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You've done it.
The newly crowned King of the Makai is broken in spirit, moreso than in body.
Instead of letting him be replaced by another daring individual you chose to leave him at the seat of power while ensuring he won't be a threat to anyone, most of all, you.

Turning away from him you pass by his aunt who's in just as bad of a shape as he is.
Her sunken, terrified eyes carefully monitor your every move as she readies herself to run away.
But even if you did want to harm her it's unlikely she could run away from the fear gripping her mind.
Giving her one, single glance is enough to send her into a hysteric state.

Leaving these two behind you contemplate what to do next.
On one hand the weaker half of your little company of scoundrels probably could use some help, while the cavalry in the form of Kefla is fighting what's arguably the more important of the two battles.

>Back up Sala and Hail
>Go and tag-team those demonic bastards with Kefla
>Find Cabba
>Back up Sala and Hail
>Back up Sala and Hail
Support baa~
>Back up Sala and Hail
>Back up Sala and Hail
Oh wow, I didn't expect you taking the backseat like that.
Guess it's to be expected after last thread
Very well

It's odd how the hordes of lesser demons haven't dispersed already, what with their leaders being thoroughly decimated and all.
But when you look over your shoulder and see a green explosion and FEEL two massive energy signatures clash like that, yeah... These two being taken out of the equation really didn't amount to much.
All these hellish goons are probably focused on staying the hell away from whatever Kefla is doing that they don't even bother with their actual ruler.

Cursing under your breath you turn tail and run away from Kefla, as well as her adversaries and instead head for Sala and Hail who seem to be fending off a seemingly endless swarm of demons.
When you arrive you see the two of them standing on top of a tower to conserve energy, Sala giving her all to the fight and Hail in his final form recklessly shooting beams of concentrated death into the crowd.
Each of them take out several dozen demons with each attack but it's clear that against such an advantage in numbers they'll burn out soon enough.

Making a beeline towards them you land between the two, they look up in surprise as you assume a fighting stance and punch the head of two demons off.
"Whoa there! Where WERE you?!"


I was a bit preoccupied."
Turning back to them you put up your guard as the swarm seemingly stops for a moment.
"So... what's the situation?"

*pant* *pant*
"Good, D!"

"No! It's not good! These guys don't know when to give up!
No matter what we do they just keep coming!"

Sala then looks down.
"But... now they stopped?"

Looking down you see the signs of true fear appearing in the eyes of demons as the boogeyman of their worst nightmares stands in front of them.
This is a great opportunity for you to decide what to do with them.

>Okay guys... Combined arms assault! We break through them!
>Take a breather, I got this.
>Watch this! (threaten them into submission)
>Watch this! (threaten them into submission)
>Okay guys... Combined arms assault! We break through them!
Rolled 18, 15 = 33 (2d21)

Rip and tear it is

You guys roll for ye'selves and I roll for the two xenos
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 10 Crit: 15

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Doomslayer Lives I suppose.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d21)

File: angry_birb.jpg (20 KB, 474x474)
20 KB
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Okay. Imma roll the last one myself
Hey we still passed the basic DC, and is someone doesn't roll the 4th roll you can do it, and Crit for us :v
Rolled 16 (1d21)

You look at the two of them with a little concern.
"How are you doing? Can you go on just a little bit longer?"


"Y-Yeah D! Just give me a moment."

"I'm afraid we don't have that much.
These guys won't just stand there forever..."
You begin focusing for a moment before taking a step forward.
"I'll take the brunt of their forces. Just make sure to stick close to me and take out the stragglers."

They nod a little and await your next move.
Leaping down from the little perch they found you head straight into the army of Makai denizens and with a quick Null Lance you start off the ensuing brawl.
With Sala on your left and Hail on the right the three of you tackle the demons head on.


Just as you penetrated their "formation" and ran into the crowd you were surrounded from all sides.
But that was only unfortunate for them. Despite your two allies being tired and you having endured a little beating you still managed to completely and utterly overwhelm your opponents.
You smash your fist into a demons skull which becomes concave as he flies into the five other devils behind him.
Shooting a ball of energy after this little bunch you detonate it and put quite a dent in their numbers.

Meanwhile Sala is using her tail to choke, slap, grab and slam the demons into each other as well as the ground.
While Hail, using spinning motions slices the demons apart like a blue dervish, each scratch doing little more than surface level damage but his poison makes short work of any survivors.
With the duo following you and making sure no cheeky demon can go around and get a cheap shot in from your blindspot you tear into the army and leave the survivors equally terrified and confused.

"I-I don't get it! It's just two mortals and a heretic bitch!
How are they this strong?!"


The demon couldn't finish its sentence as you tore off the upper half of his skull with a focused swipe of your hand, which is followed by a chop cutting his buddy in half.
Through the bloodshed your grin grows ever wider as you revel in the carnage and the mayhem!
File: Spoiler Image (71 KB, 784x1024)
71 KB
But effective as it may be, fear does not have the same effect on all creatures. In some instances, be it due to biology or personality, some creatures will become stalwart when facing their fears.
And it just so happens that a small fraction of the horde did not get broken, rather, they got inspired.
They stand their ground with their weapons raised, crying out for their comrades, rallying them.

"Do not relent!


This particularly fearsome pack of demons charged you. Naturally they still didn't stand a chance. But that was not the problem.
The issue was the fact that they bunched up and focused their efforts, greatly amplifying their combat prowess.
All the corpses of their fallen brethren became another obstacle for you to push through, barricades of unliving flesh which both protected and obscured their allies, leading to a rather nasty surprise.

You blast your way through this wall of meat only to come face to face with the spears of several demons.
With fluid motions you managed to crash, snap and break most of their weapons and then their faces.
But some... some you couldn't take out before they made contact. While most of them simply left little cuts, on in particular got you good.
Wincing as the tip of the weapon penetrated the skin you looked down and saw the weapon protruding out of your waist.

Looking back up you pulled your hands back and shouted.

Pushing through the remainder of these virtuous demons you annihilated a good chunk of their fighting force, leaving a large gap between the two halves of the army.
Seeing the small crater between them and their brethren the demons FINALLY realized their mistake and start scattering in a fit of panic.
You manage to hold your composure until they leave but once they are out of sight you promptly reach down and groan in pain as you try to staunch the flow of blood.


"Are you alright?!"
Sala asks in a worried tone.

But that som'bitch got me."

"A'ight. I think this is our cue to leave."
Hail adds to that, clearly done with all of this shit.
Which is odd because he runs the lowest risk of injuring himself.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that..."
A mysterious voice breaks the momentary silence of the battlefield as he emerges from the shadow.
"After all that you've done I don't think you get to leave just like that. Not until you paid that is!"

This guy is... odd.
He certainly looks demonic but his main features don't remind you of any devil.
Instead they are reminiscent of something else entirely... a Supreme Kai.

>What the fuck do you want? (talk)
>Great... More idiots who don't realize what they are getting themselves into. Sala, Hail, let's waste him! (Attack)
>You two stay out of this. This guy feels like trouble.
>>Time skip and splatter his brains

No. It's done, we are not extending villains like it's the buu saga. Fuck that
>>Time skip and splatter his brains
Agreed, I don't give a fuck who or what this guy is, what he wants, or how we'll rue the day we cross him. Just make him implode from a Earthquake Strike to the head and be done with it.
Thirding. I just wanna hurry up, kill Towa, make out with Kelfa, and the duck out of here.
Yowzer, this guy's gone bowser.

Given the nature of your vote I require a vote.
There won't be a Crit because if you succeed... well, there's no increasing that effect so...
Roll the dice

Best of 4
DC: 16

Now do I think this will be easy? Maybe not, but-

It's just not our style to do anything else.
Rolled 20 (1d21)

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Cool. Lets YEET this guy and go on our merry way.
File: he dead.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Rolled 9 (1d21)

I find it hilarious how fucking done with this everyone is.
So what would he have said and done etc. I'm curious what you had planned.
Depends on how you reacted to him.
Either he fights you because to him you are an outsider who's been fucking with HIS crib.
Or he talks things through with you like "P-Plz stop raiding my home"
Oh well. He should have tried swinging his dick around like it was the biggest one in the building. So, now that we offed the Demon Supreme Kai, is Mechikabura gunna have step back in and take control?
File: 1561955834179.png (446 KB, 628x581)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
So he was a mook with dreams of grandeur. I almost feel sorry for him.
I... didn't think that far ahead.
I have some reservations about delving THAT hard into Heroes territory.
The twins are pretty new/obscure and Towa was in the games...
Don't want to get into 15 Brolys and edgy dopplegängers territory, now would we?
File: shin_is_a_cuck.jpg (20 KB, 474x266)
20 KB
Don't be. He was the proper counterpart of Shin.
Meaning he only felt cocky because half the party was exhausted and you just got shanked
Eh depends on how you handle it. You could have there 2 Demon Supreme Kai's here, like we have 2 in Universe 6, and have the guys buddy take control, or you could have Mechikabura take control, and just put the realm on Lockdown so idiots stop poking us, making us rampage here, and messing with his retirement.
Rolled 4 (1d21)

File: vroom_vroom.jpg (221 KB, 600x927)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
He raises one of his arms as he begins monologuing about... well the usual.
You've heard it a thousand times already, if not more.

"You see "Slayer", while you were busy ransacking everyone and everything, even killing the so-called ruler of this pitiful realm, its actual ruler was I-"

Your hair stands up for a brief moment before you use time-skip.
The world around you goes clear, like shattered glass as you walk up to this wanna be Kai.
Raising your hand up to his face you grab him by the head and tightly squeeze until his eyeballs are popping out between your fingers.
Then, for good measure, you speak up.

"Null Fist: Earthquake Strike."
There was no more rage in your voice, no more hatred. Just pure apathy.

And as the effect of your attack begins and that of the time-skip ends the speech of the Kai comes to an abrupt end as he begins screaming his throat out.

His purple blood drips off your hand as you lower your arm.
The two aliens behind you look back and forth between the places you arrived at and where you started, struggling to comprehend what you just did.
But eventually they do figure it out and swallow nervously.
"Jeez y-you didn't have to do that to 'im-"
Hail mutters.

"I did..."
Turning your attention to the still raging battle between Kefla and that Mira guy you sigh, fed up with all this.
"Let's go wrap this up."

"Y-Yes D!"

"Sheesh... is he always like this?"

Usually he doesn't do the whole insta-kill thing."
File: Kefla_01.png (599 KB, 391x767)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Passing by Cabba who's busy taking care of the remaining straggles, you eventually reach Kefla who seems to have things under control.
She looks reasonably well, with only some dirt on her, while her opponent, this cyber demon, is bloody and battered.
Just now he's pushed back against the nearby mountain and he leaves a crater on impact.
Flying up to the girl you call her out.

"Kefla! Are you okay?"

"No. I'm dying of boredom here.
I thought I could vent some frustration but beating this weakling is just said."

Mira groans as he pulls himself free of the hole he got punched into.
"What did you just say?"

"I said I'm bored.
You're boring me."

For the first time you see some emotion coming from the demon-machine hybrid. Frustration.
He's gritting his teeth as he powers up with a loud scream, all the while Towa is watching him from a safe distance.

>What do you say? Wanna wrap this up together?
>Keep whooping his ass. I'm going after his sugar mommy
>>Keep whooping his ass. I'm going after his sugar mommy
>>Then when this over, how about you and I go on a date, just the two of us?
Sure. We owe her a date anyway
Weird time and place for that but... okay


Oh and just as a heads up, this update (probably) won't take long, as you'll have to choose how to engage her
And considering who she is, you might wanna strategize
Er....I don't mean a date in Makai. I mean a date back in the Mortal World once we've finished dealing with this shit.
What I mean is that in the middle of a battlefield, drenched in blood might not be the most opportune time to ask a girl out
You say that, but Kelfa is a Saiyan, so I'd argue this is the perfect time to ask her out.
If you're giving us a clear signal It won't work, nevermind.
No, no, absolutely not.
I just find it weird personally
File: mira_villain.png (126 KB, 400x267)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
You focus on Towa, who you can see is already plotting something, that scheming bitch.
Since it's probably nothing good and because nothing would satisfy you than shitting in her cereal right now you start making your way to her.
As you're levitating past Kefla you say this.

