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The year is 2001. The planet known as Earth, the only planet in the Universe that sustains life, is in ruins. Since the end of the Great War, several allied nations had agreed upon merging at the behest of the Lodge, a secret organization that ruled the allied nations as a shadow government from behind the scenes. USA, Great Britain, France and the British satellite states merged to become the United World Dominion, a nation that promised to bring peace and prosperity to all of mother Earth through democracy and the power it bolstered. Many European, African and Asian countries subsequently entered defensive pacts with the UWD, whether by consent or under the threat of force by the UWD's colossal military. The UWD was opposed by the newly arisen Soviets and Nazis, who along with their Imperial Japanese and Chinese allies, swore to protect the world's independence against the 'singular world government' the UWD would try to usher in.

It took until the 90s since the cold war began in the 40s for the UWD and the Soviet-German-Japan-China alliance to finally reach their boiling points and descend into conflict. Nuclear weapons struck major capitals while cities burned, and all around the globe were millions of soldiers and civilians scrambling as everywhere became a battleground. The World War had destroyed society as all knew it, and before long, millions were dead. People began to despair. And so in the aftermath of the War, the great horns of the apocalypse were blown from the sky above. The skies and Earth were cracked open, and from them came the Angels and the Demons, seeking to bring salvation or corruption to what life remained on Earth.

You are Jane Rayner, a promising young girl from Great Britain with a broken leg trying to make it in this world today. Who but God knows lied ahead for you in this terrible future?

Previous Thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3236731
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"What should we do?" You ask your companions Sullivan and Pops.

"Whatever we do, don't make any noise..." Sullivan whispers to you. "Even the slightest noise will cause the horde to converge on us. We should try to make way past them quietly..." Pops tells you.

There are three mutants on the road ahead making sloshing noises as they finish off the body they were eating. One began to walk in your direction slowly, though it was not aware your party was present.

>Shoot the mutants.
>Knife kill it when it walks close enough.
>Attempt to tiptoe past the mutants.
>Knife kill it when it walks close enough.
We should attack it together. Make sure the one with the katana slices off its head clean.
>Knife kill it when it walks close enough.
>Knife kill it when it walks close enough
File: D.C. Map3.png (805 KB, 985x794)
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You signal your allies to remain still, much to their own discomfort as the thing neared. Drawing your knife, you motion Pops to unsheath his katana, which he does, and you whisper to Sullivan to be ready to 'catch'. He doesn't quite catch it but gives a thumbs up anyway.

When the godawful monster is close enough, you drive your knife into it's skull and take it off it's feet. The creature nearly makes a screech, but is too late as Pops' katana cuts through it's neck like a hand tearing paper. The body falls, but Sullivan manages to catch it without making too loud a sound.

More mutants reveal themselves from the surrounding ruins and there are dozens. They investigate the body of their dead kin as you, Sullivan and Pops sneak away. Within half of an hour of maneuvering your way through the Groves as quietly as possible, getting around a mutant here and there, you are out of the Groves and can now safely travel again. The UWD Camp you were headed to is ahead, but you could always go anywhere you wanted.

>Travel somewhere.
Check out the camp. We were a part of them once and they might lend help.
Go to camp and meet up old friends.
File: Guards.png (21 KB, 1145x738)
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"Are you SURE you want to go there?!" Pops said in distress as your party neared the UWD Camp. "The Remnants would kill us without a second thought if they wanted to, I hope you're thinking clearly."

"Don't sweat it Pops, she said she was a Dominion nurse before the war, I'm sure they won't bother us if she drops that to them... I hope..." Sullivan says, failing to hide his own distress.

As you near the camp, a IFV pulls in front of your party on the road and the men with it aim their weapons at you. "Halt! This is restricted government space, turn back now. We have orders to shoot to kill any trespassers."

"Wait! I was a nurse for the UWD before the war, I just want to get through this area. I'm on your side." You say, hands raised.

The soldiers look on for a moment, passing a glance to you and themselves before one speaks into his helmet's communicator.

"Okay, you three, come with me." The one on foot says. Wasting no time, your party follows the soldier up to the barricaded wall of the camp, which is made out of police and military barriers. There are men on the walls, in crow nests, on the buildings around the camp, all armed to the teeth. You see the dozens of soldiers in their white and black fatigues around the camp going about their tasks. Trainees are doing push ups under the watchful eye of a nasty drill sergeant, engineers are working on their vehicles and armour, some are burning the bodies of killed mutants and scavengers. There are tents all around, most of which house beds and bedrolls for the men. There is a makeshift mess kitchen, field command and supply stand.

You see a familiar face approaching, Sergeant Rick Denny, a person you recall hiring you personally to heal his wounded men.
File: Sergeant Rick.png (95 KB, 721x666)
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"These are the ones?" The Sergeant says to one of his men. "Hey, wait, I know you. Jane or Janet was it? You were one of those nurses I hired to tend my wounded back in the hay day." He says, stunned at your survival. "Well I see you made it, but not without a wound of your own." He eyes your leg brace.

"Well, it's not everyday you see someone who survived the pay day of the war that you knew beforehand. At least for others. Me? I'm surrounded by a bunch of bumbling buffoons who survived the war that I knew beforehand."

"I heard that!" The drill sergeant shouted. "I know, you can't help but eavesdrop on every conversation you see all the time, Mathias." Rick throws back with a sigh.

"Well, I'm sure that you want some reward in recognition of your service to the Dominion, but I'm sorry to tell you the Dominion does not exist anymore because you know, the world has sort of ended and all.... Sooo, I will instead reward you in recognition of your service to the Lodge, the governing circle of the Dominion, since you helped it before the war, technically. Ever since the war ended, the Lodge decided that all remaining UWD personnel were to be absorbed into the Lodge, which was reorganized into some sort of 'Neo-government'. We're all the low rank henchmen now, these people you see around you."

