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Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. Once excommunicated, she now wields the powerful blade known as Excalibur. With the death of the Cadre Kokabiel, Asia could be called a Saint for her actions.

Journal Entry 6

I have done a great service to the world with the killing of Kokabiel, Excalibur still resting in my possession. Its seemed almost like a dream that I have completed such a task, but the golden weapon resting on my lap makes it only more true.

Kokabiel, a dreadful being told everyone that God is dead. I proved him to be wrong though, as with Excalibur in hand I destroyed the Fallen with the might of the Lord. Through my actions, I am sure I have reassured the hearts of Xenovia and the Devils that God is not dead.

I am his will, his blade. I can only pray that I can make Excalibur whole once again.

Asia has gained 600 xp from this event. What should she invest points into?

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Choose two of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Lastly, you have 6 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Charm Skill
>Heavy Weapons Trained (Solid Projectile): Asia is able to use Heavy Weapons, such as 50 Cal. Machine Guns and RPGs, with proficiency.
>Drive Vehicle Skill
>Forbidden Lore (Pegan Religion)
>Cooking Skill
>Blather Skill
>Use Tech Skill

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Air of Authority: Those of lower rank to Asia will instantly go into line, with even a chance of affecting the enemy.
>dragon aspect
Making this shout more powerfull would help compensate for our lack of physical skill.
>increase both strength and weapon skill by +5
We are the user of excalibur now. We need to get better at our melee combat
>use the 6 units to increase our mana
I would rather not exhaust ourselfs next time we use excalibur full power.
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
Restoration. Halving the mana cost would be very nice. Also, can we choosd the new spell or is up to QM? If we can choose, i would like to pick fast healing.
>Heavy Weapons Trained (Solid Projectile): Asia is able to use Heavy Weapons, such as 50 Cal. Machine Guns and RPGs, with proficiency.
I was hesitant to pick this one in the past, but now that we have more exp to use, i'm all for it. The image of Asia using a machine gun is just too good to resist.
>Use Tech Skill
If we start to use more advanced, this could be a requirement.
>Forbidden Lore (Pegan Religion)
Knowing what we will face next would help a lot
>Charm Skill
We managed to kill a really powerfull being and are wielding a really dangerous weapon. A lot of people will be scared of us. Powerfull people. If they will be our allies or enemies depends on how we will deal with them. I would rather not have to fight all of them
For the restoration you chose the spell.

I forgot to get rid of the Dragon Soul thing, but we'll say the sword had one resting inside of it.
As I finished writing in my journal I looked around the room I had ended up in. The room was made bare, only a large television was available in the far side of the room. There was however a small bed that rested on the floor just like mine, and the inhabitant was Irina.

She was currently wrapped up in a great many bandages, most of them on her arms and torso. Luckily though she was sleeping soundly without much issue about her. A small smile on her face for whatever dream she was having.

As for myself, I only had a few wounds about me that were covered by bandages. What was most prominent however was the numerous scaring that dotted my arms and torso. Each of these were attacks from the four total Cerberuses I had fought over the days.

I lowered my hand and gripped the handle of Excalibur, the weapon’s power flowing through me once again. While once it was over powering, now it was like stroking a kitten. Calming in all the sense of the word.

It was then that I heard a small knock, and I turned my head over to see Suzie carrying a tray of breakfast, “Are you feeling better Asia?”

I slowly nodded my head, “I am still a little tired from all that happened yesterday, but I do feel so much better.”

“That’s good.” She said walking over and placing the tray at my side. She then turned towards the doorway and called out, “See, she didn’t kill me. Why do you have to be such a worry wort?”

We waited a few moments until Cat stepped into the doorway, “I guess you are right there. Its just I have bad memories of that sword.”

“But Asia has been very nice to us ever since we met her.” She turned to me with a somber smile, “I’m not the one who should be talking to you, Miss Xenovia has been pacing back and forth all morning waiting for you to wake up.”

“Then bring her in!” I said with a cheer.

As Suzie left, just as quick did Xenovia come in with her head down. The moment our eyes met the girl rushed forward and gave me a hug so heard I swore my back was going to break, “I am so sorry Asia. I am so sorry I doubted everything!”

I returned the hug and allowed her to cry a little, my bandages getting a little wet as I did so, “There there, its okay.”

“I-I do not know if it is. Everything that Fallen said, about God being dead! I believed him, why did I believe him!”

>Words of encouragement?
>"What matters now is that you don't belive that anymore. I knew how you feel, i did things i regret too before meeting you and Irina" (healing a devil, association with the fallen) "but i'm making up for that now, as a exorcist. And so can you, if you still fill regret"
Before i forget, i noticed the previous threads haven't been archived yet. I don't know how to do it, but if you could tell me how i could do it if you want.

Just go here and click the 'Click Here For Request Interface.' Yeah I have done it before, but I can't make descriptions worth shit.
Oh yeah, and you guys just tell me which spell you want. At this point I believe you can have any [Adept] level restoration spell.
I patted Xenovia on the back, “What matters is that you do not believe him anymore. I have done things in the past I regret, but I have made up for it now as an Exorcist. You are as well, so even if you are still filled with regret you can carry his word.”

She cried a little bit more before breaking off the hug. As we did the sounds of stirring came from the bed across from us. Slowly but surely Irina rose from her bed while rubbing her eyes, “Oh, you’re awake.” She said with a slightly goofy smile.

“Yeah, how is your injuries?” I said with the same smile.

“They are feeling better, but I’ll be out for a few more days at least.” She slowly rose from the bed and onto her feet, using her left arm for balance. With a little wobbling she made her way over to us, “Why don’t we head to the kitchen? This rooms a little too plain for my liking.”

I looked over to the meal that was brought to me, but Xenovia had already picked it up for me. Using Excalibur to give myself a little leverage, I rose from the floor and we made our way towards the Kitchen. The rooms still had so much pegan sigils about, but I simply accepted the quirk of the owner who was in the kitchen cooking.

“Oh, so you three decided to eat in here?” Cat said while we sat ourselves at the dinner table.

“I’m sick of your owner bringing food to my bed meal. We are guest of the house,” Irina grew a small blush, “And she’s helped us so much.”

“She has, so much so!” I cheered.

Cat gave a sigh as he watched over us before growing a small smile, “I guess it’s fine for Suzie to have friends, even if we all should be trying to kill each other.”

I puffed my cheeks, “There is absolutely no reason for us to fight! She has done nothing but help us!”

“Hmph.” the cat did some false waving gesture with a smirk on his face.

After a few minutes eating off my plate before Suzie brought out a few plates. With a smile she placed some pancakes in front of everyone. I looked up in wonder at the girl who just smiled, “Yup! Pancakes just like you made for me before!”

“Thank you!” everyone cheered before the other two dug into their meals full heartedly. I did the same without complaint!

Now for what will happen next!
>Stay in Kuoh for a day to firm the relationship
>See about getting a plane back to Rome
>Stay in Kuoh for a day to firm the relationship
Also to give irina time to fully recover
Its relationship with Devils. but I assume you all assumed that.
>>Stay in Kuoh for a day to firm the relationship
The meal tasted great! As I took bites out of it I could easily tell Suzie placed her entire heart into cooking this meal.

“So, what happened last night?” Suzie asked with a little grimace, “I mean, it wasn’t the best experience having an injured people showing up.”

I leaned back a little, “Yesterday was crazy, Suzie. I remember waking up in a cell, killing the guards, having to face off against three Cerberuses, and finally facing down a Fallen Angel with Excalibur.”

“Sounds insane,” She said with eyes widening, “Was that the big light we saw last night?”

I gave a nod.

“Oh that was an amazing light you made!” She quickly took a bite out of her pancake, “So, what are you three thinking of doing?”

I looked towards Irina who was still in a good bit of bandages, and then I thought back to all the Devil from yesterday. In the end we all work together, “I am thinking of meeting with some people for at least today.”

Suzie gave a nice nod, “Then could you three get me some groceries on your way back?”

“Sounds great! We can use our mission budget!” Irina cheered.

After that we finished breakfast, soon making our way onto the streets. As we had multiple habits in our suitcases, we were wearing those down the streets with the hoods down. There were a lot more people walking about, smiles all about their faces as we did so. It struck me as a little odd, especially when I saw a newspaper talking about the bright light last night.

Soon enough we made it to the Devil’s base, the gates closed until we stepped in front of them. As we were allowed to come in, we crossed the threshold and towards the Succubus’s room. This time when we crossed however, there was no pronounced feeling of infernal energies. Instead it felt sanctified, the same way one would a Church.