"Okay... You keep spanking Mr Robotto over here.
I, on the other hand, want her head!"

"Phew. I was getting nervous there!
Thought you were gonna say ass for a second."

You start giggling like a child.
"Don't worry. That's not the one I'm after.
Speaking of which... I could use a break after this because I'm SO done!
How about you?"

"Hmmmm... I'll think about it.."

Then Mira promptly snaps.
"Why are you not taking this seriously?
Is this your idea of a joke?"

Kefla is quick to respond.
"Because that's what you want! And because you are beneath taking seriously."

Finally you see Miras knuckles whiten as he tightens his fists and with a MASSIVE wave of Ki, which feels like a brick wall smacking you in the face, he powers up.
His aura gradually goes black until... oh no.
He's doing the same thing that brat did. He's absorbing the ambient dark energy of the Makai.
In your panic you turn to Kefla and promptly calm down when you see her not even bothering to uncross her arms.

As he starts glowing you see Towa letting out a little "tsk".
"Damn it, Mira!"
She points her staff at him and casts a spell which seems to further strengthen her machine.
"If you go out of control, again, I'll have you severely punished!"
Suddenly as the hex hits him the demons aura further changes until it becomes a somewhat odd mixture of black and white, with an infinity symbol appearing on his forehead and his eyes glowing bright red.

Kefla just smiles at this.
"Okay. Maybe I can finally have some fun!"
Then she promptly transforms into a super saiyan.

At the same time you fly down to Towa.

Don't tell me those fools couldn't even hold you up!"

"You should choose your pawns better Towa."

"Oh well.
At least they did manage to wound and tire you out."

"If you think that's enough to stop me from beating the life out of you...
You're sorely mistaken!"
You raise your hands and assume the STANCE!

>Try to set up and lure her into a trap
>Let's see how she likes her pressure points being "massaged"
>Use everything in your disposal to overwhelm her with sheer force!
>Let's see how she likes her pressure points being "massaged"
>>Try and use your psychic powers to trip her up. Telekenesis, telepathy, Time Skip and Stop, keep her off balance and try and find an opening.
IMO, we can't count on Magic to work, cause she's way better then us, and Buu already helped us out. The Magical Fuck You Dimension can help, but we need to actually hit her with it.

Given this is Towa, she's probably great at running away and teleporting, and she's seen most/if not all of our moves, and she's fought the Time Patrol so brute force is out.

I say we get tricky and hope to get a lucky shot in.
>>Try to set up and lure her into a trap
>Let's see how she likes her pressure points being "massaged"
Yeah sure, we mix things up and keep her on her toes, look for an opening.

Time to go full STANCE, time to IMPROVE
As I read this it seems like Time Fuckery mixed with being a tricksy sonovabitch for Maximum Confusion.


And now it's time to roll if it works.
Best of 4; 1d21+3
DC: 7 Crit: 19
Rolled 10 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 18 (1d21)

Rolled 7 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Rolled 17 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

Lets see
Rolled 5 + 3 (1d21 + 3)

I wonder if she bleeds purple like the demon Supreme Kai?
File: 1446059441469.jpg (192 KB, 1280x960)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Unnatural 21 bitch.

20 or artifical 21 dosent mater we are beating her ass.
I just realized how meme-able Toguro is
File: towa-nudie.jpg (20 KB, 300x375)
20 KB
Your hair stands up again and as a wave of calmness spreads over your body, you transform again. Readying yourself to finally get some just deserts.
But Towa doesn't seem too threatened by this, in fact she raises her hand to her chin and starts chukling.

"My, oh my...
You think your little tricks are gonna work?
I've been in the time manipulating business FAR longer than you. If you think some parlor tricks will-"

Using your time-skip you attempted to get close enough to hit her but doing a quick handstand with her staff she pushes herself out of the way and when you try to pursue her, she simply teleports back a few paces.
Swaying from left to right as she rides her instrument like a broom she starts taunting you.
"Whew. That was close! Care to try agai-"

But you're already a step ahead of her and attempt to engage the wench before she even finishes.
Irritated by your thick headedness she attempts to dodge with similar movements as you tackle her in the same manner...
Until she gets stuck in the air.

With a smirk and two of your fingers raised, you turn your hand 180° until pointing down which promptly Towa to descend as your telekinesis does its work.
Once she's in touching distance you try to punch her but using some sort of teleportation spell she relocates herself.
But like a bloodhound that caught scent you pursue her relentlessly again and again until she's sweating and panting from exhaustion which drastically reduces her reaction time.
Meanwhile you're still as fit as you started due to your conditioning.


As Towa becomes sluggish you do a sweeping kick which she avoids by flying up.
In response you throw a large chunk of stone at her which she narrowly avoids but when her vision is no longer obscured by the projectile she sees you.
Finally you get in a hit, and not just any kind.
The stuff of legends which can break or permanently disable the mightiest of fighters.

The swirling energies send the poor demon flying backwards at supersonic speed, creating several rings in the air right in front of you as she penetrates the sound barrier multiple times.
But as she's flying backwards her entire body jerks back towards you and stops mid air before being pulled back by an invisible force.
And once she's close enough... that's when you hit her with the second one!
As she recovers herself Towa gets to healing her injuries with her magic right away.
Mending her wounds she looks down at you while panting.
"W-Where did that come from? I researched his every move but never did I encounter anything like that!"
Her eyes then widened and she hastily erected a magic barrier when she spotted you making a mad dash for her at full speed.

You strike her barrier with an Earthquake Strike this time but it has next to no effect on it, much to Towas delight.
"Fool... I... Tailored this... Specifically for you!
Even if you break your arms... you won't... get through it!"
Ignoring everything she says you continuously pummel the thing, hoping to crack it.
Towa does her best to repair it from the inside, nullifying all progress you make.

In response to that you begin to assault her mind as well as her body through your mental disciplines. It's true that she could fight any one of them easily... but all at once? It's clearly putting a lot of strain on her.
Finally, when you think you got her distracted enough you pull your arm back and ram it into the thing.
The pressure and friction building between your hand and the wall of the construct is great enough to create both heat and light.
But seeing her barrier hold its own, Towa laughs at your efforts.
"H-Hah! I told you! Even if you break your arm you'll never get through!"

Then... the solution is simple: You just got to keep punching it afterwards...



Unleashing a flurry of attacks on the barrier you keep punching it until you see cracks forming on it. Unfortunately, Towa was kinda right, as in by the time you saw any results your hands started bleeding.
No matter! Now you're in it so you'll see this thing through to the end!
Pulling back one final time you start focusing intently on this last punch.

"Null Fist-"
First, your hands started to vibrate, then a whirlwind of psychic energy surrounded it and finally, you added the third component! The Kamehameha!

The pain of the impact is excruciating. That amount of force could've ruined your arm on its own even if you did nothing with it. But smashing it into what's essentially a brick wall?
Your skin tears, your muscles implode under their own force and bones break under the tension... But so does the barrier.
And Towa looks like she's finding God right about now.

She better be as well since you're not gonna let her get out of this one!
Since your arm is busted up you opt for headbutting her instead, which nets you a satisfying CRUNCH as her nose breaks.
Reeling, about to break and blood pouring out of her nose she looks at you.
"T-This is not possible! How did you do that?!"

>No words. Keep beating her!
>For a scientist you're pretty dumb! You can't measure a fighter with raw numbers!
>Had enough yet?
>No words. Keep beating her!
>>No words. Keep beating her!
Yeah no, talking isn't a free action lady, you can figure it out yourself while your stuck in your hell cocoon.
>No words. Keep beating her!
"Because If you give me an Impossible obstacle, I'll transcend the man I was a minute ago and surpass It, that's who I am as a fighter!"

Fuck It, time to go full humanity fuck yeah
Wait, Is It not? We've talked and beat the shit out of several people, though I wouldn't say anything until she's already thoroughly beat to shit so she can't get away.
>Had enough yet?
Tbh, I don't know if it is usually, but given both how fucked up we are right now, and that giving Towa any time at all to plan is a completely awful idea that could cost us our life, I don't wanna take chances right now.

I like your write in, and I wouldn't mind saying that WHILE we beat her to death, but...well see above.
I finally caught up with everyone, right in the middle of a session too, lucky.

Anyway after this I wanna go on a date with kefla and kiss her abs.

Also for some strange reason I want to pair up sam with sala
Oh no, that's absolutely my Intention. I want this to be the last thing she hears as she's approaching the verge of unconsciousness.
It's not strange, I want It too.
>>For a scientist you're pretty dumb! You can't measure a fighter with raw numbers!
>Had enough yet?
> if she says no make a face of disgust and call her a pervert
File: 09451203.jpg (12 KB, 285x299)
12 KB
>Murder Towa with a smile on your face
>>No words. Keep beating her!
Well... Beating her within an inch of her life it is.


And uh... Imma need one final dice.
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 13 Crit: 19
Rolled 2 (1d21)

What do you mean within a inch? I wanna kill her and stop her bullshit once and for all.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Rolled 6 (1d21)

Oh wow...
Well, guess it's time to see if Kefla has anything to say about it
Well, looks like Towa still has a few tricks left in her.
Rolled 19 (1d21)

Sorry, I didn't check.

Let's see If It would have mattered.
I feel like this might be bugger or something we've gotten a total of 3 rolls above 15
back to mediocre city huh...
Looks like she's a bit more occupied with Mira than expected.
this is severely disheartening i'm getting so tired of this
So am I, but shit rolls happen sometimes. At least he isn't infected with OPBP Ace's Jobbery disease.
Well at the very least you traumatized these idiots so hard they'll go incognito for... a good while. Maybe permanently
Does the one piece quest have jobbing dice?
I saw it a few times and like one piece. Though I didn't check it out yet
Ace has caused two shops with DF users to sink, broke his arm, and is allegedly biding his time to sink the subpirate
what? Like a first mate?
Also, which Ace? Portgas?
The quest has godly luck, like you've never seen.

Except when It comes to Ace, or Ace Is around. He jobs basically every roll, and It's contagious.
by Subpirate they refer to a vessel which would be called a Submarine if the Marines manned the vessel. and yes they refer to Fireplace.
Ace has jobbing dice, and in a recent thread infected Commander Flashman (the main character) with said jobbery.

As said, he has sunk some ships, got captured and forced into being a Warlord to go save Luffy, got his shit kicked in by Blackbeard so hard he almost died, and nearly dragged Garp down with him.

He recently set ship we were on in the Grand Line on fire by accident, and has so far proven to be an active detriment to any combat situation he's in. It's honestly hilarious.
File: ace_big-oof.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
I get it... and I hate it.

