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Hello /QST/ and welcome to Anon Hivemind Quest. Here we will play as Anon, a part of Chan hivemind in the post- singularity Solar System during the events of a major crisis.
This is a mostly freeform quest which will sometimes require a 1d20 to be rolled. The closer to 20 is better. Depending on the difficulty and risk of the proposed task the minimum requirement for successful roll can be changed. If not specified rolling over 10 is a positive result.
There would usually be a 20 minute vote period after each post.
I will post twitter link in the end of the quest if enough people would be interested.

Let's start the adventure, shall we?
What... am I? This question strangely came to your head as you were waking up this fine morning. At first the answer seemed obvious. You are you. How else could it be? But new ideas started arriving into your head? Continuous mind process? Then you would technically die every time you lost consciousness when you slept if it was the case. Your memories? You are not really sure which ones are yours anyway. There are some memories tagged as 'original' inside your mind but they are a minority relative to everything you have in your head or in the hivemind's cloud. And if you are basically a snapshot of your mind right now then you are not the same person who started this thought, which is madness. However, madness doesn't mean that this can't be true. Eventually you decide to not give it more thought and leave the discussion to the more philosophically minded parts of the Chans, you are Anon, one of the nodes in the vast hivemind that formed out of the internet's imageboards when brain- computer interface technology became more mature and affordable. Some people are loosely connected, being not much more than an advanced form of internet while some decided to let go of their subjective self completely and became whole with this new entity. You are on the very edge between the two extremes, being separate and one at the same time. While /v/ periodically dripping pure anger into your mind and thousands of opinions on everything important you do can be unnerving, being a part of this feels somewhat fascinating and comfortable in a weird way. You have also kept an attachment to a real world body. It is definitely a...
>Nearbaseline human: the most common garden variety Earthling, containing various modifications of both genetic and cybernetic origin. You are pretty sure you were born with it but over the decades it has changed significantly. It fills you with nostalgia.
>Cyborg: a human body augmented to the point of it not being capable of functioning without all of its numerous implants. Your original brain is somewhere inside of it but the rest is customized and modified far beyond its original design.
>Vek: a completely mechanical being with an artificial brain running your uploaded consciousness. You didn't like the idea first but former you didn't really have the choice back then. Still, it is tough, reliable and fills you with the sense of safety.
>Telerobot: your uploaded mind is placed on a secure server somewhere else with you remotely piloting a mechanical doll miles away. In some areas of the system ping and light lag is atrocious but at least few things can permanently get rid of you. Good luck, you are behind 7 backups.
can we be telerobot and vek? one is uploaded one is real
You can operate a telerobot and have backups as any character. Veks just have a distinct body where their artificial brain resides. The fourth choice is an infomorph, who remotely operates a drone body and lives on a server somewhere.
are there any pros to being a telemorph that are better than being a vek?
I guess I should explain. The first choice describes the main body we would inhabit during the events. It has mostly social, minor backstory and aesthetical significance. I will give additional voting time as there was only one vote.
Lag for one. Also you can't go where you can't get the uplink access. Telerobot is generally more expendable but you don't really need that in modern life.
ill be a vek then
>>Nearbaseline human:
2 votes Vek, 1 vote NBH. Vote closes in 5 minutes
Vote closed. Vek it is
You slowly regain senses in your limbs and stretch in your VR capsule accidentally bumping some walls. Nothing beats a good long dive into the Deep. You disconnect the life support cable from its socket on your right arm and slide the protective cover over it. Your apartment is relatively small, only two rooms and a kitchen, but you can live in it solely on the minimal Universal Basic Income. Increasing UBI further would require actual effort from you while you would like to enjoy a little more of your decades long NEET lifestyle. It is not like you can easily find a job anyway. Half of the world can't. You get up and drag your legs into your bathroom where you meet eyes to eyes with an obviously artificial body with a synthetic rubbery face stretched over it. Hey, you are Anon, you might as well look like one, right? It gives the same neural feedback and the face is both expressive and similar to normal human enough not to cause uncanny valley. Unless you would suddenly want something new you think this should be enough to function in a modern world.
