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Sam comes back into the room, again closing the door behind herself, briefly taking note that you're out of your Morticia costume. "So," she says, "I kind of wanted to go as Harley Quinn, you know, from Suicide squad? But Franz thinks that's a really shitty idea."

You demure, "Well, it's not . . . Super original."

Sam chuckles, "That's why I'm here! One reason, anyway."

While you think she could probably pull off that character, you weren't sure if it was best for her or not. Especially not if she was giving you free reign to be a little creative.



>QM Twitter


I allow between ten and twenty minutes for voting depending on the importance of the issue and how divided the vote is. If the vote is tied up, I usually allow an extra five minutes for a tie breaker, and if no one votes, I roll for the tie breaker.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.


>All for Blood

Having now changed out of your Morticia costume and your heart rate returned a little more to normal, it was time to work out what Sam was going to wear to the Halloween dance, that is, what you'd make for her. Time was short, so you'd have to order materials ASAP in order to get it ready.

"Did you have any ideas?" Sam asks.

"A few," you confess. Too many, really. Most of which would be on the more obscure side, or weren't really well compatible with Sam's looks. You were trying to lean more mainstream, though you were also willing to go crazy with it if need be. You size up Sam's looks trying to think of ideas for her. With long, natural, light-colored hair and classical good looks, she had a lot of options open to her of course, though some of them might require doing away with the hair.

Harley Quinn was doable, though again, a bit "basic". You'd given thought to suggesting she do Wednesday Addams to your Morticia, though you also felt a little self-conscious dressing as the mom of your friend. Still, it would be easy to pull off and would mean you guys had a fun theme. Otherwise you have some left over material from previous costumes, enough to throw together some kind of generic vampire look, you were thinking maybe a 1980s "New Wave" Vampire. Could be something fun.

You'd also given thought to having her go as a Silent Hill Nurse, it would be a simple enough costume to put together, would show off her figure, and would probably be recognizable to most.

>Silent Hill Nurse
>Wednesday Addams
>Harley Quinn
>New Wave Vampire
>write in
>Ask her if she's like to chose between Silent hill Nurse and New Wave Vampire.
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138 KB JPG
"What do you think," you say, "Silent Hill Nurse or New Wave Vampire?"

Sam laughs, "What the hell is a New Wave Vampire?"

"It's like a vampire with neon and fishnet instead of high collars and capes," you explain, "Like in the 80s."

Sam considers it, "That sounds pretty cool! I didn't really like Silent Hill."

You imedeatly start making a checklist in your mind for materials you'll need. "I'll get everything I need together and let you know when it's time to try it on and everything."

"Sounds good!" Sam says "And now it's time for your makeup," Sam says with a predatory smile.

"Oh," you say.

"I've been really looking forward to this part," Sam says, pulling open her bag and producing a seemingly bottomless supply of makeup and tools. "I mean, you've got a perfect face for this kind of stuff, I don't usually get too creative just cause I'm boring like that, but I am going to go all out on you."


Sam sits you on the edge of the bed and starts looking over your face. "I'm thinking I'm going to do some red eyeshadow and some wild eye makeup, you know, designs or something? And what about black lipstick?"

"Um, that's fine," you say.

In seconds, you're staring into Sam's face, blank with concentration as she traces cold lines around your eyes with a surgeon's precision.

"Look up."
You do so.

"How come you don't ever wear makeup like this to school?" She asks.

"I used to," you reply, "When I was younger. I just feel like it's too much I guess."

"Nah, I think it's cool. Don't be so fixated on what people think, you've got a style and you should rock it. My brother always kind of did whatever he wanted, my mom hated it, but I think he knew what was up. You know?"

You nod and Sam falls silent as she works.

>Where's your brother anyway? >Any boys you're interested in? >If you're so good at this makeup stuff how come you don't do that much on your own?
>I'll be hanging out with Zack soon, you should come too!
>Write in
>If you're so good at this makeup stuff how come you don't do that much on your own?
>Where's your brother anyway?

Puttin' money on him being dead.
>Where's your brother anyway?
>Where's your brother anyway?
>If you're so good at this makeup stuff how come you don't do that much on your own?

Good to see you're back, TKQM. I was wondering where you went.


Yeah, I'm around. I just took a week vacation. IRL is kicking my ass at the moment.
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"Where is your brother anyway? I don't think I've ever seen him."

Sam shakes her head, "He's out of the country. He got a job right out of school building telecommunications for developing nations." She says the job description like she read it from a magazine. "He's in Africa right now, I think Windhoek? He works on cell towers and satellite uplinks and stuff."

"Sounds important."

Sam shrugs, "Probably is for Africans who want HBO or whatever. I miss him though, we hung out a lot."

"Telecommunications is a big jump from playing the drums," you say.

"He used to play. He was going to be in a band, that kind of talk. The tech thing was so he could pay the bills. He's got enough of our mom in him that he cares enough about money to give up on his dreams."

