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This Quest is developing similarly to a Civ or a Skirmish, but the setting is a "Low" Fantasy Victorian-era world where magic is present. Similar to an Isekai, your character has died in the real world, having lived an unfulfilled life. Perhaps you gave your life to save someone else's. Perhaps you missed the chance to do something while you were alive. Perhaps you simply ended your life, uncontented with its many facets.

To your surprise however, you've awoken in a strange, yet familiar world. You feel fundamentally different, as if there is a new power stirring within you. You know this feeling as the gift of magic, with potential far greater than many of the people in this world. You are an Outsider; a person whose soul had been wrought from another dimension.

You're not alone, either. You've awoken alongside other Outsiders from Earth, too. Whoever you were back in the old world is mostly inconsequential now.

You were greeted by several humans with clothing that looks similar to what someone from the 19th century London would wear. They then introduce themselves as members of an organization called the Xerenith Order.

Your summoners have brought your soul here to help fight against threats that they cannot fight against alone. The Order promises to give you funding, safety, and a roof over your heads, so long as you continue to work with them.

Ultimately, there is no explicit way to 'win'. As a player, you are encouraged to set your own goals. Maybe you'd like to amass power, or return to Earth, or even rebel against your summoners. The choice is yours.
Currently admitting new players. Pop into our Discord for more info.

How to join:

Make your character. It can be a male or a female. Post your full character info in each of your Action posts like in a regular civ or skirmish.

You have 3 "Skill points" from your backstory. Skill points can be used to gain Skills, which are categorized into six different archetypes: Might, Finesse, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration, and Industry.

a. Name (trip/namefag yourself)
b. Give a short description of your character. Pictures are also appreciated.
c. Allocate your skill points. These can be skills that you knew in your old life on Earth(i.e. Mathematics, Firearms Proficiency, etc), or gained when you became an Outsider(i.e. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, etc). Do note that these skills can be as general or as specialized as you like, but must be within reason(i.e. Magic Missile is an acceptable starter skill, but Create Matter isn’t).

How to play: -
To start you post your character sheet with actions for each turn.
a. Action Economy. Each turn you will be given 5 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions. Major actions use 2 [Action Points]. Social and minor actions only use 1 [Action Point].

Examples of major actions: Training, spellcrafting, building, etc.
Examples of minor actions: Social interactions, resting, etc.

For every action(whether it be major or minor), you must roll.

-General formula uses [General Dicepool] + [Archetype Bonuses]
-[General Dicepool] is 1d100
-[Bonus] are added to the action you are making.

Each tier into an archetype related to the action now grants a +5 Bonus.

If you have Bread Baking (Industry) and your action is to Bake Bread you roll 1d100, and add a +5 to your action.
If you had 12 Finesse, you had a Well-Rested Status that gave you a +10 bonus, you had a skill that gave you +5 to actions related to Stealth and you posted an action related to stealth, you'd roll a 1d100 and get a total boost of 25:
10 from the Finesse, 10 from the Status, and 5 from the related skill

b. All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any action posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.

c. After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XWb8hdB
Detailed Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xiK64yrVUXMDKObX9VPnm_SazgQrO4YsWSp-UPJo5rM/edit?usp=sharing
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=mass+isekai
The Factory
An old metal processing plant that was closed down decades ago. Chosen for its proximity to the city of Burhtic, this building is close enough to get to the city, but also far enough to make sure that if something were to happen, the Xenerith Order would have ample time to stop it. The factory floors were cleared of machinery, meaning that there is plenty of space for development. The lack of comfortable amenities might leave something to be desired, however.

Default Building:
>Sleeping Quarters
>Dining Hall
>Infirmary(Currently in bad shape)
>Free Space for Development (8/15 left)

Expansion Units: 5/15
>Spell Repository
>Chemist Lab
>Fight Arena


=====[Xenerith Order News]=====
Old Aisle Status:
Some of the damaged infrastructure has been repaired. Currently the forge and the second floor has been repaired thanks to the magical efforts of Priere. But the explosion hole still needs repairs.

= The Guard =

Considering that some of the Outsiders are leaving The Factory to chase the storm, the Order of the Xenerith has decided to create a Guarding post for the Defense of The Factory. The Outsiders that have volunteered for the Guard will receive a special kit for guarding.

The Volunteers are:
>Atom Glass
>Isaac Thorne


Local Demonic Converting Dungeon Shutdown

With the help of the local community of Whummerd Bazaar, a neighborhood that was being being overtaken by demonic and corrupt activity, and the Xenerith Order a local demonic converting dungeon was shut down by a special division of the Xenerith Order, lead by [Abraham Manfield]. Manfield is the Supreme Great Admiral of the Xenerith Order, Special Operations Division. The Xenerith Order request the help from Outsiders, currently in [Burthic] to escort one of the higher ups to the scene so he can see with his own eyes what was happening.

Call for action: Signing up for this is a free action and will be treated as a Live Action Sequence next turn without penalty to actions.

= The Wagons & The Campfire =
A weaker type of Stronghold

In search of the culprit storm of daemonic origins, the Order has sent out an Expedition of Selected and Volunteer Outsiders. They have already sent a small scouting team to follow and catch the storm to stop the Vermin attack on the innocent villages that surround Oshaelys Tail.

This turn they are sending a small wagon with Outsiders that are interested in going to fight the threat of the Vermin Storm. Currently, the selected Outsiders are:

>Helsing Ludwig
>Malcolm York
>Melchior Santos
>Tabatha O. Nana
>Vira Vesperia
>Frederick Helmharder
>Blümelein Von Abenthot
>Tatsuo Takeshima

Right now, the camp is outfitted with the basics for living

We currently have:
- Sleeping Tent (A big military style tent)
- Kitchen and Supplies Tent
- Bonfire

The Wagons, during the day will be used for storage.


Caravan Update

New scouting information reveals that the storm eye, where our scouts suspect the Flying Fortress is, is currentlying heading towards the territory of [Goyavetland], main city, Stormcliff; We suspect it will attack the lumbering and foraging village of [Icespire]. Our current estimates tell us that we will not be able to be in time to the village to aid when the attack comes down. We have to transverse first through the [Smallfrost Pass], a pass surrounded by tall cliffs on both sides, but the main route for traveling and trading between [Burthic] and [Stormcliff]. This pass is the only pass through the [Shanyrria Summit] and the [Zatta Peaks].

The Members of the [Fanthorpe Hold] that will be accompanying us in our travel will be:
[Eric Armstrong], he has golden, long hair tight in a ponytail that reveals a long, friendly face. A moustache graciously compliments his beady green eyes. People tend to ask him about his latest victory, while hoping he will one day be their leader.
Lemuel Steen, he has red, straight hair almost fully covering a round, friendly face, heavy brown eyes and a heavy frame. A sword left a mark stretching from the right side of the forehead , ending under his left eye. There's something intriguing about him, perhaps it's his humility or perhaps it's simply his gentleness.
Ernestine Oneil, she has gray, short hair neatly coiffured to reveal a bony, lively face and small sad hazel eyes. A gunshot left a mark reaching from the bottom of the right cheek and ending above her right eye. People tend to ask her about her adventures, while jealousy consumes them.
Pierce McKenzie, black curly hair is pulled back to reveal a round, sad face, squinting black eyes and a though frame. People awkwardly avoid talking about his past. Fire has left a mark reaching from the bottom of the left cheek , running across the nose and ending over his left eye.
Philomena Bethune, she has brown, shoulder-length hair slightly covering a full, charming face, sparkling amber eyes and a thin frame. An old tattoo of a heart is proudly worn on the side of her left cheekbone. People tend to welcome her with open arms, while wanting to fight along her side in battle.

They are armed, equipped and somewhat bored. Feel free to talk with them.

As we leave the small mountain town of Neuroda, the caravan starts its ascend towards the pass. The high grade of the steep inclines slows the movement of the Caravan to a crawl but allows everyone to see the beautiful landscape of Ochaelys Tail. In the distance, really far away, you can see the bustling city of Burthic and its surrounding forest. It’s a truly breathtaking view that only gets interrupted by the cold wind of the mountains. As you keep ascending the weather starts to get cloudy and grim.

At the end of the week you reach the designated camping point, a lookout that normally oversees the west mountainous side of [Goyavetland], but due the worsening weather conditions, this is not possible to see. You can only peek the road that leads down to [Icespire]. The village is still a week away.

A member of the scouting team reports that the storm cloud is heading over to [Icespire] though the Redregard Ravine Pass. A shorter but more direct route through the mountains, but dangerous due to the narrow walkways, that doesn’t accommodate the caravans, the 1,500 feet drop into the rocky river below, high speed gusts of wind that can push people down the ravine without warning and an ominous feeling. It is rumored that there’s some kind of paranormal activity in the zone. There’s a small trail nearby that connects to the Redregard Ravine Pass. It is used as a shortcut.

Down the road, there’s the a small campsite called the [Canaria Bazaar] used by merchants that travel between [Burthic] and [Stormcliff]. Here you can find strange and rare materials, ingredients and trinkets that are not sold anywhere else. The merchants of this zone are weary of the Order, but welcome Outsiders that are willing to trade.

You are free to explore the mountain side and its surroundings.


Delicious Pies

Tabatha made a lot of pies, and Helsing brought some top tiers ingridients.

[The Best Ingredients in this part of town] - Every Outsider gains +20 in one action next turn from eating the pie Tabatha as made with your Ingredients.

[Delicious Pile of Pies] - Every Outsider in the Caravan gains +5 to one of their actions next turn. Including you.

=====[QM Announcements News]=====
Since we are still experimenting with the system. Linked in the OP.
Powers obtained this turn may be subjected to change.

We are now currently using the 1.0 RuleBook. Check OP for link.
========== Turn Results: ==========

>89 - M
You decide to start trying out subtler uses of you innate psychic powers, beginning by what you think any teenager would do: Using them to become more popular.

Well, that was not exactly the intention, but you were trying to make people like you through magic anyway, so it kinds of fits the description.

Anyway, you roam around the halls of the factory “talking” to as many people as you can while subtly changing the “vibration” of the psychic waves you’re sending to them. At first it more than obvious, manifesting in your “voice” as some form of weird static or distortions on how it is perceived by other, ranging from talking like a robot to sounding like some Cthulhu cultist… But with time you develop a “mode of talking” that seems to be well received by your audience.

It isn’t exactly what you expected, being more of a social technique of wording your opinion than a mind-controlling psychic power… But at least it buys you some points with the nice summoner lady that works in the gardens.

[Charming ‘Voice’] (Industry) - Passive - No combat effect.
Influence the mood of a single creature or person through the use of your psychic powers. After you are done talking with them, the creature or person notices it has been influenced by magic.

>60 - M
Following your latest breakthrough, you decide to further expand your horizons, and try to create a telepathy of sorts, to be used for...well, anything that would require moving objects, really. You start by focusing upon a small object, an apple someone had left out during lunch, Untouched. However, progress comes difficult, as for the longest time, the only thing you accomplish is an intense staring contest with the fruit. Eventually, you cave in, and admit defeat to the fruit, your hunger overriding your will to learn. An apple sounds good right about now actu- As you turn around however, you see the Apple floating towards you, and eventually resting in your hand. It seems that you’ve accomplished it! You suppose that it work by focusing on the object itself, rather than the want to move it. You gladly take the Apple, and as you eat, you think upon how you could use this.

[Telekinesis] (Sorcery) - Costs 15 TP - Floats an object of 1Kg or less and of 1m3 or less through the air up to (Sorcery) yards. If the object is being held, contest your Sorcey against the holder’s Might. If the object is stuck, contest your sorcery against a DC rules by the QM.
Move things with the power of your mind.

