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When the Reapers were busy purging the galaxy of sapient life, vast majority of the galactic community sooner or later recognized that the end of the world was no longer a topic for philosophers, faithful awaiting a reckoning or rebellious teenagers going through a phase. It was a looming threat, virtually unavoidable, that could be faced with desperation or with bitter struggle.

It was a very thin silver lining on the dark cloud of imminent mass extinction that so many chose to fight despite the unimaginable disparity of power stacked against them, often even putting aside long standing grudges along faction, nation or species lines, petty or grievous, recent or millenia old.

By the same token it was more than a little disheartening that those grudges have begun to resurface shortly after the miraculous victory over the killer machines, partly spontaneously as the recent common enemy faded from an imminent threat into a past problem, but partly owing to deliberate manipulations and social engineering of those who would seek to seize power.

You are doctor Henri Ford, captain of MSV Chariot, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarchaeology and a freelance adventurer and right now you are concerned by a number of issues. It was only a few days ago that you were celebrating the unexpected victory in the shadow of Cristo Redemptor. And now, despite success of your last mission, you can see more clouds gathering. Between the possibly still active Cerberus, corporate scheming, interspecies tensions, weighty political secrets (one of which was now gracing one of Chariot's hidden compartments) and now a menace of psychic aliens from the depths, there was more than enough challenges ahead that you already knew of.

All of this couldn't but cast some shadows on the future Hackett's victory speech outlined in such hopeful colors. Then again, you think as your gaze rises from the cockpit instruments to the other seats, your lips curling into a smile as it passes over your companions, at very least even if the universe itself should remain a dark place, at least you have a supply of brightness to keep you company.

Turning back to face forward once more you shake yourself out of the reverie. There was, after all, no way to go but forward.

Only one question remained: in which direction should this forward be found?

>Chat someone up (specify topic and/or person)
>Check the news, maybe something new has come up.
>Get a job listing, time to pick what you'd be doing next.
>You already know where you'd be going. Refine the course and go to sleep.
>Go do something else on a different part of the ship (specify)
>>Check the news, maybe something new has come up.

can we ask Eve to make a filter on the job listing and see if there is anything related to either the election or what we know about the orbs?
>Check the news, maybe something new has come up.
>Check the news, maybe something new has come up.
"Eve," You address your synthetic crew member. "Could you look through the job opportunities and single out some interesting ones? I'm especially interested in ones that would allow us to get to the bottom of this NSD conspiracy."

"Certainly, Ford. It will take me few minutes but together with the data caches I'm confident I'll be able to find something."

"Great. And," You add in an afterthought. "Give a digest of your analysis to Lea, too. Always helps to have two pairs of eyes."

"Very well."

With this task delegated you turn back to the interface before you and bring up the news.

"Good evening to you all, this is Emily Wong from the Citadel News Net and I bid you welcome to the daily digest of the news throughout the Sol system.

On the forefront of public attention are understandably the upcoming elections, the campaigns of most major parties recently disturbed by a massive leak of personal information that took place in the extranet. This came to many of us who believed this election to be a pristine dawn for a new era of democracy against backdrop of the post-Reaper reconstruction, while in the meantime we were harshly reminded that the political game is one of high stakes and few scruples. Origin of the leak remains a mystery, despite its conspicuous coincidence with the Alliance authorities raid on a corporate installation near London, two unprecedented events taking place within space of hours. Nevertheless, we urge against drawing premature conclusion until more facts become available - something our own investigative teams are hard at work with.

Returning to topic, all parties have issued their own statements in response to the recent development, but the topic seems discussed hotly enough that it is to be expected that it will be raised during the political debate that takes place tonight in the Rome blue zone. CNN invites you all cordially to participate!

Moving on to the other news, it seems that the independent settlement on Enceladus that has recently gone silent has attracted attention of the Alliance command. Sizeable battlegroup, including admiral Hackett's own flagship, has suddenly and without any prior official information travelled into orbit of Saturn's icy moon to enforce a quarantine. There are, currently, no news available related to fate of the colonist, although the informal channels of the Extranet are already swarming with more or less outrageous theories.
Further out in the Solar system the Relay reconstruction is progressing steadily, according to the sardonic reports offered by the coalition spokespeople. According to our observers from the edge of restricted space, the Coalition forces have devoted some resources to set up a settlement on Pluto to provide the crews with a place to rest and recover without compromising the site security. Freight flights between the construction site and Earth continue to be exclusive domain of military vessels.

