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Thread LXXXIX:
Hardly and ideal time to start, but we'll make do.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: https://pastebin.com/Kh8GE1Ca
Season: Early Spring

Money: 1425

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marksmanship +6
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+3 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +2


The final approach to the pass seems to take forever to arrive as you and your party break camp late in the morning. You keep gazing at the horizon for the disaster about to befall your company and wrest your successes out of your grasp but it never comes. Outside of a few recalcitrant oxen, you're able to move the precious cargo into the pass without a fuss. Opening the entrance to the tunnel, you have Liama and half the beastfolk head in as vanguard, with Marie and the remainder following after the merchants. You slither into the cavern after Artyom and the advisor, swinging the trap door shut and securing it in place. You follow the group in silence, pausing only at the passageway to Veles' lair. Beckoning the harpy over you quickly say, "Gonna head up and let the folks know we are coming home. Might stop in and check with Veles as well, we'll need him when we retake Purobka, but we've got some affairs to get in order first. You interested in tagging along when we do?"

She shrugs, "I'm not one spoiling for a fight, but there's only so many linguists, so if you want me, I'll come. I'll make sure they get back safely."

Nodding at that, you let her catch up with the rest of the crew, and wait for them to be acceptably out of sight before you head up into the hidden tunnels of Veles' lair. You find yourself noticeably perked up by the atmosphere, the humid geothermal air a welcome change from roughing it out on the wastes. Before long you spill out into the lair proper, and take stock of the situation. Things are largely unchanged inside, apart from a few new assemblies lying on a couple of Veles' many workbenches. The only oddity is a regular chuffing noise you can't quite place. Following the sound, you find Veles asleep, snoring gently into one of the many furs that makes up his bedding. Dahz nearby lies on the cavern floor, panting lightly. Gracing you with a quick stare, Dahz quickly judges you not a threat and lies back down.

>Wake up the old snake.
>Let him sleep, check in with him later
https://pastebin.com/DaK5W1eS And because I can't put up an OP without messing at least one aspect of the template up, here's the current Story Thus Far.
Welcome back, Chem! I won't be able to participate for most of the night as I need to go to sleep in ~30 minutes. Will come back around 14.40 hours EST.
Should've given Mari headpats... (Or at least a pat on the shoulder)

>Let him sleep, check in with him later
We can warn him of the incoming bullshit and ask him about portals later.
For now, let's make sure the ranch isn't on fire or burned to the ground.
You sigh softly, fishing out a scrap of paper to leave the old snake a note. Affixing it to the archway towards the gateway room, you leave him to his slumber. Sliding through the rookery, you activate the gateway home and slither through in a single smooth motion. You pause, trying to get your bearings as you find yourself back behind your own house for the first time in quite a while.

Everything is largely as you left it. Nothing's on fire, nor are there any indications that anything foul is afoot. What you do notice, however, is the absence of the construction workers tent city on the far side of the bank as you sidle around the back of the house. Worrying though that is, you figure they've probably shifted their campsite to be closer to the site of the Inn. Scanning to the south, you catch sight of Tai watching the cattle with some of the younger beastfolk. Figuring that McCain must be tending to other matters you glance around the compound. Sure enough, you can hear some telltale noises coming from the barn. Peering inside, you an see McCain and Tatiana moving stuff around inside the barn, likely a feed audit. You gently clear your throat, causing the two to look up.

"Welcome back Miss." McCain says, recovering quicker at your appearance than the centaur heiress. "I take it the rest of the crew is coming back momentarily? Everything go well?"

"Pretty much yeah. We're gonna be a couple thousand isens richer from Serrak's deal alone."

His eyes widen, "What about everything else?"

"About as good as can be expected. A few complications, but I'll have a full rundown when everyone is back and settled. Everything go fine here?"

"Uneventful is the watchword, Miss" He says. "Nitor was asking for you, or more specifically Keel. Not sure what about, was rather light on the details. That was a few days ago."

His status report is about what you expect from an 'uneventful' time on the ranch. Mostly antics the little beastfolk got into and concerns about the humdrum of running a ranch. With the affairs of state settled, you try and figure your next move.

Go through the mail (if any) and paperwork (if any) while waiting for the rest of our guys to get back. Then eat (probably) and then get into contact with the Captain.
You excuse yourself, saying you want to get caught up on some of the paperwork. McCain nods, saying that he will let Tai know that the trail party is inbound and the prepare accordingly. Heading inside, you toss your kit into your room and head into the main study. McCain, as foreman of the ranch, has full authority to handle matters involving supply, paymaster responsibilities, and the petty cash. As such he tends to file those away and only leave the important notices on your desk for you to deal with.

