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Finding yourself a comfortable seat, you sit down and just take a nap while ignoring everyone around you trying to initiate a conversation.
Once people accept the fact that there is no way in hell they'll be able to get you to talk, they let you have your powernap while waiting for something interesting to happen.
Alas, the entire brackets fights just simply happen around you with nothing managing to rile you up from your loud snoring.

But eventually something worthy of your attention springs up when the announcer guy utters those familiar words you've been looking forward to.
A man who finished both his matches with a single punch facing off against the Slavic dynamite of destruction!
PLEASE! Give a big round of applause to Samuel Donohue and Dominika Becherovka!
I don't know about you folks! But I'm getting antsy just thinking about these two rising stars duke it out in the ring!

Well things are about to get interesting.
Two of your oldest, and for quite a long time your only, friends are about to duke it out in the ring.
And one of them is a powerhungry wizard while the other is a "newbie".
This.... could get very ugly.

>Go and see if you can "convince" Sam to cool his jets
>Give Dominika some pointers. Maybe that'll balance things out a bit
>Just sit back and watch the train crash
>Give Dominika some pointers. Maybe that'll balance things out a bit
>Give Dominika some pointers. Maybe that'll balance things out a bit
>Go and see if you can "convince" Sam to cool his jets
>Give Dominika some pointers. Maybe that'll balance things out a bit
>>Give Dominika some pointers. Maybe that'll balance things out a bit
Domi wins
"Well... I better do something about this-"
You exclaim and spring up while stretching your arms out.
Quickly making a little portal right then and there, you step through while scaring the living piss out of the other audience members.

Your target is Dominika who's currently squatting next to a wall and chugging the last bits of her vodka.
With a loud groan she sighs as she realizes you're there.
"Uuuuugh... what do you want?"

"Now now! Is this how you greet a friend?"

"Don't take it the wrong way Eric but every time you showed up recently, shit got either weird or complicated.
Sometimes both."

SItting down on the ground next to her you look up at the squatting girl.
"I just came to check on you.
How do you feel?"

I'm fucking scared... Sam's been... strange lately.
And I don't like his black magic mumbo jumbo either."

"I kinda agree.
Hence why I'm here."

Aren't you supposed to be impartial?"

But I can't exactly overlook such an unfair fight."

"Is it that bad?"

"You have no idea..."

She looks actually sullen.
"God what am I doing here?
I... I thought it was all just big fancy tricks you know.
That if I gave it my all I could compete. But here I am... trying to fight a fucking wizard...
This is bullshit."

Patting her on the shoulder you get her to look at you in surprise.
"Don't say that! You DO have a chance.
We just gotta increase it a bit!"


>Tell her to tap into her emotion and use them to amplify her ki. Maybe with a big enough bang she can knock Sam out
>Touch her and help Domi regulate her natural energy
>Go for the balls
>Touch her and help Domi regulate her natural energy


Remember that Sam is still Sam. Or maybe he's more Sam than he was before? In any case, he's still the person that Dom knew before, only his ego has swelled in accordance to his powerboost. He's pretty cocky and confident and may not be taking this as seriously as he should. If she can make him to get his guard down and then deliver a telling blow, it might be enough to knock him out.
>Tell her to tap into her emotion and use them to amplify her ki. Maybe with a big enough bang she can knock Sam out
>Touch her and help Domi regulate her natural energy
This, all the way. Our previous advice still stands, and the basics of basics on learning ki wouldn't hurt.
So the Kefla approach and some general commentary on Sams behavior

Time to start rollin'
Best of 4 as usual
DC: 10 Crit: 17

Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)

Well pased the base DC.
Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)

Rolled 10 (1d21)

Rolled 2 (1d21)

Well... It's not a fail at least

>Rolling for Dominika
Oh well she ran out of the good stuff last time she rolled.
File: ohwonderful.jpg (8 KB, 320x320)
8 KB

Domi, what are you even doing?
Rolled 2 (1d21)

No nat 1 plz
You recall doing a trick with a certain green girl that you think could prove useful this time as well.
Gently you start relinquishing some control over your ki and let it start flowing around you and into Dominikas body who reels back with a jolt going through her body.
"W-w-w-w-w-what are you doing?"

Just close your eyes.
Try to get a feel for it."
Reluctantly and with great nervousness she follows your instructions.
But even though she closed her eyes and tries her best you still feel her tension.
"Now... try to pull out your own-"


Let me finish my sentences."

Dominikas spirit grows and her white aura flares up. But calling it an aura is a gross exaggeration.
It's less of a roaring fire cladding her body in bio energy and more like a thin membrane barely managing to grow beyond her own skin.
Her inexperience is really apparent.
"L-Like this?"

You nod.
"Now try copying what I do."

You start calming yourself down with rhythmic breathing and focus your ki so it's perfectly contained.
While Dominika tries her darnedest, you continue extending her an additional helping hand... well... because even if you split her attention it's unlikely that she'll do much worse than she is now.
"Okay... While you're at it I want you to also think on this.
Remember that he's still Sam, maybe he's even more Sam than he was before.
In any case, he's still the guy you know inside and out! It's just that his ego and confidence are massively boosted! But his train of thought should be quite similar to what it once was.
Plus, he's overly cocky and confident now. He's clearly not taking this as seriously as she should. If you can make him drop his guard down... you could just knock him out in one blow! Got it?"

"Errrr... I guess.
And... this?"

"Just keep at it. Don't let it leak out!
This way... even if you can't One hit KO him, you can still outlast him!"

"R-Right... got it!"

In that moment you hear the announcer speak up, his voice echoing through the stadium as its amplified by the sound systems.
"Contestant Dominika! Are you ready?!"

"Oh shoot!
Gotta go! Thanks Eric!"

And she jumps up without missing a beat, her aura going out of control the second she separates from you...
Huh... whenever I try shitposting my IP gets banned.
But when I want to update it slips through.
What sort of meme magic is going on?
>And she jumps up without missing a beat, her aura going out of control the second she separates from you...

There must be some sort of visceral instinct to just have one's Ki just flow out of control while screaming at the top of one's lungs.

It's unfortunate that it's exactly the wrong thing to do.
She rushes out and runs up to the arena where Sam is already looking down condescendingly at his watchless wrist.
The announcer being a much nicer dude instead takes up his microphone and gets back to doing his job.
"AAAAAAND it looks like the audience won't be robbed of the spectacle after all!
Contestant Dominika! Are you ready to fight?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!"


But neither participant jumps at the opportunity just yet. Instead Dominika assumes her stance, guarding her head with one hand while readying the other.
Sam meanwhile just stands there with a smug look on his face, his hands firmly planted in his pockets.
"You sure you wanna do this?
You can still give up you know..."

"Can it Sam!
I'm gonna do this! Whether you like it or not!"

"It's not about me liking it...
I just wanna spare you Domi."

The slavic girl spits on the ground and begins bouncing in place.
"Keep your pity Sam! 'Cuz I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Domi then takes off, mustering what power she managed to unlock in such a little time and accelerating herself. Hoping, praying that it'll be enough.
It's not.
You, and everyone else in the audience, hear an audible "THUD" as she bounces off of... something.
Getting knocked on her ass she gets up in her confused state and starts acting like a mime, tapping an invisible wall.
And you frown.

The wall she's touching may be hard to see but it's definitely there. A transparent sheet of energy forming a magical barrier of sorts.
It's width is the entire length of the arena, its height is much greater than any normal person could jump over. And you have a sneaking suspicion he can make it as tall as he needs it to be. Maybe even curve it around to form a ball.
Looks like Sam does NOT give a damn about fair play.

Your friend shrugs in a comical fashion and pulls his beanie over his own eyes.
"Sorry Domi... But I'm not planning on loosing.
That prize is mine!"
Your eardrums begin popping and a strange crackling sound can be heard throughout the stadium.

>Stay silent
Well... it WAS supposed to be an incredibly difficult thing to do.
Both fighting every fiber in your being to do the opposite of what they want AND the mental blocks that all say "Don't hold back that's stupid!"
It took Goku and Vegeta training from Whis to do it. And while they are Saiyans, humans are still very base and instinctual beings.

Eric is just a fucking Prodigy who managed to do it on the first try.
So say the Dice gods
And speaking of fighting instincts...

Roll another dice
Best of 4
DC: 15; no crit
Rolled 21 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)

Can we tell her to dodge telepathically?
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Rolled 5 (1d21)

Rolled 11, 1, 2, 19 = 33 (4d21)

That's exactly what the roll is for
And good job on the crit

>writing and rolling for Dominika
19 not bad.
You quickly reach for your temple and project your thoughts directly into Domis mind, bypassing the "no backseating" rule entirely.
Normally you wouldn't cheat like this but Sam is going too far this time! He could seriously injure, or Gods forbid kill her!

Your words reach her clear as day and it seems she was already poised to act as she hops away with barely any reaction time.
Just as she moves out of the way an arc of electricity strikes the ground where she was standing but a moment ago. It doesn't leave a mark, not a singe or any sign of melting but it was still a genuine bolt of fucking lightning!
Domi looks dumbstruck as she processes what she just did.

But unfortunately she can't afford to slack off so you give her another mental nudge.

She dodges and rolls to the side as bursts of cone shaped electricity erupt right next to her.
Her ears are ringing, her eyes are hurting but over all she's fine. Looking up she tries to figure out just what the hell is going on but to no avail.
Meanwhile Sam is frowning more and more as his plan keeps failing.
"You got good reflexes Domi..."

She's understandably pissed.

"Oh please! You'll hardly even feel it!
I just need you to convulse a bit so I can knock you out. It's not even 10 milliamps!"


"You know... the more you keep dodging and resisting the worse it'll be when it eventually hits.
Just let it happen and it'll be quick!"

Sam keeps his hands pocketed, no doubt making some sort of concealed hang signals to control his magical energies.
And his plan is to hit Domi with electricity, since this time he can't just break her in one hit with his roughly equal level of ki.
But this... this just feels bad. Literally every other fighter in the tournament at least makes an attempt at fair play! But he's just toying with Domi at this point while he's sitting behind an impenetrable barrier.

Not letting go of your head, you get ready to convey more warnings to Dominika but it seems like further assistance is unneeded.
She wizened up to Sams douchebaggery and her instincts kicked into high gear. As much as a faint noise is enough to set her off and make her dodge.
Good. That's one problem down.

However... Sam might be trying to tire her out.
If she doesn't go on the offensive soon you're afraid she won't be able to at all.

>Let's even things out just a bit... (Continue assisting her)
>Fuck with Sam. See how he likes it!
>It's up to her now
>>Let's even things out just a bit... (Continue assisting her)
>Let's even things out just a bit... (Continue assisting her)

I know subjective but the barier is cheep as heck.
>Let's even things out just a bit... (Continue assisting her)
>Fuck with Sam. See how he likes it!
“Hey Buu, you probably like pranks, right? Think we can make our friend here ‘accidentally’ zap himself with his own spell without making it obvious?”

By the way, wasn’t playing fair supposed to be one of the conditions for Sam to get the money? Or did we never actually say that? Not that I wouldn’t believe he’d give up the cash for a chance to knock Domi out...
>>Fuck with Sam. See how he likes it!

I'll second this: >>3905837
Okay bros Im home.
Just give me a minute I reset my router.
Hopefully thatll get me a new IP
Bad news.
Didnt work. Got any ideas?
In the meantime Ill get to

And uuuuh roll to fuck with Sam
Best of 4
dc8 crit 16
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Birdrobot, lend me your power!
Rolled 11 (1d21)


Maybe a VPN would work?
Rolled 19 (1d21)

Rolled 20 (1d21)

Rolled 18 (1d21)

sam ain't shit
You've decided what's enough is enough.
That barrier in particular is a very dickish move and as such you can't condone it. Cheesing a match shouldn't be allowed in the tournament!
But this frustration born out of Sams douchebaggery gave birth to quite a good idea in your head.
While Sam is busy laughing like an idiot at his own strategy and Domi is preoccupied by dodging you speak up.

Suddenly a chibi featureless floating head of Buu appears next to you like a demented fairy.


"You like pranks right?"
You start scratching the underside of his chin, making the little demon purr.
"Well... I got someone for you. And I won't even get mad if you do anything to him."


"Hmmmm... what indeed."
An idea pops into your head and makes your mouth curl into a smile.
"Now that'd be poetic... Buu!
Can you make him get hit by his own lightning?"


"I knew you'd like it.
Go on. I'm not looking!"
Turning around you clasp your hands around your eyes but still pay attention with your other senses.
Buu takes this opportunity to cackle a bit in his high pitched voice and makes a clicking noise with his mouth.

And just like that you hear it happen.
The same crackling sound Sams little spell's been creating, the same sound one can hear just before a lightning strike in the area.
Except this time it sounds strange and distorted, like someone purposefully playing a violin wrong.
This phenomenon is then followed by an audible scream from Sam and a loud gasp from the audience.

The lightning meant for Sam changed direction drastically, careening towards Sam and shattering his barrier as if it was made of glass.
His own bolt then struck and electrocuted your friend, making him spasm uncontrollably and even frothing at the mouth a little.
Soon the effect ends and he's left with his muscles convulsing and him falling down onto his knee.
Panting in pain he kneels before Domi while drooling on the ground.

*pant* *pant*
"That's why you don't play with fire you super retard!
'Cuz you burn yourself!"
He who does it for free... actually lifted my ban?
Thank you based mod!
when sam asks us if we did it we should put a hand to our chin and ponder the question for a second then state it probably happened because of what he did earlier
The best part is that buu did it, so he won't find out even if he uses a spell to see if we are lying/trolling.
We could amp the troll even more by saying that magic is alive/semisentient and doesn't like assholes, so it fucks with them by making their spells backfire or guiding the huge, angry barbarian with the only weapon that can kill them to their living room.
I’m half expecting it to turn out that Sam was never actually trying to hit Domi with his lightning spell and just wanted to wear her out for an easy win, but he still deserves it for being an asshat.
Oh he fully intended to hit her.
Wearing her out was the backup plan
...man, our Earth friends are assholes.
Sam remains on his knees and keeps jittering while Dominika just stands there glaring daggers at him.
Unlike Sam who seemed perfectly fine with kicking her off the ring were she in this exact same situation Domi is perfectly fine with waiting for him to get back up on his feet.
With his legs still shaking he forces himself to stand up while Dominika mocks him.

"Low wattage huh?
Guess it still managed to fuck you very well. Need a smoke?"

"N-No... but if you could give me a handy I'd appreciate that...
Got my dick hurts... I don't even know if it's flaccid or erect anymore."

"So what happened?"

"B-Beats me.
N-N-N-Never backfired like that b-b-b-before."

"Need a minute?"

At that moment the announcer steps in, concerned for the safety of the contenders.
"Erm... I don't mean to interrupt you but are you alright?
Do you wish to continue?"

Sam nods.
"I fucked up... So now you get to exploit it Domi..."

Just don't scream at me to stop!"

Finally the two of them actually have a go at it, with Sam withdrawing his hands and focusing his ki so his aura flares up and protects his body while Domi does the same but in a much more reserved fashion.
Despite not being too receptive to your teachings, you still managed to pass something onto her. Convenient.
But with the little obstruction that was Sams ego out of the way you got yourself a pretty exciting match to look forward to.

However... there is still a chance that Sam will return to his dickery once he recovers from his shock.
>Tell Buu to... keep an eye on him
>Nah. You interfered enough
>>Nah. You interfered enough
>Nah. You interfered enough

as long as he doesn't do anything to dickish i think that's enough from us/buu
>Nah. You interfered enough
Rolled 20, 17, 12, 20 + 2 = 71 (4d21 + 2)

A'ight then.
No interference

And... I'd make you vote who you wanna roll for but let's keep it simple and say you roll for domi and I roll for sam
Higher wins. Best of 4

That was a -!
Not a +!
Rolled 12 (1d21)

Rolled 14 (1d21)


Damn, Sam's doing pretty well even after getting shocked. But he did have a pretty good head start with the Ki teaching.
Rolled 3 (1d21)

Wew, thats quite difficult. Doesn't matter, I want Sam to win anyways. Not that I want Domi's granny to die, mind you.
Also, you have to put +- for it to be a -
Rolled 6 (1d21)

Well that's dumb

Also holy piss... even with the -2 he's still winning
18 v 14 atleast the difrence is not big enough for a single sided stomp.
Rolled 17 (1d21)

This roll is for the strength of Sam's one-eyed monster.
Let us hope its prison can contain it.
File: damn straight.png (1.25 MB, 2880x2560)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
You decide to sit back and enjoy the show as is.
The whole purpose of your meddling was to be an equalizer in this rather one sided match.
And you succeeded. Although if Sam keeps up his dickishness... No. You've done enough.
It's sad but you must also moderate yourself and refrain from Palpatineing things too hard.
Somehow you just know it wouldn't do good to your mental health if you started manipulating things from the shadows.
But now that's enough talk about that. It's time to focus on what really matters.

The two humans finally start fighting each other like they should've at the beginning.
Though the strength gap between them is quite substantial their differing experiences are readily apparent.
Sam knows the inner workings of Ki and how to utilize it... But Dominika knows how to fight and knows how to fight well.

Using his advantage Sam high tails it and tries to gain as much distance between himself and his opponent, all the while bombarding the unfortunate girl with as many ki blasts as he can muster.
At the same time Domi tries her best to close said gap and to avoid or deflect Sams bullshit with what little she knows of ki manipulation.
The deluge of blasts almost overwhelms her but by raising her ki guard she manages to swat most of them away harmlessly.
And already your advice to the girl are paying off, her energy reserves are depleting far slower than Sam who's spending his energy oh so inconsiderably.

Brute forcing her way through the onslaught, Domi suffers quite a bit of damage as she resorts to her usual method of "weather the blows and hope you come out on top".
Although in this situation it might be working for her favor as she finally clears the wall of ki in front of her and manages to scare the living shit out of Sam as she gets into punching distance.
In fact, Samuel seems so shocked by this development that his aura seems to suffer for it as Domi punches right through it and lands a rather heavy blow.
The blow on Sams cheek is so loud it makes even the most seasoned of veterans cringe in pain as they imagine what kind of damage such impact would do. And judging by how groggy the lad is right now, they are not far off with their fantasies.
There's only one person in the entire arena who seems to genuinely not care about the thunderous strike and it's the one that delivered it.
Seizing the momentum Dominika pulled her fist back only to drive the other one in its place, further brutalizing Sam and his now less than delicate cheek bones.

