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The candles start to fade, the shadows grow to retake their rightful place in the room and that magical little moment fades as Vados strikes the last key and her song comes to an end.
She could go on but the nearly burnt out candles necessitate her finish.
Slowly closing the lid of her piano she turns around on her seat as she faces you.

"Well that was unexpectedly fun."

"Come on... just this?
I thought we shared a beautiful little moment there."

"I'm not much of an advocate for grandstanding.
But I got to agree that, yes, this was something special."

"I'm glad."
You look around the dusky room you continue.
"I hope it got you in the mood for playing more often.
It'd be a shame if this room gathered even more dust."

"I'll think about it."
She taps her chin.
"But I might need an audience.
Don't think I can bring myself to playing in solitude anymore."

"Damn it... Looks like I got another responsibility!"

Vados chuckles.
"You should think about that before poking your curious little nose into everything!
But you should be used to that by now... what with the whole "courting two ladies at the same time" deal."

"S-Shut up!"

The angel chuckles as you nervously try to back the fuck away from the topic.
"Anyway... I take it you got a lot on your mind right now.
Go ahead, I'll clean up in the meantime."

>Nah, I'll help
>Okay (Go to Caulifla)
>Okay (Go to Kale)
>Okay (Find the girls and ask if they want to fuse)
>nah,I'll help
>>Nah, I'll help
>Nah, I'll help
Okie dokie
Helping space mom clean things up even though she doesn't really need it

You speak up.
"Don't worry! I'll help you!"

"That's... really... not..."
She tries to say no but when looking at your starry eyes she can't bring herself to it.
"As you wish."

Using her staff Vados conjured some necessary tools as well as some chemicals with which you can make this room squeaky clean.
Slowly over the course of an hour the two of you dusted off everything, swept and mopped up the floor, as well as clean up some cobwebs that were in the corners.
But by the end, once you could clearly see the fuit of your labor Vados was clearly satisfied.

"Well... now this is more like it!"

"Finally a room worthy to host you, huh?"

And I must say, I find this whole "manual labor" thing quite endearing.
I never knew one could derive so much satisfaction from such a simple thing."

"See? Omnipotence has its downsides!
Being able to magically wisk anything and everything away must be quite boring."

"A few hours ago... I would've argued against that statement.
But now I see the wisdom behind it. Thank you Eric, for this wonderful little experience."

"Anytime Vados."

As she moves over to pick her staff back up however, Vados finds herself stopping mid motion as something catches her attention.
She stares intently at seemingly nothing, looking like she's heavily contemplating something.
"Is... anything wrong?"
You ask her dumbly.

I was just thinking about something."
She makes her staff levitate before stretching an arm out and tugging at her sleeve with the other.
"It appears that we've made quite a mess of ourselves in the cleaning process."
She then pokes you and finds herself surprised by the fact that she left a dusty fingerprint on your cheek, adding to the dirt on you.

Looking all over yourself, you agree with her that you're in desperate need of a shower... and a laundromat.
Damn it! That was a damn fine shirt too!

"Say... Couldn't you just make it all disappear?"
You ask her.

"Of course I could.
But... after all that... would you be fine with that?"

>W-What do you mean? (sweat profusely)
>I should go!
>W-What do you mean? (sweat profusely)
>W-What do you mean? (sweat profusely)
>W-What do you mean? (sweat profusely)

Also, we really need to get around to contemplating Chronoa's secret method to cheer up the girls if we haven't already.
Hmmmmm.... Can do
As a quick reminder, here's Chronoas hint:
>If you wish to appease them all you have to do is give them "something which was lost" and "something which they never had".

I'll let you roll 1d21 to figure it out
But if you can guess, even a little, I'll give you a bonus to your roll
Best of 4
DC: 17 Crit: 20

>Critical Spaghetti spillage imminent
>Please evacuate the Spaghetti zone
Rolled 13 (1d21)

Rolled 63 (1d100)

Crit pls
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Rolling again out of embarrassment
Rolled 5 (1d21)

D21 not 100 try again.
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Praise our Android masters!
As usual

Still... no guesses? No stabs in the dark?
I'd like to say yes
But no.
Wow... first try... But probably not the way you think
Good job anon
File: Erics_worst_nightmare.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB
Aw shit, here we go again.
The portal to the spaghetti dimension is opening again.
And not even your mastery over space, nor your ability to think with portals is going to stop it.

"W-What do you mean?"
You ask from her while your body is secreting more sweat than you thought possible.

"Going to the bath, what else?"
At this point you feel a weak *pop* as a blood vessel in your nose goes off. Blood's not leaking just yet but the smell of iron is getting stronger.
"You wash my back, I wash yours. Literally in this case."

An image flashes in your head and you feel like you just were on the receiving end of a headshot as your noggin' is propelled backwards by the velocity of the blood shooting out of your nostril.
There's no doubt about it, if what you envisioned even PARTIALLY came true, you'd do many sinful things... again and again, over a long period of time.
Reaching for your head you start complaining in a nasal voice.
"Okay! That is RIGHT OUT!"

She asks in a casual manner.
"As long as no intercourse takes place I see no problem with that.
It's just a friendly gesture between peers."

NO! Nu-uh! Nope! Naw! Hell, the fuck, NO!"
You reject even the idea of it in embarrassment, making Vados wonder whether or not your blush is from your nosebleed.

"Don't tell me... are you afraid the girls would find out?
I don't see why they'd have an issue with that."

"That's not it!
I... I made them angry at me once! I don't want to go through that again!
And I STILL didn't figure out what to do to get back their trust-"
Letting out a gasp you recall the Supreme Kai of Time's words.
"That's it! What they lost... Caulifla has a brother!"
Turning tail you rush through the door, still holding your nose.
I'm dissapointed as a man but I'm proud of you as a human being

Good job and suck my balls faggot
Honestly, they'd probably be fine with mixed bathing as long as our eyes don't wander too much.
In truth you're glad this idea came to your mind, it gave you an excuse to bolt the fuck out of there.
But it still left you with a major problem to take care of before doing anything else. Running for the lake you dunk your head in the water both to cool your head a bit and to clean yourself.
As both bubbles and streaks of red emerge on the surface of the water Sam walks up to you and speaks up.

Imagining naked ladies again?
Tsk, tsk, tsk... When will you learn?"

Popping free of the water you gasp for air while trying to wash your face of any leftover blood.
"Fuck... that was a bad one..."

"Yeah. I see like... a gallon of blood over there.
Jeez it's like a BP oil spill. So.... Whose butt did you want to pee in now?"
You flip him off.
"Come oooon! You can tell me!"


"Whohoooooooa duuude!
Niiiiiice... wanting to bang a transcendental being beyond a god.
It's weird but... nice."

"I did not IMAGINE anything!
She implanted the imagery in MY head!"

"Wait wut?
No way! Noooo fucking waaay! I don't believe it!
Stop bullshitting me!"

"It's not bullshit."

"DUDE! Then did you... just cuck yourself?"

I... decided to run away like a bitch... because I want to remain loyal to my... girlfriend."

"Your... what?"
Sam snickers.
"I didn't realize you got a daki here. How did your kids react when you introduced "mommy" to them?"

"Fuck... you."

"Wait... you're serious?!"


Eric the virgin got a gf.
How did that exactly happen? What with you being absolutely unable to even talk to a girl."

"None of your damn business.
Also it's a very weird and long story, one I don't have the mood nor the patience to tell."

"So... what are you plannin' on doin'?"

That... is a very good question.
>I gotta arrange something for Caulifla...
>I wanna go and see Kale... I need a hug
>I... should probably go back and apologize to Vados. I could've done that more tactfully
>I gotta arrange something for Caulifla...
>I gotta arrange something for Caulifla
>apologize to vados and get her help in your hair brained scheme
I see we're setting up the next plot-line super early

Wana spar with the guy. He was suposed to be strong enought for Cabba to think of inviting to ToP before he learned of the injury. I bet he has some nice moves hiden behind that rust.
I can't remember... was it stated what sort of Injury he had?
Or was it just implied?
I vaguely recall his leg being the problem, which... yeah would be a pretty big problem for a fighter
"I'd.... better get back to Vados.
Maybe I'll look less of a retard in her eyes.
Wanna come with?"

Sam shrugs.
"Sure. Could use a laugh anyway."

Walking back slowly, you find Vados leaving Champas castle. Her body's now squeaky clean.
"Oh Eric! I was worried about you."

"Holy shit..."
Sam whispers.
"He wasn't kidding."

"Yeah, sorry. I got a bit... scared shitless.
We cool?"

"Why wouldn't we be?"

"Oh thank god..."

She waves her wand a bit and all the dirt disappears from your body in a flash.
"Maybe we'll make up for it later."


"So... what can I help you with Sam?"

"Who, me? Nothin'.
Though Eric says he needs your help with something."

Well, what is it?"

"I'm planning on getting Caulifla back in touch with her family."
Vados raises an eyebrow, as if she's surprised by this.
"I heard she has a brother and that they were apparently close before she was exiled.
Maybe I could earn some brownie points with her if I managed to get them back in touch."

"Ah, I see!
Unfortunately I'm not aware of her family, so I'm not sure how useful I could be."

"Well... can you contact Cabba?
I'm sure he has an idea."

"That I can."

Raising her staff Vados conjured a sort of glowy orb which displays an image of Cabba... and you nearly get an aneurism from it.
"Is that... your sister? Where is his hand?!"


The boy looses his balance and falls off the chair he was sitting on, his hand lets go of Elenas shoulder in the process.
"E-Eric? Where are you?
Oh no... Are you God now?!"


"Damn it bro! Stop butting in on our business all the time!
You're getting creepy!"

"Hi Elena!"

"O-Oh... Hi Sam!"

Practically foaming at the mouth it takes Vados a few moments before she can bring you back to your senses.
Once you're capable of coherent speech once more you describe your plan to Cabba, omitting every insult that comes into your mind during the process.
"Oh... you want to help Caulifla meet her brother?
I had no idea she even cared about Renso...
Wait... how do you know about Renso? Did Caulifla tell you about him? I'm impressed."

"Can you help or not?"

Hard to say. Renso is a war veteran and a very loyal Sadalan.
But apparently he loves his little sister very much. So... I don't see why he wouldn't meet her...
It's just a problem of them meeting outside Sadala controlled space. Renso would probably agree to meeting her on a neutral planet."

"But it's hardly ideal."

"Yeah... You planning on a more permanent solution?"

You nod.
"They may dislike it but Sadala is still their home.
If possible I'd like them to be able to go back if they so choose."

Cabba hisses.
"Thaaaaat... might be difficult."

"How so?
Have I not helped you enough?"

"It's not a problem with YOU per so...."

"I understand."

"Truth is Caulifla and Kale... mostly Caulifla caused too much mischief in recent times.
She's not considered a mere deviant... but an outlaw. I think you'd need something much more substantial to-"
Cabba then looks like he had a sudden revelation.
"THAT'S IT! I got an idea!"

Go on."

"We've been... discussing things with the Earth governments.
Things have been going smoothly so we started talking about a more... large scale meeting between the two worlds."

Sam starts blinking curiously.
"You wanna bring your monkey pals to Earth?"

King Sadala showed great interest in Erics home planet... aaas did other members of the royal court."


"Yeah Eric, uh-oh.
We've been thinking about how to best handle the arrival of the Sadalan Royal Family.
Your president insists on a parade but I told him that us Saiyans... wouldn't really be interested in such a thing. Still, it seems customary so we'll do it."

"Then... what were you thinking?"

"A global martial arts tournament!
To showcase the capabilities of the mightiest Earthlings!
The president seems hesitant about it, but if you came and convinced him-"

"And how would that help me, specifically?"

"Whenever King Sadala is impressed by a warrior, he usually offers them a wish which he'd fulfill...
If you came and won the tournament-"

"I see..."

>That sounds retarded
>I'm game. It'd be good for the populace to see what we're really about.
>I'm game. It'd be good for the populace to see what we're really about
>I'm game. It'd be good for the populace to see what we're really about.
>I'm game. It'd be good for the populace to see what we're really about.
>>Sam try to not fall out of competition too quick.
>>> comonn dont you wana test out your new moves? Tournaments going to be as safe as it gets for real fighting.
I'm glad someone wants to bring Sam along.
That might be interesting. However...
You'd be surprised who else I have in mind
Our sister? Shes probably the nr 3 as far as earthlings go curently. Thought cant see a reason why she would wana join.

I like sam but the only other guys I can think of who might even be aware of chi on our earth are some Buddhist monks and our sister
But anyways, I got bad/good news
My shift has ended, so you know what that means.
Give me about an hour until I get back home
I was also thinking about some monks / martial artists, some of whom would have just a morsel of ki, some who wouldnt.

But those arent the ones I had in mind
Eh. Cabba could point out some people to leaders all casual like.
>Huh this guy actualy has a bit of ki.
>What a loudmouh bosting like that he has no KI unlike his oponent.
And just casual info bombs because to him this is quite booring moustly. Also im imagining Sam just beating bunch of guys and becoming master of bunch of guys. He is clules why they actuly would follow him.
Okie dokie, I'm back.
And it looks like not only will we have a tournie but Sam will be joining as well

"Okay, okay..."
You start rubbing your chin.
"I like this idea, I'm game.
This might be a good opportunity to showcase what we can do to the wider populace."

"See? I knew you'd like the idea!
The president also asked me to not participate but be a... I'm sorry if I say this wrong but an "Optional Bossfight"?
I don't know what he means by that."

Sam pokes you in the side.
"You think the Potus wants to see the guys full capabilities?"

"Oh I have no doubt about that."

Cabba asks.

He probably just wants the Humans to have a chance at winning while still getting to fight you."

"Ah! I see!
Well anyway, can we cut this a bit short?
If you like the idea then I'll have to say yes to the Presidents proposal and start preparing both the tournament and the welcoming of King Sadala and his family..."
Then as the feed cuts off you can hear Cabba faintly sobbing as the reality of how much work he has now hits him.

"Hey... Is it just me or is that an anagram for Salad?"

"Yes... yes it is. Why do you think his name is Cabba?
They are vegetables in a salad."

"...oh my gawd..."



"It gets worse.
The entire Galaxy is full of meme names. Apparently only we have the decency to not name ourselves after puns."
You try to comfort your friend who's facing an existential nightmare about the sheer stupidity of your universe.
"By the way, I hope you don't drop out immediately.
I wanna have a good match in the finals."

You want ME, to participate?
In what's basically Tekken?"

"Well duh.
You're literally the second or third most powerful human right now."



"Oh... right."

"Besides! You can flex on some people and test out your new moves!
Come on! It'll be fun! I promise."


"Also, prize money.
If you make it to the finals I'll let you have it."

I'M IN!"
Too easy.
Vados looks at her two "students" and you can already see the excitement in her eyes, even though on the galactic scale this little event really won't make much of an impact...
"So... the two of you will enter a competition-"

"No Vados...
It's a friendly exhibition in front of normies.
We don't need to blow up the planet during fighting!"

"Now now, that is no excuse for a poor performance!
We'll need you both to prepare so you can give it your absolute best~!"

While nowhere nearly as aggressively competitive as Fuwa, it's become clear to you over time that Vados also takes great pride in her "subjects" performing well in a competition.
So naturally she's getting excited over this. However even Sam is getting a bit unnerved by this, so he quickly decides to change the topic somewhat.
"So uh... Saiyan, huh? Like those babes out there?
An entire planet like that?"

"Yes. It's as you imagine.
Chads and fit girls all around."


"But don't get ahead of yourself.
I've seen the Royal family... they are bothersome.
Well, the King and the crown Prince are okay. Didn't see much of them to say more than that.
But the two princesses... wouldn't recommend meeting them."

"How about the queen?"

"If you break out a war between us and the Universe Police because you fucked the kings wife, I'll personally tear your head off!"

"Whooooa there! Easy, easy!
Just joking!"

"You're not trustworthy in matters like this..."

"By the way... is that twink related to the girls?"

"No, why?"

"Because if Elena ends up with him and you end up with one of them, that'd be fucked u-"
And then you punch him in the stomach hard enough that he falls on his knees.

"IF that happens before I break Cabba then he and the girls willl become tangentially related.
And trust me, he wants that the least!"

Seeing the two of you bicker, Vados steps between you and puts a stop to it.
"Boys, boys... there's no need for violence.
A much better way to vent your frustration is training!
So come on. Let's start preparing for that tournament!"

>Pass. You can have fun with Sam though.
>Like I said, we don't need it. Thanks for the offer though
>Sure... let's do it
>Sure... let's do it
>>Sure... let's do it
>Sure... let's do it
>Hell yea! I'm really getting excited! Oh god I sound like Goku right now.
With a busted arm?

We've done stupider things in worse condition.
File: 2d4.png (12 KB, 560x407)
12 KB
"Aw hellz yeah! Now I'm getting pumped!"
Just as you say that you slap yourself on the forehead.
"God... dammit now I'm starting to sound like Goku... or a Saiyan."

Vados chuckles in approval.
"I wouldn't call that a bad thing! Really, you should feel proud that you resemble the warrior race like that!"

"Are all Saiyans basically meatheads who get turned on by fighting?"


"That's hot."

Leaving for a clearing the two of you are given rather different training exercises.
Sam is treated with, heh, some rather familiar looking weighted gear and was told to run laps, do push ups, squats and sit-ups.
Basically raw strength training meant to build up his strength and stamina.

"And don't forget. The weights are also attracted to one another!"
Vados instructs him.
"The only way to separate them is to suppress all your ki flawlessly. If they are exposed to even minute amounts then you'll find your training to be much harder."
And finally she turns to you.
"I've been meaning to do this with you for a while now."
She then extends her hand and conjures a LUDICROUSLY large sword.

It was even too generous to call it a sword. It was too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was but a slab of iron in the shape of a sword...
"W-What is that?"

"It's called a Z-sword.
An exceptionally... powerful artifact and one of the tools a Destroyer can use to do his job.
But today it'll serve a different purpose."
She easily and with great finesse moves that thing around with just one hand before stabbing it into the ground.
"Your training will revolve around it, with the first test being-"

"Pulling it out."


>Roll 1d21 Best of 4
>DC: 15 Crit: 20
Rolled 16 (1d21)

....Isn't a Z-Sword how Champa plans to deal with us if Buu takes over?

Also obligatory WHAT THE FUCK IS EARTH?!
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 20 (1d21)

There's your "What the fuck is Earth?!"
File: 1436488935805.jpg (111 KB, 776x608)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Damn straight
based anon.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

ignore me just rolling to see which Borderlands 2 character I play since I already have this tab open.

1 = Axton
2 = Krieg
You look at your right hand and give it a few squeezes, feeling the skin tighten and strain where the cells are still fresh and relatively weak.
Then you look back at Vados who handled the thing so casually. Just from a glance you can tell that it's NOT something you're meant to swing around all willy nilly.
So you decide to compromise...

Reaching forward with your bad hand for the hilt and Vados looks up in surprise.
"I see... you wish to alleviate the strain it'd put on your arm.
But be careful, using your off hand may have some unforeseen consequences-"


"Oh that's not what I had in mind."
You say as you lock your left hand grip around the sword.
"I'm planning to NEGATE IT!"


You give the sword a tug and see that it doesn't even budge.
This'll be a good training exercise after all... It's time to break IT in!

The ground begins to quake and a violent storm picks up around you with your power rising.
Sam tumbles and falls down as his bindings clamp together as soon as his focus is broken.

