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Your name is Hunter Switchblade. You're currently in 7th fucking grade. And you've recently awakened to some dark powers. Dark powers which you will use to exact revenge on those fucking bullies who tormented you.

Who laughed at you, called you a virgin, and stole the girl that should've been yours. You, a poor orphan boy who grew up in foster homes all his life. Your fucking "parents" can't do anything about this. It's up to you.

You're outside a party happening across the street. You're on a roof staring down. You brandish your raven black Hellpistol. It glows with a hellish flaming sheen in the light of the full moon. You grit your teeth hearing the obnoxious sound of the party music and cheering happening below. All those girls having fun with all those guys. They would never go for the sweet quiet type like yourself. They only like douchebags and assholes. Girls complaining about guys cheating on them, you're not the kind of scumbag who would cheat. But they always go for the assholes.

Anyhow, you're on the lookout for one guy. Brandon Baxter. Son of a wealthy business tycoon. He seems to have ducked out of town for a while and you haven't been able to find him anywhere. You want him to suffer the most.

But for now, his retarded fucking friends will have to fucking do. You'll have to torment them and see if you can get them to squeal like the fucking pigs they are. But first you need a plan, a plan to find his douchy friends and get them alone at the party. Then question them at gunpoint with your raven black Hellpistol.

Who the fuck bullies someone called Hunter Switchblade? That's a fucking cool name, if a little bit edgy
Screw it kill them all! Cut the pilot light on the gas furnace or other gas appliances, then turn up the gas and get out of there. Let the idiots blow them selves up!
REEEEEEEEEEE into the moon from frustration and start sobbing and releasing retarded child wheezing sounds
use dark powers to spawn infinite lego pieces into their party. They will never be able to avoid stepping on them
Im voting for this too
I like this idea. Make it look like an accident.
Pick them off one by one.
Screw it, you're going to fucking KILL THEM ALL! All these worthless parasites deserve to fucking die!

You jump down off the roof and gracefully float down.. It's time Hunter Switchblade made his appearance at the party..

And so you enter the party across the street. Walking by half naked drunken party-goers dancing on the lawn. Fucking idiots. Ruining their lives with that bitter poison. Time to find the gas appliances. Find something to light this house skyhigh. Blow up all these worthless fucking insects, these worthless-

Suddenly you see her. The girl you had your eye on. The one true love that was stolen away. With raven black hair. A cool, chill exterior. Pale skin. Decked out in cute goth attire. A baggy black sweatshirt and some studs and spikes on her clothes.. Black makeup. She was the one.. Your sweet Winter Rain.. She was a virgin as well. At least until one of Brandons lackeys got to her.

She forces a smile and walks up to you.
"Oh, Hunter. I didn't expect to see you at this party. Heh. I'm sure I look really out of place here don't I? Greg dragged me here.. And well, here I am I guess."
"Winter.. Why.."
She seems confused.
"Is everything alright Hunter?"
"No it's not fucking 'alright' dammit. Why the hell did you hookup with that Greg idiot anyways?"
She seems sad,
"Hunter I.."
"You must've known I had feelings for you. Why the fuck did you choose that fucking ASSHOLE over me?"
Some guy walks by,
"Yo, this dude bothering you?"
Winter nods no,
"It's fine. Don't worry about it."
The guy shrugs and walks away.
"And of course you have nothing to fucking say do you? You don't understand.. All those mornings we spent together before school started. I thought it all meant something. I thought you were saving yourself for someone special. Ad that you weren't just gonna give yourself away to the first dumb asshole that offered."
She looks down.
"Hunter I.. I'm so sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it. I'll never fucking forgive you for that."
You begin to walk away. She grabs your sleeve.
"WAIT! Don't go.."
You sigh,
"I.. I'll break up with him.. With Greg."
That stirring feeling in your heart. That warmth. The chance at happiness.. Is it here?
"Don't speak to Greg ever again. Break contact with him, and all of his dumb friends.."
She walks around in front of you and nods.
"I will. I.. I know I can't be forgiven for what I've done. I'm.. I'm a whore."
Tears start dripping down her face.
"You're right. You really fucked up."
"I'm sorry Hunter! I swear. I'll never even look at another guy.. Being with him.. In all honesty I missed you. You were always so sweet to me. I took that for granted. All Greg seems to care about is sex, and he's just nasty sometimes. I wish I'd never let things happen between me and him. I wish I would have given myself to you instead."
You look at her cruelly.
"Yeah. And you can't take that back."
She grabs your hand.
"I'll do anything. Anything you want, right now. I know I don't fucking deserve it. But please, forgive me just this once, and I swear I'll never betray you again."
Your heart pangs again. Winters eyes. They're the same as before. All those nights you longed for her come rushing back. And through your hatred and pain, the feeling of wanting her grips you.
The loud thumping of this music.. The chattering voices. You can still kill these people but.. Then what will become of Winter? Even though your pain is intense, you can't bring yourself to hurt her. She was the one, even if she did betray you.