Like a blood crazed beast the girl continues to pound away at her opponent, eventually managing to get above him as her momentum and her subconscious flight takes her into the air.
Now sandwiched between a screaming pretend-russian chick and the concrete below he gets to enjoy a rather rough massage therapy as his friend goes to town.

She screams as she starts tapping into some of her latent power thanks to her heightened emotions.
Her energy levels rise and the barrage she unleashed creates a great upheaval as a great chunk of the arena gets ground into dust and sent into the air.
Suffice to say the audience is taken back by this. This display of power is easily the greatest they've seen so far...
But nothing lasts forever.

From the cloud of dust a hand emerges, wreathed in blue energy which neatly clashes against Domis white.
A light pierces the obscuring mist of finely powdered concrete as Sam charges up a yellow ki blast in his hand and rams it into Dominikas gut with full force before firing it.
The blast carries the girl into the sky and lifts her up quite a way before detonating and unleashing more kinetic energy in that one moment than she did her entire barrage.

Now her skin singed and clothes tattered she falls down towards the hard ground before Sam jumps in and breaks her fall.
Gently snatching her up and setting her down he looks at his friend with an... almost pained smile.
The girl looks back at him and manages to chuckle a little before she's hit by a coughing fit.
"Damn... I didn't realize it'd hurt this much like a bitch..."

"You okay?"

"Yea... Sure feels better loosing in a straight up fight rather to bullshit."

"Sorry I-
I didn't mean-"
Sam pauses.
"Look I didn't want to hurt you."

"Uh-huh. I get that now...
Y'know even when Eric kept telling me it ain't so, I always thought these are just... cheap tricks.
You don't really believe it until you feel the punch first hand.

"Hey hey! You okay?"

"Yeah. I am... I just don't want to ask you or Eric for a loan..."

"Heh... We'll figure something out."
Sam then looks up at the announcer and starts shouting.
"HEY REF! She surrenders!"
Aaaaand this is where I'll be ending things.
I'm getting kinda tired

I hope you enjoyed this little return to form.
Because if you did boy I got some good news!
Basically after all that bullshit I got basically this entire month filled with my regular shifts.
Meaning I'll be able to run semi constantly!

So I'll see you guys next time, in about 4 days

Thanks for running, Nega-Som!
File: D4mY6OpX4AAJ0b1.jpg (32 KB, 530x561)
32 KB
I almost want Domi to say “Who said I’m giving up?” And blast him point blank as payback.
Also because she didn’t actually say it herself, foolish Sam.
If she didnt get fucked up by that attack she would.
However Sam did manage to fuck her up pretty well and he knows it
File: 1540501694614.jpg (215 KB, 960x958)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Well, she might be really fucked up and not able to put nearly as much force behind it as normal...
But if his guard is down and if she chooses the right spot to hit, like a nutshot...then it just might work.
Destroy Sam's future children for the sake of grandma!
We're just gonna have to assume Dom paid attention as to how Sam does his magic and has a plan to take this to where he doesn't actually have any experience; the ground.
I swear grappling doesn't exist when you get your ki up for some reason.
It probably has something to do with being choked.
Focusing is quite hard during the panic of strangulation
A-Am I loosing my mind?
I was catching up with fucking Heroes of all things because... well, I'm contractually obligated to and... I was enjoying it?
How come the Goku, Hearts fight was better than it had any right to be?!
Because as stupid as some of it is, and especially its' execution, it still has really cool ideas and a lot of fanservice? Kinda like GT that way, only moreso.
I guess but I didn't mean it like that.
It had... actual production quality! Like fluid animations and shit!
And the scene where Goku grinds against a wall and digs his fingers into its wall as he flies past it? Pure kino
Huh, I might have to take a look. I wasn't even aware Heroes was more than some card or video game with some nice animations. Like those shity pachinko machines that have really nice original animation for their themed source material.
It's a shitty tie-in for the Gacha game
All episodes are on youtube. They are very short and aren't many of them.
Though you might cringe so hard you stop before getting to the good part
If the animation/fighting is good enough I can probably turn my brain enough long enough to enjoy them. Maybe.
*brain off
Dicks are so cute omg( •ω• ) when you hold one in your hand and it starts twitching its like its nuzzling you(/ω\) or when they perk up and look at you like" owo nya? :3c" hehe ~ penis-kun is happy to see me!!(^ワ^) and the most adorable thing ever is when sperm-sama comes out but theyre rlly shy so u have to work hard!!(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑) but when penis-kun and sperm-sama meet and theyre blushing and all like "uwaaa~!" (ノ´ヮ´)ノ: ・゚hehehe~penis-kun is so adorable (●´Д`●)・
File: Z (23).jpg (65 KB, 759x427)
65 KB
File: ECNFhBIW4AAIua9.jpg (61 KB, 540x800)
61 KB
Thank you for this art
This is why Zamasu did nothing wrong...
Anyway, I'd like to confirm that just as I promised we'll continue with the thread tomorrow
With finally an Eric match!
Get some sleep Caulifla you're drunk.
File: 1561003500861.jpg (100 KB, 665x786)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
(You) win anon, you got em. You got em all.
Rolled 5, 18, 15, 8 = 46 (4d21)

The nervous guy with the sunglasses walks up to the stage after carefully checking whether or not he'll die the moment he sets foot in the ring.
Slowly looking over the pair he raises his mic and starts mumbling into it.
"U-Ummm sir?
You can not surrender for your opponent.
Best I can do is start counting if you pin her against the ground..."

Sam understands and nods before turning his attention to Dominika.
"Well? Shall we?"

"B-Before we do it Sam... could you do me a favor?"

Slowly the tired and pained girl raises her hand to Sams cheek and begins stroking it. Needless to say Sam doesn't take that well.
"D-D-D-Domi! What are you-"

Pulling herself up she closes in on Sam and puckers up her lips.
"Come on... Just a consolation prize?"

Now both flustered and overly confident, Sam puts up an act you'd expect from an obese neckbeard trying to convince himself how much of a gentleman he is, while simply ending up looking like a total creep.
It appears that even the announcer is taken back by this as he raises his microphone to comment on what's about to transpire.


Raising her other hand as well Dominika grabbed Sams other cheek and tightened her grips simultaneously before headbutting him as hard as she could.
Having his lights knocked out Sam stumbled backwards, dropping Domi on the ground who wastes no time landing on her feet and jumping up so she could wrap her thighs around Sams neck.
To his credit Sam manages to gather himself before toppling over and stands his ground, unfortunately his screams are still muffled by the ever tightening legs of his roommate.

The lads eyes start rolling back into his skull as he's deprived of blood and oxygen.
With the last remnants of his willpower he starts gathering his magic and the air begins to crackle once more.

Well that turned around rather quick!
But it's not like Sam didn't have it coming.
He got careless and overly cocky... Still, if he looses that'll be more than a little blow to his ego.

>Start cheering him on as well. Best not pick any sides
>Stay silent
>Laugh at his dumb ass
>Laugh at his dumb ass
>Start cheering him on as well. Best not pick any sides
>>Laugh at his dumb ass
Oh my god that is fucking hilarious. SUBARASHI Domi-San!
Good old fashioned schadenfreude
Now... lets roll

Best of 4
Dc 19, No crit
A success in this position is critical
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 13 (1d21)

Rolled 12 (1d21)

is everyone else ded?
Rolled 12 (1d21)

This entire situation is simply amazing! You can't help but laugh yourself off as you imagine Sam loosing to such an obvious bait and it turned out to be so loud you started worrying whether or not he could hear you.
At the same time, the announcer also steps up his game and starts adding further fuel to the embarrassment fire.

In a SHOCKING turn of events young Dominika managed to completely turn this around!
She got him pinned in a most vulnerable position! It even appears that his balance is about to fail him!

Sam mumbles into the crotch of Domi whose iron hold keeps getting worse and worse as proven by the increasingly discolored head of the stoner.

Raising his hand he tries to wrestle the girl off so he could finally breathe once more but Dominika has other ideas.
She leans forward and tries to find any leverage on Sams back, gripping his shirt and scraping his skin. At the same time her fidgeting is making Sams job of standing on the ground increasingly difficult.
But be that as it may, Sam knows that no matter what happens he must keep standing if he wants to have ANY chance of coming out on top.
Should he falter and collapse Domi would surely be all over him and get him into an even worse hold.
So no. As bad as the current situation is he must remain standing!

Raising his hands he gropes Dominikas muscular thighs and after getting a good squeeze begins lifting her up.
The girls legs clamp down on him even harder than before, like a beartrap when its prey starts wiggling in an effort to escape.
Now sweating and grunting the girl begins taunting her opponent in the hopes of breaking his spirit.

But her words only manage to ignite a fire in the lads eyes as his spirit begins to burn stronger and stronger.
Gaining a little room he finally has enough room to breathe but his veins still remain starved for blood.
But I WoRKed my ASS OFF For the pasT *grunt* WEEKS!
Taking a deep breath Sam unleashes all of his Ki at once which results in his blue aura enveloping both him and Dominika at the same time.
That single moment is all he needed to collect himself and now he's back in control. Using his enhanced strength the slav girls legs are spread apart, giving Sam some much needed relief.
Needless to say the girl tries to counter with her own energy but even when compared to Sams rather "lacking" ki reserves her power is quite insubstantial.

With relative ease Sam starts lifting her up and begins scolding her, his last bit of compassion towards his opponent now gone.
"You... called us faggots! YOU thought we were just messing around!

And with a final slam dunk Dominikas back hits the arena so hard it leaves a dent in the ground when she bounces back up.
But even with the concrete cracking under her, Dominikas eyes still have some fight in them. Unfortunately for her, Sam doesn't take any chances now.
Elbow dropping on her stomach the guy pins her to the ground in a rather... compromising position but it does get the Judges attention.
The announcer guy is forced to start counting down and once he hits the magical 10 he declares Sam the winner.

"L-Ladies and Gentlemen!
It appears that Mister Donohue WINS WITH A COUNTDOWN!
He then presses a switch on his microphone and starts calmly talking into it.
"C-Can we also get some paramedics please? I think I see... blood-"
He then begins retching as Sam makes his way out of the arena.

Not wanting to miss out on this you make sure to "get in his way" and lean against a wall as he walks by.
He looks at you in between gasps.
"Drama queen..."

"Well... It's not like I'm the only one who can appreciate some fine cheese..."

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for your match instead of busting my balls?"

>You're right. (Leave)
>I just wanted to congratulate you
>This was all your fault. You do realize that, right?
>This was all your fault. You do realize that, right?
>>This was all your fault. You do realize that, right?
Like, if Sam keeps using his power to fuck with normies like that, we're going to have to beat some sense into him. Friend or not that shit don't fly once your using Ki.
>This was all your fault. You do realize that, right?
Sloooooow day
You look Sam dead in the eye and speak up, completely ignoring what he just asked.
"That was all your fault. You do realize that, right?"

"Oh really?
Just because I believed Domi I'm somehow shit now?"

"Are you this dense?
You've been practically nothing but using and abusing your gifts...
You toyed around with Domi both in and outside your match. And that shit you pulled with the barrier?
Outright disgusting."

His eyes narrow on you and his forehead begins to wrinkle up.
"A win is a win-"

"Is it now?"
You cross your arms and walk in front of Sam to stare him down.
"And how would you like if somebody else did the exact same thing to you? Bet you'd have plenty to complain about then!"
He looks like he's about to say something but either he can't or doesn't want to say anything, so he just scowls at you.
"Remember that you got Ki now. And great power means great responsibility, NOT tomfoolery!"

"Sure... sure... keep the spider-man quotes to yourself bub-"

"And you cut it out with trying to sound like wolverine.
It only makes you look more like a manlet..."
Uncrossing your arms you walk past him and make your way to prepare for your match.
But just before leaving you give him a final comment over your shoulder.
"Oh and I don't know much about it but I heard magic is sentient. And if you keep acting like a cunt it's prone to backfire on your ass.
Just a thing to keep in mind..."

Though you can't quite see his expression you can sense his turmoil from the ripples in his energy. Either you managed to genuinely unnerve him or he might be suspecting you were responsible for that foul play earlier.
Both possibilities are acceptable. Especially if you do end up fighting him in the finals.
Or if you make Kamin or Oren beat some humility into him, just the way he seems to enjoy doing it to others.
Making sure your mask is affixed to your face properly as a last minute preparation, you finally make your way out to what might be the first actual fight you get to participate in. Finally.
The crowd lets out a standing ovation as you enter the stage, completely overshadowing the presence of Bao who already awaits you.
Poor people don't even realize that he probably deserves their adoration just as much as you do, simply because he got to where he is without any crutches.
But this doesn't seem to bother him too much, a perk of being a Buddhist you assume.


"Ah. Greetings."
He puts his hands together in a prayer and bows to you.

Being respectful you return the courtesy and give him a slight bow.
"It's good to see you haven't given up."

"Wouldn't dream of it.
Not before I get to experience the realm from which you've come."

You let out a smirk under your mask, which obviously escapes the attention of the monk.
"Well I'd be happy to oblige...
However I'm afraid I'll need some... convincing before I indulge you."

"I'll try my best to not disappoint!"

As you have this little exchange the announcer patiently waits for you to finish before he lets out a little sigh and brings up his microphone.

Reaching for his left shoulder Bao starts undoing some of his attire, making the top-most crimson layer fall off of him.
Clearly the thing was designed so he could easily get it off of him should it prove too inhibiting.
After neatly folding it up he walks over to the announcer and hands his bundle over.
"Please put it somewhere safe."

But this is good.
Looks like he intends to fight seriously.

"I'm ready."
He speaks up before bowing once more.

This may be fun..."
Stretching your legs for a few moments before jumping, you strike a pose as you land and transition via a flourish of moves into your fighting stance.

"Then... without further ado...

>Keep things at a bare simmer. A warm-up with purely martial arts should be good.
>He wants to see power right? Show him some
>Stay defensive, let's see what he's got
>>Keep things at a bare simmer. A warm-up with purely martial arts should be good.
>Keep things at a bare simmer. A warm-up with purely martial arts should be good.
>>Stay defensive, let's see what he's got
>Keep things at a bare simmer. A warm-up with purely martial arts should be good.
Pretty run of the mill stuff.
No powers fornow
Time to roll the dice!

Best of 4
Dc 10 Crit20

Im on my way home now do once I get back Ill get to writing
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 15 (1d21)

we must make Vados Sensei Proud!
Rolled 4 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Okay guys I'm back.
And I see the day wasn't saved at the last minute.
Still, it's a pass which we should be thankful for

Though the bell has officially been rung neither of you jumps on the occasion immediately, instead opting to circle around the arena while carefully analyzing the stance of the other.
This sizing up lasts for about two minutes and in it you realize just how seasoned this Bao guy is. Reacting to even the slightest twitch from you, not out of instinct but consciously readying himself to anything you could dish out.
What's more... that strange, "fuzzy" or "buzzing" sensation you felt from him is entirely gone, making you question whether it was there in the first place.
Finally having enough of the foreplay yo speak up from under your mask.

"Let's go..."


Deciding to be the instigator you start running towards Bao and only slowing down once you're within punching range.
And good thing too because judging by his initial stance he looked like he was ready to grab your running punch and use it to toss your ass to the ground.
Starting off with a rising uppercut you watch as the monk raises his open palm and using it to gently redirect your punch by slightly pushing against the length of your arm.
Similarly, he counters with a palm thrust of all thing, aiming to hit your forehead with the base of his hand.

But despite having your energy level at absolute zero, there is still a little problem which makes this fight... shall we say, not fair?
Your experience fighting at levels way beyond a normal humans allowed you to acclimate those speeds. Meaning that right now Baos movements feel as if he's fighting you while submerged in water... or honey.
So dodging his simple attack takes very little effort, you don't even need your hands to redirect him.

As one hand moves past your head and its long, baggy sleeve moves out of the way you spot the second incoming hand.
Bending 90 degrees backwards you barely manage to duck under the second strike and only manage to not fall on your back by doing a little handstand followed by a backflips.
Doing a few more backwards somersaults you gain some distance from him and start chuckling.
"Not bad... You almost scared me there!"

He gives you a smug smile.

"Okay, I got cocky.
Won't happen again!"
The two of you get back at it but this time you get a bit more serious and not allow him to make a mockery of you.
Shifting from powerful single strikes to rapid combination attacks you begin assaulting him from a variety of angles with both punches and kicks.
By the time he manages to block, parry or otherwise misdirect one attack the second is already there, and the third, and the fourth...

When a right hook misses you crouch down and do a legsweep with your right foot.
Bao jumps over it and then finds you throwing a shoulder tackle with your left side. He somehow manages to maneuver mid air and with a little assistance from his hands, he manages to leap frog over you.
This is when your turn comes back around so the same right hook comes back for a second try, this time accompanied by a left straight aimed at his guts.
Once again he deftly avoids your attacks but he's so focused on defense that he has no chance of counter attacking.

You keep up this barrage, hoping it'll finally net you some results but judging by what Bao does next you aren't so sure anymore.
"You are very talented-"
He speaks up while continuing to negate your attacks.
"but your form needs refinement. Tell me, how long have you been a martial artist?"

You snicker as you throw another haymaker that misses.
"Less than a year."

"Oh my..."
He smiles.
"At least that explains why you're so inexperienced as a martial artist.
Don't get me wrong, you are a talented fighter. But you lack discipline..."

"Martial arts have their place. But in a fight?
Rules only hold you BACK!"

With a simple twitch of his neck Bao avoids your rage filled punch and returns to a neutral position, lowering his guard.
"Do I appear to be held back?"

>Okay... What are you getting at?
>We'll see in a moment. (Get into high gear)
>Yes (Continue as is)
>>Yes (Continue as is)
>Okay... What are you getting at?
>>Okay... What are you getting at?
>Okay... What are you getting at?
>>Okay... What are you getting at?
>>Okay... What are you getting at?
>Okay... What are you getting at?
Well well well.
Welcome back y'all

Against your better judgment you lower your guard a little, but after what happened to Sam you admittedly have some trust issues.
"Okay... what are you getting at?"

"What are martial arts to you?"

You don't really answer because you have a good idea where he might be heading with this.

"Martial arts are not about fighting. The purpose of the punches and kicks are to defend oneself.
But beyond that the purpose of the arts is to improve yourself in both body and spirit.
In short... martial arts are a way of life, a state of mind."

"Yes. I know that.
More than you may think.
But I still don't understand what you're getting at!"

