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Ooooh boy. Its good to be back.


Previous Thread:

New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:
1) Each turn you will be given 2 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions along with a 2d100 roll.
>Normally your roll must pass the [Difficulty Challenge] of 25 in order to succeed.
>Getting a 10 and below is a [Critical Failure] while 91 and above is a [Critical Success]
2) All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any actions posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.
3) After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Acquiring and Improving Spells & Skills:
1) Study, research, explore, train or take classes to discover and learn new spells.
2) Training an already learned spell or skill will raise it further to the next tier once enough [Progress Points] are accumulated.
4) The progress threshold is based on the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,...)
>Usually Spell and Skill tiers are named as Basic => Intermediate => Advanced => Expert => Master
>Alternatively you can label the tiers as T1, T2, T3 and so on.
>Passing the 1st year exams unlock Tier 6 to 10; 2nd year exams unlock Tier 11 to 15
>Progress threshold needed for the 6th tier and above becomes a stable 10 points.
Spellcrafting involves fusing spells with various skills, knowledge and even other spells that your character has learned together creating a new spell or skill.
>The name of the resulting new spell will be determined by the QM. By default it will be "Cast A B C..."
>Your dice roll will affect the result of the spellcrafting. Lower rolls will result in weaker or negative version of the intended spell and vice versa.

Social Interactions:
1) Role playing with other players is a free action. Role playing with NPCs, however, will cost an action point to do so.
2) Collaborative Player-to-Player actions like trading, tutoring and PvP, will cost an action point to do so.

1) The battle starts with an initiative roll by each player. This tells the order of the actions of each player in the round. The initiative roll also resets every round and a new initiative roll will be needed every turn
2)The next phase is the attack, where the player with the highest initiative roll gets the chance to take an attack action. The player he attacks can also take a reaction and attempt to block, dodge or even counter attack with a spell or skill.
3)To land an attack, the attack roll must be higher than the defense roll. After landing a hit, The damage is calculated with relevant skills and traits using a 1d(1+ modifiers) roll.
4)This continues as everyone gets a chance to attack, resetting the round and this will be done until a player gets downed.
Links of Importance:
Website: sites dot google dot com slash view slash mkam slash home
List of Previous Threads: List of Previous Threads: goo dot gl slash bmEJ9d
Basic Rules: goo dot gl slash t4gDVG
In-depth Rules Explanation: goo dot gl slash uArwQJ
NPC Database for Madrid: goo dot gl slash oQ9vRU
Discord Server: discord dot gg slash pEEkNkr

4chan broke this post.
Turn 8:

[=== QM Annoucement ===]

Since we misarchived the Turn #7 we are keeping the whole postings.

Also, you can read the past updoot here:

Also, we will be continiung MkA:M in a lite format. Maybe for a thread or two.

[=== Canaria News ===]

With the closing of the trip in Canaria, Many have done their shopping and sightseeing. Please remember that we leave back to Madrid in a day (After Canaria turn 8.)

We will post an express update for those who missed their turn, last turn. Also, Joshua gets a special post just for his purchases.

[Joshua Gram Pendleton]
> Interact with Iris more. "So... what books do you read?"
Interested or curious about the girl, you decide to talk to her again. You do find her in the beach sitting atop one of the logs left behind from last night. She doesn’t react as you sit beside her in the morning sun, and she speaks up first, “Humans are so unpredictable. Makes them so wonderful but yet so scary. Don’t you think?” she says calmly as ever while looking to the horizon. She then snaps out of it looking at you incredibly embarrassed realizing what she said “N-no I mean they’r- um like full of possibility? R-right?” trying to explain that random thought she had. You try to push the topic away and to books.

"So... what books do you read?" You ask and she happily takes it, happy to change the subject. “W-well I read a few but I mostly read manga or manhua.” she says almost whispering at the end. She looks to you with an expectant gaze, watching if you would make a bad reaction but you react normally and she looks happy and satisfied about it. She starts explaining all this comics and stories and it does seem quite interesting. You think that with all the genres she talks about, you might be able to find something specific to your liking. She brings one of her favourite manhua out and it's a shounen slice of life with a sleek type animation that does get you interested. You continue to talk and you explain your interest in magic and things. She does tell you about her strength and says comics and manga are what inspired her to be a mage knight.

You instinctively chuckle at her telling you this. BAM! You get punched really hard. Ooof.

>[Hard punch] - You are at half of your HP. You can recover this naturally or visit the nurse for an instant healing.
>[Hurt feelings] - Iris’s feelings are hurt, DC for meeting her is raised to 50 for 3 turns or until you apologize

> Also, head over to the bookstore.
You head over to the Bookstore. When you arrive, you check your pockets and find a few extra bill from when you were in Canada!

>[Over Budget Shopping] Gain a free action to buy from the marketplace. If you choose an 1 S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 8 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 8 A tier Items and you can add up to 8 B-tier Items.
>If nothing interests you in the local library, as a free action, you may list down topics that interest you and the tiers of books you are looking for.

[Aine Boros]
>Investigate why choco is tired all the time. Is it where we are? Or maybe it's something he ate. Or it could be something emotional. I need to look into this

You decide to lay next to Choco. He’s sleeping in a very fluffy looking pile of hay. You try to ask him what’s the matter, why is he so sleepy but you start to understand now. The pile of hay it is surprisingly comfortable for what it is, you feel a slight sea breeze that is amazingly soothing and the small vent on the roof lets in the enough sunlight to make this sport comfortably warm. You fall asleep quickly.

You wake up hugging Choco. You feel that your bond with him is stronger.

>+2 Choco
>[Relaxed] - Gain a +10 in the next Academy roll.

>After that I should try talking to him a little. I never figured out why all those animals ran away from it. Hopefully he's enjoying this outing a bit more. [Start T5 Quest]

You just spent the rest of the day napping with Choco in the barn. Relaxing, but you notice that you have now hay under your clothes and it is pretty itchy. This is uncomfortable.

>[Itchy] - You have hay under your clothes and it is very itchy. You get a -5 to rolls that require concentration until you change clothes.

You get the Scroll of Fire Aspect, the vendor says that it is mostly used for swords and axes. But you might get creative with it.

The Gem Vendor mentions how the Black Pearl and the Blue Quartz are pretty powerful Water-enhancing gems but each one has its own unique secondary enhancer. The Black Pearl enhances Dark Magic and the Blue Quartz enhances Mana.

The Leather Cap looks good on you, but you ask the salesman to gift wrap it for you.

>[Scroll of Fire Aspect] - T3 Enchantment - Deals d3 damage over 3 turns.
>[Black Pearl]
>[Blue Quartz]
>[Leather Hunter Cap]

>DO: Ask Cristoph to upgrade blunderbuss and make It look nicer by adding this Ironwood to the sides and to the stock of it.