>69 - m - Nice
After dedicating so long to studying magic, you feel the need be active, to stretch your legs, at the very least. You go on a walk around town, see some faces, talk to some people, the usual outsider bit bringing a bit of attention to you, and explaining your...Unique method of communication.

Eventually though, during your stroll, you encounter someone...Off. You can just feel it, they’re not another face blending into the crowd, they’re...Unique. You follow them for a bit, and you see them take notice once or twice, although they don’t take action against you.

You follow them to a less crowded area of town, where then, they turn around, and you feel a voice in your head.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

Putting your shock aside, you respond telepathically in return, and see the baffled expression then turn to their face.

“Another speaker of the mind? Impossible, I thought I was the only one...My name is Levrissa, and who might you be?”

You and Levrissa spend some time talking together and you learn that Levrissa, while not an outsider, has the same unexplainable psychic abilities as you, although in a much weaker state. You talk about yourself, and Levrissa about themselves.

Though as time passes, the streets you inhabit become more crowded, and people become more suspicious of the two people staring at each other at the side of the street. You promise to meet with Levrissa at a later date, in the same location, say your farewells, and return to The Factory. You’re not sure how you are to feel about this revolution, but it proves that you are not the only one with such abilities. The thought lingers in your head, as you finally come back upon the entrance, and lay upon your bed.

You realize you don’t remember the appearance of Levrissa.

[Levrissa Loretto Lyford], the psychic talker.
>83 - M
The Old Aisle has been in disrepair for so long, it’s starting to become less of an annoyance and more of a safety hazard. The bugs flying freely around and into the factory, the constant workforce upon the wall, always understaffed, the complaints from -everyone- involved, You’ve had enough, It’s about time that you helped to make a difference in this! You go around to your fellow outsiders and assorted factory dwellers, and give them a speech upon the subject of their crumbling living quarters. Surprisingly enough, most agree with you, and tell of their experiences relating to the subject. After all is said and done, you alongside another 5 people, go to help the builders, and with your help, the progress of the wall is significantly increased. After hours of backbreaking work, from all parties involved, You smile to yourself, and think well upon what you have done today.

You are somewhat surprised by your own social abilities and feel like you have finally removed the rust from them, like your leadership abilities had improved through the experience of this afternoon.

It also ends up being very tiresome, and you spend some days after it just recovering from the effort while dedicating yourself to less tiring tasks, but about half of the people you convinced into joining the building effort just continue going at it for the rest of the week.

[Leadership] (Industry) - Costs 0TP - As a Minor Combat Action, up to three target allies within melee range gain [Inspired] for this and the next three combat rounds. They lose [Inspired] if they lose sight of you or move more than 30 feet away from you.
Ability to lead effectively.

>97 - M
While you have the Skill, you believe that simply observing things is not enough. No, you need to be able to learn more, if at only just a single glance. You set out to Improve, building upon Observe as a skill. You start out by observing the outsiders around you, and try to gauge something from them, anything but the suffering they have had over their time here. Eventually, as you about to just call it quits, you notice something. You aren’t just noticing the suffering of others in the sense of wounds, you are noticing them in the sense of Emotion! The outsider you were looking at in particular, Argus, he was called, was really...Angry? Disappointed? Over the loss of something. You look over, and he was looking sollumly at a Staff, him removing some magical power from it. Going on from that, you look around to other people in the factory, And as you guessed, you can perfectly see whatever emotion that other people have, in the form of some kind of...aura around them. You think that this is a significant improvement, and could be useful, perhaps even in the field.



[Read Auras] (Inspiration) - Binds 20 TP - Gives +2 on contested rolls against powers pr abilities that hide living things or their emotions(Ex: Invisibility, Self-centered Illusions, Shadow-Cloak, Hide Lies…) and against stealth rolls. Allow contested rolls against such power that normally wouldn’t allow detection if used to look specifically for them, if the QM allow it.
Supernatural sense of detecting emotions through the form of ghostly colors, textures and shapes that envelop living things.

[See Backlog] (Inspiration) - Passive - No Combat Effect.
Perception of traces of strong emotions or great mood fluctuations recognizable in the auras of those around you. Up to one week since they happened.

>80 - m
Seeking not to bother anyone more than you already have, you begin to set up a temporary lodging in the Old Isle. Given the materials you have to work with, you set to the task, and after some initial setbacks, like acquiring a flap to serve as a door and bug defence, A Light, for your late evening reading, and a Comfortable Mattress to rest upon, it is complete, and looking formidable against the bug menace. You take pride in your accomplishment, and some outsiders don’t even question the tent in the middle of the Old Isle!

>Now you have set up a bivouac inside the factory… It might gave surprising benefits that you still don’t know about.
>Automatic success - m
You decide to read the primer on light magic. As it turns out, light magic tends to falls under two main types of magic: transmutation and conjuration. In the broadest sense, magic in general tends to be transmutation, as it is the conversion of mana into energy or matter. However, transmutation intensifies that further, converting your own mana into magical energy which will later convert other things, for example. Conjuration is a little more straightforward; the use of mana to summon light.

As a rule, despite the fact that holy magic tends to come in the form of light and fire, it is not considered as light magic. Not in the conventional sense, at any rate. Holy magic is a fundamentally different type of energy compared to what light magic tends to be. The former is more effective against targets that are considered demonic or taboo, while the latter burns indiscriminately.

You stop reading after a while. There’s a lot of information to take in here.

>9 - M
You take the time working on a spell that focuses light into a sort of laser, or beam of heat. Running through your primer for the basic theory as you work on focusing the light that would make up the scorching payload. You feel the mana focus and shape as you get an orb of light on your palm radiating heat. Working diligently as you...realize that the light isn’t in your palm anymore, actually that beam seems to be ricocheting around, and before you even have the chance to dodge that beam is also burning into your fleshy leg. You scream in pain as you feel heat burn and blister through your flesh, the world turning white in your eyes from the pain as you try not to black out, wanting to scream in anger and disappointment. Looks like some of the more advanced parts of this you didn’t have written down tripped you up.

[Status Effect: Scorched - Current HP is at 260, lost 90 HP]
[Status Effect: Burnt Leg - Take a -5 to physical activities. Lasts for the next turn.]
[Status Effect: Flawed Theory - Take a -5 to attempting this action again the next time you do so.

>22 - m
You try to take your mind off your failure with some time relaxing in the town and it just doesn’t take. The mix of numbness on the part of your leg that took the worst of it, the smell of burnt flesh, and just that raw and ever constant pain from the parts of your leg that took less of it bother you incessantly. Causing you to feel more aggravated and annoyed then relaxed. As you watch the ugly burned flesh, you fail to find any peace in your rest.

>92 - m
Trying to do something, anything to take your mind off your prior failures and the burning pain you opt for some target practice with the old derringer the guards give you. Searching out for a guard to give you some pointers your request is quickly met by a member of the guards, a young well kept man with tired eyes betraying his neat appearance, introducing himself as Christoph. He takes you out to a tree for some training and gives you some advice on how to shoot accurately, you find that the advice quickly closes out the novice lack of skill you have and you can notice yourself improving at a quick rate though any sort of small talk is non-existant mostly filled with silence as any attempt at questions is either barely answered or ignored regardless of that Christoph seems happy watching your progress and when it’s over he tells you if you ever feel like follow up lessons to look out for him. Seems like he likes you, even if he’s not that chatty.

>New Skill:

Marksmanship (Finesse) - Passive - +1 to Accuracy Rolls when attacking with ranged weapons..
Proficiency at using ranged weapons.

Met: [Christoph] - Order Guard
>47 - M
No! You refuse to give up, even in a task so hopeless as this! You WILL Learn how to be sneaky!
You go back to your normal Practice area, being a deserted area that people sometimes walk through to get to their daily routines. You set to work, trying to become one with the shadows, once again. The first few people, as always, recognize you almost right away. Although, you can’t tell if it’s dumb luck, or people not caring by this point, but as the day progresses, you swear that they notice you less and less! The end of your 3 hours you set for yourself comes along, and you feel that you have finally done it! One of the Order Men, you never learned his name, just walked right past you, going wherever he was! He didn’t notice you at all! You’ve Done it! HA! Although, in your celebration, you do alert to him your position, and he looks at you with confusion before passing along. You could still improve upon this, that’s for sure.

Stealth (Finesse) - You may use the [Hidden Stance]. While in the Hidden Stance, apply the following effects. Movement is halved. Creatures that would ordinarily see you do not automatically see you. Instead, they must win or tie a contest of their Inspiration against your Finesse. If they lose, they do not see you yet, and such creatures will repeat this contest at the beginning of each combat round. Any attacks made against such a creature will have +5 Accuracy, but will make that creature able to see you.
Ability to remain unseen.

>32 - M
After your success at the hands of Being sneaky, you take to learning a new offensive skill, something to emphasize brutal hits, and to help you take advantage of vulnerable areas. Your first victim of attack is a Watermelon, given to you by the order, asking for it to be Sliced, as they were going to take some over to the Hot Springs. You focus on your enemy, the deadly fruit, and with precision unknown to man, strike at its (not actually) rotten core! You slice it in half, then into fourths, then into eights, and settle at that. The order guy comes by and thanks you, before taking your dismembered foe, and leaving to the Springs with it. You feel you have gotten experience with what you want, but not a solid technique. You may need a better target than a fruit to learn something like that…

[Effort] - Gain +10 in the next try on learning the same thing.

>60 - m
The NERVE of that Guy! You’ll show him, you make the best damn apple pies you’ve ever made, and stuff it in his stupid face! You set to work in a frenzy, cutting, Slicing and Dicing, You are a whirlwind of destruction, and these Apples are your victims! You stand before your work, and quickly set to baking the remains of your enemies, Seasoned with only the finest of Cinnamons, And the Freshest of Doughs! You watch as they cook in the ovens, and you laugh maniacally! Eventually, they all come out, and you end with a total of 20 or so Pies, all cooked to perfection! Look out, snobby rich guy, Here comes PIE!

It was a good thing that the locals let the order use one of their big kitchens in exchange for some money, so finding a the appropriate utensils for such big project wasn’t an additional task per se. It also helped that the Helsing got you a lot of top tier apples to work with, sadly, you only learned about they coming from him after you were finished with the pie crafting, so you didn’t had time to thank him for it.
>71 - M
During the journey, you decide to draw up plans for a “Mana Battery”, of sorts. Mana, despite its mystical properties, is still an energy like any other, which means it can be stored… theoretically, that is. You know that mana travels through circuits much like electricity flows through a wire. A battery normally converts electricity into chemical energy, which then converts it back into electricity when it is needed. With these concepts in mind, you get to work.

First, you’ll need something to store mana in. You’ve seen wood, stone, and metal all being possible containers for mana, but it seems that the higher the quality of the material, the better its capacity. Unfortunately, you do not have anything high quality, nor can you requisition anything, as you’re not back at the Factory. Still, this doesn’t deter you. You manage to find a decent enough stone. Not the largest storage, but it will do. It even has the added function of being accessible in the field.

Secondly, you need to perform the process wherein you create the circuits where mana can flow. As a rule, stone, does not act as a particularly effective conductor of mana, but it was certainly durable. Despite this, you can still improve on it. You start by tracing and etching lines and grooves into the stone. It’s a difficult process, but you manage. Then, in the spaces between these grooves, you etch runes and sigils of mana, to further the retention process. By the end of your labor, you have a stone about the size with symbols and lines etched into it.

Lastly, you just need to fill the thing with mana. This would normally be the hardest part, for an unattuned mage, but as an Outsider, you have unique control over your own flow of mana. Imbuing the rock with mana or draining mana from the ring is a little difficult at first, and you do have to spend some time getting used to the feel of it, but by the end of it, you find it easy enough to do. This was a good proof of concept. Now all you need to do is find something bigger, and perhaps of higher quality to serve as the battery for your project.