We crossed the schoolyard and into the small forest, arriving at the older schoolhouse in the back. Though there was no one to meet us, we assumed they were still waiting for us to arrive.

Arriving at the door Xenovia stood before us all and knocked on the door, trying her best to mimic our previous entry. We received a call from inside to come in, and so we did just as we were told.

Coming into the room I noticed how there were less Devils than before. Sitting on a couch was Gremory the Succubus, with Issei and the raven haired Devil standing behind her. Next to her was Sitri, with her Devil guard standing behind her. Taking the hint, the three of us took a seat across from them.

I took a moment to look around, but it seemed those were the only Devils in the room with us. I guessed this was the Succubus’s court, so I wonder what happened the the swordsman and the amber eyed girl. It was then I noticed standing on the window was a small white cat watching us with interest.

>Is there anything you guys wanna talk to Gremory or Sitri about?
>start to apologize for not being able to stop it before it got this far
>ask if the others are members of her peerage are okay
“We will be the first to say something,” the Sitri said while adjusting her glasses, “I would like to thank you all for coming to save us in our hour of need. You did not need to, but you came anyways.”

I shook my head in response, “That is not true. We should have been much more able to stop this entire event before it blew over. If I brought better armaments than things would have come out better.”

“No, you did save us as Sona said.” This time it was Gremory who spoke, “No one expected a Fallen Cadre of all things to attack. Maybe we should have done more.” She ended biting her lip.

“We all messed up!” Irina said with her lips pierced, “We didn’t bring enough firepower and you two should have paid more attention. What matters now is we all learn from this.”

Everyone gave a slight nod, during which a small plate of cookies and a pot of tea was placed between us all. I reached down and grabbed a glass for myself while nodding to the raven haired Devil for bringing it.

After feasting on the goods a little I decided to continue the conversation, “Are the other members of your Peerages doing okay? You both should have a great many more than this.”

“Most of mine are suffering from exhaustion,” was what the Sitri said with a mellowing face, “To maintain the barrier for so long would harm even high class Devils.”

We all turned towards Gremory who shook her head, “I can’t say, Kiba has become much more active as of late. As for Koneko, well she has grown a bit worrying.”

“The amber eyed girl, correct?” I felt my brows furrowing as I mouthed the description.

“Yeah, she has not been accepting the phoenix tears for some reason. And well, she hasn’t been able to look anyone in the face.”

No one wanted to say the reason why, but it was also obvious. She would have been killed by her Master as a sacrifice to take down the Cerberus.

With that we finished up the pastries and tea brought out to consume.

“Well, I guess we will make our ways out.” I said while we Exorcist rose from the couch.

“Thank you three for coming,” Gremory said with a smile, “I would have liked any of you to join my peerage.”

I did not say anything about that comment, as I am pretty sure things would have gone sour because of that. Now we needed to do some other things.

>Go Groceries shopping
>Go visit the Ruined Church for scavenging.
>Other locations you guys wanna visit.
>Go Groceries shopping
We promised Suzie after all
Walking the shopping district, well it gave me a sense of nostalgia. I could not help my smile as the memories before becoming a Dragonborn flooded into my mind. Issei was so kind, but now he seems to be inseparable from the Gremory Succubus these days.

“Did we get the flour?” Irina said while looking over the list we were provided.

Xenovia lifted her arm that held a bunch of bags off of it, “Yes, we collected that one two stores ago. It is right here.”

“Great! What about some eggs?”

I lifted the only thing I was carrying, “I have them here.” I thought to myself for a moment, “You know, these ingredients are something you would put into a cake.”

Irina gave a light hearted chuckle, “That sounds great then! A cake to celebrate sounds great!”

As we continued something came into range of my senses. It was the feeling of a Devil, but it felt off for some odd reason. I was not the only one to notice, as both Xenovia and Irina’s heads went up.

We did not need to wait long however, as soon enough a Devil was standing before us. White hair and of the male type, I instantly recognized it as the one named Kiba. He stood there stunned for a moment, not saying a single word to us.

So the one who spoke first was Xenovia, “Uh, Kiba was it not? Do you need anything?”

Within a moment he bowed towards Xenovia at ninety degrees, “THANK YOU!”

“Eh?” She took a step back in surprise at the Devil's action, and to say the other two of us were stunned was not cutting it. Looking around for a moment at the people staring, Xenovia took in a few breaths before addressing him, “Y-you may raise your head. Uh, what are you thinking me about?”

He rose with a smile on his face, “It was thanks to you that I was able to get my revenge against the Bishop, and for that you have my eternal gratitude.”

“Y-you are welcomed?” She said with a worried expression on her face.

With that he turned around and faced me, “You probably don’t know this, but my life’s goal was to destroy Excalibur.” He then bowed to me as well, “You used it to save all of us though! I wish to thank you all too!”

“Th-thank you?”

“Sorry but I must get going!” And with that the odd Devil ran down the streets once again with a fury.

“That was… odd.” Irina said while looking in the direction he ran off to.

I nodded, but as I turned away from the fleeing Devil I noticed a small white furball sitting on a lamp post. It was the same as the one from the Devil’s Court, completely white.

>Try and chase down the cat, and its assumed to be running unless stated otherwise.
>Head back to Suzie’s
>Try and chase down the cat, and its assumed to be running unless stated otherwise.
I love that Asia keeps calling Rias a succubus.
Also, is it bad that i'm kinda shipping Xenovia and Kiba righ now?
Rolled 27 (1d100)

The cat’s eyes met mine for a moment, and for some reason it flinched. The next moment the creature turned around, hoping off the lamp post into the street below.

“Hey Irina, can you hold these for me?” I placed them into her open arms before she could even give me a response.

“Huh? Why am I, hey!” Irina sputtered all that as I took off in a sprint.

I waved my hand back at her, “I will be back in time for dinner!”

With that I soon caught sight of the little creature, which soon caught sight of me. It turned its head to see me coming, and its back arched in fright. It quickly dashed through the crowds, to which I followed the little thing as well as I could manage.

It never once left my sight as it broke for allies and roads, each turn it made I grew a slight bit closer to the little beast.

The beast soon ran across the street as it tried to lose me, but let it be by experience or luck I was able to swiftly dodge all the incoming trucks that seemed certain to hit me. As soon as I was on the other side of the street the beast turned the corner into an allyway.

When I turned I noticed the cat staring at the tall metal fence before it. When it looked to me it once again arched its back before trying to jump the fence in a single bound. I was faster however, catching it in mid air.

“Gotcha!” I cried as I landed onto the ground. Now that I had a hold of the little beast I could feel the infernal energies coursing through its body. If I remember correctly, Devils would occasionally make beasts of hell into their familiars. Looking closer into the cat’s eyes I noticed how they were a tint of amber to them.

Devils are also able to see through the eyes of their familiars.

“So what am I gonna do with you now?”

>Take it to Suzie's, its seems cute enough!
>Have it lead Asia to its Master
>Ask the cat something *What?*
>>Have it lead Asia to its Master
File: Shirone.png (326 KB, 347x462)
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326 KB PNG
The kitten looked at me with its ears down, as if begging to be let go of. It was if I was disciplining a small child holding the cat like this.

“I will let you go, but you are going to show me to your Master.” I said to the cat.

It stared at me for what seemed like an eternity, as if it was trying to figure something really complex out. Soon enough though I received a small nod from the beast. I felt that I could trust the little thing, so I allowed it to fall onto the ground with a grace. It ran down the alley to the end, then sat there waiting for me to catch up.

We walked down the streets and up into what must have been a high-end residential district. The sun was approaching mid after noon as we appeared before a massive tower. It soon jumped into a small obolistic that stuck out of the sidewalk, pressing a few buttons on the keypad for it. A moment later, I heard the clicking of the doors unlocking.

We quickly walked through the sliding doors and into an elevator, the kitten nimbly jumping to hit floor 4 on the machine. I felt the world underneath me move, but as soon as it started it had stopped and the doors opened.

Soon enough we were in front of room 444, the kitten sitting as if waiting for me to knock on the door. I took in a breath, then gave it a rhythmic knock with my hand.

”Come in, please.”

The voice was quiet, so quiet that without my hearing I would not have been able to catch it. I did as I was told though, and slowly creaked the door opened to see inside. It was the only light in the room was from my entry. Something flinched in the darkness, and my eyes moved to it on instinct.

”H-hello miss Asia.” The Devil said as she hugged onto the stomp that was once her arm, ”You don’t know my name.”

I made my way into the room, slowly putting myself at the edge of her bed, “I am sorry, I never learned it.”