Likewise the Citadel remains off limit to general public amidst veritable storm of speculations as to the state of the station. Planetside observations reveal that the Wards as well as the presidium ring, while mostly dark, show signs activity. Whether this is due to Coalition efforts, autonomous machinery, Keeper repairs or, as the most hopeful theories offer, Citadel survivors remains currently unclear.

Groundside the restoration efforts continue to progress at the pace economy allows. It is estimated that all major settlements will be connected by provisional monorail mines by the end of the month, freeing up portion of the industrial fabricators currently tasked with infrastructure for other tasks. Priorities for use of these machines, as well as for locations where they should be employed, are set to be among topics to be decided by the civilian authorities expected to arise from the upcoming elections.

In the regional concerns the most discussed event was recent skirmish between a group of Krogan hunters and a group of conservationist vigilantes. Our reporters inform that the Krogans have been waylaid during a hunting trip. Two of the hunters and all eight of the vigilantes have been injured. Fortunately there were no fatalities, although the incident has already become a highly contentious topic in the informal infosphere. An Alliance platoon has been dispatched to the area to assist in keeping order while the nearby refugee camp has seen a spike in traffic following the initial reports.

To end this report on a more optimistic note, a celebratory faire is taking place in the city of Canberra following formal pronouncement of the capital as the first major city without Red zones within its premises. Admittedly over half of its surface is still considered as blue, state-governed areas, but no part of the metropolis remains off-limits to civilians. As you may have known, the Australian capital has escaped majority of the Reaper bombardment due to the enemy focusing their attention more on Sydney and Melbourne, allowing local authorities to spend less effort on repairs and rebuilding and more on validation of the city's internal structure. Analysts CNN has been questioning expect the city and its surrounding to benefit from this head start in future years, assuming it will be able to deal with influx of refugees and migrants this primacy will bring.

This is Emily Wong, Citadel News Net, and the daily digest, thank you for your attention."
Well, it seems that you're not by far the only one who's keeping busy. You pause for a moment to wonder how well the civilisation will be able to rebound from this cataclysm and what lesson will endure for at least this generation, if not more. During your work you too did come across ruins that came in layers, as the precursors too have had to recover from various dramatic events, be they of their own making, outside interference or the fickle forces of nature itself. Oftentimes such layers were accompanied with variously intense shifts in culture, style, faith, any sort of paradigm, really.

"Ford, I've got my analysis ready." Eve announces, possibly having noticed you were no longer looking at the extranet browser window.

"I'm still going through it but I put some comments in, too." Lea chimes in.

"Thank you, ladies. Let's see it..." You nod and open the incoming file.

>The March of Industry
Bull Moose Ltd., a construction and landscaping company, is looking for someone to do some heavy lifting as they prepare to set up a headquarters in newly designated green zone near Anchorage.
(Eve's comment: Bull Moose is a company recently registered at the Alliance outpost in Edmonton, though it is already listed as owner of the property where the headquarters are meant to be erected. The names listed as members of the board have no accessible history in the Extranet. This obscurity coupled with amount of resources the new company seems to be able to bring to bear suggests connections with local power. The dominant player in the area is Alexander Johnson - leader of one of the parties and a hero of the resistance.)
(Lea's comment: There's something fishy here alright. Though this job doesn't seem very urgent...)

>Love can bloom
A well liked singer from Normandy region is looking for her son. Apparently he's gone missing and his fiancee vanished shortly afterwards. The mother publicly opines that her son's disappearance is linked to him having been spotted in company of an Asari recently. The man and the fiancee are both recorded as members of the Adventurers' Guild while identity of the Asari remains unknown.
(Eve's comment: This story is a major topic in local news and popular in extranet debates, indicating its potential to influence public opinion and political climate. Additionally, my records of the leaked itineraries place disproportionally large amount of resources of the Ambition platform into this region; while majority of them has been reallocated in the altered published versions, numerous deviations in public records suggest the area retains importance to the party.)
(Lea's comment: I'm not sure why Eve made the connection between this trashy romance plot with politics but this interest of theirs in the area is a little bit suspicious...)
>Fields of Strife
The offer for the consultancy work issued by a Krogan clan leader is still up. It doesn't seem like it's been altered... or answered.
(Eve's comment: While not related to the elections directly, the incident is likely to have ramification on the political climate, especially if it escalates further. Recent development suggest high risk of further escalation.)
(Lea's comment: Kris seemed distraught over this earlier, didn't he?)