I mean... at least it's canonically accurate
This is the universe where Ace jobbed to a marine ensign with a gun.
With supreme unintentional trolling.
Nat hundy

Like, a lot of nat hundies
There doesn't exist a big enough numbers in our reality which could represent enough nat100's that could make a fucking gun beat a logia user...
Said Marine Ensign was the MC. Also, bullshit rolls on both sides. Especially for Ensign Flashman. He started out as the titular bounty photographer, and through the power of bullshit crits is currently an aspiring weaponmaster, Observation Haki prodigy, learning Armament Haki. He also throws cannonballs like Garp, taught by the man himself, and used said skill to behead one of those bird-knights in Skypeia and traumatize Luffy.
Ace had decided to go undercover as a random marine infantryman in order to do Luffy a favour and save Zoro during Alabastor by pretending to be doing a prisoner transfer to another vessel, MC (the ensign) decides that he'll have the prisoner be handcuffed to both of them, using the snazzy seastone cuffs he picked up a few days ago (That the QM intended for Ace to steal and use on Blackbeard) to (unknowingly) cuff Ace to Zoro and another pair to cuff Zoro to himself
Then halfway through the walk, Ace gets pissed off and tries to start shit, as he's far far stronger than the MC.
In response the players choose a meme option of attempting to draw with a DC of 98 and actually succeed, so Ace is forced to surrender else he get a bullet through his face.
I wanted to link to this one, sorry.
But seriously, we are talking about a quest in which we bought Conqueror Haki with 10 stored nat 100 (one anon got 5 nat 100 alone), but whenever Ace appears and is conscious, everyone except our super pro sword teacher jobs to almost death.
Don't forget killing Enel and getting the Lightning Logia
Oh yes! Thanks to the power of a stored crit and inspiration, Flashman accidentally got forcefed Enel's devil fruit after killing him, while smashing through trees after falling off his little flying fortress.
You leer over her, the gaping wound in your chest and your barely attached arms leaking a profuse amount of blood, which only adds to the effect.
"Because you gave me an impossible task, I transcended the man I was a minute ago.
Your future and fate don't concern me. My domain is the present and I'll grow as the situation demands!
And now you'll feel that growth on your skin!"

Casting a shadow of death over her you pull your working hand back and punch her in the face.
However that's as far as you get as Towa... actually starts crying? It doesn't feel faked either, she appears to be in a great deal of pain and distress which caused her calm persona to shatter, revealing the inner turmoil she's feeling.
She reaches for her cheek and looks up at you, barely managing to contain her sobbing.

You, of course, don't give a shit about that and will happily continue beating her within an inch of her life and then some...
But someone else has other ideas. From behind, you hear a shout of fear mixed with worry.

Mira manages to break away from Kefla who attempts to stop him.
"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!"

But Mira flexes his arms and his armor breaks off of his body, which somehow seems to boost his capabilities even further.
This improvement is not enough for him to be on par with the fused girls but it's just enough for him to get the hell away from her.
Ignoring his directives and his assailant the demon goes straight for you but... does not actually attack you.
With a simple punch he clears you out of the picture as he reaches for the broken woman.
"Are you okay?"

"I... *sob* told you! TO RETREAT!

"I'm... sorry."

"Forget it! We're leaving!
This place is NOT worth the trouble! I'll take the meatheads of Universe 7 any day over this!"
Towa then grabs her wand and creates one of her trademark black and red portals while rubbing her wounds and limping with one of her high heels broken off.
In truth both of them look like they were just... violated.

By the time you managed to recover and Kefla processed what was going on the two have already left.
And with them gone the demon threat finally abates, if only temporarily.
Kefla makes her way to you and carefully lifts you up by the shoulder, the good one thankfully.
"Hey... looks like they got away."
She looks over your injuries with a worried look on her face.
"You okay?"

"Yeah... Adrenaline stiffy numbs the pain for now."
Then you smirk.
"I think we got rid of them... for a while at least. Maybe forever.
But if I catch wind of this bitch again I'm chasing her down 'till the ends of Universe 7!"

"Easy there champ.
You gotta rest up first."

"Y-Yeah. Thanks Kefla."

"Don't mention it."
The green haired saiyan then grins.
"You can pay me back with that date you promised!"
After cannonballing said fortress (the giant gold ship) to hell.
Not gunna lie, them bitch slapping Enel in the face with a Armament Enhanced Seastone Skate, and then stabbing him to death with the sword of one of his priests, AFTER we GARPED the shit out of his flying golden ship, is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in OP Fiction.

An endless stream of crits.

And oh how I laughed. He hates us for that.
Aaaaand that's as far as it goes for now.
I don't know how to proceed from here so it's good to end things.
As you noticed, the ONE good thing about Towa living... is now you have an excuse to go to U7 if you want.
But if you don't they'll pretty much ignore you from now on.

And I gotta leave before I read more of this One Piece nonsense and my brain explodes.
But damn it! It's making me want to run a One Piece quest someday
Don't forget how literally every fight In skypeia was just no-sold by us nat 100'ing our opponent from get-go. Which was like what, four times?
>TFW you scare Towa so badly she'd rather deal with Goku and co. than your bullshit.

OPBPQ is totally worth the read, but there's currently like 23 threads to get through.

FYI I'd totally read if you decide to do a One Piece quest someday.
Good run Not-Som, the end was basically perfect: Time traveling demon who has seen infinite timelines with infinite bullshit just gives up because Eric is too much bullshit.
Even though they're badguys, I'm pretty content with this outcome.
I suppose even a Devil May Cry, under the right circumstances. And think of Fuwa, this Is the perfect hook for season 3.

Ha! I'd read It If you went and did a One Piece quest. Don't start It until you finish this though, don't make that mistake.
I can't remember. I just remember us One Shoting The Bird Priest, The Most Retarded Man To Ever Live Priest, and smacking the gaint snake in the face with a Armamant Cannon Ball.
>Holy shit! A guy riding a giant bird with a la
>Cannonball through the head!
>Holy shit! This guy looks pretty tou-
>SHOT THROUGH THE HEART and you're to blame
>Giant Snake
>Throw cannonballs at it until it self-tames
>big confrontation with Enel
>in attempt to cripple ship, accidentally roll too high and make it explode
>Enel is pissed, zaps Flashman
>Spontaneously develops armament, no sells it
>Flashy picks up a skate and clonks Enel unconcious before gibbing him with a magnetic iron filing sword
What an arc.
If you aren't supposed to be able to force your way through a problem, just add more nat 100's until the QM dies of a stroke.
Goddamn, just reading that is making me chuckle! Reminds me why I think it's the funniest quest on the board, it perfectly captures the essence of One Piece!
Oh yeah, one NameAnon has been officially declared the QM's nemesis, due to rolling like half the nat100's we had stored up. including on-command a couple times.
Best part is that it's not the QM making a super speshul OC who is better than everyone else.

She just wanted to make a simple non combatant photographer quest, but then dice bullshit destroyed all her plans like 4 times already and now she's just as much of a part of this wild ride and no longer the conductor
It's a quest where one of the main character's (unknown) parents had to be made a D.
This wasn't planned.
Just so it makes some sort of sense as to how much he's able to get away with.
I mean...
As much the whole "D" concept is fellated it doesnt actually mean much.
Plenty of people who arent Ds got ridiculous anyway.
People like Whitebeard, Charlotte, Shanks and Kaido
It's more an in-story reason I think. I think D's also get some kind of mechanical bonus in the dice system, though I can't recall for sure.
Say not som how did Fuwa react to us oneshotting his demonic counterpart?
So... Next thread seems to be... in a tricky spot.
Basically I won't have any real amount of free time until Thursday.

So in order to not leave you guys hanging for too long I'll release some side stories to alleviate that "itch" of yours.
Currently I'm thinking about covering Kefla beating the shit out of Mira
Let me know if you got an idea / I forgot to do something in the past.
The ol' memory ain't so good no more
Well don't get me wrong, I love this quest
But the reason I got hooked in was because of the premise that we were going to be a chef and not just a fighting guy,I like fighting but if you could give us a bit more of the actually doing our jobs bit I would love that

>tldr-more cooking pls

Maybe we can even have our own personal tournament arc where we compete against the greatest chefs on earth WITHOUT using our energy cooking and instead relying on pure technique, have us be the ones getting schooled and dabbed on for once
I can agree that we need a more low-key arc after this.

-Date with Kefla
-Spending time with the kids
-Dealing with the kids memeing at us because the internet is a cesspit
-Spying on Sister/Cabba date just like my japanese animes
-Holding ourselves back from snapping Cabba like a toothpick for dating our sister
-Getting challenged to a not-Shokugeki by Space-Gordon Ramsay
-Schooling/getting schooled by the greatest Earth chefs
-Indiana Jonesing with Hail
-And last but very not least (if we want to live), chatting with/cooking for Champa
Tl,dr: I was planning on doing that but thanks for bringing it up.

I feel the same way but for the sake of character development I sacrificed the free time between brawls that was meant for cooking.
Now that only Kefla is left I feel comfortable getting back to the roots. I even got a scenario planned already but a cookoff sounds good too.

However I'd like it to be clear, this is still a DB quest so fighting WILL happen
That's cool I like the fighting,also

We see the saiyan princess meeting our sister and the feelings of sadness/jealousy that her favorite punching bag/maybe crush was stolen right under her, maybe harem shenanigans for cabbage just to make Eric's blood absolutely boii

Also sam and sala, I see potential there
>Not wanting to add Sala to the harem.
But sala wants the D
I thought people were tired of all the social linking.
Glad I'm wrong.

Oy! No spoilers!

Why do people insist on making Sam a hentai protag, bedding semen-demons n shit?

I like all of these, especially Space-"Jam"
But I cant guarantee all of them will make it in, some will be relegated to omake status
Sam is unworthy, he isn't Big D.
Sam is our friend and needs a girlfriend. Sala is our friend and deserves someone better than Sam. That said, we are alredy helping him. He'll become a superhero on earth and capes get all the bitches (specially if you are the only superhero in the planet). About getting more waifus, I think most of the anons are open as long as Kale and Caulifla agree, but I'm also fine with staying as we are.
I have 2 words that will fix this problem instantly fusion dance
>But I cant guarantee all of them will make it in, some will be relegated to omake status
I'm definitely fine with that, they were mostly just ideas.

And as far as getting tired of social stuff, I think it's just best to do as you have been, sort-of alternating between social/slice-of-life/low-key training and more exciting high-stakes training/fighting for our life/shit going down in general arcs. Your discretion on when to switch of course, not much point if you're not having fun writing it too!
Dominika waiting for her turn to go have space adventures with Erik
Would you be surprised if I told you she's not interested?
She saw the shit Eric got into, like Frost and said: "Naw"
Typical non-Saiyan dbz female SOP.

Eric whispered to himself as he obsessively stalked his sister on her date.
The boy, no, the SONOVABITCH who's currently nervously holding Elenas hand is none other than Cabba, the Saiyan prodigy and future homicide victim.
He's been following the two of them for a while now and now that they stopped to have lunch at a nearby diner Eric was free to stew in his own rage as he could barely restrain himself from going over and beating the shit out of Cabba each time that little twink had the BALLS to make physical contact with his sister.

"Oy blyat! Remind me again why I'M here?!"
Asked Dominika as she also peeked over the corner, just a few inches above Eric who's on all fours so he's even less likely to be noticed.

"I need insurance!"

"Insurance for what?"

"So that I don't blow a gasket!"

"Well it seems to be too late for THAT!"
She taps the guy on his shoulder and tries to slowly drag him away but the guy feels like he took root then and there.
"Move Cyka! MOVE! COME ON!
Just mind your own business you debil and let the kids have their fun!
No need to be jealous."
Of course she doesn't KNOW that Eric is pretty much doing the same thing but backwards, wooing Saiyan women instead.
Because if she did she could call him a hypocrite as well. But at the same time... she doesn't understand that it's Erics duty as a brother to beat the crap out of anyone who even THINKS about doing HIS sister!

However as the foul mouthed girl was trying to pry Eric away from the wall she made too much of a scene and started attracting the attention of some pedestrians.
"Hey... what are those two doing?"
A small group of girls noticed them and started getting suspicious.

"Ewww... what a creep!"

"Quick, call the police!"

However Eric heard this and stood up, towering above the girls with his muscular body which caused their attitude to change dramatically.
They still raise their phones to take a picture of him but obviously NOT for the sake of giving it to the authorities as they begin to blush at the sight of this absolute unit.
Giggling, they swiftly walked away while talking about "How cute he is."

Scratching her head Dominika gave voice to her bewilderment.
"You know... I'll never get used to you being coveted by actual women."

