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>The Era of Daemon has come to a close, as the world is reborn anew. Life has fleeted from The Goddess of Creation, but as the eons passed, the cycle of gods and men is upon us once-more.

>You are a being of creation, or what people of this realm may come to call a God. You are a being born with innate knowledge and immense arcane power.
>It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the third installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omnipotent, divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought to existence in a seemingly untouched world.

We use discord to distribute these character sheets and fog of war maps, you can join our server at https://discord.gg/eRzTbvc
While maps and character sheets will be distributed individually through discord, post's involving player's actions, and my summary updates on the results of said actions, (plus any roleplaying between the gods) will remain in-thread, as to let everyone enjoy the lore and rp.


Last Thread: >>2976614

With 17 gods, we're definitely at our player limit. You're free to join the discord and lurk until people die/afk, or for the next game.
New Update:

>>3004889 Monolith
Troll Scouts unit created.
One of these trolls claims to be gifted with powers of beyond, claiming to have a mastery of the wind, sky, and even bend the weather at their fingertips. An air wizard! You may give them whatever name/personality you desire.
3 hex claimed.

>>3004998 Darei
3 hex claimed.
Clans and Societies developed, glad to see someone starting to develop their lore.

Darei & Monolith:
Given both of you are using DI elsewhere, I'll take it for now that the two of you are essentially communicating the way any war hardy gods would; in honorable, but not grave, combat.
Darei flies around Monolith with astounding haste, as Monolith's powerful fists meet nothing but air. Darei mocking the stone giant, yet identically praising him, meanwhile Monolith returns the praise with an endorsement of his own. As the two continue their battle, I'll go ahead and say you don't need to roll anymore and can rp this how you see fit, until one of you decides you're gonna try and kill the other for sure.

File: frakt1.png (188 KB, 279x469)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>>3004923 The Beast Father
Flooded with not only anger for his harmed swine, but determination to find the culprit to this plague, a certain smell catches upon the beast father's nose... The same smell of that damn bird he saw earlier. That could only mean one thing...
4 hex claimed.
The Swine begin exposing their food to flame, burning away what plagueful spirits may have corrupt their food. Only time will tell of its effectiveness, but regardless, it's hard to go back to eating raw meat after the blessing of flames.

>>3005078 Onus
Barlow research added to your character sheet.
2 hex claimed. Looks like you've finally met a friend.

>>3005226 Sticky Fingers
Taking advantage of that agility, I like it.
Ashwattle Spears developed.
The Eternal Flame is born.
Although further developments will be needed to make alcohol, Sticky Fingers creates Black Pin bushes, a bush that grows Black Pins, a black berry similar to grapes for later fermenting.

>>3005256 Parotia
Camouflage developed.
Javelins developed.

>>3005327 Gotas
Wood Harvesting developed.
Landfall Village is constructed and settled.

>>3005448 Founder
>Identical Minds
fucking christ lmao
Identical Minds developed. When creating units, you may now create up to 2 of that type.
2 Taskforce units created.
As #3 gathers his naked interns into a group with red capes, one of them claims he deserves a raise. Amused, #3 decides to let the intern humor him with such an explanation, prepared to grab popcorn out of nothingness. Before, this employee flawlessly reads the mind of #3 to determine he's eaten clubbed seal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simply astounded, there is no other explanation, this man is proclaimed as a spirit wizard! Feel free to name and assign personality as you may desire.
[Claimed by Ynulu] -2 hex

>>3005462 Diridge
Wood Harvesting developed.
Statherós is constructed and established.
For future reference, I recommend tagging those you're attempting communication with to ensure they get the message.

>>3005891 Alpha Oybabtu
Although their tools are primitive, the Oybabtu construct a mine beside the mountains. I don't think I'll count this as an entirely stable source until you got better tools, but the constructions mostly out of the way.
5 hex claimed.

>>3006785 May Queen
Final destination fox only lez go
Stone Gathering developed.
3 hex claimed.

>>3007684 Covetous
The heavy mist quickly expands over the sable forests as Covetous' children absorb his powerful breath, as the lands are blessed with fertility oncemore.
The burrow settlement, proclaimed Crown, is established.

>>3009443 Azraelius
4 hex claimed.
The city of Necropolis is established at the mountain's base.

File: frakt2.jpg (16 KB, 263x468)
16 KB
>>3010374 Amalgama
All land east of the mountain is claimed, so I assume you mean south, then again, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with whatever I give you. 3 hex claimed.
Amalgama and all of his people gather in the fields with their primitive bone shovels, and all together begin digging a huge pit... While this doesn't appear to directly uncover any ore, this is a really fucking big pit. Really Big Pit developed, and marked on your map.

>>3011304 Ynulu
The Swarm is created. How many minions are in it?
One Jushilian shows great potential, using the powers of arcane to manipulate space itself; An Astral Wizard arises! You may give it a name and personality as you so desire.
3 hex claimed.
Units gotta wait to move until after creation, which, is now :)

Belweir's Post
The moving things on the mountain appeared to be a crowd of some type of rolling plant friends! They tumbled along the crystal mountainside and clambered over the terrain clumsily, and Belweir chased after them, asking them questions like who they were and where they were going. They seemed kind of shy though, and none of them answered him. They were absolutely adorable, though! He just had to take one back to show to the thaumites! With a quick dip down, the crystal god helped one of them wrap around the top of his head.

>[DEVELOP] Thaum Crystal research
Belweir puzzled over the crystal of this gleaming mountain. It looked a lot like the crystal he made in the forest, and a lot like the crystal that he was made of! Did he make this mountain? Did whatever made this mountain make him? What kind of cool stuff could this crystal do? He wanted to know!

He also wanted this area to be a place that his thaumites could come see! He made a path of crystal leading to it, and made several of his own vitreal structures on the mountain itself, just in case

>>BELWEIR Belweir
Looks like these crystals, much like himself, are incredibly conductive to magic; the properties are added to your sheet. Lemme know if I forgot something, I'm sure you know thaum crystals better than me :D
2 hex claimed. Really wish I could've gotten around to making the drawing for this post :(
File: Eri_a11_akuwarai3 .png (221 KB, 428x600)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Develop: Stone tools
Claim: Discord
Move actions: Discord
>[Communicate] - [Beast Father]
"Caw Caw, welcome to my land, the land of Parotia. The parotia of land. Where my, parotia, people lives, the Kosk. Anything you, traveler, need? I, Parotia, can sell my services in enchange of tecnology, trash and slaves if you're interested. Caw Caw."