She shifted herself a little bit, no longer hugging her wound but instead hugging her familiar who had jumped into her arms. From the back of her head I noticed the shifting of something… not human, “Shirone. My name is Shirone.”

>why do you send your familiar to spy on my companions and me?
File: Image.png (48 KB, 138x356)
48 KB
“Shirone, that is an interesting name.” I said with a small smile, “White Sound, that is what it means in Latin.”

She gave a calm nod, slowly stroking the kitten who buried itself inside of her lap.

“So, can you tell me why your familiar was spying on me and my companions?”

Her catlike ears furrowed as she stopped stroking the kitten in her lap, ”I… I don’t know.”

I tilted my head a little upon hearing her, “W-what do you mean by that?”

“Miss Asia, I would have died.” She looked up from the kitten straight into my eyes, “You, you shouldn’t have.”

My brows furrowed as I mouthed her words, “Why should I have let you die?”

“Enemies. You gain nothing, and yet you saved me.”

I gave a calming sigh as I heard her words, leaning back a little, “Because you probably had a life before hand, that becoming their Servants is normally forced upon a person.”

She nodded, ”It is true. I was going to be killed once before. My… Sister killed our caretaker, and I was too dangerous. But Boucho’s brother said I would serve his sister instead. I was given the name Koneko, becoming her Rook.”

I reached over and patted her back, “Why tell me this Shirone? All of this must be so hard to say.”

She nodded, “It is. I can’t serve Boucho anymore though. She was going to throw me away.” She soon curled up on a ball, ”I am a Yokai, so I never felt… ‘God’. But if you work for him, and are so kind and so powerful and so rightous and….” Once more she looked into my eyes, “Can I join you three? I can’t live with them anymore.”

>Allow her
>Deny her
>that's a beatful name
>i'm not angry, but why did you had your familiar follow me?
>If is there anything i can do to help, please tell me
>I'm sorry i wasn't quick enough to save you
>Allow her
>ask if she is sure it's what she wants
We also probably should tell Rias about this too.
Don't wanna risk any bad blood between us
“Are you sure about this?” I asked with a little worry in my voice, “If you do this, you will be called a Stray Devil by the Gremory. I might not even be able to protect you if others wish for your death.”

Tears began to form in the girl’s eyes as she heard my words, a small stream running down her cheek. Her voice was cracking, ”I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know! It hurts, it keeps on hurting!”

I brought the girl into my arms in a light embrace, for the second time today my bandages began to soak with tears. I simply stroked the girl’s hair, “If you really wish it, you definitely can.”

It took what must have been an hour for her tears to dry up. There is always an issue with collecting people at their worst or when they are dying. It will inspire them to assist you, even going as far as dying for your cause. You can still cross them though, and doing so can ruin such a strong dominering relationship in days.

I patted the girl on her back once more, “I know its a little late to say this, but I am sorry I was too slow to save you. If only I went all in at the start, you would still have had your arm.”

“Its okay.” She finally broke from the embrace with a small smile, “I’m not dead yet.”

I got myself off the bed, lending my hand to her, “We should get moving then. Collect your things, I can help you carry them.”

“Nn. Thank you.”

With a little work we placed her clothing in bags, heading out of the doors of such a luxerious apartment. The sun was already setting when we arrived at the home of Suzie and Cat, the door opening to reveal a large cake sitting in the kitchen.

They all turned towards us, confusion written all over their faces. I took a few steps infront of Shirone and presented her with a gesture of my hand, “This here is Shirone, she has decided to leave the Gremory’s Peerage to work with us instead. Please, give her the warmest welcome we can.”

It took a moment but Suzie grew a smile, “If she’s a friend of Asia she’s gotta be a friend of mine!” The girl said before rushing over and grabbing the other’s hand, “We are about to have cake! Want some?”

I watched Shirone’s eyes widened before she gave a mighty nod. My fellows were still a little stunned, but Irina just grew a smile as the plates were coming out.

>Skip Fluff to next day
>Suggestions for fluffy party.
>suggesting we skip fluff
HA! Good one QM.
>Eat cake together, tell Shirone to not eat tu much because it's not healty, but quickly change our mind and tell her she can eat as much as she wants when she give us a sad face or puppy eyes.
>we then get teased by the other for being unable to say 'no' to Shirone cute face.
This but also see if we can make a pillow fort.
And watch scary movies.
Like Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure. And Alien.
I should have tought beyond the dinner. Thanks Man! Supporting your idea.
NP, Pillow Forts and scary movies are a classic in any sleepover.
So we all started at the cake, which in itself was an interesting sight. It was only one layer to itself, most of itself covered in white frosting on the outside. Parts of it were of a blue color, mainly working as highlights to the rims. At the center of it:

“Is that an Excalibur?” I looked over what was a faithful depiction of my current blade, golden crossguard, blue pumble, and the iron blade.

Xenovia blushed a little at my comment, “Y-yeah. We are celebrating your victory after all, so we saw it fitting.”

I felt a kind of warmth in my chest as I continued to look at it, “Still… thank you.”

“Well, here is your slice.” The Exorcist said handing a slice over to me. I looked at the cake itself, “Yellow?”

“Yeah…” Suzie, who had taken her seat started scratching her cheek, “I’m still working at it. The yoke fell in by accident.”

She seemed to be falling through for a moment, so I quickly grabbed a fork and had a bite out of the cake, “Delicious!”

“Of course, the cake itself was made by Suzie.” Cat said while sitting on a window cill. Somehow he got a piece of the cake for himself. It was a little funny watching Cat eating into the slice, a surreal kind.

As he was eating I watched Shirone with a plate both full and stacked two tall with cake approach Cat, “What are you?”

He gave a small chuckle, “Not a Cat, I will not say anything more.”

“Hey Shirone,” I called out to the little girl. She turned to me with a little worry in her eyes, so I tried my best to smile, “It is not wise to eat so much in one sitting. It is both sinful and unhealthy, you should try and better yourself.”

“Eh…” She looked at me like I had just banned her from eating for eternity. Her big eyes looking to almost be on the verge of tears.

I gave a small sigh, “I will limit you to that plate. No more after that.”

She grew a small smile before taking a seat for herself, “Understood.” Soon enough I watched as the odd Devil started eating the foodstuff whole.

“You better be careful Asia, you might be Excommunicated again.” I looked over to see Irina with a small smirk on her face, “But who’d follow through with it, I don’t know. Miss Saint.”

“S-Saint?” I stumbled a little almost losing my piece of cake, “W-what do you mean?”

“Oh come on Asia,” She took a bite out of her slice of cake, “Being able to call upon God directly, facing down a Cadre, I mean you are the wielder of Excalibur! Who knows what you will do next.”

“Well,” I thought to myself for a moment before shaking my head, “Let us keep that talk on the down low please.”

“Saint Asia- ouch!” Shirone chirped out before rubbing her head. Looking a little closer I noticed a small smile coming onto the girl’s face.

“Not you too Shirone! You should be careful not to hurt yourself!”

The girl just puffed her cheeks, “Than I will just need to get used to it!”
File: original.jpg (489 KB, 1280x848)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
“Well, what should we do next!” Irina cheered. I started looking around and soon noticed everyone’s plates have been emptied while we were talking.

“Oh, I know an excellent movie!” Suzie cheered as she stood up and ran out of the living room, “Give me a minute.”

As she was away I turned to see Irina quickly hopping off of her seat on a couch and taking out the pillows from it. It took me a few moments to realize that she was even doing it, “W-why are you doing that!”

I was flashed a small smile, “Isn’t this just a sleepover! We should be making pillow forts!”

“Irina I do not think you can make a fort out of pillows.” Xenovia claimed before sighing, “But I will help. If you pull something Griselda will have my head.”

“Great! You two help too!” She said before pulling both me and Shirone into this little construction project.

“Okay, I got the, eh?” I heard Suzie stop in her tracks at the mild mess we had made of the home. Then it turned to excitement, “Pillow fort, awesome!”

Quickly Irina poked her head outside of Fort Camelot, “What kind of movies did you bring?”

“Well, I got a slice of life anime and then I got a scary movie from the west.”

“Do you have any that are in Latin?”

“The scary movie is I think.”

“Perfect! Put it in!”

The movie that was put in was called Alien, and to say I was terrified was putting it lightly. The sight of a monster sprouting from a man’s chest almost caused me to jump my feet, which received a small laugh from Cat who was sitting on top of the Fort.

When the people started getting picked off one by one Shirone more or less wrapped herself around me, her strength almost suffocating me! I had to pat her head just to lessen her grip on me.

