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File: boc2-turn29.png (1.06 MB, 1600x1600)
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Dawn of the Final Day: 1 Thread Remains.

The Gods and Demi of the Old World waged war, shoving shoulder to shoulder until their realm was forgotten. The Old World forgotten and ruined, in fractures of time and arcana; a new world was born.

You are a being of creation, what people of this realm may come to call a Daemon. You are a being born with innate knowledge and arcane power.
It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

New game soon - join: discord.gg/eRzTbvc





This Turn:

Covetous, Qazlal, and Valakor get 12 AP this turn.

>>2879285 Solar Serpent
Any attack against the giant bone itself is futile, as it releases a grand surge of arcane energy upon striking it. However, the inital attack led against The Bloodletting is highly successful, pushing them back underground and reclaiming the entrance to the blood river.
The mage-priests hastily inscribe runes to the soldier's armor, using sandstone's warding magic for improved protection. +1 MAD, Rune Inscribed Armor developed.

>>2882266 Tigyogg
Along the coasts of Tigyogg's now not-so-new territory, a magnificent city rises amongst the apple groves. City developed, -10 Whitestone, -6 Applewood. +6 AFF.
Linguistics developed. -3 Applewood, +1 AFF.
With thorough research, and great leaps into the study of linguistics, the Uchynn finally make a break through. Pieces of the language begin to fit together, as what used to look like randomly etched lines now appears to not only show in specific patterns, but has structure, and eventually... meaning! Each symbol, or word, of their language is made of several etched lines, where each line represents something comparable to a letter. Additionally, all of their language is structured similar to that of a song, with rhymes, metaphors, and symbolism spread throughout. Whoever these creatures were, they were well-cultured. Pyramid Tongue developed.

>>2883035 Frakt
Silk Farm II developed.
+1 hex.
The second expedition heads east, landing upon the shores of a large mountain range. Strangely, one could sense this land is under the control of a divine precense, similar to that of Kolithe's divine aura. However, there's no sign of life... Even after scouting further into the mountains, it feels... abandoned?

File: bloodcuck2.png (361 KB, 680x680)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>>2883071 Elyot
Elyot hastily makes his return through the oltar gates, coming to assist his friends in their defense. -2 Oltar.
The Canin had been training for this day; it was time to put their tools to use! 6 hex claimed through both attacks.
Upon reclaiming the fort, under Elyot's command, the Canin pull the lever as planned. With a glow of arcane sigils on the gatepad, the skull vanishes from the fort, reappearing at the central islands gate. -4 Oltar Ore.

>>2877160 The Librarian
Magic Research developed. The Yotile will regularly discover the magical effects of resources that you choose, at the expense of some of that material. I'll let you know when its available, although without further upgrade theres a long cooldown.
The battle mages shall now additionally use brambleroot magic to capture their enemies, although to make use of it in battle you'll definitely want to collect some more brambleroot. +1 MAO, +1 MAD.
One of the rooms in the grand library is constructed as an observatory, taking advantage of the yotiles advancement in engineering and physics to construct the celestial calendar. The dome room depicts the sky, using lights to change from night to day, gear-timed beams that show the position of the suns and moons, and a moving sphere of constellations. A lever attached to a wheel in the center of the room allows one to change the time and date that the observatory is showing. Celestial Calendar developed, -2 Syrconite, -3 White Sand, -4 Bonerock. +2 AFF.
Construction III begins development.

>>2869312 Tim
+10 Silvercry Wood. Your jungles are beginning to look sparser and sparser...
The massive structure is at last constructed, as all Tim's people devote themselves to constructing The Moth Queen. -20 Silvercry Wood, +5 Whitestone, -3 Syrconite. +6 AFF. +5 FPD.

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
[2] Develop Thaumium Armor, -6 Thaumite, +4 MPD.
[2] Attack Elyot. 4 hex claimed.

Red Siphon
[2] Breach through surface of central islands from blood river.
[4] Attack Tim and Creation Goddess territory. 3 hex claimed.