>The Emu Incident
The Terran branch of Binary Helix is looking for an independent contractor for some reclamation work in a "green" zone in Australian wilderness.
(Eve's comment: circumstances of the posting hint at high level of danger to anyone who would undertake this assignment, as well as desperation of the corporation to get it done soon. Payment: "All you can carry out of the dig")
(Lea's comment: I put the quotes in after looking at pictures of the area. It's only declared "green" by virtue of undisputable ownership of the area by the corp.)

(Eve's comment: I've also taken liberty of listing a follow up to the assignment we've previously gotten involved with:)

>The Rocks Are Not Free, Citizen
Commander Kang needs more minerals. The Spaceport commander has issued a request for any volunteers with a spaceworthy ship to head into the asteroid field and find a rich enough deposit of various materials that would be needed to form main structure of the future starbase.

Well, that's quite a selection. Though something tells you you could find even more if you looked...

>Look for more opportunities (specify lookup)
>Talk to someone about something
>You're ready to choose a job now. (pick)
>You're not quite ready to choose a job but you are ready to pick a destination (where would you like to fly?)
Can we get a sumary of the political parties and their current placement on the election?

>You're not quite ready to choose a job but you are ready to pick a destination (where would you like to fly?)
We should meet with Libella first like she asked us too before commiting to a job.
I think I would favor the Krogan job since if that thing escalates to actual deaths a platform based on cooperation of the species would be very weekened while the militarists and xenophobes would get more traction

While we fly there

>Talk to someone about something
Talk to Lea about the dancing, ask her to show her the music she listens to, we never heard quarian songs I think.

Question to the QM: what information are we suposed to whithold from our crew? The orbs on earth or just the Leviatans?
Supporting >>3731746

You pore over your options for a while. The rising tensions around the Krogan pastime seem to have potential to grow into a serious problem, even though they are not directly linked to the conspiracy you wanted to work on unraveling. Perhaps you should see if you can do anything to help, as you discussed the matter with your crew previously?

In the end, however, you decide that it's too soon to decide what to focus on right now. With only publicly available information, even if they were parsed by Eve and Lea, you still don't know enough to form a good enough picture. Your thoughts drift back to the Asari spectre you were talking with a while ago. Libella said she learned something interesting - perhaps it was time to meet with her in a more private setting. Perhaps she'd be able to shed more light on the warning she sent you earlier, although you knew better than to be the one to bring it up.

Bringing up the navigation interface you refine the Chariot's autopilot settings to take you onto an approach vector to the Rouen outpost. There were still a couple of hours of travel before you would reach Earth’s orbit, though. A good opportunity to get some rest after the day’s events. However, before you take it there was a topic of vital importance that you wanted to discuss.

“So, how did you guys like the songs of our people?” You issue the query.

“It was alright. Though when it comes to Terran music I personally prefer Mozart’s piano concertos.” Kris says.

“You know human music?” Lea asks.

“It’s not that uncommon for Krogan to find enjoyment in foreign music, considering how little our domestic scene has to offer.”

“What is Krogan music even like?”

“Much of it are rhythmic war chants with some helping of angry head banging to fill in the gaps. Among the niche genres the most developed would be romancing songs. Generally though, music for its own sake is just not something we do. Although...” he trails off.

“Although...?” You nudge him.

“There was a time when some more culturally inclined of my kin were trying their hands at the art, working off a fusion of our tunes with Asari music. But then rebellion came and it all went down the drain.”
There’s a moment of a rather downcast silence which you don’t allow to develop.

“What about Quarian music?”

“Well, ours is also determined in large part by circumstances we are... were in until very recently. There is a lot of sentiment in it about our lost home. Though we do also have some... colorful tunes maintenance crews like to sing as they work.”

