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File: boc2-turn19.png (966 KB, 1600x1600)
966 KB
966 KB PNG
Full, but lurkers welcome!
Official discord: discord.gg/eRzTbvc

Summary repost:

>The Gods and Demi of the Old World waged war, shoving shoulder to shoulder until their realm was forgotten. The Old World forgotten and ruined, in fractures of time and arcana, a new world is born amongst the chaos.

>You are a being of creation, what people of this realm may come to call a Creator or a Daemon. You are a being born with innate knowledge and arcane power.
>It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.





This turn:
>>2624937 Covetous
+5 hex. +1 DI.
Farming upgraded. -2 Jold.
Archery begins developed. -1 Sablewood. -1 Jold.

>>2625465 Tigyogg
Construction II developed.
Thistle farm developed.
Taverns developed. -1 Whitestone. +3 Affinity.

>>2625544 Elyot
+2 Hex. +1 DI.
You discover the Shorebell Wood resource.
Lets say this fortress will be a 3 step process. 1/3. -3 Syrconite Ore. Bonus will come once the whole thing is done.

>>2625671 Kolithe
+1 Hex.
Switched to silvercry wood.
Cold blood half developed.
You discover the Mistnettle resource.

>>2626894 Valakor
Education I developed. Don't really need to expend resources here. Maybe for tier II.
Currency developed. -2 White Sand. +2 Affinity.
13 Shorebell Wood.
Gained 2 refined Jold in trade with Oblivion.

>>2626936 Librarian
You discover the Wetwood resource. As you explore further south, you begin to feel a divine presence rush over you, as you progress. The region here is definitely claimed by some sort of daemon, or something of equal divine power. Additionally, the swamps water to the south seems less water, more... blood.
Bonerock Mine developed.

>>2624890 The Bloodletting

Trade [1] w/ Arty. -2 Jold Ore.
Quarry [2] 9 Jold Ore.
Develop [2] Cylindrical defensive jold cannons powered off the explosive power of red sand, with an arcane sigil inscribed on the interior. Loaded with Syrconite cannon balls. Will regularly cost syrconite and red sand from usage. -5 Jold Ore. +4 FPD 1X-32, 1Y-32, 1Z-32.
Half Quarry [1/2] w/ DI not to complete now, but to increase amount.

Blood Witch
Finish dev [1] Arcane sigil branding. +2 MAO.
Attack w/ DI @Qazlal [4] Minions will cast flames from their branded sigils. -2 Roseberry Wood. 5 hex claimed.

Brood Imp
Quarry w/ DI [2] 22 Jold.
Develop [2] Alloy Processing.
Develop [2] Upgrade Alloy Processing.

Red Siphon
Finish quarry w/ DI [1] 23 Whitestone
Develop [2] Whitestone coastal walls. -10 Whitestone. +3 FPD 1X-32, 1Y-32, 1Z-32.
Develop [2] Whitestone coastal walls. -10 Whitestone. +3 FPD 1X-31, 1Y-30, 1Z-31.

[2] Explore

Urchynn Explorers move in to 23 - 1H and search northward and easterly, mapping the area and adding it to their knowledge.

[2] Develop

The Urchynn keep making making more tools as their society grows, and so that bluish-silver metal increases in demand. They dig new mines for Syrconite Ore.

Develop [2] + DI [14]

Tigyogg and the Urchynn raise castles of Whitestone and her own-grown Applewood along our borders with the lands of blood, wary of whatever silent threat might be hidden out in those foreboding places.
[0] Communicate at Elyot

Divine Influence
[3] Terraform
Northwards, leaving all but 1 hex.

[3] Terraform
The final remaining Hex
Forgot to do something last turn. So for this turn...
[2] Continue following the River
[2] Develop Thaumium Armor
[2] Develop Architecture using Sandstone
[2] Quarry Clay
[2] Develop Ceramics using Clay
[2] Quarry Red Sand
Rolled 3, 18 = 21 (2d20)

>Defend [1]
>Attack [4+DI+Prayer]: 1P-05
>Attack [4+DI+Prayer+Navy]: 1Q-05
This needed to end quickly. The Dukali were directed to take to the water with their boats to attack from two directions.

