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Large pillars of smoke and ash could still be seen tens of miles away from the burning hill. The fire had spread to neighboring hills scaring more of the land before dying out. The crew met the Jings again at their makeshift hotel. Jinghai and Jing-ho were in tears at finally being reunited with their younger brother. With their work done, a hot shower and warm bed greeted each of the handymen, or at least those who were not in the hospital now. They were to be on standby for some time while Antonio and Lily negotiated the final terms with Rocha and the Jings, in addition to dealing with the other numerous items on their agenda. Days went by as negotiations and deals were made. Sometime after they were given the order to move out. The crew were sad they’d be leaving. Mostly because they’d be exchanging a luxurious stay in a tropical hotel for spending several weeks hot bunking on an even more crowded airship for a few weeks. As the crew made their way onto the landing pad the eldest Bloom siblings spoke one last time.

Antonio: Not bad out there sis, it was just like old times.

Lily: I suppose it was. I wish I had more time to stay. Where’s Lavender?

Antonio: Well with Valkyrie in the dumps she’s getting adjusted to the internship we could secure her at Rocha. There’s still a lot of burn victims from… you know.

Lily: More concerned with her patients than her family.

Antonio: Sounds familiar huh? Anyways we’ll keep looking into the automatons on our end. Dr. Andre will keep you updated of any other findings. Are you sure it’s fine to leave it with him?

Lily: You’ll be here to keep an eye on them won’t you? Besides I’ve told Lavender about it as well.

Antonio: Fair enough… I’m glad you’re talking to her again. I haven’t seen either of you smile like that in a long time.

Lily is taken aback for a moment. A tear runs down her face. The two siblings look at each other.

Antonio: Hey Sis, how’s about a hug from your big brother before you head out?

Lily turns around; her back facing her brother: Tell Lavender I love her.

She enters the airship and tapps on the hull signaling their departure.

Antonio could only smirk.

>Assignments complete

-Rocha Medical has partnered with Bloom and associates in “favorable terms” due to field team’s research (aka blackmail)
-With completion of initial deal, Jing Mercantile has started production of GFEs and small arms en mass. While still a small production line comparatively this should now produce a steady stream of revenue. Unfortunately due to the massive costs in investment such profits are still at risk.
-Young Oroian child “rescued”
>”Adopt” Child (pay 5.5k to forge documents) or hand over to local orphanage (child is in protection of Os Meninos following her return)

Individual rewards:
Ꞥ8000 (Keep in mind some of you are taking a pay cut)
+2 Attribute Points

Crew rewards:
+5 Stocks More on this later.
Welcome back everyone. I return with exciting new developments and some minor adjustments. For now let's please {Clock-in}.

What is this thread? This is an Acquisitions Phase for Gyrocite when players spend their ill gotten gains.

Gyrocite is a TTRPG played in a skirmish format here on /qst/

Look here for the rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hRb7fQuzeSfjKbbYNOWa6V1xWs3-CM9lKBBDkJFcQ8I/edit?usp=sharing

Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2345589/

Interested but confused about anything? Feel free to ask questions in our newish discord channel: https://discord.gg/rWvk6Th

===Taking Stock===
The last of the frost melts away and Spring makes its way to Laissez. Bellway Manor is less dreary now thanks to some green reaching its way onto the grounds.

A surprised Samuel pays a visit: Oh wow. The place is looking much better than when I bought it. Great job everyone.

Samuel clears his throat and begins to read the paper from the envelope: As a special thanks for your hard work and loyalty Gyre Applications Lt. is offering an exciting new benefit for all of our valued employees. We believe such benefits are necessary to show that we care and not just to stay competitive and retain key tale- Oh wow Sam. Definitely can’t let you write the material anymore. Eh… Alright crew pretend you didn’t hear that last bit. You know we value you considering you’ve risked your lives for us several times. This is just something we’ve been wanting to do. Should also make getting you some decent living quarters much faster.

As a crew you are now given a pool of company stock to invest.

Spend stock to do the following
a. Increase variety in company offerings (New and better equipment)
b. Upgrade house (Unlock PRTs and raise base level for new recruits)
c. Headhunt a handyman (Gain a PC for a player that is closer to average crew level)
d. Cash it out (Get the money on the next phase)
e. Gain partnerships with other companies (Unlock PRQs/Equipment)

Inquire within

If you’re interested in joining us you don’t need to wait for the next mission. PCs can be made at any time.

===Errata and adjustments===

-Inactive “employees” receive training while on leave (PCs that do not participate in missions still level mostly at 1 attribute point per mission)

-Several adjustments to PRTs and PRQs including changed descriptions and mechanics.
+[#Combat à la deux mains]: Mechanis changed to ease processing
+[^Extra Padding]: EQ costs reduced
+[@Diagnosis]: AP cost reduced
+[Booster]: Now lasts for ½ MAR turns instead of a single turn
+[Well Sated]: now gives +1 dodge

-Equipment adjustments
+Some equipment now have “level” requirements. This will be listed at req lvl # next to the price
+Basil Pike Gauntlets v2: Wind Up costs reduced
+Hippocratic trinket changed: now gives a bonus 2 dice to aid; price adjusted
+ βGFE v3 “Zeus”: CH increased to 18
+BDR Starburst: added and effect duration changed to 10/MER
+BDR Taffy: effect duration changed to 10/JUP
+Soothing Siren: heals for 1 RES per aid action
+Mini Aid dispenser: AP cost reduced
+Venerite Capacitor: bonus is % based now

-Guide is being redone (please give any feedback to make it more legible)
Been a while. Times were, outside pro bono was better than being based here, but I see it's less a hovel than when I left.

>Clock in

Tarbor, Lv 7 {Medic} {Temp}
Mer 1 Mar 8 RES 17+2 AP 19
Ven 5 Jup 6 MOV 5 MOD 12


Sophia 3EQ 4+18EN 16RE 9LI +3 MOD
Field Smock 3EQ 4SP 1DR
Venesol Kit 4EQ 8SP
[3 Extended Batteries] 3EQ
[Well Fed] +2EQ +1DR +2RES

4/12+3 MOD +1 Medic

13k bux
"sometimes i cannot agree, Samuel."

Rough stats are.....

Have two points
>add point to jup and ven

Stats are now
8000 cash.
Care to list added cash/costs?
Sam, can you expand on these stock options? Which companies in particular do you consider worthwhile investments?
>Requesting more details on options a. and e.
Option A enables you to invest funds into any of the main companies. With the added funds we can start working on projects or expanding inventory. What this means for you is a larger variety of equipment that can be provided. With Jing Manufacturing helping us, we'll be restructuring our holdings. For example Flouris is now working solely on our Gyre tech powered close quarters weapons taking over production of some of Bloom's products .

Here's a rundown of what each company provides and a rough amount of what's needed to invest in each:

Rose and Tower: guns, ammo, armor (Lvl 4)
Bloom Appliances: consumables, medkits, armor (Lvl 2)
Flouris: Melee, armor (Lvl 1)
Gyre Applications Lt.:GFEs, Dynamos, armor (Lvl 2)

Companies that offer a large variety already will take more stock to expand. This is represented by their company level. To expand you simply invest stock equal to the company level. You will gain at a minimum 4 now products. In Bloom's case you also gain a new consumable.

Option E let's you invest stock in friendly companies around Capitus. Doing so enables cross professional development and access to exclusive equipment or services. Current companies participating are:

Capitus Postal Service (lvl 2)- unlock {Courier}
Benson Bros Domestic Services (lvl 5) - unlock {Butler}
Benson Bros Domestic Services (lvl 1)- unlock spy equipment
Does the melee category include gauntlets?
I'm investing in Flouris.
Considering you have 5 stock between all of you that's a vote for Flouris
I second that vote
Then, as a vote:
>1Stock to Flouris
>1Stock to Benson
>2Stocks to Gyre
>1Stock floating
When you say "Cash it out (Get the money on the next phase)", how much money does one stock equate to? And can we achieve similar effects by spending enough of our personal savings?
I'm ready to donate to the adoption fund as well, but I want to look at the new equipment options first.
>Clock in gain moneyz and stats
>Donate 1/2 of my foreman gains towards 'adopt the child' fund :D

>Vote for devoting the stocks towards bloom appliances.
Doing this way will mean only Flouris and Benson will have new equipment. The rest will have carry over.

It seems most of you want Flouris so I can move it to level 2.

>upgrade Flouris? Y/N

Reply if you have any objections
Yes, I would like to ask why you would want more guns and swords when your bedrooms are leaking rainwater.

I suggest:
> Invest 3 Stock in renovating the Dining Room, Parlor and Foyer, completing floor 1
> Invest 2 Stock in renovating the Bedrooms
Ai ai ai... And you want to have Maria live here?

Unfortunately, mansion PRQs still take up slots, so I personally don't want any more because I can't make use of them.
Also note, until we get the foyer we can only take one mansion prq at a time, after we get the foyer we may take two.
===Knives are up Sharply===

Basil: Well... this is kind of embarrassing but we've had these lined up for quite a while. Just never bothered getting the paperwork settled.

Gerald: Oui...

>Flouris expanded (It is now level 2)


“Main-Gauche” 2d4; (Hit: 9, Ignores DR)
2AP (4EN if attack lands) Fnc/Prc 1EQ (Ꞥ1500)
[La Patience] Parried foes are {Vulnerable} twice as long

“Plache” 1d6 (Hit: 9; Ignore DR)
3AP (6EN if attack lands) Fnc/Prc 2EQ
[Venmatyne Coil] Gain 1d6 to apply to attacks for every parry up to MAR


Pummeler Gauntlets
1d4 1AP 1EN 3EQ (paired); Strk/Blnt (Ꞥ3500)

Vagabond Bracers
1d3 1AP 1EN 2EQ (paried); Strk (Ꞥ3000)
[Street Tough] +1DR; Parries are more effective


Antonio Machete
2d3+3 3AP 3EN 1EQ; Slsh (Ꞥ1200)
[Conventional weapon] Can attack without using energy. (2d3)

Basil’s Smasher
1d8+6 4AP 3EN 3EQ; Blnt/Hvy; Two handed (1-h w/ 8 JUP) (Ꞥ2800)
[Conventional weapon] Can attack without using energy. (1d8)


2DR (+2vM) 4EQ

4 stock remain. Please format your votes as a list of preferences. I do not want to dwell on this for long.

Here are some more details about stocks:

-Stock may be carried over and saved.

-A minimum of three employees must vote for stock to be spent. After that other employees have time to veto the action. Two vetos reset the vote.

-If no consensus is reached stock is held until the next round.

-The other options are just as attractive
--b. Upgrading your house only costs 1 stock for first floor upgrades and 2 stock for second floor upgrades
--c. Spending stock to head hunt another handyman will net one who is at a minimum level 5 (This is useful if any of your colleagues get a case of the deads)
--d. Cashing out gets you a payout of direct funds dependent on the market rate at the time. This is by default split evenly among the crew but can be put into a trust. Total payouts can vary from 20k to 60k depending on the market. Keep in mind due to the inliquid nature of stocks and the transaction costs associated with these assets the amount of note you net may likely be less.

One final note: Stats of the new items are subject to change pending some play tests
I'll need you guys to have your decisions by 10pm EST tomorrow. I'd like to get the other stuff underway.
El Mamut is content with this development and leaves the fate of the rest of the stocks to the others.
From a mechanical standpoint, stocks can be changed for money, but not vice versa, so ideally we ought to use them for things we can't buy with our own funds.

That said, I would like to at least get the Foyer soon, so that we can start looking at second floor upgrades at some point.