Your hair begins to emit a faint glow that grows stronger with each passing moment until finally it stands up and becomes white with a purple aura surrounding it.
With newfound strength you jank the thing out of the ground and almost fall on your ass doing so.
But you firmly place your feet on the ground and put your back into lifting this monstrosity.
Once you feel sure enough in your stance, you let this unnaturally heavy sword rest on your shoulder.
Still glowing with power you speak up.

"Okay... What's step two?"

Pausing for a moment Vados smirks.
"One day you'll really hurt yourself doing this."

"Maybe... Maybe.
But until then it's go big or go home!"

"So... you mean to tell me you intend on maintaining this until our training is complete?"

>Yes. Even if it means DAYS!
>At least until our SESSION is complete!
>Hah. No. Just wanted a little boost
Krieg is always the answer...
>At least until our SESSION is complete!
>>Yes. Even if it means DAYS!
Why yes Vados, my balls are this big, why are you asking?
>Yes. Even if it means DAYS!

Go big or go home!
>Yes. Even if it means DAYS!
Damn... I haven't felt quite empty in quite a while.
I managed to find a thing which turned my penis into the big penis, as well as tugged at my heartstrings...
But right when I thought it was time for lewd things the demo build for the game ended.
Never trust early releases children. They'll only break your heart
I was unaware there was a demo for the Hitler Waifu game already.
Are you going to share the name with the thread?

A'ight but don't say I didn't warn you.
It's: Determinable Unstable
A game made by Ray-Kbys, the dude responsible for Teaching Feeling
*sniff* *sniff*
Aa-anyway, after that betrayal, I think it's time to occupy myself with something else, if only to make the pain of not having a waifu more bearable

You have our support QM.
High in spirits and brimming with confidence, you double down on your previous statement.
"Go big or go home! I'll keep this up even if it means I'll have to continue using it for DAYS!"

"A bold statement..."

And it was.
For several minutes afterward you didn't even do any training but merely... existed in your current state to see if it's even feasible to keep the transformation going.
Much to your relief, it is. But there's a catch... more like several which are all the same.
As long as you don't exert yourself and don't zap around, causing your enhanced brain to process way too much information you're golden.

Naturally that becomes a problem when you want to do ANYTHING. But there are ways to remedy that, even if only a little.
One such trick you figured out was that closing your eyes drastically reduced the flow of information... briefly. As your other senses were quick to adapt and your hearing, smell and touch became hyper sensitive.
But after several minutes at the absolute minimum power output you felt confident about actually doing something with your transformation.

It was at this moment that Vados actually started explaining the next phase of her training regiment.
"Now this will be simple-"
Her staff shortens until it's about the same length as the Z-Sword and she starts wielding it as such.
Every time she explains something she demonstrates it via her own mock weapon.
"First you need to be able to swing that weapon around, really any motion will do. That's because as you are right now, any advanced movement will likely just hurt you. So you need to acclimate to the increased strain."

Vados then gives you a look that just screams "Are you sure you can handle that?".
You give her a nod.

>Roll 1d21-2
Best of 4
DC: 13 Crit: 16
Rolled 14 + 2 (1d21 + 2)

Rolled 17 - 2 (1d21 - 2)

Rolled 13 + 2 (1d21 + 2)

Er...that was plus 2. My bad.
Stop nigga.
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d21 + 2)

.....okay wtf. I KNOW I put in a subtraction sign not a plus.
Fucking stop!
....what the hell? I'm putting in a subtraction sign. The difference between it and a plus is various obvious. So why the fuck, am I putting in a minus, and getting a plus?
You need to type +-, pal
Rolled 14 - 2 (1d21 - 2)

Wait... really? That's dumb.
Making a mental not to never do a minus roll ever again
Rolled 14 - 2 (1d21 - 2)

...okay lets try it.
Okay yeah that works. Thanks >>3673986
. I've been here for over a year and this is the first time I've actually done a minus roll lol.
File: 6d1.png (179 KB, 371x336)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Rolled 20 - 2 (1d21 - 2)

Okay. QM rolling 'cause I'm getting tired.
.....Pft. Thanks for the Crit Not Som :v
File: shaggy.jpg (159 KB, 800x450)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
File: 1563496930579.gif (2.42 MB, 360x276)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
Is that crit valid? If it is: Pic related.
File: the_chad_halfbreed.jpg (61 KB, 474x634)
61 KB
Closing your eyes and one by one shutting out everything that isn't your body or Vados herself you slowly begin lowering the sword and once its weight is no longer on your shoulder you start feeling its pull.
At first your hand sinks like a rock in the water but after focusing on it for a bit and flexing some muscles you manage to raise it.
Faintly, over the absolute silence of your deadened senses you hear the words of Vados.

"Yes. Good.
Treat that sword like an extension of your body and soon it'll become one.
Now... lift it."

Slow and steady you point the Z-sword up.
Your wrist, your forearm and your shoulder are all working overtime just so they could support this monstrum.
Each swing your joints feel like they are about to pop out of place, every... single... one, especially your fingers.

But as you do this for several hours, risking severe injury and worse, you kinda manage to swing it without putting your entire body behind it, or it feeling like a refrigerator on a stick.
And once you reach that point you can actually perform that which Vados wanted you to do.
It's nothing special, really. Just a set of general motions which are meant to cover every area of your body, one swing for each.
However... once you actually start practicing this very rudimentary kata something happens.


Without fail, every time you perform it the motions become a bit more fluid, a bit more natural, until your speed starts picking up.
Vados is clearly pleased by this and begins doing the same motions as you are, which she expects you to mimic.
Soon enough you find yourself in sync with her, mirroring her performance perfectly.

But something feels... off.
Vados starts acting rather strange as she starts picking up speed. Following her, you twirl the blade around and dance with it, stringing the previously drilled motions into one another, forming seamless attack patterns and refined flourishes.
Finally feeling comfortable doing so, you open your eyes.

Looking at the sword you've almost forgotten just how YUGE it is.
But with a casual flick of the wrist you turn it 90 degrees and unleash a flurry of wild and erratic attacks, each performed by stopping the sword mid swing and turning it back around.
Though it certainly doesn't feel like an extension of your body quite yet, the burden of the blade lessened to an extent that you can now wield it as if it was a common longsword.

Wiping some sweat off your brow you gently place the weapon on the ground, at which point it begins to sink into the hard soil even before you start leaning on it.
Still maintaining your transformation, you look at Vados.
"So.... what's next?"

She chuckles.
"Well... seeing how you just unintentionally went ahead and did step 3, I'd say we have a little break."

"Sounds good to me!
HEY SAM! How does a break sound?"


"He'd like one as well!"
Aaaand that's as far as I can go.
Not-Som needs sleep now.

I hope y'all had fun.
Next time either we continue training or we FINALLY get the Kefla date.
Or possibly cute shit with Kale, if you're into that
Oh, shoot!
I almost forgot the next thread!
Let's saaaay... either Monday or Tuesday. I'm leaning towards Tuesday
Why not Both.jpg?

But yeah, great run Not Som, thanks.
Thanks for the run!

One day my work days won’t fall on thread days. One day...
Thanks Not-Som, It's good to see our boy trying to keep up with Eric despite the massive difference In power and experience. He'll get It soon enough. I believe In him.

f-fuck anon, I feel that feel...
Is Elena going to start getting training from Vados now too?
Thanks for the run Not-Som, looking forward to doing cute shit with Kefla. On the topic of interspecies snu-snu, King Sadala has a royal gaird that will be accompanying him obviously, being the highest ranking chad on the planet means that every chick wants him. So isn't it possible that his entire elite gaurd is composed of the highest powerlevel side bitches on the planet. Knowing the Saiyan stance on polygamy and the abundance of liquor will some lucky bastard at an airport bar be the first human to get bang(more aptly have pelvis broken by) a Saiyan?
Probably not. Remember Saiyans practice eugenics of look for the strongest of the opposite you can find.
Only Eric, Elena and Sam come even close to that.
Yes, please. Kale a cute and I want something cute.
Well... I might have some good news and some bad news in that regard.
Next week... I won't really have the time to run. Like at all.
I'll have exactly 1 day when I'm in the day shift, the rest all all night ones.

On the other hand, after next week I'll be on vacation so I'll be able to run multiple times... back to back!

I hadn't really planned on it.
Mostly she'd be Cabbas pupil. MAYBE some other Saiyans might teach her.
But I'll think about it

Depends... if you and Sam... plus some other schmucks put up a good show then, yeah they might get a little frisky and might initiate snu-snu with a lucky/unlucky dude or dudette

What sorta cute shit do you want to see?
I'm pretty set on what Kale would get on her own but Kefla is free game, meaning I'm open for requests/suggestions
Also, I don't know why or how, but now I'm finally starting to find cute shit of Kefla, Caulifla and Kale that's not just degeneracy like... feet... or vore... or inflation or etc.
Just pure, wholesome stuff and I love it
Also forgive me for doing this but I wanna dump these so I have access to them at home
And one last one, I can find the rest without any aid.
After dispatching of Towa and returning from the hellish realm of the Demons, Eric found himself exhausted beyond words.
The injuries he sustained further urged his body to rest so it can recover somewhat.
But in his deep slumber, a familiar force called out to him and dragged his incorporeal avatar into the Time Nest.

"Welcome baaack~!
We've been watching you!"
Chronoa greeted him cheerfully.

"So you watched? Instead of helping?"

"I'm sorry about that.
But rest assured, you weren't alone. We were closely monitoring things.
Should anything have gone too bad we'd have intervened. But you handled yourself well.
So we decided to secure the area and prepare to stop Towa should she try to leave. For if we arrived she'd have made a hasty retreat."

"Well... whatever, I guess.
It's over now."

"Ooooh... don't be so down! Come, I wanna show you something as a... reward of sorts."

Eric sweated nervously.
"W-What do you mean?"

"I wanna show you the Time Nest!"
After leading the scared Earthling into the inner sanctum Chronoa began showcasing things to Eric.
"Here are the scrolls detailing every event that happens, happened or will happen.
It is a sort of... aid. For when something is changed the discrepancies show up in the scrolls and we can intervene appropriately!"

"Cool... but I assume it's all really hush-hush..."

"Not necessarily.
While the future is not to be disturbed, the past is free to observe.
Come... I'll show you around and you can pick out one you like!"

The mischievous human already had a plan on mind, but he wanted a tour first before he made his choice.
However he quickly found something that interested him so much, he simply ceased caring about anything else potentially there.
"What's this?"

"Oh... that's the history of the Saiyans of Universe 7.
Care to take a look?"

"Sure! Sounds fun!
I'm curious to see how they compare to ours!"

"You... might wanna curb your enthusiasm."
"Hmmmm... that's a rock.
Not really much to see there."

"Yes. The Saiyans of your twin universe are much more different than you imagine.
They are a truly savage race of warriors and warlords who use their nigh unparalleled might to conquer planets and sell them to the highest bidder.
Who or whatever stands in their way they either kill, eat or enslave. And nobody knows which is the best outcome.
That is... until they encountered a being superior to them. A frost demon!"

So the conquerors got conquered?
I suppose they got what they deserved."

And even though their lives did not change much, after all they were still used to conquer, subjugate and sell planets, they chafed under the yoke of the Kings of the Universe."

"Heeeeey.... who's that?
Is that... Goku? He looks... kinda different? And is this a bookmark in your scroll?"

"Errr... ignore that for a second!
This is Bardock, Gokus father!"

"He's like a carbon copy! Well... except the scar but he wasn't born with that.
Is that a thing?"

"Saiyan genes can be very dominant...
He's considered to be a talented but still lower class warrior. Many planets were either destroyed or claimed by him and many more lives were taken by him!"

"You sound... almost impressed by that."

"He's the definition of an underdog.
Despite his... butchery, you can't help but root for him when everything is stacked against him yet he keeps on fighting 'till the bitter end and usually coming out on top!
He defies expectations and triumphs where others fail... even when there is no hope for victory he still goes out fighting!"

"Yeah... you definitely have a crush on him..."

"So what? Can't a maiden fantasize a little?
Not like it matters... since he died along the majority of his race."

"What happened?"

"Their tyrant, though held absolute power over them and could wipe them all out... became nervous that one day they might rise up against him.
So once he was sure he could continue his business even without the aid of the saiyans, he disposed of them without mercy.
Now... the once mighty warrior race is reduced to a handful of stragglers and a few hybrids.
Truly a sad fate."

"W-Whoah! And who's that?!"

That... that's Gine. Bardocks wife."

Eric stared at the lithe girl who did not, in any capacity looked middle aged.
"How did a monster like that get a girl like THIS?!"

"I wondered a lot about that myself. Frankly, I have no idea.
The only thing I could think of is that Saiyan women are attracted to strength above everything.
So... her being with Bardock is just more proof of his accomplishments!"
She says while blatantly disregarding reality in favor of fawning over Bardock.

But there was something more to it than that.
Fuck, dropped the Gine pick
While Chronoa was busy salivating over her dream man Eric delved into the records, looking into the details of their relationship.
What he found was... odd.

That Bardock fellow seemed like a grizzled veteran, a bona fide badass.
Yet... there was not a hint of that detachment between him and his wife that seemed to be there between him and literally anyone else.
Not once did he addressed him in a cold or angry manner, not once did he touch him violently.
He took great care of her like the fragile flower she appeared to be.

There was a certain... warmth in every interaction they had.
Just what was Gine to Bardock? A friend? A lover? The one shred; one light; one bright, shining star he clung to in this Universe? Was she the thing he used to cope with the horrors of war? His one stable spot in the world? His home? His family? His comfort? Or perhaps love?
Or did they share something simultaneously less and more than that? A mutual trust in each other that seemed to transcend anything and everything other Saiyans of their universe had.
The truly sad part is... that we may never know.

Bardock did not seem like the type to open up completely to anyone, even his wife. Especially his wife.
And introspection as a whole seemed lost on these Saiyans.
As Eric scrolled through Bardocks life once more, he finally closed it as he found it to be pointless.
There was nothing in there.

"Are you okay?"
Chronoa asked you.

"No. I'm furious."
Eric responded in a cold tone. Outwardly calm but furious within.
"Regardless of what they were... they were capable of producing kind and gentle people like Gine.
But now they never will. And their universe is less because of it.
I hate Frosts people so much..."
Phew... there we have it.
A little brain fart I did in my caffeine and Monster fueled autism.
Man, we don't deserve Kefla; she asks us to promise her ONE thing and we break our promise before she can come out again.

>As Eric scrolled through Bardocks life once more, he finally closed it as he found it to be pointless.
There was nothing in there.


Just kidding, shit was great.
Er... you might have to forgive me but what promise did you break?
I'm not bullshitting you, I'm genuinely too coked up on caffeine to use logic
it was a little thing, but I'm fairly certain she asked us not to scare her like that at the end of the tournament. Y'know. When we fell over like someone had shot us on the head and passed out. And then not only did we die, we flat out let someone execute us. Even if it wasn't an actual promise, best girl gave us exactly ONE job.
Aaaaaaaaaah! That!
As long as you make it up to her, I'm sure it'll be fine.
So get those gears cranking and come up with a good way of appeasing her! GANBARE
Rolled 13 (1d23)

I'd like to take this time to roll android of the day

That's right there's a special super sekret new android capable of being rolled
>Defending the race of savages because of waifus.

Eric really does hail from 4chan
File: AndroidEliteArt.png (315 KB, 364x449)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Rolled 9 (1d23)

Not interested unless it's mimebot with tits
File: thonking about androids.jpg (155 KB, 1091x1481)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
My brain is literally breaking at the seams, trying to figure out who 23 might be.

And don't you forget it
>Eric is the only example that the Saiyans know a lot about and he solo'd the entire tuffle race
>Cabba has likely relayed the information along that humans have no idea Ki even exists and every human he knows has had absurd improvement rates the moment they were taught the basics probably going on a rant or two saying "What the fuck is earth?"
>It wouldn't be to hard for the Saiyans in the know to realize zenki+human spirit=big numbers
>Cabba will obviously write some guides on human culture that will of couse mention thier less "direct" means of courtship and that the traditional Saiyan customs could result in an interplanetary incident
>Even Cabba doesn't know everything and there are massive gaps in his knowledge
>In an attempt to mesh well with they will try to adopt human slang and meme culture to "blend in with the locals" but be heavy handed to the point of cringe
We are about to witness a monumental moment in human history as a ton of horny autists from space attempt to get those sweet human cummies/pussies while in constant paranoia that somthing they do will result in a war. The spaghetti spillage and pure autism on display will be unlike anything mankind has ever experienced. May god have mercy on our souls and our sides.
>Humanitys first contact will be a bootycall
>Saiyans arrive in droves looking for cummies
>Humans wisen up to that and some "clever" and very horny people practically line up so they can be exploited by spess munkehz
>Both parties are aware that the other is using them and everyone is okay with that
>The remnants of nu-wave feminism are imploding as they realize all the thirsty bois now have access to prime quality puss without having to go through them
>In turn they get jack shit because Saiyan men are looking for traditionally feminine qualities and physical fitness, neither of which they have

>Hello smol Earthlings! I come in peace! May I have the sex now?

>Hello you damn dirty apes! May I have snu-snu now?

Both parties are looking at each other in awe, as they found the one thing they were looking for in the universe.
It's like peanut-butter and jelly
It's not really as sekruet as you think it is. I just wanted to add in the android.

