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Asia Argento, an excommunicated Nun that now has a lot going for her.

After being rescued by Mor’ Voh, Dovahkiin of Skyrim, she herself became one due to the man’s curiosity. Now the Nun is determined to wonder if for a bit, searching to see what her Lord has in store for the Nun.

Journal Entry 2,

Recently I have cleared out a coven of Vampires. There were maybe 10 in total, I was responsible for the deaths of about 7 of them and another human being. The Village is safe from the threat, and I am happy that people can sleep soundly in the coming nights.

I am worried though. I killed so many and yet I was happy about happy. Happy that I triumphed over them with overwhelming strength and determination. I am not who I was, maybe something more happened when I came back from the dead than Mor’ Voh first explained.

Whoever reads these words, may the Lord forever bless you.

Finishing her entry, the Nun arose from her desk ready for the day, even if half of it has gone by her due to the need of rest. At the very least she was happy to see the Sun after such a trying night.

Stats and such are based on Dark Heresy

Asia Character Sheet

Asia has gained 400 xp from those battles. What should she invest points into?

Increase Stat by 5: Cost 100, 250, 500, 1000: Increases by rank based on already allocated levels.

All below this cost 100 xp:
Second Con: Increase HP by 1, can be bought multiple times
Inquiry Skill
Barter Skill
Climb Skill
Common Lore (Christianity) Skill +10
Deceive Skill
Performer Skill (Singing) +10
Literacy Skill (Japanese)
Literacy Skill (Latin +10)
Die Hard: Will not succumb to fatigue until the end of a fight.
Hatred (Vampire): +10 when fighting this creature

Cost of 200 xp:
Rapid Reload: Reload actions are halved, meaning you can fire the crossbow twice a round.
Heightened Senses (Hearing): Able to pick out conversations from a crowd or far away.
>Literacy Skill (Japanese)
>Heightened Senses (Hearing): Able to pick out conversations from a crowd or far away.
>Die Hard: Will not succumb to fatigue until the end of a fight.
>Common Lore (Christianity) Skill +10
>Second Con: Increase HP by 1, can be bought multiple times
>Rapid Reload: Reload actions are halved, meaning you can fire the crossbow twice a round.
>Literacy Skill (Japanese)
>Heightened Senses (Hearing): Able to pick out conversations from a crowd or far away.
>Die Hard: Will not succumb to fatigue until the end of a fight

Literacy in Japanese seems more usefull in Japan, if we do not try to do the DxD route.
Literacy Skill (Latin +10)
Die Hard: Will not succumb to fatigue until the end of a fight.
Heightened Senses (Hearing): Able to pick out conversations from a crowd or far away.

Is there going to be rape or what
In all seriousness, I miss the last >nun quest
No there will not. Think of this as just going around the world hunting down Supernatural and helping the innocent.
Heightened Senses
Die Hard
Literacy (Japanese)
Fucking hell, I forgot to mention this was number two...

Damn I can't ever get the title right on these!
As the Nun finished her writing the door opened up to welcome in a much calmer looking Kaori. She looked a little ruffled up, the besides that she had a smile on her face.

“Are you okay this morning Miss?” She said with a cheer.

Asia gave a nod, “Yes, I am sorry about your window yesterday. I had to catch up with whatever that thing was.”

“It’s alright,” Kaori said making a wave with her hand, “Why don’t you come over and have breakfast with us?”

Asia gave the girl a nod, quickly donning her light chainmail and armor. Looking at the set, the hit she took last night did a number on it. It might be time to get another set from Mor’ Voh.

The smell of eggs and bacon came to her nose as the Nun took a seat on the floor. The Mother bringing out a small helping of breakfast to the two girl. Before she gave the Nun the food though the Mother held it just out of reach, “So, you are going to tell me what really happened little miss. Why is Kaori’s window broken?”

Asia could feel her cheeks warm up as she turned to the other girl. The other simple made a prayer asking the Nun for forgiveness. Without much else the Nun told the truth, “I saw an evil spirit outside and chased it away. Nothing will be harming your family any more.”

The Mother stood there for a few more moments before placing the meal infront of the Nun, “You did something, but honestly it was pretty hectic last night with all those explosions. If that was you removing the damn spirit plague thing I’ll take it.”

“Thank you.” The Mother even started to blush as the Nun gave her a shining smile.

So the two started eating, the taste of meat, fresh bread, and egg amazed the Nun’s taste. The other Dragonborn might have been good at things, but Asia secretly hated that he placed so many herbs into their meals saying they were good for her vitality. They just made it taste so weird.

As they finished their meals Kaori turned to Asia, “So where will you be heading next?”

>Travel a bit more in Japan.
>Head over to China to journey to Europe
>*Other locations*
>”Wherever God will me to go.”
>”Wherever God will me to go."
This seems very in character for her so I pick it.
btw QM, is the other thread archived? Would kinda suck if not.
Archive of last Session: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3829388/
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nice thanks QM.
The Nun thought to herself for a moment before nodding to herself, “I might want to go to Australia, but mainly I go where the Lord desires it.”

“Really?” The girl said with a pout, “I guess you would blend with them more over there.”

Asia shined a smile and placed her hand on the other’s shoulder, “While I might be in another country, the will of God is everywhere. If you ever feel troubled, a prayer would be good for the soul.”

Kaori could only flash a slight smile, “Alright, I hope you have a good journey.”

“I will.” With that Asia stood up from her seat, “Thank you all for having me for the night, I will be taking my leave.”

Everyone said their goodbyes as Asia made her way out of the home, making her way to the Hospital. Soon enough she saw Mor’ Voh coming out with a small roll of cash in his hand.

“What is the cash for?”

The older Dragonborn just gave a chuckle, “Had to explain my situation and traded some information. Ready to be headin out?”

While she felt there was more, the Nun just nodded, “I believe so.”

“Then lets go!”

With that they started their walking.

>By Bus
>By Foot
>By Grand Theft Auto
>By Boat
>By Boat
It was hard to not pick Grand Theft Auto. But for the sake of staying in character, i pick the boat.
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“Uh, Mr. Mor’ Voh, do you even know how to operate this vehicle?”

“I’ve ridden on ships before, how much harder could driving this, ‘boat’ be?”

Suddenly the sounds of water flushing into the engine came into Asia’s ears. She ran over seeing the entire engine almost submerged in water.


“Yada yada, I got this you see.”

Asia watched as the machine’s propeller slowly came out of the water, before the two felt a sudden jolt coming from the engine. The front went a good 3 feet in the air before the engine was cut. Luckily, or unluckily, the boat was starting to move out into the open sea from their harbor.

THe Greatest Mage in Skyrim rose his hands in triumph as their speedboat sloaly drifted out into sea, “Hell yeah! Soon we’ll be catching the winds and traveling wherever it takes us!”

Asia could only look at the man disapprovingly, “I do not think that is how these vessels.” She then looked onto the controls, “I will however leave it to you.”

“Yup, leave the tinkering to the professionals.” He said as the pair slowly left the small castle’s port. To say Asia was surprised at the acquisition of a small boat was an understatement, but she agreed with her ‘Mentor’ that it beat walking.

Soon after though the pair were traveling the coast line with moderate speeds, nothing too bad happening as they slowly learned how to control their speedboat.

Now they were cruising southwards, or at least that what Asia thought they were. The Dragonborn seemed pretty interested in the land of Kangaroos and man eating birds so they were traveling their way there.

>What should Asia talk to Mor’ Voh about.
>Is there any activities Asia should do while traveling?
>Give me an intelligence roll too.
Let's try to know more about the guy
>Ask about his home, skyrim, what it was like, if he had any family there, people he misses.
>use the rocking of the boat to practice our balance. (It might be useful if we ever are in a situation were we need good balance)
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As more land in front of them became sea the Nun decided to do a little fun game. With a little practice she was standing on the edge of the ship, teetering from one side to another in an attempt to stay atop the vessel.

She could feel it when the machine was hit with a little nasty wave, but she managed to stay on with a little extra skill and balance.

Once she got a good handle on it the Nun looked over to see the Dragonborn relaxing on the seat. The more she thought about it, the man was about as mysterious to her as the day they just met, if she knew him a little eccentric.