>Quarry [2]: Qazmite
>Develop [2]: Crystal bombs
The Witch's defenses against traditional weapons would be as nothing against a weapon that hit bodies on all points from head to toe all at once!
After her very informative, and enlightening journey she feels it is finally time to return home and deliver her report. So she does just that.

Explore[2]: Ebban sails back east then south, not stopping at the coast and using it as a guideline for returning home without getting lost.

After returning home, she immediately goes to the church. The Archident is there, and the other bishops have gathered too, called by Valakor the moment he sensed Ebban's return. She begins to speak, but stop as everyone in the room feels Valakor's divine presence upon them, the cloudy smoke approaching from one of the shadows in the room's corner. All the bishops drop to a knee, Taragos remaining standing.

Valakor commands his minions to rise, and asks Taragos and Ebban to come to a private room with him. In there, Ebban basically tells the tale of what she saw, confirming some knowledge and adding others. Valakor seems quite pleased with Ebban's progress, declaring her to have a new position of power above a Bishop but below the Archbishop, the Inquisitor, for how she inquires the mysterious shroud.
Ebban returns home with Jold and knowledge

Develop[1]: Finally complete time measurement to add things to Ebban's next voyage.
Time Measurement

Develop[2]: Using some spare paper, Valakor decides to create a way for knowledge of where one has been to be stored in the form of maps.
Cartography using 1 Shorebell Wood

The cloudy god then gives Inquisitor Ebban some of the finest educational material available as well as the newly created technology of Cartography and a few timepieces that are hourglasses of varying size, measuring hours and minutes.

Develop[1](DI): Valakor takes the newly discovered Jold, reminding him of the daemon known as Oblivion as he orders the stone put to the forge, melting it into a more malleable state. this is familiar to the Crocodilian glass smiths, but somewhat different still.
Spend 1 Jold for Metallurgy
Gruff, son of the Pytor, was proud to be chosen to lead this journey to new lands. Each night, he Howled back to the great Elyot the Unseen, hoping he was somehow heard.
He had his pack clear away trees from a large area and gathered the fine wood for construction.
>Quarry [2] Silvercry Wood
I want to gather as much as I can, I think 2 hexes.

In the clearing, they used the forged Oltar chevrons to assemble a Teleportation Gate near the broken obelisk.
>Research/Develop [2] [4 Oltar Ore] Teleportation Gate III
I want to build a central continent Teleportation Gate at that hex.

Elyot the Unseen continued to work defending their home, forging into a better home and fortress.
>Divine Influence [7]
>Research/Develop [2] Fortress
I want to continue building up a fortress. Using DI to make up for the absence of Resources.

>Communicate [0] Gruff meets Kolithe
Develop (2)

It was once again time. More.

Create new minion. Sablelisk. Sablelisk's are thin lanky humanoids resembling the Sablewood tree in color, hence the name. They are bipedal humanoid creatures with long limbs and black, flowing retractable but sturdy leaf-like wings.

Develop (2)

Covetous had thought about the eventuality of war for a long time. He had not liked anything about it. The reality that he would send his children to their deaths either by compassion, or necessity, or... no. Covetous knew he could not stop the march of time, or change the nature of sentients, but perhaps... he could provide a means of rest. In every little one he could feel the tiniest of sparks, a sliver of a sliver of divine essence. A soul. It was something he had always been fascinated and familiar with, truthfully, though he had never tampered with such things out of respect, and fear for failure. The Doctrine of Root spread the belief that the root was the source of all life, but what of those not alive? Were they merely to be nutrients for the soil and the plants that would grow? No. It was known that bodies provided nourishment to the soil, but he would have his children be worth more. A place, a single place to house all of his children is what he would create.....

Half-Develop (1) (+DI)
Heaven empowerment (Slowly convert Minion deaths to DI. I imagine it will take several deaths per point of DI.)

Where can I trust the eternal rest of my children but within myself? It is for the best, I think that it ends up this way. Feeling the few furtive souls of the deceased enter my bosom, I strengthen the connection. Admittedly it is a wonderful and warm sensation, and I feel the slightest bit of energy from the feeling. Intrigued by this, I further feel the souls within, and I feel... Power. Dormant strength, an echo of what was before flowing through my core. So it shall be, I shall not waste them after all, I shall put them to use.