A news feed appears in your mind and you casually look through it as you get yourself prepared for the day. A particular event catches your attention. ETDRP, Existential Threat Detection, Relief and Prevention Foundation, a nonprofit organization created for early detection, countermeasures and prevention of a large variety of catastrophes. Some people might think they are just some strange mix of doomsday preppers and emergency services but they have many influential benefactors and even a few super intelligences publically admit to work with them. You yourself are a member along with a significant part of the Chan. If not for the sake of saving people then for the amazingly secure backup storages they provide for senior membership.
There seems to be a raging discussion about this particular story as the foundation has recently added a new "green level" threat tracker, which hasn't happened for over a decade:
Here we will choose the type of wrecking our system will get. Alpha damage refers to severity of initial strike with obvious consequences to both the society, industries and other things.
>Codename: Neighbor- revision of data about Alpha Eridani star 139 light years away revealed accelerated dimming in visible light spectrum during the last 300 years previously dismissed as space debris. Argus array researchers have recently confirmed without any doubt the existence of a partial Dyson Swarm under construction.
Massive alpha damage, possible response in over 130 years
>Codename: Visitors- Argus array has detected multi- terawatt emissions from tens of thousands of objects 1.2 light years away from Sol. Current leading theory suggests powered braking maneuver from multiple interstellar spacecraft.
Major alpha damage, growing permanent in- system threat
>Codename: Ghost- Argus array's gravity interferometer has discovered weak gravitational waves produced at an interval by an object seemingly moving at superluminal velocity. Further research revealed thousands of these signatures mainly concentrated coreward from Sol.
Limited alpha damage, currently unreachable threat source
>Codename: Mold-One of the popular genetic aging treatment was revealed to cause severe allergic reaction when contacting common cold causing fatalities in tens of thousands within first week. Headquarters of the company in question were recently raided by an angry mob, investigation pending.
Minor cumulative alpha damage focused mainly on biosphere, possible additional events
why would i choose anything that would fuck up our sleek sexy robot body
Additional events. That particular one is basically Technocalypse reference
One vote for Mold, giving 10 minutes for additional votes
Vote closed. Mold it is then.
k im back
Wow, Bio-Fixe messed up this time. How do you even manage to mess up rejuvenation treatment so bad?! It is not like they have access to almost all the biological research, extensive computer simulations and AI curators. In any case those people hanging limp from solar panels on top of a burning skyscraper look pretty darn terrifying. You think it almost spoiled your appetite.
You finally finish and get dressed, remembering that you don't really have anything particular in mind for... the rest of the year. You lazily walk out of your apartment to take a walk and think up of what you could do to occupy your time. You live in a goddamn arcology, there has to be something you could find, right? After about half an hour you decide to grab something to eat in a small new cafe. Synthetic bodies have synthetic taste buds too. After you have taken a seat you are approached by a woman in a business suit.
"Hello, mx. Anon. Do you have a moment?" she asks.
"Sure, how can I help you?" you reply and offer her a seat on the opposite side of the small table.
The woman pulls out a tablet out of her bag and continues: "I'm Ellen, my organization needs your skills for a major project. Would you be interested?"
You agree to take a look at her proposition since you are pretty bored anyway. She passes you her tablet and you read through the job offer. You are in an interesting position as a hivemind. Chans are considered a "superintelligence- lite" of sorts, not quite as amazing but more relatable to baselines. This technically made you a prime choice for some professions, but you didn't expect a head position for...
> Petawatt Industries solar power beaming project. This seems to be assembly and operation of the first interstellar laser propulsion array in low Solar orbit.
Includes an enormous and powerful laser installation capable of accurately targeting a ship sized target from several light years away... assuming a perfect targeting solution.
> International Mercury Von- Neumann mining project. You would oversee the self- replicating factory complex.
Potentially all the resources one could ever need, but not much in terms of what to use them for.
> currently classified joint Terragen military R&D project. The document doesn't state what it is.
Includes a medium fleet escorting a prototype planetary assault carrier.
> United Nations Spacy strategic defense installation. This is probably something big or they would employ someone from their own ranks.
Includes a large fleet for defense of a interplanetary relativistic missile silo. Not designed to manufacture actual ships.
> ETDRP Foundation ecosystem preserve habitat. Gaia specifically requested you for the job
Includes a large natural preserve habitat and some de- extinction equipment and DNA databases.
>International Mercury Von- Neumann mining project. You would oversee the self- replicating factory complex.