"What about you?" you ask, "I mean, if you're so good at this makeup stuff how come you don't do that much on your own?"

"I just don't really know what to do" Sam says, then stops. "Okay, that's a lie, I have a lot of ideas, but I think I'm too . . . I don't know, embarrassed to wear it out in public. I'm not really like a glamorous kind of person, so I don't think it looks right on me. I keep telling myself that I'll go somewhere one day all done up, but I never do. Maybe later."

You understand that sentiment completely, and you realize it's sort of hypocritical to advise her to be herself, though it also contradicts the advice she just gave you, you wonder if she's aware of that.

Sam mostly works in silence and you're afraid to interrupt her as she traces the contours of your face and carefully applies lipstick.

"Okay," she leans back. "Done. Damn girl, I think you look good." She produces a small mirror and hands it to you so you find yourself looking into the eyes of a stranger. A pretty stranger. In just another second, the images resolves in your mind as you.

Sam is right, it looks really good.

"Wow," you say, awestruck.

"Just don't make any weird expressions. Or cry, or touch your face, or kiss anybody or anything. Oh, and try not to eat food or drink."

"Right, just try to be dead," you say, half-joking, but the idea still finding some purchase with you.

{A look fit for a queen, I think, Alice.}

Your friend's sudden interjection startles you, having forgot they were there.

"So what's next?" Sam asks, sitting beside you on the bed.

"It's movie time!" You say, "We've got a zombie flick to finish!"

Sam frowns slightly, "What about the boys? Don't you think this is a good time to talk to them, while you're all dolled up, I mean."

You shake your head, "No, they can wait. We've put off this movie long enough and I want you to see the rest."

File: Dead-Alive-1.jpg (226 KB, 1280x693)
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226 KB JPG
"Holy fuck," Sam says as the film ends. "That's some real Freudian shit."

You burst out laughing, "Being unbirthed by your undead mother? I'd say so."

"Where do you find this shit?" Sam asks.

"Internet," you reply cryptically. "You can't tell now, but Grace, my sister, used to watch some really crazy shit and would let me watch. She's toned it down a lot, trying to be responsible and all."

"God," Sam says, "Makes me appreciate my mom a bit more. I mean, she's kind of a bitch but she's not a crazy demon thing." She seems to flinch and then looks at you guiltily. "Ooo, sorry."

"For what?" you ask.

She hesitates. "Um, I mean, with the mom thing. Uh-"

Oh, your parents.

"It's, okay," you say. "I know what you mean."

"Is it okay if I ask you about it?"

"About my parents?" you ask, a cold chill in your stomach, "Yeah." But it really wasn't something you wanted to think about or talk about. Thinking about it made you remember standing uselessly and staring at your dad's body hooked up to IV drips and a ventilator. The day you couldn't say goodbye.

"Did you get along with your mom?" Sam asks. You read the subtext as do you miss your mom. The obvious answer there was 'Every day' but you know that's not what she means.
>We got along great. She'd even help me shop for clothes I like.
>About the same as anyone I think. She didn't understand me but she tried.
>To tell the truth, we didn't talk much before it all happened. We were kind of distant
>>We got along great. She'd even help me shop for clothes I like.
She's the reason why I got into cheesy movies. She had this way of riffing a bad movie that I wished I could do.

"We got along really well," you say. "She used to buy me clothes and stuff I liked. Dad never really 'got' it, but he didn't complain. Mom though, she'd do research and take me to new stores, or stuff she found online." You smile. "And really, she's the reason why I got into cheesy movies."

"Wasn't that Grace?" Sam asks.

"She's the reason I saw this movie, but mom liked that schlocky, cheesy stuff. She'd riff on them and make fun of them and we'd all laugh. I was never as fast on my feet as her, and dad always got annoyed because he was actually enjoying the movies."

"They sound awesome," Sam says.

You hesitate, mentally checking yourself to continue. "They were."

Sam runs your shoulder for a second, "I didn't mean to bring you down. I was just curious."

"It's okay, I'm used to it," you lie. "So, another movie?"

"I think we've got some boys to call. I still need to see what Zack looks like, and I want to help you find out if this secret admirer is the real deal."

"Ah." You feel nervousness creeping into you. Something you couldn't really help.

"Who's first?" Sam asks.

>Mystery guy
>write in
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>>write in
Coin flip!

>1: Zack
>2: Mystery Guy


"Uh, maybe we can flip a coin?" You suggest.

"Oh my god, Alice," Sam says, "What if we start with Zack, you mentioned him first."

"Okay," you say, drawing into yourself a little, suddenly feeling exposed.

"So, first, I want a picture of him," Sam says, "And a good one, not one of those 'look how brooding I am' dark ones. That way I can make a fair assessment of his physical attributes," she snickers, "Then! I want you to talk to him on the phone, see what he's like and you know, measure your compatibility."

You almost make a joke about Sam trying to steal him away from you, but then you recall your recent history together and decide against it.

