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The boy actually did it.
Well... not like you were expecting anything else.
But the fact that he not only won but did so by staying true to your instructions fills you with pride.
Rather than using his obvious advantage in strength, he used only the bare minimum needed to win and used it well.

And as Pier carries the little guy off on his shoulder and as the crowd goes wild for this pure display of sportsmanship, you run down the stairs to meet the two of them as they leave the arena.
Cutting Big Pier off you ask him to kindly put down your boy and he complies.
Stepping over to him, you start affectionately patting his head while also ruffling his hair a bit.
"Good job sport!"


As you continue to mess up his hair and make him look like a dumb little kid, so he doesn't get too cocky from all those ladies calling him cute, you turn briefly to Donia and smile at him.
"Sorry about that. I hope my boy didn't hurt your pride too hard."

Hardly my friend!
There's no shame in loosing to a worthy opponent! And you trained your son well!"

You start feeling a bit hot and tug on the neck of your black tank-top.
"Oh... Ooooh I had nothing to do with it! He's just that good!"

But whatever the source of their strength may be, I don't think anyone will be upset about loosing to them!
After all, they are quite strong!"

"I... think you were away a bit too long Pier.
You forgot how petty people can be."

He shrugs.
"Who cares?"
Then he turns to Oren.
"Never forget boyo! It doesn't matter what others think of you!
Only YOU can know what lies in your heart! Stay true to it and you'll be a great man one day! I'm sure of it!"

Awww... that's nice.
But with the next important match, which is Kamins, being so far away and with so much filler to get through you got quite some time to waste.

>Say... That sword trick of yours was quite fancy
>How did you like it out there lil' guy? Enjoyed the spotlight?
>I'm hearing quite a commotion outside. Seems like people would like an interview with the two of you
>Say... That sword trick of yours was quite fancy
>How did you like it out there lil' guy? Enjoyed the spotlight?
>>Say... That sword trick of yours was quite fancy
>Honestly, I didn't expect you to follow my instructions to that degree. Tell me what you learned from that bout Oren.
Sorry about that lads
Commute was hell on the way home
"I honestly did not expect you to follow my instructions to the letter like that...
Good job! Now what did you learn from this?"

He looks up at you.
"There was supposed to be a lesson?
I was so focused on walking on eggshells that I honestly couldn't pay attention."

Eh. Baby steps.
"Well you still excelled at the task itself so all's good!
Maybe next match when the stakes are lower you can focus."
Turning around to Big Pier, you switch the conversation to something that interests you in a different way.
"Anyway, that trick with the sword was quite fancy. Care to elaborate a bit on it?"

He starts scratching the back of his head nervously.
"Oh it's really nothing. Not when you compare it to Lady Jeanne.
I just know how to smack things around real hard and thought to emulate her. Sadly I didn't manage to get far. I can't keep it up without an aide, like my sword nor can I keep it up forever. If I take my eyes off of it, the thing just poofs away.
But there is one big upside to mine."

"Pray tell..."

"Well.... Jeannes weapons are fancy, solid, stable and don't go away when she drops them.
But at the same time she can't recycle it. Once it's out of her body it's gonna get used up no matter what."

"Wait... So you can retract the energy but she can't?!"

Not so loud! I don't want her to hear I'm letting out her secrets!"
He then leans down to Oren and starts sweating nervously.
"Errr... let's keep that between the three of us, shall we?"

"No worries.
If I get in a situation where I have to use that to win... I deserve to loose."
Well Oren is a little confused but he gets the picture.

You draw the Z-sword and raise it in front of Pier.
As you focus on the blade the big man takes note of it.

"You seem lost in thought.
What's on your mind?"

"I'm just curious..."
Swinging once with the sword you wince at its weight.
"Maybe... if I apply both...
Tell me Pier! Do you do anything other than coating your sword in ki?"

"Hmmmm? No, not really.
But you gotta snuggle it up real close.
Like a big ol' bear hug! Otherwise you risk your blade being dull."
And Jeanne does it by creating a shell out of her own ki and then filling it up.
Like... a shaped Ki blast... correct?"

That's how she do it.
But lemme tell you. It's difficult.
You must know the ins and outs of a weapon, its exact shape must be in your mind if you want to make it real!
And she can make quite the intricate things! She's like an artist of warfrare!"

Molding and shaping ki as if you were a blacksmith... That does sound kinda cool.
Makes you really think whether or not you could alter the shape of basic ki blasts to improve them just a bit.
Like making shaped charges... But that's a question for another time. For now you might have a great opportunity on your hands.
Pier is out of the fight and seems to have inside knowledge on how this is done, even if he himself can't do it. And he seems more than willing to share the information.
You could ask him for some pointers... but it'd most certainly take up a lot of your time.
But given how Kamins fight will be a fair bit later and even then her opponent won't be too impressive... you might not mind missing out on it.