For now, I'll back spending our stock on options A and E, but haven't any real preference on which equipment we invest into specifically. Just perhaps not Rose and Tower.
My vote would be to invest 3 stock into finishing the first floor of the house.
Put one more stock into flouris
My list of preferences was given >>2402327
I am amenable to the floating stock being used for Bellway instead.
If no objections take place or alternatives given stocks are set to upgrade Bellway as much as possible. Completing the first floor means new hires will start at level 5. I'll be needing some play testing of the other numerous content. Please inquire about that on the Discord. From here on I'll be working on the plot phase and redoing story phase... Again...
I object.
First, because there are more votes to expand buisnesses than there are for the house.
Second, because why would we spend all of it one place, that's dumb.
It's part of the charm and it qualifies the "Must have running water" directive of sub-section 37 on living conditions.

Oioioiiii I second Prefect.

Benson Domestic Services, Gyre and Our House (so we can get actual running water and not . . . through the roof running water).

Now now, as Fortuna says, maybe we can have a bit of a isolation fix around here, shore up the walls, plaster that hole I accidentally made in the foyer back when I was testing things.
>30 minutes to decide

From discussion in Discord and this thread I'm getting the following

Upgrade Gyre Applications Lt. (New GFEs, Dynamos, Armor)
Upgrade Benson Bros workshop (New spy equipment)
Upgrade House Foyer (+1 Base in any stat, Can use 2 House PRTs at once)

Last call for changes.
>Upgrade House Foyer (+1 Base in any stat, Can use 2 House PRTs at once)
Let's make that +1 in a random stat.
===Fields are looking Bullish===

Samantha: Oh that influx of cash will help out greatly. I have these lying around if you guys want to use them. Seems like the least I can do.

>Gyre Applications Lt. expanded (Now level 3)

GFE Mk.1 “Ares”
EN: 12+MER*3; RE (MAR) LI6 EQ3 (Ꞥ2500)
[*Venmertine casing] 50% damage inflicted to shields charges your own energy

GFE Mk.1 “Hermes” EN:18/18 RE(MAR) LI5 EQ1 (Ꞥ1500)
[*Boost+] Spend 2AP to produce MAR energy
[*Compact] Item is small enough to not be noticeable

LA-GFE “Ancile”
EN: 24+(12*lnk) RE: (12+6*lnk) LI: 6+lnk EQ6 -70% MOV (down to 2 MOV; penalty is gone if JUP is greater than 8) (Ꞥ7000)
[*Field Emitter] [*Link]
[*!Set up] 6AP set the LA-GFE down; +50% EN and RE

βGFE v1 Demeter
CH:10/10 1 Catalyst Slot 3EQ; 1 handed

βGFE v1 “Posieden”
CH:0/16 1 Catalyst Slot 4EQ
[*Fisher Cast] 2AP lob a “lure” over targets for 4*JUP range
[*Reel in] 1AP retrieve a cast lure
[*Float] Casted lure stays in the area and can emit it’s reactions from it
[Saturate] Saturate the area with beta waves from your catalyst MER radius. Allies’s GFEs within the field are [Imbued]. Field lasts for MAR turns.

For LA-GFE "lnk" stands for the number of linked GFEs
Are any upgrades transferable between pieces of equipment?
Nope piqs stay with the equipment
That's bad.
>not being faithful to your weapon-fu

Demeter was missing some stats. That's the old one.

βGFE v2 Demeter
CH:12/12 1 Catalyst Slot 3EQ; 1 handed
[*Dynamo charge]
[*Cast] Reach targets 2*MER; must be in LoS

It's a cross between the Zeus and Hades. Speaking of which, Hades is also getting a change. The problem with it now is that it's stronger than the guillotine and offers a lot more viability by being an insanely powerful long range sword and dynamo in one. This wasn't a problem when it costs a ton of money to unlock but with the restructuring it's really hard to ignore.
>Hades can only charge via attacking
>[Whip] costs 4ap/2en to be in line with [Dynamo Charge]; damage reduced to 2d3+VEN
>Sorry Lirenis :D

While I'm at it you'll have a new PIQ to use and adjustments

>Ꞥ3000⟨Catalyst Capsule⟩ +1 Catalyst Slot
>Ꞥ3000⟨Solvenide Regulator⟩ charge is 25% now instead of static 2

LA-GFEs are having their MOV penalties be static instead. It's to save calculations on my side.

Ancile will go to -3 MOV
Aegis will go to -2 MOV

I'll be working on the novella today as well as more play testing like pic related. Benson boyos stuff is coming soon
Of course I forget the pic
>long range sword and dynamo in one
Does the Hades work with any weapon PRTs? I'm considering using my fractured wrist as a pretext to try out some different equipment.

I'm assuming here that it (and any other items that aren't explicitly listed as be two-handed, for that matter) can be used one-handed.
nope can't use weapon PRTs except for the general ones
>the general ones
Wait, does that mean Blunt Attack, Footwork and Parry can still apply, then?

I'm going to assume that there are no parry shenanigans to be had here with an R2 melee weapon. Because that would be too a̶m̶a̶z̶i̶n̶g ridiculous.
Blunt and footwork can. Parry would be limited to 1 range.
==Benson's value is creeping up==

Benson: Ah charmed. With this I can introduce some of the more novel tools of the trade.

>Benson Bros. expanded (Now level 3)

Benson’s Instant-disguise
Don a mostly believable disguise. Can also be used to completely blend in the environment but you cannot move. 3EQ (Ꞥ200)

Smoke bomb 2/2
Break line of sight and prevent targeting for 1 turn. 2AOE; 1EQ (Ꞥ100)

Micro-vocaven bugs 3/3
Use 3 AP to plant a bug. Hear anything that’s within 8 tiles of the bug. 1EQ (Ꞥ200)

Super Cherry bombs 2/2
Small firecrackers that emit a deafening sound 1EQ (Ꞥ100)
[*Adjustable fuses] Adjust when the bombs go off. Can be delayed up to 2 turns.
[*Deft throw] Can throw VEN/2 in one action

>For adjustable fuses this means you can have bombs go off in a set order during the same phase or between phases. Use these to create diversions or mask the sound of gunfire

Unmentionable Cache
Store an item inside your body. The item is undetectable. Take the item’s EQ as RES damage to “extract” it. *EQ (Ꞥ50)

>This modifies an existing item/weapon and counts as taking an additional consumable when borrowing items.

1 EQ (Ꞥ400)
[*Firm Shake] 12d2 cm (AP damage) 3AP 12EN

>This thing is very potent with Sticky Tie.
Okay with that done, I'm now working on plot phase. I'll also be working on story phase mechanics. Main thing is adjusting when rewards happen
===Loose ends and aftermath===

As life got back to what was considered normal, the crew spent their days doing odd jobs around the several companies. Through gossip and office talk the crew discovered the results of their work. With what the crew found during the rescue, the Bloom siblings were able to get a better deal than they had imagined. This was to be expected considering what Rocha had pulled off during that time. Valkyrie had worked a similar “trials for healthcare scheme” but were stopped when one of the trials proved tragic. Valkyrie’s own investigation led them to believe they were sabotaged and blame laid squarely on Rocha. In truth Rocha had nothing to do with it but that hadn’t mattered as Valkyrie’s retaliation had escalated the situation to a corporate war. By the time the Gyre and the crew had been involved the unincorporated neighborhood of Jove was burned to the ground tragically along with some of its residents. The fall out of this led to serious shakeups in both Rocha and Valkyrie. Valkyrie’s stocks plummeted as a concerned citizen filed a damning report of their illicit activities. While not fully implicated in the mess, testimony from witnesses did not help their cause. Soon after the catastrophic devaluation, Valkyrie was under acquired but it was difficult to determine by who.

Samuel: You know if I didn’t know any better I think this is exactly what Eldson wanted?

Odele: Hmm? I’d like to hear how that’s possible.

Samuel: Let’s assume he orchestrated Valkyrie’s fall. He could buy them out and now he has an advanced medical company to work towards those automatons of his. Didn’t we have Lily go so she could find anything on those things? He already has some of our technology so I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried something.

Odele: An astute observation Sam. I already have William looking in to it. You are getting better at this though.

With terms settled, how everyone would move on went as followed. After the termination and demotion of certain staff, Rocha would open a subsidiary in Capital and provide the Blooms with their newest medical technology. The Blooms would handle the integration of Gyre and Rocha technology; using whatever they developed as they saw fit. As a sign of good faith, the Blooms would also manage operations of the Rocha’s subsidiary which was now operated by several of the demoted and disgraced employees including Carolina.

With their brother in toe, the Jings were to start up production of selected Gyre arms and GFEs at a test facility. If production was stable there was possibility of expansion. Manufacturing a brand new technology with certain resources would mean possible years of development. For now GFEs would still be a rare sight.
===Loose ends and aftermath 2===

As for Jenmah, some of the crew met the Chrysians some time after. Quen shared what he could of what had happened with Jenmah who was now under the watch of Gerald and Benson.

Quen: He’s still a little fuzzy on what happened exactly but Jenmah was given a drug to help with the memories he was forgetting. Rocha must make some serious drugs since he started remembering things before he was two.

Catrina: What? That’s crazy. So he’s one of the twelve sovereigns but how exactly? We’ve known him for so long so it’s just so hard to imagine.

Quen: Apparently Jenmah was left in the care as a ward to a loyal but much less influential family. Their holdings left them isolated so I presume his parents had him their for his safety. That must be the case because some time later his parents died under mysterious circumstances, and his uncle immediately took over. Soon after, an accident happened and the caretakers’ son had died. Jenmah took the boys’ name and lived his life as their son instead. He said not much happened between then and when he met us in the academy.

Catrina: So who is he exactly?

Quen: He’s refusing to say. As far as he cares he is “Jenmah”. The son of some low nobles in an isolated backwater

Catrina nervously fidgets: Do you think that’s why we were led to Beta Cave? And I know Samantha would take care of us but what about the others?

Quen: Gerald has his suspicions. It’s very likely it could have been another assassination attempt but there’s no conclusive evidence. As for that, Gerald was adamant about “let[ting] the boy choose his path. The throne is not as splendid as it seems.”

Catrina (relieved with tears welling in her eyes): Thank the seven…

Quen: For now they have no intention of using him as a pawn but if that time comes we’ll be there to help him. Remember, we’re much stronger now.

Throughout all of this, the Gyre siblings were busy readying their technology for the world market. They had toured Capitus securing favors and deals from the myriad of companies that dotted the land. Only tangentially aware of what had happened in Jove they would get a fuller picture once briefed by their handymen.
===The Briefing===

After action report.


Herein followes the detailing on the events and conducts of the operation henceforth dubbed as "Unheeding, Conflagrant"

Events are as followes:
I must admit I was unaware that our task was to burn the ramshackle town to the ground, had I known and been able to prepare as such I would have been markedly more efficient at the task, however i must say that in dealing with the unruly and understandably irate populace my green dyed clothing has been stained red once again, so the dry cleaning bill won't be half as demanding.

As it were my compatriots and I entered the territory of the gangers as a group and found a singularly striking happenstance in the form of the young woman who goes by what I assume is the alias of "fortuna", who offered valuable assistance in our task, providing medical attention at a critical moment to be elaborated on further, though she did little to aid in the immolating of the domiciles, unfortunately. I recommend hiring her should she seek employment regardless.

Shortly after our appearance became noted by the local gangers the handymen known as Alex and "el mamut" broke off from our group and advance forward ahead to -presumably- set fires in more strategic areas. I believe They accomplished their goals as shortly afterwards, even from my relatively distant position counting to tax the magnanimity of it, a rather large explosion occurred which spread fire far and wide. Unfortunately, our two friends being rather lacking in the fencing arts, could not handle the ire they drew from the unruly foes, making it necessary to perform a rescue mission inside of a rescue mission, on top of the arson mission. Herein the ladies 'fortuna' and Catarina performed admirably, rendering aid while the sir Grigory, Tortuga, and I, interceded and fought the foe in a plaza of sorts.