You meet with your friend Cristoph at the Mageknight Keep Cafeteria. You ask him for the small favor of upgrading your Blunderbuss with the sturdy Ironwood from Canaria. He replies that Ironwood is a pretty hard material to work with.

>”Zoot, my man,I don’t have the tools here right now to make it work as I would like to. Check back on it when we get back to the Academy.”

You want to talk with Christoph more about your time in Canaria but he mentions that he is somewhat busy after lunch. He’s gotta go and ask for a refund at the Fishermen Citadel.

>+1 [Cristoph]
>[Work in Progress] - Check back with Cristoph when you get back to the Madrid Academy

>[T5 Blunderbuss] - Cristoph is working on it, currently.

>DO: Go find Eliza and give her that hunter hat as a gift, and maybe she'll warm up to me.

You find Eliza near the docks of Saint Cross, she’s /asking/ some students to carry her luggage back to the S.S. Valencia. She’s barking orders at them about being careful to not scuff up the suitcases. The students moan back in response. If she was allowed to wield a whip, she would be using it right now.

You sneak up to Eliza and give her the small box. She looks visibly surprised by this; you even think you get a glimpse of blushing. But she gets back in composure, hands the box to a student and barks him an order. “Take this to my Suite.” She turns back to you and thanks you for your gift but she mentions that she has stuff to do right now and strides back to the S. S. Valencia.

You can feel the soothing sea breeze.

>[Leather Cap] - Wrapped.

>+1 [Eliza]
File: Credit-Card-declined.jpg (75 KB, 507x338)
75 KB
[Angelica Sriracha]
>DO: Finish paying for the damages done. After all of it is settled, talks of a business deal can come after that.

After the negotiations of payment, you swipe your card and the payment goes through. The owner thanks you for your cooperation and you go on your merry way. You gave the owner all of your contact information in case he is still interested in a deal with your family.

Back in Saint Cross, you try to buy a water bottle but your card get denied. You have to pay with the few silver coins you have in your pockets.

>[Due Payments] - You have paid your debts with the Ranch
>[Denied] - Your card has been blocked by the bank for 3 regular turns. [Economic debuff]

>DO: Ask Verde if she could take Rosen in as her apprentice. The girl has talent and she's too busy to give her the attention she rightfully deserves. (2 Favor points)

You head back to the Caves and start heading to Verde’s Room.

Verde is meditating in the center of the room. She awakes as you enter the room and Rosen’s takes cover behind your leg. You cut the rodeo and state your case firmly: Rosen has to potential to be something else, something more powerful. You don’t have the time at the moment to train her: with magic school, a tower to organize and being the heir to an empire… Verde seems to understand your concerns. She is, at first, against training Verde herself. She explains that training forms a bond between the trainer and the trainee. If you would like Rosen to be an unconditional ally to you, it would be better if you trained her herself. Otherwise she will accept to take Rosen as an apprentice and she mentions that this sprout would need a whole season worth of training. But she doesn’t guarantees that Rosen will be still completely loyal to you: she will be trained as a Nature’s Soldier and as an individual.

>[Proposal of Training] - If you accept, Rosen will be [30 turns] training with Verde and will be unavailable to you. Verde promises training her to her max potential.
>[Negotiation] - You can negotiate Verde’s proposal.
File: trinket.jpg (16 KB, 400x292)
16 KB
[Dania Nanato]
>DO: Rest at the beach. Enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves and the sun.
[1 use of bottle of sunscreen, pristine spatial tent]

You spend some time at the beach. The sun keeps you warm, but not so hot that the sun beats down upon you. Your tent helps you keep cool, and provides shade from the worst of the rays of sunlight. You of course, manage to apply sunscreen to your body to keep yourself from getting burnt. All in all, it was a relaxing time spent at the beach, though you wonder if you really rested by doing so.

>[Mildly Relaxed] +5 to the next action

>DO: Spend more time with Firefly
You spend some time relaxing in the warm sands of the beach under a parasol. Firefly, the blue spirit that you've grown quite accustomed to, is resting on your shoulder. It makes a few chiming noises that you don't quite understand. Perhaps it's displaying its satisfaction? Yeah, that makes sense.

Over the course of the afternoon, you make small talk with the blue wisp, not really expecting a response from it. Still, you feel like while you can't understand it, it understands what you're saying. So you talk, and you talk, as if speaking to an old friend of yours. When the sun starts to go down, you leave the beach with Firefly alongside you. An enjoyable experience for both of you, you'd say.

>+2 Firefly

[Devin Hines]
>Go back to Verde and see what she knows about this [Obsidian Frenzy Totem Piece] that I recovered from helping out in the woods.

Having taken care of that zone, you head back to Verde. The fragment appears to be a chunk of purple stone. Despite its appearance, you have a feeling that it still has some of its frenzying power within it. You tell her that it was a piece of the totem you destroyed, and the spirit nods. “I see, if this is what they were using to anger the creatures of the jungle, then I studying this will help stop future attempts.” Verde states. “Wait here.” The woman says to you as she turns around and walks away.

After half an hour, the woman returns to you. In her hand is a small trinket. It seems to be an ironwood clasp with obsidian in the center, likely made from the same piece you gave her. Runes and sigils of power seem to emanate from the rock. Looking at it gives you a sense of calm. “Thank you, Devin Hines. For your services, take this.” Verde says as she hands you the trinket.

>[Nature’s Serenity] - T3 Trinket. Confers +5 to resisting Mental Attacks. Confers an additional +15 to resisting attempts to Enrage the holder.

>Spend some one-on-one time with Ada.
>Spend time with Cassandra.
>Spend some time with Lucia.

When you get out of Verde’s cave, you realize it is pretty late at night and that you cannot get in touch with any of the girls. You go back to your Keep room to pack your belongings. You now realize you have more time at the cruiseship!

>[Packed Stuff] - Get an extra turn at the cruise ship.
File: Audrey.jpg (424 KB, 900x1200)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
[Baz Berdna Beorgius B]
>Do: After failing to find Elbert in the island, Zav tries to meet Audrey one more time to get more info about the coin as he can get.

“Have you considered my offer, Zav?”

After you reply she fluffs her hair and pushes her glasses back. She takes a good look around and spots a red flash from across the Plaza. She summons her magical staff again, and you go through the process again. When you land, she apologizes and mentions that it wasn’t a safe place for a meeting.

“I can tell you more about the coin: it’s a gift made by the gods to fortunate people as a token of their luck. They give you this only chance to undo a bad streak of luck or a critical turn of events. An opportunity to flip the coin of your future. One flip and you turn a bad outcome into a good one, or a critically dangerous one into a critically good one. Nothing more, and nothing less. After that, the coin vanishes permanently.”

She takes a moment to breathe and sighs.