Vote closes in 3 minutes. Mercury project- 1 vote
Vote closed. Writing
A Mercury industrial complex, first planetary scale Von- Neumann manufacturing project. It sounds pretty grand with whole "plating entire Mercury in solar panels". It is designed to be similar to a small mechanical ecosystem of sorts: various machines operated partially by a control network and partially by a sub sentient programming designed for specific purposes. Solar arrays would give power to most of it with some machines designed to mine while others would carry resources to autonomous factories which would produce more machines to mine, refine and build. Large mass drivers would pack the manufactured goods and lob it into orbit where they would employ a solar sail to get to their destinations. Eventually this project should provide the entire Solar system with goods and resources. You have a nagging feeling that it might be a little bit dangerous if they go haywire, but that's one of the reasons why they want to employ you in the first place. You would be expected to live in a surface habitat along with the rest of the project team which would include something on par with 10 thousand people in total. Light speed delay doesn't seem too bad, only 5 minutes so your hivemind contacts shouldn't be disturbed. Also it states that a local corporation, Winchell-Chung Astronautical Industries, has existing presence and is currently neutral to the project. They are well known for their unorthodox ship propulsion modules and they are one of the larger inner system spaceship manufacturer. You give the proposition a thought and it seems that most of the Chans you consider a part of you would like you to participate. Some are fascinated by the technology involved, some want to see this artificial ecosystem in action, some just think it would be an interesting place to visit no matter what happens. You agree to participate in this project and the woman informs you that you have roughly two weeks before you will be shipped off to Mercury before excusing herself. Well, now your life is going to get a bit more interesting. You should probably start preparing. As you get this thought other Anons share a few ideas with you:
This is a multiple choice option
>> Update your body with space travel and Mercury survival in mind. Some more shock, radiation and heat resistance, some additional radiators and maybe some photoelements in the skin just in case.
>> Update your body with social interactions in mind. One of the Anons seems to think that your current body might not fit with the leadership role as not many people can directly relate to the blankest of canvases, so to say.
>> Research on Winchell-Chung Astronautical Industries. Maybe they would potentially want to buy some of our products?
>> Take memory storage from one of the most enthusiastic Anons. He seems to be one of the "Homebrewers" who are into some hardcore DIY.
>> Write- In
>take in enthusiastic anon
for style points as we
>update our body with space travel in mind
I would like to apologize, I miscalculated. It is about 2:30 am here in Moscow and I thought I'd be able to stay up for longer. I will continue to post in this thread when I wake up. Thanks for participating.
Op this quest is good shit, I'll participate when I can but im literally on the opposite side of the world.
Okay I’m awake, but internet here is shite. I will continue when i get it fixed. In the meantime you can still vote and ask questions about the setting.
Flipping Russian wooden modems... I am finally back and the quest is live! I will give it half an hour for votes just in case.
I would like to dis-autism self, but it would likely leave us at a draw for a few hours, so I will back first vote
Writing. Choices are:
a) accept the memory storage device
b) update body for space travel and Mercury conditions
File: Ship.jpg (82 KB, 1280x447)
82 KB
You think for a bit and agree that it would be beneficial for you to be able to not melt into a puddle the moment you are outside the habitat. Thus your first objective is to modify your body for the extremes of Mercury surface. After an hour long trip you arrive into a specialized center where you pick the standard survival packages for space travel and Mercury survival along with a few things that caught your eye. You should now be able to lithobrake from low orbit with minimal damage, endure immense heat and cold, resist large doses of radiation and a few micrometeorites but also you can technically function for almost half a year with your new accumulators and basically indefinitely under the sun. You also took some more self- repair and redundancy mechanisms just in case and a hydrogen EVA pack for the change. It was quite pricy but you had a few funds available and you have received your prepaid expense so you can afford it.
With the most pressing issue out of the way you note that one of the Anons really wants you to take some memory storage. He claims it might help you or at least it would be interesting to look through. He decided to meet you and passed you an object roughly the size of a large thermos. It seems to have wireless access point but you haven't tried to look into it just yet.
As the two weeks pass you hear some news of a new fungal disease spreading mainly through plants which appeared in many regions of the Earth and seems to be resistant to any existing anti- fungal treatments. Scientists claim it might be artificially created but the research is not yet complete. With all your belongings prepared for departure you take a ride on the space elevator to Gagarin station from which you take a shuttle to the ship which will fly you to Mercury. The craft is a large civilian cargo freighter with an inflatable rotating habitat module right behind the micrometeorite shield. You set up and the craft is leaving in just a few hours. The trip will take several weeks so you have some time to...