"Have it your way, Daemon. May The Bloodletting cleanse your malevolence. "
[4] Attack Solar Serpent. While the blood rivers begin to flood the underground caverns, drowning what lizardmen dare enter underground in blood, Oblivion and the majority of his blood army attack through a different tunnel, breaching through the salt fields of Solar Serpent's territory. 2 hex claimed.
[2] Upon breaching the surface, the blood immediately works to piece together a machine of resources taken on the blood river boats. An electromagnet of arcane energy is mobilized on a wheeled structure, forming a mobile dome of protective magic. +3 MAD.

[2] Develop

The Urchynn experiment with the springy properties of Applewood and woven mesh to produce devices that can launch sharp-sharded spikes. Now Urchynn prickles will come to you!

[2] Develop + [19] DI

Tigyogg's will gather her finest smiths and metallurgists, and with their knowledge and her divine inspiration they will work to develop suits of sturdy Sycronite armour, decorated with patterns of Jold and Thaumite, made to be suited for the frequently stout Urchynn physiology.

[0] The Students of the Benion tongue will try their hand at conversation again, now that they think they have the basics - assuming any of the moth-folk are still around to find and chat to.

"Oh, greetin's once more!" Shaun will begin, then switch into what is probably a very garbled form of Benion. <<"Oh, is this any better? If it is, then greetings again to you, kindly. Hope we havn't been disturbin' you fellas an' lasses to much by our bein' here. We're Urchynn, from the lands north of the seas north of this place, and my name's Shaun. Hope you're all bright an' merry as you're garbed to be? Them's some very fancy clothin's.">>

[2] Then, once the Moth-folk have responded (or failed to) and the conversation has been mutually concluded, the explorers will continue their charting expedition south-east down the coastline...
Interesting. I'm still in the mood to play a god game, and the pantheon one that was going on hasn't come back. So I'll give this one a look.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 468x258)
16 KB

[2] Exploration Return.
The Benions are weary to set foot into Bloodletting territory, and dare not risk even giving more than a cursory glance a few hexes inland from up in the air. Soon enough, their ships turn to make the return voyage back to the newly claimed Shatterwing Islands.

They disembark, their Captain hurrying between new blossoms of shoulder-height Ice Flower saplings, making for the Camp at the center of the Archipelago. Hurried conversations with the local Sap-Sipper's informs him that Kolithe has returned from her haunt to the east, where she claimed a small island. With renewed vigor, he flaps on, finally finding his liege and delivering his report.

[2] Develop [Divine Influence]
>This is aimed to boost attacking/defense vs Blood.
Kolithe clutches her wooden throne with a slender white claw, her antennae rising as her wings slowly spread. The mark of a Benion simmering with fury and willpower.
"Abandoned, you say?" She says softly, to which the Captain nods.
"Then it is ours. Prepare your ship, and tell the other Captains to do so as well. We leave by nightfall."
Kolithe rose as the Captain left, bringing her Advisors into the large tent. It felt good to live in homes of Silk again, even if it was still prohibitively rare.
"I will lead the charge into this unclaimed territory. Our prime objective is to find where the damned demons have retreated to, and then prepare a strike force to obliterate them, if possible-" Kolithe began, before a Lavender-winged General in blue silk cut her off, her words gushing out.
"War?! My Leige, our people have only just now begun to recover. Our military forces are no greater than they were when we retreated! We would be slaughtered!"
Kolithe regarded the offending member of her inner circle, looming over them all as he form began to shift in size and manner. Pristine cream wings became a faded pink, then a vivid ruby, white fluff replaced with ochre fur that made her seem less refined but more... brutal.
"You forget that I am The Great Beauty, and my power knows no limit. I will be the one to destroy them. All you must do-" Kolithe ordered, her limb reaching out to enclose the face of her terrified victim "-is share my zeal."
See Related Pic.
This is a minion-enhancement, changing the physiology of the Benions to make them bulkier, stronger, and blood-thirsty, in both temperament and culinary decisions. The perfect foes to ones dominated by connection to Blood.

