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"Update tonight?" Edition
Official discord: discord.gg/eRzTbvc

>The Gods and Demi of the Old World waged war, shoving shoulder to shoulder until their realm was forgotten. The Old World forgotten and ruined, in fractures of time and arcana, a new world is born amongst the chaos.

>You are a being of creation, what people of this realm may come to call a Creator or a Daemon. You are a being born with innate knowledge and arcane power.
>It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

(Working on a little project that will revamp this because pastebin big gay)





This Turn:

>>2648038 Qazlal
Qazmite quarried
2 hex claimed.

>>2648403 Covetous
(Not sure what forges did before, but I guess I'll make them reduce material cost of forged things)
Jold armor developed. -3 Jold. +3 MPD.
Jold shields developed. -2 Jold. +2 MPD.
Jold swords developed. -3 Jold. +4 MPO.
Creative Minds I developed.

>>2648614 Elyot
+3 Hex.
You teleport to the central isles. -1 Oltar.
Tech can be developed for efficient coast/ocean quarrying, you do have some spearfishing tho. +2 Pallipod.

>>2648774 Tigyogg
23 Applewood quarried.
Mining tools upgraded with Syrconite. -3 Syrconite Ore.
Preparing a sigil, the applewood is placed atop it, as the material begins to crack and burn from within. As it quickly breaks down, the embers gather and formulate into a stream that swirls around a nearby Urchynn. The Urchynn suddenly feels a charming sensation of relieve and calm, set into a mental state of relaxation and a carefree disposition... Essentially making them entirely obedient to any command, at least until the embers begin to dissipate. -1 Applewood.

>>2649276 Solar Serpent
Having acquired the knowledge of red sand's explosive arcane capabilities, you develop a systematic manor for mining using said explosives. Tech gained, will function as a bonus to quarrying action on viable resources. Will cost red sand to use.
Sandstone fortifications developed. -6 Sandstone. +3 FPD 2A-05, 2B-06.
>Develop... Uh, something to make sure the Dome keeps getting all the Arcana it needs.
...alright. You don't have many heavily magically conductive materials, so thaumium will have to do. You construct an arcana conductor of it to haress concurrent arcana. Will consistently consume sandstone to maintain. -3 Thaumium.

File: boc2-turn22.png (1000 KB, 1600x1600)
1000 KB
1000 KB PNG
>>2649927 Valakor
Construction III developed.
Espionage developed. Best used through DMs with me, may cost valkaplasm on use.
Messenger Birds developed. -1 White Sand. -2 Shorebell Wood.
Vessel III developed. -3 Shorebell Wood. -1 White Sand. -2 Swamp Rope.

>>2652683 Librarian
To the south, the Yotiles encounter many forests, mountains, and further south.... the energy of a foreign divine presence.
Syrconite Mine developed.
Martial Arts developed. +2 MPO. -1 Silvercry Wood.
Syrconite magic begins investigation.

>>2661620 Kolithe
Your magic research team discovers the ice flower's arcane ability to alter one's form to their desires, as an arcane illusion however. -1 Ice Flower.
Cooking developed. +1 Affinity.
Snow Gathering begins development.
Without metal to form tools, Kolithe bestows upon the Benions articulately carved mining tools of incredibly compact divine ice. -1 Sa Wood. Now with mining tools, you can quarry later underground to find new materials down there.
Ice Gathering developed.
Fishing developed. -1 Sa Wood.

>>2647957 The Bloodletting
For a length of time, there is a sudden silence of the Bloodletting's terrain. The minions of the ichor sink within the ground, as its minions and former-daemon are not to be found for a duration.

[2] Develop

The Urchynn, bless 'em, took the idea to improve their mine but went and upgraded the wrong one. But never mind, we can use more Syrconite! And now we have the process, this time we can upgrade the Thaumite mine in the same way.

[2] Develop

The Urchynn have been growing rain thistle for a while, mostly because it smells so very nice indeed. But now some Urchynn start investigating the fresh-smelling plant for Medicinal use, developing the concept of medicine.

[2] Develop + [14] Divine Influence

Tigyogg has a task for herself and her little dearies. Using Applewood and Thaumite she starts her Urchynn working on wands, carved branches pre-prepared with chambered sigils. With these items, she hopes, her Urchynn will be able to reflect, counter or subdue hostile magics that might come to be unleashed against them.

>Explore [2]

Push further south into the territory of this divine presence, try to observe it before contact.

