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You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And you are currently staring down a monstrous and hateful eye.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns:

O5 Quest 2 Finale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nJbAK46FAl1B7j7WaqA4Z7O48LseF3cFLkmD4IjduWA/edit?usp=sharing
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Previously on 999 Quest:

You, Purple, Blackwood and Spanko engaged I fierce combat with the five cultists who had taken Blue and Red, and watched as the individuals in question transformed into hideous aberrations. In order to better deal with the threat, you ended up developing a new skill and used it to slow them down, whilst you killed them. Balls of purifying fire are quite lethal indeed.

Despite your efforts however, you were unable to stop the cultists from fully awakening their 'god', using themselves as the final sacrifices to call forth the giant spider-god-thing from beneath the roiling sands. And engaging with the thing, despite protests from your allies, quickly proved to be a rather futile effort against such an overwhelming foe.

Or it was, up until you gained new allies in the form of a bunch of mages coming in to provide aid. You'd say they remind you of Vuindred, but you think he might be a tad insulted if you do.

Now, in the present, you're glaring back up at the thing before you, its single massive eye radiating terrible power as it presses down on you. You can feel the others behind you, weapons at the ready, hoping you have some kind of gameplan.
Dont know what to do
Just post any idea you feel is worth trying. I'll run with most anything. Worst comes to worst and I'll just give some general options.
It's 2 in the morning there I am OP
Eh, it's fine.
welll its a giant beetle if we can dodge the attacks and bombard it we can possibly do it?
Stab it's eye with our sword, that's clearly the weak spot.
>welll its a giant beetle if we can dodge the attacks and bombard it we can possibly do it?
"And pray tell, how exactly are we going to do that?" the elder mage snaps. "This entity has already quite proven its groceries far exceed our own, and this realm seems to be little more than a projection emanating from it."

>Roll a 2d100
Wait the realm is a projection from it could we not start like a purefying fire make it self expanding and burn down everything? If everything is corrupt it would become fuel a pire the size of a planet and its fires nature to spread
Rolled 10, 32 = 42 (2d100)

"Spirit, if such power is within your grasp, I'd advise you use it as soon as the opportunity presents itself." the mage all but hisses as Purple translates for you. "I also hope your 'flames' do not consume us as well. Keep them controlled and directed, or else this thing will not be the only entity suffering here."

Yeah, that's a pretty big oof. I'll get around to writing the main update in the morning.
>Stab it's eye with our sword, that's clearly the weak spot.
You sigh internally at the elder mage's continued rant regarding your abilities. Just let it go, old man.

Finally focusing on the giant eye glaring down at you, a haze of colorless green light twisting and writhing in front of its pupil. The green haze suddenly stops for but a moment, before lancing downwards, aiming squarely at you.


You don't know who made the call, but you're already moving out of the way, diving alongside Spanko and Blackwood as a very very loud ringing noise pierces the air as the lance of green mist streaks by.

Swerving through the air, you bring your sword to bear and try to stab at the eye. However, beofre you can close in, the distance between you and it almost seems to 'lengthen', preventing oyur movements from getting anywhere near it.

You're still where you were previously. Except this time, everything is blanketed by that awful mist, and the baleful green of the eye is focused squarely on you.

"Five five five fifth world smoke signals stars dtemb sdteg"

Nonsense words echo in a billion voices as the thing focuses squarely on you, and it lights up, as another lance of colorless green rockets down at you.
dodge the attack and try to stab it's eye again. Try to fly at it faster than it can lengthen the distance.
Roll me a 3d100
Rolled 3, 75, 8 = 86 (3d100)

fucking RIP son
Rolled 98, 37, 13 = 148 (3d100)

File: aj4yrqa2ysb21.jpg (95 KB, 880x945)
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148. Success at last. Writing.
File: 0RhBAR9N.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
>dodge the attack and try to stab it's eye again. Try to fly at it faster than it can lengthen the distance.
The wave of green falls quickly, even as you shoot up and above it to avoid the bulk of It, which quickly starts to dissipate upon having missed you. The eye of the entity quickly swivels around to your new location and launches another blast, before following it up with another and another after that.