[Knowledge of Mana Circuitry] (Industry) - No Combat Effect.
Knowledge of pathways, circuits, ley lines, and wiring for the use of transporting mana.

[Magical Stone] - A mana battery prototype that can store a insignificant amount of mana, it isn’t really useful, but accidentally oozes more mana residue than such a small thing should, being easily detectable by as an magic item for people and things that can notice such things.


>61 - M
You actually decide to head over and investigate this hotspring, feeling your curiosity piqued as you can already see the warm air rising off the steaming hot waters, while there you meet Melchior lazing around in one of the pools, and sit down with him to do small talk while the two of you rest your problems away… You don’t really remember much of the details, but somehow you two overheard about the owners selling booze to the guests and decided to get a taste of the local beverages what ended up with both of you drunk as soon as you got out of there. It wasn’t much eventful, but at least it was fun.

Oh, you also found out Tatsuo on the way back and bullied him for missing the baths, what made him go berserker, again.

[Bath Meditation] (Industry) - Passive - No Combat Effect.
The incredible power of “letting it go and cleaning your mind” that allows you to relax completely into a meditative trance while in a hot bath.

[Hot Springs Relaxation] - Gain +10 on one action next turn.

>95 - m
You overheard some Order’s guards talking about Tabatha’s plan to bake a incredible amount of pies to satisfy the unending hunger of the noble guy for apple pies, and decides to do your best to surprise the little girl with your help, by getting the best ingredients that can be found in this part of the country!

It takes a few days going through the farms on the region, spending time at the market, and chatting for info about what things grow where in the wilderness, but you manage to secure a great amount of top notch ingredients for the girl… And you even learn a thing or two in how to forage stuff in the wilderness, what should come in handy one of these days.

One day, while you were buying some apples directly from a farm, you found a curious glowing apple… And decide to ask the farmers about them. The owners of the farm look scared to that, and tells you that this sort of things are rare, being the byproduct of great concentrations of mana that sometimes happen naturally around these parts, imbuing the life-forms of the forest with unknown properties that can improve or wither those who are brave enough to consume it. They have no interest in taking risks, and don’t want that anywhere their children, who could want to take chance of gaining “cool hero powers like in the legends!” and end up on their beds for the rest of their lives, so they sell it to you for the price of a normal apple.

Going back at the town, you leave the ingredients with the order’s personnel at the place their have rented for baking the pies and manage to see the genuine smile of the little girl when getting them.

[The Magic Apple] - It’s full of MAGIC. WILD MAGIC. It doesn’t rot, never. Do you dare to bite at it and risk your luck?
>73 - M
You decide to help out the weird mute kid and make a staff for him. Following your same old slow and measured process for crafting weapons as you work steadily, after a few days time you have one nice new staff, the metallic surface glinting off the light from the forge, this new weapon ready for whoever it’s owner may be.

Quality: Fine
Two-Handed Weapon
Range 1: Melee
Weapon AR 1: 20 + AD + 2*Might − 2*Finesse (Bludgeoning - Physical)
Range 2: 30 ft
Weapon AR 2: 20 + AP (Kinetic - Magical)

>11 - M
You begin to set the groundworks for an Enchantment on the staff, thinking that something to enhance his...weird mind powers. Would do him well. Unfortunately though, you were thoroughly distracted throughout the entirety of the enchanting procedure. One time some guy from the order had come and asked you to help him sharpen his sword, another time, Another outsider thought it would be a great idea to scare the shit out of you while in the most intricate part of the procedure. You don’t even want to REMEMBER That last bit with the shaving cream. At the end, the resulting enchantment may just do more harm than good, so you dispel it from the weapon, bringing yourself back to square one.

>19 - m
You TRY to sleep, But no matter what you do, that incessant Buzzing of the insects inside the Factory drives you mad. You try everything, from angrily running around to kill the bugs, to creating a magical bug zapper, to giving an official complaint to the Order. Nothing seems to help. Eventually though, after moving and deciding to just sleep at the forge, upon the cold hard floor, you get some restless sleep.
>79 - M
>46 - M
You don’t hesitate on the offer from your new mother, and spend a good chunk of the first week guzzling down her honey and agonizing from the energies rocking through your body as the magic changes you.

The pain.

There are no human words or sounds to describe the incredible pain that you are feeling.

You mother seems very proud of you and whisper words of incentive and encouragement to you while caressing your hair during your violent spurts of painful mutations. Her words are soothing and calm the pain, making it borderline tolerable.

As you keeping eating, gobbling and guzzling raw honey, you start to notice how the unbearable pain starts to fade...

At the end of the week you have gained two new characteristics:


[Small Crystal Wings] (Inspiration) - Bind 0TP - While “active” the wings allow you to levitate, ignoring some types of difficult terrain. Cannot Regen TP while active. Can be turned on or off with a shift action.
Two small insectoid looking wings of crystal on your back. They’re actually a biological artefact irrigated by your blood that filters the mana of it to feed their effect.

[Insect Antenna] (Inspiration) - Passive - +4 to contested rolls to resist mental powers of non-demonic nature. -2 to contested rolls to resist mental power of bee/demonic nature.
A pair of insectoid antenna that originates on the top of your head and that could be reasonably hidden in your hair. Allows you to detect the presence of other bee demons in a area of 1KM diameter with you as it center, it gives you an approximate number and direction of them, but not their exact numbers or location.

Your mom praises you a lot for your dedication and trust to her efforts in helping you to “grow”, and try to make the transition as comfortable as possible for you by trying to satisfy any small whim that you have during that time, as far as it is possible at least. What includes having you be massaged, fed and carried around in a litter by drones… Cute human children mutated halfway into bees and mind controlled to do the unskilled and mundane labor in the hive.

She also advises you to not try to fly out of the hive with those wings, as they need to keep a certain distance of the ground to keep working, and would have you falling down to your death if that distance was suddenly cut by you going over the border… And to not try to swim with them “working” as they will push you into the depths, not that they have pools around here, as normal bees cannot “turn off” their wings anymore.

>43 - M
To avoid other unexpected problems, you decide to go in a social campaign in your free time to know and befriend of bees of noble blood.You quickly learn that they aren’t much accessible figures and that they only seem to care about socializing with the soldiers, their only power base, and within the nobility when they aren’t at odds with each other… What happens every few days. Furthermore, they just seem as human as any family of sisters, well, as far as you can consider magic nobility “normal”.

You don’t really have much cloak or things in common with them, so you just look for the most accessible target between the few that doesn’t have outrightly shown that they don’t trust you… What leaves you with Ytravelin-edalith, or just “little eda” for the other princesses.

“Eda” is one of the younger princesses, and different from the others isn’t found of honey and games… Instead, she finds her magic heritage dangerous, and has focused on studying human magic and alchemy to find a way to expand her lifespan and avoid “The Withering”, whatever that should mean. Because of that, she only drinks “purified” honey, filtered through some kind of weird and complicated alchemic contraption, and looks more human than any of the other princesses, with less accentuated and developed versions of their usual insectoid characteristics…. While also looking unhealthy thin and pale.

It doesn't take much effort to befriend her, as she seems very interested in you by the moment you manage to make a conversation with her, asking about your old life, what it feels like to be human, your outsider powers… But then her curiosity seems to take on dangerous tone, as she starts to invite you to take part in weird alchemical experiments to “distillate humanity” in order to satisfy both of your wishes: Your hunger for power and her thirsty for knowledge about her own state.

Before you can agree to anything, your mother shows up to distract her with casual conversation and smartly take you away from the place without causing any social misstep, and warn you against spending time with the weirdest of her sisters, that may be inofensive while left alone, but that could prove problematic if incentivated to focus on anything practical.

[Ytravelin-edalith, the Alchemist Bee-Princess.]

Do you want to help her with her risky human experiments? Who knows what reward could come from it? Be warned that they might distance you further from your humanity. Takes a Minor action to participate on them.


>4 - m
You don’t actually remember much of what happened.

You were hanging out with some workers and one of the other bee-princesses… But you can’t remember which, and then, they come up with some excuse to leave you alone in a honey hot-spring bath in one of the adjacent rooms of the spa… and then, you found yourself surrounded by drones, cure children mutated into bee servants… But at this time they weren’t there to cater to your every whim, quite the contrary, they were there to pin you down and force your head “underwater”, or should you say, “underhoney”?

Anyway, if it weren’t for your mother feeling something wrong with the usual drone hivemind, you could have drowned right then and there. But somehow she managed to send your bodyguard to save you in time.

>[Target of Assassination Attempt: You didn’t got out of that traumatizing experience tottaly mentaly unschathed, quite the contrary, you have a difficult time sleeping at night, and distrusts even your own shadow, who know what smile could hide a knife waiting to pierce your heart? Receive -20 to resting, if you don’t spend at least one minor action on trying to rest on a turn, all of your rolls that turn receive -10. Also receive -10 to interact with any NPC that you haven’t met previously, as you automatically suspect anyone you don’t know well. Lasts 2 turns or until the culprit is found.]

>65 - m
You eat your fears away, eating as much as you physically can, to distract you from thinking who us trying to kill you and how they are going to it again… Why do they even care? Is that jealousy from the attention your mother gives you? Maybe they think you’re a threat? Maybe they are scared that you might be politically maneuvering by allying with Little Eda? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Forget it! Focus on the new honey flavours instead… wait…. From where does all this honey comes? AHHHHH NOT AGAIN.

[Bloated] - Next turn status - Add +5 to all non-physically focused rolls. -5 penalty related to physical training or movement.

Corruption Pool: 9
>97 - m

As you take a look at your new sword, you notice the small crevice on the blade’s handle. It is big enough to fill a rock the size of your fist in there… Could it? No. That’s a silly idea. It’s not like in the vid-

The realization splits your brain like a hatchet that meets a firewood log. A barrage of feelings and memories of your Role Play Gaming experiences comes back. You get a faint memory of your past life, a glimpse to what you lost, a ghost of your terrestrial past. You feel like crying, but everything starts to make sense about this sword and its purpose.

You pull the Xenerit Order Insignia from the blade, unwrap the leather that cover the handle and you reveal a really beautiful series of scriptures in a language you don’t understand. But, the carvings, decorations and movements of the metalwork of the handle makes sense to you.

The slot, placed right in the guard, serves as a holder for magical crystals or carved runes. And the decorations of the handle, are the ritual and invocations to bind the power of the crystal or runes, to the sword. Making it deal extra damage to the type of magical entity you cram in there. You try to verbose the spell, and you feel how your energy starts to drain towards the sword. It is a crude way of enchanting, but it leaves the enchanted weapon open of customization and making it more powerful as you progress and grow.

Just like in the games of your past life.

>70 - M
After having waited some time at the Training Arena, you FINALLY see Alexander again. Speaking to him, he is glad to be back, but his new hobby, something he will not elaborate further upon, is keeping him mostly occupied. However after explaining himself, he was more than happy to oblige in training with you.

After hours of Tactical rolling, Dodging narrowly out of harm's way, and one or two narrow escapes from the blade, you decide to hone your erratic movements into a genuine stance of combat. Surprisingly, it seems to keep even Alexander off of his guard, although after adjusting to it, he eventually bests you, more so from your lack of stamina during the fight than skill. Day turns to Night, and again, you bid Alexander a Farewell.