"So you want me to text him and ask him for a picture of himself?" You ask, "What if he just sends his dick?"

"You think that's likely?" Sam asks.

"Uhh. Maybe? I'm not sure."

"Tell him you want to show what he looks like to a friend, he'll try to show off probably. Or tell him you'll send him a picture and you want one back. Make him want it," she laughs.

You shift, a little uneasy with the idea of sending pictures of yourself to people. "I'll figure it out." You pull out your phone and start texting.

Heyyy zack!


"Ouch," Sam says, "Three Ys? Makes it sound like you're drunk or it's a booty call or something."

You feel faint, "What? No."
She nods gravely. Before you can ask if you can unsend you get a reply.
Lol, what's up? Bored?
[I]kind of you write, trying to figure the best way to broach this topic.

>My friend wants to see what you look like, send us a picture!
>I need a recent picture of you
>If I send you a picture of me, will you send me a picture of you?
>Write in
>My friend wants to see what you look like, send us a picture!

He'll probably ask for the trade.
>Sort of. Having a friend over for a movie night and to work on our costumes. Just finished watching Dead Alive.

>Anyway, say hi to Sam.

(After he says Hi)

>Okay, Sam has just requested pictures of you. Can I get a few?

(After he obliges)

Sounds like the most sensible option
Sure, why not.


Having a friend over for movie night and to work on our costumes. Just finished watching Dead Alive.

Zack's reply is another minute in coming. lol cool. Never heard of it. Good?


What are you two going as?

"Now," Sam says, reading over your shoulder, "Does he care because he's genuinely interested in you or because he's curious how little clothing you're going to be wearing?"

"If that's what he thinks then he doesn't know me very well," you say, then recalling your costume's plunging neckline. Maybe Sam was on to something.

I'll be Mortician Addams and she'll probably be a 1980s vampire. What about you?

Those sound cool. Hope I'll get to see yours. I don't really do dressing up on Halloween. I kind of just put on some crazy shit and run around scaring people.

"Come on Alice, ask him!" Sam insists.

"Okay okay." You write a reply quickly. You should say hi to Sam (My friend) She's reading too.

Hi Sam!

You take a deep breath and write. So look, Sam wants to know what you look like. Can I get a few pictures?

The delay in response is so long you think he might be taking the pictures.

I Don't mind. But what about pics of you two? Fair is fair.

You look at Sam.

"Whatever you want to do I'm fine with," Sam says.

>Fine, give us a minute
>What sort of pictures?
>You already know what I look like, she just wants to see you
>Write in
>Fine, give us a minute

Take a pic by yourself with Sam on the camera, then one with Sam using the timer.
Oh, yeah, link him to the Dead Alive trailer.
>"We are both perfectly decent at the moment. Regardless of what you've heard about a girls get-together or the fact that we are making our costumes"
>Some ironic emoji

Send the picture afterwards

>All dis

Forgot to add that the emoji thing is so the message reads like playful jab at him and not us calling him a "sexist chauvinist man who wants to see women in underwear"

Zack is a sensitive boy, after all. VERY SENSITIVE
That's fine. Give us a minute.

Zack replies quickly. I'll be here.

You sigh as you write your next response. We are both perfectly decent at the moment. Regardless of what you've heard about a girls get-together or the fact that we are making our costumes. You follow it up with an eye roll emoji and a goofy face emoji.

You tell a guy he's getting pictures from girls and they want to see him, see how he reacts! :P Either way, I'm game.

Sam rolls with laughter after reading his message. "Oh my god, he's shameless."

"Yeah, that's him," you say. "Shameless. He didn't even clean his car when he picked me up to take me over."

"A lot of guys are like that I think," Sam says, "Kind of oblivious. Well, let's get these shots. We gotta look good."

"Hang on." You quickly fire Zack a link to the Dead Alive trailer.


"Got it. Can you take my pic first?" you ask.

Sam smirks, "Oh? You want Zackie boy to have a good picture?"

You don't waver, "It couldn't hurt."

She takes the phone from you and sights it. "Alright, strike a pose! Show me some Vogue."

You hesitate in a moment of sudden self-consciousness before turning slightly, bending a leg at the knee and giving the camera some sultry eyes.

"Yes! That's it, baby!" Sam snaps a picture while doing an impression of some unplacably European accent. You take a few to make sure you get the best.

"And we'd better get one together," you say, "I think my camera has a timer setting and-"

"Don't be silly, haven't you ever done this before?"

You don't tell her that you haven't.

Sam moves up next to you and holds the phone up, pressing her cheek to yours. "Smile!"

You don't have time before she snaps the picture.

"And one for fun," She says steadying her arm for the selfie and sticking out her tongue, pretending to lick your ear causing you to squeal and flinch away, eliciting a peal of fresh laughter from her. She hands the phone back over.

"Now the ball's in his court," she says.

You attach a small handful of the pictures.

Here you go. Now it's your turn.