>[DI - Develop] > [Immune Systems]
>plague happening
>swines are dying at the south
>plague backfires and kill all of the Kosks
What type of plague god do you think I am? Instead of dying like bacon, the Kosk are blessed with a stronger immune system and now are even capable of spreading it like pigeons, really big pigeons.

>[Develop] > [War Hammer]
The Kosk, wraping the hard Whitestone and the branches of the Silverwood with the jungle vines are capable of creating hammers. They hurt if you throw them at someone and they ALSO hurt if you poke them at someone, truly the best tecnology around!
The One can sense another being of power approaching from the south, straying close to His center of knowledge. Hoping to discover a new ally, He directs some of His followers to intercept them. They bear a message, and an invitation.
"Stop, strange being, and tread lightly. You approach our home, and we cannot do with troublemakers. Identity yourself, so that we might introduce you to our Master."
For now, it was best to handle these matters through proxy. If they seemed dangerous, they would go no further. If useful, well then perhaps they may speak as equals.

Rest of my turn coming soon
Rolled 4, 10, 7 = 21 (3d10)

[Communicate] - [Parotia]
"CEASE YOUR DRIVEL! I know it was you who unleashed The Blight upon my herds, and I have come to avenge this insult! DEFEND YOURSELF, COWARD!"
[Unit Action (Attack)] The Beast Father lunges at Parotia with all his might and fury!

[Develop] While gathering sticks for a fire, one swine notices a stick somewhat pointer than the norm. Within his mind, an idea springs forth: Using the sinew from his most recent meal, he ties a sharpened rock to the end of the stick, that he may propel it with the force of BOTH arms rather than just one! [Spears Get!]

[Develop] Over time, from the simple act of putting things in their mouths to see if they're edible, the swine had slowly but surely come into knowledge of a number of folk-remedies. As The Blight continues it's march, this esoteric knowledge becomes more and more valuable, with some swine devoting themselves to gathering and refining it. [Early Medicine Get! Really early. Like, "We have no idea why this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, but we know it SOMETIMES works, so shut up, chew your tree bark, and let the guy in the crow mask stare at your genitals."]
Forgot my name like a squeaker.
As the Great Mine was not quite yet stable, Alpha Oybabtu felt it needed supports and had the Oybabtu gather branches from the pinewood forest and then fashioned curved blades from Bonerock to create Brushhooks.
These tools are designed for cutting plants and shrubs and should be ideal for harvesting Solgrass and Ashwattle Wood.
>[Develop+DI] Production Tech> Brushhook
Pic Related. This should give some access to Solgrass and Ashwattle Wood (and maybe Pinewood, if you agree). Still plan to build a structure to get me a steady supply. With access to kindling and wood, new tools can be developed.

Alpha Oybabtu had noticed some stone dust falling from the ceiling. It had seemed to be the ore discovered earlier and Alpha thought that if Oybabtu studied it, seeking to learn all there was to know about its properties, answers may be revealed.
>[Develop] Knowledge Tech->Research Ore

But for now, research would have to go on without Alpha Oybabtu. The scouting had revealed a new friend and Alpha paused the journey.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
Pending communication.

>[Communicate - Onus via followers]
"Hello new friends! You also seem to be weighed down by heavy second arms. Your color looks better though. Alpha Oybabtu hopes you are feeling Healthy! Are you Oybabtu of the Green One? Alpha Oybabtu met a power like Oybabtu's own, but you seem touched by a different power.
You have a very nice and Healthy looking pillar there! Is there anything Alpha Oybabtu can do to help you feel happy and Healthy?”
>[Communicate] - [Beast Father]
"Sadly, I, Parotia, is feeling like having a good day. Sorry and I hope your peope, the herds, get well. Caw Caw"

>Unit Action (Defend self)]
The Hunter's Aspirants disperse into the three hexes of unclaimed woods North and North East of the settlement seeking new prey.

>Create Unit [Aspirant Pathfinders]: 50 Pop, Stone Spears Tech
To aid in the goal of exploration, Gotas instructs 50 of the Aspirants' best hunters to take spears and set off to explore alongside him

>God Action: Move 1W, 4NW, 1W
His tasks in his own territory done, Gotas moves from his current position intent on getting a clearer view of the neighboring lands as he knows there is at least one more god nearby.
The keepers of the library were just a little perturbed by the eerily-joyful floating ball, but he seemed to be friendly enough.
"Second arms... eh, your concern is appreciated but our peo- our 'Oybabtu' are well and healthy. The sea provides us with life, and The-One-Above sees to other needs. It was He who bid me to meet you here."
He paused for a moment, considering wether it was well-advised to associate with the jovial orb.
"Our Lord would like to extend peace. We will respect your lands, and perhaps when a need arises we could act as friends. This way assures our mutual health, no?"

As for the rest of the turn
>Research whitestone from the mountains
>Develop tools to harvest said whitestone
Finding a stash of stone in the mountains, Onus' people take as much loose stone home as they can carry. With these samples, they could perform their research and create something to help them acquire more.
Right, almost forgot to post this. For anyone just tuning in, and confused about all these names and words.

===Ynulu: God of Gluttony===
Color: Maroon Red
Domains: Hunger
Minions: Jushilian

===May Queen===
Color: Light Green
Domains: Nature, Plants, Fungi
Minions: Offshoots

Color: Black
Domains: Evolution, Soul, Life
Minions: Gaping

Color: #B6C8C8 (Grey)
Domains: Crystal, Electricity, Magic
Minions: Thaumites

===Gotas: The Hunter===
Color: Gold
Domains: Ambition, Hunting, Innovation
Minions: Aspirants

===The Beast Father===
Color: Blood Red
Domains: Animals, Determination, Anger
Minions: Swine

Color: Light Orange
Domains: Honor, Battles, Yearning
Minions: Dazars

Color: Slate Grey
Domains: Mountains, Rocks, Cold
Minions: Trolls

Color: Purple
Domains: Birds, Darkness, Plauge
Minions: Kosk

===Founder and The Board of Directors===
Color: Cyan
Domains: Economy, Uniformity, Ice
Minions: Employees

===Onus: The One===
Color: Dark Blue
Domains: Dark Knowledge, Schemes of Mortals
Minions: Keepers

Color: #0051BA (Ikya™ blue)
Domains: Construction, Comfort, Confidence
Minions: Fungal Furniture

Color: Violet
Domains: Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Power
Minions: Sefari

Color: Ivory
Domains: Synthesis, Combat, Innovation
Minions: Malagma

===Alpha Oybabtu===
Color: Beige
Domains: Conversion, Unity, Health
Minions: Oybabtu

===Diridge: The Hungry and Wanting===
Color: #808000 (Olive)
Domains: Agriculture, Mining, Consumption
Minions: Centaurs

Color: Dark Green
Domains: Pluder, Debauchery, Tenaciousness
Minions: Scalawags
File: Burning-Man-2018.jpg (112 KB, 1500x1000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>God Action Move
scout North a little bit before returning home to a claimed hex.

