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After learning of the impending demonic incursion into your real world you gathered around the fire and started eating.
You still have many questions about the whole thing as apparently the Makai isn't supposed to be that easy to escape.
Naturally it's rather easy to guess who's behind that... Towa.

Looking up in between bites you look at Sala who's been forced to attend a little tea party by Lyn where she has to use the robot while Lyn is puppeteering her favorite plushie around.
Chuckling a bit you decide to intervene and save the pink girl.
"So... About those demons.
Could you tell me what you're exactly feeling?"

She says while still playing awkwardly with Lyn.
"Have you ever seen something which reminded you of home and you were yearning to go back?"


"Well I haven't. And I never will.
But I've been feeling something, something familiar. The smell, the sound, the sensation.
It feels like home. And I hate it. Like an old "friend" knocking on your door that you'd rather never meet."

"Yeah... I get that.
And I can buy the story about the Makai goons wanting some revenge.
The question is... what do we do about it?"

Sala takes a bite out of her grilled vegetables and responds while chewing loudly.
"Ith's shimple!
"We hit them first!"

You raise an eyebrow at that.

"Well... you entered the Makai once before.
We can just... do it again! Blow them up when they aren't ready, then leave at the gates like last time!"
You scratch your head.
"Why? Got any better ideas?"

>I mean... I guess I could give the the Supreme Kai a call
>Marching straight into enemy territory when they are readying for war is not a smart idea. Let's just wait for them
>We figure out where they are coming through... and leave them a welcoming present
>I mean... I guess I could give the the Supreme Kai a call
>I mean... I guess I could give the the Supreme Kai a call
>I mean... I guess I could give the the Supreme Kai a call
Boy oh boy.
Are ya lads sure you want Makai 2: Electric Boogaloo?

You grab your chin and start humming to yourself for a bit.
"Actually now that I think about it... You're right.
I mean, what other option do we have? If we do nothing they'll hit us first.
And chances are they'll either choose a moment when we are most vulnerable or the second we take a step outside Champas domain, or worse still they draw us out by attacking a place we care about.
So I guess I better give Fuwa a call sometime soon."

Sala rubs her nose with pride.
"See? I do have good ideas!"

"Never claimed otherwise."

"Erm... correct me if I'm wrong-"
Kamin speaks up.
"But isn't the Makai supposed to be super dangerous?"

"Yes. And that's why you aren't coming.
I need you to keep things safe on this side.
The rest of us? We'll pump some iron and beef ourselves up a bit in preparation.
Who knows what they got on their side?"

Kamin and Oren pout.
"It's not fair. We never get a piece of the action."

"I already told you... I need you to keep things safe here."
You ruffle their hairs.
"And besides. No way I'm gonna let my kids endanger themselves.
The Makais is really not kid friendly."

"But we aren't-"

"You are...
You are my kids.
So don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"Awww that's sweet."
Sala makes a snide remark while taking another bite of her food.
"So... Who do you plan on bringing? I mean... you do know how things work over there.
Too many strong dudes and we'll get the entire realm on our asses."

That is a good question...
On one hand it's not a place where you can just take someone. The entire dimension is hostile to all forms of life.
Not much of a good vacation spot really... But on the other the more firepower you bring the faster you can topple whatever they are making over there.

>Just the A-team. You, me, all the Saiyans and Hit
>Everyone we can spare, including the Universe 9 folks
>You and me. Just like old times! And maybe a friend if we can find him. Get the crew back together!
>Just the A-team. You, me, all the Saiyans and Hit
>Just the A-team. You, me, all the Saiyans and Hit
>You kids should try to get some training in during the operation, if everything goes south you two may have to lead the effort of holding the breach
>Just the A-team. You, me, all the Saiyans and Hit
Bring Sala along. Then either the Saiyans or Hit only.

I get the feeling that something bad will happen if we leave all of our heavy hitters behind.
Shit, meant that something bad will happen if we take all of our heavy hitters.

The Tuffle kids are no slouches but they’re not really tested yet.
Is the rest of you okay with this?
I say we leave hit behind, if everything goes wrong he'll be able to take out linchpins in the enemy command structure fairly easily meaning that the Makai army will be very scattered and disorganized should the invasion begin properly.
What if we bring Cabba and Hit?
That might be better.
Okay. I guess you're fine with that.
Hit shall be left behind then

You look at Sala and after a bit of contemplation share with her your idea.
"You, me and the Saiyans. That should be more than enough Dakka.
The twins will cover things here on the homefront. But we'll also leave Hit to deal with the... problematic figures."

Sala nods dutifully.
"I hear ya.
Man... I am NOT looking forward to going back home."

"I'm sorry. But I'm afraid it's inevitable.
As much of a veteran I am we'll need you to even navigate there."

"True I suppose.
But it doesn't make it any less of a pain."

Throwing some more wood on the fire you start thinking about the girls.
Maybe... maybe this will be a good opportunity for them to vent some anger. You just wish the Makai won't have the same effect on them as it did you and make them more wrathful.
Standing up you dust yourself off and look at the kids.
"Stay with Sala for a bit more. Here. Roast some marshmallows.
Oh and some chocolate and biscuits for good measure. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how those combine."

"Where are you going Eric?"

"Isn't it obvious?
I'm getting the girls and give Cabba a call.
I'll come back and take Sala away later."

Making your way back to the more "civilized" part of your little planetoid you inquire about the whereabouts of the girls from Hop and Sorrel.
They kindly point you towards the nearby lake where you promptly find the two girls tossing stones at the water, staring blankly as the rocks bounce up to fifteen times each.
Clearing your throat you get their attention.

"Oh... hi."

"Hey Eric!"

Walking up to them you sit down and speak up.
"Got a lead. Apparently those demonic assholes are trying to break the barrier between the Makai and us."

Caulifla asks in a monotone voice.

"Well... That means demons. And we don't know how many.
So we uh... got an idea."
You pause dramatically and the girls look at you expectantly.
"We'll go into the Makai and beat the crap out of them first."

"Then let's do it. I don't get what's with all this vague bs."

"You don't get it. The Makai it... it's not a friendly place.
Not by a long shot."

"I'll ask again. And?"

>Nothing. Just wanted to know if I can count on you. And Cabba...
>I don't want you to go in without preparing first. It was hell for me when I first got there. So we gotta practice first.
>I don't want you to go in without preparing first. It was hell for me when I first got there. So we gotta practice first.
>I don't want you to go in without preparing first. It was hell for me when I first got there. So we gotta practice first.
>I don't want you to go in without preparing first. It was hell for me when I first got there. So we gotta practice first.
>Considering we will be constantly surrounded by demons there is no such thing as overkill
Practice comes first then.
I!ll get to writing a small scene with the calling back of Cabba and then the previously mentioned training.

However I'll have to eat dinner first.
So in the meantime please roll 1d21
Best of 4
No DC. Higher is better

And I don't want to be That Guy again but I'm hearing a storm brewing outside.
Make of that what you will
Rolled 15 (1d21)

Rolled 15 (1d21)

Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 1 (1d21)

File: 439.png (382 KB, 540x718)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Boy oh boy this woulda been nasty if 1's overwrote things
Like Starship troopers level of jobbing
File: Vados_hair_let-down.jpg (22 KB, 320x320)
22 KB
"I don't want you to go in without preparing first. It was hell for me when I first got there. So we gotta practice first."
You start stretching your arms in front of the girls.
"Besides, we'll be surrounded from all sides by endless hordes of demons. There is no such thing as overkill."

Undoubtedly confused they share a glance and shrug.
"Sure. Whatever."
Poor girls. They really don't know what you're talking about.
No matter. They will. Soon.

Giving a call to Cabba you wait for about an hour before he shows up. When he does you give him a quick little sitrep and tell him you'd like to cash in one of your favors.
Now it's time for Him to go on a crazy adventure for Your sake. And as you expected he agrees without much hesitation stating:
"If this is true then I simply must fight. These criminals have to be stopped!"
Sometimes it's good to have a noblebright paladin as a friend.

With the crew gathered you approached Vados with them and asked her for some help with your "training".
"You want me to do what?"

"Please Vados!
We need to enter that pocket space of yours!
Do you think you could emulate the Makai environment for us?"

"I heard you the first time but... what are you planning on?"
She asks with her words but in the meantime you feel her prodding your mind for answers. And as invasive as she may be there is nothing you can do to stop her. Hell it's a wonder you even noticed it.

"Multiversal, multi-timeline criminals are preparing to unleash Hell!
We want to stop that. But need to prepare ourselves for the Makai environment.
Do you think you could help?"

She pauses for a moment and if you had to guess you'd say she's trying to cross examine that with what she read but it's impossible to tell with her.
"Okay. I'll let you use my rod. But remember the conditions: The only way you can get out is by successfully completing the challenge."

You nod.
"I haven't forgotten."

Then please, take a step back!"
In a moment all four of you were sucked into her pocket dimension that's still as bizarre as it was when you first entered.
The strange, uncanny valley feeling never really went away even after spending considerable amount of time in here.
The Saiyans are even more befuddled than you are and struggle to make sense and exist in this place.

"W-What is this?
It feels like-"
Cabba is panting. Hard.
As are the girls.

"Gah! What... the... fuck?!"

"This is so strange."

They gasp and wobble around, unable to stand upright. It's not really the magnitude of the gravity that's throwing them off, they are used to far worse on their home planet. But its chaotic nature.
A familiar sensation washes over you as gravity, temperature, air pressure, wind and moisture levels rapidly fluctuate.
Yeap. This is what the Makai feels like.

With a deep breath you start taking it all in and turn around on the ball of your heel.
"Okay guys listen up! This is the Makai. Sure it's inside the staff of Vados but this is what it's like being there.
Don't expect it to change and don't EVER think that it's stabilizing. To move, breathe or even exist in here you'll have to etch it into your mind that it's never going to stop. If you forget then it'll take you off guard and you'll regret it."
Spreading your arms you bring up your open palms to your chest and bring attention to your expanding chest.
"Watch how I do it. And try to imitate it!"

You spent several hours trying to teach them, to make them acclimated to the rather arcane nature of this place. But there is precious little you can do with such a limited amount of time.
But by the end the Saiyans manage to breathe, move, fly and even fight in their new environment... Granted their Ki attacks have a bad tendency to randomly change trajectories but this is still good progress.
Deciding that this is enough you made your way through the little obstacle course Vados placed before the exit with but a single touch ejected yourselves out of her pocket space.

Sighing with relief the Saiyans fall to the ground, showing signs of minor exhaustion.
Meanwhile Vados approaches you.
"Well? Was it enough?"

>No... I'd like to be 100% certain we can fight!
>Yes. We can't afford to waste much more time or we miss our window
>She asks with her words but in the meantime you feel her prodding your mind for answers. And as invasive as she may be there is nothing you can do to stop her. Hell it's a wonder you even noticed it.
Wow. Eric noticed an ANGEL poking around in his head? I know psychic shit had always been his best skill but damn that’s impressive.
>Yes. We can't afford to waste much more time or we miss our window
They are Saiyans, they are best under pressure anyway.
>Yes. We can't afford to waste much more time or we miss our window
Granted there is Buu who is psychically bound to you, that's a big factor.
>Yes. We can't afford to waste much more time or we miss our window

If Eric can learn as he goes, then three natural born warriors can do the same.
>>Yes. We can't afford to waste much more time or we miss our window
Yolo it is

We've already died twice and been erased once.
Yes. Because this is Dragon Ball
Yoltageo (You only live thrice and get erased once.)
I guess.
For some reason I read that as Yolahegao...
And now I need to bleach my brain
You don't see much point in waiting, as right now the enemy has a not-so little advantage when it comes to time.
So you march into the forest to scoop up Sala and a few snacks on the way back to recharge the stamina of the Saiyans a bit.
Caffeine is the last thing you'd want to expose them to but you think the extra bit of energy they get from it is very much warranted right now.
Tossing a can of coke for each of them you speak to Vados.

"Okay. I think we're ready.
We can't afford to waste much more time or we might miss our window."
Cupping your hands together you shout loudly into the air.

"Owowowowow! For my sake! Don't yell!
There's no need for it!"

"Oh sorry."
You recoil and start talking casually.
"I assume you heard everything?"

"No. Can't say that I have. What?
Do you think I got nothing better to do and keep peeping on you?"


"What do you want Eric?"

"We need a lift to the Makai."

"Ugh... this again?
I'm not your taxi service I'll have you know.

"I know I know but this is important!
Criminals from another-"

"I don't know who or what this is but if it's that important just get Champa to do it.
It's his job after all to take care of... problems."

"No you don't understand he can't enter the Ma-"
Suddenly a genius idea pops into your mind and your mouth involuntarily curls into a devious smile.
"You could have a season two for your show!"

Obviously unable to see your expression Fuwa audibly gets shaken.
He struggles with forming words first and tries to sound as dignified as possible but you see right through him.
"Weeeel I suppose if this IS such a grave matter and Lord Champa can't attend then perhaps I can be convinced to aid you.
Only because I'm such a nice deity."

"You sure are!"

"But... I have one condition."

"What is it?"

"I have a certain... problem that needs to be taken care of.
If you handle it I'll gladly take you there."

Not willing to agree to anything you tell him you'll take a look at the very least but won't promise anything.
The Kai then pops over happily, a bit shocked by the presence of a demon but he agrees to take you back to his home, the Sacred World of the Kais!
You each make physical contact by tapping each other on the shoulder and Fuwa teleports you back home where the source of his unusual irritation becomes clear to you in the form of a... lizard.
The figure looks up from the ground and reels back in shock when he sees you.

"W-What are you guys doing here?"
Hail asks, unable to make sense of your presence.

"Fuwa brought us here.
The better question is: The fuck are YOU doing here!?"


"He popped in unannounced, intruded on our sacred world and REFUSES to leave!
Please make him go away! I'm loosing my mind over here!"

"Why don't you just throw him out?"
You ask him.

"Hehe, they can't!"
Hail speaks up, pumping his chest.
"Who woulda thought the Supreme Gods of the universe were such pansies.
They can keep hitting me and I just absorb it all like a sponge!"
Once again. Frost Demon biology is bullshit.

"Okay... I'll be as direct as possible.
WHY are you here?"

He points up.
"I'm a historian, biologist and esteemed archeologist! I scour the galaxy to uncover its history, to decipher the meaning behind the gods grand design. I stumbled upon this place after dropping off Dad at the Sadala Force and I KNEW I hit the jackpot!"
He begins to run his fingers through the soil, lifts up a handful of it and lets it trickle out of his fist.
"Imagine! The chance to study our makers! Forget getting a PhD! After I write a book on this the scientific universe will EXPLODE!"

Fuwa points at him angrily with both hands.
He's not supposed to be here! This is unacceptable!"

Hail points at you.
"You let these schmucks in."

"They WORK for Lord Champa!"

>Try to persuade him to leave
>Force him to leave
>Invite him to tag along
>Invite him to tag along

How would you like to be the first scholar/scientist on the ground floor of a world whose rules are utterly chaotic and foreign to our own?
>Invite him to tag along
>Invite him to tag along
Wanna job horribly for my entertainment?
>Invite him to tag along
>Hey good to see you again man
>If you think this is crazy than do you want to see what hell is like?
>Inviting him along after we literally just shook off his terminal jobbing

You guys are gonna get us killed, I swear.

>Try to persuade him to leave
Hey... the group needed a Yamcha anyway,
And when a Frost Demon is your Yamcha you're doing something well
Oh shoot.

You look at Hail and think for a moment. You could hit two birds with one stone!
"Heheeee... Hey Hail!
It's good to see you again buddy ol' pal!"