> Get to know the command staff better
> Look through the Anon's memory storage
> Enjoy as much of the fast hivemind access as you can (timeskip option)
> Write- In
Also I think I should switch to random posts during the day.
I'll have to do this anyway during the workdays. So since now voting lasts until I post "vote ends, writing". Hopefully it is okay with you guys.
>Get to know the command staff better
Support cast time !
>Look through the Anon's memory storage
>Transfere quest to a degenerate anon who decided to upload himself into a sythetic gynoid anime avatar and focus on his attempts to get laid and abuse drugs in this brave new world
Funny enough Cyborg route had the female starting body
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Rolling to break the tie
Memory it is, writing
File: rare_cyborg_pepe.jpg (83 KB, 800x800)
83 KB
When you finally set up in your cabin you decide to finally take a look at the memory storage device. You put it on the table and just in case you slam all your firewalls to maximum as you probe it with your remote interface. It seems to be encrypted at first but after a good 20 minutes you manage to figure out the protection. It was something amazing. Codes based on ancient memes. To crack it you would need to have been immersed in about 90 years of the early internet history. Not just studied it but had a lot of experience. If you could you would tear up as you see extremely rare references and jokes you haven't heard of in almost a century. Early VR memes, Pepe the frog, angry posts about political changes no one remembers, references to long forgotten shows and games, demotivational posters with images so corrupted you barely recognized them, altered old movie clips and things you would have preferred forgotten.

After your massive nostalgia trip you managed to get past the authorization and what you saw on the other side was equally amazing. The storage was massive and contained various blueprints and documents of varied completeness. At first it seemed that it had everything From early 21 century weapons to homemade propulsion systems. From molecular blueprints of world war 2 naval artillery to ancient Russian motorcycles. It also contained some unique projects that were reconstructed from old scientific articles and some built from scratch. After a more critical observation however you noticed that far from everything is finished. Some things are in better shape than others while some are mere concepts and raw measurements without detailed engineering analysis. Even though there are blueprints for boosted fission weapons, for example, trying to build one off the stored data would require redoing almost all important math from scratch and altering the design. Anon was right, it is indeed fascinating. However you are not sure how it could help you. After you finished looking through the device you noticed that you have lost almost a week of time. It was just too much and too interesting to put down. Unfortunately that means you didn't have enough time to get to know the command staff well so you'll have to figure most them out on the fly. Eh, that was worth it.
You decide that you will meet at least one of them before you arrive and you check the crew manifest. These people catch your attention:
>Dr. Snidley: Research director. Looks like he is one of those Superiors. Those are the people who genetically modified themselves to the biological limit of a human body and then some. All around talented, supremely physically adept, naturally attractive and all that seriously hits them in the head. You expect him to be quite a jackass but his list of scientific achievements is admirable, especially in a world where AI can be smarter than some nations.
>Elsa Hawes: Chief Engineer. She is a specialist in industrial engineering and automation and her main job would be to update assembly lines in case something needs an update. She is a cyborg and she enjoys being one from the looks of it.
>Bob: Logistics Officer. A fellow Vek but unlike you he is not hiveminded. His body looks somewhat like a mechanized spacesuit with a large black visor. His job is to make sure things get where they need to on time. You can't seem to get much more from the file on him.
>Carson Dixon: Chief Medical Officer. A cyborg who has decided to get himself two manipulators on the back. His skills extend both to humans and to non- biologicals and augmentations but he is here mainly to study the artificial mechanical ecosystem.
>Caroline Hansen: Cybersecurity Officer. Her job falls on protecting the networks from cyber attacks. She is a nearbaseline human and she seems to be pretty serious and professional about her job.
>Ana Sokolova: Orbitals Officer. A cyborg girl whose job is to maintain the link with various satellites, monitor nearby space and control our orbital assets. She has pretty amazing multitasking skills if the manifest is to be trusted. She is also surprisingly young, most of cyborgs are already in their first hundreds when she is just 38.
>Yang Zheyy: Human Resources: A nearbaseline girl from China who is in charge of making sure everyone else does their jobs. She is described as cheerful and easy to communicate with.
