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Rolled 16 (1d100)

"So is there any reason why a bunch of Marines showed up to attack our only boat out of here," a three eyed kid couldn't help but ask at seeing the docks swarming with Marines.

"Well obviously someone told them," answered a Shade in its whispery voice. One of the newest creations of the Doctor Sicko. Formerly a human now...something not quite human.

"Yeah I get that but I thought we took all the necessary precautions?"

"We did but I'm afraid we forgot about the CP services. They are very good at what they do and they obviously informed the Marines," mutters the Shade oddly ignoring the Marines. "I think I can see a couple of them present. Sneaky Sneaky. That would explain why this went to shit."

"Hey watch your language," speaks up your newest recruit. A kid with a thing for swords.

"Shut up whelp you're not even proper recruit yet," hisses the Shade before it points out a couple of seemingly normal figures in the watching crowd. "You can tell they are CP, by the way, they're watching. Not normal watching but proper surveillance. This is going to be tricky. Won't be long before they find the ship and sneaking past won't be easy."
Rolled 14 (1d100)

"You think our disguise will hold up?" the three eyed kid couldn't help but ask.

"Normally yes but we didn't expect one of the CP to get involved. Trade ship with hired muscle escort. Hm normally would work against ordinary marines but the CP is very good at what they do. Worst still is the cargo we have very suspicious weapons shipment. We should have brought more men," grumbles the Shade.

"Yeah well too late now. Fleet is busy building up, getting supplies and recruiting. So of course everybody gets screwed in terms of manpower," you also grumble. "How many Officers do you thing they brought?"

"One Captain minimum which will also include their second in command. Both very strong. They might have more than just one ship in which case for every ship we can two more."

"I don't see more than one ship," you note given your view on top of a hill overlooking the harbor and town.

"If there are any they are lying in wait until we try to escape. Then they close in and trap us," answers the Shade.

"...Do we have anyone who can take a Captain? Or entire ships?"

"With us? Nope. We are just a supply runner. Best we got is cannon brutes and that so-called Captain Blades. I personally wouldn't trust the Captain to be able to fight a Marine Captain."

"That weak?"

"He's a good swordsman but not great. Going zombie made him stronger but well...it didn't do anything for his skills. The only reason he made Captain is that we are lacking in strong officers. Of Course, the Commodore says he'll fix that but it takes time."

"And brutes while freakishly strong are so very stupid, we are in a bind, but I might have an idea..."

What do?
>Time to trigger a bandit raid
>Ambush one of the marine ships lying in wait
>Stealthily take out the CP Watchers
>Find a strong expert to convince to help out
>Stealthily take out the CP Watchers
>>Find a strong expert to convince to help out
Still no tiebreakers?
We could just load up some gunpowder barrels and fake a raid on the local bank, pull out of port while everyone is wondering what the fuck exploded back in land.
Rolled 50 (1d100)

Meanwhile somewhere far away.

"You SURE this is a good idea," asks a Zombie pirate to the Commodore. Looking at a large research vessel surrounded by Marine ships.

"Well of course I am," replies the Commodore. "Doctor Sicko demanded a proper science ship and since the only other science ships are in the Grand Line on the High Tech Islands. We are stuck stealing a Marine one."

"Yeah but...just LOOK at how many of them there are? Why the fuck are the Marines so intent on guarding that ship?" Points out another Pirate.

"Look I totally got a plan for this...maybe," admits the Commodore looking over his plans. "Fuck there wasn't supposed to be nearly this many ships escorting them. Damn it we missed something...oh what to do."

"Your overthinking things...again," hisses Doctor Sicko through his mask shortly after appearing from behind. "One quick ambush with Gas thin their numbers and weaken the strong ones. The plan will still work just fine. Just have to use more Gas."

"We weren't even supposed to use any of your gases. Not since what happened last time," reminds the Commodore. "Fucking Contagion Gas gets EVERYWHERE and is an absolute nightmare to clean up. I mean that's the reason why even got stuck using solely your 'improved' crewmen. They were the only ones immune. Even I had to literally build a damn filter inside myself and I STILL can't rub my eyes. You any idea how much that hurt or sucked? I ain't no doctor."