>Half-Develop [1]

Finish the crafting of Syrconite trinkets, be it amulets, earrings, bracelets, or such accessories. The goal is to have them engraved with an incomplete magic circle and one or two moving parts, that will be used to "close" the circle. Thus allowing the Yotiles to have a quick way to react to magic threats.
Already know syrconite magic. This is for portable anti magic gear

>Terraform [3] + DI

Terraform the lands directly south to my island to gain more footing there.
Terraform 1M and 1N 30 and 31. Terraform = 1, DI = 3
Explore Westward
(I dunno how much, keep going from 1O-16)
We must reclaim our lands now that the blood-fiends have fallen silent!

[1] Half Develop
Finish Snow Gathering

[2] Quarry
Quarry Clay
That island off our shore, the tall Mesa jutting from the sea. (1V-15) The clay-rich soils shall yield to us!

[1] Divine Influence + Develop
Fish Farm (Protean Cod)
We have boats, we have fishing tools, and we have Benions not doing anything. Set them to work as fishermen, and begin raking in that sweet cod!
File: 1382935148396.gif (580 KB, 480x360)
580 KB
580 KB GIF
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Reports from his attacking forces indicated that the Witch's entire populace had vanished. Fool! If she believe that cowering in hiding would trick Qazlal into turning his back, she was sadly mistaken.

>Attack w/ Prayer, Navy, DI [4]: 1Q-05
>Develop [2]: Bows and arrows
Valakor feels refreshed, and energized to commit to his grand scheme, excited for the possibilities ahead. It strikes him as odd, as the feeling of continuing his plans hit him harder than he is used to, almost as if the world had been on pause for a long time. Regardless he quickly gets to work.

Taragos returns to his lord with news of a newly discovered species, the last place in the cookoff a minor price to pay for the informational advantage the event provided. Valakor briefly ruminates about this new daemon's place, specifically the threat level and asset level to Valkia. Another thing to note is the claims leveled against the seemingly peaceful Bloodletting, accusations that will need to be thoroughly investigated.

Develop[2]: Sensing great potential beneath the capital, Valakor orders construction of a quarry beneath it, properly supported by wooden beams as his people are not knowledgeless heathens. The relatively large mass of solid land that the capital (mainly the church and school) is built over is rare within the swamp and perfectly suited for this.

For now, he leaves this project unoverseen but makes a note to Taragos to appoint a foreman if needed, and to inform him if any rare discoveries are made besides the stone and soil. Valakor also designates a very organized grid pattern with large rooms for quarrying, so that the mine is very efficient.
Create a Mine underground in search of metal, sturdy with Shorebell Wood if needed

Explore[2]:Inquisitor Ebban, armed with the power of cartography, education and some messenger birds, heads out on her Flagship, the Enlightenment. She is sent off by a majority of the denizens in the southern port which her ship was built, ready to carry out her divine task given to her by the magnanimous Secretkeeper.

She heads directly to Covetous's lands, by order of Valakor after processing the information the suicidal minion gave to him about the tree daemon. Valakor sees great potential in this alliance, and wants to be as courteous as he can manage. She sails almost directly there by using her previous knowledge and the knowledge that Gargath's party provided. She also helps the ship cartographer to more accurately map the distances with the help of time measurement devices.
sail to Cov's island and main hex

Communicate[0]: Ebban arrives at the western islands and meets up with Gargath's party to ultimately parley with Covetous on behalf of Valakor.

Develop[1] (DI): Valakor asks the master glassmith to forge a tool that is capable of quickly harvesting Valkaplasm, and the crocodillian pumps out a few odd glass net looking things. They have long handles but where the net would be is just an oddly shaped glass piece. It looks removeable and sealable, so the harvesters can contain the resource and carry lots of it each trip
Valkaplasm farm/harvesting
Half-Develop[1]: Begin drawing up the plans for a wall along the northern coast, and start estimating lumber costs for such a project
begin work on THE WALL on hex 2H-21

I hope I got the right trip this time
Quarry [2] Tim's people gather some trees.

Research [2] Tim's people cut into the trees to research the adhesive properties of its sap.
[Spoiler]want to have adhesive resource [/spoiler]

Quarry [2] Tim's people dig for magnium.

Quarry [2] Tim's people gather meat by killing local game.
Elyot the Unseen waited outside the temple for what seemed like along time, not wanting to intrude on Tim.
He had sent word via Canin messenger (Why not? Maybe Quickpaw and Softear) to Gruff's team to experiment with the gathered Pallipod fish.
>Divine Influence [7]
>Develop [2] Pallipod Magic
I want the secrets of Pallipod magic, but Elyot is busy with RP.

Also, he wanted them to begin construction on island aquafarms to breed more Pallipod fish.
>Half-Develop [1/2] Pallipod Hatchery
I want to generate a steady stream of Pallipod resource for hex 1S-20.

