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Welcome to Stickman Tribes Evo, a game where you take control of a tribe and evolve it culturally, technologically, and historically through time. You play as a tribes and compete against the other tribes to try to dominate and become the greatest civilization of all.

New Players Guide:
>Every turn is two weeks in game
>Every turn each tribe can do two actions and research
>Research - Laws, Technologies, Arts, Customs
>Action - Trading, Hunting, Scouting, Organizing
>At least one player per tribe, no upper limit on tribe members
> Only TWO actions and ONE research PER TRIBE, must be agreed by majority
> Please read sheet to verify
1) whether a tech/culture has already been researched
2) whether OP fucked up in updating sheets
>To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns EXCEPT in WAR.
>If you have a disagreement in tribe and cannot come to an agreement, civil war can occur. Civil war will stop ALL development of the tribe until it is resolved. The loser and all their allies are removed from the game.

Other Mechanics:
> Combat (NPC) - one commander per tribe, roll xd100 where x is the number of GROUPS of units you wish to fight (ask oldfag or OP if unclear)
> Culture - After exposure to other cultures, rolls can be made to determine how foreign cultures can affect your civilization's society
> Nationhood - Once a tribe reaches 1000+ population, they are eleigible for nationhood. They will then need a constitution, flag, currency, formal military, and more than one town. The constitution MUST include established geographic borders, name of your state, and governing body.
> Economy - One a civ implements a tax, there will be a stream of income to your treasury. You will be able to purchase additional actions with this income. Too high a tax, however, will affect mood.

What has happened so far:
>Emor meets Chian Empire and get sunflowers
>Icryllians found their religion
>Hurantals manage to domesticate a huge 8ft bunny
>Dagonians start a quest to avenge a ghost

discord: https://discord.gg/v3ZVKGc
File: 8 emo.png (57 KB, 1000x800)
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>Emors get better at carpentry and build a new settlement north of them. Please name your new settlement.
>Emors suffer a huge outbreak of disease from their water supply. 7 tribesmen have died so far and 13 Emors are infected.
>Going southeast, clay and horses found (+1 pop growth)
File: 8 hor.png (114 KB, 1000x800)
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114 KB PNG
>Hurantals try to tame another bunny. This time they have to walk deeper into the burrow. 3 adventurers walk into the burrow. None of them return.
>A barn is built for their cattle. They also start grooming them ocasionally to avoid the spread of diseases onto the cattle.
File: 8 dag.png (196 KB, 1067x800)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>Basic medicinal practices start being put into practice (+1 pop growth). They manage to treat one of the worker. However, the other passes away before being able to the treated right.
>20 men are sent to the wood settlement to fix the wood problem.
File: 8 icri.png (188 KB, 1000x800)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>Hulls are designed by Icryllians.
>Herbs are tried to be found but with no success. They also scout east where they find still nothing of value.
missed this part

>Dagonians start thinking more creatively in regards on gaining food. Nets start being applied to capture animals. Now it might be easier to catch them in the future.
Research: Sanitation
Action 1: Exile the infected, specifically to Chia.
Action 2: Upgrade our shitty huts using our new carpentry skills.

