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File: The dawn college..jpg (162 KB, 1489x537)
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Welcome my friends to the dawn college, whether you may be a bandit, writer, hunter*,thief, student, or even a adventurer. All are welcome to the college if you wish to have the training to be a hunter.
All it takes is the will and the want to become one and with time you shall.
Your name is Marshal Browning, you were a orphan when you were younger your home and parents lost to the grimm. But later during your life rather than joining a a gang or running away. You decided to become a blacksmith, the years passed and eventually your training done. You were awarded the title of journeyman and left to go out into the world.
Recently you have made the trek to the Dawn college's grand opening and things are...Less than you expected.
The headmaster is instead of a some wise man or military official. Is instead most likely a veteran mercenary captain. The official guard is a half crazed brawler that spent most of his life in the wilderness. And what you can assume to be the head teachers consist of a old man and a scribe. Your teammates consist of a miner looking for a better life, a student who didn't have anywhere else to go, and a wildling.
Not exactly hunter material in the Dawn college is it? . And even if your age and lack of experience pale compared to even a beacon attendee. Your all set to become a hunter and to establish yourself as a student and gain the training and experience to be one. Even if it means more than a little embarrassment along the way.
File: The gangs armor.jpg (78 KB, 1366x764)
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....Should have put the SupQst link and pastebin there...Oh well.....

The Dawn college story main idea goes like this to those who need an explanation.
You are a civilian, you haven't spent most of your life practicing with guns and jumping around killing grimm. You are you and you still have a long way to go before you can pull the flash moves that even the RWBY cast can pull off at the beginning of the story.
What you have instead is your background, your former skills of your previous life and past to work with.
Also you are in your 20's so you (hopefully) can avoid some of the awkwardness that a child soldier who spent most of their life playing with guns and being superman cannot avoid.
In addition OP would be making minor changes to the setting and story of rwby. Armor is now useful and a thing. Guards are competent, and a new faction has been introduced. These changes won't be major but will range from the slight to the minor. OP will try to stay as canon to the SETTING as possible. The show's events...not so much

Sup /tg/ link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Dawn%20College

Char sheet [WIP!]: https://pastebin.com/5iKQ4Eh7
And now...onto post.

As the four of you went onto your lives swapping tales and talking the food on your plates and the people in the messhall slowly became empty. As the four of you went back to your dorm you all notice a small ping coming from your scroll. Turning on the scroll it displays a message which opening it displays a schedule of your soon to be classes.
The basics, history, combat instruction, aura practice and the general stuff you would see for a 16 year old to attend. With a sigh you scan through it and as you arrive on a description on the combat instruction class. You roll your eyes as it states that it would be more free form. ie: prancing against training dummys with peer instructoin, firing range and trying not to blow yourself up with dust.
At least they have the safety of the students in mind. As the thought of two people brawling it out rather than properly using their weapons comes to mind. Interacting with the schedule you do notice something. You can swap out one of your general classes due to your background as a blacksmith and having some training in firearms for something else.

>Medical classes: Hunters get hurt in the line of duty, that's a fact and it will stay that way. Whether you know what to do in case a fellow hunter is wounded can mean the difference between a hunter that's disabled and unable to fight. And one that just used a bit of dust and bandages. Taught by Tholas. Lloyd might pick this class to improve his skills that he may have gained in the mines.
>Survival classes: Whether being stranded in the middle of vale or in mistral. Survival is essential for many hunters that seem to have there missions travelling to the middle of nowhere...Your sure that the wildling would pick this one. Taught by the guard of the dawn college.
>Tech use and electronic warfare: State of the art atlas tech, or simply learning how to operate and repair electronic equipment can be useful in knowing how to operate radios, navigational equipment and anything that atlas prototypes and sends to hunters. You think that Abbey might pick this class.
>Dust theory: Both a theoretical class and a practical class, it goes into depth of dust and the application of it in civilian and hunter life. And also how to use it in combat and out of the field. Nila comes to mind when you read the description. If you pick this class your sure that you would encounter her.
>-Remember thou can only pick one :V
>>Medical classes: Hunters get hurt in the line of duty, that's a fact and it will stay that way. Whether you know what to do in case a fellow hunter is wounded can mean the difference between a hunter that's disabled and unable to fight. And one that just used a bit of dust and bandages. Taught by Tholas. Lloyd might pick this class to improve his skills that he may have gained in the mines.
>>Dust theory: Both a theoretical class and a practical class, it goes into depth of dust and the application of it in civilian and hunter life. And also how to use it in combat and out of the field. Nila comes to mind when you read the description. If you pick this class your sure that you would encounter her.
10 minutes for any anons left to pick. :V
Also sorry about the late startup, had to organize everything together.
nah its fine, no worries!
Rolled 2 (1d2)