>However she's still your girl. You gotta attend her performances
>Ask Pier for some "fencing" lessons
>However she's still your girl. You gotta attend her performances
Goddamnit we gotta be a good dad.
>However she's still your girl. You gotta attend her performances
>However she's still your girl. You gotta attend her performances
I am equal parts surprised and glad you chose bonding over power
To be perfectly fair, it's better that we actually spend time building relationships than trying to juggle a million new cool techniques.
We already have Berserkergang to try and work out, so lets focus on that when we actually have time.
Shit boys! The feds are here!
I have red and blue lights blinking through my window.
Luckily it's not for me. I just happen to live in a kinda shady part of town. But still, this hardly happens
"Well... I better get back to watching the matches.
Kamin will come up soon...ish. Then I get to see Jeanne again and Sams match with Domi.
Loads of cool stuff. How 'bout it sport? Want to see your sister fight?"

"Eh... Pass.
She got this one in the bag."

Such brotherly love makes me feel all fuzzy inside!"
Pier roars up in his laughter.
"But if you're so confident in your sisters abilities... How about you join me for a little while?
We've got to share a drink since we fought! And as all men know, nothing makes a better friend than a post fight drink!"

"Can I go dad?"
Orens eyes shoot up and you're genuinely taken back because he doesn't normally get this excited about anything.

You shrug.
"But Pier. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Anything stronger than juice for him and I'm coming for you!"

No worries friend!
I'm a very responsible person! Truuust me~!"
You somehow doubt that this is a fact but... you have faith in your threat factor if nothing else. So you agree.
"EXCELLENT! Come boy! Let us drink to your victory!"
And the two of them march off in search of a pub.
You go and find an empty seat in the audience while patiently waiting for Kamins turn.
The Saiyans in the crowd start getting bored again, despite even the regular humans putting up much better fights.
And sadly they won't get much more excited for a while either because both Kamin and Jeanne are fated to fight some normie tier opponents.
But such is life.

However after many, many minutes of waiting the time has come. Good thing too, because you were very close to falling asleep.
It's nice to watch these fighters with their different techniques but at the level you're at there isn't much you can learn from them and chances are if you still tried to incorporate their moves into your style, they'd only hold you back.
Finally the Announcer steps up and begins his usual process of announcing the fighters.

She's a little spitfire and from what we've seen more than a match for her brother!
Please welcome the other half of this deadly duo of pint sized troublemakers! KAMIN-"

Your little girl came in, her arms spread wide and waving at her fans in the audience. Her cheerful smile betraying her underlying innocence.
Really, she deserved just as much of a thunderous ovation as her brother... If the audience members were completely suicidal idiots who couldn't FEEL their balls twisting and turning in their sacks just from looking at you.
They knew WELL what would happen if they started giving Kamin the same kind of attention the ladies gave Oren.
So sadly her time in the spotlight turned out to be a little dimmer.

Just as the announcer was about to continue however a member of the staff rushed in, waving a flag. This new guy leaned in and started whispering in his ears.
The mic was still on.
"Y-You sure about this?
Turning back to the audience.
"It seems that Kamins opponent officially resigned, making her the Winner by default.
Sorry for the inconvenience."



Well... Not like you don't share the sentiment but this was really inevitable.
Especially after the show Oren put up. Nobody in their right mind would challenge her now.
But judging by Kamins sullen look, she did not expect this to happen.
Poor girl.

>Go down to comfort her
>Leave the place so the crowd could cheer her up uninhibited
>Leave the place so the crowd could cheer her up uninhibited
>Go down to comfort her
>Leave the place so the crowd could cheer her up uninhibited
>Want to go for a quick flight around the block? Go fly and then sit sown on some skyscaper or tower with her just to talk.
Shit! I ment this.

>Go down to comfort her
>Want to go for a quick flight around the block? Go fly and then sit sown on some skyscaper or tower with her just to talk.
>Go down to comfort her
>Want to go for a quick flight around the block? Go fly and then sit sown on some skyscaper or tower with her just to talk.

don't forget the feel good ice cream cones for us to share
You shake your head.
This is a bit too messed up for your liking.
Though you didn't really want them to see it that way, it's obvious that this was a fun game for them.
And now she lost her toy.

Vaulting over the edge of the spectator seats with a running start, you jump down and make your way to the little girl.

"Just go.
I get why this happened.
I'm not mad."

"The hell you aren't."
You frown at her and she looks up.
"I was a kid too you know. I know all too well how it feels to look forward to something and being let down.
Come... Let's fly around the block a little."

You take off and Kamin follows after you, her head still dropped.
Flying all the way to the nearest skyscraper you sit down near its top and urge Kamin to follow your example.
When she takes her seat, you stand up and wave at her.
"Stay still for a moment."
Popping down into the city in a flash, you order two big ol' cone full of ice cream and promptly use time-skip on the ice cream parlor employee.
With your order being done "instantly", you open a portal back.
"Told you it'd take only a moment.
Here. Some consolation ice-cream."

