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This is still an experiment. It will develop similarly to a Civ or a Skirmish, but the setting is a Low Fantasy Victorian-era world where magic is present. Similar to an Isekai, your character has died in the real world, having lived an unfulfilled life. Perhaps you gave your life to save someone else's. Perhaps you missed the chance to do something while you were alive. Perhaps you simply ended your life, uncontented with its many facets.

To your surprise however, you've awoken in a strange, yet familiar world. You feel fundamentally different, as if there is a new power stirring within you. You know this feeling as the gift of magic, with potential far greater than many of the people in this world. You are an Outsider; a person whose soul had been wrought from another dimension.

You're not alone, either. You've awoken alongside other Outsiders from Earth, too. Whoever you were back in the old world is mostly inconsequential now.

You were greeted by several humans with clothing that looks similar to what someone from the 19th century London would wear. They then introduce themselves as members of an organization called the Xerenith Order.

Your summoners have brought your soul here to help fight against threats that they cannot fight against alone. The Order promises to give you funding, safety, and a roof over your heads, so long as you continue to work with them.

Ultimately, there is no explicit way to 'win'. As a player, you are encouraged to set your own goals. Maybe you'd like to amass power, or return to Earth, or even rebel against your summoners. The choice is yours.

Keep in mind that this is an experimental thread; there may be radical changes to the game as a whole, later down the line.
**How to join: - Currently admitting a limited amount of Players. Pop into our Discord for more info**
Make your character. It can be a male or a female. Post your full character info in each of your Action posts like in a regular civ or skirmish.

You have 3 "Skill points" from your backstory. Skill points can be used to gain Skills, which are categorized into six different archetypes: Might, Finesse, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration, and Industry.

a. Name (trip/namefag yourself)
b. Give a short description of your character. Pictures are also appreciated.
c. Allocate your skill points. These can be skills that you knew in your old life on Earth(i.e. Mathematics, Firearms Proficiency, etc), or gained when you became an Outsider(i.e. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, etc). Do note that these skills can be as general or as specialized as you like, but must be within reason(i.e. Magic Missile is an acceptable starter skill, but Create Matter isn’t).

How to play: -
To start you post your character sheet with actions for each turn.
a. Action Economy. Each turn you will be given 5 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions. Major actions use 2 [Action Points]. Social and minor actions only use 1 [Action Point].

Examples of major actions: Training, spellcrafting, building, etc.
Examples of minor actions: Social interactions, resting, etc.

For every action(whether it be major or minor), you must roll.

-General formula uses [General Dicepool] + [Archetype Bonuses]
-[General Dicepool] is 1d100
-[Bonus] are added to the action you are making.

Each tier into an archetype related to the action now grants a +5 Bonus.

If you have Bread Baking (Industry) and your action is to Bake Bread you roll 1d100, and add a +5 to your action.
If you had 12 Finesse, you had a Well-Rested Status that gave you a +10 bonus, you had a skill that gave you +5 to actions related to Stealth and you posted an action related to stealth, you'd roll a 1d100 and get a total boost of 25:
10 from the Finesse, 10 from the Status, and 5 from the related skill

b. All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any action posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.

c. After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XWb8hdB
Detailed Rules: - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZBCNA9jh-dqVZllbqO4EVunLAlrNjWOWGNbr9-FhMAE/edit?usp=sharing
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=mass+isekai
Previous turn: >>2343445

Turn 4

**The Factory**
An old metal processing plant that was closed down decades ago. Chosen for its proximity to the city of Burhtic, this building is close enough to get to the city, but also far enough to make sure that if something were to happen, the Xenerith Order would have ample time to stop it. The factory floors were cleared of machinery, meaning that there is plenty of space for development. The lack of comfortable amenities might leave something to be desired, however.

Default Building:
>Sleeping Quarters
>Dining Hall
>Free Space for Development (9/15 left)

Expansion Units: 4/15
Structures: Forge, Library, Spell Repository, Chemist Lab,

**=====[Xenerith Order News]=====**
**Library Status:**

The Library is finally fully cleaned and ready for use.

The janitors seem to be really happy with it.

There was still an unexpected accident within it, but it should be rid of nasty surprises right now.

**Old Aisle Status:**
It seems like the oldest part of the factory was involved in a particularly destructive incident involving the attempt to make an Multi-Purpose Medical Room, which resulted in the destruction of the infirmary, the demolition of one of the walls of the forge and a giant hole in the wall of the second floor of the Factory.

The Order would like to inform all the Outsiders that their help would be well received, and while they aren’t really prepared to lend any meaningful rewards, having the damages restored is probably of vital interest to everyone who may need these facilities. And keeping the water and the forest fauna outside would do much to let everyone sleep without worried of awakened by a flood of water or spiders in the middle of the night.

[Failures can result in more “interesting” results than the usual even if done inside, every failure after the first will be considered “Outdoor activity” as the interior is partially exposed to the elements. Furthermore, resting actions receive a -10 as they will be frequently disturbed by water or people trying to keep the water at bay. This lasts until the storm passes or the building is restored.]

[The infirmary was relocated to the opposite aisle, but is working at half the efficiency for the next turn. All rolls involving it will receive a penalty depending on the complexity of their dependence on it.]
**Weather Report:**

The weather is unusually dark and rainy for this time of the year, there is suspicion that magic may have been involved, but no real usual signs of it. It's better to stay inside. The Order has finally confirmed that the storm is of magical origin, and that its moving in the direction of the sea, there is also suspicion that it came from some mountains in the north. There is rumors that the Order plans to send an expedition to deal with the storm.

[Failures involving outdoor activities have harsher consequences, but the things that go bumping in the night doesn’t expect company during just harsh climate, no one does, really. Stealth rolls receive +10 bonus. Also, the nature energies are strong during such storms, crits on rolls involving magic may receive special rewards, if done somewhere exposed to the elements.]

**Dinner is served at 7 p.m.**
Great opportunity for Outsiders to catch up and talk during the week.

This month we will be giving you access to a special menu of pork based meals, feel free to ask our cooks about it, but remember that it’s also an limited offer, so hurry before it's over!

**Special Announcement**

Grandmaster Kjellberg is going to do a speech to give a more profound explanation about your situation this week. It will be followed by an special commemoration to party in honor of your first month on this world.

[Takes a Minor or a Major action to join. Will have higher reward depending on which you choose and how well you roll for it.]

**=====[QM Announcements News]=====**
Since we are still experimenting with the system, check out the 0.7 Rule book. Linked in the OP.
Powers obtained this turn may be subjected to change.
Time limit for putting in actions is still 72h, after that we can’t promise quality.
Next updated expected to be in the weekend after this next one, sorry for the delay.
Repair the damaged rifle. [Industry 1] (+5)

After much time tinkering around with its parts, and studying that manual “Nice” gave you, you finally feel confident enough about it to give it a try at an improvised fire range you made on the alley behind the bar, shooting things up from the only window of your room in the second floor.

Usually, you would be worried about doing this sort of things inside the city, but Silva explained you recently that no one would bat an eye in weird things going on near the bar, in fact, most people at this point already knew that sounds of explosions, shots or thunder meant that something was probably going wrong there, and they kept their distance… There also sounded like there were other factor involved, but the gist of it was that you would be fine taking some shot if done by early morning when there was no people around.

After taking some shots to make sure that your rifle was working properly, you run out of improvised targets, and decide to go down again to set some more for another round of testing, and then that's when you notice some dog who was sitting at some angle that would let him see your results while hidden from your sight.

“Eh, yer not so bad with a gun, kid.” The dog says.

Wait, What?

“What, have you never seen a talking dog before?”

You try to explain you surprise to the dog, but he just laughed it off.

“Nah, don’t worry, I’m not reeeeeeeaaaly a dog, its just my thing, you know? Some people breath fire, others are born with wings… It doesn’t matter if you’re an devil or an outsider, in the end we “special” folks always have something that distracts us from each other, and if you live enough to hone your techniques… Well… You may get to be as cool as me. Huehuehuehuehuehuehue.”

You’re more than surprised right now, and with too many questions to make to this person, whatever he is and wherever they are.

“I’m the streets-master, the one that all sees and all knows, if it happened in Burhthic, your best bet is that I know about it… And I’ve been quite interested in you, you know? It's not much usual for an outsider to met Silva so early into his journey in this world… But if you want a advice from me, it would be to trust no one, and double guess even those things that may look like an victory at first sight… There are quite a lot of old and powerful things around that had plenty of time to hone their skills of manipulation and misdirection, and if humanity wasn’t extinguished by the spawn of madness and destruction it was probably mostly because there are people around who can play the metagame in the level of the grand masters…. Eh… I’m getting carried always in it again, I’m sorry, you know, that tends to happen when you get older and paranoid, don’t mind me.”

You start making a few cautious questions after his discourse of paranoia and conspiracies, and he hears all of them but doesn’t seem much interested.

“Listen kid, you don’t go this far as I did by doing stuff for cheap, I’m probably the most expensive guy around you can pay for info, but if one day you ever manage to be able to pay me, I’ll make it more than worth for you… But, eh, you know, this old fellow still has some compassion for the young ones such as you, you know? So I’ll give you a tip free of charge…”


[Gunsmithing: No combat effect]
*Knowledge of making, assembling, repairing and maintaining guns and their ammo.*

He tells you a lot about the guns of the technology level of this world, much more than what you could have learned just from the manual, and even waits for you to get paper to note some of the stuff, while keeping it simple and clear, as to make it easier to remember.

“It was good to know you kid, but this old dog still has much to do, see ya!”

He goes away without giving you anything you really needed to know.

Met: Streetmaster, the spy master of the streets.
Wait for a chance to talk to Mask properly. "Before I take on your offer, can we agree on something first? If I start working for you, can I get your guidance in return? I can apparently control spaces and hide objects in them for some reason, but I have no idea how magic in this world works. I could make good use of it in the future, but I wonder if that's all it can do..."

Now you’re pretty sure that Silva is onto you two and more than worried about what could come from it, so when you finally get a chance from a distraction, you subtly approaches Mask at the bar while making sure that Silva can’t hear you.

But then, as soon as you end your sentence, she sighed and turns around to walk up to you two.

Mask seems embarrassed as if some imbecile had just walked up to him and had a fit in the middle of the street because he didn’t any drugs on him to sell.

“Nico, if you could be a dear and take care of the bar for a moment… I think Mask and I need some time to talk.”

The devil girl who is around Mask most of the time tries to protest, but Silva just stares her down before she can say a word, and she sits back on the stool she had just abandoned.

They both go to the backroom for some minutes, then she comes back alone.

“We talk later.”

The rest of the day passes by uneventfully, with just the devil girl glaring daggers at you as if she was in a terrible doubt about which way was the most painful to kill you with, and Silva’s mood wasn’t the best too.

Then, after the bar closes, she scolds you for involving yourself with known criminals.

>Mask was BANISHED from the bar, who knows for how long.

>Succubus Girl is furious with you, but keep showing around, even if scarcely.

>[Scolded: Somebody isn’t happy with you and has expressed it, you gain -10 in how your interactions with them until you fix it somehow.]
Start getting in shape with simple body-weight exercises. I need to be able to fend for myself.

You start training a lot in your room with some improvised weights made from things yout got from the storage with Silva’s permission. You feel more confident about your physical capabilities and the effort you manage to put into it, but other things end up distracting you from real dedication from your exercises, as it was a week with plenty of movement for the bar.

>You feel that if you continue to Lift you may get an Lift related Resolve or Might skill.

>M: I explore these "Unused Circuits"

You keep “feeling” this new body through your newer sense of touch… Its one of that impossible to describe sensations, and it actually makes you wonder if in time this will end up consuming your sanity if it continues for long. But your persistency is worth it, as you manage to discover that the spear as 3 unused circuits… And you actually manage to unlock the first one.

[Conductive Circuits- Any electrical related magic effect that affects the user of the lance also affect the weapon, as if it was an extension of his body.]

You also discover what the next one does, but you still aren’t sure of how to make it work.

[Vibration Conversion- By spending the double of the usual amount of TP for an electrical based power, the spear can convert it to “Sonic” damage instead.]

>M: Try to fix this "Mentally Scrambled" thing from myself with Implanting Belief onto myself.

After discovering that you could use it to establish mental links to transport your consciousness between different bodies, trying to use it to fix yourself by moving things around back in place just looked like the most rational next step to your plan.

Sadly, you probably messed something up from either being still unfamiliar with the power, or not being used to this new spiritual form, and it ends up opening your traumas again, spilling your worst fears and doubts into your immediate perception through the form of visions of failure, flashbacks of hurtful memories and whispers of self-doubt.

>[Doubt] - Lasts 2 turns. Double roll any action that involves a the resting or your powers. We will use the lower roll unless you have a crit after adding modifiers.

>m: I try to move as this... Spear thing.

You do. A lot. So much that the owner of the spear notices you, and in a somewhat unexpected act, tries communicating with you through simple “Two hums for no, one for yes”. From that you two manage to create a simple code of language in which to communicate.

[Now you can RP with Isaac freely so long as he is in range. But you’re limited to “Yes” or “No” when he is out of time to translate what you’re saying letter by letter.]
[Helsing Ludwig]
>Major Action: Find out Exactly what caused this Explosion. I Feel this underlying hatred could get worse if I just let it stay, so the first step I should take is Finding out what started it in the first place.
You start by revising the list of supplies that were sent into the room, were they were, and what was the origin point of the explosion. You are now sure that the cause of it was the weird stuff listed as “Exotic material”, probably because of some unexpected reaction caused by a window left open an wetting the crates. So you start doing a few experiments with samples collected from the place, some leftover that survive from the Infirmary, and samples collected from the debris that fell on the yard.

You discover that some alchemical materials have an unexpected reaction to some sort of “warming honey” that the Order received from the main base, and then you examine the last thing only to discover that it just normal honey infused with a alchemical solution that reacts to alchemical composts that contain leftovers of mana in order to liberate heat. Usually, the two wouldn’t met in the bloodstream, as the second type of stuff tends to be poisonous and not ingested by humans because of that, but even if they do, they would have a much cointaned reaction because of other biological factors that you can’t still comprehend yet.

Meanwhile, if they met outside… They generate alchemical fire.


>Major Action: Create a Floor Plan for a Multipurpose Medical Room, Including what it may need, and how it will be Placed. I will keep this to myself, for the moment, until I know it is well enough for me to take action with.

You make a floor plan. You actually think that it is better than the original… Yet, it isn’t of much use right now.

[Multipurpose Medical Room- Gives a +10 bonus to requisitioning a Multipurpose Medical Room, so long as it is possible to requisition it.]
Minor Action: Discuss with Master Caretaker Edward how I may better my relations with the Order. He's been here longer, Maybe he knows something?

You sit for a coffee with Master Edward.

“Hmmm? Bettering your relations with the Order? Hmmmmm….”

He goes meditative with that always relaxed expression that he has most of the time… You know him enough to know that he can be cold and efficiency when he wants, but as soon as his shift ends he becomes the most laid-back person possible.

“Well, it's not really a matter of convincing the order per se, in fact, it's mostly just a very big bad first impression the Grandmaster ended up having of you… And when we are talking about him, we should be talking about having a more result-oriented approach to things, academic progress is good and all, but… It's hard to convince him of “wasting” resources on you when there are not much previous results, and while you made an amazing contribution from the start, it didn’t yet cause a lasting impact of his surroundings, nor did it get any victory or real results just from the consequence of your actions.”