We have ze tie, it begins again...
1. Dust classes
2. Medical classes.
File: Medpack.png (10 KB, 330x330)
10 KB
Medical it is! Be sure to keep your soon to be medpack handy with you at all times

For those worried about being competant at dust.
Your way ahead by like a month in practical use...So don't worry, as long as you practice on your own time and willing to accept the risk of blowing yourself up. You can keep up and even do better if you dedicate yourself.
File: School days....jpg (1.08 MB, 1500x1600)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG

Dust training could be useful, with the classes you could probably dedicate less of your time training your dust skills onto something else. Although, outside of the castle you could practice to your own free will. Plus a bit of medical know how could save you or your teammates lives...
With a nod you quickly swap the class for a medical one. Plus you could learn about how dust could-if it was used- in medical use. With that you pack away your armor and head to sleep waiting for the next day.
The next day comes blaring as your scroll alerts your team to the new day. Yawning you and your team dress in your armor and head over to the first of your many classes to learn from.
Before you can even get out of the common rooms the scribe and the headmaster await you all with a barrel of wind dust and more than a few crates.
The headmaster begins speaking begging with a embarrassed tone.
"Alright, after some verification from the scribe." He points to the scribe who is maintaing a neutral expression. "Apparently we're supposed to issue 'a standard set of clothing to promote equality between students' " He says with air quotes before swiftly kicking open a a box revealing sets upon sets of uniforms.
"Alright everyone stay still, were gonna do the same thing we did before with the scrolls to speed this up." He say's as the scribe sets down his clipboard and nods to the headmaster.
"Don't worry, with me and the scribe working overnight we managed to hopefully get a a estimation of a standard uniform." He say's as the scribe quickly waves his hands and sets upon sets of flying suits and dresses come towards the students and most importantly at you.

>Please roll me a 1d100 to see what set hits you and how you react.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

Rolled 24 (1d100)

T-this was supposed to be a joke roll/post. As long as you rolled above a 30 you would be fine......Oh well
File: he got knocked out.png (12 KB, 1200x613)
12 KB
At least you didnt get a nat 1, that would have been funny. I'm sure you can guess what would happen if luck decided it hated you when clothing was flying around...
"Wait wha-*MMPF" You said before you were assaulted by flying clothing. As dress and shirt decided that it suddenly hated you and began to punch you with cloth fists and button bites. The cloth assault and battery continued for what felt like minutes before it stopped leaving you slightly traumatized from the incident.
As you reach down and pick up a set of clothing you look towards your teammates. Lloyd seems to have found a normal set although a bit ragged, the wildling has found something more suited towards a ball and Abbey well...
She was more between the lines of furious and the rage the guard had when he fought Tholas. It seems that skirts make her angry....
As the headmaster began to explain the situation of how sorry he was about the incident. And the rules of the uniform he is interrupted by a angry Abbey.
"So your telling me that the uniform is final!" She says holding her uniform in a way that tears it. The headmaster is more or less bewildered for a moment before he replys.
"Well, yes according to the rules that we were issued. It was that or spend well several thousand lien to.."
"Is there ANYWAY we can change it or modify it?"
"Well not really, although if you want any female or male can wear the opposite unifo-" The sound of a fist meeting skull is heard throughout the room as abbey punches out a nerdy student before swapping her uniform with his.
The room is quiet for a few minutes as the situation begins to settle in. The headmaster more confused blinks for resuming his speech on the rules of the uniform.