>Develop Black Pin Berry Gathering

>Develop Settlement - Festipalooza. (D.I.)
Sticky-fingers called forth his powers and a party town began to form around the Eternal Flame. Just imagine a tribal version of a Burning Man concert. There's large wooden figures, they are all Sticky-fingers in a variety of poses. Tents galore. And a stage with strange musical instruments made of Ashwattle wood and Solgrass.

>Communicate with Scalawags.
As Sticky-fingers worked on his new den of debauchery. He began to recite a code of conduct to his Scalawags. The Goblin Rules. Goblin Rule #1: If there isn't a party, make a party.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move into the settlement proper.
>Develop [DI]: Basic Agriculture. Taking the seeds and shoots from several turns of gathering, Diridge teaches the centaurs the methods of cultivating life for latter harvesting.
>Develop: Fire! Taking sticks and some strands of hair, Bow Drills are made. Using these and a lot of rubbing, friction is able to insight embers on a piece of wood and create fire.

With the settlement of Statherós complete, the Centaurs would need a more practical method of feeding themselves. Diridge, excited to finally stretch his muscles, began instructing the Centaurs on how to plant seeds and shoots, tend for them, and harvest them when the seasons arrived. As gatherers continued to bring in more kinds of plants from across the Domain, gardens and growing patches started to pop up all over. Some little more than an easily accessible patch of berry bushes for centaurs on the go, others were entire lined rows of plowed fields for feeding entire Longhouses.

The centaurs were becoming more accustomed to using their tail and mane hair for building small tools. Diridge, to speed things along, showed them how to make the simple Bow Drill. By taking two sticks, one straight and one curved with a piece of hair tied to both ends, he showed them how to rub the straight stick on a piece of wood until it started to smolder. Then, with the slow addition of tinder and kindling, the Centaurs were exposed to their first fire. The glowing gift soon took wind across Statherós and the more nomadic centaurs, until every longhouse and campsite had a central fire pit installed. To keep them warm through the long nights, and to roast nuts and water.

The fight had lasted an age already. The world had turned a multitude of times as the two gods had struck and counter-struck on the plateau between desert and Mountain. Monolith bought his fists back around for yet another strike, but again, the Avian form did not take the blow, turning aside his mountainous blow with quick movement and the raise of a strong, armored talon that deflected his rocky fists downward. His own hand struck the ground instead of the bird, and a cloud of dust-rock billowed up from the impact, a few more meters of the mesa stone crumbling away beneath the deity's blow against the plateau. And Monolith looked up as the rock-dust cleared away into the cool wind, gazing as he had many times before after many trades of blows.

But this time, he grinned through his mouth of diamond teeth. "HAR HAR HAR! YOU STILL STAND. YOU STILL NOT TIRE TO END. PERHAPS YOU RELENTLESS AS MOUNTAIN YOURSELF?"
Rolled 8, 10, 7 = 25 (3d10)

Forgot to roll, lmao.
File: Spoiler Image (75 KB, 800x800)
75 KB

The Being In the Pod, and by extension the Directors, felt the loss of land as the strange... 'enemy' terraformed over what they had claimed...
No matter. More important BUSINESS lied elsewhere.

Taskforce 1 [Interact] - Igloopolis lied at the base a mountain. Venturing to the base, the first Taskforce brought back Whitesone rocks of various sizes.

Nation [Develop] Whitestone + Solgrass + Pine Wood = Stone Tools! The Interns rejoice, and #3 cackles in glee!

Taskforce 2 [Interact] Taskforce 2 enjoys their time in Igloopolis, gathering Snow and piling it up into great piles! [acquire one use of Snow resource]

Nation [Claim] Food was a priority. A non-resource like penguins and seals could only last so long. However, to secure a food
supply, infrastructure must be built! To build Infrastructure, real estate must be owned! Claim some oceanfront property! Discord for exact hexes

[God Unit Movement] - To the mountain on the southwest of Igloopolis.

[Communicate, Spirit Wizard and God Interact Action]
#5 gazed down the mountain into the mushroom forest, speaking softly and trusting their voice would 'carry', as it were. Behind them, a lone figure, the company's new Spirit Wizard, held two fingers to their temple, deep in concentration.
Someone, perhaps even Ynulu themselves, would hear the broadcast message.
You have a collect call from 'The Board of Directors.' Message follows.
'Greetings, valued customer. We here at I.C.E, the International Creativity Enterprise, deeply regret the misunderstanding we experienced earlier. Border disputes were never our intention, and our top analysts can verify that any further altercations would prove disastrous for both our interests. We are sorry we could not reach you at this number earlier. Due to scheduling conflicts, all customer service representatives did not exist yet. We invite you to a casual business lunch this afternoon at the attached coordinates. (Where our Mountain meets your Mountain.)
We hope a more open communication channel will solve any disputes we have, and look forward to meeting you! Remember, 'I.C.E, Where everything's best served cold!
BEEP - BEEP - BEEP - /clink"

With that done, and a little time before guests arrived, The Directors looked toward the bottom of the mountain, where the Igloo Settlement, and their newest Employee, waited.
"Greetings, my name is Seishin Izado. I look forward to working with you." Said a smartly dressed business lady, giving a gentle bow. "I will bring my best talents for the company's sake."

>Communication - Monolith

Ah! I shall never tire of a fight! Especially one as good as this one, it is so rare to find such worthy adversary! Neither of us can hit the other one and let's not even talk about touching!
A very valuable opponent that is certain. This battle will not go one way or the other, let's be honest with ourselves and call it for what it is. A DRAW ! AH! How good it is that the first thing i meet can push me so far?
You are free to travel my desert anytime Dore Monolith, If you accept to spare with me some more.

>Investigate Ashwattle wood
In the northern desert there is some plant life of sort that managed to survive, the wood, if scarce, could make an useful material, light and easy to work. We'll need to see if it will satisfy us.