He takes another sip of coffee, tasting it like it was some sort of expensive liquor.

“Hmmmm… You know, I really appreciate this type of moments, because sometimes… There just isn’t much that you could do or at least should do on the moment… So you get to be somewhat laid-back and wait for the opportunity to appear in order to cease it… I know some people would prefer to “create your own opportunities” but you gotta start from somewhere anyway and… Oh, I’m sorry, I just got carried away again… Anyway, what I meant was that you should just bide your time and do some stuff to prove your value as opportunities presents themselves to you, no need to get in a hurry and anxious about it.”

[Edward’s Reassuring Words- You get +5 in all relax related rolls next turn.]

Still… You can’t be sure that this was the cause of the explosion yet without really testing it, and as that could be dangerous, you set up a pyre in a place somewhat distant to the factory, but still somewhat next to the road to the city, to test it. Of course, activating it from afar.

It results in some big explosion of bluish flames…. That actually spreads a bit more than the expect and start burning some stretches of tall grass and the sparse trees located near the epicenter.


...And then some younger outsider that you know from the Factory starts taking a detour from the road to watch the blue flames closer, near to the safe distance you are limiting yourself.

But then a group of shadows start descending from the sky… They look humanoid and to be coming in your direction!

[Live Action Event, Reply to this post]

Skill set:
>Summon Magical Rapier Laion Slicer: Binds X TP. Equip the following weapon:
Magical Rapier Laion Slicer
Quality: Legendary
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Martial / Arcane
Range: Melee
Damage: X*0.5 Piercing
Combat Actions: Imbue Element - Binds 10 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, you can choose one of the following damage types: Heat, Cold, Electric. Grants 10 damage, and damage dealt by this weapon becomes that type.

>Swordsmanship(Finesse): Grants +1 to Accuracy Rolls when attacking with a Sword.
Proficiency with swords.

>Drawing (Industry): No Combat Effect
A combination of imagetic-memory, Eye-hand coordination and visual abstraction that lets you draw things with that are apparently more precise depictions of what you have in mind.

>Major Action: Practice Swordsmanship.

After the initial shock of waking up in a new world, and the almost never ending train of thought about all the possible philosophical and practical implications of this fact. You notice that there is a name that you didn’t know before in your head, a name that needs to be invoked…

You stretch your hand upwards and open to the sky and say with all the power of your lungs…!


Then an incredibly beautiful rapier comes flying from the sky to be grasped by your hand!

Taken by such imaginative and unbelievable cool moment you start doing every sword movement you know with it, all the techniques that you can remember about, the ones that you master and those that you never tested, and even create a few new meaneaveurs that you never imagined before!

The heat of the moment is such that you feel like there was a literal fire of passion that inspired you and connected you to the sword, making the two of you one…!

Then some guys in strange Victorian clothings approach you from some large tent that was hiding them from the rain, and you ask them if they saw all that… They praise your swordsmanship, but deny having seen the sword coming from the sky, as if it just had materialized in your hand after you screamed some incomprehensible name… Huh, strange.

New Skill
>[Weapon-Spirit Link (Laion Slicer): When attacking with the「Laion Slicer」 as a reaction, gain +2 to the Accuracy Roll.]
You are connected to your weapon in such a deep level that you can react instinctively with it as if it were a part of your body.
>Major Action: Try to gather useful information about what is going on.

Then they explain that you are an Outsider; a person that holds much power in these lands. You were summoned to this world to assist the Xenerith Order with the defense of their lands. When you ask about where this place is, the men tell you that you are on the outskirts of the city of Burhtic. They tell you that should you assist them, they will give you a place to stay, keep you fed, and provide what you need. They lead you to an old Factory that they claim to be their current base of operations in the area.

You are confused about what type of operations they are referring to, and about what they need help with, but they are quickly distracted by some superior barking orders and they advise you to ask around for more details if you need something, before following the guy in long robes and a lot of rings inside.

You try asking around the other personnel, but most of them are just too occupied most of the time and doesn’t seem to have time to deal with you, maybe you should be more incisive, but the whole weirdness of the situation leave you a bit intimidated and you refrain from risking upsetting them.

Still, this anxiousness builds up inside of you, making you feel more nervous with each day that passes without any clear explanation, but you manage to distract yourself from having to think of it all the time.

>[Socially Anxious: You receive -5 of penalty to your next action involving the order.]

>Minor Action: Rest.

As you are unsure about what to do in this new life… You kind of just do a lot of reminiscing, exploratory walks, and deep evaluations of your past life. You also have plenty of time to do small talk with other outsiders and observe the ins and outs of the lives of the many strangers that live or work in the factory...

[You can either get a +5 in one of your rolls next turn or help in one of the battles occurring this turn. There is no safe bet that you are going to gain something from helping the other, though, nor that you would survive it.]
>[Catch Evelyn, the local jewelry thief] [3 Major Actions: Track, Locate, Fight and Catch]
You meet with someone that claims to have intel on Evelyn’s next hit, a hunchbacked man with some of the most untrustworthy features you’ve ever seen. Yet, he’s also your only chance, as most of the town’s underworld refuses to get involved with Outsiders. After a little questioning, he mentions that Evelyn will hit a small jewelry store on the marketplace, at midnight. With no other option, you prepare yourself to go there.
Soon, night falls, and as the moon is reaching its highest point in the sky, you reach the store, and find the door slightly ajar. Looks like the man wasn’t lying. You rush in to catch the thief in the act… But you find that the place has been deserted, the display cases and the safe at the back are both open and empty. A quick look tells you what happened here : The backdoor is open, she must have ran through here. You prepare to pursue her, when you’re stopped by a voice.
“Halt ! In the name of the queen, you’re under arrest !” Says the man leading a squad of angry-looking guards. You consider running for it, but their weapons are trained on you, and you don’t think they would mind filling you with lead. You raise your hands over your head in surrender, and you’re escorted out of the store. You attempt to explain that you’re innocent, that this is a misunderstanding, but the guards have none of it. You’re thrown in a dark, tiny cell until morning.
You spend your night wide awake, worried about your fate. Morning finally comes, and the door open, revealing a man wearing the familiar robes of the Xerenith Order. You breath out a sigh of relief, you’ve never been so happy to see a man in robes. He explains that the guard captain informed them that they caught an Outsider, and that he’s been tasked with retrieving you. You explain the situation to your saviour, and he nods, scratching his beard. “I see. I believe you, you were just unlucky. Though I’m afraid the guards don’t think the same. They’ve agreed to free you because of the Order’s influence, but they still think you did the deed. I’d advise you lay low for a while.” He escorts you outside, where you find several guards and townspeople staring at you. It appears the rumors already began spreading.
>Gained [Suspicious] People believe you are a thief, and will keep a close eye on you. You get a -10 to all interactions with the guard, and townspeople until you’ve proven your innocence.
You go back to the seedy underbelly of the town, to attempt to track down the thief. Now, it’s a matter of honor. You will find this thief, and you will clear your name. Once again, you look for contacts in town that could help you locate her. And, in your misfortune, you actually find a silver lining. Namely, now that you’re suspected of theft, the criminals seem to be more open with you. While the common folk avoid you, the felons talk with you. You have a drink with a few of them, and one of them mentions how they all dislike Evelyn. It seems the girl is extremely slippery, never pays her debts, and has doublecrossed several of them, like she did with you. One of them mentions that he heard she was hiding in an abandoned house in the outskirts of the town. By the time you get this info, they’re all in various states of druken stupor, but not you. No, your mind is still clear. You leave the bar you were in. You’re going to make things right.
>You’ve got the location of [Evelyn’s hideout]
>You’ve got [Connections : Burthic’s underground] You know a few criminals that sympathize with your plight. Your next interaction with them gets a +5

You hide in the bushes in front of the abandoned house with some food, a blanket to protect you from the elements, and you wait. But she never comes. You attempt to go in, and find the house empty, though there’s evidence that someone lived here not too long ago. And you also find something that catches your attention, a small pamphlet that mentions the “true faith”. Reading through it, you remember a rumor about a cult that has been gaining some traction. They consider magic evil, and are opposed to the Xerenith Order, though nowhere near their size. Even weirder, it seems that their messiah is an outsider, just like you. Maybe you can convince him to give up the criminal ?

>You believe your mark has joined [Gabriel’s Cult] Maybe it’s time to pay them a visit.
>Sadly, you have no idea of where they are, so you need to spend a minor action to try to find them.
>And then, a major action to confront them, if you are successful.

The Live Action event gave you

New Skill:
[Coordinated Taunting (Industry) - As a Minor Combat Action, a pet or summoned creature, performs the Taunt maneuver.]

>Major Move South [if allowed develop a magic skill to lessen environmental effect on the target otherwise ignore this]
You keep going southward, in the direction of the coast, now that there isn’t anything following you you feel more at ease, and allow yourself to go on at your on pace. You even start practicing summoning some time of ghostly protection to keep the environment effects from affecting you, but it doesn’t go much far and actually doesn’t seem to be functioning as you planned, so you put it aside for now in order to not get distracted with the harsh environment around you. What is indeed an effective idea, as the geography of this place is hard to travel through and risk you to high falls and steep inclinations all the time.

At least you get near enough the coast to actually feel the breeze of the sea being carried on the wind sometimes, and makes an improvised home inside of a cave.

>You have consumed one week worth of rations, there is only more one week of food to go before you are forced to either get your own food or starve. In other words, your food will only survive for the next turn.

That food is terrible, though, and even if it isn’t over yet, you are thinking of trying your hand at hunting or gathering something just escape from this awful taste that persists in your mouth for long hours after you have eaten. Even the spiders look tastier than this.

You Also notice that the brunt eye of the storm has moved south into the plains south of Burhthic…

>You have been going west then south following the rocky hills that work as an natural barrier isolating the land of the fungi from the rest of the island.
>Going north you go back to the path between the Burhthic forest and the mushroom kingdom.
>Going northeast you go back into the Burhthic’s forest and in range of the Factory.
>Going northwest or west you go into the Mushroom Kingdom.
>Going south or southeast you are going to go out of the natural barrier and step into the plains.
>Going south west allows you to reach the road to the litoral, and with luck reach it before the week ends.
>Moving costs a major action.
Assuming she finds a shelter and not wanting a repeat of the earlier misadventure Priere will attempt to create a ritual to put an area under her control.
>Major: Work on a [Territory creation] spell

Once you find shelter and a nearby source of pure water, you set up your camp and start focusing on the creation of a new spell, one that gives you command over a whole area for you to control. You are an eternal DM, so that is just the logical result of giving you summoning powers.

You take your time trying to work something out, and with your wits used to dealing with players and the iron will of someone who can persist on running again even with all the odds against you, there is a certain degree of success to your actions, slowly building up into something actually close to your expectations… And that's when you have your breakthrough!

From the start you were trying to use your summoning powers to overlay the reality of a physical space with your imagination, just like you do to channel your summoned creatures into being, and it's only after a bunch of attempts that you realize that the thing missing is an actual link between you and your summon… And that's how you learn to “link” yourself spiritually to a place.

Sadly, it keeps sapping energy from you to maintain the link, but in a controlled pace, not like the giant wisp, but still enough to restrain your magic energy limit while being linked to the place.

>At the moment, you’re linked to the back of the cave you were practicing with. The light you can generate doesn’t keep animals at bay, as they probably assume it to be from a natural source, like from fireflies.


>[Small Territory Creation (Sorcery): No Combat Effect. By using a Major Action (OUT OF COMBAT), you designate an area no greater than 50 ft in diameter (the most distant points of the area should be no more than 50 feet apart) as your territory. Your summoned creatures (including familiars) will not weaken or disappear in your territory. Resting in your territory is twice as effective, and in combat, you will receive 10 TP at the beginning of every turn while inside your territory. You can only have 1 area designated as your territory in this way at any time.
>Minor: Rest
You wake up in the middle of the night one day being covered in spiders, you have no idea of why they didn’t bite you yet, but their glowing fur is enough to intensify your adrenaline to “FREAK OUT” levels and make you summon a wisp over you and explode it in yourself to get them away.

Gladly the spiders didn’t survived the blast, and you had plenty of time to recover from it. But know the fear of the fucking spiders waiting in the dark to devour you while you sleep keep you awake into the night.

>[Insomnia - For the rest of your trip you have serious difficulty in sleeping, you are at disadvantage in all rolls related to resting and only recover 5% of HP per turn. That means that you must roll 2 dice per resting/relaxing actions, with the lowest result being the valid one. It lasts until you sleep again in civilization.

>You know that there is civilization on the coast and in the plains.

And to make your luck worse, what sparse resources you had were damaged by the explosion.

>[Damaged Outdoor Equipment - All your rolls related to surviving in the wildness (like hunting, traveling, searching shelter and etc…) receive -10 penalty. Last until your equipment is replaced.
1 (Minor) Ask the cooks for some of that good pork. I caught it, might as well enjoy it.
A short jaunt is all that’s needed to get to the kitchen. The cooks thank you for your assistance with the pork, and when you ask for some more, they nod and have some more readied. You end up waiting a while for them to prepare it, but what comes out is an exquisite haunch of pork that’s slathered in a sweet, tangy sauce. You help yourself to the food, filling your hungry stomach to the brim.

[Satiated] +5 to all actions next turn.

2-3 (Major) Head to Everett’s Gym and do some general strength training with the guys. Make use of my good constitution to get the most out of it. (Attempt to create passive: Mighty Resolve(Resolve)- Points in resolve additionally increase base AD.) (Relevant modifiers: Everett +5, Everett’s Gym +10, Everett’s inspirational Words +10, (Pork Dinner +5 ?))
Everett has been pretty helpful so far, and he should be great help to you. You head over to his gym and ask to do some general strength training. “Alright kid, I can spot you.” He tells you as he leads you down the gym floor. You see a few other people here performing exercises and lifting weights made of wood and iron. Other people tug on weights attached to ropes on a pulley. You guess that gym equipment hasn’t quite hit its stride yet.

Everett puts you through the wringer. A set of callisthenics to get the blood flowing, and then set of heavier exercises to stretch the muscles. After that, you lets you use the gym equipment. The rounder weights on the dumbells still strange in your hands, but nevertheless heavy. The ropes in your palms seem to burn at your skin, but you power through. By the end of it, you feel tired enough to collapse. Your trainer puts a hand on your back and tells you that you did well.

You repeat this process for the rest of the week, getting progressively more and more exhausted every time. Despite that though, you feel invigorated when you get up from bed, and stronger when you walk around. Everett then explains that if you train the whole body, then the other parts get stronger too. Turns out the whole is greater than the sum of its parts after all.

Learned Mighty Constitution (Resolve): Grants AD equal to your Resolve.
*Full body training that benefits the whole body, which happens to include hitting things harder.*
4-5 (Major) Practice dodging attacks using my reflexes. (Attempt to create passive: Reflexive dodge(Finesse): If you make a speed check against an opponent to dodge an attack, you have advantage.) (Relevant modifiers: Everett +5, Everett’s Gym +10, (Pork Dinner +5?))
On days where you don’t undergo your general training, you and Everett go through the motions of making you quicker on your feet. Your instructor starts by putting some weights on your legs, which slows you down quite a bit. Everett then tells you that while it is possible to dodge with a conscious effort on your part, that method is more or less anticipation rather than an instinctive one. The method he will be teaching you relies on muscle memory and instinct rather than quick thinking and anticipation.