After that, the night was a blur of fear, laughter, and a little fun.

>Head out for Rome in the morning
>Go tell Rias you are taking her Rook. This will go over well.
>Go tell Rias you are taking her Rook. This will go over well.
I mean, is better than her fiding while we are on our way to Rome. Plus, her Rook 'asked' to come with us. We should make that very clear when giving the news.
The morning sun shone into the room, the beam striking just ontop of my eyes. I stirred a little feeling the cat like Devil who was still wrapped about my body. With a small smile I patted her on the head, and with I saw tired amber eyes looking at me.

“It is time to wake up Shirone.” I spoke with a smile on my face.

“Oh, yeah.” Slowly but surely she crawled through the opening of Fort Camelot. I followed her through, welcoming the sun with a nice bit of stretching.

I thought over the events yesterday, the thoughts running through my mind like a wildfire. I could only sigh as I realized something I must do today, even if I really do not want to do it.

“Shirone, I will be visiting Gremory this morning. If you wish to come to say your final goodbye you may.”

I felt her eyes widen from my words, “W-what do you mean?”

“It is not wise for either of us if you leave without telling Gremory the reason. She might think I kidnapped you, or maybe she calls for all Devils to hunt you down.” I nodded to myself as I thought about it more, “You do not need to come, but if you do I will try my best to protect you.”

I watched her face changed from a variety of emotions, before it finally ended on a stoic kind, “I will go.”

“Alright then.”

With that, I talked to the others. Since we have already delayed ourselves for too long the two of them tasked themselves with getting our plane ready. Of course if things went sour, well they would notice Excalibur.

Soon enough the two of us traveled the city together, which might as well be for the last time. The people were still bizzling around, if a little less than yesterday. Crossing into the school grounds gave about the same feeling as well, but it was already starting to wane from the presence of the Devils.

Soon enough we were outside the door to the Gremory Court. I took in a few breaths and thought about what I will say when I cross into the room.

>What is the point you all want to use?
Okay, this one isn't going to be easy, but here we go:
>Let's be respectfull, but firm when we talk to Rias. First we politely say hello, then we say we have something important to tell her. Then we tell her that Shirone asked to come with us, and that we accepted. We say we are sorry for telling her at last minute, but we already had delayed our time here too much. We then say we are sorry we must part ways like this, and that we hope this won't sour our relationship.
Also, let's be clear that we are not asking her to let us take Shirone with us. We are telling her we are taking Shirone with us.
If she snaps, let's keep it cool and not snap back. We don't need to start a fight now
Give me a roll!
Rolled 1 (1d100)

Man talk about a Silver Tongue.
I took a few breaths before looking towards Shirone, a small bit of expectation in her eyes. She had made the hard decision of joining us, so I gave the small girl a smile. With a rhythmic knocking on the door, I heard the Gremory’s call for me to enter.

What I walked into was just as before, the two clan heiresses standing in wait for me. Though unlike a great many times before they only had a single bodyguard with them. The Gremory had Issei to her side, while the Sitri had a blue haired one at hers.

The feeling of the room was… weird. The moment Gremory looked onto Shirone her face had changed from between delight and a grimace. Sitri simply started shaking her head, though I felt the disappointment was not directed at Shirone.

“I was wondering where you’ve been Koneko.” Gremory said with a soft smile, “Can I even dare ask why you are with an Exorcist though?”

I was the one who spoke, easily moving the conversation off of Shirone with my presence, “We are here today to tell you I will be taking Shirone back to Rome with me. We have simply come here to notify you.”

She mouthed Shirone’s mouth, her entire face growing pale, “Y-you rejected your own name.”

“No.” Shirone said shaking her head. Shirone was not angry, her stare was of ironclad disappointment, “It was yours.”

“Did I not save your life!” The Gremory jumped from her seat, “You would have been killed if my brother did nothing!”


Shirone’s words caused the girl to almost collapsed onto the floor, if Issei was not fast enough to set her in the chair. She started shaking her head and was about to say something.

But instead the Sitri interrupted her, “Rias, you should give up.”

“S-Sona! I-I’m about to lose her!”

“You have already done that.” Sitri once again shook her head at the Succubus, “I have told you once before, but forging a Peerage of the desperate is never a good idea.”

“B-but I saved them all!” The Gremory was on the verge of having a panic at this point.

“You saved a little girl who was on death row because of-.” Her eyes widened for a moment before shaking her head again and facing me, “I will not say anything of our past. While normally Shirone would be counted as a Stray Devil by this act, she will be joining Heaven’s Faction. You have my word that her brother hears what caused all this to transpire.”

I nodded, “Thank you Sitri, I hope this does not sour our relationship between each of us.”
Sitri simply nodded, “It is like a contract that has gone sour. It is better to seek damages for the fallout then force the two parties to interact once again. If the Church ever develops a way of removing Evil pieces, I ask that you send her Rook back.”

I simply nodded, “I understand such a judgement. We shall be making our leave.”

As we were leaving I noticed an odd look from Issei, a face between worry and confusion. If what Sitri said was correct, then Issei definitely was forced into his servitude. I heard once before that a once a rebellion succeeds in a country, it shall be in decline. I guess Peerages are no different.

With that leave, Shirone and I left for the plane to Rome. I looked over and saw a face filled with sadness, but also a bit of steel. I guess Gremory must have been a good Master, but sacrifice can have the opposite effect.

>What you guys wanna do on the plane ride to Rome? (Read one of your books, examine Excalibur?)
>call Mor'Voh and catch up with him. I wanna see what he's been up to
This. Considering that we're more or less standing on our own two feet and did some neat shit because of it, it would be good news for Mor'Voh to hear.
Exactly. Also i wanna see what he's been up to. A dragonborn sailing to Australia is bound to have run into a adventure or two.
The sounds of people moving about the airport came into my ears as I looked over the letter I finished making.

Dear Mor’ Voh,

Have you enjoyed any adventures ever since I left? It has been so long since the last time I have heard from you!

Recently I have been one a couple. One of them I faced down a Dragon and was the one to lay it. The other I became the wielder of Excalibur, what many would say is The Holy Sword.

I have made another friend too, her name is Shirone. She is a Devil, but it was not truly by her own choice. She seems to act a little younger than us, and has gotten too used to being a glutton for her own good.

I also contacted a United States Agency as well when I slayed a Dragon. Hopefully once I am able I will head back and visit the States!

Please write back when you can, I really want to hear what you have been up too!

Also, when you get a chance, acquire yourself a phone! These devices make it much easier to communicate over long distances!

Asia Argento~

I looked over the letter one more time before placing it in the envelope. Written on the front was Mor’ Voh, though nothing else.

“That is, an odd name.” Shirone said as she looked over my shoulder.

I nodded, “It is, but he is a unique man. He even told me that if I put this through the postal service, it will make it to him.”

The Devil Girl tilted her head a little, “It has no address.”

I shrugged, “If this makes it to the man I will be surprised, but pleased.”

I stood up from my seat, quickly making my way over to a shipper of international goods. I slipped the letter through the appropriate slot, which was followed by an odd sound. Kind of like something was… wobbling?

The two of us looked at one another before making our ways back to our seats. Soon we should be heading straight to Rome!

Within a day we were walking the steps to St. Peters, the glorious halls radiating with divine might. I looked to my side to see Shirone looking over everything with astonishment. It gave me a small warmth in the heart.

“You know, how is Shirone even standing?” Irina questioned loudly as we approached.

I thought to myself before suddenly feeling came into my gut, “Maybe it is Excalibur’s doing?”

“Useful.” Shirone said frowning a little, “But that pain is still there, just at the edge. Asia keeps it away though.”

I patted the sword that was hanging off my hip, “There you go.”

We soon made our way down into the catacombs of the palace, but before we reached the old wooden doors. Standing there waiting for us was Griselda with Kotomine at her rear. She looked us up and down, then her eyes went directly towards Shirone.

“I have a lot of questions, but the two most pressing ones is why you three have a Devil with you and is what I heard about Excalibur true?”

She then took a moments more look, “Asia, as you are at the center of this entire fiasco you are going to follow Kotomine to where the Pope, Micheal, and Gabriel waiting.” She then turned to Shirone with an inquisitive glare before sighing, “And take the Devil with you.”

The priest gave me a wave with his hand to have me follow, an odd smile about him as he did. I… what in the name of the Lord am I going to say.