"Don't touch me... please."

"Okay okay.
But hey if you think this is crazy... how would you like to be the first scientist to ever set foot in a dimension you didn't even know existed!"

What are you offering?"

"You could get to see what the Makai is like!"

"The Makai? What's that?"

"Do you believe in the afterlife?"


"Well... there are two places there. One where good people go and one where bad people go called Hell.
Now there is a realm under that which is even worse. The Makai.
It's an entire dimension filled with nothing but primal chaos! Sounds lovely doesn't it?"

"Not really no.
You se, I like living."

"Oh? That's too bad.
With your physiology you wouldn't have nearly as much trouble as anyone else.
And you could write your thesis about something nobody ever imagined instead of something they suspect exists.
Oh well..."

He calls out to you.
"Look I know you're playing me. But..."
He fidgets around. Clearly what you propose entices him but his own logic struggles to keep him in check.
"Do you have any sort of proof?"

You chuckle and point behind your back with your thumb.
"Would an actual demon be proof enough?"

Hail swallows as he looks at Sala.
"A-Are you truly-"

"A demon. Yes.
And I got a name. Sala."

"I've never in my life seen such a being..."
Taking a deep breath Hail resigns himself to the worst decision he'll probably ever make.
"Okay. I'll bite. What's the catch?"

"We gotta fight an army of demons."

He starts walking to his spaceship.
"I'll get the poison."

Sala then smirks.
"I like this guy."
Later Hail returns with what looks like a medic bag, you can even see where he scraped off the cross.
"What'cha got in there?"

"Extra poison, anesthetics, antiseptics and some other basic medication.
Plus the tools I need to conduct my examination, devices to measure the air, soil or water with, that sorta stuff."

"Great. So are you ready?"
He nods.
"Okay Lord Fuwa. He's coming!"

Relieved the Supreme Kai had you all gather up and he teleported you to the Makai with the same technique he used before.
The entire rest of the gang is pretty much overwhelmed by what they see while Fuwa turns to you.
"Like last time I can't say for much longer.
I suppose you know the way out by now..."
You nod.
"Then farewell Human. I hope you'll be successful."

As he teleports away you float away with Sala by your side and turn to face the crowd.
It's time to decide your battle plan.

>Today... you WILL remind them (head straight for Towa and tear their forces apart)
>Okay gang listen up! I know this is a lot to take in but we got a job. We'll scout the area and from there we'll formulate a plan!
>Time to visit some old friends
>Time to visit some old friends
>>Time to visit some old friends
>Okay gang listen up! I know this is a lot to take in but we got a job. We'll scout the area and from there we'll formulate a plan!
>Time to visit some old friends

Get a sitrep from our old pals and old enemy and see where everything stands in Makai. Then go from there.
>>Okay gang listen up! I know this is a lot to take in but we got a job. We'll scout the area and from there we'll formulate a plan!
>>Time to visit some old friends
Well you can't... really do both at once.
If you split up then you'd need Sala on one team and you on the other because the two of you are the only ones who can navigate this place
>>Time to visit some old friends

I guess I'll just go with the visit new friends thing then.
Fwiendship it is


And that'll probably be the last update for today.
Gotta get up early tomorrow

I can't wait to see how Ken and the Master will react to all of our buddies who are of comparable or stronger power than Eric.

And then see how they react to 『 B U U 』
"Alright gang. Let's go on a little stroll while you familiarize yourselves with the environment.
Sala, I need you to lead me to "you know where"."

"Oooooh are we looking up homeboy?
Nice! This way D!"

As you take off the others start discussing just how utterly batshit insane this place is.
"I... I don't believe it!"
Cabba speaks up.
"This is just like the staff but... worse!"

"Yeah. I'm having shivers all over my spine-"
Caulifla concludes.
"How much time did you spend here Eric?"



"You get used to it. Really the food was the worst part.
Pray we don't stay long enough to experience the cuisine."

Meanwhile Hail is having the worst of it because he had no formal training but at the same time his body is unaffected by most of the ongoing phenomenon.
"Incredible. You weren't kidding when you said this place is chaotic!
I'm getting some really odd readings here... And some radiation."

You shout.

"I mean... it's not any I've seen before but there is definitely some ambient energy here.
If I didn't feel like throwing up I could imagine myself staying here for a while and analyze things."

"Freakin' weirdo..."

As the crew keeps up the discourse and they take in the sight, Sala finally leads you to your destination.
An impressive temple surrounded by sharp mountain peaks. You spot several fires burning. Torches perhaps? Braziers?
It doesn't really matter.

"W-What is that?!"

"It used to be a school.
Back then it had a mountain over it but I... kinda blew it up.
Last time I checked it was defunct. Now... I'm not so sure.
Let's say Hi! Shall we?"
File: roman-grigorev-cocytus1.jpg (798 KB, 1920x2907)
798 KB
798 KB JPG

Sala chuckles and starts descending with the rest of you following behind.
Landing at the entrance you make a point of walking through the stone archway and come out right in front of the massive training ground at the center of which lied the ring carved out of stone slabs.
As you suspected the source of the flames were indeed braziers, all lit and well tended to.
The entire temple seems to be a lot less decrepit in fact.

Hopping onto the stage you spot a figure sitting in the lotus position right in the middle of it, his back turned to you.
As you approach the figure, it stands up and easily towers above you. Over twice your size the imposing giant of a "man" looks down at you with his four arms crossed.
A deep, booming voice fills the arena.
"I thought my senses were playing tricks on me...
But after all this time... you're back."
His hands unfold and he extends one hand.

"And you got a lot bigger since the last time I've seen you!"
You take his hand and shake it.

The creature throws a punch with one of his free hand, smacking you in the face.
Your skin and flesh contort as his digits dig into yours... but not before throwing out one Flash Fist Crush right in Kens face.
Neither of you stumble...

Ken then puffs.
"Hmph... You got stronger."

"As did you!"

"Not enough it seems.
It's good to see you again Master."
Aaaaand that's where I'll be ending things off.
Sorry for the abrupt end.
I'll try to make it up. I'll probably have a few days off after the weekend shift

Take care!
Thanks for the run! Hope you have a few good days on the weekend shift.
I won't.
Working Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The latter two are night shifts. I want to die
So... I've been thinking. Since I got some free time available how about some side stories?
Whaddaya say folks?

Any requests?
Champa and Vados discussing Towa and the SKoT’s interest in Eric and their plans.
Something about what our sister was thinking when we were fighting in the tournament would be cool.
Eric/Caulifla/Kale and/or Sister/Cabba at Slayercon 20XX (via SKoT or something). The only future convention celebrating everything Doomslayer!
Eric asking Cabba about Saiyan courtship traditions only for Cabba to ask about human equivalents i.e "What does it mean if she asks you to meet her parents?" "I'm scared, it said online you were supposed to have sexual relations by the third date, I'm not ready yet, will she be mad if I don't?", "How high am I supposed to turn on the air conditioner for this "netflix and chill"? I'm thinking around 20 degrees Fahrenheit is an appropriate chilling temperature."
Right here with you not-som. The call of the wage never quite goes away.

Sam, getting the hang of his powers and progressing for too fast for anyone to be comfortable with, while completely not getting that people are worried about It.
File: c51.png (73 KB, 400x200)
73 KB
I'd need to add Cabba getting the piss beaten out of him though... I might do it

>Everybody thinks Eric is some shit tier cosplayer
File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 240x240)
23 KB
I'm not too comfortable making Sam too powerful
Unless you guys really want it
Oh shit! I didn't mean to post that image
Im fine with him being relatively weak, gives us more opportunities to train him. And bond
Rolled 20 (1d21)

Rolling for Sam's power level.
That's uuuuuh...
Do It. He crit everything, this man just crit his powerlevel.

It's destined. He's a prodigy.
Rolled 3091 (1d9001)

File: giphy.gif (793 KB, 320x240)
793 KB
793 KB GIF
No man! You don't understand!
You don't know what you've wrought!
I kinda want more Sala (though not as much now that we're partying up with her again). Maybe her own encounter with /x/, or just slice of life stuff acclimating to living somewhere that isn't trying to kill her.
Just make Sam a Ki freak, but kinda shit at everything else. There balance totally achieved!
Not really sure how to handle that beside the obvious.
Well i suppose i can always improv
Eh, he doesn't need to be very strong or anything. We were apparently a Ki genius and it still took a visit to hell and training from the best trainer in our universe to reach our current level.
Yeah I don't see much point in making him too strong, honestly.
Would cheapen our hardships.
Dont worry im not about to do that.
You got a plethora of trainers, training and an avatar of chaos bound to you.
But think about this: as it stands it looks like Sam has a similar potential to Eric
At this point I'm pretty sure U6 humans in general just have bullshit potential to one degree or another.
>"Hey Eric, is Ki the only way to do stuff like this or are there other ways?"
>"Well there is magic."
>Skip to the next tournament of power
>"Hey Sam why don't you have a little fun with this Jiren guy."
>"Sure thing man this seems like a nice warmup."
>"Foolish earthling you could never hope to compete with absolu-"
>Jiren then begins tripping balls and feels like he is being nuzzled by cat girls made of sandpaper
>"I'm a fucking wizard."
>"You can't beat a wizard if their brain is drugs."
>Sam creates the proper hat from thin air, grows a strobing multicolored beard and puts on a pair of gold sunglasses while he performs a sick bong rip that can be heard and felt by every single contestant of the tournament
>Everyone in the arena gets Terminal 7
>U6 wins
>Magic is promptly banned from any future events
>Jiren learns that strength doesn't mean jack if your opponent is not willing to fight you on your own terms
>/tg/ looses its collective side as wizards prove supreme once more
Gets scouted by North Kai (or some other god) of U6 as new guardian of Earth? He can be strong but have a reason to stay on Earth.
I might not actually do this one because... it's unlikely that Champa would give enough of a shit about the topic and Vados won't just start discussing it on her own...
We'll see.

Anyway I'll get to writing. I'd like to churn out at least one omake today
Awakening from his brief slumber Sam awkwardly makes his way outside where he finds some familiar faces... but not all of the ones he expected.
Where's everyone?"
He asked Hop and Sorrel.

"They went off somewhere."
Hop shrugged.
"Probably to fight some all powerful douchebag."

"D-Do they do that often?"

Responds Sorrel.
"It's pretty much all they do. Either beat someone up, or each other if they don't have anyone else to punch.
They are... really one minded."

"And you're not helping them?"

It was Hops turn again.
"We just tend the gardens and build stuff. Honestly it's refreshing after all we've been through."
She then jerks up, realizing what she said and nervously tries to explain herself.
"N-Not that we didn't offer! It's just... thaaaaat-
We aren't as strong as them, okay? We'd gladly give our lives for the cause but... we're glad we don't HAVE to."

"Yeeeap. It'd be like getting out of the frying pan and into the fire..."

"What do you mean?

"Eric didn't tell you?"

"He just said you lived somewhere crappy.
Another Universe if I remember correctly?"

"Psht... Understatement of the century.
We had no food, no room, no quiet-"


"Noise... There was so much noise, pollution and overcrowding that personal space just... didn't exist.
Stuck in perpetual conflict over what measily resources we had, everyone had to fight for their lives."
Hop concluded.

"But we're here now so it's all okay!"
Sorrel cheerfully added to it.

"Don't you... miss anyone from home?"



"I got my family right here."

"I... see. I'm... sorry about that!
I didn't know you lived in a post apocalyptic shithole."

"The funny thing is an apocalypse would've been welcome.
A good culling of the population might... might've solved a few things.
But it never happened. Instead things just got worse and worse, day by day."
"Don't you guys... have a god like we do?"

"We have one. But-
Sidra never did his job! Instead he allowed more and more planets to be created.
Thus... things spiraled out of control."

"I get it...
Overpopulation is a bitch innit?"
Walking a few paces away he stared into the sky, at the planet of the supposed god overseeing him.
"Okay. Now I'm starting to get it..."
In his mind a single question begun to swirl around, endlessly bothering him.
"Is this what you want Eric?"


In any case... he couldn't slack behind. These guys here. They are strong, freakishly strong and yet they pale in comparison to Eric and his immediate friends.
And if there is one thing Sam hated is being overshadowed by someone.
"Okay... If he can do it-"
He flexed his arms.
"Then so can I!

His power swell until a thick aura of ki enveloped his entire body as he reached deep within himself, down until the very bedrock of power that Eric talked about and pulling out as much of it as he possibly could.
It was time to train!

But one thing lingered on the mind of the Universe 9 folks whom watched this transpire.
"Excuse me? What... the... balls?"

Sam then turned to them.
"HEY! Would one of you mind?
I still don't know what I'm doing. Could you lend a hand?"
Aaaand here, as promised
So he's the Garou to our Saitama?
I mean... you're way more of a garou but sure
The fuck is a human intensifies.
File: avatar.jpg (145 KB, 616x543)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I love the shit out of Goku and Vegita, don't get me wrong. Especially the latter Toriyama/Toyotaro/Toei! Why won't you let the boy win?![/Spoiler]
But I abhor that every other character gets pushed to the sidelines, like the humans, ESPECIALLY the humans like we are supposed to fellate Xenos dick and ask for more...
Okay... Time to see whether I can do this scene without looking like a jackass in front of the coworkers by laughing my ass off

Good luck Not Som
File: nq9x4k1Mwg1s2kojso.png (64 KB, 371x451)
64 KB
Knowing full well that Cabba finally has a little shore leave, you sought him out because you had some... pressing matters to discuss.
After finishing todays dinner in the kitchen you walked over to the next room and spot him browsing the internet on your laptop.
"When did my computer become the town bicycle?"

"Oh... Eric! S-Sorry I didn't mean to use it without your permission but you seemed... really into it."

"Yeah I CAN get a bit carried away.
Never really thought Cooking of all things would be my vocation but now? I like it.
And not just because I'm good at it."
Ignoring the fact that the Saiyan's been using your stuff without your permission you clean your hand with a towel before getting to the point.
"So... I actually wanted to ask you something-"
As you drag a chair next to him and sit down by his side you continue.
"Could you tell me about saiyan courting? Like... how does it work, what does it entail or what do I need to prese-eh... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr..."

You stare at the computer screen, shocked, frozen, unable to cope with the ungodly, cringe inducing sight that befalls your eyes: Wikihow: Dating.
Seeing the veins swell on your forehead Cabba begins to panic and experiences what spaghetti falling feels like.
"I-I-I-I can explai-"

You punch through the laptop, your fist making a holy in it. The glass and plastic shards embedded in your flesh and grazing your bones are barely making you feel anything.
Before he could protest anymore you pull your fist out and backhand him through the wall behind him, leaving a Wile E. Coyote like outline where he passed through.
He slowly crawls back, rubbing his cheek.
"Okay... I deserved that..."

He sits down next to you only to get punched out again.
The next time he returns he wizens up and DOESN'T enter your immediate vicinity.
I’m just relieved that Eric bricked his laptop instead of browsing the history.

Can you imagine how he might have reacted if he saw the Tuffle Twins’ history?
>They read the Caulifla thread
Their google searches:
>What is pooper
>How to put sharpie in pooper
Wait,since everyone uses Eric's computer, What is Kale's browser history?
>Cute shit
>Romance novels (both classic literature and shit tier fanfiction because she doesn't know the difference)
>handholding. lots and lots of handholding and cuddling
Wait I just realized somthing! Did Pargus explain to Broly where babies come from? Because that seems like the kind of thing he would intentionally keep as far away from him as possible. If we project lewds directly into his brain during the next tournament of the destroyers than it would probably scare/confuse him enough to get the upper hand.
After you managed to calm down enough to NOT pummel the living shit out of the boy he finally sighs with relief and speaks up.
"Gotta be honest with you I... don't know much about that.
I got a handy book though!"