[2] Establish Sea Route
1F-03 to 1F-13
[4] Reclaim the salt fields! Plug any holes they use to ascend! CHARGE! (Physical Attack)
[2] Meanwhile, the Mage-Priests are to develop a ritual using the Red Sand, a ritual to blast down that dome they've erected, and any future fortifications as well!
Attack [4] Tim's chefs turn up the heat and build a large fires with cooking oils creating flaming surfaces that are extremely hard to put out
Defend [1] DI Tim's people defend against the blood as best as they can.
File: boc2-turn30.png (1.07 MB, 1600x1600)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>>2900180 Tigyogg
Spring Spikes developed. +2 MPO. -2 Applewood.
Similar to the syrconite shields they made, they construct a suit of armor fit for the urchynn's physiology. -2 Syrconite, -1 Jold, -1 Thaumite. +4 MPD.
I'll direct said moth-friends to your post.... Depending on how that goes, exploring south into the jungles of the central islands, you'll discover the Silvercry Wood and Mistnettle resources.

The more players the merrier, startin a new game up soon with updated rules. But, I can assume you already know this, since you're prolly the one who joined the discord :)

>>2900574 Kolithe
Might I direct thy attention to the RP of your spiny friends in >>2900566
The wary benions return home to report what information they've gathered, better safe than sorry. (also oh shit, frakt lore again at long last)
Fuck yeah, the moths shall rise once more, with feeling. Blood-Drinkers developed. +5 MPO against bloodletting.
It seems this new tech may be more worthwhile than you originally thought, as benions begin reporting an attack on the central island colony by forces of blood...
Sea Route established.
You have creative minds available, and magic research as well.

>>2901437 Solar Serpent
The pure mass of lizardmen overwhelms the bottlenecked bloodletting minions; they continue to pour outwards, yet the trained lizardmen strike each down with practised accuracy. The salt fields are reclaimed, as the lizardmen work to cut off the source from which they crawl out of.
The protective dome continues to move, led by this divine figure who identified himself as Oblivion. The mage-preists hastily work to design a counter-measure, which should be prepared for use in your next attack.
Might I oncemore redirect your attention to Oblivion's post at the bottom, to know what his actions are.

>>2906802 Tim
Using secretions from the mistnettle vines of silvercry trees, Tim's people create a highly flammable oily substance perfect for cooking.
Meanwhile, they warily hold their magnet blades in defense, fearful of this nw oppressive foe, but they seem uninterested in Tim and his people as they push into the jungles to the north.

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
After pushing to the fortress only to see the skull missing, the brood imp's forces immediately cease their attack. An army of bloodletting hold position in the case of its return.
[2] Sail the underground blood rivers
[4] Assist Red Siphon in the assault on central islands.

Red Siphon
[4] Attacking Kolithe and Creation Goddess.
[2] Reconstruct obelisks around pelvis prodigy bone. -3 Oltar.

[4] Explosive blasts fire from the dome, as jold cannonballs at immense speeds hurl towards solar serpent's protective dome around the prodigy bone. Red-sand cannons.
[2] Oblivion makes some quick divine touchups on his gauntlet. This will be needed. -3 Thaumium.
[4] One last push! Get them out of out territory, using the ritual to blast down the dome!
[2] Meanwhile, the Mage Priests begin blessing the siege engines along the Ribcage Fortifications, *hopefully* granting them the range and destructive force to preform counter-battery fire on the enemy cannons. (Devine Influence)
Attack [4] the best defense is a good offense.
Defend [1] DI with all of his strength Tim defends the goddess from the blood
"what's the big deal attacking a nice lady like that you should be ashamed of yourselves."
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Magic Research-Cod

Creative Minds - We once mined the Vekrahtil Ore of this land. Perhaps we should re-open the mines? (passive mining of good ol' vekrahtil)

Kolithe pauses as she feels some of her Divine Influence whisked away, clawed at by what she bet was the blood-scourged foes she had just set out to defeat. Were there ways they could spy on her?