>Create unit - Golden Feathers
Second unit of 10 feathers, this land is vast and more wings will be needed to explore it

>Golden feather 1 - move
Continue the exploration of the mountain range to the west

>Golden feather 2 - move
This one shall go to the north then west, behind the mountain.
>[Communicate - Onus via followers]
"Peace, yes! Friends, yes! Mutual health, yes! Respect land? When Oybabtu chooses to carve a pillar alone, it is healthy for other Oybabtu to not carve that pillar unless asked. This is "respect", yes? Oybabtu can respect your land. Oybabtu will not carve your very nice pillar. Oybabtu will respect your land. Oybabtu knows you and Lord Above will respect Oybabtu lands and pillars. You could be Healthy new friends. Fare well!"
As a parting gift, Oybabtu handed the strange, now wrinkled pamphlet Sticky-fingers had given Alpha Oybabtu, to the nearest keeper.
"It's Breengeuronbir."
With that, Alpha Oybabtu quickly hovered away.

>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
One hex to the northwest, three to the west, one to the southwest.
>[Claim] (DI)

>[Unit Creation] First complement. (Details private)

>[Unit Move] 2 NW, 2 SW, 1 SE

[Communicate - Darei]


[Move God: Monolith]

Monolith heads back into his mountains, toward stone head.

[Communicate - Green Dot (May Queen?)]


[Move Unit: Troll Scouts]

The scouts head west, far as they can go!

[Develop - DI]

Monolith leads the Trolls in learning to plunder the secrets of his mountains. Learning to pull Sycronite and Whitestone and other things up from rocks from which they are born. Learning to mine to the deepest depths and riches veins.


The trolls study these metals they start pulling up from the depths. trying to find ways to shape them, mould them, making them into better things to use.
File: 309235-65783-harvest.png (564 KB, 414x640)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
May Queen was not a social being, that is not to say what she was anti-social. No no no terms like asocial, loner and introvert suit her far more, she enjoys the company of her children wether they could move or not she did not see a difference, May Queen would communicate with them without words, she would sing and the forest would sing her song back, but neither did she see the disparity between man and nature and her holistic worldview was reflected in her creations, line between civilization and nature, man and forest thin as a razor and formless like a smoke cloud. Perhaps what I'm trying to say here is what she doesn't talk with people much so when she was ripped from her own daydream like trance by an unfamiliar voice low and powerful as if it came from a mountain itself, she was stunned and an expression of surprise rose to her face for a moment, only for a moment though.
She composed herself and turned to the direction of the voice so quickly that her expression seconds ago seemed like an illusion
''Greetings to you great Highlander! I am but a simple visitor in these lands, let it be know that I wish no harm upon you or your creations and I apologise for my rudeness in entering them uninviteted. Could the ruler of these lands tell me his name?''
Satisfied that he learned all he could about this crystal mountain for now, Belweir continued to explore with his new friend to keep him company. Sure, they didn't talk much, but it was nice just to have a friend!

Belweir flew off again, northward now!

Oh. It turns out there wasn't much more land north of the crystal mountain... Oh well. Belweir decided that he may as well give the thaumites a way to see it, since he was here!

>[CREATE UNIT] αExplorers (5)
Some of the thaumites were restless in their homes. They wanted to help out somehow! They chattered for a long time, flickering and shifting color as they traded ideas. Eventually they settled on a plan: they would each take a piece of charged crystal from the foot of the sun crystal, and they would use these crystal to fly to places that Belweir had not yet seen so that they could tell him what was there and save him a lot of time!

The Great Devourer

[DI+ Claim]


"We seen you head west...why meet up north?"
Ynülu walks towards the mountain in a graceful manner, once in a while eating a mushroom tree whole when she feels parched

"Well....I guess you did follow threw, I'm surprised. Now, let's get to buisness, I'll be peaceful if you cease with trying to claim everything around me, seems like youre trying not to leave room for my people to expand west."
Ynulu would be met with a small chain of Interns slipping and scrabbling their way up the mountain, raw fish, blubbery meat and hastily carved ice chairs and tables dragged up by their efforts. As a result, Ynulu would indeed be able to enjoy the 'lunch', if she so chooses.

The 5 Directors smile at her 'lets get down to business'.
"We're always down to business. We don't know any other way." #5 quips.

Their smiles quickly fade as she doles out her demands, and they share a long, drawn out look between each of them.

"Of course. We had seen a distinct lack of growth and movement through your realm upon initial scouting, so we sought to... protect a potential asset for future use. Had we known life and will still flowed through your land, well... Regardless. You are here now. We understand you wish to claim the western lands, but the mushroom forests provide many potential assets we cannot afford to lose, and, if we may be so bold, you don't have any claims or deeds to the lands stretching to the sea. They are, as it were, 'fair game'...

Still, we look forward to future business! Please feel free to visit us at any time, and request any of our numerous services! We are solution providers, and can meet the demands of even the most demanding customers!"
[God Unit] Secret move.

[Claim action using DI] Secret Claim.

[Develop action] Longe range Sefari combat.

Several flame sefari were sparring in Necropolis. Their passion and vigor growing after each punch and kick. It quickly became clear that one flame sefari was better than the rest in terms of fighting ability. He quickly bested a large group of flame sefari single handedly. The other flame sefari were in awe, just as the flame sefari gathered around him to embrace him as the best, something that had never been seen before happened. A large stream of fire flew across and over the "best" flame sefari. The crowd immediately turned around and faced a smaller, skinnier less physically gifted flame sefari. He punched upwards into the sky and a stream of fire left his fist and flew up into the sky. The other flame sefari jumped up in awe. And quickly gathered around him as if he were a teen idol. Several flame sefari punched upwards attempting to copy his action but failed. They asked him how he did it. He told them his secret. "If you focus your lifeforce on your fists and focus it outwards when you punch, then your fire will follow. After several attempts the other flame sefari could be seen punching streams of fire from their fists.

