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Marvel Quest Presents: Vibrant and Intuition Drive

- A quest set in a version of the Marvel Universe, following the exploits of two emerging powerful individuals.


At the cost of the reputation of his multi-million dollar engineering corporation, Vibrant Technologies, as well as the life of his friend, Vincent Walken has developed a sonic device capable of generating terrific force capable of even sending him into an alternate world where he has discovered nuclear ruin, remnants of advanced technology, and a colony of survivors.

How will he use his new power?

Intuition Drive:

An escaped android developed to solve investigations with intuition instead of logic. Having fled destruction at the hands of the company that created it, it seeks to find acceptance in the world as a hero and, perhaps, as a person. After thwarting several criminals and recovering a stolen ceramic disk, ID discovered changes within himself that defy his understanding.

[See origin issue: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2098832/ ]

[See first issue: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2136336/ ]

[See second issue: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2181881/]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaceripperQM
Welcome back OP!
File: 1512933844071.png (696 KB, 1024x768)
696 KB
696 KB PNG

“’Mister’ it is.” You hear yourself say as the man in the visor directs you to sit down at a comfortable set of chairs in one corner of the lab. As he manipulates some controls on the little table between you, you marvel at the fact that you are sitting down to talk with “Mister”, an alternate world version of Reed Richards and leader of one of the last surviving vestiges of humanity left after nuclear devastation.

You’ve had some serious power meetings before, but this is a whole other level.

“Would you care for some tea?” he asks, as a panel on the table retracts and a full tea set raises up from below. “Fresh tea is one of the few luxuries we have in abundance, due to the gardens.” He smiles a wide, pleasant grin as he pours himself a cup.

You consider the diplomatic way to refuse, as you’re still somewhat reluctant to remove your protective helmet. “No offense, but I’m not quite ready for tea, just yet. I have a some questions…”

“I’m quite certain you do!” he remarks, as he takes a sip, releasing a pleased sigh after swallowing. “I imagine you’re wondering about repayment for the materials you delivered to us. Well, I reviewed your requested technology and I’m afraid you’ve put the cart before the horse. Many of the devices you’re interested in require very specific, custom designed alloys forged to exacting standards.

“I recommend that you instead accept the plans for a device that can generate such alloys from raw base components. I’ve taken the liberty of printing you up the plans.”
He stretches his right arm several feet away to grasp a folder on the lab counter. The movement seems more stiff and disjointed than you expected. Combined with the burn scars down the right side of his face, the movement generates the mental image of a rubber toy charred and brittle from a fire. You chase the pitiable thought from your mind as he hands you the plans. “I presumed that you would prefer paper schematics to electronic, after last time.” He offers with a slight shrug.


The schematics are amazing and complex, but you are certain that you can utilize them and it seems as though the machine detailed should work as described. This device would streamline the manufacturing of several of your company’s products, but also allow you to craft components for your new suit much more quickly. Its value is much greater than the worth of the crate of supplies you brought. “I think this will be acceptable.”

In truth, it is extraordinary. Especially since the governor had, just minutes ago, been trying to convince you they might not repay you at all.

“Now,” he continues, “What were some of your other questions?”

>”Why do you let that governor lead? He seems… ill suited to it.”

>”Can I ask about your scars? How did you get them?”

>”What is this place? How did this colony form?”

>”Your shield system is amazing. How do you manage to generate such a field?

>”Captain Danvers mentioned an “overseas enemy” that you ask everyone not to talk about, can you explain what that’s about?”

>”Is there something else I can deliver to you?”

What is this place? How did this colony form?
Captain Danvers mentioned an “overseas enemy” that you ask everyone not to talk about, can you explain what that’s about?
Any other special requests for delivery?
>”What is this place? How did this colony form?”

“This facility was an old decommissioned science outpost that was refitted to explore the feasibility of a scientist’s claim that he could ‘fix’ global warming.” he explained.

“The scientist, the brilliant but criminal Dr. Octavius, had actually conducted a massive hoax, but they constructed this place to test the idea of creating an energy force field around the entire earth to shield it.

“The shield was designed to be projected by satellites to form an octahedron, like the one emblazoned outside. The scientists never got anywhere with the force field technology, but I thought it had merit.

“When the nuclear explosions went off, I knew I had to create a safe place for survivors to gather and rebuild. I quickly gathered when I needed and succeeded in putting together the shields and establishing this base, along with the help of other survivors.

“Then, we sent out search teams to find others and our community slowly grew. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve built here.”