And no it's not pinkpoo girl

You say that now
File: 1563084654838.jpg (130 KB, 634x475)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Mother of god. This Is It. This Is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with an ahegao.
File: a74.jpg (80 KB, 858x694)
80 KB
And from the ashes a new America will be born!
Evolved, but untamed! The weak will be purged and the strongest will thrive - free to live as they see fit, they'll make America great again!
>The international press is gathered on the JFK tarmat to document what is to be the proudest day in human history
>The fist handshake between leaders of two entirely different planets
>On 4chan Stickies are prepped on every board
>The ship lands and the ramp lowers cameras flashing to catch the first glimpse of King Sadala
>Then a tall bearded man exists the ship, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt depicting Pepe holding up the Transgender suicide statistics
>He raises his right hand in a roman salute and proudly proclaims "FUCK JANNIES!!" believing this to be the customary human greeting
>Almost on a dime CNN and MSNBC go from talking about how important tolerance and acceptance of this new culture is to proclaiming they are space fascists who pose a fundamental threat to democracy and human rights
>Cabba immediately facepalms
>All sound in the area turns to dead silence, even the band stops playing
>"Ahh, the moment of silence, I heard this in human culture commemorates a moment of respect for the dead, I am honored to receive such a gesture while I am still alive."
>"This is a time for jubilation so I arranged for the greatest musicians on Sadala to learn human music."
>A platform lowers revealing one guy on a piano, one on a drum kit and a third guy who just has a recorder in his nose all dressed like a bootleg blue man group
>The makeshift band then begins playing cruel angel's thesis with the drummer not even playing the song and trying to do the most impressive drum solo possible while the other two are still playing
>Eric struggles to manage his sides which are attempting to exit the atmosphere
>"That's enough now, the Earthlings ate clearly in awe of your talent."
>"Now, onto more important matters, I am King Sadala, on behalf of the Saiyan race I thank you for the opportunity for me and my people to tour such a beautiful world."
>"I will be traveling with my family for the next 7 days before obseving the world martial arts tournament and attending a summit at the U.N. later that day."
>"I'm looking forward to meeting all the mystery niggas that govern the various nations of this planet, and I have to say I have certainly been impressed by the ones I've met so far."
>"Happy to finally meet you in person mister president. "
>What the occurs is the most akward handshake in recorded history that is concluded by a audible cracking sound as the president grabs his wrist
>"OH GOD I AM SO SORRY!! I'm used to shaking people with more durable hands.
>"There is no need to be worried I can have this fixed in a minute or two."
>"Who wants a demonstration of Saiyan medical technology?"
>The press then begins cramming themselves into the space ship to get a glimpse of what is happening.
>Eric with everyone distracted, falls to the ground in hysteria
>Cabba is on his knees is shock
>He mutters "At least this can't get any worse"
>He heard the sound of rapid almost instant movement behind him
>A female voice than said " Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru."
>Cabba let out a girlish scream,already knowing what was going to happen
>In the blink of an eye Azuki had him pinned to the ground Cabba's eyes wide with terror and a hint of something else
>She was wearing jorts, a dark side of the moon t-shirt and most concerning of all, a Naruto headband
>"Hi, senpai~, I just found out about this human thing called anime, it's the best. We should go to japan and buy some."
>Elena stared at the two of them
>"I'm sorry who is this?"
>"Oh, right introductions, I'm Cabba's girlfriend."
>Before Azuki could take her next breath Elena grabbed her arm and slammed her into the ground with the raw fury of a jealous viking woman, the pavement cracking under the force of the impact
>Azuki, seemingly unphased stood back up and grinned
>"Damn Cabba, she isn't even trained yet and she can do this! You really know how to pick a girl my dude."
>Elena then directed her fury to her partner and she pulled a swiss army knife out of her pocket
>"Cabba you double crossing piece of shit!!"
>Cabba began panicking
>"Thereisaperfectlyrrasonableexplanationforthis PLEASE DON'T CUT MY DICK OFF!!!"
>Azuki looked at the situation puzzled
>"Why didn't you tell her about me? I thought she was aware of Saiyan polygamy. Are..are you ashamed of me or something?"
>Azuki tears up only for Cabba to immediately jump to her side to console her
>"I was going to get to it but most humans are monogamous I mean look at her she was getting ready to remove my balls."
>Just as he said that Elena grabbed his throat and lifted him into the air
>"You are going to take me and this precious cinnamon roll to Applebee's or I swear you will die in slowly in the most painful way imaginable."
>"Y-yes Elena."
>Azuki in response to this let out an enthusiastic "Yaaay!"
>Azuki enjoyed the Applebee's so much that she ate the entire food supply of three separate locations.
File: 1e0.jpg (136 KB, 623x414)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I'm disgusted... yet weirdly aroused
File: 1557240431292.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
>Left untreated, Eric died for the third time when his sides went beyond orbit
Eric wakes up from his side replacement surgery to read the headline, "Saiyan diplomat has pelvis broken by human, Princess Azuki described the incedent as both beautiful and unbelievable to the point of it being magical to watch, she reportedly comforted him during the event and calls dibs on him next when he recovers." Eric actually feels a bit guilty for how brutally his sister hatefucked Cabba
>Eric observes the way Cabbas bones were fractured, in what pattern the shattered bone tore through his flesh.

"Damn... she gave you the Asulf family secret move and lived...
Whether I like it or not, you're family now."

"D-Does this mean you no longer want to kill me?"

"Of course.
After all, child labor will be hell for her.
But concieving it will be worse for you!"
>Ywn have you dick and pelvis annihilated while a cute saiyan emotionally supports you through the high impact sexual violence by kissing and caressing you while providing love and encouragement
This is a yearning that should not exist, why have you done this to me anon?
>I hadn't really planned on it.
>Mostly she'd be Cabbas pupil. MAYBE some other Saiyans might teach her.
>But I'll think about it
But then she wouldn't learn the OP ability of perfect ki control.
Or psionic power. Only the best is acceptable for our sister.
That's great news man.
So just to make sure the message reaches everyone.
I'll do the next thread tomorrow, after which there will be... about a week long radio silence.
Then once Im done ill marathon a little
Ok, thanks for the heads up.
Got any idea what time you would be starting?
I asume his standart time.

So in, like, 18 hours? I'm sorry I'm fairly new.
Just check the time of the threads first post.
That should give you a good idea
6 hours until I start
You walk over to the particular patch of grass Sam is lying on, unable to move and sit down next to him.
The weight of the massive sword never seems to go away as it drags down your body even now, causing your body to slightly sink into the ground.
Closing your eyes you attempt to meditate a bit but the Z-Sword proves to be too much of a disturbance to really enter a trance.

*pant* *pant* *pant*
"The fuck are you doing?"
Sam asks.
"Meditating? What are you, queer?"

"I'm trying to focus... but your deadweight ass is making too much noise."

"And why did you die your hair?"

"It's a powered up state."

"Oh cool. So you're like stronger now?
Can I have some of that?"

Hearing that Vados walks over to you and starts educating Sam a bit.
"I'm afraid that's beyond your current weightclass. Sadly it might never BE in your weightclass."


"Now, now. Don't be too disappointed.
As Eric proved already, your race is surprisingly malleable when it comes to advancement.
If you make sure to work hard you're sure to carve out a new path for yourself!
Would you like that?"


Vados smiles and Sam suddenly realized he might have fucked up.

But as the two of them keep going on, you realize that you won't be able to get much of a rest like this.
Sighing you stop trying to focus but keep your eyes closed to keep the flow of information to a minimum.
It's working so far but your other senses sharpen to compensate and now you can smell and hear sweat being pushed through Sams pores.
It's not ideal...

>Return the Z-sword to Vados and leave
>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>Wait until it's time to train again
>>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
File: s61aopaac3k11.png (150 KB, 640x628)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
That's uh... that's a very rapid response

I think that's a bit much even for me.
I think I'll call it quits for now. I hope that doesn't bother you Vados."

"Not at all.
You made good progress for now.
And remember: Rest is just as important for your training as practice."

Nodding you wave Sam goodbye and wish him luck while walking off with the Z-sword strapped to your back.
Awkwardly you juggle the sword between your back, hip and shoulder as it starts to painfully weigh on one or the other.
"Damn this thing is a pain in my ass!"
All the while you try to figure out what'd be the best way of moving around like this, since you're effectively blind.

Your hearing, smell, sense of ki, even your sense of self are becoming magnified one by one as you shift your focus on them.
And somehow... each and every time you find a way to move around without falling face first on the ground with that ten ton sword on you.
How in the name of the Supreme Kai you managed to balance and position yourself with just scent is a fucking mystery even to you, but it works.

Well this is certainly good to know. This means even in combat if one of my senses is cut off I'm not helpless...
But I wonder if I could keep up the awakened state even in battle..."

You ponder on the details of your transformation for a while before realizing you wasted 15 minutes just standing around, analyzing fictional battles and how they'd transpire with one or more handicaps and how you could still win.
Shaking your head, you slap yourself in the face a few times to snap yourself out of it.
"DAMMIT! I gotta stop before I am become Goku, destroyer of braincells!
Gotta find something to divert my attention to before I go insane!"

Since there was talk of something cute with her first, and then something with Kefla.

Time for doing cute things with cute girls who could blow up planets with a casual wave of their hands.
File: source.gif (960 KB, 500x362)
960 KB
960 KB GIF
>Walk away but keep the Z-sword to acclimate to it
>See how many reps we can do when we recover
It's time to channel the spirit of another Earthling famous for purging legions of demons.
Well, Kale won easily.
Okay then


Oh and please start rolling 1d21
To see if you can keep up with the weight
DC: 8
Best of 4
Rolled 14 (1d21)

Inb4 fail
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Might want to get rid of the sword after this?
I mean... if you want to, you can.
But keeping it on doesn't do much, aside the occasional smol roll
Looks like it. Thought dc was just 8 and no crit listed. I guess its either you can or cant cope with the Z-sworda weight. No other outcome posible.
Don't slack on training.
Following the ambient ki of one of the girls, you head inside the palace.
You make your way through the halls and the corridors like a knock-off Daredevil, navigating purely through sound before entering a room where you felt the energy.
"Hey Kale..."

"Oh hi Er-"
She pauses awkwardly as she undoubtedly realizes you're transformed.

"Mind if I take a seat?"

"N-No... not at all."


As you sit down next to her, she clearly has trouble figuring out what to ask.
But in the end she decides to focus on the wonky sword, since it PROBABLY has something to do with everything else.
"W-What's that?"

"Vados gave it to me. Said it'd help with my training.
Neat, huh?"

"And... the eyes?"

"It helps me maintain my transformation. Don't worry! I didn't go blind just yet!"
Looking at her you can practically see her outlines as a minute amount of energy is radiating out of her.
While basking in that glow and taking in its beauty you try to maintain the conversation so you don't appear to be too creepy.
"And what are you up to?"


"Really? What is it?"

"Oh it- it's nothing!
Just some... stories..."

Continuing with the small talk, you tease her a bit, but not too much.
Eventually she calms down a little once she gets used to your current "look" and starts opening up again. Which is when you decide to steer the conversation towards a more serious topic.
"Hey err... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry..."

"About what?"

"About making you worry.
I shouldn't have- I mean I... I'm just sorry, okay?
I acted dumb and I hurt you. Believe me, that's the LAST thing I'd ever want-
So please-"

You feel a little slap on your cheek. Naturally you felt it coming but the mere fact that she decided to slap you was enough of a shock to freeze you in place.
Kale then seemingly gets frustrated.
"Y-You shouldn't apologize!"


"I was worried about you because you mean m-m-m-much to me!
And I'm just glad that you're okay! So stop talking about these silly things!"
She pants a little after managing to gather up the courage to vent herself to you.
Stunned you're unable to respond until she finally manages to speak up again.
"B-But... if you want to make it up to me, I have something I'd like very much."

"What is it? Name it!"

"I... I...
I want... I want a tail!"

>Are you sure?
>It's too dangerous Kale
>I'm not against it, but why?
>Are you sure?
>>Are you sure?
backing this
>You'd look even prettier with one
That seems like a "Yes" to me

>...you DO remember that that time with Caulifla was a complete accident, right? Or did you already have a lead?
>Can I ask why? Because not say that you don't look sexy as hell covered in angry, rippling muscle, but the Great Ape is DANGEROUS, no two ways about it, and it doesn't take a genius to see a connection between it and a Saiyan's tail...
>All things being considered, if it was possible to get your berserk from under control, it could be possible to get the great ape from under control ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵃᶰᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵃᶦᶫ ᶦˢ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶫʸ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᶜᵘᵗᵉ
Yeah... dynamic IP is a bitch sometimes
I hope we'll get some tails-wrapped-around-hands action
Trying your best not to snap open your eyes in surprise, you calmly ask her instead.
"Are you sure?
But... why? You saw what happened with Caulifla!
It's... dangerous to say the least! Especially with someone of your... caliber.
I mean, I'm not against it! I just wanna know why."
Narrowly you avoided the word "condition" and bit your lip while saying that.

"I understand... but... I was fascinated by it ever since I saw Caulifla.
And if... if it's a part of us then I think we should learn to live with it!"

I understand."
It makes sense from her point of view. She's been trying to accept herself for a while now.
She probably looks at this as another step in that process.

But then she begins whispering to herself which you catch because of your empowered hearing.
"and I also think it looks really cute~"

"Yes, yes it does."
Kale gasps as you unconsciously reply to her.
"Fine. I'll help you Kale. Buuuut... you do realize the last time was a complete accident, right?
If I am to replicate it I'd have to be thorough... not to mention that I don't want to hurt you Kale..."

She pauses for a moment.
"I know but. But... I trust you."

Your heart squeezes into a ball as you let out an audible "HNNNNNNG".
But even though she might be confident in your abilities it doesn't necessarily mean YOU are.
The process could be really painful, then again, last time you elbowed Caulifla in the spine, so that might've been the leading cause of that.
How would you like to handle this?

>Brute force seemed to work last time...
>Thoroughly examine her for any leads
>Be as gentle as possible!
Look up a small text converter
Oooooh... I thought there was a built in command into /qst/ for that.
I knew that the demonic text converter worked. Didn't know this did as well
>Be as gentle as possible!
>Thoroughly examine Kale's body while doing it to see if that gives any leads
>Brute force seemed to work last time...
>>Be as gentle as possible!
>>Thoroughly examine Kale's body while doing it to see if that gives any leads
We've probably heard from Cabba and Caulifla about the whole "spine tingles" bullshit by now, right? Because it's probably some acupressure shit related to that. We could probably finagle a more precise approach with our hyper-focused ki sense and try massaging it out of her while she focuses on said tingles as a Super Saiyan...
So you're saying we should give Kale a massage
I mean, technically? If only because we don't know how to do actual acupuncture.
>Be as gentle as possible!
>Thoroughly examine Kale's body while doing it to see if that gives any leads
>See if massaging the area will do anything
>>Be as gentle as possible!
>>Thoroughly examine Kale's body while doing it to see if that gives any leads
>"We are going to talk to vados about training you to control that form. Maybe califa too.
Support... I give you my hat.
I was thinking about making this a dice roll but... NAH

An idea starts forming in your head and... it might just work.
Standing up and patting your side of the sofa you speak up.
"Okay Kale... Lay down."


"You said you trust me, right?
Just lay on your stomach a little."


Doing as she was told, she sets aside her books and after grabbing a pillow she laid down before you.
"L-Like this?"

Setting down your sword for just a moment and almost breaking the table with it, you slowly and carefully and rather nervously made your way on top of her.
Needless to say the heat rising up from her body was only dwarfed by the one you were feeling as a knot formed in your throat.

"Wha-wha-what are you-"
Quickly getting to work you reach gently to her shoulder and firmly grab hold of them before you start kneading Kales muscles.

She lets out a moan and you reel back, tearing your hands away in fear.

"N-No... keep going.
I was... just a little surprised."

"Okay Kale.
I'll uh... I'll try to be careful."


Returning to her, you slowly and much more carefully started exploring her back.
You felt a few little knots here and there. Thinking that since you've come this far you might as well just jump in the deep end, consequences be damned.
"This is not going to work..."
For a moment you stop as you observe her and slowly reach under her shirt.
She seems scared for a moment but she eases up and lets you proceed without saying a word.

Very delicately you run your fingers through her clumped up muscles, trying to break them up.
Kale lets out a few little whimpers that both make you feel like shit but also spur you on because she's so god damn cute!
Once you feel like you worked a specific part of her body enough you make your way downward, proceeding in much the same way.
Eventually the sensation becomes too much for Kale and she starts becoming more and more vocal, her stifled moans becoming quite audible. So much in fact, that she bites the pillow a little.

"S-Should I stop?"

She finally lets out her tongue and with a quivering voice she adamantly orders you.


Leaning forward to put a bit more force into the act, you start kneading her supple flesh but as you do, you catch a whiff of her scent.
Sniffing intently you unintentionally lean further in until you can feel her hair, and she can feel your breath on her back.
"You smell so nice Kale!"
Leaning in, you give a little kiss to her neck as you finally move down to her waist region.
w e w
File: 1562721861750.jpg (238 KB, 1080x1920)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Realizing that if you go any further down, you'll reach the point of no return and stop.
Focusing on and around her waistline, you start prodding carefully while continually massaging Kale.
Such amount of stimulus is clearly too much for her and she starts girating while voicing her complaints.

"P-PleAsE! FfffinIsh iT!"

Just as she says that you pull your hands away.
"Sorry... Got a little carried away."
Reaching down first, you carry something up to her face very, VERY gently.
"See? Didn't even hurt, did it?"

Kale looks at her tail very intently before quickly bringing her hand and gently taking it out of yours.
She looks like she's about to shed tears of joy as she brings her new appendage up and starts snuggling up to it.
"Yes! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Getting off from her you dust yourself up and adjust your pants for obvious reasons.
"Just be very careful from now on. Don't look at the moon... or any celestial objects, just to be safe.
And make sure you watch out for it."

Reaching for your sword, you get ready to leave but find Kales freshly popped tail coiling around your hand.
"N-No! Please don't leave!"
In your surprise you clench down on the soft, furry little thing which causes Kale to faint.

Reaching out, you grab her before she'd hurt herself.
"Are you okay?!"

"Y-Yes. It's just very sensitive."

"Oh... Oooooh... I'm so sorry!"

The thing twitches around a bit and starts prodding your hand again, showing that Kale can already use it to a great extent. Looks like her guess about it being a part of her might be true.
Gently you touch her tail and wrap your fingers around it while it coils around your hand.
Bringing it up to your face you rub it against your cheek and notice how the hair on it doesn't feel rough at all.

"C-Can you... hold it a little longer?"

>Of course
>Surely Kale won't mind if you do a bit more...
>Okay. But while we're at it how about we show it to Caulifla?
...geeze, didn't even warn her.
>>Okay. But while we're at it how about we show it to Caulifla?
has Caulifla trained hers yet?
>Okay. But while we're at it how about we show it to Caulifla?
>Of course
>Of course
>Do, you think if I do that with Caulifla she will grow her tail back?
Why not give both of them tails? Having SS4 instead of god will do a lot to differentiate us from universe 7 and the form can be maintained with much less strain than SSB.
She lost it right after she got monkied
>Of course
>Cuddle with her
Oh, wait, adding another thing to this

>You were right, it's really cute
As fucking hot as that'd be... I'm not much of a fan of SSJ4. Both because I think it looks silly (On Goku and Virginia at least) and because it triggers my GT PTSD
So unless there's big support to it, I won't make that their big forms
>Legendary Super Saiyan 4
This is just bullying U7.

When we get the opportunity, we should practice the fusion dance with Cabba so we don't get memed again.
I will never understand why the fur for SS4 is pink and not gold
Yeah... Red is tolerable to some extent, but pink and the fucking eyeliner makes it just too metro for The ONLY thing I like about it is the fact that it gives importance to the tails. That they were crippled when they lost them.
That's it
*for me.
I honestly wouldn't remind if you removed the parts of SSJ4 you don't exactly like.
Like the eyeliner. That was just weird.
The big draw for me is how it combines two of the biggest things for the saiyans.
Eh I like the SS4. It has more to it than I change my hair color or my hair grow biger of the first 3 SS forms. (Red fur is for the best.) Even thought I disliked the GT as a whole I like the form.
I don't understand why they didn't just have it look something like this.
Would make more sense considering the Golden Oozaru thing.
Eh... we'll see.

I kinda wanna keep Kale's Legendary form without going full Dragon Ball Heroes with LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN 4 SUPER VILLAIN DEMON GOD, or other such nonsenses.
As for Caulifla... well I got a different idea for her.
But even I admit it's not fully formed nor that it's a good ideqa.
We'll see.

Like I said, if there's support for it, sure I'll do it.

If nothing ese theres allways Cabba (heck if I know how he convinces us to tail him) if you allready have forms in mind for girls.
File: Goku_DBGT_Ep_54_006.png (861 KB, 649x1295)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
My biggest problem with SS4 is that the outfits they had while transformed in GT were the gaudiest shit ever.
It's fucking mustard yellow pants with bright red fur and mismatched blue accessories.
What were they thinking?
And the eyeliner, don't forget about that.
Despite being borderline furry shit, it's the most metro-sexual of transformations. As in, out of EVERY transformation.
Even ones in Kill la Kill
Obiously the outfit represents gokus autism and midget just sub countusly copied him. Girls have better fashion sense by default.
Gotta get those primary colors in!
I'm with you, SSJ4 isn't that good.
No kidding.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
It got better in later material with darker fur and clothes that were not compleate ass. I acualy like red fur versions way better than pinkish ones in original GT. (As for the eyeliner while I dont mind it I wouldnt mind it going.)
Granted their hair styles just dont work for them im my opinion still my 2nd favorite SS transformation. (Regular god im absolute favorite and blue is my least favorite as its just color swap regular SS)
File: tails.png (78 KB, 250x301)
78 KB
You sit down next to Kale while holding "hands" with her.
Gently stroking her tail you open your eyes for a moment to look at.
"You were right... it is cute."


