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You're nearly dressed for school when you hear a gentle rap on the door.

"Alice, can I come in?"

Your sister Grace. You finish buttoning your jeans, and glance back at your backpack to make sure that the animated plushie in there is hidden. Strange how this had become your life so easily, the idea that the mysterious voice that lives in your head now was currently residing in your Skelleypus Plushie seemed totally normal now. Well, not totally normal.

Just where did that thing come from anyway?

"Yeah, come in."

Your door unlatches and Grace pokes her head in. "Ready for school?"

"Yeah, almost, why?" It was very weird to have your sister check on you like this.

"Um." Grace comes in and closes the door behind her. "I just wanted to check on you, see how you're doing. You've been . . . Acting differently lately."

"Differently?" you hunt around for your jacket. "What do you mean?"

"Well . . . I just heard you yelling up here," Grace says, a mixture of embarrassment and concern.

>QM Twitter


I allow between ten and twenty minutes for voting depending on the importance of the issue and how divided the vote is. If the vote is tied up, I usually allow an extra five minutes for a tie breaker, and if no one votes, I roll for the tie breaker.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.


>All for Blood

>Ellie's Road

Shit, she heard you arguing with your Friend, it had got pretty heated, but you'd expected she wouldn't hear it. "I was just, trying to find my clothes and I was getting frustrated, it's nothing."

"It's not the first time I've heard you talking to yourself lately."


Grace sighs, "Alice, I'm not good at this stuff, so I'm just going to say it: I'm worried about how you've been behaving. I know it was years ago, but when mom and dad died-"

"Oh my god, Grace," you roll your eyes.

Grace doesn't stop, "And then with things falling apart with you and Franz, that must have put a lot of strain on you, and I think you've got a lot of pent up frustration and anger."

You sit on your bed, mind scrambling for answers.

"After the accident, I had a lot of problems too, Alice, and I met with someone who helped me work through a lot of these issues. Dr. Rosenthal, he's a therapist in Lasker City." Grace is talking quickly now, "It was totally casual and not weird, and I think-" she pauses, "I think maybe it would be good for you too. I think you might need someone to talk to."

>I've just been stressed lately because of school, I'm fine.
>I don't need a shrink, I'm not crazy.
>Okay, fine, I'll meet with this guy if you want.
>Write in
>"I promise you, it is only stress for my schoolwork, i speak my thoughts out loud to know if they are okay to write down or maybe i am, you know, talking on the phone. But" [Go and give her an Alice hug] "I feel like i am getting my life in order now. And that is thanks to you."
>Avoid mentioning Mark at all
>Make a note to learn how to soundproof rooms in the future

Or to communicate with friend through writing more often.
What if we want to R. Lee Ermey at him?
Pretty sure that's what the caps lock is for.
What font?
I am partial to Impact
That's pretty good.

Mine is comic sans.
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You're talking almost before you realize what you're saying. "Grace, I promise, it's only stress from schoolwork."

Grace looks skeptical, "Really?"

"I talk out loud, you know, while I'm thinking. Helps me to narrow down what sounds good and what doesn't. Plus, I might be talking on the phone."

"Are you?" Grace asks.

"Am I what?"

"Talking on the phone?"

"Sometimes," you reply, time to really throw her off the scent completely. You take a big step forward and wrap your arms around her, squeezing tight.

This suddenly display of affection surprises your older sister, but then she warms up, her arms coming around you, warm.

You give in to that sensation of warmth and care for just a moment before breaking the hug. "Honestly," you say, "I think I'm just starting to get my life back on track for the first time since-" No. You will not choke on that word. "-since the accident. And that's thanks to you."

"Well that's-" now your sister is fighting back emotion. "That's great, Alice. That's all I want for you." She thinks a moment, "and don't let Mark bother you, okay? He cares. He's just . . . Well, he's Mark."

You nod.

Grace wipes at an eye. "You'd better get going. You don't want to be late."

"I won't."

"Do you want me to drive you?"

You hesitate before answering. "No, I'll be okay. I like the walk."

"Okay," Grace takes a quick look around your room like she's never seen it before, eyes lingering on the kitchen knife still on your desk. "See you around."


She closes the door.

You count to twenty, listening to her go back down the stairs.

"You know," you say, "We're going to have to find a better way to communicate. Or soundproof this room." you think about the egg carton's all over the walls and ceiling of Sam's basement and wonder how feasible that would be.

{Notes work well.}

"I'd prefer a faster method, but if we have to we have to. The last thing I need is Grace thinking I'm cuckoo."

{I think you're right, Alice.}

You make sure your Friend is secure in Skelleypus in the bottom of your backpack before zipping it shut and pulling it on.

On the walk to school, you're on edge. You're really not sure why, but something feels off.

{It's very dark in here, Alice.}

"And maybe it'll teach you to be more cooperative," you say, glancing around to make sure no one will see you talking to yourself. What a hassle. "I think you'll survive." It's strange not having a direct connection to your Friend. Although you can hear them, you can't feel their presence or emotional state.

That might be why you felt so strange. It might be because of the strange sedan you spotted a few blocks back. One that looked a lot like the one that creep had been driving. You shiver.

"What's up with that creepy guy in the car?" You ask.

{He's a bad person, Alice. Dangerous. I recommend you stay away from him.}

You want to say more but don't. That creepy guy had told you that 'people were trying to use you' or something like that. Maybe he was referring to your Friend? It was an unsettling thought.

You cast another uneasy glance over your shoulder, looking for the car, but it's nowhere in sight.
>I'll find a better way to punish me if you don't give me a better answer.
>Why does he say people are using me?
>Why are you protecting me from him?
>What would you do if I went to find him?
>write in
>Why does he say people are using me?
>Alright, so, assuming goat-man is trying to hit on me, just how likely is it that he might be working with the creep in the car?
>Also, I figure tonight we should watch Rosemary's Baby sometime to give you an idea as to why goat-man hitting on me kind of instigated that fight we had.
>Let's assume you're him. What reason might you have for going up to a high school girl who just got the power to talk to the dead?
>"You know, you did say it would be better if i found answers on my own, right? Some of my own research would be fine, right? I think i might do that, what would you do if i did?"