While the enthusiastic and energetic flame sefari were punching fire...in the dark secluded shadows of Necropolis the ice sefari were gathered. "Look at them, they look like stupid children." Said one ice sefari. "They never shutup and prance around all day." Said another ice sefari. "Not to mention that they have the attention span of a child" Spoke another ice sefari. "Do you feel that?" said another ice sefari. "This feeling in the air!" The ice sefari began to feel a lifeforce call to them. One that felt more delicious then what trees and plants could offer. Yet the lifeforce seemed to be above Necropolis. Out of reach of their hands. Finaly unable to resist the urge to feed..."Come let us climb to the tallest buildings in the city and get closer to this feeling of ecstasy." Spoke an ice sefari. As the ice sefari gathered on top of the buildings they outstreched their hands attempting to reach the life force that seemed like a sweet nector to them. Several attempts at lifeforce drain failed. Yet as one ice sefari would later describe it, the reach of his spiritual hand grew until it reached the life force. And like a hook, pulled that lifeforce from the sky back into him. Others quickly began doing the samething. "Perhaps these children arent so bad." said an ice sefari as he produced a rare smile hardly seen amoung the ice sefari.
File: Picture1.jpg (105 KB, 1488x1071)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
[Claim]-DI 3 hexes in the north shall be mine.

[Develop]- using the bone tools the Malgama fashion sturdier stone tools utilizing harder rock that won't shale and nice strong sticks to hold them.
This is me btw.

[Communicate - May Queen]

Monolith paces slowly, yet implacably, toward the Green woman as he clambers over the mountain flank toward her. "I am MONOLITH! One stone of mountains!" his voice echoes, and he cranes forward. "What I call you?"


High on the Mesa top, surrounded by the rushing winds and twisting currents as warm desert air and cold mountain air collide and break into patterns of spiraling, swirling weather, the Troll named Hoodoo meditates on his windy powers and how to use them to advantage, his thoughts cooled by the small vortex of fast, cold air rushing around his rocky head.
May Queen remained calm even as a giant god approached her. Her lips curled into a small smile or a grin perhaps? She produced a fist, kissed it and gently lowered it to ground. Pink dust fell from it to the ground and began to spread into a nearby soil. Soon plantlife began moving ,as if it was a beast in disguise, producing a throne of leaves and twigs decorated in colourful flowers of all kinds, she sat on it and it rose until she could speak with Monolith face to face
''God of the mountains! I am the spirit of life which envelopes you in its embrace, I am the song of trees and grass I am wind which dances through the leaves. I am one who has the same divine blood in her veins. I am one who calls herself May Queen''
Oh, I think I actually have black pin berry gathering. Didn't see it added to my resources. So nix that. Instead.
>Develop Solgrass harvesting
The Scalawags have so much free time they decide to start picking at the grass.
File: boar_vs_bird.png (84 KB, 650x308)
84 KB
BoC3 Update 7 Patch Notes
>Added small/large game as resources, but only visible in available resources due to amount
>Ocean hex have sand now
>Nerfed population growth rate because holy shit
>Fixed missing wizard units
>Implemented wizard mana system (was planned, albeit came late, adding rules in morning)
>List of resources basic descriptions in rulebook (in the morning)
>God Roster in rulebook (in the morning)
>Told secretfags to stop being secretfags
I understand making claims 'secret' just because it's easier to draw over your map showing what to claim (and that's easier for me too), just be sure to say when you're attacking someone, and which hex you're attacking. Make tech if you want that shit secret.
Secret movements are the same thing, you can still show me in discord, but at least say what direction you're going. I'll allow tech in the future for hiding movement direction, and even hiding your unit from the map temporarily.

>>3021070 May Queen
Stone tools developed.
2 hex claimed.

>>3021081 Parotia
Immune Systems developed.
Whitestone Warhammers developed.

>>3021355 Beast Father
Spears developed.
Medicine I developed. With the development of very simple medicinal knowledge, as well as cooking, most effects of the plague seem to be avoidable. However, getting to this point hasn't been without its losses.

The Beast Father & Parotia
The Beast Father storms through the jungles with rage, trampling every plant and shattering every tree in his path, as Parotia swiftly flights through the memorized landscape with accuracy. While Parotia's speed is insurmountable, the same can be said for Beast Father's determination, as the bird's swift movements can only evade for so long.

>>3021376 Alpha Oybabtu
Brushhooks developed.
You've discovered a couple types of ore, but I'll assume you were going for Syrconite, so I added that to your sheet.

>>3021529 Gotas
3 hex claimed.
Aspirant Pathfinders (thank you for actually reading the create unit action).
One of these pathfinders steps forward, claiming to wield of the gift of Gotas himself, as the aspirant summons a large cow-like tusked beast from thin air. A Beast Wizard! You may assign them a name and personality as you desire.

>>3021586 Onus
Phallus The Magnificent is now on the map.
Speaking of Phallus, he has recently brought up these reoccurring visions of an underground black liquid of arcane power, meanwhile his own powers seem to be diminishing. Perhaps harvesting this liquid could replenish his abilities.
Whitestone details added to your sheet.
>>Develop tools to harvest said whitestone
kind of a paradoxical statement that is, since you need whiestone for said tools, so I'm wishing you gave more clarification here, so I'll take you just start gathering stones and sizeable rocks as primitive tools.

>>3021684 nice! added this to my notes

File: tech_meme.jpg (57 KB, 482x676)
57 KB
>>3021710 Sticky Fingers
Solgrass Harvesting developed.
The first home of Sticky-Fingers and his scalawags, Festipalooza is established.

>>3021797 Diridge
Agriculture knowledge is developed.
Fire Starting developed. Today is a good day for the centaur's technology.

>>3022887 The Founder
Taskforce 1 collects some rocks.
Stone Tools developed.
Taskforce 2 collects some snow.
4 hex claimed.
Seishin Izado added to the map.
>I.C.E, the International Creativity Enterprise

>>3023059 Darei
Properties of Ashwattle Wood added to your sheet.
Second unit of the Golden Feathers is created, one of which, exuding mysterious abilities. The dazar individual holds an ashwattle leaf in his hand, as it begins to decay, and then regenerate and bloom, before decaying again. You have gained an Entropy wizard, which you may name and personalize to your leisure.
Golden feather 2 will have to wait until next turn to move.

>>3024111 Covetous
5 hex claimed.
First Compliment unit is created. Along with that wizard, comes one individual of The Gaping who finds themselves skilled in the arcane arts of summoning and commanding beasts, aka a beast wizard! They'll have whatever name and personality you desire.

>>3024581 Monolith
Hand Mining developed, pulling most materials, except that stubborn Jold that appears hard as diamond.
Syrconite properties added to your sheet.
Added your air wizard to the map, he still needs a name.