You hit send and then, after a short pause, write a second message.

Make sure you send one of your abs ;) - Sam

"Alice!" Sam protests shoving your arm lightly. "What the fuck, really?" she feigns irritation.

"I wasn't going to ask for myself," you stick your tongue out at her.

Zack responds quickly. Very nice! Nice makeup, Alice, it's a good look for you. And Sam wants Abs? If she wants abs, I want some midriff. Fair is fair.
>Take it up with Sam
>Two stomachs for one? That's not fair
>Send him a midriff pic
>I don't think so. We'll settle for a fair trade.
>write in
>Two stomachs for one? That's not fair
>I'll show my midriff, but you'll have to settle for Sam's leg. She claims only her BF gets girl-abs rights.

Two stomachs for one? That's not fair You write the message but don't send it, hesitating a second before adding,I'll show my midriff, but you'll have to settle for Sam's leg. She claims only her BF gets girl-abs rights.

Zack's response is immediate. Sounds good to me!

"Yeah, I'm sure it does," Sam says with a laugh as you lift your shirt up to just below your sternum and hold out the phone to take a picture. "And you tow are just friends?" she asks as you review the photo.

"Is it too cliché to say 'it's complicated'?" You ask.


"Do you mind about the leg?" you ask. "I did promise."

She laughs, "Well, I can't get much leg in it, these jeans don't exactly roll up really well." She pulls the fabric slightly indicating how tight they are, "And I think taking off my pants to get a picture of my leg is probably a bit much."

>Well I already promised, so I guess you'll have to
>An ankle is fine, who cares
>I'll just tell him never mind, it was just a joke anyway.
>write in
>Just take a picture of her pants'd leg and tell him to not push his luck
>Smirk emoji
>>I'll just tell him never mind, it was just a joke anyway.
>Besides, if he gets insistent, I know where he lives.

>So I've just discovered the limit's of my friendship with Sam pertains to her showing some leg. Now we're mortal enemies who will do anything to ruin each other's life.
>No, seriously, I forgot she was wearing tight jeans, and there's no way I'm giving you a shot of either of our asses.
This is good.

"I'll just tell him never mind, it was a joke anyway," you say.

"Wait, just take a picture of my leg, jeans and all. We never said 'bare' leg," Sam says.

You snap the picture. "Makes sense to me. Besides, if he gets insistent, I know where he lives."

Sam snickers.

You attach the midriff photo and the 'leg' photo.

This is the best you're going to get, so don't push your luck. You hunt through the emoji list and add a smirk. She's super mad at me now. Turns out this is the limit of our friendship. Looks like we're out to ruin one another's lives now.

You hit send.

After a few minutes of delay you get the pictures back and you barely have time to look at them before Sam is on your phone, swiping through. Zack is being typically dorky, dressed like a rejected extra from Lost Boys or something. But, he does have a pretty pleasing body, he didn't just go for abs but went full shirtless. Not totally ripped, he still clearly has some muscle, probably from all that hatchet throwing and shit.

He also provides a message Looking great, Alice. ;) and Sam is the one who wanted the body shots and can't even pony up a leg? I see how it is.

You can't help but chuckle.

Seriously, I forgot she was wearing tight jeans and there's no way I'm giving you a shot of either of our asses.


You get a frowny face in reply. And that's the real tragedy of the evening. Guess I'll hike my pants back up then. You get a second reply just a moment later, Besides, I've seen you in reality and I have to say that as nice as these are, they don't top that experience.

"Wow!" Sam says after reading. "Either he has more self-confidence than anyone has any right to, or he is just totally . . . "

"Shameless?" you supply.


"Well, I've also seen him the opposite, he-" you stop short of telling Sam he tried to kiss you. "Got pretty embarrassed at a couple points when we hung out. So sometimes I think it's just a show. That or he's not real smart. So what's your verdict?"

"Cute, kinda funny. Seems like boyfriend material if you can keep him leashed in. Nice body, but, I'm sorry to say, nothing on that other guy. When are we talking to Mr. Mystery?"

{Try not to think about Zack and leashes at the same time, Alice. I know you had some wandering thoughts the last time you were together.}

If you could step on your Friend's toes to shut them up, you would.

"The other guy?" You ask. "Whenever you want to, I guess."
And that's my time.

Thanks for playing guys, apologies for the long delay, my life has been crazy lately and it was nice to take a quick break. Next session is next week, Tuesday 20th at 7 EST (11 UTC). I hope to see everyone there!

Agenda for next session (open to suggestion and revision):

>Wrap the conversation with Zack, if anything else remains to be said
>Let Sam speak to Mr. Mystery to try to shed some light on all this
>Hang with Zack on Saturday to investigate the cabin and probably get hit on more
>Go to the Occult bookstore at some point.