Half-Develop (1)
Finish Archery development

I've finally done it. I have created the ranged instrument of violence I have sought. A bow. This weapon allows the projectiles developed earlier nicknamed 'Arrows' by the children to be launched at quite a speed when handled properly. This addition has been given to the hunters and the curious to use and train with in addition to spears. Hoping that their destructive nature will never need to be used for slaughter, but content with the results of the project, Covetous allows himself a brief respite.

Communicate (0)
Tritonius has his Tritonions continue expanding north.

Terraform action using divine influence [4]

Tritonius orders his subjects to explore south of his kingdom.

Explore action [2]

Tritonius creates two magical runes. He places coral on one and pallipod on the other. He infuses his will on both.

Research/Develooment action [2]

Research/Development Action [2]

Tritonius creates a hospital for his creations in his capitol city. Tritonius empowers the water in the hospital causing its healing properties to vastly increase. Several hydrohealers are excited at the chance to fully use their skills. The Tritonians are overjoyed over the creation of the hospital.

Research/Development Action [2]

>Develop [2]

The Yotiles do not like to be seen, it is in their nature, they love to be able to deal with their work unobserved or only with other Yotiles. When Tigyogg come to vidit they manage: one of them guide her to the Librarian and dissapear shortly after. This blood filled land to the south is different, it must be mapped for the Library and a Deamon seems to be dwelling there too. Its description is also of prime importance! The presence they feel everywhere in this strange lands is just too much to bear though forcing the exploring Yotiles to move ever more stealthily
Yotiles become even more stealthy

>Explore [2]

As the reports from the south expedition start to come in the Librarian ponder... the basic description of the south island is close to the information obtained from Tigyogg for the west island... Two deamons with the exact same nature seems improbable, close why not? But the same? Could it be only one Deamon, its territory would be absolutly huge... Urging the Yotiles to learn and observe as much as possible, it send them to the south once more.
Explore south bloodletting lands here we come

>Half-Develop [1] + DI

While the report of the expedition are intringuing, other projects need to be tended to. The Library was in dire need of some adjustements, so the plans are getting drawn
Construction II

>Half-Quarry [1]
More Bonerocks will be needed if the Library is to be extended
Explore [2] Tim passes the old ruins to return later to check more the main island. (With di)

Terraform [3] take that land to be Tims.

Explore [2] tim goes even further north to explore

Terraform [3] Tim obtains more land for his grand plan that no one knows of.

Research [2] Tim along with Valakors squire double back to explore and learn about the ruins. 12 ap so a second use of DI?
Disregard my terraforming post the land is already taken and it wouldn't let me delete it

Quarry [2] Tim gathers stone

Quarry [2] Tim gathers vine

Research [2] Tim using the wood stone and vine creates shovels and other related digging tools

Research [2] Tim with Valakors squire explores the ruins and learns as much as he can (DI)

Research [2] digging begins to find resources under the surface of soil.

Develop [2] Tim decrees that there shall be massive cookout competitions to show their skill and that the winner will be cooked a speciak dish by Tim as a show of love to his people. There will be celebration and an exchange of foods afterwards to raise everyone's spirits and Tim will partake of foods offered to him.
File: BoC-Logo.png (45 KB, 500x500)
45 KB
>>2627743 Tigyogg
You discover the Siren's Rock resource.
Syrconite mines developed.
I'd prefer to develop one of these at a time, since you used DI (which helps for avoiding the resource cost of applewood) I'll go ahead and do that one first.
Applewood Borders developed. +3 FPD.

>>2627793 Kolithe
Dont forget to finish developing your terraforming tech thingy.
+7 Hex. +1 DI.
Creative Minds this turn.

>>2627915 Solar Serpent
Still, the river continues northwest through the dark depths of the underground.
Thaumium Armor developed. +4 MPD. -4 Thaumium.
Construction II developed. -1 Sandstone.
10 Clay quarried.
Ceramics developed. +2 Affinity. -2 Clay.
10 Red Sand quarried.

>>2629544 Qazlal
Defenses up w/ +5.
1 hex claimed.
1 Qazmite quarried.
4 hex claimed.
-1 Qazmite. +3 MPO. This should have required DI considering you don't have enough of the resource, but I'll pretend you didn't use DI on the first attack since the results would essentially be the same.
In combination with the Flight tech, Crystal Bombs may be used to target non-adjacent hex.