Left to their own devices, the Canin back east claim the mountain and forest land to the northeast.
>Terraforming [3] [Skill 2]

>Communicate [0] Tim?, Kolithe?, Goddess?
[Soon tm]
[X] Quarry Sandstone
[X] Quarry Thaumium
[X] Develop Standing Armies
Holy fuck I'm sorry I forgot this existed.
Forgot your name, too.
Covetous was sleepy. Time was a mystery to him but if he had to guess he'd say his slumber had put him out for about a month and eleven days. Wanting more sleep and not quite remembering what he was doing, he entrusted his children to take care of themselves for the time being. Just five more minutes.

(Creative minds leveled from I to III. 4AP)

With his parting order, he willed his children to cut down more trees. But not the ones in front of him, no, they were pretty good at keeping the sun out of his eyes, in fact more would be nice. But cut down the others, he had seen they were going to run low.

(Half-Develop + DI Lumbering to III)

The Gaping weren't quite sure what to do with father asleep, so several of the older ones got together and talked it out. And it was decided that the wisest course of action was to check out the spooky fortress that father told them all to never investigate because it was suspicious and was probably dangerous. When he woke up, he was sure to be excited with whatever treasures would undoubtedly be inside! (It would be noted later that not all parties were in agreement with this decision.)

>Explore 2 AP (The fortress in my territory that I never explored all this time)
File: boc2-turn23.png (1015 KB, 1600x1600)
1015 KB
1015 KB PNG
Sorry for the delay. It's been a rough week. I'm starting to get back into the motions of running the game tho.

>>2743620 Tigyogg
Thaumite mine developed.
Medicine I developed.
Carving sigils into the applewood, the wands are made to quickly contain and control the effects of spells, but will still require material components. Wands developed, (resource cost negated with DI). +2 MAO, +2 MAD.

>>2744047 The Librarian
Successfully sneaking further into the territory, the Yotiles could observe a group of four-legged, fur-covered, canine creatures, pulling makeshift tools through the land as they slowly terraform and create streams of water. Further engagement will require an rp post with Elyot.
Dispel Trinkets developed. -3 Syrconite Ore. +4 MAD.
+4 Hex.

>>2744635 Kolithe
Creative Minds available.
You sail west to discover Qazlal and his territory remain alive, while The Boodletting seems to have disappeared...
Snow Gathering developed.
That, is a volcano surrounded by jungle. You can have that [2] back and try again. Don't use it in the west.
Fish Farm developed.

>>2746326 Qazlal
8 hex captured. The land appears entirely devoid of the Blood Witch and her thralls, as the bloodstain land is transformed.
Archery developed. -2 Pinewood, +2 MPO.

>>2746423 Valakor
Underground Mining developed. -3 Shorebell Wood. You discover the Whitestone and Syrconite Resources.
Ebban sails her way to Covetous' region. Route developed; it will cost only 1 AP to travel this path in the future.
Valkaplasm Harvesting developed.
THE WALL begins development - gonna need to know what material you're making it out of.

>>274667 Tim
10 Silvercry Wood quarried.
Sap developed. Wood will be expended when you wish to develop something using sap.
3 Magnium quarried.
You consistently have meat as part of the hunting tech, so its not something you have to worry about quarrying. Have your 2 AP back, chad daemon.

>>2748081 Elyot
The arcane sigil consumes the red cephlapod creature, as its form warps and scatters into a deep blade mist. This mist quickly begins to spread and cover the nearby area, shrouding it in an eluding mist.
Pallipod Hatchery begins development.
+2 Hex.
RP shall ensue.

>>2748990 Solar Serpent
-1 Sandstone to maintain force field.
11 Sandstone quarried.
3 Thaumium quarried.
Standing Armies developed. +2 MPO, +2 MPD, -4 Thaumium.
>Holy fuck I'm sorry I forgot this existed
me too :D

>>2757792 Covetous
Creative Minds III developed (maxed)
Lumbering III developed.
Uhhh have this 1 AP back and try again
[X] Quarry MORE sandstone
[X] Build sandstone fortifications around the obelisks and Giant Ribcage
[X] Develop Fishing (Gotta feed all those hungry mouths!)
Forgot my name again like a foolish Warmblood.

Last turn's [2]
Explore [1V-15] Volcano (and surrounding hexes, technically, on the offchance those tile types have an undiscovered resource or biome.)

Creative Minds
Magic Research improvement.
Use Silvercry Wood (Paper)
Research is a grueling task of stamina, with long hours spent into the night. Notes and diligence will speed up the process, allowing the Mana Weavers to complete their work faster.