"Shut up..."
Eric responded as he got back to glaring daggers at Cabba for the rest of the afternoon.
Okay. Looks like I'll indeed be able to run today.
Just wanted to clarify that
How long from now?
eh... about two hours
give or take a couple minutes
Roger that!
You pant as the glorious adrenaline starts flushing out of your system.
The sound of the pain receptors in your body starts growing stronger as their screams are no longer muffled by the thrill of battle.
As the cells in your body desperately beg you to stop this madness and get some relief, or at the very least seek some shelter, you look at the remaining demons with disgust.

Seeing you wince, Kefla, rather uncharacteristically, starts worrying about you.
"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah! Just... had enough for a while."
Looking back at the others you frown.
"But we might wanna do something about them."

"Want me to take care of it?"

>Sure. I've never seen a nuke going off anyway
>I don't think that's necessary. (Try to scare them off)
>Let's just grab the others and get the hell out of... hell
>>I don't think that's necessary. (Try to scare them off)
>I don't think that's necessary. (Try to scare them off)
>Let's just grab the others and get the hell out of... hell
>I don't think that's necessary. (Try to scare them off)
Allllllrighty then

Gently levitating yourself over to the half broken tower of the once mighty castle, you speak up.
"No need. Watch this."

Landing on the broken stone steppes you look down from them and after taking a bit of time to compose yourself, you take a long, deep breath before yelling at full volume.

An unnerving blanket of silence falls on the battlefield as each and every one of the Makais residents stop what they are doing and slowly turn to face you.
Looking down you see that the closest ones are VERY clearly jittering uncomfortably.
No doubt your bloody and torn visage is only ADDING to your intimidation factor as opposed to subtract from it.
And it's not just them either... Even your allies, with the exception of Kefla, stop what they are doing and instead gasp as they see your mangled body.

Inhaling once more you shout a singular line.

The oppressive and frankly, eerie quiet breaks as the nervously sweating demons stat breaking down as they realize what they are hearing.
First, it's only the weakest, most cowardly devils who start screaming, but once they turn tail and start running for their lives panic spreads to the others and mass hysteria breaks out in the demonic remnants.
Several dozen, if not more, of them die as their comrades trample, claw and climb over them, each trying to preserve its own life.

They depart with such haste that the ensuing dust clowd they kicked up ends up enveloping the entire royal realm, castle, walls, courtyard and surrounding mountains included.
Your panting is cut off by the dust entering your lungs, causing you to cough as Cabba, Hail and Sala fly over you.

Hail observes.
"You don't see THAT every day!"

"I concur..."
Cabba adds to that.
"What did you DO to these demons to get such a reaction out of them?"

"What didn't I do to them?"

"It's good to see you still got your mojo, D!"
"You guys are okay?"

Cabba nods.
"I'm only a bit tired after... that."
He clearly recalls that failed fusion of yours.

"Speak for yourself!
I'm sore all over. D, I might jack your bathtub when we get back home.
I feel like I need it now..."

"Sure, go ahead."
You respond.

"Y-Yeah... but... shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?!"
Hail points at your arm.

Touching it for a moment, before realizing through a sharp pain that it's not a good idea to irritate the exposed, frayed flesh, you remove your hand.
"I had worse..."

Now Kefla also flies over, having turned off her Super Saiyan transformation.
"I checked the place. Feels like a ghost town...
Looks like everyone left."

"Good... I'm not in the mood for any more fighting."

How do we leave exactly?"
She asks.

>First, let's say goodbye to Ken and his buddies.
>There's a door... Follow me
>First, let's say goodbye to Ken and his buddies.
>first let's say goodbye to ken, maybe give him a cookbook or something
>First, let's say goodbye to Ken and his buddies.
We can debrief him on what went down so he can keep up with whatever happens after - not that there's much to be concerned with there, from the sound of things...
Got it
"In a minute.
First I'd like to say goodbye to bugman."

Kefla raises an eyebrow at you.
"You sure?"

If I want things to not get fucked I should tell him about what happened.
Maybe he could keep things under control."

Not wasting too much time, you head out and trace back your steps until you find the familiar temple grounds which Ken now calls his own.
Landing there you make your presence known by flaring your power and the bug in question shows up.
"I take it this means you succeeded."

"Yeap. The kings armies scattered, he and his aunt got the fear of god put into them and the interloper got her shit pushed in so hard she'll think thrice before crossing me again.
Over all a really productive day."


"Thanks. Buuuuut... "

"You want me to keep the king in check-"

"Spot on."

The large demons nods.
"I figured as much.
And I was planning on it.
Worry not. Once I am stronger I'll make sure he knows it."

"Thanks Ken.
Anything I can give you in return for your services?"

A few more recipes would be welcome.
I've been trying to innovate but... results were mixed."

"Heh... easily done my friend!"

Making your way into the inner sanctum where the disciples set up a rudimentary "kitchen", basically an open fire with a table next to it for preparation purposes, and get to work.
Dragging in a large stone slab, you carve in not just a couple of easy recipes but some rudimentary cooking techniques and lessons.
Once done you move it over with telekinesis so Ken could read it while working at the table.
"There you go!"

"Hmph... thanks."
Once you've said your goodbyes you headed to the great door separating the afterlife from this accursed place.
And good thing too, because you were getting sick of it.
After a few remarks about the big, ominous door, you took your gang through it and pushed your way into King Enmas palace, who's not at all pleased by your intrusion.

"Alright assholes!
Which one of you had the bright, FUCKING idea to go into the Makai?"

"Lay off Enma... we had important things to take care of."

"Such as?!"

"Demon invasion into the mortal worlds."

Grumbling to himself about "fucking mortals always making a mess of things" he reached for his drawer and retrieved his trust old stamp and gave everyone a mark on their afterlife cards.
"Here... die two more times and you each get a sundae."

Hail asks him.



Walking out of sight and out of mind, you gave Fuwa a call who quickly took you out of the otherworld.
He was even nice enough to transport you directly to Champas planet, as he had quiet enough of Hail desecrating the sacred world of the kais.
Once there, the confused Frost Demon was loosing his shit once he was told WHERE he was.
"Oh man, oh man! We're fucked! We're so so SO fucked!"

"Chill out...
Nothing bad's gonna happen to you.
Besides, this is not even Champas planet but mine."

"Phew, that's a relie-wait! WHAT?!"
Leaving him alone to handle the situation on his own you looked at your busted arm and started thinking about what to do with it.

>Get Vados to fix you up so you can hang out with Kefla, as you promised
>It's not just a matter of being injured. You're tired. Better unwind and get some rest while letting it heal on its own
>Get Vados to fix you up so you can hang out with Kefla, as you promised
>It's not just a matter of being injured. You're tired. Better unwind and get some rest while letting it heal on its own

It's best for kefla to appear herself for the date and use the entire hour making sure she enjoys herself rather than just whatever minutes we have leftover
Huh... Not changing to this?
I'm changing to this if instead of let it heal on its own we ask cabba to use the bathtub
Cabba? Bathtub?

This is runing? Damn mised the begining.
File: D1ohB9xWkAI85Ra.jpg (95 KB, 1200x675)
95 KB
"Aaaanyway... I think I'll get this... treated or something."
Going in side, you practically shamble as you feel the sustained damage finally taking its toll.
As you open the door you're greeted by the Tuffles who're mortified to see you in such a state.


"Don't worry pumpkin."
You ruffle Lyns hair.
"Dad just er.... fell down some stairs... all the stairs."

The little girl is seen sobbing before she goes in and hugs your leg tightly.
Looking up you see Kamin and Oren being slackjawed after witnessing you.
"What... really happened?"

You hush them and then establish telepathic communication with them.
"Demons. Lot's of stupid demons..."

Kamin and Oren exchange a quick look and a nod before looking at their little sibling.
"Hey Lyn... can you stand back a little?"
Kamin asks her.

Lyn responds nervously.

"Let's do it Oren!"

"Okay Sis!"

The two of them then become amorphous, silver colored blobs and you start getting Terminator 2 flashbacks as they, with a surprising burst of speed, rush towards you fast enough to make you jerk back reflexively.
And your fear was not... entirely unwarranted as they do something equally amazing and disturbing.
Their liquid forms enter through the various, new openings the residents of Makai so kindly gave you.
The process is... not exactly unpleasant but extraordinarily weird.

Like taking some cold, medicinal gel and rubbing it INSIDE your injuries.
It's slimy, ticklish, cold and soothing all at the same time. Oren even forms a sort of metallic brace around your arm, binding your mangled flesh together like glue.
Giving the freshly renewed appendage you conclude that you actually retained ALL sensations in it, which means the kids could simulate the functions of even nerves.

"You like it?"
Kamins voice echoes inside your body. Not head, body, like she's writhing in there and still talking somehow.

"We'll hold you together and help with the healing!"
Oren adds to that.
I found this just now by the way.
Pretty baller. But I might try and recolor them blonde when I got some free time
>our children are inside us

W-we've FAILED as parents and human beans
"Huh... neat.
But you don't have to do this."

"Errr, I'm pretty sure we do.
Trust me, we're inside and we can SEE all the damage you took."

You walk over to the kitchen while grumbling to yourself and promptly get to work.
"I needed to cook something anyway."

But as you turned on the stove you got an unexpected reaction.
Oren cries.
"Hey! Watch where you're reaching!"

Force of habit."
Lowering your right hand, you proceed to cook a fifteen course meal with your left hand exclusively.
The kids obviously don't know what to make of this.

"Errrr... what are you doing Eric?"
Kamin asks.

"I got a tab to pay."
Once done you sit down with Lyn next to you and clap your hands together.
"Okay Buu... dig in."

Closing your eyes you awaken with black eyes and an "M" symbol on your forehead.
With a voracious appetite you begin DEVOURING everything in sight which prompts another shocked expression from the Tuffles.
"W-W-What is happening?!"

You talk to them telepathically.
"I got him on a short leash. But I thought this'd be a lot easier if he gets to enjoy it but I get the nutrients."

"...Your powers are nonsense!"

"Oh suck it up Mr and Ms T-1000!"

Once Buu had his fill he promptly fell asleep, during which you sneekily switched places with him and awakened with your own body.
Feeding Lyn you then tucked her in bed and told her a bedtime story before moving over to your own bed and falling on it face first and you didn't get up for the next 24 hours.

You awaken, though not because you're well rested but because you're really stiff and really, really, really need to go to the bathroom.
In response to this urge of yours Kamin and Oren quickly leave your body, because they're having none of that.
"Gross! How could you think about that!
Have some consideration for crying out loud!"

"Yeah! We had to stop our poker game Eric!"

"Not... what I had in mind Oren..."

"Why? We were inside him...
It practically WAS your penis Kami-"

Kamin then slaps her brother as hard as she could, almost making Orens head revolve on his neck.
Meanwhile you shamble to the bathroom to finally relieve yourself.
Only barely do you notice that your arm looks revolting... albeit functional.
Fresh cells appeared where the old ones used to be but as such they are of a much lighter coloration and they are still remarkably sensitive.
"Huh... neat."

You contemplate going back to be but on some level you want to actually DO something with your time, despite not being 100% up to it.

>Find Caulifla and Kale
>You haven't really talked with Champa in a while.
>Eh... you can spend some time with the kids while your arm is recovering
>Eh... you can spend some time with the kids while your arm is recovering
>>Eh... you can spend some time with the kids while your arm is recovering
Dad duty first. Then Champa, because really, we haven't talked with him in forever and I'm sure he misses all the noise.
>Eh... you can spend some time with the kids while your arm is recovering
Well it's unlikely that the outcome will change.
Any ideas while we wait a bit longer?
Playing Ball with Oren or... what?
Asking for a tour of their work stations or somthing? Like see how our little pumpkin turned regular lego blocks in to a robot and let the twins be smug at us not geting any of it. After that game night like mario party should be chill enought?
>mario party
I thought you want to bond with your children, not fucking turning them into Horus Lupercal


But I might be let go early from work in which case you should expect a 30 minute absence as I'll have to travel home
At first you tried stretching your stiff limbs after your prolonged rest, but when you heard a crackle from your new arm you opted against such endeavors.
"Hmmmm... maybe I should give it more time.