When Everett starts throwing punches at you, you raise your arms in an effort to block. This must be a part of his training. The weights on your legs start slowing you down, and make every movement cost a lot more energy than you first expect. Therefore, to dodge the most attacks possible, your movements have to be precise. Whenever it gets to the point where you try to predict where his next punch is coming from, Everett surprises you with a punch from an unexpected angle.

When the spar finishes, your arms are battered, and your body is bruised. Everett gives you some pointers, but the one thing that sticks out is when he tells you that “your body needs to move move before you can think about it”. It takes a lot of repeated sparring sessions to get it down, and once you finally take off the weights, you’re dodging most of his attacks with ease. You can tell that he’s holding back quite a bit, but you feel like this training should be very helpful when you need to avoid attacks.

New Skill:

Dodge: Costs 30 TP. As a Reaction, force an incoming attack to re-do its Accuracy Roll.
Avoid an incoming attack.

>M: Fredrick is not a man who leaves job only halfway done, so he continues cleaning(+5)

You take your time to check every little nook and crevice on the library for remains that may have escaped from your sight, before finally trying to move some shelves a bit and finding out that there were still some little drops of the stuff under the big wood structures.

Then a girl in witch clothes show up wanting to check stuff even with the library in this state, and you end up having to shoo her away from the place to not disturb your work or hurt herself with some forgotten remain.

There there is also some drops on the ceiling, and that takes another good part of your time.

But by the end of the week, you’re almost 100% sure that the library is in perfect condition…

...Though…. Sometimes… You still sense something close to a lingering sensation of the presence of that foul smell… But that's probably only your old nerves deceiving you again.

[Library is Clean!]

>[Janitorial Admiration - The janitors of the Order now have a good impression of you after all this help you gave them. You gain a permanent +10 bonus on dealing with them.]
>M:Fredricks old, like 76 years old, so his bones aren't that strong anymore, which is why he needs some armour(+15)

You go back to the armory for a second time, and meet Gurdis, the chief armorer.

You were only planning quick visit before returning to the library, but it seems that you two, as old folk, have much in common in certain aspects of interpretation of life experiences… And you both have a great amount of stories to tell. This talk about “the good times” and “the pains of the past” distracts you as Gurdis and his helpers fit you with an Heavy Armor.

“They don’t get as much use as they used too, but if I’m getting what you want right, better protection will be more important than trying to preserve an agility that didn’t survived well to this old age of yours… Hehehehe.”


[Medium Iron Armor]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 30 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 30 Kinetic; 25 Acid; 15 Cold; 15 Poison;
Weaknesses: 30 Heat; 30 Electric
Special Effects: Reduces the wearer’s Speed by 5.

-Met: Gurdis - Chief Armorer of the Order.
>m:Find out if there are other nations in this world(+5 due to "Gain Information" skill)
You find out a big encyclopedia in the library that goes at length about a great number of nations of this world… Or at least it should, but sadly, it's in another language. There is plenty of minor information to be obtained in other books, but most of them are superficial and contradictory with one another, as it seems that the popular nationalist views have “colored” the opinions of most writers that mention this sort of subject, but surprisingly, there is not any other books focused on this subject in the whole library.

>[Great Encyclopedia of the Nations(In Enoquian): Gives +20 in all rolls related to getting info about the nations of this world, and allow unusual specific questions about them.]
[Takeshima Tatsuo]
Your Skills:

>Martial Arts(Finesse): Grants +1 to Accuracy Rolls when attacking with bare fists.
Proficiency at unarmed combat.
>Ki Burst(Might): Costs 30 TP. As a Major Combat Action, make an attack against a target at melee range with bare fists. Deals additional AR equal to AD*2.
Makes an unarmed strike boosted by your Ki.
>Power Through (Resolve): Costs 10 TP. As a reaction, when your HP would hit 0, contest resolve with DC equal to the amount by which your HP would go below 0. On a success, your HP becomes 1 instead.
Reduce damage taken through sheer force of will.

>(Minor) I'm in a weird place, with no idea how I got here, with some weird people. My first reflex would be to beat them to shit then run like hell, but that's not what an ally of justice would do. Calmly ask them where I am, why I'm here, and what's up with their clothes. Without scaring them hopefully.

You wake up in a open field, and start to put your mind in order about what just happened, the whole situation that got you killed… Were you killed? This doesn’t look like the afterworld… Well, its very wild and natural and everything, but it doesn’t look like what you expected, have you been teleported to another place? How? Oh… Kusooooo, have you been teleported ACROSS TIME!? Well, that would explain that guys dressed like they were from the Meiji restoration or something. They walk up to you in the weak rain and bring you inside a big tent they set up because of the rain.

You are no coward and doesn’t have a reason to really suspect their goodwill, so you go inside, also, they offer free hot chocolate and then some expensive looking liquor to you… They also seem already somewhat drunk… You suspect that they are here at work, but they justify their drinking by “needing to keep ourselves warm in this cold rain”.

The rain gets harsher, and they doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go back, so they just keeping telling stories of their daytoday lives and about the places they live. Oh, yeah… They kind of tell you more than what they should about what is happening, but, eh, they are too drunk to care!

Then they explain that you are an Outsider; a person that holds much power in these lands. You were summoned to this world to assist the Xenerith Order with the defense of their lands.
The Members of the Order explains their proposition to you; they would pay you, protect you, and supply you with things you need, so long as you help them out. In these lands, there are beings of magic, like Demons and Old Ones who seek to sow chaos in the world. Aside from them, there are also criminals and rival organizations who want to gain power through their own unscrupulous means. The Order tells you that it is your job to stop them. The Order don’t exactly see you, Outsiders, as normal humans though, as normal people can’t really use magic, and usually being able of using it already makes you some kind of pariah in a certain way, like with people with the most common types of magical heritage, that is, demon heritage. You don’t manage to find out much info about the exact event that has triggered the Order into summoning you and the other guys they mention, but you discover that they were apprehensive about doing that so soon since some incident two years ago ended up summoning people without their complete approval, and that they only repeated the summoning ritual so soon because some island on the sea, just across the horizon if going in on a straight line from Burhtic, was completely taken over by an army of monsters with some giant flying thing accompanying them. Burhtic has defenses in case the monster army try to get here by air, but the Order hopes that having you at their disposal may help avoid a bigger confrontation with whatever is out there.

Currently, you find yourself in Burthic, the capital and largest city in the Island of Oshaelys Tail. Burthic is home to a large amount of Nobles and working middle class and is located in the middle of the island and control the lands and manage it toward the other cities. Their current government system functions as Constitutional Monarchy The long standing royal family declines as the queen’s influence diminishes. The current Queen is Queen Margaery II, a newly appointed one to the throne. But as nobility ruled and influences the cities as much as they can, they became usually despised by the lower class as the amount of resources and access to information make more plentiful after the technological revolution of the steam machine.

The other cities/lands other than Burthic is Tatedil the traditional city which holds mostly forests and uses some land to the west of Burthic for farmlands and mostly agriculture. Swadedal the most technological city holds tons of power and many inventors and builders live here. Many educated painters and stone carvers from Burthic end up here to create something original in hope to bring it to Burthic and advance society. Luteshvia the mountainous and rugged city though small territory, holds the largest bays and coastal defense. They manage other posts around the island and from the shore, can be often seen scouting. Goyavetland the dry lands have a more higher land area and is more arid and hot. Forest fires are common here and stop settlements from spreading. Then there is the mines of Nauerndern to the far west of the Island that holds high rock formations. Entering caves usually ends up into lakes inside or tunnels around the island.

You learn much culture about these people. Many appreciate realism and nationalism in their art and stories but the recent fads have been of romanticism and abstract art. Painters come and go to make a name of themselves and to anyone it was a delicacy to have such skills. Architecture is complex and varying with all types of buildings can be seen everywhere. Jewelry was also marveled as it was a sign of wealth.

The main three most powerful families are the royal family, the Lovecrafts and the Goldhearts, with the two of the most notorious lineages of Burhthic being the Balmar, who have a long story selling slaves, and a cursed lineage with vampiric blood on their veins that you don’t manage to catch the name of.

You spend the whole afternoon drinking with them and trading random life experiences with the two men, you discover that sitting around waiting for outsiders usually isn’t their job but they were pushed into it after everyone tried to escape being stuck here in the rain.

>Met: Ulisses J. - Inexperienced Official Summoner.
>Met: Kyle H. - New member of the Order’s Special Guard.

The chubby man with glasses and lots of occultic-related apparatus and the tall and strong long haired man in a trenchcoat guide you to the factory as soon as the rain ceases, a bit after the nightfall

>[Area Knowledge(Burhthic)(Industry): No combat effect.
General knowledge of the geographic layout, fauna, flora, pathways, sectors, legends, rumors and important places and people of a region.
>[Major] My body feels like it's full of strange energy since I'm here. Find a secluded place, and attempt to see what's up with that, and if I can use it for something.

The first thing you try the next day is to see what this new energy that feel inside of yourself is able to do, and to personally discover what all this talk about magic is about. So you go outside and walk in the general direction of the open field, while still keeping the external wall of the facilities at sight.

The you go into a horse stance and start channeling all your fighter spirit!


You keep screaming, and screaming, and screaming, each time louder and with more power!

Your aura becomes visible as if it were a big flame burning around you, and it starts growing more and more, as if trying to reach the sky and pierce the cloudy heavens above you!

Huh, it seems that you aren’t alone, there is a very pretty witch girl looking at you with an impressed face, you smile back at her for a moment.

Wait, it seems to be working! Not the smile, I mean the piercing the heavens thing you fool! The cloud part up for a second and…

There is a human form descending at full speed to your direction!

Pffffffft, It doesn’t even suspect yet of the hell of a fight you can put up!

[Live Action Event- Reply to Melk]
[Gabriel Logan]

>Keep working on the Bible
Burning in religious passion, you put out another great amount of effort to recall from memory, letter by letter, the holy scriptures and write them on paper. You know that you aren’t yet working against time, but you just doesn’t feel able to stop, and keeping pushing through the limits of your mental and physical fatigue every day, sitting at your office by the twilight and keeping at it into the night and over midnight. Sometimes you even fall asleep on the desk, and continue writing as soon you wake up and until someone appears to call you for breakfast.

At the week of the week you feel like your mind has become more resilient, unwavering as long you still has the energy needed to keep your focus.

New Skill:
>[Unwavering Mind(Inspiration) - Costs 10 TP. As an Reaction, gain advantage on a contested roll to resist mental powers.]

>>[Unfinished Bible- It got half of the old testament written in its large pages, and a very resilient leather cover with an improvised cross draw on its front.]

You’re inspired by your dedication, it’s almost like you can feel god’s approval about your actions.

>[Religious Confidence- Roll twice for any religion related actions, the highest result will be selected as an official result. If you roll by accident for an unrelated roll, the second dice will be ignored. Last 3 turns.]
>Renovating one of the larger rooms into a Sanctuary.
You ask Wilhelm about renovating one of the unused rooms on the back of his manor, he agrees with you on that being a good idea, and say that he always thought that the place needed a reform, but never had the strength or the personnel to actually do it. So you call your followers for help and put them on the mission of renovating it.

By the end of the week, there is a pretty reasonable sanctuary build according to your specifications, even with an enormous wooden cross that almost reaches the the tall ceiling of the underground deposit room.

You aren’t really sure about this idea of making it under the whole building, but at least there is some small windows that let the sunlight in and the incense smoke out.

>[Underground Sanctuary- Gives +5 for religion related rolls like teaching the word or praying.]
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." You can't say you've never sinned before. And while your first instinct is to purge the demonspawn, the young man does have something of a point. If the girl is willing to dedicate her life and soul, assuming she has one, to the Lord, who are you to deny her? You're still a bit hesitant to trust a demonspawn, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.
>Speak with the demonspawn, learn more about her, and what she's done.

You have plenty of time to spend with her as she ended up living on the manor.

There isn’t really much to tell about how that happened, after you brought her into the fold your normal followers just took it as a sign of your compassion and started to give a blind eye for her past crimes, even if they kind of still avoid her as much as they can. From that, she somehow managed to convince Wilhelm to let her be around to help with cleaning and other household chores, probably by also mentioning the problems that could come if she were captured after this and the fact that she doesn’t have where to live and how to feed herself, if the rumors are right, it doesn’t matter, some combination of that manage to persuade him to let her sleep in the manor and help around, even if he usually does everything mostly by himself.

She reminds you of some of your female acquaintances of before you joined the order… Mainly the ones who had more than friendly intentious about your person, but well, none of them had demon blood and obvious supernatural features… Still the sweetness on her voice and the need for your attention are pretty familiar. She doesn’t seem to know much about what would be the best hour to approach you, as you are working most of the time either by writing the bible or by talking to other followers, so instead she focus on doing a good work at the kitchen or in cleaning the place.

Someday you get some time to spend with her and start questioning your new companion about herself…

Her name is Evelyn, she doesn’t has any surname worth mentioning, as she was an orphan first, and ended up abandoned by her husband after that… Which is also dead by now, but she claims to have no involvement on that. It seems that she is famous jewellery thief, with an infamous reputation even between other thiefs and scoundrels, and she is used to treating them as well as they treat their own victims, by double-crossing and escaping from debts when possible, as she doesn’t have any respect for them… Because of that, she also become a target for many of them, and had to survive attempts against her life by killing those who drawed her swords at her… But all this story didn’t come up from nowhere… At first she was just an “exotic entertainer” who did what needed to be done to feed herself for another month, but even if most of the girls weren’t as jaded as her with life for doing what they did, she just kept spiralling down from self deprecation, until she understood that she was worth nothing and that the other scourge like her didn’t matter either.

And then, someday, when she was planning where to strike next, she heard your words, and somehow discovered a reason to live again…

A thousand feelings go through her face as she tell you the story, but at the end she is looking lost into your eyes in deep bliss, as if you were some divine being incarnated on human form.

After this she looks more calm and reassured that you care about her, just from the little attention, but is as eager to help as always.

Furthermore, her cooking skills keep increasing, now its actually edible, instead of the exaggerated flavours her initial attempts had, its like she is actually remembering a better time of her life in where she didn’t exaggerated spices just to feel something more… Or at least that is the insight Wilhelm give you of the situation.

HP: 300

>[Uncanny Flexibility]

New Skill
AD: 28
AP: 25
DEF: 25
MR: 25
SPD: 36

>Loyalty: Fanatic
By the end of the week she disappears for a whole day to “transport my old stuff here” and then shows up with a present.

“Here, it's all I have, I want it to be yours… I’m sure you’ll put it to good use, like you did with me.”

It’s a big sack filled to the brim with very expensive looking jewels. You’re pretty sure they were stolen, and that she was probably collecting them for a long time before it got this full…

>[As an Free Action choose what to do with it.]
[Angela Tokugawa]

Your Skills:

>Longevity(Resolve): Regenerate 3HP per turn, Powers that involves aging have to spend 15 extra TP to affect you.
Regenerative power that also fights the effects of aging. Doubles your maximum lifespan.

>Don't Tread On Me(Finesse): Once per combat round, a Payback Attack costs no TP.

>Life Investment(Inspiration): Binds 10 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, pay any multiple of 10 HP, up to a maximum of 100 HP. When de-activating this power, gain 8 HP for each multiple of 10 HP spent, up to a maximum of 80 HP.

