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This Quest is developing similarly to a Civ or a Skirmish, but the setting is a "Low" Fantasy Victorian-era world where magic is present. Similar to an Isekai, your character has died in the real world, having lived an unfulfilled life. Perhaps you gave your life to save someone else's. Perhaps you missed the chance to do something while you were alive. Perhaps you simply ended your life, uncontented with its many facets.

To your surprise however, you've awoken in a strange, yet familiar world. You feel fundamentally different, as if there is a new power stirring within you. You know this feeling as the gift of magic, with potential far greater than many of the people in this world. You are an Outsider; a person whose soul had been wrought from another dimension.

You're not alone, either. You've awoken alongside other Outsiders from Earth, too. Whoever you were back in the old world is mostly inconsequential now.

You were greeted by several humans with clothing that looks similar to what someone from the 19th century London would wear. They then introduce themselves as members of an organization called the Xerenith Order.

Your summoners have brought your soul here to help fight against threats that they cannot fight against alone. The Order promises to give you funding, safety, and a roof over your heads, so long as you continue to work with them.

Ultimately, there is no explicit way to 'win'. As a player, you are encouraged to set your own goals. Maybe you'd like to amass power, or return to Earth, or even rebel against your summoners. The choice is yours.
Currently admitting new players. Pop into our Discord for more info.

How to join:

Make your character. It can be a male or a female. Post your full character info in each of your Action posts like in a regular civ or skirmish.

You have 3 "Skill points" from your backstory. Skill points can be used to gain Skills, which are categorized into six different archetypes: Might, Finesse, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration, and Industry.

a. Name (trip/namefag yourself)
b. Give a short description of your character. Pictures are also appreciated.
c. Allocate your skill points. These can be skills that you knew in your old life on Earth(i.e. Mathematics, Firearms Proficiency, etc), or gained when you became an Outsider(i.e. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, etc). Do note that these skills can be as general or as specialized as you like, but must be within reason(i.e. Magic Missile is an acceptable starter skill, but Create Matter isn’t).

How to play: -
To start you post your character sheet with actions for each turn.
a. Action Economy. Each turn you will be given 5 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions. Major actions use 2 [Action Points]. Social and minor actions only use 1 [Action Point].

Examples of major actions: Training, spellcrafting, building, etc.
Examples of minor actions: Social interactions, resting, etc.

For every action(whether it be major or minor), you must roll.

-General formula uses [General Dicepool] + [Archetype Bonuses]
-[General Dicepool] is 1d100
-[Bonus] are added to the action you are making.

Each tier into an archetype related to the action now grants a +5 Bonus.

If you have Bread Baking (Industry) and your action is to Bake Bread you roll 1d100, and add a +5 to your action.
If you had 12 Finesse, you had a Well-Rested Status that gave you a +10 bonus, you had a skill that gave you +5 to actions related to Stealth and you posted an action related to stealth, you'd roll a 1d100 and get a total boost of 25:
10 from the Finesse, 10 from the Status, and 5 from the related skill

b. All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any action posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.

c. After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XWb8hdB
Detailed Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xiK64yrVUXMDKObX9VPnm_SazgQrO4YsWSp-UPJo5rM/edit?usp=sharing
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=mass+isekai
The Factory
An old metal processing plant that was closed down decades ago. Chosen for its proximity to the city of Burhtic, this building is close enough to get to the city, but also far enough to make sure that if something were to happen, the Xenerith Order would have ample time to stop it. The factory floors were cleared of machinery, meaning that there is plenty of space for development. The lack of comfortable amenities might leave something to be desired, however.

Default Building:
>Sleeping Quarters
>Dining Hall
>Infirmary(Currently in bad shape)
>Free Space for Development (8/15 left)

Expansion Units: 5/15
>Spell Repository
>Chemist Lab
>Fight Arena


= The Wagons & The Campfire =
A weaker type of Stronghold

In search of the culprit storm of daemonic origins, the Order has sent out an Expedition of Selected and Volunteer Outsiders. They have already sent a small scouting team to follow and catch the storm to stop the Vermin attack on the innocent villages that surround Oshaelys Tail.

This turn they are sending a small wagon with Outsiders that are interested in going to fight the threat of the Vermin Storm. Currently, the selected Outsiders are:

>Helsing Ludwig
>Malcolm York
>Melchior Santos
>Tabatha O. Nana
>Vira Vesperia
>Frederick Helmharder
>Blümelein Von Abenthot
>Tatsuo Takeshima

Right now, the camp is outfitted with the basics for living
We currently have:
- Sleeping Tent (A big military style tent)
- Kitchen and Supplies Tent
- Bonfire

The Wagons, during the day will be used for storage.

The Equipment that you receive is the following:

[Xenerith Order Long Shield]
Quality: Excellent
Off Hand Shield
Combat Actions: Block - 10 TP, As a reaction, attempt to block an incoming attack with your shield. Block Check 5. On a successful block, increase DR by 50.

[Xenerith Order Medium Iron Armor]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 25 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 30 Kinetic; 25 Acid; 15 Cold; 15 Poison
Weaknesses: 30 Heat; 30 Electric[/I]
Special Effects: It produces a CLANK sound as you move. If you try a stealth attack with this armor equipped on, you roll at a disadvantage.
Description: Standard Light Soldier Armor, weaker than medium armor.

[Xenerith Order Soldier Uniforms]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 10 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 5 Cold
Weaknesses: 5 Heat[/I]
Special Effects: None
Description: Soldier Uniform with the Xenerith Order insignia.


Caravan Update

The Caravans have decided to stop in the small mountain town of Neuroda, located Southeast of Burthic. Neuroda inhabitants are somewhat abhorrent of magical use. They clearly identify it with demonic use and curses. They are neutral towards Outsiders if they are with the Order. The town is also famous for it’s hot springs and bath houses, so feel free to enjoy them while you stay.

This town was spared by the Storm of the Vermin due to the close proximity of the Fanthorpe Hold. This town is settled near a small river and it is known that the Soldiers in the Hold are skilled in the art of marksmanship. That’s how they managed to keep the Storm off the town. We are picking up a small squad of their finest marksman to add to our Caravan.

The son of the local baron of the Heintrenput fief has joined the caravan in order to help in your quest, so far he is being really popular with the ladies that meet him on the road, but not of much help in anything else.

You are free to explore the town and its surroundings.


Since some Outsiders are catching up to us in the way to the Caravan, and since supplies are limited; they get to choose (as a free action), one (1) of the objects in the list of equipment given.

The Order had arrangements for the Outsiders that were already in the group. Those of you that had opted to be more spontaneous and run after the caravan having to make do with ‘impromptu’ lodgings, mainly sleeping with the cargo.

Condition: Sleeping with the Cargo - This deals a -20 to Resting and Relaxing. It deactivates healing regeneration this turn.


= The Guard =

Considering that some of the Outsiders are leaving The Factory to chase the storm, the Order of the Xenerith has decided to create a Guarding post for the Defense of The Factory. The Outsiders that have volunteered for the Guard will receive a special kit for guarding.

The Volunteers are:
>Atom Glass
>Isaac Thorne

The Selected Outsiders will receive:

[Xenerith Order Guard Uniforms]
Quality: Excellent
Defense: 10 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 5 Cold
Weaknesses: 5 Heat
Special Effects: None
Description: Guard Uniform with the Xenerith Order insignia.

[Xenerith Order Guard Flintlock Revolver]
Quality: Excellent
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 30 ft.
Damage: 70 Piercing
Special Effects: After 6 consecutive shots, you must take a major action to refill it with black powder and projectiles.
Description: A beautiful flintlock revolver engraved with the Xenerith Order Insingnia

[Xenerith Order Sack of Black Powder]
Description: A pouch where powder is stored.

=====[Xenerith Order News]=====
Old Aisle Status:
It seems like the oldest part of the factory was involved in a particularly destructive incident involving the attempt to make an Multi-Purpose Medical Room, which resulted in the destruction of the infirmary, the demolition of one of the walls of the forge and a giant hole in the wall of the second floor of the Factory.

The Order would like to inform all the Outsiders that their help would be well received, and while they aren’t really prepared to lend any meaningful rewards, having the damages restored is probably of vital interest to everyone who may need these facilities. And keeping the water and the forest fauna outside would do much to let everyone sleep without worried of awakened by a flood of water or spiders in the middle of the night.

>[Failures can result in more “interesting” results than the usual even if done inside, every failure after the first will be considered “Outdoor activity” as the interior is partially exposed to the elements. Furthermore, the water is not a problem anymore, but insects have been seen flooding in as if searching for a new place to call home after being forced to lay low because of the storm. -10 to all resting and relaxing rolls done inside. (-5 after taking in consideration the weather bonus).]