"Yeah well...um I'm a doctor, not a damned Scientist," defends Doctor Sicko trying to brush the topic aside.

"Bullshit what the fuck do you need a lab for if that's the case?"

"Uh...Capt-ahem Commodore I think I figured it out the problem! Look at the flag!" Interrupts a crewman.

"hm," checks the Commodore raising up his eyeglass. "...Oh, bloody fucking hell. That ain't no Research Vessel it's a fucking Hospital Ship. GODDAMNIT." He screams with an angry slam with his fists.

"Hm," mutters Doctor Sicko. "How could the info have been wrong? I thought we confirmed everything. Since it all checked out we wouldn't have been here otherwise." Asks Doctor Sicko to the Commodore.

"Argh that's just it the reports we stole from the Marines would have said if it was Medical Relief Ship under escort, the reports we got claimed it was Research Vessel being guarded. I can't figure out what we miss."

"hm...could it be, let me see the reports," demanded Doctor Sicko. "Yeah yeah fine here I have the files with me since we were doing the mission," says the Pirate Commodore handing it over.

"...Damn this is a lot worse than I thought," shudders Doctor Sicko. "Medical Relief Ships wouldn't have such heavy escorts and they only show up in places that need them. There currently aren't any in North Blue or more precisely they are going the wrong way."

"What the hell are you suggesting Sicko?" Asks the Commodore after turning on a snail.

While that would work to divert some men not all of them would leave.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

"Normally I would say this simply means we fell for a trap...but we didn't use any normal methods to get here. No way to know. Meaning those papers were falsified or more precisely forged to create a coverup for what it really is."

"Oh now I really don't like the sound of this," mutters the Commodore.

"Oh quite contrary this is an excellent opportunity," corrects Doctor Sicko looking eagerly at the ship. "They wouldn't have falsified the reports if it was ordinary ship on an ordinary task. This can only mean its no ordinary ship. That logo claiming it a Medical Relief Ship? It's bullshit. The only thing that could possibly be is either a specialized transport carrying very valuable cargo...or an off the books science ship. The goodies inside heh they are far more valuable then what we were let on."

"A double bluff and coverup? Damn they must REALLY value this ship," mutters the Commodore scratching his chin. "In that case...I think I also have to go all out huh? You better bring out your good shit Sicko and this better be worth it."

"Oh, are you going to do that?" Sicko asks looking at the Pirate Commodore.

"Hmph we might be outside the Grand Line but I kept some shit from a High Tech Island saved up just in case. Problem is it's near irreplaceable until I get back to the Grand Line. Even with all my tricks I highly don't they have mere Captains guarding that ship. Which means I'll have to bring out my poisons."

"Lots of people will die I cannot endorse such an action," denies Doctor Sicko glaring at him through his eyepieces within his mask.

"Ah don't worry the poison is only for those who are able to endure your sick gas. I don't care if they have an Admiral escorting that thing. Not even one of them will be able to easily walk away from our special combo."

"If we do that won't your cover be blown," reminds Doctor Sicko.

"Heh not with what I got planned so sorry about this Sicko," says the Commodore as he gives the signal with his hand. On que a pirate injects Sicko with something.

"Ohh...damn you," groggily curses Doctor Sicko has his body relaxes.

"Sorry Sicko but I need the other guy for this. The only way we can make this work without fail. Honestly though whoever it is they got guarding it. I won't be able to take on alone with just your normal self."

"They...are all...going to...die," was Doctor Sicko's last words before he changed.

"Trust me when I say those guys this time actually deserve it," answers the Pirate Commodore with a hard look and distant gaze in his eyes. "You like to see the best in people Doctor Sicko and to save them the best you can, but sometimes...sometimes they just aren't worth saving. Some of them have it coming and if you just let them right on by. They'll just keep on doing terrible deeds."

"Ah didn't think we would actually agree on something for once," hisses the New Doctor Sicko after cracking its neck. "If only if you were normally this agreeable we would have gotten along splendidly."
Rolled 6 (1d100)

"Just because your everything bad that Doctor Sicko bottles up inside doesn't mean I get to like you." The pirate Commodore spits out with much loathing.

