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This Quest is developing similarly to a Civ or a Skirmish, but the setting is a "Low" Fantasy Victorian-era world where magic is present. Similar to an Isekai, your character has died in the real world, having lived an unfulfilled life. Perhaps you gave your life to save someone else's. Perhaps you missed the chance to do something while you were alive. Perhaps you simply ended your life, uncontented with its many facets.

To your surprise however, you've awoken in a strange, yet familiar world. You feel fundamentally different, as if there is a new power stirring within you. You know this feeling as the gift of magic, with potential far greater than many of the people in this world. You are an Outsider; a person whose soul had been wrought from another dimension.

You're not alone, either. You've awoken alongside other Outsiders from Earth, too. Whoever you were back in the old world is mostly inconsequential now.

You were greeted by several humans with clothing that looks similar to what someone from the 19th century London would wear. They then introduce themselves as members of an organization called the Xerenith Order.

Your summoners have brought your soul here to help fight against threats that they cannot fight against alone. The Order promises to give you funding, safety, and a roof over your heads, so long as you continue to work with them.

Ultimately, there is no explicit way to 'win'. As a player, you are encouraged to set your own goals. Maybe you'd like to amass power, or return to Earth, or even rebel against your summoners. The choice is yours.
How to join: - Currently admitting new players. Pop into our Discord for more info.

Make your character. It can be a male or a female. Post your full character info in each of your Action posts like in a regular civ or skirmish.

You have 3 "Skill points" from your backstory. Skill points can be used to gain Skills, which are categorized into six different archetypes: Might, Finesse, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration, and Industry.

a. Name (trip/namefag yourself)
b. Give a short description of your character. Pictures are also appreciated.
c. Allocate your skill points. These can be skills that you knew in your old life on Earth(i.e. Mathematics, Firearms Proficiency, etc), or gained when you became an Outsider(i.e. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, etc). Do note that these skills can be as general or as specialized as you like, but must be within reason(i.e. Magic Missile is an acceptable starter skill, but Create Matter isn’t).

How to play: -
To start you post your character sheet with actions for each turn.
a. Action Economy. Each turn you will be given 5 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions. Major actions use 2 [Action Points]. Social and minor actions only use 1 [Action Point].

Examples of major actions: Training, spellcrafting, building, etc.
Examples of minor actions: Social interactions, resting, etc.

For every action(whether it be major or minor), you must roll.

-General formula uses [General Dicepool] + [Archetype Bonuses]
-[General Dicepool] is 1d100
-[Bonus] are added to the action you are making.

Each tier into an archetype related to the action now grants a +5 Bonus.

If you have Bread Baking (Industry) and your action is to Bake Bread you roll 1d100, and add a +5 to your action.
If you had 12 Finesse, you had a Well-Rested Status that gave you a +10 bonus, you had a skill that gave you +5 to actions related to Stealth and you posted an action related to stealth, you'd roll a 1d100 and get a total boost of 25:
10 from the Finesse, 10 from the Status, and 5 from the related skill

b. All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any action posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.

c. After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XWb8hdB
Detailed Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xiK64yrVUXMDKObX9VPnm_SazgQrO4YsWSp-UPJo5rM/edit?usp=sharing
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=mass+isekai
The Factory
An old metal processing plant that was closed down decades ago. Chosen for its proximity to the city of Burhtic, this building is close enough to get to the city, but also far enough to make sure that if something were to happen, the Xenerith Order would have ample time to stop it. The factory floors were cleared of machinery, meaning that there is plenty of space for development. The lack of comfortable amenities might leave something to be desired, however.

Default Building:
>Sleeping Quarters
>Dining Hall
>Infirmary(Currently in bad shape)
>Free Space for Development (8/15 left)

Expansion Units: 5/15
>Spell Repository
>Chemist Lab
>Fight Arena


= The Wagons & The Campfire =
A weaker type of Stronghold

In search of the culprit storm of daemonic origins, the Order has sent out an Expedition of Selected and Volunteer Outsiders. They have already sent a small scouting team to follow and catch the storm to stop the Vermin attack on the innocent villages that surround Oshaelys Tail.

This turn they are sending a small wagon with Outsiders that are interested in going to fight the threat of the Vermin Storm. Currently, the selected Outsiders are:

>Helsing Ludwig
>Malcolm York
>Melchior Santos
>Tabatha O. Nana
>Vira Vesperia

Right now, the camp is outfitted with the basics for living

We currently have:
- Sleeping Tent (A big military style tent)
- Kitchen and Supplies Tent
- Bonfire

The Wagons, during the day will be used for storage.

The Equipment that you receive is the following:

[Xenerith Order Long Shield]
Quality: Excellent
Off Hand Shield
Combat Actions: Block - 10 TP, As a reaction, attempt to block an incoming attack with your shield. Block Check 5. On a successful block, increase DR by 50.

[Xenerith Order Medium Iron Armor]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 25 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 30 Kinetic; 25 Acid; 15 Cold; 15 Poison
Weaknesses: 30 Heat; 30 Electric[/I]
Special Effects: It produces a CLANK sound as you move. If you try a stealth attack with this armor equipped on, you roll at a disadvantage.
Description: Standard Light Soldier Armor, weaker than medium armor.

[Xenerith Order Soldier Uniforms]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 10 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 5 Cold
Weaknesses: 5 Heat[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: Soldier Uniform with the Xenerith Order insignia.

= The Guard =

Considering that some of the Outsiders are leaving The Factory to chase the storm, the Order of the Xenerith has decided to create a Guarding post for the Defense of The Factory. The Outsiders that have volunteered for the Guard will receive a special kit for guarding.

The Volunteers are:
>Atom Glass
>Isaac Thorne

The Selected Outsiders will receive:

[Xenerith Order Guard Uniforms]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 10 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 5 Cold
Weaknesses: 5 Heat
Special Effects: None
Description: Guard Uniform with the Xenerith Order insignia.

[Xenerith Order Guard Flintlock Revolver]
Quality: Excellent
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 30 ft.
Damage: 70 Piercing
Special Effects: After 6 consecutive shots, you must take a major action to refill it with black powder and projectiles.
Description: A beautiful flintlock revolver engraved with the Xenerith Order Insingnia

[Xenerith Order Sack of Black Powder]
Description: A pouch where powder is stored.

=====[Xenerith Order News]=====
Old Aisle Status:
It seems like the oldest part of the factory was involved in a particularly destructive incident involving the attempt to make an Multi-Purpose Medical Room, which resulted in the destruction of the infirmary, the demolition of one of the walls of the forge and a giant hole in the wall of the second floor of the Factory.

The Order would like to inform all the Outsiders that their help would be well received, and while they aren’t really prepared to lend any meaningful rewards, having the damages restored is probably of vital interest to everyone who may need these facilities. And keeping the water and the forest fauna outside would do much to let everyone sleep without worried of awakened by a flood of water or spiders in the middle of the night.

>[Failures can result in more “interesting” results than the usual even if done inside, every failure after the first will be considered “Outdoor activity” as the interior is partially exposed to the elements. Furthermore, the water is not a problem anymore, but insects have been seen flooding in as if searching for a new place to call home after being forced to lay low because of the storm. -10 to all resting and relaxing rolls done inside. (-5 after taking in consideration the weather bonus).]

>[The infirmary was relocated to the opposite aisle, but is working at half the efficiency for the next turn. All rolls involving it will receive a penalty depending on the complexity of their dependence on it.]

Weather Report:
The weather is now cloudy with patches of sunlight.

The Heroes March
Right now, people are talking to the Outsiders that are currently leaving. Catch them at the courtyard of the Factory before leaving!
=====[QM Announcements News]=====
Since we are still experimenting with the system. Linked in the OP.
Powers obtained this turn may be subjected to change.

We are now currently using the 1.0 RuleBook. Check OP for link.

Time limit for putting in actions is still 72h, after that we can’t promise quality.

========== Turn Results: ==========

You recognize that you may have been pushing yourself too hard lately, and spend a few days forcing yourself to rest in the infirmary.

While you’re there, a nurse asks you about your life before becoming an Outsider. While telling her your entire life story, you find yourself having a lot of trouble recollecting many important details. That young rascal who kept messing up your lawn, what was his name again? Perhaps you are getting to be that age.

[Dementia - Forgetfulness] - You’ve been forgetting things lately.

You set to work translating, beginning with the Introduction: World History. Time simply seems to melt itself away, as you focus upon the task at hand. You go for many, many hours without so much as even looking up from your work, doing nothing but eating and Drinking otherwise. And after what you believe to be 2 days, you complete the Translation.

There has been documented that diverse human tribes have been roaming the planet since at least 10,000 years ago. They were mostly nomads and started settling with the agriculture. The Oldest Remains found have been found at the continental landmass that is southeast of Oeshalys Tail. As they started to settle, they started to wage wars on eachother. Exploration, expanding and conquering was the only way to acquire power over the other waring tribes.

On the northern regions of the continental landmass the ruins of an advanced civilization were found. It is rumored that this advanced civilization was destroyed by an unexpected ice age. Recently, we have dug out the frozen remains of demons and corrupted humans. The legends say that the farthest north you go, the closer you will get to the Elder Abominations frozen in time. There are documents that support that there are tribes inhabiting these northern regions. They are mostly neutral to visitors, but they are severely disfigured for human standards.
Shamans and Clerics started using and replicating the artifacts found. Improving the life of the inhabitants of their tribes. Some other tribes considered that the use of artifacts and magical was deemed wrong by the Gods. During this time, the Othyae Civilization started conquering and unifying the warring tribes under their command. They used, combined and mastered the technologies, artifacts and magics of the conquered tribes. Their rule brought the world under their command under a Golden Age.


The end of the Othyae Empire was their own decadence, reliance on magical artifacts and the incident called “The Noxious Meteor”. An Elder One manifested itself against the Empire. The Empire was unable to fight back, since the Elder One was immune to his own magical artifacts. During this time of need, the Emperor adopted the Xenerith Faith and was able to confront the Elder One by himself at the cost of his Empire. As the Empire shattered, the Daemonic forces started to emerge and spread across civilizations.