>Make a defense everyone!
>"an odd smile about him as he did."
I love this sadistic bastard.
>Make a defense everyone!
Okay, let's start with Shirone.
>She was not born a devil, and wasn't turned in one by choice. She asked us of her own free will to be able to come with us. She decided to left her master before knowing if we would take her in or not. She never hurt any innocent and she came here knowing what expected her. We know that we are asking a lot, but she deserve this chance after all she has been through.
In canon Michael gave Asia and Xenovia permission to pray without having to feel the pain, so i don't see a reason he wouldn't be willing to let Shirone stay with us.
Now about the excalibur.
>Kokabiel said God was dead, but Asia knew that was not true, because he answer her prayers. We took excalibur to stop Kokabiel from killing everyone, but we didn't know we could use it's power like that. We just asked God to help us in our hour of need, and he answered.

Honestly considering how big of a deal Asia is (one of the only two dragonborns in the wholy word, the only one cappable of using excalibur true power, and apparently the only one whose voice can reach God) i think they can give us a pass on this one
As we walked I could hear a small chuckle coming from the Father who was guiding me. To say it was odd was not giving itself much credit, a slight chill ran down my spine. After a few more seconds of his chuckle did the man speak, “You have caused quite the russell in your short time here.”

“Y-yeah. I guess I have.”

He turned did not look at me as we kept walking, “Did you hear what happened to Father Mcclair?” He took my silence as his answer, “He died a couple of days ago, supposedly some Exorcist were about to bring him in for interrogations.”

I felt my throat shift, “D-Did you lead them?”

“Astute.” He said before stopping before a door, “Things are moving forward, whether the old or stupid accept it or not. The top officials Heaven and Man are waiting for you behind this door, do your best.”

As soon as I lost sight of Kotomine the doors opened. As I peered in I saw an old man sitting on an elegant throne, the same one who administered my trial. Next to him was Micheal, and to the other side was a kind and beautiful madam. She was Gabriel, somehow I was sure of that.

“You two may enter.” The old man said with a wave.

I took a couple steps forward, Shirone quickly grabbing onto the edge of my robes. I placed my hand around her shoulders, taking her along with me to kneel before the three. I heard a slight movement, my heart skipping a beat at just the slightest sound.

“You may rise,” The words of the Pope rang into my ear. Steadily, I got the two of us to stand. Though I felt Shirone’s legs shaking as we did so. His next words were like hot irons, “Now the first question I ask of you on behalf of the Archangels, why have you brought a Devil to the Vatican? You must know full well what happens when one willingly assists the enemy.”

I took in a breath, then let out a breath, “Shirone was not born one, and was not turned by choice. It was by her choice to come with me, abandoning a Master to serve us.” I took in another breath, the weight coming down on my heart, “She has not killed an innocent, and knows what might become of her. I know we are asking a lot, but please give Shirone a chance.”
File: Gabriel.png (100 KB, 358x358)
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I felt a few small smile fall upon, but the gazes shifted from me to Shirone, “And you, Miss Shirone. You were a part of the Gremory Household, what is the most prestigious house in all of Devil kind. May I ask you why?”

“Sh-she saved me.” The words were a little choppy, but were still understandable, “Asia saved me from Cerberus. B-Boucho was willing to let me be played with as she prepared her spell, one that would have killed both of us. She saved me though.”

The Pope nodded, “I am sorry to say, but we do not have such a luxury. At times of war we all are expected to make sacrifices, men valiantly defending till the last man to deny an enemy advance. I can not say it will, but it might happen to you in times of service. Do you accept that?”

I could see small bits of tears forming about the girl’s face, but she wiped them away, “Th-that light, the really b-big one. I-it felt so warm. If that was God, I want to serve him! Y-yes I will! Everyones has been so kind and warm, I will protect them! Please… just…. please.”

The older man was about to say something, but a hand rose to stop him. I watched as the madam, Gabriel, moved from her spot and approached Shirone. Slowly the Seraphim placed a hand on her shoulder, “You have been through a lot, Shirone. I am honored that you chose to join us, and I would welcome you with open arms. To be inspired by my Father’s light instead of shunned, you have a good heart. I am sorry if we seem a little tough on you.”

The Angel quickly brought the Devil into a loving embrace, like a mother would a child. I could feel my own heart warm as she did so, as one would expect of a Seraphim of the Lord. After a few moments the two broke apart, Gabriel patting the girl on the head, “Even if you do not have many reasons now, I hope to give you a great many soon.”

“Th-thank you.”
With that Gabriel returned to her spot, Shirone looking much better than she had before. The three looked at one another, to which the Pope simply waved his hands, “I have done my job, Micheal, Gabriel. You two can take over.”

“Thank you.” Micheal said to the old man before turning to us, “I have seen the light all the way from Heaven, am I correct to believe that Excalibur has its wielder?”

I nodded, bringing the blade in question out of the Seraphim himself to examine. He grew a slight frown as his eyes gazed towards the top, “It is almost there, you are only missing a single fragment to finish the product.”

I nodded, “Even if its still missing a fragment, Excalibur has done more than enough for me.”

“I will admit, it will likely still be in pieces for another lifetime. If we can find the Pendragons, we might have a chance.” He then looked at me in the eyes, “I have also heard that Kokabiel, my brother, told you that God had died. Am I correct?”

“He lied to us.” I said flatley, “Excalibur is proof that God answers my prayers, in my greatest hour of need, I was called to its glory.”

“I saw him die before my very eyes, Asia Argento.” Micheal said to me with misery in his eyes, “Did they fool with me back then?”

I was about to say something before Gabriel spoke once more, “Micheal, when have you ever expected Father to stop? His plans still run through this world, bringing lovers together and holy fighters to victory. Sometimes I too wonder if he truly ever died.”

Micheal simply nodded as he heard Gabriel’s words, “It does not make handling Heaven’s Host any easier, you must admit. I will make arrangements to exempt Miss Shirone from Heaven’s system so she may start her worship and training. After you four have been rested and treated, I will have your next mission.”

“Thank you!” I said with my jump, “We will not fail you!”

“You will not,” The Angel said with a slight smile, “As it seems I tend to underestimate my Father.”
Asia has gained 200 xp from this event. What should she invest points into?

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Lastly, you have 2 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Charm Skill
>Drive Vehicle Skill
>Cooking Skill
>Blather Skill

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Air of Authority: Those of lower rank to Asia will instantly go into line, with even a chance of affecting the enemy.
>Guardian: Take hits on behalf of an ally, switching places with them.

Also, you guys have yet to chose your Adept level Restoration spell.

Also, you guys have a week of stuff happening. What you wanna do during it?
I havenet played dnd or like games so i cant be trusted to allocate stats
I'll do the stat allocation.

>Increase Weapons Skill
>Put 2 units into HP

Now before I do the last part I have a question concerning Charm. Does it help with Persuasion checks or is it just the seduction skill?
>raise weapons skill
>use 2 units to increase HP
>Guardian: Take hits on behalf of an ally, switching places with them.
>Learn heal other
>use the week to train with shirone. She lost a arm, so she probably will have a harder time fighting bow.
Is it out of question for us to try to find a robot arm for her o something?
The week went by with little really happening, but that did not mean any of us stayed idle for long. Upon the start of the week I got Shirone to start training in the catacombs, trying to help her cope with just having one limb. The girl kept on insisting on just using her hands to fight, but to rely just on one’s hands is not very wise.

In the end she ended up using a mace, at the recommendation of Griselda. I asked said person about getting Shirone a mechanical limb, to which she would look into.

Irina for the most part rested, only doing some light hearted training. Irina for the most part has been training with firearms, since she no longer had a Holy Sword to rely on. I went ahead and lent her Magnus after I found out some of Excalibur’s abilities.

For Xenovia, she has been practicing her hardest with her Holy Sword. I found out that the weapon was in fact Durandal, the Holy Sword wielded by Chalamange of the Holy Roman Empire. Because of the weapon’s legendary durability, she got into an odd habit of blocking attacks with it.

For myself, I have been learning more and more about Excalibur. Just a few days ago Irina showed me how its Mimic function worked, quickly changing its form from a sword to a piece of cloth! I experimented with it a little more, and found that it could change into different kinds of firearms. It will need a little more work, but I might have much more to gain from it.
It was on a Monday that we were called from the training rooms by Griselda to the briefing rooms. Walking into the room we were greeted by the familiar face of Micheal, who gave us a simple smile, “Have you four enjoyed your week of rest?”

“Yes Lord Micheal!” Irina announced with a flare.

“Perfect,” He nodded to himself before reaching into his pocket. What he brought out was something I would have never expected an Angel to possess, “Can any of you tell me what I have in my hand?”

“Evil Piece.” The first one to answer was Shirone, her eyes narrowing on it.