>>3026791 Belweir
2 hex claimed.
αExplorers created. While some thaumite gather to explore the world, another one appears to have followed Belweir to the mountains. He flickers with glee, while life begins to sprout beneath everywhere the thaumite flies; a life wizard! He gets whatever name/personality you desire. this is like the 4th time in a row I've rolled a wizard holy shit

>>3026941 Ynülu
Wizard added to map.
afaik you're not trying to claim the founder here, so I went along the coast as requested for the backup plan.

>>3027661 Azraelius
lore :D
4 hex claimed.
Sefari Ranged Combat developed.

>>3028139 Amalgama{/green]
3 hex claimed.
Stone Tools developed
Rolled 3, 5, 9 = 17 (3d10)

[Unit Action] The Beast Father continues his rampage, lunging at Parotia once more. "YOU CAN'T DODGE FOREVER!"

[Develop] Meanwhile, down south, The Swine start poking around with Solgrass… (Investigate Solgrass)

[Develop] …And applying the principles of the spear to other tools as well, attaching handles and hafts such that the force they apply can be better used. (Invent tools that don't suck, including non-weaponized axes)
Again, I forget my name! I blame the wait.
Rolled 6, 10, 8 = 24 (3d20)

> [Unit Action] - [Defend Self]
Parotia flies throught the sky, avoiding the attacks. "Sadly, I, Parotia, can affirm that I will dodge forever."

>[Unit Action - Move - Parotia]
7 Hexes to the south. You know what the fuck is happening. Follow me if you can, Beast father. :^)

>[DI - Develop] - [Secret Bitch Move]

>[Develop] - [ Settlement ]
The Kosk finally make some sweet and good dome-like nests, finally having a roof against the rain and in general, a more comfortable place to live.
Rolled 1, 10, 7 = 18 (3d10)

>Rolled 6, 10, 8 = 24 (3d20)
BAKA fuck me.
>kind of a paradoxical statement that is
Was it? I thought that we could take a small amount of a given resource "by hand" for use in the most basic of senses. Such as you said was possible to gather branches from trees without having the tech to cut them down.
It seems I overstepped what I could do without proper tools, forgive me for that but I saw no other way to actually harvest the resource, even just a little bit of it.
Now, should I continue with the primitive "tools," or would you rather retcon my last turn's action? Wouldn't want to be playing unfairly here
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Develop [DI]: Unlock Centaur Biology. Give all centaurs the proper strength and speed that a horse would have. On top of this, two 'breeds' of centaurs emerge: the Elafrý, fast and swift; and the Varýs, bulky and sturdy.
>Develop: Bows (named Tóxo). Using the same principles as the fire bow, centaurs start taking several long strands of hair and stretching it between suitably flexible wood branches. Able to launch arrows at much faster velocities than if they were just thrown.

As... endearing, as it was to see the centaurs continue to bumble their way across his domain, Diridge realized it was a liability that could not be left alone any longer. Gathering the strongest, fastest, and wisest representatives of the Northern and Southern tribes, Diridge channeled his divine will (and patience) to unlock their innate potential. He took them out to the fields surrounding Statherós. They were drilled time and time again to gallop as fast as they could, jump over pits and wooden logs Diridge had made to impede them. They were laden with logs, and forced to march for hours on end at a steady trot. By the end of this grueling process, the centaurs had finally gained a mastery of their bodies, and were able to drill all remaining centaurs in the same way.
Two specific groups of centaurs caught Diridge's eye as he trained them. The centaurs from the southern tribe were particularly fast and nimble compared to their northern brethren, whom were stocky and strong. Diridge decided to give them titles to help distinguish his flock, the Elafrý for the lightweight coursers, and the Varýs for the heavyweight destriers.

Thankfully for Diridge, not all the developments in centaur culture required his guiding hand. One young centaur, while trying his hand at starting a fire out in the woods, had too loose of a grip on the firebow and stick, causing the firebow to launch the stick a fair bit away from the fire pit. While initially cowed by the fact that he'd messed up such a task, he began to think back to how far and fast that stick had been launched. He pulled back the firebow's string and let go several times, emitting pleasing notes, before a sharp crack as the string caused the bow to break. The young centaur continued to experiment, stringing longer pieces of hair between more flexible pieces of wood. Finally, after weeks of work and many broken sticks, the fruits of his labor bore him the first Centaur Bow. Named after its creator, the Tóxo.
File: 204_cap055.jpg (62 KB, 768x576)
62 KB
Alpha Oybabtu had studied the Syrconite ore, wanted to try melting it down. Then, had Oybabtu build stone chambers designed to hold dried Ashwattle wood and Solgrass, and heat the ore.
Before Oybabtu were able to finish, Oybabtu started getting confused, startled by the brightness of the flames in the dark mines. Oybabtu were confused, because Oybabtu don't see.
Alpha Oybabtu gathered Oybabtu together in unity and explained the nature of Oybabtu senses. Oybabtu have no eyes, ears, or nose. All such senses are unified by taste.
When Oybabtu taste photons, Oybabtu "see" the light and color. When Oybabtu tongues feel the vibration of soundwaves, Oybabtu "hear" sound. As such, Oybabtu can operate, move, and function Healthily with or without light.
Now unified in thought, Oybabtu were much calmer.
>[Develop+DI] Culture(?) Tech> Photo-Echolocation(Tongue)
Just explaining Oybabtu senses and giving them True Darkvision

Several Oybabtu approached Alpha Oybabtu and asked, "If taste is Oybabtu's Healthiest sense, why, out of all the flavors in the world, do Oybabtu choose salt?"
Alpha Oybabtu thought on this and decided that more than Dust was necessary for Oybabtu to be Healthy. Oybabtu went to the river coming down from the mountain and, using a Bonerock shovel to dig a hole, mixed Dust and fresh river water into a paste. Carrying the paste back to the firebox ovens, Oybabtu baked the paste in cubes, drying out the water, baking in flavor. Slicing the result was unnecessary, as they cracked into thin sheets easily.
Tasting the thin, salty cracked off slices, Oybabtu found them delightful and thought of the perfect name for them: Dried Food Rectangles!
Oybabtu began experimenting with flavors and toppings to the new food.
Alpha Oybabtu declared it very Healthy.
>[Develop] Population Tech> Dried Food Rectangles(Crackers)
Many things had good wrong for Onus this time around. As He looked towards the north, His Keepers in the south were running into issues. In attempting to source stone, with stone, they'd ended up only with large rocks with sharpened or blunted edges. The god of Knowledge, however, knew how to remedy this.

>Develop - driftwood gathering
To turn a stone into a hammer, one simply needs to add leverage. The keepers are sent to walk the shoreline and collect the sturdiest pieces of driftwood they can find.