1) Don't forgive Winter, she's a fucking worthless thot. Tell her to leave the party and then maybe try and find one of Brandons friends.

2) Take Winter home. Forgo your rage for tonight. Your lingering love for her is stronger than the hate you feel for them. She can be your cute goth girlfriend just like you always dreamed. And the two of you can be happy together.
>2) Take Winter home. Forgo your rage for tonight. Your lingering love for her is stronger than the hate you feel for them. She can be your cute goth girlfriend just like you always dreamed. And the two of you can be happy together.

I want to see MC fail at this relationship stuff.
>a big tiddy goth gf quest
I'm disgusted, but curious
>”Go home! I have something to do here.” Don’t forgive her yet, wait till after we get know Greg is dead! Blow the place up, watch it burn!
Additional, “I’ll see you in a few hours!”
"You're coming home with me then. Understood? Say goodbye to fucking Greg because you're never seeing him again."
She nods. She walks away into the crowd. About 15 minutes later she emerges.
"Well.. I told him.. He didn't seem that upset about it.."
Winter appears broken up right now but seems to be trying desperately to hide it.
She quickly walks up and embraces you. She speaks into your ear.
"I was so, fucking.. Stupid.."
She grips you tightly.
"I'm sorry Hunter.."
You return her embrace.
"It's alright. Lets.. Let's just get the fuck out of here ok?"
She nods. You and her hold hands as you leave the party together. The Hellpistol was undrawn at the party tonight. You feel like it's a shame, but all the same..
You and Winter are cuddling together after some intense shagging back at your place. You're watching some cheesy 90s movies with her and just feeling her warmth.
"Hey Hunter?"
"Do you mind if I call you 'master'?"
"Mm? Nah, I guess not? Why?"
"I just.. I like it when you're in charge. You were never this assertive before.. I think it's really sexy.. I want to be your slave. You can use me however much you want.. I owe it to you after all the bullshit you must've gone through after I got together with Gr-"
"Don't ever speak his name again. Don't talk to me about what happened with him understood?"
"Yes Master. I'm sorry."
"I've forgiven some of what you did, but not all of it.. I can't forget that feeling. The hatred I felt when you of all people left me. For that fucking sleaze."
"I'm sorry Master. I.. I've been a whore, and I've done bad things. I don't deserve a guy like you. But you're very kind and gracious. And you've given me another chance. R-right?"
You sigh.
"Just this once. And it's only because I still have feelings for you. Because I care about you."
"Thank you.."
She kisses your cheek.
"You're my master now. I'll do anything for you."
You're so happy in this moment. And it's all come so easily to you. The feeling is bittersweet. You have her. And yet those feelings of rage haven't subsided. Those guys made your girlfriend into a whore. They berated your virginity. Tormented you day after day. Your Hellpistol hungers for Blood.
You know the names of Brandons associates. Greg the football defensive tackle. Ryan the Soccer player. Shawn the metalhead. And Anthony the guitar guy. All of these grade A assholes need a fucking lesson taught to them. You need to make them suffer somehow. They can't be allowed to get away with it.. And at the end of it all, the grand fucking prize himself. Fucking Brandon. You want him to suffer the most.

1) Write-In
>Stay with Winter for the rest of the day, then sleep.

Today we where going to take Greg of the 5 ..... but after tonight party it s probably impossible for him to leave that house. Tomorrow we are gonna take a run and make a "warm" visit in the morning to him and all the others.

>what other powers we have ? Should we find out tomorrow ?
>a little bit edgy

If your first post wasn't so obviously self-aware, OP, I would be much more concerned about how transparently masturbatory this story is for you.

I am suspicious but intrigued. If we're not going full coldsteel, I'll be very disappointed.
Seconding this.
This works for me .. but I'm kinda disappointed we didn't have our new gf to do the deed last night
File: billy12.png (9 KB, 600x600)
9 KB
>You and Winter are cuddling together after some intense shagging back at your place.
>intense shagging

Are you blind, anon?
''Do the deed'' was referring to putting out the pilot light and prepping Greg's house to blow
we could have done it before we left
Tell her to behave herself, we still have work to do. Go to the party, blow it up, and Behead those who insult Anime.
File: true pain.gif (914 KB, 500x213)
914 KB
914 KB GIF
Its the next morning. Another day, possibly wasted, you don't know yet. Who can say for sure what the next day will bring? Seasons come, seasons go. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You hear the pattering of rain outside. Rain again in this cold dreary place. A grim reminder that the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows like people want you to believe.
You sit there in the bed next to your super hot goth girlfriend. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. You've never seen her like this before. You rub your hand along her pale forehead. For now you'll leave her to the realm of dreams. The only happy place in this miserable world.