>>2630168 Valakor
Time Measurement developed. -1 White Sand. +1 Affinity.
Cartography developed. -1 Shorebell Wood. +1 Affinity.
Metallurgy developed. You dont need to spend resources on this.

>>2630247 Elyot
2 Silvercry wood quarried.
Teleportation Gate III constructed. -4 Oltar Ore.
Fortress 2/3. -2 Silvercry Wood.
You should've discovered the Whitestone resource from mountains by now, my bad. Added that.

>>2630601 Covetous
Sabelisk created. +1 MPA. Flight gained.
Afterlife developed. +1 Affinity.
Soulbound developed. +1 DI for every 2 MA lost. This is fucking cool btw.
Archery developed. +3 MPO.

>>2630612 Tritonius
Perhaps you misread what I said last time, but you physically cannot terraform the hex to the north of you. Here's what I said last time:
"As you attempt to terraform the area, and explore further into the depths, you begin to notice an issue. As the ground drops off on the continental shelf, there simply is... well, simply, no land to terraform. The depths are dark, incredibly deep, and swarming with massive aggressive sea creatures. It is impossible for you to terraform these continental shelf hex."
You can have the 4 AP back for your next turn, so you will have 10 AP.
Found more open ocean, coral reef, and continental shelf.
The coral dissipates into a mystical green energy that wraps your form, you gain the ability to temporarily change your appearance. -1 Coral.
Meanwhile, as the arcane sigil consumes the pallipod, a cloud of inky gas begins to form, spreading around and obscuring the area. Only you can see through it. The effects fade shortly after. -1 Pallipod.
Hospital developed. -2 Coral. +2 Affinity.

File: boc2-turn20.png (990 KB, 1600x1600)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
>>2630639 Librarian
Stealth I developed. I will make rolls when traversing through other's hex in case of detection.
The Yotiles traverse through blood-mucked swamps, arriving to the base of large mountains. No settlements nor life spotted.
Construction II developed.
Quarry begins.

>>2630974 Tim
1 Whitestone quarried.
10 Mistnettle quarried.
Mining Tools developed. -1 Whitestone, -1 Mistnettle.
Entering the temple, this will require an rp event. I will begin in discord rpfags #central-islands.
You discover the Syrconite resource beneath the ground. The tools shall be used to begin mining this.
The decree is made, and the daemons of the central islands, as well as your allies to the south, as invited to the cookout. Also an rp event.

>>2627722 The Bloodletting

Finish quarrying [1] 19 Sandstone.
Develop w/ DI [1] Upgrade Sandstone mine.
Develop [2] Upgrade Sandstone mine.
Develop [2] Automate system to channel mined sandstone directly into arcane sigils inscribed beneath prodigy bones.

Blood Witch
Attack w/ DI [4] Claim 4 hex.
Defend [1]
Half quarry wood [1]

gotta do the other too later, out of time rn.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Thank you.

>Attack [4+DI+Prayer+Navy]: 1P-07
This was an uncomfortable situation that Qazlal found himself in. Redoubling his efforts, he attempted to guide the Dukali to reunite the fractured territory.

>Develop [2]: Qazmite mine
Crystal would not rain upon the Witch if it was not first ready for the Dukali to loose upon her. Spare hands were assigned to bring qazmite for supply.

>half quarry [1]

Finish quarry of bonerocks
2 hexes + 2 from tech

>quarry [2]

Always more rocks!!
still 2 hexes + 2 tech

>Develop [2] + DI

Bonerock is gathered, silvercry wood amassed, even a small quantity of syrconite. The second upscaling of the Library is nowhere close to the first. Resources are abundant, the Yotiles are more ready than never and far more organized and most important of all, numerous sketches, draft and plans drawn by the Librarian Itself to direct the construction.

The work takes weeks to complete even with the Librarian help. In the end the Library is more imposing than ever spawning ever more off the island.