“There are rumors about these Ancient Luck Coins around the world. Cropping up everywhere, but yours is the only true Coin I’ve heard about. Sure, the lore varies from author to author and from culture to culture, but the function of the coin is the same for everyone: a reroll of your actions, a gamble against fate, a fifty-fifty against the innumerable odds of life.“

She lets you take a moment so you can grasp all this information. She looks a little aloof in this, her own world and then she tries to bargain with you: “Are you still interested into trading the coin for one of my artifacts? Just because I will be joining the Madrid Academy next year doesn’t mean that I know less about magic than you, mister Mageknight.”

She starts getting more playful and she shows you around her own little world: it is a miniature version of the Island. She uses it for rapid transportation across the island and for hiding in. She looks so cute when she laughs.

She lets you out again and back into the streets of Saint Cross of Canaria.

>+2 Relationship with Audrey
>[Knowledge of the Coin] - Consumable - Reroll your fate.
When used please contact your local QM for more details.

>After meeting with Audrey the young man goes to the suspected location on where Elbert would be, has been quite some time since he talked with the old man and with the young knight's new acquiced he could arrange a meeting of both Audrey and Elbert to discuss the contents of the coin.

You find Elbert on a place called the Golden Canary. It is somewhat a mix of abar and theater focusing around dance. You also quickly learn that this place has a FIghting Arena under it. You find him in his Bermudas, a flowery shirt and a “FOXY GRANDPA” hat.

File: Foxy_Grandpa.jpg (34 KB, 522x522)
34 KB
“Young Knight, I haven't had this much fun in CENTURIES.” He says as he laughs with a girls under each of his arms and a mug of beer on his hand.

You quickly drag him out of there. That’s no place for the House of the Georgius. He blows a kiss to the ladies that were with him.

You take him to a place where you are sure that no one will be listening: the Mageknight Keep Library. You discuss with him your findings about the coin, it’s meaning and its uses. Elbert, now in his usual role as a protector and guide, gives you a little of his own advice. “You have been really lucky, young Georgius. I think it is up to you when to use that coin.” He rambles on about how fate can either be insignificant or change the course of the life of someone.

“Right now, that coin has no use for me; but wish I had before I failed to protect him...” You see Elbert shedding a tear.

>+2 Elbert

[Arthur Belrose]
>Letter to Ronin Son:




If you only knew Japanese.

>Find the werewolf. I don't know why the werewolf would be heading towards the Mageknight Keep, but it was probably not a good sign. At least the werewolf seems to have some control over its actions. (Investigation +1, Hot Trail +10)

You start investigating around the Magkenight Keep for clues. And it is easy enough to find them.

You notice that the wall that faces the slums has, surprisingly paw prints. You follow the trail of prints and dirt all the way to the entrance of the Keep. Once inside, the paws and dirt prints start turning something that looks into human footprints. This confirms that the creature you are investigating is actually a werewolf.

As you follow the dirt prints from inside the keep you notice it leads to the dorms wing. Exactly into a dorm room. You memorize the name on the whiteboard.

Jozin Redregard.

>+1 Investigation
>[Clue: Jozin’s Dorm Room]

>Find the weeb that gushed about the katana that could cut through tanks to me at the beginning of the trip, and try to befriend them. It'd be a nice thing to do to fulfill their dreams and give them a powerful Japanese blade, even if it didn't really cut through tanks, but I need to determine whether they are trustworthy, first. (Investigation +1)

You find him really easily, he’s at the hot tub of the Mage Knight Keep. He’s pretending he’s at the onsen.

You befriend him quite easily, as no one really wants to talk to him. He’s somewhat annoying and repeats old stale jokes and memes.He tells you that his name is Mushanokouji and deem him trustworthy. As you start to talk more and more about him, it is obvious that he really knows his japanese history and especially about the Secret Japanese Death Mage Invasion and the most recent animes. You feel out of the loop regarding the cartoons.

You two talk for a while. He tell you that he’s working on spellcasting first before training the path of the sword. And with that you decide that he’s trustworthy enough to have the blade. You hand him the [Ice Longsword]

He gets suddenly really excited, thanks you and runs away with the sword.

>+2 Mushanokouji, the Canaria Cruise Ship weeb.

>[Ice Longsword]

[Ean Hawthrone]
>Free Action: Accept the shopkeeper's deal.

You accept with a nod and close your eyes. She asks you to lay down on a small table behind the counter.

“This won’t be painful, my child.”

You start to feel feel how she starts to syphon the magic out of your body. You can see a small blue essence floating through your clothes to the body of the old witch. She has a smile of satisfaction on her face. After a few moments, she gently touches your face to let you know that she’s done. Did you passed out? You try to stand up and almost fell instantly. She chuckles and hands you an aluminium walking cane. It feels sturdy. After you get used to the lightheadedness of being magically drained she hands you a big sack of gold. You notice you can make your shopping and a little bit more!

>[T0 Aluminium Walking Cane] - It can hold your whole weight with no problems.
>[Magically Empty] - You feel light headed without magic. You cannot use or attempt to use any magic or magical items. That action will result on a critical failure. You will recover your natural magical reserves in 5 turns. (Or you can ask your magic back sooner.)
>[Peasant] - 3 turns - For every 3 regular actions done without magic, gain an extra progression point.
>[Pockets Full of Gold] - Your sacrifice has been remunerated.

You hit the markets with your easily earned money. You ask the Gem seller for a the Adamantoise Crystal and the Bracelet of Companionship. You ask him to explain more about the Bracelet. He mentions that each one of the 4 charms of this bracelet can be binded to one of your friends as a free action. When you grasp and whisper their name, they get teleported on the spot to you. They can only be magically transported willingly and they know who is summoning them. Once you successfully teleport someone, that charm disappears forever. When you inquire about the Adamantoise, he mentions that a blond girl traded this for other stuff. He thinks it might be useful for crafting.

You find two pretty interesting objects from the Brewer and Enchanter: a Oil of Weapon Enchantment and a scroll of Fire Aspect. Initially, you can only see the label on the shelf, you think it is currently sold out but he mentions that he has an extra scroll on the back, but it is a lesser enchantment than the original he had. The Oil that you bought, however, will enhance the enchantment back to a higher tier. It lasts for a long time if not used in combat. Apply it once, and each use lasts for 2 combats with the weapon.

The Weapons Master tells you that it is a pretty light for a sword and the only thing special about it it’s that it emits light. It is good for adventurers that fancy the night time.

>[T4 Bracelet of Companionship] - Has four charms that can be binded to a friend. You can use a charm to summon said friend. They can only be willingly summoned. You need to spend one action to summon one of your friends. They get teleported to the spot if they accept.
>[Adamantoise Crystal] - Crafting Item - Unknown properties
>[Scroll of Fire Aspect] - T2 Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire. - Deals d2 damage for 2 turns.
>[Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier. - 5 uses
>[T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light

>69 = Relationship Crit
>Chill with Jean-Francois. It's been a while since we've talked.