The tip of her tail then starts to wiggle around a bit as Kale is testing its limits.
Pointing up it start tickling your nose which gets a little chuckle out of you.
"S-Stop it! Hahaha!"


She keeps trying to play with you but every time she overestimates her reach and unwittingly applies pressure to her own tail, she becomes weekend.
"Careful Kale..."


"Hmmmm... I guess we'll have to train it up.
Maybe some small, plastic weights would be good..."
But before you'd start speaking too much about training again you shake your head.
"Anyway, if you want to do something just do it gently and I'll follow your lead. I don't want to cause you any discomfort."

"Y-You mean it?"


Her tails begins moving again, and like a good boy you start moving your hand after it.
When it starts going too far however you realize what Kales aim really is.


"Follow the monkey Eric!"


First turning over, you then lean over and lay your head on Kales lap.
Feeling unbelievably nervous you close your eyes once more.
"I-I uh... I better close them. My head is starting to ache!"

"You're blushing! How cute!
This isn't even the first time we did this!"

This is the first time when I have a say in it...
And there's no way I wouldn't get nervous with a pretty girl offering me her lap..."

Returning your previous favor Kale then begins patting your head.
Your breathing gets heavy and you start feeling your sweat building up as heat flushes your skin.
Luckily for you however, Kale breaks this one sided tension as she speaks up.
"Thank you Eric..."

"What for?"

"For putting up with me.
The only other friend I ever had was Caulifla.
And I..."

"What are you talking about?"


"Putting up with you?
I cherish every moment I spend with you."
Sitting up you position yourself so you come face to face with Kale and open your eyes.
"How many times do I have to tell you that you're an amazing person Kale?"


Suddenly a new voice cuts in.
Eh... I too used to think Super Saiyan God is a meme. Like you said, it's just a pallet swap.
However the Broly Movie changed my mind.
It gave the form the gravitas it desperately needed.
Now I'm fine with it

The time has come for me to depart.
As usual, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour for me to get home.
Be right back
While I watched the film (it was good)... It really didnt do anything regarding my opinion of the form. If you need a movie to give it gravitals and have not acomplished that in main show you have failed in intraducing the form. SS was good, SS2 had some inpact, SS3 was okay with stamina drain, SS4 had cool concept even if outfits awfull, Sayan God was the shit, SS blue was as inpactfull as watchin the paint dry and Ultra Instinct is copout to bypas Roshis callout that Goku sucks at tehnical fighting.
This is wholesome.
Sad that Kale keeps having low self-esteem but that is just something that has to be worked on.
Jesus man, spellcheck your shit.

And wtf are you talking about? SSG needed two fucking movies to look good.
Well we found a grammar natzi.

Even in Super show proper it was lacluster and I will tell you a little seacret I havent seen Resurection F as the movie. (just the show version) but it proves the point even better if it needed 2 movies and the show version of that movie sucked disliked the whole arc really.
>grammar natzi
That would be if you made a few grammatical errors.
Instead you've made a word salad and seasoned it with bad opinions.
Phew! I'm back and had dinner as well!

I'll be getting back to writing right away!
Eh my opinins are my own. I dont really care if anyone agrees with it. Not the first time I had an unpopular opinion likely wont be the last.
Eh... having an idea drilled into your head and reinforced for YEARS can do that to you.
But I think Kale is getting better, even if it's a slow burn

Eh... I think Gokus transformation and showcase of the powergap was good. As opposed to RoF where he literally went into it like it was vanilla SSJ. Which is where it's bad rep as a fucking palletswap comes from

As for UI... Omen was the shit and it has been properly teased since RoF. So it's not as big of a copout as people make it out to be.
The method of HOW he got it was however...
And Mastered blows in comparison.
That's the spirit!
I did not hate blue... I just found it meh.
Omen is by far the best thing to come out of Super design-wise.
Just subtle enough visually to breathe some life into the done-to-death concept of transformations on top of being a nice contrast to all the hair-dye powerups we got.
And the whole silent "Eye of the storm" feel to it.
All topped up with a nice Oozaru roar.
Fucking Kino I tell you.

Unfortunately Toriyama had to rear his head
The only reason he keeps fucking things up is because they keep bringing him on.
I'd rather they get somebody who can actually write at this point.
It's pretty obvious in hindsight that Toriyama never was the greatest writer and relied pretty heavily on his editors to cut the shit.
Omen is so much better than Goku Blanco.
Honestly the Tournament of Power was a fucking stupid mess.
Yeah... 'Member the Android saga?
Talk about lightning in a fucking bottle
But the man wants his paycheck

At least it looks like Toyotaro is starting to take over.
For better or worse... but the fresh blood is desperately needed
File: Z (31).jpg (33 KB, 640x479)
33 KB
>Eh... having an idea drilled into your head and reinforced for YEARS can do that to you.
>But I think Kale is getting better, even if it's a slow burn
Yeah it's nice, you're doing a good job on that.
Can you imagine the whole Trunks shit if Dragonball was made 30 years later and was running today?
He's a fucking character honestly pulled straight from a bad fanfic.
>son of Vegeta and Bulma
>from the future
>psshh... nuthin personnel... Freeza
>also a super saiyan
>uses a fucking sword
>his clothing
I mean, I like Trunks, but fuck me.
Caulifla crashes through the door with a dropkick and you brace for impact but she just stops in mid air and gives you a smug look while posing like one of your french girls.
"Didya forget we can fly?"

"N-NO! Shut up!"

"What'cha doin' with my Kale?"

You give Kale a look and she nods in acknowledgment.
Her tail rises up from your hand and sways from left to right in front of Caulifla.
"OOOOOOOOH! Niiiiice!"
Landing, or more accurately crashing, on your hip region Caulifla causes you to sit up in shock.
"How did ya get it Kale?"

The chocolate monkey blushes and sheepishly points at you.
"I asked Eric."

Caulifla then looks up and nearly headbutts your chin.
"Maybe I'll have mine grown back too!"

Kale now blushes so hard her entire head is turning red.
"I... wouldn't recommend it."

"Huh? Why?"

"Y-You wouldn't like it sis!"
You see Kale avoiding eye contact with Caulifla like the plague.
That sly girl... she wants that experience all to herself. Otherwise why would she feel like lying?

"Ah I'm sure I can handle it!
After all it only hurt my butt for a few minutes last time! How bad could it be now?"
Stretching her arms out Caulifla almost decks you in the face again at which point you feel like stopping her.

Parting her hair you poke your head through her mane and look down at the petite girl.
"Y'know it's a good thing you're so smol... otherwise we'd have many problems with this setup."

In response she drives her elbow into your side, but not too hard as to not cause too much pain.
Then she turns around on her butt and says this to your face.
"I'm not small!"

Patting her head you smile at her.
"Of course you aren't."

Caulifla then shoots a worried glance at your arm.
"I'm glad you're okay you big doofus."
Then she hugs you.

"Awww... this is nice."

"By the way, why are you transformed?"

>So? Do you want your tail as well?
>So... how about that date? I believe I promised you, didn't I?
>I'm trying to get used to it. You should try it
>So? Do you want your tail as well?
Tails for all
Trunks came from a time when such things weren't so oversaturated with things like that... so you can't blame him.

What you CAN blame him for is him knowing the Spirit Bomb even though it was never stated he learned it.
But I do like how HE finished his own arc... instead of fucking Goku again

Oh hi Plague!
But for real... Let that fucking Vegetable finally WIN.
Goku hogged the handjobs long enough

Also fuck Gohan. That jobber in particular
>>So? Do you want your tail as well?
>I'm trying to get used to it. You should try it

Let's get the girls on track to master SSJ
>>I'm trying to get used to it. You should try it
Wasn't this something uh, Goku and Gohan did?
Or am I getting that wrong?
I think they did some sorta "able to have transformation active permanently" thing.
>I'm trying to get used to it. You should try it
They did do that. It wasn't permanent but they reduced hte strain on their bodies to nearly zero.
come on guys let's get caulifla a tail too. There's this cute pic where Kale and Caulifla use their tails to make a heart.
They mastered it after a year in the hyperglycemic lion tamer, yeah. It's basically a matter of eliminating the wastefulness of super saiyan and taming the fury it brings into the user's heart and mind.
Maybe that's the thing QM was talking about for Caulifla, for her powerup?
>implying I watch Plagues DB videos
I'm there for the art gripes and nothing else
>So? Do you want your tail as well?
not really a big power up. It's actually a minor one.
Those were Plagues lines verbatim. From multiple different videos too!
You can't fool me you furry fuck!

I know a farm boy when I smell one!
Really? It seems like it should be a huge one, being able to have free access to SSJ
It's sadly not. THere's some power increase bout going up the SS chain is still better then the mastered base.
the best thing to do would be to master the various SS states.
Trunks' mastered SS2 is around Super Saiyan 3 level. So that's probably worth it.
you mean super saiyan rage?
it's implied that's an alternate path then ssj3 rahter then just SSJ2
File: plage_shit_munkeh.jpg (463 KB, 1280x720)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Yeah yeah...
Just remember your place Plague. I'm watching you!

Naw. Trunks MASTERED SSJ2.
Like Goku did SSJ1. Meaning he could keep it up indefinitely.
And in terms of raw power it was the EQUIVALENT of SSJ 3.
Pretty significant

Anyway, not many votes despite the many replies.
So... I guess we do both the tail and this
No I mean his Mastered Super Saiyan 2 he used in his spar with Goku's Super Saiyan 3.
Man it's a shame that there's not that much art featuring that girl.
She's got a nice butt at least.

>Oh! Welcome human~
>Come here often?
>"This is my house - I LIVE here."
Ahhhhh, the memories
Speaking of Super Saiyan 3 I just remembered that having a tail actually reduces the energy drain according to GT. With some training it could be possible for the girls to make SSJ3 as sustainable as the first two forms.
File: plage_shit_munkeh-2.jpg (228 KB, 1280x720)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Y'all N'wah's don't even realize how much you owe that animal fucker.
Were it not for him the quest probably wouldn't exist
My favorite part is "I'll seduce the crap out of him"
File: Lore-race-Dunmer.png (93 KB, 210x244)
93 KB
>Friendly reminder that the best race is still the one who invaded the extraplanetary dimension of hell BACK!
Still want a proper beach episode scene where we have to explain to Caulifla that just because we're going in the water doesn't mean she can just not wear anything.
We should get some flowers. For no particular reason.
File: Filename Pending (28).jpg (15 KB, 397x398)
15 KB
>the series is only gonna see more RPG mechanics stripped from it as time goes on
>the writing, lore, and world building will never reach Morrowind levels ever again
>it will be forever chained to a broken engine just because it's easy to make mods for
>console players will always be the priority when designing the games now
>that fucking mobile game exists
and the worst part
>normies will still eat this shit up and defend it till their deaths
Luckily Cuckthesda sabotaged themselves well enough that even the normies are having doubts.

>mobile cashgrab
>kekout 76
>basedout 4

Case and point
Normies don't actually talk about the games on any online forum and are thus insulated from any criticism towards the games, leading to them not even being forced to look at the games critically.
For as bad as what they are doing to TES, spare a thought for Fallout.
They've obliterated the lore with no restraint.
>spare a thought for Fallout
Imagine a 10 pound sledge hammer crushing your testicles while "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" plays in the background.
That's maybe a tenth of the pain I feel when I think about the state the series is in and how dirty Bethesda did Obsidian.
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.png (90 KB, 500x623)
90 KB
Oooooh for now I wouldn't worry about Obsidian.
They seem to be having fun with their revenge rape...
Apparently that was completely unintentional and I 100% believe that.
And I still worry for them given that they got bought out by Microsoft, and that sure doesn't bode well.
File: FO4_X-01_Power_Armor.png (778 KB, 870x1080)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
>post war armour created by Enclave Scientists on the Oil Rig
>nah lol it's pre-war
Then there's the fucking T-60 bullshit, which could easily have been explained by the BoS now being advanced enough to make their own upgrades, but of course not.
But the thing that hurts me the most?

Enclave Power Armour is made of advanced polymers.
>metal rust
I'm willing to bet money that it WAS intentional.
But of course they can't admit it because that'd be slander.

As for Microsoft... we'll see.
I'm willing to give them a shot. God knows I crave another New Vegas.
Until then Cyberpunk will have to keep me occupied
Oh yeah, did Eric get to catch E3 in quest?
Or does he not get why everybody online is posting about Keanu?
File: happy_monkeys.jpg (28 KB, 474x470)
28 KB
"I'm practicing keeping this up as long as possible.
So that's why I'm keeping my eyes mostly shut. And yes... I can still see you waving at me.
Now you're flipping me off... stop it. I SAID STOP!"


"Anyway, I think it could do you some good as well.
If you practiced going Super and just... staying like that for everyday activities I'm sure it'd do wonders for you."

"Eh... I'll think about it.
Maybe we'll try it when we're bored, huh Kale?"

"Sure! I'd like that. Practicing with Sis that is."

"More importantly, we got a more pressing matter!"
Caulifla then points at her butt.

"Heh... okay.
Just remember: Kale warned you."

Reaching upwards you start running your finger along Cauliflas spine.
"Hey, what are y-"
The little monkey girl then has a shiver run along her back and tenses up as you start caressing her.
Of course... from your last little "experiment" you know precisely where you should be poking around... but this is funner.

"What's wrong? Does it hurt?"

"Errr... yeah!"

"Maybe I should stop then?"

"N-NO! I mean. No point in stopping what we started already!
So just do it, okay? Don't mind me!"
You can hear Caulifla muttering under her breath something along the lines of "Damn it Kale!".

Continuing to give the girl the attention she craves and applying your magic to pains she didn't even know she had, Cauliflas leg began shaking as she rhythmically tapped it against the ground in approval.
For a couple more minutes you continue pressuring her until you see her sticking her tongue out occasionally, at which point you take your thumb and gently press it against the magic spot.
And with a sudden and audible "POP" her fresh, new tail revealed itself.

"Lookie what I got!"


"It wasn't too bad I hope."

"Oh screw you. *pant*
And you too Kale. *pant*
You knew what this was!"

"So you mean you don't want me to do that ever again?"

"I didn't say that!"
Caulifla then began cuddling with her newly reformed appendage, purring like a housecat.
"So fluffy!"

But now that this has been taken care of you can lean back and relax a bit.
>By the way... We got an Earth tournament coming. Humans only, but you can watch if you wanna
>So uh... whatcha guys wanna do anyway?
The power armor? Really?
>Ghoul in the Fridge
>The origin of Jet
>Super Mutants... in general
>The enclave... in general

These are far worse offenses imo

Nah. He has more important shit to worry about.
Besides, he's pretty disgruntled with the current state of vidya so he doesn't keep up with it.
If something new comes out and catches his interest he'll look it up to see if it's up his alley and then maybe play it.
>>By the way... We got an Earth tournament coming. Humans only, but you can watch if you wanna
Yo what if we got Bruce Lee to attend the tournament with his one free day? Or Ip Man? Or Muhammad Ali?
>>So uh... whatcha guys wanna do anyway?
Let's ask them
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (48 KB, 599x593)
48 KB
Hah! Bruce Lee, bringing the Ultra Instinct!
>By the way... We got an Earth tournament coming. Humans only, but you can watch if you wanna
>So uh... whatcha guys wanna do anyway?
>I was thinking we could snuggle up on the couch and binge Evengellion, not the Netflix dub though, fuck the Netflix dub
It's time for extreme confusion
>By the way... We got an Earth tournament coming. Humans only, but you can watch if you wanna
All of those are ridiculous, but the power armour shit directly fucks with pre-war lore.
T-51b was shredding through China.
I'm supposed to believe they had T-60 AND Enclave Advanced Power Armour just... around?
They could've won the fucking war in weeks.
>>So... how about that date? I believe I promised you, didn't I?
Blessed digits changing vote
Voting for this.
you know. I kind of want to teach our sister this and have her do it to Cabba.
But that would go against Eric's current behavior.
It's Kef-kef time!

File: 1563890655675.jpg (77 KB, 894x894)
77 KB
It seems the tail petting has roused our god from his slumber. Supporting in the name of Christ
You can still kick the shit out of Cabba and pop it like that...
Or teach it to one of the princesses once they are on Earth

>Oh and one more thing

How do you guys wanna do this?
>Eyarth? Or just civilization in general
>here, in private
>>here, in private
wouldn't want to risk a full moon
>Eyarth? Or just civilization in general
A trip to a nice restaurant is the least we can do. Or whatever buffet is open when we get there.
Either or.
On earth where it isn't night.
>Or teach it to one of the princesses once they are on Earth
That would be kind of mean. Let's do it.
Here in private.
Not good to have a mess happen from two rampaging Oozaru.
We could wait until it's day time on earth and then do it.
I wonder if some glasses with solar shielding would fix the Oozaru problem
changing to this to break the tie
>Is it daytime in Japan? That would be an interesting place to take them.
Drunk Karaoke 2: I don't even know what those funny letters mean
Also we need to train the fuck out of their tails. Goku and Vegeta and all the other U7 fighters will go for them.
I kind of want to talk to videl, Bulma, and Chi chi and go:"did you know saiyans are super senstive on their spines?"
You forgot Videl, Gohan used to have a tail too you know. Speaking of which, with the revelations of what humans are capable of do you think Chi-Chi has gotten back into training in order to personally be there to make sure Goku doesn't pull the stupid shit he did in the Cell games again. It wouldn't be too farfetched that Bulma could be getting into things for the sake of research. Beerus probably thinks if a random human can get that strong than what about one that has already had some training or better yet what about the smartest human on the planet
Leaning back on the sofa you look at the two of them.
"O-kay... now that we've gathered up like like that...
Whatd'ya guys want to do? I got a break from training."

Caulifla and Kale look at each other and nod.
Taking out the by now very familiar earrings Caulifla hands one to her partner.

"Whoawhoa! Girls... you don't need to do that!
I didn't mean-"

"Shut up!
You know very well how it feels, don't you?
That feeling of being fused? Truth is... we're kinda looking for every excuse we can take to fuse."

You frown a little at that.
Not that you don't understand what she means, in fact, you very much do.
But unlike them you haven't fused that many times to develop such an... urge.
And from an outside perspective it sounds a heck of a lot like an addiction. Or maybe not... Perhaps you're just overthrowing it and they mean "Being together" as opposed to "Being Kefla"...
So you'll ignore that for now. But make a mental note of this.

As you nod they put up their earrings and in a flash of light they disappear, leaving only a sight for sore eyes.

"Missed me?"

You sigh with relief.
"Kinda... While I feel like every time I'm with the girls I'm with you as well...
It does feel good to see you again. And not in battle..."

"I feel the same way."
Her tail then swings into view and she smirks at you.
"Like my new accessory? You should, you made it after all!"

"Just make sure to avoid looking at the moon if possible."

"Heh... don't worry.
But the moon? What? Are you planning on taking me to Earth?"

I was thinking about going to a diner."

