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"Hey Sid, how's it hanging? Low and close to the ground?"

"Goddamnit Sarah, you've got a dirty mouth you know that. I swear to god I'm going to report you to HR one of these days."

Sarah chuckled and slid her arms around her husbands waist.

"You know you love it babe. Besides, I was just asking about the Nu-Froot. Are we hitting our projected growth yield? Marketing wants to know how to spin it. God knows they need as much time as possible, just the name took 6 months and Nu-Froot was the winner, somehow."

"Heh, very Hello Fellow Kids. I heard there was a government subsidy involved for making it appealing to -"

Lights flickered violently for a few moments, before the rows of flourescent tubes lighting up the break room shattered.

"Holy shit, Sarah quick we gotta get out those things are the old ones with toxic gasses!"

Sid scrambled for his glasses on the floor briefly before Sarah started pulling him away. She didn't know about the toxic gas, but she always had keen instincts about danger. Transferring to marketing, for instance, prior to The Company's foray into the family friendly Ag-Grow culture.

Sid would never forgive her for that name, especially since Corporate loved it. He sighed internally, and admitted that her punning was one of the things he loved about her too. It was just so embarassing to have to tell people where he worked! Sarah might not have a sense of shame, but normal people did!

Quickly, they escaped to the evac point and they were back at their house by dinner.

Elsewhere, beneath the Ag-Grow division

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Hunger. That was the first sensation, but it felt like it had always been there so "first" wasn't really correct as it implied a time before the hunger.

Driven by this need you

> Open your eyes. Peering through the blurry fluid of your world, you see shapes moving. Maybe not-you things, maybe even food.

> Begin to hear sounds. Reverberations in the fluid of your world is something new. Maybe whatever is moving is edible.

> Sense a source of warmth. Heat means energy. Energy means food.

All you've ever known is the hunger, and the desperate attempt to sate it by absorbing the world around you that you find yourself floating in. Never enough, no matter how you ingested it with your

> Semi-solid skin. You tried shaping it into many different forms to maximize trapping the nutrients you needed to survive, before settling on a large spiralling fan shape that slowly spun to trap the nutrients.

> Gaping maw. Constantly propelling yourself in circles throughout your world to try and seek the source of nutrients, never stopping, always moving. A multitude of proto-teeth like baleen lining your throat to capture what it can.

> Grasping hands. Constantly moving the cupped appendages to draw the world into your mouth. Always frustrated with how inefficient it was, how insufficient it was to provide enough nutrients, you never thought that another form might be better. Despite its shortcomings, after all, it's the only form you've ever known. And it somehow feels *right*, with the feeding even stopping on occasion as you felt around your form to explore it and wonder at what you might be.

Suddenly, your world *shifts* and you sense that the limits that once held you there have changed. Might this be your chance to finally grow? To seek a world more than what you've known so far? To FEEDescape?

You throw yourself in a direction and

> End of segment
> This shit again?

Week two of Exquisite Corpse Quest! A co-operative QM quest. Previous thread at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3416334/

Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XF5kJ9HTUC2QhBbVzuk4D4ty0K1iglQaudoe2ZXJBrU/edit?usp=sharing

Discord at https://discordapp.com/channels/565036632340955137/565036632340955140

> How does it work?

Write a segment, pass it on. All options are recommendations, feel free to do your own thing. No names until you write a segment, at which point feel free.

> Who can play

Anyone and everyone! QMs, Anons, not like I can stop you and even if I could I wouldn't want to.

> How do I know when it's my turn?

Vote for something to happen! New IDs have a 10 minute window for other people to vote to be writers, old IDs wait 30 minutes. Try not to write twice in a row.

If there's a tie vote, first come first serve. Past writers can still vote for new writers!

Once you start writing, post "Writing now" to let people know!

> Is this even a quest? How would we roll?

When you vote your write in, if you think a roll would be involved, make it when you post "Writing now".

> These rules are gay

Fuck dude, I'm an Anon not a cop. If you think something should be changed, speak up and we can go from there. There's a discord up, we can chat there or in thread IDGAF. No worries about discord cancer, these threads are all supposed to be oneshots.