"Oh come on now don't be like that," laughs Sicko. "If that were true you would never have helped me get out. I think we can get along just fine."


"Hah says the man who understands that sometimes you gotta let the bad stuff out to do what's necessary. For the greater good as it were," chuckles Sicko. "You understand those people...don't deserve to live. That letting them live would allow for even more evil in this world...that's because you know what's the true identity of that ship don't you?"

In response, the Pirate Commodore stayed silent.

"HAH you really do know! Otherwise, you would have NEVER let me out...oh you trying to protect Doctor Sicko from the big bad world...again. It's killing me hahahahah, you ahahahahaha you should understand now that we are both on the same side! We both do our best to protect you know who and yet you hate me! What the hell gives man?" finishes Sicko still snickering.

"One of these days I really need to talk to Sicko about bottling up all the bad stuff and then maybe we could kill you for good." Grumbles the Commodore.

"Heh, fat chance pretty boy! I been here long before you have and long after. It's just us two against the world," answers Sicko.

"...How the flying fuck did Doctor Sicko ever become a Doctor with you inside?"

"That's actually a very good question," admits Sicko scratching his head. "Honestly I am not sure about that myself. I like to think I took care of everything that got in our way so well that even that wasn't impossible."

"One last question before we start the slaughter and its something that's been bugging me forever. What exactly in the past that caused you two to...split."

"Ah...oh my the good Doctor never told you after all?" replies Sicko in shock. "Well ain't that something. Never expected that. In fact, I thought that was the whole reason why you were so annoyingly protective. Trying to steal my job from me and kill me but... it's not as I thought after all. Well not sure if it's my place to tell but it was obviously bad enough to make Doctor bottle it all up and I had to show up to handle things. To drive them to be who they are...and to never reveal the reason WHY. Just like you with lying about who you really are. Both of you are a couple of liars who love their secrets far too much."Taunts the Sicko with much pleasure.

"I will admit though ever since you showed I haven't been needed as much...so why would I tell you what you want to know? What would I have to possibly to gain?" He finishes.

"Simple we both want the same thing and whatever it is aren't YOU the one suppose to handle it? Yet you have obviously failed. If I fail too you can just rub in my face." Counters the Commodore.
Clearly should have used a different starting pic...
Oh, ship! It’s back! Nice! (Got to play it cool!)

Sup, Ghost? (Nice)
Oh, three eyes plant kid quest, lets bump this and hope we get something done by the end of the thread.
It's so cool you are back Ghost, your haunted pirate quest is just amazing!
Sneakily Kill the CPs while we give them something to watch!
Rolled 23 (1d100)

"You think you shades can take out those CP watchers without getting detected?" You ask the Shade.

"Well they aren't CP-9 but there are a lot of Marines and civilians nearby. Assassinating them is very difficult without getting detected. They are organized in such a way they can watch each other in case something like that happens."

"In that case, its less about stealth than speed." You changed your idea.

"Hm...then that is doable," says the Shade after thinking for a moment. "We can indeed take them out quickly but not without being detected and setting off the alarm."

"But I know you're all fast enough to get away and that should create an opening for us."

"Still won't get rid of those ships lying in ambush. We try to leave on the ship they'll pop out and trap us. The Marines took precautions already."

"Unfortunate for them Doctor Sicko and the Pirate Commodore has it covered," you say with an evil grin. "Not long ago the Commodore had special gas shells for the cannons passed around along with grenades. All we need is one clean barrage and the gases should hopefully give us the opening we need to escape properly."

"Risky plan but it might work," nods the Shade while looking down at you. "Still you're forgetting the Marine Officers. Assuming each ship has a Captain and First Mate. All we got is the Captain and he ain't no Commodore."

"Well it hopefully won't matter since the gases should weaken them enough that even Blades can take him on. Don't forget any experts we recruited with this pass."

"Not many people like the thought of joining a cursed crew full of monsters," reminds the Shade as it cracks its neck with a disconcerting angle.