"Cotton candy, ice-cream..."
Kamin grumbles.
"Are you trying to make me fat?"

"C-Can you even GET fat?"

She drops the facade and starts laughing as she starts consuming the icy treat.

"Heh. Well I'm glad you're feeling at least a little bit better.
But please act a little... more next time. Because I'm getting afraid I'm spoiling you."

"Worry not.
Unlike my dummy brother I actually get your point.
Because, you know, girls mature faster!"

"And they get insufferable faster as well!"
Reaching under her cone you push it just a bit so it gets on her nose.

But like I said.
I'm not too broke up about it all."
She says while kicking her feet back and forth.
"It was kinda expected. And all I gotta do to make myself feel better is beat the snot out of Oren for ruining my fun!"

Well I suppose that's a good way to get revenge.
Just make sure you don't go too overboard.
I'm okay with some sibling rivalry, but just because you're color coded doesn't mean you have to become enemies."
You start sweating nervously.

Where did that come from?"


"Who's that?"

"A very cool A-hole."
"But now that we're on topic, I hope that reaction down there was genuine.
Because you being bored would be worse than being upset...
So are you enjoying yourself?"

"You could say that.
It's actually fun playing the role of an average human. I kinda like it."

"I'm glad.
And the tournament?"

"I guess it's a bit thrilling.
Though it feels like I'm putting up a performance rather than a fight."
Kamin then raises her free hand and closes it into a fist.
"All of this pretending is making me itch for a good brawl!"

"And the crowd?
I hope you aren't jealous of Oren..."

"Oh I won't be!
Once I steal all of his fan by beating the snot out of him!"

You want to tell her to not get too confident because there is a very real chance of her loosing to her brother.
However even if that happens, the crowd would most definitely cheer her on because... well they'll be finding Jesus thanks to their fight.
And that's a lesson she needs to learn herself. That sometimes winning is not necessary when you gave it your all.

"Buuut now that we're talking about Oren and all-"
She continues.
"What's gonna actually happen?
Do we have to still keep up appearances?"

Wait... She's actually considering fighting her brother on a base-human level?
Well isn't THAT interesting.

>Just do what you feel like.
>I mean... if you're up for it
>I said use only necessary force. If your brother is your equal then why hold back?
>I mean... if you're up for it
>I mean... if you're up for it
>talk to oren and see what you both want to do
Okay then
You scratch your head quite a lot, trying to figure out what'd be the best response.
On one hand, the two of them fighting all out would not only be a great spectacle for all to behold but would most definitely be a good way for them to went some steam.
However there is a point to be made here. This whole restriction wasn't only for the protection of their human opponents but a lesson for them to learn.
At their level, sharpening their skill would be much more beneficial than blindly seeking more power.

So... perhaps it'd be the ideal final lesson for them to face off against one another in the ring.
Not as weapons of mass destruction, but as martial artists. It'd be a grand final lesson indeed.
But... it's not up to you to decide.

"Eh. I mean, if you're up for it sure.
Just make sure to talk it out with Oren beforehand.
If he agrees to it then I see no problem with the two of you fighting either way."

"Oh... I thought you'd be more angry."

You snort.
"Because of the Saiyans?
I'll handle them don't worry. Besides, they must be getting used to this by now."

Gotta get that sorted out then!
Let's hope little bro is just as interested in playing with 'till the end as I am!"

"Little? You guys are supposed to be twins."

She puffs her chest.
"Was the one that came out of the tube first!
Ergo, I am the eldest sibling."

Whatever you say Nee-san."
After finishing your ice-cream the two of you casually fly back to the arena, where apparently people did not waste any more time getting shit done, and Jeanne not only started but ended her match as well.
What spurned her opponent into actually challenging her is unknown, perhaps the knowledge that the Spirit Warriors came to teach them instead of just beating the snot out of them helped.
Whatever the case, they are already cleaning things up.

You see a variety of small globs of energy shaped into the form of throwing knives laying around the place, the ki inside them slowly leaking out as they dissipate.
Patting Kamin on the back, you tell her to go and check on her brother before either Pier gets him into trouble or an overzealous girl takes advantage of him.
And with the twins dealt with for now, you can sit back and relax for a while. Because there is fuck all that's gonna happen in the next couple of minutes.
After that however? Something juicy will be on the menu.

"Sam and Domi..."
And I'm sorry to say this but I'll be ending here.
I don't know... I'm not really feeling this one right now.

As I was saying, I'll be taking a week off.
I think I could use some relaxation. And I won't have any computer access either. Just some peace and quiet.
So.... I officially grant you the Infinite Shitpost pass for this thread.

See you guys in a week or so

Thanks for the run, Nega-Som!
Thanks for the run, not-Som!
Thanks for the run, I hope you enjoy yourself.
File: 4f1.png (3.09 MB, 998x1500)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
The 20th cometh and I'm reminded of my rage.
Tracetaro gone done it again

While I have to admit that there are some neat things in this chapter, like the Hedgehog-men and PORTALS, the same issue rears its ugly head.
Every. Single. GOD DAMM TIME!