Micheal nodded, “Yes, that is what I am in possession of. Evil Pieces have been the primary reason the Devils have rebounded in strength even after their Civil War. Created by the current Lord Beezelbub, this item can turn one’s specie into a Devilkin so like a Devil that they can even breed together. Your four might not be surprised to hear Heaven has been experimenting on using this prospect to create Angels.”

Almost all of our eyes widened at the idea, only Shirone was not afflicted by the awe. I guess something like this should have been expected, but I never imagined that it could happen.

“It is primarily made from a special ore found in the underworld where Devils, Fallen, and Hades’s dominions lie.” It was then he looked at the item intently, “The Devils have however captured almost all sources of this ore, making our only supply coming from their Stray spawn.”

“Y-You want us to collect some?” I dared asked.

I received a nod, “There is a rumor that a Dragon has taken a freshly discovered deposit as a base for its horde. Along with an Angel as support, you four will retrieve for me five kilograms of pure Animonium. Any questions, or perhaps you need some equipment?”

>Questions and Equipment?
Here's the Character sheet now up to date. At the bottom are the effects of Excalibur, which you guys should read:
>Asia ask if needs to kill it and Request Armor or at least something more durable than clothes that arent enchanted
Also why Did you get rid of the other weapons Dont you know aisa is a gun with our ballistic skill of 70 Asia loves guns and she doesnt know why
Excalibur is your gun. It has a Mimic ability.
How hows asia not noticed That she became a gun nut i mean she picks up a gun each time she finds one Also why are only six of the shards on the list in the char sheet and the 6th one is one we dont have be cause i doubt excalibalast was one of the 7 swords
Technically that was Excalibur Destruction. Its fixed now.
So does asia Walk around with Excalibur as a necklace or a watch or pendant cross or something i mean the mimic ability can do that right?
Yup, right now it honestly is just hiding under her cloaks. That feature was actually shown off in the anime as a bracelet. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Asia made it a rosary.
Excalibur ruler is in the possession of the Pendragon family. That's why we don't have it with us
Oh, so we can turn excalibur into any weapon now? >:) interesting.
Altough, we probably should keep a reserve weapon just in case of emergency.
I knew where ruler was i said Excaliblast wasnt a sword then he said it was destruction Read it all
>who will that angel be?
>what do we know about that dragon?
As for equipment, i think we are fine with what we have.
“Uh, I got one question.” I said with a slight hesitation, “Do we need to kill the Dragon?”

Micheal thought to himself for a moment before shaking his head, “Its death is not a necessity, but you simply need to collect ore as much as you can. The five kilograms is what we need, but more is always welcomed.” He then nodded to himself, “From what I know this Dragon is an oddity, as the ore does not give the same flair as gold does to their kind.”

“And one more, could we get ourselves some armor?”

Micheal smiled a little as he heard my words, “I will see about getting you four armor. Meet me in your training room in two hours.”

“Thank you!” Everyone said before making their way out of the room.

We all made our way around our courters, quickly getting things together. From a small debrief we received from Griselda; we were going to head into the Underworld via teleportation into a ‘Nuetral’ zone. After that we would travel to the Dragon’s lair and extract the ore.

Within the two hours we all arrived in the training area, where our armor was resting. What I saw almost gave me a small heart attack though, four suits of steel plated armor that has a slight golden shine to it.

“H-how can we fit in these!” Was all I could say to Irina and Xenovia.

Irina gave me a smile, “I wouldn’t worry about that, they tend to adjust to your size.” Irina quickly grabbed onto a helmet, the item slowly shrinking in her hand, “Magics pretty handy eh?”

I nodded, turning around to noticed everyone was already putting their gear on. I did the same, the plate somehow weightless as I got it all on me. As soon as I finished putting on the helmet a ring of gold appeared, quickly going away to reveal a pair of Angels.

Micheal simply gave a smile, “You four look prepared, well this here is Castiel.” He made a quick motion to the angel next to him, “He will be your way into and out of the Underworld.”

I looked over the other Angel, his features a little ragged from what I could tell, “It is my pleasure to be working with you four.”

Micheal took the conversation backup, “Well if you four are ready, Castiel will transport you.”

>Are you ready?

>Also, you will be walking for about 5 miles, good time to strike up conversations with people.
Ask what the battle plan shall be if it comes to that
>ay ay captain!
>ask Castiel about himself
>ask about what we know about the dragon. How strong it is, what powers it has, etc.
We all nodded, to which the Castiel approached, “I will need you all to be close, I have heard this kind of transportation can be odd.”

We did as he said, our armors clanking as we got into the group. Within the next moment a ring of light appeared about us, and slowly we sank into the ground.

He was correct that we were going to feel odd, as my body kind of felt like gelatin. With the next moment though I regained my vision, the sight of a purple sky adorned with odd colored clouds dotting the sky welcomed our view. Soon enough I felt my legs becoming solid again, the sight of the Underworld almost jarring.

I looked about myself, burnt ashe almost everywhere. The first one to say something was Shirone covered in confusion, “Doesn’t feel correct.”

“That is to be expected.” Castiel said as he surveyed the grounds, “As a Reincarnated Devil you would be used to their lands. This is Neutral territory, something humans call No-Man’s Land.”

I felt a small shiver going down my spine, “Are we in danger?”

He shook his head, “While we are within range of most anti-army spells, monitoring of these lands have degraded. As we have been at peace for so long, neither side really expects an assault.” He pointed in a direction, “That way is our destination, Rak Valley.”

“Well I don’t want to stay here any longer!” Irina cheered, to which we all started walking.

As this was going to be a long ways I matched myself up with Castiel, “So can you tell me about yourself, Mr. Castiel?”

“Myself?” He looked over quizzically before returning to a more monotone look, “I am an Angel of Father’s, possessing four wings of my own. I operate within Fifth Heaven under Micheal as a researcher and guard.”

“A researcher? What kind?”

He seemed to think to himself for a moment before continuing, “It is the Evil Pieces of Devilkin that I research and guard. I have in fact been placed on this mission so that I can secure the most preferable sample for my superiors.”

He was talking sense, though a thought crossed my mind, “Why just yourself? Would it not be better to send a small group of Angels?”

“No, we are somewhat of a stealth unit.” He said as a small mountain range came into sight, “While relaxed, the arrival of my superiors would lead to interest. Yourselves are mostly either seen as Human or Native, so no alarms will be set off.”

As we finished our approach I focused my eyes on our destination. My eyes widened a little, “There are people already there.”

Everyone stopped in their tracks as I said that. Castiel quickly surveyed where I was looking, “They must have just arrived as well, we can either eliminate them now or approach with caution.”

>Eliminate them *How you wanna draw them over?*
>Keep a down low
>"What kind of people?"
I'm asking this to get more information, if they're guards/sentries then we can simply take them out.
If they're something more like a scouting force or a small army, then we might have to go around or wait for a chance to sneak past.
>Keep a down low
Better find out more about them before deciding what to do. Deppending on who they are, killing them could get us in a lot of trouble

Seems we wanna sneak, atleast a little closer.
Also Roll for me
Rolling and failing
Its caps sensitive. So if you are using mobile I learned to just type a letter in, write the command, and then delete the letter.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

not using a phone i probably remembered the rolling command wrong
“We do not even know who they are.” I said with a little warriness, “We should at least find out more about them.”

The Angel simply nodded upon hearing my words, “Then we should stalk them for the time being.”

With that we made our way towards the group, slowly making our way about their location. I watched as one by one they made their way into the rocky and lifeless valley, making me lose sight of them.

We were all tense as we soon arrived where they were, the sounds of our armor clanking almost damning. As soon as we passed the horizon, we all darted to various rocks about the crevious we found ourselves in.

I took a moment to look around, the place was for the most part lifeless. Rocks were scorched black while a number of jagged rocks were about the place. Later down the ways the valley looked to be split up in two directions, the mountains acting as barriers of both entry and exit.

My survey had yielded fruit though, as I finally caught sight of the small group. Though this land was so polluted with energy that I could not tell what they were, I could hear the five talking amongst themselves.

“So, you saying Avokir is to the left?”

“Yup, at least that's where the damn Vampire said he was.”

“To think we’d be working with Dragons of all things, you have to admit it’s a nice perk.”

“You guys don’t have a fucking Vampire Lord breathing down your necks. I sometimes wonder why the fuck I agreed to do this.”

I could hear a small snickering, “Oh, you a little afraid of a Tepes? You’re a joke you know that.”

“Shut up you three.” I finally heard a voice that carried authority sound itself, “We have a job, we do the job. Don’t forget we will be getting paid after this.”