I was finishing up the post when i noticed something. Dear god am I tired, gonna copy and paste this post and leave it there. Sorry anon's for such a short session.
After that its just ten or so minutes of getting out of your armor and dressing up in your newfound uniform before heading to your classes.
Classes go as well as you would expect, introduction to each subject. And a slightly embarrassed Tholas as he explains subjects meant for 17 year olds rather than people in their early or late 20's.
That embarrassment aside, as you and Lloyd arrive at your medical classes for now simply goes over an introduction over it before handing you a med kit. (drugs not included thankfully) With instructions to keep it on you at all times.
More classes explaining the basics which you know already before the day draws to a close with you and your team more or less on the line between dead bored and asleep walking out of your classes.
It eventually continues like this for a week or two as the classes begin to go from introductions to more of the basics. Along the way you do pick up a few tricks of the trade when it comes to first aid though.

>Gain First aid kit and [Dabbling] First aid
As you and your team walking from the classroom back to your dorms you do notice something peculiar. The scribe and the guard of the college are setting up what seems to be a board in the middle of the square. As you walk closer to it to investigate the scribe notices and speaks up.
"The headmaster wanted a way for the student body to gain some 'real world experience' so apart from your classes you will be required to take every one of these every week." He say's as he points to the board. "It will be introduced by the headmaster in the common room tomorrow morning. Pick a task, reserve a date of when you want to do it and go for it."
"I guess because your here just as we finished your team has first pick. Good luck." He says before him and Jaeger walk off.

Your team meanwhile simply looks at the board for a minute before deciding on whether or not they want to take the advantage or wait for the headmaster to explain it in full.

>-Op says: The job board is going to be similar to field trips but instead of a entire year its going to be teams going out and doing a quick job. Whether it be slaying a pocket of grimm for show. Or simply reserving time to sparring against another team, It will be your way to action plus a bit of lien and experience.

>So do you want to jump the gun and look at the board now? Or would you rather wait for the headmasters introduction tomorrow and then decide.
op forgot picture ;_:
Next session tomorrow at 5:30pm pst with a hopefully rested OP.
Pick first
Supporting >>2235227
File: Joby jobs.png (604 KB, 1920x1080)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
Standing in front of the board along with your team, you scan through the jobs looking for anything that seems interesting. You manage to find a few that would work off the top of your head. From killing a pocket of grimm nearby the castle that the guard has located. To patrolling a nearby village an insuring the safety of them for a few days. Simple, effective and hopefully safe.
Taking note of them you save them to your scroll as notes and eventually collect them back to your team as you compare notes and decide which one you truly would want to get.

Missions availble
>Wildling: Aid a local group of guards that have reported sights of a minor pack of Beowolfs. Due to the wariness of the guards they refuse to attempt to hunt them down without assistance from student hunters or a huntsman. Although they will assist you once you arrive.
Risk: Medium, Beowulf expected, Reward: Good feelings..

>Abbey: There has been sightings of two Ursa's around the castle. The guard has diverted them to a safe location meant for students. Any team willing to defeat them shall gain a free day.
Risk: Medium Ursa's confirmed (no majors): Reward: Free day to yourself.

>Lloyd: A nevermore has taken nest near a local road leading to the Dawn College. The size of said nevermore is unknown so for safety purposes the guard will accompany you.
Reward: Cash reward, and 2 free days.

You: Spar against a random opposing team.
Risk: ??? Reward: Bragging rights and lien if your willing to put bet.
>Wildling: Aid a local group of guards that have reported sights of a minor pack of Beowolfs. Due to the wariness of the guards they refuse to attempt to hunt them down without assistance from student hunters or a huntsman. Although they will assist you once you arrive.
Alright, writing.,

As you scan through the four tasks that you have gathered that seem to stand out the most you eventually notice the wildlings job. A free trip to a village along with finally hunting some grimm and maybe a quick shopping trip if the village could accomidate it yes please!
"Team, we should take this one." You say as you display the job the wildling has chosen.
"Not only can we get some experience we can even help people." You say as you begin a conversation between you and the three of you.
"You do know that if we fail, not only will we be punished. But also that we could possible lead to the injury of the guards or even worse. With mine we will at the very least know what we're heading into." Lloyd nods in response siding with her.
You accept her point. "But i'm sure that with our aura's and at the very least our training so far we can at least complete the job. Plus we will have the assistance of a local villages guards...Plus we may even have time to do a little shopping." You say waving your eyebrows, suddenly you have Lloyd's interest.
"Look we're student hunters, i'm pretty sure that with us and the guards we can at least take down a few Beowulf. What's the worst that can happen?" You say as the two contemplate for a moment before nodding.
With that the four of you accept the job as your scrolls lite up with a notifcation confirming it. And also of a date of when you need to be ready by then. You currently have 3 days left before your very first mission.
With that settled the four of you break and head back to your dorms for now before the thought occurs to you. You've gotten a bit used to the student life and with a bit of squeezing and effort your more than able to get some training or anything you would want to do before your time is up.
Settling into your bed for the night you think of plans on what to do.