No matter. With grim determination, she set forth to the ships.

[1] Travel to 1F-13
Kolithe, even in her bloodthirsty throes, still feels a pang at the loss of her Divine power. Not for the land lost, but for the people. She wishes she could be there for them, but knows that the blood must die now, to preserve what Benions she can save. She is resolute, and ready to take them apart!

[4]Attack - DIvine Influence
Claim as much land as possible! There must be a way down into the depths, for that is surely the way they have retreated!

[1] Defend
The remaining Benions on the central island fortify themselves as best as they can.
File: Porcupine.jpg (199 KB, 1280x720)
199 KB
199 KB JPG

As Captain Shaun's exploration ship sails down the coast, the crew become aware that these are not peaceful lands. Stagnant jungles, then fields of monstrous bones. And war, strange creatures clashing on the shorelines. Clashing with foes who look to be horribly familiar; for among the gore-shrouded side are beings that Urchynn watchers have observed across the seasons, scampering and looming in the bloodwoods across the border. The blank-eyed, blood-lined forces of the brood imp are here, waging war.

[0] Communicate + [2] Develop (Language)

Shaun and his crew will pull close to shore and attempt to communicate with someone from amidst the skirmishes if anyone is willing to receive them, to try and uncover what is going on here, if they can get some sort of linguistic comprehension soon enough.

[2] Develop + [19] DI

Urchynn have long had boats with which to cross the waters. However, getting around on land can be a bit of trouble for their stubby little legs. So, she decides to help them out by creating for them a beast of burden, a noble steed; the majestic Porcupine.

[2] Develop

Which the Urchynn will then take the time to learn to ride and control, trying their best to make some form of viable cavalry service.



Finish construction

>stargaze + DI

Thé world is about to change, the Librarian can feel it. And so it turn to the sky. Stars teached us so much maybe there is some arcane teaching to be gained too? A glimpse of events to come?


On more practical matter those strange moth like people left without even setting foot on the island.... but we may follow them and keep track of the route we use


More bramble still

> dev

I want a second bridge to link my territory on oblivion Ireland with the isle of the first bridge
File: boc2-turn31.png (1.08 MB, 1600x1600)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
A sense of unease begins to fill the soul of every daemon... A sense of dread."

>>2912991 Solar Serpent
With an explosive blast, the protective dome of Oblivion's troops cracks and fades. With the bubble down, the lizardmen flood through the troops of crimson minions, striking each down with precision and relentlessness. -3 Red Sand.
With the assistance of The Grand Solar Serpent and the mage priests, the mounted siege weapons are improved to counter their shots, giving enough time for the lizardmen soldiers to storm their forces and destroy the cannons.
And once again, might I direct your attention to Oblivion's turn at the bottom of the next post.

>>2913165 Tim
Tim's troops are almost entirely untrained, however they make their assault regardless, but the bloodletting appears uninterested by their attack, as their cut down forms of blood crawl across the ground further into the jungle. 1 hex reclaimed.
Regardless, Tim's people continue forwards, doing what they can to hold defence for the goddess. The Bloodletting seems to be going around even the temple of time, instead pushing even further into the jungle...

>>2913394 Kolithe
Vekrahtil Mines reopened
The ships set sail, headed straight for the blood's abandoned territory. It had its reign for far too long, the blood's power shall be torn and drank! Rip and tear, until it is done!
The abandoned territory shows no fight, as the territory is quickly claimed by Kolithe and her forces. Scouring its terrain, they set their eyes upon the cavernous depths in which the blood rivers of the underground lie. The viscous liquid shows no sign of life nor response, they must have gone far.
The central island benions holds strong, standing their ground until reinforcements may arrive.

