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The emotional shocks were still subsiding when you wake up to sunlight streaming through your window.

{Good morning, Alice!}

"Is it?" You grumble, checking the time on your phone. It's later than you wanted to sleep and you have a text message from Michael, probably about your 'date' today. You slump back in bed and stare at the ceiling.

Yesterday . . . You'd started dating Zack, your first boyfriend- first real boyfriend in years. You'd see him possessed by some kind of entity that was called 'Rot'. That same thing that spoke to you in your dreams. The thing that told you it was your real father. You shake your head. It had to be lying to you, Friend said it would lie but . . . The things it said make sense. Had your parents made a deal with a demon? Were you . . . Not really wholly human?

{I'm sorry, did you have bad dreams Alice?}

"Something like that," you say, throwing aside the covers.
>What's the Deal with Spooky Girl Quest?


>QM Twitter

>QM Discord

I allow between ten and twenty minutes for voting depending on the importance of the issue and how divided the vote is. If the vote is tied up, I usually allow an extra five minutes for a tie breaker, and if no one votes, I roll for the tie breaker.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.


>All for Blood (Alice losing her parents)

>Memories (Some memorable events of Alice's past)

>Zack x Alice Lewd
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{I'm sorry, Alice. I know that I seem to have that effect on you. The good news is that after the 31st I shouldn't have to stay and protect you.}

"The 31st," you repeat. The day you were supposed to make some kind of choice. Rot said it was the day the Truce between him and the Goatman expired, the day he would take his revenge and be free of the prison he was locked in. Both of them had called you a key. They both wanted you for some reason, you imagined they wanted your power, perhaps to destroy the other one. But at the same time, Goatman hadn't called you a pawn, he'd called you a queen.

{Are you alright Alice? You don't seem yourself.}

"I've had a rough few days," you reply.

{Ah, but there is good news as well! Zack is your boyfriend now, you were intimate together, how wonderful!}

You tense up a bit, you'd forgotten your Friend had been there in Zack's house with you when you and Zack . . . 'were intimate'. You weren't used to doing things like that really, let alone with an audience.

{Please don't be embarrassed, Alice! Such things are natural, and it's hardly my first time. There was no graceful way for me to slip out, so instead I tried to make myself small and think about the future. I assumed you would want that.}

You nod. You had other concerns as well. You were of the opinion now that the creep in the car, and the smelly guy in your school were forms of Rot, or maybe people that were being possessed? Or something. Michael though was another mystery.

He was attractive and was romantically interested in you, or so he claimed, but you didn't know much about him. He used to leave you love letters, and then started texting you, but he always struck you as odd. And something about him, or something about his face was so familiar to you . . . How he fit into all this- if he fit in at all- you weren't sure.



{What's the matter?}

>I spoke to Rot in my dreams tonight (tell him everything)
>Just bad dreams
>I'm worried about seeing Michael
>Write in
>I spoke to Rot in my dreams tonight
Hold back information, let Friend fill in the blanks
>>I spoke to Rot in my dreams tonight (tell him everything)

"I spoke to Rot in my dreams last night," you say, choosing words deliberately and carefully.

You fell the "twang" of your Friend's shock, like a plucked guitar string.

{You did?}

You nod.

{Did he threaten you or scare you? I'm sorry I wasn't aware of this, I would have done more.}

"He didn't threaten me," you say, "Though he's not very . . . Diplomatic."

You feel more tension within you.

{What did he say? He's supposed to abide by the Agreement and that requires a certain amount of . . . Ignorance on your part.}

"Nice," you say, snorting with derision.

{I'm sorry, Alice. That sounds so terrible. It's important you aren't pressured to make a choice.}

"Something like family ties?" you ask.

Another shocked twang.

{He told you that?}

You feel anger behind it, hot and white.


{Everything? I find that hard to believe, Alice. Rot is a prince of lies, but he told you . . . About your family?}

"I said everything," you say.

{Ooo! That foul wretch. This completely contaminates the Agreement! I have half a mind to tell you the rest.}

The rest. You cock your head, "What 'rest'?"

{Rot told you everything? He told you who your father is?}

"He told me that he is."

The sad twang within you is unmistakable.

"Is it true?"

{Yes. It's true. Rot is the one who created you, with your mother I mean. Your people would call you a demigod. Half human, half overentity. But Rot is manipulative, there is still more to the story he didn't tell you.}

"So then tell me," you insist.