This is Tien 2: Electric Boogaloo!
Now Piccolo is getting disrespected hard for the sake of... plot. And sucking off Gohan some more. Goodie.
You mean to tell me, the most cautios and probably most intelligent fighter of Earth would let his guard down after he was told the enemy has a copy ability AND seeing that they can warp?
AND! FUCKING AND! Make him loose against a carbon copy of his... The thing he fights most often against because it's his favored method of training?!

Just fuck my shit up senpai
Is it at least a mineshaft of cool ideas implemented in shitty ways, like GT was?
As things are progressing I might even say that it's not even Heroes level. Because Heroes is only about adding stuff. More stuff all time, every time.
This... feels like it's spitting in the face of the original.

Wait! I get it now. Toyotaro is the Star Wars Sequels equivalent of Dragon Ball.
Change my mind
Huh, I'll have to read about some of that (I don't have time to actually read it). Cause that just sounds... I'll be genrous and say "not good".

Sounds like Toyotaro is just focused on "my villians are so cool look how powerful they are" by handing out the idiot ball, and "blatant metaphorical handjobs for my favored characters, with storylines I wrote with one hand."
Yeah. And I brought this up during my last rant as well but...
He does more than that. He actively spits in the face of old stuff because "Mine is cooler".

He intrioduced a new sub-species of Yardrat.
Which would be fine on its own IF we didn't see Yardrats in Gokus flashback AND the Tournament of Power.
Still... it wouldn't have been an issue IF he didn't just push the original Yardrats to the sideline and his own abomination into the foreground.
>He intrioduced a new sub-species of Yardrat.
...the fuck? Was that those buff things I saw in a panel posted in one of these threads that someone said were Yardrats now despite literally looking nothing like them?

I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, he is keeping DBS in the public consciousness. On the other, he keeps sounding more and more like a shitty Deviantart fanfic author who got lucky and is now trying to make his shitty fanon canon.
File: Yardat_profile.png (689 KB, 1082x632)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Erm... This is awkward.
I don't know about any "buff" yardrats, but I have a feeling I know what you're talking about.
Because as I tried looking up pictures of these fuckers I made some... shocking discoveries.

It's these guys.
And apparently I made a big mistake.
They are not TraceTaros creation. But fucking Toriyamas.

The reason why I never, EVER encountered them before is because they originate from Dragon Ball Online.
So... yeah. My vitriol was misplaced this time.
I apologize
Either way they look kinda stupid. As much as I like Toriyama the man has a penchant for silliness that I dislike sometimes, and I take his WoG's with a grain of salt. To this day I still think Goku is more heroic and less innocent than Toriyama makes him out to be (no he's not Superman, but he's also not a fight junkie who's only reason for battle ever was because he likes fighting, that's stupid and contradicted by both manga and anime)(also fuck that "doesn't know what kissing is" bullshit, that doesn't make him sound innocent and childlike it makes him sound legitimately mentally disabled).

Are they a civilian caste or something?
File: Soba2.JPG.jpg (10 KB, 246x319)
10 KB
Actually these guys are some sort of mystic caste.
Because they got a big fat blob of a guy wwho apparently taught Goku Instant Transmission and now they are training Vegeta.
But the trick is that they don't "know" instant transmission. They know how to manipulate their soul or whatever and they can use that to achieve many things, like Cloning, Increasing their size and Spacial relocation. It's weird.

And I assume pic related is what you meant by Buff Yardrat. They are the warrior caste.

And I totally agree. Toriyama is a shit writer...
Like, I get the intention, but his writing actively contradicts his own intention.

Goku didn't think "Oh boy! Somebody killed Krillin! They must be so strong! It's gonna be a great fight!"
He was legit sad when his friend died.
Similarly, Krillin dying is THE reason he went Super Saiyan.
He genuinely seems to love Chichi (And Goten at least, if not Gohan)
Plus when Vegeta, fucking Vegeta died to Frieza Goku seemed genuinely upset and vowed to honor his kins final request
File: EHgkaBIW4AAiZoK (1).jpg (245 KB, 1690x2048)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Hey off topic, but Eric has told the girls about Halloween, right?
There is no such thing as off topic in this thread.
And of course he did
I guess that goes in omake foder.
Actually... not quite
>"So where do these 'vampires' come from, Eric?"
>"Well, the original one is supposed to be this guy named Dracula, who used to be called Vlad the Impaler, who is an actual historical figure-"
>"Wait, so vampires are real?"
>"Well- no- actually, I'm not sure...I guess I can't actually say with certainty that vampires don't exist."
>"Badass! I'm going to become the first Saiyan vampire if it kills me!"
>"Are you sure you want to do that? You'd never be able to sunbathe again."
>"Oh, fuck, that's right. Pass!"
>Eric wipes the sweat from his forehead.
>"Hey, why was he called 'the impaler' anyways? Can you do your thing so I can meet him?"
>Sweating intensifies
>"Badass! I'm going to become the first Saiyan vampire if it kills me!"
>"Are you sure you want to do that? You'd never be able to sunbathe again."
>"Oh, fuck, that's right. Pass!"
Christ, imagine a vampire mighty oozaru.