"Of course you fucking do..."

"My father gave it to me."
Cabba then flips open his copy of the "Essential Saiyan Guidebook", as it's called and starts reading it out loud.
"Let's see... When a female is looking for a mate they determine the best source of seed, approach the specimen and say "Snu snu now".
Not really relevant..."
Flipping a few times he continues.
"Ah there we go! If you'd like to court a saiyan woman you can... freely ignore her and go ask her parents or family patriarch for permission to breed with her. If you prove your worth you'll be given the right to make babies with her... Married saiyan life is varied but not very passionate.
Often the couple share little to no feelings with one another?!"
Cabba gasps and his eyes go wide.
"Usually all that ties them together are their good genes?! AS SUCH POLYGAMY IS NOT UNHEARD OF?!"

You blink a few times.
"Are you that clueless or is this false information?"

"T-This uh... This must be about the elite...
I heard about arranged marriages for the sake of eugenics, hell they are the norm there.
There are also rumors that when one uhhh... "participant" is infertile they'll ask a willing "third wheel" to fill the role and help them conceive a child.
But full blown adultery?! That's the first time I've heard of that!"

"It's scandalous then?"

"Yeah. VERY!"

He... might be talking out of experience here. He's still a "lower class" after all so it's unlikely he'd be privy to the more sensitive aspects of the "Elite" lifestyle. Maybe it IS frowned upon in lower society where they don't really arrange marriages like that. But when you think about it the only way this'd make sense if they DID practice extramarital sex...
Either way, not very helpful.

"Guess I'll just have to figure it out on my own..."

"W-Wait! I may be able to help."

"No thanks. That's quite enough-"

"Listen it MAY sound bogus but... Caulifla has a brother that she cares very much about."

"A... brother?
That's the first time I heard about that."

"I don't doubt it! It must be a sore topic. Renso is just about the only person she misses out of her family. You see he's a very nice guy, he was my drill sergeant!
He used to be a Captain in the SDF but a nasty injury he got almost crippled him.
He retired since then... He was a tough guy however! Just about the only one that could beat Caulifla and as such, the only person she respected.
You COULD talk with him."

>A+ work my man
Holy fuck my sides can't take it

Berserker Saiyans have the tendency to be stupidly pure, naturally, Broly being the strongest of said variant would be the most pureBut being so pure as to not understand anything about lewds would have his only reference point for moans be animals in pain, he would be confused and dun spooked to a degree that even the gods cannot comprehend
Yeah... Broly probably doesn't sex.
He's past his teens, meaning he got through puberty withou EVER encountering puss.
So chances are all he knows are cuddles and that's about it. Sex as a concept would fucking scare the shit out of him unless Chirai eases him into it...

Either that or he goes berserk and puts her into a mating press in his animalistic frenzy
So... Getting the girls back to Sadala might actually be worth investigating.
And there IS a part of you that wants to get to know the families of the girls.
Finally nodding to yourself you respond.

"Sounds good. You said you know the guy.
Could you get me in touch with him?"

"S-Sure! Just please don't be too hard on him-"

"What do you think I want to do? Murder the guy?
I just want to talk for crying out loud!"

"Okay... But I can't do the same with Kale...
Her family is a bit more... Shall we say they aren't on good terms?"

"I know about that. And don't worry."
You rub your nose in confidence.
"I already got an idea about Kale!"

Cabba shudders a bit.
"I... don't need that image..."

You frown at him.
"Cool it Don Juan! I'm not planning anything indecent. Unlike SOME faggot with someone elses sister."

"S-Speaking of which could you maybe-"


"Oh come on! I helped you out, didn't I?"

"Being a wingman is nowhere NEAR the same level as trying to BANG HIS SISTER!"

"I-It's not me! It's her that insists!
And all I wanted is to clear up some confusion! Because I'm scared!
It said online you were supposed to have sexual relations by the third date, I'm not ready yet, will she be mad if I don't? And... I didn't touch her in any private places during the second! Did I mess up?!"

You almost manage to choke on your own tongue. If you had anything in your mouth like food or liquid you'd be dead right now.
Wiping some of the excessive saliva you managed to slather yourself with and while you're heaving you conclude that... maybe it IS better if you step in.
At least you can suppress this monkey-fuck somewhat. Maybe even cuck him if the fucking gods are on your side.
"NO! Just... no. Forget the shit you read online.
Anything that adds numerical data to courting is outright fucking false! In other words! If you diddle, no touch, NO! KISS! My sister BEFORE she willingly invites you I'll PERSONALLY castrate you with a rusty spork then FEED it to you!"

"T-Then what should I do?"

"Just... just keep hanging out with her okay?
Read the mood. If she opens up, then... ugh... you may do as she allows.
I can't exactly stop her... or you. But I WILL kill you, make no mistake!"

Cabba pauses for a moment.
"Thanks Eric."

"Eat a dick!"
Aaaand that was as awkward as I imagined it'd be
>Why must you make me do this?
You done good.
Good shit my dude
Well I got some good news.
Looks like I won't have much work today. At least from one department.
Hopefully that'll let me write some more stuff in the downtime
Droped your trip Not-Som
Warning the following story may be considered non-canon.
Reader discretion is advised.

The greatest convention of the multiverse in the far future!
Though it no longer only hosts content related to the Doomslayer series and its extended universe it still retains its old name.

Everything from the titular TV show and every single derivative media spawned from it can be found here, Cartoons, movies, comic books, plays, cosplay and games!
It's safe to say that even though this is not a unique event, anymore, it still retains its prestige as the first and arguably best of the bunch.
People from all around the multiverse flock here to waste their money on overpriced merchandise, meet their favorite actors and actresses and generally have a gay ol' time.

It was during one such event where the man himself Eric Asulf appeared alongside his friends with the help of the Supreme Kai of Time.
They appear in a bubble of energy and Chronoa turns around, the crowd around them perfectly okay with them popping in like that.
"Okay guys! We're here! hope that you'll have fun!
And remember: We are not technically here in so go as nuts as you won't nothing you do will affect the timeline!"

"Wow! This place is.... pretty big!"

"What did you expect? It hosts people from all over the multiverse!"

As you look around and marvel at the sheer scale of not only the convention hall but the many, many different booths and stages someone bumps into you.
It's... how you'd imagine an ayylmao if he was a fat neckbeard.
He ogles you and pushes hi glasses which house 8 lens at once with his fat, chubby tentacle.

"It ish commendable that you chooze such an obscure costume.
Few truly appreshiate the tank-top outfit the Slayher wore between seasons 3 and 4.
But in akshuality your costume just comes off as low effort. Neksht time try to be more creative!"
The blooby tentacle monster moves away like a slug and you feel Caulifla and Kale restraining you so you don't go and obliterate this guy right then and there.
Fuck. Forgot my trip again
Aaaanyway I tried to come up with some more stuff for this but my mind kinda just blanked.
You can fill in the spots as I'm sure you don't need me to describe basic con-stuff they could do
Eric ends up running into Karn because the total number of kids, grand kids and great grand kids he has by the tournament of power will be at least 100 with the mass of his extended linage moving in a large herd-like entity that takes up half the convention.
I don't read that quest so I don't think I can
Shame, It's a good read. GD did a recap of every single thread a little while ago so it should be easier to catch up.

How about
>Eric discovers the mexican bootleg timeline and they throw dirt at his waifus thinking that the dirt will beat the shit out if them like last time https://youtu.be/3JNpXsQ3a60
Let us go back in time a bit. To a time when two destroyers clashed in a not-so straightforward test of martial prowess.
Two twins in their endless sibling rivalry set their mightiest warriors against one another.
At first all seemed lost as Lord Champas warriors fell one by one until only one remained against Beerus' 3.

"Ouch! Did she really have to go that far?"
Even Elena recoiled when she saw Caulifla kick Goku in the nuts before walking off the stage.

"Heh... I'm afraid so.
While I can't condone her actions, I'm glad my loss was not meaningless."

"Oh don't be like that dummy! You did great... I think.
I didn't really see much."

Cabba then leaned forward a bit.
"But now this should be interesting."

"Why? Isn't it an open and shut case?
It's 3 on one... against my bro."

"Just watch.
You're about to witness something unique."

Elena stared in confusion at her brother as he engaged Krillin in close combat.
Being able to see their movement means she can truly appreciate the action.
"He-He's good!"

Cabba nods.
"Though physically not too impressive Eric can and often does push people much stronger than him into a corner.
Uuuunfortunately you probably won't see that."

"Why? You said he's slower than you."

"Haha! I never said that!
Weaker, sure! Slower? Hmmmmmm."

The two returned their attention and watched as Eric first mopped the floor with Krillin, beat Piccolo and finally engaged and thoroughly thrashed Gohan.
With a bead of sweat rolling down her forehead Elena swallowed nervoulsy.
"Holy shit!"

"See? I told you he's amazing!"

Standing up Elena cupped her hands together and started shouting.



Now it was Cabbas time to swallow.
What the fuck did he get himself into?
Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Why did I not think of that?
But not now. I need to go home, get some sleep... and then get fucking hammered to do that
>Shaggy is a stoner and the second most powerful being in existence
>Sam is also a stoner and on track to be the second strongest in his universe
It's no mere coincidence

also the tierlist that mentions the dirt
Oh yea I also had another request their discovery of the porn vendors, in addition to more exotic items like 1:1 silicon replicas of Kale's abs or Caulifla lap pillows
File: Spoiler Image (75 KB, 516x389)
75 KB
File: 01.jpg (148 KB, 637x643)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I request an update on Universe 9's Un-fucking.
Alternatively, a look at what's happening in the Time Nest. Surely they would be preparing something of their own to help when it comes to Towa.
That or they are building giant golden statue of Eric do to him saving them from the death by food.
Aww man, I was hoping for a greater description of the rampage that would ensue on the convention floor but this will have to do. How about
>Eric and company see the Broly Movie and Eric develops an intense hatred for Freeza for robbing universe 7 of the pure cinnamon roll that is Gine along with all other saiyan waifus
or alternatively
>The gang finds and read the DBZ and Super Manga and become incredibly concerned with the gradual decline in Goku's mental faculties over time
Okay okay... you won me over.
I'll think of something.
But not yet.For tomorrow we'll continue with the proper quest

Hmmmmm... Sidra going full murderhobo or pic related? Yeah I can dig that.
Though I won't make him a full Funny Valentine. After all Beerus would blow a gasket if the fucking 9th surpassed him in rank. And he might went it on you

>Patrollers pool their wages together to buy as much gold as they can
>Elder Kai sees it and goes "What are you faggots doing?"
>They explain
>He gets curious about this stranger but ultimately agrees that this is a worthy cause and conjures some gold for them
Well, Sidra has a LOT to fix. I'm fine with him being funny valentine-tier, but he's not going to be getting it above U6 and U7 anytime soon. It'll be many years, possibly decades or centuries, of reforms and slaughter to accomplish that.
After all, on the deepest societal level, u9 is fucked.
You let go of the big demons hand and look around a bit.
"So... you livin' alone here? What did you do to the other guy?"

They sensed a large crowd approaching.
So they hid."
Ken points at the temple proper.
"They went in."

"Huh... They?
There's more of you? Neat."

The big bugman nods.
"A few.
They are mostly weak.
Ran from the new king or other overlords.
The master teaches while I guard them."

"Good for you bud!"

>Say... wouldn't you like to come and help me? I came to settle some scores, you could help with that
>Then let's go in and say hi.
>I just came to see how you're doing. Don't want to drag you into any of this.
>Then let's go in and say hi.
>Then let's go in and say hi

Also briefly introduce Ken to our other buddies while we walk to the temple.
Okay... where is everybody?
I have no idea, boss.
I'm here, but the rest of the anons are probably working or busy with stuff, I'm sure people will join the quest soon.
>Then let's go in and say hi.

File: 1436311517426.png (779 KB, 1232x1088)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
"Then let's go in and say hi!"
You speak up.

Ken nods and gestures for the temple.
"This way."

As he guides you inside you start introducing people to alleviate the aura of confusion around you.
"So guys, this is Ken, a demon I tangled with back in the day."
Turning to the demon you individually introduce the others to him.
Once you're done Sala wastes no time teasing the big guy like back in the day.

"Heh... so big guy? How does it feel that you finally got stronger than me?"

"Hmph... I don't care.
I did not get stronger because of you."

"Then what? Did you just lift until you became as strong as Abraka... because you felt like it?"

I simply grew and grew until I reached this point.
It wasn't my goal to match the old king. This is just the level I happened to reach in this much time...
Unfortunately this is not sufficient enough."

This catches your attention.
"You mean the new king is stronger than the last one?"
Ken nods.
"Okay... this just got interesting."

Finally the bugman leads you into a big antechamber where you sense several powerlevels hiding in the shadows.
With a wave of his hand Ken lights the braziers scattered around the place and calls the demons out.
"You can emerge.
These are not enemies."

The first one to step into the light is a familiar face, the so called Master.
He does seem.... well, not pleased to see you but oddly at peace with himself.
"Greetings Earthling. And the rest of you mortals.
Welcome to our sanctuary."

"Hi Master. Everything good?"

"Please, I'm no master anymore. The title, along the temple belongs to him now."
He points at Ken.
"Call me Servante."

You let out a whistle.
"Whew. You're the new master? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm not.
I don't teach anyone. Only he does."

"Nonsense. You teach our students much Master."
And as Servante speaks many demons start crawling out of the darkness.
From experience you know that generally, the more humanoid features a demon has the more powerful they tend to be...
These guys on the other hand are inhuman in the extreme, blob monsters, warped animals and proper fiends amongst other things.
Servante then snaps his finger and a large table materializes in front of him.
"Now please... have a seat. We have much to discuss."
He calls one of his students to his side.
"Could you prepare some snacks for our guests?"

"Yes teacher!"
And then the blobby monster scurries off.
File: Demon Master.png (927 KB, 1024x768)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
As each of you takes a seat you start talking things through with the two demons who seem to have created a rather bustling little "school" you guess.
They explain that they are teaching the former masters martial arts to them as well as the art of cooking.
"We even have a small garden in here."
Servante explains.
"Some... redecoration had to be done so we could have natural light in the temple but it was worth it.
Raising plants and cooking seem to do good for the weary souls of our students.
And with the new Master protecting them they can rest a bit easier each night."


"Well.... I'm glad that things turned out for the better.
So uh... you're like monks?"

"You could say that."
Ken replies.
"Most leave once they think they got strong enough.
Others... they stay. Perhaps out of loyalty, or perhaps they feel indebted.
I don't really care either way."

Sala then also chimes in.
"I'm just surprised you didn't end up as king.
You look the part already."

I didn't wish to partake in that.
The power vacuum was... messy. Worse than usual."

"Yeah, speaking of which, this new King-"

>What can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?
>His crib's still in the same spot?
>I got a bone to pick with him. Care to join? You know, for old time's sake!
>What can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?
>What can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?
>>What can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?
>>What can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?
Damn. I didn't even realize that

"-what can you tell me about him? Does he entertain any "unusual" guests?"

"I don't know what you mean by guests.
He's more of an active ruler than his father.
There are usually lines before his castle, with people bringing him tribute as to not anger him.
But aside that he's the same as his father, arrogant, greedy and ruthless. A snot nosed brat who believes it's his god given right to rule over all the Makai."

"So... He's not so fond of me I take it?
What with me killing his daddy and all."