Name the new settlement Silva.
Tech: Sail
Action: Scout north east
Action: Establish a theocracy government and will elect a leader within the preisthood
Research: Build larger/more stable ships
Action 1: Capture some horses from up north using our nets and tie them to posts until we can get around to taming them properly
Action 2: Build a dockyard dedicated to docking and building ships
Action 1: Start mining salt so we can have better food than we do now.
Action 2: Scout the leftside
Research: Better mining equipment.
File: 9 emo.png (57 KB, 1000x800)
57 KB
>Emors deport the 13 infected toward the Chia. The Emors quickly gain a bad reputation for being dirty and full of diseases among their society and now are looked down upon. Chia society quickly learns not to touch this cursed race of stickmen as almost a hundred die for doing so.
>Almost as some sort of karma another 2 emors die for unknown reasons. For this reason Emors get more cautious and start implementing Sanitation systems (+1 pop growth).
>Their shitty huts are improved and replaced with better infrastructure (+1 pop growth)
File: 9 icri.png (142 KB, 1000x800)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>While exploring north-east huge fields of cotton are found.
>Finding a use in the cotton they found, even though they do not know how to harness it, is found, as it is perceived as soft and could be used in boats to make sails. Once they figure out a way to produce cotton, they will be able to modernize their hulls into sails, much more easy to manauver with, and less costly.
>A theocratric government is established in which an elitist priesthood is established, that elects their leader. Mood improves (+3 pop growth).
File: 9 dag.png (196 KB, 1067x800)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>Larger ships are built capable of carrying more stickmans/resources, and thus more fish (+1 pop growth). Of course, the maintenance of these ships would have never been posible had it not been but the new dockyard they just built!
>Even though nets are really effective at their job of capturing animals, these horses are just too rebellious to get caught on them! Or just too lucky. Dagonians return home with their hands empty.
>Another disease spurs out, this time in Dagon. Thankfully, this time Dagonians knew how to act this time and isolated the infected. Only a young couple died from it.
File: 9 hor.png (187 KB, 1000x800)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Pickaxes are designed to kickstart the mining of those salt reserves. The amount of salt that starts arriving to Bodvan is actually really impressive, so much that salt starts being used as some sort of currency until they reach nation status. For now, they'll have to be content with trading with salt.
>When exploring alongside the coast to their left, sugar canes are found!
Research: Tame horses.
Action 1: Create farms to harvest reaources like wheat more efficiently and in greater quantities.
Action 2: Send an apology with some flowers flr kind of killing 100 of them.
File: 1549647557174.png (183 KB, 1000x800)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Action 1: Create village at the place i marked send around 30 pop
Action 2: Try to capture another fucking rabbit. FUCKING JUST GET CAPTURED ALREADY FUCK.
Research: Medical practice.
Tech: Agriculture
Action: Purples will prospect the know areas for potential resources they might have missed
Action: A religious tradition called "The Cleansing" were those brave and faithful enough attempt to meditate for as long as they can without food or water for the purpose of cleaning their spirit and mind. They will have caretakers so they can monitor and keep the participants safe
Tech: Evapourate sea water to give salt. Use salt for food preservation.

Actioin 1: create fisherman proffession. They go hard on fishing all day. slurp up those fishing waters.