You find Jean-Fraçois at the Keep’s Spa. He’s wearing a towel and you are greeted with a big and loud “EAN! MY FRIEND!”, two kisses, one on each cheek and a big strong hug. You both mention how it has been awhile since you have seen each other. He says that the Keep sauna is an excellent place to talk since no one from the Academy is taking a break. He encourages you to come to the sauna for a session of relaxation. You give in and decide to chill with him to catch up.

You go back to your room for your swimming trunks and head to the steamy sauna with Jean-François. The steam of the sauna makes everything difficult to see and you even have trouble finding your own towel. You notice he’s wearing his tower over his shoulders so what is he…

You restrain yourself from looking down. As Jean tells you this fantastic stories about paying a student to restore a carriage, cleaning the pockets of the Gambling Club and getting attacked by a trash can. You tell him about the Grimwoods expedition and your misadventures in Canaria. After a long and chill bonding session at the sauna, Jean says he has a date with a princess and leaves you. You stare at Jean-François hairy muscular buttocks as he leaves the Sauna.

You question a lot of things about yourself.

>+3 [Relationship with Jean-François]
>[Relaxed] - +5 to a single action next turn.
>[Confused] - +5 to the next friendly action with a male student.

>Go find a crafting material that boosts the magical power of Healing or Life-based spells. There wasn't any in the shop, so maybe I'll find something if I look around.

You find a small shop hidden away in the slums selling magical items. You talk to the owner and she gives you a choice of the following items. You look at the price tags and you realize you can only take one.

>[The Unholy Grail] - Doubles the potency of all potions. It sips half of your mana on use.
>[The Crystal of Balance] - Heals you 2 HP for each Mana Spent. When holding you cannot use Mana to heal yourself.
>[The Guardian Sword] - When you take lethal damage, you rise again the next turn with 40% of your HP.
>[The Ancient Rune of Dagaz] - Sack of 10 Consumable Runes - Heals 1 HP and removes all debuffs.
>[The Lost Cross] - Your heals to an ally also give them 25% of Magic Resist against Dark and Shadow magic
File: Mariana Ferrant.jpg (1.03 MB, 1418x1956)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
[Gram Roderick]
>With no time left to spend in Canaria, just keep an eye out for anything, or anyone, nifty on our way out of the jungle.

This is your last day on this godforsaken islands, and you decide to explore it. Sure, it might have not been the most relaxing experience but you have found some quite useful items. Exploring the outskirts of the city, you go and take a look at Fisherman's Citadel.

It is indeed a boring fishing village, you take a stroll through the Markets of the Citadel but eh only thing you manage to get is the smell of fish. You notice a girl winking at you at the markets but you manage to lose her in the crowd.

>[Sighting] - A mysterious girl with a flirty look.
>[Fish-smell] - You smell like fish.

>Keep looking as we leave.
As you walk back with your belongings from the Keep to the Cruiseship you find the mysterious girl again and she gives the hand gesture for “Follow Me”. You decide to do so. She leads you from the busy streets and plazas of Saint Cross of Canaria to a really private beach surrounded by cliffs and tropical vegetation. As she turns around, you are greeted by a blonde girl in bikini holding a small machine gun.

“Well, well, well. Aren’t you the guy who fought one on one against those magical poachers?” She says. “News fly quick in my native Canaria.”

You are thinking about unsheathing your sword but she is quick to notice your intentions.

“I’m Mariana Ferrant. A recent transfer to the Mageknight Academy of Madrid and the top of my class in marksmanship. I have been working with the Mageknight Marksman Division, you know, the big leagues.”

>Met [Mariana Ferrant]
>[Live Action Sequence with Mariana Ferrant]
[David Zatta the Patatta]
>Take photo of myself and ask Ester to help relieve herself with it. She did tell me she didn't want me to fuck her, so I won't take advantage of her in this state.

You take a pretty crude dickpic and you send it to her. She doesn’t respond. You quickly forget about this as yo have a date with Loolen.

>Go satisfy Loolen

You go on and try to satisfy Loolen, but she’s way more experienced and hornier than you. You don’t satisfy her, but she surely satisfies you.

>+1 Loolen
>[Satisfied] +5 to the next roll.

[Matthieu Faust the Virgin Dhampir]
>Grab some volcanic stone before we leave. I'm sure I can use it as a pretty good summoning focus.

With the pressure of the time and the meeting with Sophie coming so soon, you could only grab a small amount of Volcanic Rocks. But you feel that these might suffice for the purposes that you need.

>[Small Sack of Volcanic Rocks] - It is small enough for Lilly to carry comfortably.

>Catch up with Sophie, I owe her for the Verbiden wood, and I'm sure she has some interesting things to say

You found Sophie at the Mageknight Keep library, you notice that she has a small pile of books, most of the books are Botanical in nature and some others are about magic and enchantments.

You tap her shoulder and she jumps in her seat. “Aaah! Matt, you thcared me.” You apologize to her and she takes the apologize.

You two start talking about what she’s doing and what she has been up to. “Mothtly rethearch. The Ironwood found here ith one of the motht enchantable wood in exithtence! You can do almotht everything with it”
She sounds really passionate about the topic and you listen to her founding and new theories on how to use it. She was also considering making some hybrids of Ironwood and other trees for cultivation at Madrid, since the Ironwood trees require tropical weather.

>+2 Sophie
[Lawrence Birch]
>Head to Glassbell stores and find things for items for that I can give to Eliza and Julie that they might like and can aide in their magic.

You found the stores and stalls of the famed glass artisans of Glassbell Shores. You can purchase items from here!

[Shop Restock]
If you choose an S+ Item, you can not take other items or you will get a major economic debuff. No extra items. You can take up to 2 S items and you can add up to 2 A-tier or 4 B-tier items or 1 A tier and 2 B tiers. Adding more items will have minor economic debuff. You can take up to 4 A tier Items and you can add up to 4 B-tier Items. Or you can just take 8 B-Tier items.
File: PATH OF RUIN.jpg (89 KB, 434x670)
89 KB
[Lawrence Birch]
>19-30 = -11
>Shop for more items, specifically try to find an item for holding in my natural instincts to help become more stoic or something to weaken this: Maybe even ask for a specific type of item for them to make
>>[Echoes of Ruin] The spirit within the blade drives you to perform acts of destruction. +15 to actions that involve destroying objects(but not combat), but -30 to actions that involve creation or preservation.

You begin to search for items or artifacts to help suppress your natural(or in this case, unnatural) instincts. Many merchants do not have the item you describe, so you continue your search. Something interesting happens halfway through, however. As you’re walking down the street, you can feel the brand on your back surge with power. The pain surges through your tattoo and causes you to scream in pain. A voice echoes in your head. “DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFY ME, BOY?”

You push yourself off the ground and stagger towards an alley. Your feet seem to move of their own accord; is this Oblivion’s doing? Tiny tendrils of black and red fill your vision. You try to scream in pain, but no sound escapes your mouth. You soon succumb to the pain and fall unconscious.

