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You are Blue, a mass of slime rife with anger issues and personal failures. Currently, you can only observe a twisting mess of sounds and experiences around you. Some are of pain, some are of loss, others of strange dreams and hopes others are of things far more abstract and alien. And with every moment that passes, they draw closer to you, their weight pressing down upon the very center of your being.

What shall you do?
>Reach out to the feelings of pain
>Reach out to the feelings of loss
>Reach out to feelings of dreams
>Reach out to the strange and alien presences
>Do not reach out at all
>Other (Write-In)
>Reach our to the feelings of Niggerdom
>>Reach out to feelings of dreams
>>Reach out to the feelings of loss
File: Dream upon Dreams.jpg (79 KB, 1024x768)
79 KB
>Reach out to feelings of dreams
You decide to reach out to the strange feeling of dreams, lurking slightly to the edge of your perceptions. And for but a moment, a strange thought passes through your mind at some odd concept that quite frankly, comes off as some combination of childishly stupid and somewhat amusing.

Shaking that off, you 'touch' the strange colkection of abstract dream-stuff, and within moments, the void of abstraction you were within flakes away, spreading open into an odd kaleidoscope of scattered memories and vaguely recalled encounters.

Floating around you, you see things tracing back your history from being apart of another blob like yourself ('Orange', your mind supplies), joining together into a hardly unified team of others after being split apart, fighting monsters alongside them begrudgingly, the slow opening of yourself to your companions, and countless more.

"You look back on your failings and losses. You who were numberless in a World filled with them."

A voice echoes into the shifting space around you, shifting with something you can only place as being mirth or joy. It sounds like an old friend.

"What is it that you desire? What drives you forward?"
To be big.
>"What is it that you desire? What drives you forward?"

respond with: "I don't give a fuck, who the fuck are you?"

(keeping with Blue's personality)
File: Across the Path.jpg (433 KB, 891x1280)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
>respond with: "I don't give a fuck, who the fuck are you?"
"[I dont give a flying fuck. Who the fuck are you?]" You shout against the void, your own voice echoing against it. Around you, you notice the kaleidoscope fading away, its abstract patterns and lights giving way to the same dark void you were in previously.

"The axiom upon which you define yourself, you hold true to it. There is no answer more perfect than that. No law better to uphold."

The fuck was this thing on about? "Axioms?" "Laws?" "Perfection?" It sounded like Purple, but even more needlessly cryptic and smarter-than-thou. But you guess that's the same for all cosmic beings. To be too high huffing their own farts or shit like that.

"You follow the path of the Blade. And yet, you know not what it means. Come. You will be educated. A [knife] you shall wield."

The darkness splits, and before you a path is constructed, with something twinkling at its end. Guess it wants you to follow along?
"Ah fuck it, I'll play along with your retarded nonsense. Not like I have anything better to do."

Follow the path.
>"Ah fuck it, I'll play along with your retarded nonsense. Not like I have anything better to do."
>Follow the path.
"[This better not be a fucking trick or I swear.]" you grumble to yourself as decide to go along the path. Immediately as you step on, you can *feel* the darkness solidify under and around you. You look around, and whilst it is still black as pitch, you can feel something as you run your limbs against the shadows all around. Something hard, and yet almost rhythmically pulsating beneath your touch. To the beat of an unknown heart.

Sighing to yourself, you continue to trudge along upon the path, now glaringly aware that you're no doubt in for some belly of the beast style fuckery in the very near future.

You continue walking along for the longest time, occasionally stopping to try and measure how much further you have to go, until the path suddenly comes to a stop. You can still see the twinkling point you were heading towards, much closer now, but you can't continue any further. Glaring upwards, you decide it would be best to address your tormentors here.

"[How the fuck am I supposed to continue? You didn't exactly leave an instruction guide, jackass!]"

Your voice echoes into the cold dark, and for a moment there is nothing, no response to you. But then-

The darkness cutting off the path before you ripples and froths, and from that pool of inky blackness, comes a set of *things*. Their forms warped and distorted by the darkness, they lurch out of its abyssal maw, standing wobbly on their feet. For a moment or two, they seem confused, before they snap their heads towards you as one, and let loose an unholy howl, breaking off into an unnatural sprint as they descend upon you.
"Oh for fuck's sake!"

Grab all of those creatures and burn them with Purifying Touch.
Roll a 2d100 for dealing with these Taken Thralls.
Rolled 23, 26 = 49 (2d100)

49. Well, it's only some Thralls. How bad can this be? Writing.
>Grab all of those creatures and burn them with Purifying Touch.
"[Oh, fuck all of this!]"

You growl to yourself as you speed on by, and lash your pseudopods out at the screeching bastards. Purifying power courses through your limbs as they skewer the wretches, setting them ablaze with brilliant white flames. Five of them burn away into nothingness in this manner, taken by surprise, but the rest of their legion howls on by uncaring, their claws blazing with some unknown power.