"A chef takes his date to a diner...
Now doesn't that sound like the build-up for a joke!"

I'd rather our little time together and not in a kitchen."

"Smooth talker.
Always got an answer to everything, don't you?"

In fact, I'm praying to every god I know so I don't make a fool out of myself right now!"
You signal for her to follow you.
"Now come, let's see if I can open a portal home or not..."
>You forgot Videl
I mentioned Videl first. Another person to mention it too would be broly's GF
>implying Chichi would do anything other than gimp her own sons
She even stopped training Goten as a surrogate for her baby daddy once Karrotcake resurrected
And she's single handedly responsible for Jobhan.

Bulma? Questionable.
Given how Beerus seems to have an affection to Bra it's unlikely he'd bother her mother
what about the masks from DBO?
You know we could give vegeta his tail back. Goku would be fucked in that department because when Kami removed his he did something to make it never come back.
Bulma would also appreciate this info too considering how much Kale and Caulifla appreciated what we did.
the whole general spine thing. Not vegeta getting his tail back.
Mm, ok looks like we might want to be ready to talk to them about this?
File: Kefla_01.png (599 KB, 391x767)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Recalling how you opened a portal here and reverse engineering it so it goes backwards, you open a fresh portal to Earth and just as a precaution you look through it to see whether or not the full moon is up.
Luckily, it isn't so you pop back and tell Kefla that the coast is clear.

Stepping through you manage to scare the living bejesus out of a couple pedestrians.
However given the current condition of things and the general awareness of the populace, you couldn't give a shit about that.
"E-Excuse me sir but... are you an alien?"
One of them asks while pointing at your aetherial hair.

Looking back at the portal you hold Keflas hand and aid her through the event horizon.

The girl looks around and whistles.
It looked better at night buuut... this isn't bad either.
So. Where are we goin'?"

Looking around you reorientate yourself and try to figure out just which part of the city you're in.
After finding no landmarks to speak of you float upwards to get a better view on things before shouting to Kefla.
"There's a restaurant that-a-way."

"Got it."

Kefla also shoots up and the onlookers loose their shit even more as there are now two supermen floating around.
Once again, you don't care and just beeline straight to the place you picked out and with your speed you get there in less than a moment.
It's one of those fancier restaurants while still being accessible to the everyman.
No pretentious gourmet foods and no booking things months in advance. But it's still pretty expensive.
Luckily that's not really a problem now.

What is, is your obvious disregard for secrecy, as the people inside are scared shitless of you and they are hesitant about servicing you.
>Just sit down at one of the outside tables.
>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
>I want to rent this place out. The entire thing, effective immediately (This gets you the whole place and some privacy)
Well... imagine having the option of not only being together with your best friend on a more intimate level than you ever thought possible WHILE also being a better version of yourself you never thought even existed.

The way I see it that's a REALLY tempting offer
>>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
File: AuZse01.jpg (43 KB, 480x360)
43 KB
>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
>>I'll pay you a gold brick if you fuck off and leave us be. (This gets you a table inside)
Either this or just getting the whole place.
File: 1414095004650[1].jpg (535 KB, 1080x920)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
At least we didn't get this response from Caulifla and Kale back when we confessed to them.

But considering Eric is the Legendary Super Human or some shit and that was known even back then, the chances of that happening were rather low


And just like before any input as to what you'd be interested in talking about is welcome
In this universe, humans are bullshit.
I can only imagine how borked Human Hybrids are.
They aren't bullshit by design though!
I don't know how or why but every individual is insane for some reason
Makes sense since the universes are reflections of one another.
Actually what are the odds Kale and Caulifla are going to have to fight off Saiyan Girls interested in Eric?
Proooobably rather high, come to think of it.
We're an agent of destruction, and we have accomplished some decently impressive things.
Also strong as fuck. Good thing Caulifla and Kale are two of the strongest saiyans in u6.
I kinda want to see this now desu.
Saiyan girls being fought off sounds appealing.
>two of the strongest saiyans
I think you mean "the two strongest saiyans".
File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 300x303)
17 KB
I have come to a horrifying realization, if magic is described as "the power of make-believe and bullshit" then that means it's only a matter of time before pic related shows himself and tries to destroy the fabric of reality.
Fucking STOP giving me plot ideas!
I'm already starting to forget older ones!

jk, keep 'em coming
Oh no, he's unironically going to attempt to cause the dimensional merge.
He's a multiversal threat.
Zamasu was right.
Cabba's up there too for all the shit we give him.
"Third strongest Saiyan"
Sharing that not so prestigious spot with his teacher.
we actually don't know where they all fall. None of them have actually fought it out going all out.
All we know for sure is Kale is stronger then SSJ cabba in her berserk form.
Actually speaking of Kale's berserk form I'm really disappointed she doesn't ramp up in base like how broly can.
nor that she can match SSG's in a rage mode like how broly can.
Might be she needs some training for it?
Broly just ramped up non super saiyan enough to beat the absolute shit out of vegeta and goku in every mode but SSB.
Kale can't do that for some reason.
Maybe it's the fact Broly was born with a tail?
So now that she's got it she'll be able to do so?
I would be down for that.
Speaking of tails U6 saiyan's reaction to the fact that yes they can get tails is going to be interesting.
Same for the saiyans for U7
You reach into your pocket and withdraw a frankly obscenely fat stack of cash and hand it over to the head waiter.
"I'll tip you with a gold brick if you give us a table and leave us be!"

Though obviously shocked by the two otherworldly attendants the man has a strong sense for business.
"Right this way sir."
After seating the two of you down he continues with the procedure.
"May I take your co-oh... forgive me.
I shall bring you the menus then! Anything you'd like to drink?"

Kefla looks at you expectantly.
"We are planning on holding a small feast of sorts...
What wine would you recommend for such an occasion?"

"Well sir, though it pains me to say it if that is indeed your intention then perhaps a light body, riesling would be the best.
If your appetite's are indeed so voracious that is."
You nod in confirmation.
"Very well sir."

"Bring the whole bottle...
And two bottles of mineral water as well."

The waiter then bows slightly and goes away to procure the requested items for you.
Meanwhile Kafka just snickers as she looks around, her demeanor quickly spreads to you and as such you feel the need to quiet her.
She extends her pinky and starts acting very posh.

"Excyuuuuze me sir! I'd like to find my balls!
I must've left them somewhere over there!"

"Pffff- *ahem* Q-Quiet! Hehe! Before anyone notices us."

Chuckling to herself Kafka starts smugly mocking you.
"I'm beginning to suspect you chose poorly."

"Just give it a chance!
I'm sure you'll love it. Once they bring out the food that is."
She already starts blowing you off but then she hears something.


Music starts playing in the restaurant and when Kafka turns to look at its source she sees an actual band performing.
Rocking her head from left to right she starts enjoying the rhythm of the soothing jazz.
"Okay... maybe there is something good about this."

It's at this moment that the head waiter returns with your drinks and two menus.
You take a look at one of them before handing it back.
"We'd like this."

"Er... what, Sir?"

You point at the menu.
"The whole thing. In order from start to finish."
You look over to Kafka who raises her hand with a V sign.

The waiter looks like he's about to find Jesus and promptly leaves so the Chef and the owner can both join him in his apotheosis.
Kafka then looks at you with a devious smile.
"Aren't you worried we'll eat them out of business?"

"You kidding? They make such a profit on each meal...
They'll live like kings for a few months from this ordeal!"

As you say that however you realize that the waiter left in such a hurry he just sorta... left things half finished.
Putting the candle haphazardly left on the table on the candlestick you light it with a snap of your finger, prompting a few "Oooohs" from the onlookers, which are pretty much the entire restaurant...
We should ask Vegeta if he'd be willing to share some tail pampering tips.
There's gotta be something.
That's a lot of Kafkas.
File: download (4).jpg (11 KB, 239x211)
11 KB
File: ignore_the_beta_male.jpg (138 KB, 965x828)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Well... since they are so amused by this then surely they won't mind if you... involve them a little in the display.
Raising your hand in a clear attempt to gather the attention of the patrons, you flick your middle and index fingers in the air, which causes a single flower to float out of a vase and fly towards you.
Naturally they think it's some sort of magic trick but SOME clearly realize that some fuckery is going on and they are understandably freaking out.

The little, white and fragrant flower lands in your hand and after tearing off its stem you reach over to Kefla.
"May I?"

She looks confused by this but nods and allows you to proceed.
After sticking it in her hair she doesn't know how to react.
But some of the more romantic ladies in the crowd are clearly touched by it, which causes her to be embarrassed.
"By the way Eric..."

"What's up?"

"You said you're practicing staying transformed all the time, right?"


"Do you... think I can maybe do it too?"
Judging by her expression she means right now.


>Sure! I know you can do it!
>Here. Let me help
>This is... not the best place for that!
>Here. Let me help
Is this a FF6 Crossover now?
Maybe take her somewhere private for that? I dunno.
>>Here. Let me help
Google Kefka
>>Here. Let me help
>Here. Let me help
Kafka is a well known novelist.
Kafka. Franz Kafka
Not Kefka
is the fusion a kind of metamorphosis?
File: fuck-it-I'm-done.jpg (5 KB, 219x284)
5 KB
>I don't think this is the best place for that.
>If you want to go ahead but keep in mind that it could shorten the fusion time, no pressure though, if you de-fuse early I'll remind the girls to re-fuse when the 30 minute cool down is over.
Gondola no!
Does eric know that higher levels of power shorten the fusion time unlike the fusion he's done with cabba?
This is important!

Anyways, this seems... confusing for me.
So you're voting to postpone this? Is that correct?
Or do you want to drag her somewhere private, "pop her" as it were and come back?
I'm voting to do what ever the "here. let me help" vote is.
I think so, he could have learned about it from Vados maybe but if that isn't the case his only experience with fusion strain is his head almost exploding, either way he knows it is not a good idea to put too much pressure on it.
We are already dating an alien with a tail, would asymmetrical mitosis be that big of a deal. As long as the re-fuse in private no one will be the wiser.
Word of QM is he doesn't know that higher power levels speeds up the fusion.
A'ight... FUCK it
I'll do what's wholesome. That's generally a good modus operandi

Rolled 20, 1, 6, 18 = 45 (4d21)

OK then
We don't do crit fails right?
Oh god she succeeded but attracted unwanted attention?

~its the golden goddess!~
You look around for a second and think about this.
But since you've come this far you might as well keep going.
Reaching forward you grab Kefla and hold her hand gently.
She twitches in surprise but otherwise doesn't react.


"Okay... I'll help.
Take a deep breath."

She seems nervous, that much is certain from her heartbeat.
But she does as you instructed her and she even closed her eyes.
Her pulse already decreased a bit. Good.

"What now?"

"Remember what we did with Kale?
Focus on me. My heart. Use it as a metronome.
Now slowly... open that door. Not with a shout. Not with a scream. But bit by bit."

As she starts releasing her hold on her enormous energy reserves Kefla starts loosing control but you aid her by gently holding her hand and reminding her to focus on her breathing.
"This is dumb..."

"Not at all.
You're doing great. Think of something calm. The sound of the gentle wind or that of a running stream. Imagine a meadow or a quiet little forest.
Good. Good... Now just like you usually do try to tap into an emotion. Anything but anger or hatred.
Don't let the frustration control you. The one who's in control is you."

"Yeah... now I'm starting to feel it.
I got something I can use."

"Good... then do it.
Open the door gently. And once it's loose... shackle it as much as you can without extinguishing it!"

Kefla seems to tense up as she struggles to keep her vast amount of power in check and not just letting it all explode.
But she pulls it off, her aura goes from a wispy white to a vibrant green and she feels goosebumps all over her body as a wave of power washes over her.
Her aura is visible only for a second before it vanishes from view, leaving only her changed appearance as proof of her alien nature.

Though quite loud the shocked gasps of the restaurant patrons escape your ears as you have something more important to focus on.
"You look as stunning as ever!
How does it feel?"

Like I want to punch something really hard but I'm not allowed to!"

"Well... something for something.
Think about how much stronger you'll be once you master it though!"

"Oh... that..."
Kefla lets go of your hand.
"Truth be told I wasn't thinking about that."

"Then what?"

She blushes nervously.
awwwww. Our alien girlfriends are way too cute.
Aaaaand that's the end for today I'm afraid.
I hope y'all enjoyed yourselves!

Sadly... this also marks my departure.
For about six days I'll be working the night shift.
Meaning I won't have any time for quests.
Best I can do is some side stuff for funsies and maybe some shitposting.

After that however I'm planning on running a couple of days in a row.
See ya fuckers then!

Thanks for the run, Not-Som!

I just hope that the restaurant patrons are feeling as appreciative of this tender moment as they are freaked out about two powerhouses coming in and displaying all of these freaky powers!
Thanks for running, this was tons of fun.
I'll be looking forward to it

4chan is currently experiencing an aneurysm right now, this is being live streamed as we speak, the mods probably created a /ayy/ board to contain these kind of events.
>/ayy/'s first sticky is titled "ABSOLUTE CHAD SIGHTED, FUG IN PROGRESS"
>Bro how the fuck did an alien get all that cash?
>I think he's that dude that killed the gay lizard a while back
>mfw he's transformed like one of my japanese animes
>Who's the chick with the tail?
File: 1525541189260.png (235 KB, 492x499)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>The habbening is so strong it bleeds into other boards
>/x/ keeps telling people to fuck off to /ayy/
>/fit/ is in maximum weaponized autism mode to try and figure out how the FUCK can you get a six pack and muscles in a snap like that
>/ck/ doesn't know whether they are of the most patrician taste or the most disgusting since they ordered every possible food so it's hard to argue against their order
>/pol/acks are imploding because space niggers are literally invading Earth right under their nose and there's nothing they can do about it
>/k/ starts to meltdown at the very real possibility that small arms might become irrelevant in conflicts now that people can just delete planets on a whim
>/int/ implodes and is renamed "Intergalactic"
>/tg/ develops a playable RPG based on alien martial artists in hours
>/a/ is flooded with people posting shonen anime gifs that they're gonna copy when they get strong enough
>/a/ is flooded with people posting shonen anime gifs that they're gonna copy when they get strong enough
Too real
>Implying the fact that they get blonde hair and blue eyes as they grow stronger doesn't make them space Aryans.
Kefla is green though

That being said... I wonder what would triumph?
Their national, or in this case racial identity and pride or would they submit to a clearly superior race?
They're still 4chan yeah? They'd likely just follow their boners.
>How would 4chan react to Saiyans
They'd probably be equated with Africans given how they turn into Apes and haven't actually achieved anything on their own despite being superior physical specimens.
Also there'd be an outrageous amount of Delicious Monkey-Girl threads.
I don't think the monkey similarities are a problem because the consensus is that niggers are worse than apes.

You're thinking of U7 Saiyans, U6 are much more advanced and have their own empire

>Human Roastie
>Lazy, lounges around and gives herself diabetes and expects you to carry her ass
>Cucks you the moment you turn your back takes half of your shit with her
>Thinks you cheating on her whenever you are talking to another girl
>Expects you to follow leftist propaganda, will leave you if you are right of Stalin
>Will divorce you and make your son a tranny to get likes on Facebook
>Poor genes, your children will be weak and mentally ill and her poor parenting will only make them worse
>Frivolous and vain, demands unnecessary luxury
>Will #metoo you if you make even slight advances

>Saiyan Wife
>Active and incredibly athletic and does her best to help you improve yourself
>Intensely loyal, will stay at your side until death
>Saiyan culture promotes tightly knit polygamous family units,so you can have a harem
>Incredibly based and redpilled, holds strong traditional values and acknowledges degeneracy for what it is
>Sees trannies as abomination against nature, gets away with breaking their delusions publicly because she is technically a migrant
>Insane alien genetics, your children will be muscle wizards that she will train to reach their potential
>Her only concern is the quality of her partner,everything else is irrelevant
>If she is interested she will begin aggressively cuddling and groping you, snu-snu is not far behind

>wtf bros how can human girls even compete, I need to go to the gym immediately so I can get a qt Saiyan tradwife
>You're kind of wrong about that last bit, from what I've seen only the ones with lower "power levels" use that aggressive strategy to compensate for it
>What makes you the expert on that?
>I'm at the tournament bar and a hot saiyan in their equivalent of the secret service is looking at me with fuck me eyes
>Do it, go where no man has gone before
>Anon you are going to be the first man to reach the final frontier of pussy, do it faggot
>Alright here goes nothing
>Several hours pass, people assume anon is dead or being anally probed
>I don't know how but I did it
>Anon posts a picture of a short haired, lightly tanned saiyan resting peacefully beside him
>Oh shit!
>The absolute mad man actually did her
>ywn have sex with an alien tomboy, chair clattering.jpg
>I'll post updates in the morning, I can't feel my legs
>Waifu just left, apparently, despite cracking my hips she was actually one of the weakest of the guard, she said that I was the first person to care about her for who she is in spite of her "weakness".
>I told her she was an amazing person and to never sell herself short
>She said she loved me and promised to come back and marry me once our two planets established a more formal alliance
>I will kill the president If he fucks this up
>Waifu just left, apparently, despite cracking my hips she was actually one of the weakest of the guard, she said that I was the first person to care about her for who she is in spite of her "weakness"
She probably isn't an elite then - the whole thing about selecting a strong mate is less compulsory, though still a nice bonus.
>>Waifu just left, apparently, despite cracking my hips she was actually one of the weakest of the guard, she said that I was the first person to care about her for who she is in spite of her "weakness".