When you awaken, you find yourself stuck to a tree. A dull pain throbs in every part of your body. But why are you stuck, and why does your chest hurt so much? You look down, and see that there is a sword impaling you in the chest. Not just any blade, however; the Blade of Destruction is right through your body. It’s a surreal sight. You can hear a chuckle, and your head snaps to attention to the source: the same hooded man who gave you the blade, and the symbiote inside of you.

“So you’ve tried to defy the blade, huh?” He snickers. “And right after you had made a pact with it too. Gotta say, not your wisest decision.” The man kneels down next to you, and you manage to get a better look at him. His cloak is in tatters, presumably from having fought you. You’d think he’d be smiling, if you could see his face. “If you really want to try and defy the weapon, try to appease it, first.” He advises you as he stands up. He takes out a simple, iron pocketwatch from the folds of his robes and walks in front of you. “Look kid, I’m running out of time, and I can’t bail you out forever.” He puts his hand on the handle of the blade and leans in close to your face. “I’ve given you the power you wanted, you just need to use it. Better luck next time.” For a moment, you see a skeletal visage before Oblivion is ripped out of your chest. You scream in pain, and slip into unconsciousness once more.

The next time you wake up, you’re still leaning against the very same tree that he impaled you against. Oblivion is gone, though you’re certain that it has just returned to your body. Your entire body aches, but you find that you have no injuries. You get up, and realize the entire glade, including the forest around it, has withered and died. The tree trunks look petrified, the leaves are in various states of decay, and the grass is gray and dead. You take off running back to the keep before someone finds the site of your battle.

>[Oblivion’s Disdain] The spirit within the blade distrusts you for attempting to weaken its control over you. -10 to all rolls involving defying Oblivion until you can appease it.
>[Interloper’s Vigil] You have a sinking feeling that this will not be the last time you see the shady man.
File: THE MARKET.png (18 KB, 338x188)
18 KB
Gem Vendor:
>1 [T5 Wand of Ice Storm] - S+ - d25 damage in an area.
>[SOLD OUT] [T5 Heart Amulet] - S+ - Boosts Stamina levels by 2
>1 [T4 Ring of Counterspells] - S+ - This Bronze Ring shivers when vampires are nearby.
>1 [T4 Bracelet of Companionship] - S+ -
>2 [Concealing Pocket] - Your own Pocket pocket-dimension.
>1 [T3 Jade Tiara] - A - Boosts Earth Spells and Conjurations.
>[SOLD OUT] [Black Pearl] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Dark and Water abilities and spells when on a weapon or instrument.
>1 [Blue Quartz] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Water and Mana abilities and spells.
>1 [Hematite] - B - Crafting Item - Boost Blood or as a connection to the Earth Plane.
>[SOLD OUT] [Malachite] - B - Crafting Item - Boosts Protection and Earth Spells.

Brewer and Enchanter:
>2 [Potions of Rage] - S+ - Doubles Strength and Stamina for 1 Combat
>1 [Bottled Misfortune] - S - Guarantees a Misfortune - Flavor: Grape
>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
>[SOLD OUT] [Scroll of Fire Aspect] - S - Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire.
>1 [Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - A - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier.
>1 [T2 Bottle of Common Wine] - A -
>1 [T2 Bottle of Starleaf Wine ] - A -

Weapon and Armor Maker:
>[SOLD OUT] [T3 Luck Blade] - S+- The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties
>1 [T4 Holy War Axe] - S+ - Foes slain by this weapon fade and vanish.
>1 [T4 Compound LongBow] - S+ - Grants an extra 2 strength
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T2 Heated Armor] - S - Provides T3 Cold Resistance.
>1 [T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail] - S -

Book Seller:
>[SOLD OUT] [Curing Critical Wounds] - S+ - A War’s Surgeon experience
>[SOLD OUT] [Tome of Leadership and Influence] - S+
>1 [Sage of Heaven] - S+ -
>1 [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
>2 [Scroll of Silence] - S -
>1 [Accepting the Angels] - S -
>2 [Curse with Wings] - S -
>1 [King of Dusk] - A -
>1 [Ruins of the Light] - A -
>2 [Hero of Stone] - A -
>1 [Thief of the Stars] - A -
>2 [Identifying and Detecting Ores and Minerals] - B
>1 [Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B
>5 [Nurse’s Handbook] - B
>2 [Scroll of Cold Resistance] - B
>3 [Medic of Yesterday] - B -
>10 [Guide to be a Knight] - C -
Glass Artisan Shops - [Only Available in Glassbell Shores]
>1 [T2 Water Hair-clip] - A - +2 to water related actions
>1 [T2 Fire Ring] - A - A shining red-colored glass ring, +2 to Fire related actions
>2 [T2 Blueglass Mana Ring] - S Holds 2 mana reserves that can only expended all at a time. Recharges once a day
>1 [T3 Ice Earrings] - S - A blue icy-looking pair of earrings, +3 to Ice related actions
>1 [T3 Earth Earrings] - S -A smooth brown glass-marble stone pair of earrings, +3 to earth actions
>3 [Glass Telepathy Earrings] - B - Each paired piece will give them the ability to talk to each other.
>1 [T3 Eyeglasses] - S - Improves sight related actions by 3, Can see invisible Objects
>1 [T4 Fire Power Gem] - S+ -Embedded into a glass ring.
>7 [T2 Potion Enhance Bottle] - B - Enhances the potions it holds by one tier
>2 [T3 Freshwater Pearls Glass Earrings] - S+ - It boost Water Magic by its tier, only if the water is freshwater.
>1 [T3 Thunderglass] - A - It boost Lighting Spells by 2 tiers.
>1 [T5 Illusionist Mirror] - S+ - It boosts illusion magic by 3 tiers. It can be used to reflect spells back to the attacker.

Salvage and Miscellaneous Seller (B-Tier):
>1 [Large Glass Chandelier]
>9 [Sacks of Wheat]
>1 [Small Sack of Corn]
>5 [Pack of Fishnets Stockings]
>1 [10’ Pole]
>1 [Gas Lamp]
>4 [Bag of Incense]
>2 [Unframed paintings]
>1 [Ivory Drinking Horn]
>2 [Vial of Perfume]
>1 [T1 Silver Shortsword]
>1 [Rabbit Fur Shortsword Scabbard]
>2 [Porcelain Vase]
>[SOLD OUT] [Leather Hunter Cap]
>1 [Dragonscale Amulet]
>2 [Carved Wooden Staff with Silver Details]
>10 [Bags of Rare Spices]
>2 [Tents]
>3 [Sleeping Bags]]
>1 [Sarcophagus]
>2 [Drinking Glass sets]
>1 [Glass Plate Sets]
>1 [Empty Fish Bowl] - Is really bigger in the inside!