>With your mission set and a date, you have 3 days to prepare before your mission. Whether it be practicing dust or hitting the firing range or modifying your armor or equipment the decision is yours anon. Here is some prebuilt.

>Practice with your dust, its been a while since you have managed to squeeze any free time from your classes. But your sure that Abbey would be more than glad to 'supervise' you while she shadow fences.
>Modify your equipment: You know where the workshop is but still time is an issue not so much the materials. But if you sacrifice some of your sleep you can head late night to the workshop and get some modifications or improvements done.
>Spar against Lloyd or the wilding: The two have been more than a bit stressed with the academy so a way to blow off steam would be nice. Heck you could even get Abbey to join.
>Socialize: Your fine, with your aura and equipment your more than confident you can handle a few beowulf as a team.
if anyone is having problems with the quest dont be afraid to tell me. I will try to improve :V
>>Practice with your dust, its been a while since you have managed to squeeze any free time from your classes. But your sure that Abbey would be more than glad to 'supervise' you while she shadow fences.

I'd say do that one
>>Practice with your dust, its been a while since you have managed to squeeze any free time from your classes. But your sure that Abbey would be more than glad to 'supervise' you while she shadow fences.
Dust it is...writing.
File: The return of the hill.jpg (124 KB, 736x552)
124 KB
124 KB JPG

A day later and a bit of time of you convincing abbey later. And it's around the afternoon and your standing near the same field that you practiced at before but instead of your team its only you and abbey. You notice more than a few dust casings are left on the ground which you idily shuffle with your feet for a minute.
"If you need anything, or if your in trouble i'll be over here." Abbey say's as she draws her rapier and begins shadow fencing in her armor. Leaving you alone with a few targets that you have setup and your case of dust. (Steam, Wind, Gravity, Earth)
As you open the locks on the dust case and begin stowing them on your person you try a few experimental blasts with some earth dust. A used crystal and you send a flying missile of rock headed towards your target which it dents on impact. You practice a few experimental 'throws', satisfied you return to your case and examine your crystals.

>How would you like to practice?
>Experiments: Whatever comes to mind you try it, maybe using the gravity and earth together at once. (OP says: This a random choice.)
>Obstacles: Use that earth dust to good use. Use the earth dust to make obstacles. Pillars of stone and barricades of mud and dirt. It could be useful in case you need to block a grimm attack without actually using a shield.
>Missles continued: Practice your 'missles' summon 2 maybe combine the elements together even though it will probably blow you up. Who knows maybe you will get a bit farther and maybe even get to launch a blast of hot steam at your enemy to blind them!
>Gravity dust: You have no idea how to use this, this will require a bit of finnesse on your part. But if you manage to do it you can get a head start on this.
>Spar: This will require abbeys help, ask her if she can start attacking you while you attempt to use your dust in various ways and how to improvise. Oh and also how to use dust in emergency situations.
>Steam dust: You don't really know how it works, but with enough time you could probably figure it out. Maybe summon a cloud of smoke? Or heat something up or cool it down? You can only guess as you hold the crystal in your hand.

>Custom: You anons have something else i mind?
>>Gravity dust: You have no idea how to use this, this will require a bit of finnesse on your part. But if you manage to do it you can get a head start on this.
>>Gravity dust: You have no idea how to use this, this will require a bit of finnesse on your part. But if you manage to do it you can get a head start on this.
roll me a 1d100
Rolled 61 (1d100)

sometimes they're busy is all.

