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Thread XCIV:
It has been quite a while in between threads, but had a number of events happen. End of the expected busy season was last Friday for me, upon leaving work I went over to my financial institution and murdered my college loan with a lump sum payment. I then went home and slept through the first Saturday I've had off in three years. Needless to say, apologies on being late on my thread, but with those particulars finally accounted for, I may just be able to focus on things like this a bit more. Lets get started, shall we?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: https://pastebin.com/GfaNZkUR
Season: Spring

Money: 2045-free 3220-spoken for

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marksmanship +6
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+3 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +2

The morning after your attempt to unlock the looted strongbox from Purobka has you sitting on the porch, waiting for the shipment from Standish Standoffs to arrive. You'd eventually opened the blasted things, after brute forcing the rune combinations. Assigning each rune to a beast, you'd tried any number of combination of Dragon, Troll, Roc, and Leviathan you could think of. Failing that, you'd simple set each of them to Troll and worked your way through them manually. You'd eventually hit success with Troll, Leviathan, Dragon, Roc in that order. You'd briefly pondered the significance of the order before deciding to simple empty the contents into your own strongbox and then turned in for the night, having gone through nearly a quarter of the possibilities.

You'd had breakfast and had let slip to your Casimiran residents that you'd broken the seal, and if they'd like to take a look at the contents, the could afterwards. Tatiana and the fae spirit were, which naturally meant that Artyom was to be dragged along as well. They'd just took both the looted strongbox and your own into the bunkhouse when one of Keel's Nitor had ridden up. Apparently he'd been asked to inform you that Standish's caravan had rolled into South Fork early this morning. Apparently the wagonmaster had opted to get the crew a proper meal and water the draft animals in town, but would be here shortly. You'd asked him what he meant by 'caravan' but the Nitor rider had merely chuckled and said that it'd be something to see, for sure.

You'd assigned Tai and Marie to giving Zeke and the other new ranch hands a rundown on their duties, but the lads hadn't settled in yet so the pair were working on some light duty chores for the time being. Meanwhile McCain and Liama were responsible for Zhou and his people. It wasn't that you were worried about the beastfolk doing anything wrong, but more concern over the fact you were effectively creating your own little private army.
Your musings are eventually cut short by the first signs of Standish, specifically the sounds. A brassy horn sounds from around the bend upriver, and you see their wagon round the corner. Then the next, and the next. All told you espy three covered wagons and a carriage bringing up the rear. A five man brass band sits atop it playing some jaunty tune. Following behind the wagon are more than a few people, who judging from this distance, are kids and loiters from South Fork following the commotion. Hard to blame them, given that from here you can see the wagons are painted a pastel red and blue with shiny gold lettering that no doubt spells the company name.

Moving through the compound, you end up towards the entrance as this circus pulls up. Behind you, you can hear the standard muted bickering you've come to expect from Tatiana and Artyom cease as three pairs of eyes appear in the rear window to stare. The horns have caused even more interest, as you can see your herd, curious about the foreign noise, wading along the shallows to approach the far fence line. McCain, Zhou, and the beastfolk are watching the processions stoically while Liama and her shadows are having a damned hard time concealing their mirth.

>What do?
Join a country club
Join line dancing, and also zumba
>Greet them and check on your shipment.
"Uh, hi? I assume you're here to facilitate my firearm acquisition?"
You are torn between chastising the arms merchants for being so conspicuous and simply rolling with the display and joining in the festivities. Ultimately, you decide to keep it professional and wait for the caravan to come to a halt. As the band dies down you approach, noting that the throng of people following it have kept a fairly respectable distance. The crew manning the wagons retreat to the rear and begin unloading labelled crates. From the one carriage, a human in a red and white pinstripe suit emerges, walking towards you hand extended. You can tell almost at a glance that this person hasn't left the UFK mainland ever but is doing his level best to acclimate.

"Sasha Masterson, I presume?"

"Uh, hi? I assume you're here to facilitate my firearm acquisition?" You say, shaking the offered hand.

"Yes indeed. Unfortunately Sir Standish was unable to make the journey, business matters. I'm sure you understand." He says, "So he sent me in his stead."

"Bit of a production you've got here." You say, gesturing to the traveling carnival he arrived with.

"Yes, well..." he says, unphased, "As you are our largest purchaser in the colonies to date, I felt that such fanfare was in order. One must promote their business after all, even in a market such as this."