Finally Bao shuts his eyes and begins to undo the "shirt" part of his robes, revealing a body build with rigorous training over the course of decades.
Revealing his body like that he continues with his eyes still unopened.
"I believe you... however you still fail to grasp the underlying truth.
It's okay. I'll show you instead. I know some people learn better through examples."


Performing some sort of a kata, Bao flexes his muscles as he prepares himself. At the same time his breathing becomes... irregular, controlled and focused.
With each contraction of his muscles the energy held captive within his body is slowly allowed to leak, revealing that same strange feeling you felt coming from him the last time.
The air becomes charged around him as it begins to get filled with that strange energy you can only describe as "TV static".
But this time, since its unrestrained it's honestly pretty scary. Especially when you start feeling hot and begin sweating.

Finally done with his preparations Bao opens his eyes and gestures for you to come at him.
"There... Please.
Come at me as you wish."
When he's done saying that the energy you've been feeling up until now finally becomes visible to the naked eye.
It's Ki but... unlike any you've seen before. It ripples, ebbs and flows yet it feel coarse, as if it's grinding against the air on contact.

You can't help but feel anxious.
This is... new.

>Roll the dice
Best of 4
>DC: 16 Crit : 20
Rolled 10 (1d21)

Rolled 17 (1d21)

Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 3 (1d21)


Guess mediocre rolls are the name of the game today.
Still... at least there are no failures
Rolled 15 (1d21)

You're not sure what to make of this. But just looking at it is making your skin crawl.
As if some part of your body instinctually knows that this is dangerous and wants you to run away.
But it goes to show how far you've fallen down the Saiyan rabbit hole when that's simply making you excited.

Cracking your knuckles you look at Bao.
"Don't mind if I do!"
And since he pretty openly invited you to come at him... you see no point in pulling your punch either!

You start using your energy as well and fly at your opponent with another punch wound up. This time its speed alone should be enough to teach this man a lesson...
Without restraint you attack Bao and mentally ready yourself to pull back in the last instance just so you don't accidentally kill him on impact.
But... it turns out your fears were unfounded as with one fluid motion the Buddhist monk simply slides past your attack.


You can't believe your own eyes.
His eyes didn't even twitch, he didn't react what so ever. It's evident just by looking at his clouded eyes that Bao in fact didn't even SEE your attack coming.
Yet he managed to avoid it somehow. And now he's preparing to counter you with a palm thrust to your gut.
However whatever spirit is possessing him now its influence doesn't extend that far, as his attack is still the same as it was before. Even its strength is relatively the same. If it did increase it only did so marginally.
So you don't have trouble avoiding it either.

But when it comes to countering him for his foolish little attack, yours fails spectacularly once more.
Bao dodges your lightning fast kick as if it was nothing. In fact he barely even broke a sweat doing it.
Just what in the name of Champas BALLS is going on?!

Looking at the monk you see his lips trembling. He's reciting some sort of mantra to himself so he's not going to talk much.
And judging by his eyes he's barely even present in the fight anyway. So having a conversation is out of the picture.
Even so... you got a pretty decent idea of what's going on. He entered some sort of a heightened state of awareness.
And if you take his previous comments into consideration it's one attained through rigorous martial arts training.

>Let's see how he can react to TIME!
>You NEED to see how far he can push this! Go full physical!
>Time to overwhelm him with ranged attacks!
>You NEED to see how far he can push this! Go full physical!
>>You NEED to see how far he can push this! Go full physical!
Wasn't this guy blind?
He can "technically" see a persons ki
>>You NEED to see how far he can push this! Go full physical!
but I also fucking forgot. It's been a while
>>You NEED to see how far he can push this! Go full physical!

yup he must have really honed his other senses
Well... going physical it is

And you know what's coming
Best of 4

DC: 17 Crit: 20
Rolled 12 (1d21)

Oh shit I missed the run
Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 16 (1d21)

Zeno bless this roll
Rolled 9 (1d21)

make room
File: EIfVWkQXkAM4OVd.jpg (38 KB, 640x513)
38 KB
oh boy
ah shit does he have proto-ultra instinct?

As you begin to focus and your purple aura becomes visible as well the Saiyans stand up and start releasing their own energy as to cushion the audience from anything that might "slip through the cracks".
When taking off the concrete floor under your feet cracks from the explosive start and chunks of it start flying around like dust in the wind.
Accompanied by a vicious scream you charge the monk with the clear intent of hurting him.

But when it actually comes to fighting him it doesn't seem to work out so well.
No matter the clearly visible gap of power between the two of you, nor the difference in speed, Bao continues to dance around your blows so elegantly and fluidly, your fight looks like an elaborately choreographed play rather than a duel.
Each one of your missing blows sends out a shockwave powerful enough to obliterate chunks of the stadium, turning them into dust and eventually making their way to the barrier you erected with the help of Sam.
As suspected it's not actually strong enough to hold up against such a force but it's sufficient when it comes to catching most of the blast while the Saiyans handle the rest.

Frustrated, you start ramping up the speed even more and now the entire stadium is feeling the vibrations.
Lamps and various electric equipment start malfunctioning and eventually breaking down. The walls and the roof shake until small shards of them fly off and hit the unsuspecting audience members.
But your enemy couldn't care less about it.

Not once does he come even close to getting hit.
Sure, your hits might graze him here or there but to call them damage when the alternative would be enough to outright kill him? That's a bit too much,.
You're not sure how long he can keep this up but judging by his unchanging appearance, you'd say quite a while.
All in all the situation is rather... bleak.
But just as you start thinking this might bog down as you try to wear the other out, something happens.
As you throw a careless punch Bao finally has a chance to capitalize on your mistake. Raising his forearm he swats your punch aside before twirling around and spin kicking you in the stomach.
It seemed like he faltered for a second before striking and his attack felt much weaker than what you expected but it was still enough to knock you back several feet, even if the damage was superfluous.
Unfortunately as you fly backwards he seems to throw several punches aimed at the exact same spot, each firing off extremely focused shockwaves in a straight line and each one hitting you in the same spot.

Clenching your gut and coughing violently you size up the monk, trying desperately to discern what the FUCK is going on.
He's clearly reacting to your punches but at his level he shouldn't even be capable of detecting them! Let alone perfectly react to all of your movements.
But if there is any consolation to this, it's the fact that he still can't hit hard. He's just hard to hit.

"Have you started understanding it?"
He asks you nonchalantly.

Dusting yourself off, you stand up and look at him.
"I'm starting to understand this is bullshit."

"An... apt description."

"But I think I get it...
To you Martial Arts are a key... a key to a heightened state of being.
Is this your idea of enlightenment?"

He shakes his head.
"Not even I myself know what this is. I'd like to say I'm becoming closer to the gods through it.... but that'd be highly arrogant of me.
So instead I'd like to praise you. Yes, true martial arts are things we carry with ourselves each moment of our lives.
And, hopefully through their teachings we become something more."

That makes you smirk a little.
So he's saying he managed to do... whatever this is purely through autistically focusing on martial arts and studying their deeper aspects?
Sounds like bullshit but just crazy enough to believe it. Anyway, your work is cut out for you.
Get through bullshit defense technique and whoop his ass.

>Show him what YOU learned (write-in heavily recommended)
>Just keep increasing the intensity! Surely he has a limit!
>Can't dodge if there is nowhere to dodge to!
>Just keep increasing the intensity! Surely he has a limit!
>activate awakening close your eyes and analyze while you fight him
>>Show him what YOU learned
>>Show him what YOU learned (write-in heavily recommended)
Start by using a bit of our mental power, then awakening, and end it with za warudo
see if he has the potential for any of this

i wonder what champa thinks of this
It's more "Proto" than Ultra Instinct.
Like the thing Master Roshi did in the mango
Hmmmm but as I see people dispersed again.
So I might wrap this up soon.
And erm... I hope you'll forgive me for railroading a bit but I'd rather not do awakening... just yet.
Would that be okay with you guys?

Sure thats fine. Honestly I was thinking the guy found some version of Proto Instinct instill I saw he was reciting a mantra to himself.
I see no objections.
So how about dem rolls?

Best of 4 as usual
DC: 14 Crit: 19
Rolled 18 (1d21)

crit nao
Rolled 20 (1d21)

I just woke up, sorry boss
so close, yet so far
Rolled 21 (1d21)

File: axyvyluqldp21.png (429 KB, 535x497)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Apology accepted
Carry on
Rolled 6 (1d21)

you just gotta go the whole day with mediocre rolls, and having very good ones in the end
File: b68.jpg (66 KB, 526x598)
66 KB
But how to start? His technique or... whatever this is seems to be pretty ridiculous.
Subconscious reaction to all incoming attacks? Even when you're not consciously aware of them?
Or at least that's how you interpret it.

Whatever it is, it can't be perfect. Nothing is.
So it's a matter of figuring out the exact limits and capabilities of this technique.
And you got just the perfect thing for it. Your own brand of bullshit that thrives on poking the enemy until you find their weakpoint.
Smirking you alter your stance to be a lot more compact and a lot less exposed.

Both fists ready, one raised to your chin for protection, the other prepared to strike around chest height.
This subtle change in form is enough to give you a whole new feel to onlookers, especially when your mentality also begins to shift around to accommodate your new style of approach.
"What's this..."
Bao asks in his confusion.

"What I learned when studying martial arts..."


As usual with this technique, the first use has the largest impact since it's the one that catches the opponent off guard.
Should that fail the rest would have to compensate for this drop in efficiency with good old fashioned fear tactics.
This time however it's a bit of both.

You squint at the monk before disappearing from sight as you activate the Time Skip.
Appearing right next to him, you DO manage to scare the living piss out of him but even so his technique seems to got him covered.
His body appears to move on its own and even with the drastically shortened reaction time available to him, he still dodges you. But not perfectly.
A grazing hit manages to give him some minor surface level damage, but it DOES connect and that is what's important.

Both Bao and the Saiyan spectators stare in their bewilderment as they struggle to make sense of what happened.
And the human spectators? Well they lost track of you long ago.
You throw a few more attacks, some of which include a sneaky Flash Fist Crush just to see if Bao can dodge that which can not be detected even with energy sensing.
Shockingly, he can. But your constant prodding and the odd successful attack does give you insight into the workings of his ability.
He will always move in response to outside stimulus when it means danger to him and will ignore attacks that won't hit him.
Pesky... but predictable. And has one fatal flaw. Though his reaction speed is pretty much 0 seconds that doesn't mean he can dodge in time.
If your speed is sufficiently higher than his then maybe... maybe you can overwhelm him.

Shooting out a few time-lag adjusted punches, you confirm whether or not he can differentiate between those as well, you realize that none of your usual tricks will work on him.
So that leaves you with only two options. One is speed the other... is making HIM stop.

Using the same trick you move a few paces backward and catch hushed whispers from the Saiyans saying things like:
"So fast!"
or "How does he do that?!"

Raising both your arms above your head and spreading them wider apart you announce your next move to the whole world.
"This is the Stance!"

With your skippable time increased, you go in for the attack but this time not only catching Bao off guard but learning from your experience give him much less time to move over all.
When the first hit connects, you do a rapid combo of five hits with alternating fists before spreading your arm when your opponent is stunned from the impact.

And just as you suspected time being frozen is more than enough to completely shut him down.
The onlookers watch in equal parts awe and horror as Bao appears to have a seizure right before their eyes before being sent flying backwards.
But of course, he knows better as he reaches for his stomach and hisses in pain.
"U-Unbelievable... How did yo-"

"Like I said...
I understood what you meant.
We just evolved in a different way.
Now come on... get up! The real fight starts now!"
Aaaand I hate doing this again but Imma have to end here.
My eyelids are starting to feel like they are made of lead

Tune in next time where you get to fight a proto-Ultra Instinct properly!
thanks for the run not-som
thanks for running Nega-Som
I think I might see a way to plan around Proto Ultra Instinct (abbreviated PAI for convenience); it always seems to avoid stuff that results in direct harm to the user no matter how far out of left field it is. Even if you’re attacking from 10 seconds into the future or from another dimension, the user will have a generous window of time to evade assuming that he is approximately as strong as the attacker.

Therefore, we will need to apply our brain for this. If we cannot overwhelm the enemy with brute force or tricky maneuvers, we must beat him by not playing that game at all and by using a more meta way of thinking.

Bao will likely be able to figure out simple tricks, but using magic, we might be able to lay a trap for him that his heightened instincts cannot possibly predict or react to. I propose that we use time tricks and magic to scribe a sort of magical ritual circle around Bao (probably by using physical blows and/or ki blasts) and force him to move into the right spot via purposeful attacks that are planned in advance to herd him to a certain area. When he’s in the right area, we activate the circle which will result in some sort of sleep or paralysis effect. For best use, we can use a timestop when we use the magic to ensure that it fires off in stopped time and that Bao has no time to react.

What do the rest of you guys think?
What if we try to overload his sensory inputs to shock him out of proto?
Remember how our advanced form used to cuck us somewhat due to processing too much information all at once? Same idea. We need to “Overclock” Bao and thus cause a “Burnout”. It might even directly make it harder for him to access Proto, which requires action without thought. Too much thought to ignore and all that.
Use time lag and timestop and a lot of delayed attacks from all differing ranges to overwhelm his senses, then?

Might also want to try direct psychic attacks that don’t really have a wind-up time, so to speak.
No, not attacks.
Things like overwheming sounds, hot and cold tenperatures, spikes of electricity - all compounded, potebtially, by using magic to increase Bao’s sensory sensitivity. Make a pebble dropping sound like an avalanche to him.
The alternative of direct psychic attacks is good though.
I'm just thinking about everyone else freaking out and asking themselves what the hell happened,but meanwhile the weebs are all in a corner snickering to themselves knowing exactly what we're doing ever since we shouted "ZA WARUDO"!
Been away since the second time we went into Makai good to see this is still going and that it still has the soul keep up the good work! I'll try to be around again for sessions, but school has been keeping me really busy.
More like shitting their pants after they realize that it MIGHT actually be Za Warudo
File: 1sgsdceqtwc01.jpg (117 KB, 813x813)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
So I've been having this... debate with myself whether or not to use Zamasu in any capacity.
And no matter what I decide, all it takes for me is thinking about it for a second and I can come up with a counter argument for either side.

I mean it wouldn't be anytime soon...
I still got say uuuuuuh... 3 or 4 future plots I wanna do first before I'd even get the CHANCE of using Black. But it's still bugging me.

It's partially because, as stupid as it turned out to be with the God of Autism and Tea there was still some potential there.
But I also loathe digging shit up Heroes style to reuse it.
Then again... I remember when Black was first revealed and we knew nothing about him.
All those theories of who he was or what he wanted...

My personal two favorites were that it was either:
Some sort of a "paradox" or evil version of Goten who never got to live... and honestly I went in some FUCKED directions with that one. But it seemed likely as Super was giving Goku Jr some actual screentime during that period. Guess it was just a red herring...

My other idea was that he was Goku resurrected by some evil magic, future Babidi perhaps. A zombie essentially

What were your ideas for him?
Maybe if I read the views of others I can arrive to a conclusion finally
File: ffxivzenos.png (641 KB, 600x800)
641 KB
641 KB PNG

I thought he might be an alternate universe version of "Kakarot", sort of. A dark reflection of Goku in some ways, but in many ways his opposite. A patient, intelligent, cultured and cruel Saiyan whose only true joys in life was risking his own life in mortal combat and honing his own martial perfection.

Kind of like pic related, if you've played FFXIV before.

To elaborate, I imagined he operated like Braniac a little bit. He'd go in undercover and blend in with everyone, soaking up the local culture to amuse himself while he hunted down promising leads to strengthen himself (i.e. magic, forbidden training, etc.). Then when he'd be confident of his own strength, he'd reveal his true colors and throw himself against the strongest people he could find/provoke.

He'd also have pretty elaborate escape methods in case things were going south. But he wouldn't be too butthurt about losing a fight here or there; quite the contrary. He'd be overjoyed since it'd mean that he'd have a new goal to strive toward and more exciting strong people for his fightboner.
>I thought he might be an alternate universe version of "Kakarot", sort of.
Yeah, that was my hope too; that he was basically Super Vegeta Den’s Kakarot after he and Son Vegeta had finally parted ways after End of Z, the Prince of all Saiyans staying behind to protect his adopted home and the Last Saiyan Conquerer fucking off to the stars to remind the rest of his universe to tremble before the strongest of his kind.
As much as I like the Autastic duo, I'm not too thrilled to see him in -this- quest when the other two long running DB quest are bound to bump into him at some point. I thought Mu was supposed to be our Zamasu anyways. Does anyone remember Mu? She just had one interlude but the parallels were rather obvious.
Besides, fighting an Evil Goku would be more contrived and not as fun as fighting regular Goku. And alternate evil selves are overdone, even though I like the trope there's not much to be done with it at this point, in this setting.
Shit that's actually good.
Almost like he was a "brilliant saiyan scientist".
Kinda explains the Kai earrings as well. He probably killed them and took it.

Mine was... Okay, I didn't want to share it but now I kinda have to.
I knew it had a 0% chance of it happening but I still found it... amusing in a perverse kinda way.

Spoilers from here on out. And a warning: This will get fucked up
So basically there was a Future ChiChi in that timeline that lost her husband and eventually her only son that was battling the world ending androids. When shown she was... quite disheveled and depressed even before Gohans death. So after loosing the only thing keeping her sane she went down the deep end... hard.
She blamed Trunks for not only getting her son killed but also hated him for getting a happy ending she'd never get.
So she set a plan she originally meant for the androids into motion and "acquired" some of Gokus *ahem* DNA and made a Goten.
The rest you can probably guess

Oh... believe me. "I" did not forget about her...
Not one bit...
Damn... I remember that shit.
That was well done. Kakarot becoming Bardock 2: Electric Boogaloo is the most Kino of all Kinos
I originally thought that Goku Black was a Goku that never hit his head.
File: 1573348720042.jpg (325 KB, 1160x1600)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Have the girls read Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu yet? Has it given them any naughty ideas?
BTW there is a nearly complete English translation out there if anyone is interested.
Eh... the ironic part is that this has been done so many times in fanfiction that it'd be honestly cliché
I am. No idea what it is but I'm... interested
Heh... A mature content warning huh?
Give me a minute to erm... "determine" whether or not the girls read it yet.
Protag-kun wakes up in an amnesiac fugue in the middle of turning into an atavistic super-soldier, the latest and most fine-tuned variant in a surprisingly short line of test subjects with various animal mutations. It’s implied there’s some weird mystical pseudoscience linking him and the others but most of them just want to cannibalize his brain in the hopes of inheriting his strain of the viral agent that controls the transformation, since he’s the only one that actually looks human. The monkey babe posted here comes a reasonable second, and rather than going after his brain, is incredibly thirsty for his dick whenever she gets a chance to tease him between fights.
Is this some sort of remake? The footnotes on the back reference some sort of previous work.
Or is it merely referencing Buddhism?