"That's an understatement.
He swore vengeance against you. Pretty much the only demon to do so as all others still shudder at the mere mention of your name."

Sala sits back with her arms crossed.
"Huh... You'd think he'd come after you.
After all you ARE as powerful as his daddy was. That'd make you the second strongest right now, wouldn't it?"

Normally I'd say yes. He proved himself to be of a short temper when he killed his own mother in cold blood, a fault of his youth.
But so far he made no advances towards us."

"We suspect it's because he's preparing to fight you...
And because if they fought right now, even though he'd win it'd still leave him weak and vulnerable, a prime target for would be usurpers."

"Makes sense."
You conclude.
"However, this may come as a shock but I've not come strictly for him.
You see-"
You rub your own temple.
"There is another demon who didn't get the memo and thought it'd be funny if they fucked with me.
I suspect they are with our new little king. And their intention is to open a portal to our world so the prince could have his match."

"That... shouldn't be possible!"
Screams Servante.
"The two worlds are separated by the will of the gods!"

"Unfortunately that didn't stop them so far.
That's why I need to know as much as possible about this guy.
He may be a pawn in all this but I'll have to face him regardless."
Sorry for taking so long.
I gotta make dinner in the meantime
Well there's not much that can be said.
He has a... sizable horde of demons at his side.
Most of them are just fodder though. However a few contenders for the throne did bend the knee when he had his coronation."

"So... Big, bad demons I assume?"

Ken nods.
"But not many. Most died during the succession war."

"I see."
You ponder for a moment.
If that's the case then these guys... might not be capable of actually posing a threat to you.
Which then begs the question: Why is Towa bothering with them in the first place?
"How about his fighting style? Anything noteworthy?"

This time Servante shares the info about him.
"He takes after his father. Both are primarily swordsmen and not martial artists.
But where Abraka had a sense of honor and a warriors soul his son inherited none of those traits.
Instead he's much closer to his aunt, a witch who's been like a mother to him instead of his biological one.
She's a cunning, conniving little man who doesn't shun away from using any means to achieve victory."

Ken nods.
"From what I've heard he prefers stacking the odds in his favor and fighting his opponent when they are the weakest. He's a coward...
But that doesn't mean you should underestimate him. Under all that lies a formidable warrior whose skills with the blade rival his fathers."

You take a deep breath, trying to take in all the details.
Meanwhile your companions voice their own opinion regarding this so called King.
"Man what a little shit. Eric! Let's not waste a second and raise some hell already!
Just thinking about this worm is making my blood boil."


"Not now Kale! I want to went anyway and these guys seem like prime punching bag material!"

Sala just shakes her head.
"It's not that easy... Unless you're willing to storm the gates and fight an entire army just on your lonesome."

"Bitch I might be!"
Okay... you need to calm things down before tensions rise a bit too high.

>Do you guys know any secret passages we could use?
>Well... sounds like you guys don't exactly agree with his leadership. Wanna help me remind them why their last government fell?
>Is there anything else I should be aware of? Anybody dangerous that might get in my way?
>>Well... sounds like you guys don't exactly agree with his leadership. Wanna help me remind them why their last government fell?
>>Is there anything else I should be aware of? Anybody dangerous that might get in my way?
>Do you guys know any secret passages we could use?
>>Is there anything else I should be aware of? Anybody dangerous that might get in my way?
>>Warn Kale everyone about the effects Makai has on peoples mind. They need to stay calm and in control. Kale especially once she transforms.

By the way, it looks like you DON'T want to bring Ken along.
Is that correct?
We were just told about how this guy likes to use cheap tactics and stack the odds in his favour. Would prefer Ken stays here, in case he decides to send someone to try and take hostages or something. I mean, it’s not likely, but still, better safe then sorry.
Hmmmmm that didn't even occur to me.
But again, smart
"Girls. Girls!
The two freeze as they look at you.
"Don't forget where you are. This is the Makai. The very air is filled with malice here. Be careful!
Don't let it poison your minds."

Sala reels back and starts staring at her open palm.
"Crap! I... I didn't realize being away for just this much would-"
She clenches her fist and looks up.

Caulifla also shakes her head.
"Ohhh... whoa.
I guess I did go overboard a bit... freaky."

You then look at Kale and gently hold her hand.
"You too. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Kale blushes and starts mumbling.
"I-I'm fine! Really!"

You nod and return your attention to the friendly demons. Huh... that's an odd combination of words. Oh well.
"Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Any... particularly strong demons?"

Servante answers.
"Did you manage to master the powers of the Majin to any extent?"

Smirking you wave your hand around and it leaves a pinkish trail of energy behind it, which prompts Servants the fall back on his chair and Ken to break his stoic facade as he starts sweating.
"Good enough?"

It appears that I forgot in these past years how scary you can be.
But luckily that means that, no, there won't be anything that could stand up to you."
Ken then stops, his expression becomes troubled and weary.

"What's wrong?
You look like you want to say something."

I just remembered something.
I sensed... something, I don't know how to describe.
It felt like, death."

"Strange. I didn't sense anything like that."
Servante asks his lord.
"When did that happen?"

"I couldn't tell you.
It comes and goes but-"
Ken swallows.
"It was frightening. Not power wise, I didn't sense anything like that.
But a wave of cold washed over me... I don't know. Perhaps I am just going insane."
Then the bug man shakes the feeling away and steels himself.
"Anyway if you're going after the King and his minions then I wish the best for you.
Pray tell, would you mind if I offered you a feast before your departure? I'd like to show what I've learned in my years."

The hell? When did he pick up cooking?

>We'd be honored.
>Sorry but I'd rather not starve you to death. Because you have NO idea what you're getting into!
>Save it for when we come back!

>We'd be honored.
>>We'd be honored.
>>Sorry but I'd rather not starve you to death. Because you have NO idea what you're getting into!
File: boi.jpg (68 KB, 934x998)
68 KB
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Welp... time to see how much food they got in their pantry

Thats alot of food they HAD in their pantry.
File: cooked monster cell.png (189 KB, 1384x768)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Snorting in your amusement you look at the girls, then back at Ken, then back at the girls.
"A'ight. I'll take you up on that offer!"

Finally Ken shows some excitement as he slams two of his hands on the table as he stands up.
Pupils! To the sacred hall of preparation! We got work to do!"

Storming off the demons start making quite a ruckus as they apparently get to work preparing your meal.
However it looks like that Servante is having some reservations about this.
"I don't like that look in your eyes mortal.
What are you planning?"

Then you hear Cauliflas stomach grumble as the scent of food hits her nose.
"Not me anyway."

As the demon gazes into the eyes of the Saiyans and witnesses as cosmic horror much worse than any demon ever could hope to be, his stomach tightens into a knot.
Swallowing nervously he watches as the girls spot the first plate. Unfortunately for them that's not meant for them, instead the servants of the temple place the first plate in front of you, which you promptly slide over to Caulifla and then every other girl as more plates are given to you.
Eventually the demons learn that it's futile and leave you for last as you keep passing dishes around.

The girls don't even bother waiting for everyone else and just simply dig in.
Buuuuut they find that Makai food is not exactly... palatable for mortals.
Caulifla even sticks her tongue out in disgust.
"Bleh! What IS this?"

Giving her plate a glance you speak up.
"That, dearest Caulifla are the Makai equivalent of boiled potatoes."
Sniffing it you also analyze its flavoring.
"With just a hint of void salts. Pretty basic.
Still infinitely better than everything else in this realm."
When you receive your own plate you give it a taste.
"Hmmmm. Not bad. Needs a bit more seasoning. But not bad."
And then you proceed to clean your plate. As do the girls but with much less zeal.
Sala sticks one on her fork and observes it for a moment before giving it a taste.
"Wow. Never thought he'd do this.
Guess this is how he got so strong.
And yeap... reminds me of home. I hate it."

"Come on it's not THAT bad!"
You comment as you ask for seconds.

In the end you and the Saiyans end up eating more than your own weight, though Caulifla and Kale struggle with their tears as they do, stating how painful it is to eat something like this.
By the end however they seem to be satiated, albeit their stomachs seem to be prone to cramps now.
Guess it really didn't sit well with them.

You thank the demons for the meal who in turn just stare at you dumbfounded as to HOW in the blazes you managed to out-eat them.
"Y-you're welcome..."
Ken responds.
"Damn. We barely have anything left now..."
He mumbles to himself.

Standing up you look at the others and ask them.


"Okay. Guess this is goodbye. I'd ask you to come with me but-"
You look at the other demons.
"I guess you're more needed here."

He nods.
"Thank you."

Now would be a good idea to decide actually how to handle this.
On one hand you REALLY want to relive some old memories. On the other, it might be smarter to not go in guns blazing.

>Fuck it! The only thing better than violence is ULTRA VIOLENCE!
>Let's just go in quietly and get a read on things
>Go up to the kings castle and call him out
>Fuck it! The only thing better than violence is ULTRA VIOLENCE!
>>Let's just go in quietly and get a read on things
We literally just warned the girls about Makai fucking with their heads. Lets not let it fuck with ours.
>>Let's just go in quietly and get a read on things
>>Let's just go in quietly and get a read on things
We goin' in sneaky beaky like


Oh and roll for that stealth check
DC: 10 Crit: 16
Best of 4
If you hit, you get by unseen, if you crit you find something neat
Rolled 2 (1d21)

File: Snake.png (59 KB, 251x243)
59 KB
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Snake, this is a sneaking mission.
Rolled 1 (1d21)

Sheesh, thank god for you, or we’d be tripping over our own feet.
Rolled 19 (1d21)

File: snek.jpg (16 KB, 474x266)
16 KB
Rolled 5 (1d21)

File: mordor.jpg (439 KB, 1000x502)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
Saying goodbye to the demons you took off and as you approach the place you start to discuss things with the crew.
"Hail, I didn't see you touch anything.
You okay there?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. But I... I have a sensitive stomach.
My species can't eat anything but seafood and drink only ethanol, preferably red wine.
It's about our only weakness."

"Well I hope that you won't faint because this is where the fun starts-"

"Oh joy.
Look I didn't get to study much, especially how they ruined the local fauna with their "cooking".
Can't wait to destroy stuff so I can't analyze it either!"

"There is material all around you! Just be more creative!
Anyway, listen up guys. I know how these things work-"


"You know I don't mean you Sala!
So... Demons are simple creatures. Kinda like convicts.
You find the biggest, baddest one of the bunch, beat him to a pulp and all the lesser ones will scurry.
EXCEPT in one condition: If they outnumber you after your fight with the big guy, in which case they dogpile on you.
And I suspect we'll find an assload of them over at the castle. So you know what that means-"

Caulifla grits her teeth but Sala tries to calm her down.
"He's right. I can practically smell the kings armies from here...
There's a lot!"

"So what? We go super and kick all their asses!

"Caulifla! There's no need for that.
Don't. Let. The. Bloodlust. Take hold!"
You give her the biggest puppydog eyes you can flash.


She responds and as you approach the familiar, old castle she lets a quiet little "fuck" slip out as you spot what Jr has done to the place.
Credit where credit is due, the little runt did renovate the place pretty well. He had several walls built around the place with watchtower equipped with the biggest fuck-off ballistas you've ever seen.
And by the looks of all the slaves he's not done making them.

Around the several layers of walls and reinforcements are camps filled to the brim with very angry demons, most of whom seem to be either well fed or well drugged up so they are in peak slaughter mode.
The whole scene looks like it's straight out of Tolkiens novels, complete with the balrogs of Morgoth as well.
"Still objecting to sneaking around?"


"Okay. Once we're done you can fight them if you like.
They'll loose much of their number once they see the king fall anyway."
Instead of tackling the problem from the front you have everyone suppress their powerlevels and sneak around the back with Salas help.
"This way. Luckily the little twerp didn't have the foresight to do some landscaping.
I used this place back in the day to- er... never mind. I used this path before.
Now we'll probably have a few walls in our way though. So we'll have to fly up and past them. But that still lets us hit the throneroom first."

"Sala! Wait!"
You call for her.

"What, D?"

"Didn't the royal family escape through some sort of secret exit when I was here?"

She pauses for a moment.
"Oh yeaaaah!"

"It should still be here somewhere!
Let's find it!"

And like you suspected the emergency escape route was left fully intact.
What saved them the last time brought about their doom. The irony is not lost on you.
After knocking out the guards, permanently, you entered the secret tunnels under the keep with no alarms raised.

>Okay... Let's find the path that leads to th throne room
>Screw that noise. You're here for Towa!
>Wait. You're under the castle, right? Well... time to do some real damage! (Blow up the building)
>>Wait. You're under the castle, right? Well... time to do some real damage! (Blow up the building)
>>Screw that noise. You're here for Towa!
>Okay... Let's find the path that leads to th throne room
>Screw that noise. You're here for Towa!
This is gonna be odd

First, we need a subvote.
Do you go in alone?
>If yes you get a bonus for your roll
>If no well... you get the boys to back you up
>If yes you get a bonus for your roll
So I assume mind control magic would fuck us over otherwise?
No. Better have some safety net in case things go south, loose as it is...
>>If yes you get a bonus for your roll
We have Buu to protect us from Towa mind fuckery. The others don't.
Rolled 1 (1d21)

Hmmmm that's a solo mission.
I'll be rolling for everyone else
You roll for Eric

Roll 1d21+4
DC: 14 Crit: 18
Best of 4
File: 2d4.png (12 KB, 560x407)
12 KB
I guess it's fucked then
But I can't say I expected any less from the saiyans
>If yes you get a bonus for your roll

The girls aren’t going to like it, but what can you do, I guess.
Rolled 4 + 4 (1d21 + 4)

Rolled 2 (1d21)

Rolled 2 + 4 (1d21 + 4)

Haaaaaaahahaha thats hilarious. atleast we got a distraction.
Rolled 21 (1d21)

Here comes the clutch!
Oh god, please, we need a saviour.
File: 1554066153921.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Thank you lewd Kamin.
Absolutely S O L I D roll anon. We put Snake to shame.
Well you fucking called it.
File: 61e.png (216 KB, 640x484)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>Girls - Crit fail

Have we ever failed a stealth roll? Jesus Eric's good at It.

Time to sneak so hard we disappear out of the time stream
Believe it. So what happens this time, are we going to run into a demon kid that needs adopting or something?
No demon kids are planned for adoption.
Making one however is valid. But not recommended
File: 1557633635107.jpg (10 KB, 285x287)
10 KB
>Making one however is valid.

Sala wife route CONFIRMED.

Sala fags rise up, harem end Is possible. We will have all the babies and spread our lineage of Viking blood.
File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 300x375)
20 KB
"Okay guys, let's split up.
I'll snoop around and see if I can't find Towa.
You... just try not to cause any ruckus, okay?"

They give you an "okay" handsign and you get to work. Using your enhanced senses to detect any enemy in conjunction with your time-skip to evade them you make your way through the castle...
Or you would if not for the fact that after taking five steps you heard a large clattering sound followed by an explosion.
Letting out a sigh you wait for the inevitable patrols swarming the area before time-skipping past them.
"Well... at least I got a distraction now.
Good luck guys. Stay safe."

You speak to yourself inside frozen time as you actually walk through the corridors in search of your target.
The commotion downstairs simultaneously made your job easier AND harder in slightly different ways. You have to dodge larger groups but they are generally even less likely to spot you because they are busy with.... ugh... that other stuff.
So you dart around the place like a specter, searching for the blue skinned bimbo and hopefully some retribution.
Sensing a rather large power mobilize starts making you worried about the wellbeing of the others so you pick up the pace until you scaled the highest tower and climbed to its highest chamber.