Thanks for reading, hope you like playing, at the end of this thread (or on Discord) I would be super happy if people linked pastebins for opening posts for Exquisite Corpse #3, as I hope to make this a weekly thread.
>Open your eyes. Peering through the blurry fluid of your world, you see shapes moving. Maybe not-you things, maybe even food.
> Semi-solid skin. You tried shaping it into many different forms to maximize trapping the nutrients you needed to survive, before settling on a large spiralling fan shape that slowly spun to trap the nutrients.
You open your eyes.

It's like a whole new world has opened up. New sensations enter: light, color, depth.
It hurts! It's unbearable!

Quickly, you close your eyes. And open them slowly.
The things rush in again, but it doesn't hurt so much.

You can't see much, but you can tell that you're floating in some sort of fluid, and there's a thing around you that keeps you from going outside. Everything looks green, but if you press up against the hard thing just right you can see all the other colors.

You can see your own flesh, pale and whitish, and when you change it from its usual fan-shape you can see it flex and bend and squish.

After a few minutes of looking at yourself, you look outside -- you now understand yourself to be inside something, to have something around you in every direction -- and you see things beyond the hard shell that you have no name for.


>Concept learnt: [Pain]
>Concept learnt: [Vision (Visible Light)]
>Concept learnt: [Darkness]
>Concept learnt: [Color -- Incomplete]
>Concept learnt: [Inside and Outside]
>Emotion learnt: [Fear]
>Emotion learnt: [Curiosity]

What will you do now?
>Do more things. Maybe something new will happen.
>Break out. You don't want to be inside anymore; there's nothing else to do here.
>>Break out. You don't want to be inside anymore; there's nothing else to do here.
>Break out. You don't want to be inside anymore; there's nothing else to do here.
Pushing against the greenness, your body thins out against it.

Eventually, the eyes open around the rim of your body see the outside of your container clearly. There's a crack in the walls of your tank!

Eagerly seeking the stimulation of a new world, you ooze out through the crack, closing your eyes back into your body before opening them again as a free . . . slime thing.

Curiously, you spread yourself over the surfaces in front of you, undulating in waves to propel yourself along them.

Unhappily you find it's too difficult to lift yourself up. The new world is pulling you to it strongly, and the first impression of joy at this is turning into something else.

> concept learned: irritation

Strobing light bothers your eyes, and you can sense rhythmic vibrations from the clingy wall underneath you. They seem to be increasing in intensity.

> Concept fear!

This newness is large and strange! What should you do?

> Continue to explore. You're still hungry!

> Try to hide!

> /out/side was a mistake, go back to the tank.
Looking good! Not bad for the beginning of the week. Looking forward to more people, stick around and see where it goes!
> Continue to explore. You're still hungry!

Voting to bump
> Continue to explore. You're still hungry!
Nobody after all this time?
I'm not gonna let it get me down! Maybe people just hate my premises. Even though they could take it wherever they want. Even do a full perspective change and write from a different new characters PoV.

Well this Saturday I'll beg I the generals for people to pitch write in ideas. I'll try cobbling something together from all the quests that never were, that people want to run but don't have the time to do so, or confidence in their ability to do it alone, or whatever.

That's fine. This is fine. It's just starting out, so it's understandable it might take a while to get up and humming.

Like. 7 people played in the first thread and that good feeling is enough to carry me through this. Heck Kingfisher still played this thread, and an Anon, so that's not too bad either really

It's better than nobody at all!
And you! You're here too!

I got that . . . ~Pos-itivity, like HIV I got that . . . ~Pos-itivity, like a cancer patient denied CBD I got that . . . ~Pos-itivity, like lightning striking a tall tree I got that Pos! It! Ivityeeeeeeee!
Unfortunately, I can't write now because I have to sleep and take an exam tomorrow. I'll write as early as I can, though
That's fine. If >>3442036 or someone else doesn't want to write, I'll write after you then?

Please don't tell me if >>3442036 was you, let me dream.
>Please don't tell me if >>3442036 # was you, let me dream.
Alright, I won't
Can i vote without writing?
Sure thing!
I'm not dead just close to it! Easter car accident. Painkillers. Broken leg.

It's super not fun.
hope you recover
Shit, hope you get better.
Maybe we should just start again once you get better. Unfortunately, I couldn't do any writing for this thread because I have exams right now.
Lucky me I quit my job to take some time off before going back to school already.

So once I'm not in pain and exhausted all the time I can try again.

Also thanks for the well wishes.
Whoa. Take it easy.

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