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File: Old world ruins.png (985 KB, 872x1005)
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“There are five, five for the lost world my friend, one for the men who hide within their forts, two for the elves and of the faun who dwell within their hearths, the other for the fallen, and the last for the migrant. These are the gods that guard the lost within this damned world.” -Luvereric bard

Hello my name is DawnQm and I run a game called irregular heroes in the game you play a adventurer caught in the adventure of a lifetime!
Currently we are wrapping up on what could be the last turn for our 'heroes' so lets see what happens!!

Apologies for the bad writing in advance.
With that out of the way back onto the action!!!
Well before we do that here are the rule pages in case anyone needs them or is curious.
The first of four 'w')
And here are the actual rules!
If you have any questions please ask them.
First of three along with a suptg link!
The second of three, this explains the magic rules.
Remember you have to sustain both a free and true spell separately!
Unless its a summon, then you just have to stay alive in that case.
And here is the last of the three, this explains kit items and melee rules!
Kit items are subject to change and suggestion so please if you have an idea either post in the thread if you have an idea for a cool item!
Same goes for brass skills, ever wanted to perform a cool skill but it isn't listed suggest it and I just might put it in the game!
File: Lost ruins map Act phase.png (6.02 MB, 4500x4500)
6.02 MB
6.02 MB PNG
With that done we can finally go back to the action last we left off actions have been inputted and a paviser stands with loaded rifle against a ancient Treant hailing from a age long gone ago....

=Processing phase=
Footmen 1 Aldrich
Hedge mage 2 Kravi the great
Footmen 3 Crennel
Hedge mage 4 Zhang
Footmen 5 Burgborough
Hedge mage 6 Blue
Footmen 7 Wish
Hedge mage 8 Brother "Kick me" Hew artier
Hedge mage 9 Zachery !
File: Remember....png (202 KB, 710x564)
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202 KB PNG
Aldrich remembers the first truth of the new world and prepares to fire...
And fires, with a sound like thunder the bullet eats through the heart of the Treant moments later the treant falls to the floor dead.

>The first truth of the New world: All things are mortal.
File: Eliziah expositions..png (211 KB, 417x415)
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211 KB PNG
Eliziah: "Is it dead?"
*he pokes it for a minute unsure if the Viror tree is going to awaken again.*
"It is! Good, I don't have much time left before the core "rots" now where did i put my tools..."
He ruffles through his robes for a moment before pulling out a gem encrusted case.
"Would one of you mind helping me cut through its body?"
>Lost ruins map over!

>Moving to help him, Aldrich unsheathed his knife and began helping to cut to the treant's core.

"...All Things Are Mortal." He mutters quietly.
"Good to hear Aldrich, now just help me carve away the bark here and we can get started...

After the core was retrieved and placed in the case Eliziah began to hug and care for it like a baron would his crown or staff of office. Which glowed with the light akin to a mornings sun.
"Great work everyone, and especially to Aldrich for if not for him and his rifle we would have to contend with having to lug this thing in the dark. Nonetheless with the thing dead we can discuss payment! ...Well not at the moment once we get back to the tavern of course! I don't think anyone would want to be issued their pay and die in the cold dead dark would they? Back to Bolton we go! I hear the 'revenants rest' still offers food past sundown."

Meanwhile as the long march back to Bolton went Eliziah looked towards Aldrich with a inquiring eye.
"Sir Aldrich may I ask are you luthinian or from the provinces? Your performance out their was extraordinary! I was just wondering where did you learn to fight like that? I hear the luthins prize powder and shot over all where as the musketeers from the provinces prize marksmanship and gallantry. Where did you learn to shoot like that?"
Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you all had fun!
As a reward any surviving adventurers may gain the following benefits.

>Any adventurers may raise any one stat by one (unless it is health then it is two) and any skill by one!
>In addition you may feel free to swap your weapon out for another, your kit items and etc.
>You may also raise any skill by one! This must be done prior to swapping a weapon though so keep that in mind. As to what skills, you can use them on kit skills (doctor kits, magic, weapons, and shields!
>If you have lost any HP, Will, shields, or etc You recover them to your full ability! AKA to your max

See you all soon when fort phase comes around!

"Ah! I am but a Mercenary who has seen many battles, my friend." He begins. "My skill is wrougt from having survived many terrible battles and serving alongside more experienced fellows. I spent a long time in the service of a kingdom to the east. They were poor in martial ability, but quite wealthy, and thus they hired many mercenaries to fight their wars. I learned from the follies of the dead and the examples of the best of my comrades. One day, I simply... Took my leave after getting paid. Wanderlust, I suppose." He shrugged.

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