You file away that tidbit of information and look over to the growing stack of armaments. From the looks of things, there's a separate box for each rifle, kit, munitions, and the uniforms you'd purchased. Given you'd gotten nearly twenty rifles, you can see why they'd need as many wagons as they brought.

Standish's representative looks between the pile and your crew, "If you wish to inspect the merchandise, it is your right as a buyer. Though I've personally safeguarded the kit and can vouch for it."

You see his plan for what it is, more advertising to the waiting eyes near the trail. You're sure that rumor will spread like wildfire at this point, but you're not certain you want to feed the flames by having Zhou's people descend upon the kit like a war's about to break out. Even if it is. You also don't really want to advertise that you just dropped what may as well be five years profit on munitions like it was nothing, especially in front of a crowd, but getting in good with the arms dealer might be worth the inconvenience.

>Get yourself and the beastfolk kitted up now.
>Secure the munitions in the redoubt to issue out later.
>Get yourself and the beastfolk kitted up now.
Let's play ball, worst case, people know we have a damn garrison on hand. Attempted theft will either be very stupid or very prepared, which already seems true.
>Secure the munitions in the redoubt to issue out later.
Inspect our own crate, as we did get one for ourselves as well, but have the beastmen start packing the rest up in the redoubt.
While I don't really care if they do, I'd rather the government not get antsy about us. I don't want to become Waco. If we must let everyone know, then attempt to impress upon them that these are for caravan guards and the like, because there's a lot of nasty things on the other side of the mountain.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

You slither over to where the crates are and signal for McCain to start shifting the crates into the redoubt. The merchants face falls, but returns to its carefully neutral state when you have Zhou partition off one set for your inspection. "I would like to let my caravan guards get acclimated with the materials at another time, but I see no harm in looking through the one I will be using."

He's taken aback, "You had a personal order?"

"Yes, it was the rifle and cleaning kit I had ordered in addendum to the sets."

"Oh, oh, yes, that one. We weren't aware it was to be for the purchasers use, and had just figured it to be used for parts. Elijah, the spare set please."

You've got a bit of trepidation when he mentioned it being a 'spare set' but it proved unfounded when one of the burly teamsters sets an identical crate down in front of you and produces a crowbar. He takes a little bit of effort in carefully prying the top off and with a bit of a flourish removes the top and steps back for you to inspect it.

You can smell how new the rifle is just peering into the crate, blinking as the sun catches the gunmetal faceplate. The producer has been kind enough to stamp the caliber on the receiver, and you recognize it as the standard for the Nitor, as per your request. Hefting it, you find it to be a satisfactory weight, and while it doesn't have the capacity nor the slew of fine tuning that your own rifle does, you figure with time you can have it shoot as good, if not better than your current repeater.

Seeing your satisfaction, the Standish liason approaches. "I take it everything is to your satisfaction?"


"Would you like to give it a shot or two?" He says, producing a handful of rounds. You see what he's after, a practical demonstration for the assembled congregation, who outside of a muffled 'ooh' when you pulled the rifle out haven't had too much of a show yet.

>Yes (1d20+3 roll, unfamiliar rifle and you are lacking your scope.)
Rolled 4 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

I'd rather not, personally, but if the rest of us want to, I'll add my roll to the pot.
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

File: lamia43.png (1.1 MB, 1800x727)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG

You grimace, debating the offer until you finally relent. A slight cheer goes up from the group down the way as you accept the rounds. A number of circular paper targets are produced, and placed so that you're shooting into the northern treeline. Not an ideal shooting range in the least, but you are not about to let the crowd deeper onto your property to watch you shoot at your actual range. You note that the Standish men affix the target to dead limbs, situated such that a bullseye will cause a minor detonation of dead wood and that the target would flutter away.

You feed rounds into the tube magazine of the rifle and brace yourself on the hill leading down into the scrubland and take aim. You note that the last time you'd aimed a rifle this way, you were fending off an attack from the Phoenix empire and, if you remember right, Zhou had used a pitchfork to give the fake McCain his mortal wound. The crowd goes quiet as you line up a shot first target. The kick of the rifle is a bit more than you expected, but the round is hits the target, a bit high and to the left, but hitting paper nevertheless. Compensating, you aim down the irons on the next target out. Still high and to the left, but closer this time. You briefly wonder if the sights are off, or if you are subconsciously overcompensating for the increased recoil, but with the eyes on you you can't really go through the proper motions of acclimatizing. You get through the remaining rounds and targets, all hitting paper, though none achieving the splintering of wood a bullseye would yield.