>>2916136 Tigyogg
Faced with gruesome and brutal war, Captain Shaun and his exploring group take the sidelines of the coast, preparing the linguists as they try to reach out. (Hint to other players, Tigyogg's tryna communicate on central islands)
Meanwhile, Tigyogg raises a new creature to being, a magnificent spine-backed mount that shall serve the Urchynn well in traversing terrain. Porcupine Steed developed.
The Urchynn work hard to tame, ride, and control these new beasts. At last, they not only succeed in their efforts, but learn some new tricks. Animal Handling developed. +1 AFF.
>>2922982 The Librarian
You have magic research available to use, with a resource of your choice.
10 Brambleroot quarried.
Construction III developed.
I actually don't know where those moths went since Frakt never followed up to that, but...
Following these strange new ships, the Yotiles are lead west, where they discover Tigyogg has expanded quite a bit! However, there is no sign of the moths, they must have gone further south along the coast.
A grand bridge of brambleroot is sprung once-more, as it crawls across the sky, arcing from your island to Oblivion's mainland. -10 Brambleroot.
The Librarian and his people stare to the stars for answers from this sense of global unease, but this time... the stars stare back. One at a time, the stars give a small flash of light, before fading out. Slowly, each star seems to disappear from the night sky, with no trace of its past existence. A rumbling can be heard from the observatory, as the Yotiles rush to tell The Librarian of the event. The spinning observatory rapidly begins to spin and show a series of constellations, before repeating the list. It's as if the observatory itself is trying to communicate, if not something from above. The quickly flips through the series of constellations as named by the Yotiles: Communal Sacrifice, Annihilation, The Destitute, Acheron's Ring, Cartographer's Pen, Librarian's Gift, Yearning One, Servant, and Mistress of Knowledge. It constantly loops through these nine constellations for hours on end, before finally stopping.

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
[4] Continue the assault upon the Benions and Canin. The Benions hold strong and prevent the assault, but luckily the moths aren't today's target. 2 hex claimed.
[2] Relocate the skull to a location with obelisks.

Red Siphon
[2] Repair obelisks around skull. -2 Oltar Ore.
[2] Activate obelisks around skull. -4 Oltar Ore.
[2] Teleport Prodigy Skull to the homeland. -4 Oltar Ore.

With the rolling shield down, Oblivion's troops are torn through by Solar Serpent's lizardmen. He stands amidst the chaos, before declaring:
"What path can be avoided whose end is fixed by the almighty God? I will finish this myself."
[2] Oblivion lifts his fist, wrapped in a glistening gold-colored thaumite gauntlet. His fist clenches, crushing the oltar in his palm between arcane sigils, as his form vanishes in a flurry of shining red particles, reappearing by The Prodigy Ribcage within the protective dome. -1 Oltar Ore.
[4] With arcane tattoos running down the entirety of his right arm, his gauntlet covered fist shoves a collection of thaumite shards into the skin of his tattooed forearm. His right hand extends outwards, as bolts of lightning leap towards groups of lizardmen all around him. He holds his defence for as long as possible.
Oh boy
Kolithe paced furiously in the dimply lit caverns. The sound of blood, congealing slightly as it slides along its winding path underground, echoes along the backdrop of Kolithe's heels clicking on the moist stone.

"Where. ARE. THEY!?" She screeches into the darkness, answered only by her own echo and the uncomfortable rustling of her own troops.

Kolithe breathes deeply, then turns to her troops.
"Return to the surface. We're setting up camps and preparing for a spearhead expedition south."

[2] Develop
The blood rivers may potentially stretch along the depths of the entire world. The Benions already feed on the Blood to fight, why not to travel? Manipulate their forms to have them draw not only strength from blood, but speed as well.
Bonus explore range when travelling blood river paths.

More of the same. The Benions, with Kolithe at their helm, must be able to charge through Bloodstained territory as quickly as possible.

