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You are Chief Pierce leader of the Flinstone clan. It is your duty to lead your people to victory and prosperity. Shall you rise to the challenge or fall in defeat. Last time you and your clan grew in size and strength as you both gathered more Pokemon and saw your Pokemon become more powerful. In addition to that, you had a small breakthrough in the field of your armor and weapons and you have discovered a group of hostile Pokemon riders.

With the exit just up ahead you decide that you might as well try and run. You order your clan mates to run and you hand Noivern and the Noibats over to your Pokemon. With that, you dash quickly down the mountain. Your foes do chase you for a bit, but they quickly give up before you get too far.

Returning to the camp you can see that there are a few new faces making noise around the camp. In addition to that Tara show you the new arrows she was able to make and Crystal displays the stones that she was able to gather this month.

Choose four or choose one action multiple times
Go hunting
Gather some stones
Try and gain more Pokemon
Explore the caves
Explore outside of the caves
Train with Pokemon
See if anyone can bond with the Pokemon
Expand the pool
Trade with the desert clan
Go find the Sableye
Head to the Carbink cave
Head to the lake
Head to the forest
Head to the desert
Head to the Hippowdon cave
Have Crystal study a gem(which one)
Write in
Clan Flintstone
Leader Pierce-Rhyhorn-Boulder-66, Tyranitar-66, Dragonite(Wyrm) 62, Roselia(Bloom)-53, Sableye(with strange stone) 45
Shaman Crystal-Carbink-Gleam-64, Quagsire-Mud-52, Roselia-39, Beedrill-38, natu-10
Hunter Drake-kommo-o-Scale-68, Crobat-Screech 65
Crafter Tara-Carbink-62, Ampharos-41. Leavanny-36, Golem-36, Trapinch-10
Scout Trea-Crobat-61, Cacnea-38, Beedrill-29
Agriculture Merin-Cacturne-50, Cherrim-42, Parasect-40, Butterfree-32
Shaman Gaia-Baltoy-Terra-levitate-57, Boldore-38, paras-33, natu-10
Hunter Shar-Haxorus-Tusk-Rivalry-59, nidoking-Jab-poison point-53, Golem-30(Silk bow and Hippotas armor)
7 Magikarp
6 Feebas
3 Mareep
3 Seedot
2 Geodude
5 Canea
3 Natu
10 Noibat
Plentiful food
10 Drillber claw spears
Excadrill horn spear
Excadrill claw spear
2 Druddigon armor
Garchomp armor
Steelranitar armor
40 arrows
10 quake arrows
10 poison arrows
10 electric arrows
6 Duggtrio pelt
10 diglett corpse
5 Sableye’s corpse
Goodra corpse
Salamence corpse
26 Drillber pelt binds
Excadrill pelt
11 pairs of Drillber claws
5 nets
200 Mareep wool
60 Flaffy wool
5 Stone traps
10 stone tools
4 Shell shields
200 hard stones
4 fire gem
2 normal gem
Water gem
Grass gem
2 electric gem
3 bug gem
2 poison gem
Steel gem
2 ghost gem
3 fairy gem
16 groundgem
5 soft sand
dragon gem
5 Sewaddle silk
150 stones
30 berry plants
4 Mushrooms
10 shiny stones
4 water stones
4 thunder stones
4 moon stones
4 dark stones
½ steelix body
20 living chambers
Chief tent
Shaman tent
9 tents
Entrance wall
Cave wall
17men(5 with Sandslashes-53, 6 with Carbinks-53)(1 with Golbat-40, Carbink-35)(1 with Marowak-44, Carbink-32)(1 with Gloom+Carbink-35 +Nuzleaf 26)(3 with Carbinks-35)
15 women(2 with Carbinks-48, Butterfree-35, 2 Gravelers-26)(one with Gem a Milotic-42 and a Quagsire-44)(2 with Sewaddloon-34, 2 Gravelers-26)((4 with Gravler’s-35, Trapinch-10)2 with Gloom-35 + Nuzleaf 26)
Archer’s-(1 with Cacturne-41 and Hippotas armor)(3 with sableye-35)
19 boys
27 girls
>Try and gain more Pokemon
>Expand the pool -x2
>Head to the lake
Roll 4d100
Rolled 73, 93, 9, 7 = 182 (4d100)

You decide that you should focus on gathering some more Pokemon for a while. Gathering up your party you head over to the lake to go and look around. As you are looking a splash of water rises up from the center of the lake. It is then that you notice two large shadows striking each other underneath the waves. The water around the shadows rises and you see a Gyarados and a Milotic rise from the water. Both of them circle each other and rain begins to fall from the top of the cavern above the lake. In unison, the creatures open their mouths and blasts of water fly forth meeting in between the two with a blast of water.

The two beasts, unfazed charge each other once more with a fierce cry as you watch considering your next move.

What will you do
Leave them
Help the Gyrados
Help the Milotic
Try to catch them both
Rolled 1 (1d100)

Try to catch them both
>Help the Gyrados
Seeing both of the creatures there you decide to try and catch both of them. However, just as you are starting to move you trip and hit the ground. As you do a loud sound rings through the cave. Both of the beasts turn over towards and glare at you. In unison, they open their mouths up and fire blasts of water over at you. The blasts strike on either side of you and they move their heads dragging the blasts and catching all of you in the attack and knocking you back.

Rising to your feet you look over to see that Boulder, Sand, and the Sandslashes were hit fairly hard by the attack. Looking over at the two beasts you watch as they dive back down and the shadows move over towards you.

Attack the Gyrados
Attack the Milotic
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Attack the Milotic
Just to keep this alive.
Looking over at the Milotic you order your men and Pokemon to focus your attacks on the Milotic. The Pokemon start to attack the water but the shapes move at a speed unexpecting of creatures their size and rise up at the edge of the water right next to you. The Milotic opens it mouth and roars raising its tail into the air. As it does that you watch as water clings to its tail and it brings it crashing down on the Sandslashes knocking a few of them out. While the Milotic swings its tail striking your Pokemon you watch as the Gyrados rises up from the water spinning. Surrounding its body you can see a red aura rise up as the creature ceases its strange dance and glares at you.

Attack the Milotic
Attack the Gyrados
Have Wyrm and Bloom attack the Milotic while the others attack the Gyradis
Rolled 35 (1d100)

Sorry, forgot to roll
Looking over at the two creatures looming over you all you quickly order Bloom and Wyrm to attack the Milotic. As you do this the Gyrados Roars and brings its tail down on Sand. Sand cries out in pain as he falls in pain. Seeing that one of your tougher Pokemon has fallen the Milotic dives into the waves to avoid your attacks. When it reemerges from the waves you see that there is a strange glow around it. All around it the water flows forth and surrounds it with a gentle glow.

Attack the Milotic
Attack the Gyrados

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