Action 2: These horses are infuriating. ""sacrifice"" them to the drowned on in hopes of receiving a better, spooky, wetter version. (Kelpies get)
File: 10 emo.png (57 KB, 1000x800)
57 KB
>Some horses are succesfully trained. Unfortunately, Emors can't figure out how to breed more with what they have.
>Farms are built all over the outskirts of Emora in an effort to improve their food production (+1 pop growth)
>Emors try to reach out to the civilization of Chia with some flowers. They wish to apologize for what they did. However, they are no longer allowed in their cities, orders from the Chian Emperor. Any barbarian coming from the north attempting to get inside their holy pure empire will be denied the right to. They also finally learn the fate of the 13 stickmans living there. They were burned at a stake to purify evil entities that may carry diseases. Woo wee.
File: 10 hor.png (140 KB, 1000x800)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>A new village is built westwards. Please name your new settlement
>Another female giant bunny has been succesfully captured and tamed.
>Hurantals git good at medicine (+1 pop growth)
File: 10 icri.png (143 KB, 1000x800)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
>Icryillians FINALLY develop Agriculture (+3 pop growth). They can now grow Cabbage (+1 pop gorwth), Carrots (+1 pop growth) and cotton. With this the ability to build sails is also available to them.
>While crossing through an already known field, a tree with apples is spotted. Now Icryllians will be able to plant these as well in their territory (+1 pop growth)
>The Icryllic prieshood expands their religion to add elements such as "The Cleansing", a religious practice that allows their believers to prove their faith to meditate for a long as possible without water and food in order to reach purity in both their mind and body. Those who dare to participate in this event are monitored by caretakers to guarantee the safety of all participants.
File: 10 dag.png (47 KB, 1067x800)
47 KB
>Dagonians begin evaporating sea water to get salt, that is used for food preservation. This (+1 pop growth), combined with their Smoking House, makes it extra fruitful the attempt to preservate food (+1 pop growth).
>Dagonians get better at fishing as well, starting to take their job more seriously (+1 pop growth).
>Dagonians start planning on capturing some horses to sacrifice them to The Drowned One. That is, if they can first catch them xDDDD. This time period in Dagonian history will be known as the Horse War, in which Horses would attempt to fight for their freedoms and liberties against the Insidious two-legged animals, bringers of Genocide, Extinction, Industrialism and Death. The horses start organizing in clans that look out for the interests of their fellow brethen.
Tech: tools
Action: Scout west along the coast with boats
Action: build shooting range to begin training the new generation of skilled archers; rangers
Research: Make a patriarchal culture
Action 1: Explore further south along the coast
Action 2: Tame more horses
Tech: Bone Harpoon
Action: Using the bones of the fallen comrades, the Dagonians construct a trojan vessel in the form of a valiant gigantic bone stallion that the most brave warriors will climb inside, faking to be a fellow horse and invading enemy territory and exit the vessel at night to attack when the horses are unprepared.
Action: Sacrifice some fishes and any horses that's killed in the war to the Drowned One, in hope that he gives a boon in the war.
Fuck that >>3247323. Full on fishery mode engaged.
>Research better organizational techniques regarding fishing (synergy bonus for having fishing tools, nets, ships, dockyard, driftnets, salt and being good at fishing)
We want better fishing yield and corresponding pop increase, what we have right now is a joke
>Action 1 Hunting ak Fishing
>Action 2 more Hunting aka Fishing
Action 1: Create a dedicated scouting group, who will train in the art of rabbit riding and get us information.