{Alice, you're supposed to make an impartial decision.}

"Well I can't very well do that now, can I?" you shout the words, only remembering belatedly that you share this house with other people. Your own late embarrassment is long enough to cover your Friend's pause.

{No. I'm sorry, you will have to hear about the rest from the Goat Entity. I won't muddy the waters more. Let me just say that Rot wants to use you, Alice. Rot sees you as a tool and nothing more.}

"That's not being impartial," you mock.

{Alice, your parents-}

Friend stops for a long time and you feel conflict within him.

{No. You'll have to wait. I'm sorry Alice, punish me if you want, but I will not interfere more than I must.}

>Enjoy the day in Skelypus
>Fine, I'll trust you, but I want to talk to the Goatman ASAP
>Write in
>Fine, I'll trust you, but I want to talk to the Goatman ASAP
>Fine, I'll trust you, but I want to talk to the Goatman ASAP
>Fine, I'll trust you, but I want to talk to the Goatman ASAP
>Fine, I'll trust you, but I want to talk to the Goatman ASAP

"Fine, I'll trust you," you say. "But I want to talk with your boss, ASAP. The 'Goat Entity'."

Nervous squirming.

{That is really more his decision than mine.}

"Well kick it up the chain, huh?" you lay sarcasm thick in your force.

{I will, Alice.}

With that settled, you start dressing for the day, your head swimming with possibility. You nearly forget the text from Michael until you see your phone on your bedside table. You look at his text from Michael.

Caļl me please, Alice.

That felt a little ominous, but you would have to call anyway, you had plans together. Besides, you needed to probably tell him your plan about bringing Sam along.

You hit 'Call' and dial his number.


"Hey. Michael, it's Alice," Obviously.

"I figured as much," you hear him smile, "How are you?"

"I'm okay. What's up with your text?" you don't feel like engaging him, still feeling a little guilty about doing this date thing after getting with Zack.

"Yes, I know we were going to see that new Alien movie together, but the reviews don't look so great, and I found a small theater that is playing the original Alien. Would you rather go see that with me? It's much better reviewed."

"That's okay," you say. "Sounds fine." You have some affinity for the original Alien, so you don't mind seeing it again.

"Great, I can pick you up whenever you'd like. If that's what you'd want."

You know that a traditional date begins with a pickup, but it would potentially complicate your plans with Sam.

"Well I might be at the mall with my friend," you say. "Sam."

"Oh. Sam. Will she be coming?"

>Hang with Sam in the mall before the date with Michael
>Take Sam on the date with Michael as well
>Write in
>Take Sam on the date with Michael as well
>Take Sam on the date with Michael as well
Try to set Sam up
Setting Sam up with Michael?
aaaaa no
>>Take Sam on the date with Michael as well

Let's not.
>Take Sam on the date with Michael as well

"Yeah," you say. "I remembered what you said about meeting someone alone not being safe. So I'm taking a friend," you say it defensively.

"That's a good idea, Alice." Michael sounds a little unhappy about it, so much so it's almost comically obvious. "It is safer."

"Is it a problem?" you ask, almost daring.

"No, of course not. It makes sense. Maybe it was foolish, but I was excited about having time alone together. It will still be okay, I'd like to meet your friend."

"Cool," you say. "So maybe pick up me and Sam from the mall?"

"Of course! I will be buying your tickets, so please don't worry about it," Michael says.

You roll your eyes. It's a sweet gesture, but just like Michael it just comes off inappropriate.


"The showing is at 6:00," he says, "I'll be at the mall about 5:30. The three of us can get dinner afterward if you'd like."

You almost say 'yes' on instinct, but then you remember Zack and the fact that you're probably going to let Michael down after all of this. "Um. We'll see."

"Okay, just let me know. I need to get ready. I will call you when I'm at the mall, okay, Alice?"

"Okay, See you then." you can't help but just a little excited.

After saying goodbye you hang up the phone. You received a text while you were talking. You read it now and see that Sam is planning on walking over in about an hour or so so you two can get ready to cruise the mall. Great. Although you still need a ride there.

>Ask Zack for a ride
>Ask Mark for a ride
>We'll just take the bus
>write in
>Ask Mark for a ride
Time for dad talk with Mark
>>We'll just take the bus

>Bus writing
When Sam arrives, you exchange greetings and an awkward hello with Grace before you both disappear up to your room.

"Your sister is pretty cool," she says as soon as you close the door.