With a thought of being the good companion and christian she turned to him, “Hey Mor’ Voh, you were from a place called Skyrim? What was it like?”

“Huh, oh I guess I haven’t told you anything have I?” She could feel the slight smile under the man’s mask, “Its an interesting land, where almost any climate can be found. Since that's the case, the only constant thing there are Nords and how hard headed they can be.”

“Well that is a little mean against them.” The Nun pouted, “I bet you they are nice when you get to know them.”

The man quickly erupted in laughter, “Surely they are, good drinking buddies. Yeah, they sure are.”

She tilted her head as she steadied herself to the ship’s center, “Is there anyone you miss? I mean, you have been here for a week.”

“A few.” He said while leaning back, “J'zargos fun to be around, guy kind of helped me set this entire experiment. After that, I guess Serana.”

“A girl?” The Nun said as she shifted to the far left.

“Yeah, a bit of case she is too. She’s kind though, and pretty good to trust. Even if she’s well… a Vampire.”

The Nun would have thought her first reaction was going to be anger at the thought, but she got a small bit of nostalgia from that, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

As they traveled, south Asia got a bit of a bad feeling in her stomach and her heart started beating a bit estratically. With her hearing she could hear the beating of wings before they were on the horizon.

Coming over it was not something that big, but she knew what it was.


And there she saw it, to the right of barely visible land was a beast of legend. It looked like it was gunning right for them.

File: 1529162917861.jpg (74 KB, 1024x543)
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>use Thu'um to comunicate with dragon.

Welcome cousin!
As the creature approached their little boat the Nun, while almost completely terrified, had a little idea. She knew their language, and it wouldn’t be nice of her if they didn’t try talking out things first.

With a gulp in her breath the Nun moved herself to the front and spoke in the dragon’s tongue, ”Uh, hello there Mister Dragon! We mean you no harm!”

It was to her surprise that the creature seemed to hesitate for a moment before arriving at their ship. The sound of laughter could be heard from Mor’ Voh as soon enough the beast halted its advance right before the boat.

Asia could easily tell it was an western kind of dragon, and she had the feeling it was quite young. Its scales were of a pale blue while its eyes were of an amber shade.

It opened its maw, speaking in their shared tongue, ”Human, why is you speak to me in my tongue instead of yours?”

”Oh, its because we’re your kin!” Came a laughter from Mor’ Voh as he approached the front.

The creature stared deeply at the two of them, and Asia felt like he was trying to see her very soul. However, the beast gave a simple huff, ”Silly humans, you think we share blood? You two must have received faulty sacred gears.”

The creature grew what Asia would describe as an evil looking smirk as it switched to a more common tongue, “Of course I sensed another Dovah over here, so that might be you two and those gears. Come with me Mortals, or be torn asunder by my fire.”

>Fight with the beast
>Join him in whatever he’s planning
>Try and convince him otherwise
>ask him what he wants to do before we decide.

I dont know if that is an option but if not

>Try and convince him otherwise
Give me a roll at very difficulty! Means your DC is 21!
Rolled 24 (1d100)

Rolled 20 (1d100)

The atmosphere was so tense one could cut it with a knife, with Asia looking between the smirking Dovah and her mentor trying to figure things out. Said man seemed pretty well relaxed even when they were facing down the snout of a good to honest dragon.

“I, uh, are you sure you want to do this mister Dovah! We do not have much meat on us any ways.”

Both the elder Dragonborn and Dragon looked at the girl with a confused look. And then the Dragon broke out in a good bit of laughter, “I have yet to hear such a response girl!” With that he raised wide open, “I guess we can’t do anything about those prisons yet! For humoring me I shall late the two of you go!” And with that the beast took to the skies with a beat of his wings.

The Nun watched the beast leave their area with a casual laughter, and with a reddening face she turned to see Mor’ Voh relaxing on the chair.

“Uh, why did you not do anything Mor’ Voh?”

He gave the girl a shrug, “Meh, while I would’ve been able to kill him we are out in the open sea. Just not sure how fighting in the sea would’ve worked out.”

THe Nun let out a breath, letting out a sigh as she felt the two of them dodged a massive bullet. As she went off to the side of the boat she heard the sounds of the engine trying to start up, but it wasn’t going.

“Hey Asia, does this thing work on soul gems?”

“Huh, what do you mean?” Jumping up the Nun made her way over to the steering wheel and read the words that were in Japanese, “Out of Fuel…”

>Search the boat for flares
>Try and make a sail
>>Try and make a sail
>Try and make a sail
>Let Mor`Voh stuff a soul gem in the tank and see how it goes.
>Ask what he means by "soul gem"

He was able to drive the ship the whole time, so he should improvise a fule source.
>Roll just to see, sails will be if this does not work.
QM,me posted this.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

Rolled 42 (1d100)

“Maybe?” The Nun said as she studied the contraption, “What do you mean by Soul Gems?”

“You guys don’t have them I’m guessing?” He turned before fishing out a black crystal the size of Asia’s hand, “Well this things called a Soul Gem. Normally you stuff this thing up with the souls of things like animals, monsters, or mortals and give things enchantments.”

The Nun nodded, if looking a bit worrisome, “W-what is in that one?”

She got a shrug, “Pretty sure its a bandit that crossed me.”

Asia couldn’t hold in her alignment, “B-but hes a person! Even if he is a Pegan he should still get an after life!”

“Now thats where you are wrong.” She swore he was smiling under that mask as he walked over to the motor, “They get an after life, but it’s more like becoming a collector’s item for some gods. Usually they hang out in the Soul Cairn unless some Daedra or God wants them. Shitty place, but not the worst I’ve been to.”

“I do not like it.”

“Well you don’t need to. You can say I came from a Dragon eat Dog world.” Asia watched as he looked over the engine. He mumbled something to himself before taking apart the machine. Before anything else he turned to Asia, “ You might need to get some fish caught or something, this machine might need some Dwarven modification.”

With a sigh the Nun made her way over to the ship’s small interior, grabbing a small fishing pole before moving to the edge. She didn’t really know how to fish, but if it took her mind off the possible pegan sacrifice occurring behind her that would be great.

It would be about morning when the modifications were finished, right before the Nun was reconsidering being out of sea. The engine came to life as the man gave a cheer, the propeller now a mixture of a golden metal and the original black.

“Oh thank the Gods!” was the cheer she heard while doing her morning prayer for that poor soul they were going to use, “Took damn long enough! Who would have thought you people would use Dwarven tech of all things! Luckily for you, Dwarven tech is too valuable not to study.”

She watched as he chugged a potion before returning to the driver’s seat, “Well, lets try this damn thing out!”

“Eee!” Was what Asia responded as the boat started moving under her. She was quick to steady herself though, as they were now traveling towards whatever destination.

>Do we visit one of the islands, or head straight to Australia?
>Also, give me some activities for Asia.

Bringing the word of God to islandsavages is a church tradition.
Asia needs her protein, so thats what the fish is for... and Soul Gem fule I guess.
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37 KB
The open sea was something Asia grew a good bit to appreciate. Their traveling south was giving her plenty of time to watch the landscape, specially when they finally broke off from the shores of Japan to go south.

Honestly it was kind of a weird experience after that, but she guessed this is what island hopping was. They would see a small land mass that was kind of south of them, and then drive towards it when we were pretty sure it was the right way.

For the most part however Asia was fishing. While she wasn’t really able to fish when traveling at full speed, when it was about lunch and dinner Mor’ Voh would slow the vessel down so they can prepare something to eat.

This time however the sun was starting to fall into the horizon, and the moon was not going to give us much light. Luckily for us arrived at the shores of the largest island yet. Beaching was not much of a problem, but it was damn worrying to Asia.

“So, how much fish were you able to get?” Said Mor’ Voh as he started putting up a cooking rack.

Asia herself was putting up a pair of small fur covered tents, “The Lord graced me with 5, though one might be a little too small to eat.”

“Alright, can you hand them over?”

“Actually Mr. Mor’ Voh, I found an odd compartment where you store the fish on the boat. Its near the rear and has a latch on it.”