Other than that I like the artstyle. Very detailed, especially when it comes to the muscles.

Pfffft... The dead wife of the chief gets to eat his ass one final time?
Also I love it when mangakas start discussing trivia.
Like how Araki bursts into lectures about how a birds lungs function and how they can dive underwater.

However this time I actually felt like I knew what the guy was talking about.
He brought up humans evolving in a unique way so we stand on two legs.
The reason for this seemingly sub-optimal change is actually very important for us. Y'see by standing upright there is much less strain on our neck so it can support our skulls easier.
This in turn allows the brain to develop much larger, because it won't just drag your head to the ground.

So we sacrificed most of our physical strength for brainpower by switching to walking upright.
Neat huh?
File: ATW9gJY.jpg (158 KB, 1920x1080)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
It's interesting going over just how much we've diverged from the rest of the animal kingdom over the course of our evolution.
That said, animal behavior never left us even as we started walking upright and building tribes.
Funny how much something from the developmental stages of our species stays with us even after millions of years of evolution.
I think the standing upright configuration of waking was also superior for conserving stamina over long distances, at least from a primate evolution perspective. So the hand-feet became feet-feet to adjust for the walking/running over long distances, since feet are better for that sort of stuff instead of hands.
Heya fellas.
Just popping in to tell y'all I'll be running tomorrow around the usual time.
I hope you're ready to tango with Ultra Instinct
We ere not. Good thing that Bao is not actualy using the real thing.
Also I found out my IP range sudenly is blocked on my phone data witch sucks... Switched to house internet and it was fine. So just my phone provider is blocked or what?
Turning your phones data off and on again might fix it.
Because each time you turn it on the service provider assigns you one of their many IPs.
Some of which could be banned
File: ;'poipo.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
I'd post my webm copy of Shrek here to pass the time, but the upload limit is 3mb for some ungodly reason.
Though he's quite shaken by what just transpired Bao gets back on his two feet but doesn't assume his fighting stance, instead opting to just stand there with his arms lowered.
"Incredible... I knew the technique is not unbeatable...
Yet I never would've imagined you being able to strike me."

Smirking at his comment you begins encircling him while returning the banter.
"Why? What did you expect?"

"I don't know...
Running out of stamina perhaps.
But such speed. I didn't think there existed something so fast my body couldn't react to..."

"There is no such thing as unbeatable...
Even my technique has its weaknesses."

"I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to tell me what it is."


"I thought so."
Opening his dimmed eyes Bao starts increasing his energy output until his aura erupts from his body.
Feeling the previous heat coming from him intensify ten times over you see a strange, shimmering blur around him form.
Right now his ki feels utterly alien to you.

But as scary as it feels, as much as every cell in your body urges you to run the hell away, you've just proven that he CAN be overwhelmed. It's just a matter of being even more bullshit than he is!
Jumping from left to right you limber up a little more before striking a pose and follow Baos example in flaunting your power a little.
A crystal clear, purple aura forms around you contrasting Baos flame like energy.
"Let's dance!"

>Time manipulation seems to work well! Keep using it
>Let's see how he reacts to a little magic!
>Push him to the limit and give him more attacks than he could handle! Spam that shit!
Shrek without sound?
Sounds like heresy to me.
>Shrek without sound?
on this board maybe
>start thinking with portals
imagine if we got him to hit himself with one
>Let's see how he reacts to a little magic!
>start thinking with portals
Scrach that changing my vote.
>Let's see how he reacts to a little magic!
Well... magic it is

Let's see them rolls
1d21; best of 4
DC: 13 Crit: 18
Rolled 17 (1d21)

Is it redemption?
Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 18 (1d21)

Apears it is.
File: 376.png (620 KB, 733x1000)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
And it appears that in true Dragon Ball fashion, screaming = power
That or 18 blessed us with her thiccness
There's something you'd like to test.
Previously Bao managed to dodge every single attack you made and you only managed to land a decisive blow on him by stopping time itself.
But naturally such a power comes with a steep cost. And it's doubtful you can afford to pay it more than a couple more times.
With that insane technique he can probably outlast you in the long run like that.

But what if there was another way? Though it was a bluff that you found his weakness, it's true that everything HAS one.
So what if conventional attacks don't work? That just means you gotta move onto the unconventional!
And what's more "out there" than magic?


Grinning you smack your fists together and with a quick flourish show off to the audience with a smirk. Extending your fist you make a stream of fire spew out of your knuckles like a flame thrower.
As expected the monk starts cartwheeling and jumping to the side as you follow him with your firebending.
Seeing how futile it is you stop shooting and start chasing the monk using some rather... unorthodox movements.

Changing the attributes of the concrete under your feet and even the air to make them incredibly elastic, you use them to launch your limbs out after pulling them back, thus guaranteeing you don't actually know where you're hitting.
To your surprise your opponent is just as adept at dodging those as everything else, meaning it's irrelevant whether you intend to hit him or not.
His body is automatically dodging. Problematic. And highly ineffective.

Ducking under one of your punches Bao rapidly spins around his axis and drives his elbow into your gut, causing you to nearly collapse as you lean forward.
Not only is he adept at avoiding you, he knows exactly where, how and how hard he should hit you. Though his inferior power is still limiting him a great deal.
But now... he's fallen for your trap.
Reaching down you attempt to grab hold of him but he quickly pulls back and kicks you away for good measure.

Now with some distance between you and your opponent it feels appropriate to start using some more ranged attacks. With another twist...
Extending your hand you start firing off, rather uncharacteristically a couple regular ki blasts mixed with balls of pure light you created with magic.
The monk stands his ground and calmly starts walking towards you while uttering his mantra and swatting away your ki blasts... and only those.

He's completely ignoring the "fireflies".
"Finally I found it!"
You mutter to yourself.

Using what you learned through your observation, you roughly start estimating what Baos reaction time is and come out at a neat 0 seconds.
Then you take his maximum speed into calculation and determine the maximum distance he can cover in between his reaction to incoming danger and it actually landing.
With a smile you do a circular leg sweep and draw a circle on the ground as the edge of your boots digs a thin line into the concrete.
As Bao finally stops his walk and rushes you with an incredible burst of speed, you start running away from him while making motions with your hands as if you're trying to pull something apart.
The magical circle you laid down starts expanding in silence but the monk does not acknowledge it because it doesn't mean any danger to him.... yet.

With his actions shifted from defense to offense Bao rushes you with an unnatural ferocity.
His blows are hard enough to actually make you grunt and groan as you're trying to parry him while backing off.
Finally, after he manages to deck you in the face you feel like it's time and do a wide, sweeping attack which makes him back off.

Opening a portal to your side, you shoot a fireball through it and make it chase Bao.
Though the monk slaps it away with ease, a pair of portals opening up around him ensure the attack circles around and comes back for another go.
This, coupled with the fact that you started sprouting spikes from the ground with a few stomps makes Bao start running around instinctually.
Just as you expected.

You carefully guide the monk until he finally reaches the epicenter of your attack.


With a shout you raise your hands and the energy focused into the ground begins to grow restless and starts erupting.

Naturally Bao immediately begins evasive maneuvers but it's too late. The attack was designed specifically so he wouldn't be able to escape...
The entire circle erupts at once in a pillar of light strong enough to send most of the arena into the air as a fine powder and you hear Bao scream through the thick smoke and light enveloping the stadium.

Finally the attack fades as the energy you pumped into the "mine" runs out and you lay eyes upon your opponent.
His once pristine and well kept robes are now dirtied and tattered, though they are still relatively in one piece.
You see signs of burns on his flesh where his natural energy barrier faltered, mostly around non-vital areas.
The once mighty and intimidating heat radiating from him is only flickering and the air around his body is no longer distorted by the ensuing mirage as he pants hard.


"That's what you get for relying on auto pilot!
Automatic defense is cool and all...
But unless you are paying attention to the battle yourself it's bound to get you into trouble!"

"I... I don't believe this!"

>Now rush him while he's weak
>Finish him with one big shot!
>Let him attack you for a little while... then counter!
>>Finish him with one big shot!
It's a show of respect
>Finish him with one big shot!
>>Finish him with one big shot!
>>You've got alot left to learn Bao, there's an entire universe of challenges waiting for humanity out there, and this is one of them!
>John Cena voice
Are you sure about that?

Dice time!
Best of 4
DC: 17; No crit
Pray that you hit this
Rolled 5 (1d21)

Yes I am and here's why.
Rolled 3 (1d21)

who's up to save the day?
Rolled 16 (1d21)

MVP-san, save us!
Rolled 3 (1d21)

Rolled 17 (1d21)

File: 2v16qk.jpg (45 KB, 700x700)
45 KB
Rolled 16 (1d21)

>Baos reaction
So we droped the ball tought the DC would be better.
Both 16... Well ginger powers activate?
Gathering energy, you forcibly pull back your own aura while tossing your left hand to the side.
"You've got a lot left to learn Bao, there's an entire universe of challenges waiting for humanity out there, and this is one of them!"
Your arm begins to glow with a dark energy as your psionic power is concentrated into a single point, which slowly expands into a sizable orb.
And as you keep building up energy you start shouting at the Saiyans in the audience.

For the first time since the tournament started some actual power is being flaunted around and it's showing.
The entire area, not just the stadium itself but everything around it, is being shaken as you charge up your attack.
Though it's actually very dangerous, you feel like you got a decent idea about how durable Bao in his current state is so you adjust the strength of the attack accordingly.
And just as the humans in the spectator seats start covering their eyes from the violent purple glow ravaging them, you shout.

Thrusting forward you fire off the blast, hoping to end the match on a high note (and crossing your fingers it won't turn into a murder).
The dark energy roars as it's finally free to escape at high velocity from the palm of your hand and further damages the already shagged arena by digging a trench in it.
The Saiyans in the audience have already stood up when they felt the amount of concentrated energy you showed in there and their ki is already forming a wall around the ring.
Judging by its strength at least the normies are safe. But Bao? You're still not sure about that.


But just as you're about to find out, you see Bao getting his second wind and start feeling nervous.
His eyes violently snap open, radiating with a strong light and his energy picks back up.
Jumping up the fucker begins running across the surface of your beam attack and rushes up to you.
Letting out a gasp you can't help but stare slackjawed at him as he kicks your teeth in so hard it sends you flying backwards and cuts off the energy source of your attack
As you're rolling backwards however, you forcibly shunt some ki from your body and make yourself stop dead in your tracks.

Seeing the monk still in the air you take your chance and fire off a Flash Fist Crush in anger and manage to strike the monk right in the chest.

Looks like his outburst was really just a fluke as he either didn't have the energy necessary to keep going or the mental fortitude to keep his elevated state up.

Either way he just ate a really hard attack and he's now kneeling on the ground, groaning in pain.
The strange light fades from his body completely as he reaches his limit.

"I... I can't keep going."
"It... it's clear that I won't be able to win...

Even if I could keep using it, I'm not sure I could ever beat you."
"Referee... I give up."
Crawling out from whatever hole he was hiding in, the announcer returns to his duties and starts notifying the audience.

"L-Ladies and gentlemen...

I-It appears that c-c-c-contestant B-B-B-Bao surrendered!

T-The Slayer is the winner!"

With a shaking arm he points at you.
Though officially you're the winner it still rings hollow in your ear hearing it.

You wanted to beat that thing, you really did. But in the end you didn't have what it took to land the finishing blow and Bao didn't have the stamina to keep going.

Looking up at the monk you see him slowly walking off the stage, his legs visibly wobbling and his breathing being rather erratic.
>Go and shake his hand

>Ask him for a rematch later

>Tell him to find a trainer and get stronger

>Tell him to find a trainer and get stronger
Maybe vados could be interested in another pupil
>Tell him to find a trainer and get stronger
>Tell him to find a trainer and get stronger
What you have is unique atlest by my limited experience maybe some day I will actualy land a finishing blow or you style all over me.
>Tell him to find a trainer and get stronger

And just a heads up, ill be going home soon
So expect some drlays
Rather than running after him, you simply let out a loud enough shout that both him and most of the audience could hear you.
The monk turns around with his defeated eyes shut closed.
Pumping your chest you continue.
"Make sure you find a teacher and train!
Because next time I want to finish this properly! With BOTH of us giving it our all! You hear?"
Pointing up at the sky, for nobody other than the audience, you shout even louder.

A faint little smile spreads across the monks face, so faint it's barely even noticeable but it's there.
He nods and goes to pick back up the discarded pieces of his robe he left with the announcer.
Luckily those are still in one piece so he'll have some dignity as he leaves the scene.

Not feeling like sticking around much either, you also start making your way to the exit when you're greeted by a slew of people rushing in.
Mostly construction workers, who gather 'round the busted up stage and start scratching their head about what the fuck they should do about it.
At the same time you see a couple members of the Saiyan Royal Guard waiting for you at the exit. They walk up to you and get to the point rather quick.
"King Sadala wishes to have a word with you..."

And it's at this moment that you realize you've completely forgotten about them.
Turning around you see the king and the queen looking... strangely concerned while their son is as oblivious as ever and their daughters couldn't care less.
Truth be told you're not sure you want to put up with their shenanigans after that rather disappointing finish but at the same time, it's kinda the point to impress them.
Scratching your head you look back and forth between the guards, the ring and the hidden VIP room looking down at you.

>Can't. Sorry. Need to help undoing the damage
>Very well. I'll fly over...
>Erm... (portal away)
>Very well. I'll fly over...
>>Very well. I'll fly over...
>Very well. I'll fly over...
Why does 18 make me pingy so bingbop
>Very well. I'll fly over...
So question I got a pic I wanna post but I'm not sure if its something the mods actually care about. Anyone know if seeing areola, but not the actual nipple, is allowed?
I won't tell if you won't tell.
But put it in a spoiler just to be safe.
Eyyy Im back gimme a sec to turn on the pc
Pretty sure only actual sex organs count. But dont hold me accountable. I dont know
File: Spoiler Image (146 KB, 988x1450)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
alright then. Praise MILF 18!
But this is pretty safe IMO

Aaaanyway. I'm finally ready!
Sighing you adjust your mask and tuck your tanktop into your trousers.
"Fine. I'm going."

Gently you start floating off the ground and fly over to the royal family who don't even bother to hide the fact they're more interested in you right now than the tournament.
"Ah! My good man! Good show, good show!
Finally some quality entertainment!"

The King gets up from his seat and pats you on the back as he lets out a hearty laugh.
All the while the god damned president is covering behind his chair and barely dares to peek out from it to look at you.
"W-What the hell are you?"
He asks.

"I killed Frost and you're still surprised by this?"
You shake your head.
"Anyway, your majesty-"
You bow a little.

"Nonono! No need for that my friend!
I can't expect you to kneel after a fight like that! Come on! Stand!"
Doing as you're told you get back on your two feet and look at the king, seeking any indication as to what he wants from you.
"Now... would you like some refreshments? I brought this wine straight from Sadala!"

You cringe a little as you hear that.
"N-No your lordship. I'm cool."

"Ah. You want to keep your senses sharp! I like it!"

But as he's about to sing more of your praise you hear the queen speak up.
And good thing too because it's starting to sound patronizing. Either he's disingenuous or he was simply so bored by the previous fights that this blew him away.
"Now now dear. Remember what we agreed on."

"Oh... Yes my dear!
Go on ahead!"

"Thank you."
Pinto turns to you and motions for you to sit down.
You do as you're told and sit down right in front of her on the chair her guards provided for you.
"Now then young man... What exactly was that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play coy with me. You know what I mean."
She raises her glass and seemingly goes in to take a sip but ends up chugging the entire glass.
"That thing..."
She motions towards the exit Bao used with her eyes.
"What was that? Some... human thing?"

"Why do you ask?"

She sets down her glass and entwines her fingers in front of her face.
"I don't think I've ever seen anything that concerned me so much."

The Prince speaks up, shortly followed by his older sister.

"You can't be serious!
That little parlor trick?! HAS YOU CONCERNED?!"
Oh my? Does The Queen know of Ultra Instinct and think Bao's trick might be the first step to it?
She's just a witch and can see that what Bao did was capital F, FUCKED
Moreso than anyone else
As much as you want to hate on the princess, for once you see where she's coming from.
Despite Baos... rather impressive technique the two of you still had to fight on a "somewhat" low level due to his less than impressive strength.
So even with those impressive reflexes it probably didn't seem like much to her. Combine that with the fact that she most likely barely paid attention and... you get the picture.
BUT! She wasn't there in the ring. She did not experience the true dread of it firsthand.
If Bao was around your current level in raw strength... Victory would've been nigh impossible.

"I'm not so sure myself.
First time I've experienced something like this."

"Interesting phrasing.
Are you suggesting you've seen it before?"

"I... don't know. Maybe.
But if I'm correct it's not something unique to humans.
It's more of a technique than anything. And he happened to unlock its secrets.
Why do you ask?"

"Just to confirm my suspicions."
The queen uncrosses her legs and shifts herself around as she's thinking.
"But regardless of what it is... the fact that one of you managed to tap into such power. It's fascinating, is it not?
And... what was this about meeting God? Is that a saying here on Earth?"

>Yes. Yes it is
>I was referencing to our guardian
>Tell her about your BOSS
>>I was referencing to our guardian

So what exactly was Bao doing then?
>>I was referencing to our guardian
>I was referring to our guardian
>I was referencing to our guardian
>I was referencing to our guardian
Our talk had impact so I pad a visit to a blue bug with an atitude problem and asked for him to pill some strings for the problem to be fixed.
Dude dipped his toe in Ultra Instinct through a lifetime of training and generations of Buddhist knowledge and wisdom
That...that is exactly what I asked if it was and you told me it wasn't?
Erm... there appears to be some miscommunication.
The "No" meant that "No, she doesn't know what Ultra Instinct is"
Here, have a thicc-teen as an apology
Anywho, not flexing with GoD and Angel connections it is

"We recently got a new Guardian.
I'm trying to send people his way. Hopefully they'll meet his expectations .
Maybe this way we can grow as a people."

"Oho? So our talk had an effect?"