>”Captain Danvers mentioned an “overseas enemy” that you ask everyone not to talk about, can you explain what that’s about?”

”Ah, miss Danvers… She was completely correct, of course.”

“There are avenues of manipulating matter and energy that still elude even me. One such method is what many would call “magic”, which is of course simply a way of looking at significantly advanced technology.

“The threat, the real threat and our only true enemy, utilizes a diabolical form of this technology. Before he died, one of the last of our allies familiar with it cautioned me on how to avoid detection and one of the key elements was never “giving your enemy the power of your voice” by saying their name.

“I can’t claim to understand it fully, but I trust the one who gave me the advice and protecting this remaining vestige of the human species is the most important thing of all.”
“No kidding. So, in a way, she’s right when she calls him ‘Voldemort’? Amazing.”
“I suppose it’s possible, I admit her moniker for him seems popular, although I don’t understand the reference.

“This enemy resisted the combined forces of Earth’s greatest heroes, withstood pointblank nuclear annihilation, and is entirely capable of wiping out our entire refuge. We must continue to be able to survive in hiding. And you can help us with that.”

Damn. Seems like there’s a lot of trouble, or in business newspeak, opportunity and challenge, in this world.
>”Is there something else I can deliver to you?”

”Now,” Mister continues, “there is something that you are in a unique position to help us with.

“The greatest resource we lack won’t be found on any of the lists that the farmers, technicians, or Myers would give you. The greatest resource we lack is people.

“I know, you might think this facility might not be able to house many more people, and you’d be right. And yet, we still need more people, more diversity, if we are to survive as a species.

“Furthermore, if we had greater numbers, we could establish additional bases throughout the world. As it is, we are putting all our eggs in one fragile basket. Unfortunately, Danvers has searched as well as we can expect to be able to and there simply are no more people to be found.

“The answer is simple: Clones. I have extensive experience with cloning and with the proper reagents, produced in significant enough quaintly, we could replicate every member of this community, several times over, as full grown adults. We could even manipulate the genetic material to produce a wider ranged gene pool.
“It really is the only way forward.”
An excited grin crosses his lips.

”The primary obstacle is that my own supplies did not survive the cataclysm and the activated serum and chemicals required for such work are exceedingly rare. I have been able to consider one location that might have survived and would definitely have the required materials.

“I would like you to get them for us. If we can use them to begin the cloning program, you can have whatever reward you can name.”

A thought immediately occurs to you. ”Why haven’t you sent Captain Danvers to retrieve these materials?”

>> continued
So, he wants to build up humanity with cloning... but wouldn’t that attract attention of the nameless demon?

I wonder if evacuation is on the table instead...

“Well, not everyone, miss Danvers included, has an open mind about the necessity of cloning. Some would let their preconceived notions of individuality impede what’s truly necessary. I may have to work in secret until I can demonstrate how invaluable cloning is to the survival of our species.

“You, in addition to being an outsider to our community, clearly have some sort of transportation capable of safely traversing our irradiated world.”[/i] Anticipating your reluctance to explain, he holds up his hand. ”Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to share your methods. At least, not until you decide to join our community properly.

“I simply want to use your impressive ability to gather the resources we truly need.”

Suddenly, his whole posture changes and he sits straight up. ”Oh no.”

A loud claxon alarm blares throughout the lab and Mister leaps to his feet, knocking his tea cup and sending it crashing to the floor. ”I am afraid that there is something of an emergency situation I have to attend to.” Producing a paper from somewhere, he hands it to you as you stand and gather the schematics he gave you earlier.

“Take this. It is has coordinates and rough description of a hidden laboratory in a small town in Pennsylvania and what materials I require. Please consider my offer. I must go.”