During this encounter I was rather grievously shot but with our joint efforts we to drive them back from our dying allies.
I must admit I am uncertain what happened following this, as I was reeling from blood loss, for a few moments, I have a few dim, hazy memories of trying to push towards the doctors, then I recall seeing the doctors free and our allies retreating to the airship which was waiting to take us away.
Then I recall retreating as well, but turning in time to see the ever-girthy Gairan fly screaming into my chest, mortally wounded by a blow from a stranger wearing very high end gear, who was being followed closely by a rather unprofessional looking outfit, who moved with the cohesion of untrained farmhands at the front of their procession was a familiar miss Ruby, looking rather gorgeous, I may add.
To keep them away from the rest of the retreating crew I halted and challenged them to a duel to buy the others time to regroup or escape.

The duel drew me into a nearby field werein my opponent ran like a coward, leaving me to find my way out, having accomplished that I approached the airship in time to help the struggling ladies fortuna and Catarina drag the prodigious girth of the ser gairan up to the ship, and stood by to aid grigory and the other lolly-gaggers into the ship.

Overall I would have to say the mission was very successful, the majority of the shanty town seemed to be ablaze from my elevated vantage aboard the airship, with maximum collateral damage, we had the doctors, and the younger Jing, and we somehow aquired an adorable little child named Maria, who I would also assume the aquisition of was part of another plan of which I was unaware.

In summary I would rate our teamwork as exemplary. Of note:Alex and el mamut nearly dying in concert with each other was a stroke of cooperative genius.
I would rate our tactical efficiency as exemplary:gairan throwing most of his grenades at a handful of men saved quite a lot of time in dealing with throwing more grenades.
I would rate our group cohesion as good, they can't hit us all at once if we don't stay together, logically.

Exemplary actions of note not already listed: None that I can remember, though personally I find it impressive that most of us can lose rather copious amounts of blood and still get up and fight on.


-Providing us with more bandages should alleviate the necessity of being able to withstand aforementioned copious amounts of blood loss.

-Bunk the young girl Maria in my quarters. I am worried about the manic nature of the lady lirenis and the impact it could have on the delicate psyche of a young child who has just suffered a traumatic experience, and the further compounded experience of being hugged by Lirenis in a misguided attempt at comfort. A young girl must be taught how to be a young lady, not taught how to be whatever it is lirenis fancies herself.

-Make certain everyone is aware of the entirety of a plan, and ensure the entirety of a plan is included in a briefing. While I am typically able to adapt, it would be nice to know everything beforehand.
Samuel and Samantha sat together looking at each other in abject horror. They read the report several times and we’re still incredulous. Yet, outside of their office they could see a Oroian woman and young girl greeted by several of the staff. Maria was wearing some of Emilia’s old clothes and the older orphan was leading the younger one by the hand showing her her new home.

Julien’s report was the last to be read and from the pile of papers on their desk. Every report read the same with varying degrees of how events turned out and who was to blame. A simple rescue mission turned into an all-out melee and then into an inferno.

Samantha: Seven hell’s Sam, I knew Deacon said things could get tough at times but firebombing a whole slum?

Samuel: Calm down sis. Our guys didn’t do it.

Samantha: But if we hadn’t gone then…

Samuel: From what I’m understanding yes the slum would still be intact but we’d have no deal with the Jings, no news on Eldson, and I’m not sure the previous situation was bet-

Samantha cut him off: Enough about the business Samuel. This isn’t what dad wanted.

Samuel looked outside the office at the two young girls running around the workshop. He remembered him and Samantha doing much the same when their father ran the workshop. Back them it was just a modest research lab. In the few months they had gone public with the Gyre field emitters orders and partnerships had been spiraling in. With funding from the Capitus council, the workshop started incorporating the surrounding buildings, quadrupling in size.

Samuel: I know how you feel sis, I can’t imagine if there weren’t other kids that had lost everything like her. Dad always said he never wanted to get too big. Said you’d start to lose sight of the smaller people and you might even step on some. We decided to anyways. We can dwell on whether us doing or not doing anything would have been the right course of action. All I know is the stuff you and dad made can make the world a better place. I really believe it. I never understood how any of that worked but I was like mom. I understood people. I can sell anything and what we have is something that people can really use to help them. So you keep building and I’ll keep the business running. I can handle the reports and make the decisions from now on. Only one of us should be the bad guy.

Samantha: Idiot. You need me. Besides I had agreed to help the Jings in the first place starting all of this remember?

Samuel: Well I was bedridden for nearly a month remember?

Samantha: Trust me I do. I hate what happened to those poor people, but I don’t want Eldson to win.

Samuel looks out at the workshop floor. The crew are enjoying the time before the next briefing except for Lirenis who’s now searching for the two girls like a sleep deprived mother hen

Samuel: He won’t, and you know why? We make a better product, we have a better team, and we have better employees. They’re... crude, but effective.
"Crude, but Effective." Hmm, perhaps we should have that engraved over the doors at Bellway. It is, after all, quite accurate.
>Smoke Bombs and Super Cherry Bombs have no range listed.
>Are they considered Grenades, Weapons, Consumables, or Ammunition, for the purposes of aquisition and prts?
range is 3*JUP and they are counted as consumables
>>Hades can only charge via attacking
>[Whip] costs 4ap/2en to be in line with [Dynamo Charge]; damage reduced to 2d3+VEN
>Sorry Lirenis :D

[Adjusts glove]

It's quite all right, Sir Universe At Large. I'm a pacifist at heart - why would the Union want to kill people?

Patch that wrist up, slap this thing on and you and I can work up a whole new field of hand to whip to head combat with the occasional little burst of burning fury.

Ah, Benson. Is that a new glove I see there? Why why why, it'll match my happy capable capaci-dress just fine. You really are too kind.

It wouldn't be so hard if they were easier to find, but they turn invisible at the drop of a -- hey where'd you go -- I can teleport and I still can't keep up!

The crew was summoned to Bloom Lounge early in the spring morning. Groggily the crew arrived to see everyone was there including Erevu. Samantha looking frantic stepped up to the podium.

Samantha: Welcome everyone. So we’ve gotten a request to assist with a certain matter. It seems the council itself is pulling this one. Or at least one of the chairs.

Everyone tenses up; clearly unhappy with the news.

Odele (sarcastically): This can only be good for us. I’m guessing Lady Victoria?

Samantha: Yes actually. How did you know?

Odele: Back in Capital one of her lacky’s helped our handymen escape. Looked like a Steward and a good one at that. Didn’t really mention it because I didn’t think he was serious.

Deacon: Odele really? Someone mentions Victoria Aberdeen and you don’t even tell us?

Catrina: Uh guys… Who is this woman?

Odele: Victoria Aberdeen is the principal owner of the Standards Group. Standards Group has mines, refineries, banks, real estate, ports; everything. She practically services or supplies every other company in Capitus. Including all of ours.

Deacon: Not only that, she specifically heads the committee on Development and Trade of
Technology. She can end companies by banning their products or dissolving their patents.

Astrid: Ah I was wondering when she might contact us. How is Vicky? And what’s this request?

Samantha: She wanted to congratulate you on your retirement Mr. Bloom. As for the request she wants us to provide several hundred GFEs and weapons. She’s offering to invest in our company and has agreed to help push us through the council’s red tape. We’d be clear to sell to the wider market. It felt like an urgent matter.

Samuel: Several hundred?! Even if we gave away our entire inventory and prototypes we wouldn’t have enough.

Samantha: I explained that to her… She said if we didn’t have it then to relinquish the plans for our GFEs and Weapons, and she’d find a way to produce enough. As compensation we would partner with her and use her influence. She’d be the one controlling the company though.

The room fell deathly silent. Samantha was tearing up at the proposal.

Astrid: Bah. Ever the imp she is. I had mentioned some of our activities to her. Guess she connected the gears. Victoria’s been crass at times but never this sloppy.

Samantha: What I’m about to say cannot leave this room. One of Standards Group’s refineries were attacked. The sole survivor relayed that there was a force that clearly were using our technology. Reports also indicated that some of the “men” ran through oncoming fire and ignored grievous injury and their blood was glowing blue.

It was evident everyone was thinking Eldson and his automatons at that moment.

Odele: Wait so is she going to war with Eldson?
Astrid: She very well might be. Samantha did she say anything about us refusing?

Samantha: Yeah… she’d not only make sure our patents were invalid but would do everything to ruin us. Either way she gets her GFEs.
Astrid: I’ll call out that bluff. She does that then Eldson has free reign to peddle out his crap. Not even mentioning that abusing her power that way would delegitimize the entire Corporate Conglomerate.

Samantha: Beyond her voice she sounded uneasy Mr. Bloom. I think she’s desperate. Right now we hold the patents for the GFEs and all the accessory devices that use them. Not the mention all the arms you’ve all made as well.

Astrid: With such a poor power play I believe you’re right.

Odele: This seems pretty extreme. Astrid do you think there’s more at play?

The old man clasps his hands together deep in thought. Everyone waits for his response

Astrid: Eldson must be moving things along and the rest of the council is getting scared. He must have consolidated more power and is more open about his schemes. We already know he’s likely arming the Reclaimers and is trying to have the chaos in the Chrysian kingdoms spill over to Capitus. Outright fighting his rivals in the council would only sow more discord. Vicky’s good at running a business but was never good at politics. She’s falling right into his trap and bringing us along for the ride. I can understand her heavy handedness but her doing this would only destroy the confidence of all of Capitus’ citizens on the council model.

There’s an uncomfortable silence in the room. Things had been moving fast since the Vitas Fair. People were still skeptical of what Gyre’s technology could do but nonetheless they had captured the imagination of people everywhere. They were still only selling small batches of the Prometheus line and only to sanctioned buyers. Their recent success with the Jings meant they were just starting to mass produce their wares. Crossing Victoria could ruin them. Odele gets up to address everyone.

Odele: We’ve been dealing with Eldson ourselves for the past eight months now so maybe we can convince her to let us deal with it. I’m not comfortable giving away how our weapons work.

Samantha: Believe me, I’d rather not give away mine and my father’s life work either.

Deacon: “Men” with glowing blue blood. That reminds me. Did we find out anything about the zombotomatons?

Samantha: The zomboto-whats?

Erevu: He’s talking about the Automatons and their.. interesting condition I’m leaning more towards Zombots as a better coinage.

Samantha: Oh right I guess we might as well share the results. Lily could you please?

Lily: Yes... Well Rocha couldn’t explain how it was happening, but they were able to increase its regenerative efficacy using samples of vitamer-281 and some other catalysts. We were able to get one of the brains to not only link with a GFE but also charge it too. Vitamer-270 could link with the GFE but not charge it.

Samantha perks up; inspired by hearing Lily.
Samantha: Wait this gives me an idea. Eldson would need a lab with supplies of vitamer and several different samples at that wouldn’t he?

Lily: Yes. In hindsight that makes sense for his interest in Valkyrie.

Samantha: Yeah but wouldn’t he have been working on this for quite some time?

Lily: Presumably but what does this have to do with satisfying Victoria?

Samantha: Erevu please come with me.

Samantha hurriedly writes some notes down and runs out the door with the old man.

Astrid: Where are you going!?

Samantha: To Elm. I’ll be back! I need to call Victoria. Just wait here everyone!

Hours later Samantha and Erevu return to the lodge.

Samantha: Okay, I’ve figured it out. If Eldson is using automatons to supplement a fighting force than all we have to do is get rid of them. All of them.

Deacon: Wait all of them!?

The room fills with murmurs from Samantha’s idea.

Samantha: Look it’s bad enough Eldson can produce GFEs. It’d be much worse if there were more people working on the technology. If Victoria is asking us to provide weapons to fight these threats, then if we just get rid of the threat completely she won’t need any. Besides, we just started working with the Jings. If they said it would take months to actually get a production facility going then it will still take just as long for Victoria to do it.

Samuel: How would we possibly get rid of all of them? If Eldson can have dozens made at a time then he must have factories of these things

Samantha: Sam they use GFEs similar to ours to even work. Consider all the headaches we have just having a single location? Not to mention the materials. Even if Eldson can make several low quality ones he’d have to have spent tens of millions of notes for a single workshop. If he’s trying to do this in secret having multiple factories would bankrupt even him.