Today is still Thursday, October 12th, 2017 Halloween is 19 days away.
G'night, boss. Glad to see Alice back and having more spooky high school adventures! Still can't wait for Halloween!
Thank you for running. Good night

Thanks guys!
Sam grins, "I think it's safe to say that I want to talk with him as soon as possible. Zack is pretty nice and all, but you make him sound like a dork."

"He's-" you try to think of the right word, "Kind of dorky. But also kind of not."

Sam rolls her eyes. "We're going to need a comparison," she says. "This guy you traded pictures with seems a good candidate. What did you have to send him, anyway, hmm?" she raises her eyebrows.

"N-nothing!" you reply.

"Nothing? Please. I saw what you sent Zack just now, PG-13 sure, but still something."

"That guy just sent me those pics, I haven't sent him a thing," you insist. "Nothing like that."

"Better for you I guess, how does he know what you look like? He has to know you're cute right?"

"I . . . Don't know. He must have seen me somewhere."

"You do have a pretty distinct look, especially in Roselake but . . ." Sam stops and frowns, "Wait, are you saying you don't know how he got your number or anything?"

You shake your head.

"Wow, super weird. Okay, well another mystery to solve then. Let me give him a call," she says, hand held out for your phone.

"I don't know if a call is the best idea," you say.

"Why? It's a good way to see if he is remotely who he says he is, I can ask him some questions about his intentions with my friend and see what's up. It'll be fun!"

"I guess . . ."

"Does he know what you sound like?" Sam asks. "Will he know I'm not you? I could just pretend to be you." she puts on a sultry, seductive voice, "Hey, big boy, how about we get a look at the rest of that body?"

"Stoooop!" you insist.

"Okay, okay. I'll just be me." Sam brings up his last text message and pauses, brow furrowing in concentration. "That's weird, the call button is greyed out. I can't call him back."

"Oh," you remember, "His texts come through from a weird number. Just a bunch of zeroes, like an automated message or something."

"Well shit. Okay, if we can't call, I can at least text him again, right? Maybe I could ask for his real number. He got yours after all. Only fair.

>Sure, go ahead and text him
>That's fine, just pretend to be me
>No, I'll do it.
>No, I'll do it.
Also, welcome back, boss. You doing alright today?
Good to be back!

Today? I'm doing well. Just harried as usual. How about yourself? Looking forward to doing this session, I think it'll be fun!
>Sure, go ahead and text him
>How about yourself?

Work's been ramping up production for spring, so I've been getting longer shifts. Not exactly easy on my back, though...

>Looking forward to doing this session, I think it'll be fun!

(Immediately starts worrying)
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>No, I'll do it.

>Sure, go ahead and text him

Tied obviously.

let me break that.

>1 Do it yourself

>2 Let Sam do it
>No, I'll do it.


Hang in there man, I know how that is. And can't I have fun without disaster and tragedy occurring?
"I better do it," you say, taking your phone back.

"Get his number," Sam insists, "We can talk on speaker phone, plus he's less likely to ask you for nudes or something."

"He hasn't exactly asked me yet," you say, "He wanted pictures of me, but I said no."

Sam shakes her head. "He's either a nice guy or has a lot of patience. I've talked with some guys who ditch as soon as they don't get what they want. But," she continues, "Maybe he thinks it's worth the wait, huh?"

You shake your head and hit 'reply' on your last message from this mystery guy which you give a cursory glance.

I understand. I think that either way I'd bett̶er give you a little space for right now. I can see how I came on kind of strong. I think I got ahead of myself and made a͘ lot of assumptions that I should not have.

When you finish reading it, you cringe, just a bit. You'd left him on read which was pretty cold, though in your defense he freaked you out a little, well more than a little bit. With a deep breath, you type up and send a message.

Hey, are you there? One Y this time, like Sam suggested. You don't want to sound drunk or flirty.

The reply comes right away. I̧'m sort of surprised to hear back from you. I thought I'd scared you off for good. A pause, and then. Not th͘at I wanted to.
>No, I was little harsh to you. Sorry about that.
>My friend thinks you're cute and wants to hear what you sound like.
>I'm just trying to get more information about you.
>Write in
>Well, I did say that I'd like to get to know you more before we try anything. That, and I have a friend here evaluating you to make sure you're on the up and up. Speaking of, say hi to Sam.

I did say that I'd like to get to know you more before we try anything. Send.

An instant response. You want to try something with me?

Sam laughs, "Oh wow, he's something alright."

"Jeez," you rolls your eyes and type a reply. Let's not make any assumptions. I also have a friend here evaluating you to make sure you’re on the up and up. Say him to Sam!

This time you a wat a minute. Sam? Your friend? Hello Sam.

"Hello," Sam chirps.

She says 'hello'.

I want to apologize for coming across too strong like you said. This isn't something I'm very good at. It's hard to make people like you.

"Awww," Sam says. "I can't tell if that's cute or sad."

"Maybe both?" you say as you write back. It helps to get to know someone first.

You're probably right. I think in this case, you mean me. I'll tell you whatever you want to know about me.