>"Hey, why was he called 'the impaler' anyways? Can you do your thing so I can meet him?"
I mean, isn't The Impaler typically historically considered a monster for his methods, regardless of the results? At best he may have been sent to Hell with his body intact. Not to mention that in the horror lore he is usually held to have broken from the celestial order by offering his soul filled hatred for the God that abandoned him to Satan or something, becoming a vampire in the process.
Only to outsiders.
The people in modern day Wallaccia regard him as a hero to this very day.
He may have been... cruel but he had a very good reason. To stop the even worse Turks. And he succeeded.
He managed to make an invading army much larger than his own shit itself in fear of him, to the point where they refused to obey orders

In fact many of the myths surrounding him were likely cultivated by him.
Like Commisar Yarrick

Anyway, here's a good game
Come up with Halloween costume ideas for the crew. Whether fitting or not fitting doesn't matter. Goofy is just as good as kino this time.

The main two are Caulifla and Kale.
But you can give ideas for any of the regular "guests" of Champas realm
>Eric as Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
>Caulifla as Nathan Algren (The Last Samurai) because nothing is scarier than the decline of your culture.
>Kale as King Kong, completely oblivious to the irony of it
>Kamin as the T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
>Oren as Rachel Tyrell (Blade Runner)
>Lyn as a spooky ghost oooooooooohhhhhhhhh
>Vados as Meiko Shiraki (Prison School) because she thought the design was neat
>Champa as Garfield because Lyn picked his costume
And the rest of the residents probably don't celebrate our Pagan holidays, so they can just go as furries and deviantart OC's if anybody asks.
You forgot
>Hit as King Crimson
Oh I forgot
>Elena and Cabba in some bullshit couple's costume (he's later murdered depending on how inappropriate Elena's half is)
>Hit as Judge Holden (Blood Meridian) because he's probably menacing enough for Hit to actually find disturbing
>Only to outsiders.
>The people in modern day Wallaccia regard him as a hero to this very day.
>He may have been... cruel but he had a very good reason. To stop the even worse Turks. And he succeeded.
>He managed to make an invading army much larger than his own shit itself in fear of him, to the point where they refused to obey orders.

I hear that loud and clear - it's why I qualified my comment with all those usually's and "regardless of the outcome." Hell, even Fate gave him a badass balance between Vladimir III and the Dracula persona instead of doing him dirty with more waifu bait, probably one of the few things to the extended franchise's credit.
Now I kind of want Eric to meet him. Because you just know he'd be one of Sigurd's drinking buddies, one of the few people in the afterlife who know the true art of ripping and tearing and terrifying the living shit out of every single one of your enemies.

So this popped up in my recommendations and reminded me that Caulifla's dad is basically U6!Bardock. What are the odds he can do the back tingles and go super saiyan like Caulifla? If we ever have to fight Kohlra for his blessing in taking little girl's hand in marriage, should we teach him the tingle so we can be satisfied that we've given it everything we've got?
>taking HIS little girl's*
Not sure if Eric can do much teaching about the back tingle thing, might be better for one Saiyan to teach it to another.

I’d think that he might just be satisfied with giving his all. If we offered to make him swole just for the sole sake of fighting us, it could be interpreted as being disrespectful or arrogant. Might be better to do that if he fights us and loses badly or if we just spar with him earlier and pique his interest about a way of getting stronger.

Of course, there is also something else to consider. The power of the Super Saiyan is pretty much unknown to the Saiyan population at large. There could be far reaching societal consequences that result from SSJ going public.
I mean, I doubt Kohlra would actually do much teaching himself, so it may not spread any further than that. Even if it does, Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale all seem fairly exceptional among their kind, so even just knowing might not be enough, again limiting how far it goes. Fair points regardless though.
>Super strong, extremely experienced, renowned Saiyan war hero
>Has a cute, smol but also super strong daughter named Caulifla

Oh fuck we’re going to have to fight Karn for his daughter. IT’S ALL CONNECTEEEEED! AHHHHHHH!
I specifically suggested naming Karn's daughter "Caulifla" to flex on her namesake.
File: Spoiler Image (548 KB, 2048x1997)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
my bad, accept my humble offering as tribute
An acceptable offering
Carry on

Pretty much this.
You don't know diddley dick about Super Saiyan, beyond experiencing God once and that's a different beast altogether.
And you're right. He might see it as an insult

I have wondered why Cabba hasn't disseminated the information for SSJ amongst his people yet. But the more I think about it, he might be reluctant to do so because of how Saiyan society is currently structured.