>(Major) Study geography in the library

You wake up in an open grass plain, confused with what happened to you and still somewhat worried about all the projects and time limits you are due to deal with in the next weeks. At first you think that this is some kind of dream, but as time goes on you realize that you never had a dream so real, and that you’re probably hallucinating from exhaustion or dead. Then some men in a big impermeable tent come to talk to you. They explain that you are an Outsider; a person that holds much power in these lands. You were summoned to this world to assist the Xenerith Order with the defense of their lands.
The Members of the Order explains their proposition to you; they would pay you, protect you, and supply you with things you need, so long as you help them out. You aren’t sure of what this really means, but you end up following then because of the promise of more answers… And also because the reality of the situation is sinking in, if this isn’t a dream or some kind of otherworld you are dressed as an witch under a stormy sky in the middle of nowhere, and even if this is some sort of dream or great beyond… It either doesn’t matter much or you’re probably already screwed, as no angel or god came to reception you into some type of heaven.

It’s in the middle of the way to this big Factory that they claim to be their base that you realize that you are nothing like your old self, in bodily terms at least, you ignore what they were explaining and freak out asking for a mirror, and then become impression by your own reflection as you stare into it! Somehow you look like some very cute european teenager of blond hair and blue eyes! And then you realize that you weren’t even speaking japanese with the two guys! Is this some kind of old english dialect? That would explain the clothing! Is this some alternate timeline of the british empire!?

They don’t understand what you are talking so desperately about, but point you up for the library if you want to know more about the world. And you try to follow their advice immediately… Just to be banished from the place by some old librarian in some mix of hazmat suit and old diving full body set… He screams something about cleaning out that place and shoo you away like you were a child!

Ugh, you forgot that being a teenager also entails being treated like an teenager… You also wonder if you’ll have to go through the physical and hormonal changes all over again… Eeehh… Mendokusai…
You end up spending the rest of your day getting familiar with the facilities, but nothing much special happens, except maybe you having to get used to your new body and all its perks and problems of so young again.

By the next day the librarian shoo you again and tells you to come back later to try again, as he is pretty confident on finishing the clean up today. So, to kill time, you go for a walk around the external areas of the Factory, that you didn’t had the chance to explore yesterday, and as you walk, you manage to find the way to that open field from which you came and decide to go investigate it for a second time.

As you approach the plain, you see a boy in very familiar clothes under a lonely tree close to the limits of the field with the forest, but still in range of sight of the external walls of the factory complex. Now you are sure that he is wearing a gakuran… And you recognize that school, that means you aren’t alone here! There is someone from your same culture and probably even from the same time! Maybe he knows more about what is going on, or at least will be more trustworthy than… Wait, is he burning in weird colored flames?No… It doesn’t seem to be hurting him… So why is he screaming like some shonen anime protagonist? BAKANA! This is just like those nationally produced pieces of animation that you are used to!

...Does that make you the female protagonist? Shinjirarenai…

Your train of thought distract you from what us going on around you, first the boy is smiling to you, then there is something coming from the sky in his direction… WHAT!? The thing seems suspicious of the flames and dodges the boy, instead coming in your direction! You try to react in the best way you can, but you trip on a rock an fall on your back… Ouchie…

[Live Action Event, Reply to Melk]

Major Actions
That count I met at the slave auction was quite the mysterious fellow. You know what, I'll take him up on his offer and learn more about the slavery market, and also tell him about my interest in the girl "Jeanne" I think her name was.
>Go to Kaiiv's mansion and discuss business. "Good day Count Kaiiv!" I say with a bow. "You have peaked my interest in the conversation we had last we met. I do happen to be interested in this niche market. Also, I'm curious about that girl Jeanne that you brought that day." I say trying to look as professional as I can.
Modifiers: [Slavery Savvy][Speechcraft][Gather Information]+5+5+5

The stormy skies get in the way of your plans repeatedly, making you have to delay you visit to the Count.

I have an idea for a cool new spell to make. I wanna turn into smoke! Ever heard of the expression trying to catch smoke with your bare hands? That's what the spell will basically be. I turn my body into a cloud of smoke while still keeping my human shape. Then I will be sort of intangible for a little bit, but I won't be able to talk or touch things cause ya know smoke.
>Create spell [Zoot Soot] Letting me turn into smoke for a short amount of time.

You’re no stranger to magic, and channeling the memories from your past life, you use everything you know to force the bounds and limits of your time magic to create an almost completely unrelated thing…

After a great number of attempts, fine tuning and training, you do the impossible…

This kinda messy, really, you accelerate yourself at incredible speed across time in just your moment, but not your conscience, just your body, until it deteriorates to dust… Becoming a weird cloud of Zoot Dust that resembles smoke. It can still wear your clothes and carry things, but can also let things through it, and resist being affected by some other physical events.

But then… Everything has a limit, and after some seconds the elasticity of time returns you to your original state, regenerating and rejuvenating you back to your usual body.

Man, this is very weird stuff.

New Skill:

>[Dust Form(Inspiration): Binds 40 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, turn into a human shaped cloud of dust. You are automatically placed into Evasive Stance. If you leave Evasive Stance, de-activate Dust Form. Automatically un-equip all armor and clothing. Grants 100 Poison Resistance, 50 Kinetic Resistance, 100 Heat Weakness, and 50 Sonic Weakness.
turn into a human shaped cloud of dust.
Minor actions
This brothel is fucking awesome. They have music, comfy couches, and demon ladies!
>Ask to work at the brothel. "Hey Canada, you know how you said "I hope I can compensate somehow" after freaking me out?" I say with a grin. "Well, this place is pretty great. It reminds me of the kind of places I'd hang out back when I lived in Vegas. So I wanna talk to your boss Yolanda about working here. I mean I don't want to sell my ass or anything, so any other job you can give me I'll take.
Modifiers: [Speechcraft]+5

One day, when the skies were a little better and you had time, you decided to hangout in the Rising Sun again. Canada didn’t got much time to spend with you during most of the day, but by the end of the night you manage to sit down to talk to her.

“I’m sorry, but Yolanda already gave her answer about that even before you asked about it” She reveal in mindspeak, in a sad tone.

“There is not really much here for you to do, and we don’t usually take in outsiders… But to be honest, is more because of her paranoia with the Order, it seems that they had plenty of rivalries back on the day, when she had just left them to buy this place… And some habits are hard to kill, you know.”

“But… Now that you mentioned it, there is plenty of things I could do to “compensate” you for my mischief…”You feel like she was warmly smiling at you, and even the weird smile on her face seem to change to fit that.”Hmmm… Maybe I could give you my “Special Massage” if you want, or at least a discount on minor service… Come here another day and we can talk about it in detail.”

“Oh… And now that we are talking about my abilities… You have never told me what you would prefer to see me like, maybe you have an specific person in mind? Or just general preference? I mean… I know how unusual my real form looks like for “normies”, even if I’ve grown fond of it across the years… Am I scaring you with such an weird appearance?”
>[You can use a minor action to interact with Canada normally or to buy her services, even if you aren’t sure of what they entail.]

When the day is finally clear enough to actually risk yourself visiting the count in the limits of the outskirts of the opposite side of the city you go down the road happily, taking in the scenery, breathing deeply and practicing what you’re going to say when you met him:

"Good day Count Kaiiv!" I say with a bow. "You have peaked my interest in the conversation we had last we met. I do happen to be interested in this niche market. Also, I'm curious about that girl Jeanne that you brought that day."-You say in your head, while planning to cause the most professional impression you can, yeah, that's surely the best idea for such meeting!

Then you realizes that not much far from the road is the german doctor, looking to this huge stretch of blue fire that's burning a bunch of tall grass and unevenly spread small trees. He looks like he just had some scientific realization.

You are interested on the coolio stuff happening, so you get out of the road and walk up to him.


That's when you look up and see weird bee things coming down from the sky, flying over the fire and going straight at you two!

[Live Action Event, Reply to this post]
Since the forge is down, I'll instead study enchanting instead of folding metal.

You go to the library for a second time and learn that it is now 100% clean… After they had an unfortunate incident with a girl, that is.

You sit down and spend a good amount of study about what echanting really is and what it does, its mostly carvings and alchemicals compounds used to create magic effects through artificial magic circuits… And that's what most people are limited to. You go back day after day, and by the time Frederick and you are both used to each other silent company... You feel like you’re ready to put it in practice

New Skill:

Enchanting: No Combat Effect.
Proficiency at the addition of magical effects to weapons, armor, and clothes.

Then, I'll gather up my things and taking one of my swords for myself. "I'll leave you here to watch the forge. Don't burn anything down or whatever while I'm gone. I'm gonna try and mine some more iron; or, at least, talk to the Order about getting some more. Maybe they could also handle getting me some more glassblowing tools."
> m: Speak to the Order about getting some mining equipment, more materials, and more basic glassblowing equipment.

They are kinda surprised that someone actually asked for the mining stuff that was getting dust in a storage, but they get it for you. The problem will be to find an actually good mining spot, that is. And to set up an actual mining structure would be better for production output, but they don’t have time for it, nor are used to the sort of savviness that is required to administer such enterprises… It also reminds you from the tales you heard of mining conditions in the victorian age… It’s the sort of stuff that makes people think that starving to death in russia was a better idea, even if the alternative to it was already half working to death half starving to death in rural zones it seems.

But they don’t have any remaining Glassblowing equipment, those first were already hard to come up with, now you’re going to have to ask in the proper administrative building of the order, at least in the closest one that is.


>[Mining Equipment - Allows you to mine. Its pretty basic and simple stuff]

Then, I'm gonna try and move to enchant my sword with some kind of flame effect.
You try around or hand at carving those artificial magic circuits but… It just doesn’t have any effect. You wonder what has gone so bad in it for it to not react to anything… Or maybe if you just didn’t manage to discover how to turn it on in the first place. Oscar looks at you like this was the coolest thing in the world, he seems to be easily impressed by this sort of stuff, even if it isn’t working.
[Melchior Santos]
>I'm going for that pork dinner again, I'm not going to miss my opportunity of eating such exquisite food.(Minor)
You sit down at the mess hall with a steaming plate of the pork dinner sitting right front of you. Just the smell is enough to make your mouth water. The meat comes with a slice of bread to scrub the sauce from your plate, assorted vegetables, and a small bowl of broth. Without further ado, you begin to eat. And stop right after the first bite. This… This… You can’t put words on this feeling. You’re actually crying. Your eyes are watering, and some tears running down your cheeks. This meal reminds you of the food your mother used to make. In an instant, bittersweet memories of your childhood come to mind, as you savor the meal, bite by bite, trying to hold back the tears, even though they’re actually the perfect seasoning. Right now, you don’t care if someone sees you. This is just too good. The pork is perfectly grilled, golden on the outside, yet it isn’t dry, actually, it’s the juiciest piece of meat you’ve ever eaten. The vegetables complete the simple, honest flavor of the meat, the bread is made with whole grain and you can feel the effort of the peasant that made it. You wash down this delicious meal with the broth, and wipe away your tears. Deep down, you feel a lot better. Maybe this world is the right place for you after all.
>You’ve got [Ecstatic] This meal healed your very soul. Get +10 to all your rolls this turn, and the next turn. Yes, this was that good.
>Now that the spell repository is repaired, I'm going to take advantage of that fact and use it to further my studies in nullifying magic again. This time I'm going to be covering my next immediate weakness... Having my followers and corrupted stufff(and ME) being detected by magic use. I'm going to learn to hide my magic aura inside of me and nullify its magic irradiation before it gets out of me, as if my skin was a automatic nullifying barrier against undesired magic traces from my powers and their presence.(Create a passive inspiration skill that hides my magic nature and its consequences from the perception of other who could otherwise passively detected it. Making it goes undetected unless actively investigated for)(+[Spell Repository]+[Inspiration]+[Nullify Magic]+[Neural Damping]+[Storm]+[Pork Dinner])
Still shaking a little from the world-changing meal you’ve eaten, you enter the newly repaired spell repository. You have a pretty accurate idea of what kind of spell you want to work on this time. To put it simply, some sort of cloak that will hide your nature as a magic entity. Such a spell should be able to protect you against the prying eyes of other magic beings.
To begin, you begin by weaving a nullifying spell around your body. It works, but you realize that the ruse isn’t perfect : You actually need to actively supply the pseudo-barrier with magical energy, and that’s enough to register as a magic user. You think long and hard about this problem, until you find the solution. If you use the energy your aura passively gives off to feed the spell from inside, you can actually sustain it pretty much indefinitely, at very little cost to yourself.
As a result, however, the barrier is not flawless, and won’t fool an actual scrying spell, and you need to drop it to cast most of your spells. Still, you consider this one a success.

New Skill:
>Obtained Null Aura(Inspiration) : Binds 15 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, passive abilities which detect magic will have no effect on you. Effect is de-activated upon casting any spell.
Generates a primitive magic-cancelling barrier around you to hide your aura.
>I'm making SURE that I'm not followed again, that no one is waiting to ambush me there, and that no one is watching me do it... And then I'm going to infect my "testing tree" with the "Null Aura" to learn how to transmit it through corruption too.(Create a passive inspiration skill that makes "Null Aura" also transmitted by corruption when it is used on a target.)(+[Spell Repository]+[Inspiration]+[Nullify Magic]+[Neural Damping]+[Corruption]+[Storm]+[Pork Dinner])
Next up on your bucket list, you slip away unnoticed, back to your corrupted tree. You check every corner, and make a few detours to lose any would-be pursuers. Once you feel absolutely positive not even the best tracker in the world could follow, you get to your tree proper.
Now, you have a very specific project in mind. Now usually, your corruption power is very random. The effects depend on the organism you infect with your blood, and how they interact with said blood. All these complex interactions decide how the organism will mutate. To be honest, this is all beyond you, you know you can mutate someone, but how they will change is something only a precog could tell.
Yet, here you are, with your project : Directed mutagenesis. You want your corruption to give a certain trait to your target, along with whatever effects they get from the corruption. To be more precise, you want to pass down your newly created Null Aura, to protect the people you mutate from the prying eyes of… Well, everyone.
You begin the testing. Charging your blood with some antimagic seem to give results, though adding to much of that antimagic energy seems to kill the mutagenic properties of your fluids. You decide to experiment with doses of varying concentration, in order to find the sweet spot. To monitor your result, you decide to try a different concentration on a different group of branches every time.
And finally, you manage to narrow down the ideal composition. The mutagenic qualities of your blood are unchanged, but the target areas seem to have a 80 to 90% chances to develop Null Aura. A brilliant success !

New Strain:

>[Strain - Null Aura: You may choose to have your Corruption grant Null Aura to your targets on top of whatever mutations they would get otherwise upon success. Slightly raises DC.]
A targeted mutation that protects from arcane sight.
>free action
You mold the wood of the tree with your bare hands, as if it were clay or putty, until you get a decent cavity. You could store a backpack worth of items in there. Having nothing to hide right now, you decide to put in a very important item : Your splendid Nekopara shirt. No one must know your love for catgirls in maid outfit. No one. Before you close the hole in the tree, you give one last look to Chocola and Vanilla, and promise to come back for them. They don’t answer, of course, but you know that deep down, they trust you. You wonder if your abilities would allow you to create catgirls. You brush off the thought for now, and close the hole, feeling a little pang of guilt in your stomach as you do.
Major Actions:

>Well, might as well try to repair the Derringer on my own. It would be good for extending my repertoire of gunsmithing.
At a certain point after many hours of hard work, you become convinced that it is ready to go!

Then you test it in a improvise firing range.