[2] Develop - Divine Influence
A faint spark of what was once Kolithe, the Daemon of beauty and grace, struggled within the now-bloodthirsty brute she had become. Even now, on the eve of her potential end, Kolithe wasn't completely gone. With a wellspring of power at her fingertips, she infused her now savage Benions with a modicum of the grace and agility they once held. Now, if they so wished, it would be ever easier to evade the grasping claws of those they fought.
Evasion-based Minion Defense? Less losses when they retreat? Leave it up to you, but today's turn is based around GOTTA GO FAST.
[4] The momentum is firmly ours! Press the attack, and then seal the entrances by which they were granted access! The Grand Solar Serpent personally leads the charge, eager to see this interloper dealt with once and for all. (divine influence)
[2] Meanwhile, quarry more Red Sand. I have a feeling it's going to be useful.
Maybe if this updated more than once a year I wouldn't keep forgetting my name...
File: boc2-turn32.png (1.94 MB, 2400x2400)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
2 people lol but thread is gonna die so

>>2930144 Kolithe
Creative Minds is now available for use.
The Benions begin to feed from the power of the blood, drinking the blood river as their wings begin hum with deafening power, as their wings propel themselves forwards with speed never previously attained. Bloodhaste developed. +2 MPD against Blood.
Kolithe, perhaps absorbed in her own power and ironic bloodlust, or perhaps consumed with vengeance for the Benions lost, she was different. She had skewed far from her original form, but it has been a necessary sacrifice. The Bloodletting shall pay for what they've done, and the disgrace they make upon the ideals of beauty. Whether this new form is temporary or not, she will do all she must to empower the Benions for what is to come. -1 AFF. Agility developed. +2 MPD.
A light begins to fill the end of the blood river tunnels at last, as Kolithe and her troops fly upwards through its exit, greeted by the wet junglescape of the central islands. It's raining blood... Perfect for an evening meal.

>>2930251 Solar Serpent
The crowds of bloodlet minions are cut down, as their decimated forms of bone and gore sink into the sand. The lizardmen hold position at whatever entrances they can find, preventing the bloodletting from pushing its way to the surface.
However, this particular perpetrator holds his ground well. Waves of Lizardmen rush towards the being, with no chance in getting close. He launches a plummet of fire and lightning to all who are in range, and those who are close he personally beats down with the thaumite gauntlet that wraps his fist. He seems to be... delaying, as his actions are no more than holding off the swarms of lizardmen. This entity seems to hold the power equal to that of a daemon. Perhaps something more is to come soon, or perhaps this the lizardmen's opportunity to come up with a plan of attack.
Red Sand is quarried at once, in the case it may be necessary to finish off the blood. +10 Red Sand.

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
[1] Retreat to mainland through blood rivers.
[2] Quarry 12 Oltar Ore.
[1] Sail blood rivers east, beneath Solar Serpent's territory.
[2] Teleport more Oltar Ore up to Oblivion. -2 Oltar Ore.

Red Siphon
[2] Repair obelisks around Pelvis Prodigy Bone. -2 Oltar Ore.
[2] Activate obelisks around Pelvis Prodigy Bone. -4 Oltar Ore.
[2] Teleport Pelvis Prodigy Bone to the homelnad. -4 Oltar Ore.

[4] Maintaining position holding off the swarms of lizardmen, Oblivion continues to shove thaumite crystals through the tatooed skin as it leaps between the lizards in each group. -3 Thaumite.
[2] Reactivate the obelisks around the Ribcage Prodigy Bone. -4 Oltar Ore. Now only the teleport must be done, and the mission will be complete.

May the Bloodletting Cleanse our malevolence.
>May the Bloodletting Cleanse our malevolence
>our malevolence
It's happening!
[2] Meanwhile, The Mage-Priests see what Oblivion is doing to the Obelisks, and bring this to their liege's attention. Thinking that he's charging up some kind of attack, he begins lashing out at them, with the Mage Priests quickly falling in to try and sabotage whatever ritual Oblivion is casting. (Divine Influence)
Attack [4] push to take back the temple
Attack [4] push to take back the temple
Attack [4] push to take back that damn temple!