Pairings and families are a product of non-sinister selective breeding to make the strongest warrior. This is their normal, and I'd guess that it's just background noise to a lot of them save for very strong-willed people like Califula. But if SSJ became widespread knowledge, I'd guess that it'd re-ignite a sort of genetics arms race and bring selective breeding back to the forefront of Saiyan society but with the dial turned up to 11, or maybe even 25.

Zeno help us if the Saiyans discover that Saiyan/Human hybrids seem to grow faster and can achieve the SSJ form with even more ease.
That's an interesting idea. And it might be true as well.
But what I reasoned was this:

U6 Saiyans are more powerful than their U7 counterparts by a LOT.
Now that might just be Cabba and co. but if they represent the apex of the Saiyans that still means their base level is comparable to a God Ki infused U7 Saiyan in base form. That's insane.

Couple that with the immense power he gained from transforming, the emotional turmoil he experienced when he achieved it AND what Caulifla and Kale did after they got theirs... suffice to say he was not too keen on sharing it, fearing how dangerous that could be.

It's basically the same if he discovered the Oozaru. But much, MUCH worse.
He wanted to keep a lid on that shit. And he only seemed to show Renso, a man he deeply respected and his former captain when the entire UNIVERSE was in danger.

This is just my take though. I quite like yours as well
My guess its a mix of the 2. If he ever decided to spred it I think he would start from top down to not upset the order too much by giving common man the ability first before ruling body can catch up. I supose he would do the oposite of what we are doing now by just spreding info to all in the tournament and hoping for good outcome.
See, I'm willing to bet that there's no noticeable difference between the "natural" strength of U6 and U7 Saiyans.
It's just that we never got to see it the canon Universe because of Frieza Day.
Ah yes Frieza Day the most despiesed holiday of the year.
I I'm betting the strength difference is more due to the U7 Saiyans being almost universally murderous assholes to one extent or another, with a caste system and culture that encouraged power growth purely through being beaten near to death, and a Royal Family that didn't like being challenged at all (IIRC, threats to their power like, say, a Saiyan growing too great in strength, were 'dealt with' before they could potentially become a threat to their seat of power).
>Ah yes Frieza Day the most despiesed holiday of the year.
I think you mean the most beloved and celebrated holiday of the year! Unless you're looking to get your planet Frieza'd.
Naw he dead was what some planet tought producing a documentary on how awfull Frieza day was... Then suprise bitches he got fully resurected after ToP... I just can imagine how devastated they all were after hearing the news.
I don't think so.
Keep in mind, there were at most 2 generations worth of Saiyans after Frieza day.
So that means in 2 generations the Saiyans could've reached god level in their base. And I don't see that.
There has to be something different on a deeper level.

Keep in mind U6 saiyans don't have tails. AND they grew up on their home planet.
To top it all off Vegeta was supposed to be some "super prodigy" who broke all records. And Broly was their equivalent of Frieza, a mutant.
So unless the difference is genetic the only possible explanation for the MASSIVE gap in power is if the Vegeta line systemathically eradicated anybody posing a threat to th-pffffffffffffffffffffffft

Yeah, probably that's what happened.
Since they had an evil disposition they probably kept dicking each other over.
Also, a little update.
I know this is shitty and I apologize for it but I won't be able to run until the 4th.
This has nothing to do with my vacation, as I'm done with it already. It's just that the company decided to shaft me for having the audacity to take a break so now my schedule is jam-packed with Night shifts until then

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you can forgive me for this inconveniece and I promise to return with renewed vigor and passion!
Do you have any requests I could write to appease you?
It’s actually entirely possible for our earth to have had some kind of old hag to have used magic to extend their lifespan by a stupid amount, and even more magic to go completely off the grid because FUCK interacting with normies. Would probably be immensely salty about the nukes, too.
>She scries on the tournament and starts losing her shit over the fact that some retard used magic out in the open to make some tits show.
>And over the necromancy that brought back legendary warriors.
>And fucking ALIEN CHADS

Honestly I just like the idea that our planet had a fair amount of supernatural shit on it, just out of sight.
>Harry Potter and co. suddenly show up
>Eager to whip their wizard dicks out and slam them on the table, they go to the tournament and get ready to reveal themselves to the world
>Similarly Baba Yaga, the actual Dracula, werewolves, skinwalkers and all manner of nonsense show up
>They see autistic space monkeys and even more autistic 'umies throw punches that can shatter worlds
>They unanimously go "fuck this" and retreat back where they were hiding, realizing their time is long past
I’d fuckin love to see the oldtimers like dracula and baba yaga. Real horror legends who’ve been innawoods longer than most cities have existed for.
Keep in mind this is purely for funsies and as such it's not canon.
But sure I'll whip up something more detailed
And even if there WERE any Baba Yagas roaming about They'd just be Piccolos
Also, wait a fucking minute...
>Harry potter shit is mostly legit
>JK rowling was once part of the wizarding world, but became disgruntled with it
>Published a book series about it and then intentionally shitposted on twitter about hufflepuff circlejerks and wizard pants-shitting just to ruin their reputation
The absolute madlass. Went from worst author to based shitposter in one fictional scenario.
Although, personally, I’m more of an Artemis Fowl fan when it comes to secret-supernatural YA books.
Never heard of it.
Probably because of JK Shillings Bongistan Isekai got so popular that many people attempted to copy the formula like the Percy Jackson series.
And all that left me quite burned out.