With that I watched the group move to the left of the fork.

>Continue following
>Set an Ambush *How*
>Attack directly *How*
>Attack directly *How*
>first, we use our flash magic to blind them. Then, we turn excalibur into a hmg and start shooting at them.
Rolled 12 (1d100)

File: LfJd1rk.gif (1.81 MB, 636x288)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
I quickly brought out Excalibur whisked a small ball of light to my hand. They had a little distance between us, but when I sent the ball of light flying towards them not one of them turned their heads to face it. I quickly grabbed onto Excalibur, willing it to the form of a Large Machine Gun. Within moments I had braced myself on some jagged rocks, just in time for the flair to go off.

“What the fuck!” One of them screamed as the light impacted the ground before them. While most of them had enough time to cover their eyes I was still poised to release righteous fury!

Ten bullets, each charged with the power of Excalibur pierced through the air and slammed into the small group. While the leader was skilled enough to dodge the incoming projectiles, the one walking right behind him had his entire head blown off with a single bullet. This followed with another’s left arm turning into vapors, and another’s head being thrown back in an odd direction.

I could hear chatter from them, confusion already evident. That however did not stop Castiel from flying directly into the air and raining down bolts of light on top of them. Sadly though only a couple had hit, those being the headless corpse.

I could then hear the sounds of blades being drawn, “Charge!” Irina cheered. They were charging directly at the enemy now, who looked ready to route

>first, use battle fury on our allies, then we charge with a assault rifle
Seconding this.

Also, in before we get knighted as Arthuria/Arturia/whatever Saber's name is nowadays.
Rolled 46 (1d100)

How Do i type the rolling thing again?
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 73 (1d100)

Rolled 26 (1d100)

Time to die!
I quickly got up from my position, switching out Excalibur’s form into that of an assault rifle. Before I began any running however I awakened the force from the bottom of my throat, ”Mid Vur Shaan!”

As I yelled the weapons of everyone started to gain a soft red glow. Even as I started to run the fury I had given them had already made contact with the enemy.

The first to make contact was Irina, her aim being a cut at the being’s abdomen. He was obviously skilled and attempted to dodge out of the way of her attack, but she had just that little bit more skill. Two strikes to his chest were what he received for his troubles.

Xenovia made contact with the other, her sword cutting right through his neck with ease. What sounded though was a monstrous sounding deathcry though, followed by a fountain of blood that completely covered the Exorcist.

From the air finally came another round of spears made from light. Two of them cut into the last standing Devil who was bleeding previously. He raised his hands in an attempt to cast some kind of magic, but instead the fellow simply fell onto the ground with a thump.

“Well, did we get them all?” Irina cheered as she turned off the lightsaber she was wielding.

“No, still alive.” Shirone said before walking to one of the corpses. She reached down, bringing up the one who I thought had his neck broken, “He’s a Devil.”

It was by then that both myself and Castiel arrived, the Angel quickly walking over to look over the body, “He’s knocked out. He will not be waking up within the next few hours, so he will not provide information pertaining to our mission. He is however something we will need to carry.”

>Take him with you all
>Kill him off now, its too risky
>Take him with you all
We can always kill him later if he causes to much trouble
“We can take him,” I said while looking over the Devil a little more, “Though we should not worry ourselves over him too much. Shirone, if you can carry him for a bit, just dump him if we start fighting again.”

“Okay.” She quickly placed the Devil on her shoulder, making a pretty entertaining display of the Devil being dragged by him feet.

We started to make our way toward the left of the valley. I made sure to stay close to Shirone as since she was carrying the Devil. The others formed a small ring of protection around us with Castiel at the front and the others just barely behind us.

I noticed Shirone tense some, my ears picking up the almost unforgettable beating of wings. Shirone quickly tossed the Devil off to the side behind some rocks, which caused everyone to go into the ready.

“Dragon?” Xenovia asked curtly.

“Yes.” Was my response.

Soon enough coming over the horizon was the form of a great being, the sound of laughter echoing through the cannon like valley. It soon landed on top of a nearby peak, close enough that his voice could be heard.

”I see you five have already killed my allies. I have heard the Voice as well, but I see not Dragonkin among your people?” I felt his eyes square on me, ”But I can feel you~”

It was at this time Castiel took a few steps forward, “So these Devils, likely betrayers of their own kind, work with you?”

”I assume so, Miss Ouroboros tends to be a little too trusting at times.”

>Try and find a diplomatic way into getting the ore
>Fight the Dragon
>Try and find a diplomatic way into getting the ore
Couldn't hurt to try to be diplomatically first. If it doesn't work, we can deal with him.
>ask what he gains from working with the devils
>ask who is miss ouroboros
>ask what he wants the ore for
First we need to know what he wants before making our offer
“W-wait!” I stepped forward next to Castiel. The Angel did not bat an eye as I did so, “What would she gain by working with Devils? Who is Ouroboros?”

If a dragon had eyebrows, I am sure they would have been raised by him, “You do not know who my Mistress is? Are you not a… what are you girl?”

“I am a Dovahkiin, Dragonborn!” I said without worry.

“I have heard that name, once.” He said while lowering his head, “It was from an olderkin, a story from the old realm. The greatest Dragon Hunter who all of Dragonkind should fear.” He soon grew a wicked smile, “I can already feel my blood flowing with excitement.”

“W-wait!” I cried to him, “You never answered my question, who is Ouroboros!?”

He gave a slight chuckle, “She is one of the strongest of our kind, of the same tier of Big Red himself. If you ask why she would side with such a scheming kind, her objective is somewhat controversial.”

“And what of the ore!?” I felt my soul irritate at the Dragon’s leisure.

”As if I would tell you~”

His wings opened once more as he shouted to the winds, ”As a fellow of Dragonkind, I give you this chance. Join us, or I will end you before your legend even starts!”

>Some how Get on his back and cut in off his wings while slamming his head to the floor show dominance
>make a silent prayer before turning excalibur into a grenade launcher and shooting him in the face
Rolled 67 (1d100)

File: Dragon Fireball Attack.jpg (256 KB, 1280x1024)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
I fastened my grip on Excalibur, quickly turning the weapon from an assault rifle into a gernade launcher, “I will not you fiend!” With that cry I fired a round directly at the beast. He tried to didge the attack, but my grenade hit him squarely on the wing. A small explosion shook the area as he yelled.


With that his wings expended, quickly taking to the skies as his kind does. Everyone sans Shirone quickly brought out a form of range weapon. Xenovia had brought out a small pistol, Her bullets all hitting their mark somehow but none piercing. I smiled a little as Irina however brought out a rifle, quickly firing a pair of bullets. I could only click my tongue however as said bullets also bounced off the being’s hide.

It was then I felt a large amount of Holy energy about the place. I looked over to see Castiel forming a bolt the size of my head behind him, but the Angel did not fire it right away.

It was a good thing he did so, as the Dragon finally turned to come towards us. I quickly brought up my launcher, the pellet flying into the beast’s underside. The explosion did not bother him, as soon enough he was finishing a strafing run on us.

“Scatter!” I heard Castiel yell as flames came from the Dragon’s mouth. He was too late though, as the torrent of fire soon covered almost all of us in hell fire. It was hot, much more than the Dragon before us as it pierced my armor. Only my flesh was enough to keep me from receiving wounds from the fire.

>Armor Degraded by one unit.

With that the beast flew away, the sounds of something being fired rang in my ear. I turned, watching as the bolt of light slammed into the Dragon’s rear with a satisfying crash. It did not however give blood, but I knew it was strong enough to hurt it.

With that everyone spread out, fanning out to avoid the being’s flames. My fellow Exorcists once again fired their respective firearms, but only a single shot from Irina’s Rifle seemed to do any affect.

The Dragon quickly came down, another strafe run as he blew fire above myself and Castiel. I watched as Castiel dodged out of the way from the flames, while I was once again baked in them. It must have been the blessing of God though, as the fires were put out by a combination of Heaven’s Protection and the Armor.

Once more Castiel’s enhanced bolt slammed into the drake, but unlike last time the beast did not adopt a strafe run. This time he spun around and landed before me, earth trambling under my feet.

[b]”If your armor will not succumb to my flame, it will succumb to my bite!”[/b]

Imagine the [b]...[/b] are bolded. I wanna figure out how to use formatting from another computer at some point.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Grenade in the mouth
Theres a Reason why people say keep your mouth shut
He opened his mouth to try and release a wave of fire upon me, but I quickly took the moment to aim Excalibur to within his mouth. It rocked the area about us, the sounds of the Dragon gasping was hint enough that I had scored a hit. I quickly fired another round directly into the beast, but it had bounced harmlessly off his hide.

