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The year is 6072 and the Cassus Sector is on the brink of revolt. With his father, the Emperor, on his deathbed, the Imperial Prince Maximilian Tyrssi III governs the forty world under the Crown with an iron fist; taxing the small folk into poverty and imposing absurd, draconian laws to suit his whims.

You are Marco Riviera, army deserter and Freefall rebel. Together with your team’s medic, Eddy O’Quinn, and heavy weapons specialist, Torossk Ur Kaasz, you made your way into Main Port to meet up with the local rebel cell in preparation for a low-orbit robbery of military weapons.

You are now face to face with the Freefall rebellion’s only pilot certified to fly into space that doesn’t have a hole blasted into through their abdomen: Blake Driscol. It didn’t take much to conclude she was some rich offworlder, and Freefallers tend to have a distrust for her ilk, but if she’s helping the rebellion she can’t be all that bad, right?

"It's good to make your acquaintance. Thank you for your efforts in fighting tyranny." Blake responds and offers a hand in the direction of all three of you.

You take the hand she extended out for you to shake with a firm response, meeting her gaze with your own steely determination. Her eyes are an exotic yellow, probably from some kind of genetic alterations. Rare out on Freefall, but some of the new Crownsguard had gene splicing done as an alternate to cybernetics. You even heard splicing has become a fashion trend on some of the richer world.

“Thanks. Freefall doesn’t take kindly to outsiders with itchy trigger fingers.” You respond. Her eyes betray a small out amount of discomfort at your mention of outsiders, but that’s fairly normal whenever an offworlder is referred to as such.

>Get down to brass tacks and have Torossk explain the heist.
>Get more of a feel for Blake’s personality and demeanor. (Ask Ms. Driscol some questions about herself)
>You’ve wasted enough time here. Load her up and get back to the Dust Bowl before your luck runs out.
>>Get down to brass tacks and have Torossk explain the heist.
We can ask Blake all the questions on our way back to the Dust Bowl
Had to switch computers since I'm currently cat-sitting.

Writing now.

"Now let's get down to business." You address Blake with a serious tone before deferring to Torossk with a gesture. He steps forward clearing his throat. Blake looks surprised at the giant lizard man. You aren't all that surprised. Offworlders don't tend to leave Main Port and Thelusans don't tend to enter except to trade.

"Ms. Driscol," Torossk starts, "We require your piloting skills for a mission to intercept a courier vessel entering Freefall's orbit. Our mission is to confiscate and re-purpose the cargo meant for the occupying garrison so it might become an advantage for our cause."

For a big lizard man, Torossk really does have a way with words sometimes. Blake thinks for a moment about it.

"So you want me to fly you up to a military ship so you can steal its cargo?" Blake repeated back to him. There's a drop of hesitation in her voice.

"Effectively, yes. We've been monitoring this for a while and have isolated a point in time where we can commandeer their ship without worrying about escorts from atmosphere or space. There will be virtually no danger for you." Torossk assures her.

"And you're sure about that?" Blake asks.


Things stay quiet for a moment.

"Okay." Blake nods her head.

You let out a sigh, realizing now you had been holding your breath waiting for a response.

"Great!" Torossk grins widely and laughs. "We'll bring you back to our HQ and get you acquainted with the crew and the shuttle we'll be using for this." He gives her a pat on the shoulder and she winces. You can't help but laugh.

>Hang around and understand more about the Main Port cell and its members.
>Pack everyone up. You've pushed your luck with security too much as it is.
>This would be a decent moment to perform a bit of recon on Main Port's security.
>Do something else?
>>Pack everyone up. You've pushed your luck with security too much as it is.
>Do something else?
see if there's a gas mask for our poor buddy.
>Pack everyone up. You've pushed your luck with security too much as it is.
>Pack everyone up. You've pushed your luck with security too much as it is.
>Do something else?
see if there's a gas mask for our poor buddy.

"Wonderful." You pipe up. "Then lets get this show on the road. No time to waste and I want to get out of here before we really start pushing our luck."

Torossk groans in protest.

"And can we borrow a spare gas mask for the giant baby over there?" You gesture at him and he sticks his tongue out at you.

"You're both idiots; let's just go." Eddy adds in.

"Are you sure? All of you just got here." Phyllis questions.

"Time waits for no one, professor." You quip. You don't mention the uneasiness that being so close to the garrison causes in you or the memories it dredges up.

"Just let me get my things, then." Blake quickly turns and leaves. "And I should probably dress appropriately for the trip."

You just sigh and make your way to a couch on the far side of the large room. With someone who dresses as posh as Blake seems to, you have no clue exactly how long packing for a 2 day operation will take. In the meantime, it gives Phyllis and Eddy's son to dig around their supplies to find a gas mask that conforms to your Thelusan friend's head shape.

"Thanks." He gives a short polite nod to the old lady who simply smiles back.

"Don't worry yourself about it, dear."

Eddy joins you on the couch followed shortly by Percy, rolling his helmet around in his hands.

"Not very fond of being back here, huh?" Eddy mutters out, clearly to remain out of earshot of Phyllis. "You sure you don't want to talk about it?"

"I'd rather focus on the mission right now." You deflect with a certain amount of grouchiness in your voice.

"Careful, Marco, or you'll end up as crotchety as Pops." Percy interjects. You shoot him a look. "Never mind. Looks like you're already halfway there." He relents and leans back against the couch.

"If you'll stop badgering me about it, I'll spill my guts for you after we're done with the job." You relent with a hint of irritation.

"If that's what you want. I'm responsible for all the injuries our cell has. And that includes the mental and emotional ones, too." Eddy taps you on the chest of a finger around where your heart is for emphasis.
The conversation dies down for a few minutes before Blake Driscol reenters with a suitcase in her hands. She's dressed somewhat differently, wearing a white blouse with what appears to be tan riding pants and boots. You almost want to laugh. She looks like she's going on a trip to a country club with her equestrian club! You can hear Torossk attempt to stifle his snickering as well. The O'Quinns don't seem to mind, but you feel that might be age from Eddy and exposure to the outfit from Percy.

"Well?" She looks expectantly at the lot of you with a small smirk on her face. "Shall we be off then?"

"Sure." You manage to collect yourself again. Man, you needed that laugh.

You pile back into the truck, Blake nestled between you and Eddy and Torossk taking his spot in the truck bed, concealing the gas mask between his body and the metal of the vehicle. Being as close as you are now to her in such a compact space, you notice Blake's perfume is a rose scent with traces of honeysuckle.

Percy pulls up to the driver's window before putting his helmet on to ask: "Same route as before?"

>Take a longer way back to the mostly abandoned waste treatment plant.
>Beeline to it, they didn't suspect anything before and they shouldn't now.
>Take an alternate path out. We don't want to compromise the secret entrance.
>>Take an alternate path out. We don't want to compromise the secret entrance.

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