than done."

{I have been open with you, Alice. More open than I should be. And I would hate for that to hurt you. Please trust me. I can answer what questions I can, but many things are better for you to discover yourself."

You chew the inside of your cheek as you think. "Okay, okay. I'll try to trust you. But that doesn't mean I won't have more questions."

Warm relief floods your mind.

{Thank you, Alice. Thank you. You really are a kind, girl.}

"Well, we're friends, right?" {Forever.}


And I'm out of time.

Thanks for playing guys! As always I enjoyed it. And as always I am open for questions, comments, suggestions, etc. If anyone has any vignette requests, just let me know!

Feel free to follow on Twitter or pop on the Discord to hang out.


G'night, boss. Glad you had a nice Christmas.

Might as well request a Very Spooky Christmas vignette, with the whole family.

>Christmas Vignette
I'll see if I can get some time for it.

Thanks for playing!
Thanks for running TK! I'm excited to see what'll happen next with Ellie and Cliff, and I'm still interested in seeing if we'll ever call up Zack on one of our 3 favors.

Oh by the way! I'm not sure I caught it the first time, but Alice's friend helped make some changes to her appearance. Could you go over that again real quick?
>Thanks for running TK!
Yeah, no problems! I always have fun running it!

>Ellie Cliff
You and me both!

>Zack and favors
Sure, that's of course up to you guys

>changes to her appearance
Alice has always been thin, but not super toned, and has been pretty flat-chested.

Friend gave her a bit of muscle definition and boosted her bust a bit as well.
Part of me is worried that Cliff killed her to escape unexpected daddyhood and his career choice is to combat his guilt.

Then if Ellie goes rage ghost we might have to eat her just to end her pain, then we get to eat Cliff as punishment. Then to blow off some steam we can go eat that Wino of Darkness then go home and cry our eyes out.
>Muscle definition and boosted bust

Ah, so more like the usual OP pic? That's nice.
You are bing too kind
OP Pic is fairly accurate.

Alice is a cute
Her and Ellie both!

If that were true, then I almost wonder if it would be better for us to force Cliff to lie about what happened. The revelation would crush her...
If its true though, then eating Cliff sounds tempting.
Just finished catching up (I read the first 3 parts when they came out). I’m really glad you continued this quest TimeKiller, the writing is superb and I hope we can continue it to completion.

On a non-QMing note, I really think we oughta have been more vengeful towards Franz. Maybe we can make it up in the future because that asshole sure as hell deserves a nice can of whoop-ass.
An old timer who remembers that this isn't my quest, huh? Glad to have you back!

Thanks for the compliments, means a lot cause I am generally unsuited to this type of quest I think, guess I'm doing something right!

If you ever want to shoot the shit, feel free to hop on the discord. We pretty much ramble about degeneracy.

>continue it to completion
That's the plan!
After this sudden bout of uncharacteristic honesty and fear from your Friend, you weren't even sure if you should ask them anything more. You know you were supposedly going to have to make an important choice on Halloween, and that it might be dangerous, and that your Friend had been talking with . . . Someone while you were asleep, someone they wouldn't, or couldn't, tell you about.

There were a few burning questions you had to get out of the way.

"Are you the only one of your kind?" You ask while pulling on your skirt.

{Oh my, no. Not at all Alice. There are others like me. Not many, but not few. They live as I do generally. I have no shell of my own, but I can live with you, Alice.}

Your Friend's use of the word 'shell' again makes you think of your earlier imagining of your Friend as an ethereal hermit crab, scuttling from home to home and giggle at the imagery. "So were you born, or did you die? Or what?"

{I was born, in a sense. But I've never lived as a human. I'm not a ghost if that's what you mean, Alice. No, I exist now as I always have.}

"Just roaming from person to person?"

{Something like that.}

You start brushing your hair in front of the mirror.

"What about . . . Powers. What can you give me exactly?"

{That's a more complicated question, Alice. Maybe more complicated than you realize.}

You finish brushing and frown, "i don't realize only because you don't tell me anything."

{I am sorry, Alice. Truly. But this won't last forever.}

You're unconvinced.

{To try to answer you question about powers: I can give you anything you are capable of handling. Things such as object manipulation, telepathic and empathic abilities, communion with the dead up to and including commands, apparitition, even some more . . . dramatic abilities.}

You raise an eyebrow, "Dramatic? Like acting?"