As others empires rose, the attacks from Higher Demons and Elder Ones became more prevalent. This slowly lead to the end of the “Great Age of Magic” as humans started to distrust the use of magic, even if it had major benefits for the civilization. Around 400 years, as magic usage started to diminish, great advancement in the fields of science and technology were made. Minor magical disasters started occurring, but with less frequency as before. Now, instead of Elder ones, the attacks were being carried away by Demon Lords.

Around 250 years ago, the City-States in the island of Oshaelys Tail, conformed into a Kingdom and adopted their own variant of the Xenerith Faith; the Xenerith Order. At around this time, the original summoning ritual in Oshaelys tail was sabotaged and lost forever. Instead of depending on the arrival of a Powerful Hero to combat the Demonic Lords, the Order would summon their own heroes even in times of peace. Summoned Heroes by the Order have been proved to be weaker than Natural Spawned Heroes, but they still get the job done and are more reliable when needed. The Xenerith Order ended up unifying the whole Oshaelys Tail island and has kept it safe from the Demon Lords.

>New Item:
[Translated Introduction: World History]
Contains the Introduction of the Book, Readable by yourself, and anyone you choose to share it with.


As you were so intently studying the intricacies of this new world’s history, you did not get more than a few hours time to forward your creation of laser-based spells. Despite this, you managed to find a few texts that may prove key. You set them aside to read in the near future.

[Photonics Texts: +10 to studying Light. Lasts 1 turn.


An Order initiate gives you an overview of the general contents of the speech. It mentions about the wagons that will follow the storm and the rescue of Angela. After the speech there was a small banquet with dishes from Earth.
Oh man, you know what you want. You just wanna go full rock mode and sleep for maybe a day or two, or you try to at least. All the beds in the factory are lumpy and hard. Even though you tried to sleep in them, you couldn’t get any meaningful relaxation. If only they had comfy beds...

Talking with Magnaglory turned out to be a really big task. He has time for lessons, but networking and entering the Oshealys Tail’s social circles will turn out harder than you expect.

He left you a note on top of your bed;

“My dear Priere,

As thou may noticed, Outsiders are not held to the highest of regards around here. But a well respected Outsider in nobility is someone who has made great advances in diplomacy, smiting or in the art of warfare. Nobles see low level Outsiders as replaceable and take the efforts of the Order for granted.

I ask thou to be safe.

Magnaglory Excellentius

>69 - Nice
This week, you look at, examine, and observe everything you can, from rocks, to walls, to Order initiates, in hopes of attaining the undisputed most sought after Isekai skill: Observe. The ability to bring up a status plate that tells you valuable information about anything you desire, including HP, level, skills, traits, and even sometimes history and lore.

Unfortunately, you do not manage to attain this golden nugget of broken skills (yet), but at least for all your effort you’re feeling a bit more perceptive.

Observation (Inspiration): As a Free Combat Action, target a creature you can see: learn whether that target is between 0-30% HP, 30-70% HP, or 70-100% HP.
A keen attention to detail.
Seeking to Improve from your failures,you requisition a Gun from the Order. You think to yourself that this will not be alike to anything else created!

You carefully sketch out a gun plan, fit out with everything you could possibly want for defending yourself and your allies. You submit your requisition to the Order, which they accept, saying that it will be out in a few days. Although, after nearly a week of waiting, you start to grow impatient, and go to see the Gunsmith in person, to see the delay in your masterpiece.

Unfortunately, your careful negotiation with the Head Gunsmith, Gilbert Causey, went less than well.

“I’m telling you, I’ve been clogged up with orders for the past Month! I can’t get your damn Hand Cannon out to you at earliest convenience!”

Following his words, you have a lengthy conversation with Gilbert, which may or may have not involved some foul words on both ends. Eventually, you were asked to leave with a rather angry man staring at you as you left. You feel you may not be on the best of terms for a bit.

[Bit the Feeding Hand] - -5 in all Rolls Requisitioning Firearms from the Order for the next turn.

After you leave the Gunsmith to his own devices, you turn to your fellow outsiders for help to fight the bee menace. After some careful thoughts, writing of Armor plans, and some asking around, you find Argus, that old...Shirtless buff guy who makes metal stuff. Eventually, after he stops his work for a second, he looks down at you, and with your careful planning in hand, you tell him your request…

(Live Action RP! The quality of your reward will depend on the quality of the Interaction, so play nice!)

Eventually, some time after the Fiasco with the Gunsmith, you return to the Order, and requisition some Commoner clothing.While you at first think some lingering feelings may remain, they’re happy enough to oblige, after a bit of questioning from their end, that is. It mostly included asking why a child would need undergarments in a specific color. After the discussion though, you happily leave the Order HQ, your new clothing In Hand.

[Commoner Clothes]
Quality: Fair
Defense: 0 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 5 Cold
Weaknesses: 5 Heat[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: Clothes Appropriate for a Commoner.

[Red Undergarments]
Quality: Good
Defense: 0 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: None
Weaknesses: 5 Heat[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: Red Undergarments not common for the era
[Angela, the bee-daughter]
After fasting for an entire week as a form of protest your willpower finally meets its limit and you go on a rampage of filling your stomach as far as it can go with the local forms of honey. They’re incredibly tasty, remembering you of many different types of sugary foods from earth. You find yourself even more enamored by the chocolate flavoured ones, as it is the first time since coming to this world that you get the chance to taste the godly taste of the brown elixir of life again.

But after you finally stop and lay bloated on your bed you start to feel strange… Not exactly sick, but as if your body was being charged with a strange energy that makes you feel stronger but… But… Not you… And you keep noticing your thought processes wandering into strange trains of thought about consuming magic just for the thrill of it, and the need to become stronger, you manage to push them away, but you also find yourself doubting life choices from your life back on earth as “weak” and wishing to has the power you have now back then.

When you sleep, your dream is tormented by nightmares of hell of flying island over the desolate grounds of an destroyed planet, with old ruins of skyscrapers raising to the sky as if giant dark spikes coming from underground to pierce the heavens with their touch of death and decay, while weird amorphous slime-ish lifeforms war eternally against each other by throwing around weird lightning arcs of pure energy in strange colors. It makes you wake up screaming a few times in the night as you have visions of them cannibalizing each others “cores”, and even when you do, you can’t move and end up falling into the nightmares again. Until morning finally comes.

[Bloated] - Next turn status - Add +5 to all non-physically focused rolls. -5 penalty related to physical training or movement.

Corruption Pool: 3

“Oh, of course you can my little one! Just don’t stray far from your helper okay? Oh, in fact, I’m going to order them to prepare the training grounds for your needs, just in case you need some help.”

After that, it doesn’t take long for the drones - corrupted children abducted from the local villages and brainwashed, it seems - to reform a part of their training grounds to more appropriate structures for you. Some other princesses watch you from afar as you train, seemly unhappy about this little favors your new mom keeps gifting you with. But they never actually do anything about it.

At least your personal bodyguard takes his time to explain to you the use of their natural metamorphic magic that works for creating the armors they sprout from their bodies. And while you can’t really reproduce the full plate chitin armor the soldiers use, you still manage to do a weaker variant of the natural princess armor that your mother uses.

[New Training Apparatus] - The bees improvised some stuff for you, getting permanent bonus from training facilities will demand a major action, but for the next 3 turns you’ll be getting +5 in all your training rolls involving their training facilities.

You’re new mother is rather surprised that you’re asking about cute armor, as there isn’t much to fit the description, excepting maybe the battlearmor every princesses have custom tailored for them to wear over their usual royalty armor for actual battles. So you’re going to deal with only having a lot of cute clothes in your wardrobe for now, but being without actual armor.

“Oh… About your hat… It’s quite a shame… But it’s far from my reach for now… You see, the main princess responsibility is with her own people, and at this point your old clothes represent a important war trophy for the hive. So it’ll be eternalized as a part of our war-museum! But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find far more cuter clothes for you as we go on our journey for a better world!”

>[Your old clothes are in the Trophy room with other stuff the stealed from notorious enemies.]

After some weeks of training and careful observations about the nature of bee magic and bee-people biology, you start experimenting with reproducing their magic through your own conditions, amplifying the effect of your regenerative magic in focused areas of your body to create new cells one on top of each other in order to create an “overlay” of chitin armor around certain parts of your body, while discovering how to use your own body to mutate itself, as if trying to reproduce the effects of the corruption going on inside of you, even if in a unrelated manner. By the end of the week you find success.

Gain Skill:
[Royal Bee Carapace] - (Resolve) - Binds 10 TP - As a shift combat action, toggle Royal Bee Capapace. While active, equip the following armor:
[Royal Bee Caparace]
Quality: Fine
Light Armor
Defense: 30 DEF; 10 MR
Resistances: None
Weaknesses: None[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: This piece of armor mutates from your body and gives you the apperance of a bee-humanoid

After too much time without having proper facilities to train, you go into the dojo for a exercise session, not that you actually “need” proper facilities, having proper train wasn’t really a habit of your in the last years while you were getting real experience on fighting, but you’re feeling like finally taking things seriously for a change, beginning with hitting that tree trunk you brought here before until it become a small hill of dust.

After a few days, though, it really becomes a bunch of wood fragments and dust, and you ponder about punching another tree to death and bringing it here if you don’t find another trunk big and hard enough for you strikes, but you’re interrupted from your thoughts by some shirtless boy with a mischievous smile.

“Hey, looking for a training partner for sparring?”

You accept his offer, and in no time you’re both trading blows on the main arena of the place. He doesn’t seem much experience in fighting, but he doesn’t go down easily, focusing on defending your blows while waiting for openings. And while his attacks are somewhat slow and clumsy compared to what you usually experience for real skilled opponents, his skin often flash with bits of greenish leather just before you manage to hit him, that soon disappear after your attack recedes, and with each fight his resilience seem to become stronger. Until it gets to the point in which it clearly overpowers yours…. Which, of course doesn't help him avoiding getting punched to the ground again and again, fight after fight, as he keeps focusing on defending.

But fighting his thick skin gets you some real results, as it proves to be at least as strong as that old tree trunk.

Choose one:

[Reinforce] - (Inspiration) - Binds 10 TP - As a Shift Combat Action: toggle Reinforce. While reinforce is active, gain 10 AD when attacking with your body, and gain 10 DEF and 5 MR when blocking with your body.