Counter Stance (Finesse) - Cost - 0TP - As a shift combat action enter [Counter Stance], all paybacks are free and all regular attacks cost what would be standard for a payback normally.
A Fighting stance centered around countering an enemy's attack

>59 - M
Following your training session with Alexander, you take to patrolling again, hoping to maybe even fight an invading monster. Alas however, no such monster appears, and the Patrol goes without significant event. Although, during your patrol, Your hero sense once kicked in. But when you rushed over to investigate, it was just a Socially awkward man, stuck in a conversation he didn’t want to be in. Eventually, you, with the ultimate power of walking around with a sword and armor, get him out of the conversation. He thanks you, but you don’t get that much information about himself out of him. Although he does tell you he works with Magic. You bid the man farewell, wondering who exactly the hell he was…

[Hubrecht van Langevelde, stranger.]
>29 - m
You rest the best that you can in the Caravan, and eventually, find peace. It’s not the most comfortable place, but hey, it’s a place. You nap for what seems to be Hours, before you’re finally woken up by the sound of that weird Doctor guy, alongside Melchior, both shitfaced drunk, coming back in...Swimming shorts? You ask them about where they went, and Doc kindly informs you of the Towns….Famed Hot Springs...THAT YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT, GOD DAMMI-

[Well Rested] - +4 to one roll next turn.

>24 - M
You set to study, still slightly agitated that you missed out on the Hot Springs. Dammit, Why did nobody tell you? Why didn’t you pay attention when they mentioned it? Just thinking about this makes your blood boil… Boil to the point that you completely set off studying in entirety, after reading a few pages, to go blow off some steam. Though studying wasn’t entirely useless! You did learn...Something that will help. Yeah.

>Next turn, while the results of your research are still fresh-ish in your mind, you can roll for a second try with an advantage this time, but with a catch: If any of these results is a crit fail, the result will be the crit fail. You can also just roll for it again normally instead.

>19 - M
While off clearing your Mind, you have the brilliant Idea of creating a new technique to stun enemies. You’ll replicate that Sumo thing you saw back on earth! It’ll work out great! Although, for whatever reason, everything you do to advance it does nothing. After clapping your hands raw, and getting nothing but a few annoyed looks from the people you test it on, you finally give up, and return to your cargo bay area.
>25 - m
You briefly explain to your followers your will to find a device to speed up the production of more bibles, to spread the word of the lord, and they know exactly of what you want. They explain to you the machine, and how it would work, and slowly your smile spreads ear to ear. They must see this through, and regret to inform you that they have no way of procuring one, at least easily.

>5 - M
As a new day of the lord dawns upon you, you feel that you must step out of your previous life’s antisocial shadow, and learn to truly preach the Lord's words. You begin by assembling half of your following, and reading some bible scriptures. Unfortunately though, your past habits become apparent again, and before long, as you start to deviate from the pre-written texts. Your palms become sweaty, your voice weakening with a stutter, your entire demeanor beginning to shrink away from the task given to you. You are unable to finish your first session, before you must step away from the growing crowd. You look among the faces of your people, and you are met back with only disappointment. How could such a man so close to the lord fail at such a task as spreading his word? You retire to your chambers, and the next day, see noticeably less people walking among the group. You feel that perhaps the lord's teachings are best left to those more… Charismatic. The lord frowns upon your failure, as you feel some of the light he cast upon you now move elsewhere.

[Reprimanded] - Lost one Miracle point.
[Inexperienced] - -5 for Preaching and Teaching until you improve your skills.
[Follower’s Evasion] - About half of your cult started to not show up frequently, your cult gets -10 for any actions you send them on.

>60 - M
After the situation yesterday, you think that perhaps you were not meant to be the sole one spreading his word. All men must help in the cause. You go to Wilhelm, and explain the situation to him. He asks what had happened, and after you tell him of your lackluster charismatic skills, he seems less than focused. He still listens and learns well however, though not as well as you would have hoped. You’ll have to spend more time with him before he can truly speak for the lord.

[Teacher] - Wilhelm seems at a good point of basic understanding, he should be able to teach the most pivotal things soon if he keeps a good pace with the lessons.

Consistency bug and balance patch.

Master of the New Testament (Industry) - No combat effect.
The mastery of the word of the new era. When He walked among us.
>60 - M
You decide you should expand your arsenal, focusing on melee this time, wanting an old classic, a baseball bat, searching around for any store that can help you, you quickly realize that there’s a much larger variety of bats then you remember, flat, round, clublike, in a variety of different styles, for a second you swear you’re about to be overloaded by your choices before you wonder how you’re going to get one, that’s a question quickly answered when one of the shopkeepers selling bats hands off one of the less stylized, seemingly in a good mood as he says something about letting you take one of the failed attempts.

Nail Bat
Quality: Simple
Two Handed Weapon
Range: Melee
Weapon AR 1: 30 + AD (Bludgeoning - Physical)
Nails: Weapon causes a bleed effect on hit, effect does not stack, adds damage type (Piercing)
Unwieldy: Minus -1 to Accuracy rolls with this weapon.

>57 - M
You head out to the gun range that Kaiiv showed you, deciding to take some time to sharpen your marksmanship. You spend hours firing into dummies as you feel the accuracy of your hits tighten as you land shots more and more consistently. When you finally decide to take a break your hands have gotten a bit steadier and your trigger finger a little bit more sore.

Marksmanship (Finesse) - Passive - +1 to Accuracy Rolls when attacking with ranged weapons..
Proficiency at using ranged weapons

>35 - m
You go around handing out invitations to people for the party Kaiiv is hosting, all of the commoners you gave them to seemed slightly awkward but thanked you as best they could nontheless taking the invitation, next heading off to hand them around to members of the order who give you a wary glance, suspicion obvious on their face as they look at the invite, handing it back to you and telling you to stay away from ‘shady’ nobles. Then you go around handing out invites to the other outsiders in the factory, whether they accept it is up to them.
>79 - M
Seeking to expand your knowledge, you go to the Spell Repository, and begin to study all of the magical notes and studies contained within for finding something that you can perhaps make your own, taking out piles upon piles of books and notes on varying magic types as you understand each style of note taking and pore through them. Taking your time as you slowly go through them before you look over some spells made by a ‘Yanyunnyan’ and find something that clicks.


Of course. How could you not see it before, you feel spurred on as you take this inspiration in hand as you rewrite the notes from this former mage, tweaking and adjusting the spell as you come upon the parts you need to change. A change in the concentrated energy type, making sure to handle the concentration just right so that the more nomrally wily electric magic is contained and then….you look over all of your notes, you finally finished, having made one of the spells more.

Lightning Explosions

You smile as you look it over, feeling that someone, somewhere was proud of your work.

Electric Conflagration (Sorcery) - Cost - 60TP - As a Major Combat Action: target a point in space within 60 feet. Make an attack against everyone within 5 feet of the target point, without the need for an Accuracy Roll. Deals 50 additional AR. Deals Lightning Magical Damage and inflicts [Paralysis] upon dealing 80 or more Damage. This is a spell.
Creating a small explosion of electricity with magic

>70 - M
Oh dear mother of god, this is starting to sting. While you respect and appreciate the efforts of the Order, you really want a second Opinion. You take to the streets, and search for a Doctor to take a second look. Normally, you might ask that….Hellsing? Guy, but he’s out on that group hunting the Bees. Eventually, you come across a clinic, And walk in. Immediately upon walking in, you are met face to face with a Guy in a Labcoat, who after looking over you, asks you if you are an Outsider. After saying yes, he becomes giddy, at whatever thought, and before you can leave, he drags you into a side room, and you go through all the medical procedures, after you explain to him what you want. He looks you over, and apologises for his behavior before, and he explains that he has always wanted to look at an outsider body. He stitches your reopening wounds, applies his alchemical pastes, and sends you on your way. You go to pay for the treatment, but he declines the money. You learn the Doctors name, Winfrey, and leave on your way, with an offer to come back at any time. He Seems nice.

[You are now fully healed.]
[Physical penalties removed.]
[First Hand Medical Experience] - You had take to a look at his instruments and payed attention to the procedures, gain +5 to your next try to learn a Medicine related skill.

[Doctor Winfrey, the Outsider-friendly doctor.]

>62 - m

After the meeting with Winfrey, you go to patrolling, and for once, nothing bad happens in the patrol. It’s all peaceful. The Birds chirp, the workers talk, The outsiders remaining enjoy their time. It’s a serene feeling, Really. No Explosions, no shouting war cries, No Pain filled screams of anguish.... It’s nice. You even talk to the Men and Women working Repair, and they get along well with you. Eventually though, you say your goodbyes, and return to your patrol, ending without incident. In fact, it has been so nice that you feel lucky for the chance of pace.

>[Lucky Day! - Get +6 in every roll next turn, or +12 in one roll of your choice!]
>69 - M - Nice
You try to working in improving your healing skills through specialized ramifications of your usual spells… But sadly, you don’t have much targets for practice on the moment. Luckily for you, your new noble friend knows a guys who knows a dude who knows a girl who knows this lady who has a grandson that knows this merchant who buys stuff from this one alchemist who has a lab nearby… Or something around these lines, to be fair, it’s hard to keep track of who knows who when you’re walking with the guy who seems to know everyone in this whole duchy.

Lucky, the alchemist is just some thin and sickly looking but kind hearted nerd guy who is actually able of using magic… Like the outsider do, you know, REAL magic. But here is the catch, he had to practice every week for seven years to just unlock one time of magic… Sexual magic.

That is also why he looks so tired, as everyday he pours his “sexual-life force” in his day to day magical practice, ending up exhausted by the end of it, at least it seems to be healthy on the long run, if he is to be trusted… But only after the first dozen of years of practice or so.

Anyway, he lets you experiment with his test bunnies in which he tries his elixirs on, and you have a strange week of poisoning bunnies and trying to heal then back before they die from diarrhea of something.

Negate Poisoning (Inspiration) - Cost - (Vary) - As a Major Combat Action: You negate the effects of poison in a target, cost depends in the origin and lethality of the poison in action:10 for normal poison, 20 for toxins of magical origins, +10 on the cost if the poison has potential to kill the target. Effect lasts for 1d6 turns.
The power to use the sexual energy of the target to counter the effect of toxins in their body. Repeatable uses in resting conditions can permanently negate the effects of some substances.

>65 - M
You had no idea on how to get practice targets for anti-corruption magic, but then, you know, Michael knew someone that knew someone… And after six or seven persons down the line you managed to get hold of some corrupted little animals, mostly insects and the like, that were from a old blighted area from the last demon invasion.
You spend some time with your new mage acquaintance studying the specimens and trying things with them, and after a lot of practice and crazy theories you find a permutation of your spells that manages to make the immunity system of a corrupted being react nastily to his own corruption.


By the end of the week you still have to hit the road, so you say goodbye to your new mage acquaintance and goes along with Michael to join the wagons.

Corruption Rejection (Sorcery) - Cost - 20 - As a Major Combat Action, choose a living corrupted target within 15 feet: Make an attack against him without having to roll accuracy, with a bonus 3d20 AR. This is a spell. If the target receives 60 or more of damage, he also loses one corruption point from their pool.
Power up the target’s immunity system with magic to make it reject the corruption in their body.

>11 - m
You write up about all that you deem necessary, and a few little things more, being concise, but thoughtful. You wonder if that will make the right impression, and doubt yourself by questioning if the content may make her think that you like-her-or-something, not that you do, of course, I mean, not in that sense at least… She is just your friend and you miss her… Right?

Anyway, you reach the nearby post station and send your letter, it doesn’t prove itself to be any hard task.

After the fact your new noble friend comments that you aren’t really that closer to her family’s territory… You’re quite far from it, actually, as their clan have almost a third of the entire country under their administration, but with their holdings scattered in small to medium size pockets of administrative units through the whole nation… Well, through most of it at least, they don’t have almost nothing on the northern parts.
[Blueberry Von Abentrot]
>44 - m
You find Tatsuo napping and give up on disturbing his sleep, so you just sit there and what him breath in a out and move around a bit in his sleep, you’re somewhat entranced by it as it looks like some kind of meaningful moment of quietude and relaxation… And you end up sleeping alongside him.