Action 2: Make rabbits breed
Research: Saddles so we can ride the rabbits.
Also new settlement name: Bergun
File: 11 icri.png (38 KB, 1000x800)
38 KB
>Tools start being designed to improve their productivity
>As time goes by, traditions disappear by the wind of time. While the older generations are grateful of all of the progress that has been made over the years, the youth becomes more demanding of change and new cultural trends. Mood decreases (-3 pop growth).
>A shooting range is built to improve the effectiveness of bows.
File: 11 hor.png (40 KB, 1000x800)
40 KB
>Saddles are built so rabbits can be ridden
>A specilized group of scouts are trained in the art of rabbit riding. This will be specialized in fast traveling and gaining intel. Please name these units.
>Hurantals attempt to learn animal breeding. Unfortunately, all technological efforts were mostly centered around saddles during this fortnight. Plus, they also notice that the two rabbits that they captured are both female! Meanwhile, they instead decide to build a road in between both of their settlements. The task was ardeous, especially during this hot time of the year, but the job got done.
File: 11 emo.png (24 KB, 1000x800)
24 KB
>A patriarcal society is established in Emora. Now only males are elegible for senate, and only men are allowed to vote and participate in politics. Woman thus become more concerned with domestic issues. Mood improves (+3 pop growth)
>While exploring further south, they find peanuts (+1 pop growth) and sunflowers (+1 pop growth).
>While searching for horses, what they see is some pink stickmans fighting some... horses? As the battle goes on, the pinks seem to be getting the upper hand as they begin torching their tents. What a spectacle. They seem to have taken all of the remaining horses for themselves though... Emors can now speak with the Pink Stickmans.
File: 11 dag.png (36 KB, 1067x800)
36 KB
>Bone harpoons are invented by Dagonians.
>Some fishes have been sacrificed to The Drowned One for the upcoming battle. They know it's going to be a tough battle to fight. May the Drowned One be in our favour.
>An innovative idea has been made to deal with the Horse menace. A huge bone Horse ship is made in which stickmen soldiers are ordered to be inside until the night falls. The fake is left close to their clans, and no horse bats an eye that the new sea horse is actually HUGE and doesnt really talk nor blink. Uh... Whatever. The Horses are planning an attack on the Dagonians next morning. In celebration of this they make a party the night before. Roughly around midnight, the Dagonians get moving. They step out of the fake horse and launch a surprise attack on them. The Horses had not seen this coming! The Dagonians start slaughtening the horses and burning their tents. Some dark red stickmans can be seen witnessing the bloodbath. However... In one of the biggest tents Dagonians can sense a strong aura... As they get inside what they witness is very, very odd. A huge horse can be seen in on top of dozens of pillows, all from different colours. As they approach him, they can sense the aura getting stronger. The eyes of the horse suddenly start to shine and turn red. He speaks "I see... so the two-legged menace seems to be victorious yet again. From now on, I expect things to get worse. My people will yet again suffer at the pawns of stickmans. But... You now... We are not so different as you might think we are, pinkmans. In the end, we just want the survival of our species, just like you. I will be giving you a chance to rule Earth as equals. Your choice. Choose me, and you shall finally taste the flavour of power, a flavour that you will inevitably become too addicted to, always searching for more. What do you say, stickman? Do we have a deal?
>Accept the demon's proposal
>Slay the beast and liberate him from his inner demon!
Dagonian casualties: 4
Horse causalties: 53
Captured Horses: 31