{Oh, no. You have spent too long dating Franz if you associate dramatics only with the theater. No, I mean something like you might see in a comic book. Above average strength or speed, bordering on supernatural. It may even be possible for you to actually manipulate energy in a way to use it as a weapon.}

Your Friend talks faster, their excitement at the prospect obvious.

"Weaponized energy? Like-?"

{Imagine hurling explosive, ethereal orbs, Alice. That sort of dramatic.}

"Wow." You tried to imagine yourself as a super hero. Goth Girl? No, maybe 'Friend of a Friend.'

{Your most powerful and dramatic ability though is something you haven't purposefully done yet, but have always been able to.}

"Consuming souls?"


There's something almost euphoric about your Friend's response.

{Leave a man dead on the spot, or if he's strong, maybe just an obedient shell. Oh, Alice. It's so wonderful a feeling.}

It's clear from their tone that your Friend finds it more enjoyable than sex.

"So, let's say I do want to do that-" you say.

{You simply open yourself up and take what you want.}

"You mean *you* take what you want."

There's hesitation.

{I won't deny that I take great pleasure from the act, Alice. But it is not me doing the taking. I am a remora clinging to the belly of a shark. You are my shark, Alice.}

You're not sure what to make of that. "And how long does it take me to do something like that?"

{The best analogy I have, Alice, is that it takes as long as it might take to stab a man to death.}

Hmm, a visceral image.

Is there anything else you'd like to ask your Friend before school?

>Yes (Write in)
>No, let it be for now.
>>No, let it be for now.

I have the flu, so I get to enjoy this quest instead of manual labor!
>No, let it be for now.
Let it be
>No, let it be for now.

Wait. Ask if we need him to do the soul taking on our own or if we need him to do it
"Last thing," you say "Can I do soul eating on my own? Or do I need you?"

{For the time being, you can't do it alone. But I'll help you until you can, Alice.}

"What, you mean alone?"


Now there was a though. Alice Cherna: Soul stealer.

After pulling on some leggings and your boots, you gather your homework, stuff it in your backpack and make your way downstairs.

Your sister bustles into the livig room, dressed in her normal business attire.

"Who died?" You ask.

"I've got the Whiddlestone funeral this afternoon, and the May funeral tommorow I've got to start prepping for," Grace barely looks at you as she talks, instead flipping through notes on here phone. "Oh!" She pauses to reach into her pocket. "You got another letter from your crush. I found it on the porch, I guess he's an early riser, huh? That's dedication." She stops, likely seeing someting in your expression, "You okay? Do you want it?"

"Yeah," you say, holding out your hand for the small, plain, envelope. "Sure."

Grace hands it over, "Something wrong?"

"No, sorry, I'm just thinking about school."

"Do you know who it is?"


"Well, I hope he's cute!" Grace says before returning to her patrol of the house.

You look at the sealed envelope in your hand, a name written in pen.


You pause a moment, then, break the seal and pull out the letter.


It pains me to have you see near, yet so out of reach. Though you are the object of my affection and I long to be with you, I never forget that you are not an object. Every person has choices to make, choices which shape their life and their future and you are no stranger to this.

How can one build love? I know my feelings for you, but I have no way to force you to reciprocate them. Love can only be given freely and never taken. Provided, and hoped for in return.

They say familiarity breeds contempt, if that's so does the opposite hold true? Does adversity breed affection? Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder?

I'd like to talk more with you if possible. I have your phone number and I can text you. If you want to talk more, please put my rose in your window. I'll see it.

If not, I won't hold anything against you, but neither will I give up on you.


When you're finished reading, you put the letter back in the envelope, and then into your pocket.

>Put the rose in your window
>Don't leave a rose, head for school
>Ask Friend about this (Write in)
>Write in
>>Ask Friend about this
>Ask Friend about this
What does he think we should do about the mystery man

>Ask Friend about this

You make sure that you sister is gone before talking to your Friend. "What do you think?"

{What harm can it do, Alice? They say they already have your phone number. They know where you live. And, as your sister says, they may be cute.}

"It's a little weird that he knows all that," you say. "I mean, how?"

{It's a small town. Perhaps it's someone you know.}

"Maybe. But what if they're dangerous?"