Some hours later you wake up by the sound of loud laughter and incoming footsteps… Is that Melk’s voice!? You overreact by their sudden presence and worry that he may be jealous of all the attention you’re giving to Tats, as you didn’t even slept with him yet! So you run as fast as you can to the bushes while you can.

You manage to hide yourself in midst of the plants and spy on the group and they chat, Helsing and Melk drunkenly joking with each other, and then Tats wake up and starts talking with the two of them… and starts to freak out… He is screaming something about some springs you think...

[Rested bonus] - +4 to all actions next turn, or +8 to one action next turn.

>71 - M
After thinking too much about the episode later, you decided that maybe you had overreacted and that you could just had avoided any problems if you could fake continuing to be asleep… I mean, Melk would get mad at you while you’re sleeping, would he? Then it hits you, faking being dead, that has already saved your life once before in your last life, so why not to try this again in this one?

So, after a bunch of tentatives, and scaring half of the Order’s guards after a succession of tries with it, you finally manage to refine it to a practiced act that you can call upon whenever you have an opening for it.

Feign Death (Finesse) -You may use the [Feigning Death Stance]. When you are hit by an attack, you may immediately switch to the Feigning Death stance. While in the Feigning Death Stance, creatures that see you will assume you are a corpse, unless they inspect closely or pass an Inspiration check (DC 13). You cannot make any actions, and do not recover TP at the beginning of your turns.
The act of faking your own death.

>14 - M
After this new success you decide to enjoy your time to improve yourself while Melk and Vira are occupied to impress them with your growth when they show up again, and take what cartridges of ammo you have with you to spend most of your time day after day shooting improvised targets in the woods around the camp, you miss human company while you’re doing that, as the woods and the cold makes you feel alone while they also remember you of home, but sadly, everyone’s seems to be occupied with their own things even if some of them show up sometimes to say hi.

You kind of loses notion of many shots you have fired after some days… And then, one day, you notice that you’re out of cartridges again, an so you return to the wagons to get more, only to notice that there is no cartridge left for you to use IN THE ENTIRE GROUP OF WAGONS.

[Outta Ammo] - You’re out of ammo until you requisite more with a minor action or try to make more by yourself with a major action, the former is safer, but the latter may give you experience and skill with crafting ammo by yourself.
>1 - M
Your skill at manipulating the shape, form and properties of your own body gave you an idea. If you could do all of those things, then surely, increasing your healing factor would not only be easy enough to do, but also become a pivotal power in the battles to come. Things like regeneration would mean that healing spells could be diverted to other members of the group who needed it, but more importantly, it’d help with your survivability. Who knows, maybe it’d even extend your lifespan like one of those immortal jellyfish? These were all theories and hypotheses; educated guesses at the result.

But like most theories, you eventually had to hit a snag somewhere.

Namely, it was too slow. You tested it with tiny cuts on your fingertips. Painful enough to notice, but would cause no real damage. It’d heal in around six hours, and that was assuming it didn’t damage the nerve ending. Not good enough in a combat situation. It needed to be quicker.

You looked inwards for inspiration. When that failed, you looked deeper. Notable results only came at the cellular level. Fundamentally, your shapeshifting magic temporarily changes the cells, triggering mutations to adapt to whatever you needed to. It all worked on a macro level, as if evolution took the shortest path between the problem and the solution. But this? A minor change in your cells; a mutation to make them work harder. The risk seemed negligible at the prospect of power.

You did so, forcing a mutation that’d essentially overclock your cells. If all else fails, you’d just revert it to its normal state and head back to the drawing board. After giving the cells a couple of minutes to replicate, you carried out your test. You cut your fingertip with enough force to draw blood. Time to see if it worked. Within seconds, you watched as your skin knit itself back together, sealing the wound shut. A good sign.

Time for more tests. You needed to know the full extent of this power, after all. A laceration to the leg, a gouge to the arm, and some blunt force trauma to the ribs for good measure. All of them recovered, given some time, but it seems bigger injuries or multiple injuries meant that the process took more time. That much was to be expected.

It’s then that you notice something strange. Instead of the smooth, supple new skin that you’d expect from a newly grown skin cell, the flesh over your injuries was rough and scaly. Not a good sign. It was itchy and irritating to the touch. Scratching it caused these patches of skin to break, bleeding for a few seconds before regenerating once more.

Definitely not a good sign.

You turned to your cells for the answer. They seemed normal enough, but a closer look revealed tiny imperfections that should’ve been destroyed before their creation. When they replicated, a new error was added. It’s then the horror of the situation dawned upon you. Malignant growths.



Self-induced magical cancer. It’s benign for now, but for how long? Knowing this, you decided to take to the offensive and correct your mistake. The problem? A majority of your cells aren’t responding to further cellular alterations. It seems that you still had your shapeshifting magic, but this regeneration wouldn’t stop. Controlled, target bursts of mutation shifting didn’t seem to work either; it’s almost as if your own body was resisting your magic.

Ironic. You had created this mutation in an attempt to be able to take more damage, and yet… something tells you that if you take too much damage, things won’t end well for you. You need to find a way to reverse this quick… or perhaps find a way to use it to your advantage.

>Learned Skill:

Minor Regeneration (Resolve): Passively restore 5 HP at the beginning of each of your turns.
Costs 5 TP. As a Minor Combat Action: restore 10 HP.
Your body has an slight healing factor.

Gained Condition: [Malignant Healing] - Whenever you recover HP by any means, double the amount of HP you gain. However, for every 50 HP gained cumulatively, you gain a Lesion. Each Lesion reduces your max HP by 30 until removed or remedied. If your max HP is reduced to 0 through this condition, your body becomes too cancerous to survive through normal means.

>35 - M
You push aside your fear of the cancerous growths within your body and prepare something that’d boost your healing even further. Sure, these tumours might kill you in the long-term, but you figure that if you die in the short-term, then there’s no point. Besides, you’re sobered up enough to know what you’re doing.

This time, you stayed away from cellular modification. This one was a pretty simple mutation. It sends a signal to the endocrine system to go work double time. Speeds up natural processes, and you get pretty hungry after using it for long periods of time, but those natural processes also include healing. Still, a gut feeling tells you that you should only use it when you have to.

>Learned Skill:
[Enhance Healing Factor](Inspiration) - Binds 15 TP. - While bound, recover HP equivalent to your Inspiration at the start of each turn.
Boosts the power of natural processes to speed up healing.

>12 - M
You find some time to sit down and focus. You needed a larger reserve of mana, or greater amounts of aura. With all of these techniques, you’d need to keep working to manage your supply of magical power. Of course, why do that when you can just increase the capacity of mana?

Several hours later, you shake your head. You’re out of your element. Recent events and the need to travel haven’t made your attempts of concentration and focus easier. You take a deep sigh. Maybe next time.

>54 - M

Vitality. Life force. Energy. Whatever you wanted to call it, it was harnessable. Of course, the most infamous of these were vampires or perhaps necromancers, but despite their ostracization, that didn’t mean you couldn’t take notes from them. Oh, and Neo too.

You test your power on small animals first. It was hard to catch them initially, but with the power of your intelligence and magical capabilities, it was only a matter of time until you managed to do so. They all squealed as they died, the blood draining for their bodies, but it was for a greater cause. Your technique works. Good to have it in your back pocket; you had only wish your complication hadn’t come at such an inopportune time.

Vampiric Claws (Resolve): Binds 25 TP. - As a Shift Combat Action: toggle Vampiric Claws. While Vampiric Claws is active, each time you make a successful unarmed melee attack, restore up to 30 HP, but not more than half the amount of Damage dealt.
Ability to drain life force from opponents by using a fist or claw.
>80 - m
You don’t actually manage to call everyone for it Hot Springs. But you still go anyway with Helsing and have a great time. You get somewhat drunk talking talking about what you can barely recall from your past life and calling the other Outsiders dummies for missing on this beautiful onsen.

[Hot Springs Relaxation] - Gain +10 on one action next turn.

>Minor: I'm going to tell Blume stories before she sleeps... But all my stories are anime plots. I wonder if she'll like Guren Lagann.

You catch Tatsuo and Blume basically getting comfortable among the cargo boxes of the wagons.

You can now RP with Blümelein Von Abentrot. It is free, doesn’t need an action.
>30 - M
>21 - M
You think to yourself for some time, mostly in thought of the Lion Slicer, and it’s current status. You think to yourself that this handicap is not acceptable, and that you must rectify it. You take to the practice fields again, and attempt to summon it over, and over. Unfortunately, for the majority of the time, you are met with the same result as always. A magic fizzle, before leaving you with nothing, As you come closer and closer to sunset however, you start to feel that you’re closer than you ever have been before to regaining control. You leave, only partly dissatisfied.

>6 - M
Wanting to at least accomplish something with the rest of the day, you go out to the wilderness to train yourself to become physically stronger. You do as all the greats before you have, and attack a 50 pound sack of rocks to your back. Halfway into your predetermined route in the forest though, the weight becomes too much to bear, but rather than calling it quits, you decide to press on. Not much later after that though, you trip on a root on the road, and the full force of the rocks hits you in the back. You remove your weights, and rubbing your aching back, head back to the Factory. God, this might’ve been a bad Idea…

[Bruised Spine] -10 to physical rolls for 3 turns or until it is treated.

>53 - M
In the midst of your recent failures, while laying among the others in the factory, the thought crosses your mind. SHIT YOU HAVE TO CATCH UP TO THE CARAVAN! You bolt upwards, pack what you need, and set off sprinting in the direction they headed. You continue on like this for….God knows how long, Running and running, falling upon the road one time, but you refuse to be beaten!

Eventually you reach the small mountain town of Neuroda, located Southeast of Burthic. Neuroda inhabitants are somewhat abhorrent of magical use. They clearly identify it with demonic use and curses. They are neutral towards Outsiders if they are with the Order. The town is also famous for it’s hot springs and bath houses. The Hot Springs have significant relaxing qualities. Nearby is the Fanthorpe Hold. This garrison is settled near a small river and it is known that the Soldiers in the Hold are skilled in the art of marksmanship. The Caravan was here a week ago.

You are completely exhausted after this. You learn from the towns people that the caravan is now heading towards the territory of [Goyavetland], specifically the foraging village of [Icespire] through the [Smallfrost Pass]. Since the Wagons of the Caravan are too wide to fit through the shorter yet narrower Redregard Ravine Pass.

That pass is usually the fastest route between towards [Icespire], but it is a deadly trail that has narrow walkways, a 1,500 feet drop into the rocky river below, high speed gusts of wind that can push people down the ravine without warning and an ominous feeling covers the whole pass . It is rumored that there’s some kind of paranormal activity in the zone.

You have four major options: They will take a Major Action next turn:
- Head back to [Burthic]
- Head through the [Redregard Pass]. This will ensure you catch up with the Caravan.
- Head through the [Smallfrost Pass]. You will be lagging for a week with the Caravan.

Staying at [Neuroda] will mean that you can use all of your actions points in a single turn.

Exhausted - Lasts 3 Turns - Stackable - Plus +5 to all relaxation rolls and minus -10 to physical rolls.

>26 - m
Exhaustion seeping into your bones, you somehow find the energy to crack a smile. The villagers don’t find it as funny. They take you to a tree with some shade under it, give you a slice of Watermelon that had apparently been prepared, and leave you be.

>53 - m
After greedily consuming the watermelon, you proceed to pass out upon the tree.
Sleep finally overtaking you after your marathon. Much later, after a dreamless sleep, you reawaken to take a choice. You feel a little bit better after sleeping in the Commons Grounds of the town. You try to get up to help, but your muscles scream in protest.