>[The infirmary was relocated to the opposite aisle, but is working at half the efficiency for the next turn. All rolls involving it will receive a penalty depending on the complexity of their dependence on it.]

Weather Report:
The weather is now cloudy with patches of sunlight.

=====[QM Announcements News]=====
Since we are still experimenting with the system. Linked in the OP.
Powers obtained this turn may be subjected to change.

We are now currently using the 1.0 RuleBook. Check OP for link.
========== Turn Results: ==========
>90 - M
>52 - M
May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge. - Ruth 2:12

You have done it. So many days and so many nights writing like an ancient scribe, hunching over your candle lit desk, you have finished a handwritten copy of the Holy Bible from Memory.

[Bible] - A complete reproduction of the Holy Bible

You feel the presence of the LORD blessing you with his approval, and can finally peacefully rest, knowing that a vital part of your mission is fulfilled. You sleep for an entire day, and wake up at your best mental condition, so full of joy and faith that it spread to your immediate followers through your words and deeds during the rest of the week.

Miracle Pool is now at 5!

[Mission Fulfilled] - You can now rest at ease knowing that you completed an important part of your mission in this world. You have advantage for all your resting rolls for the next two turns.

[Increased Faith] - Your overflowing faith has inspired your 4 Main followers to increase their dedication to the study of THE WORD and HIS WILL. They have all gained the Skill “Basic Theology”(Industry) and the “Faithful” condition.

[Bible Study Sessions] - Now you can do Bible Study Sessions… That allow you to train your common followers into preachers. Each preacher allow you to roll an extra dice per turn for the conversion of new followers (Please roll the dice on a second post, not on the same one as your actions.), but at the moment you have none. It takes one minor action to make a study session, but you only manage to train a preacher at a crit. Unless specifically stated advantage on religious rolls don’t apply to this test, as it is based more on the personal faith of the people studying than on your own.

One of your common followers, one of those you don’t even usually remember the name, tells you about some impressive scientific contraption that allows books to be copied through machines, without all the hassle of have to transcribe them all by yourself. You still aren’t sure about how trustworthy such things really are, but it sounds way more promising than trying to train an entire order of monks to do this all day.

>32 - m
For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. - Romans 8:24-25

You receive no immediate response about the protection of His word. But there’s a warm feeling inside you.

Warm Feeling of Protection - It feels nice, doesn’t it?

Your two front door guards enter your room with a prisoner. His hands are tied up and his head is covered with a sack. One of your guards comes over and whispers to you:

[/green]“He came in wanting to see you, but he had a gun...”[/green]

You nod.

The other guard, with his voice, commands the prisoner in front of you:


You can now RP with the Prisioner. You only know him as the Prisioner.
You need something with the intelligence to make its own decisions without you having to focus to control its every action. You feel the magic welling up inside you. Oh it’s a big one. You can feel the raw power coiling away from your body. Whatever it is, it’s twice as strong as an anteater.

When the spell finishes, you are standing next to a transparent figure that looks exactly like you. But, contrary to what you’d think, this construct is moving on its own and it’s doing its own things without your commands. It is actually showing sentience, before disappearing in a small shower of shining mana.


[Summon Mana Mist Construct] (Sorcery) - 30 TP - As a Major Combat Action, summon a Mana Mist Construct with the following stats:
Mana Mist Construct
HP: 80 TP: 20 AD: 20 AP: 20 DEF: 0 MR: 10 SPD: 30
You may dismiss your summoned creature as a Minor Combat Action. Summoned creatures disappear when their HP hits 0 or after 20 combat rounds. Mist constructs can only do basic attacks, and cannot equip items.
The ability to summon a Mana Mist copy of yourself.

Everything points out Ned’s door, if you want to make some changes at the Factory. You talk to him, trying to make the best out of your explanation. Ned is sunken under mountains of paperwork and his expression is unreadable. You make your case.

He lifts up his voice.

“You are already sleeping alone and you have a room for yourself, but if you want another room, I can arrange somethings. Now leave.”

This feels like a small victory. Until you get the official memo a few hours later.

“Xenerith Order Factory Memo 00678”

From now on, Priere’s old room will be under renovations.

Priere has been relocated as a roommate with Blümelein.

- Signed, Ned”

[Priere’s Old Bedroom] - Your old solo bedroom at The Factory. At the moment, it’s completely bare with no furniture. For the next turn (Turn 8), it can’t be used due to renovations.

New Roommate - You are now sharing bedroom with Blümelein.

>13 - Special Friday the 13th fail!

You designate the area that is your old bed room as your territory with the spell. You focus your energy, mind and soul into it.

After you are done, the room feels… yours. You are ready to take a nap on it when Ned barges in with a team of lower rank members.

“Okay, time to remove everything and leave this place for Priere. Dismantle the beds, the closets and the bookcases. Move, move, move!”

You try to ask him what in the world is he doing. He says that your room will be done in a week, if you want to rest, share the bunk bed with Blumelein.

You feel defeated.

[Priere’s Old Bedroom] - It has been designated as your territory. As this turn, unusable.
>37 - M
"Hey buddy! Where I come from, going out somewhere and shooting guns is a fun way to pass the time. So let's get to know each other better by wasting some lead!"

You spend a whole day shooting with Kaiiv, and he even arranges a improvised but well made shooting range for the two of you. Surprisingly, he is no amateur at this, revealing that he always had some interest in fire arms as they are usually more reliable than having to risk yourself at close range, but he usually shoots at some gentleman's shooting club for lower high class people in the outskirts of the city.

“You know what, I think that it would maybe be better if we had more company at this sort of reunions… Why don’t you invite some of your outsider friends for one of my parties one month from now? I think it would be a good opportunity to introduce them to more classy surroundings and guests.”

>Received [Invite letters for the Kaiiv Phantomblood’s party.] (Expires in 4 turns.)
>Discovered the location of the [Gentleman’s Shooting Range.]

>9 - Free Action
I walk up to the two guys guarding the door. "Hey guys, I found this pamphlet about your kool kid klub. I thought, man these dudes look cool, so I came to talk to your boss to see about joining! So yeah, can I go see him?" I say with a winning smile.

"Hey guys, I found this pamphlet about your kool kid klub. I thought, man these dudes look cool, so I came to talk to your boss to see about joining! So yeah, can I go see him?"I say with a winning smile.

You get a bat to the face.

When you finally get to meet the leader of the cult, you have a sack over your head and your hands are tied up.

You hear a voice commanding you: “Speak”

Status: Redfaced - You are now at 150 HP
blue] You can now RP with the Cult Leader. You only know him as the Cult Leader.

>75 - M
Sadly, you don’t have time to catch up as you are imprisoned in a cell. But your anxiety in getting out let you take notice of your surroundings and create many escaping plans in a short amount of time. You also, manage to convince the nearby guards that it was all a misunderstanding, nearing their guard with you even if they are “just following orders”... There is also the strange animalistic noises in the cell next to you that they don’t want to talk about, so you may be able to use that.

[Escape Plan’s] - Bonus +1’ on all escaping actions next turn. Trying to escape costs a Major Action.
Cellmate - You can probably try to free whoever is on the next cell in your attempt to escape, it might raise a commotion and serve as distraction, even if you don’t know the full consequences of that. Takes a minor action.
>60 - M
You grab a piece of toast, slipping the almost perfect piece of brown bread into your mouth, as you start running after the hive expedition and catching up in decent time, not even worn out as you take deep but even breaths. You even had time to stop and pick up blume, the girl standing exhausted on the road, panting as you decide to give them a helping hand and carry them the rest of the way.

See Wagons and Campfire Section.

Carrying and helping everyone out to the wagons, has left you exhausted as well.

[Status Effect: Exhaustion - +5 to all relaxation rolls and minus -10 to physical rolls for all of next turn.]

>13 - Special Friday the 13th fail!
Taking a deep breath you ball up your hand into a fist as you focus yourself, your body moving as one as you feel your energy fill your fist as it collides with the trunk of the tree, then pain move up your arm as your attempt to crush your guard ends up with you hurting your hand, recoiling in pain as you pull your knuckle close to your chest and try not to cry. You can even feel a few splinters in your knuckles.

Status: Crushed Fist - You have lost 40 HP.

>37 - m
>Suggest to the Order personnel with us that maybe, we should make sure every outsider trains during the trip, so we're at our best during the raid itself.

You manage to get one of the order personnel to listen to your advice, going into a brief explanation on the benefits and logic behind organizing training before the raid as preparation, the order member, Stephen, nods along as you make each point. When you’re finished he thanks you for your proposition and says he’ll think over the logistics and benefits of instituting such an idea, you get a vague feeling that he was only really listening to you out of obligation as he goes back to his duties.

Some young noble guy just joined the raid after using his connections and fame as an adventurer to persuade the order that he could give far more help than problems by following you. But it looks like he can’t manage to spend more than one hour without starting some “action”.