>Don't actually do that

>"You know, you told me i need to make a decision in the future. And you want to keep me neutral for when that happens. Do you really think i'll choose whatever side you serve by default? Just like that? I mean, what kind of organization would try to keep something neutral because they'd win in every case?"

>" If i am to be kept so neutral, then why don't you want me to talk to him? Surely, you wouldn't mind if i agreed with him? Since it would be the same to you if i chose his side now or later, right? Hell, maybe i should date Billy the Kid in my dreams. It is all the same, right?"

Don't press too much, we want Friend to run his "mouth" here on his own


"That creepy guy," you say, "Why does he say people are using me?"

{People want you, Alice. He's no different. People will use people to get what they want from them. Beautiful people, smart people, talented people, all are exploited, even in your world.}

Your Friend's voice sounds so distant in your mind, a consequence of being exiled to your plushie. Normally it was a whisper right behind your ear, now it was a murmur down a hallway. You consider your next questions carefully.

"You know, you told me i need to make a decision in the future and you want to keep me neutral for when that happens. Do you really think I'll choose whatever side you serve by default? Just like that? I mean, what kind of organization would try to keep something neutral because they'd win in every case?"

There's a distant rasping sound like crumpling paper in your head. Laughter.

{Alice, would you be more inclined to back 'whatever side I serve' if I were to pressure you and try to mislead you?}

Your Friend doesn't let you answer.

{We feel it's safer to show you sincerity and care, show you that we respect your decision in the end and trust your judgement. Remember, I am not here to force your hand, I am here to ensure that, above all, the decision you make is yours to make. It wouldn't be much if you were forced to it.}

"Okay, so if I'm to be kept so neutral, then why don't you want me to talk to him? Surely, you wouldn't mind if i agreed with him? Since it would be the same to you if I chose his side now or later, right? Hell, maybe i should date Billy the Kid in my dreams. It is all the same, right?"

You're not sure if the goat-related pun is lost on your Friend because they don't react.

{You are free to do as you please, Alice. But that . . . man isn't likely to respect your decisions as much as I am. Talking to him could be dangerous. I am not afraid of what he has to say, so much as I am afraid of him lying to you or trying to control you. Words cannot hurt, but lies can.}

"And what are you doing to me?" you ask, trying to point out your Friend's hypocrisy.

{I do not lie to you, Alice. I may keep some secrets and be vague, but I do not lie to you.}

"Alright, so, assuming goat-man is trying to hit on me, just how likely is it that he might be working with the creep in the car?"

There's a pause.

{It's not likely.}

"Care to elaborate on that a bit?"

{No. I'm already in a deep hole you've dug for me. It can't get much worse, now can it, Alice?}

The bitterness in your Friend's tone is obvious. "Wanna bet?" you ask. "I know of a few other ways I can make you more uncomfortable." Not that you were about to start flirting with a stuffed skeleton octopus in public.

{The 'goat man' and the creep have nothing in common.}

You file that away. "Also, I figure tonight we should watch Rosemary's Baby sometime to give you an idea as to why goat-man hitting on me kind of instigated that fight we had."

{You find it frightening? The supernatural?}

"I don't want to get knocked up with some kind of weird Satan baby because I had a freak dream," you say.

{It's not as if you can have children, Alice.}

The meaning of the words hits you like a ton of bricks. "What? What do you mean?" You stop in your tracks, a sinking feeling in your stomach. "What did you do?" you hiss, hand subconsciously going to your tummy.

{Oh, it's nothing I did, Alice. This is just the natural state of things. You would have become aware of it sooner or later.}

"Natural state?" you feel a little faint.

{You are incapable of having children. This is not an affliction I gave to you, nor one I am capable of reversing on my own. But, be honest with yourself, did you really want children, Alice?}

"I-" you struggle to think, "I guess not. Maybe the option would have fucking been nice, though."

{I'm sorry, Alice. You don't know what the future may hold though. Suffice to say, you will bear no 'Satan babies' any time soon.}

"Well, if I can't have any kids, what does he want? I mean, if you were him, what reason might you have for going up to a high school girl who just got the power to talk to the dead?"

{Talking to do the dead is hardly your only ability. Have you forgotten the soul you devoured, Alice? Besides, any answer I could give you, you would dismiss as flattery.}

"What, he just thinks I'm super-hot?"

{Physical appearance is a fleeting thing. I suspect he may be attracted to your personality. Humans don't normally catch the attention of . . . Higher beings. But, as I've said, you're hardly an ordinary human.}

"My personality?" you say, continuing to walk, "Right. Totally, I can see that. I bet I'm funny and talented too."

{I don't appreciate the sarcasm, Alice. Let me ask you a question, why is it you think Franz was attracted to you? Was it because you were 'hot'?}

"Maybe," you say.

{Anything more?}

"I don't know, we had some things in common, maybe we kind of completed each other. He wanted something to take care of and I wanted to be cared for."

{Human love is no different than any other kind of love. What his reasons are, I won't pretend to guess. If I were to love you romantically, it would be for who you were as a person and what you were capable of.}

You stop at the edge of the street and check for traffic. "Isn't that a little cynical?"

{No one wants to be with someone they consider inferior to them. Would you want to marry a fool or a weakling?}

"I guess not."

Your Friend lets this answer speak for itself.

"So, you did say it would be better if i found answers on my own, right? Some of my own research would be fine, right? I think i might do that, what would you do if i did?"

That rustling sound of laughter.

{What would I do? Nothing. I'd wish you luck and help you look for books. Perhaps something by 'Faust'. I encourage you to seek whatever you'd like. Knowledge is its own kind of power, after all.}

The school building is in sight now, students slowly filtering in.

>More questions (write in)
>Continue to school
>Any other health conditions i have you want to share with me?

Otherwise move in
"I suppose that's a good enough reason for you to be cagey with what you know, huh?"

Also do we have enough time before class to research ancient gods and mythological beings at the library, specifically ones with goat heads?


>Also do we have enough time before class to research ancient gods and mythological beings
Certainly! It'd have to be after school though.
"I suppose that's a good enough reason for you to be cagey with what you know, huh?"