"How so?"

She walks into your room and plops down on your bed. "You met my mom, right? She's a mega bitch, you know?"

You cringe a bit. Yes, Sam's mom was a bit off putting, but to hear it put so plainly. . . "She's-"

"A bitch," Sam says. "She's the reason my brother doesn't visit really." She shrugs, "Oh well."

You don't know what else you can say.

"So," Sam says, crossing her legs and trying to look collected. "We're going to the mall together?"

"Mhmm. And, if you want, I've got some clothes you can try on."

"Yes! Let's do it!" Sam beams. "If you think you some something that'll fit."

"We're . . . Close in size." you say, trying not to eye her body, "I'll have something."

Sam gives you a knowing smile that quickly fades to uncertainty. "Um. Also, about last night-"

"What about it?" You're already rifling through your drawers.

"I was being dramatic about- . . . Michael and Zack and all. And I'm sorry."

You look over at Sam who is making a point not to look at you, studying her shoes, picking at her fingers etc. "It's okay, I don't think you were being dramatic. I mean, I understand why you're upset."

"Was," Sam corrects quickly, "I'm okay now. I'm not upset. I was being selfish."

"No," you correct just as quickly, "It's all a misunderstanding."

Sam chuckles, a bit uneasy sounding, "Okay, if you say so. What about clothes?"

"Clothes I can do," you say. "I promise not to make you too freaky."

"Freaky is okay!" Sam says. "I like trying new stuff."

You laugh, "Baby steps," you say. "Baby steps."

You are true to your word, you grab a few items you think will help her to stand out. A pleated plaid skirt, and a fishnet top are the two big items. Of course, you make her wear a regular shirt over the fishnets too.

"What about some big ass boots like you wear?" Sam asks after checking herself out.

"I think I've got something here," you fish out an old pair. They fit well enough and Sam looks a bit more like you did when you were younger.

"Cool!" She calls as she checks herself out.

>You look great
>So what's your plan to pick up boys?
>Is coming with me and Michael going to bother you?
>Write in
>You look great
[Sarcastic and mock haughty]"Too great even. You looks so pretty you are gonna upstage me as the defacto weirdo queen. Take it all off... No, wait. I mean, uh"
This works.
"Wow! You look great, Sam," you say, letting your tone shift to be almost sarcastic, maybe a little mock haughty, "too great even. You looks so pretty that you might upstage me as the defacto weirdo queen."

Sam laughs, "Oh stop. No one can top Roselake's resident spooky girl."

"No, it's not worth the risk, take it all off," you tease before you realize what you said. "No, wait. I mean, uh-"

Sam laughs hard enough to snort, "Oh god, Alice, just because I said we're dating doesn't mean we're quite there yet."

You feel yourself flushing red. "Ahhh."

"I thought the idea was to pick up boys today, gonna be hard to do that with a cute girl on my arm," she sticks her tongue out at you."

"R-right, well we should get going if we're going to catch the bus," you say quickly.

"Let's go!"


The bus ride to mall is quiet despite being crowded. You and Sam get a seat together and you can't help but marvel at how uncomfortable she seems in the outfit. She keeps adjusting it with her hands and looking around nervously. Thinking back, Sam usually dresses pretty plainly, jeans and T-shirts. You never thought of yourself as the kind of person who "dresses up" but maybe you hadn't considered things from her perspective.

You keep her distracted with constant questions about anything you can think of. How is her brother doing, how is she doing in Spanish class, does she ever play the drums for fun. Etc. Eventually the two of you offload from the bus and walk the short remaining distance to the mall. It's an older style mall and one that you're impressed is still in business. Inside is all mirrors, chrome, neon, and palms.

"God, I never come out here," Sam says. "I mean, I used to when I was in Edenvale, but not since I moved."

You forgot that Sam wasn't a Roselake native like yourself, "Why did you move anyway?"

Sam looks flustered, the two of you walking side by side. "Ah, my dad made me switch schools. I mean, we moved to get a nicer place, but I was still going to my old school. I had . . . Problems with boys and stuff. It's . . . Embarrassing."

"Boys?" you ask, "A bad breakup?"

Sam exhales hard, "It's not a story I really want to tell again. It . . . It's the past."

>That's okay
>I'd like to know, we're friends after all
>Write in
>That's okay
>That's okay
>I've got secrets too, you know. Stuff that's hard to talk about. When you feel like telling me about it, I'll be glad to listen.