Samuel: That’s true…but how would we even find this factory?

Odele: And even if we found it we’d be attacking a whole building full of those things.

Samantha: Eldson’s a cheap ass so if I’m right we won’t even have to. Listen to me. We’ve learned from Erevu and Rocha’s experiments that the pseudo brains that control the automatons need a specific type of Vitamer to connect with a GFE and thus to even function. Rocha’s experiments showed that the pseudo brains could work with vitamer-160 where it would connect with the GFE but fail soon after all the way to vitamer-281 which could actually recharge a GFE. Caches of vitamer-281 are extremely hard to refine and super expensive. Having an entire army of automatons with that coursing through their veins would cost as much as a city. Not to mention the equipment needed to store it. Erevu confirmed there was vitamer-270 in the Fellman Lab so it’s likely he’s using vitamer-270 to power the automatons. It lets the pseudo brains stay connected indefinitely and it’s the most plentiful meaning it was actually cost effective.
Samuel: I get it now. So if we can find large shipments of vitamer-270 we can find the factory?

Samantha: That or something that refines it. Besides not being able to charge a GFE there’s another issue with Vitamer-270. It can decay easily if catalyzed with Jupvitate.

Erevu (surprised): That’s actually quite clever Samantha… It was fortunate Elm had everything available to test your hypothesis.

Nearly everyone else is dumbfounded.

Deacon: Okay give this to us in layman’s terms please…

Erevu: Catalysts can have very minute differences in their compositions. While nearly identical these small variations can change how the catalyst reacts to the environment. We distinguish these differences by giving their atomic mass. In the case of the automatons they need a very narrow range to connect to a GFE. The life support systems inside the automatons are powered by their internal GFE.

Lily: I see now so decaying it to a lighter value would mean the pseudo brain would not connect with the GFE as efficiently. If the automatons were given something less effective than vitamer-270 they would function without any issue but would eventually desync with the GFE. Once it disconnected, the life support system could not keep the brain intact.

William: Fookin’ell you plan on’avin the buckets shut down their own vitals?

Samantha: Exactly. If we find the shipment of vitamer going to the factory we can sabotage it. The automatons would look as if they are functioning normally but once actually doing anything strenuous such as combat they would cease almost immediately. We just need to find the factory first. Benson could you do something about that?

Benson: Sure thing miss. I suggest asking Lady Victoria too. Her vast empire does have a significant logistics arm.

Benson appeared seated behind Deacon and Odele. Once again noone noticed him until he spoke.

Deacon: Seven hells I’ll never get used to that.

Samantha: Well that’s what I called up Victoria about. She’s already looking into where Eldson might be able to get that much vitamer.

Astrid: So she’s agreed with the plan?

Samantha: She’s willing to give us a chance. We got kind of lucky. Seems the Union has been putting pressure on the council about outlawing Automatons already so this kills two birds with one stone. If they suddenly don’t work then they’re not an issue anymore. She’s willing to let us keep our trade secrets if we can deal with the automatons, or better yet get conclusive proof Eldson is behind all of this. For now we’ll just have to see where large shipments of vitamer are going.

Astrid: Good work lass. Alright then everyone it’s time we got to work.

Days passed as everyone worked to get a lead. With failure meaning being swallowed by Victoria’s empire, each of the presidents worked with a renewed fervor. Soon results materialized and another meeting was called.
Samuel: Alright so these last few sleepless nights paid off. Victoria’s people found an airship called the SAS VITALITY that routinely leaves Marshall Bluffs airdock. Quite often it has Vitamer refinery equipment. She heads towards Kvint but then goes away from any known air laine. Victoria’s certain it’s Eldson’s

Samantha: If we find the airship’s manifest and navigation papers we’ll likely have the exact place.

Benson: I have some rather interesting news too. It seems a doctor by the name of Platt is heading towards Kvint as well via the Trans-Speranskia railway. Does that ring a bell Erevu?

Erevu: Eldson was secretive but he had to reveal some details so I could even start on the project. I worked on the mechanics of the machines but not the “living part”. Platt would have the expertise in that field.

Benson: He is to leave within a few days and my investigation leads me to believe he has indeed been working for Eldson. I believe an extraction may prove most fruitful in finding the factory.

Wiliam: What’s all this hogwash an Seven damned theory’on about when we can look’at Erevu’s old lab? We never bothered te go back.

Deacon: That is true there still might be information we can find.

Catrina: Wasn’t the lab destroyed and flooded? Erevu said so.

Erevu: It is true that I did my best to do so child I cannot guarantee my efforts were completely successful.

Odele: Only one problem. Jorrick Felman is a close ally of Eldson’s and we’re a bigger player this time around. Jorrick would have none of it most likely.

William: Yeh it was but don’t mean we can’t look’en’er can’t weh? Sides, bet some’it still intact o’what not. Pissin off Eldson o’is friends ain’t a bad thin’issit? Still it’s the easiest place te look.

Samantha: Look everyone, in any case we don’t have much time. We can’t look at all of them at the same time so we’ll need to decide where to go. So what do we do?

Gerald who had been silent for the past several days stands up and points towards the crew.

Gerald: It’s not what will we do but what will they do. I think the decision should come down to our handymen. They’ve actually fought Eldson’s forces before. I think they’d have a better idea as to what to do.

William: I find that agreeable. I’m joinin this time. Heh I’m always up fer fookin with Eldson. Been some time I’ve gone out on te field ya’kno
With Victoria threatening to ruin the partnership, your new job is to eliminate the threat of Eldson’s Automatons. Your employers have narrowed down your possibilities to three choices. What will you choose?

>Find the SAS VITALITY at the Marshall Bluffs Airdock. [Stealth]

>Extract Platt the {Practitioner}. You will need to board a train en route to Kvint [Combat/Stealth]

>Explore the ruined laboratory in Fellman Hollow [????]


Now's a good time to complete builds and post them. Once you've decided which mission you'll take we will begin story phase.

At this time please ask any questions or ask for clarification.
"If my understanding of the design is accurate, I believe 'Lobotomaton' would be a more correct portmanteau."

"The odds of the lab being intact and accessable are negligible, at best. In truth, I expect that anything of value has been relocated, and the site itself turned into a honeypot. Even if we were able to make it in and out, anything learned would be suspect.

As for the other two options, both present risks and rewards. Identifying and infiltrating Eldson's supply via the airship has a greater chance of success if we remain undetected. However, it also risks upsetting the forces governing the airtrade (especially if things go as well as they did in Pria de Oro). Extracting Platt from a moving train sounds...challenging. I would also hesitate to put all our efforts into a single individual again, as Erevu has made it clear that Eldson compartmentlizes his employees rather effectively.

Truthfully, my primary concerns do not lie with which task we choose to perform, but rather with our adversary. Eldson is talented at manipulating events to his benefit. Looking back on events, it seems to me that he has gained advantages from nearly every single one of our encounters. I will not pretend to knowledge of every force at work, but if we do not get ahead of his plans, on the larger scale, we will eventually fail. So, I would like to discuss the implications of successfully achieving this immediate goal: How will he respond? How will he world? Who will he bend to his aims when we finish? Et Cetera. Sam?"
>Extract Platt the {Practitioner}. You will need to board a train en route to Kvint [Combat/Stealth]
Don't mind where we go. You might find I'm there first.

Tarbor, Lv 7 {Medic} {Temp}
10 EN | 14 RE | 8 LI
Mer 1 Mar 8 RES 12+2 | AP 19 | DR 2
Ven 5 Jup 4 MOV 5


Sophia 3EQ +3 MOD
Field Smock 3EQ 4SP 1DR
Venesol Kit 4EQ 11SP
- Mini Aid
- 3x Extra Compartments

3x Quick Patches
4x Supplies

17/12+3 MOD +1 Medic +1 Temp

On-Site Supervision
Dead Drop
I’m the Temp
Consummate Professional

Preventative care
Perfect Prescription

Well Fed +2EQ +1DR +2RES
Extended Batteries 1EQ
Shock pads 1EQ
Martite Shielding
Jupimer Springheels
Faulty Fuse

700 bux
Astrid: Eldson is big and wide enough he can hedge for several outcomes. Any of these guys can. It's hard to tell exactly what he'll do but this will be the first time we seriously go on the offensive.

Deacon: If we're going to hit him we need to make sure it's decisive.
Some rules questions while I do up my build:
In the same line of thought as my question from the last acquisitions thread, which PRTs unlocked by Fencing Expert will still work regardless of weapon used?

How does [#Combat à la deux mains] work when dual wielding one fencing weapon (which requires a hit roll to deal damage) and one non-fencing weapon (which doesn't require any hit roll), given that both attacks are combined into a single one?

How should [#Flanconnade] work? You have it listed as a passive, but I assume it's not the intention that it supports every attack.

Also, how much property damage did I unintentionally cause with that grenade? I feel like I should maybe be marking「Your insurance will cover it」down on my sheet.
Extract Platt the {Practitioner}. You will need to board a train en route to Kvint [Combat/Stealth]

Off the top of my head:

Esquive, Combat a la deus, Frat all work.

When using CalDM, you take the highest to hit weapon and if you fail to hit the whole attack misses. This is to make my life easier.

Flac is a prep attack like riposte although I'm considering making it a more offensive skill.

You only caused 65k damage.

Those poor Oroians; working so hard in minimal value environs. I really need to get a Union bid going on work-crews for beachfront property down there.
I agree with El Mamut and El Delacroix.

Hitting the supply is good thinking, but I propose a different avenue: Simply tell Victoria to let it be known that the Standards Group, owing to the recent influx of Rocha-trained medical personnel, is investing potential applications of Vitamer catalyst variations because some of them let slip something about proprietary research.

We say the same thing in a press release. It makes sense, given our recent agreement with the Jing; we are clearly expanding our business concerns too.

If both Standards and Gyre insist something is up with vitamer, Investors and gamblers will descend on the vitality business like sharks. Price of vitamer derived compounds will spike. Eldson will think we are going for his supply, and it'll fuss their concerns over, might raise security at the SAS Vitality. And if nothing else, make him bleed some notes.

Meanwhile, we actually interdict Mr. Platt. Fluxing the material availability of Vitamer is less important to us than precise insight into how the process works, because it'll teach us how to deal with it better and deprive Mr. Eldson of a research avenue.

It's a two-for-one punch!

Now has ANYONE seen Maria? ANYONE? Julien said something earlier about 'proper young lady' and I am /very/ concerned he wants to teach her ballroom dancing, etiquette and how to lacerate a room full of swords-wielding Chrysians. I'm all for the last two but no young girl should have to wear a dress that poofy.
Nice thinking here!
This is doable as a story phase action.
Okay looks like we'll be taking a train ride.

>Extract Platt the {Practitioner}. You will need to board a train en route to Kvint [Combat/Stealth]

Mission accepted

Please reply to this post with final builds and purchases.

>Purchases and spent attribute points must be marked in green text

If you do not reply to this post you will not have purchased anything or spent attribute points.

Remember that each participant has from the last mission has earned 2 attribute points and 8k notes.

Anyone that has had {Trauma} is {Weakened}. This means if you get downed you may have more complications next time around. Consider it as you running out of continues.

Once everyone has posted their sheets and purchases, we'll continue to story phase

So far I have Tarbor's
>You only caused 65k damage.
Whew. And this was the entirety of the neighborhood burned to the ground, along with some of its residents?

...Wonder if we can go buy ourselves a slum some time.

"We're setting off for the new mission already? Damn, I'd lost track of the time. Never any rest for the wicked, is there?

"At least my hand's... usable, finally, but I'm not going to be throwing any punches soon. Just as well I've spent the time getting my fencing up to scratch."

>Previous level: (3+6+6+3-12)+4=10
>Spend 1 attribute point and Ꞥ8000 to unlock Fencing Expert.
>Spend 1 attribute point to increase MER by 1.
>Current level: 12

Still deciding on my PRTs and equipment loadout, but I'll likely be wielding a fencing weapon alongside a Hades. Do we still need to pay deposits for those? Or for Benson's gear, for that matter?