>Who are you?
>How do you know me?
>What's your phone number? We want to call you
>Can you send me a picture proving who you are?
>Write in
>>Who are you?
>>How do you know me?
>>Mind if we swap pictures again? Sam wants a better idea of how you look.
First, who are you?

There's another delay.

What do you mean?

Sam and you trade looks and you send the message again.

I mean WHO are you? What's your name?

There's a long pause before you get a reply. Michael.

Okay, Michael, how is it that you know me? Your fingers fly over the keys as you type.

"Why don't you just call him?" Sam asks, "It'd be a lot faster, don't you want to hear what he sounds like?"

"Maybe in a bit," you say and hit send.

"Shy?" she asks. "Cause I can do the talking. I'm not shy."

"Um, maybe. I don't know, this is just more comfortable."

Sam shrugs.

That's easy. I've seen you around. People know who you are.

"See?" Sam says.

And how did you get my number? You ask.

Someone gave it to me. I don't want to name names and get someone in trouble. From what you've said, it was a bad idea. But I wasn't sure how else I could approach you.

Sam gasps, "Who could have given him your number?"

You almost reply 'no one' before you give it more thought. The truth is, there are a lot of possibilities. Back when you were dating Franz you'd received a text from a stranger about him cheating on you. IT was entirely possible that someone in Franz's circle of friends had your number and gave it out to an acquaintance or they were one and the same. You write a reply quickly.

What would you say to trading pictures? Sam wants a better idea of how you look.

Michael responds quickly, I thought you didn't want to trade pictures? I already gave you some pictures of me.

"Tell him you want some more," Sam says. "Put a wink!"

"I'm not putting a wink," you say.

Maybe I want some more. Not weird posed ones either. I want to see what you really look like. Besides, don't you want some of me?

Another delay. Sure I do. Give me a minute

"Hmm," Sam says. "Maybe you should try to get a dick pic from him."

You gape, "Are you serious!?"

Sam rolls back onto your bad laughing. "Oh my god, no. I mean, I wouldn't say 'no'. But no, I'm just fucking with you. I want to see if this is really your guy."

You relax a bit.

"So are you going to take him some fresh ones? Or just send the ones you sent Zack?"
>I'll just take a boring face shot
>I'll send him some cute photos
>Send him the same ones we sent Zack
>Write in
>>I'll send him some cute photos
Some new ones, too. Call it practice for my Morticia costume.
Does Sam not know that Alice is the dorkiest dork ever? Cut poor hatchet boi some slack
is that a vote for
>Cute photos


>Cute photos as Morticia


This is a CRITICAL distinction and the fate of the quest hinges on it.
The first one. Morticia is too sexy to be cute Although we should go and lead up to trying out our costume by asking what he's dressing up as for Halloween.



Are you saying you DO ultimately want to lead into showing him the costume?

Although we should send Zack a picture later as well.
You shrug, "I'll be nice and send him some new ones. Nothing weird though. Couldn't hurt to give him a few cute pictures." You extend your arm and take a few selfies sitting on the bed, checking periodically to save only the best.

You pose for a quick picture with Sam when his pictures come in.

"Oh, let's see!" Sam crowds next to you while you swipe through what he sent. This time, he's fully clothed and clearly in a room or a house, not like the ones with the weird black backdrop. He's wearing an ordinary plain T-shirt and jeans and standing in what looks like an empty room. He doesn't smile but fixes the camera with that piercing gaze, his eye sparkle in a way that is almost weirdly familiar. You stop at one particular photo and stare at it for a minute.

"You're drooling, Alice," Sam says.

You swipe away. "No, he just looks familiar! Or something about him. I don't know."

"Familiar like, 'I've seen this guy before and forgot'? Or familiar like 'this is an Instagram model and someone has stolen his photos'?"

You shake your head, "I don't know." You study another one but nothing comes to you. Instead, you write a reply of your own.

Still looking good. Here's me and a bonus one of Sam. You attach the pics at rapid pace and send them all. You don't have to wait long for a reply.

You look wonderful. I'm sure you're very proud of the way you look. I do like that makeup, I think it very much suits you.

"What a charmer," Sam says, her voice a little cold. "Still think you're being catfished?"

"Not sure," You reply and write back.

Thank you. So any plans for Halloween? Do you have a costume?

I always have plans for Halloween ;) and I was thinking that I would just go as myself.

You snort. Oooo spooky.

What about you, any costumes or plans?

There's a school dance. I'm going as Morticia Addams. Would you like to see?

Yes. I would love to.

Okay. Give me a minute to change

>Give your phone to Sam to talk to him while you're changing
>Take your phone with you
Never trust Sam with your phone
>>Take your phone with you
Although we should ask Sam's opinion while we're changing.
Does he look like the younger version of someone we know?
>while we're changing.


On Michael I assume?

No, not that you can think of.
>On Michael I assume?

>Take your phone with you

You've learned not to trust Sam with your phone.