She watched at the corner of her eye as the man walked over and quickly found the compartment, taking out all her catches of the day. He made quick work of them, though she also noticed he had more of those dreaded gems while he was doing it.

I am sorry poor fish”She whispered under her breath.

Soon enough they were eating said fish, cooking them with a small fire Mor’ Voh built with a little wood and dragon fire. The fish was good, though Asia knew better. Maybe if she learned how to cook they would get much better meals.

>I need a conversation and night activity. There will of course be a watch.
>Talk to Mor' Voh about the vampires and the human that Asia killed. She was cleary bothered by it, so maybe talk to him could help.
>Practice our sword skills as a night activity. It would be good to improve our melee fight skills
As night fell over the camp Asia was hanging out next to a fire, doing a little practice with her blade. She was fighting a phantom foe, trying her best to defeat it. She would admit it was a little fun, since she would also admit this was more imagination. Still practice was practice and she was going to give it her all.

Asia gained +1 Weapons Skill

To the other side of the fire was Mor’ Voh with the engine he was working on. It was slowly becoming more golden as the man worked on it, placing pieces of metal into the strangely strong fire before molding the work with magic.

With a swipe the Nun struck the phantom foe, imagining as the person fell to the ground bleeding a deep black. It was… easier to fight this way.

“... Hey Mor’ Voh. I have a question.”

She could hear his slight chuckle, “Fire away, what is it you want to know?”

With a swift action she sheathed the sword with a long face, “What happened to me.”

“Hmm? I’m gonna need some more information here.”

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes. The sound of his workmanship coming through the air as she waited. Soon enough though she tightened her grip on the blade, “Why is killing so easy?”

No longer was she hearing the sounds of metalwork, instead looking up to see the man staring deep into her, “I guess one can never escape the nature of the Dov.”

“W-what do you mean?”

He placed the metal down, walking towards her with a calmness. He was soon next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder, “Do you know what a Dragon wants more than anything else?”

The girl’s eyes widened, “G-gold?”

She watched the man shook his head, “Well, that’s kind of what they want. Dragon, and by extension us, are a pretty hungry race by default. We love to dominate and subjugate, so much so that rarely any Dov would reject killing outright.”

He leaned back pulling out a small bottle of wine, “Since you’re one of us now, you will have such urges. They might be subtle, or they might be excessive. From how I’ve watched you work, I will say much more on the subtle side.”
File: Paarthurnax_TotW.png (2.19 MB, 1500x1000)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
As she heard these words, Asia could not stop her face from paling, “B-but what am I gonna do! I do not want to become Evil!”

“Evil! But it was how we Dov were made!” The Dovahkiin said in a cheer, “Of course, I have a question from an old bastard I knew. ‘What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?’"

“To overcome it!” The response was immediate.

Another laugh came from the man, “I should introduce the two of you then. You see those words were from one of the oldest damn Dragons I knew, a Dov named Paarthurnax.”


“Yup,” The man quickly took a swig of his drink, “He more or less runs an entire order of monks known as the Greybeards. They believe that we, as both humans and Dov, should meditate and ponder the words of power. You know, our Thu’um. They call is ‘The Way of the Voice’.”

“A-alright.” giving a bit of a nod, “What is this Way?”

“Its using the voice to praise the Gods and not for war. While neither of us as Dovahkiin can avoid fighting, they simply as that every word we speak is to the Gods.” She could feel the smile crawling on his face, “So I guess dedicate every word of power you speak to your God, and you should be fine.”

“I-I think I understand. But why was I given this blessing?” She looked a little concerned at the man, “Why did you do this to me?”

“Because I’m getting old!” He said with another and much more boisterous laugh, “I’m pretty sure we’re now Immortal like the Dov, but I can feel the years in my bones.” He outstretched a hand towards her, “I don’t really like to see a world without us. Dragons will run rampant and mankind will fall to them, and people always need the help. I wasn’t joking when I said you will shape the world, for I fucking did.” And his hand closed gripping onto existence.

“Thank you.” Was about all the Nun could say as the man laid on the log.

“Yeah, well I’m beat. You need to take care of first watch.”

“Alright.” And with that the night ended.

>We will be moving to the next day, so if you guys wanna do anything else say so.
>Meditate on the words of power and start to work on overcome our evil nature.
File: MarineJetPower-1.jpg (70 KB, 1200x630)
70 KB
With the next day they were on the seas again, the feeling of water under her feet becoming just a little bit tiresome. Of course Asia learned to deal with it, since they have been sailing for three days now.

Actually, she was pretty surprised how Mor’ Voh was content with steering their boat all this time. It was getting faster though, ever since he worked on the motor it seems to have reached frightening speeds.

And so she took some of his advice from the previous night, and meditated. She had done so before, participating in prayers that might last upwards of a day at most. As such, she did the same.

Asia internalized the word Laas in herself. The Word of Power belonged to Aura Whisper, but she thought it right to do first. With her focus, she would think about life and her Lord. The occasional murmur in the unusual language were nothing but prayers and praises to her Lord.

It would be a while after, but she finally felt a little something in her. The feeling of pure vitality going through her as she finished the second hour of prayer. It was… a warm feeling. One that she knew came from the Lord above.

Asia has Meditated on the word [Laas], gaining 25% more Wounds. This places her at 14 Wounds total. This also grants her the ability to meditate at times, changing the bonus based on whatever word she focused on.

Without much else to do she continued her prayer for the ride. They were approaching a larger island from the looks of things. It was when the Sun was high in the sky when they heard some sounds.

”Attention foreign vessel. You have encroached on Taiwan waters and have been chosen for cursory search. You are to slow down and permit us to board your boat.”

Looking to where the voice came from, Asia noticed two white boats. While they were bigger, Asia was sure they were tougher than theirs.

>Full speed ahead, out run them.
>Let them board, we don’t want to anger some authorities.
>Send a Fus Ro Dah at them.
>Let them board, we don’t want to anger some authorities.
Interactions with the Sea Guard or whatever seem interesting. I wonder if they freak out about the motor.
Looking at the coming ship Asia moved over to Mor’ Voh, “We should probably let them on.”

“Really? I don’t handle authority figures very well.”

“GIve them a chance Mor’ Voh.” The Nun said as the boat slowed down, “They might be nice people who are a little worried.”

Soon enough the boat was at a stop, the waves gently lifting it up and down. Asia watched as one of the boats came over, the other staying behind for reasons that Asia wouldn’t know. The boat was soon next to them, dwarfing their vessel in size.

The dock was filled with men, Asia counted maybe 10 in all. Within moments a plank was brought out to connect the two vessels while a pair of men ran down it with rope. With a tug of the rope, they were now next to the ship with the men tying them to it.

The pair who came soon ran back onto their ship. Now coming down was a pair of men, both of whom looked a little more sociable then the soldiers they interacted with earlier. Asia quickly studied them, noticing they were carrying only pistols compared to what she assumed was assault rifles of the other men.

One of the men spoke, his voice holding a different accent than Issei, “May I ask what is your business here in Taiwan’s waters?”

She looked over to Mor’ Voh who seemed too interested in what the men were carrying. With a little anxiaty she spoke, “Y-yes! We were traveling to Australia but we wanted to stay near the islands.”
“So you were island hopping?” His partner moved making his way around the ship, “May I ask your names and nationality?”

“I am Asia Argento from Italy.” The girl said without issue, “And he’s Mor’ Voh of…”

“Mor’ Voh? Well thats an odd name. Also where did you learn to speak Chinese Miss. Asia, its pretty good.”

“I’m speaking Chinese?” The thought suddenly hit her, how the hell was she talking to all these people without a language barrier?

The two men soon looked at eachother before the one examining the engine shrugged his shoulders. The man then turned to Mor’ Voh, “Do you speak Chinese without knowing it?”

“Maybe.” Was the response he got.

“So, where did you come from? Actually, can you take off your mask as well? I just want to make sure you’re not on any world’s most wanted pedofiles.”