Dodging and swerving around the beams, you manage to look to the side of the anomaly and find your allies, frozen still and greyed out. But why? Had it isolated you from them specifically?

Shaking your head, you beat your wings and aim down at the thing, which lets out a low warbling note and speaks more nonsense.

"Death there is no death fgul nxstim into the fifth world join join join"

Spheres of dripping dark green sludge appear around you and start to circle around, oozing writhing clouds of smoke. Ducking downwards, you barely dodge as they slam together and detonate in a very violent manner, coating the space you were just in with a vile pink-green fracture in reality that is quickly stitched back together.

Forcing yourself down towards the Eye, you can feel it trying to force the distance between you and it to lengthen. To fore you back to that position you were just in and have you swallowed up by it.

You won't allow this.

You slam forward, your sword pointing out as you finally reach the eye, which almost seems to be surprised by your sudden burst of speed. With a blorbling cry, you drive the blade forward with all your might, and you feel the material of the mass give way under the blazing light of the sword.

The mass is hard and soft, wet and dry, more durable than anything you've ever faced and yet all the more fragile for it. And it breaks under your might all the same.

A piercing 'ping' echoes out from the thing, as the green haze around you vanishes, and your rip your sword free from it, falling to the side as a violent wave of green and black rockets out of the anomaly's eye.


You feel Purple rush over to oyur side and wrap his blobby limbs around your body, as the entity's eye continues to twist and turn o and fro, a spire of smoke breaking out of the wound you dealt it.

"Spirit, what exactly did you do?" It's the voice of one of the younger mages this time, sounding almost genuinely curious as he scrutinizes you.

"Whatever it did, this is now our chance." the elder mage declares, raising his hand as a swirl of energy forms within his palm. "Stirke it now, whilst it's distracted!
Rolled 4, 72, 28 = 104 (3d100)

>"Stirke it now, whilst it's distracted!
Do exactly that, with our holy sword.
my fucking rolls
Rolled 35, 47, 88 = 170 (3d100)

Rolled 33, 47, 42 = 122 (3d50)

File: 1555289624397.png (260 KB, 555x555)
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260 KB PNG
170. And the counterattack begins. Writing.
>Do exactly that, with our holy sword.
As the nightmarish entity twists its eye to and fro, its absolutely gigantic body shudders and splits, spewing swarms of spiders draped in all kinds of swirling colors absolutely everywhere. The younger mages manage to shield off the bulk of the barrage, but you're still stuck removing a couple stray spiders from your body.


At the elder sorcerer's about, light spins out from the palm of his hand, blazing and twisting in all kinds of shapes that play havoc with the eye, before flashing forward and embedding a disk of light in the monster's own, causing more thick black smoke to gush from the wound.

You and Purple fly forward next, blades drawn as Purple waves a sign in the air with a wing. When a sea of insectoid limbs tear from below and try to swipe at you, the spell unfolds and catches them in a series of binding loops, restricting them and opening the way for you to attack.

You fly forward, swooping up into the air alongside Purple, and bring your blades down, slicing through the bulk of the thing and rending gaping wounds along its eye, that spill deep black haze even as the both of you trail your swords through them and continue to build up the damage.

Overhead, Spanko with Blackwood in tow crests over head, bringing a sudden axe down upon the eye that echoes with such power and force you have to briefly struggle maintain your balance in the air from it. From the good doctor's back, Blackwood fires a few more shots into the now-open wound, causing sparks of flames to rise out and burn in the gushing hole.

The other three mages do *something* that you don't quite understand, and suddenly an utterly massive wall of fire erupts around the eye and quickly engulfs it, forcing you and your friends to have to draw back lest you get swept up in it.

Flying back over to the elder mage and his disciples, you glare at them. The older man seemingly ignores you, and instead continues to observe the bonfire his students created.

"Hmph. It's stronger than I could have ever expected." the man grunts. "Already, it starts to mend itself of its wounds." wait, what.