One day, on your way to take a bath in a river, you find out that he got there first, he looks at your naked body for one moment and goes:

“You look like a trained and worthy warrior that has gone through many fights before… COME! FIGHT ME! THE WINNER GETS A MEAL FROM THE LOSER ON THE NEXT TOWN!”

[Live-Action Event if you accept.]
>95 - M
You take the time to put words to paper and ink to page as you begin the process of writing down your gatherings on light magic, steady progress and regular inspiration comes to you as you write and rewrite pages, condensing some parts, expanding others, simplifying what you can and going into detail when you think needed, adding the odd footnote or so when you can. When you’re finally finished a sigh of relief escapes your lips as your thumb and index finger move to rub your tired eyes as you let the ink on the final pages dry, pleased with what you’ve made.

Light Magic: Primer - Text- A informative introductory text on light magic and using it, that can be given to others or kept to yourself, reading it gives a +10 in understanding light magic, and can be done with a minor action, no roll required.

>43 - M
You become familiar with the feeling of sweat pouring off you and your lungs burning like fire as you force air in and out of your lungs. Chasing after the expedition group that left before you were ready. Your legs start to feel weak and your legs shaky before you finally manage to make it to them, feeling some internal relief among the internal suffering as you finally join the group. Considering if you should try relaxing it on the exercise for a while.

See Wagons and Campfire Section.
Status Effect: Winded up - Lasts: 1 turn. You feel winded up.

>88 - m
While still tired from your run, you remember that you still have information to find, and hopefully, to divulge to the rest of the group. You continue back into your studies, even with what limited materials you have, out here on the road. You learn much of the Bees, and, unsurprisingly, they share most, if not all, of their anatomical similarities to regular bees. Aside from the...yaknow. Demon Magics. Although this does give you some insight into their strengths and weaknesses, as they are...Well, BEES. However, the most shocking revelation of all, is that they haven’t even HEARD of a Jaffa! Uncivilized Savages!

You learn a collection of interesting facts about them from the people who had the misfortune of encountering them:

The Kingdom estimates that their number may variate between 30~60 at total, considering that even the workers are able to fight and participate on raids.

Only a fraction of those, lesser than a third, should be Soldiers.

They kidnap children for who knows what purposes, and seems to eat anything, as they collect cattle, wild animals, fruits, crops and even entire trees from the places they fly over.

They have an interest in weapons and precious items, like jewels and magical artefacts, but don’t seem interested in firearms or armors, even if they have been seen stealing expensive or “cute” clothes.

They rarely talk to their victims, but in those rare instances they have expressed an opinion of superiority over humans, seeing humanity as an “less evolved” race, and have expressed an interest in “cute things”, even if they seem to be disgusted with children.

They seem to have originated from corrupted beings, as it has happened before with other strange races of beings. Such creatures are usually called by scholars as “Corrupted Critters”, being made from intentional demonic manipulation. They take much time to be made, but usually don’t live long, having short time spans and necessitating great amounts of mana or life force to survive, and expressing increased amounts of mutations across their generations(as it is common that they reproduce fast).

They can’t swim, every bee that was taken down and fell into water has drowned… It seems as if their wings pulled them into the depths as some sort of mystical weakness.

There are at least two accounts of them mentioning “Princesses” and six of them mentioning “The Queen”. But those beings were never seen.

They appear to have at least three classes: Workers, Soldiers and Nobility.
Soldier bees are uncommon, but have a powerful exoskeleton and are trained in fighting skills, with male appearances and usually using martial weapons. Workers are all female, have some minor boost focused combat magic, but are far from strong as soldiers. Nobility never was seen.

There seems to be a new type of military unit being used by them… Pairs of “Riders” Soldiers and Bee “Mounts”. In other words, bee soldiers mounting on giant bees.

Sometimes, they are seem being followed by giant bees as big as dogs that are commanded without need for vocal commands and are able of throwing electrical blasts. Rumors say that those beings are rare critters only ever seen in a mountain far deep into the countryside, but nobody has confirmed it yet.
>75 - M
You begin your meticulous study of the reaction between healing magic and life runes, taking notes on the effects when interacting with each other, after some prolonged study you manage to draw your conclusion, when healing magic is funneled or exposed to a large quantity of life runes via some implement, like say a glove bearing the rune, certain healing magics are amplified by it. You even got an idea for a spell in the general vein of the type of healing magic that can be boosted.

Regeneration (Inspiration) - Cost: 20 TP - Select a target within 15 feet of the caster and imbue them with a regenerative effect healing 1d10+inspiration*2 once a turn for 3 turns. Casted with Healing Runes mechanism, may have special effect.

>21 - M
You attempt the novel idea of combining runes to create a combination that will under ideal circumstances, enhance magic when channeled through it, sort of like a magic aid to boost spells and such. Getting to work carving the runes as you can already feel the arcane energies taking shape, a light hum of power can be sensed so to speak by you as you meticulously work. Once completed you push magical energy through it for a spell, the runes coming to life before it just..doesn’t work. It’s not a bang or anything amazing, the spell just breaks down and the energy disperses, leaving you feel unsatisfied.

>59 - m
Taking the time to rest and relax as you sit around a campfire with your fellow outsiders, taking in the heat from the campfire to warm you as the night air chills you, you all look at each other with passing glances. Other worlds, such fantastic things, but seemingly real nonetheless…

[You can freely RP with your fellow Outsiders.]

Some young noble guy just joined the raid after using his connections and fame as an adventurer to persuade the order that he could give far more help than problems by following you. But it looks like he can’t manage to spend more than one hour without starting some “action”.

You find him examining your research like he totally get it… Without your permission and when caught he just ignores your reaction and starts correcting your assumptions on how the interplay between specific runes work. He says he could give you some help with it if you put some good word about him with Vira Vesperia. He also needs some apple pie, because of , uh, reasons.
[Blumelein Von Abenthot]
>31 - M
You look into some way to improve your deringer and well...you hit a wall. Doing it the mundane way isn’t feasible, you’d need to change the ammo type and at that point you would basically need to overhaul the entire pistol, which is basically just getting a new one at that point, you can’t find anyone to enchant it so the magic route is out. So you’re kind of stuck, if you want more stopping power you’ll probably need to get a new gun.

>10 - m
You approach Gilbert and try to offer him an apology, hoping to make some sort of amends between you two, a simple gesture, but one you hope will work, that hope is quickly dashed when he makes it clear that he says that he finds it fake, followed by you trying to plead your case and convince him of your honesty, this attempted apology leading into a light debate, which quickly becomes a heated argument, voices getting loud and faces getting red as you begin shouting personal insults at each other, the head gunsmith holding himself in as he avoids saying anything not fit to be heard by a child. It’s when you get on the topic of his mother that you see him take a deep breath, red faced and gritted teeth as you hear him say a single word.


And that’s how you find yourself standing outside of his office again as a door slam echoes through the hallways...that did not go as planned.

Status: ‘Limited Supply’ - Imposes a -15 debuff on any rolls to requisition items from Gilbert until you smooth things over with him.

>22 - M
As soon as you catch word of the expedition having left you’re already chasing after it, dropping everything as you run after the group on your short child legs. Your lungs start to burn and your brow begins to sweat as you keep running. At some point you feel like you’ll drop from exhaustion as you finally realize you’re not going to catch up to them. Disappointment fills you before you see Tatsuo jogging by, the outside helping you make it to the group by carrying you.

[Status Effect: Exhaustion - +5 to all relaxation rolls and minus -10 to physical rolls for all of next turn.]
Taking the time to practice your skill with a bow you decide to test yourself in the fight arena with some makeshift dummies for target practice. Letting loose arrows as you slip into a rhythm of taking out the arrow nocking followed by release, rinsing and repeating until you’ve emptied the quiver, then repeating. You keep this up as you feel your wide shots tighten more and more as your general accuracy improves. When it’s done you feel you’ve made some progress, even if it wasn’t much.


Archery (Finesse) - Passive - +1 to accuracy rolls when using a bow or crossbow.
Experience and trained dexterity with aiming and keeping your arrows and bolts steady.

>85 - M
Now that you are out of the hospital and far from any persons needing immediate assistance, you find yourself without any real targets for practice. Trying to work with what you have, you decide to focus in a new path of improving your power by focusing inward instead of outward. You wake up earlier than usual and spend your hours before breakfast immersed in some variation of a meditative state, trying to summon the energy from the deepest parts of your being and channeling the ambient mana through it in order to get a greater and more steady influx of vital energies… A such dense amount of energy that it actually turns visible, becoming a glowing sphere of energy between the palms of your hand.