"That's okay," you say, "I've got secrets too, you know. Stuff that's hard to talk about. When you feel like telling me about it, I'll be glad to listen."

Sam perks up. "Oh? Secrets? Uh, I guess it's not my business but-"

"They're not ones I like talking about either really," you say. "But, I'm ready to when you are I mean. We're friends."

Sam sighs again, "It's . . . Not good conversation for now. We can talk later, okay?"

"Same. Sounds good."

The two of you end up wedged beside a large, potted palm tree between a shoe store and a crafts store. The mall is pretty crowded for a Sunday.

"Mmm, pretzels," Sam says. "God, they smell good."

"We can get a snack if you want," you say.

"We're going to have to. I'm starving. But, what's your plan?" Sam asks.

"My plan?" you ask.

Sam rolls her eyes, "Yes, your plan! Aren't we here to get some boys? Well . . . To get me a boy."

"You make it sound like we're selling you off as a bride," you tease.

"Hah! Not quite ready for marriage I don’t think. I'd settle for a boyfriend." She sighs.

"Okay, well . . . I'm really not good at these kinds of things, how um . . . How do you get boys?" you ask, feeling stupid.

"Ahh uh, well. Normally I just meet them. Like . . . People I know," she says, looking uncomfortable.

You think of her and Franz and decide not to push it. "Well there are cute boys here," you say, looking around, "Maybe if we just hang out they'll come up to us. We don't want to look thirsty, right?"


So where to hang out then? The mall has an ancient arcade you've sometimes played games in when you were younger. There's also a food court, but stuffing your face may not be the best way to attract a guy's attention. You could always take Sam shopping, you promised her an ankh after all.

>Food Court
>Write in
>Food Court
We promised an ankh to Sam, and an ankh we shall find her!

After that, try the FYE. There's always something strange and neat in their used DVD section.

"Why don't we get some pretzels," you say, "and then see about getting you that ankh. Maybe go shopping for bad movies."

Sam grins, "Pretzel sounds good!"

You follow through on your promise, getting two large pretzels, though Sam has to pay for her own since you're saving your money for bad movies later. You quiz Sam on makeup tips on your walk, not that you expect to remember any of it, just that you're curious how much she knows. It turns out, to your amateur knowledge, to be quite a lot. The pretzel is hot, but you scarf it down, not realizing how hungry you were. Then, once fed, you hunt around for an Ankh, no easy task in a mall in 2017.

Still, after stopping at the Hot Topic, you find a small one in a jewelry store. It's not cheap, but you buy it right away.

"Ooooh!" Sam says, "An Egyptian cross."

"A what?" you ask, letting a smile creep onto your face.

"An Egyptian cross," Sam repeats, matter-of-factly.

"They're called Ankhs," you say, trying not to laugh. "They were all the rage with Goths back in the day. Kind of cheesy now but . . ."

"But you wear them sometimes. . . " Sam says, confused.

Ouch, called out. "Yes, well . . . I kind of like them," you say.

"Well, then we can wear them together!" Sam puts on the small chain necklace and smiles.

"I didn't actually bring mine," you say, ashamed.

"Then we'll do it another day!" Sam suggests. "We can match!"

"That sounds good to me."

The two of you make your way to the shabby video store in the corner of the mall, rarely visited but for a few film weirdos, you're impressed this place is still in business. After hunting around for a bit, you find a couple potential gems, but it's always hard to know until you watch.

You glance at your phone and see it's nearly time for Michael to pick you up. Hard to imagine so much time has passed with Sam. You're still wondering over it when you spot a pair of guys across the way in the mall looking toward you and Sam. They are definitely checking the two of you out. This may be a perfect chance to let Sam talk to some boys.

>Take Sam over
>Wave at them
>Ignore them
>write in
>Nudge Sam to show her the prospects
>Take Sam over

Also, I've got a couple of movies lined up for what we picked...

Eh, why not
Are you referring to the guys or the movie?
All of it

You nudge Sam with your elbow and indicate the guys. "Look, our first catch of the day."

Sam giggles, "Stop! Don't be embarrassing."

It's true, you were being a bit out of character, but with Sam it was easy to let go of some of your hang ups and focus on having a good time. "Come on, let's go over," you say.

Now it was Sam's turn to look nervous. "O-okay . . ."

"It'll be fun!"


Thanks for playing guys, I have to end a little earlier than normal since I have some things to get done tonight. We'll continue Thursday, 7 EST (11 UTC) and wrap up the mall and do the Michael date.