Tim: Emmeline I don't know why they're attacking us but we need to have a plan.
The way they're acting is very occupy and search if we can even stop them I'd say we should but you got any clues for what they're trying to do?
Once the new game begins I'll kill you first I will relish in seeing life fading from your eyes and your lifeless cadaver will rise and live again to serve me
I'll see you soon Tim :)
As Kolithe and her blood-soaked spawn spew forth from the gaping wound in the earth, foul Bloodletting casters finish their arcane chanting, the giant bone they guarded so fiercely vanishing with a twist of reality. Thoroughly ignored, the disfigured abomination march south-west, drawn to battle some foe beyond Kolithe's sight.

Turning to her Manaweavers, their breath misting red in the chilled air, Kolithe bade them to open their minds to the strange magics, learning the powers of which the Bloodletters had just wielded.

Creative Minds - Oltar Magic

"It... moves..." One of them grunted, clearly still holding onto a scrap of intelligence underneath the blood-craze most Benions were caught up in. "Instant."

Kolithe swung around, claws clicking against her palm as her increasingly cruel mind ticked away. With a roar, she bade her troops forward, crowding around the Oltar gate that stood nearby.

[1] Defend
Benions, near and far across the world, hunkered down into their cold homes, the lofty trees of lands distant and familiar. Something was coming, but was it Blood... or worse?

~The Oltar Gate~
Kolithe and her troops swarmed around the massive, metallic structure. Each footfall tore up sinuous crimson 'grass', the tainted spawn of their most hated foe. Silently, her army watched as Kolithe approached the gate. A twist of her hands, and a circle of runes appeared around the base, etched into the ground by shards of frost. These were runes just newly discovered, those of Oltar, to move things to and from a place instantly.
Kolithe paused, and turned to her troops, the shards of ice she controlled etching more runes, expanding the spell that swallowed the entire gate.
"Benions." This must be simple, their blood-soaked minds could barely comprehend words at this point. "Today, we end the horrible blight on this world. Today, we prove victorious."
A massive roar went up, cheering Benions thrashing their wings and claws. Behind Kolithe, runes for Snow appeared, that life-giving element she held dear.
"In this, our brightest hour, I ask of you only two favors."

[1] Half-Develop
Remove the blood-craze from Benions, as many as possible. Return them, at least some, to their former grace.

"Forgive me."
The majority of the army, being closest to Kolithe, had reverted, standing on shaky legs to witness their blood-soaked goddess inscribing runes for Blood, that forbidden Material, which thronged the sky and choked the land. Who knew what it would do?!

"My last favor." She smiled, tears staining her crimson cheeks as a flush of her familiar white broke through. "Remember beauty. Remember grace. Remember me."

The circle completed it's last runes, those for Divine Essence, and Kolithe stepped in to join them.

[4] Attack

Life Giving power [Snow/Ice] through any and all Oltar Structures, fueled by Kolithe and her divine energy, and affected in whatever way Blood would. Intent: Cure the blood. Revert their curse.
File: boc-final1.png (4.41 MB, 1600x1600)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB PNG
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>>2936314 Solar Serpent
Enraged, The Grand Solar Serpent commands his people to throw everything they have at this foul, warmblooded, intruder. Their relentless attacks are met with Oblivion's uncompromising counterattacks. Met with beasts and men, he strikes with lightning, fire, and unlife. Met with siege and explosives, he counters with dispels and arcane barriers. Just as all attacks seem hopeless, the Mage-Priests think outside of the box. If this unstoppable force will not meet destruction with relentless attacks, then we must strike not him, but his goal. Once the plan had been delivered to Solar Serpent and his army, they began its execution. Attacks were directed not to Oblivion, but to the obelisks, where he stood ever so defensively. Many lizardmen fell in the assault, but one group stood triumphant. Using the others as a distraction, this group set up a Red Sand explosive sigil beside one of the obelisks, escaping as it detonated an explosion with convulsive force that could rupture a fortress. As the smoke cleared, several obelisks laid fractured and destroyed, as Oblivion let out an enraged shout. But before Oblivion could further react, he looks down to his hands, only for them to begin deteriorating into beautiful particles of light...