You keep doing this day after day, questioning yourself about the real possible applications of such power, until you finally get a testing subject for it when one of the guards fall from the bank of a river and hurt himself on the stones down border of the water. You quickly reach him after the fall, and after the usual applications of medicine and healing magic, you try your new powers on him, healing the most of his injuries with far more potency than usual.

The members of the order thank you for your help with sincere smiles and serious words of praise.

Cure Intermediate Wounds (Inspiration) - Costs 40TP - As a Major Combat Action, choose a living target within 15 feet: recover that target's HP by an amount equal to 6d20+Inspiration*2. This is a spell.
Stronger version of the most common healing spell.

>95 - m
”Who exactly are they?”

Worried about the situation with your noble friend, you start asking around about her family, at first you get vague notions about them: Any commoner seems to know about the house, as they are one of the biggest and oldest noble houses around, and are usually liked by the people despite the usual negative views people hold about their regents… but that's when things get interesting.

One day, when the caravan does a quick stop at some village for information and fresh food, you see a large group of teenage girls flocking around one table at the only restaurant in town. And when you ask about what's going on one of the bystanders explains that it is just the youngest son of the local baron stopping by at the village as he does every week, before going out in adventures to make a name for himself. Usually, you wouldn’t get involved, but you end up learning from the same guy that the baron’s son is named Michael Goldheart… And you decide that it might not be a bad idea sticking around to learn something about his clan.

Sadly, it doesn’t go as planned, as he seems to recognize you for an outsider and stops the shower of attention and praise he is getting from the ladies to come talk to you.

“Greetings, noble fellow adventurer! My name is Michael Goldheart, and it’s my pleasure to make acquaintance of such a rare breed like one such as yourself. What brings the order and the outsiders to such great lengths from their base? As the son of the local regent of these lands, and a fellow adventurer, it would be my pleasure to grant any help that I might bring upon your quest!”

You try to refrain from the details of the mission, and about what made you approach him, but somehow he gets the gist of what is happening involving the caravan, and decides on…. Joining the group.

So, in a few hours, there is more than a dozen girls almost crying from having to see him off to some quest again, as the wagons take off from the village. And as the first outsider that he talked to, he starts to follow you around and tell you about his adventures non-stop. You start wondering if he is going to be a problem, but surprising enough, he seems to realize after a few hours that he is being a bore, and change subjects to more amenable topics, while giving you some space.

Some days after this, you realize you still hadn’t the chance to talk with him about what you wanted, but he approaches you before you have to, and after some talk, he gets on the topic without much thought:

“My clan is probably the biggest clan in numbers, and the second in influence and territories on the whole country, and that is without mentioning that when someone thinks of a old noble family they probably think of us first, as we were already numerous even before the kingdom formally existed… But instead of what you may have in mind for people with such description, or clan originally descended from one of the summoned heroes of legend, and because of that we kept our tradition as warriors and adventurers, preferring to take upon our own hands the problems that happened in our lands, instead of leaving it to guards and politic… About your friend, I actually know her… Her lands aren’t that far from here, and she is one of my third degree cousins, if it matters anything… I don’t know what she has in mind with this whole story, though, but I guess that she wouldn’t leave a free-pass for her lands if she didn’t want you to show up, if my Goldhearted adventurer senses are correct! Hehehehehehehe....”

“Oh, but before you decide to do something crazy, let me just give you a little piece of advice… Her mother is a Lovecraft, and they’re… Strange… I mean… They married with a bunch of northern “swamp-folk” and now the same blood of the weird legends that are told up there flow through their veins… There is talk about Amelie family in that sense… Uhhh how can I explain it… Ah, don’t matter, you’ll probably get it if you go there.”

>[Met: Michael Goldheart, Adventurer Noble.]
You get handed a sword by the Quartermaster. It mentions that it might have special magical abilities, but he isn’t sure how to activate them.

[Xenerith Order Iron Sword]
Quality: Fine
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Martial
Range: Melee
Damage: 50 Slashing/Piercing
Special Effects: ~~Unknown~~
Description: Regular-looking sword with the Xenerith Order insignia. At the handle, it has a concave round hole.

>29 - M
>Major Action (2-3):Go to train with Alexander and practice counter attacking and opportunity attacking more efficiently. I am already good at using a sword and shield, so this seems like a natural extension of that fighting style... (Attempt to create a resolve, might, or finesse skill that reduces TP usage for paybacks or opportunity attacks) (Bonuses: Master Swordsman Alexander +5, possibly Sword and Board+?)

Alexander, at least compared to Everett, a really busy man. You tried to train with him at The Factory, where you met him, but he simply didn’t showed up this week. There have been some rumors about him running a private swordsmanship school, but there are no confirmed locartions for that place.

You imaple the dummies at the training area again and again, but you start to feel the need for a tutor.

[Practiced Efforts] - Gain a +10 to the next time you try to learn a skill.

>19 - M
As you pack a pouch with supplies to last until you catch up with the Caravan, you get closed by [Higher Up Member of the Xenerith Order]

“You are already a member of our Guard, Neo. We cannot let you go.”

For every point and argument you try to make, he has a stronger rebuttal. You can’t simply win at the word game with this guy. He makes a strong case in pointing out that if you leave, the base will simple be left alone with no strong fighter to defend it. You understand.

You feel that staying here is a complete waste of time.

[Choice: Should I stay or should I go?] - You have to choice to stay at the Factory with no penalty. Or try and chase the Caravan group with a reprimand when you come back.
>18 - M
Then, after having found out all I could about runes, I will stick with regular enchanting, a question burning in my mind: can they be stacked? It seemed like they /could/, but I had no aptitude for it.

Getting to work you begin runecrafting, starting the arduous task of carving runes out, stacking runes on top of each other as you feel some sort of humming, before what follows is a glowing, followed by some sort of low shaking, the light starts to pick up and become a blinding white and you swear it’s about to explode in your face before the light just disappears in an instant, both the runes you stacked on top of each other entirely inert. Well that was a bust, and you also get the sense that some of your understanding on how runes work was off at the outset…

[Status Effect: Exploded Face] - You lose 40 HP

>78 - M
Okay, the thing with runes was a bust, but you have a good feeling with this. You feel yourself focus as you feel magic follow mind, focusing on the object as you start to weave enchantments on it, you feel sweat on your brow during the entire process, trying to keep your focus trained before you feel some great release, heat and electricity playing in tandem as you feel like you made some great breakthrough. That relief quickly turns into terror as that heat becomes fire and that electricity becomes bolts of energy that you have to dodge, but it lasts only some seconds before everything is calm again.

Dual Minor Enchants (Industry) - The ability to enchant an object with two minor enchantments.
Ability to stack two MINOR Enchantments.]
[Isaac Thorne]
>7 - M
Being a guard, as you think to yourself, will be a tough job. Not just physically, with your duties requiring you to be fighting capable, but mentally, as the strain of a combat at any moment in time can become heavy upon a man. You decide that you will take this role Seriously, and that no Injury will stand in your way.

You start off with some jogging around in armor, to become further accustomed to it at long periods of time, and in physical activity. It works well enough, but you still feel you could do more. You practice with your provided weapons, but even as you bleed the skin on your knuckles dry, you feel you could do MORE. Finally, you decide to train your strength, by attacking some trees. Tatso seemed to punch trees all the time, and he was fine. The activity goes well enough, and eventually, you even punch one down.

However, as you think praise to yourself, you fail to notice that the tree, by whatever circumstances, was already weakened, and was about to fall over from your continued attacks. No issue, you think to yourself, as you step out of the w- Or, at least you were GOING to, before you tripped over a root, and were only left to watch in horror as the tree collapsed on top of you. Eventually, you recover and head back, but the damage is done. You think you might’ve even broken a rib or two...You need to rest.

[Status Effect: Crushed] - You have been crushed by a tree. You are now at 125 HP.
[Status Effect: Broken Ribcage] - You have been crushed by a tree. All physical actions get a -10

>45 - M
Following your respectful defeat at the hands of the Tree, you settle with doing some good ol’ fashioned research, on something you KNOW you know more about. Electricity. You start by going to the order, and asking the current status of electricity in the city. Two men share a glance with eachother, before nodding, and taking you to a rudimentary power grid, set in a less populated area of the city. The men say that the Grid was created by an outsider, a long time ago, but the outsider in question has long since disappeared. You look around at the grid, after asking one of the men kindly to get you a map of the structure. While Inspecting, you are told that the upper class, or more specifically, 10% of the city, has access to electricity. The power grid itself is of substantial quality, enough to remain functional after what you could guess is...Well, you don’t know, but still some time. You eventually get the map, thank the men, and are left on your own, with the Knowledge of the power situation.

[Map of the Burthic Power Grid] - Gives a +5 bonus when using it in the known area: Burthic.