{It's not that I delight in lording over you. I would prefer to tell you all I know, I do consider us Friends, Alice, and I don't like keeping secrets from you, but yes, I do hold significant power.}

You continue to approach the school building, looking toward the library and considering doing some after-school research into goat gods. As you walk, your mind drifts back to your apparent infertility. Despite the fact that your Friend was correct and you really didn't want kids, you find yourself lingering on this. Having something taken away from you like that didn't sit right with you, it left you feeling cold and empty.

"Any other health conditions i have you want to share with me?" you ask bitterly.

{None that I am aware of. You're otherwise very healthy. Healthier now even after the work I did for you. If nothing changes, you should live to a ripe old age.}

You shake your head and push open the school door, entering the cafeteria, stomach rumbling, eyes searching from Sam and Franz.

"Alice. Hey."

You turn in surprise to see that same kid you saw the other day. Your age, blonde, not unattractive but definitely afflicted somehow. He's beaming at you attentively, leaning on the wall by the door like he was waiting for you.

"Uh, hi."

{Who is that, Alice?}

He steps away from the wall, closer to you and the smell of stink hits you like a slap in the face. His clothes look dirty, like they haven't been washed in days.

"We didn't get a chance to get properly introduced, and now seems a good time," He says, grinning.

"Well, you already know who I am," you say sourly, not in the best of moods already.

"Oh, do I ever." he lays a hand on your arm, causing you to recoil away involuntarily. "I don't want you to be afraid of me. In fact, I want to be friends with you. I want to be close to you."
>Do something about that stink and we'll see
>Who the fuck are you?
>Are you the guy that's been texting me?
>Friends? Sure, we can do that.
>Write in
>Get your sprite friends to tie his shoelaces together as he's talking to you, then get the fuck right out of there.
>"Okay, this is weird. Tell me who are you and we'll see what we can do"

>Keep a healthy distance from him
You take a self-defensive step back, calling up some sprites without thinking to tie this guy's shoelaces together, just in case. You could always undo it if you have to.

"Okay, this is weird," you say.

"Only for you," He replies, smile constant.

You breath shallow and through your mouth so you don't have to smell him anymore than you do already. "Tell me who you are and we'll see what we can do."

"Who I am? You already know this. Nobody. I'm nobody. I'm just a guy who wants to talk to you for once. I figure now, you might."

"Talk about what?"

"I'm trying to tell you that you're being lied to. You're being horribly deceived."

{Alice, you should leave, it's him.}


"How am I being deceived?" You ask, arms folded.

"It says that it's protecting you right? From what? The truth? The truth is that you can't cover shit with sugar and call it desert. You're being tricked into feeling a certain way, your privacy invaded, your mind invaded. Did it even tell you what would happen if you didn't go along with its plan?"

You weather the shock that this guy seems to know about your Friend as neutrally as you can. "What are you talking about?"

His smile, somehow, widens. You're surprised it's not cracking at the corners, his eyes almost seem to be bugging out of his head. Other students are giving him strange looks as they pass. "I'll put it a different way. Did you see a nasty goat-animal-man recently?"

{Alice, this is dangerous. You should let me back in.}

>Yes, in a dream
>What if I did?
>We're done here (leave)
>write in
"No, but you do stink like a goat, jackass." (stomp on his ankle)

Bug out, NOW.
>Listen to me Odysseus, If you wanna talk. Do it now and be quick. I have a class to attend.

>If you actualyl know what you are talking about, you'll choose your words carefully because you also know i can get out of here [fingersnap] just like that


Because it's a tie, I'm going to er on teh side of continuing the conversation. This option reserved for if things get nasty.
You've had enough of this shit. "No, but you do stink like a goat, jackass."

He chuckles, "An unfortunate side-effect sweetie."

You grit your teeth, "Listen to me Odysseus, If you wanna talk. Do it now and be quick. I have a class to attend."

"Oooh, touchy. You've changed, Alice. I like it. You know what? Forget it. I'll let you keep doing you. You're not going anywhere, right?"

"If you actually know what you are talking about, you'll choose your words carefully because you also know i can get out of here-" you snap your fingers "just like that."

"I'm sure you could, if your little buddy would let you. Maybe you could leave the school, maybe even Roselake. Good luck leaving the county." He looks down at his shoes and see's they're tied together. "Cute." With a little care, he wiggles his feet out, standing barefoot on the cafeteria floor. "I know that it's traditional to wait but-" With shocking quickness, he lunges forward, hand snatching your wrist in a vice grip.


His lips press over yours and your eyes widen in shock and anger.

You drive your booted foot down onto his bare ankle with all your might, feeling satisfaction of rubber sole grinding on bare skin.

He grunts and breaks the kiss, staggering back a step, limping almost.

You wipe frantically at your lips in disgust and look down at his ankle, this strange guy looking as well.

The skin above his foot his torn, blood running onto his foot "Heh," he says, "Damn. You're so sensitive, Alice. I'm looking forward to meeting next." He turns and walks away, limping slightly, leaving his shoes on the floor where he took them off, shoelaces tied together.

The small number of students who saw all this transpire are murmuring among themselves.

You stand alone, breathing hard, hands shaking with adrenaline.

{Alice? Are you alright? Did he hurt you?}

"N-no," you say quietly. "Fucking creep."

{I'm so sorry about that, Alice. If I'd been better prepared I could have stopped him or done something more useful. I'm sorry.}

"Alice?" A hand on your shoulder.

You jump and turn and find yourself looking into Sam's face.

"Are you okay? Did that guy grab you?"
>No, I'm fine. Just some weirdo.
>That asshole kissed me!
>Do you know him?
>Write in
>That asshole kissed me!
>Fockin ass, just came'ere and gave me a damn smoocher in the gob, y'mate. 'e vas loocky 'e ran avay 'afore i could spray 'im like one of them Occupy Vall Strit libs. Ya' dig sistah?
>That asshole kissed me!
>That asshole kissed me!

"What?!" Sam exclaims, outraged, "What a douche! Do you want to tell the principle or something?"

{Alice, no. That won't help and might make things worse.}

"No," you say, "I don't think he even goes here. Probably just like a prank or something."

"Here, come on and have a seat," Sam gently takes your arm and guides you toward the table you guys normally sit at.