Nodding to yourself, you turn back around and head inside.
Upon entering you start yelling at the twins for their indecent behavior.
"Kamin! Stop battering your brother!
And Oren! Stop teasing her!"

They pause their bickering and sit down on the sofa when they see you swaying over to it.
Sinking back in the comfortable cushions the two of them start questioning you.
"Aren't you going out?"

I'm tired. Want to relax.
Besides, I haven't spent enough time with you lately!"
Reaching around you pat both of them on the head and ruffle their hair.
"Wouldn't want you to think your dad doesn't love you!"

"Ugh... cut it out!"
Kamin protests like the tsundere she is and Oren tries to struggle against you.
Unfortunately for the boy, he sits on your right so he gets your fucked up arm, which he doesn't want to exert any force against.

While thinking about what to do in order to pass the time and your boredom, Lyn runs into the living room once she hears the ruckus inside.
"Daddy daddy! You're awake!"

She jumps up and lands rear end first on your lap.
At first you jest about this hurting you but she's bright enough to not fall for your shenanigans.
Cheerful as ever she brings up her toy robot... which now seems to have proper joints on all four limbs, allowing it for omni-directional movement.
It's still fairly rudimentary so it can't make proper use of them but now that the framework is in place you have a sneaking suspicion it'll soon become capable of moving about properly.

Finally having enough of this, you decide to ask Lyn the obvious before she could unleash some sort of sentient, replicator army on the universe and plunge it into eternal darkness.
"Wow Lyn! That's really cool! How did you do it?"

"Want me to show you?"
You nod.
And NOW is that time I warned you about.
I'mma disappear for about half an hour.
Will post once I get home
Okay, im home
Will resume shortly
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 562x290)
94 KB
Your little girl drags you by the hand, into her room, out the window and around the house.
Why she couldn't just use the door, you have no idea... Perhaps she did take after you.
What she then shows you is remarkable yet... significantly mundane at the same time.

You see a little table and an equally small chair next to it fabricated out of bits of wood, plastic... and metal. Where she got the last two components you have no idea.
And it's all held together by a combination of some sort of adhesive, wooden screws... and welding.
Wait what?

She pulls out a little canister with a miniature torch... oh no.
With the press of a button she turns out her make shift battery and the welder comes alive.
Her eyes darken due to the stimulus, bypassing the need for a shield and she attempts to demonstrate how it works but you avert your eyes before Lyn burns them the fuck out.
"Okay... okay..."
This is not okay...
"Lyn sweetie... where did you get this?"

"I maked this!"

"R-Really? That's neat!
She points away from the house, way away. You look as hard as you can but don't see what she's pointing at.
Most likely it's on the opposite end of the mini planet.

"Huh... I was wondering why she took her shovel and bucket that way."
Kamin observes.

"I thought she was building a sandcastle."

As the twins continue pondering about how Lyn must've extracted metals from the planets crust... SOMEHOW, the little girl continues demonstrating her "workstation".
Turns out it's uh... it's pretty advanced. With the press of a switch the seemingly cobbled together toy table reveals hidden compartments and moving parts which then transform into a sort of miniature workshop.
She placed her robot down on it and then pointed at her tools.
"I maked these!"

"Hah... haha! That's cute!"
You pat her on the head while sweating profusely.

But the twins don't let you get off that easily.
"It's a simple little contraption. Any Tuffle could build one with their eyes closed, but it must be too complicated for you!
Really the only impressive bit is how she managed to get the raw materials."

You give Kamin a noogie for being a smartass and quickly let her go.
"Okay... Before I start having a breakdown how about we do something normal for a change?"

"What did you have in mind?"

Leading the kids inside, you turned on the ol' PlayStation and put in something that's sure to put them in their place.
An oldie but a goodie that you haven't really had much time for lately: Guitar Hero!

Kamin grunts as she tries to keep up with you but despite their affinity for music and their acumen they still fail to stand up to years of experience.
To give credit where it's due, they are giving it their best... but that's not enough when faced with someone who 100%-ed every single installment game that wasn't utter garbage and someone who played countless custom songs.

"What's wrong?
It's a real simple game! Just match the colors!
Oh well, I guess it's a bit too COMPLICATED for you!"

Doing a wicked solo you finish her off in the duel and both of you sit down, covered in sweat.
"Damn it... how long have we been doing this?"

"Four hours.
Time flies when you're playing."

"Did I do well daddy?"

"Of course you did Lyn!"
And she really did. She did even better than Oren.

"Ouch! My fingers hurt!
Why do Earthlings invent activities that are physically hurting them?"

"That's nothing.
We voluntarily drink poison to feel its effects and to see who can drink more before passing out or dying.
Humans are hardcore like that."
You say that... but when you started out you almost got Carpal tunnel as well.
But they are fugging robots for crying out loud! They can take it.

>What do you say? Wanna keep going?
>Okay kids. Bedtime! I don't want you to stay up too long or you won't get enough sleep!
>I always said after nicely exhausting yourselves it's best to relax a bit. Come, we're making a pool!
>Okay kids. Bedtime! I don't want you to stay up too long or you won't get enough sleep!
>>I always said after nicely exhausting yourselves it's best to relax a bit. Come, we're making a pool!
>make em a bedtime snack, tuck them in, and go to sleep
>Okay kids. Bedtime! I don't want you to stay up too long or you won't get enough sleep!

Get them some Oreo's or something
File: go_to_sleep.jpg (35 KB, 560x315)
35 KB
Sighing you stand up and make your way to the kitchen where you proceed to mass produce pancakes and once you've stacked up 4 plates with them, you pour some milk for the kids and take it all to the Tuffles on trays.
They look in confusion at the confection but you just urge them to try it out and even demonstrate how to eat it.
Their eyes light up once they taste the sweetness of the maple syrup and with childlike glee stuff their cheeks full of the fluffy confections.



But as eager as they were for the sweet dinner, food coma quickly settled in which was greatly aided by the milk, knocking Lyn out cold and making the twins rub their eyes.
Carrying Lyn first and then the twins one by one into their beds you tuck them in and wish them a goodnight before shutting the lights and heading back to clean up the mess you've made.
Once the dishes are piled up and everything's been taken care of you head out of the log house and after walking a few paces away from the place you looked up at the darkened, star filled sky.

Sitting down you try to make sense of the constellations but quickly realize that it's a futile endeavor.
In your loneliness however a figure approaches you from the darkness, calling you out.
"Hey D."

"Hi Sala."

"Did'ya recover already?"

"Eh... Give or take a few more days and maybe."

"What'cha doin'?"

"Nothin'. I'm just feeling happy so I wanted to stargaze a bit.
But I don't even know what I'm looking at so...."

"Heh... pretty sure you do-"
She then sits down next to you.
"I'M the one that doesn't know what those lights are."

"You like them?"

"Yeah. Never had anything like them back home.
What are they?"

Blobs of hot gas that burn so bright you can see them from all across the galaxy."

"Well whatever they are, they sure look nice.
But they make sleeping impossible. I feel like someone's always watching me, with them up there."

"Still living outside?
I'm sure the Universe 9 guys already got a decent little village rolling."

Not really interested.
Those guys are... odd."
She turns to you.
"How about you? Why don't you move in with them?"

"They are the ones that built things a bit away from me.
I suspect they might be a BIT scared of me. That or they don't want to deal with a bunch of children."

"Heh... I don't know why that'd be the case.
They're fun."

"See? You CAN get along with others.
In a few years you might even join society!"

She leans on her back while looking at those peculiar little balls of gas.
"But what about you? You planning on staying a hermit as well?"

>I don't know.
>For now.
>I don't know.
>I don't know.
>I don't know
>I don't know.
>I've spent a sizable chunk of my life in the city yet it feels just kind of right to live out here and get away from it all.
>To be fair though it's not like I'm some sort of wild man who never leaves the woods, as with everything there is a healthy balance that needs to be maintained, I'm sure everything will work out how it should
>I technically have a job I should be trying to focus on. Being a tough badass and a family man and all that is great and all, but I can’t have Lord Champa getting angry with me, so I need to be nearby whenever I can - trips off-world are a sometimes food. Though... I DO want to see as much of the Universe with my own eyes as I can, no matter how long it takes me.
"To tell you the truth... I don't know.
I've spent a sizable chunk of my life in the city yet it feels just kind of right to live out here and get away from it all.
To be fair though it's not like I'm some sort of wild man who never leaves the woods, as with everything there is a healthy balance that needs to be maintained, I'm sure everything will work out how it should."


"And besides, I got a job to do here.
I'm usually jumping from plant to planet on my free time, but I always come back. Can't have Champa get mad at me.
But with all that said... I do want to experience as much of the universe as I can. Maybe more.
Once I know my place in it... I'll decide how to live the remainder of my life."

"Damn. I just asked a simple yes or no question...
But jokes aside, I feel you."
She looks up while her tail is wagging happily from side to side.
"I never thought I'd get the option to have a quiet life but now that I have it... I don't know what to do with it."

Patting her on the shoulder you stand up.
"Well I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Just take my advice and socialize a little. It may seem ridiculous but it can help.
Hell... if you want advice about how to be "mundane" then look no further than Sam.
The guy is as close as you can get to normal on this planet!"
You grin and turn your back to Sala as you walk off.

"Hey D-"


She bites her lips.
"N-Nothing... I just...
Wanted to say "Thank you"...
That's all."

Smiling at her you respond.
"Don't mention it!"

You then walk away from her and let the daemonette contemplate what you've just told her.
Meanwhile you think about what to do next... After talking about your future with her like that it hardly seems fitting that you just sit on your ass.

>Let's hang with Champa
>Go talk with Vados a bit
>Time to find Kefla and have some "me time"
>Let's hang with Champa
>Let's hang with Champa
I'm interested in how he and his brother became gods of destruction to begin with, to be honest.
>let's hang and feed champa

I'm honestly surprised that she doesn't get along with the universe 9 guys

They come from a twisted universe where everyone betrays and kills one another to survive, she comes from a twisted realm where everyone kills and stabs one another in the back.

>Let's hang with Champa
>Bring a 6 pack of beer, it would be good to give him something to take the edge off and actually calm down for once
It's because they are so similar that they don't want to.
You know... bad memories.
They'd rather bury the past than constantly be reminded of it

Oooooh, I like both of these

File: two_cats.png (607 KB, 1024x1750)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
Grabbing a six pack from the fridge you decide to head over to Champas place because... well, it's about time you showed up.
Maybe buttering up to your boss isn't such a reprehensible thing when the other option is getting annihilated.
After flying over to the neighboring planet you slowly and cautiously walked up to where Champa was hanging out, least you startle and make him blow up a moon.

Knocking gently on the door before entering you are greeted by an immediate and volatile reaction.
"Oy! Eric! What the hell happened to you?!"

"Long story.
Time destroying demons.
Had to fuck them up."

"You think you can skimp out on your duties just because of your injuries?!
If so... I might just glue to the kitchen floor!"

"Wouldn't dream of it. I can still cook.
But that's not why I'm here."
Raising the six-pack you make the cans clatter satisfyingly.
"Do you drink?"

"Drink what?"

"Oooooh boy!"
You smile with glee and sit down with him.
Cracking open a cold one with ye' boy Champa, you hand him a can before toasting with him.
"Come on! Drink drink drink!"

First he sniffs the beer and concludes that it's not at all pleasant.
But he still gives it a curious lick with much of the same result.
"This is vile! It's bitter and acidic and gross! Why do you drink this?!"
However... it seems that after a few moments he can't help himself and so he tries again. And again. And again.
Each time he tolerates it a bit more.

"It has a certain charm, doesn't it?"

"Ugh... it's disgusting....
But I can't stop drinking."

It's a good thing that Champa has some... excess bodyfat on him. Because by the time you finished your own can he's chugged down two whole cans and immediately went for the third one.
Maybe showing him how to shotgun the second one was a mistake...
Quickly chugging down the second one you took the last in a last ditch effort to NOT make the guy who's never had a drink before his entire life get too drunk.