You start rubbing the back of your neck.
"Well yeeeeah! Hehehe.
Truth be told I couldn't get any rest until I resolved that thing!
So I asked King Kai for a favor and he pointed me to a planet where I got one!"

"My, how resourceful of you... And talking with the great Kai himself. Most impressive.
But pray tell... who did you get?"

"An old Heran philosopher.
Though it's just temporary. But we already got a replacement in the works.
His recommendation."

"Ah. The people of Hera.
An eccentric bunch but... good natured.
A fine choice if you allow me the compliment."

The princess steps up again.
"You want me to believe YOU! A nobody from a backwater planet somehow has access to the Cardinal KAI of all people?!
And you have enough clout that you can just ask favors from him?! Doesn't this sound fishy to ANY of you?!"

"Come on sis!
There is no need to be angry-"

Her little sister tries to calm down Azuki but it's futile.
For some reason she's really skeptical about you and a part of you can't really blame her.
It must look super weird from her viewpoint. Strangely it feels less like her being a bitch, which she still is, and more like being the only person in her family that can connect more than two dots together...
Well, the only one that's vocal about it. The queen seems resourceful enough to do it. She just has enough tact to keep a lid on it.

But at the very least her nagging does have a positive effect.
This particular thing has been sitting on your chest for a while now and soon the time will come to let it go.
The question is... will the other guy be receptive to your idea?

"Tell you what Princess...
You'll have your answers soon enough."
Your answer catches the family off guard and they all gasp as they look at you.
"But for now... actually pay attention to the fights. I get a feeling they are only gonna get wilder from here on out.
When we reach the finals... I'll shed some light on things."
"You see Azuki... this is why your brother inherits the throne and not you.
He can keep his cool."

"Mooom stop it!"

"HE inherits the throne because he got a w-"
"HE got a pee-"
*sweats nervously*

You blurt out.
"Excuse me, don't know what came over me."

"Ohohoho! That's just what we call a happy coincidence!
But come now Azuki... are you sure you'd want to be Queen?
That'd mean you couldn't have your precious little Cabbaboo as a husband!"

While the princess is getting red as a beet you see Elena glaring daggers at the Saiyan boy next to her.
"Why? Doesn't the ruler get to decide who they marry?"
You ask the queen for some clarification.

"Normally yes.
But it's still considered a major faux pas for the ruler to take a partner from the lower class.
And even though we have the utmost respect for our boy there, and as much of a national treasure he is it's still a fact that he doesn't come from an established bloodline."

And here I thought Saiyan society was a meritocracy."

"It is.
But there are still rules.
Naturally nobody could stop the king or the queen from choosing whoever they want as a mate.
However, just imagine the outrage for a second... terrifying."
The queen then refills her glass as she cuts herself off.
"But look at me prattle on and on! Don't let us keep you waiting! This is as much of a celebration for you as it is for us!
Good luck! And keep surprising us young warrior! Our expectations are still growing!"

You bow before them and take your leave.
Unfortunately, Cabba also starts following you.
"H-Hey... mind if I tag along? I think I'm in danger there..."

>Piss off. You dug your own grave! Least you can do is lie in it
>>Piss off. You dug your own grave! Least you can do is lie in it
>Piss off. You dug your own grave! Least you can do is lie in it
Stay away from our SISTER
>Piss off. You dug your own grave! Least you can do is lie in it
but you'll owe me one
It's too late for that Anon.
You even gave Elena the means of popping Cabbas "tail"
File: 16b.png (334 KB, 638x471)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
He can bang our sister when he can beat us in a no-holds-barred fight.
Well that's an even split...
So I'm going with this!

You keep flying, not even bothering to look back at Cabba.



"-come on! Stop being like that!"

"Stop trying to screw my sister!
So go and lie in the grave you dug yourself!"
You say that, disregarding the fact you stood behind him, helping him dig when he was "busy" and making sure his shovels never broke.

This is unfair!
You know I'm not the one who started it!
And she was the one who kept insisting-"

"Well you never tried stopping her, did you?
But fine... And just so you know, you owe me for this!"

Catching up to you the little saiyan begins to vent a little to you.
"By the way, you know what the guy did?"

"Yeah. Vados showed me a recording of the Tournament of Power..."

"It's called Ultra Instinct."


"Ultra Instinct.
Though this is a far cry from it, there is no doubt about it.
And it's a power that surpasses that of the gods!"


"Thinking about giving it a try?"

"No. Not really.
Doesn't seem to fit my fighting style. But that doesn't mean I won't learn from it.
Just this fight was really educational."

"I see."
Cabba then awkwardly begins scratching the back of his neck, looking for something to say.
Eventually you get tired of it and snap at him.

"Look if you're gonna stall it'll only make it worse.
Out with it so I only have to punch you once!"

"L-Look, it's not that- Okay it is.
Erm... If you don't mind asking-"

"I do."

"How... did you... How did you handle it with Caulifla and Kale?"

You stop in your flight and turn to leer at him with malicious intent.
"Why do you ask?"


"I uh... I'm in a little trouble-"

"Oh you're in much more than you realize!"

He shouts, completely catching you off guard.
"I don't care if you punch me in the face, or kick the shit out of me or throw me to the wolves!
But PLEASE! Listen to me! I need help!"

You freeze in place and don't dare to say a word.
For a few moments you contemplate how to handle this but eventually figure it's better to shut up and listen.
You nod.
"Tell me."

"Look! I... I don't know what's going on anymore!
Your sister she-"
Cabba twirls his fingers around as he mulls over the right words to use.
"She's the most wonderful person I've met... Of all people she's one of the first who actually doesn't treat me like garbage or doesn't try to suck up to me because of my new status! She talks to me like I'm a normal person and every second I spend with her is the happiest second of my life!
And if it's up to me I'd repay her a thousandfold for everything! I'd make sure she experiences the same happiness I do when I'm with her!"


Oh god I don't know.
Ever since I was a kid I remember Azuki and Caya just... using me as their chewtoy.
I'd get bullied, beaten, stepped on and berated for just about everything! It did make me tough as nails but by the end I was glad I could enlist in the military.
However now that I'm here and... I see their reaction a-and I hear the things the Queen is saying about them! I'm... JUST... so... CONFUSED!
I never wanted to hurt them and I never really thought ill of them! They are still my friends but now... when I see them cry I feel my heart aching!
What should I do?! PLEASE! TELL ME!
I know it's not appropriate but I'm loosing my mind here and I know no-one else I could turn to!"

"W-What about your parents?"
Just as the words escape your mouth you realize how stupid they are.
But at this point you're just looking for an escape route.

"We were lowborn! We have different customs!
And besides... they'd just say to marry as high as I can...
I got... nobody else I could talk to! Please! Just tell me what should I do! I don't care if you beat me to a pulp afterwards!
I just need answers!"

>I can't help you...
>Look. You're a good kid. I'm glad Elena chose you
>Sounds like your heart already belonged somewhere else
>Look I... don't know. I was in the same boat. I blurted out something stupid and... it worked somehow
>Look I... don't know. I was in the same boat. I blurted out something stupid and... it worked somehow
>Honesty is always the best policy. Even if it doesn't work out, you can at least have pride in the fact that you were truthful with everyone involved. And hey, if you need more advice than that, maybe you can ask that Sensei of yours from Universe 7.
>>Sounds like your heart already belonged somewhere else
>Asking Geetz for advice
Anon, I...
The dude still has a wife and two children he actually cares about.
So far he's the best saiyan father.

And his secret? Whipped
>That awkward moment when it was practically love at first sight with Kefla, a girl doomed to only ever experience life one hour at a time
>That awkward moment when that love just HAPPENED to also open our eyes to the girls beyond just their flaws and abrasiveness, letting us open our hearts to them too despite our crippling dorkness
>That awkward moment when our relationship with all of them is basically at the mercy of the whims of the stars and the spaghetti in our pockets
>”Eric, how do gurl?”

Goddamn it Cabba.
Hey, it's valid. Eric doesn't know too much about Vegeta other than that he's a man's man, a true saiyan at heart, and Cabba's mentor.
Well I don't think I got what it takes to continue.
I mean, I kinda do but I feel like it'd take too long at my current exhaustion level that by the time I finished it'd be shit and I'd feel even worse.

So next time we'll continue from here...
And then move onto another Bruce Lee fight!
After which we'll have the quarter finals
See you guys soon
File: Spoiler Image (850 KB, 850x1530)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Oh and erm... here's an apology before I leave
One day...one fucking day
I just got off work so this is gonna be a little late. If you misuse "thicc" one more time I'm gonna do to you what Gohan did to the collective psyche of South America.
File: 2gw4b2.jpg (32 KB, 471x429)
32 KB
File: Z (17).png (494 KB, 800x600)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
That boi is, in fact, "thicc".
Thank you for your contribution and fuck you for reminding me of the first quest I ever took part of.
His days are gone brother.
File: Z (27).png (162 KB, 500x398)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Yet still I feel the haunting stare of Perfect Cell.
>>Look I... don't know. I was in the same boat. I blurted out something stupid and... it worked somehow
>Look I... don't know. I was in the same boat. I blurted out something stupid and... it worked somehow
File: 1519060520610.jpg (2.96 MB, 2560x1653)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
Your threats are as hollow as the waifu shaped hole in my heart anon!
I've been dead inside for years now!
I'd like to say this is pretty kickass but somehow I doubt it's a quest about Sir Bearington, a bear of remarkable charisma bluffing his way into making others believe he's not a bear in the Dragon Ball universe...
It is a Som thing. The character we played used the "Bear style" and Kaioken which is why the aura is there.
That's a damn shame.
I'd pay good money to see Frieza giving one of his usual speeches, then out of nowhere: BLAM! A Bear!
And then Frieza proceeds to scream for mercy as his twink ass gets mauled
See the best part is that we rolled well enough to job Frieza all the way to final form despite a massive power gap.
We even managed to trigger him inadvertently in the best possible
>Frieza pops final form
>beats the shit out of us while we stall for Goku
>Goku finally shows up, starts talking to Frieza
>in the middle of Frieza's exposition dump and threats, we chime in
>something to the effect of calling Goku "the most super Saiyan I know."
>catch a Death beam through the chest
>worth it
And from what I heard you jobbed Cell so hard the QM ragequit
That's like fighting the game server in an MMO. And winning
Som was such a colossal faggot I hope he never shows his tag here again.
No we did really good against him to the point he should have been dead way before cell games. We even "kiled" him if I remembere corectly. He basicly bent over backwards to have cell games still happen and that was when dice betrayed us.
The dice didn't betray us. Som put us in a situation that we either had to roll well or we would die despite us dominating cell the entire fight. Also yes there were quite a few situations where Cell should have died outright, but didn't because to reiterate Som is a colossal faggot.
File: trap cell.jpg (46 KB, 720x720)
46 KB
I mean... you wouldn't be much better with me.
If I had access to him, Cell would be a girl. Or a trap at the very least reverse trap?
I doubt it. You acually make the DC visible and reward us for rolling good.

He did not and we had to guess if we passed since dice was only known by him and many times it felt like rolling well 80+ just kept us just bately afloat even when the gap of power was not big or even when we had advantige IC hornestly positive results had low impact too. Worse still when any low rolls were brutal like set us back to square 1 or further bad.

He also kept on going and going about our character being impatient and only saying time and experience being our only posible ways of progress by many of our mentor figures IC... While literaly trowing sink or swim chalinges to us where we needed to advance fast.

Sory about the tangent. Point is you are actually good QM and I woud trust you to do yoir own Cell saga.
Not showing the DC? Wait! Ain't that bad?
At that point he could literally make shit up as long as you didn't hit super high or super low...
Like, that's the whole point! Even in D&D, you usually see what you're rolling against and only in super serious or dangerous situations you don't
GD doesn't show the DC. We just judge things based off of which Aku face he posts after our rolls.
But he does post most DCs
wait shit I'm an idiot I just never look at DC's
File: 10.jpg.png (1.5 MB, 1160x1600)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
God fucking DAMN I love this girl.
Oh and the mango is kino as well, I guess
File: 1027v4.jpg (1.05 MB, 1160x1600)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
>God fucking DAMN I love this girl.
Agreed, she better pull a Hinata and fug protagonist-man by the end of this.
File: 15.jpg (332 KB, 1160x1600)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
I mean... the whole Maya thing seems... how should I put this?

The dude basically met her, had one "chase" with the dog-man and then they basically fucked.
And given how shady she was and outright LIED to him several times...

Yeah, I don't think that'll last.
That seemed more compulsive than anything else, what with his subliminal connection to Mayas sister and all.
Whereas he seems to have a sort of(?) naturally developing relationship with the munkeyfug. And it's mutual to boot!
Even if she tries to jump on his dick from time to time, she actively chose to help Protag-kun against the boss
Yeah that initial fug with Maya was totally some heat-of-the-moment type shit.
The relationship with Makura seems to be progressing at a much more natural pace, or at least what's can be called "natural" given the overall pacing of the manga.
> And it's mutual to boot!
Even if she tries to jump on his dick from time to time
You can't tell me Kefla hasn't tried the same shit. Speaking of, isolated but badass munkifug...she's like a perfect character template for Kefla.
I can and will.
Because of two major factors:
1.) 1 hour is precious little.
2.) Kale and Caulifla are kinda reluctant to fuse as is. And they sure as shit wouldn't do it for a quickie. Not when they could do it themselves
Other than that, I agree.
Makura is the perfect Saiyan girl template
>1.) 1 hour is precious little.
We gotta teach the girls how to stop time.
Do the Metamorans exist in this universe?
If they do, I gotta wonder if teaching the Human race about Fusion is a good idea.
They do.
I specifically wrote it in a way to mention them.
Cabba said: "I learned it from a colleague"
Well back onto the important question then, would teaching Earth about it be a good idea?
While it is incredibly useful, I feel like they'd become way too dependent on what's ultimately a flawed technique and stunt their growth as a species.
I'm personally leaning towards telling Bao about it so he can use it as a last resort.
He's probably gonna be Earth's champion while we aren't there given that he's the only one worthy of the mantle.
Eh... I'm on the fence about it as well.
But it's not as bad as you might think.
Even if it became widespread knowledge the restrictions on it are a big enough of a filter to deter most people.

I mean, not only do you need two people of roughly similar stature, perfectly equal power AND doing very specific poses in PERFECT synch.
The Broly movie showed how much sheer autism you need to do the dance correctly.
Mirroring each other down to the fucking degrees you need to bend needs... something else
File: 15e.jpg (66 KB, 620x626)
66 KB
whoops, forgot the pic
>Mirroring each other down to the fucking degrees you need to bend needs... something else
Got it, we'll leak the info on /ayy/ and have the R&D anons work out the kinks.
>The Dance is altered through much anon trial and error into an improved technique, improving power many times over.
>It's just an asynchronous dance saying every 4chan slur ever spoken. It always begins with "AHEM".
>It's actually better.
>Fighters around the universe flock to this technique, but must spend months on 4chan to even begin to unlock the technique.
>/ayy/ now has Alien Ki masters to study to improve their Ki techniques.
>Not this shit again.jpg
Well good news everyone!
After all I will be able to run tomorrow! Hooray!

Nega-Som, what did Kale and Califula think of Eric’s fight against Bao? Any bad memories of facing off against UI Goku, any inspirations of how to deal with him if it comes up again?
Caulifla was... understandibly pissed and Kale was busy calming her down.
And they learned less than you'd think. Both of them understood that this is a FAR cry from the genuine deal and pretty much none of your tricks would've worked against it.
Save for maybe the magic circle thingie but obviously they don't have access to that
>Save for maybe the magic circle thingie but obviously they don't have access to that
Wow it's a shame they aren't fucking the vessel for a being of pure magic while training on the planet run by the oldest practitioner in the Universe.
You scratch the back of your head furiously and that doesn't fill Cabba with much confidence.
Although you kinda want to screw him over you were still in the same boat he is now, so it'd feel wrong to not help him.
But that's just the thing. You don't KNOW how to handle the situation. Hell, part of you still doesn't believe that things worked out so well for you!
So with a weary sigh you shrug at the whole thing and just tell him the truth.

"L-Look I... I don't know, okay?"


"Don't give me that look! It's just making it harder for me to tell you this...
But I really have no clue how to do it."
You lower your head in shame.
"To tell you the truth I was in your position when it was my turn. And I don't know how I did it.
I just blurted out something stupid and it... all worked out somehow. To say that it was pure luck would be an understatement.
If things turned out differently, if the girls were just a TAD less interested in me it'd have been a disaster!
But it all magically worked out and... here we are."

"I... I see."
Cabbas spirit sinks deep and it looks like he might just crumble any second.
So you decide to continue and spare him the terrible things his own mind has in store for him.

"But that's just the thing-"
You point out.
"I told them exactly what I felt, truthfully!
Being honest and straightforward is the only way to handle this! Even if it doesn't work out, at the very least you can have pride in the fact that you were truthful with everyone. And as an added bonus it won't end up eating you up from inside!"

"A-And what if it does work?"

"Then... you'll know which one of them are actually interested in you.
But I can't help you beyond that point. You'll just have to do it like me and go with the flow."

Cabba shakes his head.
"Thanks Eric! I... I really needed that."

"Hey, no problem."
You pat the short guy on the back.
"Just tell me how it went. Okay?"

"So you know if I succeeded?"

"No... So I know whether I have to CASTRATE you or not for messing with my sister!"


But just as you're done glaring at Cabba a sudden voice interrupts you as it catches your attention.
"And with that Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our winner!
PLEASE give a BIG round of applause to Neko-chan!"


"W-What's wrong Eric?"

"I missed out on that weird guys fight!

"What weird guy?
The one in the black robe?"

"Yeah... It's really busting my balls, not knowing what his deal is."

"I don't know much about him either... but apparently they he, she... it has a group following him.
Bunch of big figures in similar black robes."

How do you know that?
I haven't seen them!"

"Apparently they aren't interested in the fights, so that's why you haven't seen them in the spectator seats.
They just... retreat to the lockers and don't let anyone in."

So they are very secretive and confident enough to not care about the other contenders. This is getting better and better.
It WOULD have been nice to learn a bit about them but that weird person just knocked out his opponents with one punch each time.
Guess you'll just have to deal with them as they come up.

"But... I guess I'll just go back for the time being."
Cabba finally breaks your train of thought as he speaks up.
"Whatever happens will have to wait. I'd like to wrap up this whole tournament thing first.
Care to join us?"

Well... you could.
But it'd be a bit weird, considering you just left them.
Still, the only fight left that interests you is Bruce Lee's. But even that looks like it'll be against a nobody.
So you got quite some time to kill until the Quarter Finals.