Whipping your head behind you, you watch as already, the flames are starting to die out, as the thing's eye veeery slowly starts to reconstruct itself from the damage you inflicted on it earlier. Oh come on!

Massive limbs raise themselves into the air, before splitting apart like the head of a flower, opening up to reveal swarms of maggots just oozing and flopping about their internals. And with our further warning, they begin to shoot their utterly revolting payload at your group.
ok shield time lets work together
Roll a 2d100.
Rolled 52, 21 = 73 (2d100)

Rolled 63, 46 = 109 (2d100)

File: 1491064717592.jpg (165 KB, 623x414)
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165 KB JPG
109. Shielding is a go. Writing.
>ok shield time lets work together
You look to the mages, who are already starting to twist reality, bending it into strange shapes and curves that cause the oozing bombardments of the thing to be lost in spaces that no words may describe. Purple hovers alongside them, channeling spectral energies together to form layer after layer of mystic shielding, helping to weather the assault.

You fly over to his side, frost swarming over your firm as you allow your magic to stretch outwards, creating a 'cup' within the folds of space that the mages have created, catching and purifying the balls of maggots as they come, before returning them to sender.

The now-flaming spheres of spiritual light impact the entity, causing it to jerk back in what seems to be shock and pain. Another two spheres crash into it, burning away wood and flesh, and exposing an aurora of colorless green within the mass.

And within the green, you can hear the screams. Red and Blue are in there somewhere. And you'll be damned if you leave them there.

The entity seems to be aware of how vulnerable it has become, blocking off the damaged side with sheets of spiders and rotting wood, but you can see that the wound isn't healing properly at all. Behind its defenses, you can see that it has been hurt. More wounded than you've ever seen it thus far.

Space distorts and warps, and a series of figures drift in air in front of you, parodies of human form. They reach out with limbs that have five joints and five sets of hands on each. They reach out with disfigured fingers that break into perfectly symmetrical flowering meat of five petals. Teeth dot each and every one of them.
The way I see it, those new figures are just distractions to buy the main creature time to heal and/or escape.

Fly past them and press the attack, focus on the wound.
Rolled 8, 29, 55 = 92 (3d100)

rolling in advance
File: 1555272662621.png (411 KB, 800x823)
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411 KB PNG
92 with no other posts thus far. You're going to try to get by and press the attack. Writing.
>The way I see it, those new figures are just distractions to buy the main creature time to heal and/or escape.
>Fly past them and press the attack, focus on the wound.
You glare at the figure, and swipe your sword through it, dispelling the majority of its body in a haze of black smoke, before pushing past it to target the entity at the heart of all this. The other figures screech and give chase, but you don't care. You need to focus it down whilst its wounded.

The main entity notices you, the cuts on its eye having more or less healed, and it lets out a warbling note that twists the air around you. Waves of pink and green turn into binding chains that lash out at you like vipers, hissing their hatred and loathing into the very fabric of reality itself.

Sweeping past msot of them, and cutting through the ones that you don't, you bring your blade and body to bear as you claim into the shielded wound with a resounding CRASH, tearing through the anomaly's hastily made defense to once more expose its weakened area.


You have to fuck to the side as Purple shouts and a lance of purple and blue energy streams forward and slams into the distorted green light composing the creature's side.

"The entity is...vast." you turn and see the elder mage beside Purple, supplying his energy to the beam to keep it steady and focused. "I do not know for how long I can maintain this output. Certainly not for long agianst a foe this massive." He sounds like he's on his last few legs.

"[Orange, we've managed to breach the entity's defenses and pin it down.]" Purple announces in your mind. "[We need you, Blackwood, Spanko and those three other mages to keep it distracted and hurt long enough for us to tear the wound wide open, exposing its centre mass. Think you can pull that off?]"

Well, that's a loaded question ain't it? *Can* you pull this off?
Of course we can!

Attempt to do so.
Rolled 55, 72, 55 = 182 (3d100)

>You never even noticed I rolled d50s
delightfully devilish
182. I suppose I'll use this if no one else rolls then.