Wow she's too week to properly control the level of strenght she's using what a loser.
>A few months have passed since the tournament, Saiyan posting still takes up 65% of /ayy/ to the point where mods are considering a Saiyan culture board
>The first qnon to fuck a Saiyan is a legend on 4chan whose name is held alongside Anaki, Chris-chan and that one guy who fapped to floor tiles
>I think my waifu is back, potential saiyan ama incoming
>Posts picture of pod in yard
>The thread instantly goes nuts and gets sticky
>Wait what the fuck is going on here?
>Some anon on /pol/ fucked a saiyan here's the screencap
>Caulifla replies with
>Kale looks at her disapprovingly
>"Why would you post that? She is probably trying her best"
>"Of course I don't mean it dumbass, If everyone hates me then they'll stop making porn. Besides I kind of like shitposting."
>"Caulifla you are a genius!"
>Looks like I have to deal with this now, sorry to disappoint you guys
>Posts picture,of him holding a weird looking infant
>Oh shit!
>Anon knocks up an alien, absolutely based
>Name him Clark it would be wrong to name him anything else
>Congrats anon, you did the scientific equivalent of fucking a horse and getting a centaur out of it
>Kek, she probably just cucked you and dumped the kid on you so her new elite sugar daddy didn't get made fun of for it. Do you really think you were compatible in this universe?
>You sumg heartless bitch
>Fuck you
>I hope you get molested by Jabba the hut you raging cunt
>Why have you done this queen? I thought we were friends ;(
>Oh good, glad you are here I don't speak chimp runes can you translate this letter for me
>Dear Anon, I have to start this by saying I'm sorry. I didn't think it was possible for two completely different species to interbreed, but I guess by some twist of fate it was meant to happen. With all this talk about humans after one neutralized the threat of the Tuffles I was worried about what would happen to our child when the upper castes found out a hybrid had been conceived,so I decided to go live out in the wilderness to make sure he was safe. It's not as bad as it sounds, once I got used to it I honestly felt more free than I ever could have dreamed of. I have you and our little miracle to thank for that. During that time alone before our son was born it felt like I had a part of you with me even though we were light years apart. I wanted to do everything I could to ensure that this child could have a future free from the limitations of his birth, so I stole a pod and sent it here. I'm now not only a deviant, but also a criminal but no sacrifice not even my own life is too much for my family. I don't know if I'll ever be able to come back to you anon, but my heart is with you always. I love you
>Caulifla tears up a bit
>"Fuck this is just like the romance novels. Screw it I'm translating"
>Right in the feels
>You are the luckiest bastard in the universe, if she comes back never let her go
>ITT anon takes responsibility for breeding the purest ayy in existence
Well THAT certainly took a turn...
>The door creaks open a little and Caulifla instinctively destroys Eric's computer
>"Oh, Hi Eric...ummm those fuckers were posting lewds again and I got mad."
>Caulifla is sweating profusely
>"If you are going to be browsing 4chan then please for the love of god get your own computer, this is the third time this has happened."
>"Yes absolutely you got it okay bye."
>The saiyan flees the room as fast as is possible without flight
>"Kale did she discover deviatart and get some wierd fetishes she's ashamed of?"
>"N-no not at all, absolutely not I have some.. stuf that needs to be done, you know urgent things that need addresing immediately."
>Eric sighs
>"Alright then."
>Seeing her cue to leave Kale chased after Caulifla
>"Hey sis, you seem pretty shaken up is it because you are thinking about you and Eric."
>"WHAT NOOOO, that was like a one time deal, I mean look how different we are from the universe 7 Saiyans, it was probably just a once in a lifetime event, sort of like those Ligers that sometimes happen in zoos, it probably won't ever happen again and especially not with Eric or either of us."
>"But do you want it to happen?"
>Caulifla turned bright red and appeared lost in thought for a moment before angrily replying
>"SHUT UP!!!"
>"Hey Vados I already had to put all my stuff back onto two different laptops can you just magic it back into working condition."
>"Of course Eric."
>The bits of computer flew back together restoring it to functioning order...still on the exact webpage it was when it was destroyed.
>Eric quickly scrolled through the thread and then put it under his shoulder
>"King Sadala, Eric has returned and he."
>Eric slamed directly through the wooden door reducing it to a cloud of splinters seemingly sliding on the ground without walking or changing his stance
>"You give this innocent cinnamon roll a one way trip to visit her family or I will kill every single Saiyan elite on this planet and then myself."
>"Let's not forget what Kale did the last time I died."
>"Consider it done, I'll arrange for her release."
>"That's not fast enough where is she now?"
>"About 30 miles that way in cell block C"
>Eric not so much as turning his head flew through the nearest window, within seconds he broke through a solid concrete wall
>"No time to explain what coordinates did you send the pod to?"
>"Already read you surface thoughts."
>Eric threw the startled girl under his other shoulder and immediately portaled to the front door before kicking it down
>"I'll never let you take my son you alien bastards!!!"
>The man pulled his gun for a moment before realizing what was happening
>"Hey man I got your wife for you, have a great rest of your day."
>Eric threw her into his arms and immediately portaled away
>/ayy/ a swedish wizard just broke into my home and gave me my waifu, what the actual fuck.
File: h4dtNeB.png (2.54 MB, 1917x1489)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
Well... THAT escalated quickly...

>Eric posts under the trip "Swedish Chef from Space"
>Lads. I'll say this only once. If you manage to gather the dragon balls to get a Saiyan gf, post her name and a pic if you can in this thread. I'm not joking.
>If you or your waifu get into trouble I'll sort it out
>Don't ask anything other than a time-stamp
>This is the only post I'll make
>You won't find me, I'll find you
>Sincerely: Swedish Wizard
>ps. OP is quintillion fag if he won't take care of that babby. Godspeed
Oh and I'm planning on doing some side stuff tomorrow.
I was thinking about doing a story with Hail.
For the anon that requested it and thought I forgot, I didn't.

But if you got anything you'd like to see feel free to reply to this and I'll try to cook something up.
But by the looks of it... you can handle it yourselves pretty well
I'm down for the adventures of Indiana Lizard Who Won't Leave the Kai's Alone. I just keep imagining he's basically space-Indiana Jones, but with superpowers and far less fucks to give.

As for 4chan posts, urban legends revolving around Eric. They range from on-point to wildly inaccurate, and someone keeps adding fuel to the fire by posting his actual exploits in the most wildly over-the-top manner possible. By the time Eric discovers this, Swedish Wizard's basically the new Chuck Norris of the internet & he's not sure how to feel about that.
>Anons call out /pol/non on his bullshit
>No fucking way
>He has home security footage
>He slaps a quick thing together and posts It
>Everyone goes fucking APESHIT
>Blond hair, that physique-
>Arguments ensue, It's hard to tell from the limited footage of both incidents but similarities ARE there
>Anons freak out upon realization that the Wizard and the Slayer might be one and the same
>And If he Is
>Shitty meme edits of The Wizard and the Slayer begin again
>You better take responsibility, or else the slayers gonna get you
>He can literally OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU you anon, If you fuck a monkey you gotta keep It
>Just pull out or wear or condom you fucks
>Tfw the slayer Is single-handedly Is going to prevent space babies from growing up In broken homes
>He Is declared space moot by some In honor of his based-ness
I think we have reached critical autism.

lets keep going.
>An image begins circulating the imageboards of The Slayer/The Wizard jojo posing with a pink spectral figure looming behind him
>Anons go apeshit and declare that not only was Araki ACTUALLY a vampire like everyone predicted, but also an alien and someone who can see the future
>Araki is later approached and questioned about it by reporters, but he declines all interviews
>Suspicions only rise

What other popular figures are going to be put into the line of fire by us?
>Eric finds out that the panda is kill.
>Decides to gather the dragonballs to wish it back.
>On the way he is aided by several aliens who also discovered the panda shortly before it got destroyed.
>Through dick unity.
What's this panda thing about? Is it a 4chan thing? News I haven't heard yet? A shitty meme or a character I don't know about?

bascaily home of ALL THE PORN
It is a sad day indeed.
But what's on the internet never truly disappears.
I'm sure the anons hard at work downloading EVERYTHING got this
the exhenai ISP was probably shitting bricks at the sheer level of downlaoding going on
Either that or they were shedding tears of joy that it won't be lost
Ah, the famous site I never use. I've tried a few times, always liked g.e-hentai and hitomi.la more.

I think I read about the same thing about g.e-hentai possibly shutting down in the next xouple years, something about a change in Norwegian laws and difficulty/expense moving the servers? I might start downloading my favorites soon.
Behold! This is our life now!

Give me about two hours, that's when most of my work will be gone. Then I'll start writing shit
Shit, forgot my pic
File: h4D13838E.png (191 KB, 776x564)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"Well I can't believe you were dumb enough to agree to it!"
Hail then looked over his brand new "companion" with a befuddled look on his face.
"What's with that getup anyway? You look like one of my old, crusty professors."

And if you diss the fedora one more Henry Walton Jones damned time I swear the whip is going in your ass! Through your MOUTH!"

"Jeez... knock it off, will ya?"


"Seriously, you've been doing nothing but complaining all this time."

"Because I'm bored! That's why!"

"Why? What did you expect when I told you we're going ruin diving?"

"I 'unno...
Discovering ancient secrets, finding lost treasures, fighting space nazis...
Rescuing damsels in distress?"

"What universe do you live in?"
Hail asked his assistant.
"Now hand me the brush."


After spending a few more hours excavating some dust covered relics however Hail stood up and stretched his back.
"Okay... I'm bored now.
The gag went on long enough."
He then stepped up to the stone door and after pushing a loose brick in, opened up a secret entrance to the temple.
"Let's get spelunking!"


File: hqdefault.jpg (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB

Upon entering the ancient, decrepit ruins the brave adventurers were greeted by the remnants of a long gone civilization.
Many of their devious traps and devices have fallen to ruin and ceased to function long, long ago.
But the most dangerous of them naturally withstood the test of time and greeted the two brave heroes with open arms.

These ancient automate protected the ruins and threatened the intruders to leave.
But little did these soulless machines realize, that their language has been dead for quite some time, so their warnings fell on deaf ears.
And while they may have been the apex of technology back in their golden age, now they were little more than piles of barely functioning junk.

The two warriors blasted their way through the guardians without much effort.
Even the otherwise imposing boulder traps that were still functioning proved to be little more than an inconvenience as they broke in half upon hitting one of them on the head.
"Well this is... significantly more mundane than I hoped..."

"Yeah... You'd think it's all fun and games, with adventures that make your heart race. But no.
Hail then stepped on a pressure pad on purpose just to demonstrate his point.
Due to that several holes opened in the walls and unleashed a volley of arrows on the two archeologists.
Their tips harmlessly bounced off of their bodies.
"Even if they scratched us... a couple hundred years of oxidation will neutralize even the most potent of poisons."

"So... Tetanus is the only real danger here?"

And since we can't get cut, we're golden."

"Then why did you choose this as your profession?"

"Honestly? I wanted to discover the origins and history of my people.
Believe it or not, there aren't many of us flying around in the galaxy. There is so few of us that, despite there being other families here and there, everyone just calls us "Frosts people".
Just goes to show how "influential" my little shit brother was. Had to work my tail off to wash that stigma off..."
"Aaaand... did you find it?"

"No. Not really.
I've seen mentions of my people in various ruins, none of which were ours.
All I know for certain is that we've just... always been there, looming over everyone like a giant phallus ready to smack someone.
Many feared them like the wrath of god, sent there to destroy them, others worshipped them like gods.
Yet there never seemed to be a large congregation of Frost Demons, only individuals. Every. Single. Time."

"So wait... how do you-
Eric made a hole with one hand and poked a finger through it with the other.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"So... you don't know it either."

"N-No... I left before daddy could explain the glarthoks and the flarns."

"What? Are those like the birds and the bees?"

"Oh no, they eat those.

So you chose this line of work to find your roots, huh?
Why did you stick with it after you couldn't do it?"


"No... rhetorically. What do you think?"


The pair then entered a small chamber, seemingly dedicated to a single item. A golden idol displayed on a pedestal.
By the looks of it, the thing appeared to be some sort of fertility idol. Or at least that's what it reminded Eric of.
He let out a little whistle as he observed it.
"Nice. So you... got a dummy version with which we can replace it?"

"What? NO!
We're not touching it! That's incredibly reckless!
First we'll secure a pathway for a science team to get in so they can analyze the condition of the relic and the trap mechanisms!
The relic MUST NOT be risked like that!"


"But... this is not the thing I wanted to show you.
Hail lead the human into another chamber past the treasure where they saw various paintings and hieroglyphics adorning the walls.

"Is this it?
The history of others?"

Looks closer."
Hail raised his lamp to better illuminate the images.
Past the imagery clearly depicting beings of divine origin and what must be historical events, the quality of the imagery slowly deteriorated and eventually got replaced by plainly written text.

"I don't speak alien.
What does it say?"

Hail snickered as he pointed at one line out of the myriad other scrawls and began translating.
"10619: Apollinaris, doctor of the Holy Emperor Titus defecated here!"

Suddenly Erics eyes widened.
He couldn't help but touch the walls in his admiration.
"It... It's beautiful! An ancient shitpost wall!"

"See? THIS is why I love my job!"
Just like in Pompeii.

People can’t resist graffiti, the ancient form of shitposting.
Even in primitive times, 4chan is still the cancerous growth that won't die, but never quite kills you.
File: 93f.png (6.88 MB, 3100x6280)
6.88 MB
6.88 MB PNG
More like it's a part of us that was always there but people keep forgetting about it as it chooses a different medium every so often

You know it
So... good news!

I've reached the end of this nightmare!
With my work done, now I got a week long break to look forward to!
Starting (hopefully) Tuesday (but Wednesday at the very least) we'll return to our regular schedule with a fucking Turbo boost!
I don't know if I'll have the stamina necessary for doing a double thread immediately but I'll try

Also, I keep reading stuff just to broaden my horizons but it keeps giving me ideas for future plots / characters. And it won't stop.
Full steam ahead! CHOO-CHOO!!!
It's not really DBZ related in the slightest, but for a bit of real-world mythology that's badass as hell, read up on Aztec mythology.
>Tfw you sacrifice blood and flesh to the gods in order to sustain them because the gods are the only thing stopping demons (which are exactly as uncountably numerous as the stars) from coming in to end the world YET AGAIN, this time by devouring all of existence
>Tfw you realize that the world has ended several times before and it just keeps being reborn anew
>Tfw one of the times the world ended was due to an infinite amount of jaguars raining down from the sky
>Tfw an absolute chad of a ugly son of a bitch god sacrificed himself to rebirth everything and become the sun, causing the beta-chad with good looks to sacrifice himself immediately afterwards out of shame and become the moon
So you are saying that earths sun and moon has ailien superwepons hidem in them?
No, I'm saying the sun and the moon are gods who are on fire and in constant, horrific agony. All for your sake.
I know but thats the most sensible way I could see it reinterpreted in Dragon Ball since you know since I dont see them being actual kais.
Not EVERYTHING went out the window the second the GodS, Kais, Angels, Demons, aliens, and kamis came into the picture. We’ve been to the moon and we’ve observed the sun. Some stories are still just stories and some truths are so wild (or not) that they never even occurred to us.
I don't think that every real life mith is going to be true in quest, maybe some of them are, but not all.
i did say that it wasn't dbz relevant
i was just recommending some good shit to read
File: the lewdest kefla.jpg (53 KB, 419x409)
53 KB
Giving the rest of the restaurant a passing glance just to see how the crowd is reacting, you notice a few things.
Some of the more romantically inclined people, mostly women, are finding this display of affection rather charming and start asking why their partners can't be like that... with said partners being present in some cases.
Others are a bit freaked out about the obvious aliens in their vicinity.
And some... are merely taking pictures of Kefla. They seem really excited for some reason.
But enough of that.

Returning your gaze to your partner you find yourself staring at her without even realizing it.
Only when a splitting headache starts to surface do you finally do you realize what you've been doing.

"Hey hey... Don't force it?"
Kefla reaches for you for a moment.
"Take it easy... otherwise I'll kick your ass for making me worry again!"

You let go of your temple and look her in the eyes.
"But I get an hour only every so often. And I'll be damned if I'm not gonna make the most of it.
So relax..."

Kefla shakes her head a little.

But then the waiters, yes plural, start rolling in with small food carts lined with your orders.
First are the Hors d'oeuvres which are presented by the staff with a rather awkward expression on their faces.
They clearly don't expect you to eat even a portion of this. But it's not like that matters to them as long as you pay.
Boy they are in for a surprise.

>Tell Kefla she's free to dig in. You'll take the classy approach.
>When on Sadala... eat like the Saiyans
>Show the monkey girl how to sample things like a classy lady
>Tell Kefla she's free to dig in. You'll take the classy approach

Eh changing her eating habits is a futile endevor. But dosent mean you have to follow her example. To each their own.
>fucking gorge yourselves

We're here, we're on a time limit, we're going to enjoy our date our way and fuck these people around us if they don't like it!
>Tell Kefla she's free to dig in. You'll take the classy approach.
>Tell Kefla she's free to dig in. You'll take the classy approach
Support, but make sure to use our enhanced senses to taste the food, not just shallow everything.
Well this is going to be a rather stark contrast

Bonis points if we scan her surface mind to predict where she will enact food genocide next and respond acordingly while looking classy as fuck.
*Snort* What next time skiping to get last bredstick to dip in sauce, telekenesis to aply conduments and move utensils?
Though it's very likely that you'll never be able to entirely remove the monkey from the Saiyans, at the very least you can behave classy and civilized in their place.
You wish her a good meal and tell her to enjoy herself, while also informing the waiters to take a step back, much to their confusion.
But once they witness the horrors of Saiyan dining they become enlightened and quickly let go of any plates, fearing they might loose a few fingers.

As usual of her race Kefla does not bother to hide her more savage side and uses her bare hand when applicable and only resorts to using utensils when encountering something she can't easily manage like rice or pasta.
In stark contrast however you keep it classy and use the appropriate tools when applicable and pay close attention to your appearance.
This does not mean however that you are any slower than her, far from it.

Although you lag behind her in some places because you bother to chew and savor the dishes, you quickly pick up the pace whenever she overeats and has to stop for a few breaths of air or a glass of water to help the passage of the food.
In her haphazard eating also proves to be a bit too messy for this place, so you pay close attention to her and whenever she accidentally knocks over or sends bits of food flying you impale them with your knife and place it in your mouth without looking.
This rather... curious display manages to destroy any good will the other patrons had for you as they watch the dishes pile up next to you as more and more meals are consumed.

But it does eventually end when you made your way through the entire menu, finishing with several desserts.
Kefla leans back on her chair and starts patting her full tummy.
"Phew... That was good! A little lacking in flavor in some places but good!
Kiiiinda still hungry though..."

The head waiter feels a wave of fear wash over him but he quickly relaxes as you call out to the statuesque girl.

"Okay, okay."

"Oh thank you good sir!
"As for the food... Most people don't spice their meals as... liberally as I do.
In restaurants that usually means their dishes are a bit bland and you're meant to adjust it with these."
You point at the salt and pepper shakers.


"It's okay though, as long as you enjoyed it."

"Sure did!"
She then looks around.
"And man, I don't know how or why but I feel amazing!
Maybe because my belly is full or because I'm Super now but I feel GREAT!"

"Yeah, I must agree.
I don't know if it's just my transformation or if I just got used to eating like you but I managed to keep up.
And my head's not hurting anymore. This was a great idea!"

"Totally. Thanks Eric.
It feels nice being able to live a little like this."

"Hey, we can do this as many times you or the girls want...
You snicker a little as you grab a napkin and reach forward.
"But you should pay a bit more attention next time!"

Wiping some food off of her cheeks you make the monkey girl blush a little.

Turning your attention away from her for a brief moment as the head waiter comes back with your dishes taken care of, he sports a large bill in hand.
"I hope you enjoyed yourselves!"
He greets you.

"That we did."
Taking the note from him, you give the man a generous tip on top and tell him to share it with his co-workers.

"Thank you for your patronage, Sir!"

>Also, give the chefs my regards. I know it's not easy...
>Also, here's a little tip for your chef...
>Okay Kefla, what should we do next?
>Also, here's a little tip for your chef...
>Also, give the chefs my regards. I know it's not easy..
>Also, give the chefs my regards. I know it's not easy...
>Also, here's a little tip for your chef...


But seriously though, is there anything in particular you'd like to do with the time you have left?
Hat Kid you did this on on the redneck sword hero quest just yesterday. I dont feel the game today so no switching names.
Go some place with a beautiful sight and cuddle.
Just walk\fly around maybe just to see the sites and finish on some scenic location.
>have some snu-snu

I would love to just fly around and hold hands, or go to our house and spend the rest of the time limit cuddled up on the couch watching some short jewtube videos with her and just feeling her in our arms until she has to go...

I mean that's just an idea, not like I seriously thought about how I would date a muscle monkey mommy seriously, nope, I'm not a weirdo.

I dont belive yo you have clearly tought long and hard.
Fly around the world showing her the natural wonders of the world. Shit like Ayer's Rock and the like. End the date with intense cuddling/makeouts. Perhaps fade-to-black snu-snu if appropriate, but it's not needed.
You then hand a generous wad of cash to the man and tell him to send your regards to the chefs.
If anyone then you understand what it must feel like. He does not know what to make of that at first, but he still assures you he'll deliver both your money and your message.