[2] Return sailing scouts and report to Kolithe.
"It brightens my heart to hear Qazlal is safe, and that our homeland can once again be returned to its former glory."

[2] Develop + Divine Influence
Tunnel to Underground
The depths of the Earth await the Benions! Kolithe wills the ice of her land to crack and fracture the bedrock below, allowing her Benions to shuttle away the dirt and rock, revealing what lies below.

[2] Develop
Shorebell Wood Lumber I
All this Lumbering is giving me some pretty decent wood.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

With nobody to defend her lands, her territory fell easily! Reversing the rot she inflicted upon this land would not take long. Qazlal ordered for the last of the Witch's lands to be scrubbed clean of her influence.

He could also feel something familiar and beloved approaching from the east. A committee would be dispatched to the eastern shore to greet his sister's children.

>Attack w/ Prayer, Navy, Divine Influence [4]: 1P-03
>Quarry [2]: Qazmite
>Communicate [0]: Kolithe's wayward Benions

[2] Develop

What's real is real. But what people WANT and believe to be real can sometimes be more powerful then the actual truth of things. Tigyogg and the Urchyn develop the concept of Headology, primarily of use by...

[2] Develop + [14] Divine Influence

Gathering together the wisest and most magically gifted women among the Urchynn, Tigyogg founds covens of witches. Skilled in medicine, magic, and many other useful skills to help grease the wheels of everyday life, these Urchynn Witches will help and support Urchynn communities, and keep them safe from harm.

[2] Explore

Urchynn naval explorers are launched to explore southward from the larger island, charting thing they find. There's a lot of the world we don't know yet, so let's find some more of it.
Develop[2]: Valakor, delighted with the discovery orders mines of the material to be erected immediately.

Syrconite Mining I

Develop[2]: Valakor, delighted with the discovery orders mines of the material to be erected immediately.

Whitestone Mining I

Develop[1] (DI): Valakor commands his Bishops with a Vekret to gather the finest minds, and seals the secret to using magic with a Bishive, allowing them to distribute the knowledge as they see fit to the people they choose. As such, the bishops form a small community of magical scholars who are dedicated to learning more about it.

Magic Academy I

Half-Develop[1]: As Valakor surveys the new subterranian world his minions unveiled at his behest, he feels a profound sense of contentment. The feeling of being surrounded by thick layers of rock in a quiet place out of sight greatly appeals to him, and as such, he decides he wants to make a more concerted effort to have more excuses to be down here. He tells Taragos of this, and the Archbishop immediately gets an idea, issuing an Archident for the beginning of Mushroom cultivation, and agriculture of other kinds beneath the ground

Start development on Underground Farming

>Terraform [3] + DI

Expand south border near Oblivion. and if possible the one hex near Elyot.
1N-33 to 1P-30. And 1O-27. Terraform=1 DI=4

>Develop [2]

For too long we have keep our gaze on what was in front of us. It is time we look for what is above. We'll know every stars.
Astronomy. Who know maybe it'll help us map the world

>Half-Dev [1]
Using the finer tools they can get, the Yotiles begin to deepen their knowledge of anatomy, using fresh corpse

>Communication [0]
Meeting with Elyot's minions
7 AP from my fuckup

>Develop Standing armies (+2 MPA and MPD)

>Develop Prayer (Half of affinity as DI)

>Develop Blessed weapons (+5 to MPA when using DI on an attack)

>Half Develop (+ DI) Warrior training I (Your call OP.)
File: 1502282870434.jpg (67 KB, 576x768)
67 KB
Quarry [2] more wood give me more wood dammit.

Quarry [2] give more magnium it's for charity.

Research [2] Tim's people take the time to learn the basics of magnetism through the magnium.

Construct [2] It is then used to construct a large magnet, a very large magnet.

Research [2] DI Tim's people take advantage of the positive and negative forces of the magnium and construct a weapon that holds a sharp thin piece of the metal seemingly in midair.
They tie a piece of tough vine on the end so that when they strike the vine helps guide the metal into the flesh and when they pull back the weapon it leaves the metal behind.
This method is used with the magnet to incapacitate enemies by magnitizing them to the device or by painfully pulling out the metal.
Develop [2] Whitestone Magic
I want to learn what secret magic my Whitestone might be good for.

Divine Influence [8]
Half-Develop [2/2] Pallipod Hatchery
I want to generate a steady stream of Pallipod resource for hex 1S-20. Throwing my weight into it.

Quarry King's Crab [2]

Half-Develop [1/2] King's Crab Magic
I want to get that magic to spread my hatchery inland.

Communicate [0] Any moment now. Crap. [Soon tm]

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