[Reinforced Muscles] - (Resolve) - (Passive) - Grants DEF equal to the average of your Might and Resolve.
Each day after your training, you go into the woods for a walk. Well… Less for the walk itself and more to scared the hell out of any forest creature that is unfortunate enough to cross your way. Sadly, for you that is, they’re actually already scared enough of you, and run away for their lives before you get the chance of projecting your killing intent on them… Well… It seems that you’ll need to find some better targets for practice. Still… It frustrates you a little, what results in the constant scowl you’re making everytime you remember about it.

[Face of a Delinquent] - Your face inspires terror and despair in others’ hearts. Gain +5 to Intimidation, but your scary ass face may lead to some misunderstandings. Lasts Two turns.

After getting too frustrated with your failed attempts at trying to project your killing intent you decide to cool off in a quiet place of the forest, following your heart to find the most peaceful place in which to chill out, and end up finding the perfect spot under this giant oak tree in a deep but surprisingly accessible and pretty part of the forest, far away from the hunting zones of spiders or any unusually big creatures.

You take a nap under its branches and over its big roots, expecting no more than some good minutes for peaceful rest.

Then you wake up with screaming.

Well… “Wake” isn’t the right word for it, as you’re fairly sure that you’re still dreaming, but still, you shouldn’t be dreaming that fast, and you’re surprised that you’re still that lucid while in a dream state. In fact, you don’t feel any more unconscious than what you usually feel while walking around the real world.

Oh yeah, the screaming, you totally forgot about that for a second while amazed at the extremely realistic sensations.







There is pretty green girls with flowers in their hair everywhere, at least about a dozen of them, and they seem to be completely scared of you and trying to hide behind rocks and tree stumps. You seem to be in some sort of clearing, with a giant tree stump that was being used as an table for some time of vegetarian banquet with fruits and bowls of juice. The girls are scantily clad, wearing only leaves to hide their parts.

>[In your next turn do a free action related to how you’re going to react to the dream realm.]

>[Discovered the location of the dream realm of the local forest.]

>[Special Rest: Gain +10 in one action in your next turn.]

Descending into your Sanctuary, Pen and Paper in hand, you crack your Knuckles, and set to work recreating the Lord’s words. You Press your pen to the paper, and Begin Inscribing…

Seven Hours later, your hands burning for release of the torture you have put them through, you begin to feel tired, perhaps tired enough to call it a day… By this point, you lay in a sea of crumpled papers, Pens dry of their Ink, and the New Testament, around 1/4th done by this point. You start to feel very sleepy…


NO, You refuse to give in now! What is a man of god who gives into such Trivial desires, when there is such Important work to be done! You set to the paper again, with a renewed energy behind your hand, a Smile on your face, and your Heart filled with pride for your Lord.

Another Several Hours later, you honestly lost count at the 14th, You lay, unable to continue. Beside you, among the Chaos, lays the new Testament, Halfway done, in little Under a Day. You feel God’s light shine down upon you, as you allow the lord to take you into a peaceful sleep, Pleased with your progress and devotion to the cause.

[New Testament] -
The Book is to Contain the New Testament, in its entirety. However, at the moment it is only about Half Done. More actions will have to be devoted to finish it.

After re-emerging from your Sanctuary, you find Evelyn, still Depressed, and still lingering on her supposed punishment. You sit down with her, and with the best calming, supporting intentions behind your voice you can muster, you explain to her that the route she has set upon is not a punishment, but a right for her prior wrongs.

It seems to help, as after your words, the look of grim despair seems to fade from here face, replaced with neutral acceptance, and, assuming your eyes did not betray you, a Smile. She nods to you, thanking you for your words, before proceeding away from you, a new determination in her eyes, which you assume to be the willingness to spread the peace of the Lord.

[Depressed] and [Confused] Effects removed from Evelyn.
Literature about runes is scarce. Most of the texts come from the Northern Peninsula and reference its mythos. You start reading into them.

From what you’ve learned, runes are essentially an arcane alphabet, with each rune imparting a specific effect. More complex effects come from more intricate runes, and these effects can be combined together, provided that runes are used in conjunction. However, runes aren’t an all-powerful art, they still draw upon mana to cast. It’s for this reason that you can’t simply draw a set of runes and expect them to work.

Runes can draw upon mana in several different ways. The simplest way is for the runecrafter in question to just imbue the runes with their own mana to power it, giving them a charge not unlike a battery. Other methods include drawing upon the area’s ambient mana (though this method is slow), or to feed the runes mana that drain external sources. One infamous example is to drain the mana from a captured human soul.

As for Healing runes in general, there is no actual rune for “heal” or “medicine”. The closest rendition is “life”, that when activated, typically speeds the growth of natural processes. Plants grow quicker, runes close faster, that kind of thing. Instead of pulsing a regenerative energy, it instead releases a natural energy, in a sense. That being said, the comparison between the energy released by a “Rune of Life” and a healing spell such as “Cure Wounds” are similar in nature, but fundamentally different.

Still, this information was useful, and a Rune of Life still has its uses in the field. Now that you know the basics, all you need to do is learn how to properly create a rune in the first place.

Runecrafting - (Industry) - No Combat Effect.
Knowledge of the creation of runes, sigils, and glyphs that confer magical effects.

You begin practicing Cure Wounds. Healing magic like this must have many different applications. You run into a few limitations however. For one thing, while the base Cure Wounds spell does keep someone from bleeding out, it doesn’t regenerate lost limbs. Any illnesses someone might have cannot be healed by the spell, either. Still, despite that, you work all week to push the limits of your spellcasting.

The first variation of your spell is a weaker version of Cure Wounds. However, to compensate, it doesn’t take as much time or energy to cast, making it useful in a pinch. The second variation you create is a healing spell that costs more energy to cast, but you can select multiple targets for it. Perhaps this’ll turn the tide.

>Learned the following:
Healing Word (Inspiration) - Costs 15 TP. - As a Minor Combat Action, choose a living target within 15 feet, and recover their HP by an amount equal to 1d20+Inspiration*2.
Imbues someone with a short burst of healing.

Healing Wave (Inspiration) - Costs 60 TP - As a Major Combat Action, choose up to 4 living targets within 15 feet, and recover their HP by an amount equal to 4d20+Inspiration*2
Heals several targets with a wave of healing.

After resting(and failing to do so) several times, you feel exhausted. However, after the party, you feel a little bit invigorated. With that in mind, you take things easy. You relax on the couch, take naps, and work at a leisurely(yet brisk) pace. By the end of the week, you feel like you’ve gotten over your string of bad luck.

For now, at least. The pendulum swings both ways, and this time, it swung in your favor.

>[Relaxed] +5 to all actions next turn.
Seeing that Spending time in the Gym was doing your actual Combat ability no good, you left the gym, to seek out others, trained in the art, to improve your skill.

Eventually, after some time searching, You find a man by the name of Alexander, as you’ve heard people say. in that newly created Arena in the Factory, fighting some other poor shmuck. Never before in your life have you seen a man move with such grace and fluidity, as if the sword was an extension of his hand itself.

You watch the rest of the one-sided fight, and at its conclusion, with the loser going to lick his wounds, you talk to the man. He’s nice enough, if a bit Stuffy. He agrees to train with you at the moment, after a lengthy conversation, followed by a well placed question. Perhaps if you play your cards right, far into the future you will be as good as he is. He leaves the door open to more training sessions with him.

Met: [Master Swordsman Alexander]
Training bonus with him: +5

Following your sparring session with Alexander, you seek out someone to teach you how to better use heavy Armor. The search, in the beginning goes...Less than well off.

All you find in the Arena are people learning to DODGE things.

After an hour of searching however, just as you are about to give up the search, you hear a voice from behind you.

“Damn fuckin’ Lightweights! What’ll you do when your fancy moves can’t save ya, Huh?”

You turn around to find the source of the voice, and find it coming from a large, armored man, who not a minute ago had stepped into the Arena.

“Aye! You there! Yes you, Pale n’ Tall guy! You look like ya aint in the same boat! You wanna learn how a REAL Man takes hits?”

You train with the man for some time, and as the sun slowly sets, you learn the man's name is Christopher, and he’s a high ranking city guard. Eventually, as with all good things, the practice session comes to an end.

“Ya’ Know, you ain’t so bad yourself, uh…what did ya say your name was? Nea or somethin’ like that? You ain’t so bad. You Come n’ find me if you ever want to Train again.”

You say your farewells, and head back to the Factory for the day.

Met: [Elite Sentinel Christopher]


Fortify (Resolve): As a Minor Combat Action, you prepare yourself for an Incoming Barrage of Hits. Grants +15 DEF on the first turn, +10 on the second one and +5 on the third one. Usable once per Battle.
The ability to soak barrages of hits

After your fight with the Bees, on the next day, you awaken with a renewed sense of purpose, wanting to actively prevent the combat in the first place. You get up, performing your daily morning routine, and proceed to patrol around.

Although unluckily, or better said, Luckily, not much Happens when you Patrol. No demons ascend from hell to devour the souls of the innocent, no Bees assault the Factory to kidnap people, the Doctor guy didn’t even blow something up today. Sighing, you still continue your patrol, though you focus your thoughts elsewhere...

A letter is slid beneath your door:


We have taxidermied the head you brought to us. There’s nothing really special with this head. To take note of. We have placed the head in the Armory.

The Order”

[The Head of the Bee Soldier] - (Memento)
The taxidermied head of the bee soldier you beheaded. It feels somewhat familiar.

>[Minor Favor from the Order] - You can ask for one thing from the Order of Xenerith; it will be automatically successful.

Elsewhere being of a new magic you’ve had the thought of over the past week. You focus on the life around you, in the Immediate area.

Over there! Argus is pounding away at some Steel. There, the Little Girl walking back with a Pile of Clothes. There, in some open field, a Girls…..Oh god, that sounds like it Hurts. You rush over and assist her however you could, but there wasn’t that much you could do for...heavy internal bleeding. Though, as she leaves to rest, or however she plans to recover, you realise that you may have just unintentionally perfected the magic that you wanted.

Heroic Scene (Inspiration) - [Passive Skill] - You can feel the distress of others clash against your Aura, allowing you to rush to their aid in times of Need. At the cost of 1 Action Point in your next turn, You can join a Live Action Combat, of any Outsider within the Range of the forest. Due to the Constant Distress of the City, You cannot sense individual Auras as well, and cannot join Combats located in the city.
The ability to sense distress
You set to work, your masterpiece swimming inside your head. This shall be your magnum opus, Your best work yet! A functioning monument to your ability! You become lost in your work,marveling it at every movement of the Hammer, every cooling of the metal, seeing your Beauty come together, piece by piece.