"I hope you enjoyed your... "meal" with us Sir and Madame.
But I hope you won't be offended when I say: Please don't come too often."

Laughing this off you assure him that you won't and promptly take your leave.
Things simultaneously die down and liven up as you exit the building, with some people sighing with relief while others glued to the window as they watch your every move.
Giving Kefla a coy little smile you ask her this:

"What do you say we give them one final show?"

"Heh... okay!"
Getting ready you blast off with enough force to create a powerful gust of wind but not enough to destroy the pavement.
People on the streets as well as inside loose their shit at this.
"So... what are we gonna do now?"

"I got an idea.
There's a place I always wanted to check out in person.
I think you'll like it!"

Pumping yourself up, you take off and lead the eager Saiyan to that very special place.
Though it takes you a bit to actually figure out its geographic location, with the speed you're moving it's a relatively trivial matter.
Arriving in just under two minutes you present the numerous mountains dotting the landscape to your date.

"Kefla! Let me introduce you to Monument Valley!"

What is this place?
It looks like someone really went to town here!"

"Heh... The only thing that did that was mother nature "few" years ago."
Landing down on one and sitting down on its edge you prompt her to do the same.
"I always wanted to climb one of these. But with my noodle arms I knew I couldn't do it.
Feels great to be on the top regardless..."

"It's quite pretty."
Kefla shuffles next to you as the two of you begin watching the sunset.
Post correctly you piece of shit!
>"It's quite pretty."
"Yes you are."

Cheesy lines go!
Menwile all the spy satalites are recording them.
"Y-You too!"

Staring off into the distance you nervously touch Keflas hand who chuckles at you.
"How is it that you can go from overconfident to THIS in such short time?"

Taking the initiative she holds your hand and hugs your arm.
Feeling her snuggle up to you, your face flares up like an alarm, making your cheeks beet red.
Although nervous as all hell, the proximity of Kefla means her smell floods your nose pretty quickly and it's much more intoxicating than the wine you had before.
Reaching up to her chin with your other arm you raise her head and look into her eyes.

She smiles at you and blinks a few times before you finally gather up the courage to go in for a little kiss.
It really lasts only a moment but as you pull back the taste of Keflas lips lingers on yours, and judging by her expression the same can be said about her.
Seeing her smirk you start feeling afraid as she lunges at you and pins you to the ground.

You feel her breath on your skin as she huffs and puffs harder and harder until she can't take it anymore and starts making out with you.
She starts holding both your hands while giving your lips a playful little bite.
"Hmmmm... this tastes much better than that appetizer!"


Whether it's from the uncomfortable ground or just the situation itself, you start rolling around in the dirt while furiously making out like a pair of wild animals.
But by the end you just get tired of the whole thing and end up with Kefla lying on top of you for a change, rubbing her cheeks into your chest like a meaty pillow.
Stroking her hair affectionately, you can safely say that you haven't felt this much at peace in a while. Maybe ever.
Lying on top of a rock, with filth sticking to your sweaty skin, cuddling with an alien of all things.
The whole situation just brings a big, dumb smile to your face.

Feeling you stifling your laughter Kefla looks up with eyes half shut.
"What's so funny?"

>I think I love you...
>Wanna... keep going?
>I think I love you...
>I think I love you...
>>I think I love you...

Not time for lewds just yet. Almost though> I kinda want Eric to remain oblivious to Caulifla/Kale/Kefla being hot for him until they pin him down and demand babies, just because it's funny.
>I think I love you
>all three of you are just something that I love in such a weird way

Hmmmm... good thing you brought that up

I mean, I kinda assumed the "you" in this case applied to Caulifla/Kale as well, considering Kefla is a fusion of them, and Eric seems to be falling for them just as hard as he did Kefla.
You see anons >>3708033
You see this shit!

You must never jump to the L word so quickly, the heart might say it's so but he's an idiot who listens to the penis's whispering, the mind needs atleast a week to verify the hearts claims and to send off hand-chan to shut that dick up
But what if you're a wierd-ass alien who's heart is also their penis? Then wouldn't listening to one mean obeying the other?
You find yourself staring into her blue eyes for quite a while. She even starts knocking on your forehead to see if you're alive.

I just... I think I love you.
And I mean all three of you are something I just love...
Is that weird?"

For a moment Kefla seems to be lost in thought.
Looking away from you she finally mutters something.
"I don't think it is.
I feel... We... feel a similar way.
But just because it isn't weird doesn't mean it's not confusing."

"W-What do you mean?"

Dragging herself up so she's level with you she caresses your cheek.
"We all love you. But for different reasons...
For different parts of you. But we do all the same.
What we don't know is how we feel about... each other.
And it doesn't help that I am... me."


Let me finish."


"Do you know how it feels? Being made up of two people... who don't know how they feel about me... makes ME question myself.
Now imagine liking spending time with someone, and how you'd feel if you got to watch... someone else doing that same thing in front of your eyes.
I love you Eric... but every time we're together I feel... guilty.
Is it wrong that I don't want that? That I want to live? That I want to be with you?!"

Slowly as she goes on you see a few tears swelling up under her eyes until finally Kefla buries her face in your chest.
I was fine before! But now I fear being here! I don't want to go back Eric! I want to keep being alive!"

Patting her on the back you struggle to make a sound as a knot has formed in your throat.
Seeing her in distress like this makes you feel a sharp pain in your chest.

>It's going to be okay...
>We'll make it work somehow
>I'll get you your life. Don't worry!
Well shit. This is very explicitly not the kind of feels or situation I am equipped to handle. Partially cause it's opening the "get Kefla her own body" pandora's box again, and I do not want to deal with that argument again.
>I can't promise that it'll be easy, but I work for god himself, if there's a way, and if the all three of you want this, I'll make it happen.
Before it was a matter of this not being our choice to make, but now that she's made the request it should be easier, we just need the girls on board and then we wing it from there
File: double-trouble.jpg (51 KB, 597x600)
51 KB
Sadly it IS something we'll have to figure out eventually.
Better rip it off like a bandaid I say.
Not really sure how I feel about it regardless, cause the whole "fused being becoming their own being seperate from their components and not wanting to seperate" is a bit of s triggerpoint for me in DBZ. Really weirds me out, and it's never something I've been comfortable with. Regardless, I do now have a vote that I'll put in a seperate post.
>I can't promise that it'll be easy, but I work for god himself, if there's a way, and if the all three of you want this, I'll make it happen.

I think this is a vote I can get behind, regardless of my feelings on the whole matter. Still need to talk to Caulifla & Kale about this too though, it's a really complex issue.

Yea the situations kinda wierd and potental concequences of seperation wierd like I see 2 results if we pull it off.
1) 3 girls become 4 girls if they are still able to fuse.
2) they lose the ability to fuse
There might be a 3rd option im no seeing.
There seems to be a lot less arguing than I anticipated.
It sure is a surprise but a welcome one

"I can't promise that it'll be easy-"
Without realizing you started speaking.
"-but I work for god himself, if there's a way, and if the all three of you want this, I'll make it happen.
I can promise you that!"

She looks up at you with teary eyes, as if she can't believe what she's hearing.
And to her defense, neither do you. It sounds asinine when you think about it. How would you achieve that? Well, that's a dumb question but the details still elude you.
And should you succeed, what would happen? 3 girls become 4? Kale and Caulifla stop being capable of fusion?
Details you'll have to think about later.

For now you have a crying girl on your hand and you need to comfort her.
Holding her tight you ensure Kefla that it's going to be alright, that you'll work something out.
And even if you still have doubts about it, you can't allow them to influence you, not now.

But as much as you want to pledge to protect her, you're running out of time sadly.
Keflas body begins to glow and you can feel her whole body tensing up from the fear.
She looks up at you with a shocked expression and her mouth opens up to beg, to cry, to scream. Anything.
Pulling her into a hug you whisper into her ears.


"Don't worry. I'm coming for you Kefla...
We'll see each other again! And one day....."
You swallow hard.
"One day we'll fall asleep and wake up together! I promise!"

The glow emanating from her body grows more intense and her body disperses in your hand.
In under a second you find yourself grasping empty space as two bodies form next to you.
From the glow Caulifla and Kale emerge, separated once more.
Scratching their head in mild confusion they look at you.

"Hey Eric... you okay?"
Caulifla asks you.

"Yeah... I'm fine."
You clench your fists.
Fucking OW.
Standing up you look at the two of them, trying to lessen the tension a bit but you just can't bring yourself to relax.
"What about you? Are you okay with this?"

They look at each other and, for the first time, they don't seem sure about what the other is thinking.
Kale remains... surprisingly quiet but Caulifla seems to have no problem speaking her mind.
"I am.
Look... We looked at Kefla like a power-up.
But it's become obvious that even if we are aware of what we're doing... it's not us.
She's an individual on her own. And I think everyone deserves their chance at life..."


"What's wrong Kale?
Don't you agree?"

Kale shakes her head.
"N-No... I mean yes!
I mean-"
She takes a deep breath to calm herself down.
"I agree with you! But... I'm not sure how we could do that-"

"With the Dragon Balls silly!"

"Yes um... but... how?
D-Do you want to be fused forever sis? Or should Kefla be... with us? Forever?"

"Shit... I didn't think about that."

"Well... it's still you!"
You point out.
"What would you like?"

"I 'unno.
How about you Kale?"

"I'm... not sure either.
I love being Kefla... I love being together with you sis but...
I'm not sure I'd want that forever."

If you don't know and I don't know then... Probably Kefla doesn't know either.
What do you think Eric?"

>I said it before. I love all of you! Not just Kefla!
>Permanently fusing is probably easier than making Kefla her own person
>I'd rather not say anything. We know too little. It's pointless to speculate
>I said it before. I love all of you! Not just Kefla!
Reassurances first, but then
>I don't know, I really don't know, it'll probably have to be something...super for it to happen, but together I know we can come up with something, together

Thank you for the support, but just know that you're supporting an idiot that always forgets to turn off his trip between quests
>said it before. I love all of you! Not just Kefla!
wow that lampshading
>I said it before. I love all of you! Not just Kefla!
>I'd rather not say anything. We know too little. It's pointless to speculate
"I'm not giving up on ANY of you. It may take a while given how weird Fusion is to begin with, but I'm certain we can find an answer. It's just going to take a lot of work..."

Personally, I think our best bets are talking to Vados and checking the GoD library for info on how Potara fusion works. Ideally we'd also ask the kais but... we don't really have anything to trade for the info right now. Maybe Chronoa can help?
>>I said it before. I love all of you! Not just Kefla!
Well this gained a lot of traction.
>Maybe Chronoa can help?
Do we still have that favor she owes us, or did we burn that on something else already?
You kinda don't but it'd be easy to wrangle a favor out of her.
True, we did make her vaguely capable of cooking. So we do have a very viable option on figuring out the situation, if nothing else pans out.
"I've said it all before. I love both of you.
Not just Kefla."
Your response is immediate but you have trouble following it up.
Thinking about it for a few moments you then continue.
"I'd rather not say anything. We know too little. It's pointless to speculate... But I don't know, I really don't know, it'll probably have to be something... super for it to even happen, but together I know we can come up with something. Right?"

Their response was quick and to the point.

Already you have a few ideas.
Vados, the Supreme Kais... the Supreme Kai of time.
Or the universal "F you" to everything, the Super Dragon Balls... but they are literally on cooldown for a little less than a year AND you don't exactly have access to nor can you use them should you gather the bunch.
You wonder about the regular ones though...

Shaking your head you return your attention to the girls.
"Hey uh... now that that's over...
What do we do?"

"I 'unno...
Didn't you say something about a tournament or whatnot?"

"Still Earthling exclusive Caulifla."


"W-What about your training with Vados?
Isn't that important?"
Kale asks you.

And to tell the truth, you don't know.
It's unclear where this whole Z-sword thing is going as of yet.
Plus there is this whole new thing to unravel about Kefla. And of course, that tournament.
There are... definitely things you could do with that. Spice it up just a bit. Or just discuss with Cabba how to do that.

Decisions, decisions.

>Yeah, we better make sure that thing goes smoothly. Gotta make a great first impression! Let's chill on Earth a little!
>I want to at least make some headway with this. Otherwise it's going to bug me a lot
>Training is important...
I TRIED to come up with something more... substantial than that but my mind blanked.
This damn heat and humidity is killing me
>>I want to at least make some headway with this. Otherwise it's going to bug me a lot
>Training is important...
>Training is important...

GAINS! As far as the Kefla situation, hrm, not sure. The ideal from my perspective would probably be something like she becomes her own separate individual until the girls need to fuse again, I guess? Then resumes her separate existence once they'd "Unfuse". I doubt that's how it'd work though. I suppose we could try and finagle something out of the big golden lizard, but I doubt we'll ever get the opportunity to use him, unless the watermelons start hosting the tournament again for pure entertainment.
Yeah... the Super Dragon Balls are basically the REALLY long term plan.
Like... you'll get the wedding with your waifu at the end of the series long, unless something goes horribly wrong right?
Super Dragon Balls are the "welp, everything else failed, we still wanna do this, and this is the only way" option.
Guess this means we're heading back home for the time being.

Buuuut... I'd like to take this opportunity and leave early, if you'll forgive me.
I got a few things to take care of tomorrow morning and I'll need to get some sleep.

However we'll continue from here next session, which if all goes well will happen on Thursday.
I hope to see you all there, when we get back on track after this happy little detour
Yeees, you see I'd like to keep them that way.
Not only to prevent their abuse but to preserve their status as mythical relics
>>Yeah, we better make sure that thing goes smoothly. Gotta make a great first impression! Let's chill on Earth a little!
Didn't we want to bring dead martial artist to the tournament?
Ooooooh don't worry my friend.
I got that part!
Okay I think I have a solution, kefla gets her own body but it's much much much weaker than if she was just a fusion, like base saiyan warrior strength, and when the girls need to fuse they go to kefla and hold hands while wearing the earrings and then kefla gets her unbelievable strength back for an hour, but this also means that the girls can't really use the potara to fuse with anyone else than each other.

This also doesn't mean kefla will just stay a weakling just that she'll have to train like everyone else in order to grow
>Training is important... I could use some of my magical training to research fusion.

And that is how Eric found the motivation to stop sucking at magic. I personally have plenty of questions about fusion: If someone uses that technique that makes you into two clones with 1/2 your Power Level and then fuses with potara, do they get a perfect fusion with half the bullshit PL multiplier of the potara?, If a kai does this, given that kai fusion is permanent, could said kai repeat the process until he/she is Zeno lvl of bullshit?, could we survive if Xeno Zamasu if he, in his permanent battle autism (and general autism) finds this method while brainstorming?
*survive Xeno Zamasu
Errrr... that's a rather nasty can of worms there.
As to avoid any unnecessary headaches I'm gonna say that "Clone" techniques don't work with potara because they are less sentient beings and more like... remote controlled puppets.

The only people who COULD pull something similar like that would be... oddly enough Cell if he managed to absorb a Supreme Kai into himself and merged with his children.
But even he'd need to wait for his offspring to mature so his body wouldn't be made of glass...

As for Zamasu, even if he wasn't too autistic to figure this out he'd need a permanent supply of alternate Zamasus to merge with and even THEN he'd be reluctant to do so because it'd imply that his "Perfect plan" was shit to begin with
While I too would love to delve deeper in certain aspects of magic
These two don't seem to mix well. Whether it's cause Eric VS is incompatible with magic B.S. or the dice gods have grown tired of the overuse of magic in quest, I just don't think we got this. Plus I wouldn't put it passed us to roll 2 1s during the process of making kefla
What about Manga Infinite Zamasu?
Infinite Zamasu get's a warning from Xeno Zamasu about Goku calling Zeno, gets the fuck out off that timeline, then fuses with himself and attacks the Time Patrol, hmmm, at least we know that QM has bullshit to throw at us no matter how bullshit we end up being.
I said it before, Anime gets priority over manga in most cases.
Because that came first.

Even if I do end up using Zamasu I won't give him infinite.
And I'm even hesitant to use Fabric of the fucking Universe Zamasu
Will we have multiple marriages or what?
File: the thonker.jpg (42 KB, 719x750)
42 KB
Also, I just had this weird enlightenment on the toilet after talking about Zamasu...

Remember how everyone roasted Gowasu for showing the absolute WORST thing he could've to a conflicted Kai and ended up making Hitler?
Well... remember that pink fucking elephant in the room? Rumshi or whatever the GoD's name is.
He's the guy who's all about brawn and MUSCLES...
What if Gowasu showed Zamasu a species literally called the "Barbarians"... because that's all there is to show?

What if their GoD went around and systematically nuked every single planet bearing sentient species who focused on art or science instead of raw physical strength? Would that be too much of a stretch?
I mean... do you want multiple ones?
Yeah, that's the kind of moronic mindset I expect from the divine hierarchy. I approve.
I mean it makes sense now why Gowadu was BLOWN AWAY by the Babarians discovering music after a thousand yyears...
I kinda do, desu.
My waifu is Kale, and I'd like a wedding ceremony focused on her.
File: ALovelyWalk.jpg (447 KB, 1000x1000)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
That's fucking brilliant man! Here, have a fem!Zamasu.
I wouldn't mind it. Late-game thing, obviously, but maybe individual ones for the girls, then a big-ass party for the weird poly-marriage they'll all have.
File: Get a load of this .jpg (33 KB, 359x305)
33 KB
Okay, nice wife, but consider this.

That's fused Zamasu. That means that's Zamasu after having fused with Black. Does that mean that Zamasu and Goku were female In this timeline, because the hair Is exactly the fucking same but there are no masculine traits to suggest one of them was male.

And If they were both female In this timeline, then what happens with Chichi and the kids? Is chichi a dude now to preserve gohan's and thus the 'canon' storyline's existence? Is Goku still named goku even as a chick? Does this mean Goku gave fucking birth?
Clearly the immortal kai's dominance means her feminine wifeliness was unmarred by Goku Black.
Zamasu used a wish to make Goku Black a female.
File: 1562861545324.jpg (95 KB, 1200x675)
95 KB
Using your portal to get home you arrived back on your own little planet far away from Earth.
After thanking the girls for the wonderful night you said goodbye to them and after making sure the kids are sleeping, you also rested.
Setting the Z-sword down on the ground, you finally turned off your awakened state and closed your eyes.

There were strangely no dreams for you, no lingering thoughts to contemplate in a trance like state.
Only the calming emptiness which welcomed you in its warm embrace like a mother.
When your body and mind have been refreshed your eyes snap open and you awaken without an issue.
Rubbing your eyes you feel... strange, as if that nights sleep was no more than a blink.
And yet, you were fine.

Going out you prepared some breakfast before the kids even woke up and prepared a table for them.
Groggily they come out of their rooms, no doubt awakened by the smell of fresh pancakes.
"Good morning! Dig in."

"U-uuuh... thanks Eric."
Kamin wearing her bunny patterned pajama sat down and started eating.
"What's wrong? Not hungry?"

You shake your head.
"I ate more than my fill yesterday.
So don't worry. There's plenty more for all of you."