You get up and walk downstairs. Your home has two floors. You say 'yours' but it's technically your foster parents home. The Flowers. You look down on the counter to see that theres a note on the counter.

"Dear son, sorry I couldn't be with you for breakfast. Theres some leftover bacon and eggs you can heat up for breakfast. Have fun at school today!"
Theres a little flower at the bottom of the note. You groan. They're never around when you need them. Never there to talk about your problems. Not that they could understand. Here in this new generation of assholes. And you the only nice person in this whole town.
Fuck adults. Useless fuckers.
You pull out the plastic tray and heat up the cold breakfast for yourself. You watch it spin there in the microwave as you hear the rain crash down around you. Who could possibly understand you? Your struggles that you face every single day. Being bullied, being an outcast. Being that weird pale kid that no one likes.
The microwave dings and you take your tray out to go watch anime on the t.v. Your only real escape from this cold place. Anime characters are so much nicer than people in real life. So much more innocent and clean. Real people seem disgusting and evil in comparison. In real life all people want to do is have parties and go do drugs and drink. Bunch of stupid idiots who can't even dress themselves right. They use that dirty street lingo too. They're so crass and profane. They're blights on what might otherwise be a decent place to live. The world would be better off without such degenerates.
Your goth girlfriend comes out wearing her cute skull pajamas.
"Hello there master! How was your sleep?"
"It wasn't long enough."
"Aww, I'm sorry to hear that babe."
She walks over, sits herself down next to you and cuddles with you.
"I know things are probably hard for you. You used to talk to me all the time about how lonely you were. And when you held me close like that last night.. I really felt it. I guess it sounds crazy, but I felt how alone you were. The misery you were feeling inside of you. And I felt like I wanted to do anything I could to make you happy. That's why I thought maybe you'd like it more if I called you Master."
You sigh,
"Winter.. You don't have to do that for my sake. I'd rather us be equals. Let's let bygones be bygones ok?"
She looks up at you with those pretty blue eyes of hers. You press your lips against hers. Her lips black with lipstick from yesterday. You taste her mouth which is sweet like butterscotch. You wrap your arms around her pale petite body. Holding her warmth in your arms. Oh how many hours you dreamed of this moment. How deeply your heart longed for this. You wish you could take it and capture it inside a jar forever. And then if you find yourself alone again, you could open the jar and be brought back to this moment. And feel true joy once again.
You decide to go to school, you told Winter to stay home at your place. You can't have her getting in the way of your mission. You know that Greg has gym 3rd period.. Now all that remains is to..

Third period rolls around. You're on your way to the gym when the Principal Lady, Principal Prune comes out,
"Young man! You're supposed to be in class aren't you? Lets see.. Don't you have Home Ec this peri-"
"Shut the fuck up you cunty bag of prunes! I don't need your fucking classroom bitch! Step off or I'll fucking curbstomp your fucking face into the fucking dust."
She seems shocked.
"I.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"Next time don't come at me with questions you fucking bitch."
"Y-yes, I'm sorry! Carry on.."
She walks away in shame.
Sometimes to defeat the shadows you have to walk in darkness. No one ever said revenge was pretty. You're too strong to be stopped now. Not even the fucking principal can touch you.
File: 4Post-Locker.png (673 KB, 1024x679)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
You head to the gym where Greg is hanging out trying to get himself dressed. He just finishes pulling up his gym shorts. He looks your way and speaks,
"Well well well, if it isn't Cunter Bitchblade? I see you got your girl back.. Or was she mine to begin with? After all, I did take her virginity didn't I?"
You laugh cruelly.
"You fucking worthless animal. You have no idea the power I currently possess do you?"
"Pfft, you talking shit Bitchblad-"
You move faster than he can react, whipping out your Hellpistol and pointing it at his fucking throat.
"Go on, I'm waiting to hear what you have to say next."
"Y-you're fucking crazy! What the fuck man?!"
"I've always been insane. You fucked with the wrong guy scumfuck!"
You punch him hard in the stomach sending him flying into the lockers so hard it dents them.
"H-how did you get so strong?"
You aim your Hellpistol at his head.
"Now, tell me where Baxter is, or I'll splatter your fucking brains all over this lockerroom. And that'd be a real shame for the janitor to have to clean up wouldn't it?"
He cries whimpering like a baby.
"P-please Hunter, have mercy on me!"
"Mercy? You beg for mercy now? Where was MY mercy Greg? When you fucking fucked my fucking girlfriend? I have have a mind to end your pathetic fucking life right now. You're nothing but a tiny maggot. And with one pull of the trigger I can end your fucking life."
"P-please man! I'll squeal! I'll do anything man! Just don't hurt me!"
"Now we're talking.. Now.. Where is he!?"
"H-he.. Last time I checked he was hanging out with Shawn getting ready for a jam session on the drums.. I've been too busy with practice lately to know what he's been doing lately."
"Hmph. Useless. Someone like you isn't even worth killing."
You sheathe your Hellpistol and walk away. Leaving Greg behind to sob like the little bitch he is.