With a healthy little blush from the blood flushing his cheeks Champa seems to have relaxed just a bit thanks to the inebriating effects of alcohol.
Crushing the can in his hand, he threw it over his shoulder and happily started patting his stomach, which he quickly regretted as the carbon dioxide got to work in him.
"Man, I don't know what's with this stuff but I'm feeling gooood!"
He's not drunk per se but definitely a bit tipsy.
File: free_kitteh.jpg (19 KB, 480x477)
19 KB
But now with that extra bit of edge taken off of him, maybe he's a bit more "malleable" than usual.

"If you don't mind me asking...
"How exactly did you and your brother become Gods in the first place?"

"Eh? Whaaa? Don't you start gunning for my job you motherfucker!"

"Come now Champa...
You know I don't care about that!
I'm just curious. Where do you come from? Which universe even?
How did you, or your brother, end up as another universes god?"

"Pheh... Let's see, let's see...
It's been so long I can hardly remember now."
Rubbing his temples Champa begins to intensely focus as he tries to recall the past.
"To start with, I don't remember where we're from. I think it was the 7th but sometimes I feel like it was the 6th...
I don't even know if our home planet is around anymore to be honest. That's usually the case with Destroyers. Since we are immortal we always outlive our own species.
Oh well... not that I care really."

"Why? Was it... bad?"

"I don't remember.
The first thing I can recall is... Vados. Nothing before that.
Truth is her and Whis were the ones that raised us-"


"You mean-"

"Beerus and I were orphans. Or so I'm told.
From an old and... quite weak race. Whichever universe it was in matters not.
Its angel found us, took us in out of... pity or perhaps curiosity. They thought it'd be fitting to see the two twins separated between the "Twin Universes".
Aaaand then they trained us to be the new Gods of destruction...
I still don't know why though. But that's pretty much how we became the only Destroyers who have a familial connetion."

"Maybe they saw something in you.
Maybe they knew you have what it takes?"

"Did they?
Or were they simply looking for a replacement and we were conveniently close?"

"W-where did you get that?"

"It's just tea. Don't piss your pants.
To tell you the truth I never know what those angels are really thinking.
I like Vados. I mean... she kinda raised me. But I still can't tell when she's serious or not."
Reaching over you pat the big cat man on his shoulder and finish your drink as well.
And unfortunately that's as long as I can go.
I'm getting sleepy over here.
Don't know when the next thread even CAN happen.
Maybe monday?

I'll try doing some side stuff until then.
See you guys later!
Thanks for the session som
Alrighty then, thanks for the great run
Thanks for the run!

The distinction Is important.
You're welcome
File: 1561582691702.png (516 KB, 600x600)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
...And now I want Buu to go full Venom symbiote.
Like this?

Let's be honest, I'm not the only one with a little bit of shit in their pants right now, am I?
File: (8u978yhias.png (188 KB, 426x423)
188 KB
188 KB PNG

...Oh. Just like that, huh?

I don't follow
I think he is sad abou you using the bad word.
Sorry folks for not being able to write anything during the weekend. I had a supremely bullshit time.
But I hope that did not discourage you from participating, as tomorrow we'll continue as I promised!

Don't miss it!
I don't know, I'm still not sure
To me it looks like he's either
a.) Sad that I'm not actually Som
b.) I dropped the joke too fast
Dont mind me
Just prepping to see if I can post.
Sometimes Captcha doesnt want to work from this place

Anyways, Imma start in about 4 and a half hours
How strange...

You never would've thought the Big Bad Champa the Destroyer to open up to you. Not to mention how he has such a... mundane backstory.
Initially you assumed him to be some sort of a "Chosen one" or the greatest villain of his species, anything if it meant he was the biggest and strongest guy around. But no.
Apparently he's not so different from you.

Just a schmuck picked up by the angels and trained in their strange ways until they reached the necessary level to take up the mantle.
All of a sudden it makes sense why he'd be so worried about you taking his job.

You stand up and walk over to the cupboard, retrieving a bottle you had stashed away.
"I want you to try something for me."
"It's called rootbeer. An Earth drink. Non-alcoholic."

Champa takes a cautious sip and reels back in revulsion.
"EWWWWW! This is vile!"

"I know.
It's bubbly, sweet and cloying."

"Just like you..."
He observes.

You also take a swig of it and just enjoy the strong flavor of the drink.
"But do you know what's the scary thing about it?
If you drink enough of it... you start liking it."

He raises an eyebrow and gives it another taste.
His reaction is noticeably less immediate then last time, but it's still the same.
So... you sayin' you don't want my job?"

"Get it through that thick skull of yours.
No. You can keep it as long as you want."


A few minutes pass with neither of you saying a word, not having any topics to really talk about.
Until finally your lips purse up as a topic grasps your attention and seemingly doesn't want to let go.
"Say Champa..."

>What's the situation with your brother? Why do you hate each other?
>Is there any other way for a mortal to become a god?
>Do you... know much about angels?
>Is there any other way for a mortal to become a god?
>>What's the situation with your brother? Why do you hate each other?
>Do you... know much about angels?
>What's the situation with your brother? Why do you hate each other?
Beerus seemingly wins
"Tell me... What's the deal with you and your brother?
I mean, why do you hate each others guts so much?"

Champa leers at you for a moment before you see the very corner of his mouth curl up a little.
"You don't have a brother, do you?"

"I have only a sister, so I can imagine.
I'm just curious whether I'm correct or not."

Taking a deep breath, Champa sighs wearily before answering.
"As far as I can remember me and Beerus were at each others throats.
Any time either of us did ANYTHING the other got angry and things escalated from there until we beat the crap out of each other.
Naturally, that started being a problem once we got to a certain power level."
Leaning back in his chair the fat cat starts to loose himself in a sea of memories.
"I remember the last time it happened we were celebrating our birthday...
Things were going well until Beerus ate my fruit, to which I reacted by kicking his teeth in... Dozens of planets ended up becoming space dust as a result of our fight!
Good times."

"Good times?!"

"Oh yeah! Out of all things, I miss bickering with my bro the most.
Sadly, Vados and Whis put a stop to that because our squabbles started getting out of hand and threatened both of our universes.
Since then we've resorted to using Food Battles instead to see which one of us is the dominant one.
It's been good... our universal rankings have been slowly rising ever since, thanks to our competition.
But... I still miss it."

And there you have it. No higher reason, no divine hatred, no decree of fate which dictates these two must hate each other.
In the end, they are surprisingly human. Two brothers endlessly competing with each other to see who's the better one.
As scary as that is between two gods it's still so... endearing in a way.

"But I don't suppose you'd understand-"

"Actually, I kinda do."


"Much like you, my sister and I... we...
We didn't always have such a harmonious relationship... Okay, that's a stretch. A functioning relationship.
When we were kids we'd always try to annoy each other, especially when we hit our teens.
I'd often poke, prod, annoy her or simply pull on her twintails. In return she'd punch, kick, scratch and bite me.
As... annoying as she was and as insufferable I must've been... that's about the only thing I miss about my childhood."

When you look back up at the catman however, you see that Champa's been staring up at the ceiling while stroking his chin.
"Sister, eh?"

You detect a malicious glint in Champas eyes.
"OY! Don't even think about it Champa!"
Your boss then crosses his arms behind his head and begins whistling.
"I'm serious! Leave Elena out of this!"

"Oh come oooooon! It'll be fiiiine!
I mean, look at you! Your time here has certainly served you well!
You managed to ascend to a level your people won't reach in hundreds, if not thousands of years!
Besides~! If you have a sous-chef you'll have half as much work to do and I'll have twice as many delicious food! It's a win-win!
Champa begins to ponder again.
"If she has similar potential to yours, oooof! Just think of the possibilities!
We take the saiyans and fuse them together, then take you and fuse YOU together we'll never, EVER loose another tournament again! Destroyers or Power otherwise!

"Ugh... I give up.
Listen, let Elena have her own life.
Although.... maybe that way I could prevent that dickweed Cabba from being inappropriate with her- NO!
As much as I hate it, I won't let Elenas life be ruined!"

"Come on!"




"Pretty please? Just a little bit? Just a teensy weency training session with Vados!
It'll be educational!"

>I said no! She deserves a normal life...
>We alread have Sam as a candidate for training!
>Okay... maybe a little. But only if she agrees!
>>Okay... maybe a little. But only if she agrees!
>Okay... maybe a little. But only if she agrees!
>Okay... maybe a little. But only if she agrees!
Why are you so determined to make every Earthling a new Eric? ;_;

File: 1529025714437.jpg (63 KB, 540x599)
63 KB
Finally caving under the pressure at Champas puppy dog eyes, heh, you throw your arms in the air.
"Okay! I guess we can propose it to her!
But ONLY if she agrees!"

Beerus can keep his two Super Saiyans! I'll have my Super Humans!"
Rubbing his nose in satisfaction Champa proceeds to slap you on the back, causing you to nearly faceplant the table in front of you.

"Jeez! Could you maybe NOT break my back Boss?"

"Sorry, can't make any promises."
Finally calming down a bit the destroyer leans back and assumes a comfortable position.
"By the way, you don't happen to have an extended family, right? Any... stray cousins?"

"Don't push it."

"I kid! I kid!
But seriously, one must wonder what's in your family that caused such a deviancy to appear."

"It has nothing to do with genealogy, of that I assure you.
Elena hasn't exhibited any... unusual growth spurts other than her initial one-"

"Initial you say?"

"Any additional, I say!
Cabba apparently taught her the basics, after which she could fly and control her ki slightly.
But she hasn't really practiced since then. So I assume it has to do with talent, willpower and desire to keep going.
As for my family... I can safely say that it's nothing special. Nothing... odd has happened to my family tree as far as I'm aware.
And there are certainly no supermen flying around in my family tree.
That's as much as I'm willing to talk about."


"I don't like talking about my family."

"Fair enough..."

As you kick back and merrily drink away the rest of the booze you start feeling a bit of a buzz.
You remember the good old days when Dominika would get a few bottles of gold vodka, or scorpion vodka, or any kind of vodka really, from a distant relative in russia, during those times this'd be the time when you cracked those open and drank yourselves into oblivion and generally annoyed the living shit out of your neighbors while listening to the trasshiest of hardbass.

Somehow you DOUBT this'd be a good idea with Champa...

>Hey... how heavy of a drinker are you?
>Say goodbye to the boss and be on your way
>Have another thing to talk about... (write-in)
>>Hey... how heavy of a drinker are you?
>Say goodbye to the boss and be on your way

>Hey... how heavy of a drinker are you?
Go big or go home

>our family
Sam is proof that it's nothing to do with our family or anything, humans are just absolute Chad's in this universe
Rolled 2 (1d2)

The thing is... Eric doesn't yet know about Sam

Anyway it seems we got a tie on our hands.
QM Rollin'
2=Peace out

Shit son you telling me we been just training and completely oblivious of Sam?
Also if it's any consolation I literally just woke up and would've voted for more time with Boss cat
Sam got swole while you were in Hell.
Since then you came back, passed out and then just hanged out with your dudes.
Sam was relatively low on the priority list

It's 'kay. We'll have more time with him in the future
Deciding what's enough is enough, you stand up and stretch your back before turning to Champa.
"Aaaanyway, I think I'll be going now.
I'll have the Universe 9 guys bring over your meal if it's okay with you."

See ya later Eric!
Maybe next time we'll do this with your sister!"


Groaning with disdain you slowly shambled through the many corridors of Champas little palace before arriving outside, still grumbling to yourself.
"Stupid fuggin... cat... I swear I'll spike your meal with catnip one day...
Then we'll see whose sister you fuck around with-"

It's at this time that you feel something fast approaching, so you instinctively get the hell out of dodge before it hits you.
The blurry thing screams as it dashes past you at mach 5.