It explodes in your hands, severely damaging all of its internal components.

It cannot be just repaired now, it would have to practically be reforged from the start.

>[Visibly Hurt-You are now at 75% of your total HP]

>[Hand Wounds-You receive -10 in all rolls that heavily rely on the use of your hands for the next turn, and at -5 for the turn after that. It translates to -2 in all accuracy rolls that involve using your hands, and -1 in the turn after that one.]

>[Derringer is DESTROYED]
>Continue running in order to increase my speed, using the [Bronze Chronometer] to keep time. The time to take down Smithson was fast approaching.

You keep practicing running and the girls keep watching you. You don’t really interacted much with them after that, but you have the impression that their opinion about you made you know by the entire female population of the Factory, as any woman from the Order seems to at least know your name and you even heard a couple of them whispering about you one time. You’re not sure that that's a good thing.

New Skill

>[Fast Pacing - For the purpose of determining your movement, use your Speed + 3 instead of your Speed.]
The ability to keep a steady rhythm of movement in order to not lose speed due to early exhaustion.

Minor Action:
>Begin looking into the mysterious V. V. from the note on the Derringer. There were surely some records on past Outsiders, and any information would likely be helpful.

There are certainly records on past Outsiders… But they aren’t here. The people in the requisition office doesn’t have anything to help you with, and the masters just refuse to say any meaningful thing without a good reason to. However... The older guy in the office tells you that he remembers something that might be related to that… He is pretty sure that when he was younger there was this outsider red haired woman who signed as that… But she transferred her services to the main building after just a few months that he met her, and he never saw her again.

>Minor: Take the [Fragment of Demon Sting] back to the factory. Somebody here has to have an idea on how to turn this into a potential antidote for the future.

You hand it to one of the guys in the lab of the Order, but after a quick analysis they reach the conclusion that they’ll need to send it for another better equipped base of the Order to do a full analysis of it. Maybe the two or three Outsider scientists that were around could do something about it, but one of them disappeared and the rest isn’t spending much time around anymore.

They can recommend a better medicine to it than what you were using at the hospital, though, but it will only work if ingested before you are infected, as it counteracts through alchemical connection to the poison in your blood before it has the chance to actually make a mess of your insides.


>[Anti-Demon-Insect-Poison Potion (ADIP-P): That a Minor action to use, gives + 30 DEF against poison from Corrupted Insects.]

>Major: The poor girl from the demon attack... though doubt plagues my mind, Amelie's words have me knowing I still need to try and do more, so that she can recover. I'll even stay over at the hospital in the little room they gave me to keep myself close by to her and the other kids. (Doubt, Amelie Uplifting Words +15, First Aid +5)
You return to the hospital and persist in giving extra attention to the girl when you are able to, taking advantage of the low movement in your aisle to focus your energy on healing her repeatedly. You even end up falling asleep on your chair aside of bed once, waking up covered in a blanket probably left by Amelie.

It’s worth it though, as you start to note a improvement in her appearance and easier and softer breaths from the little girl. But no matter how much she recovers on the surface, she keeps being a prisoner in the dreamlands. There is also this weird effect that you notice after some days, as if your powers started leaving an after-effect that slowly fade away after you cease channeling energy into them, huh, curious.

By the end of the week Amelie starts getting a bit worried that your spending most of your time around the girl and comes to talk to you at night.

“I know that it can be hard sometimes, but we are not gods, and even the most incredible of the healing powers may have its limits… I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to improve yourself of to continue persisting in trying to help the little one, but in the case that is beyond your limits… There is no better answer than reaching peace with it. So, don’t blame yourself for results that may be beyond your powers, okay?”

New Skill:

>[Regenerative After-Effect: As a Reaction, after casting a healing spell, you may pay its TP cost times X. If you do, the target(s) gains the effects of that spell at the beginning of each of his/her next X turns.
A delayed consequence of more efficient control of energy usage in healing spells.
>Minor: Return to help Jeanne with her shopping needs this week.

You go back at her house for a second turn of buying things for her. She gives you a more proper list of what to buy this time, formally written on a piece of paper, and you repeat your quest for groceries and crafting supplies. The only big change this time is that she actually decide to test your skills by having you buy more “fresher” cooking ingredients on the Farmer’s Market by the morning of the next day.

The people of the rustic but colorful market on the outskirts of town are somewhat curious about you, as some of them recognize you from the hospital, mainly the children in this case, and know of your outsider status because of this. But you don’t met any problems because of it, even if they seem to be somewhat with their guards up to see how you are. After buying what you need you give a little time to talk with the few children that you know, and they tell you that this better reaction was both because of their tales of your attentious care and because some Outsider girl already came to buy things here and became kind of a local celebrity because of her charming kind demeanor. Huh, you wonder who that should be, and carry the surprise of actually not being bad with children all the way back to Jeanne’s place. It’s a good thing that one of the parents of the children offer you a ride back to town in their cart, or you could have lost your way with the distraction.

>[Known Face] (Farmer’s Market) - You’re not a total stranger to the people of the market, their clients and the people who live closer to it, that may have its perks in the future.

You’re actually a little early, the sun hasn’t set and everything is closed, but when you try your luck at the door you actually receive a response. “It’s open!”

Inside you encounter Jeanne in a apron with her hair in a ponytail changing things from their places and cleaning some dust from the shelves. “Huh? You’re back already? It’s okay, I’m just somewhat surprised that you came back this early from the outskirts of the city… Anyway, I’m just going to get your reward upstairs, hold still for a moment.” She turns and goes to the back, and you hear the sound of footsteps going upstairs.

Without anything to do, you distract yourself by examining the place, which is a bit messy at the moment, but is just as you remembered, very pretty and expensive looking… The dolls are also proper individual works of art, being so detailed and well made that you could imagine being used as decoration like any statue or painting, and not only being a childish toy.
Huh, it seems that Jeanne forgot a bottle and a chalice of wine over the counter, she was probably drinking it while tidying up the place… Hmmm, there is no label on it, and while its smells alcoholic, the texture and the bouquet are very peculiar, you’re not a specialist, but this doesn’t seem like anything you ever drank… To be honest it looks more like… Blood.

“Hey, you’re already getting payed for the help, my drink isn’t included in your reward” She says to you while appearing through the door, squinting suspiciously at your curiosity with her refreshment.

“Anyway… There is much to do and too little time, so if you could give me some privacy… Here is your reward.”

>Savings Updated to:

>[Modest Savings] - You have a modest sum of money to spare, you can make use of it as an free-action, or spend it to give a +15 modifier to an Minor Action related to commerce(ex: searching for the most cheap but still useful “X” on sale.). This modifier doesn’t need to be used all in one action, being able of being split through multiple actions.

After that she gets you out of her store while trying to hide the worried look in her face and failing badly on doing it. “F-feel free to come back next week, okay?”

It’s not the best paying job, but it surely isn’t the least mysterious one.
>Minor: Go to the range and practice using my bow.

There isn’t a range and you don’t bother requisitioning one, so you just get some improvised targets and make do with what you can set up in fifteen minutes. You practice a bit everyday. Before returning one day to find some hooded guy in leather armor with a bow bigger than yours shooting better made targets in more properly set range.

“It’s rare to have company in practice these days, as most people decided to trade their bows for firearms, but I’m glad to see that anyone else can still see the value of a silent and well placed arrow.”

After spending the weekend mostly just shooting targets with him you discover that his name is Maximilian and that he is just a bit older than you, he doesn’t talk much and mostly focus on giving you pointers on archery and hunting, while getting a bit philosophical about those topics sometimes. He actually isn’t a member of the order, just a guy who usually treks around the woods to do his thing.

“I guess that's it for today, I usually don’t come this far near the Industrial zone… If you go a bit deeper into the woods you should be able to see the signs of my usual range. Feel free to show up when you have time. It’s good to have company sometimes.”

>[Maximilian - Shady Hunter and Archer of the Burhthic’s Forest.]
[Isaac Thorne]
>Major action: Rest some more. I need my injuries to be treated. (+5 Heroes' Feast)

All that rain going inside and people trying to keep it at bay are getting you NUTS. You just can’t sleep or concentrate with that much of movement and clunking from janitorial stuff being moved around being present all the time!

Your fatigue carries on…(Into the next turn again, that is)

>[Tired] - Sleeping has been hard, -5 in all rolls that aren’t related to relaxing in the next turn.

>Major action: With the Spell Repository back in good condition, maybe I should try my hand at spellcrafting again. This storm has given me an idea. Perhaps a spell that absorbs lightning in the area and enhances my next electric spell. (+5 Heroes' Feast, -5 Tired, +5 Spell Repository, )

You try to distract your mind by going to the spell repository… Ah, it brings you memories… Not really happy memories, like the fact that you were to blame for the lightning that hit the place, or the one about Alisa may be suspecting of you being the cause of the lightning… It may be a good idea to keep your electric powers a secret if possible… But that would be hard with all this constant human interaction going on around the place.

You read a lot of theoretical stuff, search for some examples in old annals of registers about Outsiders powers, experiment with what you already has control of and train until the new technique becomes almost like an reflex… And by the end of the week, it has reached the point of actually being useful.

>New Skill

>[Eletron’s Siphon(Inspiration): Binds 20 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, grants 30 AR to your electric based attacks. Grants 20 Electric Weakness.
Boost the effectiveness of electric-based attacks by ionizing the air around the caster.
>Minor action: Eat my fill of the boar. I missed my chance last time, so I might as well try to eat it now.

You eat as much boar as you can, it makes you feel a little better even with your insomnia and persistent tiredness resulted of the recent stress of being hit by an lightning and being a little too worried about the lance… Oh, and the unending repairs and movement going around the building since someone managed to explode a section of the place… *Sigh*

Not that you can blame then, you weren’t that far from it either… And maybe you should be grateful that you’re still alive, in fact, you have plenty of tales from you old job about people that weren’t as lucky or resilient as you and met terrible ends because of electricity...

>[Heroes’ Feast] - Gain +5 in all your rolls next turn.

One night… Your spear start humming in a strange rhythmic manner… And you are actually mentally exhausted enough to give a try to talking to it in a simple “Two Hums for NO, one for YES” manner. Before working up a code to allow you to conduct more precise communication…

[You are free to RP with Alejandro freely so long as he is in range. But he is limited to “Yes” or “No” when you are out of time to translate what he’s saying letter by letter.]
Live Action Event Reward:
You have witnessed a miracle, and now you are sure of the power of the christian god, you are considered a [Believer] and receive penalties for praying for other gods.

> Look for how to write better. (Major)
As you always do for this sort of thing… You go around ask everyone about your doubts, everyone that may know something or that you care about, that is. They mostly tell you that in your case it's more a matter of translating your experience to paper in the most appropriate way possible.

But the books in the library tell you mostly about other stuff, such as appealing to the public you are trying to reach to, narrative structure or even proper formatting of presentation of content… You try a bunch of stuff you read about and present formatted versions of pieces of the original text for the approval of other people… But it get a mixed response, some think that it's different but not in quality, some see the increase technicalities as good change, and others miss the passion of your free form… But they mostly agree that its missing a clear spirit over solid foundations… Or something like this, it seems that the summoners are quite poetic but hard to translate into direct meanings for practical use.

New Skill:

>[Formal Writing Techniques(Industry):No combat effect]
The ins and outs of proper text structure, presentation of content and simple tricks of adequating books for certain purposes.

>Seek better relationships with God (Major)
You tell some people about your spiritual experiences and the miracle you witnessed when you were in a pinch… But most of the order’s personnel dismiss it as some innate holy magic that came from your outsider’s status. You know that they are wrong and don’t let it get to you. So you set up to collect some materials in the gardens and exercise your rusty crafting skills by making a simple wooden cross to serve as an object dedicated to prayer and as a symbol of devotion. When you are satisfied by the result you sit down in your knees and start remembering and repeating all the prayers that your mother taught you about. It reminds you of her and about the recent episode in the forest, and you can’t keep yourself from crying.

>[Simple Wooden Cross: Its a cross made of two sticks and some rope. Gives +5 to Minor Prayer actions when held by an Believer.]

New Skill:

>[Simple Crafting(Industry): No Combat Effect]
The technique and knowledge of crafting simple tools and everyday objects from natural or rustic materials.
> Find some accessory for my derriger. (Minor)
While you are going around asking people for opinions on your book you notice some old guy inside a personal officine with the door slightly ajar, he is carving runes into the buttons of some clothing. You are impressed by his dexterity and with the drawings of the runes, as they are precise and also remind you of the traditional germanic inscribings. He is amused by your interest and you tell him that you have been looking for some kind of accessory to personalize your derringer. He asks for you to let him give a look on it, and you hand it to him. He examines it for a moment and promises to give you a little something extra on it if you are okay with coming back later… And you do.

When you return by the end of the week, he has filled the whole metallic exterior of the gun with those runic carvings, that just flow into each other through curvaceous lines of continuities…


Now it's called “Blumelein’s Runic Derringer”

>Special Effect: It causes an extra +1 of Electric Damage, if the enemy has a electric weakness he receives full effect of the weakness.

As Result of Your Live Action:

>Current HP: -25%

[Critical State- You are now at negative HP zone, because of this you receive the following effects:
>Difficult Movement: You have a bad time trying to move to different places, you need to spend a minor action just in order to go somewhere out of the factory, and one more to go back, with any other thing you need to do there being done between the two.
>Serious Wounds: You get -15 in both physical focused and social focused rolls.
>Easily Triggered Pain: You are at disadvantage on all physical focused and mental focused rolls, as the pain disturb your coordination and makes it harder to concentrate.
>Need of Proper Rest: If you are in inappropriate conditions of rest or can’t get proper medical attention on this turn, you lose one action point. And receive a penalty of -20 in all resting related rolls.
>Vulnerable: Failing in any rolls that involves using facilities, moving to another place or physically focused activities will result in more damage. Some severely intense physical activities will auto-fail if tried.

>When your HP gets over 0 this condition is replaced by less harsh penalties.
>That was close. Way too close. Who was that lady? Some kind of bee woman... I fear she might come back for me. I'd better try to stay indoors this week. I think that could have gone a lot better if I'd had a weapon. I'll talk to Argus, and see if he has anything. Ideally, it'd something lightweight that I could use as a magical catalyst, but I'll take anything that'll help me in a fight.

You don’t manage on to find Argus “on duty” as the forge was closed for repairs, but his apprentice, Oscar, welcomes you into the forge and try to help you with what he can. Sadly, magical catalysts are rare, and even rarer are the ones that were made into useful weaponry. But you work together to search more about them and end up talking to the requisition office and a few enchanters about the possibility of making one, receiving a few directions about how it should be and what it should be made of.

>[Oscar] - Smith's apprentice.


>[Ritualist Dagger Schematics- Gives a +15 bonus to Forging and Enchanting such weapon. You need one Major action to Forge it and another to Enchant it. The materials need to be requisitioned of gathered before its possible to make it(Takes another Major Action to requisition it).]

>You know what else would have been useful? A healing potion. I should really look into making those.

There is two main problems with that, you don’t know alchemy and the lab isn’t properly made to deal with the arcane energies that usually affect this sort of things. And there is also the fact that this sort of potion seems rare and hard to make, as you discover as you try researching about it. You don’t even learn how to make them, just that they usually need a bunch of rare arcane ingredients and the only people who usually knows how to prepare them are master enchanters and… Witches? Yep, but you don’t get mention of them elsewhere, and the order’s personnel just tell them that they are contractors that live afar from society and specializes in arcane brewing and curses… Spooky.
>Everything hurts. So I think I'll try not to exert myself this week. And get plenty of rest.