{What a brash coward. How impossibly difficult. A rule bending no-account cheater!}

Your Friend is ranting in the back of your mind, a new sensation for you, one that makes it hard to concentrate. Sam sits you down and goes through the breakfast line to bring you back some food, giving you a few more minutes to recover. By the time she returns with your food-


"Better," you agree.

She nods, "That's seriously fucked up. You know Alan Doheny?"

You nod.

"That motherfucker grabbed my ass on the bus last year and I was so mad, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to make him swallow teeth, but I was too scared to hit him."

"What did you do?" you ask.

Sam laughs, "Nothing. I let him get away with it. I think I called him a 'shrimp-dick' or something. It's still fucked."

You nod again. "Thanks, Sam."

"No problem, I know what it's like to have someone treat you like that. You sure you don't want to tell the principle?"

"Yeah," you say, "I'm sure. I'll be fine. At least I stomped his foot pretty good."

Sam grins, "Wicked!"


Within minutes, Franz arrives and the three of you get about your day. Sam brings Franz up to speed on your very recent assault and you're pleased to note a flash of anger in his eyes when she gives him all the details. Say what you would about Franz, he seems to still genuinely care about you.

Soon enough, things have settled back into their normal rhythm, the three of you talking about Franz's assertion that the new Justice League movie is going to be utter shit. Sam's excited for it and you're really in the dark. Super hero movies just aren't your thing.

"Oh!" Sam exclaims suddenly, turning to you. "I'm bailing on my family today."

"Bailing on them?" you ask.

Sam nods, "Yeah, you know, I'm basically supposed to be grounded, but get this: my mom thinks I've got debate club tonight. Instead, I figured we could hang out like we planned. What do you think?"

"Yeah! That would be great," you say.

"You have any ideas what you want to do? I know we've got that weird zombie movie to finish, but I've basically got all night."

>Come to my place
>Get some food
>Go for a cemetery walk
>Visit my friend Zack
>Hang out with Franz
>Write in
>>Come to my place
"Say, have you gotten your Halloween costume ready yet? I could help you with sewing one up if you help me with makeup. What do you think you'd like to be?"

Hey, OP, what's Sam look like, again?
>Come to my place
There is no concievable way this could go wrong
>what's Sam look like, again?

Sam was that 'alternative' girl that all the weird dudes in school wanted to bang, and evidently some had. She wore her hair long, like, really long. She didn't ever dye it or anything, just kept it a natural, soft brown. She normally wore band T-shirts and was near constantly smiling. With shredded jeans and an old fatigue jacket that her long hair spilled over she ended up looking like some kind of hesher throwback or something. She's a bit shorter than you, a bit bustier than you, and with a pointed chin and almond eyes, she's very striking. She's also sort of tomboyish in many ways. You're not sure you ever saw her in anything other than the most basic makeup.
>Come to my place

"Say, have you gotten your Halloween costume ready yet? I could help you with sewing one up if you help me with makeup. What do you think you'd like to be?"

"I'd love to!" Sam says. "Mmm, I was thinking about maybe Harley Quinn."

You see Franz roll his eyes.

"I'm not sure how much of that I can sew," you say, "But we can find out."

"Sure, what about you?"

"I'm going as Morticia Addams."

"Ooooh, nice! It's so you, Alice! Yeah, I can come over with you after school if you want."

"If you don't mind waiting," you reply, "I've got some research I want to do before we hang."

"No problems," Sam says, "Franz can keep me company, right Franz?"


The rest of school is a blur, you make it through Mr. Cook's class no worse for wear and say hi to Sam in the halls again between class. Your Friend has been unusually quiet this whole time, but you leave them to their silence, having a mental break is nice for you. You'd forgotten what it was like to be alone in your head. You were even feeling good about Gym class, well, not bad about it at least.


You tuck your backpack carefully into the changing room locker, careful not to crush Skelleypus, even though you weren't sure it really mattered. You doubted if it would have any impact on your Friend's wellbeing. If sabers and muskets couldn't kill him, getting mushed in a locker would be no big deal.

"So, what the fuck."


You turn and look up to find Holly and two of her friends practically encircling you by your locker. "What?"

"What makes you think you can just talk up my boyfriend in front of me like I'm not going to notice?"

"He was helping me with my phone Holly," you reply, gritting your teeth.

"Chad couldn't fix a piece of technology if his life depended on it. Let me see your phone." Holly holds out her hand

"What? No."

"Why?" she puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head, "Cause he put his fucking number on there?"

You clench a fist, "It's none of your goddam business, that's why. Move." You push past Holly, heading for the door. The last thing you needed was more trouble with Holly. Besides, you could just fuck with her while she's in the shower after Gym.

"Do you think mommy is proud of how much of a little slut you've turned into?"

You stop dead in your tracks, staring fixedly at the door ahead of you.

"And you used to be such a sweet little girl," Holly says, voice mocking. "Really, it's kind of disgusting."

>Whatever, Holly. (leave)
>Talk about my mom again and you're fucked.
>You know what, I'm going to keep talking to Chad and there's nothing you can do about it
>(Unleash supernatural hell)
>write in
>If the lockers are big enough to fit a person in there then spirit Holly and push her in there before letting go

>If not, just tell her to fuck off
Leave, but send over some little helpers over to Holly's locker and have them prepare a little surprise for her. Preferably one that has her clothes latch onto her face like a facehugger.

>(Unleash supernatural hell)
>write in

Have your Friend teach Holly a valuable lesson in respect and restraint.
You look over your shoulder and lock eyes with Holly. "Fuck off." You glance at her locker, too small to shove her in sadly. No matter, you direct a couple little helpers to lie in wait. A simple springing action when the door opens should be enough to catapult her clothes into her face. You wouldn't be around to enjoy it though, a small price to pay for victory.

You let the door close behind you on the way out.

No petty shit was going to get you down today. You had plans with Sam, you had some questions to answer and you had power.

Next, you'd be looking up Goat Gods in the library and hanging with Sam. Quite a day ahead of you.


I ran out of time guys so I'm wrapping up here.

Thanks for playing/reading everyone and I hope to see you at the next session next week!

I haven't had inspiration to write any knew Vignettes because I am lazy and useless, but I'm free for any questions comments or whatever.