The first of such is an embossed envelope bearing the Newgate family crest. Opening it, you find a letter from the member of the royal family that you sold that colt to. Deciphering the verbose wording, it would appear that the princeling is exceedingly satisfied with the training the colt has received, and has sent out an inquiry on behalf of some of his associates as to whether or not you can acquire another such animal. Given the profit you made on your first one, securing a second from the herd might be a worthwhile endeavor. Setting that aside, you leaf through the rest. Most are missives from the nitor, courtesy of Keel, detailing relevant Phoenix activities detected throughout the southern continent. It would seem 'slim to none' is the operative word on that issue. Nevertheless, Keel did make his desire to speak with you upon your return known.

Leafing through the rest, you're about to start diving into the mess of newspapers that McCain left for you to get caught up when you hear sounds from down below. Figuring that can wait, you head downstairs to see Tai busting out the pots and pans. He forestalls your greeting with a meaningful glance outside. Looking through the porch window, you catch sight of the caravan trundling along, or at least part of it. The food and alcohol merchants are crossing the bridge, with your own party bringing up the rear, but you don't see Serrak's crew anywhere. Mildly concerned, you head out into the compound proper. You rendezvous with the group just as the two merchants are pulling on to the lane heading towards South Fork. They give you a polite farewell, and thank you for ensuring that the mission went smoothly. You watch their retreating forms before you turn to Liama and Marie.

"What happened to our other group?" You ask, trying not to let the worry bleed into your voice.

"Serrak's set up his workmen halfway down the lane. His boys said they needed to check in with him first." Marie says as the beastfolk file off towards the bunkhouse.

"They did say that their boss will probably want to speak with you." Liama adds, "At your earliest convenience of course."
File: DecisionsDecisions.jpg (263 KB, 650x856)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
You frown, you'd meant to head into town and meet with Keel, but Serrak's probably keen to know about the developments over the mountain as well. In the midst of your pondering, you spy Artyom and the Purobka advisor making their way towards the main house with the chest belonging to the late Lord Purobka in tow.

>Meet with Keel
>Meet with Serrak
>Make sure the advisor settles in first.
>Meet with Serrak
File: sophistorcated.jpg (52 KB, 400x400)
52 KB
"Better not keep him waiting then." You say, and head back towards the barn to ready the carriage. Despite your absence, McCain's kept the carriage well maintained, and it is a simple matter to harness Traveler and Greenbriar to it. Figuring Liama wants to catch up with her subordinates, you elect to have Marie drive the carriage and climb in the back. As the carriage begins to roll, you've got to wonder what the orc has in mind.

Heading down across the bridge and down the road leading back into the southern part of your property, you take the time to appreciate the quality of workmanship that went into the road they put in. As opposed to the old trait from South Fork to the ranch, you're not greeted to a bevy of rattles and bumps you would normally expect from a dirt road. That said, road maintenance will be needed and you wonder what the upkeep of such a thing will cost. You're snapped out of your musings by the carriage rolling to a halt. Looking up, you can see the familiar tent city the workmen set up across the bank has been transposed up into the hills that make up the western mountain. South of that you can see both the warehouse, and the husk that will one day be the traveler's inn on this side of the mountain.

The large tent Karath has made his headquarters is still in its same location relative to the rest of the camp. If you didn't know better you'd suspect that the entire complex had been picked up and moved further down the road. Given the meticulous nature you've seen Serrak exhibit, you wouldn't be surprised it James had a blueprint in the foreman's tent detailing exactly how a camp should be set up to maximize efficiency.

Approaching the tent, you see the wagon Serrak's men had used parked around back, guarded by the familiar 'muscle' that enforce order in the camp. Nodding to the muscle, you enter the tent without a fuss. Inside you see the ox driver standing next to Serrak who's peering into a crate. Extracting a bolt of silk he turns, giving both you and Marie an appraising glance. "A better return than I would have expected. And such a prompt arrival afterwards. I take it things went well?"