You take plenty of rest, relaxing close to a fireplace and trying to survive your own cold mist that refuses to abandon you.

+10% Heal Recovery this turn!

You are now at:
>0% HP.
Major: Help in whatever areas I am needed. Like cooking or cleaning
You’re greeted by one of the cooks as you enter the kitchen looking for some work. “Hey, Tabatha, good timing ! You wanna help us with the pork dinner ? It’s pretty popular, so an extra pair of hands would be welcome !” You nod, you were looking for some work, and you’re a pretty decent cook.
The next few hours are spent in a constant blur of action : Cutting the meat and vegetables, serving the broth, moving the portions that have been prepared from the kitchen to the mess hall, the cooks work you to the bone. Since you don’t have a real post, you become the handy(wo)man, filling in whenever someplace needs people. You serve several hungry Outsiders and Order members, including a few familliar faces. As you’re recovering some empty plates, you even see a teary-eyed Melchior eating his food, but you get back to the kitchen with your ceramic bounty before you can get a better look.
In the end, lunchtime ends with you tired, but fullfilled. This was some hard work, but what isn’t ? You sit down to catch your breath, and one of your fellow cooks comes to sit across from you. “Hey, good work out there, you handled it really well.” He grins, and puts a plate in front of you. “You haven’t eaten yet, right ? Have this.” In the plate, you find some leftover pork meat between two slices of grilled bread. You hadn’t realized how hungry you truly were, and immediately chow down on it until not even a crumb is left. Delicious !
>You’ve got [The BEST Pork Sandwich] +10 to all your rolls next turn.
Major: Ask for a very simple melee training area. Maybe a few sandbags on springs for stabbing/boxing training.
Your back still aching from your roll training, you go ahead a simple physical training area. You try to find a sympathetic member of the order, but the only one you meet is an hostile pencil-pusher. He’s a short, bald man wearing spectacles, and you find him writing down something on parchment. You cough to get his attention, and, after having to exaggerate quite a lot, he finally raises his head. “Yes, what is it ? Can’t you see I’m a busy man ?” You make your request, trying to be as polite as possible, but you’re met with a categoric “No.” You try to make your case, but the man is barely listening as is. “Look.” he says, exasperated. “You’re not much of a fighter, aren’t you ? That’s why I don’t think you need this. Prove yourself, and then we’ll talk. Now shoo, shoo !”
You leave the office, and meet a younger summoner, that gives you a sympathetic smile. “You’ve met Grumpy Old Ned, didn’t you ? He’s pretty nasty, especially to newer people. We’ve all been there.” The summoner gives you an encouraging thumbs up, and carries on with his duties, leaving you frustrated.
>Met [Grumpy Old Ned], administrator at the Xerenith Order
Minor: Hang out a little more in the markets.
You wander around the market, and as you arrive, you’re greeted by the regulars. As always, you have a great time, some housewives tell you about the storm, one had clothes hung to dry when the rain came, and is quite miffed about it.
Next, you meet a small girl selling wildflowers, and the girl gestures for you to crouch. She slips a flower in your hair, and gives you a candid smile, before skipping off, singing.
Now in an excellent mood, you’re stopped by a cheery voice, and recognize the owner of a stall that sells medicinal plants and other remedies. He shakes a cowbell and gestures wildly, grinning. “Congratulations young lady ! You’re the 1000th person to pass by our stand ! Come here, come here, I’ve got something for you !” You get closer, and the man hands you a small wooden box. Upon opening, you find that it’s filled with some sort of green paste. “Couldn’t help but notice you walked a little funny, strained your back, right ?” He gives you a wink. “My patented herbal unguent will fix this right up, just apply some on your back, and soon you’ll be feeling new again !” You ask if he’s giving you that because he noticed that, and he winks. “Nope, you’re our thousandth customer, so you’ve got this fair and square.” You shrug, and thank the man, then leave the market shortly after, in a good mood.
>Your [Back Pains] are gone
>You’ve got [Herbal Unguent] This potent mixture is able to clear most wounds and diseases, but needs a little time to work its magic, and it won’t work on magical afflictions. Outside of combat, you can use it as a free action to remove a negative effect of your choice. There’s enough for three uses.
File: go.png (20 KB, 250x200)
20 KB
RULEBOOK v0.7: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f0it79jDenJQN3ufLu05Xd6fwEzWSspUjlEIiKkijis/edit


(Link your actions to this post as usual)
The delinquent smirked. He knew this was a possibility. In fact, this new world was kinda like a school. And, just like the local tough guy trying to intimidate the new student, someone was already trying to start shit. Good. But hey, first, there was the issue of the witch girl person. Without taking his eyes off the flying shape, he shouted. "Hey witch girl ! Can you fight ? If not, run away, I'll keep it off your back !"
The delinquent cracked his knuckles, and screamed in defiance at the enemy coming right at him. "COME ON !"
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Befriend these bee things coming at me.
Rolled 72, 26, 52 = 150 (3d100)

Ark did calm himself, because he should never let his emotions take over him, so even when in the dark cell he did meditate, to keep his mind clean, when he got out he had something in mind 'I must find that thief, she did wronged and if the truth doesn't come to light she will never learn...'

Some time searching whereabouts took him to a shady place where more than ever he noticed that she really needed a reality check.

When he did not found her and only a track to some sort of cult, he decided to find it and then carry that thief to justice.

And maybe redemption, but before, I should meditate to replenish and clean my mind.

(Minor Action, I must find any clue about where is that Gabriel's cult.)
(Major Action, then I must confront then and arrest her)
(Major Action, then, if possible, lead her to justice)
File: librarian.jpg (47 KB, 340x270)
47 KB
Rolled 66, 7, 29 = 102 (3d100)

Name:Fredrick Helmharden, current Head of Research

Character Sheet:

Status effects:
>Appraised by the Order: +10 in all rolls with people of the order for the next turn, and then +5 until your fame fades completely(gives +5)

>M:Fredrick isn't gonna give up just because the book is written in enoquian, even if he has no clue what that is, he's gonna try to find a dictionary and translate the text(+5 due to gather info skill, maybe, not sure)
>m:Just as Fredrick had finally finished working in his library, he now has to attend to some commemoration
>M:Now that he's finally free to practice this so called "magic", Fredrick can begin his quest for laser book, with first step being learning how to create laser beams using sorcery
Rolled 43 (1d100)

De-Escalate the situation between myself and...whatever those things are coming at me, if they appear to have malicious intent. Usually, wings and Shadowy Humanoid arent a good pair, if anything recent has to show for it.

If the Intent is just Curiosity though, Explain exactly what it is I am doing, and that it Possesses no threat.
Rolled 65, 2, 17 = 84 (3d100)

Character Sheet:

[Major Action]
Attend the Explication of our Situation from Grandmaster Kjellberg

[Major Action]
Assist in the Repair of the Old Aisle.

[Minor Action]
Rest for a bit. It's been a hell of a few weeks, and I need to process all this information.
>seek for a light armor.(major)
>Continue my book (major)
>look for a quick charger for my gun (minor)
Rolled 33, 60, 92 = 185 (3d100)

>in the factory i search someone to talk.
"hello anyone there?"
*i will pray they*
Rolled 56, 25, 51, 78, 15, 14 = 239 (6d100)


>[As an Free Action choose what to do with it.]
Return it. You don't want to deal with the heretics, so leave it quietly at a guard post without being noticed. They can figure who all these ill gotten gains belongs to.

MA: Keep Working on the Bible. It must be completed.

MA: Keep working on Bible.

ma: Evelyn has given her life to the Lord, but penance is still required to atone for the sins she has committed.
Rolled 89, 22, 81 = 192 (3d100)


>Major: Go to Grandmaster Kjellberg speech. Maybe we will all get a better understanding of what is actually going on here.

>Major: I guess I'll help out in trying to get the Old Aisle repaired. Especially the part with the infirmary. With things like this and other incidents happening around here on a regular basis, it's going to be needed sooner rather than later.

Minor: With it seeming like nobody with any alchemy skills actually hangs around here to actually be of use, I look for information on any reputable alchemists in town that would maybe know how to work with and potentially make an antidote with the [Fragment of Demon Sting] I have.
I'm assuming thats was your pre-fight action then.

You can both roll initiative after Angela replies to you.

>She falls to the floor without being able to move or speak, she is to afraid to do something and starts to cry, then she screams
"P-Please, helpppppppppp"
*When i was praying something says to me a person is suffering like me in the past life*
>i follow my instinct
>I get on my kness and starts to pray
Name: Neo

Character sheet:

CL: 1
SD: Might 1/Finesse 2/Resolve 3/Inspiration 2
Skills: Sword And Board/ Cross Strike, Dodge/ Sapping Strikes, Otherworldly Toughness, Mighty Constitution/Clear, Draining Strikes
HP: 345/345
TP: 70
AD: 35 (+60) =95
AP: 27
DEF: 32 (+30) =62
MR: 32
SPD: 34 (-5) = 29

Minor Action (1): Attend the Speech by Grandmaster Kjellberg. (Bonuses: Satiated+5)

Major Action (2-3): Go to Everett’s Gym and practice my military style martial arts. (Attempt to create skill: [Military Martial Arts(Might)- You gain +10 AD, +5 DEF, and +3 SPD when in melee combat. “Extensive training in a series of military grade martial arts has made you particularly deadly in melee combat."]) (Bonuses: Satiated+5, Everett+5, Everett’s Gym+10)

Major Action (4-5):Teach the other guys at the gym some martial arts from earth. (Attempt to increase future bonuses from Everett/his gym.) (Bonuses: Satiated+5, Everett+5, Everett’s Gym+10)
Rolled 66, 64, 65 = 195 (3d100)

>imfuckingplying I can ever post anything without forgetting something... Dice roll.
Rolled 22, 73 = 95 (2d100)

Nico Abrera: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hOPCRZ15Ln4j6D6qvjH9OP_-weRLxsE6rHDCGed6wRI/edit?usp=sharing

>m: Apologize to Silva first for being involved with criminals. I explain that it was an attempt to make sense of things: to try and understand what's really going on around the world. I also can't promise her that I would stay away from shady dealings since I was a criminal from my previous world; it's how I chose to meet demands.
>M: Continue to lift.
What about your last 2 points of action?
File: bee man.jpg (96 KB, 774x1032)
96 KB
Rolled 15 + 34 (1d20 + 34)


The shape ends its aerial maneuver and descends on a stretch of grass not much afar from Angela, she trembles in fear and tries to move herself away from the shadow at the same time as she tries to get up without breaking sight from it, failing at the two tasks.

It’s a humanoid covered in black chitinous armor, with two antennae four arms, and a bee stinger that comes from the base of the spine. It holds an orange crystal staff, that it spins while exchanging it from and to hand until it goes back to the grip of the hand it was initially holding it with, then, looking at Tatsuo, it does a provocative gest with its hands as if calling him for the fight.

It’s crystal wings glows lightly before it starts levitating.
File: SHONEN FIGHT TURN 1.png (899 KB, 1056x848)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
DT=Difficult Terrain

(Those difficult terrain in specific count as twice the distance for ranged attacks, as it is an steep inclination.)

T=Tree, counts as difficult terrain, can be used as cover. Large exposed roots, not very tall, large treetops.
Rolled 87, 20, 26 = 133 (3d100)



I will not let a sad old man tell me what I can't do. But maybe he's somewhat right. I feel compelled to train more and get better.

>m. Look for knives that could be used for fighting. Let me see options; I have in mind maybe an easy to conceal folding knife or a dagger with serrations, or a set of throwing knives, or a matching pair of something?

([Very Modest Savings] - You have a modest sum of money to spare, you can make use of it as an free-action, or spend it to give a +10 modifier to an Minor Action related to commerce(ex: searching for the most cheap but still useful “X” on sale.))

>M. Meet with the local butcher. Offer my services to help him; show him that I can handle a blade and make very precise cuts. And get more familiar with blood.

>M. Get myself a bag of sand and start practicing myself. I want to try and get as many attacks done in the smallest amount of time possible.
Rolled 10 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

The delinquent smiled. His opponent knew his provocations. Almost enough to make him forget the girl screaming for help. He pointed at the bee man, then at the ground to show his opponent his future, then prepared himself for the fight.
Rolled 76, 67, 14 = 157 (3d100)


>Melchior: Inspiration 8/Industry 1.

>Major Action: I'm going to see what the Grandmaster has to say, and listen to what the other outsiders have been up to, plus any news that I might manage to get about this world... and, even I have time, maybe strike a conversation to get close to some higher up.(Persuasion, Industry.+10 from Heroes feast.)

>Major Action: Poison doesn't come from nowhere, nor does my acid. I'm going to learn how to create a modificated salivary gland that secrets acids and help me apply more pressure to spit it more far.(Create a "Acid Gland" skill that allows me to bind TP to increase the damage and range of acid spit)(Inspiration,+7 Transmorph related skills, +10.)

>Minor: I'm going to search for a bestiary on the creatures of this world in order to facilitate my process of copying animal abilities... And maybe get some inspiration for new transformations.(Bonus for future transmorph skills, maybe some suggested skills.)

Angela cant do anything, She Can Just watch the delinquent preparing for the fight and to protect herself she try to run to hide behind him
Roll initiative already
Rolled 9 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Rolled 14 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Okay then.

>Soldier Bee

Angela is in Prone stance, Tatsuo is in Casting stance, as you both critfailed, and there was no much time for talking, you didn't manage to revert it yet.

The Soldier acts

>Change Stance to Aggressive
>Shift to 0208
>Attack Angela.
Rolled 3 + 72 (1d100 + 72)

He hits you in your belly with the staff.
You take 71 damage.
>HP is now at 244
It hits you with the minimal force possible ad you manage to dodge most of the staff, but its enough to take away your air by a moment.

>Your turn.
>Switch to Agressive Stance
>Shift to 2216
He exited his horse stance and prepared himself for a mad dash towards his opponent.
Rolled 58, 61, 57 = 176 (3d100)


With her food running dangerously low and her equipment damage Priere decide to go back to the factory. During her travel she attempt to become better at surviving in the wilderness
>Major: Travel NE and attempt to pick up some survival skills while doing so
-10 from damaged outdoor equipment

Once back 'home' Priere will attend the Grandmaster Speech.
>Minor: attend Grandmaster Kjellberg address

Afterward she will looks to have the damaged equipment replaced or repaired in preparation for future adventures.
>Major: Get new and better outdoors equipment, or at least have the current one replaced
Frustrated, I'll try again. "That wasn't quite right. I'll have to study more, then, if we're ever going to start enchanting weapons and armor," Argus says, clearly discontent with his work.
> Study what I might have done wrong. Was it the circuit that perhaps didn't connect fully, or something else? I'll spend a Major on this.
Hearing about a speech apparently being given, I'll go sit and hear it live.
> Spend a minor on going and witnessing this speech.
Then, hearing about /more/ stuff that needs repairs, I'm apparently going to have to go and fix that as well.
> Spend Major action repairing the Old Aisle.
Rolled 99, 49, 14 = 162 (3d100)

I'd like to add
>Run to 1715 using my major action
Your turn!
You recover 3HP!
She gets up and starts running.