>>2936434 Tim
Tim's people push with all they have; they will not stand down before knowing of the Goddess' safety! The Bloodletting begins to, at last, fight back; perhaps they finally see Tim as enough of a threat to give the respect of combat. But Tim and his humans resist, they push back, and reclaim the territory that surrounds the temple.
Tim pushes through the massive stone doors of the temple, worriedly looking for Emmeline, as he sees the Grand Weavers at the end of the grand hall. The orb of web they weave grows glow from the inside, as it spins faster than ever before. Something wrong is definitely going on. He calls out into the halls, requesting a plan of attack, some hope in the world that may give context to the Blood's assault. The Goddess slowly walks out from one of the halls, looking to the stone ground in sorrow.
"I fear it's too late, Tim. I tried to warn you all, but I could not express my fears soon enough. History repeats it self once-more... But I will do something this time. It's my time to go, but the Temple of the Great Weavers must live on. The Bloodletting may take over this world, but the best I can do is give you the gift of rebirth before blood may consume all daemons. I myself refuse to destroy The Ichor, for it is all that's left of my world. My world may have died, but yours will live on."
She looks to Tim with a tear in her eye, anguished at the destruction she believes is to occur in moments.

File: boc-final2.png (4.31 MB, 1600x1600)
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4.31 MB PNG
"Whatever this world may become, whenever this world will be, whoever you, your fellow daemons, and your people turn in to, I hope we will all meet again. When it is done, I may not take the same form, but nor will any of us, but it is the only way I could guarantee life will continue to prosper. Goodbye, Tim."
Tim is taken aback at this near-speech of information; she speaks as if the world is to end, but equally as if it is all to survive. But this does not answer Tim's questions, this does not answer his concerns. What will happen to this world? What is the blood searching for? What has the blood done? But he cannot speak. He feels light, as he looks down to his hands. They glow with yellow light, like thousands of fireflies fleeting from his form. He begins to fade, as his body dissipates into light.

>>2936814 Kolithe
The Benions whose form had just reverted stand in shock at what lies before them, as Kolithe backs into the sigil. The sigil begins to glow, as Kolithe gives her final words, and final tear. Light, brighter and more beautiful than any, beams into the sky from the sigil beneath the gate. A beacon of light that could be seen for miles. The Benions bow, before shedding a tear of their own.
The beam of light begins to fade, as the collection of ice and snow had vanished, along with Kolithe. The gate itself continued to glow, before vines began to creep from its base, stretching far and wide in all directions. The rain of blood slowly came to a stop, as all around the world, vines that glowed with life crept from the oltar pillars and gates. They crawled up the legs of bloodlet minions, and of The Bloodletting's corrupted daemons alike. What ingredient could better fit the recipe of granting life than a daemon?

File: Spoiler Image (42 KB, 500x500)
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As the vines wrapped all manifestations of The Bloodletting, it pulled them to the ground, restraining and binding them. It pulled them until they could resist no longer, as plant matter grew across the bodies of bone, gore, and blood. Where blood stood, now lies large, red-veined plants. Red Siphon lost grasp of her holy blade as she puts all her might into resisting the vines, before stems and wood would sprout from her interior. The plants soaked the blood of the former daemon, The Red Huntress, as her memory was made permanent as a grand tree with a sword in its roots. The Brood Spawn, the former childlike Heheia, accepted the overgrowth, as a forest of flowers would spread from her form over The Bloodletting's mainland. The Prodigy Bones lie dormant, ever so close to being united, as the plantmatter buries them forever.
Beings of all kind, daemon, benion, lizard, yotile, human, urchynn, canin, dukali, gaping, and crocodilian, look upon a world cured of blood, and gifted with nature. As they all cheerfully look over a world gifted freedom, they themselves attain freedom, as each one glows with a yellow light. Each, fading into the sky, as their forms peacefully disintegrate into a beautiful light.

The world lies devoid of beings, yet covered in nature. The three moons watch over a night of pure solitude, quieter than any other. They watch over a world cleansed from malevolence.

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