Unfortunately, one day in the creation, you become lost, too deep in thought. So deep in thought, you ignore when Oscar tells you that the Material set aside for the Armor has run out. Eventually, he shakes sense into you, but not before you lose a decent chunk of material to the Forge, it having melted to the structure itself. A waste of good Metal.

You focus yourself, and turn to the result you already have, to see the fruits of your labor! Only to have a Skeleton of your masterpiece completed, made of cheap scrap metal and Poorly Fused bits.


[Skeleton of Prototype Armor]
Quality: Simple
Defense: 40 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 40 Kinetic, 20 Acid, 15 Cold, 10 Poison
Weaknesses: 30 Heat, 30 Electric[/I]
Special Effects: Unusable until finished. Reduces the wearer speed by 7.
Description: A crude prototype of Armor

Setting your disappointment aside, you take what you have, and set to work. In a secluded area, You try enchantment after enchantment upon the Skeleton, although nothing seems to stick. It appears that the knowledge you have of enchanting weapons may not exactly carry over to Armor.

But after Hours of attempts, you get the idea to apply a Hardening Enchantment to the Metal, and surprisingly, it works. You can hardly keep the enthusiasm to yourself, as you take your freshly enchanted work, and evenly apply the the spell.


[Enchanted Skeleton of Prototype Armor]
Quality: Simple
Defense: 60 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 60 Kinetic, 20 Acid, 15 Cold, 10 Poison
Weaknesses: 30 Heat, 30 Electric[/I]
Special Effects: Unusable until finished. Reduces the wearer speed by 7.
Description: A crude prototype of Armor

Following your subpar works, you decide to expand your Horizons into other fields of Enchantment, More specifically, Runes. You head into the Library, mind set to the task. Unfortunately, given your current insight, it takes much too long to even find a book relating to Runes, even with asking help from the Librarian.

After Hours of fruitless searching, you give up, and head back to the Forge. Perhaps you’ll have better luck next time, seeing as you at least know where to look…

[Downtrodden, but not Defeated]
Gain a +5 in researching Runes the next time the action is taken.

While you sit and Contemplate to yourself, the Little girl...What was her name, Blueline? Bloomstein? Blumelein, that was it. Comes up to you, with a scribble of a stick figure in...something. In her hand.

(Live Action Roleplay, This will not take an action from you next turn, and you can react as you please.)

You roam around the city and the outskirts looking for every temple that can be found that could give you some light on healing corruption. By talking with priests and hearing the reports of assorted people that you met during your research you discover that usually the really dedicated priests with strong faith in their calling are really capable of “exorcising” “evil” magic, including the side effects of demonic powers, such as corruption, unless that is something too rooted into the being or a natural part of him. A fact that make many think that the Demonspawn are beyond salvation for usual religions. You even glimpse what would be needed to learn their ways… But it isn’t really something that you can just learn, but something that must be deeply held within you and assure with every bit of your soul.

You even get to know some of the priests from the big churches of the city and the surroundings, and make sure that the girl in the hospital get a special visit from some of them, and while it always seem to make her feel better, each of the assure you that little can be done for her without a miracle.

>[Known Face(Temples)-You’re not a total stranger to the people of the local temples, their faithful and the people who live closer to it, that may have its perks in the future.]

You also learn quite a bit of the “Church of Xenerith” and their offspring religions, like the fact that the dominant faith in Oshaelys isn’t really the same dominant religion that's present in most of the continent since some king of old “promoted” his own favorite variation of it a few centuries or so ago.

[Common Theology] - Industry - (Passive): No Combat Effect.
Knowledge of the Gods and their Mythos.

Now, as you already gained 3 “Known Face” Reputations, you get an additional reputation effect:

[Known Outsider (Burhthic Commoners)] - Your fame as an Outsider already precedes you, you get recognized by people who knows people that knows you, and even by some people that have only heard of you a few times, there is stories going around about your deeds, both real and imaginary, and they may have unexpected consequences. You’re easily recognized as an outsider, but most of people that know about you accept you as someone more or less adequate to the expectations of the locals, you’re exempted from most of the common social penalties outsiders usually suffer.

You wait the whole day for that time at night that she usually leaves open to spend with you, but you’re surprised by her in the mid of your shift.


“Heeeey…. I’ve taken the day out today… Would care if I helped you out?”

The job gets easier and time passes away faster while you’re talking with her, you wonder when conversation became so natural between you two, almost as a second nature… But as your topics finally ends you don’t get much of a chance to ask about her.

“Hey… Malcolm, there is something that I might have waited too long upon to talk with you… No, don’t worry, it’s not really serious like a terrible sickness or something of that scale, but… I’m from a big noble family and my time here was always just lended to me while my parents didn’t manage to get a good offer for my hand… But that offer might have just happened, and today I’m going on a trip inland to the lands of my family to meet such possible partner… So…. I didn’t wanted to just leave without saying goodbye… I mean… It’s not like this is a final decision, or like thats a final goodbye, but I might be away for a time… So… Yeah, I wanted to tell you about you before going.”

She seems somewhat confused during the whole short speech, as if she was blurting things out without really knowing what to say.

“Uhhhhhh, DEAR GODS LOOK AT THE TIME! Uh, I, I-I mean… I have to hurry and stuff…”

She gives you a quick hug and goes away before you have time for any meaningful reaction.

But sometime after the scene, you notice that she forgot a paper card with the address of some manor in the name of her family and the emblem of the house marked on it. You wonder for what it is used for.

>[Received “Goldheart’s Letter of Passage”.]

You try to approach the shop, but then you notice that it’s closed and that there is some kind of priest with badly maintained clothes shouting at people while they get near it.

“You fools! How did you dare to let your children approach such foul place? Don’t you know that the owner dwells with the demons themselves? How do you explain such pale complexion? If not for that being the mark of the undead, the blood drinking demons of the night, the once human but now monsters! A VAMPIRE ITSELF!”

There is a small crowd of people hearing what he has to say, most people ignore him though, but the oddest among the usual crowd seems to be caught in his passionate spirit.

“Look! Its her Ghoul himself! Coming in rescue of his master! GET HIM!”

He calls out while pointing to you, and you run at the first mention of movement of the crowd in your direction. You have seen enough anime to know where this is going!

But by the time you reach the end of the street, you notice that you didn’t exactly lost them, but just bought time enough for the police to show up and shove them away from the street and get the priest arrested… In a manner that sounds like this isn’t a uncommon occurrence to him.

Still, Jeanne don’t come down to open the door after this little show, and continues to be out of business for the rest of the week.

[Infamous(City Weirdoes)] - You are now known as the Ghoul of the vampire of the dollshop! The details change with each story, and in some of them you even reach the point of being a tragic hero, but the odd dwellers of the shady streets don’t want to confirm those rumors about you, nor do they want to anger your master in some unexpected way!

You easily find the manor of such a respectable member of the society in one of the most expensive blocks of the city. But no one answer the door.

“Oh boy, you’re not looking for Miss Junicles, are you?” Says the newspaper boy that stops by the door.

You confirm, somewhat intrigued.

“Oh… So you’re out of luck, she wasn’t on her best state of mind since her Father died some years ago, but being overlooked by the newfound popularity of the newest sorcerer in court just finally angered her to the point of closing herself off to make a point… You should probably wait for her anger to chill out, as this isn’t the first time she did it.”

You’re really out of luck it seems, as you discover after a feel days that not only the Royal Apothecary but everyone else on your list seem to be extremely occupied…

Well, at least Junicle is still “accessible” in theory… But everyone that you ask about it says that she usually only ends her stand early when someone gives some surprising demonstration of the need for her help…

You know, the type that would heal her broken heart for time enough to allow her to actually help you.

>[If you want to persist, be creative.]
You speak to Mrs. Honeyrose on the Topic, but to your displeasure, she acts with complete confusion to the topic.

“I-I uh….Don’t know anything about the Order...They’re the ones who brought you here right? M-Maybe you should just ask them about this? O-Or talk to the other...Outsiders? Is that what you call yourselves?”

You’re not sure if she’s just playing dumb, or actually doesn’t know anything. Regardless, you thank her for her time, and Leave, hoping to get information elsewhere.

Magic, by some impossible reasoning, exists, and is used frequently by some in this world. Believing that you could learn this magic, perhaps to even benefit others, you set to work on learning Healing Magic, the spell called Cure Wounds in particular.

You take to the Library, engulfing yourself in your study. However, the books that you find on the subject of Healing Magic are too generalized to learn anything from. You search for hours in the section on magic, but alas, come up with Nothing. You leave not empty handed however, as you now have the Knowledge to continue the study.


>[Well Informed]
Gain +10 on the next Search for information related to learning Cure Wounds. Lasts 2 Turns.

Following your studies, you retire to your Room, Seeking to relax after the events that have unfolded in the past few days. You sit content to eat, drink, sleep and read, relaxing for the rest of the week. You feel Refreshed, seeking to tackle the next day with a burning ambition!

[Well Rested]
Gain +5 to all rolls for the next turn.
[Vira Vesperia]
Seeking to have everyone educated about the Offensive plan, you hold a Strategy meeting, and surprisingly enough, most of the Outsiders already attending the fight attend, and you all have a lengthy discussion about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Bees. Which, as many have not seen the bees for long amounts of time is Little, but still helpful, and you leave, feeling more informed and prepared for the upcoming Fight. You feel that those who attended do as well.

+5 to Rolls involving the Assault on the Bees. Is extended to a +1 for all of the Outsiders who attended the Meeting.

(Live Action RP! The quality of your reward will depend on the quality of the Interaction with the other people at the meeting!)

After the Meeting, you bury yourself in Alchemy, believing that the more Potions you have, the less of a chance for something to go wrong. Time passes, as you chop, mix, and boil Ingredients into containers you have at your disposal. Minutes turn to hours, and hours into days. At the end of your work however, you look upon your craft, and feel pride at your creations. You bottle the Potions, and set them aside for Later.

[Brew Potion] - Industry - Passive: No Combat Effect.]
The hability to brew potions that heal you instantly.

