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File: stickman-archer-2.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)
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Welcome to Stickman Tribes Evo, a game where you take control of a tribe and evolve it culturally, technologically, and historically through time. You play as a tribes and compete against the other tribes to try to dominate and become the greatest civilization of all.

New Players Guide:
>Every turn is two weeks in game
>Every turn each tribe can do two actions and research
>Research - Laws, Technologies, Arts, Customs
>Action - Trading, Hunting, Scouting, Organizing
>At least one player per tribe, no upper limit on tribe members
> Only TWO actions and ONE research PER TRIBE, must be agreed by majority
> Please read sheet to verify
1) whether a tech/culture has already been researched
2) whether OP fucked up in updating sheets
>To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns EXCEPT in WAR.
>If you have a disagreement in tribe and cannot come to an agreement, civil war can occur. Civil war will stop ALL development of the tribe until it is resolved. The loser and all their allies are removed from the game.

Other Mechanics:
> Combat (NPC) - one commander per tribe, roll xd100 where x is the number of GROUPS of units you wish to fight (ask oldfag or OP if unclear)
> Culture - After exposure to other cultures, rolls can be made to determine how foreign cultures can affect your civilization's society
> Nationhood - Once a tribe reaches 1000+ population, they are eleigible for nationhood. They will then need a constitution, flag, currency, formal military, and more than one town. The constitution MUST include established geographic borders, name of your state, and governing body.
> Economy - One a civ implements a tax, there will be a stream of income to your treasury. You will be able to purchase additional actions with this income. Too high a tax, however, will affect mood.
File: 0 hur.png (21 KB, 1382x932)
21 KB
Meet Hurantal!
>Monster hunters and tamers
>emphasis on the bow and the spear
>every child has to go through a ritual called The great Asenscion, which in short is a ritual where you have to either tame an animal companion (that you will have as an ally for the rest of your life) or slaying a great beast.
File: 0 icri.png (17 KB, 1338x925)
17 KB
Meet Icryllic Chiefdom
>A smaller than average group of people obsessed with cleanliness. Class based society that values fancy dress and being clean over all else. Looks down on others naturally. Large appreciation of metals due to its shininess and showing of superiority. Prefers ranged combat to avoid getting dirty.
File: 0 dag.png (22 KB, 1147x723)
22 KB
Meet Dagonians!
>Fishing town called Dagon
>xenophobic religious occultists
>commune with the depths where their drowned god seeths, they work to grow their connection to it with rituals and ceremonies (water magicy stuff involving seaweed, bblood, bones, fish scales,, eyes, salt, alters, alchemy, bark, sacrifice etc),
>go through "religious experiences" where they black out and are efffectively puppeteered by the drowned one, where they do his bidding, build effegies, speak weirdly, dissapear for ages etc.
>Their town, waters and units are shrouded by a damp cold mist.
>their structures are like viking long houses. >Language sounds very wet & gargly
File: 0 emo.png (32 KB, 1491x898)
32 KB
Meet Emor!
>warlike tribe, adapt at fighting with martial culture
Alright, going to make the spreadsheets now
File: 0 hor.png (31 KB, 1000x800)
31 KB
>Please post your turn.
>Name your capital
File: 0 icri.png (30 KB, 1000x800)
30 KB
>Please post your turn.
>Name your capital

Messed up name, will fix later
File: 0 dag.png (31 KB, 1000x800)
31 KB
>Please post your turn.
File: 0 emo.png (21 KB, 1000x800)
21 KB
>Please post your turn.
>Name your capital.
Discord: https://discord.gg/v3ZVKGc

Figure out flintknapping

Deepest apologies, I do this on accident a lot
Because I am an idiot.
Tech: Weaving/clothe making
Action: Purples begin gathering resources around their territory
Action: With whatever the purples gathered they begin practicing and improving their weaving skills
Capital: Saltmire