Till then!
Night boss. Unfortunately, I'll probably miss Thursday, as I'll be on a plane by that time to Europe. So I'll just wish you well, and tell you that Creepshow is the tits and that you should definitely watch it.

Ah, that's too bad. But have fun in Europe! I'll be sure to watch Creepshow when I get a chance. Thanks for playing!
The two of you approach the two guys who are now grinning ear-to-ear, perhaps unsurprisingly. After all they had two cute girls coming up to them. Both the guys are fairly cute, and they look vaguely Sam's type, maybe yours as well. The taller one has a Legend of Zelda shirt and glasses, though he's cultivating a sophisticated look with neatly trimmed facial hair and styled back hair.

His shorter friend wears a black band T-shirt, the name illegible, probably some kind of metal group, and has a piercing in his right eyebrow. "My friend was just saying he likes your clothes," the taller one says, follow by a polite laugh, "Sorry if that's weird, but you guys really stand out."

Sam laughs nervously and looks at you for support. "She's trying a new look," you say.

"Hah, I think it works," the taller one says, "I'm David."

"Thanks," Sam says. "I'm Sam."

"Sam? Like Samantha?" the band T-shirt guy asks.

She smiles and nods.

"I'm Andrew," he says and looks at you expectantly.

"Alice," you return.

Andrew and David give one another a quick look. Something like 'So, what do we do now?' You take it to look at Sam who is acting a bit more natural, standing patiently, her posture open, expression warm. You can tell she's at least somewhat attracted to one or both of these guys, even though neither is particularly appealing to you. They're kind of cute, but not really your style. You don't usually go for guys who try to pick up chicks in the mall, but at least they dont seem like pros at it. Of course, you also dated Franz so you can't act too high and mighty.

"Samantha, Alice," David says, trying to commit the names to memory, "Or do you prefer Sam?"

"Sam," she says, "But you can call me Samantha, it just sounds weird to me."

"So what are you doing today? Got any plans?" Andrew asks.

>We're on a date
>We'll be hanging with my boyfriend later
>We're open for a little while, if you're asking
>Write in
Open at the moment
"We're open for the moment," you say, speaking for Sam who seems to be focusing all her energy on looking cute.

"Awesome," Andrew says, "Me and David were just walking the mall of you want . . ."

"Sure!" Sam says.

The four of you set off into the mall at a meandering pace. Andrew quickly monopolized the conversation with Sam, sidling up beside her and making quick jokes and witty comments about various things, people in the mall, recent movies, politics, etc. Sam eats it up, giggling at basically everything he says.

David stays closer to you, asking you questions about your musical taste.

"So where do you go to high school?" He asks.

You tear your eyes away from Sam's back, "Uh, Roselake."

"Oh, cool. We're from Lasker," he says. "I thought I would have recognized you. That's too bad?"

"How so?" You ask.

He looks a bit taken aback, "Ah, well we could hang and stuff. I'm thinking about starting a band and maybe you'd be interested."

"I don't have any musical talent," you say plainly, though Franz used to say you had a pretty voice.

"That's okay, maybe you could just hang out," he replies.

>Sure, give me your number and I'll text you
>Could I bring my boyfriend?
>I'm really not interested, sorry
>Write in
>Write in
Go on 4chan and play Dark Empire quest instead.
>I'm really not interested, sorry
The hero we need, but not the one we deserve

"I'm not really interested, sorry."

"Oh. Uh, okay."

"I'm really just here for my friend," you say, indicating Sam.

"Ah, that's cool. Boyfriend?"

You nod, "Yeah."

"That's cool," he repeats before falling silent. Occasionally he plays on his phone. You glance over once to see him posting on some forum.

Andrew and Sam don't notice the communication breakdown in the group, or don't care, and continue leading the group deeper into the mall. Eventually you reach a tech store that's doing free demonstrations of some VR headset.

"Ooo! Let's try it!" Sam says, grabbing Andrew's shoulder for a moment. "I've never tried VR before."

"Okay, why not?" Andrew says.

The four of you sign up and Andrew insists ladies go first. You get no small degree of entertainment watching Sam, headset on, shrieking and laughing at a virtual whale swimming around her.

When it's your turn, you maintain much more composure, but it *does* feel a bit eerie, like really being deep underwater.

Once finished, Andrew and David get ready to go through, giving you and Sam a bit of space.