>Accept Cabbas invitation and chill with the Saiyans for a while
>Go back to the "VIP" room with the others
>Wander around and see if you can't bump into someone
>Just sleep until the Quarter Finals start with Kamin and Oren
>Go back to the "VIP" room with the others
>Go back to the "VIP" room with the others
>Go back to the "VIP" room with the others
>>Go back to the "VIP" room with the others

We should ask Vados about the monk's technique
"Thanks but I'll pass.
I gotta check up on the others, see how they are holding up."

Tell them I said Hi, okay?"

"Will do."

Leaving your company the young Saiyan returned to the pavilion of the Royal Family.
At the same time, you went ahead and got out of sight before creating a portal to your hidden little chamber.
When you returned you found the place in... disarray to put it mildly.
Anger induced tossing of food resulted in many fresh stains decorating the walls and were there any furtnitures in the room, there is no doubt they'd have been smashed.

Looking around, unsure what to make of this you speak up.
"Did an earthquake hit when I wasn't looking."

"Ah, Eric!"
Champa looks up and clears his throat.
"It's good that you're back! Please put a leash on these two monkeys of yours! They almost spilled my nachos!"


"It's true.
They went on quite a rampage during your fight.
Lucky you, I happened to be present so I could mitigate the damage.
You better thank me with a Banan split right now!"

Another voice speaks up and Champa almost jumps up from his seat in his shock.
"I seem to recall that it was You who almost threw his nachos against the wall while you were squealing Lord Champa."

"Oh. Hi Vados!
Slept well?"

"I did. Thank you!
Luckily I don't need much rest after one of my... episodes."

"So what was this about Champa going apeshit?"

"Actually it was everyone but the kids."


"They were... quite entertained by your fight with that-"
Vados licks her lips very suggestively.
"VERY interesting human down there."

Is this about that Ultrahwhatever?
Is it really that big of a deal? I mean... I heard it's a power beyond that of the gods but I have a hard time imagining it."

"Oh my, did Cabba tell you that?"
You nod."
Well it IS a far cry from the genuine deal. Like a fetus, no... a fertilized egg compared to a man.
But the mere fact that it WAS a step towards Ultra Instinct. Well, that is quite a delicious little bit of information!"
So let me guess, that's how the Seventh Universe won, correct?"

"Technically yes. Though it did not deliver the finishing blow, it still allowed them to win in the first place.
More importantly, it is one of the reasons we lost."
Vados then shifts her eyes around.
"When its user, Son Goku, knocked out Kefla."


Nervously looking to the side you see Caulifla biting her nails in anger while Kale is desperately trying to calm her down.
Another glance reveals something, potentially even more alarming: Hit sweating.
The anger of the girls is something you expected. Hit being unnerved is practically unheard of.

>Try consoling Caulifla a bit
>Check on papa Hit.
>Better wait for that storm to pass. Sit down next to Vados
>>Try consoling Caulifla a bit
>Try consoling Caulifla a bit
>Check on papa Hit.
As said its unusual.
>>Check on papa Hit.
HIt first then we stay with the girls
I wonder what Hits quiet freak out is about. He is the last person I would think react like that.
>Check on papa Hit.
Seconding this: >>3924040
in a quick turnaround daddy Hit wins
Since he's acting rather out of character AND because you feel like you need to get some distance between yourself and Caulifla, you sit down next to Hit and try to hit up a conversation with him.
"So... anything to add to that?"

"Oh... It's you..."

"Wait, did you zone out so hard you didn't realize I'm here?"


What's wrong?"

Taking a moment to compose himself Hit wipes the sweat off his forehead with a napkin.
"Actually I was performing an image battle just now."

"A what battle?"

"Image battle.
It's essentially a mock battle constructed within your mind. Basically it allows you to "pit" two individuals against one another that never fought before.
A very high level technique which relies on extensive knowledge of the individuals you'd like to test. But as an assassin my skills at observation are great enough that I can do this without much issue."

"Makes sense.
It's basically your job to know the ins and outs of individuals.
So... I guess I was one of those people you were testing. Guess it didn't work out too well."

"Afraid not.
Since you managed to surprise me quite a bit I thought I'd theorize a bit."

"Surprised you?
How, if I may ask?"

"That technique you faced.
It was used to beat the one person I couldn't defeat, even after I gave it my all."

"That Jiren fellow?"

I used my ace in the hole but even that wasn't enough.
Then... came Son Goku with that Ultra Instinct of his and turned the tides easily.
And now... here you are. Fighting the same thing, albeit on a much smaller level.
So naturally I was curious if you could stand up to them."

"Guess it didn't end well, huh?"

Depending on the circumstances there would be two outcomes:
Within the confines of a tournament you'd drop out. In a no-holds-barred match... you'd die."

Raising your hands, you entwine them behind your head and lean back while grinning.
"So you were worried about me!
How sweet!"

Hit stares at you coldly for a moment before erupting suddenly.
"Pffft-hahaha! That's your take of the situation?
You're either incredibly foolish or brave. And I don't know which is worse."

"Eh... I guess it's a bit of both."
"But whatever it is, I hope you understand I was holding back this whole time...
No transformation, nothing. Hell, I even got this hunk-o-junk strapped to my back!"

"I'm aware.
I accounted for it and even then high-balled it.
At this point in time I'm only wondering how can you handle that fusion of yours with Cabba..."

"Wait, are you seriously suggesting that fusing with Cabba would be the ONLY way for me to win in that situation?"

"As it stands? Yes."

"Jesus Christ...
How autistically strong ARE these a-holes?!"

"I can't say.
Sadly we got erased before the end.
But Vados told me the gist of it and claims things escalated way out of proportions.
They were fighting at levels truly beyond Godlike. If half of what I heard is true either one of them could beat a God of Destruction... and without too much trouble."

"Well... yeah.
But aren't YOU capable of doing the same?"

Hit pats your head and chuckles.
"I think you understand it better than others that being feared is sometimes better than being powerful.
Sadly, there is a point where the illusion of a threat breaks...
It's true that I pose considerable threat to even Gods. But it would by no means be easy."

"He's right y'know!"
Champa stops licking the cheese sauce out of his tray for a second to chime in.
"Not gonna lie, I'm scared shitless of Hit. But that's because he could assassinate me!
In a real fight I'd likely win... even if I'd get maimed. Which I'd rather NOT!"

"So there you have it."
Hit concludes his speech.
"But still... your progress has been nothing short of miraculous.
I'm confident that sooner or later you will reach that level! And I'd be more than happy to fight you when you do!"

"Okay big guy. Enough with the murderboner.
Don't want you to think about killing me just yet!"

"Wouldn't dream of it.
Right now I'm more interested in... perhaps working with you again.
I got a... juicy contract I could use your help with. And I'm sure you'd be useful."

"What? You want me to scout for you again?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of... partner.
But assisting is fine as well, considering how well that ended last time."


>I'll think about it
>No thanks. I got enough blood on my hands for the time being
>I'll think about it
>I'll think about it
>>I'll think about it
>I'll think about it

In the meantime, we'd better calm down Califula before she gets too worked up.
"Tell you what, I'll think about it!
But if you'll excuse me-"
Standing up you start walking away.
"I got a fire to put out."

"Do what you must..."

Walking behind the seat of Caulifla, you do your best to hide your own presence as best as you can and hope that the Saiyan is angry enough that her senses became dull. So far so good, she hasn't moved an inch.
Sneaking up on her you lean over the back of the chair and reach out.
A faint rustling can be heard and Caulifla looks up in confusion as she senses a disturbance.
Using your hands to part her hair, you pop out of it and look down at her while sticking your tongue out.

"Pffft... hehe!
What are you doing you idiot?"

"I saw that you were grumpy."
Reaching down you start rubbing her shoulders gently and pray that it doesn't get a wrong reaction out of her.
"What made my big monkey so grumpy?"

"I got mad..."
She pouts.


"Bad memories, feeling inadequate... the usual.
And a bit of envy I guess."

"Well that's only natural.
But if that whole Ultra nonsense bothers you, just remember that you kicked the guy in the nuts as revenge!"

Damn right I did! One of the best days of my life!"
Her expression then returns to a more sullen one as she looks out the window with vacant eyes.
Something seems to weigh on her mind, something that manages to get her to zone out.
"But it's still not enough..."

"What isn't? I'm sure if you do it again, not only will he never have children again, I'm afraid his peepee might fall off!"

"First, say dick like a normal person would. Enough of that cutesy shit! I'm fine now.
It's just... seeing you out there made me realize that we are not ready yet.
If we had another tournament right now... I'm afraid we'd drop out once again."

"Come now... There is no need to worry constantly!
It hasn't been a year since the last one! Surely it'll take more than that for them to organize another!"

"That's the thing that's bothering Sis, Eric..."
Kale also speaks up.
"Apparently the last one was decided on a whim. And everyone got 48 hours to prepare.
Not more."


Whelp we're fucked.
To think that such a big decision was made in such a short order...
The gods aren't fucking around, that's for damn sure. But as the worries of the saiyan girl spread over to you, an arm suddenly reaches up and yanks you down.
Falling forward you tumble down and land in the lap of Caulifla who's resting her head on her free hand while giving you a smug look.
"You can be gloomy while not in my hair, thank you!"


"It's okay.
Thanks for trying to cheer me up though."
Caulifla then chuckles a little, her previous tension slowly disappearing.
"Besides... with you and Cabba around... we might actually have a chance!
The four of us should be unstoppable once we fuse!"

"Oh... I don't know about that!
I mean we haven't fused with Cabba for a while!
Who knows? Maybe we're gonna have another stroke!"

"Yeah, as if!
You've been working your butt off as well!
I'm sure you won't be holding him back AS much now!"

"Ouch... that inflicted more damage to me than everything in this tournament combined..."

"Still... we could be doing a whole lot better.
I still need to get stronger!"

"Why? Just because of a tournament that may or may not happen?"

"Of course not, stupid!"

"Then why? What's your reason?"

"Because I can!"
She looks down at you and grins.
"The same reason as yours! And I already got an idea... Well, two actually."

"Really? Do tell."

"Well. It's that I can't decide.
Say... which one do you think sounds better?
I've been getting blue balled by Champa and Vados for quite some time now. So I thought, why not check the other source of godly strength?"

"The Supreme Kai?"

"Yeap! If anyone then that old geezer should know a trick or two!
He IS a god after all!"

"And the other?"

"Try to guess..."
At that moment her tail whooshes out from behind her and starts tickling your nose.

>Well... the Supreme Kai seems like an obvious choice
>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!
>>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!
>Well... the Supreme Kai seems like an obvious choice

If nothing else, he'd be able to give us some tips about how to get stronger or find a way to get stronger without having to have literal fighting autism and perfect fighting genetics to stand a chance. I get the feeling that he might be able to offer a few leads on the monkey stuff too, if Vados isn't able to come up with one.
>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!

Wonder if there is some type of hyperbolic time chamber we can use to train that isn't the demon world.

I'm pretty sure the Supreme Kai doesn't like it when we pop up often. I think the last time we went to him Vados had to show up and have him help us
>Well... the Supreme Kai seems like an obvious choice
>Well... the Supreme Kai seems like an obvious choice
As much as I like the monkey route. I feel like that’s more kales area
>>3924360 #
>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!
>>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!
>3 fags don't want Fluffy Caulifla cuddles
Fools, the lot of you.
>What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!
Guess my plans are ruined
Just goes to show that 4 is really popular.
Pfft, you should have known better by now, no plan survives contact with the anons.
Besides having the tails and then doing close to nothing with them or atleast calming the big ape would be a waste.
SS4 is one of the cooler ideas to come out of GT Nega-Som, and it gives us a chance to do more with the tails plotwise.
Did somebody say Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Kefla?
(ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ━
I told you I wanted to do a SSJ4 Kale!
File: naughty-monkeybits.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
whoops.. dropped the pic
You grab her tail and Caulifla actually cringes a little, so you stop squeezing her and start touching it very gently.
What? Do you want to get in touch with your monkey self? I LIKE IT!"

"Ewww stop making this weird!"

Sorry, sorry! But I agree.
It'd be a good idea to... I guess figure out what's up with this thing.
Maybe it's connected to that bizarre strength of the Saiyans... But even if not helping you train it until it's not a weakpoint is definitely a good idea."

"Hmmmm? Connection to our strength?
What makes you think that."

"Er... Sometimes I forget I'm dealing with Saiyans here...
Let's see, you remember how you turned into a GIANT monkey?"

"I kinda don't. My memory of that day is super fuzzy but I know what you're referring to."

So I also helped Kale with her anger management issues. And I've been connecting the dots here and that tail of yours SEEMS to be connected to the Saiyan body on a much deeper level than you think.
Otherwise it wouldn't trigger such a radical transformation."

Caulifla nods.

"And while it may have been lost during your evolution, the fact that it remained as a vestigial organ and even REGREW when stimulated leads me to believe that it's actually VERY important to the Saiyans.
Maybe it's the source of your strength... or at the very least connected to it."

And in that moment you can practically see steam escaping from Cauliflas mouth as the liquid inside her head begins to boil from thinking too hard.
Before her head explodes like a bottle of champagne you pull her close and caress her until her dummy thick skull empties a little.
"It's okay. Big words can't hurt you now...
So what I wanted to say: Tail is important!"


Don't worry, Nega-Som. I bet that Fuwa and his cohorts are probably a good source to hit up anyway, given how they planned most of the creation that occurred in the universe. Unless there's a member of our universe that is a tailed Saiyan, we may have to consult the divine hierarchy for more information or find a way to talk to U7 without tipping our hand or pissing off Beerus.

With that said, I wonder if we could find a way to contact U7 King Kai and bribe him into giving us some useful information? I hear that he has a halo over his head that is quite unfashionable for one of his stature.
Also, doesn't the sacred world of kais have a bunch of moons? And it's really big and empty so it's perfect to trash it with king kong.
That bothers me so god damn much...
For one Goku and EVERYONE ELSE are such dickheads for not granting him that 1 simple wish, whereas if Krillin stubs his toe the Dragon is awakened.
But at the same time Elder Kai didn't really give a fuck about his halo. So why does King Kai?

It does
>So why does King Kai?
I assume his peers make fun of him for it. Meanwhile who the fuck would make fun of Old Kai?
I mean... he IS in a much higher position than King Kai. So that'd mean either
a.) More ridicule
b.) Having a Halo is fashionable amongst the divinity now
Old Kai doesn't have a big social circle, who's gonna ridicule him for it? Shin and Kibito, the puny fucks?
Old Kai is Old, he stopped giving a fuck long ago.

On another note, on a scale of 1-10 how pissed would the Kai's be if Caulifla tore up their planet getting control of her inner Kong?
Eh... Fuwa is odd because he might be into it after he "fires up"

He's... not though. He just looks like a wrinkled up testicle because he fused with an old hag
But I get it, his old social circle is dust now
As you're pampering Caulifla until she recovers you notice that you've been ignoring the other half of the equation and start tending to Kale as well.
Shuffling around a bit until you are sandwiched between the two girls you pull in Kale and start cuddling with her while continuing to pet Caulifla.
"And that goes for you as well missy.
I don't want you to be endangered because of this thing.
Not after we went through the trouble of getting it for you as well."

"O-Oh... it was no trouble! Really I-"
She pauses as she realizes how stupid she sounds.
"I-I'll just stop. I know what you mean!"

"Oh come here already you adorable little cinnamon bun!"

"Could you KEEP IT DOWN?!"
Champa roars at you.
"It's like you WANT to ruin my appetite! Sheesh.
Get a room why won't you?"

"Technically this is a room... that I built.
Therefore it's my room."

"Are you ordering a god around boy?!"

"No. I'm ordering Garfield around!"
Grumbling to himself the god of destruction returns to his soda while Lyn continues to jerk his ears around as she attempts to assume direct control of him Ratatouille style.
"By the way Champa-"


"I was wondering about something-"

"I'd prefer if you didn't.
Keep your creativity in the kitchen. Everywhere else it only brings trouble!"

"Come oooon! You'll like it."

"Hnnnnng... Alright! I'll hear you out!
But this is by no means permission, got it?"

So... I was thinking that... fall is almost around the corner.
And I was wondering if you'd be okay if we celebrated Halloween on your planet!"


Caulifla coos.
"Isn't that where you dress up in costumes?"

"Yes! The one I told you about!"

"Eh... pass-"
Champa shrugs.

"Oh, did I mention there is free candy AND festive food involved?"


"Heh... Guess it's settled then!
But you gotta be in costume. Them's the rules."

"Pfffft whatever.
But tell me more about these "festive foods" of yours!
What do they entail?"



Pumpkin flavored... EVERYTHING!
Oh and we can have like a bunch of snacks and drinks and more traditional food if you're into that."

"Did I hear drink?"

"Vados NO!"

"Sounds neat!
I'll just make some reservations, call some friends over-"

>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!
>Wait... you got friends?
>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!

>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!
>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!
>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!
>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!

This cn only end well I'm sure!
>Yeah, sure. The more the merrier!
Well... guess you ain't finding out who those guests are

It might have been rude to ask her in the way that was phrased.

And this way, it's a mystery box! Guests could be any old person, but the mystery box could be anything!
We'll find out when they show up, why ruin the surprise?
File: 1571136711670.png (836 KB, 1200x675)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
My bet
Such evil would've been eliminated long ago. Evan Vados has limits to what she'll put up with...
File: hoovy_scared.jpg (44 KB, 1280x720)
44 KB
I fear no man but that... thing... it scares me
Shrugging, you respond.
"The more the merrier. Besides, it's your planet and you're the boss.
Just tell me how many you want so I can adequately prepare enough snacks."

A-And tell me more about this holiday!
What does it entail?"

"It's nothing special really.
An old event meant to be either a celebration for bountiful harvests or honoring the dead.
Basically it's present in some form around most of the word. But the decades spent apart meant people developed their traditions differently.
Nowadays... it's pretty much just an excuse for both adults and children to dress up, have some fun and celebrate some spooky things while also indulging themselves in some candy and sometimes booze."

"Sounds neat!
Why doesn't the rest of the universe have fun events like that?
Oh I know! Vados! Add it to the list of things to do! We gotta introduce the local idiots to some fun!
Who knows? Maybe they'll develop something even better?"

"Right away my lord."
As the staff of Vados begins to glow, indicating she begun working, she looks at you inquisitively.
"By the way, what sort of costumes do you keep referring Eric? Do we need to wear formal attires?"