You draw your limbs back, and try to leap away from the revolting things, but their claw-swipes are shockingly fast, and you retreat with more than a few marks on your flesh, burning with that awful energy costing their claws.

Ignoring the pain, you stand up, and your pseudopods move forward once again, trailing purifying energy behind them as they blaze through the nightmarish hordes before you. But it still isn't enough, not even close, and you can see yet more of them being 'birthed' from the darkness around you.

"What shall you do? Shall you embrace the path of the Blade, and rend all that come your way? Or shall you take off, in the ways of the Sky, and flee from that which bars your advance?"
>"What shall you do? Shall you embrace the path of the Blade, and rend all that come your way? Or shall you take off, in the ways of the Sky, and flee from that which bars your advance?"

Yell at the voice "Bitch, I'm not retarded, I can think of that myself, I don't need your suggestions!"

go into bird form and fly past all the Thralls
Update will be in a bit. Familial troubles abound I'm afraid. Hope you're all enjoying a good night.
>Yell at the voice "Bitch, I'm not retarded, I can think of that myself, I don't need your suggestions!"
>go into bird form and fly past all the Thralls
You yell up at the voice, telling it to piss off, which offers no response to your cursing of it. Something which your both immensely glad for and yet incredibly annoyed at. Cryptic asshole.

Shifting into your bird form you take off into the 'air', the darkness all around you not at all barring your movement as you fly above and beyond the reach of the screeching hordes below. You decide to focus your attention upon that brilliant speck you were following prior, now shining ceaselessly down upon you as you approach.

Of fucking course, this doesn't last, and the dakrness once more ripples, before spitting out pulsating orbs of raw energy surrounded by what oyure fairly certain is osme kind of bone, accompanied by two robed entities coated in pulsating shadows that are cackling like a couple of crazed bitches.


"Look upon them. See how they are perfected? Their is no flaw in their logic, no indent within their [knives]." that voice echoes once again. " They have been redefined, as you will be."

Fuck that. They can redefine your bloody fists when you're through with them!
turn fuckigna round adn kill anytihng trying to get close to you or go straight at them and dont touch and just puke up that purifying flame
Rolled 19, 49, 58, 4 = 130 (4d100)

Roll a 3d100. These Wizards are going to play some hard-ball here.
Some stuff's come up again, so update in a bit. Hope all of you have been having a swell time in the interval.
Rolled 35, 5, 15 = 55 (3d100)

File: 1550708194129.gif (243 KB, 480x480)
243 KB
243 KB GIF
55. Seems the RNG is pretty damn skewed today. Writing soon.
>turn fuckigna round adn kill anytihng trying to get close to you or go straight at them and dont touch and just puke up that purifying flame
You whip around, and speed straight towards the cackling bitches and their pets, moving right past them. They go to follow your movements, but you're already looping back around, spewing waves of purifying flame from your mouth down at the creatures before you.

>Purifying Touch has gained new realization (B++): Your very touch can set truly evil beings ablaze with purifying white flames, and for you in particular, you can launch it from your mouth as an extremely basic breath attack. Suck it Purple!

Unfortunately, the twin creatures seem to have anticipated this, and in a flash of glittering grey flame, they vanish from your sight in an instant, only for those orbs of bone they brought with them to start launching blasts of purple energy at you.

Flying faster, you speed away from the bursts of energy, which detonate with little fanfare, before directing your purifying breath back at the bone spheres in retaliation. But that's not what has your focus right now.

"[Where the fuck are those shrieking bitches? They were just here a momen-]"

Without warning, you're struck from beyond and sent reeling, a wordless howl coming from your mouth. Your bird form is partially destabilized from the attack, and one if your wings melts into a mush of useless ooze. Above you, you can see the witch-cunts cackling to themselves, even as they launch more grey-tinted orbs of darkness at you. At least *they're* having a good laugh at your expense.
Fuck it, lets bring out the big guns! SONG OF FURY!

(despite the fact that Blue probably can't sing as well as Orange, but he can make an attempt to learn from him!)
Rolled 50, 35, 72 = 157 (3d100)

Rolling in advance.
Rolled 79, 90, 86, 30 = 285 (4d100)

Rolling for the Wizards now. Apologies for lateness.
File: valery-petelin-sand.jpg (223 KB, 751x1062)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
157 vs 285. Not as godawful as the previous rolls thus far, but still not quite there yet. Should be enough to have Blue's (not very great) singing skills get him through, though. Writing.
>Fuck it, lets bring out the big guns! SONG OF FURY!
>(despite the fact that Blue probably can't sing as well as Orange, but he can make an attempt to learn from him!)
Fuck this. Fuck these bitches. Fuck this whole situation. You're ending this *now*.

Speeding upwards into the air in a little spiral (which hurts like fuck because again; melted wing here), you hover above the twin witches, who pause in their cackling and revolting twitchy movements just long enough to 'stare' up at you in some alien form of bewilderment.