Maybe rename it to Rwby: the dawn college.
Might get the fanbase roaring here if its up in headlights.
Thanks for the advice anon. Think I will do that.
Alright gonna call it for today and leave it there. :V
Tomorrow session begins at the same time, same thread.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Rolled 18 (1d100)

Rolled 85 (1d100)

...My god.
File: THE POWER OF DUUUUUSSST.jpg (121 KB, 1024x744)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
> 86 It was a pretty high DC to try to figure out a special way in how gravity dust works. Plus a bit of general knowledge to you.
Try after try you use the dust to try anything anything at all. Whether it be trying to unleash a missile on the target to simply trying to will your mind to levitate it.
Nothing works, well not to much effect. A bit of experimentation and you discover that if you concentrate hard enough you can make that pebble nearby suddenly levitate for a few second before your dust burns out.
Realizing that you will need large quantities of dust to even try anything larger than that. You sigh before spending crystal after crystal trying to make a pebble float for just a second or two. Nothing interesting so far until you come up with an idea.
Picking up a stone and stepping more than a few paces away with gravity dust in hand. You fling the stone and as it nears the target you concentrate on it for a moment. When the stone does hit the target, instead of making a slight 'ping' sound it instead explodes onto the target.
"Gods!" You hear abbey as she stops her practicing before coming to investigate. "Well, looks like that it's fucked." She say's as she holds up the target with a clean hole right through it. "Complete disregard of physics aside. Well done!" She says as she replaces the target with a clean one. Before she takes a quick look through her scroll.
"We still have a bit of time before it's time to head back. If you need me i'll be over here." She say's before quickly sauntering back to where she was originally before beginning to practice again..
>You know how in anime, how people are able to have 'kinetic boosters' or whatever excuse that means they hit harder? This is that thing. Also you can float a pebble or a bullet for a few seconds. it'll be hard to achieve either way but if you succeed it can be quite useful to buff someones hit.

>Anything else you want to do? You can head back to the academy and probably still have time to perform some hasty modifications. Or you can continue practicing with another set of dust although you won't get much done other than sharpening your skills/aim. Or just simply call it a day. :V
more dust practice--- we gotta be the dust king
>Slightly considers renaming this quest, Rwby: Dust mage tales.
forever dust mage
alright writing :V
With your remaining few hours left in the day you quickly throw dust bolt after dust bolt after the target. Eventually running through your elemental crystals. You quickly expend the steam crystals to produce a blast of hot air.
The gravity simply that upon impact simply pushes someone. Rather than doing real damage. As the target was quickly blasted away a few feet.
As the bolt quickly struck it. Other than it, you manage to get a few hours clocked into your accuracy. Nothing that can make you a sharpshooter but hey having just a bit of skill can help. With that over Abbey tell's you its more than time for the both of you to head back.
Keeping that in mind you head back to your dorms somewhat excited for the mission to come up.

>Gain +5 when using dust bolts. (not much but hey, it can mean the difference between a hit and a graze)
>Days before mission: 2.
As you head back to your dorm to take a well needed rest you notice that Lloyd and the wildling look like they have just arrived. And from a recent spar it seems, as Lloyd armor looks like its in horrible shape with several punctures. Along with the wildlings armor exhibiting entire sections of mail lost to what appears to be slashes. They both seem to be cloaked in that familiar white field that happens to a hunter when their aura is gone.
As you survey the damage in full you star to manage a response. But before you can manage a response Lloyd interrupts you.
"We're fine in case your wondering just a little practice gone wrong. You know how it happens, get a little to excited and well..." He turns the armor where it shows that the plate mail holding it together seems to look like its been through hell.
"yeah...We should be fine...Anyway the headmaster should announce the introduction of the missions/tasks tomorrow... How was training?"

>How doth thou respond anon? (Yes this is a type your own response)

"dust is FUN!"
Alight gonna write this post and leave it for here for tonight. Op needs to plan. :v
Hope you had fun and to any anons lurking same to you
Also writing.
"Well, as it turns out dust is fun." As you hold out one of your last crystals -a steam crystal- and activate it in your hand producing a ball of flame.
Lloyd and the wildlings simply watch as you gently manipulate the ball of steam in your clawed hand. Gently manipulating it in a attempt to manipulate it. You watch the 'flame' with the awe of a child as you observe the others each with their own expression. Abbey and wildling are intrigued and Lloyd simply holds a dull expression. After you consume the power of the dust you eventually take a full survey of their equipment. To put it simply, its fucked. Thinking to yourself for a minute you could try to repair it on your own although it will take the rest of the next day. Or you could let them be and hope they can fix the problem by themselves.
"So how was the training?" You say as you think to yourself.
"It was fine apart from the..you know" Lloyd say's. "We learned a few things, I improved a bit on my ability on my revolver if you remembered. But other than that just the general stuff. Although now i know wildling here can take a hit and also dish it out." He say's as he holds up a severely dented helm.
"Any plans for tomorrow? We could probably squeeze a bit more time. Or do you just want to hang out?" Lloyd say's as he fiddles with a strap.