You sense... something familiar coming from beyond its closed door.
There's no doubt about it. She's here, hiding her power. But there is no running from you once you got someones scent.
Putting your ear to the door you hear that she's communicating with... something. But you don't sense any sort of presence inside. Weird.
Well it's not like you'll turn around just because of a witness so you kick down the door which shocks the demonic sorceress. Just as you expected there's nobody in here with her... But there is something else equally interesting.

She screams and covers her exposed chest as her usual fetish gear is magicked onto her skin.

Before you could make a quip about it however the floor begins to glow under your feet. A trap.
Using your time-skip you jump backwards, dodging the protective magic which manifests itself as a ring shaped veil which was definitely meant to trap you inside.
Towa looks at this, having regained her composure as she's confident in her seals effectiveness.
"You... I don't know how you managed to get away from all the fighting downstairs or how you found me... but it's pointless now. You won't get through my barrier and the guards will be here soo-"

"Bitch... you think I dodged because I wanted to?"
Flexing your arm you conjure a pink apparition around it which proceeds to punch the barrier and shatter it into a million pieces.
"Don't take credit for my instincts!"
"Now then... I got a lot of payback to dish out and little time, so let's get on with i-"

She raises her hand.
"This doesn't need to get out of hand! I'm sure you got a lot of questions!
Please! If you give me a chance I'll share anything you want!"

"Hmph. Caught with your pants down and suddenly you're not so high and mighty anymore, huh?"

>Alright... I'll bite. Let's talk
>No... I didn't come to hear the lectures of a snake! Eye for an eye Towa! (Attack her) This is your warning. Do not, I repeat, do NOT pick this
>She screams and covers her exposed chest as her usual fetish gear is magicked onto her skin.
Ha! Thats hot.

>"Bitch... you think I dodged because I wanted to?"
>Flexing your arm you conjure a pink apparition around it which proceeds to punch the barrier and shatter it into a million pieces.
>"Don't take credit for my instincts!"
An Say Hello To My Little Friend.
>Alright... I'll bite. Let's talk
God damn it, fine.
>>No thanks. Buu do what you do best. *UNLEASH THE BEAST*.
>>Alright... I'll bite. Let's talk
Ask what's her deal and why does she want to open a portal between worlds if everyone here is a loser. No offense to Ken and Co.
I mean, you can totally pick it, that's just my advice
>Alright... I'll bite. Let's talk

Hrm, this feels like her stalling, but whatever.
Oh riiiiiiiiiiight I forgot. This is Towa. If we try something she'll summon Mira and wreck our shit. The question is why she isn't summoning him now anyway....
Okay. Not immediately charging her it is

Slowly the rest of the body of Buu materializes behind you and begins growling at the woman.
You're quick to raise a hand and calm him down.
"Easy there pard'.
Not yet."

"W-What is that thing?"

"Y'know for a time-traveler you're pretty stupid.
Not because you don't know every bit of detail about me, though that's a factor.
No, it's because you continue to piss me off and take me for a fool. But okay, I'll bite!
You can start explaining yourself and if I don't like what I hear."
You point up behind you.
"I'll let you get acquainted with my friend here REAL good! But I'll warn you, he's a hugger!"
File: DztoUf8WoAAjUIW.png (99 KB, 305x225)
99 KB
Aaaaand that's sadly as far as I can go today.
I'm beat.

I hope y'all enjoyed yourselves!
Though I do wonder if the constant lack of players is a result of the hype dying, my writing becoming less enjoyable or outside factors.
Never the less I am here to stay. Because next thread we kick DEMON ASS
i was only here because i happened to check the qst i'm guessing most other people simply don't know when you're live and don't check as often as i do
Literally forgot you were running until now, excited to say something like, "So the carpet matches the drapes." To towa so we keep her on her toes. This was great btw. Thx for DA run. Heck the only real complaint I have is the fact that we have so little time to interact with hit or see how he's take this whole makai demon king situation. Not you're fault tho, I was late for that vote. Hit's a top tier bro and is criminally underrepresented in quests
Summer's hit me with some severe lethargy, so I end up sleeping in and showing up just as the session is over.
My sleep cycle changed massively

Thanks for running, Not-Som!

I actually voted at the beginning of the thread, but I forgot that this was going on until like 15 minutes ago. Whoops.

I've been preoccupied with some other stuff though. Work and vidya and chores and all that other stuff.
File: IMG_0595.jpg (365 KB, 1162x850)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
>Fuwa was following us with a magical scry-camera the whole time
>Fuwa recorded the Towa Tits
Uncensored version is going to be a best seller, fellas.
I secretly hope we end up seeing more somehow

Ah I see! I'm glad!
Don't worry if it's personal stuff or just random shit like that.
Believe me, I understand that.

I was just worried people stopped reading altogether. The fact that this is not the case makes me happy.

We'll see, we'll see.
Also, it feels like /qst/ in general is slowing down, to me at least. Less participation outside really hyped threads, much less voting on the suptg archive. It ain't to the point of being dead yet, but it's something I've noted.

I, personally, am also busy and/or asleep during the day, as I imagine most are during a weekday.
Eh you had a constant semi predictable schedual before. Lately the number of lives went down do to your work no wonder it will be a bit till everyone get back in the groove.
Anyway, I think I'll post my schedule just so you guys are notified.
Today I'm not planning on doing jack.
Later tomorrow I'll do some of the requests, and finally on Saturday I'll be resuming the quest proper now that I have some free time.
>Today I'm not planning on doing jack.
Does Jill know?!
File: Spoiler Image (524 KB, 1382x2048)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
How dare you...
Also it seems like I MIGHT have to make a new thread soon.
Looks like the summerfags are in full force now
I always forget, what makes summerfags so hard to deal with?
Kids with to much free time make 4chan something, something
I think I remember hearing something like that. I also remember it being about 50/50 on the "actual problem/4chan /tg/ elitism" scale.
Compared to the wagies and neets who browse the chan regularly, summerfags are like the cicadas of the internet.
They show up during one specific period of time and make constant noise which grates on your senses.

Plus since they aren't regulars but drifters who came to check out what this is all about they don't know the culture or how to conduct themselves further adding to their infuriating qualities
Let us go back a few months.
Back to the moment when Eric saved the former tournament fighters of Universe 9 and had a little chat with their god of destruction, Sidra.
After his eye-opening conversation with the mortal the lord of the Improvised universe returns to his home with his "partner", the Supreme Kai named Roh.

When thy land the lesser deity is surprisingly quiet and meek, quite a difference from his usual demeanor.
For a while he doesn't even seem to dare talking to Sidra. But after some nerve wrecking minutes of silence he couldn't hold himself back anymore.
"S-Say Sidra! You don't... actually intend on listening to that dumb mortal, are you?!"


Sighing the dwarf like god turns to his aide and raises a hand to his face.
Roh immediately begins to sweat and jitter in terror.

"I have.
And no matter how much I tried to justify leaving you... I couldn't.
I've made up my mind Roh. You are a poison both to me and this entire universe.
The only thing I regret more than not realizing this sooner is the fact that I couldn't give you the punishment you truly deserve."

Finally the energy of destruction dissipates around Sidra as he turns to his angelic mentor.
"Mojito... if you would-"
Without saying a word the blue figure raises his staff and from it, conjures an object of... terrifying power.
It is the one thing that the Supreme Kais instinctively fear and for good reason: The Z-Sword.
As soon as the God of Destruction touches it, the thing begins to glow with a familiar purple aura and Roh falls to his knees, tears running down his face and pleading as hard as he can.


But Sidra was having none of it.
If this is the only thing he's permitted to do then he'll live with it.
With a swing he struck down the Supreme Kai, but instead of dying the god instead vanished from sight, his essence sealed inside the sword itself.

Still as serene as ever Mojito only says this.
"Anything else?"

Send a message to the world of the Kais.
Tell them to elect a new Supreme Kai... and that I have plenty more swords left."
Sidra then stabbed the unbelievably heavy sword into the ground at his feet.
"Plus... I want you to make a list... starting with the one that has the lowest mortal level and going up until we reach the halfway point...
Then we'll see if it's enough."
And another:
Conton City: A place meant to replace Toki Toki City after a certain... incident.
Regardless it is a very important place, run by a very important person: The Supreme Kai of Time.

Some people would kill to have a boss like her, kind, caring and she both recognizes AND rewards hard work.
Like those times she erected massive holographic statues of her "workers of the moth" those two times.
Now however, another type of statue is being erected in recognition of someone else.
All in secret...

A great deal of effort is being put into this "passion project" of the time patrollers. Most of them simply contribute to the big pile of Zenny they gathered, while others like the Buus are actively using the materials to create gold and subsequently turn it into a big statue in the dome above the time machine station, away from prying eyes.
But while Chronoa may be ignorant to these gatherings, someone who's not so carefree did notice the odd occurrences.

"What in the blazes are you all doing here?!"
Asked Elder Kai from the patrollers.

"Please master! Don't tell the Supreme Kai of Time!"

"Don't tell her what exactly?
What are you snooping around for? And what is this ridiculous statue?!"

The patrollers then proceed to explain how an outsider was brought in recently by the Supreme Kai of Time, a chef of great renown who, somehow, managed to improve Chronoas cooking so that it's no longer considered lethal to consume.
Although Elder Kai finds this dubious at first, he eventually concedes and says this.
"If it's true then this is a worthy cause indeed.
Zeno knows how many times her "food" nearly destroyed the multiverse."
Extending his hand he conjured a massive cube of solid gold.
"But if I catch any of you making a golden johnson out of this I'll have all of you run laps around the city until you die of exhaustion!"
File: 526.jpg (11 KB, 500x272)
11 KB
>But if I catch any of you making a golden johnson out of this I'll have all of you run laps around the city until you die of exhaustion!

Even across the multiverse, penis jokes and references to minecraft/zero punctuation are known to all.
Catching the demon, figuratively, with her pants down you stare at her awaiting an explanation.
Obviously she wanted to talk instead of fighting and you obliged her but she KNOWS you could snap at any moment so she bites her lips as she tries to formulate her sentences.

You're willing to talk. Good... good.
You're truly unlike those mongrels at the timepatrol, those savages already would've attacked without a wor-"

You slam your fist into the wall behind you and it turns into dust from the impact.
"Be careful snake... Every time I see your forked tongue dripping with poison I feel my knuckles itching. I didn't come to listen to your lies!"

"Please! There's no need to be upset!
All I'm saying is the truth... from my perspective at least."

"Oh please! Spare me your "moral relativist" bullshit!
I heard more than enough from Chronoa! And while I might dislike her for a variety of reasons at least I know I can take her word for granted!
Yours? Not so much!"

"Then... if you don't care about my view of things... what did you want to talk about?
I assume you have a reason for listening to me."

>You wanted to recruit me while buttering up to my sworn enemies? What sense does that make?
>What is your aim? And don't come at me with that "Muh brother" story!
>Stop. Messing. With. My. LIFE!
>Stop. Messing. With. My. LIFE!
Begone time thot
>Stop. Messing. With. My. TIMELINE!

Don't care why she's here, or what her plans are, but she needs to sod off.
>Stop. Messing. With. My. LIFE!
Well what started as an initial "leave me alone" quickly turned into a full blown threat

"Excuse me?"

"You don't seem to get it! I did not come to "listen" to you.
I don't care why you're here! I don't care what your plan is! I don't give a shit about ANY of that!
I just want you to go away!"

Towa then begins to shake her head.
"And here I thought you were reasonable."
She raises her arms with a shrug.
"But with this deal I got nothing to gain. I loose the one thing I wanted while you gain... everything.
Why would I accept such a proposition?"

"Because Thot! I am NOT going to be involved with any of your whimsical time traveling bullshit!
All I want is one thing, one simple thing: You FUCK OFF and mess with ANY other timeline!
If I get that you won't have any problems with me! If I don't... If you keep fucking with me...
Then I'm MORE than willing to throw down!"
Towa drops all pretence of pleasantry and looks quite serious.
"So... what'll it be?
Do you sod off or do I have to MAKE you?"


Then her lips curl into a smile.
"It's so amusing that you think you're in charge here. That you talk about wanting peace...
But this is all your fault! You could've avoided all of this if you cooperated.
So if we do this then you'd better not blame me for it!"
Towa then reaches for her staff.

You try to get a read on her but she's... quite difficult to figure out.
Her mental defenses are simply way too strong. But for what it's worth you don't sense any hostility emanating from her.
If you had to bet she's probably aiming to run away. Again.

>Charge her
>Shoot her
>Let her do what she wants
>Turn around and go aid the others
>>Buu Time. Break the barrier and then her.
Ooooooh boi

T-Time to start rolling!
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 11 Crit: 20

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Please Tournament Dice Gods Bless Us.
By the way, you guys just now literally skipped an entire fight against Jr.
You are now face to face with the final boss of the Makai
Rolled 14 (1d21)

>You are already dead
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Is that why you put an spoiler warning about attacking her before? If not...why? If she's the final boss anyway we were gunna throw down eventually, and if we were supposed to fight Jr first, we would have just been weakened and tired at the time.
It's the final boss true, but it wasn't guaranteed you'd fight it.
Remember how sometimes in old school RPGs like final fantasy if you encounter a supremely powerful enemy that you don't HAVE to fight it's usually indicated on the map as a warning? Kinda like that.

Even now if you didn't attack her she'd have left and you wouldn't have to fight
Sure, but then she'll just plot and plan on how to keep fucking with us and our timeline, even if we can't beat her here, if we can wound her we might be able to force her to back off.

Also come on anons. We need 1 more roll.
I'll wait until 20. Then I'll roll if noone does by that point
Rolled 13 (1d21)

Here goes
Before she could reach for her, presumably, weapon you call out Buu who's all too eager to materialize behind you and then proceed to stop time.

Things stop all around you as you take a leap forward with all your might.
Gritting your teeth you pull back your fist and throw a punch, colliding with some sort of barrier Towa has erected around herself.
But no matter how clever she thinks herself this... wasn't enough.

The wall cracks and shatters like glass under the pressure as your time-skip reaches its end.
Towa sees this and lets out a gasp and ceases going after the staff, instead opting to defend herself.
Her mouth opens in a desperate attempt to shout.

Your fist stops, it's been caught by a so far unknown individual.
Curiously you turn your head and see the phantom appendage coming out of some sort of black smoke.
This dark portal is exactly like the one Towa herself used back on Kanassa to get away.
It pulsates and crackles with red lightning as it expands and gives way for the body passing through it.

Still holding onto you this mysterious demon now stands before you, looking really similar to Towa in some regards yet completely alien to her in others.
He possesses similar facial markings to the frost demons and his ki feels not nearly as "pure" as the womans. This guy is a freak.
In more way than one actually.

It speaks.
"You called?"

Towa sighs with relief.
"Yes... This young man is being a nuisance.
Deal with him, would you kindly?"

A black and red aura envelops this new demon and frankly... it scares the shit out of you.
It's several magnitudes above that of not only a super saiyan but a second level one as well!
He tightens his hold on your fist and you can her your hand popping as your finger bones are moved out of position.
You wince for a moment before this Mira guy pulls back his other hand and punches you in the face.
This casual little lovetap proved strong enough to send you flying backwards, through every single wall in the tower until you find yourself under the open sky.

Reaching for your head you try to shake off your concussion just as your fingers pop back in place.
You feel the evil ki of the guy suddenly moving and you look behind your back.

He stands still for a moment as he sizes you up.