Admittedly, I was pretty tired at the time. But I wouldn't punish you for it even if I had noticed.
>Of course we can!
>Attempt to do so.
You nod to Purple, before resuming to glare at the thing. It's thrashing about now, trying to sever the lance of light digging into it, but it doesn't seem to be quite as capable of resistance as it was previously. That's good.

What's *not* good is the steadily building swarm of the humanoid entities you tore your way through earlier. Thats terrible, and you can already feel space starting to distort and bend as they surge towards you.

"CACK!" with a mighty roar from Spanko, he and Blackwood charge into the fray, meeting the abominations with both blade, gun and raw force. Collectively sighing, the three other mages leap forward, power crackling at their fingertips as one wrenches open a wound in space, whilst the other two proceed to funnel in the hordes into the void.

Dodging out of the way of a hideous insectoid limb courtesy of some decaying bloblike mass, you cleave it in two, before raising your sword and bringing it down, sending an arc of crackling light flashing right into the anomaly's eye and knocking it off balance.

"Five five five five deathify the flesh to cure obtemsfl rot and break all things beautiful smoke smokesmokemoke-"

A rippling wall of black smoke rises up, and from it, more abominations pour forth, ever varied and ever hideous, but their very configuration is that of fives.

You turn to Purple and the elder mage, who have started to push forward bit by bit, driving their combined beam further into the awful colorless green.

"[Just a little longer, Orange!]" Purple calls out, moving forward some. "[Just a little more and we're good!]"

"Yes, spirit." the gruff voice of the mage calls out. "Do not hesitate in wounding the beast. This may very well be our only chance at this."

Well isn't that encouraging?
Rolled 30, 59, 55 = 144 (3d100)

>Well isn't that encouraging?
Yes it is! Keep going.
File: Doom-pic-1.jpg (79 KB, 584x444)
79 KB
144. Excellent work all around. Writing.
>Yes it is! Keep going.
You sweep up and around, keeping a close eye as the swarms of aberrations swarm over each other and fly straight at you.

Alright, you can work with this.

You grip your sword ever tighter as you do loops in the air, drawing the creatures to and fro as they snap at your back, enraged and hungry. You can almost feel one clamp onto you, all teeth and nothing else, jsut ripping you apart and gulping you down. Bringing you into a darkness from which there is no hope of escape.

...Yeah, time to think happier thoughts.

You tear into the air one last time, reality rippling with power in your wake, and you push yourself way way way up into the skies. High enough that the tongues of the heavens of colorless green above start to trail over your body. And below you, you see the rising tower of anomalies coming to get you, and their master below even them.

'One chance?' That's all you really need.

You fall down, letting gravity do the work for you, and as you fall you start to turn. Over and over and over and over and over again.

Soon enough, your body is lost in the spinning motion, the only thing indicating that you're the one falling is the bright light glinting off your blade as you fall to face your foe. And soon enough, what you were betting on happens. The creatures line themselves up all too neatly as they attempt to rush you in your fall.


You saw through one, then three, then ten, then twenty, then a hundred, then a hundred and ten, and then you keep going. You keep on cutting through them to the point that you completely lose count after a point. A spinning blade of death on a clean-cut decent towards your real target.

The anomaly down below doesn't even have time to babble nonsense in response or even adjust its eye out of your way. Your coming in too fast and with too much force behind you. And so it is left sitting there as you break through the cloud of quickly-dissolving creatures to meet it right at the bottom.


You tear through the eye, completely cleaving through the green orb and continuing to slice your way down its central-mass below, carving it open and for but the briefest of moments you black out.

It's dark...


They're screaming...

And before you realize it, you're back outside, away from the darkness. Your friends and the mages are gathered around you.

"[Orange, you did it!]" that's Purple.

"Indeed, spirit." the old mage is next, his voice sounding somewhat less rough. "The entity's defense is broken. It is now vulnerable."

"Good work, my lad." you hear the familiar almost grandfatherly tones of Lord Blackwood, with a healthy cack from Spanko.