Map will be posted shortly.
Unphased by this temptation of heresy, The Dagonians lead the demon horse to the water.

It would be a waste to simply slay the beast. Instead it is decided that this rare and powerful demon horse would be an excellent delicacy for our God.
A great feast is held. It begins with the consumption of the demon horse to the old one, followed by each and every living horse as well.
Afterward the ddrowned ones appetite as been sated, the Dagonians themselves will get high on snorted seaweed and party enjoying cooked horse meat and dancing around in their blood and skins.

While intoxicated on victory blood and piousy, the beseech their god for a blessing for their crusade.
File: 11.png (5 KB, 306x393)
5 KB
>+10 pop growth for the next three turns

A bunch of cultural niggas come together to form a tribe known as the Etulians. A tribe dedicated to peace and the exploration of what might be cool on this planet, this tribe will throw away notions of war and other such useless activities in favor of scientific, cultural, and legal advancement.
A group of hunters and collectors assemble in a tribe with deep adoration for the mother earth and the cycle of life, we are the Wacha people!
Research: Come up with a trinity of gods who have have human form and personify different characteristics. They are as follows
The highest deity and lord of the sky and order. He is the heavenly father who guides the Emoran state. Symbol is an eagle.
The god of war. He gives unto warriors the courage required for conflicts and is what men should strive to be like. Symbol is a spear.
The goddess of fertility and home. She is the generous mother and what women should strive to be like. Symbol is a flower.
Action 1: Make temples and appoint priests for these new gods.
Action 2: Selectively breed the horses we currently have.
Action 1: Capture a male rabbit.
Action 2: Use the Rabbi (The scout unit) to scout further left, see what we can find.
Research: Selective breeding, we have cows maybe we can make them bigger but taking the big cows with each other.
Tech: Education
Action: Build a grand church to act as the administrative, government, and major religious practices building
Action: With proper education, weaving, and clothes purples, mainly the females begin creating unique clothing for the society
Sorry bro, not accepting any other tribes until one of the already existing tribes die. Meanwhile you can join one
Tech: Bone Armour
Action: Convert and use the bone horse to a shrine for the Drowned one, the ideal temple to honor our god would be a horse-themed boat.
Action: Sacrifice a few of our virgins to the Drowned One as payment for helping with the war and as a gift. Sea weed is a true bro.
File: 12 emo.png (24 KB, 1000x800)
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>Emors come up with a trinity of gods that represent different traits, with Lupater, the Eagle who runs the state. Mavors, the god of war, The Spear. And finally, Flora, the goddess of Fertility and home, The Flower. Temples are made to verenate these gods. Mood improves (+2 pop growth). Long live Emora!
>They begin selectively breeding the horses to make a stronger kind.
File: 12 hor.png (42 KB, 1000x800)
42 KB
>They are FINALLY able to catch a male rabbit.
>The Rabbi, the elite scout unit, explores further west. They can now travel faster and cover more land. In a small pond, multiple minuscule frogs are found. Just as one of the Hurantals was going to pick one of these cuties, his 6th sense, stops him from doing so. Aha, this must mean they are extremely venomous. Really makes me think.
>Big cows and all other sorts are mated through selective breeding (+1 pop growth)
>Ever since Boe the hero returned riding a huge eagle, the common stickman has becomed much more disconnected from their elitist rulers and more towards the working class, with heroic figures, not the kind that slays dragons, but the one that feeds his family. Mood decreases (-4 pop growth)
File: 12 icri.png (38 KB, 1000x800)
38 KB
>Icryllians start educating their youth, in order to make these young rebellious stickboys into contributing members of society. Mood improves (+3 pop growth).
>A grand church is built that will be used for religious and administrative purposes. Religion flourishes!
>If any female had ever wished to live in any society during this time period, they would have certaintly chosen to live in Icryllia! Women begin designing exotic clothes for their society. Mood improves (+2 pop growth)
File: 12 dag.png (36 KB, 1067x800)
36 KB
>Bone armour is designed by Dagonians. With wars, a need to technologically advance in the field of war has never been this necessary!
>Multiple horses horses are sacrificed to The Drowned One. They can see how those four-legged retarded animals get drowned and watch their souls come out of the water with expressions of grief and and angst minutes later. Dagonians smirk at their victory. Haha! The gods will be pleased! Days go by and nothing happens. The Dagonians start doubting themselves and what they did. Maybe what they did was a mistake? They become concerned about the future. Mood decreases (-3 pop growth).
>A temple is built to pray to the drowned one. Mood improves (+3 pop growth)
Action 1: Breed the rabbits
Action 2: Breed the hawks
Research: Inspire people by holding a competition to see who can ride one of the hawks (Increase riding skill)
Research: Food preservation (drying for now)
Icryllians noticed that certain foods left to the elements of sun and wind last longer. People start doing it in masses, if they can preserved enough food they could spend more time on different activities like archery or yoga.