Tech: Stone Tools
Action: Scout out the region surrounding the capital
Action: Gather and stockpile resources from the surrounding region
Action 1: Go hunting
Action 2: Go exploring nearby
Tech: Bone carving
Looks interesting. Will let my id decide which tribe i will join.
Action 1 scout the nearby area
Action 2 Go and tame some monsters/animals
Research better bow weapons.
File: 1 emo.png (21 KB, 1000x800)
21 KB
Turn 1
>Emor figures out flintknapping
> (2) Extra Actions left
File: 1 icri.png (172 KB, 1000x800)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
>Using leaves, Icryllic tribesmen learn how to weave and make clothes. Much more clean now.
>They gather some resources around their territory. While picking up more leaves, they find cabbage.
>They git good at weaving
>Please name your capital.
File: 1 dag.png (103 KB, 1067x800)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Dagonians carve out stone tools by sticking a stone to a wooden stick.
>While scouting out the region, a group of scouts start hearing some voices. It is the voice of a young woman. She begs Dagonians for revenge, as some folks east of the river, deep in the mountains, has killed one of her sons, and kidnapped the other one. She asks Dagonians to free her other son from them. The mother, explains that his son might be the only one capable of saving their people. Her voice disappears. Huh...
>They find the start of a jungle south of them as well.
>Dagonians don't find anything of use around the area.
File: 1 hor.png (109 KB, 1000x800)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Hurantals learn how to make bows.
>While searching for monsters to hunt, they find find a huge burrow in the ground. Who knows how far that burrow goes underground! Enthusiatic about their recent findings, four of their scouts run into the burrow in search of adventure. 7 metres in, they hear their inner voice telling them to run away. It was too late for two of these scouts however, as a 8 feet tall rabbit jumps them and kills them both by tearing their heads off. Horrified, the rest of the scouts report their findings to the rest of the tribe.
>They scout the area around them, they dont find anything except some pretty nice salt reserves.
>Please name your capital

fixed pop at 48
Research traps, hunting for animals makes you sweaty and dirty.
1. Using ability to weave leaves we should upgrade huts.
2. Scout south
Tech: Fishing rods
Action 1: Harvest jungle wood
Action 2: Commune with the depths to try & learn more about the voice and the tribe she spoke of
By harvest jungle wood I mean set up a lumber camp, for consistent wood income (in case that wasn't obvious)
We need to figure out how to protect ourselves against the beast (maybe armor or at least better weapons)
Scout the area around us (keep someone looking the burrow to see if the beast goes out)

(How does Organize works?)
Hunt some more

Tech: Monster taming
Action 1: Using our new found skills of monster taming, go tame those monster wabbits.
Action 2: Send out scouts in another direction to hunt animals
Voting for this
I liked that idea of monster taming! I'll also go with it.
But still stick with Sparta as the name of the capital
File: icri 2.png (178 KB, 1000x800)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>Acyllians invents traps, making it easier to gain some sort of food (+1 pop growth)
>They make huts slightly nicer. No major changes though.
>Scouting south they find carrots
File: 2 dag.png (102 KB, 1067x800)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Dagonians learn about fishing rods (+3 pop growth)
>Dagonians attempt to communicate with the dead mother. After hours, she listens to their voices. She hands a white blanket with blood to spilled all over it one of the younger dagonians. "Take it, my child. With it you will go unnoticed. Go east, until you reach the kingdom of blood and skulls". "In deep in their territories you will find my son".
>They build a wood camp south at the start of the jungle
Rolled 57 (1d100)

rolling for hurantals (need high)
Action 1: Scout the general region around our capital
Action 2: Gather nearby resources