>I take it things went well?
On the trading front, yes. However, there are some political matters that need to be addressed soon. House Krasick has started to use bandits to raid Brailin and their allies indirectly and they had taken hold of Purobka, the hold that Artyom, the Centaur, is from. It had been burned to the ground by Krasick previously. Some of House Bralin's and my men re-took Purobka from the bandits, but Krasick is suspicious and we were made to abandon it shortly afterward. I intend to take Purobka permanently to secure the trade route to Bralin, as it's near to the tunnel's entrance on the south side but will need some time to make the appropriate preparations. A well-stocked weapon's merchant who could provide me with (number of fighting age beastmen we have) of any given weapon I may decide to equip my men with would be helpful with this.
As an aside, several of the archers amongst Bralin's men were quite interested in acquiring firearms.
>include anything else of note
would it be safe to assume that the coinage used in-universe is roughly equal to 1868 USD? if so, a repeating rifle, such as a Model of 1868 Henry repeater, is ~100
>forgot name
You take a deep breath, "On the trading front, yes."

"I am sensing a 'but' appearing." Serrak says carefully.

"However, there are some political matters that need to be addressed soon. House Krasick has started to use bandits to raid Bralin and their allies indirectly and they had taken hold of Purobka."

"The hold that your compatriot used to live in?" He says, recalling your previous conversation.

You broach the subject carefully, "It had been burned to the ground by Krasick previously, yes. Some of House Bralin's and my men re-took Purobka from the bandits, but Krasick is suspicious and we were made to abandon it shortly afterward due to logistics issues we hope to solve here shortly."

"I'm assuming there's a catch there. One you intend for me to solve?"

"I need to make contact with a well-stocked weapon's merchant who could provide me with a baker's dozen of any given weapon I may decide to equip my men with would be helpful with this. The muzzle loaders we've looted off the phoenix just aren't making the cut for what we intend."

There's a silence as the orc muses, hand on chin. He turns back towards his desk and begins leafing through a file. "That may be a tall order. Prices on weaponry may be falling with the lull of peace on the southern continent, but finding something in bulk enough to uniformly outfit a fighting force is another. I may need some time, but get back with me in a couple days and I'll have made some inquiries."

You're kind of shocked at how quickly he agreed to you this time. It must have shown on your face because he adds, "I only do this because you've been forthcoming with information, and I can see the clear necessity of what you ask. Mind you, whether or not I can get you in touch with such a merchant remains to be seen. I am, after all, only a purveyor of medical prosthesis." He pauses a beat, clearly enjoying the incredulous look Marie is giving him, "Well..." He admits, "Medical Prosthesis and small endeavors to make a quick profit. Much like this silk here."

"Well, I thank you for trying." You say, a little nonplussed.

"So long as you keep me abreast of the goings on so that these small endeavors can cause great impacts. This happy state of affairs may continue. Now, was there anything else?"

>Mention the business with the advisor.
>Keep that to yourself for now.
>Keep that to yourself for now.

>filename: I can't read all of that. It stops at "GoUpEarlierButYo-"
Your approximate is a good baseline.
Okay, so ~120 or 2,129.63$ modern USD
100 being 1,774.69$ modern USD
File: lamiacomputer.png (266 KB, 900x825)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
"Nothing seriously important at this time." You say, thinking about the Advisor and what you suspect the Krasick are doing with them.

"Nothing?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Everything else is currently speculation that has yet to be verified. I've got a few avenues to pursue regarding this conflict, but until I take AND hold Purobka, there's not much I can say with certainty."

He stares at you for a second, "I trust should those nebulous things be verified, you'll notify me?"


He nods, "Then I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, expect a missive in the coming few days regarding arms merchants, should I manage to secure their services."

Figuring that's your cue to leave you excuse yourself from the impromptu meeting and exit the tent. Clambering up into the carriage, you and Marie head back the way you came. You pop out through the hatch and watch the receding campsite fade over the next rise. Once satisfactorily out of earshot Marie speaks, "You didn't mention the Fae spirit. The drovers are bound to have mentioned her to him."

"True, but he knows we were looking for her. Us actually bringing her over the mountain is incidental." Not to mention, you think to yourself, the worrying meeting you had in Bralin isn't confirmed just yet, and you'd rather not cause a panic if the aim to recreate a land spirit IS happening.

"Will he see it that way?"

"He's less interested in politics than it appears," You say, "He knows about Tatiana and only seeks to corner the trade market. At least so far as he's stated. Besides, it wasn't him in there by himself. I'd rather not discuss politics with those I don't really know."

She concedes that point and the two of you ride in silence for some time. As you ride over the bridge you figure that if you went to South Fork now and spoke to Keel, you could get back around sundown. That said, with how long you've been on the trail you could really go for some home cooked food right about now.