"I'm gonna go change," you say, standing up. And pocketing your phone. "Should I do this with or without the makeup?"

"With," Sam says. "I mean, it's not Morticia of course, but it looks good on you and it's a pain in the ass to take off or put back on."

You nod.

"Besides, he seems to like it," Sam says, raising her eyebrows.

You stick out your tongue and pick up your costume carefully and leave your bedroom, headed for the bathroom.

{You've spent a while talking with this Michael, Alice. You still don't trust him?}

"He looks like someone," you say quietly, going down the stairs to the upstairs bathroom and closing the door.

{Someone? Who?}

"I'm not sure." You lock the door and disrobe down to next-to-nothing and then take your dress off the hangar and straighten it up before shimmying into it. "I feel like I've seen him before. His eyes are familiar."

{Maybe you've seen him around Roselake?}

Once you've slipped into your dress you start adjusting it, making sure nothing is popping out, making sure it’s smoothed flat, no wrinkles. "I don't know. Maybe. I'm going to ask Sam what she thinks about him, I already know what you think."

{You do? When have I given you my opinion, Alice?}

"You give it to me all the time, whether I ask or not."

{I only said there was no harm talking to him. I said the same of Zack. I think he seems perfectly nice, and you seem to be attracted to him.}

"Being physically attractive isn't the only thing I care about with people I know. You can be attractive and be a serial killer. Or-" you catch your own eye in the mirror, "Or something more dangerous."

{You think Michael is like you are?}

"You said he's not, right?"

{I don't think there's anyone like you around, Alice. No one like us either. That's not ruling out the possibility that he's somehow supernatural.}

You break your own gaze and instead check yourself in the mirror. Acceptable.

"I'm going to ask Sam what she thinks when I get out," you say, picking up your phone and preparing to take some pics in the mirror.

{You should have brought her along. She could have helped you change.}

You feel your face flush a bit. "I'm not doing that," you say. "She can wait." You start snapping pictures, adjusting your stance and facial expression as you do.

{And what do you think, Alice?}

>I think he's really weird, I don't trust him at all
>He's a little strange, I'm not sure.
>I’m trying to give him a chance. He hasn't shown any sign he's dangerous
>Write in
I want to know more about him before i make a choice
>>Write in
I've got the feeling that he might be supernatural in nature. I figure I should make sure he is or isn't, and if he is, what his plans in Roselake are. After that, I'll see where things go, provided he's not going to summon an army of hellspawn, or sacrifice the town to a cosmic horror from beyond the stars.

"I've got the feeling that he might be supernatural in nature," you say, "I figure I should make sure he is or isn't, and if he is, what his plans in Roselake are. After that, I'll see where things go, provided he's not going to summon an army of hellspawn, or sacrifice the town to a cosmic horror from beyond the stars."

Your Friend is laughing so hard in your mind that it feels almost like being tickled all over your body.

{Alice. You are an insightful girl. I'm constantly impressed by your foresight. An army of "hellspawn" would be quite unfortunate for Roselake. As for Cosmic Horror, I think that's a harsh term that would encompass a great many things. Never fear, I'm here to prevent that sort of thing.}

Your Friend's laughter ebbs and flows for another moment.

{Beside which, I think your fear of the unknown is rational, if misplaced. Do you fear all foreigners because of your nation's wars?}

"That's a bit different," you say, verifying your pictures have saved and then undressing again.

{I don't disagree. Still, I am very much the unknown to you, Alice. Do you fear me?}

>Write in
>A little. I admit, sometimes I worry about what I could become with what you've given me. And the first time we met, it was a bit eerie, even for me. But here's a question for you: Knowing you were alive like me once, would you have been afraid of what you are now?
You stop and think for a few moments, picking words carefully.

"A little."

You feel that sudden tense vibration within you, like a plucked guitar string. Shock.

{You are?}

Your friends words are subdued, hurt.

"I admit," you say. "Sometimes I worry about what I could become with what you've given me. And the first time we met, it was a bit eerie, even for me."

{I don't have many other choices in how I present myself to people, Alice. I'm sorry if I frightened you. I had hoped to show you now that I mean well for you. As for your power, you shouldn't worry. I have heard it said that power corrupts. The truth of the matter is that evil lurks within us all. Some just have the power to act on that evil.}

From his tone, you feel like your Friend is speaking from experience.

You press on, "Okay, well here's a question for you: If you had once been alive like me, would you have been afraid of what you are now?"

{I've never been a human before, Alice.}

"I know," you say, "But that's not the question I asked."

There's a long silence as you dress.

{I've been many things in my existence, Alice. Few of them would be considered 'good' by traditional human morals. I suppose that I would be frightened by what I'm capable of. What I've done.}

Another long silence.

{Yes. I think I would be afraid. The gulf that separates us is vast, Alice. For you to understand me, or me to understand you takes a tremendous effort.}

Your Friend stops again, evidently at a loss for words.