Key Item:
[Recipe: Health Potion] - It lets the user make up to (2) Health Potions per Game Turn

2x. [Healing Potions] - As a Major Action, consume a health Potion, regaining +50 HP, or 2d50 HP.
Brewed to Perfection

>M - Participate in the raid on the bees' fortress to rescue Angela.
You go up to talk with Master Harriet about your inscription on the raid, and while nothing of much notice occurs while you interacting with her, you can’t help but get distracted by her cat ears during the whole affair…

>[You joined the raid]
You remember that in you first days here you noticed some really stealth guy going around lurking around people and places, so stealth in fact that he completely erased his presence from you in the last weeks, but before you manage to find him to ask about learning stealth, he finds you!

But James actually seems pretty okay with giving you some tips and doing some demonstrations, the problems is as soon as he realizes that you’re ready for the next level of teaching, he disappears again. It’s because of this that you are unable to learn how to sneak around properly quite yet. Maybe you should try again during the trip to the hive?

>[Practiced Efforts] Gain a +10 to the next time you try to learn a skill.

You go to the Master’s floor and talk to Harriet about it in her room, she gets somewhat surprised that little girl who works at the kitchen actually wants to go out to do stuff and get on adventures, and seems to be trying to dissuade you from it at first, but you reassure her of your skills and she complies to your decision, inscribing you in the raid.

>[You have joined the raid.]

You’re still somewhat unsure about what to think about your last encounter, well… Only encounter, with the Silent Merchant, but you really need to buy some last minute supplies at the market and can’t wait forever for some shady guys with teleporting power to ask for your money. So you spend it up in a pair of some nice hunting boots that you find in the Farmer’s Market, just appropriate enough to help someone to go unheard through forest grounds full of things that can split and crack under your feet.

[Hunting Boots] - Give +10 on rolls to go unheard when using a 1d100, +2 if in combat 1d20 rolls.
After some internal debates, wanting to protect yourself from harm in the future seems like a good investment for you. You talk to the Order, and after some negotiation, come to an agreement of a concealed, but protective inner armor, one thin enough to fit under clothing, yet strong enough to withstand attack. Reasonably, it takes some time for the request to be completed, but after a few days, you finally receive your armor piece.

[Armored Corset]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 20 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 10 Cold
Weaknesses: 15 Heat[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: An armored Corset. It is pretty uncomfortable..

Feeling confident in your new armor, you take to the practice fields, summoning Lion Slicer, a hatred of Bees overtaking your mind. You spend hours calling to the blade, summoning and Unsummoning, putting yourself into situation after situation where it may be difficult to do so. As the sun begins to set below the treeline however, you begin to feel a bit more bold. You focus all the power of will into the blade, and feel your muscles straining to the maximum of their strength meanwhile you push your magical circuits into extreme conditions, channeling all of the power of your soul… NO, your 「Yuusha no Tamashi」(Heroic Spirit) into the most powerful magic you’ve ever created:


You scream as the blood vessels of your skin are constrained to their limit, some of them exploding, as you jump forward in an Balestra maneuver. The Lion Slicer is summoned mid movement with an explosion of light, with golden sigils appearing in the blade surrounded by an burning blue aura… And then explodes in a burst of magical energy that sends you flying backwards.

When you recover your senses, there is marks of burning in a few meters from you, and you notice that, even with your replenished mana, summoning your magic swords causes no effect…

[Battered] - You are at 150 HP.
[「Lion Slicer」] is out of control and can’t be summoned until you fix it.]
Following the incident with your own weapon, you take to simply resting the days away. However, the Ruckus around the Factory is simply too much for you at times, and paired with the pain from the wounds across your body, you find the sleep just simply never comes to you. Eventually though, with difficulty, you withstand.

At least you can still find rest in the open plains in where you were originally summoned. So that gives you a place to retreat to when you feel the need for somewhere calm and silent.

[Good Naps] - Your HP is now at 250 HP
>69 Nice
After too many misadventures you finally manage to reach Kaiiv’s mansion.

He is actually quite surprised that you came, as at this point he had thought that you maybe had lost interest in the market and had forgotten about his offer.

“Hahahaha, its quite a pleasure to see you here, don’t worry about such pleasantries, please, be at ease, you’re my guest for the evening…. So, what can I do for you?”

You two actually discover to have much in common, at least in your chillin-habits, well… Not THAT MUCH in common in fact, as he has too “refined” tastes even for you. But at the end of the afternoon you have told him about the whole ordeal you had to go through to reach this place, and you’re quite familiar with the concept of the Phantomblood’s curse… Maybe even too familiar, as he penetrates his finger into the neck of one of his female slave to demonstrate his blood drinking powers that don’t even have to use his mouth.

Through the whole day, the girl you had interest in is watching both of you in the living room of the manor, playing an harp. But he leaves it pretty clear that she is out of prize range… For the moment.

“You know… There may be a way for you to pay me enough for taking her with you… but I need to consider our commercial options first, so when I’m sure about it I’ll send some messenger to you about it… But feel free to show up here when you feel like, though, I would love to see a more complete demonstration of your powers for example, and you’re company is a refreshing thing to have around these parts.”

[Nobility Lore] - Industry - (Passive): No Combat Effect.
Knowledge about the Nobility and its bloodlines

As you’re going back to the factory, you see some people preaching about “salvation” and “the evils of magic” near the Farmer’s Market Outside of the city. Oh wait, you recognize those fools! Those are the unchill guys who burned some pretty comfy couches! How could they!

You heed the lesson you’ve learned with your last episode with them this time, and just wait around until they do something that leaves their guard open to your just plans! You almost fall asleep during their speech, you manage to get one of their pamphlets about their movement and stuff….

Hey, they aren’t really secret, they’re even advertising the place they usually use for recruitment and stuff.

Eh, whatever, you’re not patient enough to infiltrate them, so you fake going on a similar but different way and follow them in secret to found their secret lair!

It’s just some old manor with like, two dudes at the door.


For a moment, you think you see a figure crouching and writing…

[Mansion] - Take a free action roll on this. If it success (DC30), you meet the leader of the cult.

You’re too tired after all these shenanigans, and you feel like you reeeeeaaaally could use some rest…

>[Finally at Ease] -Too much - Lose one action point next turn due to long naps and too many hours of sleep for regaining the energy used up in your last unexpected adventures.

You head into the forest with Blume, intending to create a mutation that would protect you from being tracked. Your Neural Damping helps defend against mental intrusions, so in theory, all you have to do is replicate that, right? Your attempt is met with… mixed results, to say the least.

On the plus side, you can say with absolute certainty that this Neural Damping thing works… to some extent. If your theory is correct, it should mean that nobody can track you or any of the other infected by reading their mind(though it’s not a complete mind defense like your Neural Damping). The kicker? It only really works against external sources. Someone infected could bypass this entirely by tricking the infection into believing that it’s safe.

However, that isn’t the only complication. It seems anyone infected with this strain has a complication in the form of a “Neural Hyperempathy”, so to speak. Ironically enough, this means that someone with this strain would be linked to your mind, causing them to feel your sensations whenever you are within a mile radius.

Most sensations of touch, pleasure, and discomfort are ignored, but it seems that extreme sensations, such as sharp pains, mental irritation, or euphoria may induce similar feelings in the linked infected subject. It’s a little ironic how that worked out, but at least Blume doesn’t mind too much…

>[Hivemind Damping] - An infected subject cannot be used to determine the location of other infected via mental intrusions from an outside source.

>[Neural Hyperempathy] - Infected subjects within a mile radius of Melchior share similar sensations as to whatever he’s feeling. Whenever Melchior takes damage, the infected subject takes ½ of that damage(rounded down) as Psychic damage.

Following the encounter with the Order, you take to simply resting, taking comfort in the shade of the Tree.

While the ‘resting’ bit comes easy enough, the training bit proves to be a bit difficult. Each time you try to teach her something, one situation or the other comes to prevent it. You fall asleep, She falls asleep, Someone comes to talk to you, wondering what you were doing alone with a child, that sort of thing.
Although, come the end of the day, you do feel refreshed, if a bit disappointed at the lack of result.

NEW STATUS EFFECT: [Well Rested] +5 to all rolls next turn.

Wanting to test your new power, but lacking the means to do so, you come up with a plan to Aggravate Tatsuo into attacking you.

And it works Flawlessly.

First, you Find him, and have a Good natured conversation about random topics. The Upcoming Bee Raid, the situation around the Factory, all that. But eventually, the topic becomes darker and More uncomfortable for him. The Kidnappings, in particular, seemed to trigger something. You continue to press into this, seeing him slowly fester up with rage. Eventually, he snaps, sending a fist flying at you. You prepare for the worst….

Only for it to Collide with a dull thud. Hah! It worked!

He continues to send punch after punch, all ending with the same result. Eventually, to play into the Facade, you apologize, faking an Injury. You ‘Limp’ off, smiling under your breath.


Lizard Hide - (Resolve) - Binds 30 TP - As a Shift Combat Action: toggle Lizard Hide. While active, equip the following armor:
Lizard Hide
Natural Armor
30 DEF; 10 MR
Resistances: None
Weaknesses: None
Change your own skin into scales

[Isaac Thorne]
Seeking to Improve, seeing that practice already has made a difference, you set to work in perfecting the art.

And doing so, you make significant Progress. Using a Spear, your main advantage is the Distance you have compared to other Weapons, so you capitalize on that, practicing how to hit targets at the farthest distances you can. You take to it well, and after hours doing so, feel you have Improved with the Skill

New Skill:
Long-Ranged Strike Finesse - Cost - 0TP - By using a Minor Action, one melee attack made in the same turn can be made with an extra hex of range. Can only be used with melee weapons.
An improved technique of taking most advantaged as possible from the maximum range of your weapon, and quickly returning to your position through nimble footwork.

> 80
After Practicing with the spear for some time, you begin to think that you can Incorporate Magic into your attacks, More specifically, Lightning. You take some swings at your current foe, a Tree Stump, using the same movements you had been using prior. However, this time, you electrify the Spear before doing so.

You thrust the spear forwards, a small shock in your hands, and the spear collides with the Stump. For a moment, it seems to have done no different,but then, a result. The stump catches aflame, and you’re forced to step back a bit from the heat. A..Shocking Development, you suppose you could say. This will be handy in the Field.