Action: Build granary
Preserved food filled individual houses. To deal with that village construct granary, for storing excess of food.
Action: Street network
To ease travel between building, fields, orchards and favorable hunting spots Icryllians construct permanent street network.
Research: Stone tools.
Action 1: Create a path from Emora to Silva to help transportation.
Action 2: Employ the horses to help us in farming and other manual work.
>Research: Shaman Role, to get some form of leadership and spiritual contact with the Drowned one.
Action 1: Explore further into the ocean with our big boats, time to seek for islands and new type of fishes.
Action 2: Decorate the village with bones to intimitate foes and to please the mighty Drowned One.
File: 13 hor.png (43 KB, 1000x800)
43 KB
>Hurantal explore further north. They find sheep (+2 pop growth)
>They learn animal breeding (+3 pop growth) and immediately get on to breeding the rabbits and hawks.
>A competition is hosted to see who can ride the hawks better. Hurantals eventually get the hang of it and improve their skills. The most talented one can even make loops!
File: 13 icri.png (38 KB, 1000x800)
38 KB
>Icrylllians realize, for unknown reasons, that if you dry the food before propely storaging it in the food hut, it can last for longer! (+1 pop growth)
>Instead of being dependent so much on the food hut, Icryllians think in anticipation and multiple granaries are built in every household.
>Street networks are made for easier travelling within the city. This might be particularly beneficial for commerce in the future.
File: 13 emo.png (25 KB, 1000x800)
25 KB
>Emors design stone tools for the workers.
>With these tools many posibilities and projects open up for them. Starting with connecting both of their settlements. A road is built in between Emora and Silva.
>Horses are trained to work on agricultural labour as well (+1 pop growth)
File: 13 dag.png (36 KB, 1067x800)
36 KB
>Dagonians explore further into the sea. for now, nothing of paticular values has been found.
>A Shaman is appointed as their supreme leader to lead their tribe from now on.
>To not make things any more spooky, Dagonians decorate their villages with bones to please the mighty Drowned One. Fanatism is all time high, and with it, mood as well (+4 pop growth)
Research: Masonry
Action: Upgrade housing
Acton: A festival called Goni is celebrated every time the flowers bloom with color. It will celebrate fertility and health with food and social activities taken place outside of the church with one of the main themes being the do us of dressing the best to impress other mainly the opposite sex
*Acton: A festival called Goni is created which will be celebrated outside og yhe church everytime the flowers first bloom with color. It will celebrate fertility and health, the festival will have food and social activities while encouraging the participants to dress the best so they can impress other mainly the opposite sex.
Research: Leather working
Action 1: Make a lumberyard at Silva to harvest more wood
Action 2: Train some men in fighting to be soldiers
File: 1549647557174.png (66 KB, 1000x800)
66 KB
Action Set up another village
Action: Road to new village
Research: Use the venomous frogs to harvest the posion using leather gloves and collecting it in jars or something so we can use it on our weapons. then test it on a cow.
File: 14 emo.png (25 KB, 1000x800)
25 KB
>Emors begin leatherworking much more seriously. They can now produce more & more efficiently
>A lumberyard is built in Silva. They can now gather more wood much more efficiently
>Multiple tribesmen start being trained to be soldiers, even though they're using their fists for now.
File: 14 icri.png (39 KB, 1000x800)
39 KB
>Icryllians get into Masonry. Even though they dont find many rocks around they can get an idea on how things could work out.
>A festival called Goni starts being celebrated in which fertility is promoted. Both genders try dressing as nice as possible to attract the opposite sex.
>A fleet is built in Amitabha. Multiple boats had to be placed elsewhere, as a dockyard has not been built yet.
File: 14 hor.png (43 KB, 1000x800)
43 KB
>A new settlement has been built further west, as well as a road connecting it with the rest of the tribe. Please name your new settlement.
>Venom starts being harvested out of the frogs with animal skin. The venom is poured into the tip of an arrow and they place their subject, a cow, to test the venom. The cow gets shot, and it immediately paralyzes the whole body. One minute later, the cow drops dead. Wow... This seems like a really powerful kind of venom
>Dagonians have (2) actions banked
>Dagonians have (1) research banked
Research: Medicine. With knowledge of herbs and observation of participants of "The Cleansing". Caretakers learn about their body and can heal basic afflictions.
Action: Build a dockyard
Action: Scout northwest
Action: Explore northeast.
Action 2: Build watchtower at the new settlement (now called Furthamore)
Research: Fishing equipment
Research 1: Bows and bone arrows
Research 2: Harpoons
Action 1: Upgrade our huts using our wood and carpentry skills
Action 2: Build a quarry around one of the clay deposits so we can exploit it better in the future
Action 3: Kill as many horses as we can
Action 4: Offer all of the dead horses to the Drowned One
Research: Leather armor.
Action 1: Give the soldiers stone weapons to train with.
Action 2: Create an eternal flame in Emora which shall be encased in a protective structure and always be tended by 6 maidens. The Senate decries that as long as the fire burns, Emor shall never fade.
Hey? What? You're ok, buddy? Like, legitly?