>22 - m
Lastly in the week, despite your injuries, you continue with your rounds. What kind of man would you be if you let a few broken bits stop you from your job? Eventually, an hour into a patrol one day, you come across this odd looking structure close to the forest and the city. Curiosity getting the better of you, you poke at it a bit.


The thing was a SPIDER NEST, and after aggressively breaking into their home, they don’t take to you very kindly! They seemed hungry, and unfortunately, you were not on the menu! You ran away, as fast as your mangled body could carry you, and eventually, you end up back close to the Factory. Out of breath, Wheezing, you mentally hi-five yourself for your accomplishment of not dying a horrible death. Man, a nap sounds good right about now...

[Status Effect: Exhaustion - +5 to all relaxation rolls and minus -10 to physical rolls for all of next turn.]
[Tabatha O. Nana]
>19 - M
You make another attempt practicing to conceal your presence and move without a trace and you swear you’re starting to get it up until you don’t, you’re not aware enough and you step on something or make too much noise, you time it wrong and walk into someone or something’s line of notice. You feel a little frustrated as you make a little headway, left fuming over how you’re going to get this stealth thing done.

[Practiced Efforts continues into the next turn as a +5 modifier, disappearing after that turn]

>108 - M
Trying to forget about your frustrations you move on to chaining together attacks, taking some poor tree to be your victim, you start throwing yourself in to it but it feels odd, clunky, after a certain point, the second or third attack, the chain breaks and you slip up, maybe your stance breaks maybe you get a bit too tired or maybe you slash at a wrong angle, tired, frustrated as you keep trying to figure out that sweet spot where you can slip into a series of attacks and just keep going, and you feel something click together, you move effortlessly from that third slash to a fourth, then a fifth, before moving on to a sixth, forgetting the weight on your body as you just dance. Scores of slash marks making itself apparent on the tree as you dance away, going and going until you can’t anymore, having lost count of how many you did as you sit infront of it...that went much better then you thought.

Stardust Barrage (Finesse) - Costs 20 TP - Make an attack against a target within melee range. Divide the AR by half for this attack before damage calculation. If it hits, you must pay 10 TP (if able). If you do, immediately re-activate this skill (without paying its TP cost) against the same target (even if it has been KO’d). Keep repeating this until you miss or run out of TP.
The ability to make a chain of attacks

>12 - m
Checking the near vicinity for food to bring back for everyone else to eat you see it. A sleeping deer, the thing still as it rests on the forest floor, managing to make your way to it even with the slight hiccup that would normally give way to your presence as you fumble at your belt to take the knife out, drawing it and slitting its throat as it bleeds on to the ground, smelling something slightly funny that you ignore as you drag it back to camp, only to get a disgusted look from one of the order personnel who is quick to point out that the deer is rotted to the point of being inedible, you finally noticing the rotted and marred corpse that you had dragged back, dropping it down with disgust. Guess that dead deer was dead for a little too long…

Some young noble guy just joined the raid after using his conections and fame as an adventurer to persuade the order that he could give far more help than problems by following you… But it looks like he can’t manage to spend more than one hour without starting some “action”.

Someday he manages to discover that you’re involved with the kitchen duties, and returns with big sack full of apples and ask you to make an apple pie for him, a quite funny sight to behold considering he uses full plate armor and giant sword in his back 90% of the time. For some reason, though, he doesn’t take you serious as an adult… And keep head patting you and telling you how cute you are.

Psychic Screech (Sorcery) - Costs: 30 TP - As a Major Combat Action, make an attack against a target within 30 feet. Deals 50 additional AR to targets within 10 feet, and deals 20 additional AR against other targets within 20 feet. Inflicts [Deaf] upon dealing 80 or more Damage. Deals Sonic Magical Damage.
The ability to create sonic magical damage

Telepathy (Inspiration) - Passive - You can send mental messages with your mind. You must have a clear mental image of the recipient. Has an effective range of 300 feet. Connection may be disrupted by barriers of stone, wood, and metal.
The ability to send messages with your mind

Telekinetic Barrier (Resolve) - Binds 40 TP - As a Shift Combat Action: Toggle Telekinetic Barrier. While Telekinetic Barrier is active, gain 10 DEF and 30 MR.
The ability to create a magical barrier for defense.

>80 - M
You head over to the kitchens in your free time with the intent of using your psychic powers to reach out into someone’s mind and read their surface thoughts. Most of the kitchen staff find it creepy that you just sit there at an empty table, staring blankly into space, or perhaps, into their eyes. You know this is what they are thinking because of course, you were able to read their mind.

However, this spell is not without limitations. Sometimes, their thoughts are too muddled, or their wills are too strong to be read. Occasionally, you find yourself dizzy, unable to read their thoughts. This power is much more draining compared to your Telepathy, and the range is much smaller in comparison. Still, this might be useful in the future.

Read Surface Thoughts (Inspiration) - Costs 20 TP. As a Minor Combat Action, target a thinking entity within 30 feet: if that target chooses to resist you, contest your Inspiration against their Resolve. If you win, or if they did not resist, you learn that target’s surface thoughts. This is a spell.
Learn the surface thoughts of a visible thinking entity.

>90 - M
You enter the forest with the desire to expand your power… your psychic powers are very potent, and you believe that domination of a being, no matter how small, is an important stepping stone to greater heights. You start with small animals, like squirrels, birds, and forest mice. They are easy enough to control. However, bigger creatures such as wolves are harder to dominate. Perhaps they are out of your reach for now.

Still, you notice that miniscule creatures like insects can be easily controlled… in large numbers, no less. Entire swarms of insects can be brought to your will. You're certain you could apply this same concept to smaller animals, but… Bringing so many creatures under your control is taxing. You'll just have to work on it. Insects are easy enough; their simplistic minds should allow you to dominate them en masse.

Dominate Vermin (Sorcery): Binds 20 TP. As a Major Combat Action, target a small creature such as a rat, a bird, or an insect within 30 feet: if that target chooses to resist you, contest your Sorcery against their Resolve. If you win, or if they did not resist you, they follow your commands to the letter, except any other that would directly endanger them (i.e. An order to commit suicide). They remain under your control until the end of combat, until you end the spell, or until you fall unconscious.. You may issue commands to them using a Major Combat Action, but if given none, the target will simply defend itself to the best of its ability.
The ability to command a small creature.

Dominate Insect Swarm (Sorcery): Binds 30 TP. As a Major Combat Action, target a group of tiny insects such as ants, bees, or flies within 30 feet: if that target chooses to resist you, contest your Sorcery against their Resolve. If you win, or if they did not resist you, they follow your commands to the letter, except any other that would directly endanger them(i.e. An order to commit suicide). They remain under your control until the end of combat, until you end the spell, or until you fall unconscious.. You may issue commands to them using a Major Combat Action, but if given none, the target will simply defend itself to the best of its ability.
The ability to command a swarm of creatures.

>61 - m
You requisition a map from the Order, who quickly oblige. Despite the map being written in a language you don’t initially recognize. However, despite that language shift, you easily understand it. You figure this is a result of the ritual that pulled you to this world in the first place. The map portrays the area around Burhtic, from the plains to the forests to the hills around.

What the map fails to describe are the other nations, but regardless, this map will work for the area you’re in. You make sure to keep it handy in your back pocket for later use.

[Map of the Burthic] - Gives a +10 bonus when using it in the known area: Burthic.
[Vira Vesperia]
>76, 72 - M
You start practicing more magic, your inspiration taking a defensive turn as you begin to work on the next two spells to add to your arsenel, grasping a cold feeling in your heart as you gather up the power before dispersing it around you, chilling the air and everything around you within a close area. After that taking a second go at it but this time opting to keep that chill over and on you, as a thick cloak of ice begins to coalesce and cover your arm, when the spell is complete covering you in icy armor. A welcome addition all things considered.

Winter Breeze (Sorcery) - Costs 40 TP. As a Major Combat Damage, target 3 contiguous spaces within 30 feet. Make an attack against everything in the target area. Inflicts [Chilled] upon dealing 30 or more damage. This is a spell.
Attack enemies around you with a icy wind.

Ice Armor (Resolve) - Binds 40 TP. - As a Shift Combat Action: Toggle Ice Armor. While Ice Armor is active, gain 20 DEF and 20 MR.
Wrap a thick cloak of ice around yourself.

>98 - m
You psyche yourself up for the inevitable conflict, running through your head for all your spells as you do a little practice with each of them alongside some light exercises both mundane and magic. When you’re finished you feel light, your body ready to take on anything. You can practically feel the humming in your body as it thrums with some slight amount of power. The magic within you focused and ready to be drawn upon.

[Condition Effect: Battle Hype] - Your body is filled with magical power. Gain 10 extra AP during the next 4 turns.