He also found His people to be devouring their fish raw, for He had been too preoccupied and forgot the most simple of developments: fire. Still, He once again knew how to remedy this issue, for it is His place to know.
>Develop w/ DI[Domain of Knowledge] Sushi Preparation
Throughout the channels of time, many cultures had taken to eating their fish raw. With some help from the god of knowledge, His Keepers could learn to safely prepare seafood for raw consumption.

Most unfortunately, Phallus seemed to be depleted of energy. He'd done very well to please Onus, and deserved a break.
>Unit Interact- Phallus- cease magic orgies and idle at the library.
When there is time, He could help Phallus find his power again. For now there were more important matters.

Go ahead and remove whitestone from my available resources, I can wait one or two more turns to do this correctly.
File: TrollFace.jpg (76 KB, 545x750)
76 KB

[Communicate - May Queen]

Monolith's eyes try and focus as May queen rises on her throne of growing vegetation, until the Troll father's eyes have nearly crossed. "Life? Life flow and ebb, shrink back when cold come down hard slopes, spring up again when cold go back to high crags. There rythmn of life in Mountains, but Mountains keep go on. Ha! Life welcome here. But it know Mountains true master."

[Move God: Monolith]

Monolith heads southward down the mountain spine, watching and looking out to see what views might come.

[Move Unit: Troll Scouts]

The scouts north along the shoreline, though will turn back south if they find Terrain they can't cross, most likely the damp sort.

[Claim - DI]

Two Mountains remain open in the south next to the Crystal Mountain, Monolith makes his claim to both of these, as right of his domain.


The excavation of the first sizable Whitestone blocks also leads to a delicious discovery, Whitestone Flakes! Crunchy and white and so so tasty, they're just what any troll needs for breakfast to start their day right and keep their diamond teeth shining.

[Air Wizard]
Got a name here = >>3028435
, though it wasn't in the main post. Named Hoodoo.
>Develop: gathering stones.
While roaming the grasslands a Scalawag stubbed his toe on a rock. How dare that rock do such a thing! To prevent further injury this Scalawag began collecting every stone he could see. Soon other Scalawags joined in, because why not? Rock gathering quickly became the newest fad.

>Develop (DI) fermentation/alcohol
Sticky-fingers gathered the nearby Scalawags and began to teach them how to ferment the Black Pin berries. It was a simple enough process.
1) gather the berries 2) squash the berries 3) bottle the berry juice 4) spit in the bottle 5) wait
But the Scalawags had no bottles! Have no fear, Sticky-fingers was able to manifest simple reusable containers for the liquid.
"Drink up me hearties!" Sticky-fingers shouted once the process was finished.

>Unit Communicate (Sticky-fingers with Scalawags)
As Sticky-fingers went about his faithful Scalawags he taught them yet another valuable lesson.
"Goblin Rule #67: If it glitters, it's probably worth taking."
"What is glittering?" asked one Scalawag.
"You'll know once you see it."
"But what about rules 2-66?" asked another Scalawag.
Sticky-fingers grinned his trademark toothy smile."Goblin Rule #23: Always keep 'em guessing."

>Unit Move (Sticky-fingers)
Move South 6 hexes. MORE SCOUTING! YIPPEE!
Excited to see more of the world, Alpha Oybabtu continued his journey.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
One hex to the west, two to the southwest, two to the southeast.
File: Aspirant Mage.jpg (49 KB, 474x791)
49 KB
>DI Claim - 3 NW hexes (Specifics in discord)
As Gotas walked northwards, a sudden flash occurred inside his mind. In an instant he sensed that a minuscule portion of his power have splintered off, having found a more suitable vessel. The hunter was proud, proud that his Aspirants had grown so much in this short time, grown enough to receive a portion of his true gift. With this revelation in mind, Gotas expanded his domain as he walked to ensure the Aspirants had a well enough foothold to support their new power.

>Communicate action with Covetous or his minions
Gotas came a cross an odd sight as he reached the black deserts to his north west. The ground was covered in a strange mossy substance that would have impeded his walk were he mortal. Nonetheless it did stain his boots, which annoyed him a tad. However, he could worry about that later. He saw tree like entities, reminding him of that figure he had seen in the distance while traveling to visit Azraelius. As he had before, he shouted out to anyone in earshot, "Greetings to you kin! I am Gotas the Hunter. What may I call you, my northerly neighbor?"

>Unit Movement (Gotas): Move E-SE-SE-SE-SE
Later, after his communication with Covetous was done Gotas would return home to check upon his children.

>Develop Fire: Roseberry Wood + Branches + Stone Tools + Whitestone
Meanwhile, the Aspirants were provisioning their first scouting party for a long journey to hopefully gain a better picture of the world. Inspired by stories they had heard of the Sefari to the west, the Aspirants seek to replicate the blaze they produce. After much effort the Aspirants learn they can use wood chips cut from branches alongside friction from other branches as a medium to set fire to larger logs inside whitestone fire pits. The Aspirants begin to use this to cook food.

>Unit Movement (Aspirant Pathfinders): Move SW-SW-W
The Pathfinders ready themselves to leave, when suddenly one among them falls to his knees in pain. The assembled Aspirants rush over to aid him but stop when they see he has recovered, his formerly plain mask having been warped by magic to resemble a Sirvee's skull. The man stands and addresses the crowd. "I have received a boon from our father. You may call me Sul'vir, it is a name that means He Who Keeps The Herd." The Aspirants were left in awe, but with this commotion over, the scouts replaced their 50th member and departed. Sul'vir stood at the edge of the clearing, eyes closed beneath his mask, feeling his growing connection with the many beasts that live and die within these woods. His mind raced with possibilities, and he knew now the many things he must do while he yet lived.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting
Reminder to OP to move my settlement west by one, where I intended it to be.

God Unit
[Move] Return to Igloopolis for a moment, then continue trajectory to explore the North East!
[Interact] With Spirit Wizard for Develop

Spirt Wizard [Interact] With Directors for Develop

MagiTech - Mind Linking - As I understand it, I can put this on my general pop, and into units I develop? I want them to be able to go up to someone willing, shake their hand, and initiate mind-link, even if they aren't a mind reader themselves.)
The 5 Directors stood at the entrance of the Board room. Seishin had entered already, and somehow, a sixth seat had manifested at the mahogany table. At the head of the table the Pod continued it's beeping monotone.
No words were exchanged. In this, the highest echelons of I.C.E, the bumbling psuedo-hive mind seen even in the Interns was at it's most refined, doubly so with the Spirit Wizard involved.
There was a power play at here, one the wizard was clearly losing, despite her initial bold 'attack'. After a few tense moments, she gracefully stood, pulling her chair to the wall at the side of the room, where she resumed seating.
The Directors ignored her, taking their rightful seats at the table. There followed a long, pointless meeting, non-existent finances, events and business plans made by the Directors, Seishin left to fume at her own impotence.