It's good enough for the punters in the crowd, a few more well versed in shooting would likely see through it, but if they were smart enough to see that they would also know that something like this is to be expected on a blind trial. Collecting the targets, you approach the liason who's trying to mask his disappointment with the careful neutrality of a salesman.

Handing the targets off to him, you murmur, only loud enough for him to hear. "How often do you shoot?"

"I'm sorry?" He says, quietly.

"Are you a regular shooter?"

"Well, no." He admits, "I am more a sales representative for Mr. Standish."

"And this was a way you'd hope to drum up business for your company, yeah?" You ask, seeing his slight nod you add, "Next time, bring a ringer familiar with the firearm on display. Its a good gun but all weapons take some time for familiarization. Nothing puts off the crowd like watching someone fumble around trying to get used to something new."

He seems to ponder this, but he responds. "My apologies Miss Masterson. I had thought of this on the way here once I saw the crowd following. In retrospect it was a rather foolish idea."
File: lamia5.jpg (211 KB, 1215x717)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
"Not foolish," You correct, "Just in need of further consideration. Now, if its fine with you, I'd like to finish with the theatrics and get to my business, just as I'm sure you'd like to conclude yours. My payment is in the house, if you'd like to address your crowd in the meantime, I'll be right back with it."

You head towards the ranch as he turns around, holding up the targets and starting his sales pitch to the crowd. Heading upstairs, you fish out the payment you had set aside and head back towards the wagons. McCain and company are putting the last of the crates in the redoubt when you return with the money. Three thousand two hundred and twenty isens are handed over and quickly stowed into a strongbox on the carriage. Transaction concluded, it takes little time for Standish's caravan to get turned around, their brass band to pick up again, and for the crowd following them to trail off into the distance. You turn, looking over to see McCain placing the last crate, your own rifle on the porch of the house.

>What now?
Get Zhou's men equipped and acquainted with their new arms(and that they're properly sighted).
Make sure our rifle is properly sighted and visit Veles to check on things and to ask him to be our beard.
The PastBin is broken
I knew I forgot to update something. Latest revision here:
You waste no time in tracking down Liama and her shadows, tasking them with outfitting and training Zhou and his men. You then move over to the redoubt where you and McCain go over the kit. On top of the rifle, you recall that there was a 'uniform' of sorts that was to be provided. You don't recall what exactly you filled out on the form and are bit surprised when McCain pulls out a bag containing a duster, collared shirt, waistcoat, slacks, boots, and a tie of all things. The majority of the items are a light brown, with a dark emerald accent, a touch darker than your own scales. Feeling the material, you find it to be of a more sturdy construction than you'd expect, but you really do think you'll be swapping the dress shirt out for more of those silken undershirts that the Casimiran make, feeling it'll breathe easier.

Leaving the matter of convincing the beastfolk to wear the uniforms to Liama and Zhou, you head over to your new rifle and give it a once over. You don't see any major issues, and looking at it, you can see an easy way to transfer your crystal sight from your old rifle to the new one. However, moving it over and sighting it in is going to take some time, you pack it away for now and move on to your next goal. Convincing Veles to pretend to be your spouse to blend in to Casimiran politics.

It was far easier than you thought. The hard part was getting the old snake to stop laughing.

<This is a rather serious matter.> You hiss, having sped through the gateway to his lair and explained the situation at which point he'd doubled over on his workbench.

<I'm sure it is,> he says, wiping the mirth from his eyes, <And I have no issue with a little deception, but all false fronts are found out with the fullness of time. You'd do best not to bank too much on the facade, and prepare to soften the blow once it is found out. Is your resolution firm on this matter?>

<It is.> You say, far more confidently than you feel.

<Then consider us wed.> He says before turning back to his workbench, <Was there anything else you needed today Sasha?>

The plan we finalized on was to make them assume that we're married without saying anything, so that it's not a lie, right?
I'm going to assume that it was.

>anything else
Any ideas on how to get suitors to go away once someone with half of a brain actually asks if we're married? Because lying won't help me in the long run, as you said.