"Oh no. None of that.
Just dress up as... whatever the hell you feel like. Scary monsters, funny things or pretty much anyone from any piece of media you want.
There are almost no rules to it. So go wild."

"Oh... I sure will!"

The way she says that, with her sensual voice sends a shiver down your spine.
Your mind starts rebelling against you and despite your wishes, it starts... imagining things. Some rather indecent things.
And once a mans mind wanders in that direction, it seldom stops. You soon start hyperventilating and with a trickle of blood coming out of your nose, your brain overheats.
It was now you who was foaming at the mouth unconsciously.

"What the hell happened to him?"

"Who knows?"
Luckily nobody was wise enough to realize what happened.
And this is as far as I can go sadly.
Here's one more thing I found to appease the blue balled Vados fags.

Next time we'll be moving on to the finish line, where we'll have matches like: Kamin v Oren, Eric v Neko-Chan, etc.
Suffice to say we'll be wrapping this one up soon finally.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys soon.
But I might be away for a while as my entire weekend is fucked.
Hope you're weekend turns out slightly less fucked than expected!
Eh. Unlikely.
It's work related. Saturday and Sunday night-shifts back to back.
Meaning tomorrow I'll start in the evening, finish in the morning, go home, sleep just so I can do it all over again with no free time

But it should be okay.
Though I'll need a day to recover afterwards. Maybe 2

Thanks for running, Nega-Som!

Hope you have a good rest on your days off!
If vados shows up in that, she IS getting fucked. No force in the multiverse can stop that inevitability.
As it stands she very well might.
Since I only found a bunny girl outfit of her and a teacher outfit.
Show me the teacher outfit.
Actually, scratch that. Vados is just plain getting banged on halloween. The outfit she wears for it won’t matter.
I also found Jil from resident evil
But that's about it
I'm up for it. Lets bang Vados.
I'm up for it but I know Eric wouldn't be. He would never cheat on the best thing to ever happen to him, even if it meant a literally divine orgasm.
That said, alcohol does amazing things and I'm not above voting to do a keg-stand.
It appears that I've made a mistake.
I don't have my notes right here so I can't tell you exactly what's gonna happen but next session definitely won't have Kamin v Oren.
That'll only happen in the semi finals, not the quarter ones

Aside that I've checked my schedule and it looks like I'll be able to run on Wednesday
I haven't been on 4chan in a good, long while and I have to say I'm really glad this seems to still be going strong. I have a lot catching up to do though, still glad to see you alive and trucking not-som
Good to have you back and don't sweat it.
Hope you'll enjoy the archives
I still occasionally go back and check out the tournament of destroyers arc every once in a while. Shit was hype as fuck!
Rolling like 10+ crits in a row to completely dunk on Krillin and Piccolo while keeping our gimmicks hidden was pretty absurd.

Then rolling bad/mediocre on Gohan, then rolling great again to clutch the win was also pretty hype.
Wasn't our fight with Gohan mostly crits besides like a single roll that we barely(But still) passed?
This anon Is mistaken

We indeed utterly dunked Gohan as well. It was hype. We never failed a single roll that whole tournament, and we crit every single time except for the first time we used The Stance against Gohan, where we just passed instead of crit.

Gohan got utterly schooled, and now If you'll excuse me I need to go re-read that entire sequence.
Even better, after that we fought Vegeta alongside Cabba and we fucking dominated until the last moment when Vegeta turned Royal Blue and we failed the roll. He even was like "Damn, you guys are way better team players than me..."
IIRC, it was more like Vegeta remarking on how great Cabba and Eric fought together, and him lamenting that putting your faith utterly in someone doesn't magically make them your best combat partner.

Like when he and Goku teamed up against Jiren they weren't able to do much despite Vegeta trusting in Goku. But Goku and Frieza were able to push for the KO after he'd been weakened considerably. Fucking FRIEZA seemed to have a better compatibility with Goku than Vegeta.

Big think
Oh and I forgot to mention:
Tomorrow I'll be running if all goes well
"Wake uuuuup!"
You feel soft hand rubbing your back.

Five more minutes."

"Wake up sleepy head.
It's time to go!"

You roll around, trying to escape what- or whoever it is that tries to interrupt your favorite time of the day.
As you shift around however you feel your head sink ever so slightly and feel a strange warmth emanating from your "bed".

"Heh. I kinda hate that I have to put an end to this but-
Caulifla shouts and you pick your head up like a dog that just heard someone knocking on the door.

"FOOD? Where's the stove?!
Someone get me ten pounds of ground beef and as much tomato sauce as you can!"

Patting you on the back the little saiyan stops you as you push yourself up from the chair.
"Sorry. False alarm. But you gotta wake up.
Your match is up."

"Oho! I get it!
This is a dream! Because I just fo-"

"No... you slept through the entire round."


Kale leans forward and tries desperately to calm you down.
"Don't worry... You didn't miss much.
Almost everyone surrendered."

"D-Did I miss Bruce Lees fight?"


"God damn it-"
You shed a tear and as the drop of moisture rolls down your face it lands on Caulifla and she lets out a held back moan.

"Ooooh... gonna have to ask you to not do that again...
Or you ain't gonna leave this room fuckboy."

Looking down in your confusion you see where you were burying your face a second ago and your face turns from almost pale to crimson red in an instant.
Throwing yourself off the armchair you fall unceremoniously on the ground before standing up and trying to shrug it off with a nervous stutter.
I gotta go! I have a match!"

"You do that tiger."

Using the old instant escape trick that is portals, you leave the scene and show up right at the gate to the arena.
With the announcers spiel already well underway you patiently wait for him to finish before walking out with a stride.
When he sees you he pulls his microphone away ever so slightly and tugs at his collar.
"Oh thank god you're here. I don't think I could stall for much longer!
Oh and please... try to give us a good performance. The audience has been getting bored with everyone surrendering!"

"Is it that bad?"

"Very much so.
They've been... optimistic up until your last match.
But after that people were dropping out like flies. Guess they realized there isn't much of a point in competing."

"Well I guess it's for the best.
That just means we skip right to the best parts."

"Let's just hope your opponent thinks the same..."
Turning his device back on the man continues.
"AND IN THIS CORNER: A living enigma whose identity has remained a secret up until now!
Yet his powers were clearly out of this world! Please... Welcome - ugh - Neko-chan!"
A strange, unnerving silence falls down on the arena as the audience slowly quiets down before shutting up entirely.
Your opponent doesn't even have a theme song that could make some sort of ambiance.
Instead you see not one but four figures in black robes descending the stares and taking up their seats in the second row.
They seem particularly miffed about not being able to sit down in the front and they keep standing instead of sitting down, aggravating many people behind them.
Though nobody dares to call them out as they slowly turn around and unnerve everyone.

As if on queue, your opponent "Neko-chan" also makes his appearance and it's just as gloomy and odd as the others.
He slowly walks up to his side of the ring without saying a word and creepily staring at you.
The only one who dares to break the atmosphere is the announcer.
"E-Erm... Contestants! Are you ready?!"

You speak up and your opponent nods(?).

"T-Then when you're ready... Begin!"

He... doesn't make a move.
Just standing there menacingly the guy remains motionless.
"So uh... you gonna do something or-"

Then the figure raises its arm and a very human looking, very thick arm pokes out from the robes sleeve.

The figure speaks up in a very masculine, very deep voice. It's almost soothing really. And at least now you know it's definitely a man under there.
To tell the truth even the possibility that a fat landwhale is under that hood. But you can't say you're disappointed by that not being the case.

"Come again?"

"Now these people will see through your lies..."

>I don't have time for this. ATTACK!
>What makes you think I'm a liar?
>Big words coming from a coward who doesn't dare to show his face!
>What makes you think I'm a liar?
>>What makes you think I'm a liar?
>>Also, if your going to call me a liar, you should atleast explain what your accusing me of.

Man, I know what Not Som is doing now for sure, its the Ultra Super Mega Ripped Dude Who Just Wants To Be A Magical Girl Because They Have The Heart Of A Maiden cliche.
Seconding this:

Erm... no
Because that's gay
Anyway, since I didn't get that get due to the FFFFFUCKING ban thread is over

"A liar? Me? Tch..."
You lean back and point at him with an annoyed glare.
"If you're going to accuse me of lying the least you could do is explain what you're accusing me of!
What do I lie about?"

The figure answers without missing a beat.
"Your very presence here is based on a lie and you fill the heads of these people with lies...
How dare you impersonate HIM?"


"You may have fooled these people but we know better!
You are a strong one, I give you that. But to stand there in his stead? Disgusting!"
The figure reaches for the face hole on his cloak and grips it tightly.
"But we'll show you! We'll show the entire world your hubris! Prepare yourself!"

He just stands there for a few moments and you stare at him while processing what he just said.

Suddenly the guys voice shifts to a bit higher one, but its still thick with testosterone.


Turning around you realize what he was waiting for as his "brothers" jump from their spots and crash through the barrier that was erected for the protection of the audience.
In a shower of glittering magic particles, they grab their robes and rip them apart in one swift motion, the torn black fabric revealing mountains of well toned, rippling muscles.
Each flex of their quivering biceps makes the panties of female onlookers drop, their seemingly never-ending abs earn the jealousy of all men, even those that you'd call physically fit and attractive.

These three chads with the bodies of greek gods begin posing in front of you, dressed in nothing more than a fundoshi and a surgical mask with a sideways "3" printed on it.
The glistening of their skin could be falsely mistaken for body oil but you have hunch that it's more of a "natural" lubricant in the form of sweat and pure testosterone.
Grinning the biggest and burliest of them continues as his friends cheer him on with a unanimous: "ANIKI~"
Oh shit, it’s the Aztec gods of fitness!

But with... fundamental differences.
"You think you're smart! Trying to deceive these people! But we see through your lies VILLAIN!"
With another pose "Neko-chan" turns sideways and pumps his arms revealing more muscle than you ever knew existed.
"You may walk the path of the Swole but you are nothing but an interloper grasping at things you don't understand!
We've been following the teachings of the Chad to attain ultimate power! Through our shared bond we've been refining the secrets bestowed upon us by He himself! THE MANLIEST MAN TO WALK THE EARTH, THE VANQUISHER OF FROST!
With the help of weapons grade autism and unending passion we attained strength beyond your imagination!
And of all people, WE can sense your lies! Because you're weak! You don't even come CLOSE to the radiant power the Chad possesses!"

This isn't happening...
"Look I-"

He covers what you can see of his face with one hand while pointing at you with the other.
"Every word you utter disgusts us... You must pay for deceiving these good people and tarnishing the reputation of He who shan't be out lifted!"

As he continues to menacingly point at you the guys aura starts escaping his body and you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet.
The entire stadium is in an uproar as the lights start popping one by one like balloons and all electronic devices not turned off explode in the vicinity.
Joke or not, you gotta give it to them... they did manage to figure shit out through communal effort...
By sharing their experiences they managed to attain a power that could probably surpass Bao as well.

"Well if it isn't the consequences of my actions!
Never thought I'd have to face weapons grade autism one day..."

>Well, no use for words now. ATTACK!
>Try to explain yourself!
>Start flexing your power
>Start flexing your power
Most esteemed Chad of Chads. I intended no disrespect to the temple of gains when myself and my friends had our exhibition matches, but rather to show the way to our fellow humans that we do indeed have the potential for strength in this massive universe that they were just recently awakened to. To my surprise and relief, it seems that many other like-minded people also wanted to showcase the myriad paths that humans can undertake to achieve self-determination.

> Start flexing your power
As such, I will show due respect your efforts by not holding back.
>Start flexing your power.
>You lack puzle pieces so class is in sesion. I am who I am nothing more nothing less. So I sugest you learn or get beaten like a sack of potatoes.
>>Start flexing your power
>>What you don't understand is that Big Numbers don't mean everything. I've fought people far faster and stronger then me, who could have killed me in a single blast, but I've handed them their asses by being the better fighter. You think I killed Frost by having a bigger number? Because I was some swole motherfucker who just handed him his ass? I won because I'm a better fighter then him and the control I have over my power is just part of that.
Got some good write-ins.

Oh and...
Time to flex your dice
Best of 4
DC: 10 Crit: 20

And it's so high, not because it's so difficult but because you might not want to crit this one
Rolled 11 (1d21)

Rolled 19 (1d21)

Damn thats close. I say that as the next guy rolls NAT 21.
Rolled 8 (1d21)

Rolled 9 (1d21)

One more....
QM Rolling

Oh and one more thing:
>GoHAn iS dEfINItelY SoMeonE wE CaN rely oN!
>Proceeds to loose. Again
I hope to dear sweet lord that we won't get this as an anime...
Neither the Gohan circlejerk which backfires every time, nor that midget angel faggot
Clapping your hands together you bow in a prayer and begin speaking.
"Oh great followers of the Chad! I meant no disrespect to you or to the temple of gains with the exhibition matches! Rather, I wanted to show the way to our fellow humans that we do indeed have the potential for strength in this massive universe that they were just recently awakened to!
To my surprise and relief, it seems that many other like-minded people also wanted to showcase the myriad paths that humans can undertake to achieve self-determination."


You crack an unseen smile while slowly releasing the hold on your power.
"You don't seem to get the big picture! Did you really believe big numbers were everything? That I managed to kill Frost because I had the bigger number? Boy I fought beings many times more powerful than I am... Yet I came out on top every. Single. Time.
Because I was better-"

At this point the purple mist around your body has not only gotten visible, it started enveloping your entire body much in the same fashion your opponents has, with the same side effects that such huge amounts of ki carry.
Slowly pebbles on the ground begin to shake as if the very elements fear your presence.
"I've won because I was the better fighter. I won through skill, not strength. So you better buckle up kids! Because class is in session... and we're gonna get physical up in here!"


The aura of ki around your body has become unstable from its mass and density, lending the flowing waves an appearance akin to flames, its tongues lick the air and fly off after breaking off the main body.
The sensation is almost sickening. So much energy wasted... just for showing off.
No matter. This time it's MORE than worth it!

Because you WILL educate this guy! He WILL see the error of his ways.
Or break.

Like a bullet out of the barrel of a gun, you shoot out with a fist cocked and ready.
Just before impact you throw your punch and your fist collides with the meaty chest of your opponent.
You feel your knuckles dig into his flesh and only barely stopping at his bones. His eyes bulge out of their sockets as he gets a taste of your full might and like you did before, his entire body is sent flying backwards.

His friends watch as roughly 300 pounds of muscle shoots past their head and collides with the concrete wall of the arena.
No matter how many safety precautions there were, no matter how much you reinforced it, his body still went through the wall and left an almost cartoony hole shaped like his outlines.
Crawling out from his snug little place like out of Amigara Fault, "Neko-chan" stares at you while his vision is still blurred.
Judging by his reaction he started to realize you were NO liar.

>Surrender. Now.
>Start beating your lesson into him
>Show him HOW you won. With your STANCE!
I want to despise Gohan but at the same time I can’t help but feel sorry for him because he seems to be morphing into the designated jobber. Can’t help but pity his lot as dictated by the author’s will.

The Gohan Calvo/Blanco thing was pretty ridiculous but also I think it showed a genuine affection for the character and a desire to see him return to relevancy beyond being a punching bag.

Spar with him and teach him via combat. We are here to instruct, not to dunk on newbies.

Start mimicking his unchecked Ki by screaming and acting like some kind of Brian Blessed version of a Saiyan. Then ask him what that exactly accomplished.

Then draw our Ki in, not letting a drop spill out. Just as Vados taught us a lifetime ago. Attempt to teach him the same.

Let him see the difference firsthand of super efficient Ki control on both the receiving end and from the driver’s seat.
>>Start beating your lesson into him
>Start beating your lesson into him
Rolled 9 (1d21)

Higher is... questionable. Better for him, worse for you
He starts pulling himself out of his hole until he's about halfway out and then the concrete between his fingers starts to crack and crumble.
With a clench of his fist, he crushes the wall and erupts from it like a volcano, sending much debris flying into the air.
Screaming and shouting he charges at you with full power, ready to pummel you into the ground.

As he throws his punch some dust escapes from his clenched fist and clouds the air. You don't know whether this was conscious or just an accident, but judging by his still closed hand you'd guess the latter.
No matter, as you're still very capable of following his movements, regardless of visibility.
Bending backwards you duck under his fist before touching the ground with your hand while arching.
With a quick twist and a lot of coordination, you manage to support your body solely with your arms and swing your legs around like a Capoeira fighter, kicking Nekos ankles with enough force to swipe him off his legs.

As he falls, you flip around and using your arms push yourself off the ground, feet first.
This way you manage to double drop kick him mid fall, causing him to tumble and roll around.
Quickly springing to your feet you start shouting and pumping more of your energy out wildly.
As Neko-chan stands up, holding his stomach in pain he looks at your apeish display.
"Do you see this? What did I achieve with it? I'll tell you: Nothing.
I could've gone after you and beat the crap out of you but instead I stood here like an idiot, beating my chest and shouting.
The key of fighting is not power, it's using what you have well! Now watch this!"

Taking a deep breath you draw back in all of your ki, effectively becoming a ghost to your opponent.
Working through the pain, he tries to shake off the mild concussion you just gave him to look at you.
Judging by the expression on his face, he doesn't get what you want to show him.

"The problem with you is that you are missing a key piece of the puzzle.
You've been training for... what? A few months tops? And got this far? That's impressive! Moreso than you realize!
But you can get as strong as you want, as swole as you want or as CHAD as you want, you'll soon realize there are many others out there who are lightyears ahead of you because of their genetics!
We humans are weak! So we need to put in thrice as much work to get to the same level!"
You pause.
"IF you do it in this manner! Learning to control what you have, and making most of your powers... that's the key!"
Standing up the big guy tries to mimic your performance but seemingly struggles reining in his energy.
No matter how much he grunts or groans what little he manages to get under control quickly slips out and goes haywire.
Perhaps this is why Vados wanted to teach you the way she did. It's much easier to get a grasp of this if you have only a minuscule amount of ki to work with.

"Well at least you got the spirit...
But it'll take a lot of time for you to correct your mistake."

He looks up at you with hopeful eyes and with quivering lips mutters these words.