Apparently speaking into communication device, he barks out ”Cortez! We’re about to come under severe attack. I need to bolster the shields and keep generators intact no matter the cost, do you understand? … No, worse. Marko finally wandered into us.” He continued as he strode quickly out of the room.
>Follow him out the door and ask what’s going on and if you can help.
>Linger in the lab and check out the equipment.
>Demand he stop and explain the situation.
>Play it safe and shift back home and out of whatever danger is coming.
>write in
Follow him, let’s see what’s up and if we can pitch in.
In any case I believe we should assure the hardened mr. Reed that our species is not as threatened as he thinks, so he doesn’t need to compromise his ethical standards out of desperation. But, first things first.
By the way, how much does Vibrant know of magic on his own side of multiverse? Did he hear of dr. Strange or something like that?
>wouldn’t that attract attention of the nameless demon?
The idea suggested is to set up multiple bases, so that if one is wiped out, there are others still out there.
>Follow him out the door and ask what’s going on and if you can help.
Backups, I see. Well, let’s explore the issue in more detail before deciding on course of actions.
>how much does Vibrant know of magic on his own side of multiverse? Did he hear of dr. Strange or something like that?
He is aware that some Avengers like Doctor Strange or the Scarlet Witch operate and have an ability they call "magic", but he is practical and very rooted in what he considers "real" and "scientific".
Honestly, he doesn't think about magic much at all.
Well there’s nothing unscientific in acknowledging a tangible phenomenon just because it’s especially weird, is there. Maybe we’ll end up consulting some of the specialists in the field at some point.
>Follow him out the door and ask what’s going on and if you can help.

You follow Mister as he strides towards the command center. ”What is going on? Is there something that I can do to help?”

“I’m honestly not sure what can be done. We’ve been aware of this threat for a while, but we had hoped Marko would never find us.”

Your recent fight with Man Mountain Marko makes you think of him, but you doubt that he could be the threat, in any reality. ”Who?”

Pointing to one of the many monitors in the command center, he indicates the massive form stomping through the snowstorm towards the shielded base. ”I designed the shields to endure a great deal of punishment, but I’m sure of anything that can withstand the Unstoppable Juggernaut.”

Myers entered the room, nodded a quick hello to you, and turned to Mister. ”He’s almost here boss, what’s the play?”

“Send out three teams, fully armed. And suit up.”


“Danvers is our only hope. She’s already been alerted. I need you to buy us as much time as possible until she can return. You must protect the shields.”

A grim look passes over Myers’ face. He nods and turns to head out of the room.

>”Wait! I heard once that Juggernaut is vulnerable to psychic attacks, do you have someone here that can do that?”
>”Can you let me out of here? I don’t want to be here for this!”
>”If all you need is to distract him, maybe I could help?”
>”Good Luck Myers!”
>”Wait! I heard once that Juggernaut is vulnerable to psychic attacks, do you have someone here that can do that?”
>Wait! I heard once that Juggernaut is vulnerable to psychic attacks, do you have someone here that can do that?
>”Wait! I heard once that Juggernaut is vulnerable to psychic attacks, do you have someone here that can do that?”

Mister paused for a moment. "I... no. There is no person, but I do have a device. It works along similar principles.
"It may not be powerful enough, but if we can get me close enough to use it, and we're able to remove his helmet, it could work.
"Myers, I'm going to be joining you. You'll need to take care of the helmet personally."
Turning to you, he adds, "I'll need you help with the distraction."

Can we disrupt ground beneath it to slow it down?
Assembling in the hangar, three teams of security personnel load into the tread vehicles they use for patrol.
They all wear the same protective suits, aside from Myers, who is wearing a tougher looking suit with several curved bladed weapons holstered on it.
Mister quickly arrived after in a helmeted suit of his own, holding what looks like a tv remote.
"Time is short, we need to draw him away from the shield without getting too close. Remember, Danvers is still on her way, but if we can take him out, it will keep him from causing too much damage before-"

There is a crashing boom and the ground shakes.
"He's reached the shield. Let's move!"

Rushing out into the snow, you race after the vehicles as they tear off towards the towering figure striking the field.
This first vehicle buzzed him, kicking snow into him, turning his attention.
The second vehicle buzzed him, but he lunged and grabbed the vehicle, lifting it the air and tossing it far into the distance.

The third vehicle, containing Myers speeds towards Juggernaut, your not sure where Mister is, and you are closing in.

>Keep closing in before attacking
>Try to draw Juggernaut to you by firing a tight blast at him
>Hold back and see how the battle goes before engaging
>Can we disrupt ground beneath it to slow it down?
The ground is largely packed with dense snow and ice, so you should be able to disrupt it without much difficulty.
Blast the ground under him.
Excellent, let’s do that then, try and bog him down.
>Blast the ground under him.

The third vehicles veers wider, buzzing Juggernaut as you fire a tight blast into the ground under his feet.
The ice and snow crumble and he falls backwards as he sinks serveral get into the ground.

Myers, having leapt from the third vehicle, throws two blades, one striking the side off his helmet, damaging it.