Tatiana did offer to *actually* marry me, and I'm kind of okay with the idea of being with her (though I'd much rather be with Mari), but I don't want her to force herself, and while there *is* a way to use magic for us to have kids, that might not fly with the Casimir and she needs to have an heir in order to form any sort of stability after she dies.
Politics is fucking bullshit. I wish I could just burn it all down to solve the problem, but that won't work here.

At any rate, we'll be leaving in a day or two. 'Can't remember; do you need to be here to get the portal set up?

>if nothing else, see what the Tatiana, Artyom, and our advisor found, if anything
That sounds right.
File: SmugAsCanBe.jpg (282 KB, 850x1222)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
<Any ideas on how to get suitors to go away once someone with half of a brain actually asks if we're married? Because lying won't help me in the long run, as you said.>

<None.> He says, <My contact with the Szlachta has been few and far between, and as such I am ill suited for intrigue in their society. Your rescued princess may be of more help with that.>

<Tatiana did offer to actually marry me, and I'm kind of okay with the idea of being with her, but I don't want her to force herself, and while there is a way to use magic for us to have kids, that might not fly with the Casimiran and she needs to have an heir in order to form any sort of stability after she dies.>

He muses for a moment. <I would remind you that you are young, and that one might want to account for the many years ahead if one is going to get into a political situation as convoluted and dependent on heredity as Casimiran governance. Or any romance for that matter.>

<I wish I could just burn it all down to solve the problem, but that won't work here.> You hiss in frustration.

<Depends on where you start the fire, dear.> He says with a smirk.

You glare at him, <You are going to be insufferable about this, aren't you? At any rate, we'll be leaving in a day or two. Do you need to be here to get the portal set up?>

He gives you a smug look, <Preparations have been made for the gateway on this end. I will need to accompany you to set up the gate in the town as well as take stock of the surroundings. Had you given any thought on who is accompanying you this time?>

File: laughter3.jpg (146 KB, 1200x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Depends on where you start the fire

McCain needs to stay here to watch over the new ranch hands.
Mari is useful both here or there; while I'd like to bring her again, she may have had enough excitement for now so I'll have to ask her about it.
Zhou and Lady Wu both need to come along with the majority of their men, for obvious reasons, though some of them should stay as a precaution
Artyom has to come too, again, for obvious reasons.
Tatiana and the Advisor need to stay here.
Tai isn't a fighter
You need to be there to set up the portal
... Am I forgetting anyone?
Not that I can tell.
>lamia quest

God how does this guy live with himself
You mentally sort through your roster of staff on hand, partitioning off those with responsibilities on the ranch and try to account for your new hires. McCain can manage well enough with the staff you've hired, and he's got to train Zeke's crew. Mari, Tai, Tatiana, the advisor, are all effectively noncombatants or aren't being paid to fight in the first place. Veles and Artyom are coming, that is a given. The real question is how many of Zhou's people do you want to take along on the trip itself. Liama could in theory hold down security on the ranch, but that would leave just you able to command the beastfolk.

<Could you set up a gateway temporarily to bring in reinforcements and then move the terminus afterwards?> You ask, <Like how the Phoenix Empire hijacked the one gateway?>

<Not easily no. The magical draw needed to decouple that gateway was immense, and I gather you do not want any live sacrifices. Relinking a gateway requires physical manipulation at both points. In theory two people could link together a point, but it would have to be planned ahead of time.> Veles explains.

Figuring that constraint into your plan, you could go a number of ways with this. First, you could just simply bring all the beastfolk and leave ranch security to Liama, which is ostensibly her job anyway. There is likely a greater risk of running into hordes of the Fallen, but with you and Veles present there's enough literal firepower to deal with that problem. You could bring a small squad, banking on Purobka being still abandoned when you return and cycle in defenders afterwards. If Krasick have decided to claim the area you might be able to unseat them with some guile if you get lucky. Lastly you could throw caution to the winds and march on Purobka with everything you have. Not to mention you could inquire if Keel's men or any of the reservists are free to assist, though that may take matters out of your control.