“Alright, it’s not like I’m married to these damn things.” Asia watched as Mor’ Voh removed the mammoth mask, now showing the features of a rough man. His face was covered in scars with his left eye white out, “I’m from… Japan Mr. Guard. I hope my existence doesn’t make you instantly hate me, and I haven't killed a chicken yet in your territory.”

The man looked Mor’ Voh over for a moment, “No, it doesn’t yet and you're not anyone my country cares about.”

The one who was examining the engine was in the other’s ear saying something in it. Luckily Asia had excellent hearing, “There’s no fuel tank in that engine.”

“No fuel tank? Is it some american electrical power or something?”

“That’s the thing, there is no way to input fuel. Gasoline or Electric.”

The one talking to the two looked between Asia and Mor’ Voh before shaking his head, ”Just take some pictures. The girl’s nice, but I feel there’s something more to both of them.”

She watched as the inspector ran back over to the engine, with a phone in hand now. Their interrogation however had more questions, “Can you two tell me what model that engine is?”

“My own making.” The Dragonborn said with a smile.

“Interesting, you made something special. How does it gain fuel?”

Asia watched the man’s mouth open, before closing with another smile, “It runs on steam, something of a marvel I say myself.”

The interrogator's eyes dropped, “Interesting… well if you are ever want to stay in Taiwan, I think we could make a nice trade.”

With that the other man was already returning to the ship, and it looked like this fellow was almost ready to return too.

And as that happened, Asia realized something. She doesn’t have her passport anymore.

>Do you want to ask the interrigator anything?
>If we continue on the way, activities.
>Write ins are always accepted.
>Trade with them. "Asia has wares if you have coin."
And at this very moment various ancestors of Asias cried with joy, because they knew the blood of the Italian merchant republics still runs thick in their heir.
She doesn't have much, but I assume you want to sell the engine for something? Like firearms?
Just as the person was moving away Asia moved close to Mor’ Voh, “Uh, do you think you can make another engine?”

The small smile grew on the man’s face as he heard her, “Sure hell I can, things simple compared to the works of the dwemer.”

With a good reply the Nun stepped forward, “Uh, excuse me sir! I, uh, could not help but hear you wanted something of ours.”

The man stopped about halfway up the steps before looking back towards the Italian Nun, “Maybe I do? What would you want?”

The Nun thought to herself for a moment, looking over what she had and what the men are carrying, “Well I, uh, am tired from traveling all day sir. Maybe get a place to rest. Me and my companions have faced too many terrors since we started traveling so maybe something to defend ourselves.”

The asian man’s face scrunched before looking towards his ship and back again, “Let me talk to my supervisors.”

As he left, Asia felt like her family was smiling down on her for that little discussion.

Asia has gained the Bartering Skill[/geen]

After a few minutes the man returned, “My supervisors are interested, and are willing to have your vessel dock in the Coast Guard’s dock. If you would follow us.”

With that they approached the large island, the sight of standard looking buildings coming to view. Soon enough they were in a dock yard with a bunch of those same ships. They were soon lead to a smaller building that covered its section of dock. As they pulled it, Asia quickly noticed that the building was filled with both American looking folk as well as the Asians.

They pulled up to a pair who stood over the edge of the dock. One was wearing a uniform with the flag of the US while the one next to him looked like the person Asia talked to.

The American had a wide smile, “So you’re the inventors I heard much about. And I take it that’s your engine?” He looked over to see a mostly curious look.

The one next to him had a small smile as he walked over and bowed to Asia, “My name is Sgt. Huwain, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself!” soon enough the other man was in Asia’s face shaking her hand, “I’m Lt. Mustard, pleasure to meet you!”

“A-Asia Argento.” Was about all the girl could say with Mor’ Voh also introducing himself.

The Lieutenant took one more look at the engine, “Yup, that things got no fuel exchange. Hell, I didn’t even hear it coming in! So tell me, what is it!”

“Just something I made on the fly.” Is what Mor’ Voh said as he took a few steps forward, “I will show you how to make one, but you need to show me how you make those odd crossbows. And maybe a bigger boat. ”

The Lt.’s face went a little numb looking, “I… Don’t think I can do the latter unless you make sure we can make this damn thing.”

“Well you might not have all the materials, but I can get you all started.” He said placing an arm on the man’s back, “We can go in back and you give my apprentice a room in some in for now. Deal?”

Asia did not get to say anything about this agreement as the two shook hand, “Deal.”

And so after a few hours Asia ended up in a very large hotel room all by herself. She guessed the local government was very interested in what Mor’ Voh made, as the guy has yet to come back in hours. By the Lord, it was already getting dark outside!

>Continue to wait
>Head outside and explore (What do you wanna try and find)
>Do an activity inside
>Head outside and explore
>Explore docks and look for interesting stuff and listen to gossip.
>Try to get vine, we are Italian after all.

I mean a Coast Guard dock needs to have some cool stuff or info. Coast guard is military or special police or something. Could help us locate anomalys or at least avoid mafia/pirates.
Without nothing much better to do the Nun left the room, making her way down the rather sparse halls. As she walked, the girl passed by a series of guards. None of them however did anything to her, just giving her a nod when the Italian walked by.

Soon she was outside, making her way around the dockyard that were at the building’s doorstep. Things seemed to be winding down at least around the place, with many of the soldiers either getting ready to write reports, head to bed, or heading out for the night shift.

So the Nun wondered, watching as the sun slowly dipped into the horizon causing just about everything to be red. It was pretty for sure, so with a leasure in her step the Nun continued her way down the docks.

She noticed a few ships both big and small layed about the place. From ones that outsized the Dragon she met to ones no larger than hers. Soon though the sounds of men chattering drew the Nun in.

“Did you hear, Hallowi said he saw a Dragon yesterday.”

“A Dragon? Did they pick the creature up on radar?”

“They found nothing, hes currently being tested for narcotics. Its weird though, Hallowi doesn’t strike me as a person who hits the pipe.”

As she turned the corner, Asia noticed it was a pair of men. They looked European, so she guessed they were a pair of americans. One was a blond with blue eyes, in contrast to Asia’s green while the other had a dark red shade.

“Who’s there?” The blond one said as he looked over to Asia, “Hot damn who are you?”

“Uh, Asia Argento.” She said quickly walking up to shake hands, “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

The man’s eyes were wide as she quickly approached him, so he gingerly shook her hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Jack and he’s Ryan.” He took one more look before his eyes widened, “You’re the girl the patrol brought in!”

She gave a nod, “Y-yeah, I heard what you were talking about and was interested.”

The two looked at each other, then at the bottles of beer between them, and then at the Nun, “Sure, I guess. Though you are a bit young to drink.”

At this the Nun quickly pouted, “You Americans think that. I’ve been drinking wine since I was 8 in the Monastery.”

The two gave a shrug, “Guess its legal here.” And with that he handed her a small bottle.

>What you guys wanna know?
>ask how far away we are from australia.
>ask about the dragon they were talking about.
File: 10.6.2019.png (82 KB, 523x814)
82 KB
So the three started talking, Asia slowly nursing on the bottle of beer. It was honestly not the best tasting thing, the taste of hops wasn’t something an avid wine drinker enjoyed. Though she drank, the steady feeling of alcohol enough to set her worries at ease of for a little while.

“So you’re an Italian Nun?” Said Jack as he was finishing his third drink, “How the hell did ya make it all the way down here?”

Asia could only tap her fingertips together, “It was… not a very good thing that happened. I was… excommunicated.”

Ryan gave a whistle, “Damn, something like that’s pretty rare. What the hell did you do?”

Now Asia knew that she was supposed to keep the supernatural secret from people, it was something she was told ever since the girl revealed her old Sacred Gear Twilight Healing. Now though it just felt a little right to let it out., “I… healed a Devil one day. I did not know about it at the time, and when I did so he had a sinister grin. For such an act, I was sent away to repent.”

The two gave a whistle as Jack spoke for them, “A Devil? Well now that I’m thinking it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve heard.”

“Mmm.” She soon finished her second bottle, “Do you know more about that Dragon? Where was it seen?”

“Hmm… I think he was saying it was movin’ south right?” The blond said to the red head.