>Kim Young: Drone Officer. A nearbaseline who is in charge of manually taking over semi- autonomous drones to perform tasks they were not programmed to do. She is here mainly in case of emergency maintenance is required. She seems to be a former military officer from Martian spacy engineering corps.
Let's meet Dr. Snidley.
Apologies for extra late reply. And for misspelling the name of the RD. It is Snidely. In any case I hope this post would be worth the wait. Posting
File: Dr. Snidely.jpg (480 KB, 1920x1279)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
Hmm, Dr. Snidely sounds pretty important for this project and a perfect place to start, so you decide to meet him first. You don't expect much from his personality but it would still help to know who you are dealing with. You leave your cabin and head towards a small lab that was in the low gravity section of the centrifuge. As you enter the room you note a poorly shaven man in AR glasses and mechanized gloves working on something on the table. He notices your presence, stops his project, turns towards you and lifts the glasses with a smile.
"Ah, Anon, one of the few people on board this vessel that can rival my intellect. It is nice to meet you. I expected a visit a bit sooner but I understand you are a busy person." he replies passing you a handshake.
"It will be a pleasure to work with you" you reply as you accept the gesture.
"I assume you are here to get to know the crew better, so I'll give you the overview of my duties" he notes and after your nod he continues: "My job is to provide scientific expertise whenever it is needed as well as to find solutions to fix and improve the Mercury Project, which is my creation by about 43% by the way. I have 32 various degrees and for what I don't know I have my exocortex. As long as those apes from engineering can keep up I will be able to improve virtually anything."
Yep, Homo Superior branded ego. Eh, you've seen worse. You can work with this. You spend quite some time discussing a variety of subjects with Snidely. He seems to have some respect towards you but he treats most of the crew like kittens trying to watch a documental film. Too dopey to understand the concepts even partially. That is pretty rich coming from pre- singularity being but oh well. He also specifically dislikes engineering department for some reason. You did manage to run into a couple other crew members but you didn't get to chat with them much as the day of arrival was reaching closer.
The ship is currently decelerating from interplanetary trajectory over Mercury and you were requested into the briefing room to get yourself familiar with the most current situation on the surface. It seems that the autonomous factories have been replicating for a while now and the whole planet is covered in various icons of buildings and unit concentrations. It seems that solar plants are concentrated mainly in the polar regions and on the elevated terrain with some being placed wherever if needed while most factories are situated in the lowlands. The planet already has ten cargo mass drivers on the surface. Specialized factories didn't have time to spread yet and are concentrated near to the mass drivers to provide the high tech goods for delivery. It seems that the surface has three independent metropolitan habitats with about five million citizens each. Winchell-Chung Astronautical Industries surface presence includes a single laser launch facility, a couple of normal factories, a specialized factory and a large breeder reactor complex for rare isotope production. They seem to be open for negotiations and partnership.
File: Orbital Layer Post 1.png (5.29 MB, 2485x1393)
5.29 MB
5.29 MB PNG
Regarding orbit, Winchell- Chung has a large dry dock in geostationary orbit roughly over their base which compliments their laser launch capacity. There are two torus habitats belonging to the civilians, both of which are in geostationary orbits exactly on the opposite sides of the planet. Despite two settlements, orbital space is not occupied with many satellites. There are a few in heavily inclined and polar orbits designed for observation, global positioning and signal relaying.
Here is a sneak peek at the mechanics which will be used during the strategic part of the quest. If you don't understand much yet don't worry, I will handle all the necessary stuff. General strategic approach would be sufficient when needed. Rules will be explained as the need for them appears and the up to date rule package will be posted in every OP post in the following threads.
After the briefing you get your stuff and board the lander. The descend is not eventful but you catch the glimpse of the mining drones outside. Large spider- like machines haul material mined by the digging discs of enormous tracked excavators that would rival some pre- nanotech skyscrapers in height alone. As you dock and pass the check in you oversee the news report from Earth. Apparently that fungal infection was indeed artificial. Part biological, it was augmented with nanotech by Bio-Fixe as a part of their project to create decomposers for modern materials. It was incomplete and broke free when Bio-Fixe HQ was raided. It can apparently grow in a variety of extreme environments and it has a mechanism that allows it to rapidly alter itself to adapt to almost any conventional treatment. Large areas of forests are affected by this fungus dubbed Black Rot and Earth governments are mobilizing their resources to protect the ecosystem. News report showed swarms of drones desperately spraying the affected area in Amazon rainforests with a blue antiagent like if it was a forest fire to attempt to stop the spread of this infection. Gaia, one of the Earth superintelligences has enacted the "Burning Library" protocols to preserve the whole ecosystems digitally as fast as possible. The whole situation doesn't look good.