Action 3: Explore east
Action 4: Explore west

Research: Make wrestling a thing.
2 actions and one research man.
Nothing of 4 actions
>Hurantzals git good at taming monsters/animals (+3 pop growth)
>They try doing it on giant bunnies. They fail miserably. Fortunately no one dies while trying.
>They find cows while exploring their surroundings. Now, at least these ones can be easily domesticated (+2 pop growth)
File: 2 hor.png (116 KB, 1000x800)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
forgot image.
i'll allow them as last time they forgot to post their actions
he got 2 extra actions from previous turn
File: 2 emo.png (133 KB, 1000x800)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>To their east they start finding some mountains
> Emors start practicing wrestling
> There seems to be a lack of resources around their area. Only thing they seem to find is lots of flowers on a field, and Hemp plants
Check flowers a and hemp for possibilities to make drugs out of
Tech: Bone & wood spooky boats
action 1: explore the jungle coast with our new boats
action 2: Give the invisibility cloak to some dude, he is now an elite assassin and scouting unit knoen as The Fog. The Fog explores east to the town the ghost told us of for a look around
Action 1: Attempt taming again, the animals will become their allies sooner or later
Action 2: Scout south
Research: Better housing
Research: Bow for elegant hunting.
Now no prey should escape Icryllic tribesman. Meat not only should increase in amount but also in variety.
Action 1: Build food gathering hut between cabbage and carrot field
Meat great and all but diversing food intake is important. Icryllic tribesman build bigger hut near two sources of food(carrots, cabbages) and designate small grup of people to collet them.
Action 2: Organizing waste disposal
Now the Icryllic tribesmen segregate their waste. their designate 3 holes one where their put their dead, another for waste of their bodies, third one for general waste tribes produce unused materials, rotten food and other. Couple people are designated to keep village neat and clean.
File: 3 dag.png (146 KB, 1067x800)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>dagonians develop rafts made out of bones and jungle wood and explore their southern coast
>our young adventurer The Fog, embarks on a quest to find the captive son. Just as he arrives to the mightly capital of Orjian, Entrens, the young dagonian can sense a lot of death around the mountains that these people inhabit. A city, that due to it being settled in between huge mountains, the sun is barely visible. A lot of mist seems to appear quite often in-between these mountains. The city is not pleasing, with every building made of dark stone, heavily fortificated. Numerous guards carrying heavy axes and wearing shiny armour and helmets can be seen watching over many stickmans that seem to be tied, legs and arms included, to huge rocks. The street signs seem to be confusing as hell as well, with indications such as "Ooga Drive 140" etc. He might have to look for the captive for longer.
File: 3 icri.png (179 KB, 1000x800)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>icryllians develop a much cleaner way of hunting, using bows (+1 pop growth)
>A food gathering hut is built. This will help in preserving food better (+1 pop growth)
>Incryllians organize a waste disposal system to help get rid of bodies, poop, and general waste. This helps the icryllians in avoiding any spread of disease, though in this case useless, as they wouldn't be able to notice any changes in their body when sick.
File: 3 hor.png (116 KB, 1000x800)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>Hurantal git good at architecture, allowing for a more productive positioning of buildings (+1 pop growth).
>They attempt taming the huge bunnies, failing at it. Another Hurantal dies in the attempt of doing so.
>Going south, in the mountains, they meet the people of Zvaria, wearing really nice clothes and boots, are seen going about their life with a really high work ethic. Talking to them, they seem like total bros, even though they seem to be very full of themselves. The peasants, very excited of having found a bunch of naked guys from an exotic tribe, send a message to the capital announcing this event to their aristocratic elite.
File: www.png (25 KB, 536x691)
25 KB
updated map
File: 3 emo.png (133 KB, 1000x800)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>Emor try to learn more on flowers. Next turn, they will be able to find out about the types of flowers they have through an action.
>Emor has (2) Actions left.
Action 1: Explore north
Action 2: Make flower gardens in Emor
Research: Create the ascencion ritual, sending out some younger teens to capture some animals. or slaying a great beast, they shall accompany them for their rest of their lives.
Action 1: Send scouts east to find other animals to capture.
Action 2: Give our new friends down below some cows, as a gift!
Tech: Carpentry
Action: scout north
Action: The purples practice improving their speech and manners by politely discussing who among themselves is the cleanest
Posting another turn because somebody yelled at me to.