Without wasting anymore breath on the pleasantries here, you open your mouth, pull from your deeper wells of power, and begin to sing. To mixed results.


>Song Of Fury has attained new realization within you (E+++): Through the power of song, you can call down a storm of pure melting power to descend upon your foes and teach them to not fuck with you. Probably needs some fine-tuning

Admittedly, you just *aren't* as good as Orange is, but youre not ear-splittingly horrendous either. In fact, your new audience rather seems to enjoy your work. Well, if you can call screeching and shridking as waves of burning and freezing essence tear into them again and again "enjoyment."

You watch as one of the witches let's out one last grasping shriek before plummeting into the deep darkness below, burning away, and you note two of those purple-eyed bone-turret exploding too. Guess your song was better than you thought-!

You are suddenly knocked from your high throne of superiority over your enemy by the purple cores of the turret things exploding into you, swiftly followed by one very pissed off witch trying to crush your mass in-between her blazing claws. Might've went a bit overboard on the smugness there.

>Roll a 3d100 for any plan you take to deal with the remaining Wizard
Rolled 54, 94, 18 = 166 (3d100)

Lets do what Blue does best, pull out our sword and attack the witch in melee!
Rolled 80, 2, 78, 67 = 227 (4d100)

Rolling for our dear Wizard who's trying to strangle the shit out of you.
166 vs 227. Well, you're not dead. So we can at least consider that a positive going forward. Writing.
File: The doorway opens.jpg (356 KB, 1024x768)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
>Lets do what Blue does best, pull out our sword and attack the witch in melee!
Alright. This bitch wants to play rough? Well, let's play rough then.

You draw your sword, the blade thrumming with light, and dig it right into the damn things 'head'. It screeches and screeches seemingly without end, but you don't let up and instead drive the blade down deeper into its face. Within moments, you're facing the entity as it begins to dissolve into raw nothingness from the purifying flames coating your blade. After a little while longer, there isn't even the bare particles of it anymore. As it finally fades away, you tight yourself in the air and try to reconstruct your bird form, wincing somewhat as you do so. Damn bitch was a lot nastier than you thought she would be, as you observe how slowly your regeneration is going.

You don't hear that irritating voice anymore, you suddenky notice whilst in the midst of fixing yourself up. It didn't even comment when you killed the first of those witches, along with the two turrets. Maybe it's finally decided to cram it?

"[Hah. About time, you mouthy fuck. Guess I should get out of here whilst you're busy being all quiet.]" you chuckle to yourself somewhat.

Raising your (rather hastily) reconstructed wings, you take up into the air again, and you see the strange star you were chasing again. Except it's not a star anymore.

Before you, you watch as an expansive 'wall' of cosmic patterns stands in your path, its mass rippling, stretching and shifting continuously. In your mind's eye, you can vaguely picture it as being some manner of doorway. A way out perhaps, or at least as close as this place can come to having one.

The only question that remains is: is it trustworthy?

>Yes. You probably don't have many other options
>No. Find your own way out of this hell. This is clearly a trap
>Fuck No. Not only is it almost certainly a trap, it almost looks like it's *alive*. You're nuking the shit out of it before you go
>Other (Write-In)
Try to look around and find another way out, but if we can't find anything else we have to take our chances with this doorway.
Roll me a d100 to see if you can find some other way out of here.
Rolled 85 (1d100)

File: 9ca.png (628 KB, 729x611)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
85. Better than nothing I suppose. Writing in a bit.
File: Spoiler Image (126 KB, 349x500)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>Try to look around and find another way out, but if we can't find anything else we have to take our chances with this doorway.
"[Hah, not going in that mess. Fuck you, jackass.]"

You fly out to go look for another exit to this horrible, godawful place other than that obvious trap. Which is more than a bit hard within the crushing and almost completely absolute darkness you're surrounded in.

"You look like you may be in predicament."

A voice sounds out from the void, light and sou ding somewhat amused. A rather familiar one in fact. One you're simultaneously grateful for and yet utterly annoyed by.

"You know, if you don't want me here, I can always leave. I wouldn't mind."
Say "You? Again? Why are you always stalking us wherever the hell we are?"

"But ok, fine. I still trust you more than that thing *point at the gateway* so, go ahead, get me out of here."
>Say "You? Again? Why are you always stalking us wherever the hell we are?"
"[Alright, what the fuck?]" you bite out. "[How the he'll are you stalking us no matter where we are?]"

"I am wherever I am needed. I suspect that this would be no exception." he responds calmly and without a sign of being thrown off by how frustrated you are. Which just frustrates you more.

"[Oh whatever.]" You shove down your irritation for the moment, and instead take to addressing the creepy stalker. "[I trust you more than *that* shit over there. So, go ahead and do your mojo to get me out of here.]"