As the three of them gather up and start eating you look at them and start smiling.
>Hey... Do you guys want to enter a tournament?
>We got this little event happening soon on Earth, wanna come and check it out?
>I'm off training. You can come if you want. But if not, then behave while I'm gone
>Hey... Do you guys want to enter a tournament?
>Hey... Do you guys want to enter a tournament?
>Hey... Do you guys want to enter a tournament?
Sneaking in kids? Shure why not.
You mean like how Goku and Krillin could compete against adults?
Or how the "Secret Boss" of the whole tourney looks like a child?
I'm fairly certain they can fit in
Not arguing against. At this point its so novel a concept I would be more suprised that no one sneaked in. (Unknown ailien shapeshifter sneaking in when? Who knows whats its goals!)
Well it looks like the kids are coming.
But we might have to do something about that... for the sake of fairness of course

We'll just tell them that they should limit themselves to normal human strength and just fight with pure skill, no chi or anything
Sliding a bowl of berries over to Lyn, because vitamins are important, you sit down and focus on Kamin and Oren for a little.
"We got this thing going on...
Cabba is planning to hold a tournament on Earth.


"Oh come on Kamin! It'll be fun!
We can hang around on Earth again, beat some people up!
What's not to love?"

She seems hesitant at first but then looks at you.
"Is it gonna be fun?"

"If you won't enjoy it I'll take you to the movies, how's that sound?
A nice little family outing!"

"Then I guess I'm in."

Standing up from the table you walk to the door.
"I'm off to train a bit. You can come if you wanna.
Maybe a bit of fresh air would do you good. I know I used to spend most of my time inside playing video games but... I admit it's not good doing nothing else."

They reluctantly agree and finish up breakfast, Kamin even goes ahead and helps her little sister clean up.
"you got syrup all over your cheeks Lyn..."


Picking back up your sword, you fly over to Champas planet where you find Vados with Sam, planning to go somewhere.
Vados gives you a welcoming look and greets you.
"Well? How was it?"

"Better than I could ever imagine, but equally bad."

She seems baffled by that at first but she just moves on.
"I'll be taking Sam back home. Thought I might do some of the shopping for you while there."

"I wanna go home and rest a bit. It's suffocating in here...
But I'll keep practicing, don'tcha worry. Though... I'm less than enthusiastic about getting homework even AFTER I'm done with school!"
Sam then shows you a big pile of books, some of which you recognize from Champas library.

"Err... be careful, okay?"
You turn to Vados.
"You look human enough for people to think you're just a weirdo but... they might be a bit jumpy about alien looking people."

"Oh please dear! You know you don't have to worry about me.
I'll be quick. In the meantime I got the perfect exercise for you.
AND you don't even need me for it!"

"Really? What is it?"

She points at the large lake and says:
"There's a log in there. I want you to stand on it and perform the same Kata we practiced before.
There are two restrictions though: You aren't allowed to fly and you must be touching the wood with at least one foot at all times."


"That's the point..."

"Wai wha-"


The pair then disappears in a pillar of light as Vados begins transporting Sam.
As you're left to figure things out on your own, you hear the twins giggling behind you.

"Shut up!"
Turning back to the lake you start scratching your head.
"Oh man... how am I gonna do this?"

Luckily for you, there are other things to do as well.
A glance into the distance reveals that Hit seems to be back from his "trips".
And nobody said you HAVE to do this type of training

>Do as Vados said
>Say hi to Hit
>Follow Sams example and hit the books
>>Do as Vados said
Teacher knows best.
>Say hi to Hit
we can do the practice after.
Also she said no flight, she never said we couldn't hone our telekinetic ability to force the log to stay above water
>Do as Vados said
>do as vados said
>Do as Vados said
Ask hit if he has any tips for your training
Not exactly what I had in mind but it works

Time for rollin'
Best of 4
DC: 14 Crit: 18
Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 19 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)

I'm a dummy
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Dough-girl protects
We should really tell the kids something along the lines of >>3713836
Raising the sword with all your might, you grunt and let it rest on your shoulder.
It's clear that you still won't be able to swing this behemoth around without giving it your all.
But that's a massive amount of focus you'll need. Not to mention you still have to figure out how to do this.

Raising your focus, your body responds in kind and the transformation occurs.
This time it's much more subtle and a lot less violent than it was before, proving that your training has some effect.
As your hair stands up and starts flowing freely you look at the kids.

"You see this? This is the power of subtlety.
I'd like you to practice it as well, fighting at your absolute minimum."


"Because... On Earth you won't find people like me.
So I'd like you to be able to hold back. Fight purely with martial arts, no Ki involved."

"Er... we're... still much more powerful than the average human."

"Even more reason to learn how to control what you have.
Now... if you'll excuse me I'll get started. You can practice with each other, I'll keep watch so you don't go overboard."

Kicking yourself off from the ground, you hover over to the log and land on it.
The weight of your body combined with the sword is more then enough to push it down.
It's clear that it can not be used to support you. And without being able to fly you really gotta think about how to do this.
A good chunk of time passes with you just hovering there, pondering on how to do this.

Should you use your psyonics to push the log UP from underneath...
Technically it's not breaking any of the rules set on by you. But it'd divert your focus... hard.
Still you don't see any other way to do it.

Let's try this!"
At first it's relatively easy.
Putting just one foot on it causes the wood bob down, then up.
You keep testing it by placing minute amounts of weight on it. It seems to work.

But the second you place your whole foot on it things seem to go out of control way too fast.
Without properly balancing yourself the amount of pressure and its distribution seems to be constantly shifting.
You almost sink as you apply the counterbalance on the wrong part of the log and it starts wobbling.
This... is much harder than you thought.

Imagining for just a moment how doing this would feel while you're MOVING AROUND and performing the kata is enough to make you feel sick. And so you spend the next couple hours practicing just that.
You go from barely managing to place one foot down to managing to standing still and in the end you're finally able to actually move around.
But it does not come instantly.

Loosing track of time you keep practicing for god knows how long, but it's at least a couple of hours.
Managing to stand was not too difficult, but adjusting your telekinesis to the biorhythm of your body, pulse, breathing, etc. was much harder.
And not to mention moving...
It felt like learning how to walk again with a new set of limbs and senses...

Only through entering some sort of trance through extreme focus did you manage to make any headway and even then, you still had the occasional hiccup where you either moved wrong or responded in not the EXACT manner the situation required and you almost lost balance.
But through some miracle you managed to not only do it semi reliably but you also did not hit the water ONCE!

And you could've kept on going were it not for Vados' shouting.
I'm back! Hello children!"

You stumble as your concentration is broken but manage to not fail horribly.
But you get surprisingly close.

>Hey Vados! What's the next lesson?
>Oh thank god. Can I finish?
>Oh thank god. Can I finish?
>Hey Vados! What's the next lesson?
>>Hey Vados! What's the next lesson?
>Hey Vados! What's the next lesson?
>Hey Vados! What's the next lesson?

You perform a quick little exercise on the trunk so that Vados gets a good look at it.
Even as you wobble due to the unstable platform your angelic teacher seems to be pleased with the results.
She seems to pay especially close attention to your legs to make sure you're not cheating.

With a final twirl you let the sword rest on your shoulder and fly over to her.
"So? What do you think?"

"Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Though this isn't the solution I had in mind, it's none the less sufficient."

"Okay... What's next?
I assume this is still not the end of it."

"Quite correct.
The next is the final portion of this little exercise.
And it's quite simple, really. All you have to do is repeat the sequence once...."
A devious smile then spreads across Vados' face.
"Without making any waves. And then your training will be complete!"

>Roll 1d21
DC: 21, No crit
Best of 5
Rolled 9 (1d21)

Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 19 (1d21)

so close
Waiting for someone to save the day
Rolled 2 (1d21)

It was dc21 so was to be expected (even with our luck). I guess these rolls are to determine how much we lower the dc for next try I imagine.
Rolled 18 (1d21)

Rolled 3 (1d21)

Eh what the heck I wil try.
Sooooo close.
But no cigar

I'll get to writing but it might take a while as I'll have to go and have some dinner real quick
>Simultaneously fucking a female goku and zamasu

File: female_black.jpg (67 KB, 630x1000)
67 KB
I'm baaack!
>writing resumes!

A man of refined taste
Why are monkey women so much obviously superior to human girls?

I mean I know she's our sister but cabbage is seriously lowering his standards if he's going out with a human instead of even the lowliest of monkeyfus
File: ultra-waifu.jpg (110 KB, 691x932)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Keep in mind it wasn't Cabba who started that.
It was Elena. He just goes along with it.
Because... exotic?

To him monkey women are the norm so it's not really interesting for him.
Case and point

Also, just to make this Why Boner even harder...
Here's Ultra Waifu - Omen!
Swallowing hard, you fly back to the lake and take your place once more.
Eager to show your dedication, you get to it and start by holding the tree as hard as you can, attempting to lock it in place with a firm grip.
But it's a futile effort.

Too much and like when physically gripping something the object begins to shake as the force applied is not even.
Too little and you achieve nothing with it.

So returning to uplifting the wood you attempt to achieve what Vados asked.
But as you move around the energy leaves your body, enters the wood and transfers to the water, creating ripples.
Increasing your focus you concentrate on minimizing this energy. But the more you focus on yourself the less you can spare on providing a solid ground which to stand upon.
It is infuriating.

Soon you start forcing the matter, making things worse than ever before and as your performance falls Vados starts shaking her head.
"That's enough."
Looking over your shoulder at your teacher, your shoulders falling in disappointment.
"The point of the exercise is not to crush it at first attempt.
Of all the tasks I've given you, this is the most difficult so far.
You'll have to practice this day in and day out. Most likely the result won't be immediate.
But over time, the ripples will lessen until they finally disappear. Now... get over here. It's clear that you won't be able to do more in your exhausted state."

Flying back you land there and look at her feeling slightly ashamed.

"Don't be sad. Be proud!
The rate of your progress so far has been astounding.
Just remember to be patient and persistent!"

"Right Vados!"

Now if you'll excuse me I must go.
I suspect Lord Champa needs me."

>Wait! I'll come with you!
>Okay. I wanted to catch up with Hit anyway
>And I think I'll give Cabba a call. Help him with planning and all that
>>Okay. I wanted to catch up with Hit anyway
>Okay. I wanted to catch up with Hit anyway
Way too long since we last met him.
Have we even shown off Za Warudo to him yet?
>Okay. I wanted to catch up with Hit anyway
You haven't talked with him in quite a while
I then vote to approach him but then ZA WARUDO ourselves behind him, then say hi
You do realize he'll not only see you but he can move in it, right?
He can invade our World?
The same type of Stand!?
Even better he wil be able to see the difrences first hand. Maybe not trying to get behind him but a cheeky smile after witch we drop oun our ass like exausted potato.

>Hit-senpai notice me!
it is

"Okay. I wanted to catch up with Hit anyway.
HEY KIDS! I'm going to see uncle Hit."

They respond cheerfully.
But they don't seem to be all too eager to follow you.
You ask them why but all you get is that there is something in their program which makes them... none too eager to be around Hit.
Most likely they were briefed on him and know how dangerous he is.

"Very well. Make sure not to burn the house down!"
Making your way over to the place where he typically hangs out, you find Hit just leaning against a tree and chilling.
"Do you ever do anything?"

"Once you've lived as long as I have and done all that I did... you'll understand my... enthusiasm about activities others consider normal."


"Well... maybe this'll shake you up."
Tapping into Buus magic you amplify your time-skip with a shout.

Time itself freezes as all things bound by its fabric grow still.
The falling leaves hang in the air as if they were nailed there and even the air around you becomes stiff and rigid.
Using the one moment you have, you move over to Hit, ready to punch him in the gut.
Unsurprisingly he moves within the stopped time and stops your fist before it ever reaches him.

"Not a chance."
He smiles.
"I can do that too. But "A" for effort."

The effect wears off and color returns to the world as well as motion.
Chuckling at Hits reaction to the whole thing you speak up.
"Oh good.
Well... I'm gonna pass out... if you don't mind!"
Falling backwards you spread your arms and legs as you land ass first.
Still chuckling as you look up at the purple man, you continue.
"Do me a favor and drag my empty ass back home... if you please."

Closing his eyes the hitman smirks and sits down next to you as your transformation runs out.
"Well... As long as you can talk I see no point in doing that.
How's it going anyway?"

"I could ask the same asshole! Where have ya' been?"
"Things are stirring in the universe once more, as such business is booming once more.
Good thing too because I was getting bored."
A grim expression starts to spread on your face as realization hits in but Hit is quick to stop you.
"It's not your doing. Don't worry.
It's just that without Frost and Hail... as well as a few other factors you helped in, elements of the underworld that have been laying low until now started to surface."

"Does that mean they... also hire you?"

Hit shuts his eyes.
"I usually screen my contracts before I take any.
Trying to avoid too much unwanted attention. However I can't guarantee that I haven't killed any innocents."
The socially awkward alien then realizes you're still a bit squeamish about his job he quickly changes the subject.
"That aside... how did you manage to do that? I needed a lot of... motivation and a thousand years worth of practice to do that."

"I used magic."

"Hmmm... interesting.
But you should be aware that you can achieve the same thing through pure progress.
Once you can manage that who knows how much you can enhance the technique?
Also... want to hear an interesting little tidbit?"


"It's possible to isolate the effect on just one person.
Though it is considerably harder to do."
Hits expression then darkens.
"And not nearly as effective as you'd think..."

Ouch. This is the first time you've seen such a strong reaction coming from him.
>Inquire more about it
>Don't push it
>Inquire more about it
>If you can isolate it to one person, what about yourself? Something that's truly frozen in time can't really be damaged, so making some kind of time-armor might be possible...you know, for when dodging something isn't an option.
Not a bad idea.
>>Inquire more about it
wouldn't we just take the damage when the time stop ends?
File: white_album.png (340 KB, 350x454)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
That sounds a lot like White Album Gently Weeps... except somehow even more busted

He's talking about a full stop, not a skip
File: D-obsuBU0AMVPE_.png (318 KB, 508x598)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
>Hit-sempai with White Album
I didn't know that I wanted this, but now I do
>>If you can isolate it to one person, what about yourself? Something that's truly frozen in time can't really be damaged, so making some kind of time-armor might be possible...you know, for when dodging something isn't an option.
W-Well... Talking about Jiren and TIMEARMOR it is

File: gokuvsjiren.jpg (33 KB, 480x360)
33 KB
"What do you mean not as effective?!
If time is stopped then the only way for someone to counter that is with their own stop!"

"That's what I thought as well."
Hit then withdraws some sort of device from his pocket and starts rolling it around between his fingers.
"Until I realized... that power... absolute power, can accomplish even the impossible.
And break time itself."


"Have you ever seen that? A being of absolute strength?"

"I work for one..."

"Now imagine a being, not just any being but a mortal.
One who possesses strength superior to that of a god, without doubt.
I can tell you from experience that they exist, though they are very rare indeed.
During the Tournament I met one... And it enlightened me to my weakness."

Letting go of the device, it starts floating and projecting some sort of a hologram into the air.
In what seems to be footage of that famous tournament, you spot Son Goku facing off against... well... the best way to put it is a sectoid or a regular Gray except it was born lifting and never stopped.
This musclebound figure then absolutely ANNIHILATES Goku without much. In his Blue form none the less!
"I-Is this... WHAT is this?"

"My thoughts exactly...
I use these little microbots to gather information on my targets. As such I have the habit of turning them on during fights.
At least now they serve a purpose.
Because that is Jiren the Gray... The strongest mortal of the 8 participating universes...
Watch him closely..."

The aliens form left much to be desired, with many openings and obvious weak spots to be exploited.
However even this second hand image of him exuded with confidence. Like he just doesn't feel the need to put up an absolute defense.
And his movements... like watching a freight train moving at the speed of sound. They carried immense power, traveled with blinding speed and struck with such control and precision that it was obvious he was an incredibly capable fighter.
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Oh and... I'm gonna do a quick QM roll
For science!
Eh... not good enough
Not nearly good enough
Was it for him getting time armor?
"I got to experience his power first hand.
Despite using time-skip in the split second between the effect ending and me attacking, he could perfectly block, parry and counter my attacks without failure.
I even saw his eyes moving... he could follow my movements in skipped time.
With keen senses like that and that much precision I only had one choice.
I opted to freezing him in time and wait until the timer ran out..."


But before you could tell Hit how lame of a tactic that is he continued.
"When I realized he was going to break out of my seal, I decided to knock him off stage before that happens.
Unfortunately he was still capable of moving and resisting me just enough to stop me...
And I was knocked off the stage right afterwards."

Hit lost... Well that's something you have a hard time believing.
But judging by his expression it's probably not a joke.
Must be a pretty big blemish tarnishing his pride.

However what he said is interesting. Especially that "Freezing someone in time" technique. Though that Jiren character broke it, the attack still sounds quite impressive.
"Hey... Hit-"


"This... what did you call that technique?"

"Cage of Time."

"You said you used it on Jiren to stop him.
I assume it'd work on anyone else, correct?"
He nods.
"Then... would that work on you?"

He's just staring at you like you just said the most back-asswards, pants-on-head retarded thing he's ever heard.
"Why?! What's the point of that?"

"Not to stop yourself... To stop everything else!
Create a shield of static time around your body! To make the ultimate shield!
For when you can't dodge something! Would that be feasible?"

Hit looks at his palm for a moment and as he frowns at it, his appendage begins glowing with a purple light.
He waits and stares at it for a few moments before stopping and looking back at you.
"I can't... The idea is sound but I don't think I can do it.
Not to mention it's dangerous."

"How come?"

"I'm afraid of one thing in particular...
If I mess this up and don't do it right I might end up stopping myself in time.
Which wouldn't be a problem because my energy would sooner or later run out. But if I slip up... and the amount of energy I expand keeping it up is less than my natural recovery-"

"You could be stuck frozen in time forever."

Hit then pats you on the shoulder.
"But it IS a thing worth exploring. Thank you!
I never would've come up with something like that on my own."

"Anytime Hit!"

>Invite him to the tournament as well!
>Say... Don't you need a partner again? We haven't hanged out in a while
>Invite him to the tournament as well!
>>Invite him to the tournament as well!
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
>Say... Don't you need a partner again? We haven't hanged out in a while
>>Say... Don't you need a partner again? We haven't hanged out in a while
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Hmmmm... I guess this is a cointoss

2=doing missions together
Oh fuck... this is gonna be REALLY awkward on SOOOO many levels!
File: b68.jpg (66 KB, 526x598)
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"Say... We're having this little jamboree on Earth.
A World Tournament where the strongest humans will gather and test their mettle.
Would you be interested in that? I'd invite you to join because that's what I've been doing with... everyone.
But I fear it'd not be fair at all. You're kinda bullshit to fight against."

Hit gives you an amused glance.
"If it's your species I might just consider it.
Who did you invite anyway?"

"Oh... just the Tuffles, Vados will probably show up. Caulifla and Kale will be there to cheer me on...
Oh and that little twerp Cabba as well. Kinda the reason why we're having this tournament in the first place.
To show the Saiyans of Sadala what we humans can do and to... establish peaceful relations I guess."

Hit then starts to... sweat?
"T-The Sadalans?
You mean the ruler, King Sadala?"

"Yeah. Him and the royal court probably. At least part of it.

"O-oh... nothing."
Hit then pockets his hands and stands up.
"But that might complicate things."


"I... The house of Sadala might have a Blood Feud against me."


"I had a contract on one of their ancestors.
Suffice to say, Saiyans tend to hold grudges for quite long.
Even generations if you spite them hard enough."

"Well... shit!"
Aaaaand that's where I'll have to call it quits.
And... I'm gonna have to apologize but I may not be able to run tomorrow after all.

I'm really not feeling it in me to do another session so soon.
Rolled 15 (1d23)

Thx for da run
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