Moving your body a bit as your vision returns, you look over to where the anomaly is. And you see what the mage was talking about.

The anomaly is carved apart, split in two, it's eye completely obliterated. In the open space where it falls apart, a wall of green and pink hovers, waving and flickering. It is screaming.
Rolled 49, 95, 50 = 194 (3d100)

attempt to break down the wall.
File: CnEtYaS.gif (205 KB, 500x500)
205 KB
205 KB GIF
194. Well, this isn't going to be pleasant. Writing.
>attempt to break down the wall.
You turn away from your friends, briefly giving them a nod and start to proceed towards the wall of raw power. Behind you, you can hear the mage and his acolytes calling you back, but you tune them out. Above, the skies crack and break, opening and closing over and over, periodically exposing a yawning emptiness beyond.

This place is dying. Dying like the thing before you. It's time you finished it.

You fly forward, and scream your rage and hate at the wall before you, surging with power as you rapidly approach it, the world losing grip on you as you speed forward. The wall does nothing for a time in the mere moments until you impact it with as much force as you can muster. And then, in that brief instant between impact, between you and it. You hear it.

You hear the crack. Hear it before you see it

And you fall through it, sliding into the darkness beyond the mirror. You're falling and falling and falling, and all you can hear are the screams. The infinite screams of a billion civilizations snuffed out long before your time. But most of all, you hear THEM.

Blue and Red. They're here. Trapped in this cacophony. Just like you are now.

You can't see or smells in the dark, and perhaps you aren't even hearing the screams per re, but instead have them just flowing through you and saturating your body. But you can FESL Blue and Red here. In this unending abyss, you can feel them tugging at you and begging for you to come save them. You can't see them, but you're connected to them by something that is more than flesh, is more than mind. Perhaps more than spirit.

Right now, you can get a feeling of something 'below' you. Far 'below'. And that's where you're feeling your two counterparts the most at this moment.

Around you, the screams intensify, and you feel as though you don't have much time before you too join that chorus. That siren song of oblivion.

Better get moving.
Go down and look for Red and Blue.
File: StAtIc.jpg (769 KB, 489x650)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
>Go down and look for Red and Blue.
You twist and twirl, pushing yourself down into the dark. It keeps building and building and you feel like you're going to crack and blow away in the screaming noise around you. But you can't give up, not yet. Not until you find Red and Blue.

'Below' you, you feel something shift. The darkness runs thick and the screams descend into a singular buzz, but there's something else. Something that's pulling you downwards even as the darkness tries to snuff you out. Something you think you'll be seeing all too soon.

Suddenly, sight returns to you. Sight and color, because all you see and feel around you is the endless haze of astral green. It's bright, incredibly so. So bright that it's almost blinding, and that's just around you. Beneath you, it *is* blinding. Just feeling it out with your senses is almost impossible and you have to pull away after a few seconds.

This place gets worse the deeper you go. But just from that one glance, you know that Blue and Red are closer than ever before. And you think you're about to come to your stop. Around you, the buzz of static is all you can hear. It's all that winds inside your mind as you fall further and further down to your destination.

Now it's just time to stick the landing.

>Roll a 4d100
Rolled 73, 35, 38, 83 = 229 (4d100)

229. You manage to stick the landing without major issue, ignoring the horrible screaming static. Writing.
You fall, and the static spreads out before you. Twisting and shifting oyur body in mid-air, you manage to warp your structure jsut enough to cushion yourself against the impact. And with only a few moments to spare, you hit the 'ground'.

Even having softened your fall, it was still a pretty nasty fall. The dull ache you feel tells you as much.

Shrugging off your feelings of pain and unpleasantness, you actually take the Time to look around. All around you extends an infinite expanse of static. You can't find any point where this mess ends, and even the stuff 'above' you is just layers upon layers of screaming static. But that's not what truly draws your attention...

You whirl around, blade at the ready, as behind you something rises from the sea of noise you stand upon. Something you can't fully describe.