{Talking to them won't be. They seem to care about you, Alice. Besides, I'm here to protect you.}


>Leave a rose
>Just go to school
>Write in
Leave a rose with a note rolled on the stem asking them who are they
Scratch that. The note says "i am curious, but don't push your luck. I know how to throw hatchets"
>"i am curious, but don't push your luck. I know how to throw hatchets"


Fyi, phone posting is fucking shit.
You dash up to your room and scribble a quick note as a warning to whoever might be watching your window.

*I am curious, but don't push your luck. I know how to throw hatchets.*

Hopefully whoever it was that was leaving you those notes was intimidated by that. Once you had the note and rose in place, you head out the door for school.

It's an unusually cold day today, a chill breeze rustling your skirt. Thank god for leggings.

With a hollow rumble in your stomach you make a brisk pace for school.

After arriving, you spy Sam eating alone, apparently Franz hasn't shown up yet. She spots you and enthusiastically waves you over.

>Ask about what happened with her and Franz the night he cheated
>Ask where Franz is
>Ask if she wants to hang later this week.
>Write in
>>Ask if she wants to hang later this week.
"Hey, Alice!"


"Anything going on this week? Didn't Franz and you go go Lasker yesterday?"

Oh right. "Yeah, we did."

"What was up? You guys have fun?" Sam takes a bite of cereal.

"Um. Yeah. It was for a project. I needed a ride," you say.

{What kind of ride do you think Sam thinks Franz gave you, Alice?}

The mocking tone in your Friend's voice is unmissable.

You think 'be quiet' as hard as you can, and your frustration must have gotten through because your Friend silently laughs and falls silent.

"Oh, okay. Cool!" Sam takes another bite.

"Um, Sam. Do you maybe want to hang later this week? Like, you and me?" You slide your fingers rhythmically over a strand of hair.

"Well, I'm still grounded, but we can figure something out, sure! Want Franz to come?"

>Write in

"I think we'd have more fun just you and I," you say, "Maybe finish that movie."

"Sure! I'd love to," Sam says. "I've got to figure out how to get out from under my mom, but sure."

"Cool," you say with a smile.

"Hey Sam, Alice." Franz sits beside you. "Sorry, had to get gas this morning. Miss anything?"

Do you want to do anything else? Or proceed to history class?

>proceed to class
>Write in
>>Proceed to class
>Proceed to class

Breakfast passes without incident. After the first bell, You say goodbye and head to class. History with Mr. Cook is the first class of the day. You take your usual seat and prepare to take notes or doodle depending on if Cook is teaching or rambling.

"Did I tell you guys about the Battle of Edenvale?" Mr. Cook asks, leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on his desk.

"Yes," a few weak voices chorus.

He [i]had[/i] told you about the nearby clash in the Revolutionary War, you'd learned more about the effects a speeding musket ball had on human biology than you did about the war, but you liked hearing Mr. Cook talk.

"But did I tell you about the 13th Regiment of Foot?" Cook eyes the class.

No one answers.

The teacher grins and stands up. "So, let me set the scene. Lasker City, back then just Lasker. It's October 29th, 1777. Colonel Howard Littlegate of the British Army gets it in his head to march on the little town of Edenvale and strangely, no one really knows why. Edenvale was a patch of nothing basically. Just like now, Lasker was what mattered. So this guy packs up and moves into this little town and what does he find?" Cook waits, expecting an answer.

"A battle?" Someone asks.

"Contintal militia waiting for him," Cook says, lips peeled back into a grin. "A lot of them. The origin of the Battle of Edenvale. The battle was a British defeat. The Redcoats were routed pretty handily by a larger Continental force. It's remarkable for a few reasons that people don't really talk about." Cook looks around the room, smiling like he's about to tell a punchline to a joke. "First, that the Battle doesn't really have any good reason to have taken place. Colonel Littlegate and his American opposite General Brewster both converged on Edenvale for really no good reason. Littlegate called it 'Reconnaissance in force' and Brewster said it was to attempt to gather more volunteers, but really, neither had any business getting men killed over some random farming town."

"The other reason," Cook continues, "Is the way the Americans treated their prisoners." No one asks the question that Cook answers. "They killed all of them. There's a gravesite to the unknown dead of the battle not far from here. If any of you guys ever go down there, look out for the small marker to the British mass grave, and wonder what the British did to make the Americans so angry."

A student in the front of the class raises his hand.

"Rob?" Cook calls on him.