"Whadid'ya say nigga?!"
And theres Towa's home grown fuckboi. Wonder if the TP are gunna interfere now or if Kalfa is gunna need to show up to distract him while we kill Towa.
The guy then lowers his hands, leaving himself perfectly exposed as he closes his eyes.
The message is fairly obvious.

"Tch. Tough guy, huh?"
Smashing your fist into your open palm you speak to Buu.
"Okay big guy! Time to kick some ass!"

The spectral figure behind you raises his own fists and the two of you charge the demon, prepped for a fight.
You deliver a few casual punches in tandem with Buu at the guys chest but not only did it do no visible damage, whatsoever it didn't even make him budge!
Irritated you pull back and prepare your Earthquake strike to shatter this guys confidence.

However when you attempt to actually deliver the attack Mira opens his eyes and with blinding speed grabbed your arm with one hand and punched you in the gut with the other.
You finds yourself almost throwing up on his arm as his knuckles dig into your guts.
Winding up his arm he throws you around a bit before tossing your ass back against the tower, causing it to topple over and fall on the rest of the castle while Towa casually flies out of an open window.

She floats behind her fuckboy while giggling to herself.
"You know, I'd prefer if you did not kill him. It'd be such a waste."


"Buuuut. If you really can't help it then I suppose it's fine.
His absence should be a good enough catalyst."

Throwing a pile of rubble off of yourself you shake your head and look up.
"Buu... you okay?"


"Okay... Didn't know she had THIS kind of firepower..."


"Yeah. I'm on it!"

>If a frontal assault doesn't work then go for the weakspots, joints, head, anything that's soft
>If you can't deal damage then it's time to go defensive! Use his own strength against him
>Time to get wacky!
>Force did not work... How about Excessive Force?!
>>If a frontal assault doesn't work then go for the weakspots, joints, head, anything that's soft
>>Contact the girls. You might need Kefla's help in a second.
>Time to get wacky!
>Time to get wacky!
>Time to get wacky!
>Follow Caulifla's tactics for dealing with a stronger opponent kick him in the dick with a new technique that combines null lance with the enhancement aura, the raw force should fuck up his balls enough to leave him open for an executing strike
Looks like you chose to be a tricksy fucker
Let's see if tricks are enough to overcome the odds once more!

Roll the dice!
Best of 4
DC: 16 Crit: 20

Rolled 21 (1d21)

In the name of this quests greatest meme, WHAT THE FUCK IS EARTH, I CASE YOU OUT FUCKBOI!
Rolled 19 (1d21)

Alright then.
Hahahahaha! The Dice Gods heard my prayer and have delivered JUSTICE upon this fuckboi.
Who would win?

>A genetically engineered Demon Biodroid composed of cells from the multiverses strongest, crafted and shaped into a perfect being by the most brilliant scientist in existence

>A pizza delivery boi
File: I'll_be_gentle.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
You crack your neck a few times as you assess the situation.
The guys armor is seriously impressive, that's true. He's strong as balls, that's also true.
But then again... What's so special about that? You've been fighting guys stronger than you up to this point.
This guy... is just another one.

For a few moments you try to formulate a battle plan.
After spitballing a bit you decide to go with the usual approach: Mass confusion.
Finally taking a deep breath you begin shouting like a madman, hoping that the intended recipients get it.


Charging up your ki you throw a kick right in front of you. By opening a portal in its path you redirect the attack to the back of Miras head.
Unsurprisingly he seems to have expected this. If he's the muscle then no doubt he's aware of your capabilities.
He grabs you by the ankle and begins to pull on you, working right into your plan.

The portal widens to accommodate your girth and you easily slip through, kicking Mira in the jaw with your other leg the moment it passes through.
Though he's tough as nails, his lower jaw forcefully hitting his upper one caused significant discomfort to the guy, who promptly lets go of you.
Using time-skip you then try to pepper his weak points with powerful attacks aimed at debilitating him.

Unfortunately no matter how many of his joint you strike how often it doesn't seem to be enough.
With his obvious data on your moveset Mira is capable of either outright avoiding most of your lethal attacks or at least blocking it with his non-weak points.
But at the very least you managed to have him so much on the ropes that he can't do anything but dodge you.

He tries not once to swat you away like an annoying fly but you're having none of it.
Bending space, dilating time or opening portals as necessary you trivialize most of his attacks.
Truly this is a fight between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.
So is Captcha still fucking up?
For once it's working fine for me
I kept trying to reply to your post here>>3610236
But Captcha wouldn't let me. Refresh a bunch of times, opened and closed new tabs for this thread, nothing. Captcha kept saying I wasn't solving it right and refusing to let me post. Guess it was just a site hiccup.
Seems legit.
More annoyed than really threatened Mira finally resorts to using some actual force as he fires off a close range, cone shaped wave of Ki to try and shake you off.
But before the light even clears you're already behind him kicking him in the side.
He turns around and fires another blast which prompts a similar reaction from you but this time you appear several paces away from him.

"This is pointless..."
He says.

"Now, now Mira.
I know it's not pleasant but... would you kindly squash him already?"

The demon raises his fists as he assumes a fighting stance.
You get a kick out of this.
"Nice lapdog you have Towa.
Does he know any tricks?"

"Hmph... my Mira is simply obedient. You could learn a thing or two from him!
Now Mira. Stop holding back and crush this ant!"

"Yes Towa."
Sorry for the short update. Got something to take care of suddenly.
Now I'll be away for... about half an hour until I get back home.
Then I'll get back to writing
Okay! Im back
Resuming writing!
Mira obeys his master dutifully and stops ignoring you.
He goes in for the attack with speed that you have a hard time comprehending.
His fist travels so fast that by the time you see it he's already punched you.

You feel your skin being squished by his knuckles as he pushes himself further.


Your body instinctually begins to turn as it feels the stimulus. With a quick twist aided by the force of your opponents strike you turn violently, extending your arm and smacking Mira in the face with your reprise.
This time the attack does get a reaction out of it as the artificial demon stumbles backwards with his eyes snapped open.
As droplets of your blood float in the air before Mira you let out a little grin.
"Ooops. Butterfingers!"

Pulling your hands back you begin to weave them around while controlling your breathing.
The wispy threads of ki become more and more visible around you which gets a reaction out of Towa.
"Oh no!"

"T-This is!"

"It's kinda new...
So I'm reluctant to use it. But I guess it got the job done!
Null Fist: Flowing Water Strike!"

Deciding to take things to the next level you invite Mira to come and take a swing at you.
He responds not by charging you but by cupping his hands together.

Deciding to meet your technique with effectively the same one he fires off an immensely powerful energy beam corrupted by his dark energy.
Smiling you put your entire body behind your swing as you attempt to chop the damn thing in half... and succeed!
The energy beam splits down in the middle as it flies harmlessly past you, leaving the Towa befuddled by this.
Mira meanwhile says only this much.


>Round two asshole! (melee)
>My turn... (ki)
>That's nothing. (psychic)
>Buu? (magic)
>>My turn... (ki)
>>That's nothing. (psychic)
>>Buu? (magic)
>Buu? (magic)
>That's nothing. (psychic)
>Buu? (magic)
>That's nothing. (psychic)
>>That's nothing. (psychic)
>>Buu? (magic)

We can't match Mira in Ki Usage, and I'm unsure about Melee, but Magic and Psychic I'm more confident about.
File: 1547969038127.png (272 KB, 460x357)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>Round two asshole! (melee)
>>Round two asshole! (melee)
Fuck it. The Garou memes compel me.Changing vote.
Unfortunately the memes dont seem to be strong enough

Magic+psychic wins

And roll for the results!
DC: 14 Crit: 18
Best of 4
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 10 (1d21)


Do you truly doubt the power of memes?
Well... kinda. For now.
But I have faith the memes will catch on.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 10 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)

File: mediocre.jpg (42 KB, 736x413)
42 KB
File: EricAndJiren.png (463 KB, 564x768)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
wow. 11, 10, 11, 10.

We should have trusted The Memes. They were what got us this far.
the hell is with these rolls? they are consistently pathetic
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolling for what if we had followed the Garou memes and gone Melee
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Sorry my bad, I was busy.
Oh no

There must be some reality hacker at work making our rolls all mediocre.
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Should've gone with a Kamehameha
File: 913.jpg (109 KB, 737x556)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Rolled 20 (1d21)

rolling for the odds of a time patrol bailout


So Xeno Goku?

Or will we get a save from a quick patroller with a plateful of the SKoT's old batch of cooking that she's been attempting to age like wine?
this is actually a good question where the hell is the time patrol?
Giving Buu a quick little nod the two of you begin doing your own things.
The pink apparition shrieks as its arms rise up and conjure a pair of energy rings which it tosses at Mira.
Your opponent simply lets them bind him instead of fighting and awaits what you have in store next.

Meanwhile you charge up a Ki shot and fire it off at the blue guy.
Similarly to Buus trick he just stares at it, not at all threatened. In response you throw your hands behind your back and open up two small portals at which you aim two, small Null lances.
Just as the ball of energy is about to land you shoot your other attacks aimed at the back of Miras head, at which point he finally makes his move.

With a simple flex he destroys Buus bindings and swats away your Ki blast before easily dodging the two lances by jerking his head around.
Looks like this guy is not so easy to unnerve after all. He swiftly goes on the offensive flying towards you at an alarming speed.
You try your best to stop him via gravity distortions wherever possible but this absolute madlad just brute forces his way through all of them like it's nobodies business.

He crashes next to you and brings down his fist on you.
It takes both of you to raise your guard to even survive his blow but even then as he strikes your four crossed arms he causes the ground, which in this case is the roof of the castle, to collapse under you.
Crashing through several floors you finally come to a halt when you hit a particularly rough surface.
Your body shudders as you force it to stand up.

Looking around you suddenly realize where you are as a quite familiar sight unfolds before you.
This is the throne room.

A figure, sitting atop a stairway on a massive throne, stands up when he sees you getting up.
"Finally. I was wondering when you invaders would show up!"
Not good!

>The more the merrier!
>Okay. Time to call for some back up! (Choice between Time Patrol and Saiyans)

>Also you might want to write in how you want to fight
>Okay. Time to call for some back up! (Choice between Time Patrol and Saiyans)
Time patrol.

As for fighting, what if we tried to trick mira into our pocket dimension of fuck-you?
Or, better yet, just teleport him as far away as we can so that he can fuck right off.
>>Okay. Time to call for some back up! (Choice between Time Patrol and Saiyans)
It's time to do the thing!
Oh, I choose the Saiyans BTW:
>Okay. Time to call for some back up! (Choice between Time Patrol and Saiyans)

fuse with cabba to become erba then do not hold back on the ass kicking
>Okay. Time to call for some back up! (Choice between Time Patrol and Saiyans)
Time patrol.
Rolled 16 (1d21)

Well it's a tie.
QM Rolling

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Fuck me...
File: Universe_6_Saiyans.png (1.95 MB, 1366x768)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Panting you look up at the little shit as he unsheathes his weapon, an overly large saber whose end tapers into a needle like point. The whole thing looks more like a talon than an actual weapon.

"Hmmm? Is that the thing that did this to you?
One of the witches summons perhaps? Doesn't matter...
Do you have any idea how much I waited for this Slayer? The day when I get to avenge my father!

But as Mira descends through the hole he made you see that tensions are mounting between the two of them.
"Stay out of this."
The blue demon says to the purple one.

"Who do you think you are to order me around?
I am Presto! King of Makai! Your king! Now either bow or get out of my sight!
The Slayer is mine!"

This looks like a good opportunity to get out of here and get some help.
As Presto is threatening Mira with his sword you turn tail and burst through one of the walls so you can get outside where a full blown war has erupted.
No doubt the others sensed what was going on with you and decided to fuck subtlety. But as a result now they, as well as an army of demons, are flying around the castle waging war against a horde that never seems to end.

Seeing both Mira and Presto set aside their differences and are now on their way, you use every trick in your book to escape them.
Time-skip, portals, psionics, the whole nine yards.
Quickly you arrive in the middle of everything and the gang greets you in a... rather predictable manner.

"The hell Eric?!"
Caulifla asks.
"Everything's fucked!"

"I know!
But guys... this is bad!
Towa was packing heat! More than I expected!
We need the cavalry, RIGHT NOW!"

The girls look at each other and exchange a quick little nod once they feel Miras power fast approaching.
At the same time Cabba turns to you.
"Shall we?"
Swallowing your pride you accept.

>Roll the dice.
Best of 4
DC: 15 No crit
Rolled 9 (1d21)

Rolled 9 (1d21)

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 11 (1d21)

File: 830.png (373 KB, 846x467)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
This is... not gonna be pretty
File: 9f9.png (1.49 MB, 1065x902)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Did Towa install an Anti-Eric Cockring onto Mira or something?
man the dice are shiting on us hard today
You'd be surprised just how many "Anti-Eric" measures she actually implemented.
...TWO Cockrings?
File: Carric.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
You synchronize with the boy and once your movements are connected via telepathy you speak up.
"Remember: No super."


Then Cabba begins.


But as you perform the dance someone notices you.
Observing things from a safe distance Towa watched you like a hawk and when she spotted your dance she couldn't hold herself back.
"No... Nonono!

She quickly hopped off of her staff which she used like a flying broom and pointed it at you.
Knowing not to aim directly at you she instead pointed at the ground beneath your feet and with a quick little prod shifted the crumbling masonry around just a bit, enough that the moving rocks displace your leg.


The familiar sensation of your body becoming pure energy overwhelms you as your essence becomes tangled up with Cabbas. But there's something wrong.
You feel a great imbalance taking over you, distorting the fusion process as you are unavoidably forced together with Cabba.
But when the sensation fades and your psyche merges with the saiyans you suddenly forgot all about it as the sensation of overwhelming, invincible power goes to your head rather quick.

This explosion of force reveals your new body and you stand up triumphantly.
"Alright! Bring it on manlets! I'll fuck you up!"
But as you raise your hand to puff your chest you feel your arms becoming heavy as lead as they fall down.
Looking down you see that you look more like a living, walking skeleton rather than a musclebound demigod.
"Er- WHAT?!"

Towa chuckles to herself.
"Poor little fools. Did you really think I'd let you fuse?"

But before she could get too smug about this an emerald colored explosion goes off which manages to shut her up good.
"Okay Eric! I'm here! Let's-

You try to raise your arm to try and cover yourself but you can't.
*pant* *pant*
"I... We... We don't... know."

Kefla then shakes her head.
"How long will this last?"

"W-We guess it's about 30 minutes?"

Kefla then cranks her shoulder.
"Then you'd better hide. Hopefully I'll wrap this up by that point!"
Slowly you shamble away as Kefla looks up.
"Hey BITCH!"


"I hope that real doll is not too important for you!
Because I'm about to fuck him up like you did my boyfriend!"
Kefla growls and assumes her fighting stance. And Towa gets visibly nervous.
And uh... I think I'll leave for now.
I need to figure out how to unfuck this.

I... I guess next time you'll get to play as Kefla!
Hehe-haha... ooooh god
Well I hope you at least... had some fun?
Anyways, take care. I'll try to post an update when I can run again
File: 1344201865515.jpg (79 KB, 470x594)
79 KB
Maybe Buu can unfuck this.
Maybe have Buu working to force the fusion to end early? I can't imagine he's a fan of this bullshit.

At least we didn't get a critfail, that wouldn't have turned out well.
File: Spoiler Image (1.16 MB, 480x358)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Why did y'all use magic? We always get fucked when we use magic. Why is it always fucking magic? The only time magic doesn't fuck us is when it's specifically voting for buu.
Stop using magic , PLEASE
File: Reagan-smile-gone.png (49 KB, 500x471)
49 KB
>Not-Som doesn't ask If we want to fuse, just threw a DC at us
Hey, come on now. Wait a second-

This Is your fault. Repent.