He received a nod, “Yeah, thing was apparently red. About the size of an airplane from what he said.” Soon he grew a big smile, “Hey Jack, maybe the fuckers real! If this girls been fucked over by Devils a Dragon isn’t far off!”

Soon the blond looked like he was thinking, but he didn’t say anything except mumbling to himself.

With the new found information the Nun nodded, “Uh, I was also wondering if you knew how far Australia is from here?”

“Hmm… maybe like a weeks travel?” The blond said getting up from the thinking man’s pose, “Be careful though, fogs been getting much worse these days.”

“I will be sure to keep that in mind.” Asia said with a smile.

“Ya know Asia,” Snickered the Red head, “What’s your favorite movie?”

And with that, the two drunkers and a buzzed Nun talked the night away.

>Anything you wanna do in town tomorrow? If not we’ll skip right to leaving Taiwan.
Also, correct me if I'm wrong about times. I would think traveling by speed boat, which goes maybe 60 MPH, would cover a few hundred miles a day. Hell, I'm surprised none of ya have tried taking a plane.
>exchange phone number with these guys if possible. It would be good to have more contacts beyond Suzie.
>Speaking of her, try to call Suzie and catch up with her. And ask what has happened in Kuoh town since we left.
The night turned to day as Asia woke up in her bed, a small hangover greeting her. THinking back. She should have had more water yesterday, but it was too late to complain about such a thing now.

She opened up her Journal, now looking at three numbers. There she if a little drunkenly wrote the names Ryan and Jack and an eleven digit number. A small but happy feeling came into the girls chest, she was able to make some more friends. All in all, this journey was probably the best thing she ever had happen.

Now that she looked around, there was a phone on her night stand and a number of another friend. With a little try and tribulations, the Nun was able to figure out the phone and received a dial tone.

“Hello this is Suzie and Cat!” Came a happy voice, Asia growing a small smile as she heard the voice.

“Hello again Suzie, it is Asia. How have things been?”

“Asia! Oh, it's great to hear from you again! Everything has been fine over here, if a little depressing. Where are you now?”

“Uh, I think I am in Taiwan right now, making my way to Australia.”

“Oh my, you’ve gone a ways in just a few days!”

Asia gave a nod even if Suzie would have known, “It has been. Hey, so how’s Kouh been?”

“Well if I got to say anything I’d say depressing.” A small chatter could be heard before the line changed, “Hey Asia you’re on speaker! Cat wants to speak with you!”

Asia could feel a sharp ping in her stomach but tried to hold it down as the other voice came on, “It is as Suzie says, depression has come over the city. It seems the Devilkin have stayed in their little school ever since we met you.”

“Oh.” That little feeling got worse as the Nun thought of all sorts of things that could have occured.

“Do you know any of them Asia?” The concerned voice of Suzie came through the phone.

“Y-yeah.” The Nun looked around the room just in case anyone heard her, “Uh, there is one named Issie, a cute boy with brown hair. If you can tell him I am alright I would be eternally grateful.”

“I sure will!” The girl said with a chipper tone, “So what happened to you recently?”
So they talked for about an hour, Asia talking about the Dragon and the Vampires. Suzie sounded like she was having a blast as they talked. There was a few thoughts going through Asia’s head, but one really stuck out.

Is this what having friends is like?

There was a knocking at the door as Asia finished the story about their little run in with the Coast Guard, “Oh Suzie, someone wants me! I will need to let you go!”

“Before you do that girl, I need to give you a warning.” came Cat at the last moment as Suzie was about to say her goodbyes, “You will be crossing Molen’tage’s territory. If he threatens you, tell him you know Cat. Hopefully he will remember the last time I beat him us.”

“Alright.” Asia said with a nod, “Bye Suzie, bye Cat, may the Lord bless the two of you!”

“Thanks for calling Asia! Call me more often if you can!” With an additional goodbye from Cat the phone went dead.

So Asia spun on her feet now facing the door, “Come in!”

The door opened, revealing Mor’ Voh dressed in his robes. He had a small skip in his step as he walked in front of Asia, “Ready to go? I got us a better boat and a little cash on the side.”

Asia quickly gave a nod, “Sure!”

Asia has gained $1000 USD. With this money you guys can purchase stuff, and we will base the values on if you can send in a screenshot of the product.

>What are things you might want to purchase before leaving.
>Anything you wanna do right before leaving.

>Shopping list:
>Book(s) about local mythology (southe china, philipines, Indonesia), because who knows what lifes around these parts.
>2 gasmasks, because scary poisenous fog or smoke from burning villages set aflame by dragons could be possible.
>...pizza to help with homesickness

>Dont leave taiwan today. Spend a little time in civilisation with Mor’Voh.

Does this sound good or do we need rolls for this?
File: main-319.jpg (56 KB, 640x400)
56 KB
With a little coin in their pocket, the pair made their way around the city. While the two didn’t understand the language, they were able to make their way around. It was kind of surprising when they quickly found Gas Masks. Books were found as well, though it took a bit longer as she was forced to find ones translated into Japanese.

The two went around a good bit, until finally the two came across a small shop that was in a bit shadier part of town. The smell of sauce and cheese was enough to lead the Italian right in, with a small glass of wine she might as well stay.

“Mr. Mor’ Voh, would it be alright if we stay in this city a little longer?” The Nun said as she took a small bite out of the flatbread.

“I guess thats fine.” The questioned gave a shrug, “Just means I can work on our ship a little longer.”

Asia shinned a smile as she finished her bite, “Great, though what did you get anyways?”

“A few thousand of the currency along with some schematics to these “Guns” and one of those ships that caught up with us. I was just told to make it look completely different so they don’t get in trouble.”

The Nun gave a nod again, while her blood told the Nun it wasn’t the best getting a better boat was pretty good.

As she was finishing her meal, the voices in the kitchen were starting to get worrisome, “So you’re thinking she gotten real sick or something? I havn’t heard from her in a week.” came a slightly gruff voice.

The next one was also a man’s, though it sounded much younger, “I’ve knocked on her door, but Tu hasn’t answered. I think she’s been kidnapped by someone!”

Soon Asia heard a tongue click, “Damn… why don’t you file a missing person report with the police. I’ll see what I can do here.”

Asia watched as a worrisome looking man rushed out of the shop, a gruff looking Italian watching behind him.

>Go ask some questions to the Italian, and what would the questions be?
>track down the man who ran away.
>track down the man who ran away.
>Complain about the Mafia.
>Toughness Check!
Rolled 14 (1d100)

File: 1547326898646.gif (470 KB, 200x200)
470 KB
470 KB GIF
... you want to roll low...
Without even thinking Asia pushed herself from underneath the table, placing a ten dollar bill on the table before dashing for the door herself. Those in the shop could hear the cursing of the mobsters and how they corrupt the honest man.

Running outside, Asia quickly saw as the man was jogging down the streets. Now the man maybe would have jogged a couple of times in his life, but when compared to a Nun who has traveled for a week and slaughtered supernatural monsters, it was pretty easy to see how she caught up with him.

“Sir Sir! I want to talk to you!” With these words the man looked back, and his face soon became filled with confusion. He did however stop where he was with a slight panting.

“Do you need something?” He said with a little breath.

“Yeah, I heard you were looking for someone, I was wondering who they were.” Her eyes widened for a second as she extended her hand, “Asia Argento.”

While the man was confused for a second, he reached for her hand, “Hao Zhelan. Yeah I’m looking for my friend, Tu Heng. But why do you want to help? You’re just a foreigner.”

Asia pouted a little, “Why not? Is it not right to help as many people.” With that the smile returned, “So her name was Tu Heng, what was she like? Where did you see her last?”

While the man started to hold his head he was still able to speak, “Uh, last time I saw her she was leaving my house to go home. She said something about heading to the convenience store. After that, I don’t know.” He took a breath before continuing, “She’s a little brazen, but cute and kind. She’s also a good friend, I’m pretty sure she would do the same things for me if I went missing.”

>Anything else you wanna ask?
>Next move if you wanna write it.
>ask where is the convenience store.
>ask if she had someone who hated her and might try to do something bad to her.
>did he check her house after she went missing? If yes, was there any sign of someone breaking in?
“Uh, did anyone by chance hate her?” Asia said with a subtle calmness.