>Fire another blast into the snow around Juggernaut
>Hold back and wait to see where this battle goes
>Hit Juggernaut in the face with a blast to keep him distracted
>Hit Juggernaut in the face with a blast to keep him distracted
Hit his head with a high pitched ray of sound to deafen him and distract him more.
>>Hit Juggernaut in the face with a blast to keep him distracted
>Hit his head with a high pitched ray of sound to deafen him and distract him more.
Roll 1d100 for the attack
Rolled 12 (1d100)

Rolled 88 (1d100)

Rolled 4 (1d100)

Nice save
>Nice save

You fire the blast, directing it at his face.
As the sonic waves buffet his head, deafening him, he roars in anger and smashed downward, obliterating the ground in front of him.

The vibration staggers you , causing you to stumble in the snow.
Your goal was to distract him, and as you stand, you see it worked.
The unstoppable Juggernaut is tearing the ground up, charging towards you.

Myers threw two blades at him...

>Fire another blast at his face.
>Blast the ground in front of him
>Run for it
>Wait for him and teleport back before he gets there.
Focus on the damaged part of his helmet with our most penetrative and focused wave possible
>Blast the ground in front of him

Be ready to leg it if it doesn’t work though.
Rolled 84 (1d100)

>Myers threw two blades at him...
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>Focus on the damaged part of his helmet with our most penetrative and focused wave possible

>>Blast the ground in front of him
>Be ready to leg it if it doesn’t work though.
>Blast the ground in front of him

What happens when you trip and have infinite inertia? I imagine he'd just keep tumbling. My point is I want to try and trip him. Good to have you back Faceripper.
Rolled 3 (1d100)

Sorry you missed the vote.

Myers blades both strike the side of Juggernaut's helmet loosening it, he ignores the blow, starting his full charge.
As the behemoth gains speed, you focus the tightest, most intense blast at his helmet joint.

Roll 2d100.
Rolled 4, 96 = 100 (2d100)

As the roaring force of destruction bears down on you, your blast goes a touch to the side, glancing off his helmet.
With more speed than you expected, he closes the gap and throws a disoriented punch.
You fling yourself back, ducking the blow.
His other arm lashes out, trying to grab you and you expertly dodge it.

>Fire a blast point blank at his helmet
>Take the snow out from under him again.
>Teleport back home! This is too close!
>Fire a blast point blank at his helmet

Knock it off for the psychic thing to take effect
Roll 1d100
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 46, 41, 32 = 119 (3d100)

The blast strikes the helmet, but misses directly striking the joint and our remains in place.
The disoriented Juggernaut swings at you with both arms...
>bad rolls
His giant mitts grabs you and siezes you around the chest.
An evil grin spreads across his face before Meyers' blade strikes the latch on his helmet, finally breaking it free.
Seemingly from nowhere, Mister emerges in front of your attacker, pointing his device at Juggernaut's exposed face, bathing it in red light.

Juggernaut's face goes slack and his grip on your chest lessens.
It seems like the plan has worked when suddenly, the face of Cain Marko contorts in fear and disgust.
One of his hands tightens on your chest while the other lashes out, grips Mister's arm. You hear cracking as squeezes his arm, then tosses Mister dozens of feet away.

Still holding you like a doll, he reaches down and picks up the device, staring at it in disgust.
Turning to you, he utters a gutteral "Now... You die!"

>Desperately blast his face
>Teleport back home before being crushed
>Try to talk him down()
>Try to talk him down()
Why is he even trying to break the shield in the first place? Does he enjoy living in a nuclear wasteland with no one to interact with? I'd think it would get boring.
Gotta make a run and maybe eat.
I'll leave this vote to sit for a while to get more opinions as it might be very important.
>>Teleport back home before being crushed
Rolled 66 (1d100)

>Teleport back home before being crushed

I think I'm going to need a degree of success roll of a 1d100 here, but I'll start writing.
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Rolled 82 (1d100)

We are going to zip back afterwards, yes? The surprise of our vanishing act should be enough to allow Reed to recover and use the device, but better to be sure. And have a debrief chat.
File: Spoiler Image (773 KB, 2000x2000)
773 KB
773 KB JPG

Trapped in his deadly grip, you find yourself wondering why you're even fighting.
Questions to ask him flooded your mind:
Why is he even trying to break the shield in the first place?
Was he just breaking things to break them?
Does he enjoy living in a nuclear wasteland with no one to interact with?
You imagine that it would get boring. And lonely.
Wouldn't he prefer just to relax with some beers?
You open your mouth to attempt a quick parlay. Working up your best sales pitch: "Bwuh-!"