"Eh that just means we won't get the ordinary garden variety expert. Only the real nasty sons of bitches who want to be a company full of fellow monsters," you chuckle only to turn and notice the Shade had already vanished.

"Fucking hell those things are fast," you couldn't help but curse. This time sword kid didn't say anything as his eyes were bulging out at the insane speed of the shade.

"Wow...that is so COOL. How can they even BE that fast?"

"Uh...you don't wanna know," before grabbing him as you headed towards to dock.

"Why not?"

"Because your sister would kill me if she found out that you knew how they were created."

"Created?Wwait a second are you saying I too could become one of those cool monsters? AWESOME!"

"Shit," you couldn't help but curse facepalming yourself. You just HAD to accidentally drop that little detail. You thought you guided the sword kid into taking advantage of the opening the Shades created with their speedy assassinations and fleeing the scene. Fortunately for the both of you they obviously didn't expect a couple of kids being pirates. Hopefully the rest of the crew will be so lucky.

Waiting at the ship meanwhile proved to cause problems.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

As formerly stranded crew came pouring in. Some of them brought the company and lastly came the Shades. Who after their assassinating doubled back around and obviously there were a lot of very angry marines chasing after them. Most of them were left behind in the dust but a few clearly high ranking Marines who barely able to keep them in view.

At this point though Captain Blades proved to not be a complete waste of space as he stepped forward and drew his pair of cutlasses then he swung them and the blades cut the air itself into shreds. Unleashing a flurry of air slashes charging at the incoming Marines who dodged out of the way. Captain Blades for his part didn't stand still either when abruptly throwing knives came stabbing out hidden among the airwaves slashes. How he managed to throw them so quickly right after he cut the air itself you found impossible to fathom.

The same was true for the marines as they screamed out in pain as the daggers sneaked through their defenses and stabbed them. This bought precious time for the exhausted Shades to charge onto the deck of the ship and collapse.

Captain Blades for his part moved with strange speed with only a few steps. One moment he was there and the next he wasn't. His burst of speed saw to it he charged into the midst of the marines causing them to scatter and then counterattack. But by that time he was already gone back on the ship and sailing away as he waved goodbye at the stunned marines on shore.

"Oh wow your Captain is so strong," says sword kid with glowing eyes.

"Captain? That ain't my Captain. I report only to the Commodore.

"Oh wow I didn't think a kid be so high ranking!"

"Uh...no not quite like that. Due to my devil fruit powers I am a bit of odd position within the fleet. Wouldn't make sense for me to still be a typical cabin boy but at the same time I don't quite qualify for a higher position."

"Ooh, there's an entire fleet?" Asks sword kid seemingly forgotten everything else you said.

"...Yes well, multiple fleets technically. Given how everything is organized."

"Wow so wait where is everyone else? Looks like we need backup given all those Marine ships," points out sword kid at the approaching Marine Ships.

"Yeah well we got a plan for that, everyone loads the cannons with gas shells and prepare for organized bombardment!" You point out only to get counter commanded by the Captain.

"Prepare for boarding let's show these cunts what we are made off!"

At this act of stupidity, you couldn't help but facepalm. Hoping the gas would weaken them enough that you would have enough time to get away before attacking them. Damned idiot Captain. Speed is of the essence. There is no way the Marines don't have more backup incoming and you need to vanish.

What do?
>Prepare for boarding with the crew
>Introduce the 'captain' to hungry pet plants
>Hang back to shoot the marines
>Figure out a way to make the ship ram through the Marine vessels
>>Introduce the 'captain' to hungry pet plants
>Introduce the 'captain' to hungry pet plants
>Introduce the 'captain' to hungry pet plants
>Introduce the 'captain' to hungry pet plants
Then go with the bombardment plan and escape!
Last time I saw this we where trying to recruit the sword kid, was there a time skip or something? I don't understand anything
There seems to be a time skip yes, I guess the QM just wanted to keep up the tempo, and start this thread with a exciting start.
I’m curious as to our intent here. Are we looking to kill the idiot? Or just scare him into using his brain?

Personally I’m good either way. But I can see that this option has a few ways it can go down and maybe that’s why Ghost is taking so long to post an update.

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