Plan of action?
>High Speed Low Drag. Bring a small hand picked group to minimize footprint and resources. (Specify 4-8 people.)
>Safety in numbers. Bring a large group to force open Purobka again (Specify if some beastfolk or Liama's Shadows are to remain at the ranch. Approximately 12-16 people.)
>All in. Everyone you can scrounge up to punch right through any obstacles. Hardly subtle, but more than capable of handling any situation. (21 combat capable people from your own roster of people alone.)
>Safety in numbers. Bring a large group to force open Purobka again (Specify if some beastfolk or Liama's Shadows are to remain at the ranch. Approximately 12-16 people.)
This is a Beast man/Shadow choice right? If so then leave the shadows to guard the Ranch.
This: >>3584755
You figure that a large force marching on Purobka would be your best bet while leaving Liama's crew to defend the ranch. Barring Artyom, Veles, and your involvement, it'd be a feat that could be attributed by and large to Zhou's people. Leaving someone behind to mind the children, you'd end up with an even multiple of four as well, which would be in keeping this standard Casimiran practices.

<Going to give the beastfolk some time to acclimate to their new weapons. Then we'll be moving on Purobka.> You finally announce.

<I shall make preparations then.> Veles says simply, <When you need me, you will know where to find me.>

You leave it at that and return through the gateway to the ranch. Your first move is to head towards the bunkhouse to see what your Casimiran residents have discovered in that strongbox. Passing by Liama running the beastfolk through rifle drills, you note that the beastfolk have already adopted the uniforms provided. However, you suspect they will be making the necessary tailoring changes in the coming days. Standish did not seem to account for unique biology in his uniforms. That said, despite a few humorous aspects, Zhou's people seem to have adopted the outfit with gusto, looking all the more like a professional fighting force.

Entering the bunkhouse, you see Tatiana furiously writing into a journal of some kind as Artyom hands the advisor another one of the papers found within the strongbox. [What'd you find out?] You ask, nonchalantly

[The contents of this box are most interesting.] Tatiana says, not looking up from her writing. [The lord of Purobka had a rather eloquent cipher in his paperwork. It is a boon that we have his advisor present to assist.]

[Lord Purobka never even told me his ciphers] The little fae spirit says, [But I'm familiar enough with how his mind worked to make it no trouble.]

[He did not trust you?] You ask, genuinely curious.

[Not with his families recipe for silk treatment.] She responds, [Not that I blame him. This process is coveted. Probably why Krasick had a vested interest in the place after the sacking. They might have cut off a good deal of their revenue stream, the fools.]

You note that Artom has been silent on this matter, and look at him expectantly until the burned hussar speaks. [If this is indeed what the Krasick bastards were after then we have struck our own blow to them by taking this chest. However, it may also mean that they will assuredly be trying to hunt the secrets of this solution down. I only hope this was the only copy of the process, because they are undoubtedly searching through my old home as we speak.]

[Eager to strike back at them?] You ask.
The centaur produces a blade, testing the edge against a thumb.[Eager. Willing. More than able.]

[Once we discovered what this was, Artyom's felt himself a bit superfluous.] Tatiana says [The advisor and I are making steady progress on the cipher, and have already managed to get the ratios of ingredients puzzled out. The actual ingredients and the treatment process are what remain a mystery right now.]

[We will be striking at them soon, yes?] Artyom queries.

>The beastfolk seem ready, move your invasion timetable up.
>Give the beastfolk a few days to acclimate and run through some drills with them (1d20+3 learning roll)
>Give the beastfolk a few days to acclimate and work on something else yourself (Specify subject and give me a 1d20, bonus variable)
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>Give the beastfolk a few days to acclimate and work on something else yourself (Specify subject and give me a 1d20, bonus variable)
Get our own rifle set up properly. Also, more Pheonix lessons if we're not already proficient, I doubt we are. Help with the documents if possible. (It's not like we're going to be spending the entire time on our rifle. That'll be good to go after 8 hours of work or less, and we're giving the beastfolk at least 2 days to get their uniforms and rifles comfortable.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

In case the other guy doesn't show up.
Ignore this if he does.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

what he said.
File: We'llTakeBestOfThree.jpg (156 KB, 800x532)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Rolled 14 (1d20)

>18+1 (Spreading your focus to multiple things.)

[Only after Zhou and the others have time to get used to their new armaments. I'll be sighting in my own rifle as well.] Artyom looks like he wants to say something, but decides against it. Given how agitated the Purobka situation has made him you don't pry. You have a feeling, however, that you'll be looking through the Standish collection for a cavalry rifle.

You then spend the remainder of the day at your makeshift range, a few yards from where your father is buried, trying to troubleshoot the accuracy issue with your rifle. You eventually narrow down the issue in to the trigger pull, and a few minor modifications later you are getting consistent groupings. With that addressed, you shift to swapping over Veles' sight to your new rifle, and hang the old one up over the mantle in your office.