Although there is something off about it, the Yotiles followed perfectly every plans but the eye strain to follow the lines of the building, somes angles seems to be differents depending of where you see them, stairs goes up where they should be no second floor and yet wholes halls are found once you climb. Some windows give view to the sames garden from two rooms and reaching one of room from the other should be quick yet hours of walk are necessary to do so.

While unnerving at first, the Library is not illogical or incoherent and the Yotiles quickly learn to navigate it with almost as much ease as the Librarian.
non euclidean extension ~ remember that i want the Library to eventually be as big as the island. Use as much resource as you see fit

>Half qarry [1]

Siren rock. Lets try and put some variety in our rocks, lets gather those new ones
File: Y.png (1.41 MB, 1600x1200)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
On the Library entrances a symbole is etched
Elyot the Unseen realized he could better strengthen his fortress with the formidable stone from the mountains and had the Canin quarry the stone.
>Quarry [2] Whitestone
I want to gather as much as I can, I think 7 hexes.

As the gates did not require the use of the rafts, Elyot had the first Teleportation Gate disassembled and he moved the forged Oltar chevrons from the river to assemble a Teleportation Gate as a pad underneath the great skull, as part of the new fortress.
>Research/Develop [2] Teleportation Gate I moved
From 1S-25 to 1U-26
I want to move the gate to a Gatepad beneath the supported skull.

Elyot finished the work constructing the powerful fortress, utilizing the Whitestone.
>Divine Influence [7]
>Research/Develop [2] [Whitestone] Fortress
I want to complete building up the fortress. Using DI to maximize the fortification?

>Communicate [0] Gruff speaks with Kolithe

>Communicate [0] Quickpaw, Softear, & friends join the cookout!
[2] Keep following the damn river! I don't care if it leads to the next big EA release, just keep following it!
[2] Conduct Magical Experimentation with the Red Sand. How can we use this stuff to our advantage? Can we use it to blow stuff up when trying to mine?
[2] Start laying down big blocks of Spell-Inscribed Sandstone, see if we can make a magical effect that goes over an entire hex. (divine influence)

[3] Terraform
1V 15
Kolithe remembers a tiny island off the southern shore. She bids her minions to fly across, bearing saplings of the Ice Flowers, to Half Terraform the land.

[1] Half Develop (Finish) Cold Blood

[2] Develop
Mana Weavers
A few Benions seem to have been affected strangely by the magical explosion Kolithe unleashed on their old home. After speaking with a few, Kolithe realizes they have the spark of magic about them, able to guess and grasp at the runes and sigils Kolithe instinctively knows herself. She bids them to gather, and begins instructing them in the Art, hoping they can help her study the powerful forces themselves.
Magic Research Team tech.
Develop[2]: Now that the metal can be refined, the denizens of Valakor's land are able to make it into tools, making taskes easier than with their crude wooden ones.
Use jold for Metal Tools

Develop[1](DI): The day Valakor's paranoia burst is still remembered and fresh in the minds of his citizens. It causes them to worry for their future, are there nations large enough to squash them in one fell swoop while they sleap in their homes? Nations capable of snuffing out the beacon of light that is Valakor, blazing out across the black sea of ignorance?
Many are disheartened by realizing how insignificant they may be, the general uneasiness building up until Valakor finally decides to address it personally. He tells all to gather who care to hear his message at his church and once a large enough mass has congregated he begins his speech.
He talks about how although solitude is at the core of our society it is OUR society, bonds forged between species of like mind, all revering Secrecy and other similar ideals. He talks about how as individuals working as a whole, great works of art and technology have been made, the lives of each next generation of Crocodillians improving immensely. He even talks about, how in death they all live on together as part of him, as one being. Overall he talks of how great we've progressed and that sums it up with how our division has brought us closer together. Closer than any society based on putting on a fake face to be accepted, or a society where all are equally binded by servitude. Yes Separation is freedom. Separation is progress. Separation is Secrecy.
After his rousing speech explaining the pradoxical nature of his introverted socity's heavy progress and tremendous growth, he summarizes by saying something akin to how all Crocodillians, and Chosen (admitting their existence for the first time to the public) are unified under the glorious banner of Secrecy, and all tasked with the Holy duty of peeling back the Shroud of Mystery. This day will also henceforth be a holiday known as Unity Day.
Unity I

Develop[2]: After his rousing speech he relaxes, his motivaed populace begins their innovation, quick out of the gate as they quickly use the example of the church to inovate a better means of construction
Use Shorebell Wood (if needed) for Construction II

Develop[1]: Begin researching future inovations of construction, riding off the momentum of the last discovery in construction related technology
Start Construction III if possible
Too tired for fluff

Develop (2)
Experiment to find out the magical properties of Sablewood.