[Dreamless Rest] - Gain +10 to a single action next turn.
[Vira Vesperia]
>55 - M
You decide to practice controlling your Ice Magic. You figure that your Icy Touch is a good enough base as any. It’s already out of control, so it’d be nice to reel it in. Over the next few hours, you begin manipulating the mana flow going to your hands.It takes some practice, but by the end of it, you manage to bring your Icy Touch back under control.

...And now everything feels hot, by comparison. Guess that happens when your hands become living refrigerators for several weeks. Ah well, a lesser of two evils, you think to yourself.

>[Condition: Icy Touch] removed
>[Misty Condensation] removed
>[Out of Control(Icy Touch)] removed

>61 - M
You look at your healing magic and decide that it is quite serviceable. However, you feel like you could still use a healing spell that works in all situations. With that in mind, you begin practicing Heavenly Light, but focus on the healing aspect of it. It takes some time, but by stripping away the light aspect of the spell, you have a stronger spell that works over a shorter period of time.

[Cure Wounds] (Inspiration) - Costs 20 TP. - As a Major Combat Action, choose a living target within 15 feet: recover that target’s HP by an amount equal to 3d20+Inspiration*2. This is a spell.
Heals a chosen creature with magic.

>74 - m
You sit down to rest and recuperate in preparation for the fight ahead. The caravan doesn’t make for the best cushion, but it’s relaxing enough for you to do so. As you stare up into the night sky, you wonder if the people back on Earth are staring at those same stars… It’s a serene sight. After a while, you doze off. Your last thoughts before you give into your slumber is someone talking about hot springs? Ah well.

[Well-Rested] - +7 to all actions next turn OR +14 to one action of your choice next turn.
>70 - M
>90 - M
While you’re imprisioned there you had a long time to think, even more than normal when taking consideration of the fact that you don’t need to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom anymore…

Time that you used to revise every social interaction of your life and make sense of what you should or shouldn’t have said in every case, that actually gave you some insights on things that you feared to remember of your past, and allowed you to make peace with some memories at the same time you learned from them, so you find yourself anxious to try the new things you have come up with when you get back to the “real world”.


Insight on Masculine Psychology (Industry) - Passive - No Combat Effect.
Theories on how men relate to each other and react to the feedback of other people.

Insight on Feminine Psychology (Industry) - Passive - No Combat Effect.
Theories on how women relate to each other and react to the feedback of other people.

>[Revised Life Experiences: Your next roll related to learning a social focused skills gains +15.]

>95 - m
Your persistence and insistence on the topic actually calls the attention of an unexpected being.


A floating young japanese obese man screams as he enter the room by going through the ceiling.

“Is it not enough to spam this entire place with your life drama and now you also have to spam it with your need to be alive again? Why do you even care… Why the fuck you’re a spear?”

He seems confused.

Then he starts laughing at you.


>[Feel free to RP with Hawthorne and the Ghost as you seem fit, reward for it in the next update.]

>>Condition Update:
CONDITION: Ghost! [Updated]

>[Mana Circuits - Plus] - In Ghost Form, half of your current HP pool gets turned into TP.

>[Phylactery] - Being linked to a host is not a requirement. The ghost world is still a dangerous and lonely place, be careful.

>Implanting yourself is now turned into a skill that can be accessed and used even when not in ghost mode.

Implant Yourself (Sorcery) - Cost - 30TP - As a Major Combat Action, you can change hosts, be an object, a magical construct, a manmade instrument, or a sentient being. Objects can be inhabited by immeasurable amounts of time. Possessing sentient beings takes a disadvantage (yours) roll against their Resolve versus your Sorcery.
The ability to change bodies.

>[Mana Regen] - The spiritual winds going through you directly end up slowly replenishing your mana circuits, you regen an amount of mana per turn equal to 1 + [Sorcery + (Inspiration x2)] in TPs freely each turn.

>[Host: Humming Spear - Update]
>Humming Vibrations: After weeks of mastering the vibrations and hummings of the spear, you can now communicate freely with anyone.
=== TURN 9 GO ===
Rolled 68, 80, 12 = 160 (3d100)

...What in the name of Gods Green Earth have I stumbled Upon here? This Apple, and apparently, others like it, could be a major point in my Invention. I need to study this.

Char Sheet:

MAJOR: Study the Wild Magic Apple. Maybe, Just MAYBE, It can be used in a method outside of just eating, as a Mana Battery to contain and store energy in the upcoming design. Perhaps even as a Supercharge. I will be careful while working with it, out of fear of Breaking or otherwise harming it.


[The Best Ingredients in this part of town] - Every Outsider gains +20 in one action next turn from eating the pie Tabatha as made with your Ingredients.

[Delicious Pile of Pies] - Every Outsider in the Caravan gains +5 to one of their actions next turn. Including you.

[Hot Springs Relaxation] - Gain +10 on one action next turn.

MAJOR: Helsing Refines the "Regeneration" Spell, (
Regeneration (Inspiration) - Cost: 20 TP - Select a target within 15 feet of the caster and imbue them with a regenerative effect healing 1d10+inspiration*2 once a turn for 3 turns. Casted with Healing Runes mechanism, may have special effect.) To be either more TP efficient, or to have a greater effect.

minor: Helsing rests. The eye of the storm approaches, and it would be best to be fit to fight.
File: Holomap.jpg (134 KB, 959x483)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Rolled 24, 60, 56 = 140 (3d100)


While the old librarian is away, Priere decide to raid the library and Spell repository for books containing informations on the summoning ritual and the history around it.
>Minor: Learn more about the mechanics that brought us here.
Spell repository

>Local Demonic Converting Dungeon Shutdown
While she missed the timing to join the fight with the bees, this is a chance that can't be passed upon. Her fighting prowess are less than stellar but she does have some recon abilities that could be useful.
>Sign up to escort the paper pusher (hoping he's not actually a paper pusher)

With this done, Priere endeavor to expand her tactician toolkit, a modification of the Mana mist construct summoning that would allow her to create a 2D or 3D map of a location she's seen out of mana mist.
>Major: Develop a holo-map that can also double as a regular map if necessary. (pic somewhat related)
Spell repository
Summon mana mist construct

With the ability to have an eye in the sky with the usage of a wisp, Priere attempt to develop the ability to control more than one for easy recon.
>Major: Learn to use more than one wisp at the same time
Spell repository
Summon wisp
Rolled 15, 52, 98, 80, 46 = 291 (5d100)


Tabatha Ophelia Nana

Link: https://pastebin.com/raw/fyzYJkjX


Go hunting. Maybe there will be a deer or some sort of beast roaming the mountains. The main purpose of this hunt is to practice the idea of hitting critical areas/organs easier in combat.
>Major: Go hunting to practice hitting critical areas easier.
>Butchering +5, Stealth +5, Pile of Pies +5, Hunting Boots +10, Effort +10, Best Ingredients +20

The guys we picked up at Neuroda seem cool. I wan to ask them a few things.
>Minor: Talk to guys we found at the Fanthorpe Hold. I know they are Marksman, but maybe they have other tips when things go awry. I wanna hear they cool war stories.

This Bazaar sounds like it could be useful in the future, specially if it contains rare stuff that cannot be found elsewhere.
>Minor: Visit the Bazaar and try to make acquittances.

If my hunt goes successful and I manage to bring something home, I will cook it for everyone, and I'll prove that noble guy that I'm not only cute but someone to watch out for.
If it doesn't, I'll cook with whatever supplies I get from the Order.
>Minor: Cook.
Updated Condition(Again):
>>Condition Update:
CONDITION: Ghost! [Updated]

>[Mana Circuits - Plus] - In Ghost Form, You don't have HP, only TP.

>[Phylactery] - Being linked to a host is not a requirement, but failures while being "adrift" may cause serious problems.

>Implanting yourself into a new host demands a minor action, but allow you to use any capabilities this host may have, unless it's a living thing. Searching new hosts uses a minor action.

Hosts you know of:
>A Magical Lampshade in the Library(Can't move, but can do tricks with light.)
>Neo's Magical Sword(Amplifies any power you use through her, they cost half the usual TP)
>Argus Armor-Skeleton-thing(It can move... You never tried using it, though.)
>Big Old Clock in the Hallway(Spooky, can do things that clocks can do.)

>[Host: Humming Spear - Update]
>Humming Vibrations: After weeks of mastering the vibrations and hummings of the spear, you can now communicate freely with anyone, they still can't hear your voice, though, only transcribe messages through things like morse code and so on.

You no longer have to spend TP to act.

You have seen... WEIRD things while in this form:

>Ghosts in the Forest: There is things that looks like vague and translucid animalistic shapes moving between the trees... They don't seem bothered by the spirit winds somehow, maybe you could learn something out of them.
>Tree Spirits: There is pretty ladies living inside the trees, they look scared, but stare at Isaac and other as they pass near their trees.
>That weird thing out there: Behind the Factory, there is a strech of grass that seems to exists simultaneously between this world and another... You don't know were it leads to, but that strange mute psychic kid? He fell from there before wandering into the summoning fields and crossing into the living world... It looks like the floor there is some weird patchwork of old timey stone castle floors.
>The Reaper: Death is walking the corridors of the Factory... And it doesn't seem to be doing much other that mutter about it's job being shitty...
>Shades: Not real ghosts, but projection of intense emotional moments of people of the past.... there is quite some of them around re-living the same scene everyday at certain times, maybe they could be useful for something more than scaring the shit out of you everyone you inadvertly walks on to one of them.
>Minor spirits: Strange littles beings running around borne of the desires and fears of humankind, repeating acts or phrases for hours until fading into nothing.
Rolled 51, 62, 12 = 125 (3d100)

>As Always Null Aura is activated.

>(Major) AHHHHHH NOT CANCER! If magic didn't solved my unlimited regen problem, then ANTI-MAGIC will do the trick! You asked for it Accidental-cancerigenous-growth-self-induced-by-magic! I'm going to use Nullufy Magic to dispell the out of control cells and re-make my regeneration into a stable characteristic!
>+10 from Inspiration,+25 from the Pie shenanigans.

>(Major)After I deal with the cancerogenous growth I will try to expand the mana retaining capabilities of my aura again, unless I need more time with the out of control powers, then I will focus into solving that.
>+10 from Inspiration, +??? From other skills.

>(Minor)I'm going to call Blume for helping me explore the mountain for those stories of supernatural stuff going... Lets see if we discover anything usefull about any supernatural secrets this area may possess... Also, the time with Blume could be good for helping her with our "blood-related" powers.
>+10 from resting in the hot baths last turn.
Rolled 60, 66, 87 = 213 (3d100)


>Yel decides to go deeper into warping the minds of the others, digging into something deeper, more primal, trying to evoke some unnatural fear. Seeing if he can push the mind in that direction.

Controlling vermin and insects, semi-useful, but not entirely but there was a way to...yel was already getting ideas as he tried something new, he was able to push his voice into the minds of others, maybe something deeper? More intimate, linking the senses of him and his target.

>Levrissa...she was like him, but weaker, but still, he wanted to know more, and he wanted to see her again, talk more, wanting to sate his curiosity he kept heading out to burthic, that same street, at that same time.

Using map of burthic if it's relevant.
Live Action Results:
>Michael has taken pity on you and decided on letting you sleeping with him in his personal carriage, now you're "Living in Luxury" for resting purposes adn no longer receive penalties out of sleeping with the cargo.
>He also payed a potion for you, further increasing your HP for this turn.
>You had plenty of time to dinne and drink at his expenses in his company, so you get +30 to resting this turn.
>You can now consider him as a friend, asking for his help with something adds +10 to the action, but critfailing may bore him of your company for the next rest of the trip, costing you all of the benefits above. You can ask for his help for as many times as you want per turn, for the duration of the trip.