You point over to the revolting wall of alien patterns and rippling stars, Stephen following your arm as it points towards behind you. His smile doesnt fade a bit, nor does his chipper tone as he starts to speak again.

"Well, I can simply say you made a rather smart choice. I can only say that you would not have liked the results had you passed through it." There is a small shine to the man's glasses as he says this, something ominous being hidden beneath that ever-friendly tone.

"As for freeing you from here, I can't."


"Whilst I could likely enable for you to enter the world proper once more, as things currently stand, it would likely end with a most explosive end to your tale." his glasses glint again, this time seeming far more creepy than before, and that smile of his doesn't budge even an inch as he continues. "Though I suppose I can transport you to a mildly safer locale. But depending on how things go, it could just send you somewhere somewhat worse. That's the thing with risks, really."

"So, how about it?"
respond with "Fuck it, you might as well."
File: Stephen strikes again.jpg (27 KB, 402x450)
27 KB
>respond with "Fuck it, you might as well."
"[Ah, fuck it. Might as well go through with it.]" You shrug a bit, as you give him the go-ahead. "[If it kills me, it kills me. Cant say that I didnt try if it does.]"

"That is quite true indeed." The man looks in a manner that you can only call 'approving.' "I suppose we should begin then. I very much doubt our host will tolerate this intervention for much longer."

The darkness around you shudders and rumbles at that statement, and you can almost swear that that "doorway" behind you is inching closer when you aren't looking. Knew it was evil.

Ignoring the creeping void for the moment, you watch as a coat of white light covers your entire body, warm and soothing in its spiritual embrace. Stephen merely watches, calm and not at all surprised. You suppose this is a part of the process.

"[Wait, does this stuff have any side-effects?]"

"Well, I'd advise you to not be resistant to it. It goes much smoother if you're calmer. Though I'm not all that sure how it will go for you, as I have no idea at all as to where I'm sending you." The man's ever-present smile goes from somewhat ominous, to fairly unsettling with those words.

"[Wait what-]"

"Off you go. Good luck." Stephen's final words to you are accompanied by the light *tightening* around you, before you're rocketing off into parts unknown. Doesnt stop you from trying to drown him out with your own cries of rage though.


...Cries which are in turn stifled as you meet face-first with the cold, hard embrace of the ground. Wonderful. Exactly what you wanted. No problems here, nope.
Probably going to pause her for tonight. If things go well enough tomorrow, I'll likely have another update before I head out.

Thanks for sticking around thus far, even if things have dragged and fewer people are around. Means a fair bit, honestly.
No need to thank me. This is the only quest I found so far that I like that didn't die on the first thread. So thanks for running it for so long.
Well, I can only say that I hope you (and anyone else here) are enjoying things so far. That's about the most I can ask for.

Anyway, no updates for a while. Going to be away a bit, but I should be back soon enough. Sorry about that.
File: Spoiler Image (154 KB, 1280x852)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I'm back. Writing now.
Pulling yourself up from your well-made faceplant, you look around. It's still dark and dim, but its not to the point of the almost crushing presence of darkness you were afflicted with previously, and you quickly find your eyes adjusting. Guess Stephen did one thing right,

Getting up, you swiftly choose to survey the surrounding area. It looks...overgrown to say the least. Messes of thrones vines and coiled roots hook through the earth and into the ceiling tiles (oh thank God there's a height limit now!), and the area in general just looks untidy. Where did that red-dressed fucker send you?

You don't have much time to ponder on that extremdly-important question however, as you look over to see one of the thorn 'bushes' shuffling about a little. Seems you have some company in this shithole.
Use our new purifying fire ability to burn the bushes. Afterwards try to find the way out of this building.

Our long-term goal should be to find our 3 counterparts.
Specifically I mean our fire breath ability.
Roll me a 2d100.
Rolled 62, 32 = 94 (2d100)

File: 1547395673429.jpg (209 KB, 1344x717)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
94. Good enough for this instance. Writing.
>Use our new purifying fire ability to burn the bushes. Afterwards try to find the way out of this building.
Alright. Enough of this shit. Time to get going.

Pulling in a deep breath, you channel energy through your body, white flames coursing into your mouth right as you unleash it all at once towards the shuffling bush. In an instant, it catches ablaze and a chorus of tiny squeals hits your ears as tiny black blobs speed out from the burning vines and scatter all over, skittering into various new hiding places.

"[Alright, not sure what that was about. But I should basically be ready to-]"

"[Wait.]" Oh, what now?

"[Over...here.]" You hear a very hoarse and croaky voice whisper from a pathway deeper into this strange complex. Judging by the voice alone, you'd say that the person calling out probably isn't in the best of shapes. Might be a good idea to see what this is about, honestly.

But there's also a fairly good chance that this might be another trap. Would it really be such a good idea to trust this voice when earlier another voice almost screwed you over?
Shout out and ask who he is and what he wants.
>Shout out and ask who he is and what he wants.
"[You'll have to tell me who you are, first off. Because I'm *really* not in the mood to be put into another trap.]"