>It's late, but you should probably go see if you can talk to Keel at South Fork.
>Put that off and focus on settling in.
>It's late, but you should probably go see if you can talk to Keel at South Fork.
Ask Mari if she'd rather stay at the ranch. We can ask someone else to be the driver, and if need be, we can drive ourselves.
File: GetComfy.jpg (109 KB, 500x469)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
"Well, I've gotta check in with Keel." You say just as the harpy's stomach growls audibly "If you wanna stay behind, get some of Tai's food, that's fine. Just grab my rifle and see if McCain's free. If not I'll drive myself."

She hops off the drivers seat and heads for the house. A few moments later McCain comes out with your rifle and a parcel in hand in hand. Passing it up to you he then clambers up the carriage. "Didn't figure you were up for goin' off on an empty stomach, Miss. Had Tai put together a little somethin' for you."

Opening the package you discover Tai's made a pulled pork sandwich incorporating several of the sides he apparently whipped up on the fly. You wonder how he found the time to make something like this, but given the faint aromas that were coming from the kitchen when you were working on the paperwork you suspect he just added a few things to an already planned meal. Nevertheless, you take the time to fully enjoy the meal as you fill McCain in between bites.

"So you figure they're trying to make another land spirit?" He says worriedly.

"Near as I can tell, yeah. Unless they've got some other use for snatching up the advisors. Either way we're gonna need a bit more than just us if we're to stop it. If i can get them to come and help reinforce Purobka it'd make my manpower worries disappear."

You regale McCain with the rest of your adventure south of the mountains as you continue, and you're just about through talking about the confrontation with the Krasick heir when you catch sight of South Fork. There are a few folks still on the streets, so you figure discussing the stuff aloud is less than wise. Stopping in front of the nitor post, you head inside to find Keel's Sargent manning the desk. Fortuitously it would appear Keel is the commanding officer on station at the moment, with the colonel stationed at Snake's Landing and the reservist Major overseeing the cordon at Riverport.

Beckoning you into the office, Keel greets you with, "I see you got our summons. Though from the timing I'm assuming you just returned from your trip. I suppose I should have stressed that it wasn't particularly urgent."

"It's just as well."
>tell Captain Keel about what's happened and our plans to re-re-take Purobka and hold it.
Do mind that it's still going to the beastmen once it's fully under our control, though we need to work on their ability to speak English and Casimir so they don't need a translator.
*ask Keel what he was wanting.
Eventually get around to telling him.
Don't hold back if we think only he can hear us.
File: FavorsForFavors.jpg (276 KB, 850x1222)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
"I figured it was important to get it out of the way." you reply hurriedly, "Since you'd only go through such lengths to contact us if it was pertinent."

"Not as such no. I just wanted to let you know that Cornelius and Lev finished working on that portal thing the Kingfisher escaped through."

"That hardly seems unimportant." You say, concerned.

"Well, an investigation into it found that it ran deep underground, and looks like it may lead to that Leviathan you mentioned." Seeing your concern grow, he holds up a placating hand. "We doubt they made much progress, as another exit portal was discovered, this time pointing well into the Empire itself."

"Doesn't that mean they got what they wanted?"

"Not as such, no. The tunnel was rife with caustic vapors further in. Lev got a pretty nasty burn leading the exploration team. Deeper scrying found a couple Phoenix, or rather, their bones. It would appear they'd headed in without any sort of protection. The rest look to have packed up and booked it. We're still prodding the new gateway, but in all likelihood the phoenix threat is well and truly routed for now, in no small part due to you and yours. For that you have the nitor's thanks."

"I doubt it'll be the last we see of them."

"Undoubtedly, that seems to be the opinion of the Newgates as well. They've been following that particular situation with some interest." Keel says.

Looking around the office, you give a cursory glance for eavesdroppers and then close the door. Turning around to a confused looking Keel, you say "We've cleared Purobka out, and may have figured out the overarching plan of the aggressors in the Casimiran civil war."

"It was to seize the throne, correct?"

"Not exactly. It's all speculation at the moment, but the Krasick have been seizing the other houses advisors. Small fae spirits, presumably shattered remnants of the land spirits here. The fear is that they might be trying to revive, or create their own full blown land spirit."

Keel is quiet for some time, before saying softly, "What makes you say this?"

You hesitate, "Only what we've puzzled out. Terms of surrender the Krasick have given include handing over advisors and they've apparently been cutting off the means the advisors use to contact one another. Everything seems geared to gathering them together more than establishing control. I've secured one of the advisors from the ruins of Purobka, I'll be trying to take and hold it once I get the beastfolk properly kitted out."