"Teach me!"
>You need to do teach yourself
>Go and seek out God! He can help you more than I ever will
>Go and seek out God! He can help you more than I ever will
>Hint start in Netherlands maybe find Bao as he is also going.
>Go and seek out God! He can help you more than I ever will
Where is everybody?
File: drac.jpg (751 KB, 1200x1600)
751 KB
751 KB JPG
>Go and seek out God! He can help you more than I ever will
>But enough talk! HAVE AT YOU!
>>Go and seek out God! He can help you more than I ever will
Just getting home after finishing helping my granddad clean his old house.
I understand
I got home from work myself

Anyway, I'm happy with this
Time to see the dice. Let's see how much you whoop his ass
Best of 4
DC: 10 Crit: 16
Rolled 17 (1d21)

The answer is like a sack of potatoes.
Rolled 5 (1d21)

Rolled 21 (1d21)

Damn it let me fell god about myself for once. I guess we beat him to enlightenment now.
Rolled 16 (1d21)

double 21s maybe?
File: 387.png (330 KB, 500x483)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Jesus Christ

You look at the poor guy and almost feel bad for him. But at the very least he started realizing the error of his ways.
So you take pity on him and point upwards at the sky, even though it's kinda dumb but you still think he'll get the picture easier that way.
Fine then! Go and seek out God! He'll be able to help you more than I ever will! THIS GOES FOR ALL OF YOU!
Not just the freakshows that gathered here! But YOU in the audience! If you believe you are fit to take on this power then FIND GOD!
Hint: Start looking in the Netherlands!"
Then you turn back to your foe at hand.
"Oh and... you might wanna speak with Bao. He's heading there as well."

Looking up from his kneeling position the guy sheds a manly tear as he's observing your speech.
"So it is true... He is the one!"

Then with a swiping motion you bring down your hand.
"But enough talk! Have at you!"

His pupils widen as he realizes what you're referencing.
Quickly he attempts to put up his guard but you still smash into him at full force.
You can sense his knees buckling under him as he tries with all his might to keep you up. He has guts, you gotta give him that at the very least.
Pulling back you shift your attack as you throw an uppercut with your other arm and knock his hands out of the way.

Pivoting on the ball of your feet you turn around only to flash him a menacing grin and unleash a full rush attack.
Your fists smash into him dozens of time in the span of a second, making him spasm with each punch. Then when he looks like he's about to faint, you decide to let him taste a bit of true power, in the hopes that his near unconscious state will prevent him from experiencing most of the pain.

The swirling, coursing ki enters the poor fools body and immediately he's under the mercy of its whims.
With an explosive launch he gets carried away by the turbulent energy and smacked right into his "brothers" who you assume are just his lifting buddies from /fit/.
They at the very least have the capacity to TRY and stop the attack but it's all but futile. They too get swept off their feet and carried away like Team Rocket.
Both motion sick from the spinning and aching all over, the five muscle-bound men are unable to as much as raise a finger.

Which is when the announcer guy finally realizes that the coast is clear and comes out from hiding.
"A-And that... ladies and gentlemen is another easy victory for the Slayer!
P-Please clap!"
And that... is where I'd like to ask your permission to stop for now.
I'm not really feeling it in me to continue today.
Next session however... we'll have some fun.

>Kamin vs Oren
>Jeanne vs Sam
>Eric vs Gramps
And maybe more if we get that far.
As for when... Let's just say I'll try to do Saturday okay?
When /qst/ is ashes, you have my permission to stop.
If I stop the /quest/ will you die?
It would be extremely painful
You're a big anon...
...For you.
I won't rest until we make it a nice even number...
Like twenty

Also, obligatory DBZ shitpost
Mando has no right to be as good as it is.
Is it? I had a brief interest in it when I saw the trailer.
But then I remembered that:
1.) It's Disney, and they gutted Star Wars
2.) They extra castrated the entire Mandalorian erm... Race? Group? Organization? in that god fucking awful 3D Clone Wars series.

But I did hear good things about it.
Won't subscribe to the mouse for it, but I might pirate it
File: dd8vk3nju4z31.jpg (70 KB, 635x695)
70 KB
Somehow this image speaks to me.
It's as if the very spirit of the quest is encapsulated in this one image

In other news, if the thread is still up tomorrow I'll post a quick little omake I came up with but couldn't find the time for today
File: Z (18).jpg (37 KB, 480x348)
37 KB
I got a question. Is Lyn being tutored or taught at all?
If not, I kinda want to make sure she doesn't end up being held back by sub-par education.
I'm talking specifically about actual education, not martial arts or anything like that.
Well when it comes to hard sciences I think she is fine with her databases or somthing that she has from her birth situation. If you consider music, art or history classes to be integral then no.

I guess we could hook her up with universe history films/programs from Sayans as Caba said education is one of the few things brodcasting is used for if I remember corectly... As for art I guess making a arts and crafts playlist for her would not hurt granted we should skip any of lowest dificulty stuff because she knows how to do metalworking allredy if her workstation is anything to go by. Its only pourpouse would be intresting ideas not dificulty.
No and here's why: although she is incredibly intelligent, physically she isn't in the age where she'd be going to school.
She's a kindergartener
So what she's learning now is basic human interaction

But it IS a good topic for discussion
What's she think of the fights? Or what little she's catching when she's not busy playing with Garfield.
Then I think we can easly skip the regular school when the time comes as its going to be laregly redundant in regards to actually teaching her. Instead I sugest somthing like art or music school still has things to teach and has people to socialise with without feeling as pointless because she knows all stuff allready like she would in regular school.
She's barely interested and spent her time alternating between big the cat and nappy time.
The only ones she watched were yours and her siblings' fights
That's entirely upvto you
Horizon Penitentiary: A deep space blacksite under the careful protection of the Sadala Defense Force, the only one of its kind.
This massive complex is manned entirely by automatons, for reasons that'll become clear soon and house only the vilest, most dangerous beings the universe has to offer.
And if need be... their grave.

For you see, this prison is unique in more ways than one.
Not only is it the only complex within the Saiyans jurisdiction that's well outside the realm of laws and ethics, but it's also a necessary evil.
The entire stations existence is intentionally shrouded in layers upon layers of myth, urban legends, and conspiracy theories, leading most of the galaxy to doubt its very existence.
Situated on the event horizon of a supermassive black hole, the entire complex is capable of descending into the inescapable void... at the push of a button.
Here, the often immortal and highly dangerous criminals are capable of spending their many lifetimes long prison sentences... in mere years, should the automated defense system see it fit to hover "just" a bit closer to the celestial body to increase the places gravity.

And it is here that a certain space lizard found himself after sufficiently bribing every official he could find.
The droids finish up his scans and let him pass, but not without a final warning.
"Your scans are done. You may proceed. *beep* *boop*
But remember, you may not make physical contact with the prisoner, you may not give him any items and if you try to free him, you'll be shot or imprisoned next to him."

"Yeah yeah..."
Hail sighs.
"Just let me go already. Don't want you to get any ideas and do a full cavity search as well..."
Stepping through the layers of reinforced doors the Frost Demon cracks a smile when he sees the inmate he came to visit.
"Hey pops! Love the new getup! The straight jacket and mask are really matching your eyes!"


"Oh what's wrong? No greetings? Hell, you didn't even clean up the place!
How do you expect to have guests here?"

"What do you want?"

"Now that hurts... What makes you think I want anything?
Is it really that hard to imagine I bribed and convinced every Saiyan to let me see you, just because I wanted to?"

"Whatever it is... You won't get it here."
Captain Rime grumbles.
"You did this to me... my own flesh and blood!"

"Yes. I did.
I helped them incarcerate you... And wanna know why?
Because that was the only way you were gonna learn...
Was it not enough what happened with Frost? Did you REALLY have to continue?!"

"Did I not raise you to the best of my ability? DId I not love you? Did I not respect your decision to lead a life free of the family trade?
What did I do to deserve being backstabbed by both of my sons?"

YOU LET ME LEAVE! But every day I had more blood sticking to my hands!
You never gave me what I wanted... only what you thought I did..."
"You wanted me to take over the family business, but I refused.
Then you turned to Frost because you had a "backup". You saw how that turned out. He stabbed you in the back and took your eye, your fleet and everything else.
Notice a pattern there? Sure, Frost was always a little bitch but can you blame him? You weren't exactly a model father."

"And so you sold me out to the Saiyans...
I hope you are proud."

"I am.
Dodged being guilty of fratricide... and maybe you can cool your jets in here a bit.
Meanwhile I can finally live my life in peace..."



"You bring shame to our clan.
You know you were destined for far more. You are one of the Emperors of the Universe.
Yet you chose to be a commoner. I never thought I'd say this... but you disgust me more than Frost ever did.
At least he stuck to his roots..."

"Goodbye Father.
Hope you appreciate me letting a robot finger me just so we could have this chat.
Certainly won't do that again..."
Turning around the Frost Demon headed for the exit.
"But maybe if you're still sane after you serve your sentence we can share a drink in peace...
Like old times-"
Hmm. Hail was interesting, but I never thought we'd really see anything out of him. He doesn't really have a reason to be involved with things anymore, off doing his own thing now that his family situation Is wrapped up.

But this omake makes me wonder, do you have plans for the guy? He's not really a fighter, but a scientist of sorts and he's not really planning on getting stronger...

>Bullshit family bloodline
>Huge potential. Squanders It.
>Extremely intelligent
>Pacifist. Jobber.

I-Is Hail the Gohan of this universe?
I WOULD like to make use of him but it's obviously difficult shoehorning him into the Earth Tournament
Soon though. I'll think of something.

Because since I didn't get to do what I wanted with Frost, I might as well do it with him
Hail has two important factors that separate him from gohan.
A) He has access to actual resources that matter on the galactic scale, through his family and other connections.
B) He's ACTUALLY intelligent.
Therefor, I propose that we, in an effort to raise our universe's Mortal Level further than we already have, ask of him to start using his throbbingly huge brains to improve conditions universally, one planet at a time if need be. Find the most shit-on people who aren't dickbags and do some very important charity work for the sake of mortal levels and all that.
His family was made to rule. He'd be a great benevolent administrator for such a movement.
The only sad thing is that he probably wouldn't agree to this because he wants to be a muh archeologist. But maybe we can change his mind by reminding him that all of existence was erased for this universe's failures in the past.
That or he could be used as a scout of sorts.

>Send him on a planet
>He starts digging
>Gives a presentation about what went wrong in the planets history that led up to current events
>It is then decided to either rectify said problems or cut losses

Both are enticing, not gonna lie
>Missed the opportunity to have Hail as our Guardian.
Fuck, I feel like we missed a huge opportunity. Guy could guard, advance, and chill on Earth. Although the Kais don't like him too much now that I think about it...
He wouldn't have accepted, he's an explorer. Working 24/7 on a planet forever would be terrible for him.
Eh, I can't believe I'm defending Gohan In any capacity but he Is 'Intelligent'. He's got a good mind, he can analyze and deduce things just fine, he's plenty booksmart.

He's just unwise. He has no common sense. It's why he's such a terrible fighter. It's why he always fucks up, Is because he gets overconfident or that time he tried to play pacifist with fucking CELL of all people, and so on and so forth. He's not wise, so he makes catastrophic errors in judgement, that has nothing to do with someone's ability to process data In a pure numbers sense. Even Not-som had him place highest of U7 on an intelligence test.

But sure, If we could get Hail on board to improve our universes conditions overall that'd probably be a good use for him. We're already starting that by trying to uplift our own race, he could probably take a crack at helping some others. Maybe we could teach him to be not-shit so he could deal with some of the more potent warlords out In the depths of space. That or maybe his Frost Demon dna Is enough to get him by as It Is. It'd be kind of disappointing, honestly, If he never had to struggle because of It.

As long as we put him to use, desu.
File: D1eeNItVsAAIEQ4.jpg (53 KB, 1024x600)
53 KB
Honestly Gohan's biggest downfall is failing to stick with his training on top of not getting why it's important to be strong.
"[...]without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself." - pic related.
Sidenote, we have to get Eric to check out DMCV at some point for Dante tier greatsword tech.
Gonna have to pass on todays promised thread fellas.
I feel something in my left eye. Might be infected and it hurts like a bitch when I'm staring at monitors for too long.
I hope to dear GOD that I won't wake up tomorrow unable to open it because it got caked with gunk

I don't want to misrepresent him even though I despise his ass. He IS a canon Scholar.
But I wouldn't go as far as to call him intelligent.
I guess your example works in D&D terms, he is a character with high Int but low Wis.

However I'd phrase it differently.
Gohan is a bookworm. The only thing Chichi achieved is him being able to read a lot and memorize its contents.
I'm willing to bet my left asscheek that while he could recite ANYTHING he ever read, he probably doesn't understand the deeper meaning under them and probably can't connect the dots either.

He is truly the opposite of Goku.
Kakarot grew up in the wilds unable to socialize or getting any education. BUT, and this is important, unlike what everyone would have you believe he IS smart. Smarter than you'd think.

Gohan is the opposite. He got good education, he studied a lot, but he's a true idiot. Moreso than his brain damaged father.
Goku is a genius when it comes to things he enjoys and he was the first and possibly only person who:
>Realized Gohans true potential
>Unlike Vegeta who went full /fit/izen, tried to master what he got with the Super Saiyan
>Understood the last 3 or 4 world ending disasters happened because of him so he made the conscious choice to remove himself from the equation. It didn't work but he had the right idea
>He realized an ancient alien legend. TWICE

If you gave Goku the same education Gohan received... Oh boy, you'd have something truly terrifying.
Meanwhile El Blanco over there did 1 thing right his entire life, only because Cell forced him to through TORTURING his friends and family (and killing 1 robot he barely knew) and he fucked that up almost twice.
Hell, he got outsmarted by someone he called a retard....

The fucker has a wife and a child.
Yet still fails to grasp that he has a responsibility to stay strong so he can protect them from the fucked up horrors lying in wait in the galaxy
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 600x450)
37 KB

I get exactly what you mean

Just to further this train of thought a bit lets use what we've seen of Gohan here as an example and breakdown Gohan Vs. Eric - The Jobbening

Eric opens their fight passionately declaring his vow to win to the people he cares about

Gohan takes this chance to cheapshot Eric. Unsportsmanlike. Also the strategically sound move to capitalize on an opening when he needs to win. Fails to truly capitalize, stops after a single punch to brag. Good idea, fucks it up.

Proceeds to go on the offensive. Immediately declares he's going to win because he's so much more powerful In the obvious sense.

Eric calls him a retard and tells him why. Eric Is right.

Gohan loses his cool and gives up on any attempt and running Eric down with sheer force, gives Eric breathing room and declares that not only does he know of Eric's spatial manipulation, but he's devised a counter and wants Eric to use It.

The fact that he understood what he saw In the prior fight was spatial manipulation, then he came up with a counter on such short notice Is actually genuinely impressive. Whether It's complicated or even rather simple, he apparently worked out the problem and came up with a working solution on the fly. Good on you Gohan, truly.

But why would you fucking reveal that?

Eric does not go straight Into the most neon flaring trap ever produced, and he changes things up instead.

The momentum has now shifted. Eric opens up his bag of tricks and overwhelms Gohan. In this situation, there's not a whole lot Gohan can do with the toolkit he has. He's not experienced enough like Goku to figure out Eric's rhythm with his Time-Lag and exploit It, and he's never bothered to expand his moveset beyond some basic martial arts and the Kamehameha. He can't pull off any kind of powerup here, so he's stuck. And that's all his fault for not being prepared.

Gohan Is losing the general fight, he's getting weathered down and has no means to retaliate, so he decides to use his strengths to his advantage and change the rules of how the game Is played. He decides to hit his opponent with an attack they can't block, can't dodge, and can't overpower. Good Idea. KAAA-MEEE-

And then his opponent undergoes a transformation, and said opponent beckons him on anyway In the face of something that should be very bad for them.

Now, here's where an experienced fighter or just someone with a bit of common sense would get cold feet and change tactics. But no. He had a Good Idea, and Instead of taking into obvious red flags, he ignores them and carries on anyway.

He gets absolutely blasted, but stays up anyway because In spite of his failures, he's still rather strong. Like usual, he shows some mettle when he's pushed into a corner but It's too little too late, and he gets bodied. Eric wins.

Will he learn, for once? Probably not, which Is why Goku (both kind of tragically and hilariously) gave up on him entirely as a martial artist.


You Retard.
File: Z (1).png (259 KB, 640x357)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Yup. Classic Gohan...
I'm still mad.
Gohan’s real problem isn’t high Int low Wis, although it’s related. We see him jobbing so much because, honestly, he doesn’t really like battle all that much. Oh he seems to enjoy pushing himself, especially mentally, but he needs a concrete goal to train towards for him to do so physically. He doesn’t have those ingrained Saiyan instincts that makes Goku/Vegeta/etc. love pushing themselves to the limit and beyond in training, and love combat in general. So, when the threat is defeated and he doesn’t have a solid reason to train, he tends to slack off and interact with his true loves (science/research & his family).

It also doesn’t help that while he’s great at strategy, he doesn’t always seem to take into account strong personalities. This is displayed succinctly in the Tournament of Power, where he has a good concrete strategy for his team that would’ve worked well, at least in the early stages. Which is immediately derailed by two obvious things he should’ve seen coming, Goku’s fightboner causing him to go rushing off to fight some of the strongest he can sense, and Vegeta’s pride meaning he refuses to follow any strategy that requires cooperation with others unless his loved ones lives are on the line.

He honestly just doesn’t have the battle instincts & intuition he needs, either naturally or through training/battle. Being told so often about his great power, potential or otherwise, probably never helped with the arrogance/overconfidence he seemed to develop everytime he shot up a tier in strength.
I think all of that can be boiled down to him having no WIS but that's just my take on it.

But Imma be serious for a moment.
Yes. I hate Gohan. With a passion. But I don't like it.
It didn't have to be this way. He was Gokus son and he really did have potential. Not in terms of "We'z number iz big" like an Ork but in terms of character.
He DID have the potential to take over as the protagonist, if nothing else then the Perfect Cell fight confirmed that.

But no. Wasted potential. Like so many things...
And what's really infuriating is that this happened to Gohan.
Remember Raditz? I do.
Y'know... Gokus FUCKING BROTHER! He had it easy because he got shat on once and promptly forgotten.
Now his corpse is only dug up for about five seconds when someone wants to make a joke about him.
But Gohan? He's living the joke. He's more dead inside than his uncle as a whole
Also, before the thread 404's:
My schedule is still fucked. But on the bright side December is looking kinda chill honestly. Plus I'm considering moving to a regular 9-to-5 position. So that's nice.

However the next thread is only possible on Thursday around the usual time.
So look out for that.
Thanks not-som, don't think we don't appreciate the updates.

See you then, and good luck.

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