"[Not...a trap. Need...help.]" the voice sneezes out once again. "[Can..'t...move...]"

Sighing to yourself, you can only hope you don't regret any of your next actions here. Oh, who are you kidding? You probably will.

"[Can you at least tell me what your deal is?]" you grumble, hoping you get an actual answer here.

"[...our...brothers. Need...he...lp. Won't....mak..e...it..]"

You somewhat startle at that. This guy knows about the others? Well, why didnt he say so in the first place? Guess it might actually be worth it to go meet him face-to-face, see shat he really knows.
> Guess it might actually be worth it to go meet him face-to-face, see shat he really knows.

Do just that.
File: 6gueygmkn3a21.png (530 KB, 1200x900)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
> Guess it might actually be worth it to go meet him face-to-face, see shat he really knows.
Sighing to yourself, you decide to see what this guy actually has to say. Trudging down the hall, you turn to where the voice was coming from, expectantly prepared for some horrible abomination to try eating your face-

-And instead come face-first with...Yourself.

"[H...e..y. Goo..d...to...see..you.]"

More accurately, a version of yourself strung up to the hall's wall like a pig, thorned branches of deep grey and twisted darkness snaking through his body and pinning him in place. You note how shriveled up his body is, like he's been squeezed and pushed together, akin to a very fucked up prune. You can only assume that his current predicament is the cause of the majority of that.

"[The fuck happened to you?]" You almost shout, fairly unnerved by the grotesque display assaulting your senses as you stare at, well, yourself.

"[Heh...no..t..much. Just ensnared in thorns and branches and being rent apart spiritually. No...biggy..]" He shoots you a grin, one not exactly all that mouthful considering his predicament. Of course, he quickly winces in pain as the thorns dig deeper into his flesh, apparently displeased at the action.

"[Anyway...you want info, right? About our brothers?]" He stares at you questioningly.

"[Counterparts, and yes. That's why I'm fucking here, after all.]" you huff, annoyed by this guy's questions somewhat. Seriously, for being (another!) version of you, he definitely isn't that smart.

"[Heh, well sad to say, you just missed them. They took the root next to me and went further in.]" He gestures to a hole in the wall directly next to him, one that goes deep into the darkness beyond. "[They couldn't see me, but I suppose that's for the best. They'd probably try to free me, and well...it probably wouldn't end up being a good time. For any of us.]"

He shifts a bit against his thorny entrapment, winces yet again, sighs and looks at you with his own expectant gaze.

"[Well, what are you waiting for. Ask your questions. I'm not going anywhere. Not anytime soon, anyway.]"

Choose two
>Ask about him. Who is he?
>Ask about this place. What's the big deal here?
>His/Our situation. What the fuck happened to us?
>The others. Where are they and are they okay?
>>Ask about this place. What's the big deal here?

>>>The others. Where are they and are they okay?
>Ask about this place. What's the big deal here?
"[This is your-our, soul more or less.]" the other You shrugs a bit, hissing slightly at the pain. "[It got turned into this whole mess thanks to that Karcist guy. But I don't think he was really the one behind it. Not entirely at least.]"

"[Then who the fuck wss it?]"

Your literal doppelganger closes his eyes for a moment, before opening them to stare down at you.

"[Have you heard any voices? Any at all? At least, before you met me that is?]"

"[Well, yeah. Had this one annoying fucker echoing in my head for a while. You're saying that it caused all this?]" You look back at him questioningly.

"[It's a hunch. And honestly, after seeing that guy hounding our brothers and hearing him rant, I suspect that it may very well be the case.]"

>>>The others. Where are they and are they okay?
"[Wait a minute. Someone was following the others?]" You stare dumbfoundedly. "[Actually, wait another minute. How the fuck did they get into my soul?!]"

"[Shouldn't you know the answer to that?]" He gives you a blank stare. "[It was probably Purple and those other guys helping them out. They're the only ones with the mystic know-how to pull something like that off.]" That did make sense, being honest with yourself. Purple *was* The kind of guy who could figure out something like that.

"[And as for your other question? That other one...he's not like us. Not like us at all. Imagine if Orange went full-on evil. Now times that by a fucking thousand.]"

Ouch. That sounds-

"[Fucking awful. Yes, yes it is.]" Your dopple cuts in, voice drained. "[He actually mocked me for being too weak to save them. Said that the "Darkness" had given him all that he needed to regain what was rightfully 'his'. Since I'm not a dumbass, I put two-and-two together from his lunacy, and figured that he probably intends to possess us.]" He sighs, curses as the thorns dig into him even more, and then simply slumps, willpower seeming even more drained than it was previously.