Some young noble guy just joined the raid after using his connections and fame as an adventurer to persuade the order that he could give far more help than problems by following you… But it looks like he can’t manage to spend more than one hour without starting some “action”.

Everyday, in the time space between dinner and going to sleep, this guy show up somewhere on the way to the female wagon playing romantic folks songs with his voice and lute, while stopping to flirt with you between one song or another, songs so sweet that they feel like they’re going to give you diabeetus. During the day he doesn’t seem to have time to deal with you, as he is followed and pampered around by half of the female staff of the expedition.
=== TURN 8 GO ===
Rolled 89, 60, 59 = 208 (3d100)


>M: Yel is adapting to his powers, thinking of new uses, almost an urge as this time he works on another function, a sort of aura or broadcast on the minds of those around him, not control but of compulsion. To listen to him, and heed his words. (Aura of Charisma)

>M: Meanwhile something in a different line of thought, not infringing on the minds of others but affecting the world. Reaching out his mind to pick something up, move it. (Telekinesis)

>m: And in his free time he would wander around burthic. Maybe he could find some form of employment using his...magic? Or maybe someone like him, either or. Just getting out was nice. Just needed to avoid getting lost

>Modifier: Map of Burthic, +10 to minor action
Rolled 78, 92, 75 = 245 (3d100)


Seeing that the old Aisle was still in a bad condition even after all this time and wanting to test out her Mana Mist constructs limitation, Priere endeavor to start the reconstruction. The drawbacks being that she only has some tangential knowledge about "Real" architecture and no knowledge at all about construction. Maybe the if she gave the construct attractive appearance she could convince people to help her...
>[Major action] Recruit People to help repair the old aisle, help a bit too it'd be kinda cheap to not chip in.
+5 Charisma
+??? Mana mist Construct

While observe is useful, it's not really what Priere wanted, the only way to go is foward though and the best way to do that is to see if the skill can be improved and she'll likely have plenty of subject to test on this week.
>[Major action] Journey toward the mystical skill of examine.
+5 Spell repository
+??? Observe

While sharing a room with the little orphan didn't bother Priere (much), she wasn't going to impose on her if she could avoid it.
>[Minor action] Set up bivouac in the old aisle until my room is ready
+??? [Giant Backpack of Outdoor Equipment]
File: librarian.jpg (47 KB, 340x270)
47 KB
Rolled 9, 22, 92 = 123 (3d100)

Name:Fredrick Helmharden, current Head of Research

Character Sheet:

Status effects:
Winded up - Lasts: 1 turn. You feel winded up.

>m:Read the Primer
>M:Now its time for Fredrick to learn light magic spells, prefferably ones that focus light into a beam of heat(+10 due to primer)
>m:Now that they are in town, Fredrick might as well relax a bit, it was a busy week and he's still winded up after catching up to the caravan
>m:Learning from the guards how better to shoow his old derringer
Rolled 47, 32, 60 = 139 (3d100)


I deleted my post because I fucked up, so sorry.

Tabatha Ophelia Nana

Link: https://pastebin.com/raw/M7zstMy0

I'll not give up! I'll keep trying to learn stealth! I'll try to practice it on the city. Maybe that's where I need to try.
>Major: Learn Stealth

Also, it's time I put to use this butchering knowledge. Maybe I can use it to hit critical areas.
>Major: Practice a new skill based of Butchering; the ability to hit critical and/or vulnerable areas

That noble guy needs to be dealt with...
But with a big sack full of apples, I can't help it but delight the Caravans
>Minor: Make Apple Pies for everyone.
Rolled 71, 61, 95 = 227 (3d100)

Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yM98Hon1tWvVUQhSPvgGO5FGHJPIFSX8oyPfaq4L4Ls/edit?usp=sharing

Aha! Some progress! Now, to create the other basics of the Design.

[MAJOR]: Helsing attempts to find a way to physically store mana to be used when called upon. Like...A Battery, for lack of a better comparison.

[MAJOR]: A Hot Spring, you say? Helsing goes to investigate, and Relax in it. The best thoughts he had seemed to come from relaxing, and if something says relaxing better than a Hot Springs, Prove me wrong.

[Minor]: Helsing will see about getting this Noble guy an Apple Pie. Not sure why he wants one, but...Hey, Science.
Rolled 73, 11, 19 + 5 = 108 (3d100 + 5)

> M: Make a staff for Yel.
> M: Enchant staff with some kind of mind-enhancing effect for Yel. (Enchanting would take effect.)
> m: Rest up a bit.
>Rule number one of the delinquent code of honor: NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A FIGHT. Accept Live Action
"Huuuuuuuuuuuh ? You wanna fight ? Then c'mon, let's fight, show me what you got !"
Rolled 79, 79, 43, 46, 4, 65 = 316 (6d100)

[MAJOR]: Pure honey
[MAJOR]: Train to find new shooting skills with the bee soldiers
[MAJOR]: Become friend with other important bees
[MAJOR]: Pure Honey

[Minor]: Use honey spa
[Minor] Eat
Great, now my face hurts.
"Why. Why do they always go for the fucking face?" I say grumpily.
Rolled 97, 55, 59 = 211 (3d100)

Name: Neo

Character sheet:

CL: 2
SD: Might 2/Finesse 3/Resolve 5/Inspiration 3
Skills: Sword And Board, Martial Arts, Cross Strike, Dodge, Uncanny Balance, Sapping Strikes, Otherworldly Toughness, Mighty Constitution, Fortify, Clear, Draining Strikes, Heroic Sense
HP: 475/475
TP: 90
AD: 54(+60) =114
AP: 39
DEF: 51(+30) =81
MR: 54
SPD: 39(-5)=34

Choice: Stay. Neo was at one point a military man. He understands how to follow orders, even if he doesn’t like them. If the Order really thinks he should stay here, maybe they have a good

Minor action(1): Try to figure out what this new sword does. If I don’t seem to be having any luck maybe Argus will be able to help? It seems like he has been working on enchanting.

Major Action (2-3). Go try to train with Alexander if I can catch him when he is free. Practice counter attacking and opportunity attacking more efficiently. I am already good at using a sword and shield, so this seems like a natural extension of that fighting style... (Attempt to create a resolve, might, or finesse skill that reduces TP usage for paybacks and opportunity attacks) (Bonuses: Master Swordsman Alexander +5, Practiced Efforts+10, Sword and Board+???)

Major Action (4-5) Patrol. It’s my duty. Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen. See if I can make use of or improve my hero sense while I’m at. (Bonuses: Hero Sense+???)
"You're a stranger who came armed to a place of the Lord, what else can one expect other than ill intent? Now I'll ask, who are you, and what is your purpose here?"
Rolled 44, 24, 19 = 87 (3d100)

>(minor) Rest (+5)
>(Major) Study what we know about the bees so I know where to hit them (try to create Favored Enemy: Arthropods)
>(Major) Try to replicate the sumo technique known as nekodamashi, clapping in front of someone's face to stun them and open them up for an attack

"Well, you can't expect people to be caught without a weapon with these all bee demon things around. As for your first question, I am Zoot, and I came here 'cause I've got a bone to pick with you. I was out and about a while ago looking for a nice comfy couch to buy when I come to learn this cult of yours decides to burn every last one."
"Cult? You would compare followers of the Lord to heretical cultists? You are either very misinformed, or very foolish."
"Hey man, I don't care what you call your little group, but you should probably work on how you greet people or there's definitely gonna some misunderstandings. Who are you anyway and WHY did you burn all the comfy couches?" I say getting more agitated.
"Couches? I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Really? Well, then why were your religious buddies burning all the furniture they could find. Explain this to me."
"Why would children of the Lord waste their time burning furniture?"
"That's what they were doing. Your the leader here right? What's your name?"
"Gabriel. Gabriel Logan. Servant of the Lord. Crusader in His army to retake the Holy Land from the filthy Saracens. Though currently I act as His shepherd, tending to the lost sheep of this new world. And who might you be, stranger?"
"Huh, a crusader. You must be from a long time ago. Like I said earlier, I am Zoot, last name Martingale. So are ya gonna keep me locked up like a prisoner or what?"
"I still have no knowledge of this furniture burning you claim my people have done, but if that's all you came for, you may go. But while you're here, perhaps you can take some time to learn about the Lord, and save your soul before you are taken by the allure and false promises of magic, and forever condemn your soul to eternal damnation?"
In general, to the audience of the Caravans before they split up to the town.

"Outsiders! Please assemble, I think we should start to plan what are we going to do when we arrive to the flying fortress"
“What exactly do we even know about this Flying Fortress anyway?” Malcolm speaks up. “Do we know of any entrances? Their patrols?”
"Vell, to be honest, I don't know all zhat much of ze bees OR zheir Fortress. Although, one could assume that even vith zheir intelligence, zhey function as a beehive vould."