I should have my sheet up some time tomorrow or the day after, in any case.
Hades no, Benson yes. Main thing I'll need is equipment changes as well as changes to sprites.
Money: 13000

>+1 Mar
>+1 Jup
>Buy 2x ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ for the GFE (-7000)
>Return Basil Pike Busters
>Borrow Pummeler Gauntlets
>Lose Jellybean
>Buy ⟨Enlarged Arm Guards⟩+⟨Sheared Digits⟩ (-3000) for the gauntlets
>3000 moneyz left

How much money is in the Maria adoption fund right now?

El Mamut
DR:2 (+1Gn) LI:8 RE:10 RES:14/14(0/0) EN:30/30 | CB:0/14 ST 0/150%
Mer 3 RES 12 GRD 6+3
Mar 4 AP 17
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 4 MOD 10+4
Equipment (12/15):
-Pummeler Gauntlets 1d4 1AP 1EN 3EQ (paired); Strk/Blnt ⟨Enlarged Arm Guards⟩⟨Sheared Digits⟩⟨Jupuartz Elbow Pads⟩
-2x Mar-aid (Heals 2d3 RES 1EQ)
-GFE Mk2 Athena EN: 30; RE 10 LI8 EQ3 ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ x2
-Basil Audoplate 2DR (+1DR vs Guns) 2EQ ⟨Extra Plating⟩

{§Brawler}, {Pugilist}
[Well Bathed] +2AP
[^Self winding Capaci-Joggers] 2EQ gain 1 EN per unit moved
[^Solide Wiring] 1EQ: +35%RE
[^Extended battery] 1EQ +6EN
[#Ground Game]
[%Parry] 1 AP
[Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target
[Viper Cutter] 3CB 4*b cm 2*AP 2*EN airborne target, +1*b damage per vertical level. ½ Dmg AP damage.
[Rising Dragon] 2CB *AP *EN Uppercut, launching yourself and your foe in the air JUP tiles. Foe is {Vulnerable}
[@Mountain Stance] 6CB double GFE limit and Regeneration from all sources for current turn
[Combat roll] 1 CB 6AP move up to VEN dodging attacks; land crouched. (Triggers overwatches but do not take damage.)
[%Monkey’s Dance] 4AP 2d12+VEN+2 Hit: 20 move ½ Ven out of the way of an incoming attack; add ap to make it more effective. Successful dodges build CB and Multiplier.
[@Lion’s pride] 1 CB +5% damage to all attacks in current turn.
[Shoulder Throw] 3AP 2d12+VEN Hit: 14 Grab a foe and throw them JUP tiles; +6 Hit if done from behind or flank
「Bullet Phantasma」+2 bonus to dodge projectiles; when moving after a dodge move up to 2*mov towards attackers shooting at you.
「Stone Cold Killer」+2 to resist status effects such as {Disoriented} and {Charmed}
「Punching Bag」???
Nothing, sadly! I guess I’ll handle it.
I remember Gairan pledging money here >>2402687, but I don't know how much exactly that was.
You need to purchase the gauntlets before customizing them. You keep whatever you customize.
1200 notes :V
I'll need all my money for the gauntlets (
i can spare an additional 1-2k notes from my own wallet if needed.
I'd be fine to contribute a bit if we're going ahead with the adoption since it is kind of my fault her home got burned down. Say, Ꞥ2000?

Is the intention that we board as passengers, or attempt some other more covert, less legal means of insertion? If we're boarding conventionally, what's going to happen to our weapons?

In any case, as of now, I've got myself wielding a Sabre and Hades, and wearing The Black Cap. Though I suppose the exact outfit from the Capital Ball might draw more suspicion than allay it - maybe I should accessorize with a hat or something?
Also, to clarify, the +2 EQ from [Well Fed] is intended to weigh us down rather than increase our encumbrance limit, right?
it increases your EQ or encumbrance limit.

>Claim 8k+2400+2000(previous number)=14400
>Get 2 stats
>Become {weakened}
>Pledge 1200 to child
>Buy new armor plates 1600
>Upgrade my armor with [Extra plating] and a [Battery pack] -4000
>new total: 7400
>Swap out my Athena for a Sophia
>Use stats to get +2 mar MAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!
Pastebin below, prt not decided yet neither are grenades but will be decided soon.
oops forgot pastebin
Eminently fair, gentlemen. I’ll cover the rest ( I didn’t need new medical text books anyhow )
Okay, the corrected version:

>+1 Mar
>+1 Jup
>Buy 2x ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ for the GFE (-7000)
>Stash Basil Pike Busters
>Buy Pummeler Gauntlets (-3500)
>Lose Jellybean
>Buy ⟨Sheared Digits⟩ (-1000) for the gauntlets
>1500 moneyz left

How much money is in the Maria adoption fund right now?

El Mamut
DR:2 (+1Gn) LI:8 RE:10 RES:14/14(0/0) EN:30/30 | CB:0/14 ST 0/150%
Mer 3 RES 12 GRD 6+3
Mar 4 AP 17
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 4 MOD 10+4
Equipment (12/15):
-Pummeler Gauntlets 1d4 1AP 1EN 3EQ (paired); Strk/Blnt ⟨Sheared Digits⟩
-2x Mar-aid (Heals 2d3 RES 1EQ)
-GFE Mk2 Athena EN: 30; RE 10 LI8 EQ3 ⟨Jupesatymst Movement⟩ x2
-Basil Audoplate 2DR (+1DR vs Guns) 2EQ ⟨Extra Plating⟩

{§Brawler}, {Pugilist}
[Well Bathed] +2AP
[^Self winding Capaci-Joggers] 2EQ gain 1 EN per unit moved
[^Solide Wiring] 1EQ: +35%RE
[^Extended battery] 1EQ +6EN
[#Ground Game]
[%Parry] 1 AP
[Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target
[Viper Cutter] 3CB 4*b cm 2*AP 2*EN airborne target, +1*b damage per vertical level. ½ Dmg AP damage.
[Rising Dragon] 2CB *AP *EN Uppercut, launching yourself and your foe in the air JUP tiles. Foe is {Vulnerable}
[@Mountain Stance] 6CB double GFE limit and Regeneration from all sources for current turn
[Combat roll] 1 CB 6AP move up to VEN dodging attacks; land crouched. (Triggers overwatches but do not take damage.)
[%Monkey’s Dance] 4AP 2d12+VEN+2 Hit: 20 move ½ Ven out of the way of an incoming attack; add ap to make it more effective. Successful dodges build CB and Multiplier.
[@Lion’s pride] 1 CB +5% damage to all attacks in current turn.
[Shoulder Throw] 3AP 2d12+VEN Hit: 14 Grab a foe and throw them JUP tiles; +6 Hit if done from behind or flank
「Bullet Phantasma」+2 bonus to dodge projectiles; when moving after a dodge move up to 2*mov towards attackers shooting at you.
「Stone Cold Killer」+2 to resist status effects such as {Disoriented} and {Charmed}
「Punching Bag」???
Still not perfectly happy with this, but I don't want to spend /too/ much time on it.

Of note, I'm wondering if any additional interactions will happen when I get the Mervenyst 'Reduce the light around you' imbuement passively from the Hades up while wearing the Black Cap, particularly since I've got {Beta Wave Beacon}.

>Additional Ꞥ2000 spent on adoption fund.




DR: 2 LI: 10 RES: 16/16 EN: 34/34

CC 17/17 (15+2)
Mer 4 | RES 16 (14+2)
Mar 6 | AP 20 (18+2)
Ven 6 | MOV 7 (6+1)
Jup 3 | PRT 25 (15+1+3+1+1+1+3)

Persistent Effects:

[e] GFE Type 3. “Sophia”
EN:34 RE:12 LI:10 6EQ
[*Soline Neural Link]; 3x [^Extended battery]

[e] “Sabre”
2d6 (Hit: 9; Overflow damages AP) 4AP (6EN if attack lands) Fnc/Slsh 2EQ

“The Black Cap”
[*Slightly Darker Black]; [*Greedy]

[e] βGFE v2 “Hades”
CH:0/8 2 Catalyst Slot 2EQ (Ꞥ7000)
[*Whip]; [*#Suffuse]; [*Venmertine weave]; [Reel]; [Swing]

[e] Solmeryzt
[e] Mervenyst


{-Beta Wave Beacon}; {Imbuement Tolerant}
「La Vengeance du Serpent」,「Marathon」

[Well Bathed]; [Well Fed]

3x [^Extended battery]; [^Always prepared]

[%Parry]; [Footwork]; [Vento Corto]

{Brawler}; {Pugilist}; [#Ground Game]; [Combat roll]; [Royal Guard]; [@Lion’s pride]; [%#Monkey’s Dance]

{Fencer}; {Fencing Expert}; [#En Garde]; [#Riposte]; [#Absence of Blade]; [#Pris de Fer]; [#Combat à la deux mains]; [%Esquive]; [#Fraternité]; [@Remise]; [%Moulinet]; [#Flanconnade]

{Dynamo Engineer}; [Catalyze]
> Spend 1 point on VEN and JUP
> Spend 400 on a Capaciglove
> Spend 1.000 on an Extended Mag Feed
> Bank 6,600

NAME: Fortuna de Rosa

DR:0 LI:4 RE:6 RES:12/12 EN:24/24

Mer 3 CC 13
Mar 3 AP 15
Ven 4 MV 7
Jup 3 MD 9


0 [e] Runner's Crew +1 MOV, +1 DODGE
- Custom Fit 2
1 [e] GFE Mk.2 “Prometheus”
1 Capaciglove
1 Toucan Pocket Pistol
- Extended Mag
1 Mar-aid
1 Various Perks
5 Total (of 13)

Toucan Pocket Pistol
4d2+1cm 3AP 4EN 2-5R AM 6/6; Rifled [*Compact]


{Courier} +2 dodge, AP to dodge is more effective
[*^Special Delivery] 1EQ; Deliver a special package for a reward. The faster you do it the better the reward.
1 [Artful dodger] Free move or attack after dodging
2 [Light weapons training] +3 striking/small weapon PRTs
3 [On the go] Ap used for moving can also be spent reloading, interacting with objects, or switching items
4 [Silent step] No sound profile while running
5 [Swift hands] When running by or into targets perform disabling skills for free; actions happen as if one long continuous chain

6 [Well Sated] +2MOV, +1 Dodge
7 [Well Bathed] +2 AP

8 [Conservationist] items found during the mission are twice as effective

Light Weapons Training
9 [Aim] *AP; +5% damage per AP
1 [Disarm] 3AP: 2d12+VEN Hit: 16<; disarms target.
2 [Shove] 3AP; Adjacent targets can be shoved JUP tiles. Targets take damage if they are interrupted while moving
3 [Tackle] Running into a target causes both you and target to fall to the ground.

[Link] 1AP, link up to an allied LA-GFE
[Compact] Item is small enough to not be noticeable
[*Firm Shake] 12d2 cm (AP damage) 3AP 12EN

「Check 'em」Dubs crit
「Raton」Move full range when dodging


Not carrying:
3 D-13 Tauro
8d2 cm 3AP 6EN 3-6 AM 3/3 3EQ
2 Eldson GFE Gunner "Foca"
EN: 30/30; RE 8 LI6
2 Tigre Vibroblade
1d8+2 4AP 4EN 2EQ Slsh/Prc
1 San Ferro Machete
2d3+3 cm 3AP 2EN 1EQ; Slsh [Bleed][Sharp]

{Courier} +2 dodge, dodge more effectively; requires one hand to be free
[*^Special Delivery] 1EQ; Deliver a special package for a reward. The faster you do it the better the reward.
[Artful dodger]Free move or attack after dodging
[Light weapons training]+3 striking/small weapon PRTs
[On the go]Ap used for moving can also be spent reloading, interacting with objects, or switching items
[Sprinter]+50% mov when moving in a “straight line”
[Free Runner]Able to climb walls effortlessly; vault over small walls and obstacles; vaulting enables you to reach new heights.
[Silent step]No sound profile while running
[^Binded Wear] Consumables and ammo are reduced to 1EQ when you have no DR.
[Swift hands]When running by or into targets perform disabling skills for free; actions happen as if one long continuous chain
[The Path]Observe lets you see the most optimal route to your target
[Runner’s High]Gain RES after running 240/VEN tiles
I can answer that one, Alex - it makes you /very/ hard to spot.
>Accept 1200 + 2000
>Pay in 2300, Adopt Maria.