"cAnT yOu SeEEEeee. ThhhhHeY ArEe HAPPieR hEreee. iN ThEe SMoKeee"

Its voice is an awful sound, like something attempting to mimic the sounds and vocalizations of something that's actually alive. It's a noise that is one and the same with the static all around you.

The thing's body is a broken and distorted mess, from what little you see of it, and at times, it just seems to bleed into the static around it, as if it were just a part of this place and nothing else. Its a black box on the fabric of creation itself. Except one feature stays prominent all throughout.

A smile splits out of billowing black smog and static. No face for it to spread out on, but a smile nonetheless. And again it speaks.


The blackness breaks and parts, splitting open as the mouth does the same, widening enough to let something through. Colors familiar to you drop out from that expanse and-

They hit the static with a thick wet thud, broken bodies just flopping out of the darkness. They're bent and distorted and oh-so fragmented, but theyre still recognizable.

...Red and Blue


You try to reach out for them, shakily reaching out across the divide to try and get at them, but quickly pull back as the THING behind them impales them with solidified tendrils of that black smoke, hoisting them up into the air, their mangled forms being haphazardly shoved back together as it dangles them about. They don't so much as twitch.

"Weee pLaYeD wWwiTH tHHeM. tHeY eNjOyEdd iT sssO mUcH. NoW tHeY SlEeeP iN Usss."

"wEe wilL pLaY wiThh yOu ToOooooooooo."
do you think the screams mean they enjoyed it
Rolled 92, 89, 69 = 250 (3d100)

Attack them with our sword.
File: 1555026425589.jpg (109 KB, 576x458)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
"ThEeeY SiNnnG tO uS. JooooOOOiNNN the chOrUuuS."

250. Stabbing it might not seem smart to most, but it's the perfect idea to you right now. Writing.
>Attack them with our sword.
You grip your sword, levelling a silent glare at the thing that's dangling Blue and Red about like they're dolls. Toys to be used and broken and then thrown away.

You won't stand for it.

You rocket off of the static flooring, bringing your blade down, right in between the hanging counterparts of yours. The thing's smile somehow widens even more in that instant, even as you bisect it and its limbs droop and send Blue and Red sprawling out onto the static.

You exhale and droop a bit, force of will spent from that moment, before you start to move towards Red and Blue. You have to make sure that they're okay-

-You only barely react to keep yourself from getting impaled by a long and twisting spire of static. Beneath you, everything is starting to rumble, and the static starts to twist and shift and push upwards into demented shapes and patterns. You're forced to watch in horror as Red and Blue are slowly carried away by the tides, drifting upwards in defiance of all gravity and sense as the static above parts and gives way to reveal a backdrop of madness, a swirling storm of wailing voices and colors, spiralling in upon itself.

At the centre of the maelstrom, lay a gleaming star of colorless green, absolutely blinding in its awful radiance. The static swirls up and into it, screams and wails and souls disappearing into a void beyond comprehension. The beating heart of this madness has taken them, everything that makes them 'them', and now it consumes the very last remnant that they ever were.

And Red and Blue are also being pulled up there. Pulled towards the centre of this nightmare. And from there, they'll be nowhere. Nothing. They'll have never ever been, in this or any other place.

"JooOinnn Ussssss." the star screams, in all of the voices of the lost and forgotten, nonsense words being translated in the tongues of all those it has consumed. "CoooOOOmE iNNto ThEEee STaRS"

Dark hands reach down fro mtg at point of delirium, reaching down and gripping you and trying to force you into the twisting spires of static that are being greedily gobbled up by this...thing. Sweet nothings dance upon your mind even as you twist out of the dark bindings wrapped around you.

The star pulsates with mad desire.
we will snatch them up out of danger thats teh most important if we are close to the star they cant get past us
Roll a 3d100.
Rolled 86, 38, 20 = 144 (3d100)

Rolled 73, 75, 24 = 172 (3d100)

172. Well, time to see if you got to them. Will finish up in the morning.
Forgot pic.
not a problem
also that reminds me of some ss13 stuff
>we will snatch them up out of danger thats teh most important if we are close to the star they cant get past us
You know that you have only one shot at this. Fail, and Blue and Red are gone. Forever. No second chances to make things right with them.