"The only thing I know is that it flies."
Rolled 44, 71, 14 = 129 (3d100)

>Rest with Tats (minor)
>Try to make a tenchnique called "fake death" ( the enemy thinks i am dead) (major)
>Pratice mein aim with mein gun (major)
“So basically nothing then...fantastic,” Malcolm rubs his head from the coming headache.
"Ooh, you're talkin about Jesus. He's a cool guy for creating weed and all but I don't really care about him."
Gabriel's countenance drops.
"'I don't really care about him.'? Such heresy. I shall pray that you find the Lord before your soul is lost to Hell. Throw him out."
"Well fine, I don't want anything to do with you Jesus freaks either!" I say heatedly.
Rolled 25, 5, 60 = 90 (3d100)


To know of the Lord, and still reject him. Such heresy, I should have had him put down there. Perhaps I am growing soft? No, even misguided as he is, he still deserves another chance to welcome the Lord into his heart. But enough about worrying about our recent guest, there are still plenty of things to do.

>m: Ask around about this contraption to help facilitate the speed of producing the bible. Perhaps we can find one we can use, or if necessary, try to acquire one.

>M: Begin practicing my sermons and teaching. I was never a very vocal individual back home, but now I must learn how so as to better guide those who will listen.

>M: I can't be the only one preaching, I need help to spread the word. Take some time aside to teach Wilhelm to preach the word to others.
File: 1d0ha5.jpg (64 KB, 600x400)
64 KB
Rolled 60, 57, 35 = 152 (3d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


Hah. After all that trouble of getting there just to be hit on the face with a bat and thrown out. That Gabriel guy was a quack anyway.

Thinking about the events that have transpired recently, I think I should get myself a close range weapon. How about a bat. Yea, that sounds good.
>Get myself a menacing looking bat with nails driven through the end.

Hmmm, you know what else? It's been some time since I've practiced shooting.
>Go to that gun range Kaiiv showed me and up my marksmanship.

Ayy, something more my speed. It's also been awhile since I've done some inviting to a kickass party! I think the last one I planned was that student council president thing... I wonder what Eliza's up to.
>Back at the factory, hand out some of the invitations to Kaiivs party to people. (Players, NPCs, whoever)
Yes, to know where the fortress is we have to follow the storm and the vermin, as, if my theory is correct, their fortress hides in the middle of the storm
Rolled 79, 70, 62 = 211 (3d100)

Name: Isaac Thorne
A twenty-four year old electrician who died in a car crash on the way home. Having accomplished nothing of note in his life, he awoke in a new world.

SD: Finesse 2 / Sorcery 3 / Resolve 1 / Inspiration 1 / Industry 2
>Jousting (Finesse)
>Long-Ranged Strike (Finesse)
>Large Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Electrified Attack (Sorcery)
>Toughness (Resolve)
>Eletron’s Siphon (Inspiration)
>Electricity Knowledge (Industry)
>Basic Repairs and Maintenance (Industry)

I've always been the restless type; comfortable sleep doesn't come easily to me. However, I know my injuries mean that I'll have to take it easy. With both of these in mind, I should try to do something productive with my time, even if I am injured.

>Major Action: I'll go to the Spell Repository and look through the magic that we know of so far. It's probably important for me to know more about magic in general, considering I use a lot of it.

>Major Action: Find a healer who can properly tend to my injuries. The Order's doctors are doing well, but I'd like to get a second opinion, or at the very least, find a medicine that will help me recover quicker.

>Minor Action: Despite all my injuries, I still need to patrol the grounds. I'm fairly certain this can call for sick leave, but I don't think benefits like that exist quite yet.
>*The bushes start moving erratically*.
>Then a wild Melchior - SHIRTLESS- full of bruises and with is left of very battered down pants who look like they were torn apart by some wild animal, and with his hair full of leaves, little fruits and even some insects - Show up.
"Hey! It's... Sorry, what was your name again?Huh... Really sorry."
"Don't fear, for I am here.... But shouldn't you be in the factory though? How did you even catch up to us?"
"Also, stop screaming little raviloli, I was just training for two weeks or so, no reason to get desperate about it."

"Oh, Hey guys.... So, did we already realize that we know nothing about the bees?"
"For ze most part, I fear so. Alzhough, as we know of their race, we know of zheir anatomy. Tell me Freunds, vhat do beekeepers use to keep zheir bees calm? And adding onto zhat, vhat do ve, as outsiders, have at our disposal?"
"Well, at least it's some progress."

"What in the world happened to you? Where were you?"

"Me name is Tabatha, in case you forgot."

"Don't forget they are surrounded in a literal thunderstorm."

"At the moment, we got the equipment we received and they guys from the stronghold, marksman."
"We have guns and random powers, thats it... But it should be enough."
>Melk walks up to the circle of people and sits down.
"At worst case we can just run."

"Sorry Tabby, I was.... Uhhhh... Training my powers, you know...."

"Oh, did you guys heard of the bath houses? It sounds just like my chinese cartoons!"
"...You all seem to forget vne of our greatest assets, Freunds. Ze magic zhat ve posses. Bees are calmed by smoke, it masks ze Alarm Chemicals zhat zhey produce in ze face of un threat. And, given ample time, ve can produce anyzhing vith our magics. Even ze same smoke I mention."
“Eeyup. We have come to the conclusion that we know jack about what we are to be expecting.” Malcolm continues to rub his head to the stress headache. “You would hope we would have something more than it’s a Flying Fortress full of damn bees.”

“I assume you’re talking about smoke, right? While it’s definitely a thought, I’m note sure we can make enough smoke for the entire fortress.” He sighs.

“As for my own abilities... I guess You can say I’m the healer and buffer. I can heal via magic and some first aid, make you move faster and/or farther and in a pitch can throw up a barrier for extra defense. For the offense...” he nods to his bow beside him, “this is pretty much the extent of it for now.”
>hug melk
"i run like my father in barbarossa and there i am! i need to finish what i started!"
"... and melk let me train with you, and my name is not RAVIOLI!!!"
Rolled 69, 65, 11 = 145 (3d100)


Major Actions:
>Work with my healing magic more, but try and see if I can’t focus it to work on particular ailments, like poison or the like.

>I don’t like to hurt people, but these brings that have fallen far into corruption and have turned to hurt others...I need something I can use to hurt such things. My magic seems the opposite of corruption, so perhaps I can use it someway against it.

Minor Action:
>We’re close to Amelie’s family holdings? If that’s the case...I should write to her. Tell her that I happen to be not far from her home, though I’m still on the mission for the order. And while I doubt I can see her before the mission ends...I do absolutely plan on going to her once we are heading back.
I... miss her...
"I have been only working with a knife and small blades here. So you can count me off on the magic team"

Tabatha takes a moment.

"What if we set the place ablaze? Would that be enough to smoke them?"
That could work, luckily I know a fire spell too
Also according to information I gathered, a hive can hold about 30-60 of said bees, with less than a third of them being soldiers, so if you are sneaking in, you will have to watch out for them, don't worry, they are easy to distinguish as they seem to be the only males in the hive
"Well, huh. You guys seem to have a pretty good handle on strategy. Just... Point me at the enemy, and I'll do the rest ? I'm not that good at that thinking business."
“I mean, setting it on fire could work if it’s decen enough flammable...” he ponders aloud, before a thought occurs to him. “If we do that though, we may put any other captives they have caught. We have no idea how many they have...or have already turned,” he looks down to the ground.
"Malcolm is right. I won't allow the use of any strategy that will put the captives' lives at risk."
"What would be a good plan, then?"[/red
>Fredrick looks over his notes
Hmmm...we may lead them into a trap of sorts. They seem to like jewelry, magical artefacts, expensive clothing and...
>Fredrick looks closer at his paper
..."cute" things...we could bait some of their workers using one of these materials, start a little fire to make them docile, and replace one of their number with one of our own to infiltrate the fortress and find Angela and other captives
"I don't believe any of us would make a convincing bee-person. There's an easier and simpler way to get to where the captives are that you've all overlooked."
I pause for dramatic effect.
"We just need to let ourselves get 'captured'."
“...I beg your pardon? Did I hear you right?”
"We'll get captured on purpose to get inside their base. They'll take us directly to the rest of the captives we need to rescue. Then it's just a matter of breaking out."
"That would only make sense if he had someone that has their own body as their weapon... But where would we found someone like this?"
>Says Melk, while transforming his finger into a small sword and peeling an apple with it.