Tech: Rope from the hemp
Action 1: Explore even further east
Action 2: Look again for resources besides flowers and hemp
Tech: Clothing made from junglle leaf fibers, and decorated withh seaweed and shhells.
Action: Build a smoking house to preserve our food supplies
Action: Keep exploring for the ghost's kid. Have a good look around orjian, and possible further up the road.
File: 4 hor.png (184 KB, 1000x800)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
>An ascention ritual is made, in which they send their youth to capture or kill a great beast, as some sort of initiation ritual.
> Exploring east, a huge hawk is found flying. The Hurantal scouts, excited of having witnessed such a magnificent bird, decide to follow it,. A few hours later, the bird lands, but just as they were going to attempt to capture it, they notice that a man is seen on top of it. Hurantals greets him and the man invites him to the village to have some "beer" (beer? what is that?). On their way to their village, Eizel, from the nation of Hawl, the man and the Hurantal scouts talk causally about their favorite hobby, animal taming. Once they reach the city of Eizel, the scouts find the city to be a really pleasant place, with paved streets, comfy medieval houses, and lots of totems with hawks drawn on them. They reach the tavern, in which they drink lots of beer and have fun, even though the waitresses are a bit too shy of serving beers to naked men. The man challenges one of the scouts, the most charismatic of them, called Boe, to a drinking competition, promising him to give him two fully grown domesticated hawks if they beat him. Boe wins, and is given the hawks. The scouts had fun, and will definitely miss that thing called "beer" but it's time to go home. Boe, and his best friend, make their trip back home riding hawks, while the rest of the scout have no option than to walk back. Upon arriving at Bodvan, Boe becomes instantly popular, making the chief and the rich families a bit more nervous and jealous.
>Hurantals are greeted by a group of Zvarian diplomats. They explain that their king is too busy doing more important matters elsewere, so they cant meet him yet. Hurantals give them some cows, while is exchange the Zvarians give them their presence. They seem to be particularly interested in how such a underdeveloped tribe, stands out for their manners and friendliness, and seem to be really happy with their lifes over all despite being dirt poor.
File: 4 icri.png (198 KB, 1000x800)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
>Icryllians git gud at carpentry and in their social skills. They now speak a bit more sophisticated and fancy.
>They scout north, and find nothing of use.
File: 4 dag.png (146 KB, 1067x800)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>A smoking house is made, to preserve food, especially fish (+1 pop growth)
>Clothing is made as well through leaves and seaweed.
>Nights are harsh and cold in the city of Entrens, despite wearing a blanket. The Fog decides that maybe sleeping inside a building would be better? Unnoticed, The Fog sleep inside a tavern. In the middle of the night, someone bumps into his sleeping body, uncovering his blanket. The Orjian woman screams, and guards take The Fog and his blanket immediately for interrogation. He is tied into a rock, and all of his belongings taken away.
>A disease hits the wood camp, killing all five lumberjacks. Dry wood will be unavailable until the wood problem is fixed. The rafts could pose a problem in the future if the lack of wood continues.
File: 4 emo.png (284 KB, 1000x800)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>Using hemp, rope is made.
>Exploring north, loads of sheep are found. Further up north, a forest is found.
>Emora is decorated with flower gradens. Beautiful.
>While exploring further east, an Emor scout dies, due to the unforgiving and cold weather of the mountain. Beetrots are found.
>The rest of them encounter a highly populated village nearby a river. Most of them wear conical hats and are working on their crops. Emors encounter them and try speaking with them. They seem really confused. Perhaps they dont speak the same language? After 15 minutes of trying to undestand them the Emors get bored of them and leave. One of them however promises himself that he will make it his life project to undestand these dudes and stays in the village.
>While exploring further around their area, corn is found as well.
Tech: Fishing gear/ nets
Action: Begin fishing
Action: The concept of being clean becomes holy and being dirty is a sin, but they unrest and that sometimes you need to sin for the greater good. Those who are notice to be dirty for too long are punished by being sentence to the shithole then gets scold with a forceful cleaning, sometimes they almost drown or get a small beatdown
Tech: Learn the Chiaese langague
Action 1: Herd the sheep
Action 2: Explore northwest to get rid of that penis shape
Action 1: Explore north
Action 2: Talk to guys south, give em more gifts i guess.
Research: Leather clothes
File: 5 icri.png (162 KB, 1000x800)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Icryllians make nets, making fishing easier (+1 pop growth)
>Icryllians get better at fishing (+1 pop growth)
>Criminals will now get sent to the "shithole"
>Mood improves (+4 pop growth)
File: 5 emo.png (167 KB, 1000x800)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Another disapointing expedition north west was made. The only thing they found was Cumin.