Electrified Attack (Sorcery): Costs 20 TP. As a reaction, as you declare an attack with a weapon which can be electrified: that attack will deal 30 Lightning AR in addition to its normal AR.
Electrify your weapon.
After your Success with the Spear, you decide to go on patrol, to cement yourself into the role. For the first few hours, you encounter nothing, and nearly fall asleep in the process of just...walking around, Doing nothing. Eventually though, you come up to the Old Isle section, where construction is still in progress. You stand and watch for a moment, seeing the people at work. A moment later however, one of the workers accidentally drops a stack of bricks from the top of the wall, headed directly towards you. You Nimbly dodge out of the way, complimenting yourself on avoid a hairy situation.

Right before another, singlar brick falls, making a great cut in your hand. You get stitched up and bandaged in a few minutes, as you weren’t that far from the infirmary, but you’re warned to not force much your hand while it still recovers.

>[Injured] - Start next turn at 300 HP
>[Significant Wound] - One part of your body was especially hurt, making certain tasks take even more effort to be completed. In this case, it was one of your hands, giving you -1 In all acurracy rolls and -5 in all action rolls that makes intense use of your hands. Lasts 3 turns.

Mayor Actions always require 2 Action Points, Minor Actions requiere 1. You can't assign 3 points into a single action. Thank the Xenerith for that.

[Words of Power] - (Sorcery) - Costs 20 TP - As a Minor Combat Action, target a thinking entity within 15 feet. If that target chooses to resist you, contest your Inspiration against their Resolve. If you win, or if they did not resist, you warp that target surface thoughts.
Warp the surface thoughts of a visible thinking entity.

[Levitate] - (Finesse) - Binds 30 TP - As a Shift Combat Action, you make yourself levitate a few feet off the ground. It ignores Difficult Terrain.
The ability to levitate

[Animate Object - Tiny] - (Sorcery) - Costs 50 TP - As a Major Combat Action, target an object that is roughly human in shape and no larger than a Buzz Lightyear action figure. For the next three combat rounds, that target to comes to life under your command. You may target an object already under your control with this spell to reset the duration of the animation. Each target animated with this spell becomes a creature under your control until three full rounds pass or until reduced to 0 HP. - You can only animate Tiny objects and they have the following stats:
HP: 100, TP: 2, AD: 20, AP: 0, DF: 20, MR: 0, SPD: 2
Bring a tiny object to life under your command with magic.

>3 - Critical Failure
>Major action: Sylvia practices words of power

Practicing Mental Magics is a really hard art. You decide to practice with a random passerby, but, you chose the wrong target... He had a really strong mental strength and he ended up crossing wires in your mind.

[Mentally Scrambled] - You were involved into intense psychic warfare against more powerful and experienced opponents.
Next turn: All mental power uses against you gain advantage.
Next two turns: All psychic power uses from you are at disadvantage.
Next three turns: You need to spend the double of the usual amount of TPs to activate your psychic powers.

Major action: Sylvia builds bunch of small dolls out of random junk or scrap lying around and animates them

You build some tiny dolls with scrap found in the back of The Factory. They are [Tiny].


2x [Tiny Dolls]
Tiny dolls made with scrap

>Minor action: Sylvia flies around the forest looking for these ''demon bees''. As a fairy it's her duty to find these anomalies and fix them so nature stays uncorupted and the way it's supposed to be

While Flying through the Forest, away from the city of Burthic and the Factory, you find a strange camp. They are talking about finding and killing those bees. Bring justice upon them.

You get recognized as an Outsider and now you are part of the Caravan. (See Turn Update)
=== TURN 7 GO ===
Rolled 44, 90, 16, 52, 32, 5 = 239 (6d100)


My work is nearly complete. I must finish the Word, so the people of this land my be enlightened to the teachings of the Lord.
>Keep working on New Testament.

>Keep working on New Testament.

With my work, hopefully, done, pray for the Lord to bless this Bible.
>Pray for the Lord to bless and protect His Word from any force that may seek to damage or destroy it.
File: Bedroom.jpg (80 KB, 736x490)
80 KB
Rolled 29, 9, 13 = 51 (3d100)

Char sheet: https://pastebin.com/ppXuKWDM

Faced with a conundrum Priere start thinking about her options to gain some respect, with her current skill set the most obvious answer would be to use her summoning abilities to get minions to fight under her. The main problem being that wisps while cheap aren't really good in combat and take all her concentration just to maintain.
[Major] Get a better summoning spell, ideally something that can take some hit and deal some damage without requiring me to pay full attention to it
>+5 spell repository
>+5 Dungeoneering
>Summoning skill (???)

Another things that need to be remedied to is that her room is horrible, uncomfortable, unfashionable and worse of all minuscule.
[Minor] Try to get a better mattress, more storing space and if possible a larger room.
>+5 charisma

No matter the result of the last endeavor, it's time for me to set up my territory in the factory instead of in the middle of nowhere.
[Major] Create a territory in my bedroom
Small Territory Creation
Archetype: Sorcery
Timing: OoC Major action
Range: an area no larger than a 50 by 50 feet square
TP: --
Effect: Summoned creatures (including familiars) will not weaken or disappear in your territory. Resting in your territory is twice as effective, and in combat, you will receive 10 TP at the beginning of every turn while inside your territory. You can only have 1 area designated as your territory in this way at any time.

For drinking Melchior's Blood and joining his bloodbrood, you gain two new skills:

[b]Null Aura[/b] (Inspiration) - [red]Binds 15 TP[/red] - As a Shift Combat Action, passive abilities which detect magic will have no effect on you. Effect is de-activated upon casting any spell.
[i]Generates a primitive magic-cancelling barrier around you to hide your aura.[/i]

[b]Dual Shifting[/b] (Inspiration) - [red]Passive[/red] - The result of skills that produce random mutations on the user also affect you if you're touching the target at the moment of it's activation. The mutations have the same effects and duration on you.
[i]The supernatural potencial of following someone through their shifting pattern.[/i]

Also, you receive:
[b][red]30 Holy Weakness.[/red][/b]
[b][red]>[Neural Hyperempathy] - Infected subjects within a mile radius of Melchior share similar sensations as to whatever he’s feeling. Whenever Melchior takes damage, the infected subject takes ½ of that damage(rounded down) as Psychic damage.[/red][/b]
Rolled 4, 32, 75 = 111 (3d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


Free Action
>Meet the leader of the cult.
I walk up to the two guys guarding the door. "Hey guys, I found this pamphlet about your kool kid klub. I thought, man these dudes look cool, so I came to talk to your boss to see about joining! So yeah, can I go see him?" I say with a winning smile.

Major Actions

>There's no better way to bond than going out and shooting guns with my new pal Kaiiv!
"Hey buddy! Where I come from, going out somewhere and shooting guns is a fun way to pass the time. So let's get to know each other better by wasting some lead!"

>Join the bee raid thing.
"Sorry to bother you, but I created a type of revolutionary armor. I'm willing to give the project to you because you seem to be a nice guy ... but I needed a copy of that armor if you do not have time to do it. i will give the project anyway ... so can you make a copy of this armor for me please?"
> Blume kawaii face
"and i give you a hug too"
Name: Yel(It’s not his real name unsurprisingly)

Description: Blond haired blue eyed kid in his late teens(18). He seems to have a average frame. He is unable to speak and seems to have no memories of his past to speak of.

>Psychic screech
>Telepathy - Communicate telepathically
>Arcane Shield - Cover the user in a shield of magical energy to protect from attacks
Rolled 60, 13, 37 = 110 (3d100)

>AH ! They left without me ! Time to put my toast in my mouth, and to catch up with the hive expedition, on foot ! A little running might even be good training (Major)
>That bee guy had a tough defense. Try to devise a technique that can break through defensive stance, and that is extra effective on defending enemies. Call it Guard Crush
>Suggest to the Order personnel with us that maybe, we should make sure every outsider trains during the trip, so we're at our best during the raid itself.
Rolled 80, 43, 88 = 211 (3d100)

Name:Fredrick Helmharden, current Head of Research

Character Sheet:

Status effects:
Photonics Texts: +10 to studying Light. Lasts 1 turn.

>M:Well then, Fredrick is coming to that age, that only means one thing, has to write down everything...so he starts with light based magic(+10 due to Photonics Texts, +5 due to information gathering skill)
>M:Well then, a fellow outsider is pretty much kidnapped and those younglings are rushing to save her, Fredrick better catch up and make sure they don't do anything stupid
>m:Those bee people we will have to face seem like a threat, so Fredrick decides to find out as much as he can about them while on his way, strenghts, weaknesses, how they are creates, are they natural creatures, where the damn sky fortress can be found and their stance of Jaffer Cakes
"Hmmm," I say, still not having given up on the idea of runes. They could, perhaps, still be used to better enhance a wearer's or possessor's magical prowess, from what I've studied so far. I will continue researching them, while also focusing on enchantments as a whole as the next step in my progress towards making some money in this world.
> M: Study runes. +5 to first roll.
Then, afte having found out all I could about runes, I will stick with regular enchanting, a question burning in my mind: can they be stacked? It seemed like they /could/, but I had no aptitude for it.
> M: Attempt to stack enchantments. Chaos will probably ensue.
Then, I will turn to Blumelein, noticing what she held in her hands. I question her about it; "So, what exactly are you attempting for me to make, then? I can't tell anything by this drawing."
Rolled 70, 16, 54 = 140 (3d100)

Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yM98Hon1tWvVUQhSPvgGO5FGHJPIFSX8oyPfaq4L4Ls/edit?usp=sharing

Seeing as we are currently on the road, I may as well continue my studies in runes, to the best of my ability on the field.

[MAJOR]- Study the reactions between Healing magic and Life Runes, hoping to find that in some, repeatable case, the Healing magic was empowered by the life rune.

[MAJOR]-Good Science was never conducted in a single Method. Using my knowledge of the Runic Alphabet, combine (SPECIFICALLY NON DEADLY OR HARMFUL) Runes to create something that hopefully, will Enhance magic cast through it.

[Minor]- Rest, and talk to the fellow outsiders that have joined me on the Bee Raid. It's strange, really. We're all in such a similar situation, from across space and time itself. I'm sure they must have a few good stories.