"What do you think about them?" Sam asks you, still smiling from her turn in the headset.
>They seem like dorks to be honest, I think you can do better
>Andrew seems nice! You should give him your number
>They're okay
>Write in
They are okay. But i think you can do better.
"They're okay," you say with a shrug, "But I think you can do better."

Sam studies you a moment. "Oh?"

You nod, "Youre cute, you're fun. You can get a lot of guys. Doesn't have to be the first ones that give you time of day."

The plainness of your words seem to surprise Sam. "You think?"

"I do. What do you think?" You ask.

"I dont like his shirt," Sam says, wrinkling her nose.

"Then let's ditch these guys and go find Michsel. It's almost time."

And ditch them you do. Well, you both say goodbye first. You note that Sam doesnt give over her number.

Afterward, you coordinate by text to meet Michael in the mall parking lot.

You're both waiting outside when Michael parks and gets out of his car- a silver sedan- and circles to the passenger side, opening both doors for you and Sam, gesturing you to the front. It's weird to see him in person, but now you know for sure you're not being catfished, he looks just as fantastic as his pictures. His eyes flash as he looks at you and you see the hint of a smile on his face.

"Hello Alice, you look great today," he says before adding, "And this is your friend, Sam? You both look beautiful."

You and Sam look at each other and suppress laughter.

"And you look like your pictures," Sam says, "So you're doing good so far."

Michael chuckles without opening his mouth, eyes wandering to you as you get into the passenger seat. He gracefully closes the door behind you and circles around. Unlike Zack's car, Michael's is clean in the same way a taxi is clean. Not dirty exactly, but it is worn.

When he gets back in he starts the car and sets off for this independent theater.

"I hope you two are having a good day."

"Its good," Sam says, that same nervous smile on her face from earlier.

"That's great," Michael says.

"How about you?" You ask, feeling stupid. What a dumb question

"I've been excited about our date," he says. "Today was an eternity."

You feel that distant pang of guilt about going out with Michael while dating Zack.

>So what do you do for a living?
>have you ever seen Alien before?
>Did you do anything particular today?
>Write in
>"Can you excuse us for a second? We need to freshen up"
>Give Sam the universal girl sign for "we need to talk" that is invisible to men
>Take Sam to a secluded part of the cinema
>Then drop this bomb:
Okay, Sam. Let me level with you. Given ceirtain new circumstances that have presented in my life, i feel am beyond the point of subtlety.
I'll tell you straight, i noticed you like Zack. And i mean like more than a simple attraction. No, wait, let me finish.
The thing is, well, i kinda like you too. I think you are really cute and funny. It could become more than some mere attraction.(edited)
I know, i know. Please, let me finish.
I am going to propose you something. Before i tell you, i want you to know you can answer whatever you want. No pressure. No strings attached
I'd like for you, Zack, and me to become a thing. Dunno what to call it
I'd have to run it by Zack, but given how horny he is, i am gonna bet he ain't gonna say no
If you say no, that will be the end of it. I won't bother you with this offer again, i will drop all the dyke shit, and we can continue looking for a boyfriend for you. That's it, if you still want to hang out with me afterwards
So, what do you say?
>look at this lad of a vote. Absolute unit.

Please don't.
Don't do this off of one vote please.

If there's an objection. I can't go ahead with this Absolute Unit.

I'll hold for a little bit to see what other vote options we have.
File: Spoiler Image (1.76 MB, 1182x1190)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
>1 Absolute Unit vote
>1 No plz vote

So . . . Guess I'm counting this as a "Wildcard" vote. Let's be real a minute about SGQ, it has a very low player count, so a single vote can be massively powerful. If people have strong opinions about other options, they need to be voiced, otherwise it's entirely plausible that one determined player could dictate the course of this game. For now, I'll keep to a safe path, but we need to be constructive together. As incentive, here's a cute girl.

You and Sam trade a strange, intense moment in the car, though you don't directly communicate, for just a moment you feel as if-


"Hmm?" you come back to your senses.

"I said we're here," Michael says.

You get out of the car and the three of you head in.

"Ooo, can we get some popcorn?" Sam asks.

You almost remind her that she's a legal adult and can do what she like.

"Would you like some, Alice?" Michael asks.

You stare at him blankly a moment, struck again by how familiar he seems. Not him exactly, but maybe his face? Or something about him. You know you've seen him before.

"Yes, sure." You don't even really like popcorn all that much.