A simple squeeze from his hand emits a loud crack from your chest and you pray that it was your Kevlar and not your sternum you just felt snap.
The pain only intensifies as he slowly applies more pressure.
You're done.
It's time to shift out while you still can.
You bring your hands together and initiate the shift.

Pain clouds your thoughts and weakens your concentration as you shift back to your lab in your building in your home dimension...

The view of the sunset from your office windows always brought you great comfort and tranquility.
You find that this effect is somewhat lessened by seeing it reflected on the outside of the windows from several dozen stories up as you begin a freefall towards the street below.
You go to gasp seems still feel the same pain and pressure.
But suddenly, the pressure lessens and you can think.
Quickly, you try to zip back, to continue fighting the battle and maybe impress them a little.
Concentrating as best you can as you speed to the ground with the wind roaring in your ears, you shift back...

At the last moment, a thought crosses your mind that amounts to "something, something, something, conservation of momentum".
You manage to reappear outside the shield with the other, striking the snow with a terrific force.

Somehow, Danvers is there, and suddenly she's carrying you.
You'd swear she has feather wings.
You hear Myers voice "Damn mate, how'd you pull that one off?"
Turning, you see he's removed his helmet and, infact, you're all inside the shielded base.
"Wha-what?" You manage weakly.
"You just single handedly defeated the bloody Unstoppable Juggernaut, mate! You disappeared with him and then reappeared like you keep pet tigers. Never heard of anything like it!"

It's then that you remember the sudden release of pressure as you were falling and the roaring you heard that you attributed to the wind.
You are fairly certain that you just dropped the Juggernaut at the base of your building in your own dimension. And it is with this realization that you pass out.

>End of session
Oh shit. That went much worse than expected.

I wonder who we'll be getting an earful from when we get back. Those blueprints better be enough to pay for damage and bring stock value back up...
Yeah, that's why I wanted to talk him down. But he wasn't willing to listen. :(
So, to-do list...

>Check on state of the corporate HQ, see if employees and bystanders got hurt
>Tally the damage bill
>As the investigation for a new rogue element goes on, try to mitigate damage on reputation with the authorities for bringing the big guy to our Earth. Perhaps this would also be an opportunity to make our interdimensional dealings legit, although the first impression will work against us.
>Bring the big guy back to the world where he belongs
>Set up a landing platform in a more remote and secure location, like that quarry we practiced in
>Decide on where and how to set up a trading post for exchange with Reed's settlement. Several options come to mind:
>>-our side only, just set up bigger device to shift whole containers.
>>-trading post within Reed's settlement proper - should be fairly easy to set up, but would be stuck under Reed's authority.
>>-build our own base - bigger investment, and we'd have to recruit and outfit dependable people, but it would give us most control of what's going on.
>>-build a base together with Sword/Shield/some other acronym agency - presumably cheaper and without necessity to employ our own goo- I mean specialists, and outside of direct Reed's control, but also outside of our control.

>Optional - talk with our universe's Reed, maybe he'll want to meet his counterpart.
>Treat the other defenders a drink and Danvers a dinner.

Assuming that Reed's people have recovered the 2nd ATV or at least its crew.
>That went much worse than expected.
Depends entirely on which universe you take your perspective from, really.

Well surely getting carried by Ms. Marvel is worth some property damage. But still.
Like any other new york resident, we're insured against superhero activity related damage, right?
>Like any other new york resident, we're insured against superhero activity related damage, right?
>But he wasn't willing to listen.
Unfortunately, Juggernaut has been called many things, even some very positive things, but he has never been accused of being a good listener.
I love this to-do list.
Don't forget Mister's cloning supply mission.
I believe there were some concerns regarding "compromising ethical standards" mentioned.
Yeah, Reed even mentioned himself not everyone is onboard with that plan. We can talk with him some more after the immediate concerns have been settled. I figure Vibrant will want to check on the state of his offices as soon as he comes to.

It seems like he has a plan to secure survival of the species by introducing some redundancy. But with new options available, maybe we'll be able to negate the threat without resorting to such initiatives.

...And I wonder how this nameless menace relates to Master's job...
Can Vibrant jump to other places at will? Like for instance, the moon?
His ability allows him to shift to a specific location in a different universe.
His ability to do so reliably is dependent upon his familiarity with his destination.
So returning home to his own lab under normal conditions doesn't even require a roll.