{Yes. I would fear what I would have become. I can only hope that in time you will no longer fear me. I sincerely want to be your Friend, not your master or your pimp. Friendship cannot be built through force.}
>We've never stopped being Friends
>Given enough time, I hope you're right
>Why not change? Why not be good? Be better?
>write in
>We've never stopped being Friends
>Don't worry. The more someone learns about their world, the less they fear it. And that goes for people as well. Being able to talk to you helps me get to know you better, and I can't say I'm as scared as I was before.
>I just hope that you'd know a bit of what it would feel like to be like us, if only a little.
>(touch nearby mirror gently as if we were touching Friend)

"We've never stopped being Friends," you insist. "Don't worry. The more someone learns about their world, the less they fear it. And that goes for people as well. Being able to talk to you helps me get to know you better, and I can't say I'm as scared as I was before."

You feel a spreading warmth within you.

{Is that really so, Alice?}

You look back at yourself in the mirror, no longer Morticia now just Alice, and nod.

"I just wish you'd understand a bit of what it would feel like to be like us, if only a little."

The comforting feeling of internal laughter again.

{Alice, I understand your sentiments, but you are not like other people. All the same, I understand. The fear of the unknown must be strong for you. I promise you Alice, I will never mislead you. I will never betray you. I have to abide by certain agreements that are outside of my power to discuss, but I promise you that your protection comes first.}

You reach out and lay your fingertips on cold glass of the mirror and it feels like your Friend is reaching back from the other side, if only for a moment.

"Come on, let's go check on Sam."

As you head back upstairs, you send the pictures to Michael and Zack.

"How'd it go?" Sam asks.

"Fine," you say, sitting beside her on the bed again.

Micahel responds first.

Lovely. You seem very happy as Morticia.

Zack isn't long behind.

Wow. Now that's a costume. You should bring it to my place to try on, I'd love to see it in person.

You snort and write back quickly. You won't see it before Halloween.

"I meant to ask, what do you think about Michael, Sam?"

Sam gives you a knowing smile, "As what exactly?"
>A friend
>A boyfriend
>A person
>Just as a fling
>Write in
>A friend
>And possibly something more...

"As a friend," you say. "And possibly something more . . . Maybe."

"Oh my God, Alice," Sam gives an exaggerated sigh. "You can't just say you're interested in a guy?"

"I just like keeping my feelings to myself," you say. "I don't see any reason to rush into things."

"What's the worst that happens?" she asks, "The guy isn't interested? You'll spring back. And I get the feeling that both of these guys are very much interested." She pauses to add, "They're probably both gonna get annoyed when they realize you've got them waiting in the wings. You know that, right?"

"It's not like that!" you protest. "I don't know how I feel."

"You are so terrified of commitment," Sam says, then her smile freezes and then quickly vanishes. "That's because of . . ." she doesn't say 'me and Franz', but she doesn’t have to,

"It's-" you want to deny it, but you can’t. "Somewhat."

"Somewhat?" Sam repeats, still for a moment and then scooting closer to you on the bed and putting her arms around you, head beside yours.

You hesitate, and then slowly put your own arms around her.

"Alice, I'm so sorry for what happened. I-" she stops. "I never meant for you to be hurt. I guess I was selfish and . . . I'm sorry."

You shake your head, "It's okay, the past is the past. Really."

"It's not. Not for you, is it?" She frowns at you and for a moment, you think she may cry. "I don't know why you bothered to be my friend, it must be terribly hard for you."

"Really, it's okay. I want to be your friend, Sam," you insist.

"Then tell me you won't let what happened make this harder for you," she says. "Alice, if you're afraid of being . . . Of having that happen again, you won't be able to move on. There are good people out there . . . Maybe Franz and I just aren't among them."

"I-" you have no idea what to say next.

"Michael, Zack, they both seem like good guys. I'm sure either one would make you happy, even if it's not really serious. But you should talk to them. Open up a bit! Don't let the past hold you down."
>Okay, I'll open up more
>This is not because of what happened
>It's going to be hard, I really just need time.
>write in
>>Okay, I'll open up more
>Just... Be there for me if I screw up, okay?
>(look over at DVD shelf, gets mischievous grin)
>And to make up for what you did to me, your punishment shall be...



"Okay," you say, "I'll open up more. Just . . . Be there for me if I screw up, okay?"

Sam sniffs and smiles, "Yeah, obviously."

You glance to the shelf beside you. "I do think that maybe, you need to be punished a little for what happened though."

Sam looks apprehensive a moment. "Punished? Um. How exactly?"

You reach to the shelf and pull of your Killer Klowns from Outer Space Bluray and hold it up.

"Cinematic suffering," you say.

Sam laughs, looking relieved, "Oh, that's all? I can do that!"


Thanks for playing! I'm calling it a night. Next session is next Tuesday, 7 EST (11 UTC).

Hope to see you there!
G'night, boss. I'll be there for spooky slice of life as always!

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