Relaxed: Gain +5 on all rolls next turn.
"i design this to be a light armor, but is not that easy to make because of the type of iron and leather and the method to make all this stuff light.. and for last but not less important, will be very beautifull like one of the nazi waffen-ss uniforms but with iron in strategic locations"
>while I explain point by point in the project in the paper
Rolled 22, 31, 10 = 63 (3d100)

>Run to find melk and save the girl(training my speed) (major)
>get a damage upgrade to my derriger (major)
>say sorry to the Gilbert (minor)
Rolled 46, 85, 95 = 226 (3d100)


>Practice on my bow skills

>Work on improving my healing skills.

>Ask around the Order members of this world about information about the Goldheart family. Who exactly are they?
Rolled 63, 24, 19 = 106 (3d100)

Name: Neo

Character sheet:

CL: 2
SD: Might 2/Finesse 3/Resolve 5/Inspiration 3
Skills: Sword And Board, Martial Arts, Cross Strike, Dodge, Uncanny Balance, Sapping Strikes, Otherworldly Toughness, Mighty Constitution, Fortify, Clear, Draining Strikes, Heroic Sense
HP: 475/475
TP: 90
AD: 54(+60) =114
AP: 39
DEF: 51(+30) =81
MR: 54
SPD: 39(-5)=34
Minor Action (1): Ask the order if they can provide any magic gear to help me fight the demons, specifically something to make me hit harder, take less damage, or maybe fly? (Bonuses: [Minor Favor from the Order] - You can ask for one thing from the Order of Xenerith; it will be automatically successful.)

Major Action (2-3):Go to train with Alexander and practice counter attacking and opportunity attacking more efficiently. I am already good at using a sword and shield, so this seems like a natural extension of that fighting style... (Attempt to create a resolve, might, or finesse skill that reduces TP usage for paybacks or opportunity attacks) (Bonuses: Master Swordsman Alexander +5, possibly Sword and Board+?)

Major Action (4-5) Go catch up with the rest of the outsiders on the bee raid team and join up with the hunting party. Maybe get some practice running in armor while i’m at it if they haven’t gone TOO far.

not sure if i have to roll for the first one
Rolled 8, 78 + 5 = 91 (2d100 + 5)

((forgot my rolls R.I.P.))
"Yeah, uh, I don't know if I'm especially comfortable with making something from literally the Nazis. Maybe if you could offer some pay, but I doubt you could."
R.I.P. is right
So, uh, are you studying on our way to combat?
"Vell, Ja. Is sheer somezhing wrong vith zhat?"
Do do du do nanana flashback
>A blond haired youngling is currently attempting to raid the kitchen for food.
Rolled 7, 35, 22 = 64 (3d100)

Name: Isaac Thorne
A twenty-four year old electrician who died in a car crash on the way home. Having accomplished nothing of note in his life, he awoke in a new world.

SD: Finesse 2 / Sorcery 3 / Resolve 1 / Inspiration 1 / Industry 2
>Jousting (Finesse)
>Long-Ranged Strike (Finesse)
>Large Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Electrified Attack (Sorcery)
>Toughness (Resolve)
>Eletron’s Siphon (Inspiration)
>Electricity Knowledge (Industry)
>Basic Repairs and Maintenance (Industry)

Status Effects:
[Assorted Info about technology- You gain +5 in your next test to seek info about technology on this world.]

>[Injured] - Start next turn at 300 HP

>[Significant Wound] - One part of your body was especially hurt, making certain tasks take even more effort to be completed. In this case, it was one of your hands, giving you -1 In all acurracy rolls and -5 in all action rolls that makes intense use of your hands. Lasts 3 turns.

>Major Action: Becoming a guard has... Given me a bit of purpose. I feel like doing some general strength training. Despite my injuries, basic exercises should be easy enough to do.

>Major Action: Go and do some more research into this world's progress on electricity. My experience in that field should be helpful.
Relevant modifiers: +5(Assorted Info about technology), +5(Electricity Knowledge)

>Minor Action: Patrol the grounds. It's my job now.
I'm Hungary. I'm gonna go see if there are any pop tarts anywhere.
Isaac walked through the halls, somewhat bored. He was patrolling, as per the job he volunteered for. The problem was that he got hurt a couple days ago when his hand got cut on some falling bricks. Nothing serious, but it still impaired him a bit.

He then walked into the dining hall, when he heard some noises. Was someone rummaging through the kitchens? Isaac moved over to investigate, his good hand on his pistol. He wasn't sure who or what it was, but it was better safe than sorry.

The man then saw a strange sight: a strange boy with blonde hair just eating away at the food in the kitchen. Isaac raised an eyebrow at this. "... I don't recognize you... Who are you, kid?" He asked, his hands at his sides in a non-confrontational gesture.
Yel turned around, kneeling on the counter as he turned around to look at the older man talking to him, halfway through eating a piece of bread he'd knicked.

Sitting down on the counter and not even looking isaac in the eyes as he was eating, feeling his mind reach out before connecting with another.

[Yel. Who're you?]
"I am not a nazi!, Is just a design pleaseeee help mee"
The boy turned around, but spoke no words. This was of course, quite surprising for Isaac when he suddenly heard a voice ring out in his head.

"Hm?!" Isaac said. "Who said that? Did you do that?" He asked, before continuing. "My name is Isaac. What's yours?" He said out loud.
The blond haired boy started to kick his legs while sitting on the countetop, legs banging against the cabinet playfully while he continued eating. Swallowing he stared at isaac with clear blue eyes. Silent for some moments before he breaks out into silent laughter, his moving along with it and his mouth smiling but no sound coming out.

[You're silly, I just said my name! Hi isaac!]
It was a surreal experience, watching the teen in front of him move from a silent, tittering chuckle to full laughter. Despite the fact that he appeared to be laughing, he produced no noise.

"R-right..." Isaac said, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck in response. "Your name is Yel, huh? Are you an Outsider?" He asked, curiously.

It was that word again, the word those other people called him. The Xenerath or however it was said. Was that what he was? It wasn't like he knew entirely what that meant. So he answered truthfully.

[I dunno. That's what they said I was, they said they brought me from somewhere else but I don't remember where. I don't remember much honestly.]
"... I see." Isaac said, nodding his head as he takes this information in. He walked up to the counter propping himself up with his good hand before taking a seat next to the boy.

"An Outsider is... Someone from another dimension who died." Isaac said, grimly. "If my guess is right, then maybe you're from the same place that I came from, Yel." The man said. "Earth. It's a world a lot like this, but... Without magic." He explained in an attempt to jog the boy's memories. "Instead of magic, we have technology, and we'd have these big cities with towers that touch the sky."

The man stopped speaking, before continuing. "... No memories of your old place at all, hmm?"
Earth...He kept saying the word over and over in his head. He liked that word, it was a nice word, but death...he frowned thinking it over. He died? How? Even if he wanted to he still couldn't really remember much. Biting off half the bread in annoyance he responded.

[No. Not really. I remember dreaming, sleeping, it was for a while but I don't remember how long. Sometimes I heard screams, so I screamed back, sometimes I talked, sometimes they whispered, but it was really soft and I could barely hear them, and I definitely couldn't understand them. I wonder what they were saying.]
"..." Isaac stayed silent, pondering to himself. It was a damn shame to see another person met their end. It must've been even worse for Yel, who had awoken with no memories of his old life at all.

Nothing but whispers and phantoms in his head. Fragments of what was, or perhaps, what was not.

Isaac forced a smile. "Don't worry about it too much, kid." He said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure you'll remember some day."
"...I shall take your continued Silence an an acceptance. Zhis research is not vithout its reasons, do not vorry. It is und attempt to recreate my greatest invention, in mien past life."

He scarfed down the last of the bread he was eating, it's not rude to talk while eating if you talk with telepathy right? After finishing he tilted his head and looked at isaac.

[So what's it like being an outsider? I still don't really get why they brought me here, if they really did. What am I supposed to do?]
Isaac smiled in response, leaning back somewhat. "To be honest, I was confused too. It was a little weird that they were pulling random people out of another dimension to help them." He said in response. "But from what I know, the Order summoned us here to help them combat threats and defend their lands."

"... Some of the other Outsiders think that this summoning is what accounts as their 'second chance'." Isaac says. "...People are free to think what they want, if it keeps them satisfied. But me? I don't have that same idealism. " The man says, looking straight ahead.

"... But I'm rambling." The electrician admitted." I guess in the end, our job a Outsiders is to do whatever the Order wants." He says with a hint of resignation in his voice.
[What if I don't want to do it?]

It was an innocent question without much meaning behind it but still a valid question nonetheless. He barely knew 'the Order' so what if he didn't want to help them with something? Where they going to force him too?
The question the boy asked was simple, and yet... Carried a lot of weight. Isaac thought about it for a minute, before responding. "Then you don't have to." He said. "Everyone's got a choice, in the end."

"I guess most people, myself included, are doing it out of obligation." Isaac said. "The Order gave us a second shot at life, they keep us fed, and give us a roof over our heads." He begins enumerating the reasons. "They even give us what we want, and let us pursue our own projects... It's not a bad deal." Isaac declared.

The man then fixed the boy with a serious look.

"... But if you want to leave, then that's fine." Isaac said, stretching. "Just take what food you'll need, and I'll pretend like I never saw you."

Yel thought it over, folding his legs over the tabletop as he leaned against his arms, closing his eyes as he entered a deep contemplation. He could leave right now and he'd probably be fine, but he really didn't feel like roughing it yet. He was already getting ideas of what to do but he really wasn't ready yet, plus he was kinda tired, not really in the mood for that stuff.

[Nah. I'll stay, I'll just leave when I want to. Besides it'd be kind of lonely wouldn't it?]

A very simplistic answer but it was valid to yel nonetheless.
Isaac smiled in spite of himself. "It would, wouldn't it?" He paused. "Good to hear that you'll be staying around, Yel. Even if it's only for a while." The man continued. "Who knows, maybe you'll like it here."

He then looked around, before focusing his gaze on Yel. "You know, if you're still hungry, I can get the cooks to get you a proper meal. Bread is pretty tasty when you're hungry, but why settle for bread?" He said, smiling a little.
I walk into the room
"Oooo what are you cool kids talkin about?"