Without some extensive measures to familiarize himself with it, shifting to the moon would probably take a result of 100.
So now that our outfit is fucked up I guess it's also time to put the engineering team to work.
What do we have to work with again? Unless I'm mistaken it's
>Vibrant sound system (weapons & utility)
>Roxxon protective gear
>Parker co. alternate universe actuators, donated by robot wreckage
>Whip, donated by Blacklash
>Stark's exosuit
>Reed's alloy we don't yet know much about

Am I missing anything?

Also, if we found a security/prospector corps, are we going to outfit them with similar suits?
>Am I missing anything?
Unknown power source "donated" by that same Parker Industries robot
Also, a refined control system incorporated into the sonic harness.

>if we found a security/prospector corps, are we going to outfit them with similar suits?
It's possible, but the harness is prohibitively expensive to reproduce still.
Theoretically we could Frankenstein all this into our very own suit. Bruce Lee mentality of adapting what is best, abandoning what we don't need but making it all our own. If Stark was the arrogant bastard I know he is he'll probably have the propulsion system removed from the suit but fuck it the hydraulics on that thing can lift upwards of a few hundred tons. Blacklash's whip we could reverse engineer to be like a wrist mounted blade or keep its original design while improving on it, like a whip sword or something. I recommend we study the Parker industry's power source somewhere far away cause if my hypothesis is right and it turns out to be a more powerful version of Starks own reactor we'd be dealing with something that could really destroy our public image should it become unstable. I also vote we amp up our own blasters, at least enough to stop or at least stun some B or even A listers.

Hey Faceripper, are our blasters also powered or based off the harness? Cause I was wondering if we couldn't further focus their power via the refined control system.
>are our blasters also powered or based off the harness?
Your sonic harness is your blasters. Directing them at each other in the right way is how you shift.

>further focus their power via the refined control system
We did just that.
But the power source only releases so much power at a time as a safety measure.
It occurred to me that if you wanted higher power blasts, you could install additional, more conventional batteries to hold built up charges.
This would give you a more powerful blast you'd have to wait to charge.
And, since this is comic book physics, they are likely to explode if destroyed.

Should we install charge-up batteries?
If so, where on the shout should they go?
I’d like to hear what our R&D man has to say as we turn our presently beat up outfit in for repairs/refitting before committing to this particular component, but I’d guess that if we end up installing a battery pack, it will go on our back.

On that note I wonder, if they are this volatile, maybe their mount should be shaped to direct the blast in such way they execute a kzinti maneuver, burning a target at close range and propelling us into an emergency jump.
If we can't get a secure non exploding battery I'm gonna vote no. Too risky.
Eeeeh, yeah, what >>2271568 said. Rather we wait on securing that new power source, at least long enough that it doesn't blow us up.
I have an idea regarding this.
Give me a 1d100 roll for engineering and I'll incorporate it when we swing back to Vibrant in a few days.

I had hoped to start the Intuition Drive session today, but it's going to have run tomorrow at 1pm EST (6pm UTC).
Rolled 94 (1d100)

>I had hoped to start the Intuition Drive session today, but it's going to have run tomorrow at 1pm EST (6pm UTC).
Tomorrow is February 1st.
Damn, this month went by fast.
Okay, gotta push it back a day unless the ID fans want me to run late/early, like at midnight EST, (5am UTC).
Otherwise, plan on the next session being on February 2nd, 1pm EST (6pm UTC).
>Rolled 94 (1d100)
Well damn, with your engineering skill, that's enough.
Expect a surprise at the beginning of the next Vibrant session.
I wonder if anyone recognized Vibrant's face. Alter-Vince is likely dead in nuclear fire, but gotta wonder what sort of guy he was.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Rolling to beat a 94
Stuck with phoneposting today, not sure I should run ID half-assed.
Whatever you feel is right and worthwhile, OP
Eh, I prefer you on your comp, this way you can better proof read. Do you man, I'm patient and always watching.
Thanks for the support.
I eill post when I can be die I can post well.
I suspect tomorrow, but I can't confirm until tomorrow morning.

This post not corrected for comedic effect.
("sure" autocorrected to "die". Not forboding at all)
Case in point.
File: 1109471.jpg (104 KB, 600x923)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>I'm patient and always watching.
The first part of the third issue is bagged in mylar


I am not giving up on this.
Next time we'll get to Intuition Drive's discovery and follow up with the aftermath of Vibrant's battle with Juggernaut.
Looking forward to it OP! Cheers for the thread.

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