Hao shook his head, “She didn’t really have anyone that hated her. Worst I think of was that she didn’t like her family, but they’re all the way in the countryside.”

Asia gave a sorrowful nod, “Have you been in her home after she went missing? Was there any sign of a break in?”

At this moment the man’s face went a bit anxious before looking side to side. He went in for a whisper, “I’ve been in there, and nothing’s been moved. When I didn’t see her, well I’ve ben trying my best.”

He received a pat on the head, “There there, I am sorry for asking so many questions. I have one last one, where is the convenience store she might have gone to?”

The man looked up with a bit of relief, “Two blocks down on the right. I’ve been there before, and they said they hadn't seen anything.” He broke away from the Nun and gave her a bow, “Th-thank you miss.”

With that he ran off, while Asia went the other direction. Just as the man said there was a small Seven-Eleven built into an apartment building. There was an alleyway to its left, while the right were apartment buildings.

Asia got a dreadful feeling as she came by this area though. The last time she felt this way was when she first came into Kouh.

>How you wanna start the investigation?
>try asking around if anyone saw a girl matching her description.
>if nobody saw her, ho to the convenience.

We don't have much to go on, so i think the best aproach is to look for more clues.
>Give me a roll!
huh didnt know that.

Thanks GM.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

File: 1489508836243.png (228 KB, 1192x830)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Just... damn.
Looking around the Nun tried her best to get someone’s attention. They all seemed in such a rush, like they were trying their best to get out of here. Now that she looked the place was getting much darker than it should.

So the Nun approached the store, walking in with a good bit of caution. The place was normal, or at least as normal as Asia would have guessed. There was a man standing at the counter who seemed to be dozing off into the stars while no one was shopping inside.

Without anything else the Nun approached him, “Uh, excuse me, have you seen a cute looking girl who acted, uh brazenly?”

The man looked over to Asia with a longing look, “No. I have not.”

“... Not even a week ago?”

“No. Are you going to buy something?” That longing stare still present.

“Uh, sure!” She reached over and grabbed a candy bar at random. He took her goods slowly, and he rang her through about as fast as a sloth. To say the man was acting weird was saying it lightly.

With that Asia left the store, looking at an empty street. Looking to her right was the alleyway next to the store. Now that she thought of it, she didn’t have anything else to go off on…

>Return to the Base
>Investigate the Alley
>*Write in*
>Investigate the Alley
>check if we got pickpocketed
>use aura whisper before entering the alley.

>Give me rolls.
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Looking down the alley Asia could see the how the darkness seemed to take it over. With a prayer in her breath she spoke the words that helped her many times, “Laas Yah Nir.” Soon everything lit up, all life in the city was laid bare to the Nun. With caution in her step the Nun kept an eye out for anything, let them be pickpockets or something more dangerous.

The smell of rotting meat was the first thing that impacted Asia, a smell she knew from back in the Monastery. She watched as the Aura of rats swarmed by her, her skin standing on edge. She could only be thankful she grew up in the Monastery, as it seems city life was not the cleanest.

She had been traveling down their alley for a few minutes by the time she noticed the stain on the ground. Kneeling on the ground, her vision just enough to make out the red hue it had. It was instinct that told her what it was, blood.

“Well well, what do we have here?” hearing the words Asia quickly turned. While their voice seemed to echo and light was dim, she could make out the outline of a human.

An outline that was covered in a hideously black aura, so black that it showed even in the night.

It was hard to make out his features but she guessed they were European, “A nice lady like you should not be all the way down here. Why don’t you come with me instead?”

That nagging feeling of danger impacted Asia’s mind, “Uh, sorry but I was just looking for someone. I will be taking my leave now.” She tried her best to smile at the very suspicious man.

“Oh really, I must insist.” His eyes glowed with a manevalence that did not belong in this world, “Please, come with me.”

A presence washed over Asia, easily reminding her of the time the Vampire tried to control her. However just like before she was unaffected, her spirit and faith working in tandem of absolute will.

He seemed to crook her neck, “Tch, I insist.”

She was hit again, but the Nun knew it wasn’t going to work, however…

>Play along with this thing.
>Attempt to kill it (Tactic)
>Attempt to kill it (Tactic)
>Attempt to capture him. Use the unrelenting voice on him and knock him out with our sword. Without killing him.

We still don't know where the missing girl is, or if she is alive or dead. Let's interrogate him to discover what happened before killing him.
Okay guys, I’m giving up on the thrid person for I realised that first makes the story work better. Say your opinions if you say otherwise. [/spolier]

I breathed in for a moment, the man’s eyes widening for a moment before shouting, “Bow to me you damn Human!”

I dedicate my voice to God, “FUS RO DAH!”

The full force of my shout smashed into the thing in front of me, throwing him across the thin alley into darkness. With luck in God I grew accustomed to fighting in the Darkness though, so I brought out a crossbow.

I do not like firing at a person while they are down, but I know for certian this thing will lead me to the girl. So I fired a bolt from my crossbow, the bolt impacting directly into his chest with a sickening sound.

I started reloading for another bolt, but I was too slow as he finally arose, “You damn bitch!” Suddenly a glowing red array appeared behind the man that seemed to cover the alley, “I’ll kill you.”

“Kyaa!” I went for a pair of dumpsters, the bolts of magic narrowly missing me. I finally cocked my crossbow again, so I dipped out of it to fire another round at the caster. Sadly though the bolt misfired, going awry as I quickly ducked into my God given cover from another round of magic.

I personally don't like 1st person for quests, most quests run on 2nd person. If you don't want to do 3rd I would prefer 2nd. Up to you of course.
I dont mind first person.
Just do what you think works GM.
>Shoot bolt, go into cover, repeat.
>knife him if he gets close

Do we need a roll?
I'm fine with either. Do the option you think is better.
Also supporting >>3864355
Give me rolls!
Rolled 72, 23, 36 = 131 (3d100)

Shit, meant to roll 1d100. Just take the first roll.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

“Die you damn mortal!” The relentless attacks slammed into the dumpster as I tried to keep myself safe behind it. The poor thing is starting to turn into metal fragments if I let this person continue his attacks.

I leaned out of the cover again, firing a bolt into the chest. I only had a small moment to dodge the rest of the bullets as they cut where I was. The clicking of me reloading my crossbow was met with the creaking of the dumpster.

I leaned out again, bolt this time sinking into his right arm.

“Gah!” The projectiles stopped with his scream. I tried my fastest to reload, but the dumpster started to move! Now walking infront of me was the person, his hands now a pair of claws, “I’ll fucking rip you to shreds for all this girl!”

I quickly raised my crossbow to his cat like hands, the sound of metal screeched through the air. I was lucky, thanks to the Lord though, as my parry was just enough to keep him from striking into me. With a little push, I forced his hands to the side while bringing out my sword.

I went at his stide with my first attack, his hand sending it to the side. I did not let let fear take over, as with another swing I cut into his lower rib. I had to push the blade, but the attack was a blessing as it cut into his thick flesh.

“Gah! You damn girl!”

>keep attacking with our sword. Try to incapacitate, but avoid killing him. We still need to find out what happened to the missing girl.
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Rolled 32 (1d100)

File: source.gif (1.32 MB, 324x324)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
With blade in hand I readied myself to fight, but he kept on coming at me with relentlessly. First his fist rushed right by my head, the sight of a few stands of my hair being cut was just enough to help me realise what I was fighting. Luckily, his next claw attack went wide, so I aimed for his extended arm with a chop.

He gave a scream, one so load that I had to cover my ears. Drops of his blood scattered across the dark concrete, his arm going limp.

“How did you do this to me!?” He screamed as he thrashed at me. It was easy to know this creature was no longer right in his mind, each attack going too wide to hit me.

So I went with an uppercut, slicing into his striking limb when I could. I watched as his other arm went sailing across the air. With that, he collapsed onto the group while bleeding heavily onto the already bloody alley.

I took a few breaths, thanking God that this being did not leave a scratch on me. I knelt to the being and placed my hand to his mouth, the feeling of his breath telling me he was still alive!