>More dust training. The obsession returns.
>Hang out with your team. You honestly havent done that all day (prepare to RP)
>Repair the two idiots equipment and show them the basics.
>Do some melee sparring.
>Be lazy...
File: Ball of fire.jpg (142 KB, 1600x942)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Op forgot image.
>>Repair the two idiots equipment and show them the basics.
the dust obsession is important but we cant be obsessive while there is broken gear
10 minutes before writing.
>>Repair the two idiots equipment and show them the basics.
It begins
>>Repair the two idiots equipment and show them the basics.

get shit ready for the mission
File: the_workshop.png (1.51 MB, 1600x714)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
....You glare at the hunk of metal that they dare call armor. Lessons of your master dressing you down when you left a clients armor almost repaired on the account of effeciency flood back to your mind. As does the countless 'lessons' your master taught you.
Before you know it you are clutching both sets of armor while the rest of your team looks mildly disturbed as you furiously look over the armor noting the damage sustained to it. The damage is honestly minor you could easily repair it yourself given the time. Although with this level of damage it could be a way to introduce them to the basics.
As you mull on the thought for a moment you agree with yourself. Showing them the basics could be useful in case you don't have a replacement or you around.
"Both of you meet me in the workshop tomorrow." You say as you gently stow the armor sets away. "I'll show you two the basics and i'll even repair them for you. Try not to get lost on the way."
Any words of protest from the two are instantly shut down as you glare at them and turn down the heat to arctic levels. With that the day ends as you climb into your bed and enjoy the blissful rest of sleep.

>TOMORROW!!!- After classes
The workshop is more a blessing in disguise, tools after tools lie here mostly untouched save by those who have had to do manual repair or simply dusting the tools. A suitable place for a journeyman like you to practice his craft here.
"I don't get why we have to be here." Lloyd say's as he examines a puncture in the side. "Can't you do it yourself." The wildling simply eyes you as you begin prepping the workshop.
"I could fix it myself, but I could show you how to do it yourself." You say as you hand him a tool. "Now c'mon it won't kill you just do as I say. And everything should be done..." You look at the clock. "Three hours or so." They groan in response as you begin instructing them.

>Roll me that 1d100+35
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Rolled 61 + 35 (1d100 + 35)

we gonna learn em some repair skills >:U
The next three hours could easily be summarized with the following. Cursing, swearing and also misplacing a lot of rings.
You slowly but surely instructed them in how to repair their armor. With keeping their attention by providing personal instruction and also occasionally helping them out when they couldn't align the rings correctly. You somehow manage to get them into the point where if they were in a workshop environment they could over the course of the afternoon repair their armor. Leaving two repaired sets of mail and plate. The leather that the wildling wore was a simple solution of thread and needle. Overall it was work, busy work mostly that required concentration. In the end mostly work.
With that done and also much explaining later the three of you manage to repair the mangled sets of armor to working condition. It doesn't look pretty but it sure will work in case a beowulf manages to chomp on them.
Picking up one of the Mail shirts, you inspect it. Looking through for any flaws or mistakes before finally deeming it satisfactory. A tired Lloyd and wildling nod in your direction as the three of you begin to clean up the workshop.
"Say, your a blacksmith right?" Lloyd say's as he slides some spare rings into a crate. "Can't you make our pieces better?"
"Well sure I can." You reply as you place a tool back into its holder. "It's just that well...Dust is so fun to use, plus any training on it pays off. I don't really have those classes so simply practice will do." Lloyd nods in response before humming a bit and hitting you with a question.
"Well, if you ever have time after the mission. If you can mind reinforcing it or something? Something that will make it better, I don't really know how but im sure you can find a way." As he packs away his armor before exiting.
"We'll be heading to the dorm. Be ready for the mission tommarow I guess." As he exits with the wildling out the workshop. Leaving you alone with a hour or two before it's curfew.