Tattoo Shop:
>[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
>[T2 Tribal Tattoo of Energy Ray] - A - Lets the user shoot an Energy ray from its hands.
>[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.

>[LOCKED] - Seen by Matt



>I have been working with the Mageknight Marksman Division, you know, the big leagues
"Am I supposed to be impressed?"
"Not really."

Mariana takes a moment to look around.

"I got information that might be of value to you. It involves Amsterdam and its principal."
"And I take it this information is going to cost me something?
"We don't work like criminals. "

There's a small moment of silence. You can feel the tension in the air.

"Look, we have an idea of the whereabouts of Principal Katherine, and other important members of the Mageknight Academy of Amsterdam."
"Go on."
"My Division is planning a raid through the hellish landscape that is Amsterdam. Are you interested?"
File: Desire to know more.jpg (39 KB, 640x512)
39 KB
My impatience grows with each passing moment this woman doesn't tell me what I want to hear.
"Yes, just get on with it."
File: The Fortress.png (2.98 MB, 1218x1003)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
She takes a map out of her pocket.

"The Holy Order managed to secure the Amsterdam Academy through sheer force, but their strengths are diminishing by the minute. The magical force field of Amsterdam has been down for a week. From the short-wave radio, we have heard rumors of where they might be."

She points at the map.

"This red marked zone is the area where we suspect they keep the prisoners. Each layer of the canals is fortified with unholy beasts, each one more lethal than the last one. At the central sector, there have been reports of magical thunderstorms and a massive column of smoke, but the reports of the Holy Order indicate that the level of magic in that area is decreasing. It might be the opportunity we have been waiting for."

She takes a look back at you.

"What else do you need to know?"
"Would you or anyone you know be able to enter someone else's pocket dimension with a key, then come out wherever the original creator is?"
"The keys to magical pocket dimensions can only be given out by the original creator of the dimension to a selected individual. But, from research and experience, that individual can bring other individuals as well to the pocket dimension."
"No, I have a key, I can take us to Katherine's pocket dimension, I am asking, if I brought someone there, or if they could teach me, could I then use it to appear wherever she is instead of back where I originally used it to enter."
"From what the librarians have told us, it is possible. Usually it requires the consent of the original creator of the dimension, but it can be possible to bypass that."

She takes a second.

"We considered the possibility about using your, but we aren't sure about the reliability of that spell. Pocket Dimension can be finicky. We were thinking about an amphibious assault from the northern bay, and having a second team distracting them from the southern outer ring of canals."
"So you believe an assault is a better risk than attempting to force our way through pocket dimensions? How confident are you in that plan? How many and who do you have with you?"
"The Holy Order didn't want to involve you or the portal to her pocket dimension since you are currently in a relationship with the Principal."
Start walking away.
"Don't you think there was a reason why I was here talking to you disobeying orders?"

"Good luck"


>You know have the Map of the possible location of Katherine and the Faculty of Amsterdam
>You now about the Holy Order raid in Amsterdam to extract important Faculty out of the City
>You now know that the Demonic Forces in Amsterdam are starting to get weaker.
>You now know that it is possible to force the portal of Katherine to teleport you to her location.
Name: Lawrence Birch

>Go and buy the shit that I need.
>>1 [Bottled Misfortune] - S - Guarantees a Misfortune - Flavor: Grape
>>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
Name: Ean Hawthorne

>Purchase [The Crystal of Balance] - Heals you 2 HP for each Mana Spent. When holding you cannot use Mana to heal yourself.

Agree to leave Rosen with the women, on the condition that we can visit her whenever we like.
File: SS_VALENCIA.jpg (89 KB, 960x500)
89 KB
As the sun sets down, the SS Valencia heads back to the coasts of Spain.


[For this turn, all RP is free]
Verde accepts the deal.

You know where you can find me[/i

You have acquired [The Crystal of Balance]

You acquired [Bottled Misfortune] and a [Scroll of Binding]
Rolled 13 (1d100)

>Aine lies on a deck chair. Finally managing to get choco away in the lower deck to rest for now, having been left alone by helia and doroty he enjoyed the setting sun as he was finally returning him.

>DO: Also take the time to wash my itchy set of clothing, clean up, and change into something nicer looking. Freshening up never hurt.
Rolled 57, 11 = 68 (2d100)

Has been quite a emotional trip this time around for the young knight, if not a little too "emotional" in his opinion with his near to death experience, having to fight a spirit of nature can do that. Not to mention discovering that his friend and professor has been kidnapped by demons and he himself being possible target for such, ven though all of this, Zav considered this a good trip and experience, not because of the sense of adventure, but because he did all of it with his family.

Perhaps before the young man and his family go back to their rotine, they can relax on the ship deck until the end of the trip.

And while they are on it, Zav tries to wash some of the clothes that Red and Jack used during the trip, alongside checking his own wounds that he acquired during the trip.
Rolled 95 (1d100)

>Do: Head down to where choco is kept and spend more time with them. Maybe I can talk to them idly. Even if they can't talk back it's nice. [Begin Choco's T5 Quest]
Rolled 28, 87 = 115 (2d100)



Well, that trip could've gone better, but past experience says it could've been much worse. We got a neat, but most importantly, if she can be trusted, we gained information regarding Katherine. Now I just need to find someone who can help me figure out how to get to her through her pocket dimension.

>Look for anyone, or at least any information, to get to Katherine through the pocket dimension.

Things are going too well, something bad has to be in store.
>Prepare for bad times ahead.
forgot character sheet link:
Rolled 4, 81 = 85 (2d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


Woooooah, that dream felt like it lasted for months. I-it felt so real. I can't just pass that off as a dream, something's going on here.

>DO: Go give Brooke a hug. I'm not around with her that much.
"Oh my god Brooke, I'm having the wackiest dreams lately. I'm happy that I can wake up and be with you."

>DO: There's gotta be a dancing room on a cruise ship, right? Take Brooke and let's go dancing.
Modifiers: Basic dancing, Basic stamina.
I make my way to the deck to sit in a lounge chair. "Huh, the ocean looks nice. I can see why Brooke likes it so much."
>Aine let's out a monstrous yawn rubbing his eyes for a second as he looks to his left and right, giving a glance to the people occupying spaces next to him. Giving the familiar face (zoot) a second look.

"Wait. It's you. Shit it's been a while."

>He starts scratching his head and chuckles as he sits up.

"What was your name again?"
This guy on my left starts talking to me. Ok.
"Oh, yea hi. I'm Zoot. You look like a familiar face, who are you again?"
"Aine. Aine Boros. I helped you when you were running for...president I think? It's been a while."
"Oh yea, I remember you now. Thank you for that. I still lost though, but that doesn't mean I gave up." >:D
>He chuckles a good bit at that

"Well if you ever run again feel free to call on me. What've you been up to man?"