Another pause, Keel rubbing his chin looks up at you from the desk, "What do you need me to do?"

Some more men and ammunition would be appreciated. I'm going to try to get them kitted out with >Springfield 1873 "Trapdoor" rifles<, like the ones the army uses if I can't find enough >Winchester Model of 1866 Repeating Muskets<.
I'm not sure how many men they will have, but we will have guns, and they will, at best, have ballista. The likelihood of there being anything larger than a 200 lb bow or 600 lb crossbow are minuscule, though. At that, the Casimir prefer highly regimented melee fighting.
Optionally, an 1876 musket instead.
You choose. (I'd go with the 1876 more, because more useful bayonet and it fires .45-70 govt)
I miss read. It's chamber is actually too short to use 45-70 govt. .45-60 Winchester and .50-95 Express are options, though, and both are about the same length. I'd go for the .50-95 Win. Express. Want to be as effective as possible at killing large animals.
Get us one too so we use the same ammo. (will need to have our crystal attached, but we can do that later)
(Carbine 1876s have a 9 round capacity, Rifles have a 12 round capacity, and muskets have a 13 round capacity)
Also, ignore .45-60. Replace that option with .45-75 Winchester, More common, and slightly more powder than .45-70 govt, but a lighter bullet.
I'd still go with .50-95 Express if possible.
Assuming ~150 per rifle ($2,663.51) plus the cleaning kit and bayonet.
Another ~20 ($355.14) for ammo per rifle.
At ~14 rifles that's 2380. (Or more if other ranch hands want one too)
File: LamiaShot.png (1.1 MB, 1800x727)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
"Taking and holding the abandoned holdfast is going to need resources. I need men, munitions, and weapons. Repeaters preferably. All in the same caliber for logistics purposes."

"Well, I'm afraid I can't help get repeaters." Keel says, "Arma Nitor's issued single shot carbines and rifles. Some of my boys are pretty fast with them, but you'll have to check with someone else to get proper repeaters."

"That's fine," you say, undeterred, "I've got other contacts sending out feelers to try and get my guys supplied. If those don't pan out then I'll probably be in the market for some of those carbines if you can spare a few."

He grimaces, "I'll see what I can do. Now as for the manpower situation, there's two ways we can go about it. What kind of force disposition are we looking at?"

"I'm not sure how many men they will have, but we will have guns, and they will, at best, have ballista. The likelihood of there being anything larger than a 200 lb bow or 600 lb crossbow are minuscule, though. At that, the Casimiran prefer highly regimented melee fighting."

He murmurs to himself doing some mental calculations. "Firstly, I can have maybe two squads of my men be attached to whatever this endeavor may be. They're good at what they do, but I can only spare a few. Alternatively, I can get word to Major Pavlovena of the reservists. They aren't a garrison force and they've been chomping at the bit for some action since the phoenix invasion has petered out. Their current posting has had no end of issues with the locals. That said, they are more a blunt force object than anything, hell some reservists kit themselves out with the latest and greatest gear they can buy. However, if your suspicions regarding that land spirit are confirmed, well, I won't begrudge them for dropping the hammer nor will I be able to stop them."

>Take Keel's offer of two squads.
>Use the reservists.
>Take Keel's offer of two squads.
I'd rather have disciplined men that I can trust if it's all the same to you. Thank you in advance for your aid.
The choice is readily apparent, ="I'd rather have disciplined men that I can trust if it's all the same to you. Thank you in advance for your aid."

"Understood, I'll see who I can spare and have them head down."

"I must admit, I'm surprised at how forthcoming you've been with the assistance." You say, "You seemed stretched pretty thin last I saw you."

"With the Phoenix gone we've gotten freed up a bit, as I said." He explains, "The Newgate family has been leaning on the Nitor heavily to deal with them. Especially after we discovered the Kingfisher was affiliated. Not sure why, but it's not my position to question."

"I thought the Newgates weren't much more than rich figureheads of the UFK."

"Their line might be divorced from the day to day government business, but as you said, they are rich. And they've got political clout."

"Well, I ended up selling a colt to one of them. He's expressed interest in another." You muse, more to yourself.

"It'd probably be a smart move. They're pretty close knit, and their influence is fairly significant."

You're in a pretty thoughtful state of mind when you finally bid Keel farewell and exit the nitor posting. McCain is still atop the carriage, hat pulled down and slouching is his seat. Looking around, you can see that the town is still fairly active for so late in the day.