"Is any of that gonna be on the test?"


After class, you trade out your books and head for your next class. As normal, you'll pass Sam in the hall.

>say 'hi' in passing
>talk about something specific (Write in)
>talk about something specific (Write in)
Talk to her about classes, and how Spanish is going for her.

>missed most of SGQ due to flight delay.

Fuck air travel. Fuck it so hard in the eye socket.

I feel you, man. I think today is just an off day.
Truly, having the year start off this way is a sign.

A really, really crappy one.
"Hey, Sam," you say, trying to put on a friendly smile instead of your normally gloomy demeanor.

"Hi," Sam replies, looking distracted, maybe annoyed.

"Something wrong?" You ask.

"No. Yeah, I guess. Just got out of Calculus. Fuck that class, I hate math."

"Yeah, I'm no good at math," you say. "I try to do it all in my head and get screwed up."

"It's garbage," Sam agrees, "But it sounds like you can't teach me anymore, huh?"

"No, I don't know anything about it." You don't suppose your Friend knows anything about math because they haven't spoken up. "But did I help you with Spanish at all?"

"Honestly, I remember more about the movies than the tutoring," Sam laughs, "you'll probably have to teach me more when you get a chance."

"S-sure," you stammer, feeling strongly like an imposter. "No problem."

"Great!" Sam says, "Gotta run!"

"Bye!" You say, turning away to see Holly nearby, a cruel smirk on her face.

Two of her friends are clustered near her, leaning in close, obviously gossiping about you. Before you can react, Holly holds up two fingers in front of her face, spread apart in a 'V' and flicks her tongue between them before laughing.

You feel your skin flush with a combination of anger and embarrassment.

She mouths a word at you. 'Dyke'.

Anger boils your blood, but . . . You know you tend to fall apart in confrontations like this, your nerves get the better of you normally.

>Is that an invitation, Holly?
>What's your problem?
>Why don't you go back to sucking off the football team?
>Just let it go for now
>Write in
>Make plans to sneak into Holly's house sometime to spook her
>for now, just walk past

You glare at Holly for a moment and walk past, out of sight and earshot, headed for the gym.

"She's asking for it," you say through gritted teeth.

{Perhaps she's jealous.}

Your Friend is joking around again.

"Fat chance," you say, rolling your eyes. "I think it's time I put some of my new skills to use and pay her a late-night visit."

{I don't think she was seriously inviting you, Alice.}

Again, you roll your eyes.

{Or do you intend to practice your soul eating on her?}

"Tempting," you say, "Seriously tempting, but I don't think anything so grand. Just something to give her a scare."

{I think we can manage that, Alice.}

"I think so." You sigh, you really do hate gym class, and the idea of using it to watch Chad workout was now especially unappealing to you, knowing that he firmly fell under Billy's sway. You sigh again.

{Something wrong?}

"Just waiting for my luck to change."

{I think you may find that we make our own luck, Alice. And that you've been dealt an especially strong hand.}


Gym class was normally a total wash, but maybe you can spend it somewhat productively.

>Flirt with Chad
>Text Zack
>Text Franz
>Text Sam
>Keep to yourself
>Write in
>Write in
>Run around a bit and see if you think exercising is a bit more fun now that you had ghost magic plastic surgery.
>Let's try making a new friend. How about that girl hiding under the bleachers?

I won't be introducing any new characters at this point though, sorry bud.
Or maybe, you'll really commit to this 'better body' thing. You stood a chance to really piss of Holly by showing her up. You might even turn a few heads.

You enter the gym and head for the locker room, a half-smile on your face. Once your were done with Gym, you'd be done with school and ready to talk with Cliff one more time, probably dragging Ellie along. As your Friend always said, it. Was going to be a big day.


I'm out of time tonight, thanks to everyone who stopped by. Phone posting really racked up some delays on my part which resulted in a slower game, hopefully next week things will be better.

As always, I'm around a little bit longer for questions/comments here or the discord. Just ask if you need a link.

See you guys next Tuesday!
I finally made it back. Finally.

Again, fuck air travel.

Hope you had a good new year's eve, boss. Looking forward to playing at home on a regular basis again, instead of dealing with traveling and family and social events.
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Yeah, thanks for stopping by! Air travel is great (in my opinion) if you have a great book with you. Otherwise, yeah.

It's important to note that Spooky Girl > Family

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