>You're at 150 HP.
Rolled 43, 84, 46, 9 = 182 (4d100)

>m: Angrily eat pie
>M: I'm mad. Madder than usual. Since I've gotten to that weird world, I've gotten beaten down twice. Nothing goes my way. But you know what ? That's alright. I'll attempt to use this anger as energy. That noble guy will help me, I need someone to direct all that anger.(Attempt to create a new resource to use in combat, Anger/Rage Point. That resource starts empty, and rises as damage is taken. Rage passively boosts damage, and can be used as a TP substitute) (+20 pies, +5 the other pie bonus, +4 Well Rested, +10 noble dude)
>M: Study arthropods some more now that I have (hopefully) took care of my leftover anger. They're my sworn enemies now, and I will take them down. (advantage on that roll)
Rolled 99, 58, 17 = 174 (3d100)

>Major : Use antennas to figure out how many bees actually exist on the base

>Major : Ask mom for help to find my killer, if she doesnt help me im going mad at her

>Minor : Rest

Im not going to accept the offer .
Rolled 86, 38, 71 = 195 (3d100)

Name: Neo
Character sheet:
CL: 2
SD: Might 1/Finesse 5/Resolve 5/Inspiration 3
Skills: Sword And Board, Martial Arts, Cross Slashes, Dodge, Uncanny Balance, Counter Stance, Sapping Strikes, Otherworldly Toughness, Mighty Constitution, Fortify, Clear, Draining Strikes, Heroic Sense
HP: 425/425
TP: 82/82
AD: 55(+60) =115
AP: 39
DEF: 48(+30) =78
MR: 54
SPD: 43(-5)=38

Minor action(1): Patrol. It’s my duty since I’m stuck here as a guard. Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen. (Bonuses: Hero Sense+???)

Major Action (2-3). Go try to train with Alexander some more if I can catch him when he is free again. Keep practicing my counter stance and try to increase the amount of times I can counter attack in a given amount of time. I am already good at using a sword and shield, dodging incoming attacks, striking multiple times quickly, staying balanced under difficult circumstances, and have created an entire new stance based around the focus of countering efficiently. This seems like the next step in perfecting my personal fighting style.
I need to give this my all.
(Attempt to improve counter stance to remove limit on reactions per turn, or at least increase the number that can be taken) (Bonuses: Master Swordsman Alexander +5, Sword and Board+???, dodge+???, Cross Slashes +???, Uncanny Balance+???, Counter Stance +???, Mighty Constitution +???)

Major Action (4-5) Try to find some type of crystal or rune to use with the sword. This weapon seems powerful and I want to learn to use it. Maybe somebody in the order can help, and if not, I can try asking Argus, he might be interested in an evolving weapon. If I can find something good, equip it instead of my old sword.

Call for action: Signing up for this is a free action and will be treated as a Live Action Sequence next turn without penalty to actions.
ok, real fixed stats this time, because only 1 fuckup per round isnt enough

CL: 2
SD: Might 1/Finesse 5/Resolve 4/Inspiration 3
Skills: Sword And Board, Martial Arts, Cross Slashes, Dodge, Uncanny Balance, Counter Stance Sapping Strikes, Otherworldly Toughness, Mighty Constitution, Fortify, Cleanse, Draining Strikes, Hero Sense
HP: 410/410
TP: 81/81
AD: 54(+60) =114
AP: 39
DEF: 45(+30) =75
MR: 51
SPD: 43(-5)=38
File: librarian.jpg (47 KB, 340x270)
47 KB
Rolled 20, 54 = 74 (2d100)

Name:Fredrick Helmharden, current Head of Research

Character Sheet:

Status effects:
Burnt Leg - Take a -5 to physical activities. Lasts for the next turn.
Flawed Theory - Take a -5 to attempting this action again the next time you do so.
Scorched - Current HP is at 260, lost 90 HP

>m:read the primer again
>M:Success! Relative at least, sure a leg got burned but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean there isn't any progress. For instance, it is possible to create lasers! All Fredrick now has to do is learn how to control such beams, creation and control of small, harmless beam of light should be a good start(+10 due to primer, +5 due to pies)
>M:Burned flesh, so annoying, might as well go and see the doctor to do something about it
Rolled 37, 10, 93 = 140 (3d100)


>m: Pray for forgiveness.
I've been neglecting my prayers, and this is unacceptable. God has punished me for this transgression.
+5 Underground Sanctuary
+5 Mastery of Old Testament
+5 Mastery of New Testament
+5 Complete Knowledge
(not sure if applies)

>M: Practice my preaching again.
+5 Mastery of Old Testament
+5 Mastery of New Testament
+5 Complete Knowledge
+5 Underground Sanctuary?
-5 Inexperienced

>M:Continue working on my speech. The best priests back home not only knew what to say, but HOW to say it.
+5 Mastery of Old Testament
+5 Mastery of New Testament
+5 Complete Knowledge
+5 Underground Sanctuary?
-5 Inexperienced
Rolled 12, 95, 85 = 192 (3d100)

>Explore the area with Melk (minor)
>craft ammo (major)
>learn to use my higher speed to make it harder for the enemy to hit me(passive skill)(major)
Rolled 78, 97, 52 = 227 (3d100)


>Read Surface Thoughts (Inspiration): - 2 TP. As a Minor Action, learn the surface thoughts of a visible target within 30 feet.
>Minor Suggestion (Sorcery): - 2 TP. As a major action, suggest a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and infuence a creature you can see within 30 feet that can hear and understand you. The suggestion must sound reasonable to the target. If it fails a Focus roll, it pursues the course of action you described and thinks it was its idea.
>Business (Industry) - Grants +5 to all actions involving Business
>Implantation (Sorcery) - Cost - 30TP - As a Major Combat Action, you can change hosts, be an object, a magical construct, a manmade instrument, or a sentient being. Objects can be inhabited by immeasurable amounts of time. Possessing sentient beings takes a disadvantage (yours) roll against their Resolve versus your Sorcery. The ability to change bodies.

>[Condition: Ghost]
>[Mana Circuits] No more HP, only TP.
>[Phylactery] Having a physical anchor is convenient. (Currently Spear)
>[Implanting Yourself] Can change anchor via paying 30 TP
>[Mana Regen] Higher Mana Regen
>[Mentally Scrambled]:
- All mental power uses against you gain advantage.
- All psychic power uses from you are at disadvantage.
- You need to spend the double of the usual amount of TPs to activate your psychic powers.
>[Traumatized]: Mentally Scrambled is permanent
>5/5 Turns Stored

Minor Actions:
>Inform the Order that I'm very vulnerable to psychic influences (and sort of undead too), and unable to use my own powers without a series of risks and costs that I'd like to avoid, so I'd appreciate help in my road to getting back to normal.

Major Actions:
>Request someone of the Order to make my old body healthy, fancy and suitable for me to return to it.
>Request someone to implant my soul into my old body.
Rolled 22, 39, 61 = 122 (3d100)

> M: /Try/ to enchant Yel's staff again.
> M: Work on the prototype armor I had developed.
>Yel slinked through the hallways, having been kicked out of the dining hall by the enraged staff. It was amazing how they couldn't handle a simple joke. Though it was unimportant, he was starting to get bored, so he did what he normally did, he looked for people, and 'talked' whether it was innocent or not would depend though. Now where was isaac?
Isaac idly took his post in front of the Spell Repository. He felt much better than before, as his injuries were mostly cured, thanks to that doctor. The man's face broke into a smile as he saw the familiar boy approach.

"Hey, Yel." Isaac said. "They kept you out of the kitchens, huh?"
Oh, there he was, Yel gave a slight wave, that familiar feeling of a voice inside ones own head greeted isaac.

[They're angry. Very.]
Isaac couldn't help but chuckle at that. He gave Yel a reassuring wave before speaking.

"What did you do this time?" He asked. "Nothing serious, I hope?"
He looks up, contemplating what exactly would count as serious, wondering if he perhaps did do something wrong....nah.

[Nothing really, just some testing things. It wasn't really anything major, or permanent.]
Isaac raised an eyebrow at that. He wondered what the boy was 'testing' to get him kicked out of the dining hall, but he instead let out a sigh.

"That doesn't sound too reassuring." The man said. "But I guess I'll trust your word." He then leans against the wall, resting on the haft of his spear for a moment. "So... What's up?"
[A direction mainly, and entirely relative. I've mostly been messing with stuff, testing things, mental stuff. Learned one of the cooks didn't wash their hands. I learned how to do new things.]
He couldn't help but roll his eyes at that. The worst part is that he couldn't tell if Yel was being serious, or if he was joking (or at least, attempting to).

Isaac then heard about these new things and nodded. "Ah, new magic, hm? I've got a few new tricks up my sleeve as well."
[Really? Can I see?]
Curiosity drew yel in as he wondered what exactly isaac had picked up

[Actually. Isn't there an arena?]
Isaac blinked. He didn't expect to be asked that. "Uh, sure. I've been on patrol for a while, I can take my break now."

The man then looked over to one of the corridors. "There should be an arena near the dojo, or whatever it was called. I can show you there, if you'd like."
[Then let's do that.]
His right leg started to move impatiently. Left hand covering his mouth as he stared at isaac.
He nodded as he lead the boy to the sparring arena. It was less of a true arena and more like an area designated for battle. The dusty stone tiles were cracked and weathered, presumably from past practices.

Isaac dragged one of the older practice dummies over to the center of the arena. Nobody would miss it; it needed replacement soon anyway. He looked over to his friend. "You... might want to stand back for this." He said as he took a stance.


Yel took some steps back a good 40 feet or so away from the dummy. Trying to resist the urge to dig into isaac's mind to find out exactly what he was planning to do.
He outstretched his arms and began silently chanting. The incantation written in the books was... longer and louder than he would've liked, so when he made his own variation, he made certain to trim it a little.

Isaac gesticulated and moved his hands into position as he finished the spell, before snapping his fingers and pointing towards the target dummy.

"Burst forth, Lightning Conflagration!" He shouted. There was a spark, and then a detonation of lightning in the area. A brilliant shower of white tendrils erupted in the air, reducing the target dummy to nothing but cinders. The smell of ozone permeated in the air around him as he looked on in satisfaction.

"And that's... what I've learned a while back." He said, turning to Yel.
[Did you really need to shout it's name?]
Looking at the ash and dust that used to be a training dummy. Staring at another fro across the arena feeling it take a heavy pull on his focus as it started to float up, taking place in the center of the arena where the former was.

[Maybe I should learn something like that.Not the shouting part, but the destructive part.]
Isaac shrugged. "I think whoever wrote the initial spell must've thought it was cool, because there were *a lot* of words." He says as he takes a step back. "Can't get rid of them all... Though maybe I could, with practice."

He then watched as the boy levitated a new training dummy from the storage area. Yel placed it the the ashes and cinders of the old practice dummy. Isaac replied. "I'm sure with your power, you could easily make something like that. The destructive part, I mean."
[Maybe...I've learned some things to do with people and creatures but nothing that's just destructive. I'll work on it later.]