I looked between the streets and had to wonder for a moment, where am I going to go with this being?

>Take him back to the Hotel. How?
>Stay in the alleyway till he awakens
>Go into the sewers?
>call jack and Ryan and ask if they can help us bring this thing to the hotel discreetly.

They already know that we healed a devil and encontered a dragon, so i think we can trust them with this. Also make sure to explain that we need this thing to discover what happened to the missing girl.
this is going to be fun

I need a Roll for this dumb shit.
Rolled 28 (1d100)

File: bloodyhand.jpg (90 KB, 500x752)
90 KB
I had to do a little work, making sure what I am pretty sure is a devil from not bleeding out. While many ideas have gone through my head one did stick, I can call Ryan and Jack! It was just my luck that the Devil’s phone dropped out of his pocket.

I messed with it for a minute, his phone not really liking me very much. It said that I put in the password wrong a couple of times too, so I gave up on that. So, I clicked on the ‘Make an Emergency Phone Call’ and was happy to see the numbers come up.

I took out my Journal and quickly read the numbers out of it, typing them into the device in my hand. Once I pressed call, I put it to my ear.

It rang a couple of times but it stopped in the middle of the third, “Hello? This is Jack speakin’.”

“J-Jack! Its Asia from last night, I need your help!”

“Asia… Oh Asia! Wait, what? I…. What happened?”

“I need a little help with something, I’m in the city. It was near a pizza shop down two streets. Once you see a convenience store, uh, head down the alley next to it.”

“Okay… Yeah I got time. I’ll grab Ryan and be there ASAP!”


I hung up the phone, spending most of my time making sure my warde does not die. HE was bleeding so profusely before, but after a good bit of work I was able to clamp the wound. It uh, cost the Devil his shirt though. And yes, I confirmed he was a Devil because of that.

It was about an hour later that a pair of flashlights shined down the alley. I just could not keep it in, “Jack Ryan! God bless the two of you!”

“There you are Asia we- what the fuck!” Were the words that came out of Ryan’s mouth as he looked onto the Devil next to me, “Did… what the Hell!”

“Eh he he, again bless you two for coming.” I tried my best to give them a good smile, “I, uh, need your help getting this Devil somewhere.”

“Devil?” It was Ryan who stepped forward, “Like what you were saying last night? I mean, you havn’t drank anything have ya?”

I shook my head, and with a little struggle brought out one of the batlike wings, “Does this prove it?”

The man stepped forward slowly and rolled the man over. There we all saw pairs of wings that all Devils possessed in all their glory. She could hear them gulp before turning to her, “Uh, what are we gonna do with him?”

I bit my lip thinking on what I needed to say, “We uh, I need to get him somewhere. He has been kidnapping girls and he is my only lead. I was thinking my Hotel in base or something.”

The two once again looked at eachother, with Jack sighing, “We can’t take this guy to base, I mean fucking hell they’ll check our cars. If this fuckers a Devil, I bet you ten bucks someone on base is gonna be working with him.”

Ryan gave a nod, “We might be able to use a warehouse or some abandoned building. Since he’s not bleeding, we can get him into the car.”

I gave a gracious nod, “Thank the Heavens for the two of you.”

Jack then gave a sobering laugh, “Yeah, thank the fucking heavens.”
>I'll let you guys chose your place, as well as how you want it all set up.

>Your interrogation method

>And lastly, rolls for said interrogation.
Rolled 51 (1d100)

>read the bible. If i remember correctly, that caused pain to the devils in DXD.
I forgot to ask ,what the hell were your questions!
“Ya know, either of you two think we ended up in some bad mobster movie?”

The comment came from Jack, who finished putting the binding on the one armed Devil. He tried his best to stay away from the blood as they bond the Devil.

“Nah, if this was a mobster movie we would have bound him to a chair. So you’re sure this guy is that dangerous?”

I gave them a nod, “I… do not really know. He is able to cast magic though, and he shredded metal with his bare hands.”

A whistle came out of Ryan as he looked the Devil over and poked him with a smile, “This fucker is suppose to get me to sell my soul, I wish it was a girl. Maybe if she had some damn tits too.”

I puffed my cheeks at the man, “Such vulgarity, do you not worry about your immortal soul?”

The man shrugged, “I guess you’re right, if this guys fucking real then the afterlife probably is. You think Heaven will let in a sinning soldier like me?”

I gave him a nod, “Just listen to Jesus’s teachings and go to church when you can.”

He gave me a smile and a thumbs up, “Guess I’ll be heading to the Chaplin’s service soon.”

“Oi Ryan, get your ass into gear and get us some water!” Jack yelled as he got off the pipe, “Now does anyone got any ideas how we can fucking torture a Devil, the fucking kings of it?”

We all shared a look between each other. I thought to myself for a little before speaking, “Well, I could recite the Bible…”

“And you thinkin’ that will work?” Jack said with a brow raised.

I gave him a small shrug, “Well, I knew a nice Devil boy who always flinched when I thanked God.”

“Damn girl, you got some stories.” With that he yelled Ryan, “Jack ass, you got it!”

“Yeah I do!” I watched as the man brought in a bucket of water.

I nodded to myself and stepped forward, “Prepare yourselves, he is a Devil. They are known for honeyed words.”

“Aye, I already realize that,” Ryan said as he got to the Devil, “Hey Jack, get your ass over here just in case he gets a little crazy!”

I watched as Ryan dumped the entire bucket on the creature’s head, the Devil’s eyes getting wide as he woke up to a silver pistol. Jack just smilled at the fiend, “So you are the God forsaken son of a Bitch. You need some fucking Jesus in your life?”

“Dah! You damn fucking Mortal! Fuck you!” The hollaring of curses came from the Devil.

“I’ll be damned by God *Devil Screams* and thank the Angels *More Screams* above.” Jack grew a big smile, “Well Asia, what you thinkin of askin this God forsaken thing?”

>What are your questions?
>a girl was kidnapped recently. You did it didn't you?
>what did you do to her?
>where is she?(is case she is dead, ask where is the body).
>how much more victims you made?
I took in a few breaths while Jack was messing with the Devil. Said creature was trying to stare daggers into him, but the occasional flinches made it looked a little silly.

I took a few steps forward, “Mr. Devil, I have a few questions for you.” Jack quieted down, letting the Devil look at me with a defiant stare, “If you do not answer me, I will start to recite the Bible.”

The Devil’s eyes seemed to grow red, “I will not bow to a simple Mortal. Hey you-”

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

“Oh the fucking Satans!”

And so I continued to recite the Heavenly script. It was quite odd if I must say, watching as the Devil slowly broke down. Why he even started to bleed from the ears, though it seemed he would always hear the words of God.

It would be about an hour later as I was approaching Exodus when he started to beg, “Please for the mercy of the Satans stop speaking! I’ll tell you everything you damn bitch!”

I nodded. While I did not enjoy such a session like a certain sadistic priest, for a creature to be harmed by the simple word of God. Well, they would be an abomination unless I find otherwise.

“You have been kidnapping girls recently, yes?”

He nodded as fast as he could, “Yes I have! And it was glorious!”

I nodded solemnly, “What did you do to her?”

A large smile crept on his face, “Oh, I got ‘em chained up in my basement! I was just making sure they were all nice and broke before selling them for a pretty penny.”

“You God Damn!” I watched quickly as Jack gave the monster a punch.

Now with a bloodying mouth the Devil spat on him, “Ha! You mortals and your morals.”

“I have two more questions, where are they and how many.”

The Devil turned and gave me a bloody smile, giving me his address before saying, “You wondering how many, I think I have maybe 6 in the basement in this city.”

Before we could do anything else though his smile grew, “But you are not going without me, are you? Why, even if you make it to my workshop my defenses will fry you without me.”

>What is the Devil’s fate?
>You wanna head over there tonight?
>Also, I should ask how you guys wanna approach it.
>make him say where exactly his defenses are.
>make him say what traps are there. Try to getf as many details as possible.
>exorsice him
>find Mor’ Voh. We are gonna need him.
>head over to the basement tonight.