Research 1: Bows and Arrows, as Seaham, my buddy, talked about.
Research 2: Learn how to breed our current horses, so we can have as many offspring possible and sacrifice their parents.
Action 1: Upgrade our huts using bones and wood, obviously
Action 2: Try to ask what the Drowned One wishes using the Shaman, might as well learn something new meanwhile.
Action 3: Explore further into the ocean, seeking for new flora and fauna
Action 4: Build stables, the perfect place where our equine slaves can life.
File: 15 icri.png (39 KB, 1000x800)
39 KB
>Icryllians start specializing in herbal medicinie (+2 pop growth). These medical advancement will surely be benefitial for Icryllia and it's citizens, particularly for event such as The Cleasing.
>A dockyard is built in order for all of their fleet to fit in.
>Icryllians explore further north-west. They find absolutely nothing there either but thick uninhabited dark forests along with some cold, unforgiving, mountains.
File: 15 hor.png (45 KB, 1000x800)
45 KB
>The Rabbis go explore further north east mounted with rabbits and hawks. Wandering through Hawl territory, they find many more riders travelling through hawks as their mean of transportation from town to town. They find rocket and Collard Greens.
>A watchtower is built in Furthamore. With it, they can now observe multiple cities across the see and deep into the forests.
>Fishing tools are developed in Bergun. The invention quickly spreads and many stickmans decide to make fishing a job (+3 pop growth).
File: 15 dag.png (37 KB, 1067x800)
37 KB
>Another disease breaks out in Dagon. This time, 7 stickmen die from it and another 3 are still infected hanging onto their lifes.
>Dagonians start utilizing bows as an effective way of hunting and pretty handy for war. They also become skilled at animal breeding (+3 pop growth). They try breeding horses, but then remember that they sacrificed all of them four fortnights ago to the Drowned One. Haha! Silly me! Stables are built, even though they are empty at the moment.
>Clay is collected, and a quarry is built nearby one of the clay deposits. Lots of clay starts pouring in and being gathered.... even though they don't really know what to do with it. Please specify how many workers are sent there
>Late at night, the Shaman goes in private to communicate with The Drowned One. He wishes to know their god's desires. At first, nothing happens. Then, blood starts coming out from the water, so much that for multiple hours the sea was painted in red, with multiple dead fish floating around.
>Dagonians explore further into the water. They still don't find anything out of the ordinary.
File: 15 emo.png (25 KB, 1000x800)
25 KB
>Emors design leather armours and stone spears! Now, this is proper training conditions!
>In Emora, a flame is created. It symbolizes the eternity of Emor. Senate claims, that as long as the flame is kept alive, the Emors shall never fade away. Emora is eternal!
File: map1.png (15 KB, 509x549)
15 KB
Research: Tanning
Action: Scout north
Action: Scout east
I added a map to precise which area we want to scout exactly
Research: Come up with wedding ceremonies and monogamy.
Action 1: Host a grand festival that’s all about love and romantic relationships. It’ll be a swell time and go along great with new weddings happening.
Action 2: Establish a new settlement named Gottem to the south of Emora, between the mountains and coast.
Action :Go visit these new cities we've found.
Action: Use the new venom to make our arrows really good for our Rabbi, so if they were to get attacked they could defend themselves.
Research: Docks
25 go to the quarry because, of course, why the fuck no?
>Research: Ceramic
>Action: Sacrifice more fishes to the Drowned one.
>More exploring with the ship, put a bit of smoked food there so they can explore for longer.
Action 1: Sacrifice the remaining diseased to the open arms of the drowned one... Endd their misery early and feed the god.
Action 2: Time to explore and map the coastal regions. Follow the coast north