Next time, oh, next time we're going to go full Poltergeist Clown Doll on Holly.

Anyway, g'night boss! Hope to see you again next week.
Thank you for running TK
>and you had power.
Finally she realizes

Any chance of doing a ghostly locker shove someplace else?
File: Eyebrows.gif (940 KB, 400x211)
940 KB
940 KB GIF
>full Poltergeist Clown Doll

Color me excited.

Adios! See you then!

>Any chance of doing a ghostly locker shove someplace else?
Actually, even better idea, but it's reliant on the possibility of illusions being part of our powers, and us being really far off in developing them.

Remember the movie 1408, in particular that scene where John Cusack is screaming at a miniature version of Samuel L. Jackson sitting in his minifridge, until the camera moves back behind him and shows that he's just flipping out at a bunch of liquor bottles and candy?

Like that, but with the contents of a high school cheerleader's locker.
Alright, so far we've encountered three sides of this supernatural masquerade:
Our Friend and Goat-Man, whom I'm convinced Friend is allied with or vise versa
and, just now, Odysseus

Out of the two 'adversaries' we've met, I believe that Sunglasses is more dangerous, as I recall him driving around with other people, meaning there's more of him than Odysseus. That being said, I have a funny feeling that Odysseus isn't human. Either way, I think that we should think about acquiring more self-defense techniques, either mundane or supernatural. Our Friend sounds like he's fought before, so surely he can pass that knowledge on? As for supernatural options, again, our Friend is the one to talk to about that: see what options are available.
That's it, if friend is telling the truth at all

Odysseus just lost his right to be heard at all.
We should ask creppy car guy to show up in a neutral place, alone, if he wants an audience with us

We should also look for books about the occult and ask Friend what's real and what's not

And we should also ask friend to send a representative of his side
No "side" with a half functioning brain would risk as much as his. Or maybe he just doesn't consider the posibility of us choosing another side at all.Like, it is inconceivable to him.
When will you be continuing this?
Next quest session will be next Tuesday, 7 EST, (11 UTC) Sorry, was a bit sleep deprived yesterday and it slipped my mind. I meant also to add the Twitter and Discord.



Both have updates, discord also has degeneracy.
Asking creepy car guy for an audience while our friend is present will never fly, so we'd probably have to go alone: which is a bad idea.

I do agree that we should research the occult and see what's real and what isn't, though!
For purely my own kicks I would love to go full witch and fly around in a cauldron. Not a broom, but a cauldron that we can carry stuff in from place to place.

There's no real reason for this beyond the fact it would delight me.
He said he wasn't gonna intervene if we went looking for our own answers
He just doesn't know what he agreed to, and if he tried to take that back, he's gonna violate his precious neutrality he claims his side stands for

She could take a broom with her next time, and a hat that looks like a quadcopter, in case someone takes a picture. We can pass it up as a prank
Go full modern babayaga. Oversized mortar and pestle and a broom rudder then mount a caster track to the top of it and mount an M60 on the mother.
>a hat that looks like a quadcopter
It's just a prank, bro!

>mount an M60

That escalated really quickly
File: flat,800x800,075,t.jpg (81 KB, 800x800)
81 KB
All said, you couldn't really find all that much out about goat-like gods. Goats weren't apparently very majestic or awe-inspiring, you guessed. But there were a few.

The one you thought of immediately was Pan, it was the only one you'd know beforehand. Pan was like, Greek or Roman or something and his whole deal was basically being a man-goat. Running around with a bunch of nymphs and causing problems.

Problem number 1 was that Pan was bottom half goat, top half man. Your late night visitor was the other way around. So, probably a bust, though you did get to see a picture of a statue of pan fucking a goat. Neat.

Speaking of goat sex, people back in the day really couldn't get enough of that goat dong. Pan was associated with fertility, and the ram gods (rams are like goats, right?) Banebdjed and Ra-Amun were supposed to mate with the Pharoah's wife in Egypt to sire the next ruler.

Based on what your Friend told you regarding your own ability to have kids, you didn't expect that would be a problem.

The big two you found as far as goat-headed gods went, were Baphomet and the 'Horned God' which is not getting any points in your book for creativity. Baphomet, which, by the way is a spooky looking thing, seems to have origins in the crusades and the Knights Templar doing secret worship ceremonies and the like, though some of your reading seemed to indicate that Baphomet may be a bastardization of Muhammed? Baphomet is all about duality, man/woman, light/dark, life/death, etc. After the Knights Templar were wiped out in an inquisition, Baphomet had a revival under Alister Crowley and the sort of mystical-magic stuff of the early 20th century.

File: Stinger.jpg (82 KB, 500x692)
82 KB
The Horned God is a wiccan/pagan thing and is the male side of a two-part pantheon, the Mother Goddess being the other. The Horned God is about a union between man and animal and, like Baphomet, all about that duality.

You sigh and put your latest mythology book down. You weren't sure what you were expecting, exactly. The one who has the most information about them, Pan, also has the least to do with what you've experienced. As for Baphomet and the Horned God, they don't exactly have a pokedex entry for information. No weaknesses, likes-dislikes, hobbies, whatever. There was no section labeled "What to do if you suspect Baphomet is trying to hook up with you."

In Baphomet's case, he was only ever really worshiped (maybe) in the Medieval Era by a secret society of Templars, and now by Satanists and stuff. The Horned God draws the worship of modern wiccans and neopagans. Pan, draws from no one.

{Problems, Alice?}

The quiet, insistent voice of your friend.

You look at your backpack where it lies on the table beside you, seeing slight movement as plush, bone-patterned tentacles push the mouth of the bag open so the animated Skeleypuss plushie peers out at you from the shadows.
>So how much of this occult stuff is true?
>Am I looking in the right place?
>Is that goat thing Pan, or Baphomet, or the Horned God?
>What do you know about all this?
>Write in
>>So how much of this occult stuff is true?
>>Am I looking in the right place?
>So how much of this occult stuff is true?
>Am I looking in the right place?
>If you can't tell me directly, how about we play a game of hot or cold? If I'm close to getting something correct, you tell me I'm hot, and if I'm not, you tell me I'm cold.