“Oh yeah,” Kris says, “we have those too. Some of them don’t even involve dismemberment of our enemies.”

“Uh... okay, well, to be fair, we do have a few toaster smashing tunes as well. No offense.”

“None taken.” Eve assures.

“...anyway, here’s one of my favorites...”

Lea recovers and navigates the interface for a few seconds until a soft, melodious voice begins to flow out of the cockpit’s sound system.


>chat some more (specify topic)
>read something (specify lookup)
>go get some rest (timeskip)

>set alarm to catch live the great debate (option to submit questions to candidates): y/n

>set alarm to catch live the great debate (option to submit questions to candidates): y

>get some rest
>set alarm to catch live the great debate (option to submit questions to candidates): y

>go get some res
You and your crew spend a few moments commenting on the various styles of music but soon decide that you better take advantage of the presumably uneventful trip to get some shut eye in. Leaving the craft in autopilot’s (and Eve’s) capable hands you trickle one after another out of the bridge and to your sleep pods. As you set up the alarm clock, however, you recall that the great debate among those with ambition to form the new civilian government would be taking place in a few hours. You adjust the timer accordingly and drift peacefully into the land of dreams.

When the time comes, you find yourself less than enthusiastic to emerge from dreams’ embrace. Idly you wonder whether the psionic child, now in care of the Grissom class and his own parents, still exerts his presence in this manner. The thought was slightly sobering, even if in this case the dream, inasmuch you could remember, was rather pleasant. On the other hand, you comfort yourself, it was not like you needed a supernatural reason to relish in the sleep sfye4 last day’s events.

Shaking off the line of thought and replacing it with another one you head to the passenger suite in order to set up the vid wall. You’re just about halfway done when Kris walks in.

“Curious, huh?” The Krogan motions towards the screen.

“And a bit nervous.” You admit. “One of the people there is likely behind the NSD affair.”

“Hmpf.” Kris snorts. “I bet they all have skeletons in their cupboards.”

“Oh, cool, late night horror show.” Lea says as she walks in, followed by Eve. You raise your eyebrow at Sotheby’s sight of the gynoid carrying a six pack of synthale cans in one hand and a bucket of synthtato crisps in the other.

“Are you certain you want to spoil the food with this kind of show?” Kris asks.

“According to my knowledge base both of these articles are renowned for their blandness. They will therefore benefit from exposure to sensations similar programs tend to elicit.” Eve explains.

“What are you talking about?” The Krogan asks.

“Sour. Bitter. Salty.”

“Heh. Good thinking.” You all share a chuckle at that.

“Alright, hush now. It begins.”
“Greetings and salutations, citizens if the Galaxy.” Says the presenter you recognize as Konrad Wolpertinger. “We bid you welcome at the quite possibly decisive showdown before our corner of the universe makes a step towards normalcy, reestablishing civilian rule and democratic governance. Tonight amidst the resurgent spires and columns of Rome three prospective leaders stand ready to present their views and inspire your confidence in their vision and their ability to deliver it.”

His Asian colleague, Ichiban Sumika picks up.

“In order to properly challenge them, and given that the Systems Alliance is the host in this sector, we have joined forces with our colleagues in Alliance Broadcast Union who aside from the attractive location have provided their ace reporter to moderate the debate... insofar ‘moderation’ is the word to be used here. Ladies and gentlemen, we here in the studio yield floor to the one and only... Khalisah al-Jilani.”

“Ace reporter, is it now? I recall she’s been a tabloid upstart not long ago.” Kris growls.

“Interesting scoops have been rather lethal recently.” You say dryly. “Be thankful it’s not Allers.”

Before Kris can comment, the scene shifts.

“Greetings, citizens. Welcome to the Colosseum. This arena of wanton cruelty and lethal bloodsports has been, after some debate, chosen for today’s battle of wits, wisdom and force of personality between the three most likely candidates for the seat of provisional sector chancellor, head of civilian governing body that would shape the future of humanity’s cradle and influence the fate of the galaxy at large.”

“She certainly developed a penchant for the dramatic.” Kris remarks.

“It’s probably not an understatement though. Not with Citadel and bulk of coalition forces assembled by Hackett and Shepard packed here.” You counter.