"[....So, with that in mind: What's your plan from here?]
Go down the hall in the wall and look for our counterparts.
Roll me a 3d100 if you would.
Rolled 52, 84, 78 = 214 (3d100)

Rolled 96, 86, 9 = 191 (3d100)

File: SCP-2075.jpg (210 KB, 1024x1456)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
214. How delightful. Writing.

DC was actually 200 for this roll
>Go down the hole in the wall and look for our counterparts.
"[Well...I think I'll be going to look for my- our - counterparts now.]" You nod at the strung up figure of yourself, who doesn't even twitch at your action, merely staring down at you impressively.

"[....I'll come back for you. I swear.]"

With your piece said, you turn towards the hole in the wall and proceed into it, turning your head just enough to see your dopple give you a faint smile in spite of all the pain. You smile back.

As soon as you cross the threshold however, you watch as the roots and vines shoot upwards, thick thorns and branches blocking your path back, and drowning you in total darkness. Great.

"[This is fine. Just fine.]" Sighing to yourself, you allow a small flame of purifying light to dance along your palm to provide illuminating light, as you proceed into the dark.

Feeling and looking around, you note how *dead* this place feels. It doesn't at all feel like something connected to you. It's like someone took everything living from this place, and left only an empty carcass. Which is probably an accurate assessment, all said.

As you run your hand along the dusty, decaying walls, your arm snags on something. Turning to it, you're treated to the sll-too pleasant site of a decayed skeleton, bound in webbing, like some demented mummy.

In fact, looking around, you can see that there are many similar cases lining the walls, floors, and ceilings. You might've missed them if it wasn't for the extraordinarily lucky brush you had with the one you just brushed by. As you stare at all the decayed bodies, chattering voices echo from somewhere unseen, clicking and slacking in their alien tones.

"Well well well, it seems he's aware now, sisters."

"Yes yes, quite dear sister."

"Shall we do to him as we did to his kin at the behest of the Other, then?"

"Yesssssss. Let us show him our pleasuresssss. Let him taste our hate and bite."


The hissing and chittering is getting closer. Much, much closer. And judging by what they said, they've already got the others too.

Nice of them to make your job so much easier.
Try to set the whole place, all the webs and shit alight on purifying fire. Both for the sake of destroying their shit and hopefully setting them aflame too, and to light up the whole room so we can see them clearly.
Rolled 30, 78, 28, 82 = 218 (4d100)

>Try to set the whole place, all the webs and shit alight on purifying fire. Both for the sake of destroying their shit and hopefully setting them aflame too, and to light up the whole room so we can see them clearly.
Roll a 3d100 for burning it to the ground.
Rolled 93, 83, 55 = 231 (3d100)

File: 1540334117213.jpg (287 KB, 800x457)
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231. Excellent work, young firestarter. Writing.
>Try to set the whole place, all the webs and shit alight on purifying fire. Both for the sake of destroying their shit and hopefully setting them aflame too, and to light up the whole room so we can see them clearly.
Listening to the chittering all around, hearing the chortling of unseen entities, being aware of the webs and skeletons surrounding you, the fact that these cunts have your counterparts bound up here- all of that *individually* would piss you off, but taken together? Yeah, you definitely aren't in the mood for the crap.

Drawing upon the flowing seas of power within you, you breath out and a single spark floats upon that breath. A single spark that floats and twists daintily upon the cold oppressive air.

"Hah! Look at him, sisters! Already he gives in!"

"Surely the Other did not need our help to deal with this one? Why petition the Great Dark for aid when this one is so feeble and weak?"

"Let us offer up this bounty in the name of the Dark! May the wayward sisters be guided by it as we have! Freedom from the Spinner-Hag!"

The voices cackle all around you, closing in, thirsting to crush you in what they perceive as a moment of weakness. You almost give it away with your desire to smirk, but you push it down and hold your neutral expression with all you can, even as you watch the little spark of purifying essence dance through the air.

The spark slows in its movements then, coming to a rest but not descending or flickering out as one would expect. It simply rests in that space, undisturbed, not even shifting in the slightest as the chittering of foul mandibles reaches its crescendo.

And as that undisturbed instant disappears, you watch the spark shudder, and blossom. Blooming like a flower in the darkness.

"Wait. Sisters, it's a-" Too little, too late.

The spark explodes, flaring outwards in a brilliant light that drowns out everything else, even as you feel the icy chill of bladed limbs just inches from you. They too burn away.

You can feel it around you, all of the power you put into that one spark of light coming to a head. It doesn't burn you, if anything, it provides true warmth in its brilliance. A respite from your burdens and troubles.

You cannot say the same for everything else however.

As the flare of light dies out, you look around and see that the cavern of thorns and branches, awful webs and decaying corpses, all of it has burnt away, to leave no more than a large open space of dark chiseled stone and grey spires stretching out. Flames still remain along the ground, bathing you in illuminating light.

Light enough to witness your adversaries.