>Switch out your dust case/set. You will refill your dust case before the mission. But hey a quick trip to the storage even if its just window shopping could be nice.
>Brainstorm: Think of any ideas you may want to do. Sure you could reinforce armor but how? (custom response for anons)
>Maintain and prepare: Best to head back and prepare for the mission tommarow....Both mentally and physically.
>Wander around the campus for a bit. This mission stuff is making you more than a bit paranoid. A breath of fresh air should do you good.
>Catch up to lloyd and the wildling and talk to them. :V
...I gotta do better on my timing. Sorry anons who have waited V_V

Probably the reason why it doesn't attract that many people is due to the long post times.
>>Brainstorm: Think of any ideas you may want to do. Sure you could reinforce armor but how?

Possibly find a way to lighten the load of the mail? build in some support so its weight doesn't fall only on the shoulders
>>Brainstorm: Think of any ideas you may want to do. Sure you could reinforce armor but how? (custom response for anons)
Writing :V

As you pace back and forth throughout the room you think of several ideas. You could always add more plating to it. The idea is simply enough and easily done. But the problem is, how to do it without making it heavier. To many plates and well it might as well be full blown plate armor. What's needed is a way to either A. reinforce it without adding to much weight. Or B. Make the weight or armor type not be encumbering to the point where its hard to dodge. The reason of why most hunters hardly use armor is due to how it can be restricting. Mail is a good choice as it's somewhat discreet but allowing protection but to reinforce it further...That would require a bit of ingenuity on your part. Taking a seat in the workshop you play with various types of armor. Leather, mail, scale, and even using the ballistic material that your jacket is made out of.
Recalling your earlier lessons the idea of simply using a lighter but more expensive metal comes easily into mind. You know of a few places where you could easily order some. After all the material that your using in the workshop is merely stock or iron/steel. If you had the lien you could order some but that doesent really solve the problem..
Sitting down on a bench you try to sketch idea after idea in your mind. Maybe you could have some sort of support into it? That could work, if you manage to acquire some of the more premium metals used in hybrid weapons you could build a small support into Lloyds armor that would help him carry it.
As for abbey, well the idea of a armored corset comes into mind before you quickly wipe it away from your memory. If she didn't react well to wearing a skirt what would happen if she was forced to wear a corset?
Maybe a ablative vest? If you were to grab some more "softer" materials and make a vest out of that you could easily just have it break away when its struck. Maybe that could work..
If none of the above work you could over time just slowly redesign the armor. Sure it would take forever, but if you focus on it you could probably reinforce and redesign lloyds set in a few weeks.
Taking all that into consideration the idea of dust weave comes into mind. Personally you have no idea how it works. You've seen hunters wear the sparkled sections onto there armor. Whether its for dust use or maybe protective you don't really know...So an idea is there...
With that the clock strikes the hour and you only carrying a few ideas head back to your dorm with the others.

>Mundane reinforce: Make it heavier, make it more protective. You could do this easily, although that may not be what they want.
>Minor support: If you had a bit of time you could probably design something to go along with Lloyds armor that could help him bear the weight of his arms and armor.
>Redesign: The more time consuming option, if you had the time you could slowly but ever so surely mundanely redesign sections of lloyds armor to a more angled and protective version. It will be incredibly time consuming though...
>Ablative vest: A expensive option, using a bit of stock materials and lien you could over time 'craft' the vest. It would protect against a few attacks but it would break off being useless afterwards.
>Armored corsets: A embarrassing option, but one thats valid..You've seen a few female hunters wear them around. if you could make one that straps onto the chest it would help...Plus it could help achieve that "slimming figure"..
>Dust weave: You've seen a few hunters carry garish dresses and armor adorned with decorations of this stuff. It's expensive to buy and time consuming but the benefits although unknown could be useful...You will have to do a bit of research on this if you want to know exactly how it works.
>Lighter materials: During your early years you would often have to go call various suppliers for their materials. You still remember the phone numbers of them and if you have the Lien you could certainly call and get access to some premium stuff. Only problem, its expensive...
Alright i'm gonna leave it here, while the anons consider what to go with. And their options.
Keep in mind this is more a quest than a immediate task. So no real rush here folks. You can revisit this after the mission or after a month or two.
>>Dust weave: You've seen a few hunters carry garish dresses and armor adorned with decorations of this stuff. It's expensive to buy and time consuming but the benefits although unknown could be useful...You will have to do a bit of research on this if you want to know exactly how it works.