File: Ithasfangs.jpg (40 KB, 500x503)
40 KB
"So, how much of this stuff is true anyway?'

{How much of what Shakespeare wrote is true?}

You roll your eyes. "Some? I guess?"

{My point, Alice, is that's hard to say. Some of it is very true to life, as are Shakespeare's characters. Other things are a complete fabrication.}

"Name one thing that's true and one thing that's fake," you say.

{Pan, I can tell you, is most certainly not true. The bit about the Queen of Egypt . . . It's less clear cut.}

"She fucked a goat?" You ask.

A passing librarian gives you a strange look and you feel your face flush with color.

{Something like that, but not that simple. It's as I said, there may be elements of truth to some of these things.}

"Ugh. Okay, well can you tell me if I'm looking in the right place?"

{These sources are . . . Cursory at best, Alice. You're certainly not going to find anything ground breaking in-}

The Skelleypus turns its "eyes" to your book.

{-The Encyclopedia of mythology.}

"Okay, well since you seem pretty reluctant to be forward with me. Which- I'll remind you- is how you ended up in that plush prison in the first place., then we should play a little game. Hot or Cold."

{I like games, Alice.}

"I'm sure. Okay, so tell me if I'm getting 'hot', close to the truth, or 'cold'-"

{-far from it, yes, I understand.}

"Baphomet," you say.


A shiver runs down your back, that was easy. "The Horned God."



{Quite Cold, Alice.}

"Something in between?"

{Now you're starting to understand. The truth is generally something in the middle.}

"Hmm, so you're saying I should do more research?"

{I'm saying that learning all you can never hurt anyone but the victims of inquisition. Learn away, Alice.}
>This would be easier if you told me more
>So who's side are you on in all of this?
>I think I'll look for a local occult bookstore
>Sam is probably waiting, I should get going . . .
>Write in
Occult store plus alice
>So I know I shouldn't blame you for not being able to tell me things, but is there someone else I can, and would it be a smart idea complaining to them about it in the first place?
>I think I'll look for a local occult bookstore, or some sort of new age shop.
>Sam is probably waiting, I should get going . . .
I meant Sam. Sorry, phoneposting


All is forgiven, happens to the best of us. I thought you were fetishisticly excited to see Alice in an occult store.
I am
"So, I know I shouldn't blame you for not being able to tell me things, but is there someone else I can? and would it be a smart idea complaining to them about it in the first place?"

{You're asking me who is in charge of the decision to keep you in the dark?}

"I'm looking to see who I can talk to about this. Maybe, if I talk to them directly-"

{These decisions were made to protect you, Alice. Would all of those responsible for the development of nuclear weapons have continued with the benefit of hindsight? The knowledge of what it was they were doing?}

"Some of them probably," You say.

{But, we can’t be sure. It's important you make a decision without feeling pressured to choose a certain way.}

"Are you saying you're trying to trick me into developing a bomb?"

{Certainly not. In fact, you know far more than you should now. I've given you more information than I was supposed to. I'm fortunate that you are . . . Who you are. Or perhaps I would be in serious trouble.}

"Sounds bad."

{Maybe not as bad as you're imagining.}

You sense a hint of humor in your Friend's tone.

{You're a very clever girl, Alice. I'm sure you've figured out even more than I've said or hinted at. I'd have hoped that my word would count for more than it does, but I suppose I can only ask for absolute faith for so long without any guarantees.}

You don't answer directly. "Well, if you're saying research could help, I'd better find other sources., instead you pull out your phone and run a quick google search. "Occult bookstores." There has to be something in the area that can give me more answers than you're willing to.

{I have no doubts that you'll find something that suits you, Alice.}

You scroll past a few obvious things like Barnes and Noble and old used book stores when you see one that catches your eye. "Hecate's Promise?" you repeat aloud. You tap the link.

Hecate's Promise Occult Books. "Guidance, empowerment, answers, sisterhood," you read the banner of their website. Seems a little fruit-loopy, but it's also probably the best potential source for this kind of info. "And it's in Edenvale." Not walking distance, but a twenty minute drive is all, and you wouldn't need to cross Foster Bridge.

{Wonderful! It sounds positively charming. I'm excited, Alice!}

"You're excited about everything," you say, zipping your bag closed and nearly catching a tentacle.

{Life is exciting, Alice.}

A pause.

{Alice, when can I come back to you? I'm so very lonely without you.}

>Okay, fine, come back now.
>You can return when we get home
>You're in the doghouse for the whole day
>Write in
You look way too cute as an octopus. I'll savor it while i can
>>You can return when we get home, in my room.
>It would set a lousy example to my invisible helpers if I just let you back in just because you were giving me puppy dog eyes. Or the invisible spirit guide equivalent, anyways...


"Hmmm," you put a finger to your lips as you walk the hall, deep in mock though. "I don't think so. You look way too cute as an octopus. I'll saver it while I can."

{But I don't like in here, Alice. Please.}

"Tell you what, you can return when we get to my room. It would set a lousy example to my invisible helpers if I just let you back in just because you were giving me puppy dog eyes. Or the invisible spirit guide equivalent, anyways . . . "

{Okay, Alice. Thank you.}

"Don't mention it." You step outside in the cold and the dying sunlight of mid-afternoon. The school parking lot is nearing empty and most foot traffic has died down, but leaning against a brick wall outside of school, you see Sam, anxiously kicking at the pavement until she looks up and sees you, giving a wave.

You return it and make your way over. "I'm sorry, did you wait this whole time?" you ask.

Sam snorts, "Can't really go home can I? Debate club and all that. Ready to go?"

You nod and the two of you set off together.

"Where's Franz?" you ask.

"Drove home," Sam says. "I told him not to wait up. What were you doing anyway?"

"Just a bit of research," you say.

{Hey, Alice. Do you think it would freak Sam out if I just burst out of your bag at her?}

You feel the zipper on your backpack slowly coming undone.

Hurriedly, you reach over your shoulder and zip it firmly closed.

"God, you sure do study a lot," Sam says.

You shrug, "I guess I just have a lot of time to kill." You don't add the part where you have all that time cause you have no friends. Thinking of friends makes you remember Ellie. You don't want to think about that now. "So, Sam," you say before you have time to think about it too much. "I've been seeing this guy."