Tech: Oil from fish
File: 16 icri.png (40 KB, 1000x800)
40 KB
>New practices in Amitabha start being developed in the art of leatherworking, giving the Icryllians potential new fishing accesiories
>Exploring north, they spot Cauliflowers (+1 pop growth). As weather gets worse, the feets of multiple scout get too cold, especially nearby the mountains. Exploring west, there seems to be just a continuation of what they found north-west.
File: 16 emo.png (25 KB, 1000x800)
25 KB
>Back in Emor, wedding ceremonies start being celebrated and polygamy becomes prohibited in all marriages. Not only that but, a festival related with love and romantic relationships starts being celebrated every year. Mood improves and reaches the max
>A new settlement is established south of Emora, between the mountains and the coast.
File: 16 dag.png (37 KB, 1067x800)
37 KB
>Dagonians master the art of pottery. With this, they send 25 workers to work on the clay quarry.
>Dagonians keep on exploring the sea further. They spot the start of new lands north west of them.
>Dagonians sacrifice an insignificant amount of small fishes to The Drowned One. What the fuck is this shit?! In a fit of rage the waves of the sea grab 5 shamans, including their leader and drowns them into the water. Now The Drowned One is pleased... for now. After Dagonians witnessed their "so-called" shamans being drowned into the sea, that for so long had been claiming to be "The Drowned One's messenger", stickmans rage against their Elites. A crisis ensues, with multiple protests and the rise of an extremist zealot fanatic group called "Wave of Blood", the name signifying the death of the shamans (CRISIS EVENT: The Water Reformation. Effects: Mood decrease x2 (-8 pop growth rate))
File: 16 hor.png (46 KB, 1000x800)
46 KB
>Dockyards are built, even though they don't really know what to do with them.
>Venom starts being utilized by The Rabbi, now using bows with poisoned arrows while riding them bunnies.
>Hurantals decide to visit The Island. Upon arrival, their inhabitants, well known for having crooked teeth, and being tough guys, capture 3 hawks and take hostage three scouts. They soon alert the Hawl from this. They dont seem surprised by this. They have been raided by these stickmans for multiple turns already. They tell Hurantals that those three scouts will probably get sold into slavery. Hawls have been building up a navy for the last few fortnights but the proccess is taking long. They realize that launching a Hawk invasion to The Island without having naval superiority is suicidal, as they are quickly met with multiple balistas placed in water platforms before even reaching their cities. Their navy is also really impressive, as their people have been living off this for centuries. For now, Hawls advise them not to do anything about it as they its just too risky to go liberate them for now.
File: turn 16.png (5 KB, 286x378)
5 KB
File: map1.png (7 KB, 576x718)
7 KB
Research: Wheel
Action: Build mining outpost between forest and mountain (75 population)
Action: Make warm footwear
Name of outpost: Sukhawati
map where to put it included
Research: Weaving/textile for cloth making
Action 1: Make a path connecting Emora to Gottem
Action 2: Make walls of dirt and wood around our settlements to protect them. (Pic related)
Research: SHIPS so we can take out the pirates
Action: Ask our allies if they can share some of their shipfaring knowledge so we can improve our navy
Action 2: Send a scouting unit eastward.
>Tech: Bone Totems for the drowned one
>Action 1: Let the "Wave of Blood" take control. Sacrifice all of our shamans and elite.
>Action 2: Create and use the pots to carry food and certain resources around, putting them in the ship so we can use them to go further in a near future.
File: 17 icri.png (41 KB, 1000x800)
41 KB
The wheel is invented by icryllians. Now transporting objects such as Stone from one place to another becomes a posibility.
>A new mining outpost in between the Forest and the mountain is settled, by the mountains. Stone begins being extracted. Footwear is designed in Sukhawari as well to they can walk propertly through these cold mines, and with weather getting colder, it is designed in the most convenient of times.
File: 17 emo.png (26 KB, 1000x800)
26 KB
>Emors develop Weaving.
>A road is built between Emora and Gottem
>Walls are built in all of their settlements with dirt and wood
File: 17 hor.png (46 KB, 1000x800)
46 KB
>In midst of Hurantals's grave situation, they manage to design Hulls, in hope of one day getting revenge on The Pirate Republic. Numerous Hurantals are sent to Hawl to learn more on shipbuilding/shipfaring. They will return in a few months.
>A unit is send to scout east. Wild boars are seen in the distance, but they happen to be very difficult to catch.
File: 17 dag.png (45 KB, 1067x800)
45 KB
>As the days go by, tension begins to build up. One night, it all comes crashing, as eveyone expected but you yourself never knew. Your government is sent nearby the shore, possibly to get sacrificed. You attempt to run away, but something grabs you. It's the bloody blanket. A hand pulls out a dagger out of nowhere. Before you realize, you are dead. Long live The Water Revolution.

Dagonians have been eliminated.
File: turn 17.png (5 KB, 286x378)
5 KB
Research: Baking ovens
Action 1: Build more defenses at Gottem. In particular, construct a tower at the highest point so that it will give us a good view of the area. (Pic related)
Action 2: Make amends with Chia by sending them gifts of clean food, wooden carvings and clothes.
Forgot to link
Action: Send scouts even further left.
Action: Figure out what we can do with sugar canes.
Research: Military organization (Civil militia, so that each town has their own group to defend themselves with instead of being open to raids from the pirates.)
Research: mathematics
Action: Build road between capital and outpost
Action: Build logging camp in outpost

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