>Check out something in the town. (Specify)
>Head home.
>Check out something in the town. (Specify)
Gun store. See if they have anything we're looking for.
You figure getting a feel for the prices of outfitting your men would be. To that effect, your next stop is a little stroll down towards Enos' shop. Heading inside, you note the minotaur hasn't hurled anyone through the glass long enough for dust to have built up on it. Something Enos is a attempting to rectify judging by the furious scrubbing. He pauses when you enter, giving you his customary greeting and that if you had any questions he'll be right there. Figuring to look on your own for a while, you head back to the corner of the general store where the less than general supplies are kept.

Sorting through the racking, you see that Enos' stock of firearms hasn't changed much. Trapper's rifles, muzzleloaders, and small caliber revolvers make up the bulk of Enos' stock. Catering to the locals and drifters that come in to find odd jobs in the small town. The stock is small, and the munitions reserves would be hard pressed to outfit your men even if you did buy the store out of everything. Enos does what a lot of the small communities on the southern continent do, buys enough to get by. Most business with rifles he gets is your standard ranchhand coming in with a broken firing pin or something similar, which he'll swap out with parts from one of his own, and then order a replacement part. You're a bit disappointed, but you remember that when you and your father had ordered your own rifle, it'd been through Enos' using one of his mail order forms. It'd been at a premium, but the quality was never in doubt, and the rifle has been good to you. Getting an idea, you head back to Enos' and ask him about his vendor order guides, and see if he has any that he'd be willing to part with. Luckily the minotaur does, and pulls out a massive book labeled "Southern Outfitters." Thanking him, you pick up a few more rounds for your own rifle with some pocket change, and lug the book out to the carriage.

McCain, apparently roused into wakefulness by the slam of the book hitting the seat looks down towards you.

"All set to go miss?"

>Yes. Gonna do some reading on the way back. (Give me a 1d20+3 roll to sort through the information in the book.)
>Yes, we'll crack this thing open when we get home.
>No, there was something else.
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

>>Yes. Gonna do some reading on the way back. (Give me a 1d20+3 roll to sort through the information in the book.)
Rolled 11 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

>in case no-one else rolls
Lighting the small reading lantern built into the carriage itself, you curl up inside and being devouring the information the catalog has. Reading on the road has always been a bit of a pain, if only because of your tendency to hyperfocus on the texts to the point where you get mild motion sickness. Skimming through the catalog offers no such reaction, however the price tags you're seeing on some of the items force you to balk. Your own repeater is going for at least double what you paid for it back when you originally got it. Looking closer, you can see that the makers of the catalog at the very least broke down the 'costs' of the products, and you can see the bulk of the expense is in shipping. Skimming further through the book, you don't see anything about bulk purchases, or any way to offset the grossly overpriced shipping costs. Grimacing, you toss the book down and hope that the drop in phoenix activity means that the quoted shipping expenses are wildly out of date.

Your foul mood persists through the ride home, and it's already dark by the time you espy the Lion's Head Ranch sign marking the start of your property. Exiting the carriage, you make to help take the rigging off of the horses but McCain shoos you inside, claiming he's already eaten so he can take care of it. Wandering inside, you can see that Tai is one of the few people still up, and is cleaning up the kitchen. Scrounging up some leftovers, you're about to sit down when he says. "Miss Sasha, that little one you brought back with you. After she ate, she went upstairs to the study. I don't think she's come down yet."

Food forgotten, you make your way upstairs with all haste. Fae spirit or no fae spirit, no pipsqueak is going to lay claim on your father's study. That's yours and yours alone. You all but burst through the door, half expecting her to be rifling through your desk and making a mess of things. You're greeted to a sight of perfect order, nothing out of place nor scattered around. You almost don't see her until a faint rustling from the corner catches your eye. The little spirit lies atop the upholstered bench beneath the study's window, fitfully turning back in forth in her sleep. Fighting back a sigh, you head over to the linen closet and pull out one of your old quilts from your childhood. Much too small now, but adequate enough for your purposes. Draping it over the little fae, she stops turning almost instantly, curling up beneath the blanket. You shake your head, figuring she'll keep until you've gotten some food, and some sleep of your own for that matter.

>Gonna call the thread here since we're on page ten and the weather isn't agreeing with my connection. As always, thanks for reading and bearing with the delays between threads.
Not a problem chem.
See you next time.

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