“Assuming whoever wins can even be heard over those two rather than just be a bureaucrat in the background.”

“Hush, you two.” Lea chides And you both fall silent.
“...of the Old Guard platform, Commodore Wolfgang Bärli. As the tentative leader by virtue of one tenth of a percentage point, you have the chance to deliver your vision first.”

“Thank you.” Says a middle aged man with sharp features, black hair peppered with strands of gray and a dress Navy uniform. “I stand here as someone with ambition to rebuild the galactic order that has been turned to chaos by the Reaper crisis, with emphasis on the spirit of freedom, cooperation and a level playing field that the old establishment espoused. I can promise the voters stability and security for the galactic community, and it’s a promise that will be backed by the might of Allied navy.”

“Thank you, commodore. I hope you are aware that stability and security previous establishment was offering has left us woefully unprepared for the Reaper Emergence and allowed billions of lives to be snuffed out, with the seat of the same old establishment at the Arcturus obliterated in a single crushing defeat.” The reporter pounced.

To his credit the officer did not wince at the assault. He did grimace slightly though at the unpleasant image, though.

“You are right. We have lost many of our loved ones, many of them giving their life to protect others or in an uphill battle about enemy who eradicated countless galactic civilizations before us. But it was our civilization that ultimately succeeded at resisting and putting a stop to their reign of terror. The price was terrible, but ultimately the triumph was ours.”

“Very well. For now, let’s give chance to another contender. Runner up in the race who recently caught up to Commodore’s platform in the polls, mostly attributed by the sociologists to recent extranet backlash against the London NSD raid, the leader of the Ambition and an excessively ambitious man himself: Alexander Johnson, the tycoon and the hero.”

A short man of solid, but still lean build, brown hair and piercing blue eyes takes the vote.
“Thank you, Miss Jilani. I’m honored by those titles, but only one of them truly matters and it’s the first one - Ambitious. It is Ambition that drives us forward, even in the Byzantine system of regulations that my counterpart clings to so much. It is my belief that the initiative of a man, when not fettered by oppressive bureaucracy, gives him all he needs to face any threat, any challenge, any obstacle. And I believe my success in fighting back the Reaper hordes in my homeland in Noram is a testament to this philosophy of mine, rather than any sort of destiny that hero status is too often associated with.”

“Interesting point of view. And no less Interesting is the fact that although your resistance cell’s successes can not be denied, it would seem that very few similarly ambitious characters can be seen living out their dreams of enterprise in the lands where your company operates. Indeed the Edmonton green zones seems to see no competition in trade.”

Alexander smiles, his eyes locked with the reporter’s. “What can I say? I’m simply so good nobody feels the need - or perhaps courage - to compete with me.”

“Possibly. Finally, in the third corner of the ring we have miss Maria King, incidentally my colleague by trade though anyone who knows the business will know she can expect no favouritism from me over that.”

A middle aged woman of tan complexion, long brown hair and a face marked by wrinkles, though many of them betrayed her tendency to smile rather than frown, takes the screen with a wry smile of her own.

“Of course not. My name is Maria King and I’m co-founder of the League, a platform for those who wish to deepen the trust and cooperation between the people of the Galaxy. We believe that only by working together we can build a society that can stand the test of time.”

“Bold words for a speech, but how do you expect anyone to believe in them? Even during the darkest hours of a Reaper crisis the various factions kept undercutting each other and our own chances for survival. Conflict is in our nature.”

“Cooperation does not mean absence of competition, as others too have already accused me of naivety over that. But it is my belief that competition can be carried out for betterment of all rather than as a destructive conflict sapping us from within. That is why I chose to run. Much as I respect the military for their effort and discipline, and the ambitious men for their struggles towards greatness, I believe that with some good will there can be a better way - and a better future for all of us.”

“Very well. This concludes the three leadres’ entry statements. The discussion will now continue, but before we carry on allow me to remind you, dear viewers, that we will be taking public queries into consideration. If you wish to confront a candidate with a tough question, don’t hesitate to contribute! And now it’s time for a brief recess.”
The image gives way to a skyline of city structures, ruined, reconstructed and everything in between.

“Well. Looks like our little adventure didn’t go without consequence.” Kris says.

“But we saved at least three people!” Lea says.