Sgt. Rick looks around for a moment before he leans in and whispers with his hand covering on side of his mouth. "You ask me, it's more a cult really, what with their statues to that thing they call 'God' in the Capitol Building and what not. But whatever." He looked genuinely creeped out admitting that.

"So! Anyway... how can I help you in recognition of your venerable service to our great government?"

>Tell Sgt. Rick of your plan to bomb the Nazis.
>Ask about getting some hi-tech government equipment.
>Ask something else.
>(Write in)
>Ask about getting some hi-tech government equipment.
>Ask about getting supplies for your journey
File: Sergeant.png (45 KB, 676x399)
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"Jeez louise lady, what do I look like? A generous red cross donator? I can't just hand you over some of our most advanced toys of mass destruction, the Lodge would have my ass fed to dogs on a platter. I'll spare what few provisions and supplies I can, which is little given your status and irrelevancy to our wider operations. Anything else?"

>Request something else.
>Question him about the safety of areas in D.C.
>Ask about the Lodge.
>Inquire about something concerning the Nazis.
>Inquire about the 'God' the Lodge built statues of.
>Tell of your plan to bomb the Nazis.
>(Write in)
>>Question him about the safety of areas in D.C.
>>Ask about the Lodge.
>Tell of your plan to bomb the Nazis
>>Inquire about the 'God' the Lodge built statues of.
>>Tell of your plan to bomb the Nazis
>Question him about the safety of areas in D.C.
>Ask about the Lodge.

Why not get all of the exposition
>>Question him about the safety of areas in D.C.
>>Ask about the Lodge.
>>Inquire about the 'God' the Lodge built statues of.
>>Tell of your plan to bomb the Nazis.
File: Secrets of God.png (26 KB, 345x629)
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"Tell me about the Lodge, why do they call the shots?" You ask, having never really had any real knowledge on the Lodge. Nobody did ever since the UWD's founding actually. Only the highest suits in the federal government knew of the Lodge as far as you did know.

"Well, I do know a few things other than the basics. For one, the Lodge's top brass is composed mostly of the successors of the lines of leaders that lead the nations the UWD was founded from. The Lodge apparently goes way back before that, being founded by Pope Gregory IX around the time he instituted the inquisition, so they say. People like Washington and Churchill were members as well, so they also say. Today we, us former UWD at least, know that George Bush, Elizabeth II, John Major and Fran├žois Mitterrand are the current circle of the Lodge, the leaders. They're all held up in the Capitol, behind a great army of us remnants ready to die protecting them."

"You mentioned a 'God' the Lodge worships. What's that about?"

"I don't know anything else other than the fact that I've before caught a glimpse of the Lodge's circle bowing down to one of those statues when I was over at the Capital a few days ago. They call it 'God' or 'Jehovah', but I'm.... I just... I get the feeling they aren't really worshiping the 'real' God, the one from the Bible. Something deep down within me says that they're worshiping something else...."

"I've already had a close encounter with mutants back some ways, do you know of any ways that would be safe to travel to reach the Pentagon? What places are safe in general?"

"Well, for one, UWD- I mean, Lodge held locations you should be fine in so long as you have the proper identification, which I will provide alongside the other provisions. Just show it and we won't shoot first. Other than that, I think there's two, maybe four places here in D.C. held by relatively friendly scavengers. The rest of D.C. is crawling with hostiles so there isn't many places safe, but you might find the main roads are surprisingly safer than taking backways and what not. Also, why on Earth would you want to go to a Nazi anthill like the Pentagon, you got a death wish?"

"I'm undertaking a task to plant and detonate an extremely powerful bomb in the Pentagon to cripple the Nazis so a group of scavengers I run with can escape D.C's outskirts easily."

"....Okay, so you do got a death wish. Wait, you said bomb the Nazis, don't tell me Bossman finally found somebody to undertake his stupid plan, did he?" Sgt. Rick sighs and pinches his nose. "Yeah I know Bossman, met him a while back, seems like a good man don't get me wrong, but I laughed pretty hard in his face when he showed me that bomb of his and said he was gonna 'blast them Nazis sky high with it'. Bit of advice lady, you and your friends are on a suicide mission. When Herr Colonel Roderick Ziegler gets his hands on you, death won't seem so terrifying after all."
File: Sgt. Rick.png (64 KB, 711x634)
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As your provisions and UWD-Lodge authorization ID is brought to you, the night sets in.

"Well seeing as you have an ID now, you are under technicality allowed to stay here as a now unofficial Lodge member. But while you may stay, you cannot access our tents or beds because you're still unofficial and we need those for our soldiers, every last one. You can stay over near our northernmost exit's barricade if you would like, so I hope you brought your own beds. If not.... well there's a bench."

Pops groans, having forgot to pack his own bed cot.
"Hey, don't worry about me, I'll be fine on the bench." Sullivan says as optimistic as ever, also having forgot to pack his own sleeping bag.

"Now if you have any more questions, address them to me or one of the officers. I'll tell the quartermaster that you can have access to our most least important essentials, but you'll have to make a fair trade if you want something." Sgt. Rick says, pointing out a kiosk with an obese man in it. "One more tip, I wouldn't recommend traveling during night, things get more active out there, things that can and will try to kill you, and robots seem to come out more often at night on the roads."

>Continue out in the night despite the dangers.
>Stay for the night at the UWD/Lodge Camp.
>Ask Sgt. Rick if he would like to join your party and bomb the Nazis.
>Ask him something else.
>Trade with the Quartermaster.
>Talk to Sullivan or Pops.
Go around the camp, maybe someone who have heard of our mission wants to join and blow up Nazis too?

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