>The Emor dude learns how to speak Chian. Finally he now can speak their language. While living in one of their settlements he realized how messed up their society is. There is a curfew at night due numerous Triads messing around, that strangely enough are not dealt with even though the Chian police force is really impressive. The empire stretches all of the Zuan River with the emperor living in a huge palace in another settlement, with local leaders ruling the other settlements for him. Religion seems to be a very important aspect in their society as well. Every solstice every citizen throws a paper boat onto the river, so their souls reaches the other world when these boats reach the sea. Pretty cool shit.
>Sheeps are succesfully captured, but they dont know wtf they're supposed to do with it. One guy gets a really funny idea and rapes one of the sheeps. The guy died of an infection but not before spreading it to another three members of his family. This is starting to become a problem.
File: 5 hor.png (113 KB, 1000x800)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>Going north, garlic is found. Another Hawl town can be seen in the distance.
>Zvarian diplomats give the Hurantal leaders a tour around their country. With all of the cities greatly organized, clean, and highly defended, the Zvarian kingdom seems to be a powerhouse. Although their people seem pretty polite and respectable people, their leaders seem arrogant, selfish and narcisistic, even though they seem to be inteligent as well. Their elite holds a lot of power, but nothing seems to question the absolute rule of their King, Kill-Deahn. The king rules the kingdom with an iron fist, with treason being the greatest offence you could ever commit. Your leaders have a few words with him. He has a proposition to make: The Zvarian state will grant you protection against any enemies in exchange of building a military base nearby your area. Hurantals deny.
>Hurantal design leather clothes.
>Dagonians STILL need to do (2) actions and (1) research
Research proper architecture so that we can build proper houses without them simply collapsing in on us
>Action 1
Scout southwest along the bend
>Action 2
Upgrade our current shitty huts with our carpentry and architecture
Research: Capturing tools so that we can more effiecently capture animals.
Action 1: Try to trick one of the rabbits out so we can capture it while its by itself.
Action 2: Use our new architecture techniques to construct non shitty huts, but much better buildings.
Research: Research animal husbandry so that we can make use of the sheep as food and for wool.
Action 1: Declare lewding the sheep a bad thing and kill those infected.
Action 2: Explore northeast
ٴٴ >>3215353
Tech 1: Research carpentry so that we can actually build decent boats
Tech 2: Create nets so that we can catch fish much better and easier
Action 1: Upgrade our boats to not be retarded floating bone rafts
Action 2: Begin implementing Drift nets with large clusters of hollow bones at the top to allow them to float properly
Action 3: Build a shrine to the Drowned One as an apology for failing to locate her son and losing her gift
Action 4: Set up a daily prayer routine where we pay homage to the Drowned One by worshiping in front of the water shrine and laying offerings of large fish all around it
File: 6 emo.png (54 KB, 1000x800)
54 KB
>Emors get good at Animal Husbandry (+3 pop growth). They get milk, meat and wool from sheep (+2 pop growth)
>The infected population gets executed. Sheep fuckers get the cross as well.
>Beans are found northeast
File: 6 dag.png (147 KB, 1067x800)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
>Dagonians get good at carpentry and make nets (+2 pop growth).
>They upgrape their boats into hulls. However, the rest of their fleet breaks down due to the current wood crisis.
>Drift nets are invented (+1)
>A shrine is built as an apology for losing her object. Days go by... suddenly, a young man is seen arriving. It's The Fog. Not only that, but he is coming back with the blanket. He explains that in the middle of the night one girl freed him and gave him his blanket back. THe girl explains that by fate, she had a feeling that she had to liberate him. Her last words before disappearing was to "Bring back justice for what they did to my family". Huh...
>A daily routine to pay homage for the Drowned One is established.
File: 6 icri.png (133 KB, 1000x800)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>Icryllians git good at architecture, allowing for a more productive positioning of buildings (+1 pop growth).
>They explore south west. they dont think anything of value.
>They improve their infrastructure, now living in more comfy houses (+1 pop growth)
File: 6 hor.png (114 KB, 1000x800)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>Hurantal design wood tools
>Hurantals set up a trap for one of the bunnies. Using both hawks, and surrounding the bunny from all sides allowed them to succesfully capture her. Still, without any proper knowledge on defenses, 3 hurantals died in the proccess.
>Hurantals add more details into the construction of buildings. Mood increases (+4 pop growth)
Research carts so that we can transport resources (mainly wood) much easier and faster
>Action 1
Clear a dirt path between our two settlements, allowing for food to reach the lumber outpost easier and for lumber to reach our main settlement faster
>Action 2
Explore along the northern coastline
Tech: Astology