This time you don't [hear] anything. The boy just nodding with a pleasant smile. Unfolding his legs as he slides off the counter top. Turning his head with a curious glance at the new person. Looking back at isaac, tilting his head. A voice only he can hear.

[Who's this?]

Then the boy looks back at the stranger.
I just stand there looking at the two.
"So uhhh, you guys know if there's any pop tarts around here?"
Isaac shrugged. "Another Outsider. Don't know him personally, though. Seems nice enough though. "

"Not much. You can ask him yourself if you want to know more." Isaac said as he hopped off of the counter. He turned back to Yel. "I've been around a little longer than expected though. I need to get back on patrol." He said. "I'll let the cooks know, but for now, I need to get back."

He then gives a wave to Yel, and to the stranger. "I'll see you later, I suppose." With that, he exits the room and walks off to find a cook, directing them here before returning to his patrol.
He waves goodbye as isaac left.

He looked at the fellow outsider. Staring at hi for a moment as he looked him over. A critical question weighing on his mind as he did. Before the outsider felt a voice in it's head, originating from no clear direction.

[What's a poptart?]
"Oh, Ok Bye person!" I say to the guy leaving.
The dude just spoke to me but without moving his lips.
"You can do voodoo magic to speak to me. That's strange. You don't know what a poptart is. That's even stranger."
I say giving the boy a judgmental stare.

[Voodoo? What's voodoo? I don't think I'm doing that.]

Yel had a look of visible confusion looking at the stranger, and he still hadn't explained what a poptart is. The person seemed suspicious of him but he wasn't sure why, and what was voodoo magic, magic was familiar to him but voodoo...it itched at the back of his mind and evoked feelings of distrust when he thought about it.
"You don't know what Voodoo is? Hmmm. Voodoo magic is when black witch doctors summon a demon to grant you a wish. The catch is they take something from you in return, or something like that. Like turning you into a frog or stealing your voice. Heh, before I died I went to this special magic college and there was this dude that had his face stolen by a demon. I don't know how he talked or even ate food, but yea that's Voodoo magic."
[Oh. I don't have my voice, so they can't take it at least. So...what's a poptart?]

The boy stood there watching zoot. Magic college? Face stealing demons? Huh.
"Pop tarts are like the best thing ever. A tasty little pastry you can eat hot or cold. There's so many flavors to choose from too. So is there any Pop tarts around here?"
[I dunno. I just got here. Maybe someone else might know where they are?]
He tilted his head as he said that. Body language matching the 'tone' of his 'voice'
"Hmm, Ok then. I guess I'll go look somewhere else. See ya around Voodoo kid!" I then continue my search for Pop tarts.
[Okay. Bye stranger.]
Yel waves at the guy before going into the cabinet to eat something while he waits for the cook.

"I was finding it odd."

Tabatha takes a moment to put her thoughts into words.

"Aren't you like, scared of dying?"

Tabatha takes a moment to savour how ironic yet cynic that last comment sounded.

"... again?"
>Helsing would pause from his work for a moment, seemingly lost in thought for a moment.

"Vell...of course. Any vne of us could be. Zhough, panicking is not...Beneficial to ze cause, I suppose you could say. Being productive, zhat is vhat vill help. It takes one mind off of ze grim outlook, as well."
"That sounds really wise."

Tabatha tries to peek the cover of one of the books.

"What are you exactly reading about? It doesnt look like a strategy book or something..."

"Vell...Putting it Lightly, I'm looking for proof of an Interaction between Runic power und Magic."

"Putting it a bit more heavily, I am seeing if zhere are proven und documented cases where ze 'Life' Rune had acted in conjunction with Healing Magics, resulting in an empowered magic as result. It's an important part of zhis invention I had mentioned earlier."
"Isn't that some kind of common sense?"

Tabatha tries to recall an example but fails to think of one.

"I haven't tried using magic since I arrived here but me thinks that runes are inherenrlt magical. Arent they?"
"I vould think zhat as vell, but I was shocked to learn othervise."

"Think of Runes as....A machine vith no power."

"Zhey have ze ability to do vhatever it is zhey vere designed for, but require a power a power source to do so. Zhey are not und all powerful art."

"Ze power in zhis case is Mana., the Fuel for all Magic."

Tabatha takes a moment to let it sink in.


Tabatha starts to get a slight idea.

"But aren't runes like an alphabet? Do you just scribble what you want them to do?"
"Vell...to be honest, I've only begun into ze study. And vhile zhat is...mostly correct, it is more or less an alphabet, and crossing runes creates....interesting alternative effects."
Tabatha starts to get a little confused about the nature of runes. It is notable in her face.

"And what are you trying to do with them against the bees?"
"Not ze Bees alone, Tabatha."

"No, zhis project is to expand into ze forseeable future."

"It is to be ze power of vne of mien greatest creations in mien past life."
"So, this thing you are working on will ve useless against the bees?"

Tabatha tries to salvage the statement

"What are you trying to do?"

"...Tabatha, you remember my occupation, Ja? I am a man of Medicine, and mien invention is not to be used to attack, but to be used as...A support tool."

"Vhile it may not be completed by ze time zhis battle begins, concludes, or even a veek from now, I vant you to picture somezhing."

"A man on ze battlefield is lying, close to death, breathing his last. A man with a portable machine comes, and with nothing visible to the eye, except for a beam, he is back to his peak of health."

"Vith my invention, I could do in seconds vhat vould take other Doctors years. I could take men to the peak of health, and Beyond. I Could make Gods."

"And Runecraft could be ze ticket to recreating it, in this...technologically undeveloped world."

"Although it vill take Time. I must still find ze methods to create it, test it, and have it easily accessible in ze field. It vill not be createable in such a short time."
"That sounds surprisingly useful when it is done..."
"But, wait, back in our time, or what I remember about it, we didn't had those kind of things...."

Tabatha takes a look at her blade.

"Maybe even more useful than just stabbing..."

"Assuming ze Orders Machine specificly pulled us from vne...vhat was ze English vord...Dimension? I vould have been long dead before my creation vas mass produced. Ze Secret vas born, and died, vith me." "if not zhat, zhen perhaps ve come from two different timelines altogether?"

"And....Vhat about ze blade? More zhen stabbing? Zhat is vhat zhey are produced to do, no?"
"I think I remember..."

Tabatha takes her hand to her chin...

"Didn't you mentioned you died around the 1970s? Or something like that? Because, if that's so, I am from the year 2017."
"somevhere around zhen, ja. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe zhat people here are from so far in ze future, and zhen I remember zhat zhere is a literal Christian Crusader among our ranks."
"Didn't he went on his own way? I wouldn't count him on our ranks. Right now, we only have a pretty limited number of people, specially us. That we are in this mission."

"Would four people suffice to take down that storm? "
Tabby remembers the other faces that were summoned with her.
"I....Do not know. But I hope it will be."
Rolled 9, 98, 12 = 119 (3d100)


If I'm going to be stuck at this camp, might as well practice my skills.

>[Practiced Efforts] Gain a +10 to the next time you try to learn a skill.
M: Practice Stealth, again

>[Practiced Efforts] Gain a +10 to the next time you try to learn a skill.
M: Try to learn how to chain together multiple stab attacks.

m: Forage in the vicinity and make something to eat for everyone.
>She hears some growling and heavy breathing
Count that five...whew, wasn't running this fast for about...20 years
"Four people? I counted 5 when we left. And we don't need to eliminate them. Nor could we, with our numbers. We just need to infiltrate and rescue Angela, along with whoever else we can save."
Rolled 80, 90, 61 = 231 (3d100)


>Yel watches the cooks work in the kitchen, consistently over the days he feels his mind reach out, as he tries to gaze into what they think...(Yel tries to learn how to read surface thoughts)

>The animals, the beasts...their minds are weak, dominate them and control them. Make them his.(yel goes to the forest to learn to dominate animals.)

>Ask the order for a map, I really would rather not get lost.
“Agreed,” Malcolm speaks up hearing this. “Trying to take them on now at our current strength is paramount to suicide. We go in, grab her and leave with as little conflict as possible.”
Ok dont ignore me, if you do this light armor for me i will have to do a "favor" for you ok?!
"You mean it's tantamount to suicide."
Malcolm just looks to her, eyes half lidded at her. He then just shrugs, “Yeah, sure. Whatever. You know what I meant.”

Rolled 76, 72, 98 = 246 (3d100)

Vira Vesperia

Freeze (Sorcery)
Deep Freeze (Sorcery)
Improved Cold Channeling (Sorcery)
Icy Touch (Inspiration) [OUT OF CONTROL]
Cast Light (Inspiration)
Blinding Flash of Light (Inspiration)
Heavenly Light (Inspiration)
Biochemistry Knowledge (Industry)
Alchemy (Industry)
Brew Potion (Industry) [R: Health Potion]

M + M - Practice ice magic

m - Prepare for battle.
"All he means is that we don't have the manpower to take on the entire base in a frontal assault, and that attempting to do so would lead to certain defeat. That's why we'll be taking a different tactic."
"Where should I go then?"
"Uh. Yeah no. Leave, please."
>Yel wanders around the factory. His mind filled with whispers, ideas, things he needed to try, so much to do and so little time. Silently walking through before he finds his way to the forge feeling a wave of heat as he entered. Looking to see if someone is there.
"Hello? Who are you?"
Yel stared at argus, his mouth opening in realization, but no sound coming out. He just stared for a second before there was a voice in argus' head, coming from no particular direction.

Yel walks up to argus and his finger slowly moves to poke him.
"Ah, I see you've got the gift of magic. Very well, then, what do you want? I can put various enchantments on weapons and armor, so if that's something you're looking for, great."

Argus would hear disjointed words, probably stray thoughts as yel was unable to find the proper words to explain what he wanted. He understood enchantments and what that meant. Yel pointed at his forhead.

[Jewelry, Mind, Power, Strengthen.]
"Uh. You want me to strengthen your mind's powers? Sounds weird, but it's something new."
[Yes! Or make it easier? That would be nice. It would make talking easier.]
"I understand, then. Well, let me finish up my work, and then I can get to making something for you. Are you especially inclined in fields of might and prowess, or are you more of a magically induced person?"
[They call it magic so I guess that's what it is. I might've fought with a sword or something before but I don't remember. So now I just think about things I guess, and reach out to other minds. I learned how to do that. It's fun.]

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