Man, i love where this is going.
Forgot to answer this one.
>Let's try to be cautious. Be wary of the traps and try not to rush in. Once we find the victims, take them out of there, and once all are safe, we make sure that that place is never used to hurt anyone ever again. Either be purifying it, exorsicing it, DESTROYING IT, or whatever other way necesary.
I shook my head at the Devil, “You are to tell us where the traps are, only then will I release you.”

The creature just smiled at me, “Do you really think I’d fall for that. No, you are going to take me there, alive mind you.” He gave another bloody chuckle, “And I’m not gonna crack, girl. I know it’s the only thing keeping me alive.”

I looked at the other two, who just shook their heads. So I drew my sword, the creature’s eyes widening, “W-what are you doing!?”

If there was one thing I was thankful for being in the service of that wicked priest, it was that I learned how one exercises Devils.

I made a chopping motion, cutting off the head of the monster before me. I then recited a prayer, the body coming aflame in an instant as I did.

It was that to exercise one was to kill it.

“Fucking hell.” Jack said as he watched the body turn into nothing but ashe, “He dead?”

I nodded, “I learned that once one kills a Devil, they are truly dead. With complete destruction of the body via either prayer of holy light one can never come back.” The last thing to burn up was what looked to be a pair of chest pieces, pawns.

It would be a few hours later as we traveled towards the small house in the countryside. It was a bit remote, but not so much that it was out of the way. Forest was its cover, and we were now in view of it.

It was still dark when we exited the car Jack brought, and we got a good view of the two story house that belonged to a Devil.

“By the Gods kid, to think you’d find a kidnapper all the way out here.” Mor’ Voh said with a smile, “You guys all have your guns?”

The pair of soldiers nodded, carrying what Mor’ Voh called an Assault Rifle. I myself had a pistol, but was mainly carrying the crossbow still since I did not have much experience in firearms.

“Yeah, I think so,” Was Ryan’s response as he checked his rifle, “Still, you made this yourself?”

The man received a nod, “By Oblivion I did, yes. Why is it so hard to think a person can build one?”

“I might keep it, thats why.”

With that we approached the home. Jack and Ryan said they were going to take the back, while me and Mor’ Voh would take the front. Opening the front door with a bit of caution, nothing seemed to outright attack us.

What I saw was a small hallway that lead to a living space, as well as a staircase that lead upwards.

>Take the upstairs
>Check out the first floor
>Try your best to find the basement
>use Laas Yah Nir
>Check out the first floor
>look for hidden traps...or loot.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

As we stepped into the house, I quietly whispered, “Laas Yah Nir.”

As many times before, all auras of life were exposed to me. The first ones I immediately saw were the auras of Jack and Ryan, the two of them going through the back door with absolute caution. Another I saw was down in the basement, that while weak I believed they were the Auras of the women.

The last one I saw was hanging out in the basement as well, though unlike the girls this one seemed to have grown to be vile and wormlike.

The two of us started to stealth our way, crouching close to the floor. Making our way into the living space, I noticed how the vile thing started to make its way up to the first floor.

What we saw in the living room was nothing very much, it seemed to be covered in trash and waste. It kinda matched what I would think a Devil would live in. There was however no demonic items of worship, just the trash.

There was however some stuff on the counter next to a television, looking at it seemed to be raw cash. So with a swift grab I looted the coin.

>Gain $25 USD

It was then I noticed the creature had made it to the top. Leaning out of the living room into the kitchen, I finally got a look at the creature. It had two large antennas coming out of it of a hole in the wall. It was using a great many feet to hold itself there, and I could tell this thing was at least ten feet long.

For now though it seemed to be stalking my friends, maybe it was waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

>silently get the attention of our friends. Sign to them to not scream and them reveal the creature's location. Get into a safe distance from it and them move into the basement. Avoid engaging in combat with the creature for now, but make sure that at less two of us keep an eye on it.
>If it try to attack us, let's all shoot at it until it dies.
give me a roll!
Rolled 18 (1d100)

I swallowed as I looked at what was happening, and made my way over. Trying my best to stay out of the creature’s sight, I started making some soft hand motions towards the two soldiers. I could feel my chest burn as one of the two soon noticed me, and quickly pointed his gun at me.

We froze for a moment, but before he could open his mouth I put a finger on my lips. Now that I was getting a better look, I seemed to have got the attention of Ryan who turned towards Jack and tapped his shoulder.

Soon enough the two were inching their ways towards me, but I put my palm towards them. Ryan quickly put his fist up, and the two of them stopped. Taking in a breath, I slowly pointed towards the thing hanging out in the wall.

Ryan looked just a moment that way, while Jack gave it a glance. I did the same, watching as the creature slowly inched its way back into the wall. It did not however run, and I do not know if that was for the best.

It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop as we waited there. From the corner of where I sensed them in the darkness, I saw Ryan fishing in his pocket. It was a cylinder like device, a pin dangling on the top.

Its… I think it is a grenade.

Slowly he rose his finger, singling a countdown. Hes starting at 5.

Rolled 100 (1d100)

>let him throw the granade
>cover eyes
>shoot centipede with crossbow after the grenade goes of (if we can still see by then)
File: 1566753414025.png (752 KB, 726x1448)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
We waited there in baited breath as he counted down. It was then I saw him fold in the thumb, what is he doing? Isn’t your thumb supposed to be one? He soon came to his index finger, and I was not prepared.

He tossed the grenade, and I was suddenly blinded. The sounds of gunfire erupted as I fell onto the ground! I could feel the pieces of the wall being flung everywhere and the scream from the monster.

“You damn bastard!”

Soon my vision started coming back, and I watched as the monster was forced out of the wall and faced the two. It came in for an attack, but Jack rolled to dodge the monster. Once it was between them, they easily fired all their ammunition into the creature’s body.

Luckily though, we heard its death cry. The giant centipede fell limp onto the wooden and trash filled floor.

It was then the two turned to me, “Hey Asia, you alright?”

I gave a weak reply, “Y-yeah. That was b-bright.”

Ryan gave a sigh, “That was a flashbang, things are nice for a surprise attack. If you’re fighting these things you might want one.”

“Alright.” I got up from my spot, my vision showing no more lifeforms besides the victims.

>Investigate the Top Floor
>Investigate the Basement.
>>Investigate the Basement.
Give me a roll, for quality of loot.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

File: Z.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
We made our way to the basement while I watched Mor’ Voh make his way to the second floor. The first thing I noticed was the dreadful smell, like someone left an animal to rot. The room was lit with a soft red light, so we traveled deeper.

“Holy fucking hell.”

There were a great many body parts strung about the room as if they were decoration. THings ranging from a coat rack made of arms and feet to the light source, a womb. Towards the table was a skeleton along with buckets labeled either ‘Organs’ or ‘Meat’. Looking further, many of these creations had sigils branded into them.

After a little bit more investigation, I found a small book. It was not anything special, like the ones I saw while walking the streets of the city. Opening it up though, I saw numerous depictions of sigils and rituals to be performed.

Asia has gained a Book of Fleshmancy

“I found a live one! No two!” I turned around quickly to see Ryan looking over what looked to be corpses. I then rushed over, hearing their soft moaning as he removed the restraints.

They were naked, skin bare to the bone. They were mostly covered in blood, though a good majority of it was either on their heads or their lower body. I put my hands forward to call forth Twilight Healing, but then I realized it would not come.

I looked over to Jack, “Go get Mor’ Voh, he knows healing magic!”

“Got it!” And with that he ran up the staircase as fast as he could.

We tried our best to comfort them, placing them down onto the floor. I could hear a sigh from Ryan as he knelt down, “How the fuck am I going to explain this to command.”

“I… do not know. Will you two be taking them?”

He gave me a nod, “Yup, better there so they can get the full story. Though I feel like we got ourselves into something really troublesome.”

I gave him a soft smile, “Then I will pray for you, and you shall have faith in God.”

“I’ll try.”

With that the night came to an end.
Okay bois, that's the end of the Thread! I should be getting the next one put up either today or tomorrow!
Well good finish for a thread.
Thanks QM!

Next thread, still have a problem with the name. Call it a quirk of this damn Quest

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