Quarry (2)

Half-Develop (1) (With DI)
Farming III

Half Develop (1)
Jold armor. (Forge bonus)

[3] Terraform

Those last three hexes on the eastern side of the northern island are added to Tigyogg's lands

[2] Develop

The Urchynn have been seafaring a while now, and they have learned a few skills and flaws of their applewood boats from their time on the water. Now they work to make the next generation of sea craft!

[1] Half Develop + [14] DI

Tigyogg and the Urchynn begin experimentation with the glistening Thaumite, curious about the strange feeling and weird sensations she's receiving from the crystal. Perhaps there's a way she could tap into the odd feelings of power that's coming from these gems?
Quarry [2] Tim gathers as much as he can of the new metal

Research [2] Tim digs deeper into the ruins (di)

Research [2] Tim's people dig to discover a rock that attracts to metals and itself.
Brood Imp
Develop [2] Adapt Blood Forest.
Quarry [2] 6 Thaumite.
Develop w/ DI [2] Bloodspawner. (Increased MA Rate)

Red Siphon
Develop [2] Similar to that of an electomagnet, an arcane conductor of oltar is constructed to harness concurrent magical energy. This will distribute the arcana, while consuming Sandstone, to consistently ward each Prodigy Bone. Starting with right arm. -2 Sandstone. -2 Oltar. +3 FAD 1Y-31.
Develop [2] ^ on right arm. -2 Oltar.
Develop [2] ^ on leg. -2 Oltar.

>>2632087 Qazlal
1 hex claimed. Ok now start getting good rolls pls
Qazmite mine developed.

>>2632492 Librarian
8 Bonerock quarried.
Library expands. -5 Bonerock, -5 Silvercry Wood, -1 Syrconite Ore. +4 Affinity, +3 FPD.
Quarry begins.

>>2632934 Elyot
7 Whitestone quarried.
Gate moved, and redesigned into a Gatepad.
Fortress 3/3; Complete. -5 Whitestone. +5 FPD. +2 FAD.

>>2633336 Solar Serpent
You were so close to getting pents.
At last, something can be seen at the end of this long river of deep viscous blood. The river of blood, surrounded by rock in this underground tunnel, meets a crossroads. Between the split in the blood river, there is a platform of rock one can climb onto to get out of the blood. There is a stone staircase in the center of the rock wall across this natural platform, that rises upwards into dark depths. This will require an rp encounter in discord, which I will start tomorrow morning. (I promise.)
Pulsing with yellow energy, the red sand swells and suddenly combusts in a fiery and explosive blast in all directions. Given the small sample, the explosion is rather tame, albeit flashy. How you use this explosive magic is up to you, but now you know what it does. -1 Red Sand.
As the large inscribed blocks of sandstone connect, arcane energy flowing between them, their form crumbles as the material transforms into a green energy, intertwining with one another as it bubbles into a large dome. +5 FAD on an hex that you need to specify. -10 Sandstone. It seems this bubble will not remain forever if there is no consistent input of arcana.

>>2633578 Kolithe
You didn't use Creative minds.
+1 Hex.
+1 Terraforming.
Magic Research developed.

>>2633672 Valakor
Mining Tools developed. -2 Jold. Will start auto-mining once you find something, can be used to dig.
Racis--er, Unity I developed. +4 Affinity.
Construction II developed.
Development begins.

>>2633978 Covetous
The arcane sigil consumes the Sablewood, as it splinters from the inside before collapsing into an ethereal mist-like form. The effects of such are quite comparable to the fertile mist that surrounds your lands, inducing fertility, albeit more harness-able.
7 Bonerock quarried.
Farming III developed. +1 Affinity. Tech maxed.
Jold armor begins development.