Sam perks up, "Oh? A guy, huh? Who is it?"

"I-it's nothing serious!" you reply hastily, "I mean, we're not dating or anything!"

"Not dating . . . yet," Sam says with a raised eyebrow.

"It's not like that. I mean, not really," you remember Zack's attempted kiss after dropping you off at home.

"So who is this guy?"

"His name is Zack. He goes to Lasker High. I wanted to get your opinion on him."

"My opinion?" Sam asks. "Okay, do you have a picture or anything?"

"Um, no, actually."

She frowns, "Getting a picture from a guy is step number one, Alice. How else are you supposed to show him to all your friends? Maybe we can do that when we get to your place?

"Um. Maybe."

"So, what do you have?" Sam asks.

"We've texted a bit."

She holds out her hand expectantly.

You pass your phone over and she starts scrolling through the conversation. "Hmm, he seems okay. I'd want to talk to him, or see you talk to him before I make and judgements. And I definitely need to see what he looks like." She hits 'back' and continues going through your phone casually.

>Stop her
>Let her
>Write in
Seconding this.
>Stop her
>Tell you what. We'll call him tonight and I'll talk to him while you listen in, then you give me your review, and whether or not I should invite him to the Halloween Dance.
File: 435343745.jpg (29 KB, 720x540)
29 KB
>Let her

Instructions unclear.

You feel your mind screaming. "Oh! Um-" Stop her. Stop her!

"Whaaat!?" Sam says, "You've got Chad's number?" she looks at you, stunned.

"Uhh." Panic. "Well he was helping me with my phone and I guess he put his number in."

"Hmm," Sam says, seems to be perfectly content with this answer. She starts flipping through your other conversations.

Maybe if you distract her. "Okay, well, what if we call him tonight and I'll talk to him while you listen in."

"Who, Chad?"

"N-no!" you reply, "I mean Zack! Then you give me your review, and let me know whether or not I should invite him to the Halloween Dance."

"You're thinking about inviting him to the dance?" Sam asks.

You nod, "He seems okay."

"Sure! Could be fun. Are you going to get some pictures of him? I Don't want to tell you that you should go with him if he looks like Danny Devito."

"He doesn't!" you protest.

Sam gasps, "Oh my gosh, who is this?" she points the phone at you with a picture of that mystery guy on the screen, shirtless.

>No one, can I have my phone back now?
>Some guy who got my number
>A secret admirer
>Write in
>>A secret admirer
>But I'm holding off on him for a little bit, in case I'm being catfished by that freak from earlier.
>Phone. Back. Now
>A secret admirer
>But I'm holding off on him for a little bit, in case I'm being catfished by that freak from earlier.

"it's . . . A secret admirer," you say, taking your phone back as quick as you can without looking "grabby".

"Ooooo," Sam says, "He is gorgeous. Why aren't you taking him to the dance?"

"For starters, he says he's twenty."

"So? That's not that big a deal. It's not like he's thirty or something," Sam says.

"Well, I'm holding off on him for a little bit, in case I'm being catfished by that freak from earlier."

Sam looks shocked, "You think that dude who . . . Attacked you might be that guy?"

"Well, not him, but using those pictures or photoshop or something."

"That didn't look like photoshop," Sam says. "I mean, you could just ask him to take a picture with a sign or with a shoe on his head or something. Something hard to photoshop."

"I- um. I don't know. It doesn't really sit right with me," you say.

"So call him! Hell, I'll call him for you and see what we can get out of him," Sam says. "What do you think?"

>No, I don't think so
>Write in
>>No, I don't think so
Let's just focus on one guy at a time, okay?
File: 1410147488489.jpg (7 KB, 158x153)
7 KB
What could possibly go wrong?

"S-sure," you say, doubting the wisdom of that decision some.

"Aw come on, Alice. It'll be fun! We're just going to see what's up, make sure you've got some options, okay?"


"It's not like I'm making you call Chad."

You shudder, this was true. Maybe Sam was right, and branching out some wouldn't hurt. Besides, you had plans to hang out with Zack later anyway.

"Is your mom going to be pissed if she finds out we were hanging out?" you ask.

"Probably. So let's make sure she doesn't find out, okay? I don't get good reception on my phone sometimes, you know," she says. "Hey, are your parents going to mind that I come over?" She realizes her mistake after asking. "Uh, I mean."

"No, Mark and Grace won't mind," you say quickly, knowing it was a half lie. "We'll be out of their way upstairs anyway." You both stop before crossing another suburban street, nearly to your house.

"Cool! So we've got to figure out my costume, right?" Sam asks. "And your makeup. Plus, maybe finish that movie, what was it?"

"Dead/Alive," you say. "We can if you want."

"Yeah! It was super nasty, I liked it," Sam says. "And we can talk to the boys too, no pressure on that."

What's first?

>Do your makeup
>Help Sam pick a costume
>Watch the rest of Dead/Alive
>Talk with Zack/Mystery Guy
>Write in
The order which I think we should go:
>Help Sam pick a costume
>Do your makeup
>Watch the rest of Dead/Alive
>Talk with Zack/Mystery Guy
Supporting this
File: 1433185725142.jpg (188 KB, 500x380)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>Talk with Zack/Mystery Guy
>Help Sam pick a costume
>Do your makeup
>Watch the rest of Dead/Alive
In that order.

>This order

"We should tackle the costume problem, first," you say as the two of you reach the front porch.

"You take this Halloween stuff seriously, don't you?" Sam asks.

You look back at her, face deadly serious, "Can you really say that you're surprised?"

Sam laughs and follows you in as you open the front door. It she thinks walking through the main sitting area of a funeral home is weird, she doesn't say anything, quietly following you through the house.

"That you, Alice?" Grace calls from the kitchen.

"Yeah," you say. "Me and Sam."

"Hi!" Sam calls.

Grace pokes her head out of the kitchen, "Oh, hello. I wish you'd told me you had a . . . Friend coming over." you try not to notice your sister's pause. "I would have made dinner."

"No need," you say, "We'll fend for ourselves, Maybe order pizza or something."

"Okay then," Grace says. "Just let me know if you need something. Nice meeting you, Sam."