I second this. Stop voting for magic. It's never been lucky, we've never been good at It. Ever. Buu Is the exception, sometimes, because he Is a goddamn punch-ghost. Vote to train It when we aren't doing life or death shit.

Psychic/Melee roll? 21 on the first roll.

Psychic/Magic roll? 11 on best of 4. ELEVEN.

There Is a trend here you see. Remember kids, don't do magic, do high octane melee shenanigans and psychic powers like real men.
Rolled 3 (1d21)

Fuck this shit, I'm going to invent my OWN thing that's separate from Psychic bullshit, Ki bullshit, and Magic bullshit.
I'll call it..."Fucking bullshit".
Rolling for effectiveness of Fucking bullshit.
Sounds about right
Rolled 6 (1d21)


rolling for bullshit squared
Rolled 21 (1d22)

Disappointed android of last run btw
Tmw fans are gonna talk shit about season 2 for the rest of time, and say how stupid fusion was. They'll probably bitch about D losing to a blue underboob demon
>talk shit about fusion
Damn, sounds like the DB fanbase after the Broly movie
File: the lewdest kefla.jpg (53 KB, 419x409)
53 KB
So... I've been drinking quite hard during Saturday and alcohol proved to be, yet again, the source of and the solution to all the worlds problems.
Now I think I know how to resolve this situation.
Which means picking a time.

I'm thinking... Tuesday.

But in the meantime I'd like to ask you a question:
Would you actually be interested in playing as Kef-kef or should that be purely background stuff?

while kefla's kicking mira's ass how much can eric/cabba dilate time? can we bend time fast enough to get another chance to fuse out of sight?
What? Like... using Time-skip but in reverse?
It's one tenth of a second.

Or if you mean actually dilate time then... I don't know.
I'll have to think about that
We should ask buu to unfuse Eric and Cabba. He's magical bullshit incarnate and part of the fusion, I'm the DC won't be that high, right?
Background until we find a way to join the fight.
Wait. I'm actually retarded.
I thought you'd want to use the time stuff to accelerate the Fusions timer.
While I don't think your time-stuff is sufficient to fuse in peace, you could find some other way.
I'm sure*
no you were right i did want to use time stuff to accelerate the Fusions timer but what i ment by out of sight was

1.hide first
2.do time stuff to undo the Fusion
3.fuse agian while they are distracted and can't mess it up
we should also do the dance on a solid telekinetic platform instead of the ground from now on
we should also accelerate time around us and cabba so there is less chace for an interruption while fusing maybe see if we can get buu to use an illusion of us far away from where we truly are to further distract towa
Woah there. I'm pretty sure neither we nor buu can use illusion magic. Also are we skilled enough in time skip to drag people into it?
i didn't say time skip i'm saying we make a small temporary hyperbolic time chamber with our time manipulation powers

and an idea for the buu distraction we get him to manipulate a mass of magic in his shape as a stand and we have him blow raspberries at towa while this mass is away from us
On the one hand, creating a temporal time chamber (hehehe) is way more complicated that asking buu to end the fusion without killing nor harming anyone (Vados did it, I know she is an angel and angels are bullshit but majins are even more bullshit when it comes to magic). On the other hand we suck at magic, so altering the time flow without breaking it could be easier for us than casting a mid level spell (we need lessons with Vados as soon as we can, seriously, apologize if necessary for leaving our master aside like an asshole but get those lessons)
Also QM, how is Vados reacting to Eric having girlfriends now?, we know she had a crush or at least felt something for our poor Viking chef.
Not... particularly affected.
While yes, she was on the table and she probably would've went along with Eric attempting to court her, at the end of the day she's an Angel.
They are... less like people and more like sentient forces of nature really.
She understands her position in the grand scheme of things and she'll continue doing her job without letting it, or anything really, affect her.

So yeah... Not much of a reaction.
Angels are weird like that
If anything, Eric having the hots for Kefla, a fucking fusion, is really making her inner CK2 player go nuts with "Muh Eugenics".
She might even ask if she could watch to see how two beings from different species would do coitus
File: Spoiler Image (126 KB, 196x300)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>Angels are somehow less bullshit then majin
Kek not even close
Gonna pop this bubble right here. We are not a time god and if you think that we can figure out a way to make an auto hyperbolic chamber, you are sorely mistaking our capabilities. Maybe after we whore ourselves out to towa and SKoT surpass hit. Seriously we aren't gonna be that good for awhile and even then it's be too OP. In the middle of losing a fight, break away and suddenly hyperbolic time chamber, heal up, make a order at burger king, Jack off to waifus, fill up fuck you dimension and head back out Against your enemy.

>A stand making a stand
Pic related
according to the end of this post>>3610268 we are already capable of dilating time we don't need the same scale (space or time-wise) of a hyperbolic chamber just fast enough for our fusion to wear off and fuse again with a minimal change of interruption this should be very much possible
Majins definitely are the second most bullshit thing after angels. Even if that gap is vast.
But they are inherently different.
I think the Matrix is a good comparison.

Angel = Agent
An entity made by the system which can do anything within said system but ultimately bound by its rules

Majin = Humans
An entity outside the established system who does shit by breaking the rules of the system
That was poor wording on my part.
The "dilating time" was meant to be the time-lag
Let's just take our fusion time
okay look can we do it or not?
Not unless you are willing to experiment with it and risk yourself while in a failed fusion.
Wait sudden idea, are we psychic enough to cause minor subliminal messages in someone's subconscious leading to them saying key phrases or reacting in key ways. [Such as Fu-Sion Ha?]
We should wait for the fusion to end, we don't want to fuck this up more than necessary. Maybe we could think some coordinated attack/strategy with Cabba, like the one we did against Vegeta in the tournament. Now that Eric and him are one being (Cariba?) we could attune our telepathy even more and think of coop moves designed specifically for us, you know, exploit being a fusion (even if it's are a failed fusion, Cariba/Erabba is probably smarter than Eric and Cabba separated) to reach perfect team sync.
Hmmmm... I suppose you could. IF it's not someone like Towa who has an active mind-shield.

So far Erba is the failed fusions name and Carric is the proper one.
Not official yet.

But I like the way you're thinking
File: 683199926.jpg (3 KB, 80x94)
3 KB
Wait a minute that brings up a question I've had for a while now What the fuck happens when you impregnate a fusion?
File: 1558233732116.jpg (41 KB, 423x394)
41 KB
I'm as scared as you are right now. The resulting zygote would be 50% of Eric's DNA and 50% Kefla, but when they defuse that would create two separate zygotes that would be 50% Eric and 25% of either Kale or Caulifla that's only 75% of a person. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS WITH 75% OF A PERSON!!
File: o0wb1.jpg (77 KB, 889x500)
77 KB
Does it disapper?!
Does the fetus move to one person? Will it have the Kefla genes or will it magic into the new mothers?
Do BOTH of them get pregnant?
AND WHAT THE FUCK IS A 75% PERSON?! Pic related?!
File: Spoiler Image (105 KB, 625x790)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
That's an easy one to answer
OK hear me out, there is a perfectly reasonable way Eric can get an answer to this question in universe, since sayains and humans superficially have several similarities than that must mean they have a close genetic relative much like humans have for chimps. Since Sadala is mostly undeveloped forests with some deserts here and there we should have no problem finding enough for the experiment and getting earth lab chimps will be child's play. We then borrow the earings for "fusion training" with Cabba, in reality we will be taking them to a remote facility with all the fancy science equipment where Hail will be overseeing the testing. You know he will be all over the prospect of observing the effects of reality warping magic on the genesis of life. The Experiment will be devided into 5 sections containg 10 testing groups each. The first 2 will be control groups, with mating pairs of chimps from the same planet. The 3rd section will be the hybrid group with 5 groups consisting of a Terran male and Sadalan female and the other 5 a Sadalan Male and Terran female to observe the compatibility of the two species and to see the differences between the two types of unions. The 4th group will be the first fusion group where we put the earings on 2 Sadalan females before introducing the Terran male, then let them engage in the business and collecting the earings when the timer runs out. Repeat for all 10 section 4 test groups. In order to get Cabba to cooperate our story of "training" we will have a 5th group to test what happens when he takes the fusion pill with his saiyan and human waifus and do the exact same thing with a Sadalan male with the fusion between a Sadalan and Terran female. Then all we got to do is properly clean the stank off the earings and return back from our "trip" and wait a few months for Hail to report results.
>In 1 hour
Whoa there Mengele!
There's no need to force monkeys to fuck.
Especially since two different species of apes would more than likely attack each other instead of procreating.

What? You think that hot, steamy monkey sex for an hour and stuffing her like a turkey until her ovaries are drenched won't do the job?
>Implying that would stop Hail from trying
Science always finds a way
>Scientists: No sense of right or wrong
Conventional copulation doesn't even need to be in the picture, all that needs to happen is to give the males acess to porn hub and then use the collected sample on the the subject after administering anesthesia before fusing, no social interaction required in any part of the process.
I think those are called mad scientists, normal scientists have morality (even if they ignore it sometimes because money)
Guys, why did you went so II World War Germany?, this is qst not pol. This is dragon ball, the fetus won't be split in half or fall to the ground. If the fusion gets pregnant in half an hour, the result would be a bunch of cells that divide between the members of the fusion and create either two babies or nothing. If said fusion lasts enough weeks or months to create a fetus, then it will endure until the baby is ready because of family friendly and split after giving birth, possibly having heartwarming moment and passing out or dying from exhaustion afterwards.
>everyone forgetting that Angels have the magical ability to instantly deliver babies early
Yeah, after 9 months of gestation.
File: 1443155226175.jpg (212 KB, 655x557)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Well duh...
Nobody actually wants that. This is just fun shitposting.
Besides if Eric had EITHER of his waifus or his possible offspring die I don't think he could bounce back from that.
He'd just become pic related
>Dragonballs exist
>Vados exists
>Buu exists
Death won't be a big issue
True enough
Nah, the most likely scenario is that fucking a fusion will have no ill effects and defusing will result in the two offspring that would been conceived if you fucked them separately. It's essentially a shortcut that lets you knock up two waifus in one go.
The only anomalous thing I can see from this is that you are fertilizing two different egg cells with the same sperm, meaning that the offspring conceived during fusion will always be the same gender and share weird similarities with each other, sort of like identical twins but not. It could also cause the "bonded" children to have slightly more stable fusions, that are able to take more strain without defusing or burning down the time limit as quickly as they normally would.
The only things I can think of are (via fucking magic, pun very intended): Fusions can't get pregnant/impregnate, Fusion stays fused as long as the fetus is viable or, as suggested, baby splits into "baby's as they would've been if waifu's impregnated seperately".

Also, fun though, if Eric is spearing Kefla, is that a threesome or not?
So... thread is not too badly saged yet.
I don't think a new thread is required. So I'll be continuing stuff here.
Prepare for disappointment
You feel... weak. Like every muscle, bone and tissue in your body is afflicted, dying, weakened.
If that wasn't enough your life force seems to have tanked until it was much lower than either Cabbas or yours in your natural states. So this is what it means to botch the fusion.
If you succeed, you become the dominant lifeform for thirty minutes, if not you might as well have died at that point.
Without any stamina or physical strength and so little Ki that you can't even fly with it you're a sitting duck.

As such you try to walk away on the crumbling stone, hoping to catch up with Sala and Hail. Maybe they can help you while Kefla goes to work.
And speaking of which, her state is the complete opposite of yours. Powerful, unified, invincible... perfect.
She roars and power surges through her, as she throws herself at her enemy you can hear the lost cries of Towa as she tries to warn her subordinate.
"MIRA! NO! She's too dangerous!
Get back!"

The demon droid seems to obey its master but Kefla is not in a gracious mood, retreat is not an option for him.
But as he starts getting beaten up the other parties involved in this little raid won't just stay put. Presto, the King of the Makai, leaves his would be ally in pursuit of you.
"You're not getting away! SLAYER!"

"As if-"
Kefla tries to stop him but Mira stops her.
He must've thought that he can do at least this much, get in her way.
And Kefla knows that if she leaves Mira now then he, alongside Towa, will get away.
So she grits her teeth angrily, determined to curbstomp him as fast as possible.

But at the same time you got a very angry demon, bent on vengeance, chasing after you.
>Run as fast as possible!
>Try to hide.
>Fend him off (fight)
>Run as fast as possible!
If we can muster up a Time Stop we can probably find somewhere to hide, but no way in hell are we strong enough or fast enough for fight or flight.
>Run as fast as possible!
>>Fend him off (fight)
You'll still need to roll because, y'know... you can't even run away properly right now

DC: 13, no crit
Best of 4

Rolled 17 (1d21)

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Then the entire internet dies for a good 20 minutes.
That's what that was? I thought it was just me having issues due to this fucking heat melting the cables outside
cloudflare can eat a dick
Rolled 9 (1d21)

Heeey not bad. Not bad at all
Rolled 15 (1d21)

Check this.
You try your best to leg it as fast as you can but it's not easy to run when you look like a chemo patient.
Every step you feel like your brittle legs are about to break under the weight of your body, meanwhile you feel that asshole demon closing in on you, fast.
Like a speeding bullet he moves straight for you, ignoring anyone and anything that gets in his path, it's clear that he doesn't want to waste this opportunity that presented itself.

You can practically feel his animosity as his red aura flares up and he prepares to strike you down with that talon like blade of his.
There's quite a lot of dissonance in your mind as the two halves don't seem to agree on anything and both blaming each other.
But there's literally no time for that right now.
So you do the only thing you can.

Feeling the encroaching weapon you listen to your gut instincts and dodge... And succeed.
Your legs are swept out from under you as you do a back-flip over Presto while he's swinging at you.
Both the demon and you are staring blankly in front of you in an attempt to try and make sense of what's going on.


Presto turns around and swings with his blade in a wide arc, very obviously attempting to limit your movement options.
But by kicking the air you propel yourself backwards and... floating in mid air. In your dumb confusion you look down at your hands and speak with an echoing voice.
"Of course..."

Presto shouts after you.

He shoots a dark ki blast at you and you only manage to dodge by jerking your entire body to the side, almost breaking your own bones in the process. But it works!
At least a portion of your power is still available to you, gimped as it may be by your transformation.
"YOSHA- owowowow!
Still hurts..."

You end up lowering the psychic barrier around your body, instead opting to reroute that power to reinforce your body.
This accursed form is still a huge burden but at least now you aren't just a sitting duck, AND you managed to gain some distance.
Looking up you see Sala and Hail close by, they are... surrounded by a bunch of demons. Of course.

>Fuck it. Keep dodging until you get there. Strength in numbers
>It's better that you're against only one opponent. Keep fighting him until the fusion runs out
>Try to experiment. There must be some way to break the merging early!
>Try to experiment. There must be some way to break the merging early!
>Try to experiment. There must be some way to break the merging early!
>>Try to experiment. There must be some way to break the merging early!
Well... Looks like it's psychic bullshit galore
But beware, this miight be risky


Also, roll the dice.
Best of 4.
DC: 11 Crit: 18
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)

Beri nic
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (104 KB, 736x1002)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Hey tiger! Heard you had a rough day. Mind if I help?
Looking at your limbs in search of any physical reactions you begin testing the limits of your psyonics at their current level.
But unfortunately, just as your hands begun to vibrate Presto decided to reel his ugly head once more as he begins to slice away.
Using all the cumulative battle experience combined with the speed you achieved with this little stunt you manage to be just outside of the blades reach.
Unfortunately you still can't counter him at all, or you risk breaking yourself over him.