Feeling the wind almost swiping you off your feet you find yourself bewildered by this unknown power signature.
"Who the fuck is-"
You look up and start focusing on the figure.
"No fucking way!"

"Oh Eric! It's so nice to see you!"

"Vados... what... did you do?"

"Who? Me?
I don't know what you're talking about!"
She smiles, feigning innocence. It's not working.

Sam swoops down before you and after landing awkwardly on his feet he approaches you in excitement.
"Duuuuude! Flying is SO AWESOME!"
Then he casually starts boxing with the air while hopping in place.
"So this is what being Superman is like! Feels dope!"

Slapping your forehead you groan in frustration.
"What did I do to deserve this?
Now superhumans will start popping up everywhere!"

"Whoa dude! You mean you want to hog all this to yourself? Not cool man, not cool!"

"You don't get it!
I removed myself from the equation! I won't go back to Earth and just live there with all of... this!
Imagine what will happen if this becomes widespread! We'll nuke ourselves back into the afterlife again! IF WE'RE LUCKY!"

"Relaaaax man! It's gonna be okay!"

You look at your friend and, knowing him, it won't be.
He could EASILY get carried away with his newfound power.
Elena is different, because she lacks any sort of violent, or otherwise aggressive tendencies.

"Care to join us?"
Vados asks you.

>Sure but no training. I'm still recovering. How about we just talk?
>Sure. Besides, I might have to beat some humility into Sam
>Sorry, gotta find the girls. I owe them a lot as is, wouldn't want to piss them off
>Sure. Besides, I might have to beat some humility into Sam
>Sure but no training. I'm still recovering. How about we just talk?
>>Sure but no training. I'm still recovering. How about we just talk?
>Sure but no training. I'm still recovering. How about we just talk?
Talking with Vados while Sam spergs out.
Any particular conversation topics you'd like to see?

Has sam picked up any psychic abilties?
We know that Beerus started out normie-tier. What about Vados, and the other Angels? Could get some of her story and all that.
I 'unno exactly HOW willing she'd be to share the secrets of El Grande Padre...
>vaige statments about siblings and no mention of Padre?
You don't even know that Padre exists so you couldn't reference him.
However this is still a decent way of bringing up the topic
We could ask her about magic: how to increase and develop it properly, etc (Remember that we want to achieve CHIM as and endgoal, so we need equilibrium of Ki, psy and magic).
File: vados.jpg (37 KB, 600x548)
37 KB
"Sure but... no training this time."
You raise your hand to showcase the extensive tissue damage which only recently healed.

Vados leans in and closely examines it.
"Oh dear... That's a lot.
You poor thing, what did they do to you?"

"I... did it to myself."

"Somehow, this does not surprise me."
Vados then withdraws her elegant fingers and gently wraps them around her staff.
"Want me to fix you up?"

You raise your hand in protest.
"I'd prefer not."
Tapping your upper arm you lower your head.
"Perfectly healing from all injury has its downsides. If I keep it like this it'll serve as a good reminder.
And besides! It'll leave a bitching scar!"

Vados giggles.
"Oh you mortals and your primal tendencies!
It never fails to amuse me!"
Gently tapping your waist she starts pushing you forward towards a fluffy, mossy rock and makes you sit down.
"Then how about we just have a little chat?"

"That I have no problems with."

You throw yourself on the soft vegetation and Vados sits down next to you.
She looks up at Sam who zip-zop zoobity zaps around the air like a mosquito.

"He took rather easily to the whole thing.
Pretty much all it took him was a simple explanation and he rapidly managed to learn the basics of flight and Ki control."
Vados then lets out a little chuckle.
"In a way he reminded me of you."
She lets go of her staff and flexes, just a little, as a demonstration.
"He struck a pose like this and shouted really loud until it worked."

"Heh... I'm not even surprised.
I basically only taught him one thing, left for the Makai and now that I'm back he jumped so many levels...
It's pretty nuts!"

"Now you know how everyone else, including me, feels about you.
Between the two of you and your sister, I'm starting to suspect that something's going on with the Humans."

"Aren't you omniscient?"

I can just see anything I want via my staff. It's nowhere near as potent as omniscience.
But even if I was... at this point I want to leave it as a surprise!"
Okay... This is the time when my shift ends.
You know the drill, I gotta get home.
It can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.
Be right back
Okay, I'm back!
Writing shall recommence shortly!
File: Angels_12U.png (927 KB, 2208x1508)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
"Hmmmm... interesting.
Despite being being an angel sometimes you're quite human."

"How so?"

"Heh... Well, some of us humans also enjoy leaving important things as a surprise, despite our curiosity!"
You look up to Sam who's been constantly flying around up until this point.
"By the way, how are you training him? Any psychic stuff yet?"

"No. And I'm not planning on it."


"I suspect he might abuse narcotics.
A muddled brain like his would have an exceedingly difficult time attaining the focus necessary for psychic abilities.
I was thinking about maybe training him regarding magic a bit to compensate. But for now we're sticking to regular training to improve his endurance."

"Speaking of which, I'll need some pointers regarding that as well.
Every time I try magic, I cock it up royally."

"Hmmmm. I have no idea how such a thing is possible.
We'll have to take a look."

"Yeah... Once my arm is back in working condition.
Until then, nah...."
You continue making small talk with your teacher until she finally realizes that something's been bothering you.

"What's wrong Eric?"

"I've got something on my mind... I was talking with Champa about his brother, and my sister.
And I've just been thinking a lot about my sister lately.
"And I remembered that you have not one but two brothers! And how I don't know much about you or your family.
I'd like to fix that."


"What's wrong?"

Just that... nobody ever asked such a thing from me."

Wait. What?!
"Nobody? No-FUCKING-body?!"

"Yes, it's a silly thing I know.
But it's the truth."

"So, if you'd like to talk about it I'd love to hear it.
Like... were you always that strong? Are all angels related?"

"Weeeell... it's a complicated answer.
While it's true that we are born much stronger than virtually all other species, our strength is not solely inherited.
Believe it or not we had to work quite a lot to obtain the knowledge and skill that we have. Father made sure of that..."

"Wait- FATHER?!"

"Why yes! Everyone has a father!"

"D-Do you have a mother as well? Are you like a proper family?!"

"I... couldn't tell you.
I think only my old sister Kusu could tell you. The rest of us were so little we don't remember any sort of motherly figure.
Only father."
Vados then projects an image of all her siblings with her staff, pointing at Kusu.
"There she is."

"Wait... she's your [b]BIG[/b] sister?!"

"I know, she looks so short and old... but that's what you get when you're the eldest child.
Plus all her time amongst the mortals made her... odd. She's often scrutinized by our siblings for behaving inappropriately with both the mortals and the gods of her universe.
Buuut she's been a nice elder sister, so I couldn't complain."

>What about you and Whis?
>What about the others?
>Did you... ever have any friends? Or were you born and raised for this?
>How... old are you?
>What about you and Whis?
>so were you ever a kid, or were Angels just popped out as shown

>how does growing up to be babysitter to the gods work?

>what do you do for fun?

>EeY bbY WAnt sUm FUK
>What about you and Whis?
Okay. Not gonna wait any more

File: chibi_vados.jpg (13 KB, 304x350)
13 KB
"What about Whis and you?"

"I already told you.
We are amongst the youngest-"

"That's not what I meant.
What was growing up to be the guardian of the gods like?
Did you even grow up or did you just... pop out like this? Fully grown and all?
What did you, or do you do for fun? I want to learn about you Vados... not a history lesson."

"Oh... I see."
"Well in that case I suppose I could tell you.
Yes, I was in fact a kid at one point. However I can't say that I really had a childhood.
Unfortunately us siblings were purpose bred to serve the future gods at the genesis of time. And as such we were taught from a young age the art of war and martial arts.
We were made the ultimate lifeforms designed for fighting in order to pass on but a fraction of our knowledge to those we'd serve."

Vados explains her origin story to you nonchalantly. And once again you are reminded how inhuman she really is.
Any regular mortal would either be a broken mess after enduring something like that or they'd remember it in a much darker tone... But not her.
She simply states this as a fact, barely even batting an eye at the fact that she was molded into... this.

While feeling like hugging her might be inappropriate, you decide a gentle touch of her arm is perfectly reasonable.
"Vados... I'm sorry."

"For what?"

You shake your head.
"And what happened after? How did you come to be with Champa of all people?"

"Oh it's a delightful story!
With Whis and I sharing not only twin universes but neighboring ones, we had considerably more contact than most of the other twins.
So once the universes were out of their infancy we were allowed to search for any potential candidates.
It was this Universe where we found the two of them, just abandoned on some primitive world. They were so adorable as babies, I couldn't really leave them behind.
But after I took them in I realized I could only keep one of them. So Whis was kind enough and accepted Beerus as his candidate, in return for always relying on me, my silly little brother!"
Curious. There's one small little detail which is bugging you about her story.
"Tell me, what made you choose a pair of infants? Surely it would've been preferable to pick the mightiest warrior of the universe, instead of picking up and training a baby from zero."

"Not necessarily.
I think you're a prime example that creating something out of nothing is easier than changing the fundamentals of something that already exists.
Besides, I couldn't just leave them alone, now could I?"

And there it is. Hid behind several layers of obfuscation, deliberately withheld until you specifically asked about it and probably denied by even Vados herself... she's still a good person.
On some level at least.

"I see.
Well that about lines up with what Champa said."

"Lord Champa told you the story?
I'm... actually impressed."

"A six pack can get an answer out of any man!"

"But Champa has no-
Wait you mean yours! Oh... Ooooh. I had no idea Lord Champa had such a fascination with the male form.
How scandalous."

"Heh. No, not that.
But anyway, let's stop talking about Champa for a bit. I'm sure he's already sneezing his soul out as we speak.
What do you do for fun? Besides drinking?"

"Hey... I'm not some alcoholic!
I sample beverages, not drink for fun!"

"Of course, of course!
So, any hobbies?"

"Well... I do like practicing music."

"You play an instrument? Really?
Which one?"

"The piano. Though I'm seriously not that good."

"Well I'd love to hear it sometime regardless.
IF you're not against the idea."

Okay. Shall we go then?"

"What? Like, right now?!"
She nods.

>Fuck it. Why not?
>No thanks. But I'll be sure to make time for it!
>Fuck it. Why not?
>>Fuck it. Why not?

>Fuck it. Why not?
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Okie dokie
Time for some QM rolling

Oh hey, she actually doesn't suck shit, like I originally intended.
"Sure! Why not?"

Equal parts delighted and taken back by your enthusiasm Vados stands up and calls out to Sam.
"Young man! We'll be leaving for a short while.
Please do take care not to injure yourself."


"He seems to have gotten the message."

"No he didn't..."

Your teacher then lead you back inside and through some corridors you've never really explored before.
Going through places you didn't even know existed before, Vados finally lead you to what must've been her safe haven, where nobody could bother her for just a little while.
The darkness which seems to have been sitting on the room for a while now quickly disperses as she wills the candles in the room to come alive.

All the lights have been arranged in a way that they beam a shaft of light down on the very center of the room where the instrument laid, surprisingly clean despite being abandoned for some time now.
She ran her fingers along the lid before setting her staff aside and sitting down.
Slowly and delicately she lifted it up and after a moment of concentration began playing.


Even when she said she wasn't very good with the instrument you expected her to display something which even Mozart would envy.
But in contrast to that, what she ended up playing wasn't anything remarkable, or special.
Just a somber little song which she played as best as she could.

You were enthralled by it, not because of how great it was but... simply because of how much it conveyed.
Behind the simple little song were many pleasent emotions, all of which were laid bare before you. And there weren't enough riches in the universe to convince you to interrupt it.
Sitting on the ground next to her, you watched intently and in total silence as the angel before you played her little song.
As the song went on she played more and more enthusiastically, shedding her facade of calm collectedness as those said emotions surfaced.
And as she played with more feeling but less focus her performance clearly suffered. A missed note here, a little fault there.
But instead of creating dissonance all they did is add to the experience. No longer did it feel like a recording being played back by a machine, but an actual live performance with a flesh and blood artist behind it all.