Michael buys two big tubs, one for Sam, and one he asks if you're willing to share. You are. Once he pays for tickets, you file into the small theater and sit down, the fold-down red- seats squeaking loudly. This cinema is older probably from the 1970s or 80s, and it shows it. They mostly screen weird indie movies and older films it seems. You can't help but be surprised you've never heard of this place before. No doubt they've done bad movie screenings in the past.

Sam sits to your left, Michael to your right and you settle in. The theater is entirely empty, save the three of you. Even the lobby was pretty spare, just a ticket guy and someone working concessions.

"How did you-" you start to ask Michael when the lights go down.

"It's starting," he says. His face is hidden in shadow, only the hint of glittering blue eyes shine back through the darkness, caught in the flickering light from the screen. Once again, that familiar sensation washes over you and you feel very weird, almost surreal, like you're not entirely here, like this is a dream.

You grab Sam's hand on instinct, something you know is real.

"Wha-? Alice?" Sam jumps and some popcorn tosses into the air, just a few pieces. You release her hand and murmur an apology.

The film starts, a slow, dreadful climax to the title as the barren vista of space unveils itself. Soon the sinister computers aboard the Nostromo hum to life and begin chattering away.


You glance again at Michael, still drenched in shadow that occasionally mirrors the bright flashes of the screen. First just the glint of his eyes in shadow, then a flicker to reveal a human face with a vacant smile, staring at the screen in awe.

>Why do you look so familiar to me?
>Ignore it
>write in
Why do you look so familiar?
You lean in close to Michael. "Why do you look so familiar to me?" you whisper.

Michael looks over to you, surprised. "Maye you've seen me before and don't remember. I've seen you before after all."

You shake your head, "No, I feel like I know you somehow."

He looks amused, "Oh?"

You nod, dead serious.

"I'm not sure what to tell you, Alice," he says.

"Have we ever met before?" you ask.

Michael looks briefly uneasy, "Met? Wouldn't you know if you had met me?"


"Shhh!" Sam hisses, leaning toward you. "They're talking about 'shares' or something and I'm gonna get confused if you guys don't be quiet."

You start to tell her that the shares are really just a plot device then stop, "Have you not seen this movie?"

Sam shakes her head and puts another handful of popcorn in her mouth, fixated on the movie.

You look back at Michael, who is still looking at you, his expression placid and calm. He holds out his hand toward out fingers splayed, offering for you to take his hand, as if he'll lead you somewhere.

>Take his hand
>Write in
Sorry, I haven't been able to stay in this quest for most of tonight, but I'm strongly opposed to any yuri shenanigans. The poor turnout for Spooky Girl is disappointing, but I don't think the course of the quest should be determined because one voter tries to push his agenda through while the thread is empty.
It's all good. I understand your disagreement as well. I'm just illustrating the challenges I face as the QM of a low-volume quest. I definitely appreciate your participation whenever it's possible though!
You pull your own hand closer to yourself, looking a little horrified.

You see Michael frown, just slightly, but he turns back to the movie instead of saying anything else. The bloody nightmare onboard the starship unfolds over the next couple hours ending with the climactic struggle on the escape shuttle. After the credits begin rolling, the three of you throw away your trash and head for the exit.

"So did that girl get raped in the butt or what?" Sam asks. "I'm so confused."

"It's meant to be vaguely sexual," you say, "But I'm not sure what exactly happened."

"Well, I liked it," Sam says, "It was kinda old, but I felt grossed out."

"It's a good movie," Michael agrees. "I'm not really a big fan of horror, I actually think the science fiction aspect is my favorite part. The banality of the future. Human history is like that. Everyone lives in the future and nothing changes."

"Plus that alien was gross, all . . .rapey," Sam says, wiggling her fingers at Michael menacingly and laughing.

"I-" he stops "You might think I'm weird, but I actually feel pity for the alien."

"Huh?" Sam says.

"You feel bad for it?" you ask.

Michael nods, "It's just a child. It doesn't know how to be what it is beyond its most basic instincts."

"But it killed them all!" Sam protests, "It's like a nasty, slimy, monster."

"A shark isn't a monster," Michael says, "But in a swimming pool it is."