Their bodies burning just as much as everything else, you see them. Chittering horribly, terrible masses of fused fur, flesh and chitin are what meet your gaze. As if someone took those werewolves you had encountered, and then stapled them together with a human and several dozen spiders. Very poorly, you'll add.

"How dare you-"

"Eat your bones-"

grab our sword, charge at them and attack.
Rolled 25, 17, 15 = 57 (3d100)

Roll a 3d100 for the final combat.
Rolled 97, 100, 70 = 267 (3d100)

267. Saying that these spiders got crushed would be a great understatement. Writing.
>grab our sword, charge at them and attack.
One of the spider-things launches itself from the ground, body still wreathed in flames and mandibles clacking violently as it makes to fall upon you with its many sharp limbs. You clearly don't let it, however.

Dodging out of the way of the beast, you watch as its own momentum causes it to throw itself into yet more flames, eliciting unnatural cries of pain from the beast. Taking out your sword and spinning around, you slice the blade through its flesh, cutting a clean gouge in its body and severing several limbs, allowing for black-brown essence to spill out and dissolve upon the ground. This, unsurprisingly, draws more cries of pain from the beast and angry screeches from its kin.

Whirling back around, you look to assess the number of opponents you're facing, counting off six of the spider-cunts. Seven, if you count the one you just tore open.

"You will pay for that whelp! You shall not disrespect our sister in such a manner!" One of the other creatures hisses out, body still sizzling from purifying flames running over it, body shuddering with alien malice. Without further delay, you watch as it charges you, jaws opening to-

...Shoot webs at you? You tilt your head only slightly as you dodge out of the way, only to look back and watch the webbing sizzle and pop as it hits the space where you just were. Huh.

Ignoring that for now, you leap forward and spear your blade down at the creature. It tries to catch it with its forelimbs, but the blade burns right through them, melting them into mush and sending the beast shrieking and squealing backwards.

"[Holy burns evil, bitch.]" You grin, before chasing after it to go and finish it off. Only for the other five to drop in and start vomiting acidic webs of their own, blasting them with fine precision combined with high-speeds towards you.

The attack rushes forward, but you simply grin, and speed forth, your amorphous body flowing up under, over and through what gaps appear in the webbing. With a fine stab to its awful wolf-man-insect 'face', you dig your blade right into the skull of the centermost creature, pained shrieking echoing out from the beast, as the purifying power of the blade burning and melting right through its flesh and exoskeleton. And with a sharp twist and pull, you bring you blade up and out-

-And split the damn spider's skull clean in half, the remaining mass melting away even as you watch it slump over onto the ground, body thoroughly limp. Though you do notice that the body is starting to flake apart, but into a mass of roving spiders instead of dispersing like normal.

"[Oh no you don't, fucker.]"

And moments after your (remarkably performed) skull-splitting, you've lit the bitch's corpse on fire with your breath, the multitudes of spiders it wa breaking apart into dissolving in the raging inferno.

"SISTER!!" The other spider-cunts scream, before turning and rushing you, attempting to pile on you.

Leaping into the air, you watch as the stupid things very nearly collide with each other, swiveling their obscenely disgusting heads to look up to where you are in the air. Right before you lay down some heavy bombardment on them via holy fireballs.

Whilst you're busy trying to nuke the five gathered spider-bitches out of existence, you see the one you split in two, seemingly trying to drag itself upwards on its remaining limbs, right before it swivels its head around entirely, and launches glob after glob of webbing at you. Gotta admire that persistence.

Hardly holding off on putting the fear of Blue into these beasts, you chuck your sword downwards at the bitch,locating it in brilliant white flames, before focusing all your attention back on the ones you were nuking.

The squelching 'POP', gurgling cry, and the sweet sweet smell of thoroughly roasting spiders is all you need to hear after that.

Turning back to your flaming devastation, you slowly cool things off until the stream of purifying energy trickles to a halt. Observing your handiwork from the air, you can see that most of the spiders have been reduced to little more than scorch marks, with what few that came out somewhat intact being burnt to ashes by licks of the remaining flames.

All except one.

"I-Impossible." The remaining creature chokes out, the majority of its body crushed and burnt away from your assault. "This..can't be happening..."

"[Alright, so since we seem to be done, mind spilling the beans on where my counterparts are?"

"He..Hehehe...HahahahaHAHA HAHAHAHAHA"
the thing cackles, its voice utterly mad and twisted, even weakened as it now is. It manages to be somewhat unnerving even after all you've seen up to this point.

"..hahahaha, Oh how wonderful. You haven't realized at all have you? Poor thing." the thing hitters, voice sickly sweet, and full of levels of contempt you thought impossible. "Though it's no surprise. We made *that* illusion to last. Courtesy of the power afforded to us by the Great Dark, and at the behest of the Other. It will not break until we end."

"[Alright, so I'll just have to kill you then.]" You shrug, voice toneless. "[But before I do that, you'll tell me who this 'Great Dark' is. And the 'Other' too for that matter.]"