>He starts to scratch his hair more. A piece of hay falling out.
"Hmmm, good question. I haven't done much of anything on this little trip to the island. Let's see, First I just walked around the markets. Then I went to a pirate museum. Then I found a cool old pirate gun that was all rusted and I made it work again. Uhhhhh, Oh and I danced around at a bonfire. Yep, that's all I did. So buddy what did you do?" I ask.
"Solved some...relationship issues I was having with a pair of girls. Found a cool hat from one of my ancestors, and a weapon too. Took a picture of a statue of him, played frisbee with my pet bird. Then I spent some time with said pair of girls. I also did a bit of shopping." He leans forward, bracing his chin underneath his hand while his elbow was leaning on his leg. He looked up at the sky, thinking over for anything he may have missed.

"Probably gonna visit choco again. The bird, while she's below deck."
File: IMG_0935.png (159 KB, 243x454)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Rolled 16, 7 = 23 (2d100)


>Not having the chance to hang with Nina and the girls on the last day, I see about getting all of us together and go to the gaming room and just have some fun. [Ada T4, Cassandra T4, Lucia T4, Nina T5]

>Thinking about our return home, I decided to check in on my family and talk about the trip.
Rolled 94, 18 = 112 (2d100)


>Do: Clean my bow, even tho its brand new

>Do: Take a good nap

"Hey you, your faces look familiar... are you guys from the Amsterdam academy?"
"Oh, I remember you. I saw you when I got off the boat. Your name is...
Nanato! Yea I'm from Amsterdam."
"Oh! sup nanato. It's been a while since I saw you. At angelica's party right? How've you been doing?"
[=== QM Annoucement ===]

Since we misarchived the Turn #7 we are keeping the whole postings.

Also, you can read the past updoot here:

Also, we will be continiung MkA:M in a lite format. Maybe for a thread or two.

[=== Canaria News ===]

Canaria, as a setting, has been unlocked to all players: New or Old. It is an island of mysteries, adventures, and treasure. Loot is littered all across the island, and so are quests.

[=== Washing Machine Broke ===]

When both enter the laundry rooms of the S. S. Valencia you are greeted by a mountain of soap and bubbles coming at you. The soapy mess is burying the washing machines and the dryers. The current room is unusable.

[Aine Boros]
Aine, you are still itchy and you have no clean packed clothes left. Bummer.

[Zav Edna Georgius V]
Zav, you don't get time for looking at your own wounds as you are being pestered by Jack and Red for clean clothes.

[=== TURN ===]

[Aine Boros]
After that small fiasco with the Laundromat, you decide and go back with Choco on the animal cages section of the ship. You talk to her idly, about the things on your mind and she just rests her head on your lap. It feel really comfy and cute. You pet her head as you talk to her. A weird bird call coming from the top of the boat drives you up to the deck of the Cruise Ship.

You see another, bigger Orphan Bird standing in front of you. This is a truly magnificent bird, staring at you.

[Reply to this post with your action]

[Zav Edna Georgius V]
You relax with your small family, red and Jack by your sides. You enjoy the waves and the rocking of the boat. You even use sun screen.

>[Relaxed] + 5 to all rolls next turn

[Gram Roderick]
Everyone looks tired as hell from the trip to the Island and not everyone is in a talkative mood. You don't manage to find anyone that looks that knows something about pocket dimensions.

During the whole cruise trip back to Canaria nothing really spectacular happens. You see a student talking to a huge bird that landed on the ship, but it seems under control.

Your paranoia of things going absolutely wrong makes you more alert towards everything.

>[Prepared for Action] - Gain +5 on your next action involving/entering/or preparing for combat.

"Oh my god Brooke, I'm having the wackiest dreams lately. I'm happy that I can wake up and be with you."

You wake up but Brooke is not by your side. You have been hugging and cuddling a pillow this whole time.

You don’t have a good feeling about this.

>[Brooke’s Secret] - ????? - Will unlock at the next critical action. (Either Success or Failure)

You found Brooke upstairs and already dressed and you give her a sneaky kiss on the cheek. You go and ask her to go dancing with you at the cruise dance hall. She accepts and you go dancing all night long, until your return to Madrid.

>[Brooke] +1 Relationship`
>[Dancing] +2

[Devin Hines]
>Not having the chance to hang with Nina and the girls on the last day, I see about getting all of us together and go to the gaming room and just have some fun. [Ada T4, Cassandra T4, Lucia T4, Nina T5]

The Gaming Room at the Cruise Ship has been disabled due to the Laundromat soap flooding. The girls don't really fancy the idea of hanging out at your small cabin but Nina always looks forward at hanging out with you.

>[Nina] +1

>Thinking about our return home, I decided to check in on my family and talk about the trip.

As you go on and try to communicate home; you see the mountain of bubbles and soap rapidly coming to you. You try to run from it, but you trip as the Cruise rocks.

You get eaten by the mountain of bubbles and soap.

>[Bubble Monster] - You look like a Monster made up of Bubbles. It has the following "perks". The status will disappear until you do something about it.
>[Slippery] - You have a greater possibility of tripping, sliding, or dropping items. -5 to actions that require grip
>[Smelly] - You smell like freshly washed clothes.
File: Wrath_of_the_Ancients.png (64 KB, 250x540)
64 KB

[Dania Nanato]
That Ironwood bow you got is pretty dirty. Scratch that, it is positively filthy! You get some rags and start wiping the grim off of it. As you do this you start to see how the bow really looks and your caught by surprise by what looks like bone! Scratching off the rest of the crusty bits you find strange symbols carved into the sides that you also didn’t notice before. Not knowing what all this means you decide to go find an expert on bows. Wandering around the ship you randomly come across Lucia, the old summoning teacher, and ask her what she could make of it. “Hmm, this is really something. These bones are from ancient dragons, and these runes can harness the vast amounts of magic stored in them. I’ve heard about these kinds of weapons, they were ancient artifacts used to combat demons. One would empower a bow like this with an element by doing certain rituals. Imagine being able to wield the power of fire and lightning! These are just stories though, still that’s a very nice find!”

>Acquired [Wrath of the Ancients] A tier 7 bow made out of ancient dragon bones and ironwood with magical runes engraved on the sides. With certain rituals you can add elemental effects to this bow to make it even more powerful!
>Hmmm, If only you knew some of those rituals. Maybe you should do some research on dragons, or maybe runes? Oh she also said something about demons. Where to start.

Uggggh, it’s hard sleeping on a boat. You just can’t take the rocking of baaaaack and forth. Baaaaack and forth. Baaaaack and… Oh god, I think i’m gonna be sick.
(Last turn was 138, the Canaria trip took about 4 turns)

>Aine's jaw drops a little as awe shines in his eye. It was easy to say this was a far cry from his meeting with choco. Taking tentative steps forward as he held out a hand slowly, stopping before he touched it, trying to see if it would let him touch it.

"Hey there."