But the odds of you succeeding...

...No. you must succeed. You WILL succeed. You won't let thrm fall into the darkness to be forgotten.

With that in mind, you break away from the restraining bindings of the arms wrapped around your body, flying up into the twisting spirals of souls and static, tunneling through thrm to reach the now steadily climbing pair of Red and Blue.

Come on. Come on...

The trailing shadows that were once hands, sharpen into needle-thin blades, flying at you in zigzagging patterns and movements, trying to slice you to ribbons. A couple find slight purchase in your flesh, and they sizzle and writhe as they try to squirm into you, but you shrug them off or cut them out. You have no time to waste with them.

The star above, pulsating with its hateful green, begins to focus all its attention onto you. You feel the pressure as it bears down on you and attempts to force you falling back into that writhing expanse of shadows below.

Above you, Red and Blue drift further up, their bodies boiling under the unrelenting heat of the Green star. And yet you're so close to them. So close that you can almost reach them now-!

The star beats once, then twice, and then s third time. A cyclic 'thumping' noise resounds, and with each beat, the heat it produces gets worse and worse. Until finally-

It erupts. A cosmic flare of blazing green light twists down towards you in the shape of a massive beam. And yet you have no fear. You don't hesitate even as the thing comes down at you, the heat searing off a good chunk of oyur body as it does.

You just fly into it, your sword blazing with power and raised in front of you like some kind of protective barrier.

The flames wash over you and your sword. And them ight threatens to engulf you absolutely and with no mercy at all.

But you En̛͚̞͔̯͉̣ḓ̨͉̙u͕̪̠͢r͜e̳̱̝̜͝

>A new skill has attained realization within you (Divine Endurance) [C]! With this power, your body and sword are almost as one. Your enemies will find breaking you very, very difficult, suffice to say

The flames that were to wash you away utterly, fall silent. And instead, you drift in the nonspace all around. You don't know for how long you drift, but you do, completely silently.

You drift right up until you meet two familiar bodies, and you wrap them up, and proceed to drift with them for a moment, jsut holding them tight. Until they start to shift in your grip, that is.

"[Mmm, gugh?]" the stirring figures grunt out, eyes blinking at their strange new environment. "[Where are we?]"


And then they turn to you, seeming confused. Then realization dawns upon them.


You smile back at them a bit, letting them feel your joy.

But you can't spend time catching up, and you turn to level a glare at the star up above.

The star, which once radiated a blinding green, has broken. It bleeds a vile black ooze, that falls all around you like particularly sluggish rain. The spider of static and shattered souls have ceased, and the only glow the star provides is a faint backdrop of green encompassed by an aurora of pink.

But the most awful aspect of this atrocity lies in its centre. For at the heart of the star, the core point of it, there sits a glaring bloodshot eye, completely mad with its own rage. Black smoke rises from it and swirls about it like a large serpent ready to strike.


It just drones on in its own nonsensical insanity, even as the swirling void around you goes completely still and white.

And then it *explodes*, cracking apart like an egg. The silent void around coming undone to reveal the blackness beyond, illuminated only by the heart of the entity, once more ascending and gathering itself, its madness forcing itself outwards in a haze of pink and bloody red.

Red and Blue disentangle themselves from you, gazing upwards at the evil before them, the evil that had stolen them and trapped them here whilst it fed upon their souls. Glutting itself upon the lives of offers, even as its cultists fed it more and more and more. All in a mad bid to awaken it.

They look to you, trust and love and hope shining forth. You look back to them, and give them your biggest smile and happiest "blorble."

Let's go save the day. Together.

-999 Quest 14 End-
And that's basically a wrap for this one. It's up in the air whether or not I'll be able to get 15 out this coming Saturday since I'm already in the hectic process of work-hunting which is eating into my time and thoughts, but we'll see.

Hope you enjoyed the quest, either way.

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