”You will pay for that!”

Soon enough he went in for a bite, but I was luckily able to side step the attack.

“Bam” I looked over to the side to see Shirone using the mace she was given to hit the beast. Sadly though, the attack had bounced off the thick hide of the beast. As I was watching that occure however, I heard the sounds of something being cut. I quickly looked to see Xenovia was fighting the other wing with her Holy Sword Durandal.

Gunfire soon started raining down on top the beast as another spear of light made its way to him. The Dragon moved his body so the light would only impact the ground behind him, while the gunfire sadly went all over the place instead.

He went in for another bite with his jaws, but just as before I sidestepped the attack. But being an intelligent being, the beast quickly swung its head to slam into me! I was pushed back a good bit, the slight feeling something was injured came through my body.

Asia has gained 1 wound. Yeah. One.

I went on ahead and fired another pair of rounds into the beast along with everyone else. My explosions seemed to barely rock the beast as Xenovia seemed to score a great hit at the beast’s wings. He let out a small wail, but still had enough of a mind to dodge the incoming spear of light. The supporting gunfire that Irina was shooting soon came to an end however, as I heard a sharp click coming from her location.

With this the beast opened his wings, taking to the air once more.

>use dragonrend to bring him to the ground.
>turn excalibur into a shotgun and start to shoot him
Turn Excalibur into a rocket of sorts, using it to propel ourselves up over the dragon, and then turning Excalibur into a rocket hammer, using it to smash the dragon's head in.

I just hope we've seen enough media for this to actually warrant as an idea.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Rolled 73 (1d100)

The beast flew through the air, everyone scattering once again to prepare themselves for another onslaught. As the beast once more turned to fly down to hit us, I prepared myself.

I stepped forward, my voice burning in my chest as I roared towards the beast, “Joor Zah Frul!”

A wave of blue traveled towards the beast, but I watched in amazement as the beast quickly dodged to the left and avoided the shout. I heard a slight chuckle coming from the beast as he soon released his fire directly ontop of myself and Castiel once again.

While I was lucky enough to dodge the attack, Castiel was struck with the full brunt of the fire. As the beast left, everyone fired their weapons onto the beast, but only Xenovia was able to land a bullet.

“Is that what your voice is, let me show you mine!” The beast cried before swooping for another attack. Unlike before where fire came out of a purple wave, “Krii Lun Aus!”

I luckily managed to dodge the shout, but the shout still traveled through and encompassed both Castiel and Irina. Irina herself started coughing out a lung while Castiel still seemed stalwartly.

It gave a slight chuckle as he soon flew away for another straif run.


This has gone on for a little too long I think, what do you guys think?
It has kinda gon to long i mean you said low rolls are the best and then we rolled low as fuck and then the tactics we used were killing blows i mean hell mine should had been a oneshot finisher internal head shot damage?
Sorry, but all of those are unrealistic and silly Theres a reason you guys have damage values.
Its a holy Grenade made out of excaliber it should have done more damage than you had it do
i might have some thought bias in the way i say things
Well anyway
>Try to shoot it down with an Rpg?
I will admit you guys have not been criting much. also your highest damaging weapon is Excalibur in sword form.
Well the dragons not on the Ground now is it?
No, but a round of good hits would do so. Also, Roll!
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Rolled 35 (1d100)

Rolled 34 (1d100)

Rolled 67 (1d100)

I felt the wearing on my bones at the beast’s laughter. This battle has been going on for so long, that it has become worrying. I looked over to Irina, the glowing starting to become much more evident as we prepared ourselves for the next attack. For Castiel, he still kept his stalwart lookout but he seemed to be weakened.

With that I gripped Excalibur, quickly changing the weapon forms from a shotgun into a rocket launcher. As the beast took a turn and started its return towards us, I prepared the weapon on my shoulder and readied myself for its return. As soon as I could reasonably expect the beast to be within my sights, I braced myself.

”Oh Lord, strike this beast from the sky.”

With that I fired the rocket, the missile of grey and gold quickly making its way towards the beast. It tried to dodge my attack, but it was soon struck right in the wing by the rocket. It stumbled a good bit in the air. My eyes widened as I soon realized what was happening.

“He is coming down, everyone get out of the way!” I yelled at the top of my voice.

We all did so, just as the beast came down onto the ground. He left a trail behind himself, a large gorge into the earth. I watched however as the Dragon soon started to twitch, before he once more brought himself up.

Rolled 43 (1d100)

>Try to cut its head of now thats on the Ground
More Rolls!
Rolled 48, 12, 93 = 153 (3d100)

I rose Excalibur into the air, quickly transforming the weapon into its true form. With it now in hand I started to run towards the Dragon with a fury in my heart! I quickly looked to my side, seeing as Shirone and Xenovia had been quick to join me in my charge.

We covered ground, but we were not able to get there in time to take advantage of the Dragon’s state. As we were half way, the beast had risen from its prone state and faced us down. A small amount of fire crept about its mouth, ”Die! Yool Tull Shor!”

Fire was released in a wave against us, and none of us were truly able to dodge thanks to the charge. It was painful, the armor slightly creaking from the flames sheer damage. I was not deterred through, as I would slay this beast!

Asia has received 11 wounds, making her HP 21.

We broke through the flames, now directly in front of the beast itself. Shirone was the first to strike, two strikes from her mace made a nice size bruise on the creature’s leg. Xenovia went to strike the beast as well, but her attacks were disrupted as the Dragon flicked his wing at her.

I myself went right for the beings face, running at his face with a charge. He tried to hit me with his own head, but I used that to my advantage. With a nice sound I sliced Excalibur into the cheekbone.

With his voice still charging, the Dragon went for a bite on me. I stood strong though, using Excalibur to parry each of the attempts to bite me whole. Using the broad side of my blade, I hit the beast just right to force his head up.

“Lord give me strength!”

With a mighty cry I sliced into the beast’s neck, one of the cleanest cuts I have ever produced. It could not even give a death cry as the entire body recoiled into the air. Blood went everywhere, but I never felt it rain on my armor. Instead it all turned into a golden light. Within the next moment I experienced ecstasy as the Soul was consumed by my own.

Asia has gained a Dragon Soul

>Anything you wanna collect from the Dragon corpse?

>Approach Lair Cautiously
>Walk like ya own the place, because Asia just might.
>the corpse and everything on it Dragonbodys are valuable
>Walk like ya own the place, because Asia just might.
>Anything you wanna collect from the Dragon corpse?
I just now remembered the dragonplate armor.
>collect bones and scales from the dragon

>Walk like ya own the place, because Asia just might.
This is idea is too funny not to pick. I wanna see how Asia pulls it off.
I quickly walked over to the corpse of the fallen dragon, picking up the pieces of bone and scale from the being. As I did so I turned to see a curious Shirone looking at my work.

“What are you doing with that?” She asked innocently.

I shook my head with a little shame, “Well, I heard from my mentor about how valuable Dragon materials were. He even said you can make armor from it.”

The girl looked at it for a moment before nodding, “Than I help.”

She quickly made her way about the corpse, collecting a variety of bones that were hanging off the beast. Somehow we managed to get ourselves a small bag, to which I carried while Shirone quickly grabbed our prisoner again. As we began to walk I shined the girl a smile, “Thanks Shirone~”

She blushed for a moment before giving back a smile. It was a joyful one that you would see on young children, which looked right at home on the young girl’s face. It warmed up my heart.

With that we all made our way towards the lair of the killed Dragon, the feeling of my gut telling me my rights. I took front, walking into the place with purpose and bravery. It was a simple dome area, with scorch marks all across the surface. What I noticed most however was the massive deposit of blue ore on one of the walls and a small horde of loot near the center.

We followed Castiel to the wall, to which the Angel quickly produced a spear of light within his hand. With a few strikes the Angel removed a great amount of ore, much more than the 5 kilograms we were asked for.

Soon enough the others had gathered a few more things from the cave, as it seemed Irina had raided the rather small dragon horde. Within her hands she held a painting of some kind, a Holy man of sorts, maybe a Saint. Either way the girl hugged it with all her might.

“We have collected everything of value, correct?” Castiel asked while he got the ore into a nice pile.

Irina hugged the painting while I hefted the bag of bones, “I believe so Mr. Castiel.”

“Then get close.”

We did as we were told, soon the world lit up as we were transported away!
That will be it for this thread! I'll likely have the next one up by tomorrow night.
Thanks for running QM! This quest is a really fun one.
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