Action: Purples begin to excerice their mind and body with yoga and meditation

Action: improve their archery skills
Change tech to Herbalism
Research: Agriculture
Action 1: Explore northeast
Action 2: Create a council of 10 experienced men who will lead the tribe and make important decisions, a senate if you will.

Action 1:Construct non crappy huts

Action 2:Tame the bunny we captured
File: 7 dag.png (195 KB, 1067x800)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>Dagonians build a road and design carts so wood can come easier to their main settlement, making communication easier. Now what's left is sending people to their second settlement in order for dry wood to come back to Dagon again.
>Dagonians suffer yet again of another disease outbreak. Some worker clearing out the pathway for a road caught something that made his feet start turning green. Another 2 workers have caught it as well.
>Going north, horses and clay are found.
File: 7 icri.png (134 KB, 1000x800)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>Herbalism is developed (+1 pop growth)
>Icryllians start a journey of finding one-self and begin developing practices to ease their minds using meditation and, for their body, yoga.
>They also improve their archery abilities.
File: 7 emo.png (106 KB, 1000x800)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>Emors develop agriculture (+3 pop growth). This benefits them greatly as they can now grow Hemp, Beetrot (+1 pop growth), Corn (+1 pop growth), Cumin and Beans (+1 pop growth).
>Exploring north east, they find wheat (+2 pop growth)
>A senate is made comprised of 10 experieced men who will now lead the great tribe of Emor! Mood improves (+4 pop growth).
File: 7 hor.png (114 KB, 1000x800)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>The bunny recently captured, who Hurantal guards named Rea, was FINALLY succesfully trained. It is still extremely dangerous to ride it, as the speed this bunny can reach is insane, meaning that if you fall from it, you might break multiple bones from the fall.
>Carpentry is developed. With this, Hurantals decide it's time to improve their houses to something better (+1 pop growth)
Research: Carpentry
Action 1: Establish a village of 10 people in the north, at the edge of the forest
Action 2: Explore southeast
Action 1: Capture another rabbit.
Action 2: Build a barn so we have a way too take care of the animals instead of having them wander all over the place.
Research: Grooming for the animals so they arent dirty as fuck
Basic medicinal practices, help treat the sick and use it to try and prevent further disease outbreaks in the future
>Action 1
Relocate 20 men to the second settlement so they may begin working there
>Action 2
Attach some stones to the end of a couple nets, them going to be used to capture land animals in the future
Tech: Boat making
Action: Scout east
Action: Search known to us lands for useful herbs

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