>Before he mutters something about not seeing many others like choco, if any at all.
File: ChocoRoll.jpg (324 KB, 1024x1024)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
[Give me a Choco Roll for touching the birb]
Rolled 75 (1d100)


Relevant stat being
>T3 Animal Husbandry (Not that kind of husbandry)
Rolled 11, 60 = 71 (2d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


Oooo, more secrets

>DO: See what's going on with Brooke.
"Hey beautiful, I just had to come talk with you cause sweetness is my weakness. So what's on your mind?"
Modifiers: Expert Public Speaking +4

>DO: I dunno, go smoke some more weed I guess.
The bird lowers its head as its being pet. It seems pleased with your touch.

After you are done, it leaves out a Squawk
>Aine rubs the birds head, smiling.
"Man I was stressing it too much, all of you are harmless. Hm. I should probably use a name to refer to you as..."

>Aine thinks it over for a bit one of his hands going to his chin as he continued petting the bird before a metaphorical light bulb pops up over his bed

"Moka! That works. So moka want some food?"

>He tried to gently get the bird to follow him with the prospect of food. Considering whether he should take them to choco or to his room. Probably to choco, they might not like him bringing a bird into the guest rooms.
Moka, the Orphan Bird, flaps it's wings tying to get to the wooden deck of the cruise ship.

Is at this moment that you notice the real size of this bird. Even if it looked somewhat bigger than Choco, the reality is that this bird is a fully grown Orphan Bird.

As it flaps it wings again and falls gracefully on the deck, you start to wonder if this was Choco's mother...

The bird is now following you.
>Aine rubs his hand through his hair, at a loss for words

"Is choco gonna get that big too. How the hell would I even ride her at that point."

>Aine tries to take her down to the lower decks where choco is, though she might have trouble with that. In that case he'd opt for bringing choco up to moka instead. Kind of hopeful this was actually choco's mother, maybe she'd finally feel a little less lonely.

The Orphan Bird follows you to the lower deck. She tries to use her Wings as supports, but the narrow corridors are too tight for her.

When you finally make it to the Lower Deck, you think about introducing them...

>D100 TIME
Rolled 10 (1d100)


>Aine's breathing tenses. Hoping he doesn't fuck it up.
Rolled 71, 12 = 83 (2d100)



>Go find Platina, and talk to her about the Special Order V1 Hernandez told me about, whatever that is.

>Afterwards, go find the Hunters Bar in the Northside of Madrid and hopefully find Lei there, and not get shived.
Your bow is now T5
You get a headache suddenly. In your minds thoughts start racing, your palms start to sweat and your arms turn into spaghetti. The bird starts flapping its wings and angrily squawking at you and Choco.

You hear a voice in your mind that isn't yours...

>Aine closes his eyes as both of his hands go up to his temple from the headache before raising up a hand to gesture for the birds to calm down. Confused...

"What? What wasn't supposed to be this way..who?"

>Both aloud and in his mind as he tries to sort out his thoughts and organize them.
Your head gets flooded with the following thoughts:



>Both of aine's hands go to his head, trying to block out the sounds despite how pointless that is. Mouth opening as he shouts.


>Shaking his head before he glares at the mother bird, defiance in his eyes.



>Aine stared at mother bird, gritting his teeth

"I will! There's no way she could be an abomination."

>Aine face is a mix of anger and sadness as he steps back near choco. Something materializing in his hand, pulling out of his pocket locker...two halves of a broken frisbee.

"You see this? This isn't the mark of an abomination. This is something I treasured, playing with someone I care about on the beach. Her! That's not an abomination, she isn't a monster, she's someone close to me, someone that enjoys playing on the beach! Sleeping together on a pile of hay, hanging out for a picnic."

>He pauses for a second as he tightens his grip on the broken frisbee, looking away for a moment sad...

"And someone who hates being alone..."

>Turning his gaze back at the mother bird, back to his defiant state, holding up the broken frisbee pieces like a shield

"There's my proof! And I'll prove it in any other way that I have to. And any other way that I can!"
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Rolled 97 (1d100)

Mama bird takes a moment.


As she takes a fighting stance with her talons and wings, you close your eyes and prepare for the worst.

You feel a rush of wind and then your headache gets worse...

Then you hear it...

This voice, in your head, sounds younger. But the headache gets worse as time pases.


You open your eyes and you see Choco standing between you and Mama Moka...

>His eyes are squinted with a hand to his temple, trying to massage the growing headache as a part of him wanted to laugh. Laying a hand on choco's back as he looks back at Mama Moka

"She's right, everyone can be saved."

>He looks back at choco to strengthen his resolve for a moment all his shouting gone, unable to handle it with his quickly worsening headache.

"And no one who stands up for their friends could ever be an abomination. Can you look at this and still call your daughter an abomination? Can you still say she's bad?"
Rolled 39 (1d100)


Mama Moka takes a moment.



"I'm getting rid of her darkness. Just because she was a bad egg doesn't mean she deserves to be alone, or abandoned, and I don't care what was meant to happen. I already said it, I'm not going to give up on her, or turn my back on her. I won't let her sink to the bottom to wallow in grief."


Mama moka spots a cargo opening on the ceiling of the cargo room. She flaps her wings and breaks through the Cargo doors leaving debris and planks everywhere.

[Live Action Sequence ends]
Rolled 42, 73 = 115 (2d100)


Name: Aine Boros
From: The USA


>DO: Time to try and meet with helia's father again. Maybe this time I won't be shot down at the front door.

>Relevant Modifier: [Relaxed] - Gain a +10 in the next Academy roll.

>DO: Take a bath and clean myself up, then wash my dirty clothes and change into something fresh and nice. I can still feel the itch from the hay.
Rolled 58, 42, 42, 36 = 178 (4d100)

>practice martial arts on the bridge. That holiday was nice, but I can't let myself become rusty
>Eat sweets at the ship restaurant's with Lily, and have a chat with her
>Now that we're back in Madrid, try to get Lily enrolled in the nearby school. AGAIN. And try to clear any misunderstanding with the staff while I'm at it.
>Using the volcanic rocks I got as a catalyst, I'll attempt to summon a fire elemental (T3 Summoning Theory, T1 Elemental Theory, T2 Elemental Summoning Ritual)
Rolled 85, 62 = 147 (2d100)


>Go and take a long soaking bath to get myself cleaned off from that whole bubble fiasco.

>I go and see if the girl I had helped, Kassandra, has recovered from her ordeal.
Rolled 34, 18 = 52 (2d100)

Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: Train Tree Stride
(Master Fey, Blessing of the Fey, Master Conjuration, Tree Stride T3) +23
>DO: Introduce the cow girl I took home to the tower, make her feel comfy.
(Blessing of the Fey, Ring of Allure, Fey robes)

+10 to magic roll for tower, +10 to social roll for tower
Rolled 9, 77 = 86 (2d100)


Dania Nanato


It's good to be back in the Academy.

>Research about runes. Could be useful

>Research about archery

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