Though I admit, I only ever saw the movie version of that and never read the books.
But any series which depicts Hades as "Greek Devil" immediately gets on my shitlist
As in aliens? Or more in terms of personality?
Or maybe you mean “Someone who split their good from their evil”...which I could honestly see. Tales of old witches in the woods vary from “will eat your fucking children” to “will save your god damn life and give you some cool shit and a good meal before sending you on your way”
Though I quite like that splitting idea as well
Somewhere in the Siberian Taiga the woods began to shudder as an old wind blew through them.
It was one they knew well yet never experienced. An ancient, primal force that never the less shook them to their very core.
Even the animals fell silent when they felt the change. Only the trees dared to sing an ancient song they inherited from their forefathers.
And as the remnants of an era that never was awakened from their slumber, so did another thing. A much more tangible and "real" being.

Through the trunk of the trees the force slithered its way down to their roots and through them, into the soil.
For miles upon miles it went on until it reached its destination: A bundle of roots twisted and curled up into a tight knot begins to unfurl itself as the being nestled within awakens.
The trees clear the centuries of dirt and soil that gathered up around them and break open the ceiling to let the fresh, cleansing air enter the hole and fill the hungering lungs of the beast.

She yawns and stretches her limbs, her joints popping and crackling like thin ice covering a lake.
Her eyes though stained with dirt are as focused as ever. With a few smack of her lips she finally snaps out of her torpor and speaks up, her own voice almost surprising her.
"Strange... How long has it been?"
The witch wonders, assessing the situation.
"So God has come... Hmmmm... Intriguing. Looks like the time has finally come."
With a gentle sway of her arms the dirt that was once her robe disappears and in its place rudimentary clothes form. They are not pretty, nor do they come out fast and they are most definitely difficult to make. But they'll suffice.

Closing her eyes, she begins counting the seconds that passed since her self imposed "exile".
Though she hasn't lost count once she finds it exceedingly difficult ot convert them into years. Suffice to say, they are quite a few in numbers.
But it was a necessary move.

Ever since she "awakened" to the higher mysteries of the world she's been... different, not belonging to this world.
She knew what others shuddered to think of, understood more than all others thought they knew combined, and she wielded enough power to have it all: Magic.
Power in its most basic, pure and deadly form. The very thing she thought the Gods used to form the world and the universe.
Yet... she chose not to step into the light, confining herself to the dark recesses of the world. Though sometimes she inevitably made herself known, it was never twice in the same place. As such the tales about her existence spun out of control over the years.
They gave her many names, many that still strike fear into the hearts of man... many more that are lost in tongues long dead.
"Baba Yaga", "Skinwalker", "Witch", "Lilith" "Whore of Babylon" so on and so forth.
Tales, lies and speculations of feeble minds trying to discern her true nature.
Though as with many tales, there is a kernel of truth to them.
But even with her imposing and frankly terrifying image she knew that her reign would be short lived, were he to reveal herself.
Humans were always... strangely capable of triumphing against foes much stronger than themselves. Especially when they worked together.
That is how they survived, that is how they evolved and that is how they grew to dominate the world.

No matter how powerful she was or how powerful others perceived her as, it would be only a matter of time before she met her end.
It could've been in a thousand year, or hundreds, perhaps merely dozens. But it WOULD come.
Nobody can watch their own back all the time. And sooner or later those crafty little "mundanes" would find her in a vulnerable position and earn their retribution. Not to mention all the "others" that'd have an issue with her revealing their grand game to the populace and jeopardizing them as well.

She had to wait this one out. Especially after she saw just how truly zealous her kin could become during the dark ages.
So she withdrew and slumbered until it was her time. The time to reveal herself and rejoin society as a... tolerated element of it, if not accepted.
Perhaps she'd be a great Empress, ruling over her subjects and guiding them through the perilous path of ascension. Or a simple woman seeking a fulfilling life. She could find her love, start a family and live normally... Perhaps, perhaps.

But now! Now the time is nigh!
God has returned... Or was born. She's not entirely sure what the his deal is. But he's here now!
And the time of awakening has come! Even now she feels not just nature itself but those certain others who also dwell in the shadows rise from the long dream. Those feared and respected in folklore, fairytales and legends.
Heroes, villains, monsters. All bearing a hundred and one names in a hundred and one countries, yet all the same.
Werewolves, vampires, dragons! Even those so called "wizards" whom enjoy their silly games of pretend with their little wands and whatnot.