“Doubt that made the news, yet.” You say. It was probably a rather sensitive investigation, too.

>continue watching
>submit a question to a candidate (sign as yourself, anonymously, or as a name of a specific character you encountered?)
>this is boring and/or pointless, go do something else
>this is boring and/or pointless, go back to sleep (timeskip)
>submit a question to a candidate (sign as yourself, anonymously, or as a name of a specific character you encountered?)

ask Eve if she can dig up any info on the leak for us to make some tough questions to Alexander
ask about whatever shit we may have on him due to the leak, sign as anonymous

>continue watching
>continue watching

Can't remember if we got much dirt on him
Just throwing this out there:
-Can we get some of the remains of geth units and repurpose them? Geth are one of my favorite races. Not only are there powerful foes, but they can easily be transported by folding themselves.
-Can we get some of those Loki's, Ymir, Leto and Fenris mechs?

>“What is Krogan music even like?”
>“Much of it are rhythmic war chants with some helping of angry head banging to fill in the gaps. Among the niche genres the most developed would be romancing songs. Generally though, music for its own sake is just not something we do. Although...” he trails off.
-Would Krogans be into the Hawaiian Haka?

>“What about Quarian music?”
>“Well, ours is also determined in large part by circumstances we are... were in until very recently. There is a lot of sentiment in it about our lost home. Though we do also have some... colorful tunes maintenance crews like to sing as they work.”

Ok I'm caught up. I'm hyped. Hope this thread isnt dead.
>submit a question to a candidate (sign as yourself, anonymously, or as a name of a specific character you encountered?)
So I've been playing some Shadowrun recently and I was wondering, seeing as this guy is giving me the "corrupt Corperate spokesman" kind of vibes would he put the people, product or profit first? Just curious.
Also, despite how many more lives the Alliance could have saved if they were to heed Commander Shepard's warning, I cant entirely fault them for not taking action immediately. The news the commander beared was nearly unbelievable. Despite their inaction I can hardly fault them.
Nice music

Eve could probably use some geth platforms but I don't know if that is taboo or something
Yeah. Seeing as Eve exists and tech is still being used, I guess this means Shepard didn't go with the angry red "destroy all machines route?" If that's the case then I want me some Geth platforms. God damn Destroyers and Primes are awesome.
Well shit. Quest is for sure dead.
Don't lose heart anon, shepard would never give up, and so shouldn't we
Its page 10 and the thread can't be bumped anymore. This is the end.
“Eve, do we have something we could use on that Johnson guy? I recall you said his was the staff that most quickly responded to that ‘leak’ NSD made.” You ask your gynoid friend.

“That is correct, however there was nothing in the leak itself that would connect the man with any foul play in a way that couldn’t be easily dismissed without additional evidence. Furthermore, even the data I’ve collected myself don’t expose him to anything incriminating directly. When I cross reference with publicly available data numerous records emerge pertaining to suspicious activity that ultimately led to failing of several independent enterprises within his sphere of influence, they are however shrouded by several layers of deniability.”

“Someone could still use this sort of information to chip at his power base.” Kris remarks.”

“With some effort and patience, and inviting retribution, I reckon.” You say. “Anyway, it won’t help us here, I suppose. He’s likely used to dealing with accusations. If we wanted him to show his true colors, we’d have to really strike the chord...”

“Um, I have a question.” Lea speaks up and the three of you look at her expectantly. “How are *we* so sure he’s actually responsible for any conspiracies, and even if we were, is it really our place to deliberately try and influence the outcome?”

You take a while to reply that...

“...well, those are fair points. But we already know that someone is tampering with the selection process. Someone who stands to gain a lot, maybe even literally the world from it. Since Johnson is the one set to take the office if he succeeds, formal power would be his.” You pause. “Even though it is theoretically possible that there is yet another agency controlling him, he’d still be a big enough player to consider, and so far nothing suggests he’s working for anything but his own personal gain.”

“Maybe his connections and allies could be the key to throwing him off balance, then.” Eve remarks. “Either by getting to rebel against him, or convincing him that they are.”
Before you have time to ponder this avenue further the programme resumes.