The next day has you down in the dirt with Zhou's beastfolk attempting to run through the drills Liama has set for them. They perform admirably, while you... well, you make do the best you can. To your credit, you do manage to keep up with them, and your own unique physiology offers a few advantages they lack. When Liama calls off the training for the day, you take the other snake aside and have her give you a recap of highborn Phoenix speech. You're fairly confident you'll be able to direct the beastfolk in a combat situation. Finally, you address Zhou and his folks directly, and have them sort out which of them are going to be staying behind. Surprisingly Liama says she's more than able keep and eye on the youths if need be, and it would be a chance for her to give them more in depth language lessons. They seem amenable to that, and by your figuring, thirteen beastfolk, plus Artyom, Veles, and yourself puts your party conveniently at sixteen.

With the beastfolk settled, you leave them to making trip preparations on the last day and shift your focus to the Purobka strongbox. Your assistance is limited, as the bulk of the mystery relies on the advisor's knowledge of Lord Purobka's mindset, and Tatiana's herbal knowledge. That said, you do pick up a few things about the town that you hadn't known before, specifically regarding the tunnels that the advisor had lurked in after the sacking. With that in mind, you pack your own goods away, and help Artyom sort out his own limited supplies. Given how focused the burned hussar has been on the town, there's not a lot in the way of personal effects, you had ought to work on dragging him out of his shell once you get freed up.

>Last minute preparations before you set out?
>last minute preparations
I don't have anything I think we need to do.
Aside from checking our equipment and ammunition, I've got nothing.
The morning of your departure has you enjoying another of Tai's breakfasts with your your entire staff. McCain and Marie bid you farewell, and you tell the pair to keep and eye on Zeke and the other new hires. Finishing breakfast, you head outside where Liama is seeing to the last of the beastfolk's kit. Looking it over, you see nothing amiss until you reach Artyom, who's fully loaded for bear. Clad in the full set of armaments he received from Bralin, Artyom has also added a handmade atlatl and a number of rough throwing spears. You look him up and down and raise an eyebrow until the hussar responds through his faceplate, [I believe that if we are to encounter conflict, it will not be within melee striking distance. However limited these may be, they still may serve some purpose.]

[We've really got to see about getting you armed.] You say, more to yourself than him. In any event, your current force is more than ready, and since Zhou and Artyom have been to the pass before, you decide it would be best to send them along while you collected the last member of the party from his lair. You briefly duck inside the bunkhouse to bid Tatiana and the advisor farewell, finding the pair still buried in the late Lord Purobka's notes. Heading back to the house, you gather you things and head for the gateway. Slipping through you think over to Serrak and his work crew. You hadn't spoke to him in a while, but given how that orc has his ear to the ground you suspect he's got a pretty good idea of what you're up to.
In Veles' lair you collect Daisy and catch the old snake rising from his slumber. You've got a bit of time before the rest of the troupe arrives, so you pass some of Tai's breakfast off to Veles and listen to him talk between bites. From the sounds of things, he's got the severed gateway in the atrium primed and ready for a new link, so all he has to do is find a suitable point in Purobka and you'll be connected. He finishes his meal and collects his things, calling Dahz to follow him. As you wind down the maze of tunnels to the passageway, you mention offhand that you've secured what you believe is the recipe to the silk treatment solution. He visibly perks up and expresses a desire to get a look at it once this particular task is complete.

It's still morning when you open up the hatch through the mountain, and scan the horizon for the rest of the group. You espy Artyom, holding his lance up as if it were a banner. The beastfolk are moving in a loose rank and file formation behind him looking for all the world like a nonchalant military parade. Had to been one hell of a show going by the work camp. You send Veles through the tunnel first, if only to act as the guide while you follow the single file parade inside and lock up behind you. There isn't much chatter between the beastfolk as you move, and before too long your through the dark tunnel and on the far side of the mountain. Once you are all out of the tunnel, the beastfolk fall back into a loose formation and both Zhou and Artyom look to you expectantly for orders.

"Well then," You say, to nobody in particular looking to the south, "Lets go take back that town."

>Going to call the thread here since we're firmly in page ten and about to start some traveling. Got a bit of a packed week coming up, so no quick turnaround on a thread. As always, thanks for following along and being a part of this. If you've got any questions or concerns I'll try and loiter around the thread until we fall off the board.
Thanks for running!

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