All really good options, but so far with our dust obsession, it seems reasonable to try to incorporate that into our blacksmithing proficiency. Get our talents to work together and all that

I wanted to redesign but something good before really diving into the redesign would be nice.
Today there is gonna be a delay ;_;
7pm pst :V but we will run as long as humanly possible after that.
no worries man!
File: OP is sorry.jpg (41 KB, 1000x1000)
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Alright, family came up and i'm dealing with it right now. Tomorrow I promise
dont worry my dude!
And were alive..writing.
File: An ideaof it at night.jpg (268 KB, 1210x630)
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268 KB JPG
Taking a look through the your options you remember an expensive type of upgrade that you once saw during your early years. You only remember seeing it a few times.
Maybe it has something to do with dust use? Or maybe it provides some sort of passive benefit to the user? Your sure the same ideas you had for Lloyd you could use on your own although much easier. You remember that most dust weave outfits usually had some sort of cloth element to it. Your jacket is mostly ballistic cloth with plates..Could be easier than doing Lloyd armor. Your not sure what you would do for the other options though..Time would have to tell you that if you were to ever come back here again Nonetheless, a idea in your head you make a few notes in your head and head out the workshop to the cold refreshing air of the dawn college.
The walk back to your dorm gives you a bracing wind of fresh air before you finally make it back to where Lloyd and the rest of your team are. The wildling has already packed his stuff and abbey is merely polishing her rapier and armor for tommarow.
"Hey." Lloyd say's as he stows his armor away. "Can I ask, what do you think we will find at the village?"

>How does thou respond anon? [this is custom response time btw]
"Likely? a bunch of people on edge and poorly trying to hide it. I mean--- you know what its like dealing with grimm being nearby and all"

Lloyd simply relaxes a bit as you reply to him about how he has seen this kind of stuff before.
"True, true I remember when we heard rumors of there being grimm near the caverns of where we would prospect for dust. And well we were more than nervous when we would have to try to sneak by a pack of the bloody things or set up an ambush by ourselves....Lets just say trying to drive a pick through a grimms skull is harder than you think." He say's as he packs away his armor and begins to sharpen his 'great sword'.
"Really thanks for helping us with it. I mean the idea we originally had was well..." He hesitates before speaking. "Well it would involve something to say the least. And don't worry about weapons i will probably stick to this I guess." He say's as his eyes wander over to your...Arsenal.
"You know, with 4 different types of weapons i wonder which one will you stick with? You been practicing a lot with the dust, you plan on sticking with that?"
Same thing as before, its a custom response :P
"maybe when i get more used to it. for now id best stick to my pick. "
"Maybe when i get used to it."Picking up your warpick and making sure the weight and construction is correct. "When eventually I get the hang of being able to use dust on the fly I will use it more. But for now I will just stick to this." You say as you lay it down Lloyd on the other hand simply nods before giving a last polish to it and setting down the weapon.
"Good choice. Good choice, well unless you have any questions for me. I'll call it a night and we can get started on tomorrows mission." As he puts away his sword beneath the bed and turning towards you. "We should really set up a few armor and weapon stands here. But have any questions for me?"

ask if he is excited for the first mission
File: 1501151694713.png (5 KB, 500x500)
5 KB

"So...are you excited for tomorrows mission?" You say as you begin to go to bed. Lloyd simply shrugs as he responds.
"In some ways I am excited but also im nervous you know how it is. We will get to see if our new weapons work. The small amount of training that we have done will do anything. Oh and if this armor can really protect us." As he gestures to his half plate. "So yeah im excited, but im also nervous in a way mostly because people will be expecting us to solve the problem. You know, us to be the heroes that go in and save the day." He sighs as he takes off his boots.
"In the end it will just be like another mining mission I suppose butterflys in your stomach until you actually are in the fray." You nod in response as he goes to his bed and goes from awake to asleep leaving you alone.
Eventually after a bit of struggling with a blanket and your boots you manage to climb in and go to the blissful realm of sleep.
With that also op will go to sleep,or will stop for tonight. Next session THE VILLAAAGEEE! Also where you fight a grimm hopefully if i can write fast enough. Expect rolls and also a Beowulf or two :P

Until next time, Dawn OP

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