File: boc2-turn21.png (991 KB, 1600x1600)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
>>2634139 Tigyogg
+3 Hex.
Vessel II developed. -2 Applewood.
The crystal mote of thaumite glistens as a sigil you create imbues it with arcane energy, before the crystal shatters into nothingness, immediately repelling all arcane energy from around itself. It appears not to have created anything tangible, nor destroyed anything, but rather reflected nearby energy that floats through the arcane field. Could be used to reflect other spells, perhaps.

>>2647326 Tim
Sorry, I forgot my own rules. Mining tools aren't supposed to auto-mine, they just help with mining. This goes for you as well, Valakor.
You quarry 3 Syrconite.
Still doing the temple rp thing once you're done with the cooking thing. You really didn't have to spend more AP on this.
...You do? Sure. That's how this game works now. It's ok I'll take it, you do. You discover Magnium Ore, a highly magnetic metal resource found only beneath the surface.

>>2631752 The Bloodletting

Blood Witch
Attack w/ DI & Fire Magic [4] 4 hex claimed. -2 Roseberry wood.
Defend [1]
Finish quarry [1] 7 Roseberry Wood.

Brood Imp
Explore [2]
Terraform [3] +2 Hex.

Red Siphon
Quarry [2] 11 Oltar quarried.
Develop [2] Red Sand Mine I.
Develop [2] Red Sand Mine II.

With the grinding sound of sliding sandstone against its stone frame, the entrance of the grand desert temple opens. Taking no moment of hesitation, the bulky gray frame of Oblivion enters the temple, as his powerful steps of metal boots press into the ground. Sand blows past him out the doorway, as the winds currents begin to flow through the temple. Approaching a lying sarcophagus, Oblivion extends his hands to lift it's lid, one hand and arm wrapped in a grand oltar gauntlet. With an echo through the divine chambers, the tomb's lid is tossed to the side, as the restful form of Altahksas lies peacefully within. Clenching his skeletal neck, the regal metal armor of the undead daemon begins to bend and shatter, as Oblivion's gauntlet hand holds him into the air. A chill runs through the temple as the air begins to stagnate; a light blue energy pours out from within Altaksas' throat as its essence is absorbed into Oblivion, wrapping his form as it imbues itself within him.
>"This isn't a death we would desire for you, daemon. This isn't a death.... I... would desire for you... Your power shall not go in vain. I feel sorrow for your demise, but The Ichor cannot allow such power to be wasted, untapped."
>"May The Bloodletting cleanse our malevolence."
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Quarry w/ DI [2]: Qazmite
>Attack w/ Prayer & Navy [4]: 1P-06

I'm in a fight that I didn't want and the dice have apparently decided that I'm not welcome here. I don't feel like adding fluff at this point.
Half-Develop (1)
Finish Jold Armor (With forge bonus)

Half-Develop (1) (With DI)
Develop Jold Shields (With forge bonus)

Develop (2)
Jold Swords (With forge bonus)

Develop (2)
Productive society I. Gain a quarry every 5 turns.

Covetous knew that his lands were abound with treasures, but with little time to organize and plan out efficient excavations of resources, he assigned a group of his little ones to the task of organizing gathering projects to be completed with volunteer help over a moderate period of time. He knew that soon enough, they would need all they could get if the expedition north next cycle went badly...
Elyot the Unseen finished construction of his mighty Whitestone fortress. Now, confident that their home was defended, Elyot terraformed and claimed the southern coast of his land.
>Divine Influence [7]
>Terraforming [3]

Then, he traveled to the west coast, to the Teleportation Gate there, and used it to cross the ocean and meet with the new peoples.
>Explore [2] [1 Oltar Ore]
I want to use 1 ore to teleport 3 hexes west, to the Central Continent.

>Communicate [0] Tim, Taragos Malakor, Kolithe?, errybody

Gruff's team began gathering the fascinating Pallipod fish.
>Quarry [2] Pallipod
I want to gather as much as I can, I think 3 or 6 hexes, not certain on coastal quarrying or which has Pallipod.

[2] Quarry + [14] DI.

Improving the Sea Vessels has used up the last of Tigyogg's harvested Applewood stores, which simply won't do. She gets to growing some more of her own primary resource.

[2] Develop

This Thaumite could be useful stuff. Tigyogg has the Urchynn improve their mining abilities, shoring up shafts with wood and digging with their syrconite tools.