“I am Khalisah al-Jilani, here in representation of the Alliance Broadcasters’ Union And I welcome you back to the Roman Coloseum where three most likely candidates for the seat of provisional regional governor are pitted against each other in a battle in support of their respective visions. Having introduced themselves, now is their time to respond to questions we serve them.”

The anchor turns to the woman and addresses her first.

“Let us begin this round at the lady. Miss King, Assuming the reconstruction will proceed as planned until the League appoints new governor, what would be your next priority to direct our irreplaceable industrial fabbers to.”

“Thank you, Miss Al-Jilani. Our first priority remains reconstruction, and even with rudimentary network in place I’m sure there will be plenty of demand for housing and restoration of ruined districts and arcologies many called home. Aside from that we plan to allocate some of the fabricator time to set up more permanent settlements in available green zones to accommodate those among our allies who would wish to set deeper roots on Terran soil. Finally, the League intends to devote a fraction of production capacities to restoration of important landmarks destroyed during the crisis.”

“I see. So you intend to build alien ghettoes where youth of other species could visit like a theme park?” Khalisah asks.

Kris chuckles, but King doesn’t miss the beat.

“That is an unnecessarily derisive way of describing areas where people of cultures strange to ours could freely express their sense of aesthetic without having to awkwardly tiptoe around existing structures - though that’s not to say I wouldn’t like to see such creative fusion either. First, though, we have to make sure that our stranded allies have any frame of reference to begin with, without having to be confined in blue zones that will, sooner or later, begin to shrink.”
“Very well, let’s move on. Commodore Bärli, what Are Your platform’s plans on the subject?”

“Thank you. The Old Guard believes that there is, as Miss King put it, plenty of demand for continuing reconstruction efforts. We will therefore continue with present system of civil engineering and development committees for planning. The stable environment will allow the economy to recover and take over the private sector’s responsibilities off us in due time.”

“In other words, business as usual. I’m not sure if I expected anything more.”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The officer nods.

“Right. Let’s move on to someone more imaginative. What is your vision for those resources, mister Johnson?”

“My vision is elegant and simple. Rather than allow ossified bureaucrats or naive romantics wield such amounts of productive potential, my intention is to free up as much of the capacities as soon as possible and release them for use to the most agile, innovative and motivated - the public. This way the Fabber output is guaranteed to provide greatest leaps in economic potential possible, and with it the citizen’s wealth.”

“I suppose many of those agile and motivated entrepreneurs will be in fact working for one if your companies. How do you intend to avoid such blatant conflict of interest?”

“There is no conflict, Miss Al-Jilani. My interests are one with the society - and I assure you even if I personally commandeered entirety of the fabricator units, it would still mean their employment for the benefit of man. However, if such formalism should be observed, I am quite ready to relinquish my seat in boards of directors of my companies. It will be a small price for becoming an architect of the future.”

“Very well then. Thank you for your input, lady and grntlemen. Next, after a short summary of the news, we shall continue with new topic. I am Khalisah al-Jilani and I’m happy to be with us.”

With that the view of the arena gives way to the news studio and the presenter begins to talk about the weather.

>submit a query for one of the politicians (specify topic and sender name.
>talk to someone about something.
>keep watching the news
>go do something else.
Next story post will be in the new thread.

This one, short as it is, has been committed to Citadel archives.

Henri Ford And his crew will return in pt.2 of Episode 10!
Thread nearly dead. What happened, and what're you gonna do?
Oh nvm
>go do something else.

This shit is tough, that Johnson scumbag will play them like a fiddle and we have nothing against him to question
We should focus on getting those missions done and ensuring we can affect the election through that.

Let's sleep until our meeting and then deal with the Krogan situation

>submit a query for one of the politicians (specify topic and sender name.

A question before going, to all of them

And what about the countless refugees and people that lost everything to this disaster, native or alien, what happens to them, there is no economy and everyone is dealing mostly on solidarity, what happens when to those people if they can't turn a profit?

We saw some exemples, bars, shelters, everyone helping each other, even our last mission, was only for fuel.

>talk to someone about something.
We got a Quarian crew member right? With our doctor knowledge and asking our friend, would it be possible for them to improve their immune system to the point where they won't need the suit anymore? Maybe through a combination of drugs, specialized med-gel treatments, vaccinations.

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