However... there is an upside.
His constant pestering serves well to hone your abilities, furthering your knowledge about the exact extent of your power.
With one, powerful push, just as the sword is about to slice off your lower jaw you manage to do it.


You disappear and then materialize behind Presto, with your hands on your knees and panting.
"H-Holy... crap... that's... too... much!"

"Grrrrrr! Stop running away you COWARD!"

"Stop chasing us!"
You respond as he lunges at you again.
As he continues to pellet you with attacks you continue to improve until you become adept enough to dodge him without much effort. It's still dangerously close, but as long as your attention doesn't falter, he won't be able to hit you with just this.

Which is when both of you decide to escalate things.
He lets out an audible "tsk" as he extends his hand and conjures an all consuming fireball large enough to level about half of the castle.
You respond by vibrating your body, not like when you perform a time-skip but like the one during a time-lag.
The ball phases through you like your body's not even there and it hits the masonry, melting stone and steel alike.
Meanwhile your body returns just as it passes over you and you feel.. exhausted.

You managed to jump further into time but just by a few seconds.
Not good. This won't be good enough. You can't keep spamming this without first keeling over.
You need more! More... what? Time?
No. Time doesn't seem to be the answer. Your body can barely sustain this much strain as is.
Speed? Technique? Power?

YES! That's it!"
Your eyes shoot up.

Back then Vados managed to overload your fusion and end it prematurely.
If only you could conjure up enough energy to do something similar... Which might not even be that impossible since you actually managed to find a way to survive like this!
You, rather ungracefully, duck under another sweeping slash as it cuts off a few strands of your hair while trying to figure things out.

>Fuck it! Try awakening! It should be tied to your psychic powers!
>"Buu! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
>Try to open the Fuck you Dimension. It's nowhere near full but it should be a decent and managable boost
>Use the ambient energy of the Makai
Apologies for the delay. I got some food from Pajeet and on the plus side it DIDN'T make me shit my soul out
>>"Buu! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
>"Buu! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
>"Buu! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
>>"Buu! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
Buubro help!
Rolled 4, 14, 5, 2 = 25 (4d21)

Stando help it is

And this time I'll be doing the rolling
Best of 4
Rolled 15 (1d21)

Not the best but decent

Okay. Roll YOUR dice
Best of 4
DC: 14 funnily enough, No crit because you nailed everything so far
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Rolled 16 (1d21)

Rolled 20 (1d21)

Does this count?
Yes but clearly no need for it
Taking a deep breath you start yelling, hoping that the one it's addressed to notices it.

"You think I'll let you call for help?!
The "king" goes on the offensive once more.


Raising his sword he prepares to cut into your shoulder and downwards into your torso.
But when the sound of his sword singing as it cuts through the air stops abruptly he looks up with a shocked expression.
"W-What... is this?"

He looks up at the apparition of Buu holding his blade between two fingers with ease.
The young demon tries to struggle, to pull and jerk on the sword in the hopes of freeing it from the creature but it's pointless. Your friend has his weapon in a vice like hold.
When Buus power flares up Prestos eyes widen as the Majin pulls its fist back and decks him in the face so hard he crashes through multiple walls like they were made out of styrofoam.
Pushing the debris off of himself he stares at you with a mixture of confusion and rage.

"It... It can't be! How did you... tame it?

Buu then flips him off as you stick your tongue out.
"You mad bro? Sorry but no free power for you!"

His jaw snaps shut so hard that just thinking about the state of his teeth makes you cringe.
He begins to practically foam at the mouth as his aura takes on an ever darker hue until it's almost pure black.
While the king is obscuring himself with this tantrum you turn to your partner and speak to him.

"Sorry to bother you bud but... we need your help!"
Buu raises his hand to his chin and then shrugs.
"Listen! If... If you help us Eric will cook you a fifteen course meal! How's that?"
Buu raises an eyebrow.
"Yes! With extra dessert!"

Internally you scream at Cabba for making such a deal but your anger fades when the ghost nods at you.
Looks like you might be able to do this... but that probably means you can't call on Buu for a while.
The spirit then painfully lodges its hands into your back and you feel... a pull. Buu is literally planning on ripping you in half.

But as he forces your bodies apart you feel his magic working and you calm down a bit.
Letting out a sigh of relief you aid the Majin as much as you can by applying your own psychic powers.
Your composite body begins to vibrate violently as it's forcibly being ripped apart, reorganized and mended at the same time.
However the conjoined effort of your psionics and Buus immense magic seem to be doing the job as the failed body you created starts to reform into two separate beings, although rather gruesomely.

A familiar light show erupts from your body and the fused energies separate, leaving two individuals.
You shake your head in confusion as you try to recover your sense of self and individuality.
"Urgh... that was not pleasant-"

Cabba groans.
"Let's never do that again!"
He then shoots you a concerned look.
"What now?"

>Kefla got this. Let's just worry about this guy right now.
>Let's try it again. Without some bitch messing it up!
>Kefla got this. Let's just worry about this guy right now.
>We fight separately
>Kefla got this. Let's just worry about this guy right now.
>Kefla got this. Let's just worry about this guy right now.
That is... very one sided.
Should I take this as "You'll fight Presto alone"?
Is this okay?

Pfft, no. This guy doesn't deserve a knight's treatment.
I mean... if you want to throw shade at him, saying "I don't need backup for you" is pretty up there
Honestly, Sala and Hail could use the backup that Cabba could provide
I don't really care as long as he dies quick.
You look Cabba square in the eye and tell him.
"We don't do that again. For a while at least."

He nods.
"I guess it's for the best."
Then he looks at the demon and asks the obvious.
"What about him?"

"What about him?"

The demon cries out.
"Behold! This is the Darkness form! The power that demon royalty can use by utilizing the dark energy of the Makai!
My father used the same thing! Except I'm more powerful than him in my base form! So you can imagine-"

"Hey Cabba.
Go assist Sala and Hail.
They could use your help."
Then you turn to the demon.
"I'll handle this little shit."

Cabba then shouts and transforms into a Super Saiyan... but it's different somehow.
His ki isn't going out of control like before. Has he been secretly training like Caulifla or-

"You... YOU DARE?!"


You punch the guy straight in the gut with one of your Earthquake strikes.
He leans forward, retching quite hard before you punch him with a decent amount of telekinetic energy behind it, the force of which not only sends him flying but causes the walls behind him to cave in.
As the demon gets put in his place your hair finally starts standing up even though you've been transformed since the first attack.
Cracking your knuckles you speak to him.

"Listen... I'm in a pretty foul mood right now but I'll give you a chance.
Leave and you get to keep your life."

"U-Urgh... Like Hell!
I'll have my revenge if it's the last thing I'll do!

It seems that this guy didn't get the memo that his entire species is afraid of you.

>Remind him...
>Just wrap this up as fast as possible. You got bigger fish to fry
>Play around with him a bit
>>Just wrap this up as fast as possible. You got bigger fish to fry
>Just wrap this up as fast as possible. You got bigger fish to fry
>Just wrap this up as fast as possible. You got bigger fish to fry
>Remind him...
Alright... poor guy.
Best of 4

Rolled 16 (1d21)

Time to fail
Rolled 13 (1d21)

Rolled 7 (1d21)

Rolled 20 (1d21)

>Prestos face when

Guess this means he dies
File: darkness form.jpg (17 KB, 512x287)
17 KB
Your hair flutters around freely as you go after the guy.
Even as he morphs his sword into a scythe you continue to pursue and pummel him into submission.
Whether by striking his weakpoints over and over again, using vibrations to break him or just straight up Ki you have him on the ropes.

He tries his best, he really does but even when he swings that overly large blade of his it's not enough.
You perform the motions of the Kamehameha and do your own variation of it.
"Null Fist: Flowing water strike!"
The weapon shatters when it makes contact with your hand.

You grab the gasping head of the demon and after tossing him around like a rag doll threw him backwards where upon landing he received the rest of the Kamehameha as you let go of it and the wave shot out of your body.
Sitting with his back against the wall he struggles to look up as you rush to him and knee him in the face, causing the back of his head to strike the rock again. He looks dazed by the impact.
Couple that with the physical damage he suffered from just this much and he's already on the verge of loosing his consciousness.
So much for his power-up.

But he's not done yet... well, he is. But someone has other ideas.
You feel her, she's suppressing her energy but not her thoughts. Big mistake.
She's skulking around, planning to help the kid. Focusing on her you can even make out what she intends to do.

"Don't worry Presto! Auntie is coming!
Now... All I gotta do is-"

But with a booming, static noise you appear right in front of her.
Your stare alone is intense enough to freeze her in place, allowing you to take her staff and break it over your knee.
A faint "No" leaves her mouth as you raise your hand to her and with a quick but powerful push you send out a wave of telekinetic energy and knock her out before returning to the "King".

Looking down at him you grab him by the throat and while pushing him into the wall, you drag him up.
As he's choking you contemplate how to handle him. From experience you know that killing him would only allow the next idiot in line to come. But perhaps that'd be for the best. Maybe with no personal vendetta the next guy will be sensible enough to leave you alone.

>Kill him
>Kill him AND his aunt
>Make sure he remembers this well
>Make sure he remembers this well
Let's leave them alive to remember not to fuck with us.
Otherwise another upstart will just try the same shit.
>>Kill him AND his aunt
Yeah no, the grudge is too personal to let this guy live, same for his Aunt cause then we've killed her brother and her son in all but blood.

Kill them both and the next guy should be smart enough to know not to piss us off.
>>Make sure he remembers this well
>Otherwise another upstart will just try the same shit.
I mean, we killed 1 King, the guys son became king and tried to get revenge, and we kill him and his aunt, I think that will send a very clear message of what happens when you fuck with us.

If they do come after us again, we can permanently scar THEM as a reminder, but this brat's too much of a vengeful coward to ever leave us in peace.
>>Kill him AND his aunt
Yeah no. No leaving the guy alive to grow a pair of balls and try again later when we’re weak.
>>Make sure he remembers this well
>Make sure he remembers this well
>Make sure he remembers this well
>kill his aunt
It looks like he gets to live.
For now

And this will be my last post for the day.
Just warning you in advance
Actually people are right, switching to
>Kill him AND his aunt
What now Not Som? With the vote change below the options are tied?
It's 3 against 4 still
he gets to live
Lol no they aren't.
It's 4-3
Even if they were
Too late nigga.
Looking at him you decide to try something different.
Yeah, killing the last guy didn't work but you kinda expected it.
The only thing that surprised you is how much this guy would come after you.
But maybe... if you put the fear of god in him and with a little help from Ken... he might be neutered instead of eliminated.

Staring in his eyes intently you started addressing him as you push him further into the masonry.
"Look at you. Wasted and gasping for air.
Was this meant to be your great revenge? No... victory appears to have defeated you.
After taking the throne you assumed you could beat me. You thought wrong."
Tightening your grasp on his throat you pressure him further while turning to look at the demon wench hiding behind a rock.
"Even her... your aunt, thought you'd not be able to defeat me so she came to aid you.
My only question is... would you have accepted her help? Like a coward? Or would you choose to die like the maggot you are albeit with some dignity."

Mustering all he could he reached for the woman and muttered only this much through all the gagging.

"I don't think so."
Pointing at her you charge up a Null Lance and look Presto directly in the eye who seems to be terrified.
"Oh? What a novel concept. A devil who cries for his loved ones. How adorable.
Tell me... if I killed her and spared you, could you live with that? Or would dying be worse for you? I'm genuinely curious."

"P-Please! D-Don't kill - GAH - her!"

"Is she that important for you? Heh... What is this? Feeling indebted or familial love?
Either way... good. Remember it, the next time you want to come after me.
If you ever have the idea of coming after me again... just remember what I could do to her in front of your eyes..."
And just to hammer the point home you dip your finger into the blood that's trickling down the wall, his blood.
Pointing at his foreheadd you draw the Majin symbol on his forehead, a symbol of the power you took from him, a symbol which will haunt him now, his brand.
Aaaaand that should be it for today.
Sorry for the abrupt end. I still gotta wake up early tomorrow.

Anyway, I don't expect the thread to last much longer so next time I'll definitely make a new one. I'll also try and check my schedule tomorrow, see if my weekend is free or not
See you guys then.
....Can someone remind how we're the good guy's. Like even if we're in the right. From an outside perspective we look like the bad guys. Damn.
>says an anon advocating murdering him and his aunt.
>From an outside perspective we look like the bad guys.
That's how shit rolls in the Makai. Biggest mother in the yard and all that.
Oh no, I was still ready for killing them, just pointing how brutal that was
Yeah you're right.

I hope fans enjoy the newest installment of Doom Slayer
>I hope fans enjoy the newest installment of Doom Slayer

They’re gonna need to do some serious editing if they want this to make sense, unless they provide some background to what’s happened to us outside of Makai. Like, the first season probably worked fine, mysterious dude shows up in a strange land, seeking strength to defeat an unknown foe he isn’t willing to speak about sounds totally fine for a plot. But unless they provide a whole lot of context, us suddenly reappearing in Makai with a bunch of monkey aliens and a space lizard after leaving it last to slap down the new Demon King and fight some totally new villains with zero foreshadowing, and doing something random like fusion while doing so sounds like complete mayhem.

I guess this will be a test of how much Fuwa and his attendant(s) can stitch together a coherent narrative instead of stringing together a lot of magic-CGI edited scenes.

I predict that Season 2 will be fairly controversial. Some will praise it for trying something new, others will decry it for deviating from the gory showcase that was Season 1.
Don’t even know if we could call it a season 2, considering we were here for months last time, and now we’re probably only going to stick around for like, a few days, tops.
Two words:
Eh... They can go into detail about the whole background of the Slayer as well as the whole Rime fiasco.
The first series was basically just Isekai with a grittier undertone so now they can expand things a bit while returning to form for the final few episodes
>Isekai is the most popular genre now
What have we done!?
File: synthpatty.jpg (13 KB, 297x221)
13 KB
>Isekai is the most popular genre
You mean like now?
Honestly... count the amount of normies that gobble up this garbage and I'm almost 100% sure it'd be the dominant genre right now.
Not to harp on it too much, Isekai can be done well like Tanya the terrible but unfortunately that's not what the masses consume like rabid insects. It's the grey schlock that's being regurgitated over and over again like Sao or pic related
Oh and DOOM is an Isekai game. There, I ruined it for everyone
>Aliens think that Isekai is the greatest thing to come to the multiverse
>Containment has failed, Earth is an entertainment industry pollutant
>Hated on Earth, loved in the Multiverse, Isekai extends its reach...
File: 1558032014316.jpg (259 KB, 434x503)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
FUCKING HOW!!!! EARTH IS THE ONLY PLANET WHERE CRAZY SUPERNATURAL SHIT AND/OR CYBERPUNK MADNESS DOESN'T HAPPEN ON A REGULAR BASIS. HOW IN THE ACTUAL FUCK COULD ISEKAI It was the waifus wasn't it, the spaghetti spilling episode combined with the heart boner inducing bar episode along the hype surrounding the freakout they both had when Eric died must have gotten the audience really on board.How bad is the argument on which saiyan girl is better? Reminder that the audience has seen practically nothing of Kefla outside of combat and while she will likely be a point of major speculation for season 3 there isn't enough content showcasing her personality for anyone to make the judgment that she is best girl
Happy 4th of July by the way amerifags!
I'll also quickly try and drop this:
I'll probably be able to do a session on either Saturday or Sunday. Maybe both if I feel up to it
Thx Not-SOM
Real Page 11 hours.

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