>Shift to Evasive Stance.
>Run to 0912
>Use minor to shift to 1012
Rolled 76, 28, 41 = 145 (3d100)

Agnes feels confident with this new found power.
"I feel like practicing will make me stronger!", she said to herself.

>Major: Try to make the link between her and the sword stronger. Practice summoning「Lion Slicer」in order to get better.

>Major: The Order promised to help me with this kind of stuff, but I don't really know if it is going to be enough. I'll try to use my drawing skills to make money. Go to the market or a place crowded with people to sell drawings of landscapes/portraits.

>Minor: Try to listen to people's conversation while I sell my drawings. I want to discover what the common people like, deslike, their beliefs and their view on the current situation of the country.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

The Bee ignores Angela's cries for help and attempts of getting on her feet, and while staring Tatsuo it does a fast strike with its staff in a piercing movement to hit Angela's belly, making the girl gasps and lose air for a moment.

The bee warrior keeps staring at Tatsuo the whole time, as if dismissively hitting Angela while the boy was too far to do something about it was just another form of provocation. But it was that sub estimation of her capabilities that gave her the opening to rush from her position while regaining her equilibrium on two feet, running towards the boy.

Tatsuo entered his usual battle stance as he runned at max speed to save the witchy girl, with a “TEMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” going through his head, even if unspoken. But just as the two got closer… It was as if the bee had teleported to a position just close enough to get another strike in… And then it was too late to warn her about it.

>The bee has shifted to behind Angela.
>It uses Telegraphing
>Then it attacks Angela
File: Bo.jpg (112 KB, 1000x1000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Rolled 94 + 82 (1d100 + 82)

Rolling for damage
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Oh crap, forgot her Evasive Stance
It hits you for 202 damage...

>You're at 45 HP

You're are now aflicted by the WEAK condition:

>Automatically inflicted on any character whose HP falls below 30% of its maximum value. Reduce all Accuracy rolls by 1, and all Damage rolls by 10.

Do you want to use payback?
Zoot just start walking into the direction of the humanoid form and its insectoid followers, as they get closer to the ground Helsing notices that they are a Teenager looking bee-girl and four giant bees with the size of a big dog.

Ludwig doesn’t manage to hear what zoot said, as the sound was muffled by the girl doing a not-so-soft landing in front of the young man, but he hear clearly what she replies to him.

“Uhhh….Errr… What? I-I mean… It my first time coming out here so I’m a bit confused but… They told me that people usually were hostile at first and….Uhhhhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t introduced myself… I-I am Elenith, I-I am like, one month old and…. Ahhhh, I mean… D-Do you want to join us? W-We have magic honey and stuff and are always looking for people… AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I’M SORRY! ITS MY FIRST TIME AND I’M SO NERVOUS!”
File: SHONEN FIGHT TURN 2.png (899 KB, 1056x848)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Rolled 46, 80, 25 = 151 (3d100)

>I'll attempt to create a healing spell from my Light-based ones.
>I'll learn how to do Alchemy by reading texts from the library. I'll also test if the Chemistry Lab is suited to perform Alchemy.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 3 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

thats the correct roll
Rolled 4 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

No, that is just the speed contest that happens after you "miss".
Rolled 7 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

"H-he's fast." Was what the delinquent uttered when the bee seemingly teleported to strike the witch. But he quickly got over it, and began rushing to the girl's help. "It doesn't matter how fast you are ! One hit, and you're toast !" Reaching the creature's side, he focused on the strange energy he felt coursing through his body earlier. Then struck, one precise, yet brutal blow to the thorax. "EAAAAAAAT THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS !"
>move to 1112 (minor)
>shift to 1011
>Ki Burst the bee ! (+1 accuracy with Martial Arts)
Rolled 87 + 93 (1d100 + 93)

File: red.jpg (69 KB, 768x519)
69 KB
The Bee Warrior prepares to hits the girl on the back with all this force, and you’re almost sure that he is going to split her spine in half, but she tries to turn on the last second as if alerted by some supernatural danger sense and misses a punch against the bee, taking another blow at the top of her stomach. She inclinates herself as if to puke, looking at the end of her forces as her legs tremble in front of the enemy.

You don’t wait, it goes as a series of flashes, at one moment you’re near both of them, then you’re encircled in colorful chi aura, then the bee is being hit with all your force, hitting the ground with its legs for a second while its arm’s chitin explodes.
Your turn.
>Run to 1111
Are you certain that you are only running?
You could at least activate your health power.
>Assist Tatsuo
>Run to 1111
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Rolled 7 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Should be 34
Rolled 10 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

You dodge, you lucky madman.
Regain 3HP
File: SHONEN FIGHT TURN 3.png (899 KB, 1056x848)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Rolled 7 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>The Bee enters a Defensive stance.
>It attacks Tatsuo
Rolled 60 + 72 (1d100 + 72)

Tatsuo gets hit in the face for 65 damage.
>250HP now.
Rolled 7, 7 = 14 (2d20)

"Is that all you've got ?" He pointed at the bee's arm. "Your head is next."
>Attack the bee (+1 with Martial Arts)
Rolled 2 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

speed contest
+32 for you, roll.
Rolled 3 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Roll a second roll, you still have advantage.
Rolled 13 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Roll for Damage!
Rolled 87, 17 + 41 = 145 (2d100 + 41)

>78 DMG
Your turn!
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Forgot his payback, so Soldier gets a payback against Tatsuo.
Rolled 60 + 72 (1d100 + 72)

You knock him on the face, breaking his mask to reveal a manly looking face with black and gold eyes. But he hits you in the other arm, as you block one of his blows.

>More 65 dmg
>Assist the delinquent
She stays hiden behind him

>Point the middle finger to the bee and say "F##k you"
Rolled 3 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

3HP regen
The bee attacks you...
Rolled 14 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

Rolled 12, 6 + 32 = 50 (2d20 + 32)

Rolled 9 + 51 (1d100 + 51)

You get 40 DMG
Rolled 12, 16 + 1 = 29 (2d20 + 1)

Payback attack !
Rolled 1 + 31 (1d100 + 31)

And damage
Roll for damage +41
>5 Damage.
Your turn.
Rolled 9, 19 + 1 = 29 (2d20 + 1)

"Hey, beeman, remember that one ?" He said as he channeled his ki once more, his body glowing red with energy. "Well have another one !"
>Ki Burst
Roll for damage +121
Rolled 55 + 121 (1d100 + 121)

Rolled 10 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>100 DMG
Now he uses payback on you.
>Your TP is now 20.
Rolled 21 + 51 (1d100 + 51)

You're at 101HP.
Your turn.
"Eh it's all good bee girl. I don't think I need any cause you're already so sweet. ;)
So what's going on here?"
>Assist the delinquent

Just that, nothing more
Helsing approaches the Zoot and the...Bees. But still keeps a careful eye on the fire, to make sure it stays in control.

"Scared people vill usually act both violence, miss, but some can keep zheir heads level. May I ask vhy you are out here? And did you happen to say...Magic honey? Could you explain zhat?"
File: oraoraora.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
59 KB
Angela doesn’t wait for a better chance, and run to hide herself behind Tatsuo, the bee notices that just in time to try to use the opportunity to do a quad-punch on her, but misses as Tatsuo steps in for another blow. It raises its arms and tries to block with two of them as the other two attack before Tatsuo has a chance to connect his own strike. One punch is deflected by the the left arm of the delinquent boy, as the other hits his face, a second before the outsider hits the bee-man in the face, exploding part of the chitinous mask to reveal a bearded manly face, with enraged black and gold eyes that burn with a warrior spirit that reminds the young takeshima of his own passionate fight spirit.

Their auras of power finally crash visibly, and the witch notices a transparent energy around the bee being slowly dispelled while entering contact with the scarlet flame surrounding tatsuo, who is also losing strength, as if both of their boosted states were canceling each other. “GANBAREEEEEEEEEEE!” She screams behind the boy, trying to help him focus at the task at hand even if his aura diminishes in power, and in a way it helps his hot blood run even hotter, but more by annoying him more than by appealing to some sort of chivalrous honor.
Time seems to hold still for a second while the beeman put his feet on the ground and stare Tatsuo right in the eyes for a moment, both preparing their next move. For in that long lasting moment the bee warrior seems to read Tatsuo’s soul and slightly react to every micro-change in his stance as if predicting his next path of actions… Then both of them are surprise by Angela pushing Tatsuo in the direction of the bee with all of her remaining strength before flipping the bird to the insectoid-soldier with a loud “FUCK YOU!”.

Tatsuo improvises, and the Bee reacts by instinct, with a storm of blows being the direct result of that.

Angela’s eyes can’t follow the terribly fast exchange of blows that follows, but Tatsuo gets hit twice to do a feint that barely grazes the bee’s exposed face, distracting him just enough to leave the non-human open for the true attack….

“KIIIIIIIII-BUUUUUUURST!” he screams with all the force in his lungs, flashing in red auraic flames as he hits the opponent and exploding most of the armor on his chest.
“Me… Sweet?! I-I… Thanks? I’m not really all that you know, you probably just doesn’t have much experience with us to know better… Ah… I shouldn’t be talking about myself…. Hmmmmm…. I-I came here on a scouting mission to find people worthy of a-ascending… I mean… We fly around in a hive and stuff and… Ah, I probably shouldn’t be telling you all that… But… Thats where the magic honey come from and…. Uhhhhhhmmmm….D-Do you want magical bee powers and stuff?! It’s just a fly away! Isn’t that a nice deal?”
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>Telegraphing and Attack
One punch hits you in the chest --oooof!
Rolled 10, 11 + 1 = 22 (2d20 + 1)

Payback ! Engage in a fist battle !
Rolled 1 + 41 (1d100 + 41)

>You cause another 5 dmg, your counter punch brushes against his exposed cheek again.
Rolled 14, 7 + 1 = 22 (2d20 + 1)

"And another one !" By that point, the delinquent has abandoned all subtlety, and just throws punch after punch with abandon.
>Standard attack
Rolled 40 + 31 (1d100 + 31)

>You follow the first attack with an stronger one.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Rolled 60 + 107 (1d100 + 107)

"Vhile ez idea is...Tempting. I personally am a bit...Occupied."

*I gesture to the Fireball in the distance*

"You may have stumbled upon sonezhing more interesting zhan us though, as this vas a controlled experiment, vhere an alchemical you altered honey, alongside...exotic materials, caused vhat you see here. I vas testing it on a larger scale, to confirm my suspicious of an unrelated event."

"And vhile I can speak for myself, I cannot speak for Feaulien...Zoot, vas it?"
Rolled 20 + 58 (1d100 + 58)

Just noticed that I forgot to roll the damage, no idea from where the 38 came from, then I'm rolling this one first before applying the damage of the last one I did.
Followed by >>2384043
Rolled 91, 20 = 111 (2d100)

>Reaction : Power Through !
Also, you should be at 54HP, but as I miscalculated damage in the earlier rounds, I'm correcting that now.

Not for Tatsuo and the bee, though, as they were hitting each other with increased damage every turn, compensating for each other's buff.
You are, in fact at 83HP.
"Hmmm, this sounds really interesting and all but I was on my way to see someone just now. So maybe once I get done with my business, I can find you somewhere and we could talk." I say to the bee girl. "Oh yes my name is Zoot."
>Assist the delinquent
"Hm... I... Uhhhh.... D-Do you really have zero interest in it? H-how? What does life on the surface have of so interesting afterall?I... I mean w-we have acess to the elixir of physical perfection... I mean... i-it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, right? I can float both of you to the hive..."
"B-but... I... Can't really wait... I'm just patroling, it just a matter of time until my elders notice my ausence and decide to check what I'm doing..."
Rolled 16 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

You're at 10TP
The bee isn't taking more chances... He crosses his arms in front of his chest, jump, and try to sting you with its stinger.
>Minor: Aim
Rolled 24 + 68 (1d100 + 68)

>You're at -63 now.
Rolled 24, 42 = 66 (2d100)

"I refuse... To go down !"
>Tatsuo is DOWN.
Rolled 27 (1d100)

" Hmmm, well Elenith how about you finish your patrol and another time we can meet back up right here, or anywhere you want. ;) I really do have to attend to my business at hand."
"Again, ze offer is tempting, but I cannot persuit ze activitys zhat have lead me here in such an environment. I am a man of Medicine, and ze greatest advancements come from Experimentation."

"Although, I vould not mind future communication between us, if you so should desire."
Rolled 89, 23, 62, 58, 38 = 270 (5d100)

"Eh? Ah? I-I.... B-but it will be hard to find you two again, I don't know... Where and When can we meet up again?"
Rolled 21, 81, 7, 98, 27 = 234 (5d100)

As as any gudboi that isn't planning on using stealed human forms to accomplish dark goals in order to further a inhuman agenda, """Alejandro Valencia""" rests for this turn.
>(Major) Rest x2
>(Minor) Rest
File: kazuma face.jpg (23 KB, 522x522)
23 KB
>Sees the girl praying.
"Since when you are this religious?"
"Come and try to catch me"
>Run to 2417
Rolled 15 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

>Joining the fight against beeman
Agnes, you were resting in the plains after exploring a little and reflecting about your new situation, when you heard the sound of screams and fighting, without hesitanting you ran in the direction of it, just to find a bloodied Tatsuo on the ground at distance and a desperate Angela being chased by some type of Bee-Man.

Initiative Order:
>Bee(already acted this turn)
File: SHONEN FIGHT TURN 4.png (900 KB, 1056x848)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
Oh yeah, you're now at 86HP!
>shift: summon: RAAAION SURAISAAA (32 TP)
>Major + minor: walk to 2117
Rolled 20, 3 + 2 = 25 (2d20 + 2)

>Bee changes to Aggresive stance.
>it attacks Angela.
Rolled 17 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

> run 1818
Rolled 10, 15 + 2 = 27 (2d20 + 2)

Okay, had forgotten that you went first.
Well, Opportunity attack
Rolled 67 + 51 (1d100 + 51)

You're now at -5HP!
The bee...
...Grapples your unconsciouns body and start floating into the air!

"Hey, hummie-girl!" he shouts to Agnes while flying upwards with Angela.
"Tell that boy that he still has much to learn before being a real match to me... And that I will be waiting for a rematch... Oh, until then, I'm keeping this little souvenir, don't worry, I won't break it... At least not so soon, but who knows what may happen to her if you take too long? Hehehehehe."

It flies away into the dark clouds.
>You wake up in the next day in the infirmary.
Are you there?
Rolled 100, 35, 31 = 166 (3d100)

Well, I lost. First fight of my new life, and I failed to protect this girl. What a disgrace.
>Major : Screw these wounds. I'm going to train myself to be able to function, even at Death's Door. Hell, I'm going to make myself able to perform better when I'm wounded. (Create Danger Time, a skill that allows me to ignore Weak/Dying debuffs under 30% HP, and actually makes me stronger in those conditions. +5 for Power Through)
>Major : Go request a dojo to be built in the Factory. Explain what's a dojo.
>Minor : Attend the old man's speech. Even if I have to drag myself there.