>It's a killing machine, I don't think it's really empathic
>You know, I think you're right. It is kind of child-like
>I think you're over thinking it
>Write in
While i respect you not wanting the quest to go in the direction i was nudging it, i just want you to know that i could just as easily label you as "That one voter who is pushing his agenda" too. Again, i respect you voting to take the quest where you want it to go, but you can taake your buzzwords someplace else

Also, i hope you understand that it is weird that the only time you bothered to vote was to say "No pls" and not add anything else.
TK can choose whether to discard user votes he feels take the story where he doesn't want it to go. And he can choose to run with as few players as he likes.
If you dislike the fact that i chose the course of this session because i am the only player, then you can vote. That's it. Saying "No" to my vote without adding further anything is rude. While i can imagine you don't care about being rude towards me, then at least don't be rude against TK and write an alternative to my vote so you don't have to put him on the spot as you did. If you can't do any of these things then accept the fact that a session you aren't participating in is a session you have no input over.

Vote or don't. But don't whine. Thank you.

>It's a killing machine, I don't think it's really empathic
Adding to my vote
>When you have something that causes harm, even unknowingly doing so, then you remove it. It is in the nature of something to hurt, then it is not welcome and deserves pity only after it has been dealt with

"It's a killing machine," you say "I don't think it's really empathic."

"You don't think so?" Michael asks.

"When you have something that causes harm, even unknowingly doing so, then you remove it," you say. "If it is in the nature of something to hurt, then it is not welcome and deserves pity only after it has been dealt with."

Michael, somewhat surprisingly, smiles at you, but doesn't say anything else.

"Okay, sorry. hold this-" Sam shoves her half-finished popcorn tub. "I have to pee." and she rushes off for the bathroom, leaving you alone with Michael.

"I hope you enjoyed the movie," he says.

"Yeah, not my favorite, but it's good," you say, shuffling awkwardly.

"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Alice," he says. "I'm not very good with people," he says.

His honesty is surprising, but still, you appreciate it. "It's okay," you say, "I'm just . . . I'm not up for holding hands."

Michael stares at you a long moment. "You're interesting to me, Alice. I've been thinking about it for a long time, about what attracts me to you and I think I can say what it is now."

"And what's that?" you ask.

"Your duality," he says with a sad smile.

"Duality?" you feel a cold chill run down your back. Why did that sound so familiar? Wasn't that what Rot had said about Goatman? Duality was his 'shtick'.

"When I look at you," Michael says, "I see two sides of you. I see your unwavering kindness, your genuine desire to form connections with people, friend and enemy, and I see your other side."

You can't help but ask, "What other side?"

"Your ruthlessness. You fight and push for what you want." He doesn't look away from you, that piercing familiar gaze. "I don't think there's much that could get between you and something you genuinely wanted. Maybe your biggest problem is that you don't know what that is. I know what that's like."

You stand in silence a moment, he's acting like he knows you much better than he should.

"I'm just sorry if anything I've done may have colored your opinion of me badly. I was really hoping that perhaps we could get to know one another better."


That's all the time I have guys, thanks for playing!

I know things got pretty contentious with the votes earlier, I just want to be clear that I do appreciate any time put in, and really, there's like 4 of us tops, so let's make sure we're being as collaborative as we can be.

As always, I'm open for questions or comments, and I will be letting you guys know when the next session is either on Discord or Twitter, or both.

Thanks again!
Thank you for running, TK
Always a pleasure!
Hey, TK, I'm the guy who suggested Creepshow and is currently in Europe. This was a good run, although, yeah, I wouldn't have agreed with the whole yuri angle thing, especially after we just had a discussion with Zack about it. I could see maybe bringing her into our stuff with him, but I'm mostly invested in a relationship with Zack, lesbian moments aside.

Other then that, this was a fun read. I'd just like to have a chance to show our hand to "Michael" and put him down as Baphomet.

Also, when do you think the next game will be? I want to try to make it for the next one.
Hey Anon! Thanks for the input on the relationship, and glad you enjoyed it!

Oh? So you think that's why Michael looks so familiar?

Next game won't be next week, it may be the week after that. It depends on a lot of factors, I will give at least a few days notice when I know.

Thanks for reading!
Piss off anon. I haven't had the time to keep up with the quest and I was only checking in to read what had been written. You were well aware of what you were doing, so don't call people whiners for disagreeing with you.
Just got through the archives. Looking forward to more. Curious about what Michael is though. I’d be inclined to think he’s Baphomet’s demigod kid, like we’re Moloch’s, but that seems a little too obvious to be true.
Thanks for the read! I'm looking forward to running more and I hope you'll enjoy it.

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