"Stupid welp. You couldn't even fathom the Other alone, let alone the Great Dark proper. They shall be the ones to end the realms of meat and spirit and usher in a new age of oblivion! The Other, Herald of the Great Dark, shall rise and-

The mad spider doesn't have the time to even finish, as her entire body is engulfed by crimson flames, so deep and dark as to be black. Her screams of agony last for only an instant. Drowned out by the waves.

"[I so do hate those who don't know when to hold their tongues, blorb. But I possibly hate those who delegate me to the role of 'servant' even more.]"

A voice calls out from behind you, and turning your head, you see the sight of a massive red stone pillar. How-

Ah, but I digress. Welcome! To our most esteemed guest of all, blorb!]"

The voice sounds out again, booming and joyous, so most familiar in its tones. And yet strangely...'wrong' to listen to. As if whatever this is doesn't really *get* what it's trying to imitate.

You gaze up at the massive red pillar, sword drawn and expecting an attack of some kind. But none comes. None at all.

If anything, what actually happens is worse.

On a spot upon the red pillar, you watch space ripple and bend, the stone churning and flaking away without any warning, until up above you, as the stone opens into a space that scratches at the mind, and burns the soul, you see them.

Red and Orange. Encased by the same awful webbing those spiders were using prior. And there's something else with them. Something that you'd almost mistake for being another counterpart or doppelganger of yours. If it didn't look do terribly, utterly wrong.

Looking at it, you could see that it was somehow both a hazy form in the vague shape of you and your counterparts, and yet was something bright enough that it would probably be seared into your memory forevermore. In some places it looked too soft and flat, whilst in others it was far too sharp and was jutting out at irregular angles. At times, it was all of this and more. And at others, it was none of them at all.

"[Mm, I take it that you're enjoying the sight of my glory, Blorb?]" The thing speaks again, its voice awfully familiar, and yet just off your tongue. "[Well don't stare too hard now. Wouldn't want you to feel as if I'm 'imitating' your ability to steal the show now too, would we?]"

How did it-"[Know what you were thinking, blorb? Simple. I'm the only thing that's real here. Your lines are getting so horribly scripted now that it's almost a pain to have you recite them.]"

The thing floats on down to the ground, landing gently, though not before idly caressing the still bodies of Orange and Red with a limb.

As it touches the ground, the strange cloud around it seems to lessen, though it becomes no less 'wrong', and you can make out some features of it. And the voice...You can place it.


"[No.]" it closes its eyes (all of them) and smiles. "[Me.]"

You pull out your blade and direct it at the creature, but before you can even move to cut it down, it's already gone ahead and appeared in front of you, red eyes watching you amusedly.

"[How cute.]"

A weight crashes on you and sends you flying back, sword clattering at your side even as you struggle to stand up.

"[Whilst I certainly would like to crush you as I have all your other fragments before, I believe my benefactor wanted to test something, blorb.]" The dark mirror chortles, hand covering its mouth. "[So I'll give them this one, I think.]"

The darkness around you shudders and ripples, and to the side of the thing, something approaches from the dark around.

"[Come forth...]"

The dark figure comes and you see the cold of grey.

"[...And feed...]"

The figure continues to approach, and you can make out the bodyshape now. So similar, and yet full of the same awful shit that infested those witches you killed, the same stuff that filled those undead thralls, and the darkness you've been seeing for oh so long. All of it made manifest in one whole and with one face.

"My/Our Taken..." Two voices speak now as the thing comes before you in full. Though perhaps it was always that way, and you've only just started to notice.

"There is a knife for you, it is shaped like [I will not be forgotten]. Pick it up. Cut away the lies of a cosmos that has abandoned you. The knife has a 1'000 blades."

You step back just as the thing steps forward, empty gaze lacking soul of any kind and its advance unrelenting. And with a few more movements, it stills completely, body shuddering and twitching as that unnatural inner light of ruin courses within it.

"Take your new shape..."

It makes a raspy sound that you might've mistaken for a contented sigh. You pick up your blade from the ground, and bring it to bear in front of you. Hoping, *praying* for it to aid you here.

The thing looks up then, and you see it all so clearly. The face of the darkness looking back at you.

"Blue, Thrice-Devourer of Hope."

It screams, the mirror laughs, and darkness falls upon you as a single wave.

[999 Quest Interlude- A Blue Sky: End]
Is this the fucking Black King again?
Nah. Old paleface wouldn't bother waiting that long to try killing you. Nor would your scarlet counterpart actually be around if the Black King were here.

It's just your 'normal' Taken version of Blue. A shard of your soul corrupted in other words.
I was asking about the dark figure, not the evil counterpart. but ok.
Same rule applies. The dark figure is that Scarlet King spawn in the shape of 999 from the last thread. With his whole elaboratecplan of stealing Blue's body for himself.

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