"I wanted to help you and your friend, but it arrived too late..."
The delinquent remains on the ground, bloodied and beaten to a pulp, but still conscious through the sheer force of anger. "You... Don't have to blame yourself... It's all..." He coughed up some blood before continuing. "All my fault. I wasn't strong enough..." He managed to force out a smile, through the pain. "I should have been able to save her... But... There's still a chance. If we find where they went." He grunted in pain, but kept talking. "Thanks for coming. I'm in your debt."
"B-but I could have helped you..."
Agnes feels bad to see Tatsuo in this situation and decides to help, no matter what. "I want to help saving your friend!"
Upon hearing what the girl had to say, he grinned. A genuine, happy grin. "You'd do that ? Very well then, I'm in no position to refuse. You and I, we're going to save her, no matter what !" He extended his hand towards Agnes for a handshake. "I'm Tatsuo, Takeshima Tatsuo. I'm counting on you."
Agnes smiles and says while shaking his hand: "I am Agnes Von Baumgarten. I'll do my best!"
"Vell...How about zhis same location, A Veek from now? I am sure a meeting of ze minds could benifit ze both of us, ja? Around...Noon?"
"Hey yea we can meet back here. Can I get something to remember you by?
"whats going on here?"
You're not in that scene, stop intruding in random places.
Rolled 53, 9, 55 = 117 (3d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


Major Actions

I need a better gun.
>Acquire a triple barrel shotgun.

Wew, try number two.
>Go to Kaiiv's mansion and discuss business. "Good day Count Kaiiv!" I say with a bow. "You have peaked my interest in the conversation we had last we met. I do happen to be interested in this niche market. Also, I'm curious about that girl Jeanne that you brought that day." I say trying to look as professional as I can.
Modifiers: [Slavery Savvy][Speechcraft][Gather Information]+5+5+5

Minor actions
>Go to Grandmaster Kelloggs speech thing.
"I... I'm not sure I'll be able to be here since we're moving, but... Okay... I-I'll see what we can do..."
>stares you two uncertainly.
"Uhhhhhh, So.... Is that a Goodbye?"
Rolled 62, 66, 65 = 193 (3d100)


Name: Isaac Thorne
A twenty-four year old electrician who died in a car crash on the way home. Having accomplished nothing of note in his life, he awoke in a new world.

SD: Sorcery 2 / Resolve 1 / Inspiration 1 / Industry 2
>Large Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Toughness (Resolve)
>Eletron’s Siphon(Inspiration)
>Electricity Knowledge (Industry)
>Basic Repairs and Maintenance (Industry)

>[Tired] - Sleeping has been hard, -5 in all rolls that aren’t related to relaxing in the next turn.
>[Heroes’ Feast] - Gain +5 in all your rolls next turn.

>Major Action: You know what? If I can't sleep, then maybe I should just try an spend some time working on my spear techniques.
Relevant Modifiers: -5 Tired, +5 Heroes' Feast

>Major Action: Attend the speech. This might be important.
Relevant Modifiers: -5 Tired, +5 Heroes' Feast

>Minor Action: I should try and come up with a better way of communicating with whatever is inside this spear. I know I'm not crazy, although there is a chance that it's just the insomnia getting to me.
Relevant Modifiers: -5 Tired, +5 Heroes' Feast

RP: "So... you can hear me, huh?" Isaac asks whatever is residing in the spear. "Hum twice for no, and once for yes, got it?"

"Alright... I probably can't ask you how long you've been in there, so instead, I'll ask you this: have you been in there for long?" Isaac asks.
"I guess so. See ya around."

>(Major) Get a map


It's your eyes, they are burning as if someone had thrown molten metal on them, and for a moment, you don’t doubt that they did it, as the memories of the last moments before being put to unconsciousness come back flooding into your mind. You fall into despair again, moving around all your members in random directions with all you got, while your body shakes in spasm as the pain seems to soar through your eyes and flow into the rest of your being, feeling like it would split you in two… Or maybe in a thousand parts.

“Shhh, Shhh… Don’t worry, you’re safe now… Don’t fight the change, its futile, it will only make it hurt more.”

Well, that wasn’t reassuring, now you’re a thousand percent MORE desperate! What did she mean by “change”? YABAI you doesn’t want to know what it is! So you fight even more… And the pain just continue to go up… You scream wildly until your vocal cords are too dry to continue howling like a dying animal, and then it doesn’t take much long until your body also loses the energy left to fight and stop moving. Just pulsating with much less pain as your mind drift again into unconsciousness…

“Tsc… What an stubborn child… But she will learn in time…” You manage to hear before everything goes dark for a second time.

You have no idea of how much time has passed when you wake up again, but you’re in a soft bed with female voice humming next you, as four hands gently stroke your hair. You try to move, but it’s like as if your body had became many times more heavy, and you can barely shift a little your position even with almost all of your strength. You then try to communicate in some form, or at least scream for help, but you can’t even manage to string words, just to push out low moans through your throat.

“Shhhhhh… Don’t worry my child, you’re in safe hands…” Says the person stroking your hair.

You look up, you’re with your head resting on the lap of a very tall woman of well endowed proportions. She smiles at you in a loving manner, but thats is not enough to make you not perceive her orange skin, red multifaceted eyes and four arms as a sign of danger. Her dress is kawaii as possible, though, and it really fits well with the crown-circlet, but style isn’t one of your major worries at this moment.


“I know that you must be scared out of your senses at this point, and it is a pretty reasonable reaction to what happened to you in the last hours of what you can remember… And while I can’t say that I’m not at fault for it, I assure you that you can surely expect nothing even barely close to that level of suffering happening to you again while you’re under my protection… If you trust me and choose to cooperate, that is… I may be taking responsibility for you for the time being, but I still have my duty to my people and will not put them on any more risk than reasonably needed… But don’t worry, my little one, I don’t have any ill will to vent on you, on the contrary, if there is a reason for you to be here is because I care about such pretty little things such as you, and dream with a word in where we can all live at peace… Oh, sorry, I’m losing myself in my thoughts again… Heeehee.” She pauses for a moment.

“My name is Kiralenith, I’m the first princess both in age and in succession line for the bee throne. And you are my new adopted daughter… Hmmmm, What was your name? Oh, It doesn’t matter really, I think I will call you Ninarelith, Hm-hm! That’s a good start! Do you like it? Oh, sorry, you’re probably still under the effects of the change and I shouldn’t force a answers out of you… We can talk about this later.”

She looks somewhat pained by your condition for a moment, but then continues.

“I’m sorry for your suffering my poor Nina… But It would be very hard to have you understanding our point of view after being fed lies from the other, and not being able of seeing what we see, that is, that's why I need to make a little “correction” into your underdeveloped primitive primate eyes… I’m sorry for being so honest, I know, it must hurt to be part of such barbaric and primitive species, and I beg your pardon for reminding you of that, but I can’t really say to you otherwise if I really want our relation to be meaningful, you know, one expect other to open their heart to them without opening her own heart first… And I really doesn’t want you to think that I’m sugar coating the facts for you… But the thing is, you’ve been abducted from your world by an ruthless fanatic organization hellbent on securing their power over the word by destroying any magic that they can’t control and possible mind washed by them into thinking that we’re the bad guys… I can’t really expect you to easily flow along our attempts to help you and your brethren while we don’t get a honest heart-to-heart nice chat over a cup of chocolate honey…”

She sighs.

“But I know, you must be tired from all the fighting and being forcibly changed into a higher state of being, so i’ll let you rest a bit before you are ready to talk again, I’ll just drop some information just in case before I’m done. First, you are free to roam the place under my authority, and no bee other than maybe other princesses can do anything to you without a reason to, but you will be chaperoned around by my most trusted helper Alrendar. Second, you’ll find that we have a enormous selection of honey flavours to quench your thirst and hunger with, and while they are nutritious enough, should you want to get something really…. Hmmm… “Magical” feel free to ask me to feed you myself, I’ll explain you more about that in another occasion, but just lets just say for now that my honey has special properties that you still may not be used too… But I’m sure that it would be a great bonding experience! Oh, and lastly… Please don’t start any problems around, or I may be forced to contain you in your quarters, or even punish you… And it really wouldn’t be nice for any of us, believe me.”
File: Bee princess.png (80 KB, 640x480)
80 KB

She then plants a kiss in your forehead and cover you with a blanket after putting a pillow under your head, and then gets out of the bed and walks to the strange door on the opposing wall.

“See you later my little Nina, call me when you feel better…”
New Skill:
>Demon Eyes(Inspiration): Binds 0 TP. As a Shift Combat Action, Grants +5 to all combat rolls involving Perception, and +3 to all Accuracy Rolls. At the end of each of your turns and when de-activating Demon Eyes, you may pay 10 TP for each of your turns Demon Eyes has been active. If you do not, take the same amount of Psychic Damage and de-activate Psychic Eyes.
Look with the eyes of a demon.

[Condition: Corrupted]
>First Effect:Receive +30 Holy Weakness, any holy manifestation also affects you in a negative way, even if way weaker than what it usually does to evil beings. The only exception to this is effects caused by your prayers.
>Second Effect: Your presence has an almost unperceivable evil tinge to it that people recognize instinctively, you gain -5 in all social rolls that are not based on intimidation, and animals either get aggressive or flee from you when you try to interact with them. If anyone sees your aura, they will detect it on you, unless you learn to hide it somehow.
>Third Effect: Your magic carries the demonic taint on it, making it extra recognizable to them. Any failure on rolls involving your powers has the risk of attracting demons. You also receive 5 Curse damage every time you activate an Inspiration or Sorcery skill.
>Fourth Effect: Demons can use your untamed corruption against you by clashing their auras against yours, in any contested roll against them, you get a penalty equal to your Corruption Pool.
>Fifth Effect: You have a Corruption Pool, that alludes to how strong the corruption is inside of you, every time you use an demon related power it increases by one, and you must roll against its total in a 1d20. If the result is lower than your total… You’re in for a life-threatening episode.

>Corruption Pool: 1.
>(Minor) Tell the recruiters that they are going to have problems with me if they try to order me to fight

You wake up later in some sort of haze, like someone had thrown your mind into a blender and turned it on, but it’s some sort of angry haze, fueled by adrenaline and helped by the worst headache you’ve ever felt, and OH BOY, YOU’RE ANGRY. ANGRY AT BEES!

So you march out of your bedroom after any bee-person to vent your frustrations on. And you don’t walk fifty yards before meeting a bunch of bee-ladies having a tea party in some room without doors.

After the whole ordeal you’ve been through you nag at then as you have never nagged before, scolding them for any objective and subjective problems you’ve had since you first seen that bee soldier, and explicitly saying that they are going to have BIG problems with you if they try to keep exposing you to this sort of perils, and have bigger problems if they expect you to follow through their demonic plan and...

Wait. Isn’t this that bee soldier staring at you angrily? YABA-

You wake up later in your bed again. At least now you know who Alrendar is… But your head hurts sooooo much...

>[The New Toy of the First Princess - The lesser ranking Bee-Persons are hesitant in opposing one so protected by one of theirs superior. You gain -10 in all rolls related to them that aren’t based on intimidation or standing your ground, in those you gain +10.]

>(Major) Try to find a tailor to get them to fix my gakuran. The bulletholes look terrible, and the uniform is the pride of a delinquent. Even though I'm not really a delinquent anymore. It's still important.

For being defeated by the Bee:

>[At 1% HP]

>Really Wounded: You get -10 in both physical focused and social focused rolls.
>Recurrent Pain: You are at disadvantage on all physical focused rolls, as the pain disturb your coordination.
>Weakened Constitution: Failing in any rolls that involves physically focused activities will result in more damage. Some severely intense physical activities will auto-fail if tried.

The order is worried about what happened to Angela but somewhat relieved that at least you managed to survive, and it seems to be the only thing people talk about when they see you, you’re not sure about how it spread so fast with so little witnesses, but you suspect that the nurses were involved in that. Things are looking bleak for your honor and pride right now, as even the best enchanter of the order pity you and spends some minutes of his time to personally build a “minor” enchantment into your Gakuran when you asks the people at the requisition office about fixing it, only telling his motivation for that after he is done, dropping more mudd on the blazing flame of your manly spirit.



[Enchanted Gakuran]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 20 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 20 Cold
Weaknesses: 20 Heat
Special Effects: None
>You begin the next turn at 15% HP.
>Agnes EXTRA:

You really had expected that that moment with the bee would be your debut as an hero, and as “RAION SURAISA” fell from the sky into your hand you planned how you would defeat such foul enemy!

Sadly, it didn’t turned out as expected, and instead you ended up dragging a very beaten Tatsuo back into the infirmary, he had you very worried with the way he kept repeating that “there is blood EVERYWHERE” on the way, but thankfully the injuries weren’t lethal.

And now you have promised to rescue a girl that you didn’t even properly met, but maybe thats the way things work for real heroes.
Huh, you wonder in what type of character that plot would made you into if this was an anime. Would this be an love triangle between You, Tatsuo and whatshername Mcladyindistress? You would probably be screwed than, the Osananajimi never wins, and its sometimes even worse when she is the “best buddy” of the protagonist, like that one girl in MMY who was the knight follower of the protagonist and… Waitwaitwait, it's not likeyoulikehimornanything!


Some nurse stopped you to inform that they had removed some venomous bee sting from his abdomen. She leaves it with you, giving you a more down to earth thing to worry about.

>[Fragment of Demon Sting] - Its crystallized venom, try not hurting yourself with it.
>[You both manage to avoid combat safely, you lucky madmen.]
>[Event is over!]
*Goes back to the factory and does nothing*
Rolled 78, 46, 40 = 164 (3d100)


>Minor Action:
(Acquisition of the Material necessary for the fabrication of the drug benzylpenicillin)Although with good intentions in his heart, the matter of acquiring the material for the fabrication of the drug are somewhat time consuming, but not something impossible.

>Major Action:
-(Create Benzylpenicillin/penicillin G) Accommodating himself with the tools within chemist lab in these past few days, Atom finally decided to applies some of his knowledge to use. The penicillin antibiotics were among if not the first type of antibiotic to be created in the world he came from, and perhaps being one of the simpler ones to create.

Using the tools of the lab to ferment, and removing the active substance from the mold with a process of purification, Atom should succeed in his attempt of creating the drug.

Pharmacological Knowledge (Industry) +5
Biochemical Knowledge (Industry) +5

>Major Action:
-(Atend the special commemoration and speak with Greadmaster Kjellberg) Doctor Glass although a little awkward when comes to social interactions, he never backed down an invitation to some event, especially one being done in his(and the other outsiders) honor.
- "Hey Zoot! I haven't seen you in a long time"
Oh, before I forget.

>For being defeated by the Bee:
>>[At 1% HP]
>>Really Wounded: You get -10 in both physical focused and social focused rolls.
>>Recurrent Pain: You are at disadvantage on all physical focused rolls, as the pain disturb your coordination.
>>Weakened Constitution: Failing in any rolls that involves physically focused activities will result in more damage. Some severely intense physical activities will auto-fail if tried.
Rolled 63, 28, 52, 88 = 231 (4d100)

Angela sits on the bed, she is lost, she dont know what she is doing anymore. She gets up and walks to the door and opens it, Strange area, strange constructions, everything is strange.She starts running widly, lost, and confuse, her head is hurting so much, her body is so heavy and strange...
Then the girl back to the only place that she knows, her room with the soft bed, she found it by lucky, (behind her is a bee following her, probably is Alrendar, trying to see what is the girl doing and trying to protect her).
She picks up some blankets on the bed and goes to a corner and covers himself with them... She is scared...

Major Action:
>Try to get her head in order.

Free action
>Hunger strike.

Minor action
>Search for a mirror
>Try to relax
>Call the princess Mom (like m...m...mo...mom , tsundere shit)
"Oh, hi there uhhh... girl I forgot the name of me."

"You aren't making yourself any favors with the kitchen, you know?"

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