Though as the song neared its end, it became clear that Vados was nowhere nearly as pleased by this development as you are.
"Aaaand that's about it.
I made a mess of it by the end but I hope the rest of it was enjoyable."

>What are you talking about? It was beautiful
>Yes it was
>What song was that? Did you compose it?
>Yes it was
>What are you talking about? It was beautiful
>What are you talking about? It was beautiful
>>What are you talking about? It was beautiful
File: moar_vados.jpg (62 KB, 600x600)
62 KB
You look at her and shake your head.
"I don't get what you're talking about.
It was beautiful, through and through."


"No buts..."
You stand up and pat her on the shoulder.
"From beginning to end."

"Do you... think so?"

We call it... Humanity. All the little imperfections that make us who we are.
And I don't understand where your aversion to it comes from but you need not look further than your older sister!
You said she embraced this idea already.
Would it really hurt to try it?"

Vados looks down at her own hands, her flawless and ever pristine hands with which she trained so much yet they never suffered a blemish.
Then she looks at the hand on her shoulder and sees the wounds adorning it, the scars she mocked not too long ago, the pride of the mortal races.
"I-Is it really okay to-"

"Of course...
Why wouldn't it be? You've been alive for so long... and you lived the same way.
I know you want a little change, don't try to deceive yourself! Come on. Play another song for me!

For the first time, perhaps ever, Vados seems truly lost for words.
She contemplates this... Humanity thing you told her about. Flaws making adding to a things value as opposed to subtracting from it.
It sounds so dumb... yet so... enticing.

She then slowly reaches up and touches your hand.
"Will you stay?"

"Of course."


Reaching forward your teacher began playing another little song she made up in her free time. Then another, and another.
And when she went ahead to play another one after getting fired up you got a bit tired from standing around so much and so you shifted around to hug her from behind and rest your head on her shoulder.
A faint little "Eep" escapes her mouth and the skip of her heartbeat perfectly synced up with the key she missed.
In that instant she finally understood, if only a little. That little, precocious thing this silly mortal talked about.
And how precious it truly is.

Pausing her performance she looked up.
"You know... I was struggling with coming up with a name for my songs.
At least now I got one."

"Oh really? Do tell."

Phew... that took longer than expected.
But I wanted to do this right. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed yourselves.

I certainly hope all this sappy shit isn't getting on your nerves.
Aaaaanyway, I'm planning on holding the next session on Thursday around the usual time.
I hope to see you then
You kidding me OP? I'm loving this shit. Hanging out with Champ was great but this Vados stuff? That's genuinely touching.

Eric really is absurd and I'm not talking about his ability to grow and hit outside his weight class. Hit, Caulifla, Kale, The Universe 9 Refugees, Sala, Ken, Buu, Lyn, and now Champa and Vados. He has the ability to reach out to people, connect to them, and help them become more then they were when he first met them. Not a strength of the body, or the mind, but of the spirit. And I love it.
Thanks for running, Som!

I really do enjoy making the characters more than just walking plot devices or power levels. It really puts a nice touch on them.
Damn, first the unfeeling machine people,then a demon,an eldritch horror beyond comprehension, and now an angel.
Eric is truly sharing humanity's greatest gift with the people of the stars, the ability to change and grow,adapt, and completely go against instinct or logic and come out the other end even better than before.

It's not really explainable but that's essentially what makes humans so special here, they truly have no default or natural advantage over any other species, just the minimum requirement of being able to think, and that's enough for us to conquer the universe if we so wished it
Reminder that humans in U7 made Kakarot into a hero who has saved countless people multiple times, and (by proxy) Vegeta as well.
Humanity > Everything else
Just like the other anons already said. I love this little interactions between characters. You truly are a great storyteller
Now that you mention it, it goes beyond that.
Piccolo got turned by Gohan, 18s weakness was Kriĺin, U7 Buu and Satan+a dog + a blind kid.
Fuck even 17 got a waifu and he became one of the best characters as a result
Good news everyone!
My fucking sponge of a brain finally relinquished its godly hold on a particular side story I REALLY wanted to do, but forgot to write down and subsequently forgot.

I'll post it shortly.
Much like some previous ones, this'll be a little peek into things to come.
Not immediately, not even close. But sometimes in the future.
Some of you will get a fucking kick out of this one!
The young kai groaned loudly at the monotonous work, which attracted the ire of her master.

"Mu! Are you slacking off again?"

"N-Noooo master!"

Then get back to the design table!"
Eyre turned away from his subordinate.
He originally took the girl not as his successor but more as an assistant, a secretary of sorts. And he's regretted it ever since.
"It's clear we gravely underestimated the capabilities of the other universes!"
The Supreme Kai then adjusted his glasses smugly.
"But the luck of those meatheads can't last forever! With the data we gathered of their capabilities we can create the next generation of our warriors to be superior to them!
Heh-heeee! And just to be safe we'll make them ten- no! A hundred times stronger than necessary! Let's see them break through THAT! HAHAAAAA!"

After many, many, many more hours of slaving away over the drawing table Mu finally was released from her post, if only because Eyre couldn't stand the continuous noise she was making with her wailing.
And so she took this opportunity to go as FAR away from her lord and master as possible, while still remaining on the same planet.
That cold, lifeless, metal rock that was the "Sacred world of the kais".

The very name sickened her. Not because of what it represents but what Eyre made it to be.
She saw in the records how it once was, before her superiors obsession with robotics and technology became... unhealthy.
It was a verdant, blue planet on which life of any form could blossom.
Now it's nothing more than a forge. Cold and lifeless.

Not that she doesn't appreciate the finer parts of science, far from it.
The fanatical devotion of Lord Eyre brought about many wonderful, borderline miraculous inventions. Medicine which could cure the worst ailments, easily producible food which could sustain populations of virtually any size, institutions of higher learning which can allow nearly any mortal to rise up to the level of gods via science are but a few examples of Eyres genius.
However, despite these discoveries elevating their universe all the way to the seventh rank out of all universes, it came at a cost.

A cold, unfeeling universe where the once sacred flesh and life which the Kais sculpted by hand is now seen as a weakness meant to be cast out and replaced by superior machinery.
There are no more wholely biological organisms, only remote little planets with extremely primitive life still have such antiquities and Eyre is surely not in a hurry to make any more of them.
Once they grow up and reach a level considered to be advanced, they'll inevitably join the fold.

For the last couple hundred years, since she became an apprentice under the lord of the 3rd, she's been stuck designing robots...
And she's sick of it.

"Hello room..."
She entered her little safe haven in the massive complex that served as the seat of god.
This was the one, and only thing she's actively looking forward to.
Her little "me time".

Locking the door of her room behind her, she begins her nightly ritual of disrobing herself, beginning by undoing the buttons of her robe and letting it fall to the ground on its own.
She then proceeds to take off her show and then pulling down her pants, followed by her stockings.
Finally she tossed the last part of her "sacred" attire, her shirt to the ground, so now she was only in her undergarments.
A rather plain looking white bra and matching panties.

She crawled onto her bed and wrapped herself in her blanket after sitting up and pulling her knees up to her chin.
Putting her headphones on she turned on her computer and put on some relaxing music, which she cranked up to the max just so she could absolutely, positively block out all incoming noise.

With one hand holding her legs in position and another on the mouse, she started browsing Godtube, if only because she couldn't think of anything else to do.
Really, it was just so she could do SOMETHING while listening to some music.
She found out the hard way that staring at the ceiling with moody music in the background does bad things to the spirit.

"Let's see what we got... probably nothing... as usual."
First was her "Subscriptions". She doesn't even know why she still follows these channels. She barely even watched any of it. Well I suppose it's something to browse at lest.
"Nothing, nothing, nothing... oh look, more nothing. Wow... new season of the Pride Troopers... riveting. After loosing once, it's probably back to Jiren being the bestest, strongest, most perfect of them all. I bet Kai was sucking his own teeth when he had to include it... otherwise the other Supreme Kais would've called out his bullshit if he made Jiren win the tournament..."
Rolling the mouse scroll down she reached the things the stupid algorithm thought would be interesting to her, despite never clicking on anything related once.

"Oh wow... beauty tips with Universe 2.
Nothing excites me more than watching a bearded dwarf putting up lipstick...
But that's still preferable to that thot Heles... seriously, who's stupid enough to get turned on by a Destroyer?
Then there's Gowasu the tryhard, as usual. Poor guy... Maybe I should click just one vid...
No. My feed would be flooded by his deluge of awful content.
Nothing... as usual. Maybe I should just rewatch some old, mortal cartoons again?"

But something... odd caught her attention.
What's this?"
Her eyes glance over the title and instead focus on the thumbnail. It was... interesting to say the least.
"Who is this?
Wait a minute... wait a minute... wai-wai...
Wait a MINUTE! Lord Fuwa? He never posted anything before.
What is this?"
When she clicked this so titled "Pilot Episode" of what appeared to be a new series, Mu was taken aback by it.
It started with an intro about "In the first age..." and it got progressively worse from there.
Everything from the visuals, the style, the animation, down to the opening was revolting.
Yet... she couldn't look away.

Transfixed by the visceral spectacle she couldn't help but watch and rewatch the episode several times until she was singing every part of the intro song that she could, since it was some very hardcore metal.
Truly, she never felt anything like this before.
"I-Incredible! It's so gritty, so raw, so... so... so BASE!"

At this point she was touching the screen with her hand, wanting to touch the character in that box.
Even the fact that it took something so brazen, something so unapologetically crude to snap her out of the trance of monotony did not bother her that much.
Because THIS is exactly what she needed, something to bring some color into her gray life, even if it was gore red, ESPECIALLY because if it was that!

"The Slayer!"
She stared at the figure with starry eyes.
"The thing I've been waiting for so long! A man of flesh! An embodiment of primal, savage power!
This is what mortals should be! So... perfect!"

But as she said that word out loud her spirit was broken once more and her hand slid down the monitor, leaving an ugly smudge on the device.
She sighed as realization settled in once more... Even in her fantasy, she can't escape the curse of her scientific mind.
Of course it's just a fantasy... of course it's not real. How could it be?
Really, it was just a silly little girl getting her hopes up when reading a fairy tale.

"I should really stop watching cartoons..."
She looked down and grasped her blankie tightly.
"But then... what am I going to do when I'm alone?"
Once more she felt that overwhelming sense of dread, the fear of being stuck in a vicious cycle of self pity and self harm, both of which fueled each other.

As if some higher power heard her prayer, as if something compelled her to look up at the screen, for the first time she watched the entirety of the credits.
Perhaps to see who's responsible for this beside Fuwa, so she might thank them for giving her even a moment of relief. That's certainly more than most other people have done.
It was at this moment when her eyes widened and her heart began racing.

She felt a surge of heat wash over her as her blood began racing through her veins.
The blanket shielding her from the outside world slid off as her attention was impossibly grasped by that single, little line at the end.
"Based... on a true story."
.....I fear for Eric's Chastity.
File: Goku_dd7f75_6095261.jpg (86 KB, 800x1000)
86 KB
What, with all that prime puss laying around... I wouldn't get too attached to it.
Unless you want to keep it until you're 30 to get a MASSIVE magic boost
We should ask if that's legitimate or not
If it is then sorry kefla but we have to not do it until we're at least 30 for the gains
Sorry to break it to ya boyo, but with Kale/Caulifla gunning for us, we're never becoming a wizard.
So... got some... bad news folks.
I checked my calendar and saw that I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.
Nothing serious, just a bi-monthly checkup. But it means I won't have the time to run.
So I gotta push the next session until Friday. ANd I most likely have to make a new thread. This one is pretty low as is
New thread's definitely a good idea, this one's 10 days old.
New Bread

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