1) Write-In
>Still .... Greg is a worm, but Greg could "help" in testing your powers.... also he will probably run to Brandon after you leave.

Try to avoid other people in our way to reach Shawn, especially because the authority in your words is so powerful that too many of them will flee in panic.

>If we manage to get Shawn today, we could call it a victory and think of something else to do.
Greg might be a worm, but he could 'help' in testing your powers.. Not to mention he might run to Brandon after you leave.
You go back into the locker room, but he's already run away. Filthy coward. You'll deal with him later.
Shawn is an interesting one. Not really a sports guy, but a metalhead. Most of Baxters friends are Jocks. Save for Anthony. But you remember Shawn was the one who smashed your handheld gaming device. And now you're about to smash him..
You ask around and find out that Shawn skipped school to practice his music in his garage.
Perhaps its time for you to.. Join the band..
You're on your way to Shawns house when all of a sudden you feel a presence.
"I don't like being followed, why don't you come on out and talk this out?"
Suddenly you feel something being thrown and you jump 10 feet straight into the air.
A massive corroded looking hook on a chain was being thrown at you. The man who threw it reels it back in.
You land and turn to him. He's dressed in fisherman's attire.
"Who are you?"
"I'm the Fisherman. Once I've cast my lure I'm afraid I don't go home till I make the catch."
"So, you're an assassin then. Sent by Baxter no doubt?"
He tips his fisherman hat to you.
"You've made some powerful enemies. Stomping around like that you'll scare away the fish you want to catch."
You chuckle,
"I'll keep that in mind."
"Unfortunately its the end of the line for you. Just doing my job after all."
You growl,
"Your job is going to be the END of you!"
"Heh, I take that risk every day. What makes you think you'll be any different from my previous catches?"
"Because I'll be the one catching you!"
You pull out your raven black Hellpistol and fire it at him. It screams with the wails of the damned as it fires forth with an impressive display of wicked iridescent flames trailing behind it.
He blocks one of the bullets with his hook, but the other two graze his shoulders. He grunts in pain.
"Gonna have to do better than that Kiddo."
He throws his massive hook at you. You block with the gun but it's not enough as you're slammed up against a lamppost. The shock of the impact hurts, but less than you would expect.
"You.. You must be super human to throw something like that around."
"You must be new here if you think you're the only kid around the block who's got powers."
You feel your body tingle, teeming with dark energy. You respond shakily,
"D-don't mess with me."
You shove his hook off you, you aim your gun at him, when all of a sudden your arm is caught. Your entire body, dug into with fishing hooks.
"Haha! You've taken the bait!"
"N-no.. Taken the bait?"
"Yes! And now that you have you've fallen deeper into my trap!"
The hooks teem with electricity and shock you. Your body sears with pain. You feel paralyzed and unable to move.
"Hey kid, did you know?"
He comes closer and kneels down in front of you.
His face seems to shift from that of a man, to some sort of ugly angler fish eel looking thing.
"That I'm not really human?"
Your heart pounds in fear. It's no use, you've been caught in his trap. You took the bait hook line and sinker.

1) Write-In
>Sell our soul to the devil for more infernal power
>What you want ? (Prepare to fire at one of is legs)
Wrath is our strength use it!
Channel the wrath of the ocean!
Man may conquer mountains but never the ocean!
>Use wrath get angry!
As a Weeb we should eat the Fishman/Eelthing. It’s pretty much the same as eating Sushi, and since we are experts on Anime, Japan, and the blade we can eat him raw. We can prove our dedication to Anime by eating our sushi so raw that it’s still alive as we devour it.
this thread is so edgy wtf

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