[2] Devvelop

As she grows her Applewood, Tigyogg starts to wonder what sort of thing it is that she's been making all this time. She helps her Urchynn prepare a sigil to conduct a little bit of a test.
First, put the Dome on the hex with the Ribcage. Then...
[2] Develop Mining Explosives
[2] Develop Physical Fortifications using Sandstone (around the monoliths)
[2] Develop... Uh, something to make sure the Dome keeps getting all the Arcana it needs. (divine influence)
Develop[1]: Valakor finishes his research of Construction, using as much wood as required to perfect the art even further.
Finish Construction III

Develop[1](DI): Valakor decides now that he knows of a multitude of nations, most of which seemed warlike (or at least in possession of tools of war), he should prepare for his own kind of war. He orders, with a Vekret, the construction of a Subterrenean Secret Sneaky Shadow Spy School.

Chosen from around Valkia are selected to undergo intense training in improvisational skills and blending in. Most importantly, they are taught how to carry portents back to their master. These young chosen make up the SSS, the Sneaky Shadow Spies.
Spy School/Espionage Not sure which. Mechanically it'd just make it harder for other daemon minions to notice a Chosen among them, since I imagine spying requires rolls

Develop[2]: One of the many Crocodillians who live on the outskirts of society have trained a bunch of costal birds, even managing to make them fly from one location to another daily by making them think of the first as their home, and the second as their food.

They make the pilgrimage to Valkia's capital and present this to the Bishops who immediately see the potential in this. In a short while, and after some administrative delegation from Valakor, he has several Messenger Birds trained to think of the home as their capital. Specifically a large building made of wood that has dozens of nests on it so they can breed.

He puts a smaller building of such kind on the Inquisitor's ship, and instructs Ebban on how to train them the other way. He also tells Ebban that she must go forth and chart the known world more accurately using what she has learned, giving these birds to whoever she deems useful to our people.
Messenger Birds, use Sand and Wood for their pens, plus rope too if you think its necessary

Develop[2]: Deciding he needs his Inquistor's ship to look as Grand as possible, Valakor orders construction of an even grander ship than the last involving rope and wood for functionality, but also glass for splendor and class.

He makes the boat not only powerful, but a work of art, the glass mostly on the masthead, which is a crocodile's maw with glass teeth, eyes and dyed glass on the inside of it's mouth, producing oddly colored purple light, that has a sort of mistique effect.
Create Vessel III using however much Wood, Some rope and Some glass.
Changing something with my post.
Due to concerns over game balance, i will be changing Productive Society I to Creative minds I.

>Explore [2]

While the exploration into the blood lands are underway we'll dispatch a second team of explorer to discover what lie south of the second island we found
Explore south of Hex 1O-26 toward Elyot territories

>Develop [2]

Start the construction of a Syrconite Mine. We still have mining tools, and more than enough metal to prepare the terrain to more permanent exploitation.
Syrconite Mine. Use Syrconite/Bonerock if needed

>Half dev [1] + DI

Endless reports from the south expeditions are coming and what can be read do not put the Librarian at ease. The lands outside the Island of the Library are more dangerous than foreseen. The Yotiles need to learn to defend themselves. Using their dexterity and keen eyes, they start learning a unarmed style of fighting, based on dodging the enemy before striking at it's weak points.
Time to learn some offense, unarmed style of combat. Yotiles use anatomical knowledge to strike weak points or at least to try to pinpoint them

>Half-Develop [1]

The Librarian start to fidget with syrconite, shaping it in small engraved trinkets.

Creative Minds
The smell of delicious food wafts over the south-eastern winds. We must mimic what little rumours has reached our land!

Magic Research
Ice Flower

Divine Influence
[1] Develop
We no longer have access to the soft green metal of our home, but this land promises new resources.

[1] Half Develop
This white stuff all around could be useful at some point. We should see about storing it, somehow.
Snow... Farming? Mining? Gathering.

[2] Develop
This hard see through stuff all around could be useful at some... have I said this before? Why are there two cold resources?
Ice Gathering

[2] Develop
Water water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. The sea is a mysterious, deadly force, but like all things in reality, it too forms part of the ever-present crab cycle. We must learn to tap into it!

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