Yel stared at his own hand, pushing it out like he was trying to shove the air
He watched as Yel pushed forward with his hand. Maybe it was something to do with telekinesis? "You can lift and move stuff around... I'm sure the next step is just to increase the force, yeah?" Isaac said.
[No not really. It's...different? Doing this stuff, it's not like using a hand or well...that'd be wrong to say, you could try it like that but it wouldn't work well. Just like when I alter an emotion so...if I wanted to do that, and doing this is kind of tiring by the way I don't want to add more force, because I don't have the energy for it. What I do right now is focused on long term control, I'd want something like...I don't know. I guess you could compare it to when you pick up and throw something? Lots of energy, short timeframe, maybe. I kind of just am learning all of this off instinct.]
Isaac nodded as Yel explained to him what it was. "Well... Whatever it is you're doing, I'm sure you'll figure it out." He said as he took a seat on the nearby bench. "If all else fails, there's always the Spell Repository."
[I'd have to hope to find a spell that doesn't need words. And doing this stuff is odd for me it's sort of like....pushing? My mind I guess, like reaching out. It's hard to describe normally. It's easier to experience then hear or speak about and I find it easier to think of things to do to people instead of things. Not sure why, but the mind feels more fragile. Easier to...change?]
"Easier to change?" Isaac asks. "What do you mean?" He recalled his readings on the topic, and why most Outsiders tend to have a specific element. Their 'affinity' makes it easier for them to learn specific types of magic. "I know most people have an affinity... is that what you meant?"
[How do I put it. Using my mind to change something. Like bugs, their minds are fragile, so I use mines to push against theirs and make them do what I want, that's easy, using my mind to lift something, it's basically my mind against the world. It's all mental power, all will, some things seem easier then others, and doing mental stuff is the simplest...to me at least. I could probably use what I did to learn to fly but controlling wind or something is more out there? It'd be like trying to reach out and grab all the air. It's a waste.]
"I see. I think I get it..." Isaac says, nodding in thought. Yel's affinity likely involved the mind and the mind alone, and that makes interaction with the outside world a little more difficult.

"You can only have so much will until you come up short, hm?" Isaac asks. "Well, that doesn't matter. I'm sure you can adjust and improve it over time."
[Yeah, it actually has been getting easier. I used to just sort of scramble peoples minds when I did things, it's been getting more nuanced, though the mind reading leaves a little to be desired, but outside of this it's a little boring honestly. There's not much to do here that I want to.]

His eyes look around at the arena, remembering the offer to just leave.
"Hm." Isaac ponders. "Well, my old offer still stands. If you wanted to leave, I won't stop you." The guardsman looked over his shoulder. "I'm sure the kitchen staff certainly wouldn't mind." He chuckles.
[I still don't understand why they're mad. I only made them like me temporarily. I just wanted food.]

Yel seems to consider it for a while.
[I'll leave when I think I'm strong enough I guess. I can't really do much messing around when I'm busy trying to survive. So that'd be nice.]
Isaac laughs. "You could just ask them. If you used magic to influence my decisions, then I'd be pretty angry about it too."

He then looks over to Yel once the boy made his decision. "Alright. For now, just... carry on with whatever you're doing, I suppose."
[Okay, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, still not stopping though. Maybe if I figure out a way to make it more permanent?]

He seriously contemplates the idea, it would potentially make it so he didn't have to worry about the staff kicking him out
"H-hey!" Isaac says, realizing that the strange boy might actually go through with that. "If you do that, you might really piss them off!"
[But if it's permanent then they can't get mad at me. They don't really notice I'm doing it until after it's over, I just need it to be permanent.]

Feasible, he thinks, but making something permanent...going about it seems like it'd be trouble.
"...It's not right, Yel." Isaac says. "Taking control of people's minds... It's not something you should do."
He just stared at isaac as if he couldn't understand what was just said? Why would it be wrong. It was just his mind being stronger then there's, if they didn't want that then they should just be stronger. Sure it wasn't right, but it just *was*.
Isaac simply shook his head at the boy's lack of response. "You'll understand one day." He said as he picked up his spear. "I need to get back to my post. I'll see you later." Isaac gave him a parting wave and walked off.
Yel waved goodbye.
[Bye. See you soon.]

Yel would stay in the grounds for a short while after before leaving.
Rolled 47, 37, 58, 66, 39, 26 = 273 (6d100)



>Major: Go to the library that I helped repair. It's time to do some studying, specifically on how to increase my manager reserves. (Looking to create a spell that increases TP)

>Major: Continue studying. Perhaps I can look up how to add something to add to my spell tome. Curse is nice for making people squirm, but something a bit more permanent would be nice. (Looking to create a spell that at least temporarily decreases max hp.)

>Minor: Hmm, while I do prefer to stick to myself, it might prove useful to find someone else to guide me around this strange new world. Perhaps I can find a male to sway with my 'feminine' charm.

Double turn 1 of 5

>Major: Study in the library. While I do have the ability to summon skeletons to do my bidding, it would be useful if I had a way to help then out in combat. A spell that reduces an opponents strength in combat would do the trick. (Looking for a strength debuff spell.)

>Major: Continue studying in the library. My skeleton minions and imposing figure should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of mere mortals, but a little helping hand never hurt. (Looking for a spell to instill fear in opponents, possibly causing them to either flee or lose a turn/action in combat.)

>Minor: My sleeping quarters are looking a bit bland. I'm sure the other girls wouldn't mind if I put a few decorations up. I always find that a nice human skull or two really brings a room together.
File: adrenalin-inj-2.png (71 KB, 454x340)
71 KB
Rolled 21, 49, 47, 10, 57, 28 = 212 (6d100)


>Status Effects:
[Well Informed] - Gain +10 on the next Search for information related to learning Cure Wounds. Lasts 2 Turns.

[Well Rested]- Gain +5 to all rolls for the next turn.

>Major Action:
(Learn Cure Wounds) - Had spent the last few days lazing around and occasionally read a book or two in the factory's library, the doctor finally decided to learn some magic, especially the one in which he was most enthusiastic learn about, in this case being Cure Wounds.

>Major Action:
(Gather Materials for the Production of Adrenaline) With the conclusion of his supernatural project, Atom decided to gather materials and ingredients for his newest to be project, the isolation of the hormone adrenalin and possible synthesization of the hormone in question, he has the knowledge of how make it, it being just a case of finding the right materials for the task at hand.

Pharmacological Knowledge (Industry)
Biochemical Knowledge (Industry)

>Minor Action:
(Guard Patrol) - With the gathering of materials finished the good doctor equips his equipments, the ones that he got for volunteering for the guard, and starts patrolling the outskirts of the factory in hope of not having anything outside the stronghold that could seriously hurt him.

Perception (Inspiration) +1 to all rolls involving Perception - Proficiency at perception and detection.

>Extra turn:

>Minor action:
(Guard Patrol) - Back to the patrol together with other volunteers to the guard, what could go wrong?

>Major Action:
(Learn Alchemy) - Before starting with the production of the drug, the doctor showed some interest for Alchemy, especially in regarding to their properties and how it could help him with his future projects, perheps a few trips to the library and the solicitation of few favors to Anne Honeyrose could help him in his studies.

>Major Action:
(Create adrenaline) - Now that Atom Glass finished or put aside all of the other side projects of his, he finally began produce the drug he wanted to produce, the process of separation of adrenaline was quite simple with the right materials, with the right solvents and processes anyone can isolate right amount of adrenaline for use, question is if Doctor Atom had the luck to do that with his current materials.

Pharmacological Knowledge (Industry)
Biochemical Knowledge (Industry)
File: Shottys.gif (2.32 MB, 450x252)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
Rolled 41, 4, 89 = 134 (3d100)

Name: Zoot Martingale
From: The USofA

A 20-year-old charismatic stoner that likes to party, gamble, and be social. His family is renown for their potion making and they expect him to carry on the legacy. Likes to listen to swing music.


I wanna get an even more fun dangerous gun.
>Get a lever action shotgun, one that packs a punch

>I wanna get a skill to dual wield any two guns, So I go to the firing range to do that. I've already got two guns to use.again

>Since I'm going to this party I need to learn the to dance the way everyone else does in this world. So learn how to dance. again

Funtime free action!
Sign up for this little escort thing
I like road trips
Rolled 17, 88, 38 = 143 (3d100)


>Major: Explore the Mountain side for anything interesting. You never know, right? Plus the walk could be nice. [Delicious Pile of pies +5]

>Major: Having found a way to remove corruption (albeit quite painfully), I continue to practice on in in the hopes I can use it in a way that doesn’t cause suffering on someone if I don’t want it to. [The Best Ingredients in this part of town +20, First Aid +5]

>Minor: Though I was never one of those devout followers of faith back on earth, perhaps I should see if praying to the gods of this world can offer me guidance or our group some extra safety.
Name: Isaac Thorne
A twenty-four year old electrician who died in a car crash on the way home. Having accomplished nothing of note in his life, he awoke in a new world.

SD: Finesse 2 / Sorcery 4 / Resolve 1 / Inspiration 1 / Industry 2
>Jousting (Finesse)
>Long Distance Strike (Finesse)
>Large Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Galvanize Weapon (Sorcery)
>Electric Conflagration (Sorcery)
>Toughness (Resolve)
>Eletron’s Siphon (Inspiration)
>Electricity Knowledge (Industry)
>Basic Repairs and Maintenance (Industry)

>Major Action: My control over magic gets better and better with every new skill I learn, and yet, I still have trouble with stamina. My mana reserves could use some work, so I'll work on that. (Attempt to learn Inspiration skill that either increases TP reserves or refills it somehow)
Relevant Modifiers: +5 Spell Repository

>Major Action: It's probably best to stay all-rounded though. Can't rely on magic too much. I should work on the fundamentals with the spear. (Attempt to learn Might or Finesse skill for the Spear that does Physical damage)
Relevant Modifiers: +5 Fight Arena (?)

>Minor Action: Go on patrol. Still need to keep watch.

>Free Action: Assist with the escorting of "Supreme Great Admiral Abraham Manfield". A lofty title, if you ask me. Ah well, I might as well, at this point.
Rolled 78, 36, 18 = 132 (3d100)

>tfw finally posted turn
>tfw I forgot to roll

>Forgotten Honeysluper Action:

[MAJOR]: Train to find new shooting skills with the bee soldiers

Well… That doesn’t go as expected, as the bees doesn’t use firearms… Why? Well, they think that they aren’t as effective as throwing lightning around, and they have a natural talent for doing that, as they have evolved from giant “lightning bees” from the Thunderpeak mountains… Or at least that's what they tell to you.

The rest of the soldiers doesn’t seem to have any real trust in you yet, and form some sort of silent alliance with the other princesses to avoid having to teach you their magic, as they think that you will put it to use against them. At least your bodyguard doesn’t share of their opinion, and teach you as far as he knows of it. He explains that only the older generations really practice elemental magic since the younger soldiers have specialized in unarmed fighting and use of melee weapons, and only five or six of them can use the basics of it, nowadays the most common users of such magic are the workers, who prefer to keep some distance from their targets and have enough experience with their insectoid helpers to actually learn how to use their similarities of biology to copy their innate magic.


[b][Lightning Bolt][/b] (Sorcery) - Costs 40 TP - As a Major Combat Action, make an attack against a target within 60 feet and against all targets in a straight line to that target. Deals 40 additional AR. Deals Electric Magical Damage. Inflicts [Paralyzed] upon dealing 80 or more Damage. This is a spell.
[i]Shoot a bolt of lightning at an opponent.[/i]
File: Mass Isekai Char.jpg (99 KB, 776x1024)
99 KB
Rolled 38, 3, 4 = 45 (3d100)

Description: 5’10 Dirty Blonde Hair with a snow white streak has a calculating stare and green eyes

Background: Joseph was a scientist for the military they wanted him to make a chemical that could stop the any and all wars.
He then came up with a way to start rapid oxidation in a human body's.
This process was very violent in which the test subjects started to bleed and all organs, bones started to become foam.
His research assistants ended up betraying and killing him.
Has a long history of drinking and getting into fights. Very angry drunk.

Manufacture Grenade (industry)
(Makes a Basic Shrapnel Grenade)
Knife Skills Passive (finesse)
(+5 to all rolls that have to do with small bladed weapons)
Toxic Cloud (Sorcery)
(Creates a small cloud of toxic smoke)

-Major Actions-
Learn more about this so-called "magic."
Find the Alchemy lab and make some Grenades.

-Minor Action-
Find a bar

"Breaths in deeply." Joseph sit up and looks around "Where the hell am I? What is this place?"
Did I just blow my self up?

boy am i unlucky

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