"Likewise!" Sam replies, following you up the stairs a bit before asking, "Your sister?"


"She seems nice."

"She's okay," you say, continuing to the attic, "It kinda sucks getting raised by your sister sometimes." Maybe you'd said to much? Sam seems to sense that and doesn't say anything. You open the door to your bed room and throw your backpack onto the bed where Skelleypus spills out with your books, but your Friend is already back, filling you with that airy, floaty, feeling.

{Thank you, Alice.}

"Aw! What a cute stuffed animal!" Sam says, approaching Skellypus and putting her own bag down beside yours. She scoops up the small octopus and wiggles its tentacles. "You brought it to school?"

"Yeah, must have been an accident," you say, "I keep it on my bed, so maybe it fell into my bag."

"Well, it's adorable." She looks around your room and examines everything closely, stopping at the sewing machine. "Yours?"

"Yup. I'm almost done with my Morticia costume," you say.

"Oh, cool! You should try it on!"
>Sure, if you want me to
>It's not totally done yet. I'll put it on when it's finished.
>We should figure out what you're going to wear first
>write in.
>>It's not totally done yet. I'll put it on when it's finished.
>>Sure, if you want me to
File: 1477685406241.jpg (16 KB, 406x347)
16 KB
>Sure, if you want me to
inb4 Friend jumps back into the octopus while Sam is holding it
Put it on
>Sure, if you want me to

File: 1439566900167.png (154 KB, 672x434)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>and then take it off
Indeed. Alice is undressing in front of a girl?
"Oh," you say, the idea having really not occurred to you. "Sure. Um." you pick up the fabric, it really wasn't something you could change into around someone else. "It's not something I can really put on with you in the room."

"Oh!" Sam says, like the idea hadn't occurred to her. "Sure, I'll wait outside or something."

"Okay," you say, suddenly feeling nervous about showcasing your work.

{Is that all you're nervous about showcasing?}

You bite off a snappy reply, not with Sam still in the room.

"Just let me know when you're ready," Sam says, closing the door behind her.

You pull off your shirt and unzip your pants, letting them fall to the floor as you step into your dress. Unfortunately, because of the cut of it, your bra had to go. You might find something less conspicuous to wear under the dress before the dance, but for now, you had to go without. "I don't appreciate those kind of comments," you whisper as you dress.

{Are they too personal?}

"They're really inappropriate, and not any of your business."

{You're right, Alice. For what it's worth, I'm sorry.}

Your Friend's apology catches you so off guard you can't even think of an appropriate response and so opt to get dressed in silence.

The dress is a bit tight, restrictive, but that's by design. You adjust the waist and make sure you're tuck in at all the right places. You look at the full-length mirror on your door and brush your hair out and down with your fingers, letting it fall over your shoulders.

Well, here goes.

"Okay, you can come back in."

Sam pushes open the door cautiously like you're going to ambush her, but then her eyes light up when she sees you.

"Wow! Alice you look incredible!" Sam closes the door again and comes over to you, looking you up and down. "You made this? It's awesome! You totally look the part!"
>*Confusing feelings*
>Thanks! I worked really hard on it
>So what did you have in mind for your costume?
>It needs a bit more work, could be better.
>write in
>confused feelingd
>T-thanks... (blushes a bit)
>It needs a bit more work, could be better.
>So what did you have in mind for your costume?
File: 1494429937476.jpg (121 KB, 680x671)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Thanks! I worked really hard on it!
>Would you like me to take it off for you?
>>*Confusing feelings*
>*Confusing feelings*



File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 355x236)
23 KB
"Th-thanks," you feel your cheeks heating, your heart beating a little faster, "Um. I put in a lot of time so I'm glad to hear you say that."

"Yeah!" Sam says, "Anytime."

You run your fingers through your hair nervously. "I think it needs a bit more work," you say. "I mean, it could be a lot better."

"I think it looks great, on you, Alice. You're being way too hard on yourself. I mean, I wish I could do something like this. All I can really do is play the drums a bit."

"That's pretty cool, though," you say, regretting it afterward.

Sam laughs, "You think so?"

{Would now be a good time for me to make an inappropriate comment? About asking Sam if she'd like to stay while you change this time.}

"No," you say. "I mean, um, yes!"

Sam laughs again and you feel your face flush with color.

"I-I need to change out of this. I don't want to mess anything up. It's still not quite finished."

"I know, you've said that, " Sam laughs again. "I'll be outside."

As she closes the door, you imagine what it might feel like to have her helping you out of this dress. Ugh. You shake your head, Why are things like this so confusing for you?

{There's no reason to let it bother you, Alice. I think you should go with what feels natural.}

"Having a voice in my head help me . . . do that, definitely doesn't feel natural!" you hiss back. Although, once the dress is on the floor, you glance at the door. All you'd have to do is ask Sam to come back in while you're half naked like this and . . . Well, who knew what could happen next?

Or maybe that was your Friend putting weird ideas in your head. You had all night to have fun, you didn't see any reason to make things weird.

You pull on your jeans, bra and shirt, and fold the dress back up neatly again before taking a steadying breath.

"Okay! Let's get a costume picked out for you!"


And that's my time.

Thanks for playing guys! I had a blast as always. Next week is an "off" week, I'm taking a quest breather so the next session will be the 13th, Tuesday, at 7 EST (11 UTC)

As always, I am open for questions/comments etc.



Something new I'm going to start doing is posting the "agenda" for the next session when I can, so people can discuss it and propose additions changes. Currently it stands at:

>Help Sam pick a costume
>Do your makeup
>Watch the rest of Dead/Alive
>Talk with Zack/Mystery Guy

Then, hanging with Zack on Saturday. You'll be investigating the creepy cabin there.

Today is Thursday, October 12th.

There have been offhanded mentions of:

>ghosting into Holly's house and messing with her.
>Hooking up with Chad for revenge purposes
>Asking Zack to dress like a Matrix reject
>Going to an Occult book store

Good night, TK.
Thanks for running
Thanks for running. Maybe we will hold hands with Sam.
File: 200PercentLewd.png (395 KB, 600x600)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
No problem, anon! My pleasure!

No sweat!

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