In any case, you are finally on the surface. There is so much to do but there are no pressing tasks yet, so you are free to choose what to prioritize right now.
> Schedule and perform a meeting with a representative from Winchell- Chung company. They expressed their wishes to cooperate with the project so it would be a good idea to give them some personal attention. Plus you've heard some interesting things about their production process.
> Look into civilian assets a bit more. Just in case there can be any arguments regarding autonomous machinery roaming the same planet as they live on.
> Get accustomed to control interfaces and command structures
AKA early introduction to the game mechanics.
> Meet someone particular from the crew
Choose who
>Write- in
>> Schedule and perform a meeting with a representative from Winchell- Chung company. They expressed their wishes to cooperate with the project so it would be a good idea to give them some personal attention. Plus you've heard some interesting things about their production process.
Very well. Atomic Rockets inc. time. Writing
File: Spoiler Image (1.25 MB, 1920x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Hmm, Winchell- Chung Astronautical Industries, also known as Atomic Rockets inc. is a strange spacecraft manufacturer that specializes in experimental, customized, and extreme designs. It is run by an eccentric recluse, but the spacecraft are considered top-notch. There are some interesting myths about the way these spacecrafts are produced. In any case you managed to arrange a meeting with their representative and book the flight to their docks. You made sure to definitely be invited as the ship manufacturing station includes a huge array of solar panels and an enormous solar pumped laser array conservatively estimated at 1.3 petawatts. He says they are for laser-thermal rockets, but the array is called the Angel's Pencil.

Shuttle successfully docks to the enormous station and you disembark meeting with the man himself, Mr. Chung. This meeting doesn't have to end in an agreement so practical result was getting to know each other's capacities and needs for later agreements. He has large manufacturing capacity geared for production of various ships. Interestingly, his company is capable of producing a variety of torch drive powered ships, even though they are legally required to add a remote kill switch to them. These include fission, magneto inertial fusion and AIMicrofission/fusion designs. He would like to purchase large volumes of industrial materials for ship construction and would prefer if your units don't wander to his claimed area, which is pretty much a given. Mr. Chung himself turned out to be a well mannered and pleasant man.

As you finished with the visit and were on your way to leave the station you overheard singing in a weird language you didn't recognize at first. You take a peek behind the corner and notice a short green humanoid in a dirty orange outfit walking across the corridor. In a few moments you guessed it was speaking Spanish backwards and the song lyrics were the following:

"Oompa Kerbal doom-pa-dee-do
I have a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Kerbal doom-pa-dee-dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me
What do you get when you guzzle d-V?
Burning as much as a fat SUV
You are not getting very high Ace
You're not going in…to…Space.


Oompa Kerbal doom-pa-dee-dar
If you're not greedy, you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Kerbal doom-pa-dee-do!"

You can't believe your eyes but decide not to stay for longer not to grab too much attention. Those are probably telerobots or something. It was pretty surreal.
File: Caroline Hansen.jpg (2.91 MB, 1600x2200)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
In any case you land back at your base you are immediately rushed into the control center. Everyone seemed agitated and an annoying purple flashing light and alarm is going off. Miss Hansen requests your attention and gives you a brief report:

"For the last 20 minutes there has been a major cyber attack focused on communication facilities in orbit and on the ground. The source is currently unknown but it is capable of overwhelming most of our firewalls. We don't have enough active cyber defenses to protect everything"
>Prioritize proximity to the base! If we mess up there would be no one with enough resources on the planet to fix it.
>Prioritize proximity to civilians! It is our duty to protect them.
>Prioritize proximity to Atomic Rockets Assets! They are close enough to base to get an overspill and they might be grateful.
> Prioritize a bit of everything. This would result in a smaller radius of protection but it would give some buffer to the strategic assets and neutral factions.
>write in
Roll me a 1d20 to determine defense results. The higher the better.
Additional actions(choose one):
>Contact civilians to put them on alert
>Contact Atomic Rockets inc. so they would be somewhat prepared
>write in
Oh well, the quest is now archived. New quest will appear within two days after this one is off the board.

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