Come here, you. You deserve to be . . . everything. Uncle Julien will teach you how to dance, and Uncle Alexander how to brawl and Uncle Mamut how to fight crime and Mister Prefect will show you how to get to places people don't want you to get to, and Fortuna will show you a trick or two on how to live in the fast lane, and Tarbor has a few smart tricks, and Uncle Gairan will show you everything about explosives and ask Grigori how to cook and, look, trust me.

You'll fit right in.

>Pay 10% Union Dues (800)
>End up with 4900.

I'd like to study to become a Practitioner, but textbooks are rather expensive these days. And I've got paperwork. And licenses. And ammo. And wiring replacement. And moisterizer upkeep. And fashion subscriptions. And bribes. And venticine pills. And... and. And all that. If anyone happens to have 3100 Notes, I can make it up for you with... something.

>Become a Union Rep
>Bank a point for potential story phase monetary windfall.
Turn that [Well Sated] into [Sprinter]
"This is the least I can do to make up for my massive cockup during the mission as foreman. Soo...yeah"
>Reverse purchase of [extra plating]
>Give lirenis 3100
>-New total: 6300
>Fill in End Of Op Side Job Paperwork, just to make sure all is in all:

>[Beat Cop}
>Hand in Evidence gathered by Self + Fortuna on Dadinhos activity, Foca, Rocha and Druglab
>Claim Inspector Reward

>Foca and his comfortable guests

>[Drug Redentor]
>Rocha operations, evidence and people.
oops wrong user
W-what? Gairan, really? But it wasn't all your fault.
>Also accounting for Prefects hard work with hostages, labs and locations, not to mention his acquired drug sample.
Makes /me/ hard to spot, sure. But I'm worried people might be alarmed at the massive blob of darkness walking around in brightly-lit areas.

I mean, I do hope that most of our mission takes place inside the carriages rather than, say, jumping about on top of them, given that I haven't got a Helios on me this time.

Though, perhaps with Venmarite and Mervenyst catalysts, I might Catalyze a similar effect? Hmm.

Let me quickly swap out that Mar-aid, just in case...

Updated sheet: https://pastebin.com/8441QNU3
“If it makes you feel better you can make it a “hustle “ or whatever you closers do and give me a kiss on the cheek.”
*see about getting my flash grenade back from Catarina and also about the equipment given to hostages by fortuna(?). Oh and also “I’m the temp” and “on sight supervision along with “temp to hire” with “nik and Leo” with the mission.>>2416150
>+1Mar, +1Ven
>2000Ñ Sent to Tartaruga. 'With Respect and Gratitude.'
>2000Ñ Getting the AB Binoculars Custom Fit twice (-2eq)
>2000Ñ adding more Venisol Coils to my Sophia
>750Ñ buying 3 BDR Starbursts
>1000Ñ to Bellway Improvement Fund
>1150Notes Remaining.

DR:2 LI:10 RE:12 RES:17/17 EN:32/32 SP:0/0

Mer 5 || Res 15+2
Mar 6 || AP 18
Ven 6 || Mov 6+1
Jup 3 || Mod 16+3
Ah-harr, you're saying I have cunning tricked you into supplying me with the ability to keep you all alive?

The best con is the con everyone benefits from.
“ I like to call it a bonus “
>Sprite changes
If it's going to be cold in kvint Julien would wear an overcoat on his armor or something, maybe a scarf?

>Add +1 to ven and jup
>Upgrade armor again-8k
-repair pauldron-400

Julien Delacroix de la Fleur
DR:6LI:6 RES:21 ARM: 4/4 EN 28/28 RE:10

Att CC 18/21
Mer 4 RES 21
Mar 5 AP 16
Ven 5 MOV 5
Jup 6 MOD 18

Sabre "The tacit rebuke"
-Chrysian grip
-Heavy pommel
2d6 (Hit: 8<)
4AP (6EN if attack lands) Fnc/Slsh

4d3 (1h-no Hvy) / 4d4 (2h-no Fnc)cm Hit: 8; 2AP 3HT Ht: 0/12; Slsh/Hvy/Fnc; 4EQ
[*!Handed stance] 1ap to switch between 1 handed or 2 handed.
[*Gyrocite core] Produces its own energy. Using the equipment produces heat.
[Chrysian grip][heavy pommel][satinite foible][venatine grip][Radiator]

1x maraid
1X Capacitor
1x Lilly's quick-patch

-[Heirloom]The Fighting Lion
-Extra plating
-Extra plating
[*Family Crest] People may recognize who your house is
[Duelist blood II] +3 bonus on parries
[Lion's Pride II] Challenge a target to a duel. Winning confers a reward. Participants do +35% damage.
[Well Crafted] +1 PIQ
[E]Gaston’s Pauldron
4/4 ARM 1EQ
[*Shoulder Check] 4AP shove a target ½ Jup tiles.
Gyre:GFE Mk.2 “Athena”

{Expert Fencer}*[Pimento Corgi](Secret techniques)
[Well Fed]
[Pris de fer]
[Absence of blade]
「Stone Cold Killer」
「The Hero we deserve」
「NANI!?」 ???
Your efforts unlocked {Practitioner} for everyone.

Please clarify what the extended mag feed is for.

It's twice as effective meaning you just absorb all the light around you. Might actually not be that stealthy if not done right.

Tartaruga loyalty went up...despite you burning down a good chunk of their territory


Armor has been maxxed. It is now "The Grand Lion"

[Lion's Roar] Enemies in MER range have their DR set to 0 for a turn when you defeat someone.
[???]-->[Fang Keeper] +30% competence when defending an ally

"Winning" the duel got you [The Fighter's Trinket]
Apply it to a piece of gear for 1k and gain a compatible {Brawler} PRT

We will now enter story phase. In this phase players are able to flesh out characters, give back stories, world build, and so on. Participation isn't mandatory but you forgo opportunities for characters to grow or make your mission easier if you do not.

There have been changes to story phase. Outcomes will heavily reflect on how much effort is put into a story between missions. Longer stories will confer more significant rewards. Rolls can still enable you to get better than expected results however. Mechanically this is what has changed. Each story phase lets you roll 3d24. Getting past a certain threshold gives you different type of rewards. The higher the overall score the better. If you choose to continue your story, you get to keep your roll or start at a score of +40; whichever is higher. I’ll be keeping the table on me but a general range is as followed. 3-21 (I fuck your shit up) 22-45 (something to help on your mission / money) 46-??? (gear) etc...

It has been another 3 months since your adventure in Foz de Plato. What have you been doing since then?

Pick one of the following and if so desired write a small excerpt as to how you do this. You don’t need a wall of text but the more thought put into the interaction the more I as a QM can pull from it.

>Help/working for someone
>Do legwork for the upcoming mission
>Work on the house
>Work “Under the Table”
>Helping Maria adjust to her new life

If you have other ideas on what you will be doing during this time such as personal quests or other means of resolving the plot (and this is highly encouraged)

>Write in

Whatever is decided you must roll 3d24. This and whatever you write in the interim determines how the story progresses. As long as there are no explicit details or anything that may run counter to established canon, what you write will influence how things play out and expands the world. If the story is too outlandish I chalk it up to unreliable narration. Stories may require interaction with NPCs. Plots may not be resolved immediately and can be continued after the mission.

There are some other things to consider. More than one person can do the same activity which may increase the success or expand other options following that route. Also if you decide to do something that can incur risk even minor risk there’s a chance albeit small that it ends disastrously. In simpler terms don’t expect to live if you crit fail all three rolls and you wrote in that you wanted to learn how to juggle vibroblades.

Story phase will last until thread death. If you want to make your mission easier you'll need to spend your story phase to do so or use specific PRTs.
Rolled 1, 8, 13, 18, 12, 5 = 57 (6d24)

Action 1
>Help Maria adjust to life here

Julien eyes the clothing the young child has, chewing his lip thoughtfully as he watches her and Emily wander around during the debriefing, hiding from a perturbed lirenis playfully. With a grunt of disdain he regards his own blood spattered attire, the sight of the young girls stirs bitter memories of his own sister, whom he isn't even certain is alive anymore.

He looks at the two orphaned girls again, regarding them fully. He concludes that they both deserve something nice, something to preserve their innocence, or what little remains of it. He concludes that he'll buy them some nice clothing, primarily to replace the one change of rags Maria has.

Bashfully he realizes he has no idea how to shop for a young girl, and he has only lirenis or Samantha to ask for help.
Taking the logical choice, he approaches Samantha and presents his idea
"Madam Samantha, er...I would like your help purchasing new clothing for the girls, I'd do it by myself but I find I have no clue how to do such a thing.."
Action 2
>Approach jenmah, introduce myself. Convince him to cooperate with me, with the clout of a crown prince to aid in reclaiming my land I could be a powerful Ally once I have it back.

Julien approaches jenmah as he sees him wandering around one day and asks him to a private conversation. Once he has privacy with the once-prince he speaks candidly.

"Hile, countryman, I'd like to speak to you about the future of our country.."

He pauses, regarding the prince cool
"I understand the life of a prince does not appeal to you, I also understand the cause that you fight for and what changes you wish to bring to our nation...."
Julien pauses, considering himself
"Forgive me, you know nothing of me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Julien delacroix de la fleur, eldest and last surviving son of Gaston and Lucretia delacroix. My father supported your cause, he tried to shelter me and my siblings from it for a time, but in the end it led to their murder, the razing of my holdings and their subsequent claiming by a rival family using fathers radical beliefs as an excuse to further their power. I must say I'm rather neutral on the matter of your cause myself, your aid and clout would further my career, and in turn I would aid your cause, as my enemies are your enemies."
Julien eyes the young man, his eyes growing slightly hard
"I would think you are heasitant to use what influence you have as a prince, ser, given you go by the name jenmah, but hear this, and hear it well. You will have a much better go of things if you try to change the machine from the inside. Yes you do the late jenmah honor by furthering his-and your- cause in his name, but will that really change anything? Would you not honor him better by being the prince who changed our nation, rather than the obscure noble who fought against a behemoth from the outside and was crushed?"
Julien halts himself before he speaks too crassly.
"I'd speak openly, here, jenmah, and I'd have you speak openly as well."
Julien swuares his shoulders and looks the young prince in the eye
"I need your clout as a prince, it would help my cause, and in return I could aid your cause greatly. I will be bold and state this as well: You're being selfish here, you do not want to be a prince, and I can understand why, but being a prince is the best way to proceed here, to have a chance at the change you seek. Often it is the sad case that one must make sacrifices to get something he so greatly desires."
Julien gives jenmah a knowing look and falls silent at that.
"I believe I've given you much to think about, ser. I will take my leave. I ask you to confer with your friends on these courses I have presented to you, and the mutual aid we could provide each other, unless of course you'd wish to speak to me now. though I suspect the case is that you would ponder what I have said, in such case I hope to speak to you again, you know how to reach me.
>Wait to see if jenmah speaks now, or leave and Wait for him to come to me to tell me off/???
El Mamut is still weaker than bullets. El Mamut's training has been insufficient.

Maybe the approach is wrong. Maybe El Mamut should aim to become smarter than bullets instead?

El Mamut will seclude himself in the library to research ways to defeat bullets. Techniques, armor, occult powers, anything El Mamut can do will do.