When the Directors felt she had been punished enough, they bade her forward, allowing her to rest a hand on #1's shoulder as they united their minds to heights never seen before (at least, as far as they knew...)

[Develop] - Logging Facility
The southern parts of our land reaches past a mountain chain to come to a halt by a lake. We will use the Piney Wood to build a Piney Wood Plant in the middle of all the Pine Wood plants (also known as a Pine Wood Forest)
File: arena.jpg (103 KB, 806x476)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Golden feather 1 - Move
to the east! Somethings seems to be moving there in this black desert. A closer inspection might tell us more.

>Golden feather 2 - Move
Same move as last turn. North then west to pass behind the mountain range and see what's there.

>Darei - Move to Grand Nest


Using the sturdy ashwattle wood starts to craft and use lances and immediately starts to use them, while unarmed will always have a dear place in the Dazars hearts, a weapon is an object of great importance and must be respected as such.

>Develop + DI
Seeing his minions take the spears and train with such diligence, Darei was satisfied, but looking around to the valley they called their nest, he felt something was missing. Something that could reveal and make their true calling shine even more. Something that they could use to reach even greater high.
Infusing his power in the very ground of the place Darei set himself to work. Wall were elevated, tunnels dug, a great central area was designed, The Arena was born.
A place infused with the very spirit of Battle and Honor. The powers of Darei permeating the whole area. Anyone who enter the Arena will be subjected to it. If those who fight inside set rules for their fight, such as no weapon allowed or fight to the death, Darei's powers will force those rules to apply till the end of the fight.
[God Unit] Secret move.

[Claim action using DI] Secret Claim.

[Create unit action] 100 Sefari scouts. Sefari ranged combat tech.

The fastest flame sefari are trained to enhance their speed and stamina with their life force. Their vigorous lifeforce is channeled and focused making them be lighter and faster on their feet. Since they learned to focus their lifeforce they can dim their fire/light in order to not attract attention as they move.
[Wizard Action]
The Astral wizard will visit the the astral plane and explore

[Unit Action]
The Devourer will contine moving north

[Unit Action]
The swarm will move west

[DI + Develop]
Continue to claim the east

Religious practices and rituals become a regular occurrence with everything ranging from ceremonial offerings to ritual feasts all for the sake of Ynülu
Develop: Bowhunting
Develop + DI: Symbiotes
Since Offshoot inception their Goddess stayed by their side never too far away too provide guidance and lead them. Until now what is. Their Queen's departure forced something to awaken within some of them, the spark of self-awareness these new ''persons'' looked at their brothers mindlessly obeying their instincts guided by primal intuition they did what was told by the May Queen. New people did not feel ill towards their creator but they did not want this mindless life and so they left and lived as loners hunting and fishing to feed themselves in peaceful and free solitude.
Meanwhile May Queen's efforts to contact her people and give them guidance had backfired in an interesting way. Her energy exploded in a spectacular burst of rainbow light from Garden of change warping and twisting a certain parasitic plant which had been collected there transforming it into a symbiotic plant which bonds with Offshoot. It gives its host additional limbs in the form vines, a new pair of eyes (literally) and a form of protection
Rolled 9, 1, 3, 4 = 17 (4d10)

Extra lore because why not:
>Offshoot can slower or accelerate their heart rate depending on the need and their environment. At low heart rate they are most like plant or mushroom at high heart rate they are most like an animal.
>Offshoot share a pseudo mystical connection between the flora around them including with other offshoot. More offshoot are around the same area the more ''awake'' as a collective they are.
>Indvidualistic offshoot refer to themselves as ''Awakened'' and to other offshoot as ''Sleepers'' and ''Dreamwalkers''
Oh and how could I forget. Symbiotes also function as clothes
Belweir was extremely busy studying the sea when something clinked against the back of his head! The great crystal god rotated himself over backwards to address the impact, not bothering to right himself when he found a small, gently crackling crystal with a flickering white light inside it! The crystal's light flickered ecstatically and it danced around nonsensically, all the while with flowers blooming on the ground beneath it wherever it went. "Goodness!" The big crystal exclaimed as he watched his thaumite cover the ground in blooms. Many questions were asked by him, all of them answered with rapid flickering. "Well this is certainly a really cool ability you've gotten!" the big crystal said cheerily, "Would you like to come with me to find things that you can use it to play with?" More excited flickering from the crystal, soon followed by their departure. Before the little crystal leaves though, it dances around a big plant ball thing that Belweir left on the ground, and a big tangle of green tentacular branches and roots erupts from it as all of its seeds burst forth with life, creating an extremely large bush!

>[MOVE UNIT] Life wizard (Florian)
The pair travel south, past the crystal mountain that Belweir studied before, and onward to find a third mountain. The ground would quickly be dotted with crystal clusters to enable other thaumites to come explore out this way as well!

>[MOVE UNIT] αExplorers
The explorer thaumites agreed that it might be smart to know what else was around the body of water that they were next to. They began their jounrey northward, following the waterline.

>[DEVELOP] Dancing stone
At home, the thaumites were experimenting with vibrating crystals against the ground in different ways to summon different kinds of crystal. The next thing to emerge from the ground was decidedly not crystal. Indeed, it was a large piece of shimmering material that drew the attention of all living near the Sun Crystal! Many thaumites crowded around it, the little points of light attempting to mimic its shifting patterns with their own light.
[Claim]-DI kne mountain hex and regular land to the south.

[Quarry]- as much sand as possible is gathered from the shores of Amalgama's land for a purpose or two.
File: 1540551140459.gif (796 KB, 326x300)
796 KB
796 KB GIF
I guess I should say, for those who are not on the discord, and those on the archives:

OP had real life stuff come up, including two part time jobs. He's still trying to get used to things schedule wise. Not to mention 17 gods was a bit too big of a group. Ikya has gone AFK to help relieve himself and OP of the load of managing a god.

He'll try to get a routine down for next thread, about a post every 2 days. not including weekends.

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