"Also, what confirmation we have of they not killing any captives to their hive-god or something right away? Maybe Angela is already dead.... Also... Cute things? What?"
Don't ask me, I'm as suprised to find that someone decided to write that
"Vell...ze powers of manifesting veapons from our hands at vill aside, being taken hostage, in any form, is not a good idea.
Remember Frieunds, ve Zoe outsiders are not ze only ones in zigs assault, ve have backup, in ze various forms our employers have provided. If ve are careful, a brute assault should vork."
Do remember that they are on a flying fortress, so unless the order has air transport that can navigate through a storm laying around, frontal assault is not an option
"Did we even asked them how they plan on getting there?"
I shrug.
"If we can catch them off-guard by hiding our abilities, I believe it could be our safest bet for getting in and out of the fortress safely."

"Angela is still alive. The order tracks all of us through magic. That's part of how we were able to locate their fortress. If she had been killed, we would have known about it."
Rolled 55, 71, 64 = 190 (3d100)

Vira Vesperia

Freeze (Sorcery)
Deep Freeze (Sorcery)
Improved Cold Channeling (Sorcery)
Winter Breeze (Sorcery)
Icy Touch (Inspiration) [OUT OF CONTROL]
Cast Light (Inspiration)
Blinding Flash of Light (Inspiration)
Heavenly Light (Inspiration)
Biochemistry Knowledge (Industry)
Alchemy (Industry)
Brew Potion (Industry) [R: Health Potion]
Ice Armor (Resolve)
Major: Practice controlling my Ice magic.

Major: Practice healing magic.

Minor: Rest up before the big fight.
"Not exactly, they probably know by now that Angela isn't exactly "normal", and probably wait for the same from us, but.... Magical tracking? Seriously? Anything more we should know? Like our food being made of humans or something?Ugh... It seems that even in the Isekai world I still have to worry about the Governamental Agencies of Inteligence..."

Michael has a smile on his face, honest and confident as he steps out of the river, standing across from you on the riverside as he switches into a combat stance, raising his fists.

"Alright then! I'll let you throw the first punch."
Rolled 19 (1d20)

"Yer loss, buddy."
>Toggle Reinforce
Rolled 89 + 159 (1d100 + 159)

Rolled 8 (1d20)


Michael raises his eyebrow wondering why you just suddenly started yelling about chests, before you step forward, leaving a cloud of particulates and dirt you kick up as you swing with a right hook at his chest, catching him off guard for a moment as you send him back, forcing him to break his legs as he slides back against the ground. You can see a pained expression on his face quickly replaced by a happy smile as he moves forward, slightly faster then you as he goes tit for tat, aiming for a right hook at your chest as well.
Rolled 52 + 93 (1d100 + 93)

Rolled 1, 35, 12, 54, 80, 74 = 256 (6d100)


>I'm with "Null Aura" ON at all times.

>Major: Regeneration abilities that work at all times without me having to spend effort into it would be really usefull. I'll try creating a permanent healing factor in my body through my transmutational abilities.
>Create a passive "Regeneration"(Resolve) Skill

>Major: Sometimes, during fights, I may need more than my usual level of regeneration, so I'll create a skill to increase my regeneration powers through focused effort.
>Create a "Enhance Healing Factor"(Inspiration) skill, bind TP for a bonus based on my Inspiration in my HP per turn rate.

>Major:I'm accumulating many techniques that depend on my mental effort and supernatural focus... So I'll try streghtening my Aura to allow it store more mana.
>Learn a skill like "Tough" that increases my amount of TP based on my inspiration(Inspiration).

>Major: I'll create leech's mouths at the point of my finger and extend my claws even further, so I can slice deeper inside the enemy and drain his blood to absorve his vital force... I'm kinda inspired by my fight with Neo in where he tried his "Sapping Strikes" on me, but instead of basing it on energy, I'm going to suck the life force cointaned directly on my enemie's blood... I'm practicing my skill on wild animals, thats why I've been so long alone inside of the forest.
>Create a "Vampiric Claws" skill that enhances my damage when using my Claws and works like Neo's "Sapping Strikes" but with a higher minimum damage required with a higher absorbing rate to compensate, as I need to put my finger inside of the enemy to drain his lifeforce directly through his bloodstream.(Might)


>Minor: I'm going to tell Blume stories before she sleeps... But all my stories are anime plots. I wonder if she'll like Guren Lagann.

Bonuses: +5 to Inspiration, Resolve and Might rolls. + bonuses from each of my skills, depending on how they apply.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Tatsuo grits his teeth as the hook connects with his ribs, but keeps on going, a growl coming out of his throat as he goes for another strike.
>Swap to Precision Stance
Rolled 16 + 169 (1d100 + 169)

Rolled 18 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


Tatsuo throws another powerful punch, a wave of air being displaced from the sheer force of it, colliding with michael's shoulder as he screams in pain for a moment before gritting his teeth. He shifts stance(Precision) before visibly telegraphing for a massive windup swing. Fire in his eyes as he throws his punch
Rolled 79 + 103 (1d100 + 103)

Rolled 4 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

The delinquent recoils when struck, his breath cut short by the terrible hit. Out of juice, he goes for a regular body blow.
>Unarmed attack
Rolled 19 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Rolled 12 + 40 (1d20 + 40)

Michael sees the blow coming due to the telegraph and attempts to sidestep it.
Rolled 9 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


Managing to sidestep the blow he winds up for a heel kick aiming for tatsuo's side.

>Precision stance.
Rolled 96 + 103 (1d100 + 103)


141 damage
Going into the negatives.
Roll to drop to only 1 HP please.
Ganbatte Tatsuo
Rolled 34 (1d100)

In a last show of defiance, Tatsuo attempts to remain standing, his eyes two burning pits. He can't fail here. Not this time. Not again. But the pain is too much, and the delinquent collapses, beaten
>Everything turns dark

Reward for the event will be in the update.
Rolled 30, 6, 21, 53, 26, 53 = 189 (6d100)

"I need to focus! I can't defeat those evil bees without my sword.", Agnes said to herself

>Major: I put a lot of mental effort to summon The 「Lion Slicer」once again.

>Major: Do some exercises like running and carrying heavy stuff like rocks to increase my overall strength

>Major: If succeed summoning The 「Lion Slicer」, I'm going to practice some sort of slash. A mid range attack.

>Major: Try to catch up with the caravan to the bee hive

>Minor: After reaching(if I make it through the journey) the caravan I ask:"Am I late?"

>Minor: Rest
>Yel sits in the dining room, staring blankly at the cooks as they go by, out of touch with his surroundings as he feels like his mind is pushing up against a wall.
I enter the kitchen again this time looking for something to cure my munchies. I see that blonde kid that was here the last time. "Oh hey, what's up voodoo boy!"
>He shakes out of his 'zone' as hears someone talking to him. Blinking a few times as he focuses himself. The same old 'voice' in zoots head.

[It's not Voodoo]
"Heheh, if you say so voodoo boy. So wha'cha doin?"
He turns to face the stoner, looking at him....through him, then turning to look back at the cooks.

[Listening. Reaching, reading minds as you'd call it.]
I give the boy a peculiar look
"Hmm, that seems pretty voodooy to me. Anyway, there's this big party that's gonna happen at my rich friends house. You wanna come?" I say is I hold out an invitation to him.
[It's not voodoo, I just listen...]
Yel takes the invite, turning it over in his hand as he looks at it.
[If I go will you stop calling me voodoo boy?]
"Well I can't really remember your name, and why would I want to stop anyway!" I say with a conceited grin.
[Just call me yel, and I won't go if you're going to keep it up I guess.]

He drops the invite on the table, seemingly having lost interest in the party.
Rolled 70, 90, 95 = 255 (3d100)


I guess I should give it a shot before I lose actions...

>Read Surface Thoughts (Inspiration): - 2 TP. As a Minor Action, learn the surface thoughts of a visible target within 30 feet.
>Minor Suggestion (Sorcery): - 2 TP. As a major action, suggest a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and infuence a creature you can see within 30 feet that can hear and understand you. The suggestion must sound reasonable to the target. If it fails a Focus roll, it pursues the course of action you described and thinks it was its idea.
>Business (Industry) - Grants +5 to all actions involving Business

>[Condition: Ghost]
>[Mana Circuits] No more HP, only TP.
>[Phylactery] Require physical anchor. (Currently Spear)
>[Implanting Yourself] Can change anchor via paying 30 TP
>[Mana Regen] Higher Mana Regen
>[Mentally Scrambled]:
- All mental power uses against you gain advantage.
- All psychic power uses from you are at disadvantage.
- You need to spend the double of the usual amount of TPs to activate your psychic powers.
>[Traumatized]: Mentally Scrambled is permanent
>5/5 Turns Stored

Major Actions
>Meditate over how to get the best out of my words. I'm not going to be able to say much, but apparently I have all of the time in the world to just lay here and plan what to say and how. I ruminate over mundane persuasion.
>Same again.

Social Actions:
>Ask Isaac to get me out of here. I'm a dude in a Spear. And dead. I want to be alive again. Not much else I can do here.

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