But first,
>Buy Maria a cake.
El Mamut knows much about cakes, both tough and manly ones, and tender and girly ones. El Mamut will choose a nice one for Maria. Cake always makes El Mamut feel better, maybe it will make Maria feel better as well.
Okay let me be clear keep things down to ONE STORY when I say two actions I mean there might be AT MOST two responses related to that story.
Rolled 11, 6, 22 = 39 (3d24)

Then, the cake is more important.
Also, I forgot the roll.
Rolled 3, 14, 1 = 18 (3d24)

That'll be awkward. The PRT says 'as long as Dynamo holds charge'. Does that mean I can't voluntarily turn it off without blowing all my stored charge?

I was going through my sheet again and realized I could be misinterpreting the intention of the PRT - is it intended to passively Imbue the user, activating when the Dynamo first gains charge, allowing them to skip taking the Imbuement PRT as long as they don't intend to Imbue others; or to extend the duration of any Imbuements on the user indefinitely, but still require the user to be Imbued from some source in the first place?

The largest part of the 3-month break is the earliest few weeks, spent, on doctor's orders, refraining from any activities that would tax his body. As such, Alexander elects to brush up on his knowledge and experience with Dynamos.

Opting to err on the side of caution this time, he spends some time learning from Lirenis, Erevu, Samantha and/or whoever else was willing to give him some pointers and tips on safety to avoid blowing up the manor again before starting to experiment on his own.

Once under his own direction, he elects to research into the Helios and its pre-Imbuement. With luck, he hopes to be able to recreate a similar effect via Imbuement or Catalysis from a Dynamo, or else at least gain enough understanding to modify or improve on the existing reaction. The MER component, he finds understandable enough; but any JUP-related catalyst seems odd for an effect which still requires the user to physically pass through the intervening space – at first glance, MAR would make much more sense. Perhaps there's something he's missing?

Alexander's fractured and broken bones take the better part of the 3 months to heal, putting him out of action for a little over 6 weeks. Severely out of practice, and with his left hand still unfit for his erstwhile mode of combat, he devotes the remaining time to frantically honing his swordplay.

At some point, he attempts combat with a Hades and a sword for the first time and realizes that using a Solmeryst Imbuement blinds him. After looking briefly into modifying the reaction to allow him to see, he gives up and just decides to get some eyewear to enhance his night vision. I'm hoping buying NVGs off Amazon doesn't count as a story.

Feeling some guilt over causing Maria's home to be burnt down, Alexander has stayed largely clear of her during this period.
>Legwork: Leverage Courier, Onsite Supervision, Dead Drop, and I'm the Temp
>Temping is what Tarbor's been up to since the Beta Caves. Makes a job of being inoccuous, and really isn't a people person.
>Request a Dead Drop of medical supplies and a rather distracting grenade

Blood inside, weapons outside. There's nothing messier, but there's nothing simpler either. Things belong. Belonging is simplicity. Simplicity is bearable. So, if there's pay and a package or so that belongs, there's no reason not to make a job of it.

Someone wants a package. Someone wants secrecy. The reasons are probably messy and everyone but Tarbor knows why. But the jaws of competing interests prefer to snap shut on simple things, and if he watches his step, he'll leave things just as messy as he finds them.

Simple enough. That's where Tarbor belongs.
Rolled 24, 17, 1 = 42 (3d24)

One day as El Mamut is doing his early morning patrols he is overtaken by a wonderful smell. He finds a small bakery off the Capioli four blocks from Bellway Manor. It's a small place with little seating owned by an old Chrysian immigrant called Jiminy and his wife. Every day at 4am they begin baking for the numerous laborers and businessmen that visit them once the markets open. El Mamut remembers that Samantha wanted a party for Maria. He knew just where to get the cake and something for himself.

>GET (-100 notes)
Jiminy's Donuts 2/2 1EQ
Heal 4d3; +2 to dodge for 2 turns

As cautious as he is Alex ends up hurting himself while practicing with the Hades. Solmeryst has a tendency to make it harder to see; not only for observers but the user as well. While practicing at the Salle he trips and tries to catch his fall spraining his wrist.

{Trauma: Sprained Wrist} Cannot equip weapons on left hand (It will heal next mission)
Should mention that you can now continue to buy these special donuts from now on.
". . . So if you twist it like /so/ it rapidly oscillates and flips between safety states and rule number three in the Dynamo Engineers handbook know when to leg it go go go go

capital! only a small feedback issue this time. And the flames are practically under control already!"
>{Trauma: Sprained Wrist} Cannot equip weapons on left hand (It will heal next mission)
Well, hopefully it's not too late to redo my sheet again, since the build largely revolves around dual wielding a sword and the Hades.
Yeah you can switch out equipment, just not PRTs. The reason for locking the builds is so people can't cheese social PRTs or special ones like {Temp}'s and then go back to be combat monsters.

Also the chances of you rolling that badly were around 9%
>just not PRTs
...Shit. That means I'm either stuck with Fencing PRTs I can't use because I won't have a sword; or a Dynamo PRT I can't use because I have no way to charge my Dynamo, not to mention I'm out of a way to make the Black Cap work on demand.

How much AP does it take to swap what I'm holding in my main and off-hand? I assume the Hades is still usable in the left as long as I'm not attacking with it, and I can still /hold/ a weapon as long as I'm not using it.
Rolled 16, 7, 11 = 34 (3d24)

>Do Legwork for The Upcoming Mission

"Okay, Maria. While Uncle Mamut shares more cake, and Alex works on using his right hand to punch people through the space-time continuum, why don't I show you how to run the world?

I need that pen over there, and that notepad... and one Grigori's sandwiches from the kitchen. And some more of my special pills from the upstairs closet; it's going to be a long . . .

It's going to take a while. . . "

- - -

Late night carriages, early breakfasts, late breakfasts, skipping breakfasts, no breakfasts, vocaven conversations with three people having breakfast.
More meetings.
Slee-- no. Focus.

It all started as an ink-stained phantasm spread like a mirage across empty offices in old buildings, down where the rats roamed and the spiders danced. A name. A business. A corporation, hiring an endless array of haven't-quite-heard-of-them, authorised by the Union, involved in some deals over in Jove, imports, regulations, Rocha backed and certified by GyreCo and with a hot-line in on. . . something. Something?

Vitamer Investment, Transactions, Acquisitions & Savings.

Solid. Dependable. As real as slightly skewed placard with golden, cursive writing Lirenis hung up next to the broom closet after she got everyone new business cards.

It took her three tries to get it to stick, because at that point she was stwitchy from venticine supplements and 28 hour days that hand-to-eye coordination a theoretical science.

>Street Rat [Smooth Talker],
>Closer [Blackmail]
>Union Rep [Professional Network]

" . . . No, I'm telling you Cocoa; you don't have to get a stock, but if you could just mention that you considered it. . . "

>Incorporate a shell dummy corp, VITAS, get everyone business cards, and let it be known that we're investing in cutting-edge utilities of Vitamer derived catalysts, based on the new influx of Rocha expertise and recent developments in Jove. Vitamer! It's the super-science material of the future, and worth investing in now, so get it on the ground floor.

>. . . Increase market volatility of Vitamer compounds to harass Eldson's supplies
You can't equip items in your left hand. You're best bet is to stick with the sabre. Swapping will mean equipping for 6ap. The hades' imbuement doesn't work unless you have it equipped. Otherwise people could hold on to a hades, attack once, and stay imbued the whole game.
I think I might just stick with what I've got. There's no equipment I can think to switch to right now that would make me more effective even if I'm just wielding a Sabre, apart from maybe swapping the Black Cap to something with more DR. But I'll see if I can't think of something before we clock in for the start of the mission.
Rolled 22, 5, 5 = 32 (3d24)

El Mamut will select the best cake for Maria.
The fluffiest.
The moistiest.
The melting-in-mouthest.
And decorated with the pinkiest of creams.
Rolled 16, 23, 13 = 52 (3d24)

>Legwork: Lay the groundwork of rising demand for Vitamer, and evidence of movements to secure the supply. Carefully leak information to Eldson, the Public, Other Concerns. Coordinate with Lirenis as needed.

A large man in a suit sits in a cafe, eating breakfast and arguing with the chairwoman of VITAS. He is alternating between the hushed tones of paranoia and the shouts of impassioned greed (just enough to let the right information reach the ears of the person in the waiter’s uniform).

A young office worker finds the wrong alley on a chill Laisssz night. After rifling his pockets, the three street-toughs roll the body down one of the many crags, his briefcase kicked aside and forgotten. (Hours later, after the tail has come for the briefcase and disappeared, the three come back to help pull him back up, exchanging greetings and ribald jests.)

An internal memo is found in a dead drop. Standards stationary detailing quotes from various subsidized shipping companies regarding the costs for transporting large volumes of vitamer from [Redacted] to [Redacted] (The names and distances hinting ominously at Marshal Bluffs).

A Messenger Strix flies a note out of a Rocha think-tank, expressing success with the first trial growths and requesting additional vegetables and restock of Vitamer-166, 170, 270, and 291. ‘Assuming continued success, strains can be expected to be ready for public release within the year.’ (A known flight path provides many opportunities for interception.)

The rough-draft of a press release from GyreCo sends a ripple of interest through the more scientifically-minded pressmen. What is the ‘Achilles’ model GFE, and how does it ‘seal wounds and mend trauma’ in field conditions? (And, should they listen to the politely worded request to sit on the information until further notice?)

>-{Servant}, {Street Smart}, [Disguise], [Bluff], [Smooth Talker], [People Person], [Scavenger], Previous work with Benson and Odele.

===Vita Forum===

Lirenis shares her idea with Samantha who’s not too keen on the idea but Samuel finds it brilliant. After some prodding they allow her to speak to Lady Victoria. The meeting goes sideways. Not much of a surprise when a drugged up sleep deprived factotum makes a case for a complex operation meant to curtail Eldson’s supply of Vitamer. Lirenis’ spouts out facts and figures in an incoherent mess and makes her case in a way only she could possibly understand. Still her work as a nascent Closer has enabled her to get the gist across. Despite these setbacks VITAS piqures Victoria’s interest. Although she “politely” suggests a name change such as VitCo because “Of course a acronym loving unioner would use such a business unfriendly name. Seriously it’s like naming yourselves POWER.” Nonetheless with Victoria’s backing and the Sams’ reluctance they give her the go ahead. Lirenis rushes out the door to start, and promptly collapses from sleep deprivation. Meanwhile Prefect lays the groundwork for the movings of the market. A servant’s work is never done and he finds many ways to keep himself busy.

On the second day of her recovery Lirenis continues. After 30 minutes and 200 notes in fines and taxes they have their shell corp. Doing business is famously easy in Capitus. The other 1000 in bribes and favors means VITAS is seen as a legitimate enterprise. Victoria has her people leak information about Standards pivoting towards Vitamer refinement and her interest in Rocha. She even sends an envoy to see the new HQ. It also helps that Astrid Bloom announces a new partnership with Rocha with their new subsidiary Bloom Medical. Prefect’s efforts are just as fruitful. The servant’s work in the shadows only fan the flames of speculation. Rumour and whispers keep the hype going. It’s not too long before the market is in a frenzy. Vitamer of all varieties has shot up with some raising in value as high as 40%. After some time Lirenis gets a call from Victoria

Victoria: Nice work young moppet. You also made me a tidy sum with your work which I’ll be glad to share. I should share we’ve had less incidents of those mechanical men. Eldson must be hurting in more ways than one.

>GET 1 Stock (Using this means you sell off VITAS)
>You get a sense that opposition has been dampened
==A man’s pride==

Jenmah listens intently as Julien talks. The young prince responds sharply.

Jenmah: Call me a coward. You know what cowards get to do? Live. My parents were brave and they died. Both sets of them.

Jenmah leaves before saying another word. Time goes by and Julien is drinking some spiced wine in Bloom’s Lodge. It helps take the edge from sparring with Gerald all day. Despite his footwork getting better he can’t best the old man. He feels a tap on his shoulder and is surprised to see Catrina. The two exchange pleasantries and some drinks. After a round or two, Catrina admits something.