All of them are eager to see what sort of a plan God has for them.
They are prepared for any possibility after all... War, Ascension, Domination, Coexistence...
But... There's one thing which bothers her.

She senses... others.
Beings she does not recognize. Beings that stand out of the gray crowd like an incandescent star. Beings the likes of which she never even seen before. How strange.
Could it be that some... newbloods emerged while their seniors were sleeping? Entirely new forms of higher beings unlike all others before them? Preposterous! Implausible!
Yet... that seems to be the case.

"Those buffoons..."
She grumbles.
"All our hard work to stay out of sight and out of mind!
Yet they'd jeopardize it so?! Oh nonono! We can't have that!"
It didn't take long for her to get ready. A glamour here, a transportation spell there and she appeared where the disturbances were located.
And judging by the look of things, she wasn't the only one who felt concerned about all this. All others who awakened due to the disturbances appeared, all wearing obfuscating spells which hid their true nature.
But... this wasn't right.

So many people. Too many! She never could've imagined humans spreading this much! And... what's this? These lifeforms, they aren't human.
But that's impossible! Isn't it? Life outside planet? Intelligent life at that? IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?
One of them is looking over her and the others... she can see them! This is bad!
Looks like she made a miscalculation. They must withdraw and... discuss this matter with the others! It wasn't supposed to be like this!

Unfortunately, just as she was about to leave however something else also caught not just her but everyone elses attention.
The skies blackened above them and began growling with awe inspiring intensity.
"W-What is... this?!"
She looked up with eyes full of dread.

This wasn't natural!
The skies shifted right before her, conjuring a maelstrom the size of which she could hardly believe.
Such a feat would require weeks of preparation from her part, exotic materials from all around the world and a complex ritual lasting hours!
But this... This is just done by one man! ON A WHIM!

Reality dawned on her and her eyes fell to the ground.
Something went very wrong in these past couple hundred years. They were meant to awaken when their time has come... Instead it appears it has already passed.
Their slumber was too long. Humanity... left them behind.
"Guess there is not much to do now... But go back..."
She shut her eyes in defeat and went back home. Alongside the rest of her kin who felt the same crushing feeling wash over them.
Local spooks get depression; discover netflix and ice cream
Oof, poor Baba Yaga. Got btfo by one high boi
>Sam disheartened the entirety of the planet's mystical population because he wanted to see some titties
Hey man! Tiddies make the world go round!
Many a war was started and many wonders were created just because someone wanted those hope and dream filled funbags
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 700x700)
45 KB
Happy spooky day to all of you who celebrate it!
I wish my country did
It has been pouring rain non stop for the last two days and the high and low between tonight and tomorrow has a 40 degree difference. Nobody is being spooky in my area.
File: Spoiler Image (267 KB, 500x708)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Don't worry Nega-Som!
The Skeleton War cares not for nationality, only if your your grave says RIP.
what are the spooks even going to do now? will they all become hikineets?
Star in exotic porn
Man imagine it, a porn industry that isn't infested with STD's and botched plastic surgery.
We should salute our spook brethren.
who saw the spooks anyway?
Holy shit! I dont believe this!
Now even my home Ip is banned!

Anysay I just popped in to confirm Ill be running tomorrow
Hope to see you there
Holy fucking cancer, gookmook needs to stop his aggressive 4chan gold shilling
My entire fucking county is banned for some goddamn reason and I can't post using mobile data, meaning I can't even post in threads during my breaks at work. Fuck this Jew ass gook.
I hate to say this but if such jewry keeps up I might have to consider moving somewhere.
I just don't know any alternatives.
infinitekun is still in Limbo and I don't even know if it will have a quest board...
Any ideas?
Fiction.live has somthing similar going with live sesions so not too mutch adjustment needed granted it has a rep for lewd voting. Then there the forum trinity QQ/SB/SV when it comes to creative questing. Thought they arent that good for facilitating live sesions.
Forums are cancer for questing.
I think the community for akun/fiction.live is straight retarded, but I do genuinely think it’s a decent platform for quests - the live system, active chat, editable posts, automatically-counted votes, ability to be anon...If the community was less cancer, I’d even prefer it over here.
Akun... I think I heard that before.
Much vitriol was also felt. So... I 'unno.
If the gook keeps fucking with me I might try it out... With a significant amount of tard wrangling
Forums are not so bad granted its just a slower format. There have been some real gems there.

As for A-kun yeah comunity is 65% retarded draging othervise deacent questing platform.
File: 1502521020259.png (214 KB, 541x320)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
I'll follow you into hell itself to keep in touch with the quest.
Just make sure not to cave to the retards (which I doubt you will) and all will be gucci.
I just caught my co-workers having a Persona 5 level discussion about human cognition and the collective unconscious affecting the real world coupled with ancient aliens.
Serve and Protect ladies and gentlemen

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