Catrina: I overheard you talking to Jenmah. Sorry to be nosy but I’m not surprised in the slightest. He’s been like this ever since we had to fend for ourselves and ended up in the Beta Caves. I think Jenmah is still confused from everything. I think that blow to his head changed him. Still both Quen and I feel the same. We’re like you. We want to go home, and make it better.

She takes a gulp of her wine. Obviously flushed from the few drinks but unwavering, Julien is still surprised how well the girl can hold her liquor despite her small frame.

Catrina: You know I still can’t believe that job ended up with us meeting and everything. I’ve never been one to look to the Seven but I think this happened for a reason. You’ve been good to us Julie. As a reward I’ll try to keep the idea in Jenmah’s ear for you, k?

Catrina winks and leaves the fencer alone at the bar.
Weeks go by and Julien is called over by Benson’s. After arriving at his office Julien has a bag thrown over his head and is escorted to the “Tea Room”.

Benson: Ah sorry young master for the treatment. Please do not worry this was just a precaution. I’m here with a guest of ours.

Louie: Seven Hell’s man what you doing the same to the boy too? Doesn’t he work with you lot!?

Benson: Yes he does but I did say this was a special place. Can’t have either of you knowing exactly where it is now can I?

Louie: Unbelievable, you servants always were a strange bunch. Anyways Julie listen I was able to contact the families of the nobles you had spared some time ago. You had met Jaq of house Bartomeu and Yren of the Celeni privateers? It seems they were tasked with guarding a Sir White in Capital and you had met them in battle. Moved by your deeds and their disdain for the Reclaimers they seem are willing to ally with you if you’re inclined to weaken the Reclaimers influence.

Benson: Namely they have set up base in Caninae, your hamlet.

Louie: A hamlet you would call it?! My lord’s estate while modest in land has some of the best vineyards in all of Chryse I dare say!

Benson: As much as I’d love to debate the merits of your claim I find we don’t have much time of it.

Louie: We’ll see once we take it back!

Benson rubs his temple and pauses: You know this may be worth looking in to.

Louie: Of course it is. You’ll see the splendor of our fields and the wine they produce.

Benson: No I mean for his employer and my partner. We’ve had our suspicions that Eldson has been arming the Reclaimers for some time. Taking your home back would not only weaken them but would give us a base to work with inside Chryse. We haven’t had anything of the sort in a decade. Gerald’s family hasn’t been too keen to host us and my network weakened greatly during the Troubles. I’ll need to speak with Gerald and the others. Lou. Go ahead look into gathering forces. Claudia. See our guests out.

Before Louie or Julien could respond both are bagged and dragged away. After a few minutes they find themselves below the city on the clearing of some crags. After climbing back onto the streets they speak.

Louie: Bah! Never saw the use of those types. Alright boy. Looks like we may have our fight in time. I’ll be heading off soon enough.

Before Louie begins his trip back Julien asks Louie about any news of his sister.

Louie: I’m sorry to say I’ve yet to find anything on our fair lady. Maybe we need to look elsewhere.

>Louie heads back to get support and Benson lays some groundwork. There will come a time to take back your home.
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>Continue the adventures of gairan as he heads back to liberatus and catches up with his family.

=======Clove household 1 month in====
After gairan managed to recover from the ordeal that was the mission and receiving his pay he went back to his homefort in liberatus to enjoy his vacation. 9 years still ticked on the clock that gairan put up a bet with a fellow. And so far...Things could be better to say the least. Back onto the situation gairan managed to safely arrive back home and was currently talking to his grandfather. The story however...
"You got what?" Clove said raising an eyebrow as gairan explained to him the operation leaving out him and his waste of grenades.
"Well...I was trying to run away from a brawler, mission at that point went to hell to say the least." Gairan said as he tried to ignore the glare rause sent him from his part of the lab as he worked. "Look I blame one of my teammates, someone decided to set a bomb within the armory and well..." He made a sound effect as he produced a sign which more or less meant explosion. Clove meanwhile sighed as he looked at the tear in gairans coat freshly adorned with battery packs strapped around it.
"Let me guess that's where they stabbed you?" He said as he stopped playing with a blue vial in his hands before inspecting it.
"Hmm, well they did a number on you to say the least." He said as he gave a 'humph' and went back to playing with the vial. "My suggestion, dont get stabbed." Gairan and the others present in the lab sighed as clove imparted another bit of his sagely wisdom onto his grand-kids. "That goes for all of you you hear!" Calling out towards the others who murmured agreements that they will try not to get stabbed.
Gairan meanwhile shook his head as the thought of getting some additional reinforcement to his armor came to his mind but lirenis more or less needed the money. Although the looks she gave as he handed the money as she murmured something about giving herself endless prescriptions of venticine pills worried him.
"Look I can only stay in here so long before i have to head back to the group you know how hard it was to get here. I can only stay for a while before heading back. I really appreciate you handing the money for the guards and such to escort me back to the home fort but..." Gairan removed his coat as he looked at the tear mark.
"Well, I would prefer not to get sent home in a box.Is there anything you can do to well reinforce this in anyway?" Handing over the coat to clove as he inspected it back and forth. Who stopped playing with his little 'toy' to inspect it.
"Hmm...Maybe, maybe." Flipping the coat and thinking to himself for a moment before an idea came to his head. "OY, VICKENS!" He yelled to the corner of the room where the teenager sat over a suit as he splashed chemicals on it and recorded his observings.
Rolled 15, 12, 10 = 37 (3d24)


"Get some of the bones and hide the hunters have been bringing in. I have an idea cooking!" Clove said as he inspected it quickly coming up with a sketch in his head of more or less padding it with liberatus hide and bone on the inside. Ideas coming to his head as he could quickly make a prototype and send it out to the field along with the invetible notes if he could start a small 'stand' to start producing them.
"You wouldn't mind wearing a prototype would you?" Clove said as he looked to gairan with a dangerous look in his eyes.
"Yes pa." Was all gairan could say as he was dragged into another of cloves experiments. A small smile creeping up his face as a few memories came into his mind of his grandfathers experiments coming to mind.
"Oh also gairan!" Clove said as he stopped and looked towards him . "Your gonna have to pay for the next trip. I'll get the people and everything its just your gonna have to pay them." Before returning to the poor coat, gairan could only laugh as he went out to pull his bags in. It was gonna be long while before he could come back might as well enjoy it before it was time to go back to the field.
Gairan returns with a patched up coat and a notebook a few weeks after everyone else. It seems he'll be busy helping his grandfather with his experiments.

>You'll need to continue to upgrade your coat.
"So how much of me is inside this 'prometheus' now?"

"None, really, only the loaded programs. It's really quite fascinating you see in layman's terms the neurotransmitter--"

"So I'll be okay if I leave it somewhere? Or if I break it?"

Catrina launches into a lengthy tirade about how she must protect the technology at all costs sprinkled with jargon that the courier does not understand. Fortuna rolls her eyes.

"Ave Maria!" Fortuna pushes the Prometheus off of the table, into her open bag. It lands with a clatter and a scandalised gasp from the head scientist. "You could just say that it is safe instead of talking my ears off!" Catrina huffs and turns to pretend to tidy some papers while Fortuna grabs her bag and gets prepared to leave.

"Where did you get that, anyway?" Catrina says hotly, turning around to find Fortuna poking at the carcass of a torn down Eldson GFE. "That is one of the prototype Mk.2 models; Professor Gyre is doing you a favour by letting you keep it."

"I found it on one of Foca's goons."

"Found it?"

"Stole it." Fortuna clarifies.

"Of course you stole it, but where did /they/ get the prototype?"

She shrugs, "I didn't hang around to ask them."
"Oh but you have reminded me!" Fortuna snaps her fingers, "I brought this with me to see if you could find anything useful inside of it."

Fortuna presents Catrina with the Eldson GFE "Foca".
Rolled 22, 22, 23 = 67 (3d24)

> "I brought this with me to see if you could find anything useful inside of it."
> Fortuna presents Catrina with the Eldson GFE "Foca".

Catrina: Head scientist? You're funny. I'm smart but not that smart.

Catrina holds the GFE in her hand: This one is different. We gota show Sam.

Fortuna and Catrina make their way to Samantha's workshop. They find her dutifully working on several new devices. She stops to

Sam: Oh you're that Oroian woman we subcontracted to scout the area for us. Thanks for that. We appreciate you wanting to come work for us. I hope the crags of Laissez have been kind to you.

Before Fortuna can speak, Catrina begins.

Catrina: She's doing good. We've been hanging out. She'll come to love it. Only took me 2 months and missing the last airship 4 times. Oh yeah, sorry to interrupt but you might want to take a look at this.

Upon presenting the GFE Samantha is beside herself.

Samantha: Damn it. This is excellent craftsmanship. Seems Eldson can engineer a good GFE if he uses really good parts, or at least find someone to do it for him.

Samantha examines the GFE some more before stopping. Her eyes widen.

Samantha: Wow. Never mind what I said. It's a lot of high grade parts but it's still not performing to its full potential. This wiring is atrocious. And what is that miner- wait Venmitine?! Hey let me mess with this thing. I have a few ideas.

Samantha promptly kicks both girls out without saying a word. Where as Fortuna is confused Catrina seems to have seen this before.

Catrina: Guess she's in one of her moods. We'll check back in a week.

During the wait Fortuna adjusts to her new home. Belway manor comes as a shock to her. She never had seen a house that large before even if it was falling apart. The rest of the crew assure her that it's mostly safe and to stay away from the basement.

Fortuna finds a certain freedom in Laissez she never had before. The city having been built on numerous mountainous crags becomes a playground for the nimble courier. The terrain offers her many opportunities, unlike anything she could find in Praia de Oro. What would take a normal person half an hour to navigate she does so in mere minutes. The perilous peaks and monstrous gaps don't slow her down. Instead they give her a new joy. As if for a brief moment she's flying when she crosses them. Even when she gets stuck across town because the airships have stopped running at night, Fortuna is able to leap her way home. If anything, the city was made for her.

Exactly one week later Catrina and Fortuna head back to the Gyre workshops. Samuel greets the two this time.

Samuel: You've been really helpful so far Fortuna. That GFE you found gave us some insight too. Eldson has been trying to make a GFE as good as my sister's. Unfortunately for him noone is as good an engineer as her. It looks like he tried to use some really expensive parts and some other stuff I couldn't wrap my head around. In any case Samantha was able to make a prototype with some the GFE you gave her and some other parts she had lying around. It will likely just sit here collecting dust so I figured it'd be better if you kept it.

GFE Mk.1 "Zephyr"

EN:18/18 RE: MAR LI: 6 2EQ
[Venmitine Imbuement] +1 MOV; +3 Dodge
[Venisol Self-winder] Generate 1 EN for every tile moved
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Next map is under construction. Here's a preview and some lore bits to tide you over.

Kvint: Far beyond Chrsye lies Kvint, the northeastern lands. Kvint is a land of massive amounts of natural resources and the largest controlled workers collective anywhere in Vitas. They are the leading exporters of many catalysts and minerals no thanks to "Polus" the moon that's forever over the eastern side of Vitas and directly above Kvint.

Polus is one of several moons orbiting Vitas but what makes it remarkable is how close it is and it's synchronous orbit. Slowly it transfers its mass towards Vitas in frequent meteor showers that constantly shell the snowy region. Known as the "Mineral curtain", the phenomenon presents a real danger as the meteors fall well within range of airships. It is for this reason that airship travel all but exists going northeast to southwest and they instead rely on many railways; the most famous being the Trans-Speranskia railway which connects Kvint with the Chrysian Kingdoms. One may wonder how any settlements can survive when there's a constant shelling of meteorites. Kvint has the largest natural deposits of Mervenyst which naturally slow the descent of the meteorites so most towns build themselves close to these pockets of safety.

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